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Jimmy Kimmel

James Christian Jimmy Kimmel (born November 13, 1967) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, voice artist and television host.

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Jimmy Kimmel opens up about his new live shows in Brooklyn via
Are people actually entertained by the stale fake feud between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon?
Do not come for Jimmy Kimmel, you guys.
Another IQ contest I'd love to see: Trump & Eminem. Condi Rice. Pres Obama. Michelle. Jimmy Kimmel. Pope. We could play this game all day.
Jimmy Kimmel puts Donald Trump Jr. in his place, sends him Access Hollywood tape:
Nice family that trump family. Wonder what they do for a living?
Can't wait for Chadwick Boseman. Hoping Jimmy can get some info out of him about Black Panther. ha.
It's shortly after 11:35pm in the East, Jimmy Kimmel is on---the msm/left is receiving today's dosage of "moral conscience." From their TVs.
Liberal hero PIG Jimmy Kimmel treats women like trash .
Just watch first moments of Jimmy Kimmel long time, I no know why *** fart, its to here themselves talk.
I L☺❤E Jimmy Kimmel . The Trump jokes are hilarious but all so true.
I liked a video Jimmy Kimmel vs Small Creators: Defranco and Neistat call out youtube!
Jimmy Kimmel is very creepy. Of course he's covering for Harvey.
.writer says 2nd amendment isn't in the Constitution, then she blames backlash on sexism
The new YouTube demonetization appeal should read, "I am certain that my videos is ad friendly and I am indeed Jimmy Kimmel."
Say what you want about Jimmy Kimmel being liberal, misinformed, etc. He's right about POTUS' sexual exploits.
Mediocre crybaby Jimmy Kimmel should embrace the wisdom of wise daddy Trumpler.
Kimmel reminds a self-righteous that daddy is a sexual predator too.
Niall will be doing a Jimmy Kimmel Live Concert Series mini concert on October 23rd.
Idk if you’re still awake 👀 but Bae is going to be on Jimmy kimmel
gets one more jab on Donald Trump Jr. while talking about Harvey Weinstein
Someone just told me "illlusion of bliss" on jimmy Kimmel. I'm honestly confused if she meant to do that or not 😭
Kimmel goes off on Junior, reminds him that Daddy grabs ladies by the p*ssy. .
Jimmy Kimmel has been doing only Trump non-stop, no mention of anything else.
Anyone who thinks Jimmy Kimmel isn't genuine in his outrage and sadness frightens me. People without empathy are capable…
If Johnny Carson were alive today, he would call Jimmy Kimmel a poisonous, hate-filled spoiler of…
Apparently already forgot about Daddy's "grab her by the p*ssy" tape. It's ONLY BEEN A YEAR!
Hi, I'm Jimmy Kimmel. . I have my own armed security. But here's my message for American peasants who think they have a…
.delivers the Harvey Weinstein joke he promised to
NEW POLL: Americans trust Jimmy Kimmel more than GOP on healthcare
Jimmy Kimmel is a comic??. I thought he was Ben Stein's announcer.
So when did Jimmy Kimmel become such a nancy? I'll always remember him for his wisecracks on "Win Ben Stein's Money."
Sanjay could be the "always cut for time" guest, like Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel.
Can’t wait to see what Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers & John Oliver will say about Ha…
Estrogen hour... Hilarious. It looks like Jimmy Kimmel is eating too much soy protein.
New idea for Jimmy Kimmel! He and John Boehner show up at a WWE style arena and have a cry-off.
When the *** did we elect Jimmy Kimmel as a leader on Capitol Hill? Enough with the crying. Get to the jokes. Bring back…
Without saying anything new, Jimmy Kimmel is saying everything right. Says, "majority of voters" can't beat the NRA!
Jimmy Kimmel has a few words for the 'nuts' who say it's too soon to discuss gun control
About 60 shot in Chicago each week. Neither Hillary Clinton or Jimmy Kimmel mentioned that.
Jimmy Kimmel. Cries as he rails against the Second Amendment. Has his own armed security & recently increased it. http…
Jimmy Kimmel has inspired more positive awareness and action in the last month than Donald Trump will cause in his lifetim…
How did Jimmy Kimmel go from chugging bear while watching big tittied *** jump on a trampoline to being such a little…
I hope Jimmy Kimmel knocks up his 50 year old wife again and their next child is born with Harlequin syndrome.
The talk show host is fed up after seeing the carnage that unfolded in his hometown
I liked a video Jimmy Kimmel on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas
Jimmy Kimmel calls out lawmakers by name, says they better pray for forgiveness
"Jimmy Kimmel" I am amazed that anyone watches this loser. He has not done a *** thing for this country. Canada or Mexico is calling him
No jokes, emojis or superlatives, just watch Jimmy Kimmel’s show tonight. The man has become an important voice in these tum…
So great that jimmy kimmel & all other liberal decided to give up their armed private security,brave of them... not!
Jimmy Kimmel is increasingly becoming the voice of reason in this time of chaos.
Jimmy Kimmel and the rest of Hollywood decrying gun laws while making movie after movie with gun violence. . Save your pa…
Apparently Jimmy Kimmel is now a gun expert. Honestly does Hollywood think this drivel changes minds after 2016? https:/…
Jimmy Kimmel with heartbreaking, emotional show opening, talking about his hometown of Las Vegas. This guy gets it. https…
"With all due respect, your thoughts and your prayers are insufficient," the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host said.
Jimmy Kimmel, after every Islamic terrorist attack leftist say not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few. Same sh…
Best of Late Night: Jimmy Kimmel Seizes on Las Vegas Shooting to Champion Gun Laws in Emotional Monologue.
Jimmy Kimmel is a well-known, authentic national figure who speaks his mind. Jared Kushner is a shadowy, dishonest mystery…
Powerful and emotional monolog from Jimmy Kimmel fighting back tears describing the Las Vegas shooting
Jimmy Kimmel breaks down into tears as he speaks on the mass shooting in Las Vegas. . 🙏🏻
Jimmy Kimmel,. You use ur platform 2 attack 2ndA. Here's words of wisdom. If you want my gun you will. have to take it from…
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Jimmy Kimmel: "Lawmakers should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country"
Jimmy Kimmel's pathetic take on the Las Vegas shooting emphasizes everything wrong with the left. Politicizing dead bodies and blaming GOP.
To the members of Congress who align themselves with NRA "your thoughts and prayers aren't sufficient" thank you Jimmy…
I believe Jimmy Kimmel should stick to comedy. His attempt at being a caring human just is too unbe…
Gun Control is like a train track for boats. Jimmy Kimmel
"It feels like someone has opened a window into *** " Here's Jimmy Kimmel's response to the Las Vegas attack
Jimmy Kimmel is nothing but a glorified crisis actor.
Jimmy Kimmel should stick to what he does best. Hiring ppl to write terrible jokes for him.
Is there a bigger establishment shill than Jimmy Kimmel?
Jimmy Kimmel, a son of Las Vegas, delivered one of the most emotionally searing monologues in his show's history
Raw, emotional Jimmy Kimmel reflects on the Las Vegas shooting. Worth watching the full clip: ht…
Hey Jimmy Kimmel, they found a ton of explosives at his home. He would have killed with or without a gun Douchbag
Jimmy Kimmel's emotional plea for gun control after mass shooting in his hometown of Las Vegas
Jimmy Kimmel has really become a partisan mouthpiece for the democrats. The guy used to be a decent comedian, but now he…
Jimmy Kimmel, 3K ppl died on September 11th and not a single gun was used. . It's not a gun problem, it's a people probl…
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Read Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional, scathing monologue about gun control after the Vegas massacre
Jimmy Kimmel begins his monologue by being uber emotional to draw your attention, then quickly jumps to gun fallicies to…
A saddened, shaken-up Jimmy Kimmel talks about the mass shooting in Las Vegas, his hometown.
Has big mouth Jimmy Kimmel ever called out Hollywood for funding child rapist Roman Polanski? But sure, Jimmy cares about ch…
Jimmy Kimmel is part of a culture that supports child rapist Roman Polanski, he must disavow.
I didn't have any emotion today till seeing this. So much respect for Jimmy Kimmel.
In 2017, our president is Donald Trump, our conscience is Jimmy Kimmel, and our famous sexual predators are Woody A…
My suggestions tend to mainly be John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel and Ste…
Jimmy Kimmel shines a light on trolls by asking celebrities to read the not-so-nice things people write about them:…
Jimmy Kimmel reacts to health care bill's potential failure: "Now I can go back to talking about the Kardashians."
Jimmy Kimmel suggests someone needs to get 45 a thesaurus. That and a copy of the constitution and maybe "The Road to Character" by Brooks.
Jimmy Kimmel is a true patriot for using his position of influence to tell a hard truth no conservative wants to he…
Cassidy has zero credibility. Just ask Jimmy Kimmel.
Watch Don Rickles chat with Amy Poehler, Jimmy Kimmel, Zach Galifianakis, and more on 'Dinner with Don'…
Against all odds, Jimmy Kimmel is now essential viewing - The Globe and Mail ➜…
Oh the many things Jimmy Kimmel gets wrong about health care policy.
Kimmel's position is shared by basically every health advocacy group in America. Cassidy's is shared by none:
To bring this all full circle, Steph Curry has to go on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talk about health insurance.
Jimmy Kimmel found his political voice - and could help democrats find theirs via
Jimmy Kimmel hits NEW LOW; Calls GOP Senator an "Inbred" Kimmel is a Schumer Stooge..who made him GOD?
I love how Steph Curry, Jemele Hill, & Jimmy Kimmel should all 'stay in their lane', but a reality show host is allowed to be…
No, Jimmy Kimmel did not defeat Obamacare repeal. Republican swamp creature John Mccain did. Same man who has a brain disease.
Using your son's illness wasn't enough Kimmel?. Now you're Schumer's little puppet?. Sad. . . http…
Jimmy Kimmel got help from Schumer in health bill battle, report claims.
It is the most GOP thing in the world to create the Kimmel test for p.r. reasons, fail it, and then blame Jimmy Kimmel fo…
In "The Smear" I discuss how comedy shows/comedians are used as part of narrative building/astroturf etc.
I found it more noteworthy that Chris Wallace was unequivocal about this - squarely in the Jimmy Kimmel camp.
Here's what makes Jimmy Kimmel so effective
Trump wants you to stand up for a song. Jimmy Kimmel and Steph Curry want you to stand up for your country.
Jimmy Kimmel admits he's no healthcare expert, but healthcare experts agree with him:
domain names
Jimmy Kimmel is fighting for our healthcare. LeBron, Steph, Colin, & NFL Players are fighting for rights of PoC. Our pr…
Kimmel, who admits knowing nobody hurt by Obamacare, was literally reading Democrat talking points. Shocka.
Looks like Jimmy Kimmel is the entertainment arm of the Schumer effort to stop Obamacare repeal. From
Trump's week of shame hasn't ended yet. by
To those telling Jimmy Kimmel to stick to comedy, President appointed a cabana boy and a truck driver to jobs at…
Funny bone hurts. I'd have Mel Brooks tell me a joke. He'd have Jimmy Kimmel perform surgery.
Jimmy Kimmel is an expert on health care. Also, Mel Brooks knows nothing about comedy.
Jimmy Kimmel on war of words on health care with Sen. Bill Cassidy: "Am I supposed to just be quiet?" http…
Sloane Stephens on Jimmy Kimmel looking like a snack
Chris Hayes on Jimmy Kimmel: "The most sustained discussion of health care policy on network television in recent memory…
So Senator Cassidy how is that Jimmy Kimmel healthcare test working out? Who was your incoming senate…
Jimmy Kimmel dressed down Senator Bill Cassidy for the third day in a row
Jimmy Kimmel needs an award... oh and as a parent of a kid with significant health needs, he can speak from...
Here's why Jimmy Kimmel (entertainer) is more qualified than Donald Trump (entertainer) to discuss health care
Jimmy Kimmel has talked about health care at greater fact-based length in his monologues than Donald Trump has as President
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Who's more qualified to give opinions about health care policy, Jimmy Kimmel or Donald Trump?
Should I be getting all of my healthcare advice from Jimmy Kimmel? Wait, isn’t he a comedian?
Think about what it means that Jimmy Kimmel has evidently done more homework on health than any Republican senator over th…
Jimmy Kimmel is the father of an infant who needs multiple heart surgeries to live. This 👏🏼 Is 👏🏼 His 👏🏼 Lane.
I love Jimmy Kimmel, Rob Reiner & Morgan Freeman working hard to fight GOP lies & build our future, but shouldn't it be…
James Corden, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Jim Jefferies say this is how…
Brian Kilmeade responds to late night host Jimmy Kimmel
Looks like Jimmy Kimmel is going down the Madonna Kathy Griffin Road he can say what he wants but people will know the truth
Yea I don't do nothing without checking what professor Jimmy Kimmel has to say first
GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham desperately smears Jimmy Kimmel for speaking up for kids like Kimmel's own son.
We live in an America where comedians have to beg for the lives of sick people. Thank you for standing up, Jimmy Kimmel. htt…
"Jimmy Kimmel" I firmly believe that if you and your celebrity friends and the producer types got together, they could fund healthcare.
Democratic operatives like Jimmy Kimmel are making comedy stupid.
but Jimmy Kimmel said health insurance companies were paying Republicans to pass Graham-Cassidy.
Ur worried about a Jimmy Kimmel quote? Look at sh** in office lik…
Bill Cassidy fires back at Jimmy Kimmel: "He does not understand" new ObamaCare repeal bill
Sen. Bill Cassidy responds to Jimmy Kimmel: “I’m sorry he does not understand.” Under new health care bill “more people will have…
Sen. Bill Cassidy responds to Jimmy Kimmel: "I'm sorry he doesn't understand"
For lots of Americans, Jimmy Kimmel is the face of the opposition to repeal/replace.
Jimmy Kimmel says Sen. Bill Cassidy lied to his face over Obamacare repeal
Senator Bill Cassidy lied to Jimmy Kimmel about his plan for health care. Kimmel noticed.
Must watch: Jimmy Kimmel explains why fails the "Kimmel Test" and hurts people with preexisting conditions:…
This is how you will be remembered GOP -. For taking away healthcare from millions. For being giddy about it.
Jimmy Kimmel: US senator lied to my face
Jimmy Kimmel's 5-month old son made his first official red carpet appearance:
Sen. Bill Cassidy didn't just lie to Jimmy Kimmel. He lied to all of us. . And he did it with a smile on his face.
CASSIDY (earlier): Any bill must pass the Jimmy Kimmel test. CASSIDY (now): Babies with heart defects will receive a copy of A…
Wow, Jimmy Kimmel absolutely scorches for the bill and for blatantly lying to him.
Jimmy Kimmel is right. is evil. Phone 📱 your Senators. Tell them to vote no on http…
Watch: Jimmy Kimmel to give monologue tonight on repeal bill.
What Jimmy Kimmel did is bring light to something that everyone will get, a pre-existing condition. Unless u like bankruptcy
Jimmy Kimmel posted his monologue early. Suffice it to say, he is not happy with Bill Cassidy.
"Not only did Bill Cassidy fail the Jimmy Kimmel test, he fail the Bill Cassidy test"
Jimmy Kimmel criticizes Sen. Bill Cassidy over last-ditch Obamacare repeal — via http…
Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel! This is the worst version yet, and, of course, the GOP has to lie about it.
In the fantasy world of Jimmy Kimmel it's ok for North Korea to bomb America with Nukes???. Join
Jimmy Kimmel criticizes Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy over last-ditch Obamacare repeal ABC ...…
Bill Cassidy isn't going to be able to use Jimmy Kimmel anymore.
Jimmy Kimmel: "Any group you've ever given money to thinks is a bad idea"
JIMMY KIMMEL: "They're trying to sneak this scam of a bill through. They don't even want you to see it...And Bill Cassid…
Jimmy Kimmel on the sadistic and inhumane bill: "This is a bad bill. lied right to my face."
Kimmel: "there's a new Jimmy Kimmel test. It's the lie detector test."
New post: "Jimmy Kimmel: Sen. Cassidy lied 'right to my face'"
Jimmy Kimmel is right. The new GOP healthcare bill is cruel and sadistic.
Jimmy Kimmel is trending — bringing to light the utter depravity of and his barbaric, cruel and inhumane
Jimmy Kimmel takes on the Senate's new health care bill, says US Sen. Bill Cassidy lied 'right to my face'
LIARS who ONLY care about yourselves - this country isn't ONLY YOU! UGLY!
Oh good. Because I've been waiting for Jimmy Kimmel's input.
Jimmy Kimmel slams senator for lying about new health care bill
Hey Jimmy Kimmel why don't you just stick to Comedy? Stay out of politics unless you have real suggestions to fix what Ob…
Jimmy Kimmel *goes off* on Sen. Cassidy over his cruel health care bill: "Stop using my name" https:…
I never thought I could feel such mad respect for Jimmy Kimmel. He is a hero in the fight. Also, don't come on Kimm…
Jimmy Kimmel should probably keep his mouth shut about healthcare. When did this liberal elitist become an expert on health…
Jimmy Kimmel gets heated about health-care bill, says Bill Cassidy 'lied right to my face'
Jimmy Kimmel is for open borders so is holding a job fair to recruit for Stop him @ https:/…
Jimmy Kimmel responds to Graham-Cassidy health care bill: Bill Cassidy lied right to my face
Kimmel to Cassidy: "Stop using my name. There's a new Jimmy Kimmel test for you. It's called a lie detector test.". https:/…
You're a liar & fail the Jimmy Kimmel test. You're a disgrace to the institution & people u serve. All for…
Jimmy Kimmel should pay for everyone's health care if he is so concerned. We have access to health care, access your wallet…
Jimmy Kimmel slams GOP senator for lying 'right to my face' over health care.
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Jimmy Kimmel proving once again that Hollywood can't even get through a comedy show without turning it into liberal propagand…
Hey, Jimmy Kimmel. Do u know who else lied to all our faces? Obama; "if u like ur doctor & your insurance you can keep i…
Watching your buddy don lemmon talking about "Jimmy Kimmel test" like some rich talk show…
Jimmy Kimmel: GOP senator flunks his own "Jimmy Kimmel test" with ObamaCare repeal bill
Jimmy Kimmel is so charismatic he made Sean Spicer tolerable - charming, even: .
Jimmy Kimmel did not let Sean Spicer live down that crowd size debacle.
Sean Spicer tells Jimmy Kimmel that Melissa McCarthy's impression 'cost me a lot of money in therapy'
Sean Spicer, trying and failing to rehabilitate himself on Jimmy Kimmel. via
4 takeaways from Sean Spicer’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel: Former White House press…
Sean Spicer tells Jimmy Kimmel he wasn't expecting press conference first day on the job
Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Spicer talk facts, Trump and inauguration crowd size via
Ok,you're not blind,lucky you...'I have not' seen Trump naked, Sean Spicer tells Jimmy Kimmel via
of Israel broadast by Sean Spicer pressed (gently) on ‘Jimmy Kimmel...
Jimmy Kimmel debuts the kids' version of new memoir ➡️ by
Jimmy Kimmel mocked Donald Trump’s decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, known as DACA...
Remember the game show "Win Ben Stein's Money"? Most like the first time you ever heard of Jimmy Kimmel. via /r/
Jimmy Kimmel on obsession with undoing everyting did:. "Hope he doesn’t bring bin Lad…
Jimmy Kimmel is irrelevant. I echo He's speaking to an echo chamber of SJWs and Antifa sissyboys.
Give US a break.. really...omg. jimmy Kimmel has spoken. Wonder what he would have said if H had won. Here's a pacifier. Suck on it
Kimmel reminded Americans that the Trump kids' mother was, after all, an "Eastern European immigrant"
Jimmy Kimmel is a Putz sensationalizing political matters
Jimmy Kimmel on . "This is what Trump wants to do away with -- mostly because President Obama is the one who ordered it,".
Jimmy Kimmel compares Trump kids to DREAMers: "Their mother was an Eastern European immigrant" h…
Jimmy Kimmel has found weird saying by dentists...LOL Hashtags: via
Jimmy Kimmel spot on about DT decision-because Obama enacted DACA, had 2 go
Jimmy Kimmel rips Trump fixation on undoing Obama legacy: ‘Hope he doesn’t bring bin Laden back to life’
Jimmy Kimmel: Trump dismantled DACA to distract public from Russia probe via
What Jimmy Kimmel gets exactly right about Trump's DACA decision
Jimmy Kimmel's Doppelgänger ... this scene is about an hour into the 1966 Burt Reynolds film "Navajo Joe"…
Matt Damon's new movie debuted to at to rave reviews. Jimmy Kimmel, be afraid. Very afraid.
Remember when Bushiri claimed he can walk in the air and Jimmy Kimmel exposed him they had to involve Zimbabwe in this 😂😢 htt…
Jimmy Kimmel says he's 'made peace' with Jay Leno and it's all because of his newborn son
Awesome Presidential and Emmy Award Winning speech tonight! Jimmy Kimmel for President!
Jimmy kimmel just lit up late night with one of the best monologues I've ever heard. You must hear him speak to trump voters
Just wondering if anybody'd talked to dt's BFF lately.
I would love to have dinner with you. Brilliant. Jimmy Kimmel for President, Please.
You recapped beautifully with no teleprompter, spot on.. Jimmy Kimmel for President..
How about the Jimmy Kimmel show, you have a future there
Jimmy Kimmel is a riot tonight; speaking directly to trump voters. He's advocating making trump king and locking him in a castle forever.😇😇
Jimmy Kimmel on Trump's antics.. "that's just some of the list, if I went through all if it, it'd be longer than the menu at 🙌🏽
Jimmy Kimmel is a dumb liberal ... Trump isn't going anywhere Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Kimmel is so ridiculous. I'm wondering why people watch him.
isn't politically correct. Often, he's not even correct. - Jimmy Kimmel
what we need to do is boycott Jimmy Kimmel and the other dumbacrat on TV always bashing Trump. I refuse to watch them on TV
Is Jimmy Fallon now hitting Trump hard like Colbert & Kimmel? When the "p…
Jimmy Kimmel is roasting trump right now and I'm loving it
Jimmy Kimmel. Give it up. You must be paying people to laugh at you.
Jimmy Kimmel just said he would feel more comfortable with Cersei Lannister running this country than Trump. Same.
Just one more presentation that Jimmy Kimmel is a ***
I just can't watch Jimmy Kimmel anymore. If you don't like the President at least respect the office
Jimmy kimmel is goat. Morning television is the greatest
Remember a couple years ago when Jimmy Kimmel was asking people on the street about that very same thing. Hilarious
To paraphrase Jimmy Kimmel: any fine person who was there saw the Nazis and ran like ***
See Jimmy Fallon's poignant monologue on the events in Charlottesville
Jimmy Kimmel reveals what ended his feud with Jay Leno
Jimmy Kimmel’s new son helped end his longtime feud with Jay Leno
Jimmy Kimmel says he'd 'like to apologize for saying that children in America should have healthcare'
Jimmy Kimmel how are you and your wife doing with your new child ?? I am thinking of you and wish you well keep up on all the love, Dr.James
Linkin Park - One more light on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Jimmy Kimmel fires back at the haters
Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno haven't always had the nicest things to say about each other, but that's all changed:
In times of crazy I have a new panel for Don Lemon:. John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Wanda Sykes, Jimmy Kimmel, Tina Fey. and Dennis Miller
Jay Baruchel on Jimmy Kimmel: Chris Nilan is the single greatest hockey fighter (xpost r/habs)
Jimmy Kimmel on White Supremacy ... notice on tape when Trump Says "Excuse Me!" He means Shut up!.
Jimmy Kimmel is calling stupid people stupid in the comments of his video I love it
You can't force your view on others. Trump voters Don't regret voting for Trump.…
Chrissy Metz recalls funny story on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
I took someone's advice and watched Jimmy Kimmel's opening from Tuesday night. It's worth the watch. Abt 12 mins.
Jimmy Kimmel's Plan to Save Us from Trump - Duration: 12 minutes.
Trump's superfans are *very* angry with Jimmy Kimmel for calling out the president's racist behavior:
Jimmy Kimmel is handling himself exactly as I would. I love him. 😂
After recovering from heart surgery, Kimmel's son, Billy, looks happy and healthy
Jimmy Kimmel Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel went on a rant Tuesday about the president's def...
Jimmy kimmel got a beard and he lowkey fine. Ok bye.
Jimmy Kimmel on Trump: 'I would feel more comfortable if Cersei Lannister was running this country'
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Jimmy Kimmel offers Trump voters a way out of this whole mess
Jimmy Kimmel at his best: "Let's make him king!". What a bitter yet brilliant piece.
After Charlottesville, late night hosts have stopped joking about Donald Trump and have gotten serious:
Kimmel to Trump voters: "Deep down inside, you know you made a mistake"
Kimmel: Let's make Trump a king so he has no power
Trump supporters are NOT happy with right now:
THIS WAS AMAZING!! Thank you If you missed Jimmy Kimmel's monologue on Trump, you shouldn't https:…
Jimmy Kimmel is right in my opinion
Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel have been with us from the start.
He joked that his son was juggling. .
Jimmy Kimmel gives emotional update on son's health
08-11 Morgan Freeman Narrates Pedestrians on the Sidewalk for
Alert:. Watch Jimmy Kimmel's opening,. *** Monologue about this poll!. Man Show, Fe…
Jimmy Kimmel's infant son is 'doing great'
Jimmy Kimmel: Son Billy 'doing great,' but needs two more open heart surgeries
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel is known as a funnyman in Hollywood, but none of his on-camera moments thi...
Not to toot my own horn but ROOTY and I ROCKED it tonight!! Jimmy Kimmel Live
Downton Abbey star Maggie Smith hits back at Jimmy Kimmel's Emmy Awards jibes via Good on you Maggie :)
'There's only one way to get there': A top GOP senator opens up on his 'Jimmy Kimmel test' for healthcare reform…
Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian shares his favorite post with Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel who's your guests tonite is this our debut Lisa and Mike the real 1st ever Social Media LADY Lisa Fisher and Real Pres Mike W?
Bryan Cranston, Jimmy Kimmel to appear in Season Nine of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
Jimmy Kimmel, Elizabeth Banks and more to guest star on Curb Your Enthusiasm
This Kellyanne Conway puppet on Jimmy Kimmel is brutal.
Jimmy Kimmel airs Fake interview with an ugly puppet of Kellyanne Conway, the Lefts attack on GOP women continues. htt…
F yes & request tickets for every Jimmy Kimmel show lol
Caitlyn Jenner confronts Jimmy Kimmel about late-night jokes
I added a video to a playlist Jim Carrey Jokes about - Illuminati - & BOHEMIAN GROVE on Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy kimmel is definitely better than Jimmy Fallon
📷 Finn Wittrock guest appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on July 18, 2017 (Thx
Cecelia Pleva, casting director for Jimmy Kimmel Live is teaching a class today and I was…
Caitlyn Jenner went on huge Anti-Trump Hollywood heavyweight Jimmy Kimmel’s show and mopped the floor with him...
Jimmy Kimmel apologizes to Caitlyn Jenner for trans jokes
They seemed to be laughing and joking giving Jimmy Fallon a…
Jimmy Kimmel apologizes to Caitlyn Jenner: 'We thought you were just vain'
Caitlyn Jenner gives Jimmy Kimmel a hard time for making jokes during her transition — Watch the intense video now! https:/…
Ohh lol. Me neither. I just figured from Other talk shows like Ellen, jimmy kimmel/fallon. Celebin…
Jacob just said on Jimmy Kimmel that Kirk Caldwell, the mayor of Honolulu, declared July 7 as Jacob Batalon Day
I liked a video Jimmy Kimmel on Donald Trump’s Transparent Border Wall
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