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Jimmy Hart

James Jimmy Ray Hart (born January 1, 1944) is a professional wrestling manager, executive, composer, and musician currently signed with WWE.

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a really awesome place for any wrestling fan to visit and we got to meet Jimmy Hart! Hes an awesome guy!
It has Disel and The Mouth from the South Jimmy Hart
Met my boy hood legend tonight Bret Hart, along with Jimmy Cornette and Kurt Angle! Felt like a kid again!
The idea of Jimmy Hart as Salacious Crumb to Hogan's Jabba keeps going through my mind.
matinee is Monster Brawl! Featuring The Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart!
GOP Senators dumping Trump can rest easy because Canada is a humanitarian country that will accept refugees...
The fact that they've just said Joe Hart hasn't had to do anything worries me, what about when he does have to do
Does that make the mouth of the South Jimmy Hart his manager?
Just ran into jimmy hart and animal from LOD. Awesome dudes
after the JTE is the new aged Jimmy Hart.
he didn't sadly. that honour is bestowed upon on Jimmy 'the Mouth of the South' Hart.
Jimmy Hart was said that no baseball bats would be allowed until the PPV.
Creepin on jimmy hart haulin off to take a ***
Million dollar man, Ted Dibiase and the mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart .
I can imagine Jimmy Savile saying this. & Rolf Harris etc.
No - in this case it was Earthquake, Dino Bravo, and Jimmy Hart
He was almost managed by Mr. Fuji according to Jimmy Hart which would've been... weird.
Humbled and grateful the morning after a tremendously successful 70th Metal Trades Department Constitutional...
Kevin hart killed this whole cypher last night 🔥.
splinter needs to be Jimmy hart. Big show as krang
Jimmy Hart talking to the Million Dollar Man about investing his money. "Invest in megaphones Teddy Baby!"
Kevin Hart and wife Eniko Reportedly Expecting their First Child Together: Reports have it... FF
Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson with the interception of Jimmy Hart
Saw Ric Flair, Ted Dibiase, Jimmy Hart, Animal, Lawler, and Booker T today we could've had a little royal rumble
Did you throw salt in the eyes of a writer and then jump in the arms of Jimmy Hart?
Jimmy G. Buckets...the G stands for GETS! 21 days until
That's great. I would love to meet I met Jimmy Carter in 1992 in LA. We corresponded briefly. I also met Gary Hart
Jimmy netted 266 goals in 379 matches for Spurs during a nine-year spell at White Hart Lane.
Oh the people you'll see. Fox McCloud like, Death the Kid, Jimmy Hart?
Absolutely no idea but Jimmy Hart was hilarious, standing by ring with megaphone shouting unintelligble encouragement
Bosco would be The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart lol
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But you all have the politcal sensibilities of Jimmy Hart, so I stopped to your level. Won't happen again
Good Morning People!. This is the Real Breakfast with Tom Hart and Jimmy Deen... Post up your dedications over here!
It was great meeting Jimmy Hart a very nice and talented man
Last night Kaine came dangerously close to morphing into Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart.
I remember being taken to white hart lane as a lad and both of you were playing I modled my career watching you and. Cliff
maybe even a bigger one than that guy who let Jimmy Hart talk him into blowing his lottery winnings on Wrestlicious.
just three grads and our coworkers posing for a pic with WWE's…
// get to meet Jimmy Hart, Road Warrior Animal and Terry Funk in October. 😁
Donald Trump is more like the "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, a manager than a presidential candidate.
that's the mouth of the south, Jimmy Hart!
Hanging w/The Mouth of the South this morning in Memphis, WWE's Jimmy Hart
and no paint chipped, Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart
this last Drew Barker cheerleader call clearly attended the "mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart" school of hype.
Im sitting watching SmackDown with THE mic man...Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart.
"Whaddya mean "who is this?!?" This is Jimmy Hart, the Mouth of the South! Eat Your Heart Out Rick Springfield
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
SEG..Jimmy Hart is not dead. He's on Twiter. You may be thinking of Bobby" the Brain" Heenan, who is sick but still alive
Up there with Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan and 'The Mouth of the South' Jimmy Hart for mine
At a gig n north Carolina with the mouth of the South Jimmy Hart!
Jimmy Hart, Sonny Onoo and a 19 year old kid. Not exactly the finnest team put together.
It wasnt scalable from the outset. Jimmy Hart the old carny.
For your inner WWE fan-I met Jimmy Hart, he noticed my shirt & told me how much he loved slipknot!
Jimmy Hart was in Cooperstown today to sign some autographs
Chad as Jimmy Hart, Sam as Jim Corrnett, Nick as Mr. Fuji, Bryan as Brother Love, and Paul Heyman as himself.
Xavier was an acceptable Jimmy Hart when they were heels
In other news, the GOP has elected Jimmy Hart as its nominee
Is Jimmy Hart's last name a work or a shoot?
All we were missing last night was Jimmy Hart.
Found jimmy like this last night.. The fan was on
One of my all time favorite NYMetropolitans Mike Piazza enters the Hall today ... I'll never forget his greatest...
A message from Wrestling Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart Mouth of the South…
Order Miche Bag Online!
You were good, but not Miss Elizabeth, Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan good
this sounds like a South Park parody. Jesus Christ. Did Jimmy Hart do this one?
Jimmy Hart with document showing he put a title-can-change-on-DQ clause in the Hogan/Giant match.
The Giant, Jimmy Hart and Kevin Sullivan in ring w Okerlund, The Giant still wearing the championship belt.
Yes, that's Jimmy Hart behind me. Yes, he's charging $25 to take a photo with him. Yes, I gamed the system.
I was the only one at to put Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart, & Emma Stone in a presentation :)
Jimmy Hart is taken to the back. Honkytonk Man and the Harts come back to the ring. Not good for Macho Man.
Macho Man knocks Jimmy Hart out. The Hart Foundation come out to be what's up.
That little runt Jimmy Hart breaks up the pin. President Jack Tunney should suspend that man!
Everyone from Pete Rose to Jimmy "the mouth of the south" Hart is signing today. is kinda like
If elections are about contrast, Clinton vs Trump is going to be one for the history books... I'm packed, excited...
The line to meet Eric Davis and Lou Piniella.and the line to meet Jimmy Hart.
The fact that referred 2 as Jimmy "The Hitman" Hart on proves he has much 2 learn about wrestling
Jimmy Hart wiping the paint off Renegade's face mask, saying he's not the Renegade, he's just Rick.
when you coming back to Boston for signings brother wo HULKAMANIA 4 lyfe bring jimmy hart again
Monday guests so far: Art Shamsky, Goose Gossage, Harold Reynolds and "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart.
Is Vince McMahon or The Hulkster coming out next?? Better yet maybe Jimmy Hart "The mouth of the South" will stroll out…
Giant, Luger, Sullivan and Jimmy Hart in ring with Schiavone, Giant wearing the championship belt. how long Randy Anderson was down for, what he was sleeping through, after a weak push from Jimmy Hart.
Although it wasn't known on this show, it would come out that Jimmy Hart added a title can change on DQ clause.
When the ref comes to, he raises The Giant's hand, DQing Hogan for the interference of Jimmy Hart.
Hogan hit the leg drop, Jimmy Hart took out the ref, nailed Hogan with the championship belt.
Jimmy Hart of all people is hear in Cooperstown. Snagged a pic with the WWF legend
WWWhatTheWhat?. Why wouldn't the Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart be in Cooperstown this weekend?
Started morning in Central Park photographing Sia. Now in Cooperstown for HoF & first person I see is Jimmy Hart
and I will be supporting today at our meet n greet along side Jimmy Hart The Nasty Boys Eric Bischoff Etc
Jimmy Hart on Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart's epic botch: via
Hulk Hogan, Brutus Beefcake and Jimmy Hart were on Entertainment Tonight on 5/6, although there was no talk about wrestling. [5/93]
Special delivery jones! He's not wearing a Hawaiian shirt like the toy was. Jimmy Hart and king Kong bundy. Excited.
Also, that guy in the St. Louis Blues jacket flipped Jimmy Hart off on Starrcade 1995. GETTIN' THAT HEEL HEAT. https:/…
bro, literally watched the entire game with Jimmy Hart at his new Bar in Daytona. Me my boy Jimmy and his bartender Paul.
Jimmy Hart's was XWF. Hennig supposed to be champ. Dave Penzer involved.
I'd love Hogan to take his $115 mill & buy TNA to make it his vanity project. Get Brutus, Nasty Boys , Jimmy Hart, HTM all on the books.
And then Dusty, Jimmy Hart, IRS, Steamboat, the Stooges show up. This all leads to Ron Simmons walking in & saying *** "
The Giant with Jimmy Hart & Kevin Sullivan vs the injured one eyed Hulk Hogan, Steel cage,
Aside from Cornette, Bill Watts (RF). An underrated one was Jimmy Hart with Highspots
.Donald Trump is more of a weasel than Bobby Heenan, more of a loudmouth than Jimmy Hart, slimier than Slick.
you could just envisage with an old school manager like Bobby Heenan or Jimmy Hart
Put Hogan, Jimmy Hart, Kevin Sullivan and Paul Wight in a room and just have them try to explain it.
Jimmy Hart and Jerry the King in the Grizz House tonight!
This is the equivalent of "Mouth of The South - Jimmy Hart and Hart Foundation vow to destroy Hulk Hogan!"
Then that young man went onto fame and fortune as Jimmy Hart...
Rick Rude & Jimmy Hart using The Fabulous Ones' entrance music is great heeling; the importance of presentation & using all tools available.
Following that historic title match, the Honky Tonk Man (with Jimmy Hart) vs Jake "The Snake" Roberts (with Alice Cooper).
John Hill, Sr. and his nephew Jimmy Hart were both excited about their “new to them” 2005 Ranger Boats 185 VS...
Getting ready to open Jimmy Hart's Hall of Fame Bar and Grill in Daytona Beach - maybe one in PR with Carlos Colon?
...Jimmy Hart and Joe Leduc in a single hour, yet STILL have more to offer, is doing something right.
Lets be real. Jim is out of the business bc nobody wants to work with him. Not bc he retired...have u seen Jimmy Hart? lol
If Big Show had Jimmy Hart, rather than Hulk Hogan, managing his boxing career, maybe this turns out differently.
Jimmy Hart on the Hart Foundation's epic botch: via
Jimmy Hart and Hillbilly Jim gonna be the musical backing!?!?
I hope Jimmy Hart doesn't have the nickname "mouth of the south" patented.
How ridiculous is the manager list is going 2 get? How about 1 of the old WWE managers? Jimmy Hart, Paul Bearer (albeit a bit dead)...?
Jimmy Hart with my 'Mouth of the South' print .
only report I've seen is Jimmy Hart showing his figure releasing in January.
WWE HALL OF FAME SERIES 3: Jimmy Hart stated the new series hits in January 2016.
Beautiful block 🖐🏾 by Jimmy gets the Bulls up and running and we're within 7.
Got to stand awkwardly next to Jimmy Hart
Jimmy Hart sells the Hart Foundation's contract via
A lot of history to this match. Remember both the Natural Disasters and Nasty Boys were once managed by Jimmy Hart.
Jimmy Kimmel owns Melissa Joan HartI think this is where her being self conscious started ...
Friends of Hogan & Jimmy Hart with the caption reading "Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Cliff." [8/94]
The 3 Hart kids are going to visit the 4th in Dallas! Easter 2016!
Spotlight on Biz with Peter Hart interviewing Jimmy Granello of Jimmy's Fine Jewelry.
not having a Bobby Heenan or Jimmy Hart is hurting them.
If Jim Cornette comes out once with midnight express its special -Heenan with bockwinkel ditto-- jimmy hart with HTM"hey man w Brock
Bret is very smart I think jimmy Hart as well a great manager too
I think jimmy Hart was a great manager he manager all the best as well
You can never go wrong with Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart. Nice to meet you.
Eagles getting washed by the Lions. 76ers 0-16. Meek Mill got bodied by a singing *** Kevin Hart still short . Philly t…
"Kevin Hart you are up. Sorry was the microphone too high?". Seriously Jimmy 😂😂😂
Somebody get Jimmy Hart as a manager for Heath Slater and watch the money roll in
Zeb proves WWE needs more managers, and having watched a lot of old Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan, Mr Fuji and Slick stuff I agree.
Tony Schiavone is HEATED at Jimmy Hart. Should have booked that match, guys. Missed opportunities.
Hart to Hart where Jimmy Hart and Robert Wagner work as amateur detectives.
Outback Jack, Dynamite Kid, Tugboat, Lanny Poffo and Luke are advertised to appear along with Hogan and Jimmy Hart:
Wanna know what your favorite wrestlers birthday is check here. January 01 Jimmy Hart, Kimberly Page 03 Jim Ross...
Our next guest for Pro Wrestling Blitz is WWE Hall of Famer "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart!!! This man has...
Thunder meeting. Terry Taylor & Kevin Sullivan booking. Jimmy Hart vetos all ideas that arent Hogan going over.
And again, no Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, or "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart.
Mourinho is up there with the best managers ever: Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Paul Heyman.
Jimmy Hart these ppl just make u sick n take u from God
yo Melissa thank you for hanging at Hogans,hopefully Jimmy Hart and I will be San Diego Comic Con Fri & Sat July 25th and 26th from
Just got the call my homie Jimmy Hart aka Daddy Jimma passed last night
There's this episode of Jimmy Fallon with Kevin Hart. Kevin tells the story of how he spilled his drink on Bey & Jay in the clubs. It's so 😂
best ride ever!! Jimmy and Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster
best ride ever! lol Jimmy and Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster
because jimmy praed for a mircle and God listened to his hart
well it's not a ton of research considering 80% of songs that were on TV were either Johnston or Jimmy Hart. but yes
Xavier should rock a blue suit and just be a manager! He is perfect in that role. He's a black jimmy Hart. LOL
And we're tired of you playing Goodell's Jimmy Hart, John. Hope that ends soon too.
ICYMI: NEW EPISODE! It's Legends of Wrestling 2, where you can gamble fake money to buy Jimmy Hart!
- Hi Jimmy, do you know what the address is for the old Hart House in Calgary? I will be there next month & wanted to see it.
Anyone have the episode of Wrestling Challenge where Matilda turned heel on the British Bulldogs by licking Jimmy Hart? .
Ugh, Jimmy Hart trying to bring in Honky Tonk Man to WCW. *** Hogan era.
Neidhart goes after Mr Fuji, Jimmy Hart throws Ax the megaphone and he clobbers Bret Hart with it behind the referees back.
Xavier Woods makes Jimmy Hart look like he is to quiet. Does Woods have a mute button? LOL
the Regal/Taylor/Finlay vs Jimmy Hart monster stable feud lives on in my heart
I believe Jimmy Hart called him Cowboy Bob Horton on Swerved. Guess he forgot his name!
Jimmy Hart attacking the referee... that was actually a bit shocking
The Senate action today on fast track virtually assures passage of TPP. No matter what your opinion on free trade...
"Everyday guys will beat sometime guys every day.-"Jimmy ***
Jimmy Hart The Mouth of the South signed 8x10 Promo Auto WWE WCW
Why is Jimmy Hart backstage at Tough Enough?. Can Terry really not survive a single minute without him?
life is good for the world's only Jimmy Hart imitator.
most likely we'll get jimmy Butler but you right, Melo was complete joke.
This Saturday night at come out and meet Jimmy freaking Hart baby! Also were hosting the preshow at 6:30, be there!
My current favourite in is he reminds me of a heel - Jimmy Hart.
I went on YouTube to listen to music & somehow got to a Will Ferrell vs Kevin Hart vs Jimmy Fallon lip sync battle. YouTube's a endless void
Xavier Woods is louder than Jimmy Hart was with his megaphone
JBL shut your mouth. Xavier does not needs the *** Jimmy HArt megaphone.
iirc they had one wrestler whose name was “SWOLE” but master p took it upon himself to be like the hip hop jimmy hart, and it was great
Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart ride the Rip Ride Rocket and get super scared! (Vine by Epic Wins)
with Jimmy Hart behind the scenes with Hulk Hogan
Did you actually wrestle Schultz or more of a manager like Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart?
This PCC have been the best 1 yet for me +I pulled Jimmy hart epic after
just gets bored sometimes every now and then and just decides to bring back Jimmy Hart
because of Jimmy Hart being a genius
JJ Dillion, Capt Lou, Paul Heyman, Jimmy Hart...(pause) Jim Cornette..and now ME as the greatest managers of all time!
Closely forward by Jimmy and Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster
Meet Black Singles 300x250
If my fighting career never takes off then I'm going to become Jimmy Hart and be a pokemon trainer but with wrestlers
Well done to Ant Hart and Jimmy Wilson who have completed the first two days of their charity cycle…
shame you didn't go for Jimmy Hart Daddy o
"...the decision of the university’s vice chancellor and director of athletics, Dave Hart, and its chancellor, Jimmy Cheek.".
Tottenham Hotspur v Sheffield Wednesday (1-1) Division 1 match at White Hart Lane. Jimmy Greaves hits the net
I like to think Dave Hart marched into Jimmy Cheeks' office dressed like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. "You work off commission, right??"
Jimmy Hart almost started the in 1995!
Imagine if wrestling still had Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Freddie Blassie, Slick, Lou Albano, & Mr Fuji. heels could be heels and not cool
you could be the next Bobby the Brain Heenan. Or maybe Jimmy Hart but you wouldn't need the megaphone
Eric Bischoff calls Jimmy Hart a "maggot" has Bischoff been checking Jimmy Hart out in the showers lmao.
Tony Schiavone said "suplex city" after Rocco Rock suplexed Jimmy Hart on June 1998 Nitro. WCW wins in the end.
So Greg Valentine vs The Giant, both wrestlers were managed at one time by Jimmy Hart
The mouth of the South Jimmy Hart! He's an awesome guy. It was great seeing him again. Thank u…
let me be the next manager I love someone I will be just as good as Paul Heyman and mouth the South Jimmy Hart
Here's eve22cherry with 2 WWE Hall of Famers "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart and Jim "The Anvil"…
The legendary "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart says hey to my Capt. Lou shirt!
Jackie Fargo & Stan Lane (and later, Steve Keirn) vs The Moondogs with Jimmy Hart in a wild, anything goes match.
Had Jack Tunney yet ruled on whether or not the DDT was to be banned, as per Jimmy Hart and Honky Tonk Man's protests?
is Faces of Fear" is he managed by Kevin Sullivan or Jimmy Hart?
Can we please stop calling it heat. It should really be called Jimmy Hart with a megaphone heat or at least Jeff Jarrett heat
WrestleReaction reports that Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Jimmy Hart and Triple H were all part of “Hulk...
Is a way better promoter than Jimmy Hart,John Laurinaitis and Paul Heyman combined!Vincent Kennedy McMahon should take notes lol.
You should look up Old School Memphis from 70's and 80's. Jimmy Hart called Steve Keirn's mum Retarded.
John Tenta defeated Big Bubba in a coins a pole match via an assist from Jimmy Hart
I hope Heyman turns on Brock similar to how Jimmy Hart betrayed Hulk. Hugs Rollins post-cash in & reveals he removed Lesnar's rematch clause
Excited to see the at brother. Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Outsiders, Jimmy Hart...tune in Monday, …
probably something about King Kong Bundy vs Koko B-Ware with Jimmy Hart as te special guest referee.
Stuart Scott's unforgettable speech when accepting the Jimmy V Perseverance Award in July.
Jimmy stood frozen. In his throat his hart bonked and he tasted his bosses mouth. He couldn't do else than opening his lips for his tongue.
Jimmy and Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster This is so funny😂
Myles Jury should hire Jimmy Hart as a hype man
Ouch!!! Why's the commentator for the derby match yelling down Jimmy Hart's megaphone?!?!
Did you ever notice how much Jimmy Hart from the WWF looked like a white Morris Day?
So Jimmy Hart wrote Shawn Michael's song did not know that
If not for Howie Roseman, Taylor Hart would've been the third round pick this year... And now Chip's in charge of…
If this was 1988, Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart and Mr. Fuji would all want The Ascension in their camp.
😂😂 you really didn't get the part where I said we did what we wanted. Plus like we hard hart & jimmy as a security guard they
when the Jimmy Hart episode is finished I'll send it your way
He does have a little Jimmy Hart in him...
Dave Hart & Jimmy Cheek were in the tunnel just now congratulating players/coaches as they went to the locker room.
I got Legendary Jimmy Hart three times and one Jimmy Hart Survivor. I really want to trade the legendaries
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy Hart & Howard Helm - "Legends of Wrestling"
Nick names I go by. Fat Sabbath. Mouth on the South Jimmy Hart. Jameson. Thick Flair
Royal Rumbles make heels so dumb. Hammer and Bravo go at each other immediately. They're 1 & 3. Bide your time, listen to Jimmy Hart.
I liked a video Tiny Guest Interview with Kevin Hart (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
Happy Birthday to "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart (born January 1, 1944). Best known for his work in WWE and... htt…
Ease up there Jimmy. Doughty ain't winning a Hart.
Todays wrestler of the day is the mouth of the South Jimmy Hart
Catch and screaming like little girls on a roller coaster at
would you say you're the jimmy Hart to my Bobby the brain henan?
isn't Rex the perfect heel to coach Jamies though? Does Marrone have what it takes to manage the bad guy? We need jimmy hart.
I wanna take the time to say happy birthday to Jimmy Hart and Bobby Roode
Happy 71st birthday to Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart . Many Happy Returns
I would like to wish everyone a happy Jimmy Hart day. Today the Mouth of the South turns 71!
what type manager would you be? Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart or and advocate Paul Heyman 😁
WWE Manager "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart and Hulk Hogan are staying at my hotel in SD. That was an interesting elevator ride.
My favorite thing right now is that all the Jimmy Hart music is in tact on
gotta say the years have been kind to Jimmy Hart for the most part.
yo Steve ill see you Saturday, I'm bringing Jimmy Hart with me and Lil Jon brother HH
that's pretty awesome. I wouldn't pay 50 bucks for it but it's sweet. Jimmy Hart wrote Shawn michaels theme too Dude has skill.
...shown up 10 minutes too late and found Brock drinking blood out of Jimmy Hart’s skull." This made me LOL! - thanks
Time to celebrate on Raw! Jimmy Hart and Mean Gene Okerlund are in the ring!
Can you imagine the levels of insanity and high pitched laughter if Jimmy Hart managed Repo Man?
you win at ppvs 59.38% I believe you can tale the beast! And if you ever wanna manager hit me up im better than jimmy hart
Channel surfing & came across these cats. Took me back to the 80s brother. Jimmy Hart, Mean Gene & Hogan. Wow.
I'm putting a muzzle on Jimmy Hart tho
If you told me I would be watching Hulk Hogan, Mean Gene, Jimmy Hart, Paul Orndorff, Roddy Piper, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Ric Flair on my TV screen in real time 2014, I would have said never. Marking the F$%K out right now!!
Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart talk about the bir
Orndorff, Piper, Gene, Jimmy Hart, Hall & Nash, Flair were the only ones they could get for Hogan celebration. take that for what it is
. Classy lady, last actress from Supported during Dakota...
and the style and savoir faire of Jimmy Hart. I am the better, for having had these aspirations.
"Let me tell you something Brother!" lol still crazy to see Mean Gene & Jimmy Hart in the ring after all these years. 😉
Was I the only person who wanted to See Paul Heyman and Jimmy Hart throw down in the ring last night?
"Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive." ~Josephine Hart.
oh look they brought Jimmy Hart and Gene Okerlund out of mothballs
Kevin hart is scared of roller coasters!! Watch him ride one with with Jimmy Fallon!! Too Funny!!
How has jimmy Hart have same hair he had 30 years ago?!
Great finale to Raw. Jimmy Hart, Okerlund, Flair, Orndorff, Piper, Nash & Hall in the ring for Hogan's birthday
Piper, Flair, Mr. Wonderful, Jimmy Hart and the nWo all in the ring together. That was heeltastic
As a huge wrestling fan I was too geeked to see this last night!! Hart
Jimmy Hart has managed more champions in the than the more highly praised Bobby Heenan.
How great was it seeing Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Mean Gene, Jimmy Hart, Paul Orndorff, Roddy Piper and Ric Flair...
OMG is that Jimmy Hart haven't seen him for years I think that's what he's called lol
He told me one night he threw all the pool furniture in the pool and blamed it on Jimmy Hart lol.
It was ridiculous that nobody ran, Jimmy Hart specifically.
Jimmy Hart was just standing beside Mean Gene lol so much for Mouth of the South
fairly short. They brought out Hogan and Mean Gene along with Jimmy Hart. Bunch of wrestling pals as well. Did a nice video
'Scott Hall and Others Talk Hulk Hogan, Video of Hogan & Jimmy Hart'. - In the second part of Fallout from last...
Mean Gene and Jimmy Hart. Cue the special guests.
The suicide of Robin Williams brings to light a conversation that I had with my old Brooklyn buddy Dr. Jude.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Gene Okerland & Jimmy Hart are out 1st to announce Hogan. Out comes Hogan & they play a nice video package on his life & career.
Mean Gene. Jimmy Hart getting the party started here. Time for Hulkamania to run wild..
Scott Hall and Others Talk Hulk Hogan, Video from Brie Bella’s Arrest, Hogan and Jimmy Hart
Natalya Backstage with Roddy Piper and Jimmy Hart at RAW -
Will Jimmy Hart be with you tonight? He'll be leading the parade, has been with me 35 ye…
don't mean to alarm anyone but I'm fairly sure Jimmy Hart is a vampire
birthday bash was amazing with all the legends Nwo,Ric Flair, Jimmy Hart,Rowdy Roddy Piper ,Gene Okerland and Mr.Wonderful
Part 2 of Fallout from yesyerday’s RAW, Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Hart talk about the birthday celebration on
Always love catching up with Jimmy Hart! He knows a thing or two about the Harts...
Has Jimmy Hart sold his soul to a witch cos he doesn't look like he's aged a whole lot in thirty years
It was Hogan's birthday. Piper, Flair Mean Gene and Jimmy Hart came out. Then boom, Hall and Nash.
Happy Birthday Hulk Hogan ... gotta watch tonight's episode of RAW for the Hulkster's birthday celebration ... featuring stars from the past, and the final hype before SummerSlam. WWE is advertising Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, Kane and Hulk Hogan for tonight's show. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ric Flair, Jimmy Hart and Paul Orndorff are also expected. MaryEllen Martelli -- we're gonna need snacks and adult beverages :) Bill, Bob, Tim -- you boys gonna be watching ??
WWE News: - Kevin Nash confirmed to fans after a Q&A session at last night's "nWo: The Revolution" screening in Woodridge, IL that he will be on tonight's RAW w/ Scott Hall & Hulk Hogan for Hogan's birthday celebration. We noted before that Hall, Nash, Ric Flair, Jimmy Hart & Paul Orndorff were booked for tonight's celebration w/ Hogan. Other names are expected to appear also. - As noted, Dean Ambrose will face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam & the stipulation was revealed on Friday’s SmackDown. It’s worth noting that the stipulation was not finalized as of Monday afternoon before RAW. Most people w/in WWE are expecting for Rollins vs. Ambrose to “steal the show” at SummerSlam, regardless of what the stipulation is. Other stipulations considered were a Street Fight & a Ladder Match w/ Rollins’ Money In the Bank briefcase on the line. - It's worth noting that Kofi Kingston is working as a babyface during WWE's current tour of Australia & Big E flew solo for his loss to Rusev on last night's SmackDow . ...
Please, I don't want to know. Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Monsoon and overexcited Vince McMahon as commentator. Happy childhood memories.
Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ric Flair, Paul Orndorff and Jimmy Hart have been booked for this Monday's
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Hulk Hogan Birthday Bash,who's gonna be there? Mean Gene, Mr. T, Jimmy Hart, Kevin Nash. Scott Hall?
The pairing of Jimmy Hart and Terry Funk is so good
are you going to come out as Jimmy Hart? (cc:
ICYMI: Here's inspirational speech on accepting the Jimmy V Perseverance Award. » htt…
wolfpack and Jimmy Hart is the bomb
you're like Kevin Hart and Jimmy Falon combined. PURE GREATNESS
read the artical and my comment in the bottom to mr.russo I think you will be proud of me vinny good boochcast today
The video with Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon riding a roller coaster is hilarious
BREAKING NEWS: Ravi Jadeja claims that his dad is bigger than Jimmy Anderson's dad. ICC to investigate claim.
let's party in Del Mar tonite. Jimmy Os, En Fuego, or you pick.
this is the perfect ride for ^^. Jimmy and Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster:
I went on the computer to do my summer assignment but some how I got to watching Kevin hart and jimmy Fallon riding a roller coaster
I liked a video Kevin Hart Spills on Jay Z (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
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