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Jimmy Rollins

James Calvin Jimmy Rollins (born November 27, 1978 in Oakland, California), nicknamed J-Roll , is an All-Star and former MVP shortstop, who plays for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball's National League.

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A little and sneak peak into our wrestling room
Really fun game. If Jimmy Rollins had 1 or 2 more .290, 25, 80 seasons, I bet he's in. Maybe even Bobby Abreu. Dale Murphy?
It's like Jimmy Rollins said, the fans are front runners when it comes to the Phillies.
Flashback: 5/22/14--Jimmy Rollins passes Richie Ashburn with his 2,218th career hit to move into second place on th…
Would've guessed jimmy Rollins but guess not lol
almost ten years ago, but think of the Jimmy Rollins-Chase Utley-Ryan Howard infield. (also Greg Dobbs)
What members of the 2008 World Series team should have their numbers retired by the
I took issue with Don Mattingly starting Jimmy Rollins over Seager in a playoff game
Jimmy Kimmel: “Trump will be out of the country for nine days. See, this is when we should put the travel ban in place.”
We forgot the great Jimmy Rollins. Pretty sad final chapters for 06/07 MVPs Ryan Howard & J-Roll.
one of the best lead off hitters is J-Roll, Jimmy Rollins!
Since 2000, Curtis Granderson is 1 of 3 players to hit 20+ triples in a season (07) along with Jimmy Rollins (07) a…
So now for your question... most career hits vs. I'm gonna guess Jimmy Rollins.
2008 Phils lost tonight. But the score was respectable. Jimmy Rollins went 3/5 with 2 doubles and a stolen base.
Yolmer's had some early season success. And he has the benefit of not being 2016 Jimmy Rollins.
UAT of Shaq, A-Rod and Jimmy Rollins invest in eSports
Also holy crap didnt know jimmy rollins won an mvp
I am very aware that objectively the only one of these men that is cute is Jimmy Rollins but uh.. The…
Dudes I had a crush on as a teen included: ja rule. Nelly. Jimmy Rollins. That D'Angelo video. Allen iverson.
"His musical history reads like a who's who of jazz greats" Jimmy Heath and the Queens Jazz Orchestra pay tribute t…
Top 3 guesses: some sort of davie winfield, ralph kiner, or jimmy rollins card
The answer is almost certainly Beltre and 3B, but is Jimmy Rollins still technically active?
best moments, Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins hit streaks admist Phillies hay day.
Loved Jimmy Rollins game too, nothing against Jim but uh
Like Kobe/LeBron fans went back and forth or LeBron/Jordan fans now. Who were you comparing to Jeter, Jimmy Rollins? Lmao
Favorite athletes of my life in no particular order:. -James Conner. -Jimmy Rollins. -Steven Adams
Check out my video on the new ride: Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon 🚗💨
Congrats to Paige Krone & Tanner Hitchcock 2017 Bonner Springs Athletes of the year.
Did Tom McCarthy just attempt to compare Jimmy Rollins and Tommy Joseph.
Honored to continue my academic and wrestling career at Lindenwood University!
If Charlie benched 1 of greatest Phils of all time Jimmy Rollins for lack of hustle, Freddy…
[New Jersey Online]But the walk-off hit against Billy Wagner, Chase Utley hit the ball to ri…
My man Jimmy Rollins and Whitey Ashburn, hands down
That's what Charlie did with Jimmy Rollins couple tines
Somewhere Jimmy Rollins will be riding the pine tomorrow
Jimmy Rollins would be crucified for this.
Jimmy Rollins would be benched rn...
Who does Galvis think he is, jimmy rollins? He should be on second base
Jimmy Rollins can't get a job in baseball, but Jose Reyes can...
I love Utley but it has to be Jimmy Rollins. Best SS in fra…
Jimmy Rollins. All time Phillies hit leader and got the bal…
Jimmy Rollins, best SS in Phillies history. For numbers loo…
Steve seriously Jimmy Rollins. Great SS and swung a good stick.
They should have given you a Jimmy Rollins Phillies jersey...
Look at Carson going all Jimmy Rollins on us!
WWE lifted Rollins' new nickname DIRECTLY from Game Of Thrones. Not even trying to hide it.
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What could the relationship between Phillies fans and Bryce Harper be? Would it be like the one with Jimmy Rollins? Join
Like to Jimmy Jacobs and Seth Rollins to returned be Tag team? WWE
great job yesterday! Did see a couple opportunities for the "breakdance" to be used.
at i5 Church "The Cross is the Brand of Easter...not the Easter Bunny" - Pastor Jimmy Rollins...
Check out 18 different JIMMY ROLLINS cards lot 2000 - 2014 all Phillies via
Jimmy Rollins started his AAA career 1-13
But if ESPN or whoever cared for it they could fund one. I think Jimmy Rollins and a few other players actually do do that
I'm a huge fan of Adam jones, but was always fan of Jimmy Rollins even though he always had the braves #
Jose Reyes. Dee Gordon. Jimmy Rollins. Juan Pierre. And.? Someone playing in this game.
In that case it was always Barry Sanders for football and Jimmy Rollins for baseball
Prospect Retrospective: Jimmy Rollins, SS how he was viewed as a prospect and career context
Seth Frekin Rollins defeats Jimmy Hart via Tripping on Air in a Losers Nudes are Leaked Match at Survivor Series
Update: we have a photo of Tanner. Welcome to the family!
You mine as well come out here, come on uncle jimmy get him out here
Mental note. Jimmy Rollins would make questionable GM...
funny thing: it were the acquisitions of Garcia and Eaton…
Today is the first Opening Day since 2000 that one of Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley or Ryan Howard isn't in the
Healthy bullpen. Jimmy Rollins is not the starting shortstop. Jerry Sands isnt the starting DH. Avi and Davidson break out.
If this is it for Jimmy Rollins, he'll finish w/ 511 doubles & 470 steals, numbers matched by only 3 players: Barry Bo…
I'm all about how much Aaron Hill and Bobby Evans look alike and if that will impact Jimmy Rollins making the 25-man
Justin Morneau and Jimmy Rollins weren't even All-Stars in the year they won MVP
SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS — Agreed to terms with SS Jimmy Rollins on a minor league contract.
Jimmy Rollins has become the *** Perry of shortstops and will probably play until he's 50
At age 24, Trout also already has a higher WAR (48.5) than Lou Brock, Jim Rice, Jimmy Rollins, and Omar Vizquel. lol
10/19/2009: hit one in gap to give the a 5-4 walk-off W vs in NLCS Gm 4 (VIDEO)
7 years ago tonight Jimmy Rollins had The Bank rocking like no other night
7 years ago, Jimmy Rollins hit a walk-off double to give the Phillies a 5-4 win over the Dodgers in the 2009 NLCS.
yea, I think he took getting benched for Jimmy Rollins last year in playoffs personal. I feel like he wanted to be the guy, he is
We all know Jimmy V's perspective of this game... . Dope to see UH's!! .
Here's what Jimmy Rollins recalled this week about Arrieta's stuff in that no-hitter:
FWIW, Corey Seager didn't get a crack vs. Arrieta in his 2015 no-hitter. He made his major league debut 4 days later. Jimmy Rollins was SS.
Starting to think Jimmy Rollins and Mike Carey were separated at birth
How does have Jimmy Rollins and ends up with a guy who has been banned from the game for the last 25 years?
Shouldn't really surprise anyone but Jimmy Rollins is a fantastic TV personality.
Great info, thanks for chiming in. Looks like the 3 active (barely) are Carl Crawford (123), Jose Reyes (121), and…
Jimmy Rollins needs to be on ESPN dude knows what he's talking about
In 2016, joined Jimmy Rollins as the only SS in history with at least 20 2B & 20 HR in a season. ht…
Jimmy Rollins didn't have braids, they were ropes his hairline used to escape
So I'm watching espn right now and my little brother said " who's jimmy Rollins" SMH 😡😡
and waved a baseball around Jimmy Rollins crotch calling it the happy zone for a hitter top kek i love this man
Jimmy Rollins looks like he ate a fart but it doesn't stink as bad as his career with the Phillies
Jimmy Rollins is pretty good on the post game show
Got to be strong, not big, in this sport... Jimmy Rollins speaking the
They're so bad. Jimmy Rollins said Indians "big 3" was Santana, Lindor and.Chisenhall.
Jimmy Rollins is a pretty good analyst. Jury out on Sheff though he's fun. Pedro is GOAT.
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So now we have Shaq, Rick Fox, Magic Johnson, Jimmy Rollins, and many more. Whose left on your wish list of athletes gettin…
Just traded Mat Latos and Jimmy Rollins for Jonathan Lucroy so I could pretty much work in the White Sox front office at this point
Dodgers have picked up Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and now Carlos Ruiz. Might as well give them Ryan H…
With runners in scoring position, the entire Mets team hits like Jimmy Rollins (221/295/329) or Kelly Johnson (234/296/33…
The Sox employed Andruw Jones, Griffey, Orlando Hudson, Jimmy Rollins, ManRam, and Youk. Guess what they did after they left the Sox?
The are a good team with Jimmy Rollins, Cole Hamels, Chase Utley and Roy Halladay.
Jimmy Rollins has a .477 ops in 119 at bats vs RHP. Robin still plays him everyday, I want to rip my face off
Remember that time Gary Payton played for the Lakers? Yeah, thats Jimmy Rollins.
Scott why does Robin continue to put Jimmy Rollins in the 2 spot. He is pas his prime! Bring the kid up and let him play!TA
Luis Castillo (02) and Chase Utley (06) both got to 35. Jimmy Rollins had 36 at the end of 2005
the tone NEEDS TO be set. Remember, Charlie Manuel did the same to Jimmy Rollins a couple years ago
hey Charlie Manuel did bench Jimmy Rollins for the same thing
Jimmy Rollins tonight plays in game at SS to pass Larry Bowa for 6th most all-time .
Jimmy Rollins played in his 2nd game at shortstop tonight, tying Larry Bowa for 6th most in MLB history.
Jimmy Rollins (2,219 games at SS) needs 3 to tie Larry Bowa (2,222) for sixth place, 84 to tie Cal Ripken Jr. (2,302) for fifth all time.
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Jimmy Rollins, pretending not to recognize Adam Eaton with a trimmed beard. "James," he said, extending a hand. "Pleasure to meet you."
Lineup notes for Cubs & Sox today:. Sox: Jimmy Rollins day off, Tyler Saladino at SS. Cubs: Kris Bryant in LF, Javy Baez at 3B
Vince Velasquez is being credited for hustling, and will immediately begin repairing the damage to local children done by Jimmy Rollins.
Jimmy Rollins should not have been in a position to do so but Tyler Saladino makes that play.
Jimmy Rollins, Alex Rodriguez, and Carlos Beltran are three. I can't think of the fourth.
Travis Shaw grounds out, shortstop Jimmy Rollins to first baseman Jose Abreu. Chris Young to 3rd.
.caught up with Jimmy Rollins for a wide-ranging Q&A, starting at Day 1:
CHANGES - Take out trout and put in David Peralta, Take out Jimmy Rollins and put in Fransisco Lindor, and last take out Uribe for Jake Lamb
Adam Eaton was hit by a pitch and Jimmy Rollins singled with two outs. Orioles yanked Tyler WIlson in T5, turn to Mychal Givens.
"Jimmy Rollins, OF Austin Jackson and new catchers Alex Avila and Dioner are having a massive impact." will this continue
@ B3-0o: Ryan Goins singles on a sharp ground ball to CF Austin Jackson, deflected by SS Jimmy Rollins.
I probably have 50 Jimmy Rollins and Vincente Padilla autographs from 2001-2003
I got 3 HR from Albert Pujols and Victor Martinez and a 3-5, 1 SB night from Jimmy Rollins in one of my lgs tonight
Just mentioned on the telecast: Carlos Beltran's 1st inn. double ties him with Babe Ruth/Jimmy Rollins for 54th all-time (506)
Just talked with Tim Anderson, No. 1 White Sox prospect. Said he learned a lot from Jimmy Rollins in spring training. Grew up watching him.
White Sox and Chris Sale look great. Weird seeing Jimmy Rollins in a sox uniform but I like it.
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla - tossed a two-hitter, singled in Jimmy Rollins in the ninth and
White Sox win! Chris Sale was brilliant, fantastic, almost perfect, & Jimmy Rollins & Melky Cabrera supplied the run. We're in first place!
I think you can share the credit/blame for the White Sox run equally between Jimmy Rollins and Corey Dickerson
Great base running by Jimmy Rollins and clutch hitting by the Melky. I like it, White Sox.
Melky Cabrera's single to right field drives in Jimmy Rollins from 2nd, and the White Sox give Chris Sale a 1-0 lead with 2 outs in the 9th.
My only complaint about the White Sox is how is Jimmy Rollins possibly a regular player?
White Sox SS Jimmy Rollins drills a double to RF, but that's all they get in the top of the first as Odorizzi strikes out two.
Todd Frazier just misses a 2-run homer, then strikes out. White Sox get nothing out of Jimmy Rollins' double in the first.
37 year old Jimmy Rollins, hitting .207, coming off a year where he had a wRC+ of 80, continues to hit second in the White Sox lineup
Homerun to 100 year old Jimmy Rollins and homerun to Oakland reject Soto and Doolittle has already accounted for 2 losses.
Hawk Harrelson has said Jimmy Rollins is a Hall of Fame player the last two nights. Rollins has a career 96 wRC+, 49.3 fWAR, and 46 bWAR.
Did I hear Harrelson say Jimmy Rollins is a Hall of Famer?
my favorite is hall of famer Jimmy Rollins
Jimmy Rollins one of my fav players over the last 15 years, good career, nice accomplishments But he is NOT a hall of famer.
Hawk keeps saying Jimmy Rollins is Hall of Famer...idk about that
I wonder if Hawk is going to say Jimmy Rollins is a hall of farmer every game this year
Jimmy Rollins' unique Hall of Fame case older but decent comparison
White Sox SS Jimmy Rollins visited old haunts in yesterday before hitting a game-winning homer in Oakland.
Jimmy Rollins' home run last night his 1st as an American League player in his 17th season
No Hawk Harrelson next game? Sure hope is aware that Jimmy Rollins is a Hall-Of-Famer and Brett Lawrie has
Brett Lawrie is jacked up after the Jimmy Rollins home run, would you expect anything less?
Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams get a lot of grief but signing Jimmy Rollins might be the best move this year.
Winning shortstop job 'just beginning' for Jimmy Rollins - Chicago Sun
Jimmy Rollins, Robin Ventura on Rollins starting Opening Day
confirm Jimmy Rollins will be Opening Day shortstop, by
The couple times I saw him in AZ, he looked good -->Winning shortstop job 'just the beginning' for Jimmy Rollins
Jimmy Rollins makes the Sox roster. Scott Carroll and Jacob Turner to Charlotte.
White Sox optioned RHP Scott Carroll and outrighted Jacob Turner to AAA Charlotte. They also purchased the contract of Jimmy Rollins.
purchased contract of Jimmy Rollins. Optioned RHP Scott Carroll and outrighted RHP Jacob Turner.
Jimmy Rollins hitting .324 with 4 homers in 37 ABs this spring. Could wind up batting No. 2, between Adam Eaton and Jose Abreu.
Jimmy Rollins and Austin Jackson can have have a huge impact on the White Sox success
sounds like Jimmy Rollins was one went to Ken Williams about Laroche son.
see now u made it seem like I am arguing Jimmy Rollins is better, that's not what im saying. Again.
nah the Cubs sign Ben Zobrist a veteran while the Sox sign Jimmy Rollins a washed up old guy
gimme the second halves of Jimmy Rollins, Melky Cabrera, and Adam Eaton and the sox offense could actually be kinda good
Brett Lawrie? Sure, why not. Jimmy Rollins? Meh, but it could be better than last year. Drew Stubbs? My lord, even that works
Jimmy Rollins signs minor league deal with the White Sox...
Jimmy Rollins to Chicago White Sox. The truth, is good player..
Say he even makes the team, it'll be interesting to see Jimmy Rollins in a Chicago White Sox uniform.
Jimmy Rollins signed a minor league deal with the White Sox?
>> Giants couldn't match White Sox offer for Jimmy Rollins
had a lot to offer Jimmy Rollins including a homecoming and an even year. But had more.
Tyler Saladino, Jimmy Rollins are in a competition to be the White Sox's everyday SS. Details from https:…
Giants couldn't match offer for Jimmy Rollins: (
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San Francisco Giants tried to acquire Jimmy Rollins before the White Sox signed him today.
White Sox add 16-year veteran Jimmy Rollins to shortstop mix, by
White Sox add Jimmy Rollins to the Shortstop mix
Jimmy Rollins agrees to a minor league contract with the White Sox. . Pete Mackanin: "not surprised... lost a step" https…
Infielder and former NL MVP, Jimmy Rollins, agrees to terms with White Sox on a minor league contract.
The biggest donkey in the MLB has to be Ian Desmond for declining a $107M deal from the Nats. Even washed Jimmy Rollins gets signed b4 him.
How are Alex Avila, Todd Frazier and Jimmy Rollins all going to lead at the same time?
If you thought Jimmy Rollins looked weird in Dodger blue, get ready to see him in a Charlotte Knights uniform
For No One that cares but I have to say.Three Athletes/Celebrity's i cant STAND: Jimmy Rollins, Howie Long, and Bubba Watson...
Jimmy Rollins, Jim Johnson and Joel Peralta are significant losses?!
March ticket waitlist will open Friday February 5 at 11:30am ET! Get more info now at:
How a pastor in Baltimore diversified his all-black church by
Looking forward to a Harold Reynolds+Jimmy Rollins+any generic PBP guy calling a baseball game one day.
Getting Kobe Jones is huge for he could have gone 0 for 5 today, batting .200 *** Jimmy Rollins only hit .224 last year
Starting a petition against white girls dancing to "Jimmy Choo"
Jimmy Rollins triple against the Dodgers in 2009 NLCS
If the alternative to Pete Kozma as the UTIF is Jimmy Rollins, congratulations on doing the impossible- I would start to miss Eduardo Nuñez.
Utley: If MLB makes slide rule changes, 'we all should abide by them'
Chase Utley said he expects Jimmy Rollins will be in camp with some team. "He should be. He can still play."
idk why yankees would have interest in Jimmy Rollins over Juan Uribe but ok
who's the primary backup ss? Should the Dodgers sign jimmy Rollins to back up Corey?
Chase Utley believes Jimmy Rollins will be signed before Spring Training
Casually hanging with Jimmy Rollins at a park in Tampa. Really nice guy.
How could Jimmy Rollins fit into the Yankees’ infield plans?
>> How could Jimmy Rollins fit into the Yankees' infield plans?
How could Jimmy Rollins fit into the infield plans?
Jimmy Rollins on today's Feliz signing:. "There won't be too many balls getting through on the left side."
They should consider Austin Jackson and Jimmy Rollins coming off the bench. I wonder if Laroche could be given away lol
On the 5-year anniversary of Werth signing with the could the team sign Chase Utley or Jimmy Rollins?
Howie Kendrick, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley. Seems like they want shells of former All-Stars instead. Hill for Joc 😂
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Small players, but all former MVP's and Gold Glove winners. Steve Garvey should be in HOF, Jimmy Rollins may make it one day
Former National League MVP Jimmy Rollins could be a fit for the to play SS, per
Arquimedes Caminero is an 80 name and of course I have the Jimmy Rollins/Joe West staredown.
Somehow the Reds acquired Jimmy Rollins and he and Phillips put on a show that last game.
Freddy Galvis is the 2nd best SS to ever grace the field right after Jimmy Rollins
Go check out the amazingly talented They'll be in Cincy Sat. at Jimmy B's Bar & Grill! 🎤
would Victorino in CF and Jimmy Rollins at SS on 1-2 year deals seem reasonable? Sounds like their going the cheap route.
BTW Jimmy. 1 more question quickly. Do you think Kane will mention the Seth Rollins injury in a storyline next week or the
Olney pegs the as a fit for Jimmy Rollins if he's willing to play 2B/3B. Austin Jackson also interesting.
I think I know which episode Jimmy Rollins will get.
The Phillies Are Going To Win This Baseball Game, Chase is always on the case, Jimmy Rollins is way better than Derek Jeter,
Paul Pierce leaving Boston, Jimmy Rollins leaving the Phillies. It just doesn't seem right.
Seth Rollins looks like Jimmy Pop dyed his hair and joined a 90s sitcom.
There goes Jimmy Rollins, the best we ever had.
did not extend a $15.8 million qualifying offer to Jimmy Rollins. Rollins, 36, hit .224 with 13 home...
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Jimmy Rollins and Curtis Granderson are 2 of 4 players ever to record at least 20 doubles, 20 triples, 20 SB, 20 HR's
Jim Thome has 26 career triples. Jimmy Rollins had 29 triples combined in the '07-'08 season
Yea, I was saying Kelly Johnson and Asdrubal. If Jimmy Rollins didn't look so washed up he'd fit well too
Want the Mets to sign Jimmy Rollins for shortstop defense and trollololols.
Tabitha Rollins. Have you seen these amusing Jimmy Fallon images? You may want to see:
Torn acl+mcl and Rollins still has the big fella Kane on his shoulders and finishes the match
Seth Rollins out for 6-9 months..well is gunna suck for a while!
Here is the video footage of Seth Rollins' injury. Get the latest breaking details at
Seth Rollins suffers injury in Ireland and is expected to be out 6-9 Months and will vacate the WWE World...
I believe he set the record for PAs that year until Jimmy Rollins broke it a few years ago with the
You hv the entire squad to help you Amanda! Poor Rollins
Loool, I love that Rollins actually follows the show, she has all the deets
You mean Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins are washed up? Wish the geniuses running our squad knew that! Ugh
Jimmy Rollins is better than Alexei. He should be ahead of him on said whiteboard.
I would assume Tim Anderson and Saladino on that side of the infield unless they go for Ian Desmond or Jimmy Rollins or something.
Now they are officially free agents: Brett Anderson, Howie Kendrick, Jimmy Rollins David Freese, Chris Iannetta. …
Give him Kershaw type of money & he'll be back; think team should hire Jimmy Rollins to manage too!
So .. Brett Anderson, Howie Kendrick, Jimmy Rollins become free agents in AM. Zack Greinke has until Wed. to opt out. …
This is equivalent to David Wright being arrested for blackmailing Jimmy Rollins with a sextape. 😳
Howie Kendrick, Brett Anderson, Jimmy Rollins are now free agents
If Howie Kendrick and Jimmy Rollins leave the Dodgers I'm going to cry! 😕
Dodgers SP Brett Anderson could return, 2B Howie Kendrick and SS Jimmy Rollins FAs unlikely to be back
David Wright, Jimmy Rollins, Jose Reyes the bar is being lowered
Daniel Murphy baserunning plays, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley...the Mets had to defeat all of their demons of the last decade to win that one
Jimmy Rollins is Ric Flair and Utley is Arn Anderson, which makes Shane Victorino Tully Blanchard in this MLB Four Horsemen stable.
Tyson Ross is pinch hitting for the Padres. Wonder if Jimmy Rollins has any tricks up his sleeves today. (rather, Tommy Lasorda's sleeves).
Players with more XBH and more SB than Jimmy Rollins:. Barry Bonds. Honus Wagner. Paul Molitor. Rickey Henderson. Ty Cobb
Phillies circa 2008/2009 Charlie Manuel benched Jimmy Rollins for not running out a ball. Harper has to learn
With his hit yesterday Jimmy Rollins tied Pie Traynor for 118th all-time (2416). Next is Kenny Lofton (2428).
Justin Turner undergoes MRI on left knee; Jimmy Rollins (finger) still limited.
Dodgers have to resign him. They also have ryu coming back too. Dump Chase Utley and jimmy Rollins though
Jimmy Rollins (finger) is not in the Dodgers starting lineup Monday.
Recommendation by :Jimmy With Justin Turner out for the...
Here's the latest on Justin Turner (knee) and Jimmy Rollins (right index finger):
I guess if you want to me more flattering, his career mimics Jimmy Rollins, very good player on great teams, sentiment over substance
Rollins, and begins and Jimmy and trendy jacket.
all about story telling eh Jimmy?I will give Rollins credit,I had him weaseling out of first match by quick DQ if possible?
Dodgers get Howie Kendrick back, but Jimmy Rollins still hurting - ESPN (blog)
The struggle is now real for the Where's Jimmy Rollins when you need him.
SGA Jimmy Rollins bobblehead 2002 new in box (MINT)
conclusion: Seth Rollins now looks like a weaker champion than David Arquette, Sting is buried deeper than Jimmy Hoffa and (cont)
they also have a ton of good players at the high school level. Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins!!!
Irony Jimmy. Im waiting for Rollins to run in now and win the IC Title
I could care less if jimmy rollins comes back honestly oops
It doesn't suck Jimmy Rollins' walk up music is Eazy E.
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Jimmy Rollins pinch-hitting for Yimi Garcia in B5. He can swing the bat, but his finger injury prevents him from throwing a baseball.
Did you know Carl Crawford and Jimmy Rollins of the Dodgers are the and active leaders in most triples?
Super thankful for my friend Pastor Jimmy Rollins and his investment into our church this…
Don Mattingly to the press: Jimmy Rollins will get his starting job back when he's ready. Mattingly to Rollins: You're not ready.
So honored that Pastor Jimmy Rollins brought a WORD today
The message by Jimmy Rollins from i5 church in Baltimore,MD was amazing!
Another quick trip back to the dugout for Jimmy Rollins.
Jimmy Rollins' walk up music was Boyz In The Hood. I love you.
Jimmy Rollins leading of the Los Angeles 8th. First plate appearance since Sept. 6th
Jimmy Rollins is on deck to PH for Kershaw
Ryan Howard's 43rd HR of the year scored Jimmy Rollins in the 1st and the Phillies have an early 2-0 lead.
Here's the latest on Jimmy Rollins' status.
X-rays negative on Jimmy Rollins' finger, Yasmani Grandal still bothered by sore left shoulder
A career-first for Jimmy Rollins: He's in the starting lineup hitting 9th tonight vs. Texas.
Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley are both on the Dodgers now maybe they could also add Ryan Howard maybe Shane Victorino, the whole 08 Phillies
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Top 5th 3 & 3. James Shields is pitching . Jimmy Rollins line drive double (23) down the right...
Top 1st 1 & 0. James Shields is pitching . Jimmy Rollins ground ball out to 2nd baseman Cory...
Will Seager be the Lou Gehrig to Jimmy Rollins as Wally Pipp?
Jimmy Rollins is probably the best defensive short stop the Dodgers have had since Rafael Furcal 🙇
Ellis also called Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley "Los Angeles Phillies." He told Utley tonight was the biggest game of his career.
A.J. Ellis and Jimmy Rollins both get on base to lead off the bottom of the 14th. threatening, knotted up with the 4-4.
Howie Kendrick or Chase Utley? Doesn't make a difference, Jimmy Rollins says.
Chase Utley & Jimmy Rollins started 1,189 games together in Philadelphia. No DP combo in history played that many in one town…
Once the Dodgers get Chase Utley and pair him with Jimmy Rollins, they plan to convince Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Bra…
In LA, Chase Utley will reunite with Jimmy Rollins. In 2008, the duo helped Philly win its 1st pro title in 25 years.
oh, hey, Joe Blanton struck out Jimmy Rollins
Moral victory. They just showed replay of standing O Philly gave Jimmy Rollins the other day. Pretty *** cool.
Jimmy Rollins goes 2-5 in his return to Philadelphia, but Dodgers fall to Phillies, 6-2. Maikel Franco: GS
Jimmy Rollins - out. Cole Hamels - out. Cliff Lee, Roy Halliday, Roy Oswalt - out. . Who is this Phillies team?
So when I go to the game for Jimmy Rollins' return, who will still be on this team?!
the station just becomes a video of Chipper Jones, Jimmy Rollins and Wilson Ramos laughing.
Jeurys Familia coaxes a groundout from Joc Pederson to strand Jimmy Rollins at 2B. 2, 0, mid-8
I wish I were as good at anything as Jimmy Rollins is at pissing off Mets fans
Every Mets fan hates Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley they can have the craziest years and still hit bombs off the Mets
Jimmy Rollins bats leadoff in finale vs. |
By Fangraphs WAR... the worst position players in the NL are:. Matt Kemp. Ian Desmond. Chris Owings. Starlin Castro. Jimmy Rollins. Ryan Howard
Rollins gets best of Phils as LA takes opener: Jimmy Rollins came through in the clutch against his old team…
With his single vs the Phillies tonight, Jimmy Rollins has at least 1 hit vs all current MLB teams + The Montreal Expos
Someone just pointed out to me that Jimmy Rollins and Mike Schmidt both hit .267 in their Phillies career ...
looking at a closet that includes Jimmy Rollins, Cliff Lee, Dom Brown, and Roy Halladay shirseys, I'm hesitant
Last night Jimmy Rollins passsed Orlando Cepeda for 100th in XBH (824), and Jeff Bagwell for 67th in doubles (489)
The good news is that Jimmy Rollins is just as garbage as Alexi Amarista but with more power.
ELIAS: Jimmy Rollins hit his 223rd career home run and passed manager Don Mattingly on alltime HR list.
With his HR tonight Jimmy Rollins passes Omar Vizquel in Total Bases, for 5th among all SS in MLB history, and 12th among all switch hitters
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