Jimmy Kimmel & White House

James Christian Jimmy Kimmel (born November 13, 1967) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, voice artist and television host. The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. 5.0/5

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4 takeaways from Sean Spicer’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel: Former White House press…
Jimmy Kimmel: Michelle Obama said to Melania Trump, "welcome to the White House" Melania said, "Welcome…
There have been seven fence jumps at the White House this year. . Maybe it's time the president gives Joe Biden a key. Jimmy Kimmel
Snoop Dogg -- or is it Lion? Hard to keep up -- says he smoked weed in a White House bathroom. Snoop hosted Jimmy Kimmel as a guest on his Internet talk show (I use that term loosely)
Snoop Dogg confesses to Jimmy Kimmel that he smoked pot in the White House via
The Best of Late Night... "Last night, Larry King interviewed President Bush, and Bush told him, 'My favorite color is blue and I love enchiladas.' Unfortunately, Bush was answering the question, 'What was your greatest achievement as President?'" --Conan O'Brien "President Bush has declared an advanced state of emergency in DC from Saturday until Wednesday to allow for extra security for the inauguration. Apparently, the President obtained information from a very reliable source that on Tuesday an unidentified black man is plotting to break into and actually live in the White House for at least four years." --Jimmy Kimmel "President Bush has been giving Barack Obama a lot of advice. They've had a few meetings and he's giving Obama advice. Yeah. President Bush has told Barack Obama that his biggest challenge will be an enemy attack. Specifically, Bush told Obama to keep your eye on Hillary." --Conan O'Brien "In a last-minute complication to what looked like an otherwise smooth path to confirmation, Timoth ...
Talk Back: What should come of the Obama-Romney luncheon? Awkward! President Obama. Mitt Romney. A luncheon of rivals...Who can forget the two on the debate stage -- prowling, pointing -- the bitter rivalry spawning, tortured catch-phrases: "Romnesia." "Romney-hood." "Obama-loney." Now the man who accused the other man of "giving away free stuff" may just dine on Obama-loney. Jimmy Kimmel said: "For the last eight months, Mitt Romney has been saying nobody should get a free lunch. Now, he's going to the White House to have a free lunch." We laugh. But what if Mr. Obama asked Mr. Romney to play an important role going forward? Even the president has acknowledged Romney's skill in making things -- like the Olympics -- run better. But the track record for post-election pow-wows is not good. After the 2008 election, John Mccain and Obama met and vowed to work together on economic issues. Look at them now: not exactly best buds. Just say the word Benghazi and -- ouch! Still, it could be a win-win for both me . ...
Late Night Jokes from Newsmax.com The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Late Show With David Letterman Jimmy Kimmel Live! Late Night With Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Tomorrow night Joe Biden and Paul Ryan will be facing off in the vice-presidential debate. The White House is a little worried. In fact, Biden's handlers are telling him, “Whatever you do, don't be yourself. Be anybody else." The good news for the White House is that unemployment has dropped to 7.8 percent, right where it was when President Obama took office. So Obama has gone from "Change you can believe in" to "Can you believe there's no change." Today the Secret Service caught a woman trying to sneak into the White House with a mysterious package. Turns out it was just Ann Romney with some carpet samples. Mitt Romney is refusing to participate in the long-running special on Nickelodeon called “Kids Pick the President.” Romney said it's nothing personal; he just says that these kids are part of that 47 percent who contribute ...
Jimmy Kimmel "The boy Scouts of American has announced that they will continue to enforce their policy of banning opening *** boys from being scouts and openly *** adults from taking leadership positions in the organization. Between this and same sex marriage, people really don't want *** people tying knots." Jon Stewart “In 2012 I realized the company I was CEO of in 1999 did things that would hurt my presidential run in the present, so I retroactively wasn’t there.” – (mocking Mitt Romney’s “retroactive retirement” from Bain Capital) “I was just the guy with the smoke screenish, yet still legal title of CEO and Managing Director who was paid at least $100,000 a year to do what, according to me, Mitt Romney, was nothing. That’s the kind of common sense business experience I hope to bring to the White House.”
Barbara Walters did not react well to Jimmy Kimmel's joke about her at the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday. On Monday, she recounted her night ...
Video on msnbc.com: At this weekend's White House Correspondents Dinner, President Obama cracked jokes about eating dog, Mitt Romney, and the Secret Service while the night's host, Jimmy Kimmel, also cracked about the president's ears.
And before you go to bed tonight, see the two funny speeches from the 2012 White House Correspondents' dinner. President Barack Obama opens (then comedian Jimmy Kimmel finishes off the roasting (quite as shredding and biting as last year's main speech by Seth Meyers (but still worth watching.
Jimmy Kimmel riffs on President Obama, NJ Gov. Chris Christie at White House ... -
Chris Christie was hanging with Sofia Vergara at the White House dinner while Jimmy Kimmel made fat jokes. Jimmy who?
"Keith Olbermann fires back at Jimmy Kimmel over White House Correspondents Dinner jokes"
Democrats latest trash and burn target is; Jimmy Kimmel, liberal and-surprise-- genuine comedian who ROASTED our first Kenyan President Obama a few days ago by "telling the truth" about BO in about 10 areas. Interestingly the one that infuriated the Great Kenyan was, are you ready, a joke about Obama's Big Ears that would make Dumbo proud, if Dumbo was a Marxist like Obama that is. The white in Obama's Cold and Vicious eyes stood out quick and angry. Stephen King would of been proud of the horrific fury in them. Debbie Washboard Schultz has to get to work on Kimmel now BEFORE people start realizing Jimmy Kimmel told the truth about BO. The one I liked the best was where Kimmel said the White House spokesman said he knew of 3 Hillary Rosens who were at the White House but Bill Clinton is glad he only had ONE Hillary with him.
Jimmy Kimmel on Saturday trashed former MSNBC and Current TV anchor Keith Olbermann as well as the controversial commentator's former boss Al Gore.
They weren't the only stars on the invite list, however, with George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, Eva Longoria, matriach of the Kardashians, Kris Jenner, Clare Danes, Charlize Theron, Dakota Fanning, Reese Witherspoon and Goldie Hawn all in attendance. Jimmy Kimmel and President Barack Obama co-hoste...
ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel may not have gotten the loudest laughs of recent White House Correspondents' Dinner hosts, but he did leave the stage at the Washington Hilton with the satisfaction of knowing he didn't bomb.
Ok - firestorm starter of the week . Jimmy Kimmel told this joke at the White House Correspondents dinner : Q: What's the difference between Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher ? A: the people who watch Bill Maher KNOW he's an ***
I guess we can say Young Jeezy’s having a great Sunday, huh? During The White House Correspondents Dinner last night, which featured host Jimmy Kimmel opening for Obama, also saw the first Black President give salute to Young Jeezy. The President revealed his musical plan of attack for his second te...
Just watched White House Correspondents Dinner...Pres Obama was pretty funny, and Jimmy Kimmel killed it.
"To me, Ron Paul looks like the guy who gets unhooded at the end of every Scooby Doo episode" - Jimmy Kimmel at White House Correspondents' Dinner - too funny! :)
Jimmy Kimmel's best joke at the White House Press Dinner this evening: "What's the difference between Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh? Bill Maher's fans at least know he's an *** "
Best joke of the White House Correspondents dinner so far? Jimmy Kimmel; "What's the difference between people who watch Rush Limbaugh and people who watch Bill Maher?" "People who watch Bill Maher know he's an *** "
Tune in to CSPAN1 for live coverage of tonight's White House Correspodents Dinner. I watch every year and it's (almost) always hysterical! (Rich Little had a VERY OFF NIGHT when he hosted...) Jimmy Kimmel is hosting tongiht. This is an event that goes back MANY MANY MANY years, is always fun to see everyone take a night off to have fun, and the film they make to show during this event get's better every year! My fav: go to Youtube Bill Clinton's Correspondents Dinner film. SO fuuny. It's starting now! It will re-run immediatley after.
Is it wrong that I'm kind of excited to watch the White House Correspondent's Dinner footage after this weekend? Seth Meyers was pretty solid last year, but Jimmy Kimmel, this year's featured comedian can get some pretty good burns in. That and Obama does pretty well with the jokes the writers give him.
Watching "Undercover Boss" with the Philly Soft Pretzels. I'm a glutton for punishment. But on a lighter note, White House Correspondents Dinner is on MSNBC tomorrow night 9:30 eastern. Jimmy Kimmel hosting. Always some good laughs there.
The annual White House Correspondants Dinner is this Saturday and some big stars will be out to honor journalists. The emcee for the night will be Jimmy Kimmel and the media outlets are scrambling to find big names for their tables. The problem I have, is that Fox News has invited Lindsay Lohan as t...
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