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Jimmy Hendrix

James Marshall Jimi Hendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix; November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) was an American guitarist and singer-songwriter.

Jim Morrison Kurt Cobain Janis Joplin Foxy Lady Bob Marley Purple Haze Stevie Ray Vaughan Pink Floyd Jimi Hendrix Johnny Cash Marvin Gaye John Bonham John Lennon

A new favorite: Jimmy Hendrix by NikiSanki on
Cold beer, hot shower, and some jimmy Hendrix.
is as good as jimmy Hendrix to me they are just absolutely AMAZING
Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page. They're all so talented they're like music's gems. Buh-dum-tsss
My grandma told me about her obsession with Jimmy Hendrix and gave me her old records it's a good day
Jordana thought jimmy page was jimmy Hendrix and thought Kurt Cobain is a rapper . What is life 😂🔫
Jimmy Hendrix is currently performing "I'm Twelve and I Eat Weed."
you should come ba k to the wwe with the theme voodoo child by Jimmy Hendrix
Jimmy Hendrix and Skrillex are currently performing.
Joplin, Heroin, Cocaine, Cobain, raise my hendrix to Jimmy
😂😂😂😂 jimmy Hendrix is my real name I can relate...hate introducing myself to new people
...Jimmy Hendrix exhibit, history of music videos exhibit... and they change throughout year. I am a member!
Waiting for tupac movie to come out my man john singleton on that so that ain't for play play.. then andre 3000 gone kill jimmy hendrix role
And now they're playin Jimmy Hendrix...this is so good...
Dads tribute to Jimmy Hendrix kills it
There was a guy at karaoke last night who insisted on hand farting the entire solo to jimmy Hendrix voodoo child
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From Jimi Hendrix to Jimmy Page, these are the greatest guitarists of all time: (via
: Met Jimmy Hendrix @ Cafe Wha? b4 he made it. He had really cool shoes on & said he got them in Det., my hmetwn. Sooo nice!
now I know what jimmy hendrix felt sorta like
only 1 legend in this pic. For those of you who hate, he released the most posthumous material after jimmy Hendrix.
If Jimmy Hendrix was to release Foxy Lady today, the song would be considered a musical form of "Cat Calling".
I am the recreation of jimmy Hendrix
So I'm hearing talk of there being a Jimmy Jazz in Westgate?
Jimmy Hendrix National anthem is one of the bests ever
lol it was so funny and weird. They then mixed right into a Jimmy Hendrix tune 😆😆😆
They went from Disney's Little Mermaid "Kiss the Girl" to Jimmy Hendrix at the Bulk Barn. Interesting mix 😆
Last night when Jimmy Hendrix told me that he lives in England, in his own castle next to the Queen, I couldn't help but burst out laughing.
New art blocks from Studio 48! Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Hendrix, John Lennon, and the Blues…
can we have Cory Monteith, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, Jimmy Hendrix, Brandon Lee and Paul Walker back? ):
nah man, it's Jimmy Page, Robert Plant & John Bonham man 😂. Might be thinking of Jimi Hendrix?
Today I found out my father in law went to see Jimmy Hendrix in 1967 but left early because it was too loud. Amazing.
I can now confirm that playing the star spangled banner by Jimmy Hendrix makes any speech more motivating.
When the power of love over overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.- Jimmy Hendrix
Food for thought with Jimmy Hendrix, George Carlin, Ron Paul, Bill Hicks...: via
Back with another jam from Wayne's World, Jimmy Hendrix - Foxy Lady
he's great, but I love Jimmy Page, Hendrix and Clapton.
Pauly Mesches blasting jimmy Hendrix out of his car
I liked a video from jimmy Hendrix Gypsy eyes remix by weedy alien
John 5, Michael Amott, Jimi Hendrix, James Hetfield and Jimmy Page are definitely my biggest inspirations when it comes to guitar.
Hendrix and Clapton are just guitar players. Jimmy Page is a way of life.
When Ansel Adams & Jimmy Hendrix shape the work of a Photographer:
next funding raising event is 31st January. Jimmy Hendrix classics from .
You can never go wrong witg Jimmy Hendrix
When a Night of Jimmy Hendrix on Vinyl and a box of Pencils and Pens get all mixed up...
I literally just called jimmy Hendrix Jamie and then proceeded to laugh so hard I farted
I need a haircut before I end up Looking Like Jimmy Hendrix
The last photo of Jimmy Hendrix with his guitar ''Black Betty'' before He die .
My dad fell asleep to the relaxing melodies of Jimmy Hendrix.
-By: Jimmy Hendrix . 36x48 acrylic on canvas. $500
R&B songs dumb weak now .. thats y I listen to straight drill music and jimmy hendrix
if i'm free it's because i'm always running. (C) Jimmy Hendrix
And if you see like a wrong thing to get drunk or smoke weed, please... listen some stuff of Janis Joplin, or Jhon Lennon, or Jimmy Hendrix
Tom Morello, Jimmy Hendrix and Jimmy Page are the greatest guitarists of all time.
shouts to my district manager for that quick history session on jimmy Hendrix
I think I'm jimmy hendrix experience my faith all I'm missing is a band of gypsies and some Purple Haze
Im gonna sit here listening to jimmy Hendrix and think about how much I hate you
My English professor this semester was a flight attendant who partied with Jimmy Hendrix and his band in her younger days
that's how I won it, went on as Jimmy Hendrix, absolutely smashed it
Meet the Masters: Ryan McDermott Snowboard Tuning Guru: Jimmy Hendrix and Ryan McDermott. Both masters of prov...
Had a dream I got stoned with Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page last night was the best thing ever
...that no one else even notices. Like your laugh and how it sounds like a mix of Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock, and two rainstorms singing...
All purpose parts banner
I wanna be the first rapper to go out like Jimmy Hendrix and Rick James
Isn't it time Jimmy Hendrix's rendition of America's National Anthem be played at the super bowl? What a show that would be.
Jimmy Hendrix. I'm just backstage getting stoned
I'd be a groupie for Marvin Gaye, Jimmy Hendrix, Ottis Retting, Big Daddy Kane, Tupac. Dassit. Das all.
"Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens" - Jimmy Hendrix
I love Marshall and line 6, depends on what you want to play though, I play Jimmy Hendrix, Cream, Steve vai stuff
My friend compared my removed boobs fat to Jimmy Hendrix's guitar and catalogued as "National Treasure"
"In case Jimmy Hendrix shows up -- here's my number" ... That Max Denison. So confident.
Pops was a rolling stone like Jimmy Hendrix
Did anyone know that other than Queen, Guns N Roses, Jimmy Hendrix, and Bob Marley all never won any Grammy's? Fact.
Every time I hear Jimmy Hendrix's "Foxy Lady," I automatically think of Wayne's World.
Bob Seger taught us how too " Turn the Page" with his lyrics. Jimmy Hendrix told how to be smooth with "Foxy Lady" And Led Zeppelin said no matter what, you gotta "Ramble On".
Sorry..Selena Gomez and Jimmy Hendrix in the same commercial is a big FOUL for me...a no no oh *** no..
Ultimate band of deceased rockers: Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Cliff Burton and John Bonham.
Recording drums with Sebastian Keefe (Family of The Year) in the studio where Lou Reed and Jimmy Hendrix recorded...
so far they have played Jimmy Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. So much fun but the kids are…
A white girl knowing about Jimmy Hendrix or can actually say they listened to the Wu Tang Clan and its not CREAM is a big Dream man
Uilton Pinheiro in downtown Sorocaba Sao Paulo representing Brazil doing a drum cover version in home video of the classic Jimmy Hendrix Experience. Send bul...
Did Hendrix just try and save Jimmy's season?
Sad trip to the Central Coast brightened by friends and unexpected opportunities: After the services for 'Madge' I got to spend a few hours with Paul, my bestie from Fort Ord/Seaside. I took him to the Monterey Fairgrounds. Now you must know something about Paul. He IS the luckiest man. While we're taking in the sights we speak to a groundsman who says, 'so I guess you want to see the Jimmy Hendrix spot, right?' We look at each other and say, Sure. And the guy precedes to take us on stage and allows us to take photos with the 'burn spot' on the Monterey Jazz Festival Stage. Oh, as he left he said lock up after you leave! Only Paul. Later we visited Seaside HS and the current director was there and offered a tour of the facility. Overall a great morning.
She's my Heart n Soul what Jimmy Hendrix is to Rock n Roll
Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, two of the greatest guitarists. Jimmy Page not Clapton...!
just imagine you're going to see Jimmy Hendrix. Or Close enough.
Nas Documentary is incredible. Hendrix biopic is unbearable.
Jimmy Hendrix - The more money you make, the more you can sing the blues | The Last Furlong
Morgan Freeman looks like Jimmy Hendrix in that photo.
Jimmy Hendrix Axis Bold As Love album and the song. Sonic adventure from top to bottom. Blues Rock Jazz poetry and art in one!
our first visit last year. We couldn't get over the art. Jimmy Hendrix was my favorite. Its somewhere around St. catherines
Can't wait to see the Jimmy Hendrix film😳😳
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I can almost play voodoo child by jimmy Hendrix on guitar yeh!! 🎸✌️
“Is this jimmy Hendrix or d'angelo? disappointed” u do understand how great of a comparison that is right?
Chris If I could have you In my band. I think that'd be like playing guitar with Jimmy Hendrix. Especially since he's dead.
wev got a guitar, Ruby thought she woz jimmy hendrix last nite, not switched it on tday
No one knew jimmy Hendrix died yesterday 😐
John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix and Kurt Cobain are all dead but Nicki Minaj is still alive and that's what's…
Jimmy Hendrix gives you that stoner vibe.
They should have a Jimmy Hendrix hologram at coachella
Not drinking so much so I don't end up like Jimmy Hendrix
"Who's your favorite music artist of all time? That's tough... I might have to say Jimmy Hendrix!
Like if jimmy Hendrix had a child with DGD
My moms said looks like Jimmy Hendrix
Shoulda told her I was Jimmy Hendrix and started singing lol made her freak out
a lot of respect for Munky, he's like the Jimmy Hendrix of the modern era 😂 too much 😂
Coffee benched, Alcohol suit up? Well, just put on my big Jim Beam jersey, hooked up Jimmy Hendrix, "Waterfall", still sober!
“PvH plays footgolf. With his fro he looks big Jimmy Hendrix lives😀
Excuse me, while I kiss this guy... -Jimmy Hendrix
Abi doesn't know who Jimmy Hendrix is
Won one match on guitar hero and now I basically think I'm the next jimmy Hendrix 🎸✌️
Andre 3000 as Jimmy Hendrix. I have to see that!
Yeah & Ebola 😨 Club 27 - it's those great young musicians who died at 27, so Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain & so on
It offends me that doesn't know who Jimmy Hendrix is.
Geeza next door thinking he's jimmy Hendrix on the guitar
" Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome." -Jimmy Hendrix
i still can't get over that one chick who spelled Jimi Hendrix " Jimmy Hendrix " :(
“Woke up feeling like I'm jimmy hendrix”go back to sleep
Woke up feeling like I'm jimmy hendrix
your lucky *** is the 70s huh? last year I was a 70s rocker. lmao had a jimmy Hendrix crop top on
She's funky like jimmy Hendrix hangs with all the sin cliques.
Don't know why it took me this long to listen to jimmy Hendrix...
happy that i get to write an essay on Jimmy Hendrix but this stupid prompt is what is killing me...
Can't decide whose the better guitarist.. Jimi Hendrix or Jimmy Page.
We should live like if God was Jimmy Hendrix and we were a electric guitar and simply allow God to use us to play a sweet tune...
But I cannot say no to Jimmy Hendrix. 💨
Jimmy Hendrix can keep on choking on his throw up
I'm wearing a jimmy Hendrix shirt that should be throw back enough right?
"These portraits should have names, like this one: Jimi Hendrix". "That's Jim Morrison. Jimmy Hendrix is black ..."
"My wife thought jimmy Hendrix was a snooker player coz of jimmy White and Stephen hendry -I just thought the same thing 😂
B.B. King, Muddy Walters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Hendrix and adding a new *** to my blues playlist my man Gary Clark Jr
You can't call Connor Maynard better than jimmy Hendrix, *** off
Somehow my drawing of Jimmy Hendrix looked like a man eating an ostrich
jimmy Hendrix was the work choice of music tonite? What's your views? Riff raff?
I can't have my phone out in class because we have to watch jimmy Hendrix do drugs... Okay
Listening to Jimmy Hendrix cuz these *** is to wack
Shout out to Jimmy Hendrix .thanks Swiftopher H. Walken for that idea now that And 100% been on...
that's why we're listening to jimmy Hendrix
There must be some way out of here said the joker to the thief--Jimmy Hendrix.  It's gettting late...Follow
just like jimmy Hendrix is meant for his guitar. My soul tune is meant for you 😂
Fredo reminds me of Jimmy Hendrix. Style is super funky
I forgot your name was jimmy Hendrix 😂
Ugh Jimmy Hendrix makes me feel like my heart is going break out of my chest and play a sweet bass line
It's crazy what Jimmy Hendrix could do with a guitar... On so many drugs. I would lay down on stage and crap my pants in front of everyone.
Me and experience Hendrix guitarist Billy at the experience Hendrix show in Mesa ! Long live Jimmy!
ok we're gunna need some music by either jimmy Hendrix or righteous brothers. I'll bring da beers
I feel like Wiz dyed his hair purple as some kind of homage to Jimmy Hendrix. Am i right?
I wish jimmy hendrix bob marly and 2pac were with me smoking weed that be awesome but there dead:(
The new Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Ray Charles postage stamps may just make a stamp collector out of me.
you did yo hair like that because of Jimmy Hendrix huh?
People wearing The Rolling Stones Jimmy Hendrix Bob Marley or Nirvana shirts that don't know any of their music *** me off
“So for way back Wednesday should I bring out the Jimmy Hendrix?” Jimi
I've listened to podcast about the NBA, Jimmy Hendrix, an interview with the My Chemical Romance lead singer & movies...covered it all today
Who is the greatest rock guitarist? . Eddie Van Halen. Joe Satriaini . Jimmy Hendrix. Steve Vai. Who do u like?
Ok so yesterday me and Dallas was driving down the road and talking about his school Talent show that happens at the end of the year and my son has an old soul because he say to me he wants to sing I said ok knowing he's not so good but if that's what he wants to do I'm all in but then he say I want to sing Jimmy Hendrix Purple Haze i was shocked by what he said and started laughing and said I didn't think that would be a good song to sing because the adults would be offended ok mom so can I sing any of his song I said no it would be better to sing one the kids would know he said to me but mom I like the old time music this new pop is not so good according to my son I love that he wants to listen to old rock 'n roll that's my boy I love him so much .
Mending denger ini dulu. Have you heard ‘Jimmy Hendrix - Red House’ by Wolfman Jack Galway on
Jimmy Hendrix with Jeremy Thorpe, leader of The Liberal Party.must be why he never got elected
Let's give some respect to Jimmy Hendrix. One of a kind
In my opinion Andre 3000 is perfect for the role as Jimmy Hendrix in "All Is By My Side" . Can't wait to see it 😁
What will it take to get a Jimmy Page, Angus Young, or a Jimi Hendrix?
Cruising on my board listening to Jimmy Hendrix
How in the world did Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Jimmy Hendrix, and Janice Joplin all die at the age of 27...
""Glorifying a drug addict is stupid" ~ cried fans of Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, and Elvis Presley" cit. Helen...
Jimmy Hendrix, pretty women and drugs tonight.
Fire - Jimmy Hendrix: vía just play with me and you won't get burned
My brother saw a picture of Kurt Cobain and asked if it was jimmy Hendrix from the band Pink Floyd. And he was being serious
Bit of Fleetwood Mac n Jimmy Hendrix if you don't mind😏
Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Hendrix. Jimmy Carter. Jimmy crack corn... They're all famous 'Jimmy's' for one reason or...
he m.i.a cause he being the jimmy Hendrix movie!
looking at my 8month old bopping to jimmy hendrix. MAGIC
you play my feels like Jimmy Hendrix played the guitar
Idk how Jimmy Hendrix played with an LSD soaked headband on every concert bc I def wouldn't be ok
They should have got to play Jimmy Hendrix in that movie:
Might go Jimmy Hendrix on em... lemme get a bandana and a razor blade yo
Jim Morrison Jimmy Hendrix Rain on our window HD Nature Morte Philinte: via
...follow me cause i know whats Hendrix doc...two wordz...C' mon
Loving the Early Hendrix or Jimmy Debate.. kinda super glad that nobody mention Yngwie!
A cassette of jimmy hendrix / We parked beside the railroad tracks
"She my Heart and Soul, what Jimmy Hendrix was to Rock and Roll, made me Believe I could Achieve the Impossible"- featured in NBC s Science of Love
I didn't come all Seattle and Jimmy Hendrix all died at 27.
lol, saw your new avi and my brain was like: oh hey, rico doing Jimi Hendrix.Click. Whoa! Not jimmy, not jimmy, abort, abort!
Most people have Hendrix and Clapton ahead of Jimmy Page all time, but I think Page is every bit as good as they are/were!
Is this the Jimmy Hendrix version of Argentine anthem?
I wish Jimmy Hendrix was still alive 😓
Musicians who i'd imagine would be really cool to know Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, John Entwistle, John Bonham, Jimmy Hendrix and Allen Woody
“tell me your five favourite musicians of all time?” Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye 🙌🙏
History of the world in fashion: Rococo, Native American, Boardwalk Empire, Moon Age, Jimmy Hendrix, Apocalypse, sky pirates.
"you have to go on and be crazy, craziness is like heaven"- Jimmy Hendrix
'Excuse me while I kiss the sky' . -Jimmy Hendrix
Key compares economy to Kurt Cobain & Jimmy Hendrix, his rowboats going backwards.
"Have you mailed your handwritten letter yet? has Johnny Cash stamps y'all!" and Jimmy Hendrix...far out trippy man!!💋🌈
You know who cuts class? Jimmy Hendrix. You know what happened to him? He died!
“Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the sweet Jimi Hendrix poster in the back?” thx Jimmy's my man
Jammin to some Jimmy Hendrix at work 👍
Jimmy Hendrix- little wing is the soundtrack of my life
A band who only play led zeppelin jimmy Hendrix and the who they must have confidence in their guitarist
Just reminding the family of Jimmy Hendrix playing at the in March 1967.
used to have a neighbour who thought he was Jimmy Hendrix, so annoying 😼
Blues Guitar Lesson - Pentatonic Guitar Lick in the Style of Jimmy Hendrix in E minor
Jimmy Hendrix - All along the watchtower Bass cover
he also thinks Jimmy Hendrix looks like Derek Rose?
Can't stop listening to jimmy Hendrix
"WANTED: Joe Budden, 6ft., 200lbs., for robbery (Sings "Hey Joe" by Jimmy Hendrix)Hey Joe What you doing With that gun in yo hand
Everyone in Houston got Ashton in his Jimmy Hendrix shirt
Jimmy Hendrix Experience on vinyl is where it's at.
Ajax-PSV man! Lots of young players in the XI and Jorrit Hendrix looks nothing like Jimmy Hendrix, sadly.
I think we saw Hendrix reach his peak,, and then we lost him. We saw Jimmy Page, Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie...
I thought that he's more Jimmy Somerville than Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Hendrix - Little wing , Pink - Just give me a reason , John Legend - All of me , Justin bieber - HeartBreaker ..
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
"You know who use to cut class. Jimmy Hendrix"
The boy who inspired me to play guitar,not Hendrix,not SRV,or not Van halen..but this guy...
Black ppl dont want a biracial to play Aaliyah or blk dominican to play Nina Simone but cool w/Andre3000 playin biracial jimmy hendrix
The greatest guitarist who ever lived was Jimmy Hendrix.
Video: Little bit of Jimmy Hendrix, little bit of Greg Allman, little bit of Chuck Berry, 100% Gary Clark,...
That moment you find out that Jimmy Hendrix played in Little Richard's band and Bootsy Collins played In James Brown band before going solo😳
you &TRIO sounded like a BLUESY ROCK band when you used the TELECASTER & I heard some JIMMY HENDRIX in there !
Including jazz, and R and B. Jimmy Hendrix. Quick Jones... (Must I include grunge?)
Andre 3000 is playing Jimmy Hendrix in his new film 😁
I'm like jimmy Hendrix in his early 20's , AMA playa I deserve to be with the snow bunny 🐰❄️
Jimmy Hall is touring with Jeff Beck this summer and fall. via Watch them play Hendrix
It was this track we did the beat was sick it was a sample from Jimmy came thru with a shorty.
EMP Museum tomorrow...Nirvana, Jimmy Hendrix, Sifi, fantasy, mythology, and horror film exhibits. I could not be more stoked
Kurt Cobain is the only reason I can like this state..and Jimmy Hendrix.. my ***
Jimmy Packes is like Jeff Beck and can play Jimi Hendrix agree with you great Rock n Roll
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Listening to a best of Jimmy Hendrix CD with my mom right now because she's awesome like that
my home screen consists of my two favorite things: jimmy Hendrix and titties
Pool time with Jimmy Hendrix and the agave.
And I'll take your girl. Jimmy hendrix used to say. I fall in love a million times a day. New york, london and tokyo
Favorite thing to do on car rides: listen to Jimmy Hendrix 🎶😍🎶
Thanks Ronnie for the privilege of holding the JH master tapes!
I believe it. Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix just a few
When I don't use hair products I resemble a hybrid mix of Albert Einstein and Jimmy Hendrix.
On one side of the room, a Real Madrid flag. On the other, posters of Lebron, Jordan, and Jimmy Hendrix
"The story of life is quicker then the. blink of an eye, the story of love is. hello, goodbye."- jimmy hendrix
This is awesome! How to dance to Jimmy Hendrix. I wonder how some Avenged, Otherwise, Pop Evil and Adelitas...
I'm basically jimmy Hendrix on guitar and there's nothing else I can possibly play if I wanted too
I think we got the same problem an I think we being played harder than Jimmy hendrix played the guitar
Jimmy Hendrix a big favorite of many people,. RIP Jim & thanks for all you have given to the world. . Buzz
It's not a ECU Football game with out Jimmy Hendrix and Purple Haze playing.
If I could go back and meet 3 people in history, I think it would be Einstein, Jim Morrison, and Jimmy Hendrix. Hendrix or Cobain
Hai jimmy hendrix. You're the best but unfortunately you decided leave my blue sky . So i decide to take…
Hay jimmy hendrix.. you're the best but unfortunately you decided to leave my blue sky. so i decide to…
Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton "Who are the 3 best Rock guitarists of all time?
Back to classics. Jimmy page and Jimi Hendrix.
This is jimmy Hendrix playing slug. Have a good night.
Jimmy Hendrix was a fool on that electric guitar
Jimmy hendrix : excuse me while i kiss the sky [pic] —
I know Jimmy Hendrix that's about it
Jimmy Hendrix had nothing to do with this discussion. Next.
Music before Jimmy Hendrix is like a black and white movie: sure it could still be great, but you always feel like it's missing something
BTW, cool version of the Jimmy Hendrix's classic "Wind Cries Mary" at the end of the movie, courtesy of ;o)
Along with Emilia Areheart and Glenn Miller.. with Jimmy Hendrix playing guitar and Lord Lucan playing Chess with Bruce Lee
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy James a k a Jimi Hendrix 1965 Travelling to California 2
there are two Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendrix
The last pics of Jimmy Hendrix are kinda disturbing.
Grab the jimmy no hendrix , put my *** in her appendix
Watching a documentary on Jimmy Hendrix this dude was something else. 🎸🎤
If I ever find someone with Jimmy Hendrix guitar skills I'll marry him on the spot tbh 😄
Megan Fox does enough acid for me, you, and Jimmy Hendrix
All I want is a Jimmy Hendrix shirt.
Things will change when the power of love takes over the love of power. - Jimmy Hendrix
IMO, the top three guitarists ever are Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton.
yeah I like nirvana I don't listen to them much. I like Jimmy Hendrix and Macklemore!
For all you guitarists with a bad case of thrash, I just stumbled upon yr shrine - Jimmy Hendrix's house in Morocco. http:/…
Hands down Jimmy Hendrix Pandora is the best station.
lol many people have said it my math teacher last year has a sticker of qoute on her desk and it says Jimmy Hendrix said it
Jimmy Hendrix was tripping balls when he preformed 😜
The things you see in London. Hendrix Gibson Flying V & Jimmy Page Les Paul
My oldest son is a huge Jimmy Hendrix fan
“And i listen to MGMT, Jimmy Hendricks, Bob Marley, and Elle Varner. Judge me lol” Jimi Hendrix*** I'm judging you
is it? Ugh that's what it was like at Oxegen too. Lol jimmy Hendrix is that the name of a camp?
or do a Jimmy hendrix and choke on your own vomit
My mom told my sister she looks like Jimmy Hendrix LMFAOO
The workers camp is miles away so I think we're all just gonna stay in Jimmy Hendrix anyway.
Told this guy I like jimmy hendrix and his reply was 'saw him live a year ago' please someone help me I can't breathe.
Did Jimmy Hendrix shirts really have this design, or is it a new invention?
Love love love my new Jimmy Hendrix tank ugh yay
as if jimmy hendrix played in ilkley in '67!!! What a time to be alive
You think u got a bad deal: 1965 ED Chalpin signed Jimmy Hendrix & his band to a 3yr recording contract for $1 & a 1% royalty rate
Love this Belgium fruity beer ... And listening to tribute to jimmy Hendrix @ The zone האזור
I really think I'm the second coming of jimmy hendrix
I think Andre 3000 will do a good job as Jimmy Hendrix. I may see it.
Which famous person from the past would you most like to meet? — Jimmy hendrix
RIP Johnny Winter. Glad I got to see someone live who shared a stage with jimmy Hendrix and muddy waters
Breast Cancer Awareness
«one of my favorite bands»same here Pink Floyd , Doors , Metallica , Tool , Jimmy Hendrix etc
All along the air traffic control tower by Jimmy Hendrix. Please make this stop! What have you done to me
What's your favourite guitar riff? Could it be Jimmy Hendrix and Purple Haze? Eric Clapton's Layla? Or the Theme From Shaft by …
what do Jimmy Hendrix and Himmy Jendrix both have in common? new ep on
the has Jimmy Hendrix stamps! Yes I still send letters, cards and parcels.
Hey Joe is like the best jimmy hendrix song.
“There must be some kinda way outta Here” Jimmy Hendrix
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