Jimmy Kimmel & Ashton Kutcher

James Christian Jimmy Kimmel (born November 13, 1967) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, voice artist and television host. Christopher Ashton Kutcher (born February 7, 1978), best known as Ashton Kutcher, is an American actor, producer, former fashion model, and comedian, known for his portrayal of Michael Kelso in the Fox sitcom That '70s Show. 3.7/5

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Untuk yg belum tau. Should we do tip or shouldn't we do tip?. Ashton Kutcher v Jimmy Kimmel: Uber Rating
Tuesday Morning Confessions (it's a thing) I eat gas station food. It's this IGA place in Millville that has a kitchen and they make biscuits and gravy and all kindsa other stuff and they have this afreakingmazing blueberry coffee. I still believe in the werewolf under my bed who comes up from the foot of the bed to see if my feet are able to be grabbed. Sometimes I can feel him staring at me while I pretend to sleep... Cuz we all knows they can't get ya if you're asleep. I think Nicki Minag is not a thing. It's a planetary punk that Ashton Kutcher has orchestrated in order to prove to Jimmy Kimmel that he's the reigning King of the Punk... Any day he's gonna jump out and yell "You got punk'd!!" and we're all gonna be all "Sonofa..." Any day now. Any day... Now you go.
Aside from telling Charlie Sheen to shut the eff up. Ashton Kutcher passed by Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night and mentioned one of his current investments by the name of UBER. A car-service app that has been taking over major metropolitans one by one. In short, the app connects commuters with drivers...
It's Friday! It's Rumor Day! I've got the latest whispers on: Jennifer Aniston, John Stamos, "Skin Wars," Hugh Grant, Bill Clinton, Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Kimmel, "Two and a Half Men," Rebecca Romijn, Charlie Sheen, "Horrible Bosses 2," Elizabeth Hurley, Jay Leno and, in my opinion, the actor whose picture you'll see when, you Google, Scumbag!
The Charlie Sheen/Ashton Kutcher war of words continues. Only now, it also involves fists. Sheen’s social media mea culpa after the former That ‘70s Show star called him out on Jimmy Kimmel for bl...
He just couldn't help himself, could he. Dave posted an article yesterday featuring Ashton Kutcher giving Charlie Sheen what for on Jimmy Kimmel (he told him in no uncertain...
Ashton Kutcher is reportedly tired of getting badgered by Charlie Sheen. FOX News reports that the Two and a Half Men star opened up about Sheen while talking to Jimmy Kimmel during Wednesday night’s episode. The actors have had an … Continue… [ 128 more words. ]
Remember when Justin was on Jimmy Kimmel with Ashton Kutcher & he was talking about sex & Justin sat in silence ...
Ashton Kutcher I like ur style when u had interview on Jimmy Kimmel show , u like "dude, you're only a child" :P
Jimmy Kimmel: and you could replace his (Ashton Kutcher) oxygen tank with helium. Justin: What are you sick or something? HE'S SO ADORABLE!
I uploaded a video Ashton Kutcher at Jimmy Kimmel wmtv
What do you think?: Ashton Kutcher Joins Justin Bieber on Jimmy Kimmel
Ashton Kutcher: "I heard Justin's entire album and it's unbelievable!" Jimmy Kimmel: "It's not unbelievable, it's unBELIEBable."
Spike, Most uncomfortable thing Ashton *** Kutcher on Jimmy Kimmel saying Bieber`s cd is "AMAZING"...he`s on Punk`d too
Watched Justin and Ashton Kutcher on Jimmy Kimmel. Justin looked like a spunk in his blue shoes. And Ashton is so goodlooking..
Justin & Ashton Kutcher on Jimmy Kimmel talking about punk'd. omg i cant wait.
Photo: Justin & Ashton Kutcher on the set of Jimmy Kimmel!
Is it just me or when Justin and Ashton Kutcher were both on Jimmy Kimmel, Ashton was being annoying af?
Justin and Ashton Kutcher on Jimmy Kimmel together tyujhbdtyujhgfg.
Ashton Kutcher and JB on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 4: via watch jbs face wen ashton starts talking
Justin is going on Jimmy Kimmel tonight with Ashton Kutcher to talk about Boyfriend & Punk'd. OMG. Currently fangirling.
OOOMMMGGG. Justin's going to be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight w/ Ashton Kutcher.
Justin's on Jimmy Kimmel tonight with Ashton Kutcher & they're gonna be talking about Punk'd & OMFG
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