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James Christian Jimmy Kimmel (born November 13, 1967) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, voice artist and television host. The White House Press Corps is the group of journalists or correspondents usually stationed at the White House in Washington, D.C. 5.0/5

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Jimmy Kimmel says he thinks hosting the White House Correspondent's Dinner will rank as more nerve-wrecking for him.
Jimmy Kimmel said the funniest thing in the White House Correspondent Dinner!
Louis Leone wrote: On Saturday night, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama attended the White House Correspondent's Dinner, which was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. You can watch President Obama's full speech below: Go on the blog... In my first term, we ended the war in Iraq; in my second term, I will win the war on Christmas. (Laughter.)
As host of this year's White House Correspondent's Dinner, Jimmy Kimmel did not hold back at zinging celebrities and politicians alike. Most were able to brush of Kimmel's digs, but one Barbara Walters was unabashedly unamused at a joke aimed at her phonetic tendencies.
Jimmy Kimmel's half-hour speech at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner Saturday evening had a few targets -- Kim Kardashian, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, Lindsay Lohan and Mitt Romney, to name a few -- but it seems not everyone can take a joke. One of the best j...
The Latest From Late Night Comedians DATE: TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2012 Jay Leno: "President Obama has revealed his new re-election campaign slogan, 'Forward.' Just one word, 'forward.' That's a good message for Obama. He's telling voters, 'Whatever you do, don't look back at all those campaign promises I made. Just look forward, just look forward.'" Jay Leno: "With this whole anniversary of bin Laden's death thing going on, a new campaign video by Barack Obama implies that Mitt Romney would not have killed Osama bin Laden if he had been President. See, I think that's ridiculous. Mitt Romney would have done the exact same thing President Obama did. You know, like he did with healthcare." Jimmy Kimmel : "I hosted the White House Correspondent Association Dinner on Saturday night. And the entertainment was me and President Obama. He was very funny, made jokes about the fact that he ate a dog. Some people thought it was undignified for the President to joke about it. Personally, I feel like once you eat a dog, dign ...
Jimmy Kimmel at the White House Correspondent's Dinner. No one was safe. Guy has balls!! via
"Lastly, I want to thank my 10th grade history teacher Mr. Mills for telling me I wouldn't amount to anything in my life... Well guess what Mr. Mills, I'm about to High Five the President. Eat it Mills." If you haven't seen Jimmy Kimmel's White House Correspondent's speech you should, he did a great bit on marijuana reform, journalism, and how Lincoln wasn't assassinated... He just had a vision of the Republican party in 100 years and shot himself right there
Jimmy Kimmel's closing comment for the White House Correspondent's dinner ... "Some people say journalism is in decline, they say you've become too politicized, too focused on sensationalism, they say you no longer honor your duty to inform America but instead actively divide us so that your corporate overlord can rake in the profits," Kimmel said. "I don't have a joke for this, it's just what some people say." ... OUCH!
Jimmy Kimmel brought it at the White House Correspondent's Dinner:
decent work from Jimmy Kimmel at the White House Correspondent's Dinner @ 21.50
Jimmy Kimmel at the White House correspondent diner
A bit late but one of my favorite events of the year: White House Correspondent's Dinner - Jimmy Kimmel rocks it.
Lmfao. Jimmy Kimmel asked everyone at the White House correspondent dinner who hasn't smoked weed? One guy raised his hand ...
Jimmy Kimmel beasted on everybody in the White House Correspondent's dinner.
watching Jimmy Kimmel roast at the White House Correspondent dinner...he going in
"Raise your hand if you've never smoked pot." - Jimmy Kimmel at White House Correspondent Dinner. (almost no one...
Jimmy Kimmel hosted the White House Correspondent's Dinner. Guess I didn't miss out after all. In fact, I imagine him up there, telling jokes, that I would never laugh at, as per usual.
Gonna watch the White House Correspondent's Dinner ... it was a riot last year with Seth Myers. Jimmy Kimmel is on this year.
Is it wrong that I'm kind of excited to watch the White House Correspondent's Dinner footage after this weekend? Seth Meyers was pretty solid last year, but Jimmy Kimmel, this year's featured comedian can get some pretty good burns in. That and Obama does pretty well with the jokes the writers give him.
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