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Jimmy Jam

James Samuel Jimmy Jam Harris III (born June 6, 1959, Minneapolis, Minnesota) and Terry Steven Lewis (born November 24, 1956, Omaha, Nebraska) are an American R&B and pop-music songwriting and record production team.

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Entire album fire...Jimmy Jam and Terry right? At there very best!
day 2 of Kathy looking like a jimmy jam
Jimmy Jam Pt. II. Get to for this one now!
Who inspires us to Jam? Good question The Ramones, the Smiths, Jimmy Fallon's enslaved band, the Roots, and the Jonas Brothers
this interview with Jimmy Jam about the making of Janet Jackson's "Control" is a music nerd's dream read:
He always makes me think of Wee Jimmy.
2 iconic franchises. 2 major keys to success. and cover SLAM 197: https:…
Best Feeling when a group of people come and say we know you from Lpndon you have the best party ever ,, awo...
At rehearsals with Jimmy Jam We love him!
all the no! Has such a sweet old school vibe but not my jimmy jam... plus it's just mean! 😂😂😂
1981 – Jimmy Page makes his first solo appearance since dissolution of Led Zeppelin,joining Jeff Beck in London to jam through 3 encores
you're secretly Jimmy holy *** first you're not real now you're Jim jam
Jimmy jam better not be playin' games
bros jimmy, dat jam with flavour is a killer. U r a true veteran, true to the game. Keep giving us d good music.
abbys-jam-juggler said: Thomas having the hiccups and being frustrated about it. Jimmy telling him there’s...
Jimmy Jam bout to catch these hands
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Chicago Bulls swingman Jimmy Butler getting second opinion on knee from Dr. Jam..
This how we do walkabout every Monday is a Crazy Monday , Thank you for been with us, xxx
Back to square one. Looking for a bartender for Monday nights at Jimmy Ds. Clean slate to build a great night. Option to host open jam.
When your accounting teacher has the whole class jam out to jimmy buffett's Cheeseburger in Paradise
Introduce me to Alexander O'Neal, Jimmy Jam, & Terry Lewis so I can start on my true musical path. . 📢
Will you be at this years Jam for Jimmy? Check it out here:.
That flavour and Jimmy Jatt jam is bursting my head
Turn up by dj Jimmy Jatt and Flavour is a jam for days 󾮟󾮗✌󾍘
The irony of listening to in the gym...don't think Bam Bam, Buddy Jack, Jimmy Jam or spent much time there!
Today, as part of we recognize Minneapolis music legends Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
Jimmy Jam talks us thru production process on Janet Jackson's 1986 album, Control.
after defending Uptown Funk yesterday i ended up listening to a lot of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis today
Jimmy Jam could fly the new WWE a plane, right? Lol. I think Jimmy is a pilot now 4 a major airline. Right Conrad?
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Threaten to Tase Kids at a Janet Jackson Concert on “Fresh Off the Boat"
and always remember that rock and roll was stolen and don't try to hide behind Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis 😭😭😭 all positive vi…
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Jerome, Jelly Bean, Jimmy Jam, and Terry always know what Time it is!!.
See Janet Jackson record in the studio with longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis http…
Almost sounded like 'Traffic Jam' Jimmy was doing a prank phone call when went to him. LOL.
List of songs written by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
"I don't know what made me cry more: Adele singing or LL Cool J hosting." -Jimmy Jam's Ghostwriters
"It's just no fun watching Taylor Swift without the threat of a Kanye intervention." - Jimmy Jam's Ghostwriters
Me and Jimmy Jam cleaned up nice since the rehearsals picture!
...winner is Prince, The Time with Morris Day, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, The Gap Band, and Zapp :modern Minneapolis groove...
I'd go on TSJF and reference cowbell and ask Jimmy to jam out with me and both of us are playing the cowbell
Ronson got in Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis along with Prince, so...yeah.
Commercial break: Jimmy Jam takes a pic of his daughter & Taylor Swift
With Mark Ronson's shoutout to Jam and Lewis, check out their "Life in 15 Songs"
Okay, classy SO by Ronson to George Clinton, James Brown, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Prince!
Prince, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Morris Day, spritual writers of "Uptown Funk," agree with this choice.
Watching Taylor Swift talk to Jimmy Jam and wondering what the extent of that convo is.
One of my greatest concert memories is watching B.B. King jam with Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Vaughn, and...
I just want to make music and Jam the rest of my life like jimmy page or Dave grohl
Two questions. 1) We'll get a S2 right?. 2) Will we find out what happened to Jimmy-Jam?😜
Freestyle 4 sounds like YEEZY is rapping over the Under the Skin OST. It's also my new pre-gym-jam. Jimmy Jammies
I totally believe Jimmy Jam would taser a kid
All the way back to Jimmy Jam and Terry, Babyface, (and LA Reid), Diddy
All folks who say dance moves looked like MC Hammer have NOT seen enough Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
OMFG she worked with Babyface, LA Reid, and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis??? *downloads discography*
Gimme wat ya got fo a Pork Chop. My name is Jimmy Jam & I can't stop.
Janet Jackson doing much better, says Jimmy Jam via
Jimmy Jam and Terry Louis help launched Janet Jackson's career. Jussie was already acting and singing before Jurnee.
James, JC, Jimmy Jam... We don't need to be sharing anti Mika tech so early!
Being able to talk to my dad about how important Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis are is pretty sweet
In less problematic news, I found this Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis playlist on Apple Music, and boi it's lit.
Really?Wow, I would have never thought. That's the production company of Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam. They produced the early stuff
Timbo was almost like the Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam combo rolled in one
lmaooo tbh this is Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis fault. Encouraging fans to shade and not support
aye Q, you know who needs that induction tho.Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
Now somebody tell me why threw Loretta Divine in this Jimmy Jam/ Terry Lewis effect for 😂😂😂
Going thru Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis productions. In my Top 3 production teams of all time!!!
True. Prince, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are all there.
The dream I was having when I woke up had Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis production. I'm now listening to Rhythm Nation.
Me and Pastor Sonny Jr at Victory Outreach Mighty Men of Valor. . Obviously this was before I met Jimmy Jam...
Nobody a doper writer than BabyFace, R Kelly and Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam, Teddy Riley and Brian Michael Cox, NeYo and The Dream.
James Jimmy Jam Corden is equal parts AWESOME and AWFUL at
Colbert just called "James Jimmy Jam Corden." That might have been the most precious thing ever.
Aliright how many people is this guy gonna call Jimmy Jam?
.I can't wait to jam to the album after Jimmy Fallon!! From what I've heard so far, it's AMAZING!
jimmy jam I think its time that you just give me your creative brain
Love Jimmy Jam, but you don't think Garvin when you think Freebirds.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I would have Jimmy Jam for sure. Also well known in Dallas.
man that line in that newer jam "I wouldn't even take a sip of your Pepsi" is golden
Our own Jack Carver doing some Jimmy Reed at the BAG "special harmonica" jam session.
Alrighty, we have boarded another plane and on our way to Oklahoma. Jimmy Jam where you at!
Wish Jimmy Jam the best. Let him know I'm thinking of him (in non biblical sense that is!) love working w/him
I jam to 5sos as much as the next human
If you in the Mood for Party there is Sexy Thursday Bar Rumba ,, Love to see you with us ,, pop in for a drink...
smiling like a dopey *** because of jimmy fallon, the roots, and 1D singing a christmas jam 🎅🏽
Crazy Monday 12/10/2015 , feel free to tag and share the love ,, be always Crazy with, usss, xxx. PS, 26/10/2015...
jimmity jam james jimmy do u think ur still up for the dragon riders game?? probably not for A While but just lemme kno 0:
November 2003. Back when I took my job seriously, and Jimmy Jam didn't.
Early Morning Convo with these 2 iconic gentleman who we love & respect.Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam. When we released...
you mean other than Michael P.S Hayes and Jimmy Jam Jam Garvin.right?
Great news! Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. will now launch on Nintendo on 4th December!
Jimmy jam and Terry Lewis are still producing. Dr Dre is still producing. Pharrell is still producing. Timbaland is still producing.
A lil jimmy jam for ya to hold you over until Maritime Kitchen Party - WED. OCT 21 [Fredericton, NB]
Usher celebrating your anniversary with the legendary friends Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis 100% musicality.
My new jam. This video is SICK. via
what about Jimmy Jam? Jimmy Jam and Paul Westerberg should be in there.
thank you for dropping that jam with Jimmy jatt, feeling the beat lol 💃💃💃💃
What's up Jimmy Jam! I want to congratulate album in the spot this week on the billboard charts!
I don't know who died but Jimmy Jam looks constipated.
I have someone named jimmy jam saved in my phone and i just really want to know who it is
Great interview with Jimmy Jam working with Johnny Gill’s on his stellar solo album
2 days didn't feel like long when I haven't been home in 2 months, but I'm wishing u and jimmy jam could be here this week :(
Jimmy Jam auction is up and running. Share! Bid! Support our friends!.
That new jimmy jatt and jam too crazy!...this man be on another level...jesu!
Jimmy Eat World is still definitely my jam.
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis: Our Life in 15 Songs: Chart-topping producers on & more via…
IAB is going to *** AND ROLL at Jimmy Mac's this Halloween for the GOB Entertainment Jam
Do they think you Jimmy Jam or Terry Lewis or something... Too funny..
It was a lot of successful R&B acts from the 90's from the Twin Cities , you had Mint Condition, Next, SOB, Jimmy Jam brothers etc
fasting in October?? 😨 hokay. Has Jimmy Gait dropped anyother jam better than Furi Furi of recent?
Review: bond with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis again creates anthems. http…
It was who helped Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis get their first BIG hit.
In November 2012, Rowland revealed she had been working with production duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.
We are excited to host Jimmy Jam this evening playing some great jazz and blues tunes on his sax! Starts at 7:30pm
Do you guys remember jimmy eat world - the middle!? 😊 that's my jam right now
you better tell it like it is Jimmy Jam xoxoxoxoxo
That's Jimmy Smith's first career pick-six. And what a time to get it.
First Mario Maker Level complete! Check out SmashCentrals Jimmy Rustle Jam and let me know what you…
Tonight is Open Stage / Mic @ Jimmy Jazz with Nate Coles.. Come on down and Jam !
Traffic Jam Jimmy would approve of these new 6-pack carriers.
Seeing Jimmy Graham in a Seahawks jersey is just f'd up!
Jimmy jam on the edge. Please. I want to see the spike!
This is a smooth grove right here. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis did it again for Ms. Jackson! "No Sleeep feat. J Cole" .
Want to work at Jimmy Jam Productions? We're in FL! Click for details:
.& Jam Out to 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'
Check Out Janet Jackson's 'Unbreakable' Tracklist - Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis give more details on the LP.
Jimmy helping a lady get out of a jam
Y'all can't tell me that man don't look like Jimmy Jam or Terry Lewis. One of them 😂😂
Mornin Jimmy Jam. Might post my nipples AND try to be a roll model for the youth today. 💁
Jimmy Edgar can 'Feel What It Is' on his new track: This one sounds like a hot tub sex jam sent from outer spa...
Jam "I'm still hung up on Jimmy Nevis' Heartboxing"
thanks to Jimmy, I have mastered a good Donald Trump impression. Learn from the greatest- Jim Jam the funny man
Hit the studio with Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and the Winans sis. Janet and Whitney would approve.
Jimmy Jam just followed me😭👌🏾 I repeat and rephrase. A LEGEND is following me😭
OH mY GOD! THANK YOU for traffic jam jimmy interview! made my week!
Jimmy S. Olguin . I am using your video. I had to say *** No, No No to Agent. Jaja jam
it to early to get a 12lb meat tube? Jam Jimmy
is it too early to get a people sandwich? Human traffic jam jimmy
Jam of tha day off the smell the smoke & see the fire album a custom remake of one of my favorite MCS Jimmy...
Lol at Traffic Jam Jimmy. "I'd rather have dinner with my mother in law or the devil than watch those teams.". About the game last night.
But seriously jimmy jam is too cute to even handle.
DJ Jimmy Jam is in the mix on Tune in!
WBFF FOX 45 and Traffic Jam Jimmy stopped by White Marsh Volunteer Fire Company for Morning Break with...
IF the Freebirds are inducted to the HOF, do you think Jimmy Jam should be included or just original?
It's true... Traffic Jam Jimmy today at 4:30! via
NYC DJ Jimmy Jam has arrived on set for 1st sitcom club scene taping.
Wow look at this throwback photo of me janetjackson and Jimmy Jam
Buy this deal with me and we can both save an extra $25.92 -
Here with my brother Jimmy Jam, the wife, my daughters and Anthony from England — feeling excited at Universal...
Freebirds as they relate to Skynyrd , PS = RVZ , Buddy = Leon, Jimmy Jam = Gary... Bam Bam = Steve Gaines... Agree???
In the 6th episode of Metal XS's interview series of JIMMY PAGE, he talks about the jam sessions following the... http:/…
Bleed American by jimmy eat world is such a jam
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Is Space Jam 2 going to happen or not? More on that and big Pixar news today on http:/…
like, the finest by SOS BAND is like the greatest jimmy jam and Terry Lewis piece of work
“Waiting on You” by David Coverdale and Jimmy Page is my new jam. Listen:
Class - 08/13/15 Another class led by Jimmy Jam the man Tony Wonder. …
Every drive can be a good drive if you jam to Jimmy Buffet
I knew something was fishy at the McDonald's drive thru /s/ Traffic Jam Jimmy
keep your head up Traffic Jam Jimmy...there's always undrafted sound drops free agency
The story of the Connecticut skateboard shop owner who became a hired killer in Somalia:
Which also reminds me of how my mom once chatted up Jimmy Jam in our local grocery store like they were old high school friends.
big round juicy balls Jimmy, big round juicy balls. yes. my jam
Remembering now how silly it was that the most affluent neighborhood of my hometown---where Jimmy Jam lived---was named "Hardscrabble."
Dave Grohl got to jam with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones at Wembly Stadiun.
“Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Jeff Beck of The Yardbirds jam together in 1966
Michael Jackson's JAM video will also be the coolest video ever to me
Congratulations to JANET, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis on another number 1! The best. xo!
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in your opinion: if The Birds go in HoF this yr do you induct Jimmy Jam with them or just Hayes Gordy & Roberts
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis' overall production in the mid to late '80s - so on point it's ridiculous. 🎧
It's official: will remain host of "The Tonight Show" until at least 2021
Jimmy wopo, blackjay, an trillzee on a jam it's gotta be a banger ✋🏻
since being inspired by you and traffic jam jimmy, I have become hooked on the MCDonalds fish sandwich. Simple but amazing.
When Jeezy & Gucci first got with Def Jam ppl were like "this ain't hip hop" but now everybody wanna trap
Need to see pics of RHOW SoCal! Jimmy Jam, Mario Zamorano, Mark Ambrosio, Anthony Sheehan, Giovanni Longo...
dear , Janet Jackson i need you to pick back up Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis for this new album.
What about Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Fun fact: they hold the record for most nominations for Grammy Producer of the Year
Roberts was pretty good, but Jimmy Jam was such a great character. Definitely an upgrade
The Time when they became the Original 7ven. Morris Day, Jesse Johnson, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Monte…
Klay Thompson already on NBA Jam FIRE.. 😳 13pts in 5 mins ..No Jimmy Butler for Chicago.. Yikes🔥🏀
I still jam out hard to The Middle by Jimmy Eat World 💃
Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness will always be my going out jam 💕 I now want to go out no fair brain making me listen to that...
wish I had old pictures of me & Jim jam but I have a new phone.. I love you jimmy & happy birthday 😘🎉🎊
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Back with another jam from Wayne's World, Jimmy Hendrix - Foxy Lady
7764 by Jimmy Nevis. 1 oh my oh my. Amazing jam★♥
No wonder that We Should Be is so dope. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis wrote that.
another guess. The TIME. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis from that group created Guy and Blackstreet.
Throwback jam of the morning: Jimmy Eat World- Bleed American 💙
The best MIDNIGHT SNACK to be had is with JIMMY JAM 10PM-2AM!
AKA JIMMY C, a short visual documentary focusing on the creative process and technique of artist Jam
got The Jim Jam T-shirt with added note, thank you Jimmy :)
Crazy Monday ,, thank you for making the night so spacial ,, once again you all been the best , x,, Fernanda...
In relation to my Jimmy Jam from yesterday:. Its actually Argentinian, and not Brazilian lol. . Loving the vocals.
Playing at January 26, 2015 at 09:00PM: Jimmy Burns Hosts The Jam - watch live!
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis were pivotal to the evolving sound of Urban music of the 90's & 2000's. There were really …
I get Jimmy's jumbo jam every morning
Bora, bora, Tonight Crazy Monday Lock 17,, once again fully booked , see you all in the dance...
Wife, daughters and my brother Jimmy Jam
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Coming to the realisation that I look like Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Jam (remembers the making of 'Rhythm Nation 1814':
Motley Crue appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to promote their 'Final Tour' and jam a...
Were the 'DJ Premier 100 In A 50' or 'Jimmy Jam Deeper' mixes of 'Together Again' ever considered to become the album version?
A Soulful Evening with The BarKays. Roland Martin on the mic while Johnny Gill, Jimmy Jam & Terry…
Johnny Gill with yes, the legends, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!
Nathan and Haley james Scott are goals 100% and I better have a son like jimmy jam 😍😍😍 I ❤️one tree hill
Finally finished Hancock's autobiography. Other than calling Jimmy Jam and Usher pioneers in hip-hop (read "minah"), an incredible book.
so I just rode by a truck that said Jimmy Jam Productions...
I have one to two months to try and get treatment for my only child please go here
What's Goin On produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis by Kayla Brianna on SoundCloud
I made the mistake of thinking Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam were L.A. until I realized their sound was all Midwest.
check out this jam before he even mentions Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis you can feel them
Kayla Brianna cover to "What's Going On" Produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Rest in Peace to...
At first I thought the Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis feat. Peabo Bryson cover of Sanctuary was too restrained, but it feels so Disney. Awesome.
The homie always got me digging/geeking out the greats. Today's adventure.. the productions of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.
I could hear Morris Day, Jellybean Johnson, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and mirror by Jerome all over this one. I …
lol I thought of Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Prince too. Make Lake Minnetonka proud!
"The correct answer is 'who are Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis'."
is another Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis song...
really should make a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis/Flyte Tyme playlist soon
Look! All these folks on here trying to get in the studio with Berg like he's Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Yes, I just a…
Photoset: wonderali: Clearly Maria Hill is Donna Meagle and Loki is Jimmy Jam. Wanda and Pietro will...
Still need to replace Jimmy Jam & sleazy businessman sitting courtside with rolled up program. You or Louie Anderson?
One more photo: James "Jimmy Jam" Harris on bass last night for gala. Great evening!
“Executive Director Bob Moses & special guests Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis at
I really hope with this next album, Janet returns home to where she belongs: with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
I always imagined what Whitney Houston would have sounded like on a Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis record. Too bad that never came to pass.
At the beginning of "Fake", Alexander O' Neal asked for some "nasty bass". Boy, did he get it. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis: geniuses.
I need Usher to call up Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and give me another Confessions album...
New Trailer: "808" movie shows the history of the drum machine w/ Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis,
Digital Tribute Card to Ricky Bell! Feel Free to share it to his wall or wherever you want! The youngest of eleven children, Bell was born in Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in the Orchard Park projects. He began his career singing with close friend, Ralph Tresvant in a group called "Ricky and Ralph." Later, Bell, along with Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, and Ronnie DeVoe became New Edition. The group began a career in 1983 that has spanned over 30 years. After the departure of Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill joined the group in the mid-1980s. Before Gill joined the group, Bell was originally the oldest member of New Edition. After recording the Heartbreak album, Ricky was given the chance to be a solo artist but opted instead to form Bell Biv DeVoe. The "best kept secret" originally gained the respect of the industry when record producer Jimmy Jam had an idea for a spin-off group called Bell Biv DeVoe with Bell as the lead singer. BBD as the group is commonly known, was the first group ...
Family Feud Question: who's the best music production duo of all time Jimmy Jam Terry Lewis or The Neptunes?
Sept 6,2014 ( ALL Artists come and perform at the fairgrounds.."calling on the classes of "88" to welcome Dre Harris...Special GuestCedric Bowler Hosted by J.Man and Jimmy Jam...Kelbo..Bigg Chezz...and Bernice Hughes..Lots of FUN for the kids!
Dave and Jimmy Radio Show. Jimmy Jam chillin while we change his oil!
“If You Wanna Be Happy” by Jimmy Soul is my new jam. Listen:
Just finished with jimmy back to our AndyV
Happy birthday, Jim Jam. Hope you get to have a great time tomorrow evening. Say something in a park near your home, perhaps?
i'm a need Jimmy Dj-jimmy Jam Green to slide me the address so i can turn up at his bday
NEW Special Pizza!! Roasted pork, charred white onion, fontina, parsley and tamarind jam!!!
Me, Jimmy Jam & Russel Neale are on our way to Cherry Hill NJ. We are having a conversation and the question came...
Jimmy Holtzman since the pool soaring in the fig jam endzone
Staring bleary eyed out of the kitchen window this morning,in my jimmy-jimmy-jim-jam bottoms when the Google Streetmap car drove by 'CHEESE'
Gonna start calling my cousin 'Jimmy Jam' cause that's what Nathan calls his son 😂
The Middle by Jimmy Eat World was my jam in elementary and I still get happy when it comes on lol
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When you're riding in your friends car and your jam comes on
“When your probation officer come over
Throwing it back this Thursday to the jam a few weeks ago. Missing all the California…
My neighbor is blasting the worst Jimmy Buffet jam band music right now and I'm about to get my broom
My October is so jimmy jam packed that I'm more than happy to blow all my golf winnings and summer work money all in that one month
I really am in an intl jam no gun surrounded by jimmy savil beach bun players please harp your old promise
“Kim arriving at the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' studio in Hollywood yesterday Lourd cett…
Don't for get to pre order this lil jimmy jam bebes wuv u☀️
Usher + Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis brought back the New Edition feels. And the first hit with the Neptunes. 8701 was a classic.
It's never a bad time to jam out to jimmy eat world
I love Jaimes nick name on Jim jam or jimmy jam😍☺️
plus he gets to hang with Jimmy Jam & Prince
he gon be hanging with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Bruh. LOL.
Still trying to plan a jam session with the pedal steel player and a fiddle player Jimmy.
Love this pic: Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis at the 1st Icon show, dedicated to Ms
Peace everybody. Be sure to get the latest issue of I wrote the feature article on Jimmy Jam (
In need of a friend to rock out to music ranging from jimmy eat world-Regina Spektor-fugazi-pearl jam ASAP
I wish I could jam out with Jimmy Page. Like me on the drums
I make jimmy jam a whole collage essay saying happy birthday and all I get is a like?? DELETE!!
Session 2 with the great Jimmy jam and Terry Lewis
Thy say your boy sick and they cant diagnose my symptoms.
My literal jam rn, I HATE country, but I love jimmy buffet so 💁
*** Scotty and Jimmy blaring my jam in the car.
Also, there will be long version of my interview with Jimmy Jam (published on website next week.
Jimmy Jam said that Jermaine Dupri nearly ruined his professional relationships with Usher and Janet Jackson
Usher's best songs are all with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.
glad you enjoyed them.Thanks for all the help on Jimmy Jam Pots car.
In 27 days, TMJ will be in Mexico. and Phred, Kam, Jam, Eric, John, Jimmy, Phil, Duggy.♥☺
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis to me the opposites repel ... after all if we like what que if parecece with us . Brasil
Only one thing comes on my head for the excellence in the music of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis is the hand in the roda.Mary J.Blige congrats.
"I would love 2 see Sheila slam with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis."
Found Diamonds by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis & Herb Alpert with Haven't heard this in FOREVER!
*** Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis are one of the greatest producers of all time them boys made and make some dope *** records personally I...
Ofcourse Prince helped Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam get their start in the industry.
there should be a historical place for Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.
had a producer claiming to be an R&B lover that did not know who Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were? My mind was blown!lol
I bet Jermaine Dupri fangered CeCe Winans at Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis' studio.
Agreed, but you can also say Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are even more under-appreciated.
Nine to the Universe Jimi Hendrix Side 1 1. "Message from Nine to the Universe" 8:45 2. "Jimi/Jimmy Jam" 8:04 Side 2 1. "Young/Hendrix
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, The Neptunes get most of the shine as far as R&B/Pop duos. Tim & Bob should be right up there.
GIG REVIEW - Alexander O'Neal at The Globe, 20th June 2014 Alexander O'Neal had a string of hits at the end of the 80's, all written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the team responsible for most of Janet Jackson's work. I was very excited to be seeing such a legend boosted by a review I had read of his gig in Camden a few days earlier where he rocked the placed with his band, depsite only being on stage for around 50 minutes. Better to be short and sweet than long and drawn out. We tturned up to The Globe and asked the bouncer what time AON would be coming on stage, and we were told around 10pm. On such a warm evening it would be best to turn up just before. When we arrived, the venue was so packed that it was virtually impossible to get to the bar. 30 minutes we waited to get served, the whole time listening to Cardiff Radio DJ's exclaiming that AON would be on in 15 minutes and playing snippets of club classics from the era. At 10.15 they shouted "Welcome to the stage, Alexander O'Neal" and o ...
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis had some of the best cross and funk records in the 80s man.
Okay - Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Janet?? They are like collard greens and cornbread and pork.
On this day in music history: June 16, 1995 - “HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I”, the ninth studio album by Michael Jackson is released. Produced by Michael Jackson, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Dallas Austin, David Foster, Bill Bottrell, and R Kelly, it is recorded at The Hit Factory Studios, and Sony Music Sudios, New York; Record One, Ocean Way Studios, Larrabee Sound Studios, Westlake Audio, Soundcastle Studios, Todd A.O. Scoring Stage, and Warner Brothers Scoring Stage in Los Angeles, CA, Flyte Tyme Studios in Minneapolis, MN and Chicago Recording Company in Chicago, IL from September 1994 – March 1995. The thirty song 2 CD set (also issued as a 3 LP vinyl box set) features one disc of fifteen Michael Jackson classics and a second disc with fifteen new songs. The album was originally intended to be a greatest hits compilation titled “Decade” which was to include a couple of new songs. Jackson will continue working on the project until he has acquired more than a dozen new songs, many o ...
you think you will work with Salaam Remi or Jimmy Jam &Terry Lewis again
Breast Cancer Awareness
When you hear a song and can IMMEDIATELY tell it's produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis >>>
My Wake Up Song of the Day: I'm in a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis kind of mood...
On June 6th, we celebrated the 55th birthday of James Samuel "Jimmy Jam" Harris III (June 6, 1959); an African-American R&B songwriter and record producer. In collaboration with partner Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam emerged as one of the most successful producers and writers of the 1980s, his long history of pace-setting R&B, club, and pop hits reaching its apex on a series of smash records for Janet Jackson. Born James Harris III in Minneapolis, he first met Lewis in high school, and together they formed Flyte Tyme, a popular Twin Cities band which in 1981 evolved into the Time, a group led by Prince protégé Morris Day. Shortly after the release of the Time's Prince-produced eponymous debut LP, Jam and Lewis formed Flyte Time Productions. In March 1983, while touring with the Time in support of Prince, the duo took advantage of a short break in their schedule to fly to Atlanta to produce a handful of tracks for the S.O.S. Band's On the Rise LP. After a freak blizzard left Jam and Lewis stranded in Georgia and ...
I spent the last 2 weeks in Los Angeles. It was a business and pleasure trip, and I had a great time. I got to hang with some of my boys, like Ray Parker Jr., Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, & Jerome from The Time. I’ve posted 2 photos here from the trip. The first is me on the golf course with Sugar Ray Leonard, Johnny Mathis, & Johnny Gill. If Ray & I could sing, it would be a great quartet. But we can’t, so it’s just a pretty cool foursome. The other photo is the first selfie I ever took. It’s an awful shot, but a pretty cool moment. I was out walking one morning at the beach in Malibu and I ran into Adam Sandler. He was so nice and very cool. As I was leaving, I hugged him and he said “You’re a good man Donnie.” I was shocked. I had no idea he knew who I was. I guess he watched Video Soul. It certainly wasn’t because of my Academy Award performance in Krush Groove. It was a great trip, but I’m glad to be back home doing the things I enjoy so much. Like taking out the trash, weeding, and clea ...
The late Johnnie Taylor was so darn great he not only left us with one super talented son (Floyd Taylor) but TWO super-talented sons! T J Hooker Taylor comes from a sangin' family. His mother, Mary Ann Hooker, and father The Late Great Johnnie Taylor, raised him in the church. Along with is family and at the age ten he joined his first group, The Young Golden Voices, who performed at all the churches in the Kansas City area. At the age of 16 TJ stared a R & B band, called The Grand Jury Band, who opened for many top acts that came to the city like The Bar-Kays , Cameo Slave And Many More. Some of the members of the band went on to become the group LOW-KEY, which got signed by top R & B producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. . At The age of 21 TJ's young voice started to change. "I could hear that (Taylor Sound) I had never tried to sound like my dad I didn't even like the Blues . But on my 25th Birthday I was given a chance to open for my Dad and get paid, " says Hooker-Taylor . "That's when the Blues hit ...
Thank you very much for the add. I love this group and the rare interviews and music. I'm a gigantic fan of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the greatest producers and writers, etc. in the music industry. Much appreciation.
*Be Seen Get Heard Promotions* Let me introduce Marcus Goldi Hayes who has been in music since the year 1984 when Purple Rain first came out. Such artist as: Prince, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Morris Day and the time. Come out Thursday May 15, 2014 hear him live Open Mic. Variety Show May 15th Thursday BB's Club House 4660 Boulder Hwy, East Las Vegas, Nevada 89121 9pm HOST: Gino G. Velez
I need a Jellybean, Monte Moir, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Jesse Johnson for my new The Time tribute band
with the legends Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Truly honored to meet and speak with them at expo.
Ok my last Instagram of the night LOL.. Listening to music and this came on.Jimmy Jam& Terry Lewis on…
I feel that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis make everything better. If they hadn't produced "Human" HL probably wouldn't've hit
Who would win in a fight, Jimmy Jam or Terry Lewis?
"Jam?? That's my JAM, Jam! JAMMM!!!" - Terry Lewis, having breakfast with Jimmy Jam
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