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Jimmy Fallon

James Thomas Jimmy Fallon, Jr. (born September 19, 1974) is an American actor, comedian, singer, musician and television host.

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Last night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon answered a fan's fondest wish, bringing together the most wonderful thing on Broadway, superstar Audra McDonald, and the most wonderful thing on the internet together into a clash of titans. Josh Charles was also there, summoned probably by the sheer greatness energy being generated.
Watch Morgan Freeman and Jimmy Fallon have a conversation while sucking down helium 👉
Earlier this year, Morgan Freeman almost blew up the Internet with a video of himself talking after sucking down some helium, and now he's back to finish the job. During "The Tonight Show" on Thursday, host Jimmy Fallon and Freeman went ...
OMG! Jimmy Fallon got Morgan Freeman to do his Tonight Show interview on helium last night:
Last Night on Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Fallon talk on helium. WATCH:
Need a laugh? Morgan Freeman & Jimmy Fallon who btw has the best in house band the Roots with
Jimmy Fallon wanted to see Morgan Freeman use helium live and his wish came true.
Morgan Freeman altered his famous voice with helium for a segment of his Science Channel show Through the Wormhole, so Jimmy Fallon figured he'd be up for doing it again on The Tonight Show. He wasn't, but he did it anyway. So here's Morgan Freeman eyerolling his way through an uncomfortable, high-pitched interview.
Morgan Freeman talked about Arkadelphia on Jimmy Fallon last night. Yet another obstacle in my quest to be the most famous thing to ever happen to Arkadelphia!
Morgan Freeman's voice is so authoritative and mellifluous that he is often tapped to play God in the movies. "I do love your voice, and everyone loves your voice," Jimmy Fallon told him on Thursday night's Tonight Show, "but I was wondering what your voice would sound like if you were on helium." A…
My celebrity crushes have been Stephen Colbert, Aziz Ansari, Louis CK, Jimmy Fallon, Marc Maron and 50 cent.
Oak Park boy meets Jimmy Fallon at the Polar Plunge - Wednesday Journal
I have a weird thing for Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon. What's wrong with me?
Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon are the lomls
Jimmy Fallon, Rahm Emanuel take polar plunge in Chicago
Watch Jennifer Lawrence Rib Jimmy Fallon for Ditching Her in Front of Jennifer Lopez - Pedia for today
Reggae to di Worl' Chronixx to di worl!!! Diaspora, Chronixx will be live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Tuesday, July, 22 @ 11:35pm ET
You know your getting old when you have to record Jimmy Fallon to watch the next day, because the Tonight Show is on to late. Which is said considering im in the western time zome!
Jimmy Fallon makes watching late night worth it, his serious love and showcasing of great music is right on the $.
(Jimmy Fallon thank you note music) thank you Dairy Queen, for providing free Wi-Fi...
Is there anyone who doesn't love Jimmy Fallon?
Now I love the original but this is just Fantastic! . "Who's On First?": The Sequel (w/ Jimmy Fallon, B…:
you never fail to amuse. Check it out,
Just spent the last hour watching jimmy Fallon videos at work with Rachael lol
Today has been sponsored by Jimmy Fallon videos and 'Shake and Vac'.
Can the boys go on Jimmy Fallon please I love him . One Direction
Terry Crews hit The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week, stripping down to perform a shirtless "nip sync" duet of "Ebony and Ivory" with the talk show host -- watch the hilarious video!
So apparently my sister and mom, got to see Jimmy Fallon at Starbucks today.
Jesse & The Rippers reunite on . Late Night with Jimmy Fallon . Exactly one year ago today.
Whoopi Goldberg and Jimmy Fallon swapped lips and hilariously tried to sing a song together on Wednesday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show.”
I just saw you on Jimmy Fallon I think you're funny as all get out
I was roaming around Tumblr looking at some accounts and I found one by the title of "Jimmy Fallon Confessions" and I find it disrespectful
Say wha I'm watching The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and he starts talking about and Chronixx and how he was on vacation in Jamaica and heard on the radio and loved it and now Chronixx is gonna be on the show THIS TUESDAY!
The guy from American Muscle seems like a bad Jimmy Fallon character.
Cameron Diaz & Jimmy Fallon compete in a kayak race on and it is a MUST SEE:
My name's Anthony J. Cicco. I'm asking that you share this video and help me, just for ONE night, be the announcer for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon...
Milan, Ireland. You read commercials with Jimmy Fallon. 50 Cent farts on ice cream in the background.
Catching up on Jimmy Fallon is a great Saturday activity. @ A Cottage at Willow Pond
Watching Dana Carvey on Jimmy Fallon playing "Wheel of Impressions". Absolutely brilliant! My stomach hurts from laughing.
Chronixx is set to perform on the The Tonight Show
Had a blast with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonite Show last night.. Don't think I ever chopped THAT much broccoli before...Orche…
'Have fun' is my message. Be silly. You're allowed to be silly. There's nothing wrong with it. Jimmy Fallon
My day so far has consisted of watching supernatural and jimmy fallon videos on YouTube
I liked a video Kate Upton on Her SI Cover (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
Bet you never thought you'd see playing flip cup with
Who's excited to see Kesha on Jimmy Fallon July 24th? I am!
Jimmy Fallon has the best job in the world
Jimmy Fallon says what we're all thinking about Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes' unborn child
"Thank You,, for launching a new service that it's calling a Netflix for books. You mean I can borrow a book, and then return it when I'm done with it? Wow. I wonder what you could call that? I know, how about THE LIBRARY." - Jimmy Fallon.
Daley singing part of Alone Together (with The Roots) on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on 2014. 04. 29
I get bucked up every night for Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myers, lol..
hey did you guys see The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or Last Week Tonight with John O
Jimmy Fallon knocks Scott Brown for dodging reporting in bathroom
Scott Brown hiding in the bathroom to avoid becomes a Jimmy Fallon joke
Miranda Kerr on Jimmy Fallon, Flip Cup, Interview and more watch
I don't care how many times I watch it Jen playing Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon still makes me laugh.
Claire, Jimmy Fallon inspired our Lip Sync Extravaganza in Safety's our montage
Watch Miranda Kerr Play Flip Cup with Jimmy Fallon: . You can always count on Jimmy Fallon to get away with alm...
Seth Myers is a joke compared to Jimmy Fallon
for Jimmy Fallon . for Seth Myers . boys we are coming for you
Clearly, Jimmy Fallon should have thought twice before challenging Cameron Diaz to a kayak race
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The video with Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon riding a roller coaster is hilarious
Jimmy Fallon, Cameron Diaz race kayaks on ‘Tonight Show’: It was no sex tape, but Jimmy Fallon did play dirty ...
I liked a video Kevin Hart Spills on Jay Z (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
US Weekly Cameron Diaz Shrieks with Laughter, Goes Head to Head with Jimmy Fallon in Kayak Race:
David Letterman jokes about Rob Lowe being in "Sex Tape." Folks in his demo might remember, but it wouldn't work for Jimmy Fallon.
Saw this on Jay Leno once...before it became Jimmy Fallon.
Lip Sync Battle with Joseph Gordon Levitt,Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Fallon via was awesome.
We get it Jimmy Fallon, you're in love with Cameron Diaz! Can you do one show without her? Be a man and book
Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon "kayak racing" is the funniest thing I've seen all day lmao
Jimmy Fallon spoofs David Letterman with a Top 10 List on why Daves retiring - State Column
Watching Kevin Hart scream is the best | DailyDish: With friends like Jimmy Fallon, who needs enemies? Ke...
Jimmy Fallon lists top 10 reasons why David Letterman is retiring - Boston Herald
The most beloved comic talent from SNL includes Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey and not John Belushi? I'm getting old.
Me and my uncle Johnny keep sending lip sync videos back and forth as if we are on Jimmy Fallon. I am dying rn 😂😂😂
I'm on the train playing my game. There are two conversations that I can't tune out. I don't know what they're saying but happen to catch the annoying parts. In one convo I picture Jimmy Fallon acting like a teenager. In the other I hear a mixture of Skip's style (Napoleon Dynamite) with Will Ferrell's voice. The trip went from annoying to really entertaining.
Since Will Ferrell and Chad Smith made an appearance together on Jimmy Fallon, I want them to get Jean-Claude Van Damme and Rob Van Dam together
Seth Meyers is NOT funny. Is this just me?. I'll take Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. Seth Meyers needs to sit down
. late night boys Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon just fell in love with you Jess.
Jimmy Fallon off to a good start on The Tonight Show - San Francisco Chronicle
I wanna meet the guy that decided to put queen Latifa and Jimmy Fallon in a movie together and just ask him why he had to do it
First I see Jimmy Fallon leave then jerry Seinfeld just left this restraunt *** got Jerry's table
I miss Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. I prefer him over Jimmy Fallon. But don't get me wrong I still love Jimmy.
Jimmy Fallon needs to include this in his history of dubstep Monsieur Adi
I wonder if Jimmy Fallon will make a joke about Toronto mayor Rob Ford tonight.
Late Night Funny Toronto Mayor Rob Ford attended his first city council meeting since he got back from rehab. He said, “It's great to be back, but man, these things are boring when you're sober.” Jimmy Fallon
See how Kerry Washington, Matthew McConaughey, Jimmy Fallon, and other TV stars are reacting to their
sobre o emmy: Woody Harrelson, Game of Thones, Breaking Bad, Orange is the new back, Jimmy Fallon e The Big Bang Theory.
Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon made a human hamster wheel on 'The Tonight Show' on Tuesday night. And it was awesome.
Halle Berry tumbles with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Watch the video now!
Bet you can't stop watching Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon roll around.
Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon do an amazing roll on The Tonight Show!
Jimmy Fallon and Halle Berry might have a problem taking things a little too literally, but it's awesome. Making the rounds to promote her new TV series "Extant," Berry teamed up with Fallon to show viewers just "how they roll."...
This Is How Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon Roll: . For his next trick, Jimmy Fallon will ...
Halle Berry partnered with Jimmy Fallon to form what he called a "human hamster wheel."
Halle Berry showed off her athletic ability during a skit with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, July 8, rolling around in a human hamster wheel while wearing a short dress -- see the video
Jimmy Fallon and Halle Berry do a human wheel. You won't believe it until you see it!
Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon got family-friendly sexual on "The Tonight Show."
Nicole Richie appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday to describe her glamorous, thrilling life and remind us all that the last person who spanked us probably wasn't very famous.
Where's the chapter where Jimmy Fallon's character sells his Red Sox tickets to prove he's a man to Drew Barrymore?
CSNY fans, rejoice! Jimmy Fallon helps get the band back together for an Iggy Azalea cover:
As far as winning the Internet today goes, Jimmy Fallon has definitely made an early play for frontrunner. In an amazing skit on last night’s new episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Fallon posed as Neil Young to sing Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX’s “Fancy,” along with Crosby,
Jimmy Fallon got "Fancy" on The Tonight Show on Monday, July 7, performing Iggy Azalea's hit single as Neil Young, with a little help from the real-life Crosby, Stills, and Nash -- watch now!
This is amazing and kinda fascinating. Neil Young and CSNY cover "Fancy" on Jimmy Fallon!
Hey, wait, is this a Jimmy Fallon or Neil Young song?
Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy' Covered by Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) with Crosby, Stills & Nash
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Crosby, Stills and Nash back up Jimmy Fallon doing Neil Young !!
Jimmy Fallon impersonates Neil Young for folk-rock version of Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy' with Crosby, Stills & Nash
Jimmy Fallon whipped out his Neil Young impression again on The Tonight Show to perform an acoustic cover of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy"
Jimmy Fallon is the realest—even when he's impersonating Neil Young! You HAVE to see this!
Okay for those of you who didn't understand my sense of humor - I know Jimmy Fallon was portraying Neil Young in the videos I posted... (:
Getting 2nd for my solo was fun but finding out I'm going to Jimmy Fallon with on August 18th was even better 😍❤️🙌
Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” has been No. 1 on the pop charts for six weeks now (the longest reign for any hit by a female rapper). So it was probably inevitable that Jimmy Fallon would spoof it on The Tonight Show. Crosby, Stills, and Nash were guests of Fallon’s last night,...
Jimmy Fallon just had his fanciest performance yet. Fallon has already impersonated Neil Young on a number of songs including "Party in the U.S.A." and 'Whip My...
He's at it again! "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon is well known for his spot-on, pitch-perfect Neil Young impersonation. He's done it...
Jimmy Fallon donned his Neil Young finest on Monday's 'Tonight Show' to cover the hit Iggy Azalea song 'Fancy.'
It’s “Déjà vu” all over again. In a segment on Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon appeared in the guise of rock legend Neil Young […]
Sitting outside Jimmy Fallon's apartment building just waiting for him to get home 🙆
Jimmy Fallon and CSN win the week. So funny. | Neil Young Sings "Fancy" with Crosby, Stills & Nash
When Jimmy Fallon trots out his Neil Young impression, the whole world listens. The impression is well over a decade old now, but to hear him warble the first line from Iggy Azalea's
5 times Jimmy Fallon won the Internet this year
Jimmy Fallon is totally the popular guy in high school who doesn't know people give him attention because he's cute, not …
If you were to ever hear the voice I think in, you would just hear talking in the jimmy fallon's ew voice
Has the Jimmy Fallon/Neil Young version of the double rainbow song been taken away from the Internet? Massive loss to humankind if so.
I had a dream with Jimmy Fallon, John Finnemore, and Benedict Cumberbatch in it. All my favorite people! We made a club and it was cool. :D
Really sad right now – the Jimmy Fallon/Neil Young version of that song appears to have been taken down all over the Internet :-/
is this a reference to Justin's interview with jimmy Fallon were he was going to say sexy but said cute "s'cute" ? 😐😬😧😮
Weeknights 11:35/10:35c on NBC. Official website for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. See Jimmy Fallon's hilarious mix of comedy sketches, monologues and ridiculous games plus music from today's hottest bands, celebrity interviews, music parodies and fan favorite segments like Jimmy's Thank Y…
At last, Jimmy Fallon is back from holidays! Tonight he'll perform a CRACKING impersonation of Neil Young, 7:30pm.
Jimmy Fallon reunited Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and it was the realest
Love this! Jimmy Fallon performed Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" in character as Neil Young with Crosby, Stills, and Nash:
[NEW PICS] Chris playing Charades on Tonight Show with jimmy Fallon!
In 2nd grade I was goalie for ONE game. We lost 11-0. In the words if Jimmy Fallon "thank you" Brazil for making me feel better about myself.
Jimmy Fallon is literally the funniest guy I know 😄😆😂😭
So my wife just got tickets for Jimmy Fallon for August 7. I can't go. Discuss.
"She wore a raspberry..." "...HAT!" Watching Jimmy Fallon games on YouTube. Life is good!
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Good to see you back Jimmy, COSBY loved them now y as a kid , good to see them again!! Great voice you have too J.Fallon ,
This made me laugh, Jimmy Fallon.need I say more?
Watching Jimmy Fallon...He's so him...Terri
If you look at my favorites. You will see a lot about Aaron Paul, Jimmy Fallon, Breaking Bad, Volleyball, Netflix, the Walking Dead and BB
Thank you... Jimmy Fallon, for making me write sarcastic thank you notes in my head with music in the background whenever I see fit...
I learn about new songs from Jimmy Fallon/Neil Young covers.
David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash joined Neil Young — OK, it was actually Jimmy Fallon — on last night's episode of The Tonight Show.
Jimmy Fallon's never-not-welcome embodiment of Neil Young has once again cranked out another mind-blowing cover tune. Not only that, but this…
Tune into Jimmy Fallon tonight to see my buddy Jimmie Deeghan take the stage with Florida/Georgia Line as they debut their new single for y'all
Gonna go through and watch all of Chris' interviews from today before Jimmy Fallon
Sorry guys I pretty much can't follow anyone my parents don't know in real life. Except Jimmy Fallon b/c I want to be on…
You can't make this up! Jimmy Fallon sang Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" as Neil Young with Crosby, Stills, and Nash:
Jimmy Fallon and Crosby, Stills, and Nash redo Iggy Azalea's and it is GLORIOUS (via
I live for my favorite artists doing interviews with Ellen and Jimmy Fallon 😩
If you ever need something to cheer you up, just remember that Jimmy Fallon reads Spanish books to his 10 month old daughter.
you guys should watch Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young and CSN doing Iggy Azalea song from last night. Hilarious
Watch Jimmy Fallon Sing 'Fancy' With Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Jimmy Fallon just had his fanciest...
I love jimmy fallon so much he's hilarious
This is the best version of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" we've heard all summer.
Jimmy Fallon is officially my favorite!.👌👏😂
In other local music news, Sylvan Esso will be playing the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tomorrow (Wednesday) night! These two have to be the fastest rising Triangle act in memory, touring internationally and garnering glowing reviews by every national and international publication within weeks of releasing their debut. It seems the accolades were rolling in before they had played half a dozen shows. Not that they don't deserve it; the album is excellent. But you wonder how these things happen in the music industry... sometimes, an act just takes off. At least this time, it's one of the good guys... one of OUR good guys. Congrats!
2013 Silent Library - Jimmy Fallon and the Roots Hilarious :D: via
My wife Halle Berry to appear on THE Tonight Show starring JIMMY FALLON 2nite
Fallon Gets 'Fancy' in Cover With 'First thing's first, this is the reales...'
'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon loves transforming himself -- quite fully, and often kind of unnervingly so -- into famous
End your day with some more Florida-Georgia Line. Watch the guys perform their brand new single “Dirt” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this evening!
*Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing* Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith take us through the history of hip-hop dances. :)
2. I think Jimmy Fallon is a genius, and is single-handedly making late night TV watchable again. ...
Just came back from seeing "The Grand Seduction" a great night's entertainment . gotta love them Newfies !!! now to end the night .Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young to perform on Jimmy Fallon tonite ... what a great nite .
You know you're back in NYC when Jimmy Fallon and Paul McCartney come in for dinner together at your work eek
Jimmy Fallon does it again with Neil Young doing "Fancy" in today's AD2 sponsored by Gusto Pizza Co.
"Ted Mosby or Jimmy Fallon" My life in 140 characters or less.
Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon squared off Monday night on The Tonight Showfor a title more c[...]
Sam Rockwell on Jimmy Fallon, dancing to "Here Comes The Hammer" is sheer joy.
Read our interview with of on clever content, Jimmy Fallon and the smartest man in media
No, it's not Jimmy Fallon, it's Momma's Boys. John Legend Barbershop, I've seen it all
before I die I need to see a live show of either SNL, Ellen, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Jimmy Fallon or all of the above.
I liked a video Adam Sandler's Father's Day Song with Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg (Late Night with
Rock god Jimmy Page on Jimmy Fallon tonight! I'm on that like a rat on a cheeto. (Courtesy of Nurse Zoe on Nurse Jackie)
Forbes list of most powerful celebrities lists ahead of Jimmy Fallon, Peyton Manning and more:
Now there is something to consider! Did anyone see Milan kunis on Jimmy Fallon show about "We Are Pg"?
Robin Thicke with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots jam their version of 'Blurred Lines' on school instrum
LATE NIGHT WARS, the current battleground: Who is more charming and adorable, Seth Myers or Jimmy Fallon?
James Franco and Jimmy Fallon's love for teen wolf keep me alive
I liked a video Jonah Hill Got Very Friendly with Joe Pesci (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
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Fotoset: Lily Collins on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on March 27th, 2012
with Jimmy Fallon & Jonah Hill: for all you hashtaggers out there
Growing up watching SNL with Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poehler and Seth Myers, watching it now is kind of a l…
Jimmy Fallon and Chelsea Handler should host a talk show together
Lol Who else saw Kevin Hart on a roller coaster during Jimmy Fallon's show? That's basically me on a roller coaster too
How was Doug Armstrong able to ask for the Leafs to keep 200k without turning into Jimmy Fallon and totally cracking up? Impressive.
Omfg Kevin Hart & Jimmy Fallon are the perfect combination
Video: Howard Stern has tough 'Tonight Show' advice for Jimmy Fallon - Never one to...
Mom and Pop Quiz:Harry Potter Edition.Jimmy Fallon. I answered exactly like all parents.oops.daughter is facepalming
Stephen Colbert dances to "Get lucky" by Daft Punk with Hugh Laurie, Jeff Bridges, Jimmy Fallon and Matt Damon.
Would watching Paul Rudd, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon hanging out be enough likeability to create a black hole of niceness?
Alan Rickman-off with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jimmy Fallon (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) via
Other than Johnny Carson, Jimmy Fallon is easily the best host the Tonight Show has ever had
Check out video of Jimmy Fallon at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash
TV Alert: Amy Poehler is on Ellen DeGeneres; Lewis Black and Kevin Spacey are on Jimmy Fallon (repeated from 5/2)
Paul Rudd's lip syncing battle with Jimmy Fallon is too much😂😂😂
you followed me before you followed Jimmy Fallon :')
no the question is "is Jimmy Fallon supposed to be funny?"
That's fantastic. Am I the only one to notice that it looks like Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Phil Collins and Will Ferrell?
So many of you have contacted Big Cat Rescue to let us know that last week the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon had... http…
Jimmy Buffett keeps it casual for 'Tonight Show' interview, performance - . "Do you even own socks?" Jimmy Fallon...
I liked a video Egg Russian Roulette with Seth Meyers (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
LeBron James most recently followed Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon was born in New York. LeBron James to the Knicks looks lik…
I added a video to a playlist Pictionary with Demi Lovato, Julie Bowen, Wayne Coyne & Jimmy Fallon,
Tonight on the ''Lots A Laughs'' comedy show in the News segment we will discuss the shake up in late night tv Jimmy Fallon coming David Letterman leaving Arsenio Hall getting the shaft,Steven Colbert and John Stewart,Connan Obrien,Jimmy Kimbal,Seth Myers,Craig Ferguson we got it all! we might even throw in Steve Katsos and RJ Sheedy,and discuss the upcoming show at Joke In The Box comedy club n Hudson NH,In the phone call segment we will make a surprise call to ''Mike'' the second most interesting man in the world! In the Rumble we will put Louie CK and Bill Burr against each other get your opinions ready who the better comic is YOU the listener decides Packed with Comedy and Music its 2 hours of radio you wont want to miss! Tune in on your computer at
My Tonight Show packet shouldn't have included, "Thank you Jimmy Fallon, for turning the Tonight Show into Romper Room for adults. *then riff a silly voice with that old guy*"
Muggles say the darndest things. "The Tonight Show" is in Orlando this week, and Jimmy Fallon thought it'd be fun to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter t...
Jimmy Fallon and Josh Radnor were literally separated at birth.
Dave Chappelle's interview with Jimmy Fallon last night caused me to put Jay Z's Black Album in the rotation. Still a gem.
Do all late night show host hate animals on their show? Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon in particular. Jay Leno actually seems interested
Gotta love him!😂😂 “Dave Chappelle on Jimmy Fallon. 4 million views!
Jimmy Fallon succeeding Jay Leno is definitely a sign of the times.
Vic: When did Jimmy Fallon replace Jay Leno? A couple of nights ago?
Marcus Mumford, Jack White, Katy Perry & Jimmy Fallon all have cameos in this bizarrely animated music video. As...
I love Jimmy Fallon, but I do miss Jay Leno
Sample size is large enough. Jimmy Fallon is killing it on The Tonight Show. I hated Jay and Conan was ok, but Fallon is seriously good.
Jimmy Fallon has one question for Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Ice Cube: 'Sup'? --...
Got to see Jimmy Fallon and Pitbull tonight! @ Universal Studios Orlando, FL
For what it's worth, here's Dave Chappelle on Jimmy Fallon.
We've really channeled our inner Roy Croppers, Jimmy Fallon's, Alan Carr's and Cilla Black's…
Oh man, this is why I watch Jimmy Fallon... these gems... NBC Nightly News managing ed...
As a guest on the "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,comedian and actor Kevin Hart discusses his thrilling experiencing as guest host of Monday
Dave Chappelle tells a story to Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show' about meeting a young, confident Kanye West back in 2004.
Jimmy Fallon is filming here in Orlando! He and Kevin Hart took a trip on Universal's Rip Ride Rocket...and...
If I could I would surround myself with Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart and Kat Williams all day everyday
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Watch Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon freak out on a roller coaster
Dave Chappelle stooped by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and talks Kanye West and Prince. Watch Video below.
Jimmy Fallon forced Kevin Hart to conquer his roller coaster fear on the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit in Universal Studios.
  Jimmy Fallon  had Kevin Hart on his show last night and the two decided to conquer a fear together... riding a roller coaster!  Check out this hilarious video!     Follow me on Ins...
Jimmy Fallon took his Tonight Show on the road for the first time this week, traveling to Florida and broadcasting from the Universal Orlando Resort. As long as he was there, he thought he might as well take comedian Kevin Hart, who happens to be deathly afraid of roller coasters, on the Hollywood R…
In preparation for the release of his latest project, "Think Like A Man Too," Kevin Hart stopped by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to laugh and...
You must be this tall to totally lose it. Kevin Hart stopped by "The Tonight Show" Tuesday, June 17, and since the show is filming in Orlando, Jimmy Fallon chal...
The mystery of Harry Potter and the Unnamed Opening Day continues at Universal Orlando, but that isn't keeping the theme park resort from rolling out the red carpet this week for a media preview of the highly anticipated Diagon Alley expansion. (Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show is also taping in Orlando…
Think Like a Man Too star Kevin Hart was asked to man up by Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon as the two faced the actor's fear of roller coasters head-on and rode Universal Studios Orlando's Rip Ride Rockit.
Jimmy Fallon and Steve Higgins just found their perfect "Harry Potter" wands, but the only spell they wanted to practice was "Innuendo!" When Fallon and Higgin...
Jimmy Fallon & Chris Christie bust some dad dance moves! You HAVE to see this:
I want to be the Jimmy Fallon of your Saturday Night Live.
just saw Jimmy Fallon interview, he said his little girl has two teeth now,with a big space like Michael Strahan so cool!
Video: Winter Park family to be on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Watch the Dancing David Family of Winter Park Tonight with Jimmy Fallon on WESH
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Dave Chappelle stops in to chop it up with Jimmy Fallon and talks about his new comedy tour and meeting The Roots and Kanye West. lol too funny!
The editing masters at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon have released yet another Brian Williams remix, this time the anchor raps "Baby Got Back"!
Brian Williams has "rapped" some pretty great things on the Jimmy Fallon show, but last night's was the best.
NBC Nightly News editor and anchor Brian Williams could be the next Sir Mix-A-Lot, at least according to Jimmy Fallon. The comedian opened "The Tonight Show" Monday with a mash-up of news segment clips of Brian Williams that all add up to his "interpretation" of the 1986 hit "Baby Got Back."
Will she get to ride the new coaster? Will she meet Jimmy Fallon? Or will she just get drunk on Butter Beer? Stay tuned to Stand-up Librarian Meredith Myers' adventures in the new Diagon Alley!
Brian Williams may be a veteran news anchor, but "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon and his team have proven yet again that despite the...
The last time Jimmy Fallon made NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams rap a classic hip hop song, he got a special assist from Lester Holt. But when Fallon premiered Williams' version of Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back last night, it was the Today show's Kathie Lee Gifford who had the killer cameo.
"Jimmy Fallon is so nice, he couldn't even properly poke fun at - reviews Tonight Show in Orlando
[Click2Houston] Jimmy Fallon is at it again! In another mashup, 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' debuted a new Brian Williams mashup. This time it was a rendition of a Sir Mix-A-Lot 1992 classic, "Baby Got Back." ...
(KPLR)- Jimmy Fallon is at it again. And as fans have come to expect, NBC news anchor Brian Williams was picked to rap an old school hit. This time, it was Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” And i...
Oh boy! Check out what Jimmy Fallon has made Brian Williams do now!!! (Shake that healthy butt!) - Taylor J.
Jimmy Fallon is at it again with his hilarious Brian Williams rap sketch.
Oh my God, Becky. Look at this rap. "The Tonight Show" kicked off its Orlando shows this week with the latest Brian Williams rap mashup. This time, Jimmy Fallon's team edited clips of the "NBC Nightly News" anchor to perform Si...
Jimmy Fallon has done it again! A Brian Williams remix to Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back". What do you think of this latest edition from the Brian Williams' rap file?
Am I the only one that's supper excited the Jimmy Fallon rode the Hogwarts Express to the Tonight Show last night!!!
Number of times a day my brain sings Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez "Tight Pants" song: 76. Or maybe 10.569
well...first time watching late night with Seth Meyers...he looks like a skeleton. but he is SO much better to watch than Jimmy Fallon.
Instead of Late Night with Seth Meyers, NBC should just play reruns of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon has been cracking me up lately!!!
Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon at Universal Orlando was great! Get ready for a first incredible look down Diagon Alley complete with fire-breathing dragon. Brief but amazing. (May have been a post-production effect. Hard to tell on the set monitors.) It’s also clear that Universal has a sense of humor. How does Fallon show off Ollivanders in Diagon? With “wand” jokes. The set is gorgeous. Art Deco with a Universal Orlando Resort skyline. Pretty amazing they just set that up here. Seats over 800 people. Their studio in New York only seats 200-something.
I always laugh at that ;) "Javier".And the George Lopez interviews...Jimmy Fallon's lamp (Kimmel?)
New Jersey Governor and father of four Chris Christie joined Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show host and father of one,...
have you seen the context of this quote? It's a clip of Dave Chappelle on Jimmy Fallon and is hilarious.
Watching Dave Chappelle's interview on Jimmy Fallon reminded me why he's still my favorite comedian of all-time
. Stephen Colbert has a Matt Damon booth and Brad Pitt yoddles with Jimmy Fallon.why not B shaking his amazing self? :(
Dave Chappelle is the funniest comedian to me. Just watched a new Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman interview and dude still hilarious.
Jimmy Fallon brings two legends in one week
We really can not explain how many times we watched this clip of Dave Chappelle talking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show before we were…
Dave Chappelle on Jimmy Fallon talks about Kanye and Prince
Recently sitting down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, comedian Dave Chappelle described working with Kanye West before all the fame. “You could tell he was going to be a star,” Chappelle says. “It was like Muhammad Ali in Olympic… [ 180 more words. ]
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The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has had the lucky opportunity to hang out with 22 Jump Street cast Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube recently. While backstage, the team decided to play a fun game of 'Sup.' ...
Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube and Jimmy Fallon played a rousing game of "Sup" on Friday's "Tonight Show." Check out the video here!
Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum and Ice Cube play a round of "Sup" backstage with Jimmy Fallon.
Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie dig up some dad dances on...
Chris Christie + Jimmy Fallon: You should be dancing? - On Thursday’s edition of Tonight,...
Chris Christie and Fallon dance like dads - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie joined funnyman Jimmy Fallon for a...
Eff the Stanley cup finals where's the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!!
In honor of Father's Day, Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon decided to celebrate with recently crowned father of the year, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The duo celebrated in their own special ...
ICYMI, Gov. Chris Christie and Jimmy Fallon demonstrate the evolution of dad dancing
Jimmy Fallon salutes "The Evolution of Dad Dancing" with NJ Governor Chris Christie for Father's Day.
Some of the Local 15 sales team got on the 'tight pants' band wagon after Jimmy Fallon and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie! See that video here: our video with your friends!
Egg Russian Roulette with David Beckham (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon): via This is really funny.
Hey hey... see Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie shake their groove things. They're doing dad dances in honor of Father's Day:
Jimmy Fallon and Governor Chris Christie dance during the "Evolution of Dad Dancing" skit, June 12, 2014, on the Tonight Show.
Channing Tatum, Jimmy Fallon arm wrestle on 'The Tonight Show' - "Is that so?" Tatum replied. "I've...
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie joined Jimmy Fallon to show off those awkward dances we've all seen our dads do.
Governor Chris Christie looked a little too comfortable in his comically hiked-up khakis and tucked-in polo as he took Jimmy Fallon through the evolution of dad dancing.
Just in time for Fathers Day, Jimmy Fallon and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie perform the Evolution
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