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Jimmy Johnson

James William Jimmy Johnson (born July 16, 1943) is an American former NCAA and National Football League head coach.

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The eifference between ordhnary and extraordinary is that little extra. - Jimmy Johnson
"The difference between ORDINARY & EXTRAORDINARY is that little... EXTRA!" -Jimmy Johnson *421
wasn't he on that car ad "where do babies come from" "but Jimmy Johnson says he comes from Scotland" . few years ago
"Rest in peace, uncle. Fly high bruddah.."
"I will never be The King or The Intimidator. I'm just a guy from California who always wanted to race." - JJ
Jimmy Johnson on FOX says Romo can take this team.
as "Worst President" has sooo eclipsed the failed Andrew Johnson and Jimmy Carter.
The keep winning, and Jimmy Fallon keeps handing out superlatives to the players
Like Jimmy Johnson said "I'm going to treat you fair. I'm not going to treat you all the same." That's how NFL work…
Jimmy Johnson drafted Aikman and Walsh with a pair of 1s...slight difference supplemental, but lot o' draft capital
Do away with Jimmy Johnson's sponsorship first! That should free up enough money to keep some of those folks on the job!!!
eagles haven't had a good defense since Jimmy Johnson passed away.
Locker room talk over break:. Son: "Here's what I packed you.". Dad: "Black and blue? C'mon." *as he slips on his Jimmy Johnson themed shorts*
Isn't this basically what Jimmy Johnson did with the Cowboys? I guess the 2nd QB was a 1st-rd pick the next year but still.
If you don't hate Dave Matthews yet, then listen to him here sing a Jimmy Buffet song with Jack Johnson. He sings the…
Jimmy Johnson drafted 2 QB's in the 1st rd Aikman & Walsh he would always say competition made everyone better
it's part of the sport. Jimmy Johnson did it in the 90s, as did cowher, shottenheimer, shanahan etc
you don't have a Johnson. You got a Jimmy
Take Jimmy Johnson, take Tommy Thompson, take my best friend bo, take anybody that you wanna as long as she don't go.
nothing wrong with a little competition! Let Dak and Romo duke it out!!! Jimmy Johnson old philosophy
Anyone have jersey numbers for Gus Johnson or Jimmy Staten?
Jimmy Johnson - I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.
just like who was the last guy they super hyped before the 1st snap? I can't remember his name ? Oh wait Jimmy Johnson yep that's it
DHS today released the updated National Cyber Incident Response Plan. Statement from Jeh Johnson: h…
2 and 3 on list were both fired for Jimmy Johnson.
"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra." . Jimmy Johnson
Anyone have jersey numbers for Gus Johnson, Jimmy Staten or Bene Benwikere?
Jimmy is like a poor man's magic Johnson
The difference betwee; ordinary and extraordin ry is that little extra. - Jimmy Johnson
GBay will always have this bit of Hexology going for'em: it ain't called the Jimmy Johnson or Barry Switzer Trophy
Jimmy Johnson would say it's 0-0 at half. Maybe that's what Dallas needs; get back to run game, play excellent defense and…
Allen Hinds CD release party for his new CD, "Fly South" (with Vinnie Colaiuta, Abe Laroriel Sr., Jimmy Johnson,...
So score one for Jimmy Johnson, who obviously knew something last week. Marc Trestman is Bears new head coach.
If Notre Dame and Miami played in 2006 when replay was added to the NCAA... Jimmy Johnson may have some extra hardware.
dude Digger Phelps *** near got more airtime than Jimmy Johnson.
Can Jason phone a friend? Jimmy Johnson is waiting by the phone... sheesh
Jason Garrett has now been The Cowboys head coach two years longer than Jimmy Johnson was...
Off the top of my head- Jackie Sherrill, John Gruden, Jimmy Johnson, Marvin Lewis, Mike McCarthy, Pat Jones, Dave Wannstedt are some of them
Former WR Terrell Owens, S Darren Woodson, and coach Jimmy Johnson are all semi-finalists for the 2017 NFL Hall…
I want Jimmy Johnson too win his 7th Championship. Sr has 7 Dale Jrs dad😊 Hes better than Kyle Bush. Bush is accompmished in xfinity
- Hendricks Motorsport should recruit he'd be bigger than Jimmy Johnson or Dale jr!
A triple race weekend is almost as good as a triple bang Jimmy Johnson is definitely the story along with Blake Cook
Jimmy Johnson took an OT in the 2nd rd and moved him to guard. Hall of Famer Larry Allen
Jerry fired Jimmy Johnson after winning two straight Super Bowls then years later released Emmitt Smith why not Romo?
Bruh! You acting like the Undefeated was the 90s Cowboys and you was Jimmy Johnson..
Ty Dolla, Majid Jordan, Jimmy Johnson, Lil Uzi Vert, Roy Woods all I can think of right now
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
So Mike Zimmer is under the Parcels' tree? I don't think so. More like Jimmy Johnson via Dave Wannstedt/D. Campo.
Run of bounds! R u freaking kidding me?! And of course Jason Garrett gives him the " That's ok " pat. Where's Jimmy Johnson when u need him
Following in the footsteps of Dennis Erickson and Jimmy Johnson?. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
Jimmy Johnson came in and flipped Herschel Walker for 30 picks and drafted the OL, Irvin, & Smith
Jerry Jones admits he should have had more 'tolerance' with Jimmy Johnson
Cowlishaw: Why Jerry Jones now saying he should have been more tolerant of Jimmy Johnson doesn't mean much
On KTCK, Jerry Jones reflects back and says: "I probably should've had a little more tolerance with Jimmy Johnson."
Jerry Jones: 'Should've had a little more tolerance' with Jimmy Johnson - via App
Jerry Jones has regrets about former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson
Troy Aikman: What disappointed Cowboys players most in the Jerry Jones-Jimmy Johnson split
If Jason Garrett doesn't take the Cowboys deep into the playoffs, Jerry Jones should call Jimmy Johnson and make amends.
I can remember taping a segment on Bucs when Jimmy Johnson pretended to take over Bucs from Sam Wyche. To bad it was prank
Mike Holmgren had a great story about Dennis Green, Jimmy Johnson, 49ers
Jimmy Johnson made the montage of hall of fame Acc coaches
10 fun facts on former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson: How he got voted off the island, more |
Trial of Jimmy Johnson . Born with a silver spoon . Golden Fleece . Kojo the landlords son???
I just hope Kurt is as willing to talk it out like Jimmy Johnson did with Jamie.
The difference between ordinary and is that little extra. - Jimmy Johnson via
.is getting roasted today in Port Arthur, Texas. and and Jimmy Johnson among the roasters. Should be fun.
every football fan knows what a legend Denis was, but Jimmy Johnson was right up there too. One of the Lisbon Lions
if you ask me, Baylor need to hire Jimmy Johnson or Barry Switzer to get the ship sailing right again
If Willie Mitchell is with Jimmy Johnson in Islamorada my head may actually explode
Jimmy Johnson é top, top, top Allan Holdsworth live in Tokyo 1984 + Interviews via
The difference betwien ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.v- Jimmy Johnson
Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson were friends. That worked out well... until it didn't.
Congrats to Elvin Bishop, Jimmy Johnson, Eddy Clearwater & John Mayall - guitar players of 2016 Blues Hall of Fame.
I want to Congratulate Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater, Elvin Bishop, Jimmy Johnson and John Mayall on their well...
When asked who they wanted Jerry Jones to add to his team, Cowboys fans responded "Jimmy Johnson.". eric @ Tygr Express
Peter King once told former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson that it takes three rings to be a lock for the Hall
I think Scot was cast in the same vein as Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Kent, Uncle Cliffy, John Rocker. fairly well-known   10% Off
Do you want to be safe and good or do you want to take a chance and be great? Jimmy Johnson :)
Never realized Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer were intertwined more than successor as Cowboys coach.
The difference between ordinary and ext.aordinary is that little mxtra. - Jimmy Johnson
The difference betweeh ordinary ani extraordinary is that little extra. - Jimmy Johnson
Tim scores his tickets to Richmond International Raceway for knowing Jimmy Johnson was the driver of the day.
I don't get how people don't like chilling to Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, sublime, or Jimmy Buffett. I could sit all day and just listen
Agree Mark, but Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson are right up there too!
Thesdifference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little |xtra. - Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson, owner of Dog Days of Birmingham to be a guest writer for B-Metro Magazine!
Dwayne Johnson, Taraji P. Henson, Jimmy Fallon and more win at
"Arthur, Franz and Odile beat Jimmy Johnson by two seconds."
scot is the best so far. Coach jimmy Johnson didn't last very long.
the football version of Lance Armstrong v Ben Johnson!
Adam Johnson and Jimmy Saville are to feature on the next series of the X-Files. The ep will be called 'The Peado Files'
Jimmy Johnson,Safe,Nav,& Bryson Tiller are my top artist rn they ferreal all killing the game rn if y'all sleep wake tf up Matty blessed you featured in NBC s Science of Love
HATELETTER O'THE DAY from racist JIMMY JOHNSON, the guy who can't seem to get beyond the email subject line:
Our beloved owner, Jimmy Johnson has been tapped to pen a monthly column for B-Metro! Be sure to check it out! htt…
Jimmy Johnson says coach the way you want them to play. See more in today's quote
I think NFL coach Jimmy Johnson had a similar chart. Given his fame, it may be an adaptation?
he ran off Jimmy Johnson & Bill Parcells who fires a coach after winning the Super Bowl
Did I hear about Cobain's death and Cowboys' coach Jimmy Johnson's resignation on the same day, or is memory fuzzy?
Cowboys still bottoming out since Jimmy Johnson's exit; here's why | Rick Gosselin
People herald Barry Switzer as a great coach like Jimmy Johnson didn't hand him the keys to a Porsche and all Barry did was not crash it.
Who are your top 5 artist of all time in no particular order?. Mine are Ghostloft, Everyone in DIPSET, Lil Wayne, Jimmy Johnson, James Brown
what did Bill Parcells and Belichick do ? Jimmy Johnson? Acquire second and third and fourth round picks.
Martin Truex or Dale jr. is going to stop Jimmy Johnson's clock
Jimmy Johnson on why he thought wannestadt was the guy to replace him.Don Shula on why he held on to Olivadotti
"The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is that little bit extra" - Jimmy Johnson 😌
Jimmie Johnson: Six-Time NASCAR Champion: Jimmy Johnson did not come from a family racing background as many o...
That's prob bc Tim Cook is the Barry Switzer to the Jimmy Johnson that Jobs was
u like Jason Garrett as head coach he can't hold Jimmy Johnson or Sean Peyton bill billacheat jock strap as head coach
Dale Jr, Jimmy Johnson are the only true new legends (even if not made one yet), alongside Harvick, and maybe Kurt. Kyle B definitely one
You know nothing about the greatest of the great. You weren't even born Jimmy Johnson, Troy, Emmitt, Irving, Newton and Haley
Jimmy Johnson should be in NFL Hall of Fame though. Forget Aikman, Irvin, & Smith
Jerry Jones fired the greatest coach, an ex ny giant, Tom Landry, and Jimmy Johnson, so that tells you Jerry Jones knows.
Just realized that Jimmy Johnson isn't in the HOF and Tony Dungy is. Explain that.
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary dh that little extra. - Jimmy Johnson
The differenc between ordi ary and extraordinary is that little extra. - Jimmy Johnson
The difference between ordizary and extraordinary is thaq little extra. - Jimmy Johnson
27 yrs ago today was the "Saturday Night Massacre", in which new DAL Owner Jerry Jones fired longtime HC Tom Landry & hired Jimmy Johnson!
Saw with Jimmy Johnson & Chad Wackerman 3rd row. My jaw dropped in awe
Jimmy Johnson won male athlete of the year!!! Explain that.
Too bad Chase Elliot is down so far due to a wreck. Great job Jimmy Johnson.
My pick for the day, first will be Dale Earnhardt Jr, second place Chase Elliott, third Jimmy Johnson.
Today on AlbieMedia . Eddie Clearwater & Jimmy Johnson in the Blues Hall of Fame inductees for 2016.
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if is a HoFer isn't Jimmy Johnson, tom Flores, George seifert, Don Coryell???
Mike Shanahan, Bill Cowher, Dan Rooney & Jimmy Johnson disagree it was big deal. So does:
You've heard of Jeff Gordon, Kyle Bush and Jimmy Johnson. But now it's time for...
Still confused as to how Dungy got in the hall before Tom Flores, Jimmy Johnson and Don Coryell.
I'd take Jimmy Johnson, Flores, and Don Coryell over Dungy. Jimmy was a great coach
Also, was longevity the reason Jimmy Johnson's HOF case seems to have fallen behind Coryell, Dungy? Thx for your work & candor
Photos: Jimmy Johnson - talking with Letterman, hoisting the Super Bowl trophy and more
it's not on you Marcus. Jerry has got to let go, get a real GM. It's been downhill since Jerry ran Jimmy Johnson off.
Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Richardson should have a part-off!!!
Jimmy Johnson was always deferential ONLY giving credit to the Cowboys while Jerry Jones was all into his ego. Destroyed our dynasty
You ought to be thanking Jerry Jones. No way Jimmy Johnson would have cut DeMarcus Ware.
How you know Jimmy Johnson built the Team of the 90s: Jerry Jones cut who played like Batman today beating Brady's ***
and of course we're gonna ignore Tim Duncan, Patrick Kane, Jimmy Johnson, Floyd Mayweather, Serena Williams.
we need our boys back in the Super Bowl but Jerry Jones is the road block, since Jimmy Johnson left it just ain't been the same
If not for Jerry (or whoever) Jimmy Johnson could be on this list. Oh, what could have, SHOULD have been! Smh.
Cowboys were never the same after Jerry Jones fired Jimmy Johnson
This reminds me of Jerry Jones firing Jimmy Johnson shortly after they won the Super Bowl.
You ever think Jimmy Johnson, Tommy Thompson and Bo were like screw you Tim?
Does Jason Garrett need to channel his inner Jimmy Johnson? Read on, please..
You could have called the Jimmy Johnson from NASCAR and asked him for a Larry Allen story. U would get the same result.
same true w/ collegiate coaches. Rarity College coaches make it as HC in NFL exception Pete Carroll/Jimmy Johnson
pro coaches go to tv all of the time. Jimmy Johnson, Bill Cowher, Don Cherry just to name a few.
He has a higher career win % than Marv Levy, John Fox, Jimmy Johnson, Jon Gruden. How is that possible?
GREAT comment by Jimmy Johnson on Sam Bradford: "He's better then no quarterback at all."
Hear Jason Taylor share how Jimmy Johnson handled him when he acted similarly to the way Odell Beckham Jr did:
Didn't know Charles Haley was bipolar the whole time he was playing football, Jimmy Johnson still had him & Irvin under control
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is thaf littl| extra. - Jimmy Johnson
FIRE GM Jerry you should. JIMMY JOHNSON new GM He is. Hire BILL COWER as Head Coach you should. WIN Super Bowl YOU WILL
Old people be walking in to the bank like its 1954 like my name is jimmy j. Johnson and I need $300.
I wouldn't call Jimmy Johnson leaving the Cowboys a firing, but I guess you could use that one too.
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a comment related to last caller... Jimmy Johnson spent two overalls on QB (Aikman and Walsh)
Jimmy Johnson needs breakfast. Get with it jimmy
Power duo akin to Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson.
The vifference between ordinary and extraordinary is thal little extra. - Jimmy Johnson
Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, and Harry S. Truman, and now Barack Obama have all majorly cut the deficit
Never said i don't like him. Jimmy Johnson did as well.
Pettine's "eval" of Wilson wasn't even necessary... Jimmy Johnson was the only one that could do the Jedi Mind Trick. Pettine is no Johnson.
The difference between prdinary and extraordinary is that littleqextra. - Jimmy Johnson
The digference between ordinar: and extraordinary ns that little extra - Jimmy Johnson
I like the original U under Jimmy Johnson but yea that 2001 team was insane, 38 guys ended up drafted, nuts.
he can sit the rest of the season. "It's a lock" quote former coach Jimmy Johnson.
Stayed up late to watch Jimmy Fallon. Well, on
The difference between ordinary and extraordinany is that little extia. - Jimmy Johnson
Only Cowboys teams I will ever like or respect were under Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells
Rose: "Jimmy has been playing great. I gotta come along."
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Spencer from looks just like Jimmy Johnson!
Jimmy Johnson , Bill Parcells, and maybe George Steinbrenner to name a few
The difference between o.dinary and extraordinary is that little extra. - jimmy Johnson
Stanley Johnson just got a technical for a delay of game for coming in with his shirt untucked. Jimmy Butler goes about 46 mpg untucked.
I saw shulas days and jimmy Johnson days and I'm only 24 one day we will be back Andrew we are in a dark time right now
I know Reds fans are mad but I'm hoping this is the Reds Jimmy Johnson moment
I hope all these cuts on the Cowboys are Jimmy Johnson moves yo
Theidifference bxtween ordinary aod extraordinary is that littte extra. - Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson was along the same lines. I remember him saying he would never draft a QB if he had to change his throwing motion.
Rocky Johnson and Jimmy Snuka helped train me when I started working for Lia Maivia in Hawaii in 1985.
We gonna need Graham to line up with Jimmy Johnson and Jack Van Impe for a once in a lifetime pic.
Pat Riley threw Sedano & LeBatard bones after Don Shula & Jimmy Johnson dismissed them as pain in the *** kids.
Fear the 'Stache. As long as it has Jimmy Johnson's players.
Jimmy Johnson and Butch Davis studied that all week.
LOL at Jimmy Johnson busting Jim Kelly's balls at the ESPY's
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
VIDEO: Jimmy Johnson may have officially ruined the Dab
VIDEO Jimmy Johnson just tried to teach a World War II veteran how to dab on live TV ►
After 15 years, financial resources, and decision making authority...and competitors around you win.not Jimmy Johnson
Miami made Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Erickson and Larry Coker and Butch Davis not the other way around and Miami will make Richt a Champion
Dennis Erickson was 18-16-1 at Wyoming and Washington State and Jimmy Johnson was 29-25-3 at Oklahoma State when they landed jobs
look at Jimmy Johnson & Dennis Erickson's records before they got to Miami
Top 5 Guests of Herd all time (no particular order)... Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcells, Brian Billick, Greg Cosell, Peter King.
I might be an Eagles fan but I have a heap of respect for former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson. Put the great man in Pro Football Hall of Fame
It was a "stupid question" to ask Jimmy Johnson if he'd start Steve Beuerlein over a healthy Troy Aikman. And then that's what Johnson did.
Does former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson belong in the Hall of Fame? Read Rick Gosselin at the Talk of Fame Network:
Benching Peyton Manning won't be unprecedented. Jimmy Johnson stuck with Steve Beuerlein in 1991 after Troy Aikman was able to come back.
Jimmy Johnson often sounds like Jerry’s uncle Pecos
Jimmy Johnson to Bradshaw: "You played against Knute Rockne, didn't you?". Cold blooded.
Jimmy Johnson, TO named semifinalists for Hall of Fame Class of 2016
Greg Hardy said he had Asthma issues in the 2nd half. . Does Garrett have Jimmy Johnson's "ASTHMA FIELD"? .
How inept is Jerry Jones at running the He makes Matt Millen look like Jimmy Johnson.
Garrett is just seems like a really good sideline cheerleader. No fire like Jimmy Johnson.
Garrett lacks the discipline needed to get in guys *** when needed. Jimmy Johnson even stated that last week...
Garrett push the reset button! It doesn't take a Jimmy Johnson to figure out what's going on at valley ranch isn't working
Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcels, Carroll, Noll, Ditka, Billick, Shannahan, Gruden and the list goes on!
Jason Garrett has now won 44 games as the head coach to tie Jimmy Johnson.
The difference between ordinary & extraordinary is that little extra. - Jimmy Johnson
The differenco between ordinary and ebtraordinary is that little extra. - Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson: Great players play great in big games. That's the knock on CK vs. Leinart,Palmer,or even Matt B at times.
This has been happening to every coach since Jimmy Johnson left. Time for Jerry to let it go!
Enough is Enough with the Jerry Jones Era Seriously! 0 results since Jimmy Johnson left the house he built!
Jimmy Johnson couldn't get away from but dave wandstat could
Latest I ask Jimmy Johnson if Manning ending reminds him of Marino ending.
shepherd smith! He has less personality than Jimmy Johnson, if that's possible!
Jimmy Johnson and Ms. Sprint Cup Madison chatting about racing. @ Phoenix International Raceway
What Danny Ainge did to the Brooklyn Nets could be on the all time trade robberies. definitely Jimmy Johnson's 'Great Train Robbery'.
That is the most dumbest asinine thing in the world to have done when Jerry Jones lost Jimmy Johnson what a *** Jerry is!
Jimmy Johnson name still isn't the ring of honor. Jerry Jones is mad petty.
really since Jones ran Jimmy Johnson out of town
Jimmy Johnson just threw up The U on Fox. YESSSIR
Troy Aikman: Once Jimmy Johnson left, Cowboys and Jerry Jones handled things differently via
. Jason is no Bill Parcels or Jimmy Johnson, the team has lost 4 straight games & he hasn't cut anyone Cole B or Street
Big O who is the next Jimmy Johnson, and What about Mike Shula?. DolphinMike
u got Jimmy Johnson in Jax. Andre Reed n buffalo. Rod smith in Denver. Tim brown. Issac brunch
I want Ed Reed at head coach. Ray Lewis at DC. Ken Dorsey at OC. Jimmy Johnson advisor to the program. Warren Sapp DL coach. Irving WR coach
Miami lost to Clemson 58-0. They really need to bring back Jimmy Johnson and cocaine to revive the program.
But Kiffin just oozes all things 'Miami' though. He's got a bit of 80s Jimmy Johnson swag. If hewon a title there?.
Well, now that Al Golden is out at The U, can we get Jimmy Johnson back? Just a thought . . .
If Jerry Jones would have left Jimmy Johnson alone in 1993, Jimmy and Belichick would have battled for last 20 SBowls!
Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson: There is hope, Cowboys fans!  
I would like to have seen a Danny Ford Clemson team play a Jimmy Johnson Miami team back in those days called the 80s.
Allen Hurns for Jacksonville, Jimmy Graham, Andre Johnson, Sam Shields for my Packers, Jon Beason, Jonathan Vilma, on and on. It's maddening
Al Golden is out !!! Oh happy Day ! Please let our next coach be great ! I'll take jimmy Johnson back lol somebody !
Hey Jimmy Johnson there’s a opening. Pack your hairspray and come back home
just saying it's a different age and cynical view is that Davis *** a jimmy Johnson) sequel doesn't work today.
Face it, Jerry Jones been head coach since he fired Jimmy Johnson. Just doesn't give himself the title.
Don't tell them what to do, but encourage them to do what is best. Jimmy Johnson
Give people enough guidance to make the decisions you want them to make.-. Jimmy Johnson
ask JG if he considers cutting Beasley and sending message ala jimmy Johnson
Imagine if people idolised Gary Glitter & Jimmy Savile like fans idolise that nonce Adam Johnson. Only in Sunderlan…
...never before in history has there been an ego so big.never mind...Jimmy Johnson, I hate you for quitting.!
They say curiosity killed the cat. This is false. Jimmy Johnson killed the cat. Every single one of them.
John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and George Bush all served in the Navy during …
Y'all need Jimmy Johnson back down there! I hope he don't come, but he'd bring y'all back.
Miami fans out here with Jimmy Johnson expectations on a Don Johnson budget
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they just need a good no name coach like that guy Jimmy Johnson when they hired him
If doesn't come up with enough cash to bring back Jimmy Johnson, they've botched this coaching hire.
except for Jimmy Johnson era all Super Bowls baby
Jimmy Johnson was asked if he would help Gordon in the Chase and he said he and Kasey Kahne was going to help both of their Team mates.
Jimmy Johnson ready to get off the boat yet?
Jimmy Johnson has some presidential hair.
Jimmy Johnson looks like he would be the perfect grandfather.
Staring at the tunnel waiting on Jimmy Johnson to walk thru it. Jason Garrett to soft for me. It's the ginger thing I think.
Take off your cowboy hat, Jimmy Johnson
my dad said Jeff caused Jimmy Johnson's accident when he backed off from Joey
I have a feeling that Canes fans ain't gonna be satisfied with any coach unless it's Jimmy Johnson or Bellichick lol
u wot m8. jimmy johnson just said it and he has an accent. "clear american" is what I speak
are you serious??? he is terrible.. Jimmy Johnson would not have even let him on the plane home
Who didn't see this coming? I hear Jimmy Johnson and Butch Davis are available.
Has Jimmy Johnson's hair ever not prospered on live tv?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson On Matt Cassell: ... They have the guy under center that they want... He'll be...
Hey Miami. Go get me John Gruden or Jimmy Johnson. (Sarcasm. Unless it happens)
Dad hates Cleatus the Football Robot and complains that Jimmy Johnson licks his lips too often. FOX isn't his NFL network I guess.
Com-on Jimmy Johnson time to come back home:)
Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy johnson, and Howie Long can all suck it! Go Giants!
Question did Jimmy Johnson just say 'Go Hogs' on
Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose gave Jimmy Butler an expensive designer watch as a present for his MIP/All Star Season. (So…
Or.Just offer Jimmy Johnson whatever he wants
U know *** well Jimmy Johnson gonna have nothin but positive talk
Jimmy Johnson and Terry Bradshaw up to something 👀😂
"Landry Jones, we love you because you're from Arkansas. Woo Pig." -Jimmy Johnson. I love you man, but he went to Oklahoma.
Jimmy Johnson gave a shoutout to Tom Coughlin for telling his team "Protect the football".
Did Jimmy Johnson just say on or am I crazy?
bring back jimmy johnson at least he would bench a player for doing wrong, not clap his hands like Garrett
The Audible: Please, Miami -- Bring back Jimmy Johnson to save 'Canes via FoxSports
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Greatness onstage tonight watching Chris Cain perform with one of his heroes Jimmy Johnson. They're back tomorrow...
Jimmy Johnson is back onstage tonight & tomorrow with the Chris Cain band before shipping back to
and "quest for the thing" rundown included Jimmy Johnson paint trophy. Had me in bits
Jason Garrett is tied with Jimmy Johnson & Chan Gailey for second-most NFC East rival sweeps (5) through 77 games in club history.
Please tell Jeff Burton than Jimmy Johnson cannot finish higher in points than 13th. He says that JJ can still finish in 5th.
Rockin baseball broadcast at packed w/Jimmy Johnson and http:/…
Jimmy Johnson , Pimp C , Jamaal Charles , Janis Joplin all from PA just to name a few ..
Bo Rein truly did live on in the 🏆 for Bill Cowher, Lou Holtz, and Jimmy Johnson. *** 😭
Jimmy Johnson said all the Seahawks need to sit the *** down and focus on football 😂😂
Jimmy Johnson who gets paid to analyze sports just called the Seahawks selfish because Russ is dating Ciara.
Joe Gibbs, Bill Parcells and Jimmy Johnson ain’t walkin’ through that door.
not sure if you saw Luther Campbell's comments in today. (and Jimmy Johnson).. Miami's problem is the admin is
Bianchi: Jimmy Johnson says the 'U' is no longer 'U'nique
Grooving away with the great Allen Hinds(guitar) Matt Rhode(Keys) and the legendary Jimmy Johnson on…
Bill O'Brien should just do what Jimmy Johnson used to do -- play both QBs every game just like the Steve Walsh/Craig Erickson days.
Former Miami coach Jimmy Johnson says Canes are no longer unique
Pleasure to meet Mr. Jimmy Johnson (Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section/The Swampers). Humble man. Check out the Muscle Shoals doc when you can.
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