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Jimmy Hendrix

James Marshall Jimi Hendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix; November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) was an American guitarist and singer-songwriter.

Kurt Cobain James Brown John Lennon Purple Haze Pink Floyd Bob Marley Jimmy Page Jim Morrison Janis Joplin Rosa Parks Eric Clapton Whitney Houston Martin Luther King Jr James Dean Johnny Cash

you &TRIO sounded like a BLUESY ROCK band when you used the TELECASTER & I heard some JIMMY HENDRIX in there !
Including jazz, and R and B. Jimmy Hendrix. Quick Jones... (Must I include grunge?)
Andre 3000 is playing Jimmy Hendrix in his new film 😁
I'm like jimmy Hendrix in his early 20's , AMA playa I deserve to be with the snow bunny 🐰❄️
Jimmy Hall is touring with Jeff Beck this summer and fall. via Watch them play Hendrix
It was this track we did the beat was sick it was a sample from Jimmy came thru with a shorty.
EMP Museum tomorrow...Nirvana, Jimmy Hendrix, Sifi, fantasy, mythology, and horror film exhibits. I could not be more stoked
Kurt Cobain is the only reason I can like this state..and Jimmy Hendrix.. my ***
Jimmy Packes is like Jeff Beck and can play Jimi Hendrix agree with you great Rock n Roll
Listening to a best of Jimmy Hendrix CD with my mom right now because she's awesome like that
my home screen consists of my two favorite things: jimmy Hendrix and titties
Pool time with Jimmy Hendrix and the agave.
And I'll take your girl. Jimmy hendrix used to say. I fall in love a million times a day. New york, london and tokyo
Favorite thing to do on car rides: listen to Jimmy Hendrix 🎶😍🎶
Thanks Ronnie for the privilege of holding the JH master tapes!
I believe it. Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix just a few
When I don't use hair products I resemble a hybrid mix of Albert Einstein and Jimmy Hendrix.
On one side of the room, a Real Madrid flag. On the other, posters of Lebron, Jordan, and Jimmy Hendrix
"The story of life is quicker then the. blink of an eye, the story of love is. hello, goodbye."- jimmy hendrix
This is awesome! How to dance to Jimmy Hendrix. I wonder how some Avenged, Otherwise, Pop Evil and Adelitas...
I'm basically jimmy Hendrix on guitar and there's nothing else I can possibly play if I wanted too
I think we got the same problem an I think we being played harder than Jimmy hendrix played the guitar
Jimmy Hendrix a big favorite of many people,. RIP Jim & thanks for all you have given to the world. . Buzz
It's not a ECU Football game with out Jimmy Hendrix and Purple Haze playing.
If I could go back and meet 3 people in history, I think it would be Einstein, Jim Morrison, and Jimmy Hendrix. Hendrix or Cobain
Hai jimmy hendrix. You're the best but unfortunately you decided leave my blue sky . So i decide to take…
Hay jimmy hendrix.. you're the best but unfortunately you decided to leave my blue sky. so i decide to…
Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton "Who are the 3 best Rock guitarists of all time?
Back to classics. Jimmy Page and jimi hendrix.
This is jimmy Hendrix playing slug. Have a good night.
Jimmy Hendrix was a fool on that electric guitar
Jimmy hendrix : excuse me while i kiss the sky [pic] —
I know Jimmy Hendrix that's about it
Jimmy Hendrix had nothing to do with this discussion. Next.
Music before Jimmy Hendrix is like a black and white movie: sure it could still be great, but you always feel like it's missing something
BTW, cool version of the Jimmy Hendrix's classic "Wind Cries Mary" at the end of the movie, courtesy of ;o)
Along with Emilia Areheart and Glenn Miller.. with Jimmy Hendrix playing guitar and Lord Lucan playing Chess with Bruce Lee
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy James a k a Jimi Hendrix 1965 Travelling to California 2
there are two Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendrix
The last pics of Jimmy Hendrix are kinda disturbing.
Grab the jimmy no hendrix , put my *** in her appendix
Watching a documentary on Jimmy Hendrix this dude was something else. 🎸🎤
If I ever find someone with Jimmy Hendrix guitar skills I'll marry him on the spot tbh 😄
Megan Fox does enough acid for me, you, and Jimmy Hendrix
All I want is a Jimmy Hendrix shirt.
Things will change when the power of love takes over the love of power. - Jimmy Hendrix
Hamilton Collection
IMO, the top three guitarists ever are Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton.
yeah I like nirvana I don't listen to them much. I like Jimmy Hendrix and Macklemore!
For all you guitarists with a bad case of thrash, I just stumbled upon yr shrine - Jimmy Hendrix's house in Morocco. http:/…
Hands down Jimmy Hendrix Pandora is the best station.
lol many people have said it my math teacher last year has a sticker of qoute on her desk and it says Jimmy Hendrix said it
Jimmy Hendrix was tripping balls when he preformed 😜
The things you see in London. Hendrix Gibson Flying V & Jimmy Page Les Paul
My oldest son is a huge Jimmy Hendrix fan
“And i listen to MGMT, Jimmy Hendricks, Bob Marley, and Elle Varner. Judge me lol” Jimi Hendrix*** I'm judging you
is it? Ugh that's what it was like at Oxegen too. Lol jimmy Hendrix is that the name of a camp?
or do a Jimmy hendrix and choke on your own vomit
My mom told my sister she looks like Jimmy Hendrix LMFAOO
The workers camp is miles away so I think we're all just gonna stay in Jimmy Hendrix anyway.
Told this guy I like jimmy hendrix and his reply was 'saw him live a year ago' please someone help me I can't breathe.
Did Jimmy Hendrix shirts really have this design, or is it a new invention?   10% Off
Love love love my new Jimmy Hendrix tank ugh yay
as if jimmy hendrix played in ilkley in '67!!! What a time to be alive
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."-Jimmy Hendrix
You think u got a bad deal: 1965 ED Chalpin signed Jimmy Hendrix & his band to a 3yr recording contract for $1 & a 1% royalty rate
Love this Belgium fruity beer ... And listening to tribute to jimmy Hendrix @ The zone האזור
I really think I'm the second coming of jimmy hendrix
I think Andre 3000 will do a good job as Jimmy Hendrix. I may see it.
Which famous person from the past would you most like to meet? — Jimmy hendrix
RIP Johnny Winter. Glad I got to see someone live who shared a stage with jimmy Hendrix and muddy waters
«one of my favorite bands»same here Pink Floyd , Doors , Metallica , Tool , Jimmy Hendrix etc
All along the air traffic control tower by Jimmy Hendrix. Please make this stop! What have you done to me
What's your favourite guitar riff? Could it be Jimmy Hendrix and Purple Haze? Eric Clapton's Layla? Or the Theme From Shaft by …
what do Jimmy Hendrix and Himmy Jendrix both have in common? new ep on
the has Jimmy Hendrix stamps! Yes I still send letters, cards and parcels.
Hey Joe is like the best jimmy hendrix song.
“There must be some kinda way outta Here” Jimmy Hendrix
u are jimmy. But Hendrix is a stretch
little known fact: Jimmy Hendrix originally this version, but I wasn't born yet so he gave it to Peter Steele
Freddie Mercury on vocals, John Entwistle on bass, Jimmy Hendrix on guitars, John Lord on keyboards, Eric Carr on drums.
Jimmy Hendrix.your address again please. Xx
So their making a movie bout Jimmy Hendrix. Nd Andre 3000 is playing him... 😨😱😱😄
Lol jimmy hendrix had some heady hat pins brah
*jimmy Hendrix enters playing foxy lady* pris plays lead while I make it rain
Kurt Cobain , Jimmy Hendrix , Amy Whinehouse , Tupac , and Bob Marley are my favorite artists who passed away .
Andre 3000 is the perfect person to play Jimmy Hendrix
I wanna get high and go to the studio wit Jimmy Hendrix
Old photos of Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix and the like really got the youth out here aspiring to be struggling recovering drug addicts
Mixtape coming soon it's gon have that jimmy Hendrix twist on it straight 🔥🔥
Been listening to jimmy hendrix for like a week now
This Jimmy Hendrix movie gone be live Andre 3000 was the best fit
Website Builder 728x90
put tabs in my headband. Jimmy Hendrix
Jimmy Hendrix did Lucy before and during his performance. I choose shrooms.
I swear work was playing Steve Rogers's ipod today. Andrews sisters to etta James to Jimmy Hendrix.
Luke's gotta help Jimmy Hendrix jump his car
Wiz should play jimmy hendrix in that movie
*** This guy had one of Jimmy hendrix's signed guitars and it is worth $1,000,000 and Rick from pawn stars says "I'll give you 400,000" 😑
It was towards the end of the song when I realized I was blaring leny kravits and not jimmy Hendrix in the tim Hortons dr…
We prefer Purple Haze…complete with smoke and Jimmy Hendrix:
This is just good advice. Tonight The Monterey Club brings you. Jimmy Hendrix Experience of…
Nine to the Universe Jimi Hendrix Side 1 1. "Message from Nine to the Universe" 8:45 2. "Jimi/Jimmy Jam" 8:04 Side 2 1. "Young/Hendrix
Cant wait to see the movie with Andre 3000 playing as Jimmy Hendrix
just watched the movie 4 played a dope role,,,can't wait to see you play jimmy Hendrix
“Me what is this Jimmy Hendrix thing u wearing
okay no one is as good as jimmy Hendrix was but Jack White is close
dells that niqqa, inspired me to be jimmy Hendrix 😂
"Jimi: All Is By My Side" Andre 3000 brings the life and times of Jimmy Hendrix to the big screen
Discover the new painting on old guitar: Jimmy Hendrix after The Tower tarot card. Click on the link for all...
I did not know Jimmy Hendrix was in the army
And Jimmy Hendrix turned over in his the day Ted picked up a guitar.
Random fact about Jimmy Hendrix y'all didn't know
I had no idea, maybe my parents were inspired to name me after jimmy hendrix's drummer?
Gary, did you know Jimmy Hendrix was thrown out of army for wanking too much.
"If San Francisco is home to anyone approaching the abilities of a modern Hendrix, it’s Eric McFadden." (Jimmy...
They say you like jimmy Hendrix in his early 20's lol
What is the best jimmy Hendrix song to learn on guitar
Yes I am still kicking, this is my design for the Jimmy Hendrix stamp, 6 more to design and then hand paint all of them
"And so castles made of sand, melts into the sea, eventually" Jimmy Hendrix
Did you really just ask if Jimmy Hendrix was alive still.what's wrong with you.
Forgive me God for Listenig to Jimmy Hendrix all morning in the office.
most of the live versions do since I’ve been loving you Jimmy Page and of course Hendrix’s voodoo child solo
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I am looking for old records of Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix etc…If anyone has any or knows where I can get them please let me know :) Thanks!!!
New version of Jimmy Hendrix song by G oo GLE !! Watch only the guitar please lool ;)
If someone that lives on campus wants to give me a swipe at the caf, I think you would be the coolest person since Jimmy Hendrix
Happy Anniversary to my. Sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Martha Jo and Jimmy Hendrix, they are the brother and sister I never had. Love you both
Early day at work ...been up since 3 am... Pretty sure I just saw a Jimmy Hendrix hologram walk past my office door
is like the modern time jimmy Hendrix ✌️
I couldn't sleep so I sat on my porch drinking a cocktail this hot and sticky night. I began to cool off and the booze began to do its magic...somehow it always takes me away from the current stressors and takes me to Pvt Jones' Reality. Seems that when the inhibitions are removed, the trauma in Nam always surfaces. When I went through my divorce in '84-86 when I was well self medicated, this poem flowed through my pen: Private Jones' Reality - Albert W. Hazzard, Jr. Hey there! Is it real now? Fu_k was it real then? Rain coming down. Babies cryin' Hot, Wet, Brothers dyin'. Guts hanging out somewhere. Smoke rising from the jungle. Rats feasting on their death. Sitting on my bunker, Sitting next to a hero. Junk in his head. Lying on his bed Wishing to be home instead. Starlight, Star bright, Victor Charlie's visiting us tonight. Wire 's strung- water buffalo's dung. Ballads sung- Death 's sure to come. Fu_k! Maybe it will be real then. Nobody knows when! Viet Nam. Twilight Zone. Acid, Mary Jane, Barb's and ...
All along the watch tower Jimmy hendrix
by the way,Gilmour may have the greatest feeling,but he definitely isn't the greatest ever. hendrix and Jimmy Page are laughing.
When I'm sad she comes to me. Little Wing (Sting Tribute to Jimmy Hendrix): via
Jimmy hendrix was tweaking on that song "Hey Joe"
also hypothetically speaking if there was liquor in my system I would be afraid I might Jimmy Hendrix tonight..
I own all of Jimmy Hendrix's albums except like 3 or 4
lol it's gonna be Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Hendrix all day
I'd kill people to see Jimmy Hendrix perform
Journey rocking out the Star Spangled Banner Jimmy Hendrix style! With Arman Latifi his moms, Karen, Shelby, and her girlfriend.
you know when its hot out and your ac acts like its on vacation there is nothing wrong with jimmy Hendrix and naked air guitar.
I am excited today as I will be interviewing Jerry Hopkins today on my music show about his days as one of the most famous Rock N Roll writers who started the rock star biography and penned many including Elvis and Jim Morrison and as a huge blues music fan I'm looking forward to hearing his Jimmy Hendrix story in person ! I will let you know when the interview is edited and ready for airing ! I'll have snippets on my you tube channel and here also soon ! thanks for watching !
Mr. Flotty thinking he's Jimmy Hendrix in the Inner Harbour
I'm the one that has 2 die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to -jimmy hendrix
Love while im here love me when I'm gone . Great word's from Jimmy hendrix
Jimmy hendrix was on the radio today salute Djtron Djoftheyear! Visual on the way belee dat
I just wan run around with a caravan of gypsies and some Purple Haze like I'm Jimmy Hendrix
Watching this jimmy Hendrix documentary got me inspired. Wow.
This is like jimmy Hendrix meets john wayne
Why does Future call himself Hendrix? Jimmy Hendrix is a legend that pioneered sounds on the guitar... Future raps basic lyrics in autotune
A birthday shout out to the people that share Troys Birthday! Happy Bday Jeff Gold Jerry Gold Alayna Lamb Alex Vigil Rosie Cruz! Jimmy Hendrix!
Michael went all jimmy Hendrix on that gutair
did anyone see the two brothers on AGT play Jimmy hendrix on their Cello, it was pretty crazy!
If Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, 2 pac, biggie and all the other REAL musicians weren't dead the world would definitely be a different place
I never knew that jimmy Hendrix played soccer.
you gotta watch club matches to be a true jimmy Hendrix anyone can watch acouple games every 4 years😌
They say I'm like jimmy Hendrix in his early 20's
Every Jimmy Hendrix riff I'd give her a little kick, just to let her know to turn it up a little bit
Guitarist & bassist looking for a singer for mellow rockin, cover songs/originals. Please no druggies,drama etc. .we are located in enterprise, and we try to practice at least twice a week & have P.A. mics and what not. Covers ranging from Tracey Chapman, Goo Goo Dolls, STP, Cranberries, Sublime, Jimmy Hendrix, Doobie Brothers, etc .and in time work on originals, . .you get the idea. Thanks
Lol I've been talking the last few days about climbing my mountain to find myself but I realise I can chop it down with the edge of my hand. (Jimmy hendrix) If you like this feel free to share :-)
Late night scribbles to Jimmy Hendrix documentary on Netflix.
watching this Jimmy Hendrix doc trying to count how many times he doesn't look like he trippin balls
The national anthem before the U.S. soccer game today should be Jimmy Hendrix's version
somebody help, why is future comparing himself to Jimmy Hendrixs???. *** I'm plum dumbfounded
A cover does not need to be better but different. Hey Joe (Jimmy Hendrix) by Charlotte Gainsbourg
Purple Haze Purple Haze was in my brain, lately things just don't seem the same, act-in' funny, but I don't know why, 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky. Purple Haze all around, don't know if I'm coming up or down. Am I happy or in misery? What ever it is, that girl put a spell on me! Purple Haze was in my eyes, don't know if it's Day or night. You've got me blow-in', blow-in' my mind. Is it tomorrow or just the end of time? By Jimmy Hendrix
so proud of Noah and his crew Zac, Gabe and Josh, 2 awesome performances today for NCEA's one, a little bit of Jimmy Hendrix
that, Seattle rain off the black top beauty; and that, Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock beauty.
The of or the love of power? I had to capture this Jimmy Hendrix quote on Queen Street W the other day
Here are some pics from yesterday and today. The weather has turned very windy and quite cold today, so we had to invest in some windbreakers. They were $25 each! Brett was in heaven at the lefty shop, said he feels valued now. I particularly liked the Victorian houses. They are distinct because they are painted in 3 different colours. The bus Russian tour bus driver we had today asked if anyone wanted to smoke a joint then we should get off at the Haight with all the other hippies. The area is made famous by Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix. Unfortunately we didnt get to Alcatraz today as it is fully booked out till end of August. It would have been terrible with the weather today anyway. A stop at the Japanese garden was amazing. Brett has it in his mind now that he wants one. Yeah, dont think that is going to happen! I will let him keep dreaming. Xo
'' May this be Love or just Confusion Born out of frustration wracked feelings '' Jimmy Hendrix ... Amir B-Laaha wlh fakrtni a tfol ki cheft la tof de couverture te3ek :)
Wiz try to dress like jimmy Hendrix
Santa Mamba Will be in Miami the week end of Thu.-July 24, Fri. 25 Sat. 26...Stay tune are a new and unique musical style. The Ultimate Rock tribute to Latin Music and vice versa. If you like Santana, Celia Cruz, Mambo Kings, The Gypsy Kings,Buena Vista Social Club,with a touch of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin , Soda Estereo and Jimmy Hendrix... Come and see " Celebrate Life" with the best and finest fusion of Rock And Latin Music. Made in the USA for the World. Santa Mamba | Latin from North Kingstown, RI plays originals and covers. Together we will make the world dance with their booty shaking, high energy live performance. Here some pics of The stage ( on July 25 SM in on )
How can you be bored or cant find something to do in Wa? Space Needle Science Center Ocean Tours Outside Art Museum Imax Jimmy Hendrix and Bruce Lee shrines Wine Tasting Sky Diving (real and inside) Other Museums (more then 10) Local Food spots Beaches Endless fitness ( Dance, Running, Cycling, Soccer, Basketball ect with beautiful views) Stage Plays Concerts Zoo's National Parks A Waterfall AL THAT to do and yall just go to the mall and the club then when that gets old yall wanna whine like theres not options to stay busy, and or fit
ah yeh you've been haven't you, did you go to Kurt Cobains grave or Jimmy Hendrix?how long was you there for?
We talking about the likes of Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Prince, James Brown, & of course The Rolling…
Black history facts. Blites (cross between black and white) Will only talk about George Washington Carver, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Jimmy Hendrix, Rosa Parks or Oprah. I like these things. The Real seriousness of slavery and how they were treated. I can't say we, but I can say how our or my people were treated
I love acoustic guitar so have Jimmy Hendrix, Cat Stevens.. Also early Bob Marley n similar early artistes..indie
James Brown, Whitney Houston, Jimmy Hendrix, Aaliyah, TLC, Tupac, etc. I guess there's nothing else to us.
Yo it would've been freaking awesome to see Jimmy Hendrix live performing Purple Haze.
John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix, Rosa Parks, Steve Jobs, *** is Life... Is this like, *** Are we trying to create Heaven on Earth or something
I didn't mean to take up all your sweet time but I'll give it right back to ya one of these days - Jimmy Hendrix
Listening to 01. Jimmy Be Good by Jimi Hendrix vía
Guess I'll start with some jimmy Hendrix never listened to his music before.
All these soccer hooligans have scared the horses off my timeline ,now its Chile Jimmy Hendrix wrote a song about them he must like soccer 2
Who do you think is the greatest guitar player ever? Jimi Hendrix? Eddie van halen? Chuck berry? B.B king? Eric Clapton? Slash🎩? Jimmy Page?
Was I seriously fixing to buy a Jimmy Hendrix tee for you? 😣 feel special..
I would like to name my kids after songs and musicians. . Clarissa, Eleanor, Jimmy (Hendrix/Urine) etc.
Oh wow - how I love the summer. Just had a long heart to heart with my mother who reminisced about her 'teen time experiences' at the Isle of White festival in the late 60's. Says she watched The Doors and Jimmy Hendrix live and they blew her mind - wearing a kaftan and enormous floppy hat. My super cool Mummy - I love her. X
Sale or Swap??? 22g Taylor 9zero darts. 22g Jimmy Hendrix darts. Looking for: Snakebite Phase 5 23g. MVG 21/23g. Whitlock Phase 2 22g, silver. Probably more but open to all offers 20-23g.
My final four for guitar players would look something like this. Semis Lindsey Buckingham vs. Slash Santana vs. Jimmy Hendrix enough said. Random thought.
Another bit of comic relief for Ontario voting day and Throwback Thursday... 'Duncan the Punkin' rocking out in his Jimmy Hendrix onesie! (summer 2007)
A musician is a person who plays one or many musical instrument and is also referred to as an instrumentalist. History has given us some really notable music composers and performers the likes of which include names of people like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig Van Beethoven. Just like everything else, music too evolved through the ages to churn out various genres. The most noticeable evolution took place in the last 50 years. There was the Rock ‘N Roll era, which preceded the music of the 1980’s. Music underwent yet another slight change and evolved into the music of the 1990’s which was followed by pop music, house, club, trans and many others. To say that the hall of fame is reserved only for the classical musicians would be folly because even the new age music has given us people who have become legends in their own right. We have seen guitarists like Jimmy Hendrix and Jimmy Page (of Led Zepplin), drummers like Mike Portnoy (of the band Dream Theater) and John Bonham ( ...
So I was "teaching" Taylor about Woodstock tonight and we pulled it up on Wikipedia, he saw Jimmy Hendrix and said ooo...oo...Mitch Mitchell. We saw The Who, and he says...Oh, Keith Moon! I didn't even know these guys. Their names were not on the screen! This kid knows every drummer of every band ever. He's nuts.
In jealous I wish to be in that party in south beach!!! I am whit my uncle Jimmy Hendrix at San Diego!!
Mozart, Virginia Woolf, Van Gogh, Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Hans Christian Anderson, Beethoven, Mark Twain, Agatha Christie, Jim Carey, Patricia Cornwell, Abraham Lincoln. Quite a talented group. All present symptoms and are diagnosed as having had or have Bipolar Disorder. The crippling disease of the genius mind that can create magic under the right circumstances.
Gave the kid a guitar lesson. Afterwards you tube videos of David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix. He'd never heard Hendrix.
I just saw Bob Marley, 2pac, Biggie, Elvis, Janice Joplin, Louie Armstrong, Jerry Garcia, and Jimmy Hendrix hanging out the window of a limousine with a thick, cloudy, strong smell rolling out... I think Marvin Gaye was driving!!! What the *** is that about??? Or maybe it was aliens!!!
If I could I would bring Freddie Mercury and Jimmy Hendrix back from the dead
Today it's like the early 1972 and High School. Fuller Park on hot afternoon listening to Jimmy Hendrix and old Beatles tunes from Abby Road.
Check out my listing on via Do you like Jimmi Hendrix,check out a video at wpr:
Mhm well I'm gonna listen to Jimmy Hendrix
Re-post from many likes can this video get to encourage Claire to play a Jimmy Hendrix song?
Come home from work and lay down with me while we listen to Jimmy Hendrix 🙍
Whose the greatest lead guitarist of all time? Carlos Santana vs Jimmy Hendrix
Jimmy Hendrix cover of Like a Rolling Stone on Pandora right now.
Call my truck jimmy Hendrix cause I'm bout to hit the sky
Why am I just now realizing the skill of Jimmy Hendrix?
Getting faded hair getting braided so we sniff a pound of ye playing spades bumping Jimmy Hendrix purple hayes
"To all yall that want to be mama's... Meet me back stage" -jimmy Hendrix
Happy Mother's Day to my momma Leona Anderson :) I love you and your the best mother I could ever ask for . Also Happy Mothers Day to my aunt Melissa Freeman Holt I love you and Logan Holt and jimmy Hendrix :) you've been my 2nd mommy for a very long time and I thank you for that . Also happy Mother's Day to my two step sisters Kristina Nicole Anderson & Ashley Anderson I love you guys !!
Ben Westwood he's like jimmy Hendrix apparantly
Poet: Joshua Bennet. Poem: Balaenoptera When we are old Hair the color of tombstones. Bones, That sound like wet windshield wipers whenever we slow dance through the living room. I imagine, That I will look you in the eye as if there is something small and precious imprisoned there. And say to you Darling...Did you know? that a blue whale has a heart the size of a car? When you reply correctly as you always seem to do when I ask you difficult questions about oceanography. I'll probably just laugh, rejoicing over the fact that every time you smile it makes the wrinkles at the corner of your eyes look like six willow branches all lifting their heads from prayer in unison Wind, humming a somber hymn beneath it's breath. Just as our anthem jogs to a close, And I whisper in your ear, "How did you know that I was the one?" When all those well-dressed jackals came galloping to your door, begging for the rights to your ring finger. What made you lock the deadbolt on your ribs? Looking them squarely in the face, a ...
bro, . it's called "trilled cheese". when the chese is melting you meditate and sprinkle some bud on top of it while Jimmy Hendrix plays
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Jimmy hendrix, tower of power, the Beatles, Bob Marley... saquen el churro!
Im personally looking forward to playing at The Franklin Hotel next Sunday but before that we are playing at The Metropolitan Wednesday night with the divine Johnny Goodall - a reincarnation of jimmy hendrix himself.. please come and bask in the ambiance. looneys out!
I miss when music had emotions and messages. I miss the John Lennon's and Johnny Cash's, I miss the Pink Floyd's and Jimmy Hendrix's
Chilling outside with the crew listening to some Jimmy Hendrix & Def Leppard
Eric Clapton , jimmy Hendrix, all the music is great. Thanx Andy and the "Old men with guitars ".
Received a lovely and entirely unexpected note today, highly gratifying, and no, I did not pay to have it cobbled together...but, yeah, I'm shameless.. Deep sigh. Hans, you crazy lunatic, you crazy, dear lunatic, but with emphasis on the lunatic part. This work just makes me have to remind myself to breathe. It does. It is some RARE kind of passion that pushes through you from who knows WHAT beyondness - something that has to do with privileged access to depths and ages on the continuum of the (forgive me this) divine, ancient mystery. I seriously believe that. So, from where I sit, for you to say you "should" instead be doing marketing (of any of your art, visual or written), would be much like Jimmy Hendrix averring that he really should be focusing his time on learning how to better manage his investments portfolio. It's bewildering. _ O ye of little faith. The same forces pushing all these riches into the world through you will see to their perpetuation and exposure. There's mystery magic involved tha ...
Respiratory infection awesome. I feel like what Jimmy Hendrix felt the day after New Year's Eve.
Good evening family and friends from scooters in the house recording studios we have brother Kevin Landeau performing jimmy hendrix classic waterfalls.
I just want to say for all of you that don't know that a lot of pple think that the only music I listen to is RAP/Hip-Hop. No this is not true, I listen to the stones, doors,who,Jimmy Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, then I move on to Michael Jackson, Nirvina, Disturbed,Marlyn Manson, SugerRey, Smash Mouth. I can go on and on and on. So to just let you know I don't just listen to Rap like you know I want Smack that A$$, I WanT Cap That A$$, I want to Feel that. Come on EVERYONE Brake it down.
Does anyone else out there love the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Food Fighters, White Stripes, Jimmy Hendrix, Dandy Warhols, MSI. maybe not in that order... am I alone in this because it feels like it.
On this day in 1981, the world lost one of the greatest men to ever grace planet earth.ROBERT NESTA MARLEY. Have fun up there brother. And I hope you're Jammin' with my other top of the top favorites.Fela Kuti, John Lennon, James Brown, Jimmy Hendrix and Ray Charles.
i think im Jimmy Hendrix, i think im Kurt Cobain
"Jake Bugg has got to be one of the best guitarists going at the moment" . Jimmy Hendrix turning in his grave lord jaysis...
Jimmy Hendrix was talking about smoking Purple Haze back in 1967. Y'all playing catch up.
Deep down, I always wanted to be Jimmy Hendrix! Jamming at the Grammy Museum downtown with…
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I feel like chilling with my guitar... Best inspiration... Yeah, Jimmy Hendrix.
And we rocked out like jimmy Hendrix .
I've never been so happy to see a girl leave Take your filthy little hands off my dirty ripped jeans You told me you hated my GNR shirt Shoulda known then, this is never gonna work But like what you like, don't matter to me Just leave the jack and take your hennessy Take your Kanye out of my player please Led Zepplin 45 is stayin' with me [Chorus] Hey *** Ain't nothin' little 'bout rock n roll Hey *** Rap it up and hip-hop down the road *** no Don't turn down my radio If you're a dirty little rocker Baby come on and let it show And scream "Hey *** You never liked any *** song I wrote You spent my money and you smoked my smoke Pumpin' lame *** beats in your foreign car It ain't real music without guitar I like Jimmy Hendrix, baby don't you know I like gettin' high, not ridin' low [Chorus] You can wait me in line, at the club, if you wanna Shake your *** all night, but I'm gonna Find a rocker chick that'll bang to Nirvana Yo, *** You gotta go! You ain't nothin' but a... [Chorus] Never been so happy to see a ...
Joszie Joanne Fazio : Reading:: OK, first I have to say I get loads of names from spirit side looking at your pic!! Most seem to be male. First, you are blessed with three guardians since birth, Two male. One blue eyed dark hair, one light hair brown eyes. One Female beautiful guardian blonde long hair blue eyes. She fuels your creative side. I'm also picking up from this photo father/grandfather late50s,early 60s is very much with you. Taller, thin, dark eyes and hair. He is saying for you to smile! And one more! Lol an older woman 70s, off to your left in this photo, she is wearing a necklace with I think is a cross, she is also wearing glasses. You in this photo; You are kind to the fault. Creative, energetic, trustworthy, and fair. Your brain is always going. Financially You are "just" making it Unfortunately I see this trend for a little while you will have ups and downs. Money will become steadier towards end of years beginning of next year Relationships You are very trusting very quickly... What's ...
So slash, jimmy Hendrix and Edward of jedward for that, fun times!
Dear walmart I hate your tee shirt selection... I don't want to wear a shirt with teenage mutant ninja turtles, superman, spiderman, or darth vader on the front... I also am not a fan of drpepper, budweiser, or mountain dew.and I'm not hating on these guys but I'm not a fan of Pink Floyd or jimmy hendrixs... So that pretty much leaves me just the skulls and crosses shirts in which I'm pretty sure I've surpassed the mandated quantity I've set for myself on how many skull and cross shirts I should own and since I'm a critiquer of that sort of thing I'm just going to walk away... I hate cloth shopping for myself
the idea and concept of band made guitar players to turn into legend. Jimmy Hendrix, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Ozzy Osbourn, Iron Maidens were the empires of legend. Their dynastys still lives. Pantera who brought us into unique music style phyco-metal inspired to the youngstars. For them only the six string became immortal.ROCK it!
,,,his majesty mighty THOR RYAN LEN ,, this is my top secret guitar style , this is the first time that I had shown it to the world , even top top guitarist like ,,,JIMMY HENDRIX , Jimmy Page , RITCHIE BLACKMOORE , JACKIE LEE , EDDIE VAN HALEN ,and many other more to come , my top secret heavy metal rock style for you ,,,
Lms if u ready for jimmy Hendrix video
JIMMY HENDRIX just wanted to kiss the sky , I just want to kiss them bikinis , excuse me :-D
Rummage sale today 5/10/14 Saturday at 4112 6th avenue in Kenosha some of the items for sale are yard statues, Doctors end table with magazine rock, small pink bench , fishing rods , watering containers , gas containers , vegetable steamer works womens shoes, boys shoes , large picture of paris , elvis , jimmy Hendrix my wife has a antique coffee, end table for 30.00 and much much more cheap prices
Jimmy Hendrix and beer pong for breakfast
There are LowRiders and then THERE IS THIS! 1850CC -Foxy Lady ... I think I love you, Jimmy Hendrix said it! Maybe you convince us to put 250 rear Pirelli for more authority
Ladies and Gentlemen... Michael Winslow!!! :) The true vocal gymnast, he can imitate over 10,000 sounds using nothing but his own voice. His unique and versatile talent has been known to the world for 30 years and is no less amazing now than it was at the beginning. Jimmy Hendrix solos, jet engines roaring are just a hint of what you can expect from his repertoire. His ‘sound effects’ are also used in computer games and smartphone apps. The one and only performance by Michael Winslow in Poland will take place on June 15, 2014 at 19.00 in Sala Kongresowa in the Palace of Culture and Science.
Im so so excited, iv'e got the best week coming up. Monday Stephens coming over with my prezzi he bought me, it's a painting of the late great Jimmy Hendrix. Wednesday Steve is taking me and Stephen to see Miss Saigon and Thursday I go with my brother to pick up my brand new car. It's a VW UP in red. Photo's will follow. Can't Wait.
I think Dave Hamilton ..Angelo Mack ..Jimmy Hendrix ..and Max Cavalera and a lil Mike Welsch just had an out of body experience and landed in me while I was playing guitar tonight .lost moment ...won't remember in the morning ..shucks
I like bluse. I'm an iternal fan of jimmy hendrix, george harison, david guilmor, joe walsh, adrian smith, richi blackmore, joe rainy, jimmi page, Eric Clapton, and many more who are worth to be mentioned at their own time.
Jimmy Hendrix did acid while playing guitar. Funny + genius.
At the post office I had the choice of two new stamp sheets -- Charlton Heston or Jimmy Hendrix. I told the postal clerk that my father would have loved to have the Charlton Heston stamps. Which one do you think I chose and why?
My aunt over here talking About the white man killed jimmy Hendrix by giving him drugs.
I'm so geeked about this Jimmy Hendrix film being created! I love Andre 3000
If Jimmy Hendrix was part of this generation, he'd be making trap music.
Iam jimmy Hendrix. When iam smoking So call me rock in roll
Drunk guitar playing is the best. Feeling like I'm Jimi Hendrix when I sound like Jimmy Neutron.
Sour. & Dope Samples...R.I.P Jimmy Hendrix tonite is for you Bud
"My whole world just turned upside down. I didn't know Jimmy Hendrix was black!"
is theme music was Jimmy Hendrix for no
This my new Avi I think I'm Jimmy Hendrix I cut my forehead and dipped my bandanna in LSD yolo ***
Tryna teach myself to play guitar from scratch at 3am. Figuring its a long process and I won't be Jimmy Hendrix before bed :(
I am 10 feet away from a second cousin of Jimmy Hendrix, and the amazing Pat Chessell
Jimmy Hendrix and santanna the gods of guitar playing
If your looking for something fun to do on this rainy night, tonight at the New Copper Penny we have 2 great classic Rock tribute bands. The experience - jimmy Hendrix tribute. Valhalla - Led zeppelin tribute.
Joke for today: What was the baby's favorite Jimmy Hendrix song?
Saturday come hear a Jimmy Hendrix review with Eli Carlton-Pearson and friends
When my brother was younger my dad would tell him to "Turn down that noise" when he was listening to his favorite artist. Today the United States Post Office has a stamp to honor the creator of that "Noise" Jimmy Hendrix. Never judge the younger generations music unless you have taken the time to REALLY listen to it
Flash Back Friday was so much fun at a school today!!! Jimmy Hendrix , Whitney Houston, Sandy from Grease , and so many more came to visit. My student got to see what a Flower Child looked like and listen to Artist like Peter Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel, and the Mamas and the Papas. We were able to tie together are readings on Robert E Lee (from: 50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Know) and The Other Flag (info on and arguments for and against the Confederate Flag) to our past lessons on the 60's and the Civil Rights movement, as well as Slavery and the Civil War. We discussed based on the words of the PreAmble was slavery constitutional or not? We also finished are discussion on why their are concerns about the Confederate Flag. My class came to the following conclusions: 1. Slavery should not have happened. It was unconstitutional because: Not everyone was happy like the PreAmble said we should be. Whites ruled blacks and the constitution was to stop people from ruling other people. We didn't l ...
In today's meetings, we were discussing the new classroom building that is being built on campus, which will be our new home down the road. It's going to have some big teaching rooms, including a 400-seat in-the-round room, plus a "parliament" style room. I suggested we decorate the latter with large murals of James Brown, Jimmy Hendrix, and lots of tie-dye art - it's the perfect opportunity to establish a parliament funk-a-delic classroom for our campus. (I was asked to keep my decorating ideas to myself...)
Deff wanna go to the JIMMY HENDRIXS park tht thete building in Washington state
There is some music on today at work from Jimmy Hendrix to Ratt 🎶
(COOL FOR REAL) Cool has been around along time really. Jimmy Cagney was really prob one of the first cool movie gangsters. Years later Fonzie followed the footsteps for being cool. James Cagney was cool in the 40s and who could forget Marlon Brando in the 50s and James Dean and even Elvis. The Fonze was the from the 50s but made in the 70s. Jimmy Hendrix and so many people were cool and rock stars or even movie stars. But guess what? you don't have to be a movie star or a rock star or have long hair or even tattoos to be cool. Some people are staving for attention and try to get it in many ways or fit in the crowd. You don't have to go to jail to be cool or even have purple or jet black hair. Some people try to be cool and are just being a followers and end up being stupid about it and maybe take up smoking and just end up with a bad habbit. So , smoking is not cool either. If you have to try to be cool its not in you. People that are cool don't even know it, they don't think about it, they live it. ...
Saturday brought great weather but tough fishing on Lake Keowee… We had 22 teams come out for the tourney with a few new teams. Full results and points standings will be posted on our website Tuesday. top teams were: 1 – Tony Riddle & Scott Miles – 17.79 2 – Chad Watson & Jake Watson – 13.56 3 – Jimmy Hendrix & Wade Hendrix – 12.09 4 – Jason Youngblood & Barry Youngblood – 11.47 5 – James Laney & Robbie Gwinn – 10.55 Big Fish went to Tony Riddle and Scott Miles with a 5.97 largemouth. Chad Watson and Jake Watson had a 5.13 largemouth as well. Our last spring event will be on Hartwell on June 7th at Portman Marina. Thanks to everyone who participated. Don't forget our Summer Night Series starting next month. p.s. We will be holding the fall series again this year. Dates and lakes are listed below. Dates are set, but the lake or ramp may change depending on permits and ramp availability. 9/6 Hartwell – Portman 10/4 Hartwell – Portman 11/1 Hartwell – Portman 12/6 Keowee – Gap .. ...
I've been known to inspire people. Da Vinci, Jimmy Hendrix, and Michael Jordan all list me as their greatest influence.
Music Moments highlights. Playing with Billy Preston and just hanging out with him, sweet man and very creative. Hanging out for an afternoon with Little Richard in Hollywood hearing stories about Jimmy Hendrix and so much more. Playing with and and meeting the very kind and humble Albert Lee, one of the nicest men! Playing with the the challenging Phyllis Hyman, she was kind of a mess but such a talent. Hanging out backstage with Mark and Howard (The Turtles) Mickey Dolenz, Gary Puckett ,Peter Noon, Tommy James, Frankie Avalon, Bobby Rydel and so much more !! Plying live in front of over two million Japanese people with Cirque du Soleil ZED at Tokyo Disneyland. And on and on... :)
The last 48 hours... In a nut shell! 11 hours and 546 mile on the road, windows down ( NO A.C.) with Jimmy Hendrix, Bob, and Sublime blasting through the speakers Round trip to the 2014 Key West Paddleboard Classic. Quick little 12 mile race around Key West island in some pretty gnarly conditions, Turtle Krawls good times and the Green Parrot jamming to good tunes with some of the best people I know. Big thanks to the Lazy Dog crew for a good reason to get out of town and shout out to my Paddle Family! Joseph Morel Travis Suit Garry Menk Alexandra Villarreal Menk Jessica Cichra Bobbie Talerico Kimberly Bragg-Depasquale Steven Bernstein Stephen Chase Stephen Barnes Kim Barnes Rachel Ferguson Jessica Neal Alex Cotleur Debi Borger Andres Pombo Neil Uden Packet Casey Roray Kam and all the rest of you!! Thanks for a great weekend!!
May 3, 1969 Jimmy Hendrix is arrested at the Canadian border for Heroine possession.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
So 'J' could be really bad, a shorter life? Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, James Dean, Janis Joplin.
Seriously, NPR has been playing a live version of Jimmy Hendrix jamming 'Voodoo Child' for the last 8 minutes. How cool!
Some influential people on my life.. Martin Luther King Jr., John Fitzgerald Kennedy, John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix, Hank Aaron, Mike Tyson
Naked sunbathing and jimmy Hendrix is a decent Sunday so far!
So I've been called Andre 3000, will-I-am, Jimmy hendrix and even common. R these.racist remakes or compliments loool
Baking cookies whilst dancing to Jimmy Hendrix. Perfection.
Listen to freddy_vedder / Jimmy Hendrix - Foxey Lady | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
Kickin it with jimmy Hendrix's nephew
This generation be thinking Jimmy Page and jimi hendrix are XXL freshman smh
Heres the famous red brick house of yokohama, three little pigs live in there and jimmy hendrix…
Watching Freaks and Geeks for the first time. "You know who skipped class? Jimmy Hendrix! Now he's dead!"
Rafiki performs a concert with Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Dean Martin and Jimmy Hendrix. World Peace shortly follows.
So a guy tht my grandma knows just told me tht he met Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix in the 60s and went 2 evry Woodstock! Coolest ever
Jimmy hendrix and some choco tacos bro!
*** there r people that actually don't kno wat 4/20 is lmao tru enough its Easter but that day is for all the great chiefers from before like Bob Marley N Jimmy Hendrix.Lol people I looked up too cuz they smoke reefa n don't give af who cares!
Unfadhomality of human existence is euivalent to understanding a jimmy Hendrix solo
He. Talking bout got Jimmy standing up y u wanna play
I'm makin' Johnny Cash haters eat my Limp Bizkit. Buy a dub then I step no Skrillex, grab the Jimmy no Hendrix. Wait where's my appendix
I am Jimmy Hendrix and there is nothing you can do about it. 🎸
Jimmy Hendrix's "All Along The Watchtower" was playing on the radio this morning when I got up, set the mood for the rest of the night. I must of needed my sleep because I woke up just before six this evening. Long Live And Prosper
Laying in the bed in the hotel coloring and listening to Jimmy Hendrix...weee
Another irony in jimmy's story was the fact that after Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin died he went around saying he's and it happened
Need more music from a tribe called quest, grave diggas & jimmy Hendrix (I have none of there albums and I need them)
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