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Jimmy Hendrix

James Marshall Jimi Hendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix; November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) was an American guitarist and singer-songwriter.

Bob Marley Purple Haze Stevie Ray Vaughn Jim Morrison Janis Joplin Eric Clapton John Lennon Pink Floyd Bob Dylan Justin Bieber Freddy Mercury Freddie Mercury Jimi Hendrix Rolling Stones Otis Redding Elton John Johnny Cash Whitney Houston

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Kickin it with jimmy Hendrix's nephew
This generation be thinking jimmy page and Jimi Hendrix are XXL freshman smh
Heres the famous red brick house of yokohama, three little pigs live in there and jimmy hendrix…
Watching Freaks and Geeks for the first time. "You know who skipped class? Jimmy Hendrix! Now he's dead!"
Rafiki performs a concert with Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Dean Martin and Jimmy Hendrix. World Peace shortly follows.
So a guy tht my grandma knows just told me tht he met Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix in the 60s and went 2 evry Woodstock! Coolest ever
Jimmy hendrix and some choco tacos bro!
*** there r people that actually don't kno wat 4/20 is lmao tru enough its Easter but that day is for all the great chiefers from before like Bob Marley N Jimmy Hendrix.Lol people I looked up too cuz they smoke reefa n don't give af who cares!
Unfadhomality of human existence is euivalent to understanding a jimmy Hendrix solo
He. Talking bout got Jimmy standing up y u wanna play
I'm makin' Johnny Cash haters eat my Limp Bizkit. Buy a dub then I step no Skrillex, grab the Jimmy no Hendrix. Wait where's my appendix
I am Jimmy Hendrix and there is nothing you can do about it. 🎸
Jimmy Hendrix's "All Along The Watchtower" was playing on the radio this morning when I got up, set the mood for the rest of the night. I must of needed my sleep because I woke up just before six this evening. Long Live And Prosper
Laying in the bed in the hotel coloring and listening to Jimmy Hendrix...weee
Another irony in jimmy's story was the fact that after Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin died he went around saying he's and it happened
Need more music from a tribe called quest, grave diggas & jimmy Hendrix (I have none of there albums and I need them)
When lil J was in the womb & every Jimmy Hendrix riff id give her a little kick just to let her know to turn it up a lil bit
Miguel "Jimmy Hendrix" Jimenez 2 shots back.dude can play.
Got the coolest jimmy hendrix shirt today. ✌️🎸
Smoke like Jimmy Hendrix or burn a big spliff Bob Marley style buffalo soldier Rasta fari style
*** now he thinks he is Jimmy Hendrix !
We listened to Jimmy Hendrix all night long last night!
I can listen to Jimmy Hendrix all day
Im in here bumpin this Jimmy Hendrix
when do the jimmy Hendrix shirts ship out?? I preordered one and I'm curious when ill get it!
Here I am as Her Jimmy Hendrix.Luving her as much as I love ma carier+She's Ma Bestie.
Just heard some jimmy hendrix on the radio and it made me smile
Clare Claire Strickland gave me an idea. New thread.things that are better than the original. I'll start: All along the watch tower by Jimmy Hendrix is better than All along the Watchtower by Bob Dylan.
If like to see Amanda Holden's head explode whilst she does a jimmy Hendrix rift on the guitar! That's talent!
Purple Haze all in my brain Lately things just don't seem the same Actin' funny, but I don't know why 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky Purple Haze all around Don't know if I'm comin' up or down Am I happy or in misery? What ever it is, that girl put a spell on me Help me Help me Oh, no, no [faint, spoken lyrics...all questionable] Hammerin' Talkin' 'bout heart 'n'...s-soul I'm talkin' about hard stuff If everbodys still around, fluff and ease, if So far out my mind Somethings happening, somethings happening Ooo, ahhh Love jimmy hendrix
Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Eddie Van Halen are the masters of making guitar riffs
Jimmy Hendrix and a Budweiser , sweet start to the night
I am recording WoodStock and Jimmy Hendrix is playing the Star Spangle Banner on his guitar and it is awsome.
Jim Morrison or John Lenon or Bob Marly or Jimmy Hendrix or anyone of them,they were all great...!! Difficult to choose
My New Art Idea Vintage LP Albums Framed Great Gift for that music fan or hard to buy for person. These are the three that I am just starting with. Many more to my collection such as Jimmy Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Steppenwolf. The Beatles, Uriah Heep and much more. These come in 12.5 x 12.5-inch record album frame has an extra-deep capacity that accommodates double albums Comes with LP cover, sleeve and frame. All vinyl records have been tested and have no skips, there are surface marks from being used. But all are in good working condition Please message me for pricing
Cycling to a cafe in the middle of nowhere where jimmy Hendrix once had a drink 50 years ago was the most pointless thing I've ever done
When you surrender the love of power you find the power of loves. Jimmy Hendrix
Idk who custom Guitar was better Prince Bob Dylan or Jimmy Hendrix they all had the dope
Jimmy meets G_d. rt-. Jimi and Eric two of the greatest guitarists.
Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, two of the greatest guitarists
Jimmy Hendrix knew this, Bob Marley knew this, in fact we ALL know this, we just pretend not to. that's funny. Self fulfilling prophecy.
Jimi - Record 45 - Gloria -With Jimmy Hentrix Picture Sleeve RARE - This item is now for sa
Jimmy Hendrix is one of the greatest rockers of all time
the legendary Jimmy Hendrix, graphite on paper 37X54cm ..
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." . -Jimmy Hendrix.
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Just confused Jimmy Saville and Jimi Hendrix. What a *** up.
Oh so true...back in my day you understood the words.and it was music.Led Zepplen ...Ozzy...John Lennon(my favourite).Cream.i will even go back as far as Normie Rowe...Easybeats. Masters Apprentice. Pink Floyd...The Who...Jimmy Hendrix.the best.
I saw this thing that calls Future a weird rapper who thinks he's Jimmy Hendrix.
If Jimmy Hendrix hit song was written in Georgia in April I'm sure it would have been titled "Yellow Haze"
A few das ago I arrived back from the ultimate trip of a life time. Was invited to perform on a criuse out of Miami featuiring the Moody Blues, Starship, The Little River Band, The Zombies, Earlier this week I returned from the most extraordinay musical experience of my lifel Being part of a performance line up on a cruise is not new to me, however this lineup was so iconic it boggled the mind to surrealism. The Moody Blues, Starship, Roger Daltry, The Zombies, The Orchestra with ELO, Carl Palmer of ELP, Shawn Phillips, Little River Band, Light House, The Strawbs, Danny Vaughn of the Eagles, Phil Collin's son's new band Sound of Contact, and a secondary lineup of cover bands that rivaled many original artists like Jimmy Hendrix (if that is close to possible) the guys name was Randy Hansen, Led Zeplin, Genesis and many more. Two bands in particular - MellowYellow and Heavy Mellow were exceptionally different. The production staff of On The Blue presented over 60 concerts in 5 days and I had the honor ...
Driving across Arizona listening to some Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix with God as my co pilot that makes it a great morning
I want to thank everyone who came out to the jam last night... Harvey Cook was our co-host and he laid down some Mississippi Delta Blues.. Ms. Cheryl Petro kicked butt on a some Bonnie Raitt songs and sounded great.. Milton T Band was there and they played a great set.. The one and only Zakk Knight did an awesome set of Jimmy Hendrix songs and other songs and was a great crowd pleaser as usual.. We thank Zakk for coming out and look for him to host the jam in the upcoming weeks.. Richard Merriweather was also there and he did a great set and Cheryl Petro sang with Richard and she sung her heart out.. She's always a great singer. Also a big thanks for all of the drummers, Steve Gaither, Mike Kehl for helping out with the drum duties.. The Hero of the night was the professor, Jason Jimerson - we needed a guitar amplifier and he happened to have a couple in his car.. A BIG thank you to JJ. We love everyone who comes out and makes the Jam successful..We can't ever forget the awesome owner of The Hilltop, ...
Going to get a new bird today. Now I need a new name. I have birds named Marley after ( Bob Marley) I have Morrison after ( Jim Morrison) maybe I should name the new one Hendrix..idk yet though cause I'm not a jimmy Hendrix fan but Eminem just don't seem to go with Marley and Morrison...could call it snoop...hmm if its a girl I've decided it will be Jane for Mary Jane. I will have 3 birds flying around my room today love watching the lil guys
Can you imagine what the world would be like if we still had Jimmy Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn?
That many cuts on my hands I'm going to have to do the jimmy Hendrix and learn to strum with my teeth
I think I'm Jimmy Hendrix,I think I'm Kurt Cold Bang, John Lennon gone insane,sum1 take ths gun b4 I blow my brain BANG! Thts Ab Soul on my mawng playlist *Good mawng free world!*
Ear worm.I find myself waking each morning now with Fr. Kelly singing hallelujah. Could be worse, it could be Jimmy Hendrix doing the national anthem- yikes, another ear worm! Off to Annie's run at Harborside.
“name your top 5 artists”. the Beatles , nirvana , Bob Marley , jimmy Hendrix & front porch step .
When stacks kills that Jimmy Hendrix role they will understand why his back was turned.
One of FuturePresent Fotographs of Kadia @ Bournemouth Folk Club (Kaia Vieira, Willowen and Kadia) is of Jimmy hendrix and Paul Burke
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Looking thru my videos now. I know I have one of James Papastathis III singing a Jimmy Hendrix song. Will post later.
listening to Jimmy Hendrix . savoring what could possibly be my last home cooked meal of my life.
"Jimmy" Hendrix? Did I buy this from Napster circa 1999?
I'm from where Jimmy Hendrix is the king and Macklemore is the second coming...
My brother turned into jimmy Hendrix overnight
Jimmy Hendrix bio on sky arts 1. The more I learn about this legend the more amazed I get!! My absolute HERO! This guy.
Today I accidentally bought a scarf with jimmy Hendrix face on it so theres that
“Welcome to the fam ok jimmy Hendrix
Samuel John Vincent posted: Hey Spammers!...It's Friday baby!...Darlene's butt dancin,' Miss Pam and Ra Ra Rule are mixing and pouring your faves...the guys are showerin,' shavin,' slappin' on the Brut (does anybody still use that?) and putting their best party duds on...the gals are fixing their "do's," polishing their nails, slithering into their sexy little numbers and carefully putting "Charlie" on the neck, wrists and "elsewhere." (remember that fragrance...I loved it on Pam!) The girls have their dancin' shoes on and they are ready to get down! So...where are they going to meet?...why Spam's of course...home of the coldest drinks and hottest babes! Tonight, we have "Viento" for your listening pleasure and the boys have come down from Sweetwater to rock your night...last time they played we had a packed house...for good reason...these guys are dynamite! If you can't make it tonight...don't panic...tomorrow night Delbert, Frog and Sam take the stage and they will be making Jimmy Hendrix, The Eagles, T ...
Shavo ododjian on bass james hatfield on vocals travis barker on drums sir Elton John on piano and of course jimmy hendrix ond guitar. ... ladies and gentlemen, the greatest band ever! Well in my opinion. .. if it was possible, what type of music do u think they'd play? We go Metallica, blink 182, sir john, the jimmy, and system of a down!
you know who used to cut class? jimmy Hendrix. know what happened to him? he died.
that's a tough one! I think it would have to be jimmy Hendrix or Freddy Mercury with queen
I can't do anything about the traffic on a Friday afternoon - I can turn the radio up! ZZ Top...The Who...Eric Clapton...Jimmy Hendrix...
Having like a Rolling Stones , jimmy Hendrix , Beatles type of day . Kinda weird .
This kush got my chest congested I'm high off this Bob Marley that Jimmy Hendrix
Coogie rainbow shorts, jimmy hendrix shirt. Black polo sneakers man im like 4sho. Wat it is playa. Lookin good feelin good! U like it i love it. Its all good round my way, haters caint touch me, got my name comin out yo mouth, im on ya mind. Its the thought that counts thinkin of me all the time. Homy i keep it movin, get ya weight up. Pull yo card but keep on mumblin .what u say(nothin) mike check loud speakers just so ya hear me.
SHOUTOUT to all Jesus People (you know who you are!)...just found a great video with Phil Keaggy and Paul Clark (never heard of them? You were just born too late!) doing Bob Dylan's great song "Gotta Serve Somebody" at a live concert from Word of Life Church in St. Louis. (Who's Phil Keaggy, you say? Well, it's reported that when Jimmy Hendrix was asked "what's it like to be the world's greatest guitar player?" he is supposed to have replied "I don't know...why don't you go ask Phil Keaggy?" This stirred up a lot of outdoor "Jesus Festival" juices in me; hope it blesses you just as much. And what a church band!
I lived here for almost 18 years finally went to Jimmy Hendrix grave site .I had wait so long for people to walk away its always busy with people hanging out.
Had me first guitar lesson today next week jimmy Hendrix lol
It's Friday puro sit back chill an listening to some Jimmy Hendrix
What's your choice? I'm undecided! Either Jimmy Hendrix or Freddy Mercury or Jim Morrison! Hard decision!
Lost all faith in the youth. They leave school retarded. Had to explain what a spartan is, who jimmy hendrix, Johnny Cash and christopher colombus was...
Something to hopefully make you smile for the weekend!!. The Art of Christopher Lovell (Chris) who we worked with on Lost All My Tears, he wrote the main melody line in 90 seconds over our backing chords experimenting Jimmy Hendrix Style! Enjoy & have a great weekend :)
My cover of Hey Joe by the legendary Jimmy Hendrix is coming soon as I'm left handed too I thought it would be fitting to do a version of the great song.
And then there was rock. Arguably the most influential guitar design to ever come along. Yes, there is the Les Paul, but the Strat had this trem system and was Jimmy Hendrix's first choice. Says it all.
Jamie Emerson says babes this is me im like babe this is jimmy hendrix hes like yeah im jamie hendrix... Way to funny xx
Just watched Jimmy Hendrix live at Woodstock- such genius! He was so incredible. ❤️🎶
After a huge week in Perth.delayed flights home.and a f up with the grease monkeys that manage the cabs at Sydney airport...finally O's pegging a hackie sack across the house at one another whilst Jimmy Hendrix (Jenkins for a certain Anthony Morales!) blasting in the background...home sweet home!
Mayhem near South Main (Downtown). A drunk driver repeatedly crashed into this house and several other things yesterday afternoon. The drunk driving spree including the hit-running of several moving cars though out the downtown area and ended near 1400 Cumberland after repeatedly crashing into an Italianate duplex-home built in 1884. Here is the narrative of the incident by one of the duplex residents, a notorious Subgenius collage artist named Byron Werner (the Jimmy Hendrix artwork is his) : "I hear a car crash, and the squealing tires so I go out side to see what's going on. I hear another bigger crash and see that my neighbor's cadillac across the street has been PLOWED IN. Then I see the guy that did it, maroon SUV is now pulling a big loop to turn around and flee (I guess). He hits the house next door, takes out a small tree and then is DRIVING ALONG MY PORCH taking out beams and the whatchcallit, ballustrade?, anyway, just tearing up the house I rent and is heading right at me! I duck back in and . ...
Five acts that I will not get to see. Zepplin. Nirvana. Jimmy Hendrix. Janice Joplin. Stevie Ray Vaughn. And an extra. The Beatles
Jimmy Hendrix face printed on the front of this white tee by Wabi Sabi.
its just a close tie with Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley, Freddy Mercury, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix and Johnny Cash...that is all though...I cant choose one, if I had more time I could probably narrow it down to 3...
If anyone can help out I friend posted this: (let me know if you have any) In need of rock/concert tshirts. Don't have a lot to spend & faded is ok. Going to have a quilt made for my sons 13th bday. A few requests hes made so far: AC/DC, Skid Row, Van Halen, Def Lep, Jimmy Hendrix, Poison, Guns and Roses to name a few. He also likes the boss, Journey & George Thorogood. Lmk
Somebody just told me "For a *** boy, you just rocked that!" And then gave me a high five. What does that mean? "For a *** boy?" Freddie Mercury is a *** boy, Elton John is a *** boy, Jake Shears is a *** boy, Billie Joel Armstrong of Green day is a bisexual boy. And I'd hate to add this, but, Marilyn Manson is a straight boy, and he dresses in lady clothes, as did Jimmy Hendrix. So your point is? As far as I'm concerned, The biggest queens, Are some of the biggest badasses out there.
At the palace theater in Waterbury Connecticut, here for the Jimmy Hendrix show
Jimmy Hendrix and Joe Walsh on Guitar, John Paul Jones on Bass, Neil Peart on Drums, and Freddie Mercury on Vocals
Alpha Blondy’s upbringing is as rich and diverse as his music. Hailing from the Ivory Coast, Alpha Blondy was born to a Muslim mother and a Christian father and brought up by a grandmother who taught him to love everyone. He always raised awareness about social injustice and aimed to promote unity in his lyrics and in real life, which eventually led him to become the Ambassador for Peace for the UNESCO, NATO and CEDEAO. The singer grew up listening to African folkloric music, but was influenced by American bands like Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Otis Redding. He was introduced to Bob Marley’s music when he moved to New York to study English at Hunter College and in Columbia University’s American Language Program. After a brief stint in Paris to record his 1984 album Cocody Rock, he headed to Jamaica to record the title track with Marley’s backing group, The Wailers. Later, he returned to in Kingston’s Tuff Gong Studios to record his third album Jerusal ...
Me: we should of watched the fight tonight! Joe: oh yeah Jimmy Hendrix was fighting. (Dead serious face) Me: baby.johny Hendricks lmfao! Man this guy makes me laugh sometimes!!! Lol actually all the time!
Driving in the snow tonight listen to the likes of Jimmy Hendrix, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson couldn't help but smile as I thought of having Jam sessions with my Niece's and Nephews and setting around the camp fire late at night with the likes of Dana Sandler Evans, Natalie Evans, Amy Evans Bottcher, Theresa Jeffers Shaw, Shawna Hutchison. Cindy Lou Sandler-Hutchison, Rusty Greene, (Both "Little" and "Antique " versions) Mark Anthony Greene Amber Brenner, Kathleen Kasey Sandler Mitchell, Norman and Gina Greene. Having family Fun with the likes of.
"HOGAN! HOGAN! HOGAN! I wish the Jimmy Hendrix song kick on & he came out as nOw Hogan.
So that's a botch. He should be Hollywood Hogan, and we should be hearing Jimmy Hendrix.
just be thankful you're not beside me, you're sleeping habits would consist of 4am bedtime and jimmy Hendrix the rest
Jimmy Hendrix was my 1st kiss I was13,pulled in same gas station same sport cars he came over and gently kissed my lips so...
Leave it to Jimmy Hendrix To Know what it takes.
Bout to start listing to jimmy Hendrix🔥
Lived my life in a room full of mirrors all i could see is me. Dropped the pride and broke all the mirrors now the world i can see...(jimmy hendrix)
Carmen Borrero (a puertorican model) was one of Jimmy Hendrix's girlfriends.
Some Jimmy Hendrix to kill the time👌
I was trying to find u a version of Nigel Kennedy 'fire' from jimmy Hendrix stone free album but alas couldn't find on YT
how is this any different than Jimmy Hendrix at wood stock? A lot of people were outraged then but today he is an icon
While listening to the station I had and jimmy Hendrix only songs for the first 20 min.
Jimmy Hendrix is keeping me pumped rn
“I’m the one that’s got to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.” ~Jimmy Hendrix.
Johnny Hendrix, first born son of Jimmy Hendrix, raised as John Andrade. Johnny is the front man, lead vocalist, guitarist, story writer and a well known artist.
When the power of love is greater than the love of power ... The world will be a better place. Jimmy Hendrix
I miss coach Nells. Him and his Jimmy Hendrix on early morning runs.
Rolling Stones, ac/dc, aerosmith, queen, scorpions, the who, the clash, led zeppelin, nirvana, jimmy hendrix, nirvana, black sabbath...
Imagine if there was a hologram Jimmy Hendrix at
Up to the 60s now. The Stooges, the Who, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane - mods and hippies frolicking in M.A.D.
Electric Ice Cream Makes Sweet Music: Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page are know for their sweet lic...
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Hologram party hosted by bob marly with special guest jimmy Hendrix , biggie , Elvis & manny more
Jimmy Hendrix's version of Like A Rolling Stone omg I'm in love.
Does anyone know how jimmy Hendrix died please thank u in advance xx
My daughters face when I put Jimmy hendrix on. She's not impressed with my version lol world
you are having in depth conversations about jimmy Hendrix... Where was my invitation
Pandora on my cell fone. Fone charger, ear buds, jimmy Hendrix all along the watchtower. It's a good day at work. :)
Castles made of sand melts into the sea eventually - jimmy hendrix
Dey say I'm like Jimmy Hendrix in his early 20's
Little Jimmy Hendrix on the radio this morning at work. Ain't nothing wrong with that!
Jimmy Hendrix was black? Oh my god I'm gonna need another round hit me
they did not Jimmy Hendrix pushback.
Jimmy Hendrix could play a better solo with his teeth than I could ever with my fingers
I just want to ask? Who besides me has watched the first moon landing, & seen Jimmy Hendrix live???
Had the greatest ph call 2nyte bby dad rings me up 2 see if i can help our sons with there hm wrk asking about the 5 great memories frm the age of ONE to FIVE was great havn tht time helpn ur kidz wea eva u mayb n the country. Afta we done the hm wrk my eldest son mikaire jumps n the ph n playz his mum MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB it was the cutest eva the first verse of jimmy hendrix mean az my son keep up the Great mahi love yo Uz my s0nz c u s0on xoxoxo
Make a moohican and Jimmy Hendrix smile at the same time
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Jus bottle them feelings up and trow them in the closet - Jimmy Hendrix
Purple Haze by Jimmy Hendrix on the ride home right now 👌
Also, Will Smith as The Devil/Lucifer was priceless, especially because he was wearing a Jimmy Hendrix tee under a blazer.
"You make my mind go in circles,Kinda like a maze,Funky,Crazy, Jimmy Hendrix, Purple Haze"
Well I know Jimmy's not gonna win so let's go Dale jr!
It was Jimmy hendrix "Are you expereinced??" album that i got stoned for the first time at the ripe old age of 23.
My room has turned into a Jimmy Hendrix song
Back in the early 70s I lived in San Rafael CA with my wife at the time Debbie. We had an extra room and advertised for a room mate. Denise Pantos a Greek girl with the most stunning green eyes I have ever seen answered our add and rented the extra room. Denise was so funny and a sweet person. She had just broken up with her boyfriend when she moved in. We shared meals together and hung out together. One day Denise said she was getting along better with her boyfriend and had invited him over for the week-end.Her Boyfriend was Buddy Miles of Jimmy Hendrix Band of Gyspies . Buddy loved my cooking and became a regular at out house .He kinda of moved in. This was just after Jimi Hendrix overdosed. Denise moved out after about 2 years and later married Buddy. He died and I lost track of them after that.
Please follow He's a big Leafs fan and a talented young guitarist, perhaps Jimmy Hendrix reincarnated. Let's get him to 1000.
Get wasted, too wasted, so wasted it's scary Yellow canaries in my ear, they pretty Let's party like it's 1960, I'm the E A Jimmy Hendrix Now the hip I'm a hippopotamus, I'm rolling up that rhinoceros Shes jockin and it's obvious, I landed in your metropolis Don't know who the baby's father is, but I don't owe no apologies She just want a Harley, I'm rollin up the Marley, I'm drunk as Paul Mcartney I'm aided by the shawty I'm Gucci Mane not pootie tang, I put it down, don't pick it up Advice to you, don't pick on us, Me and Yelawolf got crazy guns We came here with 5 of em, we gon leave here with 9 of em That's 14, I'm keepin em around, I'm goin til I get tired of em
Tafe lecturer: Jimmy Hendrix created his own sound. Student: What was his sound? Lecturer: Take as many drugs as you can and it'll sound great.
So I just managed to catastrophically injure my lip with a freezy pop. If capacity for accidental self harm were analogous in any way to guitar playing I would be Jimmy Hendrix.
I heard if you listen to like woah backwards jimmy Hendrix plays a guitar solo with your girls ***
Jimmy Page is probably the second best guitarist of all time after Jimi Hendrix
When The power of Love overcomes The Love of power, The world Will know The peace -Jimmy Hendrix-…
It is clear that Spring is coming. There are lot's of folks in the market square, browsing through the new tables of dream-catchers, water-colour-charcoal drawings, cute baby coats and sweaters and jewelerry. The water-colours show images of Bob Marley, John Lennon and Jimmy Hendrix. A man by beaver-tails strums the blues: E A B. My eye catches a Canadian flag, limp and still, as if resting after mining and winning so much Gold. The Sun is strong in the middle sky, amid a few smokey clouds. There's a line up at Beaver Tails. I can smell them cooking. I remove my yellow hat to feel the Sun and circle the block again. There's a new musician plying his trade by Beaver tails this time, having replaced the acoustic blues-man with all the toonies in his guitar case. I guess he caught enough lobsters for today. The new player is playing "Farewell to Nova Scotia" on a flute. The Horse and buggies are out, both white, with a black Horse and a white Horse, side by each. I head for home, zigzagging through the stre ...
Imagine being able to play guitar like Slash or Jimmy Hendrix😕😕
Tweeked out this jimmy hendrix painting...good looks
I think im jimmy Hendrix, I think I'm Kurt Cobain, I think I'm John Lennon. Gone insane.
Nor Bob Marley neither Jimmy Hendrix have ever won a Grammy , if that doesn't make it a useless award I don't know what will
I learned the Star-spangled banner on the Fender today. Look out Jimmy Hendrix!
Listening to Bootsie Collins, Prince, and Jimmy Hendrix! I have so many musical ideas in my head I have to write them down!
What teens are listening to today is not "music"! How can we compare people like Jimmy Hendrix to Justin Bieber? Seriously!
The Radio Station Showtime Rádio is an internet radio service, devised to bring back the greatest hits from the 60’s and 70’s from all around the world, including Brazilian’s Popular Music (MPB). In those years, the best of the music scene was not only on the beaches, streets and mountains, but also in the studios. These decades became memorable for the seemingly endless summer nights in the northern hemisphere, when musicians got to know new drugs and, as a result of these experiences, new sound effects appeared. During this period, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, The Doors, The Who, The Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye and many others have released their records and redefined pop and rock music. In Brazil, we can’t forget about Gilberto Gil, Caetano and their friends. Rocked by the best music of all times, we have a strong and independent journalism. We bring news, opinions and comments of our journalists in order to help our public to understand the world where we live. Our radio servic ...
"When the power of love overtakes the love of power, then we will have peace.." -Jimmy Hendrix
Convo with my dad while sitting w him in the ER... DAD: was Jimmy Hendrix bisexual? ME: HUH? idk why? DAD:(with a serious face) "excuse me while I Kiss this Guy!" Lmfao ME:LMAO DAD ITS "SKY" DAD: "OH " THE OLDER HE GETS THE FUNNIER AND CUTER HE GETS... LMAO
Exploding live on stage this Friday night at the Players Bar Mandurah, The Master of the Statocaster Mr Lindsay Wells in his Ultimate Jimmy Hendrix n' Stevie Ray Vaughn experience and then taking the roof off is The Australian Angels Show,Don't Miss it,This show is gonna Rock!
Where Have all the Flower (Children) Gone? Humberto Fontova | Feb 22, 2014 That silence you hear issues from the media/celebrity axis regarding the massive protests in Venezuela where hip college kids are being beaten, tear-gassed and shot down in a manner to shame anything done by Mayor Daley’s police in 1968 or the Ohio National Guard in 1970. Six Venezuelan youths are confirmed dead and hundreds have been injured and/or arrested. Forget looking in the mainstream media for the nitty-gritty of this communist repression. The Venezuelan regime —under the (literal!) and expert tutelage of their Cuban colonial overlords--is easily censoring the sheeplike mainstream media. The truth is getting out through social media. But these are Communist police and National Guardsmen doing the beating, gassing and shooting, you see. Hence the silence. Worse still, these Venezuelan storm-troopers are “practiced at the art of repression” thanks to hands-on training by the best in the business: Castro’s police. Th ...
I think we found a pic of jimmy hendrix
Hey brandooney!! Just saw Michael Winslow tonight, he did led zeppelin, jimmy Hendrix and Metallica as well as all sound effects and voices from Star Wars thought of you all night!!:)
Marilyn kept having memories of my Dad back then young with Jimmy Hendrix as a friend.
Jimmy Hendrix first concert was in France oct 13 1966 :) Legend
Newsflash: Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Freddie Mercury were not the only musicians in the past. Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus are not the only musicians now. Believe it or not, pop has existed for a while now and there are still brilliant musicians now of whatever genre that you like. Also disco happened.
I wish I was a rock star like Jimmy Hendrix
Inspired by musical icons such as Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton; Brandon Niederauer, 8 yrs of age saw the Hollywood movie “School of Rock” with Jack Black, who played a rock guitarist-turned-music-teacher. Two years and several guitar camps later, the 10 yr old guitar is appearing on Ellen. He also writes his own music. Check him out on YouTube.
I heard one of our songs on the radio yesterday morning right after Jimmy Hendrix "Purple Haze" followed by The Doors "Strange Days".. Lost for words
The Beatles, Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix, and Curt Cobain a few of my favorites. I love big and tupac but they weren't musicians they were rap artists. That's the problem. Lyric ability is not the defining principle of good music.
I do not know but I paid to see Jimmy Hendrix Aug 1967.
Getting faded hair getting braided so we sniffed a line of yay Playing spades bumping jimmy Hendrix Purple Haze A 40 to the face pretty *** IMA jiggy *** ask about me
Hey George. Good to see you heading up this group. Interestingly, I will have some better visibility in the next few weeks to see if credit card acquirers (regular or high risk) willingness and ability to employ credit cards for Marijuana transactions legally. Obviously, this would be similar to that of banks in states where it is legal. Florida is close to not only putting medical Marijuana on the ballot during mid-term elections, but also recreational. If it happens then, IMO, the dominos will tumble. Marijuana stocks will clearly gain tractions. As an older individual who lived through the 60's, I never thought pot would be illegal in 2014. But, then again, President Richard Nixon had other ideas; he classified it weed the same category as heroin because he felt pot was directly causing the unruliness of the sixties, associated with the Vietnam War. Never once did he look at the other side- the music of the Beatles, Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and all who came after. Take care...
LIQUIDATION TIME! Guitar Instrumental Books!!! I'm selling this bass and guitar collection to the right person. It's a perfect collection for a beginner or advance player!! This collection contains 98 books and is worth $1700.00 at store value. All price tags are still attached. I can send pics to prove it. I'm selling this collection for $300 or best offer... Famous musicians in collection are: 3 Eric Clapton books $25 reg. $65 5 Stevie Ray Vaughan $30 reg $125 6 Jimmy Hendrix books $50 reg $170 2 Elvis Presley books. $30 reg. 59.99 1 Rolling Stones book $15 reg.$42.95 All books have the music notes for bass and guitar as shown in pictures... I am willing to sell each individual artist collection as a separate package as well for the price listed beside each artist above ^ $300 or best offer for everything!!! Call or MSG me for details Chris
So Bethan at work was showing us a picture of jimmy Hendrix. Gina looks and goes 'oh jimmy Hendrix is black then?'
I was asked to share the Ten albums that have stood the test of time in my collection. I think This is a great idea to share the results so hear goes... Steely Dan The Royal Scam The Police Zendatta Mondatta Steve Ray Vaughn Maverick The Beatles Revolver Jeff Beck Blow by Blow Yes 90215 Black Sabbath Black Sabbath The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers The Beatles Help and Last but not least Jimmy Hendrix Are you Experienced. With only ten I feel cheated but its pretty close.
Listen I think something bad is happening cause there has been a lot going on first off the weather is crazy asf, B, jimmy Hendrix cut his hair, And 3rd shorty dies?!
Tomorrow my only child will be sixteen years old! Wow how time flys. It really doesn't seem that long! You were such a beautiful baby and a handful, all boy! God never gave me a better blessing than you my son. All I ever dreamed of was having you and you amaze me everyday ! You are so smart and loving and a total brat! Of course that couldn't be helped . Your an only child, and only grandchild to both sets of grandparents! So yes you have always been swarmed with love!You are gifted in you artistic talents from drawing life on paper to music just from hearing it by ear!you can hear a song and play it to perfection on your keyboard , do you know what a rare gift that is? Few have ever been able to do this our favorite Jimmy Hendrix could!😉 you see a movie and come home and draw it scene by scene ! So to say I'm a proud mom would be an understatement ! I can't wait to see what life has in store for you , but scared at the same time my little boy is almost grown and defiantly not so little any more! I l ...
A great day was held Saturday with the Hema Tournament attracting a field of 15 teams to play Ambrose. Many past members attended and a lovely meal was enjoyed afterwards. Later in the evening wannabe Lordes, John Denvers, Elvis Presleys, and Jimmy Hendrix showed their talent with Karaoke. Great day and evening.
When you call us rednecks to offend us we smile cause that's like callin Jimmy Hendrix the best guitar player. Proud of it.
Never heard the national anthem quite like that well maybe Jimmy Hendrix WOW
I had my hair slicked back and my mind combed out. - Jimmy Hendrix
Secrets dont make friends, them friends don't make secrets, unless your bodying Ryan seacrest, my sleeves are bleeding tricks like jimmy Hendrix on his strap, cussing away to him busting a few gimmicks, I call em critics in politics shoes, *** pardon me, so if you play along to a fake real, make no mistake, come dawn you'll be gone Bryan Tyacke Bryan Tyacke
Sorting out car parts listening to jimmy hendrix then find honeycomb bavarian and yoghurt in the fridge
Gotta say last night was the first time I've ever seen Prince live, and the first 20 minutes of his show alone were worth the money, him and his band were like the *** love children of Jimmy Hendrix and James Brown, they had it all!
John mayer gravity (live), Eric Clapton edge of darkness(live) and jimmy hendrix at woodstock (live) are the three greatest guitar solo ive ever heard... gravity is my favorite though.
Question: What song has.. "Pure guitar genius with a dash of Euphoria..?" Answer: "Little Wing" by Jimmy Hendrix covered by Stevie Ray Vaughn. 🙏🎸🙌
Jimmy Hendrix dies Stevie Ray Vaughn takes over , SRV dies John Mayer takes over .
Id prefer john bonham on drums, n jimmy Hendrix instead of randy rhoads
I knew in 8th grade that "dirty little secret" All American Rejects and "Purple Haze" jimmy hendrix started on the same first 4 notes. Was i a better guitarist back then? I never know if i really get any better
Anyone travelling to Bali, if you need the best tour guide and driver ever...get in touch with Kriting Reall. Jimmy Hendrix will be happy to take you any where at a very good price
And to cap off the ride home with some Jimmy Hendrix. So it was a joyful ride home.
Would lock myself in a room with BB King, Jimmy Hendrix and Eric Clapton and throw away the key!
Prescription Entry with a lil help from Jimmy Hendrix.
Altar Piece I walk upon my altar, each step holy recognition of qualities only the Divine could combine Today my altar holds ice, darkened by city soot car exhausts crumbling against repeated foot stomping of those who fear where no concrete shows It holds bales of snow along the side of each road pristine in its underbelly grumbly gray on its side no longer graceful soft no longer welcoming hands to gather fistfuls tossing back up into the sky the wonder of giant flakes shifting through our universe My altar, brought home and laid up shelves: stones shells sticks bones harvested on heart led wandering through space and place The Belize shore of the Gulf of Honduras The Hawaiian innards of Mt. Kilauea the Durnhaar woods, the roadside of Hohenkirchen Vertebrae from turkeys chickens lovingly prepared and feasted upon with family with friends On my altar, too, is a photo of Jimmy Hendrix in Bronze from Broadway in Seattle wailing kissing the sky kissing my heart with his magic There's a laughing Buddha: the ...
Can't sleep, this wind blowing the branches of a tree against the roof so I've been thinking of summer, Jenny Watkins mite like this, Cliff Richard wants us all to go on a summer holiday, the beach boys want to spend the summer in the city,the small faces are going to itchycoo park ,rod Stewarts gone sailing,David Essex is off on his silver dream machine, Freddy Mercury is off to Barcelona, Frank Sinatra wants to be flown to the moon after going to new York, meatloaf has gone like a bat out of *** Jimmy Hendrix can't go cause he's in a Purple Haze, Elvis is in Acapulco, then he's off to viva las Vegas, where he's gonna stay at the heartbreak hotel,the Beatles have a ticket to ride,then they are off in their yellow submarine, they may need some help when they get to the strawberry fields,Paul McCartney has gone on the run with his band,Judy garland is still on that yellow brick road,somewhere over that rainbow, Eric burden and his animals have got to get out a this place,hopeing to find the house of the .. ...
Do people joke on Jimmy Hendrix, Keith Moon, Dee Dee Ramone, Layne Staley + Janis Joplin cause they were junkies? No, why pick at Whitney?
It was with great interest I read Peter Kivy’s exploration of the historic interpretation of the connection between music and emotion. Music and emotions seems to hold at first glance a fairly self-evident connection. “Music”, Suzanne K. Langer tells us in her definitive1942 work Philosophy in a New Key “sounds the way emotions feel (p28)”. Think of how at times music appears to hold the power to define the generational divide, as when Jimmy Hendrix performed the National Anthem at Woodstock in 1969. (Hendrix’s interpretation of the Star Spangled Banner appalled the generation of Americans that fought WWII while simultaneously uniting the following generation of Americans in their defiance of their parent’s values. There were few who heard this performance at that time and experienced no emotional reaction, either one way or the other. In retrospect however I think that this example perhaps best exemplifies Eduard Hanslick’s thoughts in his 1854 work On Musical Beauty in which he tells u . ...
What happens to Jimmy Hendrix down the walks? ? There are far worse environmental issues to worry over- a spot of graffiti at least is more favourable than fracking and leaves a sincere imprint on the planet , peace x
Monday once again saw the Two Ronnies battle out trivia at PJ's. Gordon Dobbin had earlier completed an all week Mensa course by 12.20pm that afternoon and had repaired to PJ's for the true test... suffering 168 Superbowl highlight replays on ESBN. By the time I arrived he could name all the players in chronological order of the first lynched ascendant. The pick-a-pick sheet was an omen. We were quietly confident of having zero of the available points. The heated argument whether one of the child photos was Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or Jimmy Hendrix was moot when Barack Obama was read as the answer. Moving with the speed and grace of moss-encrusted granite the lumbering Dane failed to reach the podium in time to win the spot-question on which European country Jutland was located. The chance of redemption came when another spotty was a maths question: how much would you have if you had one of every denomination of Australian currency? As Gordo was at the bar ordering my 12th, I though back to my third year numeri ...
Here's an early update as to what Live entertainment, is on at The Four Winds Hotel, Aberavon, SA12 6QW: Thursday 30th Jan - JAMES LIVINGSTONE - 9pm Acoustic Solo artist covering some old classics all the way through to Newton Faulkner. Friday 31st Jan - SIDELINE - 9pm The Sideline are a three-piece cover band performing anything from Jimmy Hendrix to modern pop including Maroon 5. Saturday 25th Jan - The SHAKES - 9pm Have an extensive repertoire covering most music genres - rock, pop, country & blues. Sunday 26th Jan - SUNSHINE CAB CO - 5pm Playing songs from the 70's to modern Rock hits, the range covers tracks from Journey, The Stereophonics, Muse, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd and many other classic rock songs Awesome weekend of Music all to go hand in hand with The Six Nations Rugby!!
I'm a very open minded person, specially musically speaking, from Jimmy Hendrix to early Mariah Carey, through Elton John, morbid angel and megadeth, but Just saw the Grammys and holy mother of Christ what a big pile of crap.. The way the "music" is going is very scary and we all have the power to change that from parents to musicians... I'm not surprised, but mostly scared and sad, very sad..
Justin Bieber: "God put me on this Earth to make music." Jimmy Hendrix: "No, I didn't."
I was blessed to see Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Eric Clapton & BB King in concert
Police need help in finding who vandalized Jimmy Hendrix statue in Cap Hill
Jimmy Hendrix was truly a legend with the guitar! Just heard this mans whole performance at Woodstock 😨😱
they say you like jimmy Hendrix in his early 20s
Really disappointed in all the girls who thought Jimmy Hendrix was Bob Marley today in the boc.smh... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Guess who downloaded the national anthem that was played by Jimmy Hendrix ... this guy lol
Jimmy Hendrix Along the Watchtower among many other songs for my run tonite! Thought it was gonna be a difficult cuz I haven't ran in a bit but It was a breeze! It was a great run and I feel amazing!
I got an 8am class about Jimmy Hendrix tho 🙌
Lovely end to the evening listening to some very talented street musicians playing Jimmy Hendrix covers.
"I don't have nothing to regret at all in the past, except that I might've unintentionally hurt somebody else or something" jimmy Hendrix
Sleepless nights hanging with the guy's.. ray charles, jimmy hendrix, Bob Marley and Johnny Cash...
Dear God give back Jimmy Hendrix and we'll give you back Justin Bieber!
Jimmy Hendrix is and always will be the best guitarist ever
Once guitar starts I'm going to show up baked everyday and I'll be as good as Jimmy Hendrix
Just talked to Jimmy Hendrix at the mall. A few of you will know what that means.
Walked in to class with my teacher bumping Jimmy Hendrix 👌😜
I thought that was jimmy Hendrix on the left RT“RT for Chief Keef . FAV for the random on the right
They say I'm like jimmy Hendrix in his early twenties
have a safe and fun trip. If you get time check out the Jimmy Hendrix museum.
Playing the entire time! With Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix and Curren$y playing in between
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Listening to Jimmy Hendrix with my dad and suddenly I'm 6 again.
Name two artists that died at the age of 29. Jimmy Hendrix and any wine house . You can go home . 🙏🙏🙏
Love when my pandora throws a random psychedelic Jimmy Hendrix song in the mix
Then she accused me of being a reincarnated Jimmy Hendrix
I'm so glad old people got Jimmy Hendrix and we got Lenny Kravitz.
Jimmy Hendrix blew up my stereo and I had to get a new one a few years ago, tell me that aint bad:P
Reese's reaction to Jimmy Hendrix was just incredible
On verge of tears after discovering my Hendrix t-shirt has a massive hole in it
I play Jimmy Hendrix-Machine Gun so I can think about complex guitar riffs..
Jimmy Hendrix rock legend will never die!
I wannna go to the experience Jimmy Hendrix concert when its in detroit
jimmy Hendrix is doing a guest solo during the boulders set dont miss it !
Purple Haze a la Jimmy Hendrix in the house.
Jimmy Hendrix is such a talented guitarist, bad singing in this song just like in Dylan's version. My fav cover is Dave Matthew's
Just me and Jimmy Hendrix this morning
Tony montana on his last batch. Whitney Houston on her last track . Tiger woods on his last swing . Jimmy Hendrix on his last string
"The who, mammas and papas, jimmy Hendrix, at the whisky a gogo!"
WOW..Jimmy Hendrix Dolly Dagger to get the day started. Classic.
Stream FOXY LADY - JIMMY HENDRIX by artist on IVENS for free on Grooveshark.
Need to stop throwing up in my sleep. I'm gonna end up Jimmy Hendrix'ing myself.
I saw her sat in a pub with Jimmy Hendrix and Glen Miller drinking Margaritas..
one girl in my psychology class has never heard of Jimmy Hendrix and another girl just brought a whole cauliflower and pineapple for lunch.
If I die today Remember me like Jimmy Hendrix !
Listening to jimmy Hendrix and satisfying my soul
Fact: Jimmy Hendrix could play a right handed guitar upside down since he was a lefty
Saw a dude playing jimmy hendrix on guitar with his teeth that alone was worth the trip
Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. Put me to sleep
wanna jam tomor bero I'll bring my jimmy Hendrix exclusive with the wammy bar
jimmy Hendrix didn't get love from the states until he left it'll be the same for him with black radio stations like 92.3
REGGAE PARTY!the reggae rockers are bringing our downtown reggae show to main streets bar and grill this friday,jan 17th.sublime,uncle *** 311,led zepplin,jimmy hendrix,prince,Bob Marley,third world,the police,and all your favorite classics played in full reggae starts at 9:30-1:30pm.bring your selves! and a few others too!
Little Giant Ladders
Bernie worrell!! The Jimmy Hendrix of the synth/keyboards! He was aloud to break the rules of playing, he was bring incouraged to break the rules!
anyone interested in canvas paintings I have a jay z one,jimmy hendrix and ice cube canvases all 3 for $50 pm me for pics and details
I'm pretty sure Jimmy Hendrix came back as Gary Clark Jr. - How swet it is!
Tonight it's Jimmy Hendrix. Not as relaxing as Pink Floyd's. I think he is trying to stay awake. If you find JH lyrics in your chart, you'll know why
My uncle is Jimmy Hendrix reincarnated, he needa do a track wit us.
For Jimmy Hendrix: P-Hey Joe Hey Joe where you going with that keyboard in your hand? Going to spam my old lady, cause I caught her camming with another man!! Mike 2005 or it was in your hair?
i like jimmy hendrix baby dont you know i like getting high not riding low- HINDER
Neighbors bumping Jimmy Hendrix, and this is my first time listening to him 󾮟 gnarly guitar solos
Jimmy Hendrix I painted on 16x20... $75, pick up New Iberia
Jimmy Hendrix it painted on 16x20 canvas. $75, pickup New Iberia
Sitting in my Jammies watching jimmy Hendrix live at Woodstock . Awesome!
Watchin a jimmy Hendrix doc , the guy was a badman of the time
I'm sure Jimmy Hendrix is a great guitar player but he sure bores the *** off me .
Watching Jimmy Hendrix: The Road to Woodstock on BBC4. Wonder if I can emulate that guitar work in GarageBand ? :):)
I thought jimmy Hendrix had Irish roots.. & died chocking on his own vomit.. Who have I been confused with??
What a performance by jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock , switch to BBC 4 peeps for a real treat !!!
WOW jimmy hendrix at woodstock bbc four followed by the doors the story of LA woman dont reckon it gets any better than this ;-)
A bit of Jimmy Hendrix followed by the doors then born to be wild great night of music tv to finish my last night shift :)
Jimmy hendrix road to woodstock on bbc4 now followed by a documentary about the doors...thats me not moving for a few hours :)
How does anyone listen to Jimmy Hendrix getting a serious headache
Jimmy Hendrix live at Woodstock and The Doors: The story of L.A. Woman; BBC 4 is awesome tonight!!
Jimmy Hendrix on tv Natasha "can't believe your watching boy bands lol" just no comparison with one direction lol
Bet you Jimmy Hendrix had no idea his music would be dropping bombs of cylon revelations so long after he passed away
No matter how bad of a mood you are in some Jimmy Hendrix will always help!
10pm BBC4 JIMMY HENDRIX .THE ROAD TO. Woodstock, the definitive documentary record one of Jimi Hendrix most celebrated performances, featuring action from the Woodstock stage and interviews with his band members .
Playing Jimmy Hendrix saved me from staying in hospital over night and possibly been induced , thank you Jimmy ! Was not looking forward to having to stay in a dam hospital over night ! Kain you little booger no more going quiet alright!
I love Jimmy Hendrix, listening to his music at the pad...Purple Haze foo
Happy Saturday family! Pray you all have been having a blessed day! McDonald's Gospelfest 2014 is here and my what great expectations we have for this year's show "The WOMEN WHO WORSHIP!!" This line-up is one of a kind Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, The Clark Sister, Kim Burrell, Shirley Caesar, Vickie Winans, Erica Campbell, Dorothy Norwood, Tramaine Hawkins, Dottie Peoples, Tasha Cobbs, Melba Moore. This next young Lady :-) is known as the woman who brought the world to church. She is also known world wide for her operatic soprano voice, which led her to sing background for several greats such as Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Wilson Picket & Jimmy Hendrix just to name a few. But she never left her gospel roots and today she's known as the Dutchess of Gospel and has recorded several Gospel hits. "Deep River, Amazing Grace, Without God and The Lord Is My Shepherd. " The one the only Dr. Emily Cissy Houston!!
Oh thank god for jimmy hendrix and Johnny Cash
Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, Eddie Kendrix of The Temptations, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston have all been Super Star Performers who have all died at a young age because of DRUGS. They are just a few of the many who thought they could handle it only to add their names to the rolls of it *** rich. Now if these people who were rich beyond reason couldn't handle it, what makes you think you can handle it? DONT DO IT, for you will eventually fail everything and everybody in life, MOST NOTABLY YOURSELF!
At work cranking some Jimmy Hendrix,it's gonna be a good day
they say am liKe jimmY hendriX in his early twenties,every time I scoop ma deUcEs
Intern Jimmy Hendrix playing his song "Tourniquet" on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on the home of rock n roll...i95 and!
Jimmy Hendrix on a Gayageum - This girl rocks the 1968 rock song “Voodoo Chile” by Jimmy Hendrix on the gayageum Korean musical instrument.
Watched the Jimmy Hendrix bio now Janis Joplin cool way 2 start the day.
Entering a jimmy Hendrix competition. This is my submission. Thanks for looking.
Watching a documentary on Jimmy Hendrix and have to say I'm amazed at how great a musician he was.
Jimmy Hendrix son Johnny and brother are in bc performing. Can I get a little Purple Haze?
What u know about that JIMMY Hendrix. Only 1 round here with it... GFC back @ it
I wonder if Jimmy Hendrix was alive.would his music still suck?
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