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Jimmy Iovine

James Jimmy Iovine (last name pronounced Eye-o-Veen; born March 11, 1953) is an American music producer, entrepreneur and chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M.

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I was late too.rewatched it 2x. "Dre is the Innovator, Jimmy Iovine is the Levitator". Genius!
Jimmy Iovine telling Tom Petty he was scared to sleep in a house "in the woods" when it was a North Hollywood suburb is NYer goals
I'm watching the Dr Dre/Jimmy Iovine documentary Defiant Ones. Why did they leave me out of the NWA story?
It was A real event tho of it & everything That,Dre & Jimmy Iovine did more for Kendrick's career than Dr…
Just finished the and I really loved it, so much great musis history! All the impressions of Jimmy Iovine were perfect lol.
About the records jimmy iovine produced and interscope. It was good.
Yep!! Did you hear their location scout was murdered. Shame. The defiant one is about Jimmy iovine and Dr…
"The frightened you, but their music drew you in." - Jimmy Iovine
If you love music def worth the watch on hbo jus 4 episodes n thee best inside look at history of Dre n Jimmy Iovine / rap n rock music
Snoop n Jimmy Iovine r so funny😂.. defiant Ones is the coolest doc series I've ever seen
Jimmy Iovine and Steve Jobs in a room together - man oh man
Jimmy Iovine on success - there are just too many great lessons here to list
Jimmy Iovine is a boss and he knows how to cut and get checks!
This Jimmy Iovine's unibrow is mad distracting.
"The Defiant Ones" documentary about Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine is one of the greatest documentaries I've ever seen 👌🏾
Basically about the creation of interscope and aftermath records and the relationships of Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine
Fascinating that in an interview in 08, Jimmy Iovine described the thing that's gonna save the music industry. What he described was
Is that Jimmy Iovine in front of Channing Tatum?
Immensely enjoyed The Defiant Ones doc about Jimmy Iovine & Dr Dre, from the streets to the studio to the boardroom…
Finished watching And I'm crying b/c rebuilding Compton HS. Much respect to him and Jimmy Iovine
Watching the defiant ones and I realized one of the best comparisons I've ever gotten is Jimmy Iovine
Apple executive Jimmy Iovine said Dr. Dre's original show on Apple Music will 'move the needle' (AAPL) |…
3/4 episodes into The Defiant Ones (Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, the history of Interscope, etc.) and it's fantastic.
on is undoubtedly the most inspiring piece of work I've ever seen. I'm completely blown away by Jimmy Iovine & Dr. Dre.
looks a lot like the dance he did for Jimmy Iovine/Apple higher ups
Respect Jimmy Iovine / But he gotta respect the Elohim as a whole new regime...
Never forget that in 05 Jimmy Iovine interfered in the The Lox/G-unit feud because he didn't want them to ruin the G-Unit money train
Knowing Enrique was a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine recommended Enrique to cover the track "Sad…
The Defiant Ones doc was AMAZING. Dr. Dre/Jimmy Iovine are special talents and HBO's production was spectacular.
Thought I ask who you think is the Jimmy Iovine of Energy capital: private and/or public VC? It'll take the most courage ever.
"When you learn to harness the power of your fears, it can take you places beyond your wildest dreams." ~ Jimmy Iovine
It's 244et and literally playing the Jimmy iovine Gerardo crate and club packed, folk moving like it's the…
Reminds me of Jimmy Iovine's, Interscope's, - 1st deal out of the chute for cc
Getting picked up by Jimmy Iovine soon.
Super interesting to hear about times with Jimmy Iovine, Tom Petty, and Prince.
Watching and I think Jimmy Iovine is my hero. The king of making is own Luck.
Dre & Iovine echo a Light Side version of the Sith, tho, with Jimmy definitely playing the Emperor and Dre being Vader. Hats off them!
"Every room you go into is better coz you're there.". James Iovine Snr (Jimmy Iovine's Pap)
"Every room you go into is better, because you're there.". - Jimmy Iovine
I watch The Defiant Ones basically every other day and just day dream about having Jimmy Iovine as a mentor 🤓
Didn't know Jimmy Iovine got all that juice.
Watch The Defiant Ones - HBO series on jimmy iovine and Dre...they talk about him for a good portion it's very dope
The music industry according to super-producer Jimmy Iovine
We honored with the Jimmy Iovine Icon Award at 2016
“Life is a balance of fear and overcoming it.” - Jimmy Iovine
"Each day when I awake I know I have one more day to make a difference in someone's life." -Jimmy Iovine
links to Jimmy Iovine . but it did see Dan - thanks
was my Bruce Springsteen to my Jimmy Iovine..he flew me to Miami several times and…
Best documentary I've seen in a while on Much respect to & Jimmy Iovine
Jimmy Iovine tha president of interscope Records and is partners with Dr Dre right ... so all these artist Thas signed to Aftermath
“No one at Interscope in the executive level believed that Gaga could be as big as it could be.” — Jimmy Iovine in
Stevie Nicks was hiding in the basement so Tom Petty wouldn't know she was with Jimmy Iovine? HE HID Stevie Nicks IN THE *** BASEMENT?
Jimmy Iovine navigated the Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks situation like the boss he is.
No disrespect to Jimmy Iovine, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, etc.. but "The Defiant Ones" should've 100% been about NWA.
I THINK I love how Jimmy Iovine kept his relationship w/ Stevie Nicks from Tom Petty while producing both of their records at the same time.
I knew it was Jay Elec when Hov said he has love for Jimmy Iovine but he must respect the Elohim
"I work hard, I see where pop culture's going 2 move, but I've gotta keep having info pumped into me. I look under every rock" -Jimmy Iovine
Brett Anderson working on a single with *** Jagger in a yacht rock style, produced by Jimmy Iovine
Premiere of the documentary film "The Defiant Ones", . HBO's lives with - Dr.Dre and Jimmy Iovine. We will see new interv…
I stand corrected though, Cole's label is signed to Jimmy Iovine and maybe that's why his music is on Apple.
Only one I can think of that stayed the same was chief keef but jimmy iovine threw him in the trash years ago
Talk to Jimmy Iovine, it was his idea in the first place. Hearing Eminem rapping with a hook from P!NK caught me by…
The thing I don't like about Jimmy Iovine is his parasitic business man mind.
The thing that endears me to Jimmy Iovine is he actually seems to enjoy talking about music. A lot of music folks don't. I like to nerd out.
Queezy dis ain finna b no jimmy iovine
folks who want to turn Chicago into a multi million dollar empire having convos with Jimmy Iovine they told him to sign Chief Keef
More jobs, & more vocational training needed. Less anti-Black rap promoted by the like…
How and broke streaming records with
Drake’s More Life was streamed 300 million times on Apple Music in its first week
Jimmy Iovine is officiating a marriage of tech and the arts via
since I signed with jimmy iovine, I think that I'm Kobe!
Good times partying with LLCool J at Jimmy Iovine anniversary party.
Martha signs to aftermath records... Cooking for Dre & Jimmy iovine!
I heard it's cause Jimmy Iovine is with Apple now
In all seriousness I had a dream I was signed to Interscope records. Jimmy Iovine what's good ?
Misleading. Most of that was buying drinks for Jimmy Iovine. A business deduction though.
It's official that Eminem will appear in the Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine HBO documentary "The Defiant Ones" (Spring 2017). http…
Awful lot of talking- now Lawyer says Jimmy Iovine set up Suge? Well, I…
Exclusive: How Drake and Apple Music broke streaming records with More Life
Get that higher education at Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine's learning academy! Read up! -
Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre launch integrated master’s in design, business, and tech
Jimmy Iovine and Andre "Dr. Dre" Young are back together again creating something new
Started with a dollar and a dream, sorta like Jordan getting cut from the team, sorta like Dre 'fore he met Jimmy Iovine
A lot of the time I feel that as human beings, we’re not meant to have perspective. It’s almost the opposite. ~Jimmy Iovine.
Design x Business x Technology from the school Dre built. I swore off grad school (and esp. this school) but *** .
Such a cool, uniqe degree. Very proud of via
Jimmy Iovine confirms Apple Music’s plans to offer original video content
Jimmy Iovine says the music business is about singles now, which is sad but true. People don't buy albums.
Apple Music executives Jimmy Iovine & Larry Jackson discuss its place in the ecosystem:
Jimmy Iovine and dr. Larry Jackson is talking about Music
Apple Music executives Jimmy Iovine and Larry Jackson talk about working with... Read more:
Jimmy Iovine teases the ‘hybrid’ future of Apple Music, praises Eddy Cue in new interview (Chance Miller/9 to 5 Mac)
Jimmy Iovine to Apple, Lyor Cohen to YouTube. So much for age old question: "Are you media or tech co?" Answer: Both
Jimmy Iovine vs Jay-Z. This is all just a business battle. Daniel Ek and Sean Parker stepping back.
That's next level. He's knocking on Clive Davis, Tommy Matola, Jimmy Iovine doors with that one.
The Wannadies working with Foster the People in a new wave of the new wave style, produced by Jimmy Iovine
But Apple thinks Trent Reznor of NIN and Jimmy Iovine redesigning iTunes and Apple Music is the solution. Steve Jobs is rolling his grave. 😐
I think a lot of people assume if you've got a dad cap, you're trying to look like Tiller, but I bought mine because of Jimmy Iovine.
What was Tupac and Jimmy Iovine's relationship like
...And you know, to a certain extent, that's still with me in how I work, you know, I just go in". -Jimmy Iovine
someone pointed out that Dr Dre has never been in the driving seat of his own career first it was Eazy E then Suge now it's Jimmy Iovine
"On Father's Day and I got espadrilles and we did the right thing" -Jimmy Iovine on her Apple Music le…
"but in the meantime, it's Jimmy Iovine time..."
I'm Sorta like Dre before he met jimmy Iovine
The Trojans are grateful. lol. Jimmy Iovine and give $70 million to create new academy at USC via
Jimmy Iovine tried to give Master P a million dollars for the name Master P. That's how they got Prince and messed his momentum in the 90s
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I'll say this much - I'd bet $100 Jimmy Iovine is a big Chance fan
The music industry is facing a revolution. No longer will the likes of Jimmy Iovine and Clive Davis have any influence.
TIL Jimmy Iovine was the music supervisor of Sixteen Candles
They'll phase out the download store over a few years but is this fast enough for Jimmy Iovine and
Is Jimmy Iovine really the person to lead innovation in the music biz?
almost as bad of an idea as Jimmy Iovine's suit jacket in that picture
Dr.Dre makes crazy money but Jimmy Iovine ( his boss ) makes more. These folks been eating off our culture for years & give nothing back
An INTERVIEW w/ *Jimmy Iovine* "How to get Solicited by Record Labels!"... via
I got this dad hat and every time I look at myself in the mirror I see Jimmy Iovine
Jimmy, My name is Michael Iovine, We are 3rd Cousins as we have the same great grandfather. I would love to talk family.
Safe to say Jimmy Iovine recouped that $20M for Drake yet or Nahh?
FILE - In this June 8, 2015 file, Beats co-founder and Apple employee Jimmy Iovine speaks at the Apple Worldw...
But in the meantime . It's Jimmy Iovine time . Chase cheese, rhymes till my voice gives out
Follow the top Jimmy Iovine stories for May 09 on our topical page:
Nah, i’m an amazing day one if araab does something amazing day 😈 a classic on jimmy iovine is great.
Soon after BEATS was bought, Jimmy iovine started talking to Drake about signing with apple, in order to “educate the fans”
Since I signed with Jimmy Iovine I swear I think that I'm Kobe.
Jimmy Iovine is the driving force behind Apple's music streaming service
I honestly don't know who I can't stand more as a mentor on American Idol...Scott Borchetta or Jimmy Iovine. Both are equally annoying.
Streaming music was doing just fine until Jimmy Iovine and Jay-Z got their hands on it. Exclusives are killing the fan experience
Liberty Ross wears black lace gown, huge headpiece to marry Jimmy Iovine via
ICYMI—Liberty Ross stuns in unconventional wedding gown and headpiece! via
Celebrities flock—while in red!—for Liberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine's wedding
Yes through his snapchat. Only a goon would tell people to meet him outside of a meeting with Jimmy Iovine.
Thought that was Jimmy Iovine at first.
Headphones are expensive for no reason, I blame Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine
Liberty husband cheated on her w/ Kristen Stewart, got caught by paparazzi, they got divorced now she remarried Jimmy Iovine
[wiping my mouth the way gaga does at the pause in speechless during the vevo launch when she has to thank Jimmy Iovine]
Liberty Ross, 37, she ties the knot with Jimmy Iovine, 62, on Malibu beach
Picture is released of Liberty Ross's wedding to Jimmy Iovine, the bride wore a vintage Givenchy Haute Couture gown.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
This is sad. Khaled and Jimmy Iovine are keeping children and moms in cages and calling it "fan luv"
another great meeting with Jimmy iovine planning more wins! The 🔑 is more wins!…
Khaled meeting with Jimmy Iovine today. . What’s possibility of speaking out against the FBI? They are the “they” he talks about.
LMFAO Khaled told about a thousand fans to meet him outside his meeting with Jimmy Iovine
Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre really made sure that Kendrick had the best year possible
I mean just look at how Dre, Peter Rosenberg and Jimmy Iovine cape for Kendrick every opportunity they get.
sounds like Jimmy iovine's farts really smell
Liberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine join Oprah and Lionel Richie at Brian Grazer's wedding
Newlyweds Liberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine placed on a candy show as they be a part of Oprah and Lionel Richie at mov…
Guys out here focused on being the next LA Reid or Jimmy Iovine but better take notes cuz shapin up to b…
Liberty Ross marries Jimmy Iovine in star-studded California ceremony: Model and former wife of Rupert Sanders has moved on
New story from People in News : Celebrities Flock (and Wear Lots of Red!) for Liberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine's Valen…
New post on my blog: Jimmy Iovine, Liberty Ross — Wedding Ceremony in Malibu
Liberty Ross ties the knot with Jimmy Iovine on beach in Malibu - Daily Mail
Interscope Records founder and Apple executive Jimmy Iovine is saying "I do" to Liberty Ross tonight in what's...
Little Giant Ladders
Liberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine get married as model finds love again after Rupert Sanders split
Liberty Ross, 37, ties the knot with Jimmy Iovine, sixty two, with Malibu Seashore ceremony… simply two years...
.Jimmy Iovine is blowing up streaming
The tl;dr: Jimmy Iovine is getting married at David Geffen's house the same night as Irving Azoff is getting honored by Clive Davis.
Miley is apparently attending both Jimmy Iovine's wedding & Clive Davis' Grammy party on the same day (Feb. 14)
Which one would you attend? Battle of the Grammy Parties: Clive Davis' Annual Gala & Jimmy Iovine's Wedding
Battle of the parties: Clive Davis' annual gala vs. Jimmy Iovine's wedding
DRUDGE: 'Everything we know, is now wrong' -- Jimmy Iovine
Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s School for Innovation via Dr. Muhl interview
Forget everything. This is the most important news of today.
.recalls his fling with Stevie Nicks -- and how it led to a hit with Tom Petty
We continued touring America for the remainder of 1984. When Annie [Lennox] and I played the Wiltern Theatre i...
People at Apple do, but they’re Jimmy Iovine and Trent Reznor. They’re at Apple, but I doubt they’ve gone to Apple U.
Boy Apple picked a rëal winnër in Jimmy Iovine. I miss the days when Apple execs were like little kids at grandma’s: better seen than heard.
If I were Jimmy Iovine or Eddy Cue, I would be sending signing bonus letters to every Rdio team member right now. Spotify still lacks here.
Jimmy Iovine: I grew up with a DJ. I received the best music education. Not only can I find the best music, I talk about more than boys. -A
Apple's Jimmy Iovine is 'scared' for the future of music - Business Insider Australia
HBO’s Richard Plepler and Jimmy Iovine on Dreaming and Streaming > favorite so far, Iovine is great
Wow, Bob Lefsetz really went in on Jimmy Iovine in his latest Letter.
Jimmy Iovine, ,Eric Weinberg, ,Chris Muratore, and Steve Berman, No one can compete ! http:/…
Jimmy Iovine on curation and I think he just gave us a sneak peek at Apple's TV service.
I don't know how many of y'all were paying attention, but Jimmy Iovine gave you the key to success on "All In A Days Work"
Jimmy Iovine says Apple Music is big enough for ‘proper’ curation, hints at Apple TV curation
Jimmy Iovine talks Apple Music, Taylor Swift and more in new interview
Apple Music?s Jimmy Iovine: ?No one is going to be able to catch us or do it better?
Blijkbaar nodig al die arrogantie... Apple Music's Jimmy Iovine: 'no one will be able to catch us'
Apple Music's Jimmy Iovine interview: 'no one can do what we're doing' (Wired UK)
“… we all have different TV delivery systems, don't we all wish they were better, as far as curation and service?"
Apple Music is big enough to do curation properly, says Jimmy Iovine, as he eyes curated TV …
xNews: Jimmy Iovine once again pushes for human curation, sees its value in TV
Jimmy Iovine hints at possible Apple Music-like TV curation, admits 'Connect' as a weak point
Apple Music has 'hundreds' working on curation, Jimmy Iovine says
Excited for this...! Congrats to everyone, including for playing Jimmy I…
Jimmy Iovine talks Taylor Swift, TV, and why Apple Music doesn't rely on algorithms
Apple's Jimmy Iovine hints at curation playing part in future TV product
But in the meantime its Jimmy Iovine time.. Chase cheese - rhyme, till my voice give up..
He should take that up with Jimmy Iovine, David Geffen, Clear Channel, his boss Rupert Murdoch (Apple..
I thought Jimmy Iovine was supposed to be good at this stuff? Beginning to look like a bad hire.
ps the rest of that pic: Little Steven & Jimmy "One Day I Will Rule The World, Honest!" Iovine
have you heard Make The Money, White Walls, Jimmy Iovine & Ten Thousand Hours? I respect him when he's actually rapping
why WOULDN’T Apple Music be able to just stomp pandora and spotify? apple has way more resources + jimmy iovine + iphones
Apple execs Jimmy Iovine and Eddy Cue defend and detail Apple Music to us:
why does Jimmy Iovine look like that 😷
Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine sued over Beats/Monster headphone partnership - (via FinaBiz)
Also Jimmy Iovine?? Is that why he brought up the story of being shot at in Jamaica? Otherwise where did that come from?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
you asked about another racist institution earlier whatever Jimmy Iovine gets his hands on or record labels in general.
Soon there will be no mp3s and jimmy iovine will be in charge of the biggest "label" in the world.
So , & Jimmy Iovine just blew our minds with the Apple Music launch yesterday. Ecstatic about the future…
Taylor Swift, Jimmy Iovine, Apple, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, toss in social media, and this is quite a tale.
I guess I got a very different vibe from this interview than you did (if you read it)
In thinking about it, I find it interesting that dealt with and not Jimmy Iovine.
his biggest draw back is that Jimmy Iovine is working against him. As per he is on team Apple following beats by dre sale
Jimmy Iovine's net worth got me like wow
maybe there will be a remix with Jimmy Iovine. 😏
Now it is more believable: Jimmy Iovine just revealed the real agenda for Apple Music via
Ah yes, Jimmy Iovine's legendary connections in the music industry are already paying off. Oh wait.
Pretty sure neither Jimmy nor actually MADE the headphones. Noel Lee- of
Apple Music interview: 'Algorithms can't do it alone – you need a human touch'.
Jimmy Iovine: 'Music is a relationship between a musician and somebody who loves music'
Theory: Jimmy Iovine negotiates like a major label. Eddy Cue fixes problems like Apple.
Why Serena Williams and Jimmy Iovine are investing in a startup that sells hair — yes, hai
telling us this isn't about her is BS, we all know shes got Jimmy Iovine on speed dial - do it privately if its not about you
Monster's lawsuit against Beats talks about Steve Jobs' friendship with Jimmy Iovine
Bob Lefsetz on transparency’s killing Jimmy Iovine. Success has become abusing people unnoticed
Apple Music's guarded details about payouts to rightsholders have leaked:
I hope Apple never lets Jimmy Iovine on stage again. It feels like they let some crackhead off the street on stage
Jimmy Iovine at WWDC: We’re building a service with only the greatest music.“ YAY! Oscar Peterson and Prokofiev 24/7! Right?
Jimmy Iovine is the world's most powerful drunk uncle
Jimmy Iovine sounds like your drunk uncle giving a speech at your wedding
Jimmy Iovine is giving me Drunk Uncle at the Funeral.
Jimmy Iovine is like a weird drunk uncle
Jimmy Iovine is like your insanely hip uncle.
left from Jamaica, going foreign couture. Jimmy Iovine, Tom Wali and Dior. Keep me and Chrissy in Christian Dior. But that was before, or,
A young Jimmy Iovine got a job as a studio cleaner and messenger. Right there he started learning about studio...
true or false. Jimmy Iovine former INTERSCOPE RECORDS employee was ousted for signing CHIEF KEEF.?
If this company is about anything, it's about discipline and staying focused. -Jimmy Iovine (Interscope Records)
Somehow I doubt Jimmy Iovine, Sean Combs, Bryan Williams or Shawn Carter had this much reading to do…
What are Apple's Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine up to? 11:59 AM EST: ... (Patty Smith, Tom Petty, U2, Dire Straits)...
“and Jimmy Iovine the newest inductees to the Hall of Fame
has been the best hire has made. Jimmy Iovine a close 2nd.
Steve Van Zandt did all my horn arrangements. Ronnie was brought in by Steve &/or Jimmy Iovine my producer.
An ex Beats partner claims he was scammed into selling his shares in the company before Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine inked the deal with Apple. So he's suing.
By MICHAEL LIEDTKEAP Technology Writer SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Rapper Dr. Dre and record producer Jimmy Iovine are being vilified as scam artists in a lawsuit that alleges the duo duped one of their former partners in Beat Electronics before selling the trendy headphone maker to Apple for $3 billion la…
Monster is suing Beats Electronics and its founders Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine -
Beats Electronics, Dr. Dre, and Jimmy Iovine sued for fraud by tech company Monster.
Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Beats being sued by Monster. Zero surprise with the allegations.
Dr Dre is being sued by the CEO of Monster for allegedly stealing the technology for Beats by Dre.
😂😂😂😂 wow.! Check out Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine Sued by Monster Over Beats By Dre
Monster slaps Beats and co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine with a lawsuit
Dr Dre & Jimmy Iovine sued by Monster over Beats $3 billion Apple deal
1995: I'm a businessman, not a gangster, I don't go by gangster rules. Touch or threaten me & I'm going straight to the…
Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine sued by partner over 'sham' deal -
Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine are being sued by their former partner, Noel Lee, CEO of Monster Electronics.
Hope Iovine, Dre & the other hacks & thieves at Beats have to pay through the nose not likely, tho (via
Dr Dre, Beats Electronics, and Jimmy Iovine are being sued for fraud
Via Dr. and Jimmy Iovine vilified as scam artists in new Beats lawsuit:
Dr Dre sued by former Beats partner: Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the founders of Beats Electronics, are…
FROM:Houston Williams (has sued Beats By Dre, a move which could result in an epic legal battle over the rival headphone companies. Monster was the original co-designer of Beats By Dr. Dre and also invented the technology, according to Monster CEO Noel Lee. In a lawsuit acquired by USA Today, Lee charges that “Iovine and Dre (Andre Young) committed fraud in pirating the headphones away from Lee and Monster.” Lee says, in papers filed in San Mateo (Calif.) County Superior Court, that Beats Electronics, Beats By Dre’s parent company, hid the comprehensive totality of his and Monster’s role in the creation of his eventual rival. Apple bought Beats for $3 million after they severed ties with Lee. To further punctuate the matter, Lee once had a 5% stake in Beats, but wasn’t able to participate in the millions of dollars earned in the buy-out. He would have made roughly $100, the lawsuit says. In 2013, Dre and Jimmy Iovine bought back Beats and then it was purchased by Apple a year later. In an interv ...
Eminem made a surprise appearance at the Wall Street Journal Innovator Award last night, presenting Dre and Jimmy Iovine with the Innovator award last night.
Getty Images It’s no secret that Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine made a lot of money earlier this year when they sold their Beats Electronics company to Apple. Last night (Nov. 6) Dre and Jimmy were honored at the Wall Street Journal’s 2014 Innovator Awards for their groundbreaking approach to branding…
Jimmy Iovine is pure genius. No one understands urban Black culture and consumerism more than that Jew
Jimmy Iovine is such a smart businessman re: (via
Jimmy Iovine, Beats' co-founder who joined Apple after the company acquired Beats in May, today spoke at the University of Southern...
The NFL banned players from wearing Beats headphones while on camera recently, following a league-wide deal with Bose. Now, Jimmy Iovine has come forward to make comments on that situation, saying it’s not that big of a deal at all. Continue reading →
Apple's founder was as powerful a force -- and just as cool -- as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, says Beats Electronics father and newly minted Apple executive Jimmy Iovine.
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Jimmy Iovine comments on the NFL banning players from wearing Beats headphones while on camera
Jimmy Iovine has a nice little jab about masking tape, too.
You know who's enjoying the NFL ban on Beats? Jimmy Iovine, a company founder/really rich guy
Of course... I would've said that too
Beats' Jimmy Iovine: When you met Steve Jobs, you found the party
Jimmy Iovine: NFL Beats ban makes us look like superheroes
Jimmy Iovine says meeting Steve Jobs meant finding the party -- though Tim Cook is pretty smart for buying Beats
Good Times wit man him self Jimmy Iovine!!!
Beats co-founder says ban turned them into superheroes
| Live from New York: Your digital future according to USC, featuring Jimmy Iovine |
Dr. Dre was going to do a sneaker line. Jimmy Iovine told him it was a terrible idea. So, they did Beats.
"According to Yang Hyun Suk, Jimmy Iovine admired CL and showed specific attention towards her."
.fines for using banned headphones is a bonanza for beats. Another fail.
Without a deep understanding of culture, tech innovation is nothing. via
on NFL headphone ban: 'I can't believe I'm this lucky'...
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Jimmy Iovine has been wanting CL for his own since 2009.
“Jimmy Iovine highly praised 2NE1’s leader, CL, as an incredibly talented artist full of potential.”
Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine inducted into the California Hall of Fame. View today's photo gallery: http:…
Barry Weiss , Jimmy Iovine and Doug Morris Probably Put the Word out to your Favorite Rapper/Singer to Shut the *** up
Wish 2 > Teedra Moses to gain White Knight in Shining Armour >Jimmy Iovine to save. her records and. help her reissue them + new ones .TomUK
the woah part is in the first half, when he's talking about Jimmy Iovine his producer, black & white footage yo
This janitor-turned-Apple exec looks more like "Dr. Evil on his way to an EDM concert on Jupiter"!
Steve and Jimmy: The Roots of Apple's Bid for Beats - Bloomberg
Jimmy Iovine. The guy went on to be the co-founder of a company called Beats. With some guy named Dr. Dre.
Macklemore - Jimmy Iovine (lyrics): .Took awhile to decide which song to go for. lyrical genius. Enjoy
neon cathedral a wake jimmy iovine starting over and we dances I could go on and on
Apple wants Jimmy Iovine to reignite its marketing magic
"As part of the deal, company co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre will become employees of Apple."
Earlier this year Jimmy Iovine who founded headphones giant Beats Electronics with rapper Dr Dre gav[...]
.Cent says Documentary album was originally his, but Jimmy Iovine approached him to help the newcomer o…
All these rappers and ceo's from the 90s are dead, broke, or in jail. Jimmy iovine and Ted Field are living it up still.
Video: Meet Jimmy Iovine. Is this Apples $3.2 billion man? - Fortune
Did Apple save Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine just in time?
(Rancho Palos Verdes, CA) Apples Senior Vice President and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine took the stage at Recode
Who's paying rappers to rap about "kill a *** . Jimmy Iovine, David Geffen, to name a few. they sign the checks.
I put my life on the line. I roll them dice and I'm fine. Cause all I… ♫ Jimmy Iovine by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis —
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