Jimmy Page & Robert Plant

James Patrick Jimmy Page, OBE (born 9 January 1944) is an English guitarist, songwriter, and record producer. Robert Anthony Plant, CBE (born 20 August 1948) is an English singer and songwriter best known as the vocalist and lyricist of the iconic rock band Led Zeppelin. 5.0/5

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Robert Plant was the one who reportedly liked underage girls. Jimmy Page had his own vices.
If you were forming a super group who would be on vocals, guitar, bass and drums? . My picks are: Robert Plant, Jim…
Robert Plant talks Led Zeppelin, living in Austin, Texas, returning home and new album
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page backstage at Vorst Nationaal in Brussels 1972
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page on stage during Live Aid, 1985
Dad took me to concerts beginning at 8 years old. Robert Plant solo, Jimmy Page solo in the span of…
Jimmy Page taking a picture of Robert Plant, 1970s
good morning myRockworld, on this Day 1968, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham played...
Rare pic of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and 2 bodyguards
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant's former manager Bill Curbishley has given a new interview
I believe Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Dee Snider, and Ozzy have all said they've gotten lost backstage.
stand long. And the forests will echo with laughter. -Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
On June 19th 1988 Jimmy Page releases Outrider, it features Robert Plant and Jason Bonham. He is way overdue some...
Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Bonham on dirt bikes. Follow us on Instagram
This day in 1990 Jason Bonham played a 5 song set at his wedding reception with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones
This guy has worked with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Ben.E.King, The Pretty Things and Helen Shapiro
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1971 "Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin is first played live at Ulster Hall, Belfast by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and
Have a listen to Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Robert Plant talking about the formation and history of Led...
Jimmy Page comments regarding rumours of an acoustic driven tour with Robert Plant ->
Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Bonham on their motorcycles, 1970
inside out:. John Paul Jones on lead guitar. John Bonham on rhythm guitar. Jimmy Page on bass. Robert Plant o…
A new favorite: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Jimmy Page & Robert Plant & Steve Vai-L by ArcherDream on
In this week's email: Phil Collins on Live Aid, will Jimmy Page perform next month?, and Robert Plant's performance at Bill Wyman's birthday
Joshua, David, and I are going to class as Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones on Monday and I'm so excited
Great thing was both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant came to the Grail opening in NY and sat around with us while we signed cocon…
This is the best now playing Jimmy Page - Robert Plant - Gallow Pole on
This is one of the best Kashmir performance. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant giving us ticket to heaven through music...
I'm starting on my video tomorrow for "Diamonds don't cry" Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Eric Clapton, Don Henley,...
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant paying tribute to Sun Records for the Good Rockin' Tonight album - RIP Scotty Moore https:/…
rock legends Robert Plant and Jimmy Page have scored a new hit; a major legal victory.
Led Zeppelin trial: Jimmy Page recounts how ‘Stairway To Heaven’ was created
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page just left court for the day.
Jimmy Page recalled how 'Stairway To Heaven' was created during the trial:
Coverage for the rest of Day 5: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant Detail ‘Stairway’ Origins as Trial Nears End
John Paul Jones says Jimmy Page never mentioned the band Spirit in plagiarism case: Jimmy Page and singer Robert Plant are being sued amid…
Led Zeppelin trial starts: Lead singer Robert Plant (left) and guitarist Jimmy Page of the British rock band ...
Robert Plant, Jimmy Page appear in L.A. court as "Stairway" trial selects jurors
The civil trial against Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page begins Tuesday as the ...
A civil lawsuit accusing Led Zeppelin's lead singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page of stealing the...
Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, & John Paul Jones are all going to be in a COURTROOM in AMERICA and I'm not even invited.
Led Zeppelin plagiarism case: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant arrive in court .
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant to attend the trial in Los Angeles on Tuesday over claim the opening of the song was...
Robert Plant & Jimmy Page performing at the 'Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary Show' in Madison Square Garden, 1988. h…
This is the man who Jimmy Page asked to join his band - before Robert Plant.
MUSIC NEWS: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are getting together in LA. Here's why... Led Zeppelin Official
Robert Plant with Jimmy Page’s doubleneck guitar in Hiroshima, 1971. …
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Robert Plant with Jimmy Page's doubleneck guitar in Hiroshima, 1971.
I still can't decide whether my favorite member of Led Zeppelin is Robert Plant or Jimmy Page, THEY'RE BOTH JUST SO COOL WHY
Iggy Pop, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, *** Jagger...all these men had sex with *young* teens regularly in the early 1970s.
Jimmy Page on stage with Robert Plant & John Bonham in Germany, 1973.
The day Jimmy Page or Robert Plant die will be a sad sad day
Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and Florence Welch are my style icons
Today in 1996, Roger mimed 'Rock and Roll' with Robert Plant & Jimmy Page at the Indian Music Awards, Mumbai, India. ht…
I could listen to Robert Plant and Jimmy Page for hours and hours
I just liked "Kashmir - Jimmy Page & Robert Plant feat. Egyptian Orchestra" on
.in terms my generation will understand, he's Robert Plant to George's Jimmy Page...
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page performing at Earl's Court, London, May 1975. John Bonham (1948 - 1980) is behind the kit
Robert Plant & Jimmy Page on stage with Led Zeppelin.
Cyclops is tragic because he thinks he's Michael McDonald in the Doobie Brothers but he'll always be Robert Plant to Wolverine's Jimmy Page.
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant on stage at Mayfair Ballroom in Newcastle, 1971.
When i see some of these bands now, it just reminds me how old I'm getting...David Gilmour, Jimmy Page,Robert Plant.but not Ringo!
Photoset: jimmylpage: Jimmy Page and his (best) friends: Jeff Beck, Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers, David...
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are the peanut butter and jelly of rock and roll.
Everyone wants to be Jimmy Page, Robert Plant or John Bonham but sometimes you have to be John Paul Jones for awhile.
I liked a video Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page on guitars, Led Zep and Robert Plant - Full Length |
My top 5 favorite rock musicians of all time. 1. Jimmy Page. 2. Robert Plant. 3. Bradley Nowell. 4. Jimi Hendrix. 5. Dave Grohl
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant wrote going to California about me
Always loved the music of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham & John Paul Jones. But now stopped listening because the band has Led in it.
Ann Wilson singing Stairway To Heaven and making Jimmy Page and Robert Plant cry.
I just used Shazam to discover Kashmir by Jimmy Page & ROBERT PLANT.
satya-: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page photographed in Austria. … ❤️
Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Bonham sitting on a couple of Suzuki 2-strokes and a Yamaha 3-wheeler
Heart - Stairway To Heaven (Live at Kennedy Center Honors) . Jimmy Page ecstatic and Robert Plant moved to tears
nah man, it's Jimmy Page, Robert Plant & John Bonham man 😂. Might be thinking of Jimi Hendrix?
Robert Plant, why were you doing Lemon Song w/ Jack White instead of Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. SPEAK!
Photo: pageisgod: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant on stage in 1973
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Photo: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page on stage at Bath Festival, 1970.
Photoset: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in a press conference in New York, 1970.
All is not well with Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant tells Jimmy Page to "have a good rest" after squashing reunion plans
"Led Zeppelin would never have reformed if Robert Plant or Jimmy Page had gone bald.". Paul Weller
Spending this delivery shift with Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones.. It is glorious to say the least
Met a guy on Friday that looked like the love child of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey. Man of my dreams, he needs 2 love me
TODAY is Physical Graffiti day on The Sound! You’ll hear Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones Official...
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant at Led Zeppelin in Concert at Chicago Stadium - 1-20-1975
“Robert Plant & Jimmy Page rock out, June 1969. they have their tight pants on
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant in a strange reunion.
It just amazes me how much we owe in modern Rock n roll to Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and the...
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant at Led Zeppelin performing in Los Angeles
Photo: kiaranala: British rock and roll musicians Robert Plant (left) and Jimmy Page, the singer and...
Today at 10 am The Way Back Show takes a look at the career of Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin were an English rock band that consisted of guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham. Formed in London in 1968, the group's heavy, guitar-driven sound, rooted in blues and psychedelia on their early albums, has earned them recognition as one of the progenitors of heavy metal, though their unique style drew from a wide variety of influences, including folk music. After changing their name from the New Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin signed a deal with Atlantic Records that afforded them considerable artistic freedom. Although the group was initially unpopular with critics, they achieved significant commercial success with albums such as Led Zeppelin (1969), Led Zeppelin II (1969), Led Zeppelin III (1970), their untitled fourth album (1971), Houses of the Holy (1973), and Physical Graffiti (1975). Their fourth album, which features the track "Stairway To Heaven" ...
Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin's legendary guitarist, talks to Guardian Music Editor Michael Hann about the band's early days, his Welsh weekend with Robert Plant,...
Photo: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant on stage at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, 1973.
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are absolutely beautiful
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant both looking a bit fruity in this vid. Kevin Whitlock what do you think ?
Greatest Rock N' Roll group of all time. (Left to right). Bonzo, John Paul Jones, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page
Foto: John Paul Jones, Robert Plant, and Jimmy Page in NYC, 2012 (photo by Ross Halfin)
Okay ... here's another question: What rock band was made up of Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page,. and John Bonham?
Thank you Robert Plant. Thank you Jimmy Page. Thank you John Bonham. Thank you John Paul Jones.
Jimmy Page sat in with Robert Plant in London on Dec. 13, 1983.
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page got back together 31 years ago - for one song. Details here!
What if musicians stopped complaining about receiving so little money due to the fundamental changes in the industry brought about by the internet? What if, instead, they adapt to the changing market? Once upon a time (actually, not long ago), the dream of an aspiring musician was often stardom. Iconic frontmen were seen like super heroes. Robert Plant, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, etc. Young guitarists would latch onto to people like Jimmy Page, Hendrix, or whoever it is that inspired them. In my early years of songwriting, I memorized every detail of John Frusciante's entire catalogue of music. We dreamed of being stars like them. But, compared to the total number of musicians, the number of successful rock and pop stars was tiny. If you weren't on TV, if you weren't on the radio, the only people who heard your music were your neighbors, or people in whatever towns you could afford to tour to with your almost nonexistent income. The dream now, as album sales are dwindling, is threatened. I ...
I can't die til Robert Plant & Jimmy Page die so they can join John Bonham John Paul Jones & I rocking out on my grave to Stairway To Heaven
Ann Wilson from Heart to take Robert Plant's place and maybe tour with John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page? The world is not prepared 😍😍😍
**Ann Wilson Would Definitely Be Up for Fronting Led Zeppelin; We know Robert Plant isn’t interested in fronting a reconstituted Led Zeppelin, and we know Heart singer Ann Wilson is more than up to the task of performing Zeppelin’s greatest hits. Could she ever see herself joining Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones for some sort of Zep project? The subject came up during Wilson’s recent chat with us, and starting with the incendiary cover of ‘Stairway To Heaven’ that she and Nancy Wilson performed at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012. Calling it “one of the most unforgettable nights of my life … a life changer,” she shared the rush of emotions that came over them after they left the stage. “When we were done, we walked backstage and there was a feeling of awe. We were like, ‘What just happened?’” Wilson recalled. “We weren’t nervous when we were doing it, but afterwards our nervous system came back to life and it all kicked in.” Asked if she’d audition for the job if Page and J ...
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at Bleeker Bob’s record store, New York, 1970
“Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, c.1970 The next look for you and George. .
"Rock band from the 1970s. The band consisted of four members, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones."
Led Zeppelin - Going to California. Led Zeppelin IV The song's wistful folk-style sound, with Robert Plant on lead vocals, acoustic guitar by Jimmy Page and ... - Condiviso da
A live performance of Kashmir, by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant with the Egyptian orchestra leaded by Hossam Ramzi. This is from the No Quarter: Jimmy Page ...
Led Zep CHALLENGE DAY 7 of 7: THANK YOU And so today, my world it smiles, your hand in mine, we walk the miles, Thanks to you it will be done, for you to me are the only one. Happiness, no more be sad, happiness.I'm glad. If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me... "Thank You" signalled a deeper involvement in songwriting by singer Robert Plant: it was the first Led Zeppelin song for which he wrote all the lyrics. According to various Led Zeppelin biographies, this is also the song that made Jimmy Page realise that Plant could now handle writing the majority of the lyrics for the band's songs. Plant wrote the song as a tribute to his then-wife Maureen. The song features Hammond organ playing by John Paul Jones, which fades into a false ending before concluding with a crescendo roughly ten seconds later. This has created a problem for radio stations wishing to play the track, which must decide whether to accept the dead air ...
A rumor that Robert Plant ripped up an $800 million contract offer to reunite Led Zeppelin has been called "rubbish" by Plant's publicist. As reported by the Daily Mirror, Plant, as well as former bandmates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones...
Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones will have got $190 Millions us each before taxes for reforming for 35 concerts !
Can we take a moment to admire this picture of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page
OMG can't believe I'm still up watching TOP2 with David Cassidy, Donny Osmond, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Where are you Debra McAteer xx
I've been told that if Robert Plant and Jimmy Page had a love child I'd be it. . I HIGHLY failed to see that but ok.
One of the most respected blues artists by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones Official and John Bonham-...
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page play 'The Wanton Song' on Tuesday 12th May 1998 accompanied by the late Michael Lee (Drums) and Charlie Jones (Bass). HD. From th...
Makes perfect sense. Been thinking Jack White was the love child of Jimmy Page & Robert Plant anyway. All in the family.
Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones don't seem like humans
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin posed at Schipol airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 27 1972.
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - The Battle of Evermore on Global Chillout -
Photo: soundsof71: John Bonham, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page with Sandy Denny, who dueted with Robert on...
"I’m his guy, I’m his pal, the warmth that he needs to actually enjoy the world, it’s all there.” - Robert Plant on Jimmy P…
I'm crying right now. Robert Plant about Jimmy Page and their friendship.
Steve Albini: "I'd do another Jimmy Page and Robert Plant album in a heartbeat"
"There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold, and she's buying the Stairway To Heaven" ~Jimmy Page/Robert Plant
Led Zeppelin. I've seen Robert Plant and Jimmy Page with their own bands but it's not the same.
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Kashmir [HD] with Egyptian Orchestra
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page live In The Evening Detroit 1995 The track features an extended droning introductory section led by Jimmy Page on guitar. Page us...
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant. 1994 Live with the Egyptian Ensemble and the London Metropolitan Orchestra. ...for our...
From Jimmy Page & Robert Plant to people like Gerard Way oh Reading you've let yourself go
People such as Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have played at Reading, look at it now
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - The Rain Song This is the mystery of the quotient - Upon us all a little ra…
..How everything still turns to gold. - Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, 1971
So those that know me know how I love music and I have quite the collection. Those same folks also know how I love spreadsheets and pivot tables and making lists. I found a way to import my entire itunes library into excel. It was like Christmas day organizing that list. So here is my official top 10 artists based on songs I have of theirs in my inventory. Yes I have more Rush songs than anything else in my inventory. But then again these people have been putting out album after album for almost as long as I have been alive. And yes, I like Madonna so fricking sue me! Rush Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band David Bowie Madonna Green Day Queen U2 Led Zeppelin Elvis Costello Pearl Jam BTW if I toss in all the songs I have from Jimmy Page and Robert Plant solo albums then I would have way more Led Zeppelin than anything else.
.Would be nice if Robert Plant would agree to do a Led Zeppelin tour. Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones are down.
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Happy birthday, Robert Plant. I hope you change your mind and join again Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. We want Led Zeppelin back!!!
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are some impressive artists 🎶
Foto: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page read magazines on the band’s tour plane, 1975. Photo by Neal Preston.
I was a bit of a Led Zep fan back in the day... Saw Jimmy Page & Robert Plant live in another life ;)
The song The Battle Of Evermore by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant from the No Quarter DVD.
1944, Born on this day, Jeff Beck, guitarist. Beck worked with Screaming Lord Sutch before replacing Eric Clapton in The Yardbirds. As a solo artist, he released the 1967 single 'Hi *** Silver Lining', before forming The Jeff Beck Group, which featured Rod Stewart on vocals and Ron Wood on bass. His 1975 album Blow By Blow was produced by George Martin and set a new standard of jazz-rock fusion music. Beck had previously formed Beck, Bogart and Appice with Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice, and later recorded with The Honeydrippers, (alongside Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Nile Rodgers), who had the 1984 US No.3 single Sea Of Love.
No one realises how much I want Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones to come out with Robert Plant
42 years ago, Led Zeppelin played in San Bernardino Berdu (2CD Cobra Standard Series 010) Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California 6/19 gets a lot of critical acclaim and 6/25 is the crowd favorite (myself included) but this unsung show has much to offer. The very good/excellent audience recording is well balanced. Phenomenal playing from Jimmy Page - he's on fire from the start and gets nastier as the show progresses. A strong string of openers eventually leads to a very special Dazed (more satisfying than on 6/25 but unfortunately placed out of proper sequence here, on this Cobra release). Robert Plant and John Bonham are in humorous moods. San Bernardino is a kind of cow town approximately 45 minutes east of Los Angeles. The crowd is rough around the edges, and Plant pokes a little fun at them in his American cowboy accent. No Houses of The Holy previews, except for the Crunge reference in Dazed, and no opulent encores. This is the stripped down, basic US '72 set list performed by all four b ...
The Honeydrippers were a rock band of the 1980s, deriving their name from the lyrics of the Led Zeppelin song 'Black Dog'. Former Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant formed the group in 1981 to satisfy his long-time goal in having a rock band with a heavy R&B basis. Formed originally in Worcestershire, the band went on to record an EP in the US. In addition to Plant, the band was composed of fellow former Led Zeppelin member Jimmy Page; Jeff Beck (a former Yardbirds member like Page); and other friends and well-known studio musicians. They performed in a concert at Keele University in 1981. The band released only one recording, an EP titled The Honeydrippers: Volume One, on 12 November 1984. The Honeydrippers peaked at in early 1985 on the Billboard Hot 100 with a remake of the Phil Phillips' tune "Sea of Love", and hit the top 30 with "Rockin' at Midnight", originally a Roy Brown recording and a rewrite of "Good Rockin' Tonight." With the EP's success, Plant stated that a full album would be recorded, ...
Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Robert Plant go crate digging.
Keith Moon on da drums Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck on da guitar Roger Waters on da bass Axl Rose and Robert Plant on da vocals
I have a lot of friends who have rockstar romances. I know who each one of you's lover is. Meanwhile, I am in love with like everybody. Lol. Bob Dylan, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, sometimes Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Stoned Gossard, sometimes Mike McCready, Mike Inez, Mike Starr, Jerry Cantrell, Mark Arm, Mark Lanegan, Joey Ramone, Anthony Kiedis, Hillel Slovak, the list goes on and on and on
Spent the day playing Led Zep's studio catalog in honor of John Bonham's birthday. Threw down many strawberry daiquiri's during the session. To me, Led Zep was all about bass & drums. Robert Plant did a lot of screaming & Jimmy Page played the same riff over & over & over & over & over again, but the end result was one great studio LP after the other. It's such a shame John Bonham was responsible for his own accidental death from doing 40 shots followed by 40 beer chasers. What was he trying to achieve that night?
My fav Memorial Day 2014 moment was watching the Led Zeppelin Reunion Concert on AXS.TV ... Robert Plant .. Jimmy Page .. John Paul Jones .. & Jason Bonham sitting in on drums for his late father John Bonham ... over 2 hrs of excellent music .. hit after hit after hit ... it was awesome*
I'm pretty sure Robert Plant and Jimmy Page know what they do to my ovaries. They can probably hear the explosions from wherever they are
Jimmy Page is 'fed up' with Robert Plant about reunion plans
ON THIS DATE (41 YEARS AGO) May 24, 1973 - Led Zeppelin: “Over The Hills And Far Away” b/w “Dancing Days” (Atlantic 45-2970) 45 single is released in the US. "Over the Hills and Far Away" is the third track from Led Zeppelin's 1973 album Houses of the Holy. It was Houses of the Holy's first US single, reaching on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, later becoming a staple of the classic rock radio format. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant originally constructed the song in 1970 at Bron-Yr-Aur, a small cottage in Wales where they stayed after completing a gruelling North American concert tour. Page plays a six-string acoustic guitar introduction with a melody reminiscent of "White Summer". Page repeats the theme with 12-string acoustic guitar in unison. In an interview published in Guitar World magazine's November 1993 issue, Page commented on the construction of the song: GW: There’s an acoustic guitar running throughout the song. Did you play a main acoustic and then overdub an electric? Page: No, we playe ...
Jimmy Page is 'fed up' with Robert Plant delaying Led Zeppelin reunion plans
hennemusic: Jimmy Page slams Robert Plant over Led Zeppelin re...
In a new interview, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page says he's tired of singer Robert Plant playing games regarding a reunion tour for the surviving members of the legendary group.
When did Robert Plant turn from cool rock star to Grandpa Simpson?
Jimmy Page fires back at Robert Plant for "playing games" with a reunion. Read here!
WOW!!! Truly inspirational. It's the tribute to Led Zeppelin when they received their Kennedy Center Honors. If you haven't seen this before, you must. If you have seen it before, you know you'll want to watch again. With Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart.. and John Bonham's son, Jason on drums! I love the looks on faces of John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page throughout. Love this performance!! (And in front of the President & First Lady too!)
Mark Weiss photo of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at the 40th Anniversary of Atlantic Records from May 1988!
Robert Plant was hopeful that Jimmy Page's attempt at a band following the 2007 Led Zeppelin reunion would have worked
"Kashmir" is a song by the English rock band Led Zeppelin from their sixth album Physical Graffiti, released in 1975. It was written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (with contributions from John Bonham) over a period of three years with lyrics dating to 1973. The song became a concert staple, being p…
Roger Waters, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, John Paul Jones, John Bonham. Good Luck working out who's in what. 😂😂
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant performing No Quarter from the Page & Plant Unledded DVD. This Production was videotaped and recorded live in Marrakech, Maroc. I...
Led Zeppelin Official have released two previously unheard recordings ahead of the reissue of the band's first three albums in June. BBC's Rebecca Jones listens to the tracks with BBC Radio 6 Music presenter Matt Everitt and band members Jimmy Page and Robert Plant provide their thoughts.
4/27 and it's a Super Satisfying Sunday.Have a beautiful day fans and we'll see you for the debut of "Super Proof". Rock on Fans! On this day in 1998, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant brought together 20,000 fans to the United Center in Chicago, including newly crowned basketball champion, Dennis Rodman. The Chicago Bulls' quirky rebounder, who'd just recently helped his team earn its sixth NBA World Championship, spent a moment with Page and Plant onstage during the encore. Crew members from MTV were also on hand but having anything to do with what was onstage. They were there to videotape a backstage segment for a new television series. FANatic sought out the No. 1 superfans of pop stars such as Will Smith, Kobe Bryant and Marisa Tomei and linked them to the celebrities for brief interview sessions. Selected to meet Page and Plant was a longtime fan named Suzanne. She received concert tickets, backstage passes and an interview with Page and Plant before the concert. The three swapped stories about their fav ...
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What I came to see. Robert Plant finally singing Led Zeppelin songs. If only Jimmy Page was up there.
Jimmy Page - Robert Plant (guitarist and the lead vocalist of the Led Zeppelin) - Kashmir from live album ''No Quarter: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded''.
*** JAZZ FEST SATURDAY - Two words...ROBERT PLANT!!! Cannot wait to see one-third of the living Led Zeppelin!!! Gabrielle & I saw Plant and his Sensational Space Shifters last July, at the Mahalia, and they were, in fact, SENSATIONAL. They do a great blend of Zeppelin classics, some of Plant's best solo work and a number of KICK *** new tracks. My friends and I were " Ledheads " back in 1995 & 1998 following Robert Plant & Jimmy Page around the country for the Unledded Tour and the Walking into Clarksdle Tour. Saw them in 6 cities each time. By my count, today will mark the 15th time I will see Mr. Plant in concert. Yeah...I'd say I qualify as a BIG fan! Not too shabby considering I was only 11 when Led Zeppelin broke up! See you at the SAMSUNG GALAXY STAGE. Will look for you Barbie Loisel!!! GETTING THE LED OUT BABY!!! :)
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant perform "In The Evening" live in Detroit in April 1995 during their world tour.
an oriental live performance with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and orchestra of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. in Marakesh. The performance also features the amazing ar...
Robert Plant on the possibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion with Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones after reissue campaign on June 3rd. Reissues feature remasters of band's seminal albums & with bonus material like "Whole Lotta Love" & "Keys to the Highway".
Led Zeppelin are 'to release previously unheard material'. Jimmy Page & Robert Plant discuss
The BBC's Rebecca Jones speaks to Jimmy Page and Robert Plant about their decision to release previously unheard Led Zeppelin recordings.
Good morning, today’s presenters are Sarah Montague and Justin Webb. Coming up: Breast cancer drug price cut urged (7:15), fall in violent crime (7:30) & Led Zeppelin to release unheard recordings - we speak to Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (7:40)
Please let me remind you of a LEGEND who's talents were astronomical. The only person alive today who comes even close is Dave Meniketti of Y&T. I see this guy as Robert Plant and Jimmy Page all wrapped up in ONE... The voice RIPS, The guitar sails. I believe this is where metal began... This song is definitely blues. Look up "I Don't Need No Doctor" Humble Pie.
Why do I still love Zep in spite of the plagiarism? Cuz when you put Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, JP Jones & Bonham togeth…
“Jimmy Page, John Bonham and Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin they look like kids who…
Incredible video: Band's cover of Stairway To Heaven makes Robert Plant and Jimmy Page cry
February 26th 2002: Multiple concerts are held in the Los Angeles area featuring the likes of The Eagles, Billy Joel, Stevie Nicks, & Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder to benefit the Recording Artists’ Coalition, which lobbies for artists’ rights. 2001: Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose’s stalker Karen McNeil was found guilty of violating her probation by a Malibu Supreme Court judge. McNeil had been ordered to stay at least 300 yards from Rose’s residence in 1997 & the Malibu police had records of her trespassing on Rose’s property at least six times. 1998: Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, two days after Lee was arrested for spousal abuse outside of their home. 1997: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, & Neil Peart of Rush received the Order of Canada, the highest civilian award from the Canadian government, for significant achievement in important fields of human endeavor. 1995: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, who toured under the moniker Page & Plant kicked off their first to ...
Led Zeppelin (1968-1980) Robert Plant (vocals) 1968-1980 Jimmy Page (lead guitar) 1968-1980 John Paul Jones (bass) 1968-1980 John Bonham (drums) 1968-1980 The band broke up when John Bonham died after a drinking binge at Jimmy Page's house on September 25, 1980. Page was a session musician from 1963-1966. He worked with Cliff Richard, Burt Bacharach, The Kinks, The Who, and Donovan, among others. Page formed The New Yardbirds in 1968, which would then become Led Zeppelin. They got the idea for the name from Keith Moon. Before Page joined the Yardbirds, he got together with Moon (who was upset with his role in The Who at the time), John Paul Jones, Nicky Hopkins and Jeff Beck, and they discussed forming a band. Moon stated that this band would go down like a "Lead Balloon," and soon thereafter he worked out his problems with The Who and the project fell apart. One song is known to exist from these sessions, and that is the Page written song "Beck's Bolero" which appeared on Jeff Beck's first solo album, Tr ...
Me and were talking about it and I would kill for a chance to sleep with young Jimmy Page or Robert Plant. 🙊
On Tuesday, Feb. 18 (noon-2pm) Herkimer College's Amnesty International chapter will host its 5th annual Have a Heart for Human Rights. Event participants will be able to make cards of encouragement for prisoners of conscience using the hearts provided by our Amnesty International group. Students and staff will also have the opportunity to view portions of several of the historic Amnesty International Concerts for Human Rights in the Sarkus Busch Theatre. Check out rock legends who used the power of song to raise their voices for Human Rights. Bands include: U2, The Police, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, The Neville Brothers, The Hooters, New Kids On The Block, Third World and others. Solo Artists who performed include: Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, Jackson Browne, Lou Reed, Bryan Adams, Joan Baez, Wynton Marsalis, Sinéad O'Connor, Alanis Morissette, Shania Twain, Little Steven, Bob Geldof, Joan Armatrading, Carlos Santana, Yoko On . ...
"Sea of Love" is a song written by John Phillip Baptiste (aka Phil Phillips) and George Khoury. Phillips' 1959 recording of the song peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard R&B chart and No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the UK, Marty Wilde covered the song, and Phillips' version failed to chart there. It was the only top 40 chart song for Phillips, who never recorded another hit. Two other versions of this song entered the US Top-40. First, Del Shannon hit in 1984, then The Honeydrippers took it to in 1984. The Honeydrippers were a pet side project of Robert Plant's, scratching his itch to have an R&B band. They were made up of Led Zeppelin alumni Plant and Jimmy Page, Yardbirds alumnus Jeff Beck, Nile Rodgers from the band Chic (Yowza, yowza, yowza!), and Paul Shaffer. Yes, that would be Late Night with David Letterman, look-alike for Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David, that Paul Shaffer. He's on keyboards. Robert Plant was actually quite horrified with this song's success for The Honeydrippers. The A-si ...
I must still be half asleep. A customer has just said 'It must be a bit easier working Saturday mornings with Led Zeppelin'. She was obviously referring to the fact I was playing 'Babe I'm gonna leave you' on the stereo but I just looked back blankly at her, my head full of images: John Bonham on the till ( I'd say he would be pretty good), John Paul out on his 8th cigarette break of the morning, Jimmy Page making cuppas, Robert Plant out back trying on women's jeans that were two sizes too small.
Led Zeppelin with full biography. In 1966, Jimmy Page joined the blues-influenced rock band The Yardbirds on bass. When Jeff Beck left in October 1966, Jimmy took up the duties of lead guitar. On July 1968, The Yardbirds played their final gig in England. Due to commitments, Page and Dreja continued on as The Yardbirds, but hadto find a drummer and singer to complete the lineup. Along came Robert Plant and John Bonham to take up singing and drumming duties, respectively. Shortly after, John Paul Jones would replace Chris Dreja on bass. On September 7, 1968, the four played their first date together at Gladsaxe Teen Clubs in Gladsaxe. Later that month, they would take 9 days to record and mix their debut album. With a suggestion by The Who's Keith Moon, they changed their name to Led Zeppelin on October 14, 1968. The first show under the new name came on October 25, 1968 at the University of Surrey in Guildford. November 1968, with the help of Peter Grant, the boys were signed with Atlantic Records, with o ...
Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Jason Bonham, and John Paul Jones should come out and do Stairway To Heaven and Kashmir. I'd go nuts
.I was surprised at how good they still sound.Robert Plant is 65 and Jimmy Page is 70! John Bonham's son Jason is playing drums.
"Upon us all a little rain must fall: it's just a little rain." (Robert Plant-Jimmy Page- "The Rain Song", 1973)
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - The Rain Song: via felt the coldness of my winter.
Good thing I didn't finish my Robert Plant drawing. I would've had to deal with those "But it's Jimmy Page's birthday today" comments
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant: doing the duck face before it was cool
The tv tells me it's legendary guitarist Jimmy Page's 70th birthday...too bad the video they payed was of Robert Plant.
I liked a video Robert Plant's tribute to Jimmy Page
Happy 70th Birthday mr Jimmy Page! Get touring with Robert Plant sharpish so I can see you live!
Jimmy Page is celebrating his 70th birthday today. Even at 70, his music will keep him young. Here's some early pictures of the birthday boy. Happy Birthday Mr. Page! w/ Led Zeppelin Official, Led Zeppelin ~ Ultimate Fan Page, The Yardbirds, Jim McCarty, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones Official, John Bonham, Eddie Kramer
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Robert Plant had always wanted to make some rock & roll with R&B influence. He couldn’t do it with Led Zeppelin — that would have been weird — so, he created The Honeydrippers. The band included Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Nile Rodgers.
If only that was true ! A blessing I,d say, Cause any of the band Jimmy Page,Robert Plant,John Bonham,John Paul Jones, Have more talent then Justin Beiber will ever have Fact. If only the kid,s knew that
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are singing "Everybody's got a hole in it"on Sky Arts 1
December 13th 2000: After former Democratic presidential hopeful Al Gore delivered his concession speech to George W. Bush in Washington, D.C., Gore held a party in his home with a performance by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, which featured guest appearances by Jon Bon Jovi and Stevie Wonder. 1996: Jerry Maguire directed by Cameron Crowe opened in North American theaters. The film featured cameos from Glenn Frey of the Eagles & Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains. 1993: Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash joined Billy Joel onstage during a concert at the Los Angeles Sports Arena to contribute a solo to “Shameless”. 1986: Billy Idol peaked at number six on the Billboard 200 Album Chart with his third full length studio album Whiplash Smile which went on to go Platinum in the U.S. 1983: Jimmy Page joined Robert Plant onstage during Plant’s concert at London’s Hammersmith Odeon for a rendition of Roy Head’s “Treat Her Right”. It was the first time they publicly performed together since Led ...
Tribute Tuesdays last night at Amantes in Issaquah featured a band named Cousin it... They are a Led Zeppelin Tribute band and I had to see for myself who would be brave enough to take on Robert Plant vocally and Jimmy Page on guitar - After kind of a rough start, they found a groove and proceeded to run through at set of songs that if you didn't grow up listening to complete zeppelin albums you might have been like the girl sitting at the table next to me yelling "street corner girl" over and over again... I came away being pretty impressed by the vocalist. He hit almost every note and then some. This guy could easily win on any of the music competition shows on TV. They played a great version of Bone China (Mother Love Bone) mixed with no quarter. The guitar player on the other hand had his hands full... Jimmy Page is pretty hard reproduce. If any one knows any information on "Cousin It" let me know they don't have a web presence that I can find but if they are playing again locally I'd see them again. ...
I'm thankful for Mark Patrick Murphy, Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain, the good folks at Blackstar amps, Alayna Vendetta, Pam, Robert, Noah, Jimmy Page, Black Sabbath, Vic from Pierce the Veil, Kellin Quinn, B.F.W.L. Oliver Sykes and Syd Barrett. These amazing people have great music and have influenced my music in just about every aspect. Love you guys!
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are my favourites and yes I am picking favourites
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page still got it.
Hey Vicky , I hope you are watching Led Zepplin in concert Jimmy Page is Bad *** !!! I almost cried when they did " Stairway To Heaven " Robert Plant is Burning it up !! Awesome !!!
Robert plant lost his voice and Jimmy Page is like a shadow of what he was, but JPJ is still at the same level of awesomeness
I'm watching Led Zeppelin on Axs TV (a channel I've never heard of) and they still can play. I don't know who's playing drums and I can't see John Paul Jones, but it's definitely Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (who looks like an old poodle). Not bad for some old guys.
Synopsis: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page look like they're about 200 and John Paul Jones, who at most did way fewer drugs than either, looks 40
Watching Led Zeppelin on Axs TV right now from a concert from 2007 in London...Robert Plant is unbelievable...and what can be said about Jimmy Page that hasn't already been said...mind-blowing (a word from the 60's)
Been driving down the NJ Turnpike at night, listening to Jimmy Page guitar and Robert Plant wailing Whole Lotta Love.
I love Led Zeppelin and they are no doubt one of the greatest bands of all time but Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are terrible live.
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In the 1970's we called it HARD ROCK and in my mind there is no question that AXS TV just played a couple of concerts that really sum it all up Deep Purple captured live in 2009 with original members Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, and the one I consider the second best drummer of the era, Ian Paice with new comer Don Airey on Keyboards and legendary Steve Morse doing a fine job of taking Ritchie Blackmore's role on lead guitar. This band not only rocked it hard, but was very musical at the same time. After this concert ended, The Undisputed Greatest Rock Band of ALL time (regardless of what Stones fans think) came next - The Led Zeppelin Reunion concert from 2007 with Jason Bonham showing the apple doesn't fall from the Best Rock N Roll drummer of all time's tree. Jimmy Page shows why he is the top of the guitar playing heap and Robert Plant still sings like when I saw them 40 years ago. With John Paul Jones still being the glue that holds it all together. AMAZING Stuff to this day. Thanks AXS - what a great a ...
Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Robert Plant and Steven Tyler. i wanna see that happening like the old times in Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, both formerly of the English hard rock band Led Zeppelin, recorded and toured in the mid-1990s under the title Page and Plant. T...
I am disappointed in how few people know who Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are.
DVD has clips of Jimmy Page's Castle, Robert Plant at home,(The Forest Of Dean. Wales UK)...
Patrick Carney This week in Rock n' Roll History (1972) - Led Zeppelin's fifth tour of the U.K. sells out in four hours. Jimmy Page says: "When I heard the news about the tickets, I felt humbled." The tickets went on sale at the princely sum of $1.50 each. The tour was preceded by two warm-up shows in Montreux, Switzerland, and rehearsals at the Rainbow Theatre in London, before formally kicking off at Newcastle upon Tyne. This was Led Zeppelin's longest ever tour of the United Kingdom, and the original 110,000 tickets for the 25 dates sold out within four hours of box offices opening simultaneously on 10 November. Two dates, in Bradford and Preston respectively, needed to be postponed as a result of singer Robert Plant contracting influenza after the car in which he and drummer John Bonham were traveling broke down on the way to a concert in Sheffield on 2 January. An additional date was also added at Southampton University on 22 January. Led Zeppelin experts Dave Lewis and Simon Pallet have characterize ...
what if Paul Mccartney, Robert Plant, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Ringo Starr, and Jimmy Page got together to make an album?
Did you know that Jay can channel Jimmy Page AND Robert Plant... at the same time? Can't wait to get back in the...
Robert Plant says he found some rare Led Zeppelin recordings. When will we see & hear them? Here's the buzz:
Jimmy Page refers to Stairway To Heaven as his masterpiece. However, Robert Plant calls it "a wedding song"
You are listening now:. Gallow Pole, of Jimmy Page - Robert Plant. Listen this in
Paul Mccartney made a surprise visit to the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts Wednesday in New York. Aerosmith is in South America for a few dates. John Mellencamp,Cindy Lauper, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are among the songwriters nominated for induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The Rascals are back on the road and John Fogerty talks about performing entire albums live. read all about it on the WAKY Music News Page at www.waky1035.com.
Heartland rock singer John Mellencamp has been nominated for the 2014 Songwriters Hall of Fame, along with Madonna and Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Other artists also nominated include Ray Davies, Cyndi Lauper and Linda Perry. Mellencamp,…
it begs the question - why weren't Robert Plant and Jimmy Page on the writing staff?
Photo: Led Zeppelin in 1969. From left to right: Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham (bottom), and John...
Imagine to The Cure covered by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant : =O
[rewi:nd] Tonight (but 18 years ago), English rockers Jimmy Page and Robert Plant perform together in Irvine,...
Remember the 12/12/12 concert for Hurricane Sandy relief? The one where Nirvana reunited with Sir effing Paul Mccartney as their replacement singer? Also had acts like Springsteen and Bon Jovi play? Well apparently former President Bill Clinton had plans to have Led Zeppelin reunite that night. In fact, Clinton had Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham to all say yes. After personally calling Jimmy Page multiple times and getting a no he had President Barack Obama personally call Jimmy Page to ask him to play and he still declined. Jimmy Page struck out both Presidents Clinton and Obama... When do I get to be that famous?
NEW: A documentary about Roy Harper on Sky Arts will feature interviews with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page
Kashmir (Live) by Jimmy Page & Robert Plant (with Si ClaRock at Graha Kinayungan) —
WHYYY were Robert Plant and Jimmy Page so unbelievable in the 70s I want to die
Last night's dream: wife and I were sitting in the back seats of a car, with Jimmy Page driving and Robert Plant in the passenger seat.
I saw a Jimmy Page and Robert Plant signed guitar. How was your day?
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant wrote Stairway To Heaven after John Bonham triple-dog-dared them to spend a night in the Winchester Mystery House.
I just had a dream about doing it with Robert Plant. Marrying Jimmy Page would also be a good one.
Audio: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Wah Wah  laughing in the face of my anger and despair 
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - When The Levee Breaks this is unreal
Led Zeppelin formed out of the ashes of the Yardbirds. Jimmy Page had joined the band in its final days, playing a pivotal role on their final album, 1967's Little Games, which also featured string arrangements from John Paul Jones. During 1967, the Yardbirds were fairly inactive. While the Yardbirds decided their future, Page returned to session work in 1967. In the spring of 1968, he played on Jones' arrangement of Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man." During the sessions, Jones requested to be part of any future project Page would develop. Page would have to assemble a band sooner than he had planned. In the summer of 1968, the Yardbirds' Keith Relf and James McCarty left the band, leaving Page and bassist Chris Dreja with the rights to the name, as well as the obligation of fulfilling an upcoming fall tour. Page set out to find a replacement vocalist and drummer. Initially, he wanted to enlist singer Terry Reid and Procol Harum's drummer B.J. Wilson, but neither musician was able to join the group. Reid sugges ...
Robert Plant revisits the music of his Sensational youth - Members of the Led Zeppelin, from left, John Bonham, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, pose with singer Sandy Denny in London in 1970.
TOP 10 Best Songs of All Time 1. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen It's one of the greatest song ever made, totally captivating lyrically and extremely innovative musically all due credit to the Queen himself, Freddie Mercury. Simple put; this is the song with every element required. +639When the writer of this song, the late Freddie Mercury had come into this studio with "Bohemian Rhapsody", the rest of the band had thought of it foolish, bizarre and odd---but went along with the "Fred thing"---now it is a masterpiece that has withstood time, even more than thirty years old-nothing, and no one has come close to re-creating something so tongue-and-cheek, innovative, and still makes teenagers want to bang their heads and air-guitar while driving. Simply the best. +407It's daring, fun and doesn't fall short of bravado. Simply genius. More comments about Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Listen to sample 2. Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin The poetic storytelling nature of Robert Plant's lyrics combined with Jimmy Page's b ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
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