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Jimmy Haslam

James Arthur Jimmy Haslam III (born circa 1955) is CEO of the Pilot Flying J truck stop chain who in August 2012 was reported to have become the majority owner of the Cleveland Browns football team pending approval of the NFL owners.

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Jimmy Haslam says there's 'zero basis' to report he might want to swap for Titans, plans to live in Cleveland fu...
Jimmy haslam is, right this very minute, nervously playing with his confederate fidget spinner, trying to write something mean about trump
Mark Davis donates to NOBODY lol not even the nfl 😂😂.
Jimmy Haslam. Stand up like Jerry Jones. Do your Pilot FJ truckers support these players? Do you. Be the boss and do the right thing
Is Jimmy Haslam done with his legal issues?
Will good old boy truck stop extortionist Jimmy Haslam join the chorus NFL owners condemning remarks re: ? waiting.
Me waiting for Jimmy Haslam and to do the right thing.
I very much doubt that Jimmy Haslam or Stan Kroenke make a negative statement regarding Trump.
Jimmy Haslam's Statement on Trump:. "Dee and I loved President Trump's speech on the NFL so much, we want him as offensive coordinator!"
Jimmy Haslam and his governor brother?
And now a statement from Browns owner Jimmy Haslam:. "Candidly, I'm still under federal investigation."
I've got 9:37 p.m. Eastern on the release of Jimmy Haslam's statement.
In like 2 days: "Jimmy Haslam, welcome to the resistance"
Not sure Jimmy Haslam will make statement. His family is tight with Trump
Jimmy Haslam in a tough spot here. POTUS wants a bunch of his players "fired" yet he, his brother and wife all contributed to inauguration
not sure I expect a statement from Jimmy and Dee Haslam due to his families political ties..Will the Browns get it right or no?
domain names
Jimmy and Dee Haslam made sure to stop by and hang out with the this morning at the Tailgate! https:/…
Think Jimmy Haslam will speak out against Trump like other NFL owners have?
Browns: Jimmy Haslam's optimism for future depends on one position - Pat McManamon (ESPN)
Nate Ulrich's Browns briefing: Jimmy Haslam's message about importance of continuity ..
cleveland​.com >> Dan Gilbert, Paul Dolan, Jimmy Haslam -- Which Cleveland sports owner would you want in
One day pretty much captures 2016 for Dan Gilbert and Jimmy Haslam
Good to see former Brown Willie McGinnest get his hands on yet another Schottenheimer Trophy as he presents it to Jimmy Haslam!
Mark Hughes will play Jimmy Haslam in the movie.
if you guys are chanting "trumps not my president" than Jimmy Haslam might as well say "the browns aren't my team"
Ok add a "Football Guy" to this group of minds who btw work for a "Quick Trigger" Owner in Jimmy Haslam. Line up the candidates!
The only guarantee of failure is if owner Jimmy Haslam again loses patience and changes course
Jimmy Haslam is famous for saying he judges how he season ends not how it begins. Well, this team has actually gotten WORSE
Caller thinks Jimmy Haslam didn't sign anyone to pay off the Feds. Jimmy Haslam has a net worth of 3.6 billion
I'm waiting for 0-27 so we get Dre signing "0-27, this ain't heaven, 0-27, worse than a rebate from Jimmy Haslam"
Exactly. I thought Jimmy Haslam would build a winner
Toured Gatlinburg with Comm Purkey and Gov Haslam today. Burned buildings, lost lives. THP doing all we can to help. https…
Ours is Jimmy Haslam or Alan Jones both billionaires
Hue Jackson not worried about Jimmy Haslam's quick hook: 'I trust the people that hired me'
Joe Thomas just took a well deserved shot at Haslam. Is Jimmy least respected owner in the NFL? 3 front office regimes-already!
well I'm only speaking of Haslam's mindset. Mitch could be the right pause but jimmy would take him for the wrong reasons
please keep Flying J and Jimmy in your prayers folks thanks. - LaSalle
I just wanted everyone to know that Jimmy is a good man and he is an honest and caring man.
has anyone written or researched if Jimmy Haslam may be indicted for his fraud scam? Is that over completely now?
Jimmy Haslam can only look mad in the mirror. He hired Sashi.
What I wouldn't give to have Jimmy Haslam call at half & ask on air what it would take to be next coach.
What I would say to Jimmy Haslam? Draft with the fans in mind, preach a culture with...the FANS in mind, what we deserve.
I'm not surprised that RGIII got money stolen out of his car, Jimmy Haslam had to get something out of that guy. 🤑🕵🏼🚗
Yep. True to form - Jimmy Haslam run Browns can't even protect team parking garage. Hey Jimmy, call A…
he doesn't his father does. Jim Haslam 2 is father of Jimmy Haslam 3 (Browns) Bill is Gov. Jim Hasla…
Jimmy Haslam denies any role in this rebate scam.
Can't wait to see Jimmy Haslam on security footage.
I'm going to say anything to take the focus off the Browns, Jimmy Haslam is for.
it was probably just Jimmy Haslam trying to get his money back.
There is no primer for being an NFL owner. It is learn-as-you-go.
little by little Jimmy haslam is going to recoup the money he had to pay the trucking companies.
are we sure Jimmy haslam isn't having the valets steal from people?
that *** neighbor, or jimmy haslam. Check it cpd
I will accept comments and criticism about change.
it was Jimmy Haslam trying to recoup all the money this fool has stolen thus far!
It was Jimmy Haslam stealing his money back.
Hey Jimmy Haslam, every Browns Season Ticket Holder should get next year free. totally embarrassing.
Where was Jimmy Haslam at during the game?
Dear Lord,. Please let the rumor that Dan Gilbert is negotiating with Jimmy Haslam to buy the Browns be true.please!!!
Check Jimmy Haslam. We know for sure that he is a thief!
If Jimmy Haslam cleans house after this year, I will not follow the Browns ever again. Not this guy's fault and I f…
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Jimmy Haslam selling the team to Dan Gilbert.
Well we are talking about Jimmy Haslam, a man not exactly known for patience as an NFL owner.
Are we sure it wasn't Jimmy Haslam trying to get some of his money back?
No, that was Jimmy Haslam trying to get his $ back.
Remember when Jimmy Haslam was going to save the Browns?
Jimmy Haslam thought the same thing.
Jimmy Haslam is prob looking for cyber Monday deals on NFL players
Haslam's 0-12 Browns hurting economy as no one downtown Jimmy Haslam must sell
It's so hard being a Browns fan.Jimmy Haslam runs this team like he does Pilot Flyin…
The continue to look good in the Jimmy Haslam ownership era.
anybody willing to drop Jimmy Haslam's body in the streets is fine by me
If the browns go 0-16 jimmy haslam should fire himself
Where are you Jimmy Haslam? Speak up. Your paying customers demand you address us & explain what the plan is & what ur doing to fix this.
DePodesta: Jimmy Haslam wants to meet with us. . Sashi: (gulp) about what? .
It looks like Mike Pence stopped by Jimmy Haslam's home (Cleveland Browns owner) during the
cleveland​.com >> Browns' Hue Jackson says Jimmy Haslam 'unflinching' in his support but 'I never
Haslam,Brown,DePodesta, Berry,Jackson all on the same page. I don't think Jimmy Haslam will ruin that.
I think Jimmy Haslam finally knows he needs consistency. This what Coach Jackson gives him.
Please only after Jimmy Haslam sells the Browns first
our new uniforms IMO suck! "Slick Jimmy" Haslam seems 2 care more about selling jerseys
NFL is the one responsible for the Jimmy Haslam disaster.
If I were Jimmy Haslam, I'd be concerned CLE sports fans now conditioned to spend sports $$ on teams that win, furt…
Was that the guy who recommended Manziel to Jimmy Haslam?
"Have you ever tried asking a homeless man what to do ?" - Jimmy Haslam
If Jimmy Haslam wants to learn how to run an organization, he should just follow around.
Jimmy Haslam checking his timeline tonight
Lets start a petition to get jimmy haslam removed as owner of the browns.
What kind of Orwellian law is this? No surprise that Jimmy Haslam's redneck brother signed it into law.
Put Jimmy Haslam's face on that and you've got a winner! Lol
valid point. How much is Jimmy Haslam paying you?
Rep. Jimmy Duncan, I wish I could retract the early vote I cast for you! You support Trump? At least Gov. Haslam knows what's up.
they set us up with Jimmy Haslam. :(
Jimmy Haslam is easily the worst owner in sports history. Maybe tied with Heartless Art.
maybe they could also be jed York or better yet Jimmy haslam
I wonder if Jimmy Haslam even remembers he owns a football franchise
owners Jimmy & Dee Haslam are expected to officially close on acquisition of final 30% of team from Lerner Family Trust tomorrow
I'm a Browns fan, direct your anger where it belongs - Jimmy Haslam
cantonrep​.com >> Browns: Jimmy Haslam and the Directionally Correct fight song
get rings + raise banner, play game 1 of Jimmy Haslam to write $300 million check for remaining 30% of
Are you saying Jimmy Haslam is a cheap owner and wants to save money?
Note to nfl and jimmy haslam, please sell the team to real football people. Go back to those dumps pilot flying j.
The league is responsible for pairing with Jimmy Haslam when he bought the team. They can't help us.
What's up there, Jimmy? 5 years, Mr Haslam. 5 years. Crickets, losses and $50M under cap. As long as the fans keep coming back, I guess.
Worthy of being owned by a Fing Haslam, Jimmy should buy it
I want to get off Jimmy Haslam's wild ride.
Jimmy Haslam was ripping truck drivers off now he got punished by owning the Browns
You Fire Hue, Jimmy Haslam will be your Head Coach next year
Jimmy Haslam a bum though he should have never signed off on making an expansion team
Kind of think that Stan needs to be like Jimmy Haslam and threaten Fisher's job if he doesn't play Goff week nine. 3-4 No excuse
Lmao jimmy haslam your a *** you ruined football by allowing some baseball *** to create an expansion team in 2016 in the NFL
As President.i will build a *** keeo Steeler fans and Jimmy Haslam out of Cleveland .
If the decision was yours, would you prefer a new owner over Jimmy Haslam in Cleveland?
I hate Jimmy and everything he stands for. He can take his $45m from being under cap and shove it up his butt crack.
Jimmy Haslam hears Trump say he won't accept result of election unless he wins, calls GM and says, "Why didn't we think of this?"
Jimmy Haslam's response to the Indians win last night?
Conspiracy: Jimmy Haslam really hired Depodesta to work for the Indians to distract us from how awful they are.
I guess jimmy haslam knows how the last player taken in the nfl draft feels...irrelevant!
Jimmy Haslam should be real nervous right now. I know we love football but the Browns are a distant 3rd now in Cleveland
what if jimmy haslam was in the process of moving the Browns to Vegas while everyone is distracted by the Cavs and Indians success
How black is Jimmy Haslam's soul that the Browns are cosmically prohibited from participating in the year of Cleveland?
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I'm having $50,000,000 sent to ya, my love. thanks, Jimmy (i'll send an email.
I seen your deadspin article, owners of party with and I have a legit story about Jimmy Haslam that would move him into your top 3.
[Akron Beacon Journal] - Browns owner Jimmy Haslam says everyone in organization on same page for 1st time since h…
I'd imagine the homeless man who told Jimmy Haslam to draft Johnny Manziel is a big Chad Kelly fan.
Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam announce plans to refurbish 5 Cleveland Metro School District sports fields over nex…
Would it really surprise anyone if Jimmy Haslam tried to draft Tim Couch again?
I'm not sold on moneyball -can't measure heart-but after Jimmy Haslam said a magical hobo told him to draft Johnny Football I'm Billy Bean
Jimmy Haslam avoids question about Mike Pettine’s future...
On Cleveland Browns' owner Jimmy Haslam and the ultimate test of NFL patience: Tom Reed
If Carson Wentz truly loves Jesus does that mean he'll be making an ethical rebate to the Lord by working for Jimmy Haslam?
The former president of the Tennessee company owned by Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam will face trial
fans be careful when wishing the Adams' sell the team, could wind up w/ owner like Jimmy Haslam.
owner Jimmy Haslam promises fans better days are ahead
DC Ray Horton said even after he left kept in touch with owner Jimmy Haslam.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A former top executive of the truck stop chain owned by Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and Te…
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Cleveland Browns and their two J's (Johnny Manziel and Jimmy Haslam) ...
Here is the press release every Cleveland Browns fan wishes owner Jimmy Haslam would issue. Browns to Dump Manziel The Cleveland Browns
Another question for the is how much did owner Jimmy Haslam know about Peyton Manning allegations at Tennessee? Huge sponsor!!
Lol yall know both Dan Gilbert and Jimmy Haslam have like unlimited money..that's why Dan run his team like 2k My Team and..
Pilot CEO Jimmy Haslam could be affected by indictments
And with the number two pick in the 2016 Draft, Jimmy Haslam selects.
I liked a video Jimmy Haslam I will coach for free
Grand jury indicts eight in long-forgotten Pilot Flying J probe, but not Browns owner Jimmy Haslam (yet)
Jimmy Haslam caught up in a white collar crime allegation but the media more worried about what happened with Shady McCoy 🤔
was golfing with jimmy Haslam today in FL. Whispering about orsweiler or
I saw was trending. My 1st thought was "goodbye to you". My 2nd thought was Jimmy Haslam. Turns out it's neither.
Jimmy Haslam & Browns would players. Doubt it be his best option tho.
ICYMI: Jimmy Haslam and Peyton Manning golfing together?!? Let the rumors begin… (
Browns owner Jimmy Haslam could still be indicted in Pilot Flying J scandal. via
Think Dee Haslam's involvement in team business is pure coincidence? It's a back-up plan for life w/out Jimmy.
Jimmy Haslam owns Pilot Travel Centers and in the last couple of years bought Flying J but the issue at Pilot Travel Centers
>> Browns owner Jimmy Haslam isn’t one of eight people indicted in Pilot Flying J case
The NFL vetted Jimmy Haslam about as well as Ray Farmer vetts a first round draft pick.
Sadly...the & specifically Jimmy Haslam, have earned any distrust thrown their way... At least that obomination, Ray Farmer is OUT!
Jimmy Haslam not indicted in Pilot Flying J case | via
Haslam: Browns' relationship with Manziel can be fixed - Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and former player ...
VIDEO: Jimmy Haslam on Andrew Berry and why he fit the bill for the Browns as the team's VP of Player Personnel.
owner Jimmy Haslam joins Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown at Senior Bowl
Tyronn Lue & Hugh Jackson are walking dead black men in Cleveland. With nutball owners like Jimmy Haslam and Dan Gilbert.
Chris Tabor has to have some pictures of Jimmy Haslam because he survives every coaching change
Goats. Chris Tabor must have pictures of Jimmy Haslam with goats. Only explanation I can come up with as to how he kept his job.
Chris Tabor MUST have compromising images of Jimmy Haslam.
it's True rich don't go 2jail i.e. Jimmy Haslam who hired Eric Holder's best friend
and Sam Hinkie wouldn't have a job. And that hobo that told Jimmy Haslam to draft Johnny Manziel would be king.
Listening to NFL radio. Pat Kirwan is destroying the Browns and specifically Jimmy Haslam over the front office changes. Ugly.
Ray Farmer, Mike Pettine gone, but Cleveland Browns big problem is owner Jimmy Haslam: Bill ...
Jimmy Haslam is going to hire Ron Prince and I will cry...
I'm serious this time. *** Clay Bennett can move a team 1,000 times and he's still better than Jimmy Haslam!!
Jimmy Haslam was a booster for Tennessee, and presumably signed off on Derek Dooley. . It isn't a surprise his football team is a mess
Jimmy Haslam has gone through more senior staff than Kim Jung-Un
Just waiting for my call from Jimmy Haslam
Browns HC Mike Pettine scheduled to meet with owner Jimmy Haslam at 7 pm ET, when he is expected to be relieved of his du…
We need to keep Coach Pettine, sign Chip Kelly as an OC and fire Ray Farmer. Show this to Jimmy Haslam
Does Johnny have more passing yards or rushing yards? A new style of QB is born. Thank you, Jimmy Haslam
Note to Jimmy Haslam: Get court side seats for Jim O'Neil, Mike Pettine and, especially, Ray Farmer!
Mike Pettine and Ray Farmer are actually Sith Lords and Jimmy Haslam is actually the new Emperor
Jimmy Haslam, Ray Farmer, if you even have a little thought of bringing in Kevin Sumlin, I may hop in my car & drive 3.5hrs to Berea.
CLE Plain Dealer: Browns fans have a point to make with Jimmy Haslam -- Bud Shaw's You Said It
C Alex Mack told me convo with Jimmy Haslam at practice was not out of the ordinary, was lighthearted and he was just making conversation
Do you trust Jimmy Haslam to fix the Cleveland Browns?: Jimmy Haslam has the job of finding the right people to fix…
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Remember when fans were excited because Jimmy Haslam "couldn't be any worse than Randy Lerner?" Good times.
.the worst run organization in sports. Jimmy Haslam makes Randy Lerner look like Robert Craft
.please move to LA or London or whatever. Jimmy Haslam makes Randy Lerner look like a competent owner. Think on that
owner Jimmy Haslam has dilemma on his hands, says
Being from Cleveland, public enemy is without a doubt Browns owner Jimmy Haslam. Worse than Art.
If lose to Steelers & fall to (2-8) on the season, does owner Jimmy Haslam go back on his word & blow things up during the bye week?
"it seems increasingly likely that owner Jimmy Haslam blows the whole thing up at year’s end". Why does this seem INCREASINGLY likely?
Reed: Never again can owner Jimmy Haslam allow his management team to assemble such a pedestrian receiving corps
Pettine said he hasn't talked to owner Jimmy Haslam today. He says he is keeping previous talks with Haslam "private."
"I'll leave the discussions with the owner private" - Pettine asked about Jimmy Haslam's feelings about where the team is at
HC Mike Pettine said he talks to owner Jimmy Haslam often and will keep those conversations private.
Pettine said he has not talked to Browns owner Jimmy Haslam today and said he'll probably talk to him this week.
My open letter to Browns owner Jimmy Haslam: Please, make the pain stop...
Jimmy Haslam: open your check book, hand Bill Cowher a blank check, allow him to decide what it'll take to come coach this team.
owner Jimmy Haslam laughing at all of the Browns fans back home that keep showing up to THE…
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Jimmy Haslam ru as clueless as u were at Flying J.R u really a elitist out of touch dollar hunting owner who cares nothing 4 fans or city?
Jimmy Haslam please call Bill Polian ask help questions.Ask him 2 advise 2 start to get this fixed.Coaches,GM & front office football people
owner Jimmy Haslam spent 45 minutes talking to Josh McCown on the field at 30-yard line. Pettine cut in and now it's Jimmy and Mike
QB Josh McCown & owner Jimmy Haslam spending lots of quality time together before tonight's game
owner Jimmy Haslam and inactive QB Josh McCown have been speaking together at the 30y line for over 40 minutes.
Jimmy Haslam call Ozzie Newsome in and ask what he wants 2 come to and make us a winner!
Please ally yourself with Jeffery Loria, Jerry Jones, and Jimmy Haslam. Maybe Goodell, Kraft, and Gary Bettmann.
If Urban Meyer wants to take a shot at the NFL I would happily spend $10 million annually of Jimmy Haslam's money.
Obviously, Jimmy Haslam did not consult with Tim Gunn this season.
I'm beginning to believe that Broussard's sources in Cleveland include the homeless guy who alleged convinced Jimmy Haslam to draft Manziel.
Again, Jimmy Haslam deserves credit for how he's handled this. It destroys the talk that he insisted on Manziel...
I don't think so. Haslam said no firings due to record. I think Jimmy is hogtied anyhow because hes blown it up 2x already
I know Jimmy Haslam is going to interject next week when the Browns lose on Sunday. Pettine is way too conservative.
Bringing in people that'll make the fan base apathetic was a bold business decision by Jimmy Haslam.
BREAKING: Photos taken TODAY of Jimmy Haslam and Ray Farmer have been made public!
Listen! But Cleveland sports radio told me Jimmy Haslam makes the QB decisions babaay! So stop with that narrative.
I miss the days when Jimmy Haslam meddled.
We now go live to Jimmy Haslam who appears to be measuring rope...that's odd.
Is it me or does Jerry Jones Impersonation sound like his Jimmy Haslam one?
Comedian Mike Polk, Jr. is making fun of the Browns, Again! Check out the hilarious Video! -Crash
Bets on Jimmy Haslam slipping the Doctor some cash to keep Josh on concussion protocol??
only after he lets Jimmy Haslam drive up his price by making another insane offer.
I thought that said Jimmy Haslam! I almost stopped listening and following you Bill! Don't do that!!
I thought Zygi Wilf and Jimmy Haslam were already his moral dopplegangers in the NFL. Wilf even threatened to go to LA too.
even if he starts he will get hurt again. I want Jimmy Haslam to make him start Johnny
Jimmy Haslam talks business at OTA OAM annual convention
Jimmy Haslam to speak at OTA / OAM convention. Gonna hear some barking.
Not a dilemma at all. Jimmy Haslam is not going to lose on this one
There is no way Jimmy Haslam is going to allow Brown's nation to be disappointed like that.
Jimmy Haslam's head will explode next week
well I bet jimmy haslam gets involved he has spent a lot of money and he is gonna wanna see him play u watch ! It's manziel s
Travis Benjamin will not be the one to unseat Jimmy Haslam's brother as governor of Tennessee. Mayor of CLEVELAND, maybe.
Maybe Jimmy Haslam doesn't want to trade teams anymore...
owner Jimmy Haslam III is now one of the team's sponsors.
Too bad they gave $100MM to Jimmy Haslam to sell the naming rights. Should've named it 'Brown Out Stadium'.
Please Jimmy Haslam hire so he will change his tune about the overnight
Jimmy Haslam was really hoping to get that ownership trade through before the Browns played his future team today.
Jimmy Haslam, perfect example of smoke and mirrors. Draft Johnny sell tickets. Future? Can't say because he don't know football
ESPNCleveland "Does owner Jimmy Haslam have buyer's remorse?
Does owner Jimmy Haslam have buyer's remorse?
Nice to see the bum who gave Jimmy Haslam draft advice is modeling Kanye's clothes now
You think Jimmy Haslam is going to be pushed around by a few narcissistic football players?
If Johnny wins Sunday, Jimmy Haslam will make the call.
Sometimes I think Jimmy Haslam should consider me for a marketing postion. We would sell so many of these.
I am SERIOUSLY thinking about it actually. Until Jimmy Haslam sells the team...
my wish: I wish that every Browns player lines up and sticks his middle finger in the face of Jimmy Haslam and then just leave the stadium
If you're a fan, you have questions. But you'll get no answers from owner Jimmy Haslam.
Remember that time you called Jimmy Haslam a moron for drafting Leon McFadden.or something like that?
. Urban would NEVER entrust the QB position to a known drug & booze junkie. Jimmy Haslam would but not Urban
My mind went to Jimmy Haslam when you said this ha
Whatever happens this year, good or bad, this Browns season will be a direct reflection of Jimmy Haslam's judgement, skill & character
Anybody else find it interesting that we have not heard anything from Jimmy Haslam this preseason?
What did u hope to accomplish tonight, Browns coaches, by having starters play as much as Jimmy Haslam?. Hope they get good evaluation.
Ever wonder if Ray Farmer looks at Derek Anderson and has the "Wish we had him in his prime" convo from Major League with Jimmy Haslam?
There is an expectation in Cle that'll Payton will become President of the Browns because of his Jimmy Haslam connection.
breaking. Jimmy Haslam names himself interim GM and draft Johnny again
This graphic on spheres of owners' influence puts Jimmy Haslam in the 'irrelevant' category.
Having a hard time getting excited for season. Ray Farmer and Jimmy Haslam have really ruined this franchise for me. Expect 4-12
Caller: If Jimmy Haslam steps down as GM for the Browns.
Jimmy Haslam dump how much money to fix an update the stadium? He doesn't control the roster tell him to shut up
Jimmy Haslam was pretty clear when he said just that. During the season its Pettines team. After the season its Rays
Reports were that Haslam said he wouldn't do that ... but Jimmy is Jimmy after all
Ray Farmer and Jimmy Haslam are ruining this team
Where's Jimmy Haslam's homeless buddy? Maybe he'd like the gig as prez?
Just in case there's anyone out there who doesn't remember that this *actually* happened...
Case in point, Jimmy Haslam spent $1 billion on the to make $; does he want to win? Yes, but he also wants to recoup his investment
Jimmy Haslam should be petitioning the Commissioner to relocate his team to the NFC South for the season.
The Hobo who told owner Jimmy Haslam to draft Johnny Manziel.
no, you might know it by it's old name, "Jimmy Haslam's propaganda hour, brought to you by Joebees"
Great to spend some time with Jimmy Haslam last night at the game.
Browns owner Jimmy Haslam says they still believe in Johnny Manziel, despite what you may have heard
QBs in rookie minicamp: Connor Shaw, Justin Worley (from Jimmy Haslam's favorite college team). That's it. Two QBs on he 77-man roster.
New post: Podcast: Why we should trust Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, Text-gate discipline ...
Real ? In Titans-Browns potential ownership trade: how much can the IRS milk Jimmy Haslam for
Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam must quell chaos before winning games and winning over doubters
Podcast with Why we should trust owner Jimmy Haslam, Textgate discipline and more:
I've actually had a talk with Jimmy Haslam of similar proportions. Some owner needs to step up & be the change
Crazy NFL rumor of the day: Browns owner Jimmy Haslam could trade his franchise for the Titans
First time I agree with something that said in a long time...that Jimmy Haslam has been a TERRIBLE owner so far
“ICYMI, owner Jimmy Haslam still rankled by speculation of franchise swap w Tennessee.
MORNING REPOST: on the Haslam/Titans connection, Jason La Canfora, stoats, and serial regurgitation:
Morning re-post - my piece last night on the Haslam / Titans kerfluffle:
Stay through the winter, Jimmy and we will stamp you, especially with your home right on the lake
Where are we meeting up to bonfire all our merch if that POS thief Jimmy Haslam become owner of the team? My back yard?
Thank you Jimmy Haslam for putting to bed these baseless rumors that decided to pull out of his ***
Rocky start not deterring owner Jimmy Haslam from digging in with
Browns say report that Jimmy Haslam might want to own Titans instead is '100 ...
Browns don't want to be on HBO's Hard Knocks - Jimmy Haslam | CLE -
.Jimmy Haslam still rankled by speculation about desire to swap Browns for Titans ht…
RUMOR CENTRAL: On Jimmy Haslam and the Titans Kerfluffle (Last post on 03/24/2015 at 8:49 PM PDT)
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New post: Owner Jimmy Haslam insists he&fully committed to Browns, swapping ...
Shoutouts to the for blasting jason la canfora.. and to jimmy haslam for holding it down.
Rumor: On Jimmy Haslam and the Titans Kerfluffle - Jason La Canfora's at it again. But does that me...
Hey guys, Jimmy Haslam PROMISED he's not gonna sell the team. That's reassuring coming from old Jimmy. Word is bond. We're screwed.
Browns' Jimmy Haslam refutes report about trading franchises
Jimmy Haslam still rankled by speculation he longs to swap franchises with
How many people are going to post the same story about Jimmy Haslam?
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