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Jimmy Hendrix

James Marshall Jimi Hendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix; November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) was an American guitarist and singer-songwriter.

Jim Morrison Kurt Cobain Bob Marley Janis Joplin Pink Floyd Eric Clapton Purple Haze Buddy Guy Bob Dylan Johnny Cash Chuck Berry Robert Johnson Lenny Kravitz Stevie Ray Vaughan Janice Joplin Ronnie Van Zant

Its Jimi Hendrix, not Jimmy, not Jimmi. JIMI,JIMI JIMI JIMI JIMI, oh my goodness
Bought a new shredder for document security and it came with a transcription of Jimmy Hendrix solos.
Mari Tamburo did Janis, Bobby Galyan did Jim Morrison and Jimmy Dillon did Jimmy Hendrix!
Not with Jimmy Hendrix, Slash, Tom Morello, Funkadelic, and Prince existing are you gonna talk this crap. We are ju…
i'll have you know, it's a Jimmy Hendrix reference
Jimi Hendrix was better than every guitarist you na…
Check out metalica , jimmy Hendrix , suicide silence , kid cudi
I've been called the new jimmy Hendrix
Saw a dude on Bumble today that said his favorite musician was "Jimmy Hendrix" so naturally I deleted the app and I refuse to go back on.
Ever hear of little Richard? Chuck Berry, Jimmy Hendrix? You're trolling, right? There's a whole bunch more but why bother...
And what are you doing, pretending to be Jimmy Hendrix?
Jimmy Hendrix was the greatest guitarist of all time
parenting in 20 years is gonna be so hard like "jimmy no alcohol" and jimmy is like "oh rlly mom here's a Snapchat of…
Ahh so you think yourself yo be among Jim Morrison,Janis Joplin,jimmy hendrix,Kurt Cobain lol good thinking bud
...ain't nothin wrong with it, just call a spade a ♠️. got me thinking it's about to be the next jimmy Hendrix or something
Listening to Jimmy Hendrix. For the same reason.
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Did Trump team tout Jimmy Hendrix using Gibson guitars? Coulda sworn he was a Fender guy. Or that his name was actually Jimi.
Re: Made in America article. Jimmy Hendrix! Seriously!? Is that your screw up or yet another Trump team f/u?
Hard to choose...would be between jimmy hendrix Bob Marley and Freddy mercury
Play them Racks like jimmy Hendrix on the guitar.🎸🤧
Didn't plan to wear my James Taylor "T". Their theme is famous Jimmy's, Hendrix, Carter, Page etc
nope I think I missed that one, I know black panthers tried to recr…
Love your work Kathrina.. you've always reminded me of Jimmy Hendrix for sure reason 💋🇮🇪
Based off absolutely zero musical prowess: Lenny Kravitz is the love child of Jimmy Hendrix and Prince
Now Playing: The wind cries mary by Jimmy Hendrix - Listen at
Ronnie Van Zant, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, & Kurt Cobain died at age 27. How does that figure?
19 year old Jimmy Hendrix jamming while in the army, 1961.
Tickets for Bowling Green Massacre benefit concert go on sale at 7am EST Jimmy Hendrix, Mamma Cass, Elvis and, Jim Morrison playing w/others
I share my Birthday with Bruce Lee, Jimmy Hendrix, the inventor of the Celsius scale and the Amazing
Over the years they revisit that, Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, how old was RichiVallens
From Prince and Buddy Guy, to Jimmy Hendrix and Carlos Santana, Jamiah Rogers can rock them all. Check him out on...
This is playing better than Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock.
There will never be another jimmy Hendrix but we do need another Huey P.
Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock, Queen at Live Aid 85, Metallica and San Fran Symphony Orchestra, and Nirvana at Reading. Best live performances
and pretends everyone who supported me never did and I can buy a T. rex whose name is jimmy Hendrix and he plays the guitar
I want to hear everyone's top 5 guitarists in order, mine are:. 1) Clapton. 2) Hendrix. 3) Stevie Ray Vaughn. 4) Jimmy Page. 5) David Gilmour
I got an email today from Hendrix College and I got upset when I realized it wasn't about Jimmy Hendrix
Tonight's show features the music of Rush, Jimmy Hendrix and The Rolling Stones.
A new favorite: House Of The Rising Sun-Jimmy Hendrix by Zanes on
what about when Jimmy Hendrix played it at Woodstock
And these drugs come in handy last name Hendrix but you know I'm not Jimmy
Every college should have a real Rock & 101 course ... starting with Jimmy Hendrix...Electric Ladyland.
So many kiss prints on his memorial! @ Jimmy Hendrix…
jimmy Hendrix. You won't name one better.
Jimmy Hendrix with the solo,those are the strings that you can't pull 🎸
I also got an amazing b&w portrait of Pink Floyd for my dining room, & Bob Dylan, jimmy hendrix, led zep, the whole bunch
Little Giant Ladders
Last name hendrix but no im not Jimmy
Jimmy Hendrix Started this Headband Wave let's just not forget that .
that's my favorite Jimmy Hendrix lyric
"And so castles made of sand slips into the sea,eventually". Jimmy Hendrix
that sounds pretty sweet I'm trying to find one for my room that resembles like the jimmy Hendrix era
A fairly diverse soundtrack for our D&D session tonight from Jimmy Hendrix to Harry Belafonte to Adele...yeah, should be interesting...
Last name Hendrix and no I'm not jimmy 💥
does anyone else see Jimmy Hendrix in the top of the right tower
Playing the Jimmy Hendrix version of the national anthem at church🙌🏼
If someone encourages us to follow their path, I would consider them a role model. Jimmy Hendrix is my role...
Jimmy Hendrix & Rap?! Yes, in 1968 collaboration with Lightnin Rod. Perfect meeting of creative forces
Tool and perfect circle and an album by jimmy hendrix called electric lady land are ideally the one three sets of...
When the power of love overcomes the love of power,the world will know peace.-Jimmy Hendrix
Kurt Cobain, Robert Johnson, Jimmy Hendrix, Jack White... all started at this stage. If they can learn so can you
They say: " you're like the Jimmy Hendrix in his early 20's "
Jimmy Hendrix the best left hander un the history
"You have to go on and be crazy, craziness is like heaven." -Jimmy Hendrix
A toy car, a rubber band and a tape of the Jimmy Hendrix Experience
I will never throw away this Jimmy Hendrix shirt...
Not really bothered by death, because then I'll finally be able to make a Jimmy Hendrix concert 🎸🎶
We have the exact same portraits I have those three and jimmy Hendrix
Last night Hendrix but no I'm not Jimmy
Jimmy Hendrix, Kirt Cobain, Hugo Chavez, half of are lefties
Me, da Vinci, Jimmy Hendrix, Julia Roberts, Kurt Cobain, Helen Keller, even Jack the Ripper! What do we have in common? We're left handed!🙌👍
future doesn't compare to the Jimmy Hendrix experience
I almost went out last night like Jimmy Hendrix. Except I was sober. And it was chocolate milk.
last name Hendrix no i'm not Jimmy..
It's and in my book these are three greats: *** Dale, Paul McCartney and Jimmy Hendrix. 👊🎸
It's weird seeing Eric Johnson play Hendrix because he's a significantly better player. It's like hearing all of Jimmy's stuff super clean.
Oh, I caught the correction. I thought that was either top-notch surrealism or Jimmy Hendrix shredding something amazing.
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Last name hendrix, but no I'm not jimmy 😈
Last name Hendrix bih Buh no I'm not jimmy
Amazing concert at the Egg in Albany tonight. Kenny Wayne Sheppard brought the house down. Jimmy Hendrix reincarnated for closer.
Popular on 500px : Jimmy Hendrix is everywhere. Toronto's murals. by toro500
Last name Hendrix but no I'm not Jimmy 🤘🏽
Performing Arts Jimmy Hendrix is everywhere. Toronto's murals. by toro500
born in the wrong generation RIp jimmy Hendrix
you have to be able to groove to some Jimmy Hendrix!!!
Last name Hendrix but u know I'm not jimmy
Last name hendrix but you know I'm not jimmy
got to love a bit of Jimmy Hendrix.
I'm sure Jimmy Hendrix would have loved to go but , one can not ditch previous engagements and responsibilities like that
Jimmy Hendrix weather today and the forecast is on a mostly high cloud and low tempeture from the clear fork chanel, xoxo
Last name Hendrix bih but no I'm not jimmy
Hooves trimmed, ears and eyes cleaned. Jimmy Hendrix in her head.
Listen to Jimmy Hendrix & enjoy our Purple Haze Junior Suite. Book direct with corinne
Porthmeor, g&t, sunshine and Jimmy Hendrix on the stereo- when God created Fridays .
Jimmy Hendrix I already got tha supa jawn Yu did in tha cut💯💯💯
Last name Hendrix but no I'm not jimmy
Can anybody else see a cat dressed like Jimmy Hendrix in the bottom of this pan? Anyone?
comme Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix and so on
Food for thought with Jimmy Hendrix, George Carlin, Ron Paul, Bill Hicks, Bob Dylan and more
Why are ppl surprised when I have Jimmy Hendrix, Trick Daddy, Chili Peppers, Kendrick, Phil Colins, and Bob Marley on the same Playlist?
If anyone looking for Jimmy Hendrix, he's living in Dyker Heights Brooklyn. Been listening to someone play electric guitar all night.
all i want is to see Jimmy Hendrix and GIL Scott Heron live
Jerry Garcia, David Bowie, Jim Morrrison,Prince, Jimmy Hendrix, and Amy Winehouse are rockin it in the coolest concert ever.
was Jimmy Hendrix, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Andy Warhol mashed into one sexy little package.
Hi Gus what made you choose a Burnese mountain dog? Did you name him Hendrix after the guitarist Jimmy Hendrix?
I live a short distance from Seattle, need to visit Jimmy Hendrix and Bruce and Brandon Lee's graves.
6 votes for Jimmy Hendrix, 8 for Donald Trump, even a short essay: A closer look at what appears on spoiled ballots.
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As stupid as it is, I can see Trump votes happening spontaneously, but six votes for Jimmy Hendrix?
Now playing Johnny Be Good by Jimmy Hendrix and BB King - Listen Live at
I plan on being the Michael Jordan, Arnold Palmer, Babe Ruth, John Elway, Jimmy Hendrix, Beowulf, and George Washington of Jesuit
*to the tune of Jimmy Hendrix's Purple Haze*. "Chocolate fudge, all through my veins"
When you realize Rage against the machine songs are really just Jimmy Hendrix riffs with Zack de La rocha on vocals
Tickets on sale to see Voodoo Room perform Jimmy Hendrix and Cream 26th Feb at The Horsebridge Centre
Dusty baker is on mlb network talking about smoking a joint with Jimmy Hendrix lmao he's such a boss
All I want to be when I grow up is Jimmy Hendrix, with a bit of PJ Harvey, Beth Gibbons, Ravi Shankar, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg mixed in.
Chris Stapleton to Ronnie Van Zant is what Lenny Kravitz is to Jimmy Hendrix. A cheap knock off.
man should now be with the big doing a jam reunite Jimmy Hendrix,Mitch Mitchell, Dede, Johnny and Joe and many more
One day someone's gonna be all like "Introducing new recording artist TRE PICA$$O" and I'm gonna have the stadiums how Jimmy Hendrix had em
They playing jimmy hendrix while I eat some pancakes at ihop lol my life is good
I liked his music so much now he's dying to sound like Jimmy Hendrix
Purple sky that Jimmy Hendrix would be jealous of.
loving how you spoke of Jimmy Hendrix!!! May you and yours have an awesome Christmas!!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Just discovered Jimmy Hendrix did a cover of The Little Drummer Boy. It's pretty much what you'd expect. Dylan's version is pretty cool too
Rocking out to the greatest hits album by Jimmy Hendrix.Low key feel like I'm at a concert.On the…
Aren't you glad Jimmy Hendrix died when he did at his peak so we would not have to watch him on MTV now doing duets with Tina Turner?
But Cudi can get called out for immitating Jimmy Hendrix with Cudis' release of Speedin' Bullet to the Moon..
A new favorite: Jimmy Hendrix - Red House by Wolfman Jack Galway on
Came to the conclusion that 2pac is a zombie. So now I have to figure out who made it happen, because we need to use it on Jimmy Hendrix
Will Smith would make a great Jimmy Hendrix.
Nap time for child, he's on more medication than Jimmy Hendrix and eye rolling equally as bad.. These are strong antibiotics..
If Sly Stallone & Jimmy Hendrix gave birth to a white band. via
Jimmy Hendrix?. "Purple Mop. Ready to Drop. ... Excuse me while I wipe the sky" ?
Like your laugh, and how it sounds like a mix of Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock, and two rainstorms singing perfectly in tune.
it's like saying Jimmy Hendrix music ain't rock because he's black
I actually just saw Wiz Khalifa being called "this generations Jimmy Hendrix" um sorry *** WK is far from JH's level 😒
Leather and lace. Fine on a woman, but also remember Meat Loaf and Prince? Not forgetting Jimmy Hendrix?
Jimmy Hendrix made out of guitars and audio cables!
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Roll up some cones and slap some jimmy Hendrix.
The ruined the Jimmy Hendrix song Watchtower for a *** cologne?
Hey Scott. I Know Pink Floyd's Music. Who's Jimmy?. Jimmy Hendrix. Hey Joe,where you goin' with that gun in your hand
Jimmy Hendrix added me back on snap💪🏽
Watching Stevens pass live broadcast and listening to jimmy Hendrix
It's at the top of the Space Needle. Along with Jimmy Hendrix's tomb.
No me gusta ni Stairway to Heaven ni Jimmy Hendrix... Llamadme raro
I've grown up listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn, Randy Rhoads, Jimmy Hendrix, Santana and I've like my dad more
do you think they listen to Jimmy Hendrix and Bob Marley out in the woods
If some1 tells u the white lighter curse is BS remind them Jimmy Hendrix,Curt Cobain,Janice Joplin,& Jim Morrison died w one in their pocket
No this wench didn't just tell Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendrix was overrated! She obviously is having a bad day.
"There must be some kind of way out of here" - Jimmy Hendrix 💯
Kicking back, listening to jimmy hendrix
I woulda been Jimmy Hendrix mixed with Frank Lucas 😂😂
Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix on guitar, Flea on bass, Neil Pert (or John Bonham on drums) with Freddy Mercury doing vocals.
Forgive me : Jimmy Hendrix was fine as Faux
Hear My Train A Comin' van Jimi Hendrix. For Jimmy. . is in my past . pieces off me ♫
Who is Ruben's favorite guitarist? Trick question: it's a tie between Jimmy Hendrix and Bradley Nowell.
yall got a better chance of getting Jimmy Hendrix himself 😕😂
"I use the Jimmy Hendrix view of process improvement. I stay 'high' as long as possible."
they were either born with it or they were not. Everyone cannot be A John Bonham.or a Jimi Hendrix or a Jimmy page or a 2/2
"Let my sound change your musical taste and let my vibesz take over control" . - Jimmy 🔥🖖
Making out to Jimmy Hendrix and havin sex to Pink Floyd...goals
This year was unreal from trench town to body and soul from Jimmy Hendrix site to rave in the woods the whole weekend was amazing!❤️
The Nirvana story at the EMP today in Seattle was super interesting along with Jimmy Hendrix etc,…
"But who in your measly little world are you trying to prove that you're made out of gold and can't be sold sold..." - Jimmy Hendrix
Driving to the coast, listening to a Jimmy Hendrix cd, and just being with my thoughts sound perfect right now.
If Jimmy Hendrix, and had a would be 😱 I've been blown away 💨💨💨
Jimmy Hendrix slayed everything in his reach
I really wish I could have seen Jimmy Hendrix in person.
domain names
That Jimmy Hendrix biopic wasn't that bad, Andre 3000 did his thing
If you think I can get the part of Jimmy Hendrix in his classic autobiography movie LIKE & SHARE. Thank you* Mobb Lif
Half chance the rapper, half Jimmy Hendrix😂😂 full savage. I got the juice…
You going to try to hide Jimmy Hendrix because I don't like the Beatles I mean why would you compare Jimi Hendrix so whole group he's better
sounds like fun, but oh yeah that Jimmy Hendrix banner you made is straight 🔥🔥
I don't know a jimmy Hendrix all I know is future Hendrix
The irony of Wiz having an ode to Jimi Hendrix spelled "Like Jimmy"
Kloe got a jimmy Hendrix poster and I bet she doesn't know one of his songs
Why you look like Jimmy Hendrix light skin brother
Just finished the morning session of the ArBCA clinic. Coach Jimmy *** speaking to the crowd here at Hendrix!
HipHop is thee ONLY genre th fans ignores its founding fathers. No true rock fan would ever say a new grp is better than Jimmy Hendrix.
any good? We were in Jimmy Hendrix 😊 absolutely amazing..roll on next year🙌 how was urs?
My dad just bought a freaking jimmy Hendrix (dunno the name) shirt for me. I DONT EVEN KNOW THE GUY
"They were number 2 on the bill after Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock, now they're coming to Rooty Hill RSL..."
RIP Evan Tanner I still remember saying oh no he didn't when evan walked out 2 jimmy Hendrix n last fight 👍
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Moebius Jimmy Hendrix and the photo he based it off of. from here
You know what they say; . the only replacement for a Jimmy Hendrix is another Frank Marino.
Who sung Purple Haze, according to an application I have installed it was Bob Dylan, not Jimmy Hendrix 😐
I doubt when Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix, and Bob Marley died their last wish was to be used on an Urban Outfitters t-shirt.
Wish I was old enough to see Pink Floyd or Jimmy Hendrix perform back in the day. I think my face would still be melted off to this day tbh
yes woman! Don't make me call on Jimmy Hendrix 😙
Lunch time. The late Jimmy Hendrix, the Late Johnny Guitar Watson, and Prince great musicians they…
Jimmy Hendrix sets his guitar on fire on stage at the Monterey Pop Festival, 1967.
Alex Rodriguez passing milestones of Hank Aaron and Willie Mays is like mentioning Justin Bieber along side of John Lennon and Jimmy Hendrix
Saturday night conversations.. Jimmy Hendrix and Brian Jones backstage at 1967’s Monterey Pop…
Jimmy Hendrix died at 27 having amazed the world with unmatched talent and charisma that still lives on ..where would you be at 27 ?
"You look like Jimmy Hendrix. You haven't washed your hair since Woodstock..."
Little Wing/Stings version of Jimmy Hendrix's is way better.
. all along the watchtower with Jimmy Hendrix was better then the original
Nothing like some Jimmy Hendrix in the morning. All along the watchtower np
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I liked a video jimmy hendrix hey joe with teeth solo
Jimmy Hendrix, reminder that I love you.
Andre 3000 looks like a straight square in this Jimmy Hendrix movie
Mr Hendrix would be very proud of you Jimmy!
As noted earlier today, Johnny Gargano, Jimmy Preston, former TNA Knockout Taeler Hendrix and Havok will be...
"No one's ever fished for their guitar before." Well, Jimmy just did. And he landed it. Take that Jimi Hendrix.
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy Hendrix & Lonnie Youngblood - Wipe the Sweat - Yamaha Bolt 950
"The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye. . The story of love is hello and goodbye. Until we meet again". -Jimmy Hendrix
# Jimmy Hendrix and the experience. Can anyone feel the magic!
If Jimmy Hendrix was a rapper he might have sounded like A$AP Rocky
ICYMI: Johnny Gargano, Jimmy Preston, Taeler Hendrix, & Havok will all have WWE tryouts beginning next week at the Performance Center
The best "personal spin" on the national anthem was when jimmy Hendrix did it on the guitar.
You like jimmy hendrix in his early 20s thank you for everything
Jim Morrison, jimmy page, and jimi Hendrix, for you uncultured swines.
I'm way to deep into this jimmy hendrix movie
''I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die. So let me live my life the way I want to'' Jimmy Hendrix
My father went to the Jimmy Hendrix memorial
Xbox could open up with Half life 3 exclusive with Jimmy Hendrix performing live passing out free beyond Good&evil2 and Sony wins
"Johnny Gargano, Jimmy Preston and Taeler Hendrix will be working the WWE tryouts that begin next week in Orlando." YES!!!
Jimmy Hendrix got laid a lot. I can tell
TIL that the second guitarist in Jimi Hendrix pre-experience band Jimmy James and The Blue Flames was named Randy Wolf.
who wants to have fun today?! I haz gin and we're listening to jimmy hendrix~
Jimmy Hendrix´s estate is is suing the guitarist's ex brother-in-law for trying to sell off one of his guitars. :
Apparently Jimmy Hendrix died of massive aspiration.
10 best live albums of all time: Who is number one? From Nirvana to Otis Redding, Johnny Cash to Jimmy Hendrix...
I added a video to a playlist Elastic Orange: "Purple Haze" by Jimmy Hendrix
Don't twist it. Its fun, like Jimmy Hendrix science fiction. .
The jimmy Hendrix movie is on Netflix 🔥🔥
"Add Johnny Gargano, Jimmy Preston and former TNA woman wrestler Taelor Hendrix to the list of people being brought in at the next camp"
Wow so Ike turner fired jimmy Hendrix ...small world
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I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Jimmy Hendrix band t-shirt. via
*** Jimmy Hendrix was apart of Ike Turners band during his early years
Phillip Sayce. Phillip Sayce Group. Morning Star. It's as if Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmy Hendrix had a love child.
Dear God.take justin bieber,nicki minaj,one direction and other!. And give me us back mitch lucker,MCR,Paul Gray,Jimmy Hendrix and The Rev!
Love 50's music, 70's, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Hendrix, Chuck Berry idk like I said I'm an old soul and today is one of those days
I'm try a be the next young Jimmy Hendrix
CL stans jimmy hendrix as much as I do 👑
Feel like listening to some Jimmy Hendrix
Lucille will not sing again. is now playing music with Jimmy Hendrix & Janis Joplin. See you soon, guys !
Watching the jimmy Hendrix bio with Andre 3 stacks
I just found out that jimmy Hendrix took his stage name from future Hendrix and stole his style and flow SMfh
I watched Buddy Guy do a tribute to guitarist and Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendrix were honored
Watching the Jimmy Hendrix movie with Andre 3000. Hope it's good!
Oh ok the Ghost of Not Jimmy Hendrix is here. Cool Cool. Norjask is Cool. EVERYONE BE COOL.
Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendrix too but brought the blues mainstream
That Jimmy hendrix movie with 3stacks was nice
Rest in peace, BB King... Tell Jimmy Hendrix and Gary Moore I say hi.
Why is it so hard to sound like jimmy Hendrix? Ugh 😭😭
Friendship is sitting on opposite sides of the room not talking and listening to Jimmy Hendrix on vinyl.
Jimmy Hendrix Machine Gun One of the best ever!
Ideally, I'll be like Jimmy Hendrix. Blow up at 25 and die at 27.
He's the next jimmy Hendrix, and he's 10
Thanks for your Jimmy Hendrix Foxyy Lady on the radio!
Andre 3000 should've made an idlewild sequel instead of a jimmy Hendrix biopic that would've been dope
this is a fabric I considered, "lyrical legend" and I was raped by Barak Obama after I had liked it, w/a "Legend" Jimmy Hendrix poster up
If people had to undergo an initiation ritual to join a Jimmy Hendrix fan club, would that be called Purple Hazing?
Replugging my own song from a year ago! Castles in the Sand (Sorry not Jimmy Hendrix)
Just imagine Robert Johnson, Jimmy Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and now BB King just jammin' it away in Blues Heaven!
Ranked 3rd only under the legendary Jimmy Hendrix and Duane Allman and also the greatest blues musician ever. R.I.P.
Imagine being 70 with a Jimmy Hendrix tattoo on your forearm
Kurt Cobain and Jimmy Hendrix didnt die to become crop top in urban outfit shop.
That moment when Jimmy Hendrix hands Eric Clapton his *** Classic.
Watching the Jimmy Hendrix movie on Netflix. Andre 3000 is doing an amazing job
B.B. King moves to heaven to meet Jimmy Hendrix, Ronnie James Dio, 2PAC, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and more... htt…
There would be no Jimi Hendrix or Jimmy Page. No Stevie Ray. No Beck.
. Dude was basicaly the jimmy hendrix of blues. He basicaly invented how to play guitar as we know it
Lord please bring back Jim Morrison, jimmy Hendrix, Bradley Newell, and Kurt Cobain. Oh and John bonham.
Good *** memories we had in the jimmy Hendrix
Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin all died this way
Loving this Jimmy Hendrix movie so much. Inspiration
Kurt Cobain would have hated being on a crop top but Jimmy Hendrix... He would have loved it
I needa go get that Jimmy Hendrix shirt
*** I ain't kno the Jimmy hendrix movie was already released and made. I thought it was still in the making lls smh
So I see that they released the Jimmy Hendrix biopic on Netflix. Andre Benjamin did a good job but I don't like how it was directed.
yo for real and have Riss wrap a couple 🙌🏼 jimmy Hendrix meets Steven Tyler 😄
I didn't know Tiny Tim played the ukulele left handed, but right stringed just like Jimmy Hendrix.
I don't know jimmy I only know Future Hendrix
don't bug me I'm listening to the Beatles, the who, kaiser chiefs, and jimmy Hendrix so you are not important
Hey Jimmy Hendrix should not be on my ScHoolboy Q station, I don't know what you're thinking
devito do the beach boys and jimmy Hendrix go together
Lmao ...these are the top 3 songs out right now .Jimmy Hendrix has more talent in his pinky then they do combined
Bob Marley playing a little futbol with Jimmy Hendrix
I feel like jimmy hendrix this morning
any chance of playin All Along the Watchtower by Jimmy Hendrix on Saturday?
Man what it would be like to attend a concert from The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix, Queen, Nirvana, Sublime
I'm a Jimmy Hendrix sort of bloke..
Smoking and Watching Jimmy Hendrix the movie on Netflix.
Finally home grubbin it up while I finsih up this Jimmy Hendrix movie
That quote from the end of tuscan leather that jimmy hendrix said, Should be a prayer.
Bout to watch this biopic on jimmy Hendrix
Found these at Bookmans recently. Thank goodness they aren't Jimmy Hendrix! XD Fun fact: I have the same bday as him!
it really is. It's up there with Madonna and Jimmy Hendrix.
Jimmy Hendrix Original painting sold available only on digital print on canvas
Actually it was rain, but she is often mistaken for Jimmy Hendrix
"Foxey Lady" still has to be one of the best songs ever made. Jimmy Hendrix was the man.
So I watched the Jimmy Hendrix movie last night!! and these words really spoke to me "When…
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