Jimmy Fallon & Jay Leno

James Thomas Jimmy Fallon, Jr. (born September 19, 1974) is an American actor, comedian, singer, musician and television host. James Douglas Muir Jay Leno (born April 28, 1950) is an American stand-up comedian and television host. 5.0/5

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He just couldn't stay away!! The Hollywood Reporter has just gotten wave that Jay Leno is returning to TV after leaving The Tonight Show in February. The show got passed on to Jimmy Fallon, and… Today's best hits, without the rap
Garth Brooks has joined the lineup of stars honoring Jay Leno as he receives the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on October 19 in Washington, D.C. The event takes place at the Kennedy Center with Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Handler, Seth Meyers and Jerry Seinfeld also set to pay tribute to Leno. The program will be taped for a PBS special airing November 23.
Jimmy Fallon and Pierce Brosnan are playing Goldeneye N64. Follow that, Jay Leno!
Jimmy Fallon was by far the perfect replacement to a legend like Jay Leno.
Saw this on Jay Leno once...before it became Jimmy Fallon.
I miss Jay Leno on the tonight show. I prefer him over Jimmy Fallon. But don't get me wrong I still love Jimmy.
Do all Late Night show host hate animals on their show? Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon in particular. Jay Leno actually seems interested
Jimmy Fallon succeeding Jay Leno is definitely a sign of the times.
Vic: When did Jimmy Fallon replace Jay Leno? A couple of nights ago?
I love Jimmy Fallon, but I do miss Jay Leno
Watching The Tonight Show, I just realized that every host's name started with a "J". Jack Parr, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and now Jimmy Fallon
Jay Leno sucked, but Jimmy Fallon has to realized the Tonite Show isn't Saturday Nite Live!!!
Jimmy Fallon seems to have such a good time with his guests that it's almost too easy to forget how lame and dull Jay Leno was all those years.
Question: when did Jay Leno retire? I was all confused when I put it on and saw Jimmy Fallon. ...was a tad disturbed. ..lol
The Late Night circuit has had its fair share of shake-ups lately between Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon all making moves. Now we can add Craig Ferguson to that list.
I can admit when I am wrong and Jimmy Fallon has been pretty darn funny replacing Jay Leno.
Though Jimmy Fallon has moved on to bigger and better things replacing Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, he brought...
The 1st time I'm watching the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, he stinks like Jay Leno, no one can compare to Johnny Carson
Colbert replacing Letterman. The networks can't get extreme leftists into every slot in television fast enough. When Jimmy Fallon had Sarah Palin on his show and played a song saying she is a b--ch, he revealed his true colors. Yet, everyone knew his true colors because of how he drooled over Obama when he had him on his show. These people on the far left believe things like Obama is the messiah and communism can work if the right people are in control of it, in other works the radical left. Now we have Colbert. As far left as Fallon is, he has nothing on Colbert. The insults and depraved name calling by Colbert not just on conservatives, but conservative women in general can only be outdone by one other so called comedian who's show is on HBO and who's name I would rather not even mention. Jay Leno being conservative was asked to retire politely because he was conservative. It's just that simple. The liberals want complete and utter control of the media and will not stop until they do. So if you are a fa ...
Jay Leno...Dave Letterman could never pull this off! None of the "Late Nite" folkS could get KISS!!! The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is in a league of it's own.
The best way I can describe watching Jimmy Fallon is by this way. Over the last 26 years I feel I've been cheated by having Jay Leno as the Tonight show host for that long. Jimmy's the man!
Ever since Jay Leno retired I've been looking for a Late Show to watch. I don't care for Jimmy Fallon that much. I heard that Stephan Colbert was replacing Letterman so I thought I would give Letterman another chance. He told a bald faced lie about Obama. He said that in response to Russia's invasion of the Crimea, Obama had threatened not to attend the next G8 meeting. There no longer is a G8. Russia was expelled. There is now only a G7. Obama was instrumental in that expulsion. I will never watch Letterman again. It is one thing to poke fun at someone but to tell a bald face lie like that is something else. And the pity is that there are people out there that will believe it. I will be happy when Stephan takes over. He is a little more liberal.
Is Jimmy Fallon vs. Stephen Colbert the new Jay Leno vs. David Letterman ?
It may just be because I'm twenty but Jimmy Fallon > Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson > David Letterman.
Thank God David Letterman is retiring! He has been on 34 years too long. He along with SNL are responsible for the sarcastic, arrogant, disrespectful and lazy humour the last couple of generations have adapted to. And now they want to put in another extreme and politically extreme weirdo in Colbert or Stewart? We already have a step down from Leno by giving us hyper Jimmy Fallon to contend with. It's pretty bad when you have to line them up and say Jimmy Kimmel is now the best one.. At least choose Craig Ferguson who actually is a great historian, intelligent and I think would tone down a bit for the main spot. He at least shows some respect to his elders, and women. I don't think he'd be the paranoid, neurotic Letterman was when it comes to animals on the show, and could figure out his way from a poor interview more quickly. Maybe they could hire Rickey Minor so there would still be one classy band left on TV. Late Night has totally gone in the toilet with the departure of Jay Leno. He is the only one le ...
Has CBS lost their freaking minds? We are finally getting rid of David Letterman( totally boring) he is finally retiring next year. Yea! But now these crazy people are thinking of replacing him with an even more dull, boring person which happens to be( guess who) Jay Leno. Oh my gosh we finally got rid of him , he is not as funny as he thinks he is. Wake Up! Then they say 2nd choice is Conan O'Brian well I don't particularly think he should leave where he is after being badly mistreated . The next person in line is Craig Ferguson ! Absutely the best choice to replace Letterman! If they so decide to go with no. 1 I'll never watch CBS again. If they go for no. 2 I'll think about the prime time shows but not Late Night. If they go for Craig then I will have a difficult choice between Craig and Jimmy Fallon. I gave up on Late Night til he came along. I watched reruns As long as it was Letterman and Leno. Now I can watch Jimmy and I would definitely watch Craig cause I watch him now! He is fantastic ! Please d ...
TGIF: I'm a fan of Jay Leno but Jimmy Fallon is a good successor. And Greek-American Tina Fay is such a darling...
I personally am glad that David Letterman is retiring. I wish it was today. I loved Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. I like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Seth Myers. I never liked Conan and always found David Letterman too snarky and mean. Glad he is going.
Late Night TV Shakeup Right on the heels of Jay Leno leaving the Tonight Show and being replaced by Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman after 30 years of hosting the Late Show has announced that he will be retiring in 2015. According to a statement from his representatives, Letterman said he informed CBS Chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves that he would leave the show at the end of his contract in 2015. Letterman, who enjoys tweaking his network bosses, said that he told Moonves: "Leslie, it's been great, you've been great, and the network has been great, but I'm retiring." For his part, Moonves said he appreciates the needling, saying in a statement that he appreciates Letterman's ability to keep "executives on their toes - including me." "When Dave decided on a one-year extension for his most recent contract, we knew this day was getting closer, but that doesn't make the moment any less poignant for us. For 21 years, David Letterman has graced our Network's air in Late Night with wit, gravitas and brilliance uniq ...
The Tonight Show has had six hosts since 1954, Steve Allen (1954–57), Jack Paar (1957–62), Johnny Carson (1962–92), Jay Leno (1992–2009, 2010–14), Conan O'Brien (2009–10), Jimmy Fallon (2014–present). The Late Show With David Letterman has only had one host, David Letterman, for 21 years. The Late Show isn't just The Late Show. It's The Letterman Show. I heard a joke this morning that the CBS executives are scrambling to find a replacement for Letterman named Jimmy. Yeah, it's funny. However, sometimes you just can't replace the original that made the show what it is. It is The Letterman Show to me. Those who love The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson understand what I'm talking about. If Craig Ferguson were to leave The Late Late Show, no one could replace him. It's The Craig Ferguson Show.
I just watched Dave Letterman announce his retirement. This is amazing to me. I have watched Johnny, Tom Snyder, Dave, (in the old studio), Joan Rivers, Arsenio Hall, Pat Sajak, Chevy Chase, Conan, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Fergison, Jimmy Fallon and now Seth Myers. It's pretty amazing how many people have had talk shows. And now Dave is done in 2015. I don't know who will replace him, but it's the end of an era when Jay and Dave are both gone.
NOTHING POLITICAL! !! I really don't find Jimmy Fallon that funny. I still like Jay Leno
I still miss Jay Leno but I'm liking Jimmy Fallon
David Letterman announced today that he will be retiring next year, sometime in 2015 ... can't be too soon in my opinion, I have endured his not-funny BS far too many times because I really wanted to see someone he had on as a guest .. unlike Jay Leno, who could have stayed on a few years, still not used to Jimmy Fallon & the new Tonight Show
My fellow April 12th birther, David Letterman, has given notice this will be his last year on the late-night bube tube. CBS should dig in its deep pockets and offer Jay Leno the slot in 2015. That's how they'll whip NBC and Jimmy Fallon in the ratings.
Some Entertainment News David Letterman to retire from 'Late Show' in 2015 New York (AP) - David Letterman says he's retiring next year as host of "Late Show." During a taping of Thursday's show, Letterman said he has informed his CBS bosses that he will step down in 2015, when his current contract expires. He told his audience he expects his departure will be "at least a year or so" from now. Letterman turns 67 next week. He has the longest tenure of any late-night talk show host in U.S. television history, nearing 32 years since he created "Late Night" at NBC in 1982. He jumped to CBS to start "Late Show" in 1993. Jay Leno, his rival to host NBC's "Tonight Show," retired earlier this year, making way for Jimmy Fallon.
I've been resistant to Jimmy Fallon. I really liked Jay Leno. I liked Jay because he didn't shy away from politics and one could never accuse him of being politically correct. I firmly believe that's why Jay was fired - one too many jokes about Obie Boy. I thought Jimmy Fallon would take the "safe" path and stay semi-politically correct. Just saw a clip of Jimmy Fallon talking about Obamacare. "How could Obamacare fail? It is mandatory, you're fined if you don't sign up and they kept extending the deadline. How could they not get 7million people to sign up. How could they fail with those requirements"? What I find amusing here is - Jimmy Fallon has the ear of the younger generation. Obie Boy's minions thought through Jimmy Fallon they had the younger generation all wrapped up. Makes me smile.
Have to say, Jimmy Fallon is way funnier than Jay Leno
I liked Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, but I like Jimmy Fallon better ...anyhow, here's what Leno said about Obama, Minimum Wage, And Congress..listen here !! " President Obama wants Congress to increase the Mimimum Wage...and Believe Me, when it comes to doing the "Minimum" for their "Wage" Congress knows What It IS Talking about"~ Jay Leno
Jimmy Fallon is the best! Allowing Joan Rivers back on the tonight show after Johnny Carson banned her. And Jay Leno allowed the ban to continue when he hosted... What a *** move
After seeing just one episode of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, I could say that Jimmy Fallon is not only funnier than Jay Leno but also has more talent. Sorry Jay.
There are a lot of differences between Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show and Jay Leno's, but maybe the biggest is that Fallon is very obviously having fun at his new job. It's kind of infectious. If you had Billy Joel on your show, wouldn't you want to sing with him, too? --Peter Weber
Jimmy Fallon rocked it last night with Billy Joel on the Tonite Show! Really great! I miss Jay Leno but am really enjoying Jimmy Fallon. Find myself switching between Fallon and Kimmel. If you are a Billy Joel fan (and who isn't) he will be having a show on Sirius. Should be awesome.
FB Warriors, I got some sad news! We learned about comedian and "The Tonight Show" favorite; David Brenner has died tonight. Let us remember in prayer, much love to the late great Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and of course, Jimmy Fallon. RIP DAVID!
Jim is so funny, most nights he goes to bed 7 pm no later than 8 pm. A lot of nights, especially Fri nights, he gets up to watch the 11 pm news and The Tonight Show. Jim gets a kick out of Jimmy Fallon's monologue and Thank You Notes. He never got up when Jay Leno was host.
Just my two cents. The Jimmy Fallon show is good, but he does not have as big of time guests as Jay Leno had. To me, it still has "small time" feel or the Late Show feel to it. He will outgrow it, I hope.
Uummm really not feeling Jimmy Fallon. I miss Jay Leno.
I need Jay Leno to come back to the Tonight Show so I can go to sleep earlier. Jimmy Fallon is keeping me up way to late. Man he is talented. Wish his band was.
I like Jimmy Fallon but I like the Tonight Show with Jay Leno better. Just my 2 cents.
I've watched 15 minutes of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and I have laughed harder than I ever did with Jay Leno.
"GOOD FRIDAY MORNING GANG", It's 28 degrees in Saginaw Michigan, AKA, THE NAW. I'm sorry I can't do a ROLL CALL today but I have some family business that is going to take me well into the day and it just wouldn't be right for me not being able to get back to all of you. That's what makes the ROLL CALL what it is. That little personal chat with each of you. But, as usual my BFF Jimmy Hollywood still has to keep you all informed as to what's going on in Hollywood so lets check with him and see what he has today. It's Friday! It's Rumor Day! I've got the latest whispers on: David Letterman, Elizabeth Vargas, Zac Efron, Lindsay Lohan, Bruce Willis, Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, Ruth Zukerman, Demi Moore,Adam Levine, Jimmy Fallon, Keith Richards, his daughter Theodora, Marc Cohn and how Jay Leno's taking it on the chin! Thanks Jimmy. Stations and times listed below. Do you have a question for Jimmy? You can send him a question to: jimmyand he will try to answer your question for you. He may not get to al ...
Ronald Reagan, as an actor, has 79 credits on IMDb. Barack Obama, as himself, has 161 credits. For example, he has appeared on "Ellen" twice. He has been on "Saturday Night Live," "Tavis Smiley," "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (four times), "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "Larry King Live," "Last Comic Standing," "Barbara Walters," "The Colbert Report" (twice), "The Real World," "The Apprentice," "The View," "Mythbusters," "The Oprah Winfrey Show," "Jeopardy," "The Situation Room," "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," "The Daily Show with Jon Stewrt" (six times), "Late Show With David Letterman" (seven times), "Steve Harvey," "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (six times), and "Between Two Ferns." He has repeatedly skipped or missed Security Council meetings, and has never met with his own Jobs Council. When four Americans died at Benghazi, he made some brief comments and then flew to Vegas for a fundraiser with Beyonce and Jay-Z. In the weeks since Russia waltzed into Ukraine and hundreds died there and in Venezuela, he ...
"Tonight Show" awww: Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon talk once or twice a week
I like Jimmy Fallon 100x more than Jay Leno 😂 Lol he's hilarious!
Thought for Dayof Irish-American Month on LLandscape: "Everyone looks so much better when they smile." JIMMY FALLON-Irish-American TV host, comedian, actor, singer, musician & producer. He currently hosts The Tonight Show a late-night talk show that airs on NBC. Prior to that, he appeared in several films, and was best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1998 to 2004 and was the host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from 2009 to 2014. On April 3, 2013, NBC announced that Fallon would replace Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show at the conclusion of the 2014 Winter Olympics.[Fallon said it will be "the same show" as Late Night: "I'm not going to change anything. It's more eyeballs watching, but it's the same show
Wow...how easy was it to forget Jay Leno once Jimmy Fallon took over.
NCAA BASEBALL this weekend at the Dinwiddie County Sports Complex. If you missed it last time, there will be three college baseball games this weekend. 4-1 Kutztown University (PA) will play 4-10 College of Saint Rose (NY) on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday's start times for the doubleheader will be at 1pm and 4pm. Sunday's game will start at 11am. FYI, a famous alum for each school is impressive. For the College of Saint Rose, Jimmy Fallon, who took over for Jay Leno a couple of weeks ago on the Tonight Show, graduated from the school. For Kutztown, newly elected pro football Hall Of Famer and former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Andre Reed graduated from the school.
I like watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as host instead of Jay Leno
When comedian Jimmy Fallon took NBC’s Tonight Show baton from host Jay Leno, he could have rolled out gray-hair jokes, displayed Jay’s most embarrassing moments, took shots at Jay’s worst jokes and roasted Jay in one way or another. But instead Jimmy unleashed two weapons of love. With humility, Jimmy honored Jay with heart-felt notes of thanks, appreciation for the many years of laughs, and endearing hopes for his future. Jimmy fed Jay a heaping portion of respect. Without realizing it, Jimmy taught viewers a lesson, one that is clearly endorsed and prescribed by God in the Bible, but rarely gets the same air time in our lives. Want to be a God’s man? Then we must possess humility and honor others. Unfortunately, it’s so much easier to dishonor, boast and criticize. It even gets better ratings. News reports, opinion columns, and reality TV embrace critical, adversarial behavior. Our culture is searching for something or someone to criticize in order to advance an agenda or themselves. It requi ...
JIMMY FALLON may not be Jay Leno but most likely some of the same writers. Here's one of his current Late Night specials: "This week President Obama told his supporters that they are doing God's work by helping to promote Obamacare. God said, “Whoa, there. Look, I'm flattered. But Obamacare, that’s all you, man. Don’t involve me in that mess. ”
Are you a Jimmy Fallon or Jay Leno Type of Church Leader? |
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Kind of weird that Jimmy Fallon has had more memorable moments on The Tonight Show in seven days then Jay Leno had in 22 years
I love how there's so much hype and buzz for Jimmy Fallon and yet no one cares about Jay Leno leaving.
I'm really not a fan of Jimmy Fallon or Seth Meyers at ALL, but I mean, they're both leagues funnier than Jay Leno, so.
Getting used to switching the channel after the news is over... Used to just stay on CBS, but trading in Dave Letterman for Jimmy Fallon - sorry Dave - your jokes have turned a little mean spirited for my taste lately. I HATED Jay Leno so I had no choice, but now heres Jimmy!
I think NBC, should cancel Jimmy Fallon, and bring back Jay Leno, or Johnny Carson, reruns!! Guess I will be watching Dave Letterman. So long Tonight Show!!
Jay's got your NASH TRASH around 3:39! Find out who spends more time talking to guests - Jay Leno or Jimmy Fallon.
Jay Leno retired, Jimmy Fallon got a new gig and Seth Meyers had his first show last night. This week, we're calling all Late Night talk show fans to share your favorite moments with us. Whether it was Johnny, Conan or anyone in between, which Late Night comedian cracked you up the most and why? The winning answer will earn you an Axel's gift card!
For now at least NBC's late-night lineup is set and in place. Jay Leno is gone. Jimmy Fallon has taken over The Tonight Show. And as of Monday's last-piece-of-the-puzzle launch, Seth Meyers is ensconced as host of Late Night.
The last piece of the talk-show turnover will fall into place Monday night when Seth Meyers debuts as host of “Late Night.” Meyers, of “Saturday Night Live” fame, is filling the vacancy left by Jimmy Fallon, who replaced Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show.” MORE:
Jay Leno, Late Night fav & ratings champ, got the NBC liberal boot in favor of puppet Fallon.
Four days into his stint as the new host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon is doing his best to let us all forget about Jay Leno's reign of...
Jay Leno has left and Jimmy Fallon arrived at 'The Tonight Show.' Now it's Seth Meyers' turn to complete this month's round of late-night musical chairs at NBC. On Monday, Meyers takes over 'Late Night.'
Choices MT Tonight, Jimmy Fallon has Michelle Obama, Will Ferrell and Arcade Fire. Also tonight, Jay Leno sets his wife on fire
Everyone seems to agree that Johnny Carson is the most iconic host of The Tonight Show. The same goes for Sean Connery and the James Bond franchise. If Johnny Carson is to The Tonight Show what Sean Connery is to James Bond then I think Jay Leno is like Roger Moore, Conan O’Brien is like Timothy Dalton and Jimmy Fallon is like Pierce Brosnan. Yes, truth.
All the Tonight Show's hosts first names after Steve Allen start with "J". Jack Parr, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno & Jimmy Fallon. This is why they let Conan go. No "J".
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Joan Rivers was thrilled to be back on The Tonight Show for Jimmy Fallon's debut, and she's saying one thing to Jay Leno with just one finger. INSIDE EDITION caught up with Rivers.
Jimmy Fallon takes over for Jay Leno. Wow, I am getting old! I remember my dad gearing up to watch Jay Leno take over for Johnny Carson.
Did u know that all hosts of Tonite Show names start w "J". Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, & Jimmy Fallon! Hmmm...
Jimmy Fallon's first night as host of "The Tonight Show" featured a parade of cameos, including Robert DeNiro, Tina Fey, Lady Gaga, and Joan Rivers. Fun fact: did you know that Rivers' appearance on last night's "Tonight Show" ended a near 30-year ban imposed on Rivers by the late Johnny Carson and carried on by Jay Leno? Carson was upset with Rivers--then the permanent guest host for Carson--for taking a Late Night hosting job at Fox without notifying him first. Click here to read more:
I started with Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, now Jimmy Fallon. My kind do entertainment
Last night was the night Jimmy Fallon finally wrested control of The Tonight Show from Jay Leno's fierce, demonic clutches. And Fallon's first musical guest on
Jimmy Fallon is joined by (what seems like) every celebrity to ever exist on his Tonight Show debut last night. After 22 years of Jay Leno in t...
Why am I so mad at Jimmy Fallon and the new Tonight Show? Am I the only one feeling the show is kind of RIP? :( I like Jimmy, he's funny, but I don't see him in the same caliber as Johnny Carson or Jay Leno. Im also rather angry that he took the show away from Burbank, leaving many jobless. What.. is he too good to move to Burbank? ;p Tonight Show and Burbank went well together for many many years, and that show felt like "ours" (here in Los Angeles), because almost everything else is from NYC. I also have such good memories of the show here. Went to a few tapings over the years, and also when Joan Rivers co-hosted. Went with Erin Farber way way back in 78' or 79, to meet Rich Little (Erin's father was his road manager). And outside the Tonight Show is where I met Brittany Murphy. (when she was on Ellen and Tonight Show same day). To me, it feels like the end of an era.
I'm gonna miss Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, but excited what's in store for Jimmy Fallon!
Jimmy Fallon is getting the jokes in from the opening sentences listing the hosts.. "...Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno.". 😂
Jimmy Fallon you will never be Jay Leno.
Jimmy Fallon definitely is a good replacement for jay leno, both subtlety funny
BREAKING: NBC has announced Jimmy Fallon's stint as host is over, Jay Leno to return immediately
Jimmy Fallon said he wouldn't be there without Jack Parr, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Conan & Jay Leno. That was funny.
So, I see Jimmy Fallon, but I'm still hearing Jay Leno. Is this normal?
Jimmy Fallon's already made me laugh more in 5 minutes than what Jay Leno did in 20 years.
I'm happy I saw the last Jay Leno and the first Jimmy Fallon
No, no, Jimmy Kimmel swaps in the curse words, Jay Leno reads newspaper and ad misprints, and Jimmy Fallon isn't funny
Time to see how The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon compares to Jay Leno!
so then it hit me, tonight Jay Leno is officially replaced by Jimmy Fallon .. Let's see how this peasant holds up .!
Don't think Jimmy Fallon will feel secure as Tonight Show host until he's well past seven-month mark or Jay Leno is repor…
In terms of talent, Jay Leno is to Jimmy Fallon what Nickelback is to The Rolling Stones.
I already miss the Tonight show with Jay Leno Tried watching Jimmy Fallon tonight. Waste of time. Switched to Jimmy Kimmel
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco all day. But I'll be watching Jimmy Fallon tonight in hopes that Jay Leno never comes back.
I never found Jimmy Fallon funny making him the perfect replacement for Jay Leno, also not funny. Can't change the cha…
Good luck, Jimmy Fallon. I hope Jay Leno doesn't come back in a few months to demand the position of The Tonight Show host again.
Now that NBC has decided to give Jay Leno his walking papers, we must all decide who we want to watch next, if anyone. Let's compare notes. What do you like or dislike about the Late Night talk shows. who do you like Jimmy Fallon? David Lettermen? Others? Rather than try to change this group, i decided to start my own and call it, " Jay Leno is gone from Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon vs. David Letterman"
"Waiting for Jimmy Fallon show" w/U2 tonight... before Jay Leno comes back :)
So happy for Jimmy Fallon. Couldn't think of a better replacement for Jay Leno. Nothing but the best shall come your way.
I wish him all the luck in the world. I love Jay Leno, but I like Jimmy Fallon, too.
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The 1st 20mins of Late Nite w/ Jimmy Fallon was funnier then the whole 20 years of that "crap *** couldn't hold a jock strap to Johnny Carson" Jay Leno... Thank god that chucklehead is gone!!! Only funny thing about him was his blockhead!!!
I've watched the Tonight show since I was a child and was very sad to see Jay Leno go, but I really like Jimmy Fallon, and I think he will do well. Can't wait to see U2 perform!
I'm a Jimmy Fallon fan and a Jay Leno fan. Jimmy is off to a better start than Conan but not as good as Leno. I know one show doesn't make the series but its just an expanded Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Time will tell.
Ok, so here it goes. I absolutely love the style of Jay Leno. He is smart, funny and great at his job. I was completely against Conan taking over when he did. I was a little unsure about Jimmy Fallon. Not any more. This guy is so humbled by the opportunity to host the premier Late Night show and I love that. He had killed it with Will Smith and U2. I just hope he can keep it up for years to come.
Jimmy Fallon is NO Jay Leno. Never will he be able to take his place.
I'm just so proud of Jimmy Fallon...keeping the legacies of greats like Jack Paar, Johnny Carson & Jay Leno alive.
Jimmy Fallon takes over The Tonight Show tonight replacing Jay Leno! He will have Will Smith and U2 on. Will you be watching?
For those of you who watch Late Night TV. There is changing of the guard on the TONIGHT SHOW. Jimmy Fallon makes his debut, replacing Jay Leno.
Jimmy Fallon takes over The Tonight Show tonight from Jay Leno. Find out why Fallon's bar for success may have something to do with a famous Chicago eatery.
Does wanting to see The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon officially make me an old person, I figure that Johnny Carson and Jay Leno weren't really our generation, maybe Fallon will be
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon starts tonight, hope he does as well as Johnny Carson and Jay Leno did
Jimmy Fallon, 39, takes over Late Night’s top-rated program Monday from Jay Leno, who capped a 22-year run earlier this month. Fallon will be only the sixth host since “Tonight” began in 1954, joining a select group that includes St...
Another chance to win tickets to see the Eagles in concert this Sunday in N.O. Hey, are you planning on watching Jimmy Fallon's debut on "The Tonight Show", or do you wish Jay Leno was still hosting the show? ~ Johnny Scott
Jay Leno said in an interview that it wasn't his idea to retire from the Tonight Show. I wonder if all his jokes about our royal majesty King Nobama had anything to do with it ? heads up Jimmy Fallon.
The torch is passing from Jay Leno to Jimmy Fallon, and a new era in The Tonight Show on NBC begins Monday night.
Reminder, I will be on the air with Patti Vasquez on WGN radio in Chicago tonight at 11pm PST discussing the dawning of a new era in Late Night TV. Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Lorne Michaels, Dave Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel will all be there...in spirit as we talk about them behind their backs.
I?m sure by now you?ve heard that the show?s most recent host, Jay Leno, is retiring and the new host starting on February 17th will be Jimmy Fallon who is currently the host for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
Besides hosting The Tonight Show, what do Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon have in common? A failed movie career.
Still can't believe Jimmy Fallon is the new Jay Leno
I won't Watch Jimmy Fallon. One of his first guests Michelle Obama, reward for getting him Jay Leno's job. You aren't so sweet Jimmy. Jay is
Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno. Is a downgrade if you ask me. Just sayin.
Here are the best jokes of the week from the Late Night comedians including Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon: Here we go again. Freshman Congressman Trey Radel of Florida has been arrested for possession of cocaine in Washington, D.C. He admitted he is an alcoholic and pled guilty to possession of cocaine. The judge sentenced him to four years as mayor of Toronto. -Jay Leno Toronto's city council has voted to drastically reduce Mayor Rob Ford's powers. They say this reduces him to a "mere figurehead" -- which still sounds better than "crackhead." -Jay Leno To make matters worse for Mayor Ford, his reality show was canceled after one airing. They are calling this guy the most embarrassing Ford since the Pinto. -Jay Leno The ratings for Al Jazeera America has now dipped even lower than Al Gore's Current TV, which it replaced. That's how you know you're boring, OK? When Al Gore is considered more entertaining to people than what you have. -Jay Leno Membe ...
Jimmy Fallon did his last Late Night on Friday night before taking over Jay Leno's slot on The Tonight Show. His
Won't be long now! Had Fallyn today, she's standing up quite a bit now. She started climbing up on the couch all by herself , held on & started taking steps there. Pretty soon she'll be up & running around. Hope I can keep up with her once that starts. LOL! She wears me out now. I had her Saturday, tried to recuperate yesterday, just took it easy & watched a bunch of great old Movies. Now, had her most of the day today, I love it, but this old girl is tired. Maybe having a little one around more will toughen me up & get me back in shape, LOL! Hope I can stay up to watch The Black List at 10. Won't be any reason to stay up & watch the Tonight show any more, with Jay Leno gone, so Am I! Jimmy Fallon is OK, but he will never fill the shoes of the great ones like Leno, Johnny Carson, Steve Allen & all the rest. He is too juvenile with his comedy.
I hate to see Jay Leno leave the Tonight Show but I am so excited to see Jimmy Fallon taking his place And Seth Meyers taking over Late Night! Next generation of comedians!
Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno on The Tonight Show come Feb. 17, and while it was already known that U2 and Will Smith will be his first guests, the rundown for Fallon's first week on the job has now been released.
Recently saw the new movie "Dallas Buyers Club" with my wife Peggy, who is a huge Matthew Mcconaughey fan. Saw Matthew, a Texas Longhorn, on Jay Leno's show last week promoting the movie. Also on Jay's "Tonight Show" that night was former Aggie Lyle Lovett. Nothing was mentioned by Jay, hosting "The Tonight Show" for his final week before Jimmy Fallon takes over, about his two guests both being from Texas and having attended rival universities. Matthew should win the Oscar for his performance in "Dallas Buyers Club," especially since the only actor I saw give a better performance this past year, Tom Hanks in "Captain Phillips," didn't get nominated!
We, as a society, have finally shaken off the grim specter of Jay Leno, who hosted his last Tonight Show last week. Jimmy Fallon will take over the institution
Jimmy Fallon is set to take over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno on February 17, but until then, he had to say ...
Jimmy Fallon: Thank You, Leno... - And even now, mere weeks before Fallon is set to inherit...
I'm not trying to hate on Jimmy Fallon but he's not any better then Jay Leno both suck lol.*Conan voice*
I will really, really, REALLY miss "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". I still doubt if Jimmy Fallon will do a good job even though I'm a fan of his. TT_TT
People who like Jay Leno and will miss him should boycott Jimmy Fallon. The ratings will get it.
I am an incredible fan of watching the journey of those that I consider "creatives". Filmmakers, musicians, chefs, visual artists, writers, engineers, industrial designers, actors and many others. I'm fascinated by those that are given the opportunity to showcase their art. Whether it's mainstream creatives or people like Natasha Wescoat, Sonya Paz, James Altucher Rajesh Setty, Ryan Hayes and Tosh Campanella that are as passionate about their craft as anyone else. Comedians are a unique bunch that I've always been fond of. Few know that, when I a teen, I aspired to someday try my hand at comedy. This week I watched the final shows for Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon on NBC. Fallon is of course not retiring, but instead has been given the reigns of the Tonight Show from Leno who was the successor of the great Johnny Carson. Fallon's final episode of his previous show was more of a statement. He was closing the door on a significant phase of his career and welcomed us along his journey to the next. It was interes ...
Ok I need to say a big heart felt goodbye to Jay Leno...you will be missed. I really like Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers but the other one that would have been good would be Craigy Ferg. He rocks!
Thank you Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon. You have and will make Johnny Carson proud. Best wishes from a forever fan.
In a shocking affront to Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno has walked silently, hand and hand into the ocean with his entire audience
CNN spelled Jimmy Fallon's name wrong when they were covering the Jay Leno story and that was the most interesting thing in the bar.
Just finished watching CNN's special on Jay Leno. I remember when he was guest host for Johnny Carson. Didn't watch every night as sleep took priority, but Steve always watched his monologue and I made it a point to stay up and watch "Headlines." But, as in all other things, time for my generation to pass the torch. Best wishes to Jay and good luck to Jimmy Fallon (who I adore! ).
Congrats to Jay Leno for never making me laugh a single time. Jimmy Fallon seems like a worthy successor.
After more than two decades as host of the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno," Leno's last show airs Thursday night on NBC. On Feb. 17, Jimmy Fallon will...
For years I've been guilty of watching the Late Night talk shows on NBC. I go back to Steve Allen and Jack Paar. It's impossible to forget Allen's infectious laugh and high jinks. Paar was unique. Getting Fidel Castro on the show took moxie. Johnny Carson grabbed our attention for what seemed like forever. I saw the last show when Bette Midler sang and Johnny cried. I wasn't impressed with Jay Leno, my interest waning each of his 22 seasons. Had no urge to see his sign off - especially after the 60 Minutes "I'm a big shot" spot. Now, here's Jimmy Fallon, a bonafide entertainer. His impersonations and zany skits ought retain Leno's ratings - probably lift them - unless Leno's Geritol groupies find as boring a late hours pursuit as Jay walking and talking. I'm eager to see if Jimmy Fallon veers from his later night shenanigans to accommodate holdovers from Leno time. Ive earned the right to feel young again. And, I defy any of you, to say Leno made you feel younger.
Jay Leno has given his "Tonight Show" torch to Jimmy Fallon. If you feel sentimental about this, please email us. ...
Im not a huge Jimmy Fallon fan, I like him, Don't get me wrong..but host of the Tonight Show...I wouldn't of picked him over Jimmy Kimmel or Craig Ferguson, Then again, I didn't like Jay Leno either...
I rarely ever watched the Tonight Show. I was only 7 years old when Jay Leno took over for Johnny Carson. But I did see Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live and thought he was one of the best I'd seen in recent years. And as funny as Jay is, I am glad Jimmy is taking his place BECAUSE: Alton Brown. I don't really know how publicisits work but, maybe Alton wasn't "popular" or "well known" enough to appear on Jay Leno. Definitely not on Letterman. I don't even know about Jimmy Kimmel. But, Jimmy Fallon always welcomed him on so he could promote his stuff. And because of that, I will forever love Jimmy and I think he'll do a great job on the Tonight Show!
I am going to miss Jay Leno. I watched him faithfully for a number of years, at least his opening monologues, which always made me laugh. I certainly preferred him to Letterman. Of course no one can or ever will be able to match up to Johnny Carson, but Leno proved a worthy successor. Still love Conan and Craig Ferguson, but The Tonight Show is just such a legendary institution. I have mixed feelings about Jimmy Fallon. But I wish Jay all the best.
Wait, Jay Leno is calling it quits for a second time? Man, outrage when he pushes Jimmy Fallon out in a few months from now is gonna suck.
Jimmy Fallon got all of the emotional stuff out of the way early on last night's final episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. So unlike Jay Leno, who saved his tearful goodbye for the end of his final show Thursday, Fallon was able end his Friday night on a forward-looking, hopeful note... with a…
Jimmy Fallon is a genius. Congrats to him in replacing Jay Leno. He is truly long overdue to be the star he deserves to be . Love this guy and all his talent
One night after Jay Leno signed off of NBC's 'Tonight Show,' Jimmy Fallon wrapped his time on 'Late Night' with help from Andy Samberg and the Muppets.
I've never been a fan of late-night talk shows (going back as far as Jack Parr & Johnny Carson). And I almost never watched Jay Leno. BUT...a good cry is worthwhile. Am looking forward to taking a look at Jimmy Fallon (glad to hear his show is relocating to NYC).
Jay Leno had Garth Brooks sing on his final "Tonight Show" Thursday. On Friday, Jimmy Fallon opened his last "Late Show" jamming with...
One day after Jay Leno signed off from The Tonight Show, it's time for Jimmy Fallon to do the same for Late Night. Fallon opened his final show with a nod to his CBS rival -- and a small dig for the time slot he's leaving. PHOTOS: Jimmy Fallon: From Early 'SNL' to Movie Star to 'Late Night
My take on Jay Leno's forced resignation while on top: Lorne Michaels has taken over NBC Late Night programming, as well as some prime time stuff. "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon will become a daily Saturday Night Live, followed by the Seth Myers Hour (or whatever they call it). But wait!...there's more! Andy Samberg has an unwatchable show (Brooklyn 99), Amy Poehler on "Parks and Recreation", and I know there are others. Jay Leno's rating have been among his highest ever lately...whose idea was it to fire him, you buncha geniuses?
Twenty years ago, in Burbank, CA, Jay Leno asked me what a picture of Joe Camel was in front of a picture of a pyramid where the old AMC Theatres and Ben & Jerry's used to be, and I replied "Luxor in Las Vegas" As much as I love Jimmy Fallon and look forward to his show, I'm going to miss Jay Leno! going to try to find the tape and post it up! :)
With an appropriate nod and dedication to “The Sound of Music,” through a very clever and funny, special star-studded parody, to the tune of, “So Long, Farewell,” Jay Leno was given a proper send-off Thursday night, after his legendary, twenty-two year run on “The Tonight Show,” came to an end. With several surprise guest appearances, including Carol Burnett, Oprah Winfrey, Billy Crystal, Kim Kardashian, Chris Paul, Jim Parsons, and Jack Black, in addition to two musical performances by Garth Brooks, there was certainly no shortage of tears and laughs, as the native Bostonian said goodbye for the final time. Handing over the reigns to his predecessor, Jimmy Fallon, Leno finally admitted during the broadcast, “It’s time for a younger generation to take over,” after addressing his audience, and his many fans, followers, and admirers (watching from home), with a final thought, that I personally, thought was incredibly powerful, deep, and honest. And certainly, not one to ever show his cards ...
Jay Leno has moved on. That part of The Tonight Show is no more. Tonight was the last time Jimmy Fallon would host Late Night as he will be taking over The Tonight Show from Leno, now taped in NYC on the 17th of this month. SNL alumni, and Weekend Update anchor, Seth Meyers will be assuming the Late Night desk in place of the departing Fallon on that same night. What are your thoughts on this, these changes, and what the new shows and formats will bring?
Goodbye Late Night with jimmy Fallon and tonight show with Jay Leno. Hello Late Night with Seth Meyers and tonight show with Jimmy Fallon! 😯
Interesting. Jay Leno had Billy Crystal and Garth Brooks as his last guests. Jimmy Fallon had Andy Samberg and the muppets. Good choice NBC
If you're not watching the last show of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon before Jimmy is replaced by Seth Meyers and Jimmy takes Jay Leno's place, then you need to. Andy Sandberg is guest starring and the Muppets are performing.
Jay Leno will bid "The Tonight Show" farewell (again) on Feb. 6 after returning to his post in 2010, rounding out a 22-year stint behind the show's desk. His successor, Jimmy Fallon, will say goodbye to his current post at "Late Night" the next day. We'll be bringing you updates, memories, and funny...
Woah. I completely missed this, but... Guys, Jay Leno is maybe officially out forever. Fallon is moving UP (/Down?) in time slots... NOW, you can Watch Jimmy Fallon, and THEN Craig Ferguson without any conflict! IT IS A GREAT DAY FOR AMERICA, EVERYBODY.
I didn't watch the Late Night Show with Jay Leno that much because I honestly could never stay awake long enough, but the times I did really allowed me to appreciate his comedy. So I definitely didn't miss his last show and I have to say it was a great ending to one part in Jay's career. Billy Crystal was hilarious as his last cool guest and he even lead a funny farewell song with Jack Black, Carol Burnett, Sheldon Copper ha..ha, and surprisingly Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey, which I wasn't as enthusiastic about, but it was still nice of them to say good bye. I'll miss his jokes, but I do think Jimmy Fallon will do great job in his place, the mans funny as heck. I just wish we could have taken Lettermen or Conan O'Brian off instead of Jay. Lettermen can be funny but usual no more than a box of rocks and Conan is just plain weird.
Just have to say that while I love Jay Leno, I also love Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers! So that shiot that happened with Conan better not happen again!
I watched Jay Leno's last show last night and I think he felt sad about leaving he got choked up at the end you could tell he really enjoyed being the host of THE TONIGHT SHOW for the past 22 years and will be missed by all his dedicated fans but I am looking forward when Jimmy Fallon takes over on Feb. 17th gotta love Jimmy he is so funny and loooking forward to seeing Seth Meyers when he takes ove Late Night on Feb.24th can't wait!!!
Sad to see Jay Leno leave The Tonight Show, but excited for Jimmy Fallon to take over! Also can't wait to see Seth Meyers on Late Night!
As much as I loved Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myers back to back will be great.
After 22 years on the Tonight Show, Jay Leno has passed the torch (again) on to Jimmy Fallon. Will you miss him?
So, Jay Leno retired from the Tonight Show last night.At least until he comes back in less than a year and takes Jimmy Fallon's job...
Jay Leno bid farewell last night to the, "Tonight Show."  He has been doing the show for nearly 22 years and last night he exited stage left to make room for Jimmy Fallon.  His show featured Billy ...
The Tonight Show is officially in Jimmy Fallon's hands. Jay Leno ended his 22-year hosting run on...
I would have watched Jay Leno, but Late Show With David Letterman was on at the same time. Now it will be a toss up with Arsenio Hall, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman.
Great send off show Jay Leno. Have a good life Jay. Jimmy Fallon then opening with mock weeping? Not so funny.
Good Morning Everyone. I want to give a shout out to former Albany senator and Met broadcaster, Ralph Kiner. He hit for a better average than current Albany Senate leader, Dean Skelos. I also want to give kudos to Jay Leno. His last appearance as host of the Tonight Show was last night. I’m not sure what kudos are, but they’re probably funny in Jay’s hands. Hopefully he won’t take it on the chin. Congratulations to former St. Rose student, Jimmy Fallon, for replacing Jay. Jimmy is considering renaming the show, the Fallon Gong Show. On that note, have a great day and an even greater weekend. Go USA!
Anybody catch Jay Leno's last Tonight Show? How was it? Looking forward to Jimmy Fallon taking over!!!
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Jay was really choked up last night. It was a great show. He seemed happy to pass the torch on to Jimmy Fallon. Well done, Jay.
I'm a huge Jimmy Fallon fan. Jay Leno went out on top and did it with class. Emotional farewell and it came from the heart.
Caught some of last night's Tonight Show on Jay Leno's last night. I admit i was never a huge fan but I got a little teary during his goodbye speech. Jimmy Fallon is a good pic as his replacement. Still I prefer Craig Ferguson.
I for one will miss Jay Leno. I like Jimmy Fallon! but where can NBC executives head be? Must be a stinky dark place.
Congratulations to Jimmy Fallon on become the new host of the Tonight Show! No one can take that accomplishment away from you . . . well, except Jay Leno.
Thinking I may actually catch the Tonight Show again, since they've hired Jimmy Fallon. Am I the only one who never thought Jay Leno was funny?
(Dan & Michelle) Jay Leno said a heartfelt goodbye last night ending his 22 year run on the Tonight Show. Will you Watch Jimmy Fallon? Or do you/will you watch David Letterman or Jimmy Kimmel?
So is anyone else wondering how long Jimmy Fallon has before Jay Leno takes the Tonight Show back?
Bummed to see Jay Leno go and his speech had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye!! Jimmy Fallon you've got some big shoes to fill as did Leno! But I think they've pick the right man for the job!
Thank god Jay Leno is gone! Terrible show for years, drug on way too long and replaced Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco (what a screw job). HE IS A HACK! Thanks for bringing back the Tonight show to NY Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Jay Leno's last show was great! Got teary eyed for him! I am more of a Jimmy Fallon fan so I am excited to see what he does with the show!
How long does Jimmy Fallon get to be host of the Tonight Show before Jay Leno unretires again?
I'm gonna miss Jay Leno, but I'm excited to see how Jimmy Fallon does as a replacement.
All the best to Mr. Tonight, Jay Leno. Best of luck to Jimmy Fallon. -Ryan Zip
39% of Americans approve of Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno. . 72% of Americans approve of Jay Leno replacing Barack Ob…
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Jay Leno changes mind and tells Jimmy Fallon to screw himself, NBC signs him until he dies.
Sorry to see Jay Leno leaving the tonight show... But I'm super excited to see Jimmy Fallon host the show.
I was never a big Jay Leno fan, but it was a touching goodbye speech. Bring on Jimmy Fallon!! He cracks me up just watching him get that little smirk on his face :)
Saw something this morning about Jay Leno being the King of Late Night. Let me stop you right there. There was only one King of Late Night and he will never be replaced. Even if this Jay Leno guy thought he could, he could never fill Johnny's shoes. Johnny Carson will always be the greatest Late Night talk show host ever. I dare anyone to argue with me over that. I was never a fan of Leno and I'm glad to see someone like Jimmy Fallon take over. Now if we can finally send Letterman off, all will be great in the Late Night world.
I like Jay Leno---watch his monologue every night-they are dunces to get rid of the guy in Late Night-Jimmy Fallon? A lightweight.
Wonder if the decision to replace Jay Leno w/ Jimmy Fallon has anything to do with his growing social influence. Especially since Jay is
Jay Leno's Last "Tonight Show" (VIDEO) NBC has officially announced that Jimmy Fallon will take over "The Tonight Show" in 2014, and Jay Leno will end his ru...
End of an error ? Jay has now gone, and Jimmy Fallon will start on 2/17. I was never a huge Jay Leno fan. My ALL-TIME favorite host of the show was Steve Allen, who originated the program. Steve Allen was hilarious; he was an artist; he was a writer of fiction; and he was a musician. The multi-talented Fallon will come the closest to the standard that Allen set.
So, Jay Leno's gone. Again! Poor Jimmy Fallon. After what happened to Conan O'Brien, I wouldn't get too comfortable in that chair. And leave the things in your office in boxes. It'll be easier when Jay changes his mind. Again!
New York (AP) — Make way for Jimmy Fallon,"Tonight Show" host Jay Leno ended a stellar if sometimes stormy run Thursday night with high emotion at concluding what he termed "the greatest 22 years of my life."Calling himself "the luckiest guy in the world," Leno went out on top, which was where he st...
Leno has left the building. After 22 years, Jay Leno hosted his last "Tonight Show'' last night. Jimmy Fallon takes over Feb. 17. Who's your favorite television talk show host of all time? ~ Johnny Scott
Yesterday was Jay Leno's last night on The Tonight Show. On February 17, Jimmy Fallon will take over. We're curious: Who is your favorite night show host, past or present?
Jay Leno signs off from 'Tonight Show' after 22 years as host, passing reins to Jimmy Fallon. via NY Daily News
A great goodbye to Jay Leno tonight as I watched his last show and Billy Crystal, Garth Brooks, Carol Burnett, and Oprah Winfrey singing to him! Show also included personal goodbyes from President Obama, Bill Maher, Matt Damon ...He really got choked up. NBC messed it up (again) just like they did with Conan *but* Jimmy Fallon is brilliant as well. Farewell Mr. Leno and thanks for some truly great Late Night laughs! What a show. The Jay Leno Show
Jay Leno after 22 years hands over the Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon, Oprah, Chris Paul and Kim…
I'm going to miss Jay Leno. I think Jimmy Fallon is very talented, but sometimes his show gets a little too silly for me. Looking forward to seeing how Seth Meyers does. I have a very exciting life don't I. Thanks Garth Brooks for outdoing yourself on Leno tonight with my 2 favorite songs of yours.
Random thought while watching Jay Leno and then Jimmy Fallon; Lineage.of the show... Steve Allen Johnny Carson Jay Leno Jimmy Fallon. Carrot Top /Siegfried and or Roy. (Your pick).
Just watched the final night of Jay Leno hosting the Tonight Show. Will miss you Jay! Sad to see you leave.but hey.hello Jimmy Fallon!.one of the most talented guys around! He can dress and sing like any entertainer! I actually thought on two occasions that the real stars were singing on his show.only to find out it was Jimmy Fallon dressed up and singing.Neil Young.and Bob Dylan to name just a few. This guy is unbelievable!
Jimmy Fallon, the heir to the Tonight Show throne, opened his show Thursday night with some kind words for his friend and mentor Jay Leno, with one or two jokes to lighten the mood.
I watched Jay Leno every now and then, and tonight was the end of another great show. He had Terry Bradshaw on the other night, my boyhood hero. Jay had Sandra Bullock last night, and she always "did it" for me. I'm old enough to have loved Johnny Carson, seen him pass the baton, and now Jay passing it to Jimmy Fallon. Good luck Jimmy, you have a big chin to fill!
The Tonight show with Jay Leno has always been great to watch, he will be missed. Looking forward to a new era of Jimmy Fallon!
Great way to send Jay Leno off(: way excited for Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers tho!
Hard to believe Jay Leno started hosting "The Tonight Show" the year before I started high school! I always wanted to be a musical guest on his show. I've had a lot of friends who were, they said it was great and he was very kind. Congrats to Jay on a incredible career! Jimmy Fallon, I'll be waiting on the phone call!!!
I am on season 3 of The Middle. Love that comedy. I want to sidetrack and say that NBC better kno what they r doing with this whole Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers thing. I feel Fallon with b good for me but not sure how Meyers will b. Any-who, I respect David Letterman for calling Jay Leno and saying he felt bad cuz NBC disrespected him twice. Just isn't fair and the reason I have no shows on that network besides sporting events that don't count as shows. Thanks for all the memories Jay.
I can't believe Jay Leno has been on the air as long as I have been alive . That is truly and amazing feat. I will miss Jay, but I'm a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon and can't wait for Late Night with Seth Meyers . Goodbye Jay go enjoy those beautiful cars of yours and live it up!
figures after Jimmy Fallon replaces Jay Leno, and Seth Meyers replaces Jimmy Fallon, and someone replaces Seth Meyers, and that someone is replaced by someone else, and so on and so forth, I'll finally land that entertainment job I've always wanted: mopping floors of big shot's dressing rooms.
Kinda bummed to watch Jay Leno retire again, but I love Jimmy Fallon & can't wait for Seth Meyers to have a show, so I'll cope.
Farewell to Jay Leno! loved your comedy! Jimmy Fallon will be great at filling your shoes. just not too sure about Seth Meyers filling Jimmy's shoes.
Jay Leno is leaving "The Tonight Show" after 22 years. Billy Crystal, his first guest in '92, will be his last guest. New host Jimmy Fallon starts Feb. 17.
Jay Leno last show is tonight can't wait for Jimmy Fallon to take over 10:30 then Seth Meyers will take over Late Nights :D
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Tonight is the final appearance of Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. Will you miss Jay? Are you excited for Jimmy Fallon? Taking your calls till 8!
Over the last few weeks, Jimmy Fallon has been revealing bit by bit what his version of The Tonight Show will look like, including the advice he plans on taking from Jay Leno. But maybe that's not the best idea.
Jay Leno said farewell to "The Tonight Show" once before, but that turned out to be just a rehearsal. Leno is stepping down today for the second and presumably last time, making way for successor Jimmy Fallon in New York.
I was just reading about Jay Leno leaving the Tonight Show. I know many preferred Letterman but I always found Jay Leno had a natural talent with charm and lightness that I will miss. I know myself of course only too well that humour is very much a matter of taste. I have not seen enough of Jimmy Fallon to pass judgment if he is a worthy successor or not. ……………..is he ?
by Brandon James Anderson The Tonight Show says a (supposedly) final goodbye to its longtime host Jay Leno tonight with Jimmy Fallon taking over the franchise February 17. This, of course, is the s...
Tonight is Jay Leno's last show as Tonight Show host. He'll be replaced by Jimmy Fallon after the Olympics. What do you think of the change?
Team Evening's visits with Jay Leno and Kim sits down with Jimmy Fallon
Carrying the torch. Beside the athletes and the security team, the person who may have the most pressure on him during the upcoming Winter Olympics is Jim Bell, who is executive producing the event for NBC. The network is banking big numbers to promote not only its prime time lineup, but also Jimmy Fallon, who takes over for Jay Leno as "Tonight Show" host after the games end. Oh, and the network will want to make a few bucks on the Games, which are being held in Sochi, Russia, which means everything will be on tape-delayed. Bell has been involved with NBC's Olympic coverage for over 20 years and also used to run NBC's "Today." A look at Bell from the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile advertisers are having to juggle carefully not to violate the Russian laws against promoting diversity and/or homosexuality. Their Olympic spots will come on where near the tabu topic, yet their policies and commercials in other media are almost dependant on an open mind, if not advocacy on all diversity, including *** rights.
Jimmy Fallon is probably a nice guy, but man, he come across as a huge *** when he was on Jay Leno the other night.
People, w/all the buzz about the Jay Leno "Tonight Show" handover 2 Jimmy Fallon, LETZ NOT FORGET ABOUT
When Jay Leno on Friday cedes his 22-year reign as host of "The Tonight Show" to "Late Night's" Jimmy Fallon (who moves in on Feb. 17), a...
Jimmy Fallon, Matthew Mcconaughey pay tribute to Jay Leno before final show
Tomorrow, Jay Leno, 63, will end his reign at The Tonight Show and hand over the job to Jimmy Fallon, 39. In a 60 Minutes interview with Leno, Steve Kroft described it as part of a shift beginning to...
Lots of folks in the comedy community make a habit of giving Jay Leno a hard time — but Jimmy Fallon isn’t one of them.
During an exclusive TODAY interview, Jimmy Fallon insisted that he'd always have a stage open for Jay Leno at
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NBC in a logic only it can understand, is replacing Jay Leno, the top rated nighttime show, with Jimmy Fallon, one of the former SNL (Saturday Night Live) stars, along with Seth Meyers, another SNL star, for the Late, Late Night show, in what it seems, has amounted to a Late Nighttime SNL "Mafia" takeover. These are the same folks who threw Ann Curry under the bus as co-anchor to Matt Laur, on the Today show, in favor of Savannah Guthrie, just shortly after Ann replaced Merideth Viaga (I'm not sure of the spelling), supposedly for the sake of ratings, but more likely because of Matt Laur's unhappiness with Ann. To me, replacing Leno with Fallon, is like replacing a heavyweight with a lightweight in the boxing ring, a move I hope backfires with a knockout against NBC...!!!
Thank you, Jay Leno, for passing the torch to me. Hopefully it doesn't get intercepted by a Seahawk! - Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon made one last appearance as a guest on "The Tonight Show" Monday to pay his respects to Jay Leno, whose hosting gig ends...
Jay Leno passes the torch to Jimmy Fallon
Video: Jimmy Fallon thanks Jay Leno for "passing the torch"
“Jay Leno has a prediction for Jimmy Fallon... AW *** NO LENO WONT
I wasn't a fan of jimmy fallon doing Late Night at first but his Neil Young, Bob Dylan, eddie vedder impressions are just priceless. He's the best candidate to take over for Jay Leno.
Taped the best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The kids love it. But they KEEP asking me why he quit that funny show to go on Jay Leno's show. They still don't get it.
Watch Jimmy Fallon write thank you notes to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show on Feb. 3
I laughed so hard last night while watching Jay Leno at the end of his Monologue when he is introducing his guests and says "Jimmy Fallon is here, but he's not here to talk, he's here to help me pack!"
Jimmy Fallon should let Jay Leno be his Ed Mcmahon. That would be a great show.
It's Jay Leno's last week on The Tonight Show and heir-to-the-throne Jimmy Fallon stopped by Monday night for a little passing of the torch business.
PREDICTION - The very likeable Jimmy Fallon will voluntarily step down from his position as host of The Tonight Show by June 1st! His successor will be... Jay Leno.
Tonight's choices include Jimmy Fallon visiting "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" for a passing of the baton -- and that won't be awkward; plus, "Hollywood Game Night," "Mom," "Castle," "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful," and Season 3 of "The Devils Ride."
is Jay Leno's last week as host of the Tonight Show.. & of course in 8 months he'll kick out Jimmy Fallon to reclaim his spot
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A look at the guests for "The Tonight Show" and "Late Night" during Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon's final weeks as hosts, Feb. 3-7.
Jay Leno bids farewell to NBC's "Tonight Show" this week and Jimmy Fallon will debut in a couple weeks after NBC wraps up its Winter Olympics coverage. That means it is time for a slew of articles on the end of one era and the start of another. Here's the Los Angeles Times on Leno's exit and what it means for Los Angeles. Also, New York Magazine talks with Fallon and executive producer Lorne Michaels.
Passing the torch, so to speak: Jimmy Fallon is on Jay Leno tonight.
I wonder how long NBC will allow Jimmy Fallon to host The Tonight Show before they decide to give the hosting job back to Jay Leno.
As one who reads voraciously but seldom has read a book on the Best Seller's List and one who was born in Southwestern Virginia, went to an elitist university, lived in Manhattan and summered in the Hamptons and the Pines only to run from it all later living in Central and South America to settle contentedly in Spain and Southern Europe, I find that I love middle class life, the arts and anything related to doing fabulously interesting things on a dime. The Super Bowl for me was just a way to sell advertising. They had previews of the ads on Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon. That's when I knew I would opt out. I do remember the fury over Ms. Jackson's nipple with Mr. Timberlake. Also, the game was not even close. How boring.But. the slavery post, thank you. Check out 11 Sept.
What's Up With BOB Today? •Jimmy Fallon: He fired 164 L.A.-based employees with The Tonight Show's move to New York City. Not one member of Jay Leno's old crew was offered a job under Fallon. •Puppy Bowl: Animal Planet held its annual pup-on-pup match-up on Sunday, with Keyboard Cat providing the halftime show. •Joe Namath: He got attention both with a fur coat and by botching the Super Bowl coin toss. Broadway Joe also recently revealed that he has brain damage from football.
This is Seth Meyers last official show on SNL before he heads to Late Night, in which Jimmy Fallon has host, but who is now going to take over Jay Leno's The Tonight Show... This is going to be a sad night for the Late Night peeps :'( Wishing them a lifetime success as the previous hosts' have done in the past!
I just watched the 2 hour Jimmy Fallon, special from his Late Nite! DVR. He is not only hysterical, but he is a *** of musician, singer, mimic, and clown. And when he teams up with Justin Timberlake they are like a comedy team. They did the history of rap, about 30 songs, in harmony, then he does Neil Young. Then a duet with paul McCarthney, again perfect harmony, does Dylan, and sounds more like him then Dylan, and then he is telling Jagger how to do Jagger better, telling him to purse his lips, and flap his hands, and do the chicken strut. Then in black and white with a wig he is worming around exactly looking and sounding like Jim,Morrison. Then dead on impressions of,Seinfeld with sienfeld, Russell Brand, Bill Cosby, and "Tim tebowie" a tebow spoof singing exacting like Bowie. Jay Leno was and is a funny guy. And really a nice man. But Fallon is now the king of Late Night. He is a quadruple,threat. He never takes himself too seriously, because he is always, losing it. Him and JT could be a comedy t .. ...
Super upset that Seth Meyers is leaving SNL but not really cause him and Jimmy Fallon mean goodbye Jay Leno so it's the start of something beautiful.
Jay Leno has a prediction for Jimmy Fallon...
Today is Seth Meyers' last day on SNL before he replaces Jimmy Fallon on Late Night and Jimmy Fallon's last day before he replaces Jay Leno.
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