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Jimmy Piersall

James Anthony Piersall (born November 14, 1929) is an American former baseball center fielder who played 17 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) for five teams, from 1950 through 1967. Piersall is best known for his well-publicized battle with bipolar disorder that became the subject of the book and movie Fear Strikes Out.

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So, uuuhhh ... I don't know how to ask this. What kind of insane is this team? Not Jimmy Piersall, but, li…
Check out Cleveland Indians autograph jersey Jimmy Piersall via
I recall watching Jimmy Piersall hitting a home run and running around the bases backwards
Not me! I flip the swizzle stick, stare down the goldfish and run backwards around the couch (in honor of Jimmy Piersall!
pitcher Ross Baumgarten once prevented a homicide and threw a 1-hitter in the same day.…
This Date in Washington Senators History – Jimmy Piersall is arrested for disorderly conduct
Slightly less crazy than Harry Caray plus Jimmy Piersall at Comiskey.
Mickey Mantle talks to Jimmy Piersall before a 1961 Yankees-Indians game at Cleveland Stadium.
Jimmy Piersall was a New England champ basketball ace at Waterbury (CT) Leavenworh. Portrayed on film by Tony Perkins. Wonderful fielder
.Let your update guy know that Jimmy Piersall was an all-star center fielder.not a pitcher
RIP Jimmy Piersall, whose story was so compelling, the film starred Tony Perkins. MLB whitewashed his mental illness in its obit. Why?
Sad News on Passing of Jimmy Piersall,a Colorful Personality and a very good Ballplayer.https:…
A decent human being & one of the most colorful broadcasters, ever, in Chicago has died. RIP Jimmy Piersall.
"Old Time Mets"Then there was the time,Jimmy Piersall ran bases backwards,after his 100th HR.
Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall broadcast the final home White Sox game of ownership, 1980.
Former major leaguer Jimmy Piersall dies at 87.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
If you don't know how brave Jimmy Piersall was, imagine overcoming mental illness in the culture of 1950s baseball. Amazing.
When Harry Caray called Jimmy Piersall "crazy" in the broadcast booth, Piersall responded "I have the papers to prove i…
Wherever it is we go after the lights go out, there's one *** of a laugh happening today. RIP, Jimmy Piersall.
Jimmy Piersall is dead at 87. Photo by Bowman Gum, 1953.
Former outfielder Jimmy Piersall, known in Chicago for teaming with Harry Caray on White Sox broadcasts, dies at 87…
If you want the full Jimmy Piersall experience, this game from 1980 is a good place to start:
Bummer. Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall were the most entertaining broadcast team I've seen. ESPN Classic should've…
Red Sox Hall of Famer Jimmy Piersall, from Waterbury, dies at 87
mourn the passing of Jimmy Piersall:
Rest in Peace, Jimmy Piersall. Thank you for pushing, demanding, working, and expecting greatness. Every single play.
RIP Jimmy Piersall, you fought the good fight!
Former OF Jimmy Piersall passed away today. He was 87 years old.
Jimmy Piersall ran the bases backwards after hitting his 100th career HR with the New York (June 1963) RIP Jimmy ht…
I was introduced to White Sox baseball as a kid watching Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall. Condolences to the Piersall fami…
In honor of Jimmy Piersall, here's hoping someone (or everyone!) runs the bases backwards after a home run today:
Rest In Peace Jimmy Piersall. One of the most memorable figures ever in baseball.
Former Boston Red Sox star player and controversial broadcaster Jimmy Piersall dies at 87.
Our deepest condolences to the family of former broadcaster & 17-year outfielder, Jimmy Piersall, who passed a…
Hall of Famer Jimmy Piersall passed away yesterday at 87.
1963 I saw Jimmy Piersall play for the Mets in the Polo Grounds. I was rooting for him even as he got in the ump's face for a called strike.
Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall calling the game
Same one?On Sepulveda in El Segundo. I still have th'ball(did my junkie nephew steal it?) signed: your pal, Jimmy Piersall.
Side note. My step father was best friends with Bill Veeck and Jimmy Piersall. He broadcast Sox games in the 70s
Agree Dan. Worse casting in a baseball movie...Anthony Perkins as Jimmy Piersall.
heard you on the BS report. My partner and I are working on a Jimmy Piersall documentary that we'd love to talk to you about.
We should have won the pennant that year. It was the best club I was ever o...
Indians,Jimmy Piersall slides home safely against the White Sox in a 1959 game at Cleveland.
Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Jimmy Piersall was ejected for arguing balls & strikes. 1959. 😳
Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall. The most brutally honest. And funny. Though they were sticks in mud re Disco Demolition.
I asked my doctor how many more years I have left and he said, 'You're too ornery to die.'. -
Hamilton Collection
Happy birthday Carlton Fisk! One of my fav's: GW HR in his Fenway return. Classic Harry Caray & Jimmy Piersall call:
I feel great. I had a triple bypass in 1976 and a quadruple bypass in 1984. -
Supposedly Bob Feller pitching to Jimmy Piersall with Ted Williams on deck.
My role models have always been Huey P Long and Jimmy Piersall, so, yes, I have issues.
It seems as though St Louis 3B Matt Carpenter is wound a little tight. Brings back memories of Jimmy Piersall. Amazing talent. Both of them.
1956 Press Photo Jimmy Piersall of centerfielder was call out at 2nd
Like Yogi Berra told Jimmy Piersall "we don't throw at .200 hitters"
Didn't we find Jimmy Piersall there? He used to visit Harry in the booth.
FACT OF THE DAY: Jimmy Piersall hit his 100th home run in 1963, he ran the bases facing backwards to celebrate.
Next time Castro hits a home run, I hope he pulls a Jimmy Piersall & runs around the bases backwards! That might make the internet explode
Jimmy Piersall took a shine to the young and ended up babysitting the lad every weekend.
See the true story of Jimmy Piersall in 'Fear Strikes Out' 11:50AM E on 📺
Although I believe now illegal, if anyone hits a HR at Camden today they should Jimmy Piersall it around the base pads.
Jimmy Piersall? But seriously, may want to add in on the field*.
20,000 days ago, Jimmy Piersall was ejected for trying to distract batter Ted Williams by running back/forth from CF to LF.
Been a Cubs fan my entire life, but the best ever was Haray and Jimmy Piersall with the White Sox.
Jimmy Piersall, on how to diaper a baby: Baseball Humor
Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall call Minnie Minoso's last hit.
Sports film casting has ever been problematic. Gary Cooper as Gehrig, Tony Perkins as Jimmy Piersall, James Earl Jones as Malcolm X.
when Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall calling White Sox games on channel 44 AND the showers in the bleachers in old Comiskey Park
Don Zimmer and Jimmy Piersall shared a laugh as they were recognized during pre-game ceremonies on Sept. 17, 2010, at Fenway as new members of the Red Sox Hall of Fame Class of 2010.
1963 -Jimmy Piersall of the New York Mets peeks over his shoulder as he prepares to cross home plate during a doubleheader at the Polo Grounds against the Philadelphia Phillies. Piersall hit his 100th career home run and celebrated by circling the bases backwards
This Day in Mickey Mantle History: May 17, 1960: Mickey’s 3-run homer to left-center in the ninth isn’t the only firework in the Yankee’s 7-6 loss in Cleveland. Tribe pitcher Gary Bell flattens Mickey in the fourth and Maris in the sixth with brushback pitches on 0-2 counts, instigating a near-fight between Elston Howard and Jimmy Piersall when Piersall says to Howard, “When you come up we’ll stick it in your ear.“
The liquidation sale continues up for sale now are the following: jerseys all are autographed and guaranteed authentic signatures. Mark Bavaro, Deion Sanders, Jimmy Piersall, Stan Musial, Fergie Jenkins , Mean Joe green, and Maurice Richard. Please let me know if interested
This date in White Sox history- January 3, 1977: Joining Harry Caray, Jimmy Piersall, and Lorn Brown in the White Sox broadcast booth, Mary Shane becomes the first female announcer to do play-by-play for a major league team on a regular basis. Her contract will not be renewed at the end of the season.
Sox/Yankees from Comiskey Park on 6/11/81. Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall have some not-so-nice words for Bud Selig:
When I was very young, that is, in first and second grade, I lived in Bedford, Massachusetts, about 16 miles from Boston. My Dad was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force and worked in R&D at Hanscom Field. He took the time to take me and my three brothers to two Red Sox games, one in 1957 and one in 1958. Both times they played the hated New York Yankees. I saw Ted Williams, Pete Runnells (sp?), Jimmy Piersall and many others play for the Sox. I saw Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantel, Yogi Berra, and many others who are all in the Baseball Hall of Fame for both teams play. I can still remember the smells of Fenway. I have since been to the National League shrine to Baseball, Wrigley Field, and consider myself a very fortunate man to have done so. Tonight the Red Sox have the opportunity to finally win a World Series at home for the first time since 1918, after which the "Curse of the Bambino" started. I'm praying that the Red Sox get it done. Go Red Sox!
All-time best broadcast team: Lorn Brown, Harry Caray, and Jimmy Piersall. 1977 White Sox.
Did you know... In 1963, a baseball player named Jimmy Piersall celebrated his 100th career home run by running backwards around the bases
Click link for no holds barred Harry Caray/Jimmy Piersall broadcast...unlike anything before or since.
FYI for the kids..The early 80's White Sox ruled. They had an alcoholic perv (Harray Caray), and recent loony bin grad (Jimmy Piersall) as announcers. Most entertaining tv broadcasts in us sports history. They also had a 285 lb guy Greg Luzinski. I'm, overjoyed to see the Cards have reincarnated the Bull! Matt Adams is the ultimate athlete. With him and the best pur hitter in the NL A. Craig in right next year..Cards will win 4 more titles! This decade.
Jimmy Piersall Mets home run blooper. Piersall ran reverse around the bases, for his 100th HR ! Ran to 3rd to home plate !
Jimmy Piersall ran the bases backwards for his 100th career homer, with the 62 Mets if I recall correctly.
Papi, I'm 70. Have been a Red Sox fan since meeting Jimmy Piersall back in 1955. You are my favorite.
On June 23 in Baseball History... 1917 - Boston pitcher Babe Ruth starts against Washington. He walks leadoff man Eddie Foster, griping to plate umpire Brick Owens after each pitch. On ball four, Ruth plants a right to the umpire's jaw. He is ejected, and Ernie Shore relieves. Foster is caught stealing, and Shore retires all 26 men he faces in a 4-0 win, getting credit in the books for a perfect game. 1932 - Lou Gehrig plays his 1,103rd successive game in a Yankees uniform, equaling Joe Sewell's record with one team (Cleveland). 1961 - Ernie Banks voluntarily takes the bench as a sore knee brings his 717 consecutive-games-played streak to an end. 1962 - Larry Doby, retired from the Cleveland Indians, signs on with the Chunichi Dragons. He becomes, with Don Newcombe, the first former major league player to toil for a Japanese team. Doby's season batting average will be a mediocre .225. 1963 - Jimmy Piersall of the New York Mets hits the 100th home run of his major league career and celebrates by running ar ...
INTRODUCING THE LONG "P" BASEBALL ALL-STARS Pitchers: Bud Podbielon, Spence Pumpelly, Boots Poffenberger, Arnold Portocarrero, Pretzels Pezzollo, Harry Perkowski, Stan Partenheimer, Augie Prudhomme. Catchers: A.J. Pierzynski, Biff Pocoroba, Joe Pignatano, Jim Pagliaroni. First Base; Joe Pepitone. Second Base: Paul Popovich. Third Base: Johnny Pesky. (Patron Saint of the Pesky Pole at Fenway Park) Shortstop: Rico Petrocelli. (Did you know Rico once stuffed United Airlines flight attendant in the overhead baggage shelf?) Utility IF: Eddie Pellagrini. Outfielders: Al Pilarcik, Tom Poquette, Jimmy Piersall, Lou Pinella. A man named Squiz Pillion played for the 1915 Philadelphia A's. I want SQUIZ to be the MANAGER of this team. The Great Herb Pennock will be the pitching coach. Pennock was known as the Knight of Kennett Square. He's in the Hall of Fame. We have omitted Milt Pappas because of the three "Ps" in his last name. And getting traded for Frank Robinson still sours folks in Cincinnati. Obviously, ther ...
... anyway: Chuck Connors ("Rifleman") and Jimmy Piersall both played for during their baseball careers :)
... well, anyway: Chuck Connors and Jimmy Piersall - see any connection, given your fan status?
Congratulations to my agent, Sterling Lord, on the publication of his fascinating memoir, Lord of Publishing (Open Road Integrated Media). Sterling, now 92, has been my agent for 44 years. Dignified, knowledgeable, loyal, patient, fierce when necessary, self-effacing, Sterling is a perfect gentleman. I am the luckiest guy in the world to have fallen into his hands at the age of 19. I can’t imagine anyone else doing what he’s done for me as my advocate, adviser, defender and friend. Of course I’m thrilled that Sterling mentions me and Diary of a Company Man in his book, right alongside other clients of his such as Jack Kerouac, Ken Kesey, Tom Wolfe and – Red Sox fans take note – Jimmy Piersall! But, my ego aside, I heartily recommend Lord of Publishing. Anyone interested in the book business – its history, evolution and current state – will find it a revelation.
The voting continues for the White Sox Ultimate team. I passed pitching for the moment to get to our broad cast team. You are allowed to pick 2 in this vote. A) Ken Harrelson. B) Don Drysdale. C) Harry Carey. E) Tom Paciorek. F) Jimmy Piersall. G) Ed Farmer. H) Steve Stone.
Watched Harry and Jimmy Piersall do Sox games on WFLD when we lived in Peru.In a word,strange.
Happy Birthday, Jimmy Piersall. Who played him in the movie"Fear Strikes Out" What would Bowie Kuhn say about the Marlins trade with Toronto ?
Story about Angels player Jimmy Piersall(sp). Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates) played him.
Chris Wheeler the Philadelphia Phillies longest running baseball announcerhas a thorough knowldege of the game. The problem I have is that he over analyzes and is overly critical.. For instance. when Ryan Howard got the game winning hit a few days ago, he said he only got a hit because the outfielders were in the wrong position.He's fortunate that Jimmy Piersall and Billy Martin are not with the Phillies
Obama holding a baseball bat is about as convincing as Tony Perkins playing Jimmy Piersall in Fear Strikes Out.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Eric Byrnes just went, "ball, wall, ball". Jimmy Piersall must have ran into him!
Gypsy by Tigers Jaw from the 7" single "Gypsy b/w Jimmy Piersall (Alternate Version)" To get this record, merch and more visit
Researched it. It was Harry, Jimmy Piersall and Lou Brock in 1981
Question of the Day # 800: "Which president liked to skinny dip in the Potomac River?" Bonus questions a.) Who was Jimmy Piersall? b.) Who was Aimee Semple McPherson? c.) Who was Isadora Duncan?
Tigers Jaw performed 3 sessions before their show in Birmingham, Alabama. "Two Worlds" off the new LP with the same name, "Jimmy Piersall" off their split 7"...
Anthony Perkins strikes a pose as ball player Jimmy Piersall in this publicity portrait for FEAR STRIKES OUT,...
Anthony Perkins' portrayal of emotionally troubled Boston Red Sox right fielder Jimmy Piersall in the 1957 film...
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