Jimmy Rollins & Shane Victorino

James Calvin Jimmy Rollins (born November 27, 1978 in Oakland, California), nicknamed J-Roll , is an All-Star and former MVP shortstop, who plays for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball's National League. Shane Patrick Victorino (born November 30, 1980 in Wailuku, Hawaii) is an outfielder in Major League Baseball who plays for the Philadelphia Phillies. 5.0/5

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Dodgers have picked up Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and now Carlos Ruiz. Might as well give them Ryan H…
Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley are both on the Dodgers now maybe they could also add Ryan Howard maybe Shane Victorino, the whole 08 Phillies
Shane will be playing for Team USA in the Winter Baseball Classic . Jimmy Rollins will represent our Phillies .
Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino on Team USA for WBC? Are the USA folks thinking this is still 2008 or many others said no?
So I don't know how interested you guys are to know this, but Jimmy Rollins was selected to Team USA for the World Baseball Classic in spring. He is the lone Phillie on the team. He will also be joined by former Phillie Shane Victorino.
Jimmy Rollins will get to team up with his former partner in crime Shane Victorino on the United States squad in the World Baseball Classic taking place in March. The provisional roster was announced for the U.S. today and its got Cy Younger winners and former MVPs.
Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins, and Magic freakin Johnson are talking about licorice. XFPqoafL QsTwwF1D.
How the *** did Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins get these spots on postseason tv. slimpickings QsTwwF1D.
Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins both doing a pretty good job of studio analysis. Shane-O on TBS J Roll on MLB Network. Nice job guys !!
Following two of our favorites on TBS, Shane Victorino and MLB TV, Jimmy Rollins! Tune in...best time of the year MLB playoffs!
"Working the Count" by Jimmy Rollins, forward by Shane Victorino
The Dodgers have already done what the Phillies were unwilling to do.put Shane Victorino in the leadoff position in the lineup. Shame on the Phillies for putting Jimmy Rollins on a pedestal and naming him their god. Dave Montgomery needs to come to his senses and dump Ruben Amaro, Jr. and Charlie Manuel, and put Jimmy Rollins on waivers and dump his salary - let the really needed rebuilding begin.
*** a sad day at my house The Phillies Traded our great center frilder Shane Victorino to the LA Dodgers for two suck *** pitchers are you kidding me this season *** when Jimmy Rollins should of left..I'm not a fan right now or happy about this
Maybe it's because I live in Delaware and it's noticeable, but I think that Phillies fans are the best at going into hiding. I swear I did not know a single Phillies fan from 1994-2006, and now it's the same thing all over again. I haven't seen one of those cute red tee-shirt jerseys since Ryan Howard tore his ACL. They should trade Cliff Lee and possibly Shane Victorino to the O's. It doesn't look like they are using them correctly. Jimmy Rollins should not be batting leadoff. Don't mind me.. just hatin
I am not giving up on the Phils. But, it may be time to send Uncle Charlie packing. See what Ryne Sandberg can do with this group. And, I am a lot tired of Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino. Dangle both for trade bait and see what Pridie and Dom Brown can do. Is there anyone in the Phils system that can play SS? Why did we get rid of Wilson Valdez and re-sign JRol again?
Jimmy Rollins *** Shane Victorino gets the most meaningless hits in MLB. Hunter Pence, you are not Vlad. Stop swinging at every friggin pitch. Polanco, just go away. ***
Shane Victorino & Jimmy Rollins are sure to be 1st ballot selections for the All Pop-Up Team...
Shane Victorino rivals Jimmy Rollins in jeers at Citi Field.
Hunter Pence, Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino are making $31 million this year. They have a combined WAR of -0.4.
Remember when guys like Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins, and Hunter Pence used to play for the Phillies?
Ryan Howard is on the DL, as is Chase Utley. Hunter Pence, Shane Victorino, and John Mayberry, Jr. have been struggling. And Jimmy Rollins has no business being in the leadoff spot.
My Luke might be the luckiest kid. We went to the Braves game last night and before the game started he got autographs from Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, Pete Orr, Hunter Pence, Charlie Manuel and Laynce Nix. During the game we had 2 foul balls hit right at us, Luke got one and the guy behind us got one. We went on watching that awesome game. After the game Luke wanted to go see if he could get any autographs from the Braves players so we walk to the parking lot where they park. Livan Hernandez came out and got into a Rolls Royce and LUke died laughing at the funny car he was driving but he stopped and gave Luke a autograph but to top off the whole night Jason Heyward pulls out and stops and gives Luke a GAME USED BAT. That was a night he will remember for a while. As soon as he got in the car he went to sleep holding that bat as tight as he could. What a Night!!!
What's the difference between Shane Victorino leading off & Jimmy Rollins.NOTHING
What is happening between Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino
What is happening between Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins
I do not mind if the Phillies played smart small ball all year with Juan Pierre, Shane Victorino, and Jimmy Rollins, and then use Hunter Pence to bring them in.
Here is your opening day lineup for the Phillies! Shane Victorino, CF - Placido Polanco, 3B - Jimmy Rollins, SS...
Jimmy Rollins will hit third in the Phillies batting order to start the season. Shane Victorino will likely hit leadoff, following by Placido Polando, as the Phils are having to shuffle things around with both Chase Utley and Ryan Howard
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