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Jimmy Hart

James Jimmy Ray Hart (born January 1, 1944) is a professional wrestling manager, executive, composer, and musician currently signed with WWE.

Hulk Hogan Bobby Heenan South Jimmy Hart Miss Elizabeth Paul Heyman Freddie Blassie Dino Bravo Paul Bearer Brutus Beefcake Jim Neidhart Lou Albano Jim Cornette Bret Hart Ric Flair Hillbilly Jim Monday Night Raw Kevin Nash Brock Lesnar

Arguably the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, The Honky Tonk Man along with his manager, Jimmy Hart after a hard fought win.
Is it because he looks like Rand Paul? I mean, he's a dope regardless, but the hair is not his friend. Yeah, I know he's next to Jimmy Hart.
Paul Bearer joins other legendary managers such as Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart in Very deserving!
I miss managers in wrestling. None better than Bobby "The Brain" Heenan!! Jimmy Hart was a very close second though!
Poor Pards. I thought managers could be aggressive. How any times did Jimmy Hart hit people with his megaphone? No fines for him ...
This is the build-up to WrestleMania 9 and Brutus' facial injury. Jimmy Hart turned face trying to help Brutus. Cool build.
Buck Showalter makes Orioles minor league OF Josh Hart write report because he didn't know who Frank Robinson was. » http…
What did the royals and the Thatchers see in sir jimmy sovile could he have fixed it for them?
Jimmy Greaves at White Hart Lane the day he signed for Tottenham Hotspur in 1961 for £99,999. . Spurs manager Bill...
- Matty, if he's Hulk Hogan, does that make you Jimmy Hart?
Just picked up a brochure for the Cap2Cap Ride on May 10 (scan attached). Jimmy Hart, it's calling your name!
Jimmy Hart has NOT aged at all whatsoever.
Jimmy Hart is more animated that Beyraiderz.
During WrestleMania season, former superstars often make their way back to the WWE. This year is no different, and the return date for several wrestlers has been leaked. According to, some of the biggest names to ever step inside a WWE ring will appear on “Monday Night Raw” on Feb. 24. The episode might be the most important of 2014 for the company, considering it’s the day of the launch of the WWE Network. On January 8, it was announced that fans could begin watching the network on the day after the Feb. 23 Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View. Hulk Hogan leads the list of names that will be on the show. PWInsider reports that the six-time WWE champion will appear on WWE TV for the first time since 2007. After leaving the company that he put on the map in the 1980’s, Hogan joined TNA. He last appeared on “Impact Wrestling” in October, and has reportedly agreed to be a part of WrestleMania 30, now that his TNA contract is up. His health is expected to keep him out of a match, but *** ...
Hannibal Bueres is not funny at all. I didn't laugh once. C'mon Jimmy Fallon you need Kevin Hart or Gabriel Iglesias.
WWE Pulls CM Punk’s Last Scheduled Appearance, Network Tip for PS4 Users, Hulk Hogan - WWE’s website has posted exclusive videos from last night’s RAW with reactions from Superstars. One video shows Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart arriving for RAW. Hogan was shown walking around the back and greeting Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler, Brie Bella, Sheamus and others. Hogan was also shown combing his mustache and preparing to go out to the ring when RAW began. - As noted, Playstation 4 users are reporting that the login screen for the WWE Network is broken. Reader Jon S passed along the following tip this morning: “A lot of people don’t realize it, but the login screen on the PS4 isn’t broken – the controls are reversed for whatever reason. You have to hit circle to enter something and hit X to go back. I was able to stream “This is NXT”, the first SmackDown!, Raw pre-show, and the Raw post-show from the PS4 just fine.” - On Monday, WWE removed CM Punk’s Louisville Wizard World Comic Con appearance fr ...
I wonder if it's a Jimmy Hart thing, or the songs sounding too much like the original
belongs in the ranks of Freddie Blassie, Bobby Heenan, and Jimmy Hart. Actually, that's my Mt. Rushmore of Managers.
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I wish that Hulk Hogan DIDN'T age just like Jimmy Hart.on how he doesn't!
I met him too and his daughter and even Jimmy Hart
Would have been nice to see Jimmy Hart come out with Hogan last night during
I dont think Jimmy Hart the manager will ever aged
With Jimmy Hart in tow, Hulk Hogan arrives to How many will be tuning in tonight?
A backstage photo of and Jimmy Hart at -
A backstage photo of Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart at RAW -
said he seen all of the new coaches and coach Hart at bdubs sitting together! 😂😱
I'm actually super excited about Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart returning.
It's a WCW theme so there's basically only two origins it can have: Jimmy Hart or as generic bedding music.
nat. You go jimmy hart with a megaphone.
Some great names on there mate. Jimmy Stein, Ted Critchley Hunter Hart, Cliff Britton, Charlie Gee & Harry Cooke. Keep it safe!
The Mouth Of The South, Jimmy Hart. Probably, the best manager of all time.
Photo: Hulk Hogan Arrives At RAW With Jimmy Hart: Hulk Hogan just arrived at the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Photo of Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart Arriving for RAW, Hogan Comments on Being Backstage
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart film set for March 27, 2015 release: via
Jimmy Hart is a much more memorable manager, but Cornette booked for every major North American promotion
C'mon Dave Hart, Jimmy Cheek. Make us fall in love with VolBall all over again!
Track & Field could use some good Bonuses and personalities like Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Jimmy Hart and Mr. Fuji
Kevin Hart Spills on Jay Z (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon). Just cried with laughter in the gym.
OMG!!! Was Jimmy Hart RAW too?? I hope Jimmy Hart comes back with Hogan!!!
- Jimmy Hart was backstage at Raw last night. He was there with Hulk Hogan. - WWE removed the CM Punk appearance at WizardWorld Louisville from their website. - While he was originally advertised for the event, Shawn Michaels is no longer appearing on the NXT Arrival event on Thursday. - Former TNA referee Rudy Charles, who has been with the NXT brand for some time, was refereeing on Raw last night. Credit:
Jimmy Hart e Hulk Hogan no backstage do RAW, ontem:
I just want to spend a day with Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart
you know it bro, I'll find u a Jimmy Carr one and if u want I'll find u an about last night one as well with Kevin hart in
Dave Hart and Jimmy Cheek: when you you .
THE IMMORTAL just arrived in the building wearing Jordans with The Mouth of The South Jimmy Hart!
Hamilton Collection
I've gotten questions. Where was Jimmy Hart? Why were the former tag champs wrestling the raw pre show? Why are we being punished?
The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart on WWE??? Im loving it
Undertaker and Hogan on RAW tonight, but where was Jimmy Hart?
A slightly disheveled Jimmy Hart is determined to settle some "First Family" business with Dutch Mantell this morning! An unusual pair is formed when, out of...
Hulk is back! Taker is back! The nature boy is back. Jimmy Hart is back.Brock Lesnar is...ok nobody cares about Lesnar THE DEAD MAN RISES AGAIN TONIGHT! WOOT WOOT!
I've read that a lot of legends in the WWE consider Randy Orton superb in the ring, and I agree with that. They also say he's not the best on the mic...I agree with that, which brings me to this point...I miss the days of managers like Jim Cornette, JJ Dillon and Jimmy Hart and Bobby Heenan to talk for guys...We need more talking managers...Back to reading for Bib Lit II...
Here comes Hulk Hogan down the ramp with Jimmy Hart pushing him in a wheel hollering through his megaphone "Hogan is back"
Man, i hate that I ain't gone get to see tonight cause The IMMORTAL Hulk Hogan, Undertaker - WWE Universe, and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart are supposed to be returning smh... DANG ON Job smh...
Bruce Elliot & Jimmy Hart (Gentrys)... From my friend Stephen who played with the Gentrys!
It is a day after The Elimination Chamber PPV. Wonder what will happen tonight. It would be a great because Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart is there tonight. I hope you all enjoy Raw tonight i know we will.
Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart set to appear on WWE RAW 24th February 2014 Media Man Int
I'm more happy to see the return of Jimmy Hart than I am to see Hulk Hogan. I remember going to radio shack and purchasing a Megaphone.
Don't miss Monday Night Raw. Returns of Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, Ric Flair, Brock Lesner & Undertaker.Wyatts vs. Shield, though most likely in 3 singles matches.rumored that Usos will beat the Middle Age Outlaws for the tag team belts.and just breaking, a heel turn by Batista. This show is going to be loaded...and I didn't even mention Daniel Bryan & John Cena.
I'm really excited for tonight's Raw. Brock Lesnar, Jimmy Hart, oh yeah, and Hulk Hogan. There's a lot going on in the WWE today. The launch of the app has been a little bumpy and lots of people, including myself, haven't been able to watch anything. CM says it works fine for him, so I'm gonna hold out before I start complaining. Who else is ready for tonight's RAW? -Ghostbustahh PS. As you can tell by name admin name, I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan and am really saddened to hear about the death of Egon. Rest in piece Egon.
The dead man immortals and the mouth of the South Jimmy Hart. OH MY.
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Everyone is talking about Hogan, Jimmy Hart, Undertaker and Brock. I just want to make sure Ambrose is okay!
Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart have already arrived backstage for WWE
Undertaker suppose to be back tonight on raw tonight and hogan and jimmy hart
Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart are in the building.
looking forward to the WWE Monday Night Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 on the WWE Network.. Rematch of The Wyatts vs The Shield Tonight is gonna be awesome!! Undertaker - WWE Universe, Hulk Hogan, & "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart are back tonight!!!
So tonight on Monday Night Raw, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, Jimmy Hart, and Shawn Micheals will a be on. Reminds me of how great the WWF in the 90s really was.
Eric Wisniewski he's with jimmy hart?
VIDEO: Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart arrive at RAW -
The Hulkster and the mouth of the South Jimmy Hart in the building
Well it's not quite PCW but I suppose Jimmy Hart has to take some lesser bookings in the meantime
Hulk Hogan has arrived at the arena that Monday Night Raw is at tonight - With Jimmy Hart!
It's old timers night on RAW tonight! Hogan Flair, 'Taker, Jimmy Hart, Lesnar (yeah, I went there), and who knows who else. We know the Old Age Outlaws will defend tonight. Expect a tag title change. Just sayin'.
As of last word, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are all scheduled for tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw. At this time, CM Punk is not scheduled to appear. Hulk Hogan will also be appearing. Jimmy Hart is also rumored but not confirmed. WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was also telling people over the weekend that he'd be appearing on RAW tonight.
Brace yourselves Phil Freitag Phil Allison Demarie Alamo Keno Reshard Justin for the return of Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart tonight. I bet Lesnar and Undertaker return tonight, don't be surprised if we WCW Sting also!
The 12th match of Wrestlemania IV was a match for the Intercontinental Title between challenger Brutus 'The Barber' Beefcake and the Champion The Honky Tonk Man. Honky Tonk was accompanied to the ring by manager Jimmy Hart and his 'girlfriend' Peggy Sue. Peggy Sue was just one of many multiple ring personas for Sherri Martel (who can be discussed more in depth later). Beefcake was actually supposed to win the Intercontinental Title at two subsequent Summerslams but in the first, there was a supposed injury caused by Outlaw Ron Bass (which saw the Ultimate Warrior take the title) and the second was after Beefcake, real name Ed Leslie, really did get nearly fatally injured in a parasailing accident. Given Beefcake's early friendship with Hogan, the whole arc may have led to Beefcake and not Warrior being in the title for title match at Wrestlemania VI. The match itself saw Beefcake mostly dominate Honky and escape Honky's patented 'shake rattle and roll' finishing manuever. Beefcake then responded by puttin ...
The WCW Scotty Riggs obnoxiously recently was invited to show In The Room. On this occasion, one that was part of the freaks at The Flock of Raven clan took the opportunity to return to his period at WCW: Its current situation "I'm retired because of injuries. The final mix was when I broke the ulna of my left forearm. It took 13 screws and 2 steel plates to repair this, and yet, this is still not good. " The theme music from the American Males (his team with Buff Bagwell in WCW) "It was a creation of genius of Jimmy Hart. Him and Michael Hayes greatly made music of the time of WCW. Jimmy saw Marcus (Bagwell before it changes its name in Buff) and me a mix between the Fabulous Ones, the Fantastics and the Rock and Roll Express. His passion for these three teams is felt in the theme song. The first time that we heard, Jimmy was excited. Marcus and I are looked at. We were mouths bees. I believe that I said "Oh my God it's horrible, but it could walk". " The status of Main Eventer "I don't know (if he could ...
WWF Superstars taping: The Red Rooster defeated defeated Steve DiSalvo Jake Roberts pinned Ted Dibiase after guest referee the Big Bossman hit Dibiase Dusty Rhodes (w/ Sapphire) defeated Randy Savage (w/ Sensational Sherri) via count-out after backdropping Savage to the floor (Battle of the WWF Superstars)WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned Dino Bravo (w/ Jimmy Hart & Earthquake) with the legdrop in a non-title match; after the bout, the champion was attacked by Bravo and Earthquake, with Earthquake hitting two elbow drops and the sit-down splash; moments later, Earthquake attempted a second sit-down splash but WWF IC Champion the Ultimate Warrior made the save; Hogan and Warrior then went face to face, with Warrior then running backstage Prime Time Wrestling - 2/26/90: Rick Rude (w/ Bobby Heenan) pinned Ron Garvin at 7:21 after both men collided and Heenan pushed Garvin's foot off the ropes during the cover Prime Time Wrestling - 3/12/90: Hercules & Paul Roma defeated the Brooklyn Brawler & Black Bart a ...
I also hope the airs at least the cheaper themes (Jimmy Hart, Rick Derringer, etc.) if not Limp Bizkit & Alter Bridge.
So after watching "Memphis Heat" I have realized how much Jimmy Hart meant to Memphis wrestling. Because after his exit we get Downtown Bruno, Scott Bowden, Paul E. Dangerously and Brandon Baxter. All in my opinion patterned after Jimmy Hart.
Another question has been revealed for the WWE Countdown show on the WWE Network. This time, WWE wants to know who is the most magnificent manager in history. The options are: * Bobby "The Brain" Heenan * Jimmy Hart * Capt. Lou Albano * J.J. Dillon * Sensational Sherri * "Classy" Freddie Blassie * Miss Elizabeth * Paul Bearer * Paul Heyman * Mr. Fuji
I gotta think that Valentine would have had a wholly different career if paired with Bobby Heenan instead of Jimmy Hart.
so is Al Sharpton gonna be DMX ring manager? Like a Jimmy Hart?
St.Petersburg, Florida at the Grand Reopening of Sneaky Ds & my dear friends came Hulk Hogan, the Nasty Boys, Jimmy Hart& Brutus the Barber
True, Sheamus could work on his own, he's that hard hitting smash mouth guy. Then again even Hogan had Jimmy Hart.
totally miss the days of good managers in wrestling Mr Fugi, Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Jim Coronette, Slick, Lou Albano, etc...
Yeah, I responded to that as a kid (hated Jimmy Hart etc.) but didn't know the scripted part.
I remember the big one a few years ago that had Hogan, Brett Hart, Jimmy Hart.
Kevin Hart Talks to Jimmy Fallon About That One Time He Spilled Juice on Jay Z … and Beyoncé -
I'd be way down. Perfect replacement for Jimmy hart!
Brother Tim Skinner tells it like it is!
here is Jimmy Hart's big moment, don't blink you'll miss it
The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart had a for real hit song back in the day
I liked the "Attitude" era songs. DX and the likes. Wasn't Jimmy Hart's song about Rick Springfield or something?
why is Kevin hart let me explain on netflix and I didn't see it yet? I know how I'm spending the next hour or so
Just ran into the "mouth of the south" Jimmy Hart at Firehouse Subs. Sadly, he did not use a megaphone, or whistle, when ordering.
If ur thinking about paying $95 to meet Bret let me throw this at u: for $99 u can meet him, anvil, & jimmy hart together at WrestleCon.
and helwani with a Jimmy Hart megaphone!
Thanks to my brother Jimmy Hart i'm getting coffee!! Lol
Hassan should be Morgan's manager. He could be Jimmy Hart IRL telling people how hard they got roasted with a megaphone.
The Kevin hart interview on jimmy kimmel about how he spilled pineapple juice on jay z has me roling😂😭 like tears
When jimmy fallon asked kevin hart: do you hang with jayz normally ?! Kevin hart said: 😒 Look jimmy...Im a big deal too okay Lmfao
How much louder do we need to be? Jimmy Hart style with the megaphone!? WE WANT DANIEL BRYAN!
during Grammys-"is he(Kevin hart) the guy that plays Jimmy on the Ringer??" Can't make this stuff up, folks.
Bret Hart beats Koko Be Ware and Jimmy Hart runs home for third (forgive me if there are any dead-uns there)
Kevin Hart, please don't ruin this segment.
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want about the mouth of the South Jimmy Hart?
Here's the route for the 1st - 8.18 miles. Remember tell the SAG guys if you are close to the back of the group. Contact Jimmy Hart if you can help at the SAG. Breakfast afterwards at The Grill at 5724 Patterson. 8.18 miles – stadium through the fan * LEFT on Freeman * RIGHT on McCloy St * LEFT on Douglasdale Rd * LEFT on Blanton Ave, follow Blanton Ave around to * LEFT on S. Boulevard (mile 1) * RIGHT on Monument (mile 2), turns into W. Franklin St (mile 3 b/w N. Lombardy & Ryland St.) * RIGHT on N. Belvidere St * RIGHT on W. Main St * RIGHT on Morris St. (mile 4) * LEFT on Floyd Ave (mile 5 at N. Davis) * RIGHT on N. Belmont Ave * LEFT on Hanover Ave * RIGHT on Roseneath Rd (mile 6 right past Stuart) * LEFT on Wythe Ave * LEFT on N. Thompson St (mile 7 at Floyd) * LEFT on W. Cary St * RIGHT on McCloy St * RIGHT on Idlewood * LEFT on Freeman Rd (mile 8 at Rosewood Ave)
You must have loved some of those jackets Jimmy Hart used to wear ;)
Forgot how good Steamboat vs Valentine is at WrestleMania IV. Also, Jimmy Hart is 70 now and looks exactly the same.
Unless Jimmy Hart is the lead vocalist then no I don't want to come see your band play.
New Kevin Hart special on Netflix, and eatin Jimmy Johns. 🏆
Quaker Stake throw down. Jimmy Hart will be there today shaking hands, and kissin baby's .HBS
Thanks Steve Vacha & family lil Sammy cakes was the star of the day! Need ky ky. Last day @ quacker steak & lube .. Jimmy hart will b there 11-6
I met jimmy hart of the hart foundation
and we will be welcoming Jimmy Harte on drums.
Jimmy Hart really needs to interview Richard Sherman next time
The 1990 Royal Rumble was the third annual Royal Rumble event and the second annual event to be held exclusively on pay-per-view. It took place on January 21, 1990 at the Orlando Arena in Orlando, Florida. The event drew 16,000 fans (the worst since the experimental run in 1987) and a buy rate of 260,000 (the best to that point.) The results of the card read as follows: Dark - Paul Roma defeated The Brooklyn Brawler (6:13) 1 - The Bushwhackers (Butch and Luke) defeated The Fabulous Rougeaus (Jacques and Raymond) (with Jimmy Hart) (13:35) 2- Brutus Beefcake fought The Genius to a double disqualification (11:07) 3 - Ronnie Garvin defeated Greg Valentine in a submission match (with Jimmy Hart) (16:55) 4 - Jim Duggan defeated The Big Boss Man (with Slick) by disqualification (10:26) 5 - The 1990 Royal Rumble match (Hulk Hogan won by last eliminating Mr. Perfect) (58:46) The event was also the first to have management decide where a wrestler will start in the match, making "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibi ...
I only ever had a WWF Ice Cream bar once.. at a WWF house show around 1988.. i think it was Jimmy Hart on the bar
Lmfao omg the story Kevin hart told about jay and bey on jimmy Fallon had me in tears .
LOL yeah during your commentary on the Tribute To Starcade DVD. Jimmy Hart asked you who I was.
Watched Kevin Hart on Jimmy Fallon like 😐. This guy is just not funny to me
I can't listen to that song anymore after hearing Jimmy Hart's voice in the song
At Hulk Hogans beach bar and mouth of the South Jimmy Hart is here also. Me Jackie nate Laurie Jim shelly Ricky
i didn't know Kevin Hart played jimmy in the movie the ringer?
Kevin hart on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon... lol
Stellar new music from just feat. Jimmy Heath's Big Band kicking it up a notch now w/ Antonio Hart &
I love Jimmy Fallon, but it sure STINKS that won't be on anymore... 😥👎
Video: paulliveshere: Kevin Hart on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon I couldn’t stop laughing while he was...
Thinking about getting Mr. Fuji tattooed onto my shoulder blade. Anyone wanna match up w/ a Jimmy Hart or Bobby Heenan?
For all my friends that like Jimmy Hart check out my nephews interview with him yesterday My interview with Jimmy 'The Mouth of the South' Hart legend Jimmy "The Mouth of the South" Hart stopped by the 94.1 myFM studio to chat with Andrew Buttigieg ahead of the St. Thoma...
Chris O'Hair King, remember these guys and the Cotillion? Larry Raspberry, Jimmy Hart? What fun it was! ;)
I'm gonna just say it...nobody could talk s**t like this guy. For his time nobody got more heat as a top heel as he did either. The Feud with Macho, with Jake, the stealing of the belt from Steamboat garnered him enough hate to last two eras! Can't deny that his name was one of the more famous in history and matching him with Jimmy Hart was perfect! Your thoughts...?
Photoset: mediaite: Kevin Hart tells Jimmy Fallon about his new “best friend.”
Joe Stalica stood In line next to Jimmy Hart at the airport today
Jim Cornette and Jimmy Hart with the Grapplers in Memphis.
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Anyone looking for some great photos of yourself, your dog, your car Heck whatever Jimmy Hart is the man to see! He's just getting started, give him a look or call.
Everybody knows, that Jimmy Harts a snake in the gras!!!
Thank you all for the birthday wishes including Jimmy Hart
Just took a day of vacation for April 22nd so I can register for the Disney World Dopey Challenge, Sid Busch can appreciate that... :-) Jimmy Hart, Dan Barnes, Heater Heather Anderson, I think we should have a sleep over at my house. :-)
Jimmy Hart as a member of The Gentrys
EPIC FAIL- THE SHOCKMASTER What do The Undertaker, Andre the Giant, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Big Van Vader have in common? They’re not The Shockmaster that’s for *** sure. Mentioning the best big men in the history of pro wrestling with The Shockmaster is like mentioning a Maserati to a hoop-dee, a Ciroc to an Old English Malt Liquor. You get the idea. Shockmaster, welcome to the epic fail society. Before WCW, Shockmaster, whose real name is Fred Ottman, enjoyed some success in the WWF in beginning as Tugboat a babyface. He was on the winning team at the 1990 Survivor Series even though he was eliminated by Earthquake. Later, he earned an Intercontinental Title shot against Mr. Perfect but fell short. The following year he turned heel after turning on the Bushwackers. Jimmy Hart changed his name to Typhoon, teamed him up with Earthquake, and named them The Natural Disasters. The team would turn face and dumped Hart and challenged his new team of Money Inc. for the WWF Tag Team Titles. In July they captur ...
Wrestlemania VI APRIL 1, 1990 Toronto Skydome Toronto, Ontario, Canada The first Wrestlemania of the '90s brought bout many firsts for the worlds greatest annual event. This was the first time Wrestlemania was held outside the United States, first time the main event saw a "title vs title" bout and the first time two fan favorites clashed as 67,678 fans traveled to the skydome and to witness "The Ultimate Challenge" Rick Martel defeated Koko B. Ware World tag-team championship match: Demolition defeated colossal connection (with Bobby Heenan) to become new champions Earthquake (with Jimmy Hart) defeated Hercules Brutus Beefcake defeated Mr Perfect (with the genius) Roddy Piper vs Bad News Brown went to a no-contest The Hart Foundation defeated the Bolsheviks The Barbarian (with Bobby Heenan) defeated Tito Santana Mixed tag match Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire (with Elisabeth) defeated Randy Savage & Queen Sherri The orient express (with Mr Fuji) the Rockers by count-out Hacksaw Jim Dugan defeated Dino Bravo (wi ...
Wrestlemania V April 2, 1989 Trump plaza Atlantic city, NJ Over 19,000 fans attended this event, and millions around the world tuned in to see WWF Legends go to war. The main event featured Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, who once battled together as the Mega-powers, faced off for Savages WWF Championship. WrestleMania IV and wrestlemania V remain the only WrestleMania events to date that have originated from the same venue in consecutive years. Hercules defeated "king" Haku (with Bobby Heenan) The Twin Towers (with slick) defeated the Rockers Ted Dibiase (with Virgil) vs Brutus Beefcake ended in a double count-out The bushwackers defeated the fabulous Rougeau brothers (with Jimmy Hart) Mr perfect defeated the blue blazer Handicap match for the world tag-team championship: Demolition defeated powers of pain and Mr Fuji to retain Dino Bravo (with Frenchy Martin) defeated "rugged" Ronnie Garvin The Brain Busters (with Bobby Heenan) defeated Strike Force Jake the snake defeated Andre the giant (with Bobby Heena ...
A fun, non-scripted, unrehearsed, improvised video promo The Mouth of The South Jimmy Hart filmed with me. WrestleReunion 6 - January 27 to 29, 2012 The West...
Wrestlemania IV March 27, 1988 Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, NJ Where there is chaos, there's opportunity. The fate of sports entertainment most coveted prize hung in the balance as the vacant WWF Championship was to be awarded at the end of the one night by tournament. The biggest names in sports entertainment gathered for the event, but only one would emerge from Atlantic City the new undisputed champion of the world. Battle Royal: Bad News Brown defeated Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Jim powers, Paul Roma, Sika, Danny Davis, Sam Houston, Hillbilly Jim, B. Brian Blair, jumpin gym Brunzell, Ray Rougeau Jacquees Rougeau, junkyard dog, Ken Patera, Ron Bass, Harley Race, Nikolai Volkoff, Boris zhukov and George the animal Steele The Ultimate Warrior defeated Hercules (with Bobby Heenan) IC championship match: Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake defeated the honky tonk man (with Jimmy Hart and Peggy sue) by DQ The Islanders & Bobby Heenan defeated the British Bulldogs and Koko B. Ware (with Matilda) World tag team champio ...
i know i missed my chance to say this on MLK day. Richard Sherman tells me that because i don't like the way he behaved i am a racist. Frankly *** look all the same to me be they red, white, yellow, brown, purple, or indigo. it is well within my rights to say my opinion. i thought he was an incredibly poor sport and acted in poor taste. he gave a half *** apology that was enough to placate the talking heads on ESPN. if you don't like how people respond to your behavior change it. you are not nor will you ever be Jimmy Hart.
Some of the blame for that has to fall on Jimmy Hart and Dino Bravo -- a total setup.
Does anybody else here miss seeing managers in the "Big 2?" I know I do. And it's no disrespect to either Paul Heyman or Zeb Colter (aka "Dirty" Dutch Mantell), but it takes more than just two managers to keep things interesting. I really miss the days of Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Mr. Fuji, "Classy" Freddie Blassie, Gary Hart, and even Don Carson from the old Southwest Championship Wrestling days. God, those were INDEED "the good old days."
Gonna play this one this coming Saturday at mod dance party at Saturn! Total pandemonium 1965: the gentrys featuring te mouth of the South Jimmy Hart on backing vocals (see previous post). I need gogo dancers like this at mod dance party. Volunteers?
I've learned a lot about wrestling and still I'm one thing i learned was managers are as important as the wrestlers i use to think different like it was just something beneath everything but being one and seeing its as much hard work as a wrestlers made me change and i learned to respect it and people who paved our way like J. J. Dillon,Jimmy Hart,Miss Elizabeth,Bobby Heenan, and Sherri Martel they all helped and i don't understand why some forget about managers they are a big part to so i thought maybe id just throw this thought out there...
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Discussion between Blake and I tonight prompted by a comment on WWE Smackdown: who was the best manager in Wrestling? My choices were Precious Paul Ellering(Road Warriors), Jim Cornett (Midnight Express) Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart. (I will throw Captain Lou Albino and Miss Elizabeth in for honorable mention) Questions? Comments? Additions?
How would "The Macho Man" Randy Savage career would have been if he would have chosen Bobby Heenan, or Jimmy Hart or any one else as his manager instead of The late Miss Elizabeth?
The WWE Network, coming to you February 24th after RAW. It's a live-streaming service to which fans will be able to subscribe. What will you get for $9.99/month you ask? On-demand content including past PPVs not only from WWE, but from WCW AND ECW, original programming such as Total Divas and a new reality series starring WWE legends such as Jimmy Hart, "Mean" Gene Okerlund, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Hacksaw Jim Duggan, not to mention all 12 PPVs at NO additional cost.
John Cena, Jimmy Hart, Brad Maddox and The Boogey man all follow me.
THANKS FOR THE GREAT REVIEW, BOB DUNBAR!!! 5.0 out of 5 stars Fast paced, thought provoking thriller., December 28, 2013 By R. Dunbar - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: SHOOTER (Kindle Edition) SHOOTER is almost two books in one. On the surface, it is the story of a pair of hyper-accomplished assassins out for revenge, while trying to keep from being eliminated by the very organization they are targeting. Oh, yeah...and they just happen to be the grandchildren of the "real" assassin of John F. Kennedy. This story runs parallel to Mr. Hatting's Jimmy Hart series, with Hart making a shadowy background appearance. The inclusion at the end of each chapter of transcripted testimony from the Warren Commission Report adds a chilling touch of realism to the proceedings. Although, of course, it doesn't come anywhere near to solving the mystery surrounding the JFK assassination in "real life" terms, the reader is still left thinking at the end, "Wow. It probably did ha ...
Jimmy Hart & Terry Funk both coming to this year. This isn't half going to bring back some memories of FWA British Uprising 3...
Listening to the delightful sounds of Rick Springfield and the mouth of the South Jimmy Hart.
Jimmy Hart comments on the “Legends’ House” show Joshua Stewart posted an interview with wrestling legend Jimmy Hart. Here is talks about the “Legends House” series… To that end, he hopes the WWE Universe will be able to share in some new memories soon. One of the most-talked-about elements of the proposed WWE Network is the “Legends’ House” series that was taped in 2012, a “Real World”-type format in which Hart shared a Palm Springs, Calif. home with the likes of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Hillbilly Jim, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Tony Atlas, among others. “It’s probably one of the greatest things I was ever a part of in my life, with all the legends together,” Hart said. “When we were on the road we never spent a lot of time together. But we were in the house for over a month, and it was just a great experience for me to go through that, it really was.” He added that he thinks all of WWE historical releases can act as “maybe the kickoff” to finally making the network ...
have Jimmy Hart come out with that megaphone.Lol
You're in a fantasy epic. Go to your profile and look at the nine friends in the box. Go in order (no cheating!), left to right, and record/tag your friends as each of the following: Sword-wielding barbarian - Jeff Howard, I think that is the only way UM will ever win. :-) Thieving rogue with heart of gold - Deborah Carey Hester, well she is a great mom and a CPA Mysterious fighter who needs no weapon - Jimmy Hart, about right considering he is and powerful Mage - Keith Combs, Absolutely! The Fairy Princess - Sarah Dutkiewicz, Naturally! Dark Lord - William A. Thornton, Not sure about this one Evil Sorcerer- Nikki Weiss, this is a miss, but she does use her power good Lone Hero who takes on the Evil Horde - Russ Griffin, as a coach would do Peasant Orphan who is actually the Hero(ine) - John Savill, with Sonic burritos
"Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart was given his nickname after a short stint as town-cryer in Stratford-upon-Avon.
This is what happens when people like Jimmy Cheek and Dave Hart are in positions of power.
Jimmy Hart managed I didnt know that
Joan Cronan, AnDe Summitt, Tyler Summitt, Pat Summitt, Dr. Jimmy Cheek and Dave Hart after the statue…
Jasberry is moving in to our crib too!? Bring Ronnie and this can be the new place to be! Lol
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Report: Hulk Hogan Will Be At WWE Hall of Famer and brand ambassador Jimmy Hart, who is...
I bet when cheetahs race and one of them cheats, the other one goes, "Bro, you're such a cheetah!" And they laugh & eat a zebra o…
And then the JYD punches poor Jimmy Hart, strips his pants off and brands him. I guess that branding iron was more of a branding stamp (c)
Manuel Pellegrini has told Joe Hart he must wait for a recall, after saying that Costel Pantilimon will keep his place…
It's ok for famous people to follow me, I met Sheryl Crowe on a construction site once. Plus I met Jimmy Hart at Batesvilke Walmart.
What do you call an elephant that doesn't matter? . An irrelephant.
One of my favourite childhood games
I'm supposed to be the soldier who never blows his composure, Even though I hold the weight of the whole world on my s…
am i the only one thats noticed that Jimmy Hart sounds just like Mickey Mouse when he talks? Lol
Jimmy hart doesn't get bad seats xxx
I nominate Jimmy Hart's First Family from 1999-era WCW as the worst.
Jimmy Hart: What was the reason for Jimmy Hart turning face and becoming linked to Hogan? Its always seemed od...
After the match, the Nasty Boys again attacked Jimmy Hart.
That time I met Jimmy FREAKIN' Hart at last year's in Batesville, Arkansas. He…
Just ran into Jimmy Hart lol he says hi
New Podcast- and on WWE TV Channel coming, what it means plus interview with -
Jimmy Hart with Diane and Johnny at promoting the 30 on sale party tonight in New Orleans!
ON AIR NOW: w/ Jimmy Hart, WWE wanting do more on free TV plus my weekend w/ legends
Frosty, delightful day for contract negotiations in Seattle, where I am ever mindful that you don't get a second...
WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart on Hogan, Wrestlemania I and Signing Randy Savage | Bleacher Report (via
Grew up watching this guy. Mouth Of The South Jimmy Hart.
Hart, neidhart and manager jimmy hart, due to the similar family names of both team members and their manager.
Jimmy Hart nails Hugh Morris with a trash can, runs into the ropes, and proceeds to bust *** and sell like death. . WCW.
\ back in the eairly 90'S... YOU and the UNDER TAKER was our favorite wrestlers. Back when u use to come out with (JIMMY HART).
And there was a Jimmy Hart sighting.
South point is not that bad. I actually really like it sometimes. Have some pride in your city.
So what's worse: 1. Watching a nationally televised game and listening to the commentator's discuss a new Illinois coach; 2. At halftime Reece Davis calls Illinois football "historically awful", 3. Catching yourself in the second half actually yelling at the TV when Hyde continues to run through holes as big as my waist...(ie "HUGE"); 4. With 5 minutes left in the game still hoping that the score can be close enough that Ohio State loses enough votes to let either Stanford, Baylor or both pass them; or 5. Almost an hour later still dreaming about a Beckman vs. Cubit cage match!!! Yeah it might be all of the above but the last is the only reason to watch the last two games...this just might be me but I think Beckman is starting to look like a older Rowdy Roddy Piper and maybe its the camo hat but Cubit looks like Sgt. Slaughter. Guess that means that Thomas would have to be the Big Boss Man and come in to break things up, or be Eric Bischoff or Jimmy Hart and promote the fight to see if they could draw mor ...
Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan has been insisting to friends that he will be at WrestleMania XXX in 2014, even if he has to settle for buying a ticket and sitting ringside. Ever since the star noted to Bill Apter that he was "done" with TNA and it was time to move on, speculation has been flying about his future. As I discussed recently, considering Hogan's limited options in the business, it seems inevitable that he'll be back with Vince McMahon at some point. For a Legend's Deal, if nothing else. As Mike Johnson of PWInsider noted last week, no deal has officially, or unofficially, been made between WWE and Hogan yet. But that doesn't mean the performer isn't actively campaigning for a match at the Mercedes-Benz Astrodome next year. In a recent interview with The Baltimore Sun, Hogan's close friend Jimmy Hart, currently doing a press tour for the History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment DVD, noted to Arda Ocal that the Hall of Famer was very keen to be at event: "Hogan knew I was doing this press tour ...
Shelly Martinez talked to VOC Nation as part of our 1 year anniversary in the cloud, giving fans insight into what her own podcast is all about, but also some inside information that fans may not know about her exit from WWE. You can hear the entire anniversary show at which also features interviews with Joey Styles, Tommy Dreamer, Jimmy Hart, and others. Here is a sample of what the former Vampire of ECW Ariel had to say: On Batista Getting her Fired from WWE: “Batista and I had an aggressive conversation backstage and he said something that were unnecessary and uncalled for. If it was outside of wrestling, I’m pretty sure it could have been a legal problem for both Batista and WWE. But this is wrestling, and it’s a man’s business, so I fired back and they fired me. I was just a vampire girl in the fake ECW; he was Batista, and they wanted to accommodate him.” On her Passion for Radio: “I’ve always wanted to do radio. Podcasts are the new way of radio. 4 years ago, I started the show Funti ...
Just got a pic with Jay Lethal. Asked him to do Jimmy Hart. Heh.
Andy Kaufman, Guy Coffee, and Jimmy Hart. One of Memphis’ most notable backstage reporters with two of the most...
Various monsters fighting each other with Jimmy Hart & Kevin Nash? How did I not find this ...
Don Owen, Gary Hart, Jimmy Hart, Takashi Matsunaga, Bill & would be my NON-WRESTLER picks.
Sports Update: WWE:Jimmy Hart talks about Vince McMahon as a boss
Do you know what I'm gonna really like in WWE 2K14? Managers: Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Mr Fuji, etc.
Lanny Poffo was interviewed today for The View! Talks about WWE Hall of Fame, Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan, Curt Hennig!
Lawler vs Jimmy Hart & Jim Cornette in a handicap match. I'm sure a lot of wrestlers would love to get Corny in the ring.
Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart promotes new movie about Memphis wrestling
Also: Lord Alfred Hayes and Jimmy Hart on commentary is kind of a treat.
was that on with the megaphone or did Jimmy Hart shave his mustache?
Surprisingly enjoying Jimmy Hart's book...great storyteller, Memphis stories are ace
I realize that the Senate needs to be fixed, but the Senate was designed to be deliberative and give voice to the...
Paul Heyman is a poor man's Jimmy Hart and a homeless man's Bobby Heenan.
Vickie have just reminded me that she are the mouth of the South Jimmy Hart wanna be backstage!
nick got the megaphone like Jimmy Hart
Yo. That was some old school Jimmy Hart from AJ right there. Well done.
, our heroes dragged into the company of his old acquaintances such as Jason Hervey, Ze Bear Boys, Jimmy Hart - they all started t
Jimmy Hart getting his hair cut at WM4 is still amazing. "I LOOK LIKE LITTLE LULU!"
Ask Jimmy Hart to meet me for brunch tomorrow. I explain we have BIG business to discuss.
Sid Vicious and Goldberg would of been unstoppable as a team. And of course "The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart" as their manager.
Sandow studies the old Jimmy Hart playbook and hides until everybody else is taken out. Great effort by everybody.
Thomas Shire vs Early 90s Hulk Hogan is in many ways, my ultimate dream match. I am of course dressed as Sonny Onoo handcuffed to Jimmy Hart
Can anyone confirm that this is the REAL Jimmy Hart >>>
A fake-out ending and Jimmy Hart. What more do you need?
the 051 CD cover I'm working on reminds me of Jimmy Hart
the winner of the Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart award goes to Sexy KC u dont have a megaphone just megamouth TOLADILA, was Jimmy Hart on the take? Is that why Masters was lying in wait for him?
One thing is certain regarding the upcoming Zimmerman verdict ... In our polarized political environment an...
Jimmy Hart is the only real Mouth of The South
Hulk, could you get Jimmy Hart to do some themes? The WCW ones were way too awesome!
Hey brother will Jimmy Hart be making an appearance wt ??!!
can I greet u with jimmy hart swagger? I must know!
at this moment I AM jimmy hart the impression are in such abundance..I miss your reactions :)
Were I there I'd have a feeling Jimmy Hart impressions would abound.
Jimmy Hart just said "A million out of work comedians Gorilla and you're trying to be one" in literally about 1.5 seconds.
Jimmy Hart's going to the top. 450 Splash time?!
Photo: Picture of myself with jimmy hart
I am thankful and welcome the diversion from everyday union life that has been provided by the new and exciting NY...
Also, Masterchef playing the Jimmy Hart version of Hawaii Five O
I will be working very hard everyday in my aspiration to one day become the Jimmy Hart, Mouth of the South, of video games.
This was the original! Ernest Miller vs. JERRY FLYNN managed by Jimmy Hart. Boring chants a plenty!
I think I just saw Jimmy Hart standing outside a parking garage.
what about wrestler? You can be the Jimmy Hart to Brett Hart. can be Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart.
dude, remember the Flower Shop? The Adrian Adonis "show"? He was managed by Jimmy Hart, who was my favorite
Next time, we give a Jimmy Hart megaphone.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
"One of the Many Mouths in the South" Jimmy Hart
- WWE developmental wrestler Richie Steamboat turns 26-years-old on Sunday. He has been sidelined since last year due to back surgery. - Micro Championship Wrestling set an attendance record Saturday night at the Socorro Entertainment Center near El Paso, Texas, as 4,500 fans attended the event. The large crowd can be attributed to a slew of former WCW stars participating in a free autograph session at the show; Bill Goldberg, The Steiner Brothers, The Nasty Boys, Buff Bagwell and Jimmy Hart. ~Eric
With Jeanne Hart, Jimmy Hart,Erin Hart, Jason Knicely, and Craig having lunch in the sun on the bay!!
yuup. And The Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart was his manager.
no Iron Sheek or The mouth of the South Jimmy Hart? Count me out!
I'll go Jimmy Hart for Sully. Not a fighter, just pumps everyone up. is for sure *** Foley
"Apple pie coming out of Jimmy Hart's body...".
Sources: The "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart is meeting w/ teams about becoming a GM. Jimmy has built winners throughout his career.
Babyface Jimmy Hart never set right with me.
Me and Jimmy Hart at Love this guy.
I've no idea babe. Synopsis: "Bringing together the glam world of women's wrestling. Hosted by legend Jimmy Hart". x x x
did you know you live near jimmy hart?! Lucky buggers
that is an insult to Jimmy Hart. he's more like a Harvey Wippleman
If Kellerman can compare Lowe to Emmanuel Steward can I compare him to "The Mouth of The South" Jimmy Hart?
I forgot all about Harlem Heat. Also forgot Jimmy Hart was still around. I always picture him in the 80's.
Jimmy Hart had the Misfits skull on the back of his jacket... I don't understand.
Second match of Spring Stampede is a wrestler called 'Mancow' vs Jimmy Hart.
Shopping in a citrus park party store...and we ran into WWF Manager 'Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart'.…
I think I have basic Batista 5, I know I have classic superstars, jimmy hart, and white (
I only meet a little of wrestler the Bella twins rosa mended Rey sgt jimmy hart and velvet sky and Jeff hardy and somea joe
In 2010 I went to summerslam axxess Jimmy Hart was calling on people for a chance win tickets&he picked me but a man pushed me out the way!
Me and Trevethan are going to get this guy into pro wrestling and become his managers. I'm the next Jimmy Hart!
your pop reminds me of the Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart.
Really what's cooler than hangin out with Hulk Hogan and a bunch of midget wrestlers.oh wait.shaking hogans hand and having Him give a thumbs up to our shameless promotion of Mach1Music .singing karaoke with Jimmy Hart "the mouth of the south" and Brook Hogan, close but having Hulk Hogan call ya "Brotha".priceless
"Hulk Hogan's Wrestling Boot Trash Can Band" will be recording with Brutus Beefcake, Jimmy Hart, Typhoon and Hillbilly Jim. [7/93]
they were a group. Owen hart. Bret Hart. the anvil. Jimmy hart
To: The mouth of the South Jimmy Hart, please come and follow me? Thank u, and congrats on being in the Wwe Hall Of Fame.
Crackin up at the idea of MOUTH OF THE South Jimmy Hart having a stupid petty one-sided rivalry with Rick Springfield
former WWE/WCW manager Jimmy Hart claimed The only timeline has given on the WWE Network launch is an 18-month window.
Saturday June 29 my video shoot will start at 8pm directed by Jimmy Hart ladies & fellas pay $10 at the door you will sit in vip with me all night Nino Brown Washington Make Racks Power House Kang Coopa James Allen Reggie Mathis Piranah Pimptight Brandon Lattimore Shudthefug Up
On a day that SCOTUS damaged the right of Americans to vote, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis stood tall for all...
Looks like Sen Ellis' manager, the Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart, has slipped SOME SORT OF FOREIGN SUBSTANCE INTO THE RING
I think he was with Jimmy Hart. I remember first seeing him as a crowd plant against...Ultimate Warrior?
Jimmy Hart and Kevin Nash in a movie? Let Monster Brawl begin!
Was Earthquake 1 of Heenan's guys? Jimmy Hart used to get on my nerves in a big way, that *** megaphone! :)
Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart were great at that.
"Championship belts are won and lost but legends liveforever. Jackie Fargo will always be my champion." - Jimmy Hart
Awesome! I used to take my pirates air horn to WWF events and had Jimmy hart and earthquake hurling abuse at me
*** I thought Old School Wrestler would be Dead by now..he's 69 like Jimmy Hart ***
Jimmy Hart didn't get booed in Memphis, at least. Gary Bettman gets booed everywhere.
Love this place, jimmy hart is here (@ Hogan's Beach Tampa w/ 3 others)
“no jimmy hart?” Was thinking hart but feel Sherri helped more
managers dnt have the style n swag anymore like Bobby Heenan n Jimmy Hart had.
Newest Joint from Jimmi Hart.. (F**ked on the) First Date Whoo!! Added this video so yall could laugh while you enjoy it!!
NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV 72 November 26, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live PARKING LOT INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Jimmy Hart/Dusty Rhodes.. Jimmy Hart said he'd be picking nine fans from the crowd to be lumberjacks for the main event.. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett, Don Callis, Legend, Kevin Northcutt.. Jeff Jarrett talked about putting Hulk Hogan on the shelf declared that Hogan's career was "finished".. Jeff Jarrett asked the crowd to rise and asked for a ten bell salute in honour of Hogan's career.. Jeff Jarrett told everyone in the back they're either with him or against him, and the decision is theirs.. Erik Watts then came out to the stage and mentioned, Jimmy Hart, Rick Steiner, Sting, but not Lex Luger.. Erik Watts announced Jeff Jarrett against AJ Styles in a one-on-one match next week for the NWA title.. Abyss then attacked Erik Watts from behind and tossed him into the ring for a beat-down.. AJ Styles, Raven and America's Most Wanted made the save! INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Simon Diamond ...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Happy fathers day to my dad Jimmy Hart and to the man that changed my life for the better my loving husband Mr. Joseph Watkins Sr. I love u to pieces.
Remembering the great times on the road w/Paul Bearer & Jimmy Hart! Miss u Percy & u will always be remembered!
Lou Eaton hey Lou when ever you are at the assisted living homes . see if you can get Jimmy Hart. some new phone numbers and a couple of new leads. i try to look out for him
Eric here and clearly I must be drinking a lot of that Black Hollywood bottled "Dope Water" (available this Saturday in Monroe NJ starting at 7pm) as .. check out this deal .. Like autographs ? Hate spending a lot of money. CHECK THIS OUT: At The PWS Merchandise Booth will be ... the infamous FIVE DOLLAR SECTION .. AUTOGRAPHED 8x10 PHOTOS OF THE FOLLOW WILL BE JUST $5 EACH: Keji Mutoh, Amazing Kong, Diamond Dallas Page, Matt Hardy, Terry Funk, Ted Dibiase, Arn Anderson, Sgt Slaughter, Dean Malenko, Phantasio, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Rocky Johnson, Superstar Billy Graham, AJ Styles, Lex Luger, Tugboat, Ox Baker, Scott Steiner, Mr Belding, The Goon, Rikishi, Powers Of Pain, Demolition, Honky Tonk Man, Greg Valentine, Tito Santana, Jimmy Hart, Kevin Nash, Vampiro, and MANY more. Want some unsigned 8x10's .. ohhh we got those too .. and .. they're FREE . Limited supplies all around so please get to The PWS Merchandise Booth as early as you can to take advantage of these deals, giveaways, and stock up on PWS d ...
I think The *** Tonk Man and Jimmy Hart are gonna be rollin' mob deep tonight.they might not let Jim have his megaphone!
Just getting in from an Amazing day of Golf w the crew & supporters of 50Legs! Hanging & getting to know Xpac, Razor, and Jimmy Hart was Kick *** & My newest little buddy Ryl Great job Nichole Gaudette D'Annolfo & Everyone for kicking off the weekend!!! Now its On to the Next one. Hope to see Everyone there tomorrow showing support & love to an Everyday local Hometown hero of mine & many many others, Steve Chamberland Go 50Legs!!!
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