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Jimmy Jam

James Samuel Jimmy Jam Harris III (born June 6, 1959, Minneapolis, Minnesota) and Terry Steven Lewis (born November 24, 1956, Omaha, Nebraska) are an American R&B and pop-music songwriting and record production team.

Terry Lewis Janet Jackson Teddy Riley Lake Minnetonka Ralph Tresvant Morris Day Jesse Johnson Mint Condition Michael Jackson Los Angeles Kenny Lattimore Chante Moore Thelma Houston Bob Dylan Good Times

Thank you very much for the add. I love this group and the rare interviews and music. I'm a gigantic fan of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the greatest producers and writers, etc. in the music industry. Much appreciation.
*Be Seen Get Heard Promotions* Let me introduce Marcus Goldi Hayes who has been in music since the year 1984 when Purple Rain first came out. Such artist as: Prince, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Morris Day and the time. Come out Thursday May 15, 2014 hear him live Open Mic. Variety Show May 15th Thursday BB's Club House 4660 Boulder Hwy, East Las Vegas, Nevada 89121 9pm HOST: Gino G. Velez
I need a Jellybean, Monte Moir, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Jesse Johnson for my new The Time tribute band
with the legends Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Truly honored to meet and speak with them at expo.
Ok my last Instagram of the night LOL.. Listening to music and this came on.Jimmy Jam& Terry Lewis on…
I feel that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis make everything better. If they hadn't produced "Human" HL probably wouldn't've hit
Who would win in a fight, Jimmy Jam or Terry Lewis?
"Jam?? That's my JAM, Jam! JAMMM!!!" - Terry Lewis, having breakfast with Jimmy Jam
"I didn't mean to turn you on" was written by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis for Cherrelle, couple years later Robert Palmer covered the song.
Why am I proud to be from Omaha? People like Terence Crawford, Ahman Green, Gale Sayers, Bob Gibson, Warren Buffett, Ester Dean, Nick Nolte, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Allen Payne, Tobe Hixx and countless others have changed the world with their talents! You only get 1 hometown whether you like it or not, so embrace it and make the most of yourself no matter the situation!!!
Janet has been whispering over Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis production my entire life. Classic catalog.
I was proud to hear Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis mention you as one of the producers to watch in the future.
Audio: Inspired by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and the early Janet Jackson days. Tell Me You Feel. All...
Great Masters Session with Jon Platt of and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis' next big Project is featuring Tony Braxton, Baby Face, Heather Headley, Stokley & more.
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis are speaking highly of Mint Condition ->
It was great meeting & speaking w/ legendary producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and ASCAP's John Titta…
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis never got enough credit
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis: Arts and a Different Kind of Craft: The entire Dolby Ballroom was filled with fans ...
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis are legendary. Pioneers and innovators of the music industry
"Don't put pressure on music. She don't like that." Words of wisdom from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Amazing.
2 of the 7ven reasons I luv music Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis of
Words of Wisdom from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis at "Don't sit around hoping, go out and get it."
at the and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis just gave you a shout out for producers in today's game t…
YO! Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis gave you a huge shout out at the today.
"Make visual records. Your music is the soundtrack to your life." - Prince + Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
Stoked that legends Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam are here at but saddened we can't make their panel. Take notes if you're…
Tim & Bob, The Underdogs, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Teddy Riley are GODS when it comes to this r&b production.
Minneapolis, Minnesota is a place not often given its due as a center generating American culture. As a shining example of the fact that said culture is almost always produced and created away from the twin towers of Babel that are NY and LA, Minneapolis has given the world the likes of Bob Dylan, Prince, Bob Mould and Paul Westerberg among musicians. Those are just the headline music makers, mind can also talk about Tiny Tim and Dave Pirner and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Morris Day and The can think about the likes of the Coen Brothers among about trying Charles Schultz, creator of "Peanuts" on for size? Giants in their fields, all of them. On Thursday, March 20th at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Electric Six will walk upon a stage at least a few of the greats listed above have also trod upon at some point in their careers, to perform approximately 70 minutes of music inclusive of encore. As natives of another Midwestern city, Electric Six has an understanding ...
Biography::Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born May 16, 1966) is an American recording artist and actress. Born in Gary, Indiana, and raised in Encino, Los Angeles, she is the youngest child of the Jackson family of musicians. She first performed on stage with her family at the age of seven, and started her career as an actress with the variety television series The Jacksons in 1976. She went on to appear in other television shows throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, including Good Times and Fame. At age sixteen in 1982, she signed a recording contract with A&M and released her self-titled debut. She faced criticism for her limited vocal range, and for being yet another member of the Jackson family to become a recording artist. Beginning with her third studio album Control (1986), she began a long-term collaboration with record producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Her music with Jam and Lewis incorporated elements of rhythm and blues, disco, funk, rock and rap with sample loop, triplet swing and industrial beat ...
I'm almost certain that Janet Jackson is coming out with new music (with help fr. Terry Lewis/Jimmy Jam).yasss.
Anyone besides me notice how all Janet Jackson's songs started 2 suck after her split from Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis...
B I O T .J. Hooker-Taylor T J Hooker Taylor comes from a sangin' family. His mother, Mary Ann Hooker, and father The Late Great Johnnie Taylor, raised him in the church. Along with is family and at the age ten he joined his first group, The Young Golden Voices, who performed at all the churches in the Kansas City area. At the age of 16 TJ stared a R & B band, called The Grand Jury Band, who opened for many top acts that came to the city like The Bar-Kays , Cameo Slave And Many More. Some of the members of the band went on to become the group LOW-KEY, which got signed by top R & B producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. . At The age of 21 TJ's young voice started to change. "I could hear that (Taylor Sound) I had never tried to sound like my dad I didn't even like the Blues . But on my 25th Birthday I was given a chance to open for my Dad and get paid, " says Hooker-Taylor . "That's when the Blues hit me". Unapologetically proud of his lineage, Hooker-Taylor has released CDs independently with that Johnnie ...
Prince, Morris Day, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were in the same band, in the same studio, creating magic. Still blows my mind
You know a writer or an artist is TALENTED when: You love a song that you can't truly Relate to. Shout out to Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and Janet Jackson! I Love the song Let's Wait a While, and let's Just say…………. I can't RELATE. But I Love it anyway!
“I just met my idols Jimmy Jam + Terry Lewis, and played them songs from my debut album. FANGIRLING ON 100.
I want Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to write me a song.
Some of my favorite music producers are Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Tim & Bob.
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis talk music success
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis will be releasing a album of all new songs. We know it's going to be hott!
Award winning music veterans Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have been honored by CBS in a recent initiative titled...
My producing inspirations...Redone, Max Martin, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and Teddy Riley.Just to name a few.
The final sale is subject to bank approval. The 22,000-square-foot Lake Minnetonka mansion designed by Grammy Award-winning producer James "Jimmy Jam" Harris had been sold by Harris in 2007 for $7 million.
The Lake Minnetonka mansion built for Jimmy Jam sold at auction Thursday. The buyer is secret - for now - but the price isn't (Photos)
Headyverse casting. Go. John Turturro as Taso TheGreek, John C. Reilly as Jack E. Jones, Bieber as Jimmy Jam.
Ron Simmons has managed, produced, and promoted many artists and shows. Some of the well known industry people and companies he would get the opportunity to rub shoulders with them through his connections because he was a go getter a hustler in the good sense. He almost landed a record deal with the legendary producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and has worked with labels such as Motown Records, LaFace Records, A&M Records, Warner Brother Records, Smash Records, and SBK Records. He had the pleasure of working with such artists as Mavis Staples, The Dells, Art Porter Jr, Chaka Khan, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Barry White, Gavin Christopher, Keith Henderson, Michael Sterling, Steve Silk Hurley, Amerie, Onaje Allan Gumbs, Kirk Yano, Magnum Force, Brighter Side of Darkness, RJ’s Latest Arrival, Ghalib Ghallab, One 2 One, Heaven and Earth, Sneak Preview, Whitney Keaton, Julia Huff, Lil Kim, Stan Stubbs, 3D Richard Davenport, Spike Rebel, William L. Johnson, Otis Clay, Sarah Green, K-Pilla, Marshall Titus, Aaron I ...
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The view of Lake Minnetonka from the house that Jimmy Jam built is breathtaking. This 22,000-square-foot property sits on 3.5 acres, complete with 300 feet of Lake Minnetonka shoreline. WCCO was the first to show viewers inside the home before it went up for sale last summer. Scott Stabeck of the St...
Her follow-up album was Ritual of Love in 1991. It had songs produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and featured...
There are no words to adequately express my gratitude, admiration and respect for the unparalleled duo of Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam. PB2014
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis did it. Dynamic duo extraordinaire
I really want all the synths and drums Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were using in the 80's/early 90's
Janet + Terry Lewis + Jimmy Jam killed it on Rhythm Nation 1814. I hope artists try to go big like this again:
Toni is back with Babyface. Can someone find Janet and reunite her with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis?
Re-examining Janet Jackson's career, it can be easy to say Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis as well as Rene Elizondo played a HUGE part in her music.
I'm in LA, about to embark on a musical journey with the talented Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam, history in the making. I'm blessed! PB2014
You know music you know Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis ' The Original Jerome ' Alon Kaufman houseofmarley…
Huey Morgan just referred to James Dean Bradfield as 'my man Jimmy Jam' on 6Music. The year is 1997 and a nation mourns the Notorious B.I.G.
Great night again...we kicked off with 2 sax players (thank you Bobby Watson and Lee Stacy) and Jeff Williams on keys. David Maxwell dropped in to drum some which is unlike dimsum. Then Jerry LeBloch (of Rare Earth)and Timothy Conwell (of the Jimmy Jam/ Terry Lewis/ family)rocked for a set. So great to have Jerry back doing it and I wish for his continued recovery. Craig Gordon came and closed us out, sounding even better than usual, if that's possible. Thanks to all of you for making it fun and entertaining the crowd.
Hey by the pixies is just a magnificent jimmy jam!
the Target Center is the only NBA arena I've been to outside of Philly... KG was still there & I saw Jimmy Jam :)
Every time I hear Pearl Jam-Sirens, I always hear it in Jimmy Fallons voice from an episode last month
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English?! "FIND YOU be zamani is still a jam tho"
I don't like live albums. This one doesn't sound live, so I'm in. Excellent jam. Jimmy Smith - Root Down on Vimeo
Quality jam session with Jimmy and Gav, just about got two songs ironed out. Last jam of the year next week, then after year get a drummer!!
If it wasn't for wiz this study session would have ended hours ago
that good man! The only ones I failed were HVAC and Manual trans by 2 points. Congrats
See your just a little guy to dumb to understand you don't mess with the big dogs.
I know phreys writes out their sets and have that jimmy Stewart thing going on but do they know when and what they will jam before shows?
Ima give you what I'll give no other.
One more final tomorrow then I'm done 🙌
Jimmy Butler yes, Danny Green probably in the right lineups
“Spank” by Jimmy Bo Horne is my new jam. Listen:
Crowded house, oasis, the jam, jimmy hendrix, ac dc all on the radio this morning 😀😀😀
Lawrence Beamen & legend music producer Jimmy Jam was a eve of fun! ht…
Just met Kenny Smith and Jimmy Jam tonight at Camarillo. Amazing night!!
Got the win, my man jimmy jam came through wit a beast game
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I feel like jimmy is trying the best he can and he's very frustrated he's not getting results. we love ya jim jam.
it is both. I'll be the Jimmy Jam side instead.
I got a Hayes () im Buddy Jack. Who's going to be my Bam Bam Gordy and Jimmy Jam Garvin?
I gave him his nickname in the third grade... It's not Jimmy... It's Jim-Jam...
Jimmy Jam takes control of from 10.00am this morning up untill 12 noon with the Mid...
One of the rarest Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis CD collectables STILL SEALED. Check it out!
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis had everybody sounding good - even Alexander O Neal with his now non-having teefus ***
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis you wonderful pen men you...
excellent! It's little jimmy lost in the jungle.
where the party never stop ,, xxxsee you there next Monday xx
Time for another edition of Tuesday Tunes and we got nothing but good vibes today! Love this jam by Jimmy Buffett...
Wednesday OPEN JAM 7-9 pm: "The Hall of Famer's" are back! Johnny I, Jimmy Wilson, Paul Miller and Chris Beilman.
Before there was Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, or Puff and the Hitmen, there was…
Legendary producer Jimmy Jam, who is chairman emeritus of the Recording Academy, suggested that Lorde's omission was because…
David E Fessenden Options for this story Minnesotan musicians of many genres include rock star Prince, harmony singers The Andrews Sisters, rockabilly star Eddie Cochran, folk musician Bob Dylan, surf band The Trashmen, garage rock band The Castaways, pop songwriters Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, indie rock artists Jonny Lang and Soul Asylum, independent hip-hop labels Rhymesayers Entertainment and Doomtree and cult favorites such as Hüsker Dü and The Replacements. Minnesotans have made significant contributions to comedy, theater, and film. Ole and Lena jokes are best appreciated when delivered in the accent of Scandinavian Americans. Garrison Keillor is known around the country for resurrecting old-style radio comedy with A Prairie Home Companion, which has aired since the 1970s.[14] Local television had the satirical show The Bedtime Nooz in the 1960s, while area natives Lizz Winstead and Craig Kilborn helped create the increasingly influential Daily Show decades later. Actors from the state include Eddie ...
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I think Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis should work with
Dinner at the Loring Pasta Bar..steak & salmon..Cornbread Harris (Jimmy Jam's pops) playing piano to set the mood
so I’m adding your discussion with Jimmy Jam to our convo about Madge when we meet up
Half of Damita Jo is fine, but it's the start of her problems. Jimmy Jam even said that me!
MN use to be a music Mecca Prince, Jimmy Jam n Terry Lewis, Shela E, Mint Condition all was got at the same time. Time to get MN back on
started with a dollar and he got it now he's filthy... Can you guess what jimmy jam is this from?
Janet did it with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Mariah did it with JD...why go with the next hottest producer when you've already struck oil?
I wonder why britney never did a full album with bloodshy and avant. they're her jimmy jam and Terry Lewis.
I talk to the same people every day: Ma Dukes, Pops, Callie, Jimmy Jam, and Charlie. That's love man.
Jimmy Jam performance. Great singer! (at w/ 5 others)
Another lil jimmy jam I'm working on for the next album.
Reunited with my BFF for Always a pleasure to speak with Jimmy Jam:
Speaking of 'Jimmys'. Jimmy Jam speaking at .. Michael/ Janet Jacksons long time producer among others!
Salute to Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis as well.. Their production credits are bananas!
Yeah, I was totally drawn in by the old school photo, but then found Jimmy Jam's 1977 lost disco soul recordings:
Homegazing: Inside look at Jimmy Jam's former estate on Lake Minnetonka -...
man...Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis will forever be 2 of my fav producers
"I'm only human, born to make mistakes". The Human League (1986) Produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
He knew about Michael Jackson ..said he's heard the name Janet Jackson ..did not know about Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis or Prince!! WTH??
Human- by A song written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who Produced with on Monkey
Of course it's going to be good with that Mpls connection of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis ^_^
“Hats off to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Real music heads know.”
Similar to the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis tribute mix by Flash Gordon Parks I posted years ago. If you enjoyed Sparkle Motion's 80's RnB Night Hype mix that was all over the blogs last week or so then you will surely love this mix as well.
True but when she connected with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis she always created magical hits
why are you mad and upset, Jimmy Jam? And can I help
big thanks to Lee Cross,. Jimmy jam,Boog Bear,StevenPadilla, ColemanCox,Ian and Blame. And thank you to Cheers bar for having us do the show.
no you don't jimmy jam. The answer is no.
This avicii/ aloe blacc wake me up has become another jimmy jam of mine!!
I had the awesome opportunity to interview Fred Hammond on the "Mr. P In the Afternoon" radio show on yesterday on PraizePower 1350 WLOU and the New Praize 104.7. Not only is Fred Hammond one of the greatest cutting-edge gospel innovators of our day, he is passionate in his call to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through medium of gospel music. He shared about how his mentor, Bishop Marvin Winans "took him to school" very early in his career, on being the originator of urban praise and worship in introducing the praise team concept to the black church (previously prevalent only in white churches), his method of rearranging classic traditional gospel songs, and reintroducing them to this generation, and how he step out on faith to establish his production company after being inspired by and having seen what producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and Prince were doing with their companies. He spoke to high divorce rate in the church as inspiration behind the project, "God, Love and Romance." One of our calle ...
this is DOC you will call him doc not Seward not James not Showtime not j-dawg, jimmy jam,j-roc not jhova just DOC
Two Producers that shaped music as we know it Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!
Love diggin through the Shazam...thank you Jason of May 31 2013 at 6:42pm for this little jimmy jam
,Well I know Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were the ones that made HipHop and R&B more Tame during the 80s and early 90s.
dude,best bang-for-your-buck sandwiches ever. I worked in MD this summer.JimmyJohns was my jimmy jam.
isnt Jimmy Jam a minority owner of the Timberwolves?
Read our interview with the phenomenal Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis as they celebrate 30 years with ASCAP
yeah, just have a few vodkas before hand! Doesn't even hurt jimmy jam
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Celebrate 30 Years as ASCAP Members: In a phenomenal career spent writing and produc...
Did you know? Minneapolis recording studio of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis was the mastermind behind Janet Jackson’s album, “Control"
Jimmy jam and Terry Lewis had hits..
House that Jimmy Jam built might become a teardown.
nah! [even in the show Nathan's my fav Scott boy until jimmy jam;)]
I know Im not the only one who followed Jimmy Jam and instantly started looking for Terry Lewis
Follow one of the great producers ever, Jimmy Jam,
Loves the fact my friends Daughter is studying law, came in very handy today, cheers Jimmy Jam x
I've found myself in another jimmy jam/Terry Lewis hole when I should be in bed.
Cool blog post and stories by a musician who used to work with the great production duo Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis:
I just used to tag Loveable by Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore & Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
yes, but it wasn't written by Phil Oakey. It was written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.
Finna hit the jimmy jam up tomorrow
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are great music producers .
Photo: My inspiration .. My favorite producers of all time “Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis"
Had a great time this afternoon with Jimmy Jam and Davian.
Two weeks had flown by, what's the chances that the next two days are gonna drag?! Come home !!x
Prince throwin in a bit of JJ What Have You Done for Me Lately tonight! Nice little nod to Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
S/O to jimmy jam for his special appearance yesterday. so glad you came 😁🍻
Jimmy-Jam is going to be dull. I can tell.
My sister is in dire need of attention, so hey HAPPY NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY JIMMY JAM A LICIOUS you have been rockin my socks since "96
Q dying was almost as sad as jimmy jam dying...
Right now I'm hating Shayden for what he said about my niggah jimmy jam!!
No no salute to Big time Jimmy jam er whatever Tim Lincecum
come on Timma Jimmy Jam aka the franchise
must not be watching the Giants game. Tima Jimmy Jam has a no no going
heard you may have worked w/ SImon Law again.I hppe so he, Jimmy Jam Terry Lewis & Barry Eastmond should always be your team
So Backseat Love x Ciara is my jimmy jam
yes jimmy Jam because I LOVE YOU GUYS! (and I'm having an incoming freshman as a new roomie.)
PS Hayes and Jimmy Jam comin' for you. -
my daddy is djing. DJ JIMMY JAM ON THE 1's AND 2'S!
So excited to see Jimmy Jam tonight. 😜
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis better give that woman a wake up call
I really hope Janet works with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on this album. At least one song.
tell me about it!!! There's at least one on every corner.
Today's lunch special;. Buy one jimmy jam sandwich , get one half off!! Promo code is jimmy !
(the Neptunes) Jimmy Jam & his bro, & Quincy Jones inspired me to produce.. THX a lot…
How I see JIMMY JAM for the first time ever this morning
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Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produce that song and I am sure you know who they are because your ...
So jimmy jam just pulled down my tank top
Idc if this picnics on a Saturday this year I'll be in that jimmy jam 😎 lol
Video: Song for the weekend. Badstreet USA, Michael PS Hayes and Jimmy Jam Garvin “rocking" you into the...
Best of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. A lot of good 90s joints from Janet on here.
Stucked in Jimmy jam at kings residence.friday n rain nice package
Y'all both left out jimmy jam and Terry Lewis
"Fantasy and Heartbreak" by Thelma Houston (Produced by Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis & Monte Moir)
If anyone wanna hear early Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis-produced music by Thelma Houston, hit me up. Just freshly ripped this cassette.
Part II (On the Run) reminds me of a Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis production for Human League/Alex O'Neal. I would dig it on a nice drive though.
They don't know that Pharrell, Timbaland and Devante Swing all came from Teddy Riley and he came from Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
Control is the third studio album by American recording artist Janet Jackson, released on February 4, 1986 by A&M Records. Her collaborations with songwriters and record producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis resulted in an unconventional sound: a fusion of rhythm and blues, funk, disco, rap vocals, an...
to Prince for kicking Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis out The Time. Weren't for him, there'd be a whole lot less dope Janet Jackson tracks.
You have some schmutz on your jimmy jam
You know you've made it when Jimmy Jam picks up on the first ring.
Thank you so much my Jimmy Jam! I love you to life and can't wait for late night sessions in the gym!
To find a safe place in life is a thing of wonder and should be appreciated to the fullest. To be blessed to continue to find safe places is beyond words. I am one of those blessed people. I can't name everyone who has been a safe place because I know far too many harbors, but I will shout out to those I have had the pleasure of being with recently throughout the marvelous month of May straight on into June, especially Bean (Jordan), Jacob, Sunshine Victoria), Ryan, RayRay Michael), Jimmy Jam (James), Chris, Colleen, Greg and my beloved CeeCee Cassie). The rest of y'all know who you are and so do I! In honor of the Super Moon! :-)
Flight time like my name were Jimmy Jam
Keys to my heart: play anything produced by Teddy Riley, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, or Chuckii Booker.
Had excellent day with and our jimmy jam today even if I was freezing my butt off for most of it
Jimmy Jam just told me 13.99 is too much for a buffet...can't ever take the innah to l'auberge...
I need either Jimmy Jam or Terry Louis to retire, I need one of their spots
“I know this world gets crazy. What's it without you?” Aw shyt that's my jimmy jam
Finna slide thru this lil jimmy jam for a few f'real.
This Forbidden Fruit track is my jimmy jam... Why didn't he give K Dot a verse?! Just a few bars. Would have been MUCH better!
This dude at work was sayin he went to school with Prince, and Jimmy Jam. He had some stories to back it up too...
If Jimmy Jam &Terry Lewis are working on it, it's going to be another classic.& I'm waiting on a release date until I believe it .
Me and Jimmy Jam and the rest is on you
So "Jimmy Jam" remember yesterday when you asked me to text you and i did and you hit me with an adamantium NOREPLY? :(
alhamdulilah..s'Abang dpat pringkat 1X.slamat y bang .
All purpose parts banner
Cari tempat BimBel for my kids, d mana kang bagus???
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I was just looking at the production credits for "Color Change!" and noticed you worked with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, so cool!
There may be a jimmy jam in the hood today / tonight
Strawberry Jimmy Jam with Terry Lewis cole slaw paulawontcookit
I promise only to hack your account to send weight loss links.
so do I still need to change my password or can I trust you to only spread the good word?
It was me. I just wanted to spread the good word of the Dr. Oz endorsed weight loss program.
after I saw this on Dr OZ I had to try this and i'm SO happy I did!
yes that entire project was a Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis masterpiece
Try to do this one more time before i go to bed,:-) :-) :-) Penny and The Don,s, Jam night,,:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) jimmi&Jessi Don :-) :-)
Jeez, Jimmy Jam close your eyes and go to sleep 😴
TRUE! Influential that time it seemed like Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis and L.A. Reid/Babyface had hit after hit.
Tim, Hit-Boy, Pharrell, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and Harmony should do Brandy's album.
In 1986 Jimmy Jam, Terry and Janet Jackson teamed and introduced the 'New Jack Swing' and everyone else followed.
Bhfdkedv I'm in Jimmy Jam and they're playing Kelly's entire album!!!
Omg the psycho nanny stole jimmy jam 😭
He must have gone to the barbers with a pic of Paul from Street Fighter & said "i want it like this" ht…
“I ain't gone amp Kace I done got off to a few HBO joints before. Lol” yous a cruel dude Jimmy Jam lmfao
will we ever hear the songs you did with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis that didn't make the album?
Heading to see Man of Steel with Samantha Patterson, Aric Grishaber and Jimmy Jam. Oh I am so stoked!!!
N the studio with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!!
This is the song "She's My Love Thang" by Ralph Tresvant. Produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Enjoy!. "Great music is eternal". I do not own any copyrights.
End of an era! The Rendezvous. Rendezvous Rest Waltham is being sold. For good or bad that's was where I played for 20 + years. George Leh, Roomful (in the early years), Blue Hornets. Shirley Lewis & Walter Joyce just two years ago for the Jumpin' George fundriser. Along with others. I say George Leh and the Rockin' Shoe's first, because when I heard George Leh sing "Sweet Home Chicago". I wanted to be a bandleader/pro singer! Good luck to Jimmy, He ran that place out of pocket for. (I don't know) 30 years. Gerry Beaudoin, Stevie Silver. And even Billy k. Billy Karedes are part of history soon. The Watch city band opened for George Leh, in our early days. Even opened for Duke Robillard. Think of all the other people that came thru that room. Angel did the sound for years. It would really class the place up if Angel Logan would go back there one last time. Dave Cormier, 3 too many. Joe Russo what a voice Kevin Pinkham. Kevin Johnson. The Bartenders Alex, Kenny & linda. Brad Faucker is with Billy K. This We ...
Recorded live in concert on June 7, 1970 in Tulsa, OK; here's Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze." Purple haze all in my brain. Lately things they don’t seem the same. Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why, ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky. Listen now at :
Whos playing..first to 5 points gets the 20 at thursday night live jam , redlands leagues this week. ..for 1 point. Who sang that they would walk 1000 miles tto be the man who walked a thousand miles? Der..ha.
What is your current 'JAM' ? That one song that's always playing in your head. -A;*
Thank you very much for all the lovely birthday wishes and messages, much appreciated, defooo had a bit different and special one this time:)
If one more person mentions the stone roses gig tomorrow night I am going to sick my balls up into my mouth.
Yes! A Birthday concert and jam tomorrow night at the Regentenkamer ! And just like you were hoping for, with the wonderful Kasper, Giovanni, Christos an Jimmi! Concert at 20:00, Jam from 22:00
I am about to head to the radio station to kick off part two of my Prince celebration..Today I will be playing Prince related artist all three hours..Expect to hear Sheila E., Jesse Johnson, The Time, Morris Day, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis productions, (Alexander O'neal, Janet Jackson etc), Mazarati and more.. Tune in at 9:30am this morning and get ready to kick your weekend off into high gear. Then tomorrow come join me and my band Collective Hallucination featuring Ant Boogie at Phil and Derek's as we celebrate our lead vocalist Bremica Jackson's bday with a hot hot hot performance! Special guest appearances by Sir-Mikol and KMonte Allen. Show starts at 8pm. $10.00 cover! Phil and Derek's is located at 2811 Bammel Lane around the corner from Lamar High School.. The radio station can be found at Have a great weekend!!
I truly feel that Kurt Cobain was one of the best song writers of my lifetime. I know some will disagree, but come on! This guy could take two guitar chords and then completely serenade it with the catchiest vocal melodies possible. He truly inspires me as a musician. Jimmi Hendrix was pretty swell as well. Hehe...
Before The Neptunes. Before Stargate. Before The Underdogs. There was Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. For over three decades, the Minneapolis based duo has created some of music's biggest hits. Their knack for creating R&B tunes with strong cross over appeal is their claim to fame. Since they started in…
*** WNCI's Jimmy Jam and Kelsy lunch special at Flannagans! Everyday 12pm-2pm get a Wyatt Earp and Fresh cut...
Former new Edition member Ralph Tresvant on his biggest classic ever as produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis (Janet Jackson, S.O.S. Band, Alexander O'Neal), on some Marvinesque mood... MFSB
Ratchet Of The Day: The album was produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Babyface, Teddy Riley, Tim & Bob, I was excited, this was supposed to be slam dunk. I did spend the rest of year listening to the album, the vocals were okay, some harmonies were definitely out of "style", the effort was 5 out of 10. Dont get me started on the production, it was weak. Where did it all go wrong for the hitmakers? Even up to date Boyz II Men tenth album "Twenty" hasnt sold even a million copies worldwide since its release in 2011. This is the state of R&B. Right now R&B is on life support. I know they are few cats out there still keeping it real. Teddy Riley gotta step up his game on his next project with GUY or Blackstreet. The past is prologue?
This legendary music producing duo from the funk rock group called The Time went on to become the greatest music producers of the '80s & '90s, spawning more hits than any other producers in the business. It's high these architects of the Minneapolis sound is inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, we music lovers salute you!
Featured album : janet. by Janet Jackson This is my all time fav album by her...pure 90's bliss Due to increasing commentary that her success in the music industry was attributed to being a member of the Jackson family and a producer-dependent artist, she made a concentrated effort to take greater creative control of her new album. Its title, read "Janet, period.", is meant to disassociate her public image from that of her family, essentially dropping the Jackson surname. She wrote all lyrics for the album, in addition to co-producing every song and co-writing each of their arrangements with record producers and long-time collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.
I hope Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis r on deck, u can't phuck with perfection... :-D
Jimmy Jam @ Terry Lewis did a great job sampling this for Luther Vandross's "Shine" song. (
Reasons to be cheerful pt. 8: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
Check out - Original Music from Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam & James "Big Jim" Wright!
I’m just over the MOON 2 hear about ur new album plans. I wonder what collaborators ur working with. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis!?
Let's talk about the Flytetyme Minneapolis sound of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. :)
could you please work with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on your new album? Please and Thank You.
that was probably the one that made me want to play in a band. Those were their Jimmy Jam / Terry Lewis days.
I'm pretty surre the 82 release was before Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis from The Time helped
THE TIME - "THE WALK" my favorite jam from these cats...met Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in DC once.
I just wanna meet Timb, Pharrell, Teddy, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and Devante and just get as much advice as I possibly can
Its time to let Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produce everything again, if thats possible. They need their own national holiday or something.
ps Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to produce my next album I think ;-)
New judges should be Kelly Rowland and either Jimmy Jam or Terry Lewis. They would make a great addition.
Can anyway say walk off against Wheaton Academy by my Jimmy Jam
My grandma just called Jazzy Pha Jimmy Jam LMAO im weak af right now
you gotta go in the vaults for that stuff... Parliament, Prince, Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson's Control album
Photo: ‘I Want A New Drug’ by Huey Lewis & The News (feat. Jimmy Kimmel) This video makes me happy on a few...
Any thing produced by jimmy jam and Terry Lewis has the best bass line.. HANDS DOWN!
like cereal and stuff !! Although I like toast.. :p but I can put jam on that so that's swet
My baby, how do I say, how do I say? ♫ How Do I Say – Usher, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis
Das mah jam RT""If you could fix me up girl, we'll go a long...way"
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Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Evelyn Champagne King, and Kashif.I guess you can call me a R&B Junkie.
The use of the Linn Drum on Janet's Control LP is really a testament to how insanely creative Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis where during the 80s.
*Pearl Jam's "Alive" begins playing over the loud speakers at the daycare* *Little Jimmy rocks out on the air guitar, sings along*
Jimmy Jam suggested Kelly sing it. She liked the song and THEN did "Tender Love" I'M SO LOST
sitting in a jam, looking over and seeing the number plate C113BOY only to see Jimmy White,
when Rodney Jerkins said the songs he did with Janet, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis weren't iconic enough & canceled the album.
Gonna get my jimmy jam up on my ding dong.
On my cd I'd love to have jimmy jam n Terry Lewis do a track for me on some new Orleans bounce type ish
lol my bro tell Mr G I need his number this dude I intern for is a *** and doesn't answer his phone when the numbers unknown
She did in terms of using the classic choreo that made her famous. Once she parted with Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis & Tina Landon.
Just listening to Pearl Jam and thinkin' bout how awesome the 2000's are gonna be.
ha well ye can't box if there not up oh ffs JAM you'll have to give me lessons
I've also got my 2 raised an gloves on ermm does that still mean I can't box ?
tag me into your rant!! If ever you want to spar I'm willing.!
What if they could pump jam into the middle of it?
“Blues In The Dark” by Jimmy Rushing with Dave Brubeck Quartet is my new jam. ♫
You must be running low on Pearl Jam lyrics now Simon! ;-)
Jimmy Kimmel gets up to jam with Huey Lewis and the News with a BASS CLARINET. That is so awesomely nerdy.
When Prince fired Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis from The Time, they went down hill while the SOS Band, who Jam & Lewis produced was so successful.
Ain't tryna be in a jam for the panties they like me and leave me for the exact same reason
If the Bulls let Nate and Jimmy go I'm going to the OKC bandwagon lol they my 3rd favorite team
Friendly reminder that people felt Jimmy Howard got too much money on his contract extension
Jimmy Butler you had a clean look dog!
This *** Jimmy Butler be playing the whole game and guard LeBron When they make NBA 2k14 he better never get a gatorade under his feet
Wade went to the locker room and drank the juice from space jam.
Gigging tonight with Jimmy Lee Kennett at the 1860 Saloon in Soulard. Open blues jam so bring your talent and join in the fun :)
think Jimmy Jam n Terry Lewis had there hands in that. I still gotta promo from that...the song was Lay Tight
is dude-heavy! XYs all over this jimmy-jam. It's like being at a metal show, only virtually beard-free
I haven't seen 'young' and 'Jimmy Savile' in the same sentence in a while.
He looks like a young Jimmy Savile.
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no, not that thingy, the white plastic jimmy jam on the inside. it's only $4 to replace (plus $6 shipping, ha) but will take DAYS
Ralph Tresvant - Sensitivity was produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis after he left New Edition.
Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Bee Gees, the Dream, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Teddy Riley few musical inspirations outside of hip hop.
I heard LaVert was playing...thought an ole skool jimmy jam was about to break out...
Get out of this jam and put runs on the board next inning LETS GO
you guys filming Walking Dead in the 216 Jimmy jam?
Happy birthday to jimmy jam jimbo bucci! I love you
all alone in the room.oh what to do.jam out, get Jimmy John's, and watch some Die Hard
steal and slam puts Shockers back up by 17-13 w 5:25 left in half. Cleanthony Early w the jam. Shockers not backing down vs No.1
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