Jimmy Rollins & Charlie Manuel

James Calvin Jimmy Rollins (born November 27, 1978 in Oakland, California), nicknamed J-Roll , is an All-Star and former MVP shortstop, who plays for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball's National League. Charles Fuqua Manuel, Jr. (born January 4, 1944 in Northfork, West Virginia) is a former Major League Baseball and Nippon Professional Baseball outfielder and current Major League Baseball manager of the Philadelphia Phillies. 5.0/5

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the tone NEEDS TO be set. Remember, Charlie Manuel did the same to Jimmy Rollins a couple years ago
hey Charlie Manuel did bench Jimmy Rollins for the same thing
Phillies circa 2008/2009 Charlie Manuel benched Jimmy Rollins for not running out a ball. Harper has to learn
Manager Charlie Manuel and SS Jimmy Rollins after the Phillies won the World Series in 2008
Sad. Tell that Charlie Manuel, Jimmy Rollins, Dan Duquette, Bud Selig, Ryan Howard, Terry Collins will be at TSC.
I wanted to make a list of things I hate. Feel free to add you own to it. Jeremy Horst, Jimmy Rollins atittude, NY sports, The penguins (specifically Crosby and James Neal), skinny jeans, cheaters (Patriots), liver, *** that can't drive, business people that steal from you, homophobia, wussification of our youth, fake people, really drunk obnoxious people (not you Eric Butz), the NBA, the WNBA, Claude Lemiuex, Dallas Cowboy fans from Philly (except you John Casey) Rich Dubbee, Charlie Manuel's decisions, my hurt players every year in my keeper fantasy baseball league. There's more, but that's a good start.
Charlie Manuel should have left Ben Revere in the 8th spot and left Jimmy Rollins in the leadoff spot.
CF Michael Bourn chatting with Jimmy Rollins & Charlie Manuel while Chris Perez checks in with slugger Ryan Howard.
Charlie Manuel talked a bit about his 2013 lineup this afternoon at Citizens Bank Park: “Who we’ve got on the corners in the outfield, that’s who’s going to dictate where our lineup fal...
Charlie Manuel is going to love Michael Young -- and so will Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, etc. via
Jimmy Rollins says that the 2013 Manager of the Year Award runs through Charlie Manuel.
Yeah, because nobody screams leader like Jimmy Rollins and Charlie Boomhaur Manuel
Picture this: Charlie Manuel and Ruben Amaro Jr. sitting around a large table with other front office members and scouts who are armed with a myriad of statistics, entrenched opinions and passionate...
The news conference yesterday at Citizens Bank Park with Ruben Amaro Jr. and Charlie Manuel lasted 42 glorious minutes, and it pretty much had three themes: The coaching staff changes, which includ...
I love Charlie Manuel! From this morning's Philly.com: In a press conference that lasted nearly 45 minutes, Charlie Manuel had the best line when asked if Jimmy Rollins' propensity for pop-ups could become contagious, with other players also having bad at-bats. "Just because Jimmy Rollins pops up doesn't mean Charlie Manuel is going to pop up. I mean, what the *** " Manuel said. "That's like me and you going up on the Empire State Building, you jumping off and I don't. I'm smarter than you."
Charlie Manuel said Jimmy Rollins had more production than Bourn this year.
Charlie Manuel, unprovoked, made an interesting comparison between Jimmy Rollins and a certain free-agent-to-be:
How can Charlie Manuel continue to justify Jimmy Rollins at the top of the order?
- Charlie Manuel should be fired just for the fact that he keeps putting Jimmy Rollins in the leadoff spot.
Jimmy Rollins, Charlie Manuel talk about of hustle - Philadelphia Phillies skipper...
"Everybody is going to hustle. That's my job. That's for the integrity of baseball. That's for respect for the manager, the players and the organization. Everything. No matter who you are." Charlie Manuel - what he told reporters about his talk to Jimmy Rollins
Philadelphia Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel had a private meeting with Jimmy Rollins after the shortstop did not run out a ground ball in a recent game.
It is time for Charlie Manuel to go. Jimmy Rollins doesn't hustle to first and then doesn't slide to break up a double play. What does Charlie do, puts Jimmy back in the line up the next day. He is hitting .246 and swings at the very first pitch. Learn how to work a count. Charlie has no gunts to move him out of the lead off position. The Sandberg era can't start soon enough.
Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins was talked to by Manager Charlie Manuel for his lack of hustle in Wednesday's game.
tonight: Who is the best Coach in Philly right now? Mysterious Jimmy Rollins comments coming out today after a meeting with Charlie Manuel. Seth Everett joins Harry Mayes at 10:45
Congrats to Jimmy Rollins, he became the longest playing shortstop for the Phillies after tonight's game. He passed Larry Bowa (the shortstop on the 1980 World Series team). Fittingly, in the first inning, his second swing hommer was the difference in the Phillies win tonight over Josh Johnson and the Marlins, 1-0. Charlie Manuel also got his 700th win tonight as a manager.
Good riddens Hunter Pence!!! Now if only Charlie Manuel can pull Jimmy Rollins out of his butt, drop him down in the lineup, and have Juan Pierre bat 1st.
The Dodgers have already done what the Phillies were unwilling to do.put Shane Victorino in the leadoff position in the lineup. Shame on the Phillies for putting Jimmy Rollins on a pedestal and naming him their god. Dave Montgomery needs to come to his senses and dump Ruben Amaro, Jr. and Charlie Manuel, and put Jimmy Rollins on waivers and dump his salary - let the really needed rebuilding begin.
You could have replied, "If it wil help him, I'll ask that question every night!" Jimmy Rollins is Charlie Manuel's lead ...
Jimmy Rollins is Charlie Manuel's leadoff hitter, no matter how many times Manuel is asked about it:
news: Phillies | Jimmy Rollins to stay in leadoff spot - Philadelphia Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel said he h...
The fact that Charlie Manuel preferred Jimmy Rollins at leadoff over Kenny Lofton should say something
My Luke might be the luckiest kid. We went to the Braves game last night and before the game started he got autographs from Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, Pete Orr, Hunter Pence, Charlie Manuel and Laynce Nix. During the game we had 2 foul balls hit right at us, Luke got one and the guy behind us got one. We went on watching that awesome game. After the game Luke wanted to go see if he could get any autographs from the Braves players so we walk to the parking lot where they park. Livan Hernandez came out and got into a Rolls Royce and LUke died laughing at the funny car he was driving but he stopped and gave Luke a autograph but to top off the whole night Jason Heyward pulls out and stops and gives Luke a GAME USED BAT. That was a night he will remember for a while. As soon as he got in the car he went to sleep holding that bat as tight as he could. What a Night!!!
Pence, Victorino and Jimmy Rollins have been abysmal as well. And Charlie Manuel isn't helping matters. One of game's worst managers.
Charlie Manuel great move putting jimmy Rollins back at top of lineup.
Charlie Manuel knows his guys. Jimmy Rollins's poor performance can be directly linked to not batting lead-off.
Jimmy Rollins had a sacrifice bunt from the 3-hole yesterday, do you know more than Charlie Manuel too?
Although NO deal has been agreed upon sources close to Jimmy Rollins, Dan Lozano and Charlie Manuel are all saying its going to get done
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