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Jimmy Fallon

James Thomas Jimmy Fallon, Jr. (born September 19, 1974) is an American actor, comedian, singer, musician and television host.

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[WATCH] Jimmy Fallon writes hit song about Obama on vacation, gets comment from toddler who slipped through White ***
Uzo Aduba took home an acting prize at the Creative Arts along with Jimmy Fallon, Allison Janney: http:/…
I'm proud of myself I just found out I can tolerate up to five white girls simultaneously talking about Jimmy Fallon.
Uzo Aduba is an Emmy winner for her breakout role as a prisoner known as "Crazy Eyes" in Netflix's "Orange is the New Black." The series received two other awards, for casting and picture editing, at the creative arts Emmy ceremony Saturday honoring technical and other achievements. In an emotional speech, Aduba thanked her mother, who came from Nigeria "to make a better life for her family." She also thanked producers and others for a show "that lets everyone be represented in such a beautiful way." Aduba won as best guest actress in a comedy series for her portrayal of Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren, while Jimmy Fallon was honored as best guest comedy actor for NBC's "Saturday Night Live." On the drama side, guest-acting honors went to Joe Morton for ABC's "Scandal" and Allison Janney for Showtime's "Masters of Sex." Janney thanked producers, co-stars and writers on the series, then added one more person: "The crew guy who got me a shot of bourbon before my first sex scene was extraordinarily important to ...
Just watched Dead Poets Society. First time. WOW. Tear jerker ending. Now I get what Jimmy Fallon did. I've got a bad habit of learning to appreciate people, things after they are gone. Good Will Hunting is next. Maybe Good Morning Vietnam after that.
"When you're young, you're fearless. Even though you may be scared take chances. That's how great things are accomplished." -Sylvester Stallone The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
SO hilarious!!! I don't know who is funnier in this Jimmy Fallon or Taylor Swift! Check out the video below it'll definitely give you a good laugh! -Beth Y100
Jimmy Fallon spoofs in House of Cue Cards - Politico
Tomorrow Demi is on GMA and Late Night show with Jimmy Fallon 😱😀
That's Jimmy Fallon but yes I love him :P
As we were watching a video of Ace Frehley playing New York Groove on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,...
Tiger Woods & Rory McIlroy to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night.
Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers Lead Late Night Week of August 4-8 in all Key Measures
Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy to Appear Together on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon -
Video: Taylor Swift on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon (HD) - part 1
Video: Taylor Swift on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon (HD) - part 2
In the latest Tonight Show Digital Original, Jimmy Fallon shows how the world of the Tonight Show is not that different from "House of Cards." Part 1 of 2. S...
Taylor Swift appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where she played her alter ego…
Tay-The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon .It was so much fun and waw hilarious...
13/08/14. the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon .
Thanks to Jimmy Fallon for his wonderful tribute to Robin Williams including his first appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
Yodel with Jimmy Fallon & Brad Pitt: Discover easy results from audio books…
Jimmy Fallon's desk is so much smaller than Johnny Carson's desk. See what I did there?
Jimmy Fallon just mentioned Ia State Fair 3 times in his monologue. Talked about yjew Butter Field of Dreams and Rick Perry with a photo.
"Jimmy Fallon is the funniest person alive." a few seconds later "I don't know, he's not that funny. He's no Johnny Carson." -my drunk uncle
Jimmy Fallon's superlatives for PGA golfers are actually pretty funny
My day is complete. Ace Frehley on the Jimmy Fallon show.
ICYMI: Jimmy Fallon's tribute to will bring you to tears
In the latest installment of Pictionary on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon enlisted Wiz Khalifa, Nick Cannon
New England Patriots & Jimmy Fallon, accepted…but we needed a fire truck! And we challenge the New York Mets, New York Yankees & Seattle Seahawks. Join us in donating to ALS:
I cried watching Jimmy Fallon's tribute to Robin Williams. Man this is such a bummer still.
PGA Tour has perfect response to Fallon's superlatives via ... who knew the Tour had a …
“Tiger, Rory to appear together on 'Fallon' via
The PGA Tour DOES have sense of humor, responds to Jimmy Fallon's bit:
Jimmy Fallon delivered an emotional tribute to Robin Williams
[VIDEO] Jimmy Fallon BREAKS DOWN last night, during his TRIBUTE to comedy legend, Robin Williams.
Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy will appear together on 'Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'
Last night, and paid tribute to Robin Williams—watch them here:
This should be fun - Tiger, Rory to talk golf with Jimmy Fallon
The PGA Tour fires back at Jimmy Fallon with a fantastic joke of their own
Jimmy Fallon Honors Robin Williams on “The Tonight Show”: He may be the hottest Late Night host on television ...
ICYMI: Jimmy Fallon fights back tears during his tribute to Robin Williams last night:
Jimmy Fallon, Rob Riggle and the Roots do the Jets, you're up.
Gonna go ahead and take a nap so I can be caught up for the sleep I won't get tonight bc of Jimmy Fallon
The PGA Tour’s response to superlatives was absolutely perfect
Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy to appear on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Monday night: Tiger Woods an...
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Jimmy Fallon’s tearful tribute to Robin Williams will give you chills
Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy to join Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show": Rory McIlroy's recent run has made hi...
Jimmy Fallon's tribute to Robin Williams is beautiful and everyone should watch it
Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy appearing together Monday on Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show":
Jimmy Fallon said farewell to Robin Williams last night. Watch it here:
Jimmy Fallon honors Robin Williams with first 'Tonight Show' appearance: Watch
"Oh Captain, My Captain, you will be missed" - Watch the whole beautiful tribute here: via
Watch Jimmy Fallon's emotional tribute to Robin Williams on
Most likely to be turned down by the cart girl: Fallon's superlatives:
Jimmy Fallon did a pretty great parody:
Tiger, Rory to appear together on 'Fallon'
Everyone, be sure to watch Tay/Natalie (hey that's my name!) on Jimmy Fallon tonight! ~Katniss Tris Clary Juliette Taylor Swift is a Nerdfighting Demigod
Mickey Rourke doesn’t curl all the way over. He hasn’t for a while. Homeboy was on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night and his hair was utterly tragic. I didn’t watch the show but I saw this picture and that is all I had to know. Unless he was in character ...
Thank you Rachael for nominating me for the ALS ice bucket challenge! In honor of my Dad who died of the disease how can I say no? We are in good company with Governor Christie, the NJ Devils, The NY Jets and Jimmy Fallon. I nominate 1) Joan DeLucia - a hero from Weekday Warriors, 2) my great neighbor Eileen Armitage and 3,4) Karen and Simon Englander - wherever you are. Take the challenge or/and donate to
Thank you Rob Riggle for the awesome shout out on Jimmy Fallon! Way to accept the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS!! We love you!
--TV ALERT: Taylor Swift on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon tonight to talk about her big screen role in ‘The Giver,’ out Friday. Jimmy & Taylor will also play a fun game on the show!
Last night Jimmy Fallon accepted our and nominated the N.Y. Jets ! Lets keep this going and fight to Let's go J-E-T-S!
On Day 1 of the positivity challenge, Anna Campbell challenged me to name 3 positive things for 5 days and today is day 1. This should be great fun! 1. I'm grateful for genealogy websites like which let me find info at the touch of a button that I might never find in decades of searching. 2. I'm grateful for comedians who can make life's difficulties a little easier with the way they look at the world, the way they change the world, and the way the remind us just how ridiculous some of our notions can be. Esp. thankful for Jimmy Fallon, Robin Williams, The Fluffy Guy, George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Jonathan Winters, Eddie Murphy, Bob Hope, Craig Ferguson, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Richard Pryor, and Gene Wilder. 3. I'm overjoyed and postively beaming over the fact that it's Aug 13 and it's a breezy 80 degrees with low humidity! (In DC it's usually 105, 98% humidity, and sweltering) Which comedian do YOU love?
Any idea what time the UK can catch Jimmy Fallon tonight?? Or a link to watch it on?
Calling all talk show hosts! Bill Maher, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, etc. Please roast that fat *** Rush Limbaugh until he's sweating spinal fluid. Ignorant opinions about our dearly departed funnyman Robin Williams should not go unpunished. :P
- third episode - Perpetual Motion. Much more challenging that a Jimmy Fallon Epic Lip Sync Battle, watch the third episode of the Original Lip Sync Shuffle
So I'm thinking of putting my video on YouTube and hoping Jimmy Fallon sees it and likes it. Before Amanda went into the Air Force she went to New York 3 times trying to see his show. Each time they never called her number. Question, how do I get the video onto YouTube.? Thanks
Jimmy Fallon honors Robin Williams with a spot-on impersonation, vintage clip via
Jimmy Fallon, congratulations on probably being the only man to channel Robin Williams at this moment. I already miss his limitless energy, improv genius, and characters. Thanks for showing it to us again.
Jimmy Fallon as Francis Underwood is making me melt
Kevin hart is scared of roller coasters!! Watch him ride one with with Jimmy Fallon!! Too Funny!!
SNL was at it's peak when it was Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Will Farrell, Amy Poehler, Tracy Morgan, &Maya Rudolph
Jimmy Fallon was by far the perfect replacement to a legend like Jay Leno.
Taylor Swifts Goes Full On Nerd For 'Tonight Show' Promo Taylor Swift has a new alter ego - one with glasses and braces. The singer released a new promotional video for "The Tonight Show," playing a girl named Natalie. Her character will be used for Jimmy Fallon's "Ew" segment. Fallon plays a teenage girl named Sara, who loves Harry Styles from One Direction, and is grossed out by things such as her stepdad Gary. "Sara" gets visits from all sorts of celebrities, including Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Lindsay Lohan, and Will Ferrell. Swift, aka Natalie, says on the video, "Hey Sara, remember me? It's Natalie. Our moms were best friends together in college. I'm really excited because my mom said we're going to come visit you and your mom and your dad. "I head that you have that television show called 'Ew,' and so maybe I could be on it, is what I was thinking. I think it will be lots of fun. So let me know if you ever want to chill." Photo Credits: The Tonight Show,
Seeing young thug on Jimmy Fallon can only be compared to when the Beatles made their debut on Ed Sullivan. Historic
Small Minn. town invites Jimmy Fallon to wedding via
It's cool that Seth Meyers replaced Jimmy Fallon, but the Weekend Update isn't the same without him. But Colin Jost is pret…
The kathie lee thank you note joke that Jimmy Fallon said was hilarious... lmfao the Wine King. Naaants ingonyaaama pinot grigio!
Andrew Rannells and Taylor Swift are going to be on Jimmy Fallon on the same night IM NOT OKAY
Lester Holt plays bass with The Roots on 'Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon' -
TSwift scheduled for Jimmy Fallon the 13th, Seth Myers the 14th...SOMETHING BIG IS GONNA HAPPEN!
Wiz Khalifa's great defense for blowing off court in Texas Wednesday -- he was hanging out with Megan Fox and Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show."Sure, Wiz…
Nick Cannon was paired up with Megan Fox during the latest round of Jimmy Fallon-approved Pictionary, and the pair turned in a pretty dismal performance.
Heading to see Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show taping #
Watch: dominates in giant beer pong on
Megan Fox and Nick Cannon Play Jimmy Fallon and Wiz Khalifa in Pictionary: Who Won?!? - Megan Fox...
I wanna have a talk show like Jimmy Fallon when I grow up
Jimmy Fallon does a great job impersonating musicians (just like their doubles).
Watch Jimmy Fallon and Megan Fox’s All-Star Pictionary Game: Megan Fox and Nick Cannon faced off again... -
Jimmy Fallon needs to include this in his history of dubstep!
That’s funny - when available, we put Jimmy Fallon on our TV.
Jimmy Fallon has definitely expanded his fan base since he took over the Tonight Show, with his charm and hilarious skits. And one Minnesota couple are his
Miranda Kerr turned up to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to show off her Flip Cup skills, and as we’d all expect from a supermodel, she looked good doing it. Is it possible that she actually matched the red American party cups?
Aside from appearing on the soundtrack for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Juicy and Ty Dolla $ign, in theaters this Friday, Wiz Khalifa is also pushing his forthcoming album. During last night’s visit to The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the Pitsburgh artist took to the stage to perform the Dr.…
Russ, its not jimmy kimmel who does it. it is Jimmy Fallon in the Tonight Show who does them
On Wednesday, Aug. 6, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" star Megan Fox and "America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon took on Jimmy Fallon and Wiz Khalifa in the most unlikely game of "Tonight Show" Pictionary ever. Regardless of the outcome, when celebrities in movies about turtles can't even remember...
Comedians can find the humor inanything, right? Or so Jimmy Fallon seems to think. Comedian Jimmy Fallon invited the “very talented actress” Jenny Slate (“SNL,”
(Channelling Jimmy Fallon)... "Thank you, Honda... ...for making our Civic impervious to a fool backing into me in the left turn lane at a stoplight and leaving no damage or marks on the front bumper."
Jimmy Fallon challenged the 25-year-old "Vampire Diaries" actress to a giant game of beer pong on Tuesday's episode of "The Tonight Show."
"Of course, we're not the only ones celebrating. President Obama turned 53 years old today. Obama blew out his candles and made a wish. But when he opened his eyes, he was still president." ~ Jimmy Fallon
Nina Dobrev has some major beer pong skills! Check out her funny battle with Jimmy Fallon on here:
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, August 5, 2014. This is the *entire* interview:
Tonight is going to be a good night on Jimmy Fallon
Demi will be on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on August 15th!
I love Seth Myers but his show is terrible. They need someone who isn't Jimmy Fallon lite. That's why Conan worked, he was his own man.
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Nina Dobrev got a little drunk with Jimmy Fallon
Nina Dobrev plays giant beer pong with Jimmy Fallon, comments on dating life
Nina Dobrev playing giant beer pong with Jimmy Fallon
Nina Dobrev plays beer pong with Jimmy Fallon: Nina Dobrev doesn't want her fans to believe everything they re...
Nina Dobrev plays beer pong with Jimmy Fallon
Do you think that former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's surprise appearance on "Colbert Report" last night is any indication that she's considering a presidential run in 2016? Or do you think she'll continue to mull this difficult question over in a series of heart-felt self-probing appearances on "Meet the Press," "Anderson Cooper 360," "Good Morning America," "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," "NFL Preseason Football on ESPN," "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," "Sons of Anarchy," "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show," etc.?
Cameron Diaz attends “The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon.” These two great fool around on television. Internet audience decided to continue the fun and that’s what came out of it. Source frame: How creative people are see…
this brings me back to the Emmy's Born to Run. Which then reminds me of Joel McHale and Jimmy Fallon together which makes me want that again
Craig Ferguson must have had somebody sneek a peak of the Jimmy Fallon show to him like an illicit substance... Now he's gone and CBS didn't even contact me to be a replacement...
My dream job is to host a Late Night talk show and be the next Jimmy Fallon, but I have no idea how to get into that field.
I would pay good money to see concert of Jimmy Fallon impersonating Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Neil Young, and whoever else
Jimmy Fallon prob the best Late Night talk show host ever
Audra McDonald and Jimmy Fallon explain, in song, how to rock a ...:
I'm watching Jimmy Fallon and am preparing myself for the awesomeness that is the boys from Awesometown, The Lonely Island!
Julia Roberts stopped by Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" Thursday to play a new game called Face Balls.
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Here’s your daily dose of celebrity news and gossip, brought to you by Reese Witherspoon! Leonardo DiCaprio is (D Listed) Here are eight things that will surprise you about Chris Pratt in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ (OK! Magazine) Selena Gomez got cheeky with her short-shorts. (Moe Jackson) Watch Jimmy Fallon and Julia Roberts play […]
Jimmy Fallon and Julia Roberts play the crazy new game Face Balls!
Julia Roberts and Jimmy Fallon had a ball—and took several of them to the face—last night on the ...
Jimmy Fallon had some Phantom HD cameras hooked up and threw some inflatable balls at Julia Roberts face. Must see TV is back!
Jimmy Fallon hosted America's sweetheart Julia Roberts on last night's show, during which he had the beloved actress join him for a brand-new game:...
You won't believe the faces makes when throws his balls in her face!
On Thursday's "The Tonight Show," Jimmy Fallon and Julia Roberts played a soon-to-be classic game called Face Balls. Roberts dealt the first blow, which crumpled Fallon's nose, but it was Fallon who got the last laugh when he whipped the ball at Roberts's face, causing her nose to bend b…
Jimmy Fallon really knows how to make an impression. On Thursday, July 31, Fallon welcomed Julia Roberts to the...
Watch & Julia Roberts throw balls at each other's faces—'cause it's Jimmy Fallon & you know it's funny:
Jimmy Fallon's lip sync battle with Emma Stone is my favorite thing to watch
Watch throw balls at Julia Roberts' face on
Jimmy Fallon still has the award for cutest laugh
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is on in the hotel room. Geez, this guy is hilarious.
Two brothers from Hayfield are trying to get Jimmy Fallon to show up and perform at their brother's wedding. They have already raised over $4,000 to cover
NBC renews "Undateable," the comedy with an ensemble cast of comedians, including former Portland stand-up star Ron Funches, and Julia Roberts gets a ball in the face from Jimmy Fallon.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
'Face Balls with Julia Roberts:' Jimmy Fallon throws his balls at...
I thought Jimmy Fallon was friends with Justin how two faced ew
Late Night comic Jimmy Fallon is an equal opportunity humorist. He'll hit people on both sides of the aisle. Last night, for example, he took a shot at President Obama, then Texas Governor Rick Per...
Jimmy Fallon and Heidi Klum show us how they ‘roll’, and Jimmy continues to be the luckiest man on earth. My new life goal is to host the Tonight Show because… reasons.
The post Julia Roberts Had Nice Legs on Jimmy Fallon appeared first on GCeleb.
Jimmy Fallon plays a lot of games on "The Tonight Show," but to keep things fresh, he can't just play the same game over and over again. Sometimes, they're good ideas (lip sync competitions are always fun) and other times they're "Face Balls."
Our brother is a big Jimmy Fallon fan and we need Jimmy to help pull off an epic speech at his wedding on our farm in Minnesota!
The Best Video to kick off the Weekend! It will have you LOL Julia Roberts Jimmy Fallon
I love watching my recorded Jimmy Fallon on my lunch breaks:) funniest stuff!!
Julia Robert's blonde hair last night on Jimmy Fallon.
Jimmy Fallon and Julia Roberts played a round of Face Balls on Thursday's episode of 'The Tonight Show.'
Got a my first decent night's sleep in a while and had dreams that featured Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, a Parisian Hotel Detective, a show-stopping musical number, fabulous gowns, delightful nightwear and jewel-encrusted Bakelite lipstick cases. Also, crappy hotel coffee that never tasted better!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!! Does anyone besides me, have to mute the opening number of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? I really like him, but cannot stand his musical selection at the top of the show.
It's moving day, and also FALLON FRIDAY!!! Jimmy Fallon and James Franco make a hilarious pair in this movie...
"Actor Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber last night during an argument at a night club in Spain. Orlando's hand was pretty sore today, you know, from all the high-fives he got." - Jimmy Fallon
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Stomps not a child: Julia Roberts on the show Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon and Steve Higgins are honestly my favorite people ever.
I find myself watching SNL reruns, which are still awesome. Lately, the ones with Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and Horatio Sanz..
Jimmy Fallon made his debut as host of "The Tonight Show" Monday but first he sat down as a guest — of the Nightly News with Brian Williams. (Aired on NBC ...
Wow! I just won this for free, The Scheme DVD-NEW Jimmy Fallon,Nathan Anderson,Brian Hooks,(US
help me cross off "perform good vibrations with marky mark on Jimmy Fallon" off of my bucket list
Rocky Top was just played on Jimmy Fallon 👍
Jimmy singing "He's Derek Jeter and he's gonna hit that ballss" lol. Derek Jeter At-Bat Songs (with Jimmy Fallon):
Just randomly watching Jimmy Fallon interviewing James Franco, when all of a sudden my child appears on the show in a selfie she took with James Franco!
James Franco and Jimmy Fallon got silly with selfies.
This is a really weird collection of celebrities, Scarlett Johansson, Jimmy Fallon and Drake
on David Letterman, & Chadwick Boseman on Jimmy Fallon. Olivia Williams on Craig Ferguson
You know the voice of Morgan Freeman: commanding, firm, resonant. He's even played God. He inhaled helium with Jimmy Fallon with funny results.
Morgan Freeman is known for having one of the most regal voices in Hollywood. That is, until he met Jimmy Fallon.
Jimmy Fallon interviews Morgan Freeman while they're both on helium
Jimmy Fallon and Morgan Freeman decided to do something out of the ordinary - they decided to continue their interview while inhaling helium from balloons!
Morgan Freeman and Jimmy Fallon inhale helium on Thursday's 'Tonight Show.'
Jimmy Fallon and Steve Higgins have the best jobs ever.
I think is equal parts Charlie Rose and Jimmy Fallon - with a soupçon of Claude Levi-Strauss
Jimmy Fallon is the funniest man in the world. 😂😭 And he's gorgeous 😍
I'd KILL to have Jimmy Fallon's job. He got Morgan Freeman to speak using helium
Jimmy Fallon is a national treasure and he must be protected at all costs
Jimmy Fallon keeps asking people if they want crack!
Jimmy Fallon asking the hard hitting questions we all want answers to.
did you see him on jimmy Fallon when he inhaled helium and spoke? I was weak
Yes Joe F us old farts are up one is doing dishes one is watching jimmy fallon ..guess whos watching tv?
Jimmy Fallon is just awful as Tonight Show host. So awkward with all interviews.
Lol Jimmy Fallon's Rob Ford impressions crack me up! They just do.
I thought Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel were the same person
I kinda would really love to marry jimmy fallon
Little Giant Ladders
I want the boys to go on jimmy fallon
Ugh jimmy kimmel is such a trash host fallon all the way
Note to self: Jimmy Fallon is the new fox on Friday nights, so you must find cartoon movies. [Laughs.]
Watching jimmy fallon and john ham..which is a ham ,spit food at eachother. Lol
Okay God Jimmy fallon has me cracking up my stomach hurts. 😂
Jimmy Fallon and Morgan Freeman with those helium balloons. DEAD. So hilarious.
Morgan Freeman sucking Helium with Jimmy Fallon. My life is made.
Is there a more likable person on the planet than Jimmy Fallon?
If you missed Palisades Park Pet Patrol w/ & Jimmy Fallon. Oh man!!!
Usually I am not up this late but I love the Jimmy Fallon Show. John Hamm (sp) was on and the 2 of them were doing a skit about Palaside Pest Control. Dont think I laughed this much in awhile. Unless you count how I made Victoria at one the Bank offices laugh so hard we had to end the call. Love it.
If you didn't just watch the Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon skit, then you are doing it wrong.
The things I would do to Jimmy Fallon, he's my bf.
Watching Jimmy Fallon videos on YouTube and laughing my *** off.
Rob Ford will never make an appearance on Jimmy Fallon. If he did he'd be walking into a shark tank of jokes. 😂
Just waiting for a guy in a suit and tie like Jimmy Fallon omfG
Did anyone catch Mississippi's own Morgan Freeman on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night! This was our favorite part!
John Hamm and Jimmy Fallon had me laughing so hard tonight 😂👌
The Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm skit that just happened on the late show... omg, just hilarious.
Funniest stinking thing I have seen all night! Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon had me in tears!
Nancy is watching the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She believes it's funny. I believe that it's not only proof that the Devil exists but that Jimmy Fallon must have had a really nice soul.
"Sex after menopause? 'It shouldn't have to hurt.". Uhm I'm watching Jimmy Fallon at the gym?
I'm convinced that if I could just marry Jimmy Fallon I would laugh my way to a 6 pack in no time
don't unfollow me bc I'm crushing on jimmy fallon you know he's a cutie pie don't lie to yourself
Jokowi made it to Jimmy Fallon's headline!!
This is why I love Jimmy Fallon. He gets me!
Jimmy Fallon always looks like he is legitimately having a good time every episode!
Didn't know Don Draper could make me laugh this hard! Too funny Jimmy Fallon
I don't Watch Jimmy Fallon nearly as much as I should
John Hamm and Jimmy Fallon cracked us up with their skit. Hilarious, messy! Crazy.
Jimmy Fallon is the funniest guy in the world
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Jimmy Fallon is killing me right now😂
absolutely can't complain about sitting and watching jimmy fallon with my grandparents in their living room on Friday night.
Crying laughing. I've never seen jimmy fallon crack like that. so funny. Jon Hamm and him are magic
For a second I actually wished I was sick so that I wouldn't feel so lame for laying on my couch watching Jimmy Fallon alone …
Jimmy Fallon has me dying laughing everytime I watch!! 😂😂
Jimmy Fallon is so funny right now.
Jimmy Fallon Late Night; Don't think I have laughed this much in months! Thank You notes will make anyone chuckle...
Highlight of my night...chocolate pecan pie👅 & Thank You notes by Jimmy Fallon😄. So yea😒...
Hollywood is having its worst summer at the box office in eight years. It's very frustrating. Studios said, "We don't get it. We put out the exact same movies we put out last year and the year before." --Jimmy Fallon
Wow... Jimmy Fallon you are funnier than *** That was the best monolog and thank you notes yet.
Can I just hang out with Jimmy Fallon all the time please??! How could you ever have a bad day. Love him.
Jimmy Fallon is a *** fool. He makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts.
Actor Morgan Freeman made a guest appearance to promote his latest film “Lucy” on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in New York City last Thursday, July 24, and it was a memorable one. Host Jimmy Fallon convinced the 77-year-old actor to suck in helium from a red balloon while conducting the…
Jimmy Fallon, Ben Affleck, and Britney Spears in the social spotlight! Hot, cool, trending stories in under 2 minutes!
I honestly think Jimmy Fallon is the funniest man alive! No joke, he's pretty awesome!
Jimmy Fallon riffed on my Airbnb squatter story last night! Thanks to Lisa Buchwalter for the heads up & clip!
Watch Chronixx perform 'Here Comes Trouble' on NBC's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Get his EP if you haven't yet -
Jimmy Fallon, I love ya, but it was AKRON! Lebron sent cupcakes to his neighbors in Akron not Cleveland. He still lives in Akron.
I love Jimmy Fallon , I cannot stop laughing.
Great ending to a week... Watching jimmy Fallon. Always makes me laugh and smile.:):) By the way. I love his shirt and tie ... Very styling!:):)
OMG Jimmy Fallon is just what the doctor ordered tonight..I am laughing tears..
Jimmy Fallon is freakin riot tonight!
It's Friday night and wrapping up some of my to do list , so if you don't mind, I'll catch up on my thank you notes (in a nod to jimmy Fallon) 1. Thank you, UTSW, for providing a job for me. 2. Thank you, friends and family, for supporting and loving me when all you really wanted to do was shut me up. 3. And last, but most importantly, thank you, god, for blessing me much more than I ever deserved.
.. so I haven't had cable in two years, got it yesterday and I haven't left the couch since I got home at 8 .. BUT I get to watch Big Bang Theory and Jimmy Fallon now!! Yay!! :)
Long day!!! Was up at 3:30AM with Logan. (Upset tummy😔). Got all the kids up around 8:30, dressed and ready for a day of shopping for school. Everyone has new shoes, jeans, shorts, shirts, undies, socks, backpacks, and some school supplies. Pitching lesson for Morgan tonight, McDonalds value menu for dinner (Mom of the year award for that meal) All kids bathed and this momma is whooped. Now ready for ME time.watching Jimmy Fallon!!
Steve Martin, Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Fallon and many more toast to Tina Fey for winning the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor tonight at 8!
Last night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon answered a fan's fondest wish, bringing together the most wonderful thing on Broadway, superstar Audra McDonald, and the most wonderful thing on the internet together into a clash of titans. Josh Charles was also there, summoned probably by the sheer greatness energy being generated.
Watch Morgan Freeman and Jimmy Fallon have a conversation while sucking down helium 👉
Earlier this year, Morgan Freeman almost blew up the Internet with a video of himself talking after sucking down some helium, and now he's back to finish the job. During "The Tonight Show" on Thursday, host Jimmy Fallon and Freeman went ...
OMG! Jimmy Fallon got Morgan Freeman to do his Tonight Show interview on helium last night:
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Last Night on Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Fallon talk on helium. WATCH:
Need a laugh? Morgan Freeman & Jimmy Fallon who btw has the best in house band the Roots with
Jimmy Fallon wanted to see Morgan Freeman use helium live and his wish came true.
Morgan Freeman altered his famous voice with helium for a segment of his Science Channel show Through the Wormhole, so Jimmy Fallon figured he'd be up for doing it again on The Tonight Show. He wasn't, but he did it anyway. So here's Morgan Freeman eyerolling his way through an uncomfortable, high-pitched interview.
Morgan Freeman talked about Arkadelphia on Jimmy Fallon last night. Yet another obstacle in my quest to be the most famous thing to ever happen to Arkadelphia!
Morgan Freeman's voice is so authoritative and mellifluous that he is often tapped to play God in the movies. "I do love your voice, and everyone loves your voice," Jimmy Fallon told him on Thursday night's Tonight Show, "but I was wondering what your voice would sound like if you were on helium." A…
No, Henry, that's racist BS on par with Jimmy Fallon material. Why doesn't major media or jewtube poke fun at themselves? Hmmm
My celebrity crushes have been Stephen Colbert, Aziz Ansari, Louis CK, Jimmy Fallon, Marc Maron and 50 cent.
Gonna end this wonderful day with some Looney Tunes and then some Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon
Oak Park boy meets Jimmy Fallon at the Polar Plunge - Wednesday Journal
I have a weird thing for Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon. What's wrong with me?
Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon are the lomls
Jimmy Fallon, Rahm Emanuel take polar plunge in Chicago
Watch Jennifer Lawrence Rib Jimmy Fallon for Ditching Her in Front of Jennifer Lopez - Pedia for today
Reggae to di Worl' Chronixx to di worl!!! Diaspora, Chronixx will be live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Tuesday, July, 22 @ 11:35pm ET
You know your getting old when you have to record Jimmy Fallon to watch the next day, because the Tonight Show is on to late. Which is said considering im in the western time zome!
Jimmy Fallon makes watching Late Night worth it, his serious love and showcasing of great music is right on the $.
(Jimmy Fallon thank you note music) thank you Dairy Queen, for providing free Wi-Fi...
Is there anyone who doesn't love Jimmy Fallon?
Now I love the original but this is just Fantastic! . "Who's On First?": The Sequel (w/ Jimmy Fallon, B…:
you never fail to amuse. Check it out,
Just spent the last hour watching jimmy Fallon videos at work with Rachael lol
Today has been sponsored by Jimmy Fallon videos and 'Shake and Vac'.
Can the boys go on Jimmy Fallon please I love him . One Direction
Terry Crews hit The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week, stripping down to perform a shirtless "nip sync" duet of "Ebony and Ivory" with the talk show host -- watch the hilarious video!
So apparently my sister and mom, got to see Jimmy Fallon at Starbucks today.
Jesse & The Rippers reunite on . Late Night with Jimmy Fallon . Exactly one year ago today.
Whoopi Goldberg and Jimmy Fallon swapped lips and hilariously tried to sing a song together on Wednesday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show.”
I just saw you on Jimmy Fallon I think you're funny as all get out
I was roaming around Tumblr looking at some accounts and I found one by the title of "Jimmy Fallon Confessions" and I find it disrespectful
All purpose parts banner
Say wha I'm watching The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and he starts talking about and Chronixx and how he was on vacation in Jamaica and heard on the radio and loved it and now Chronixx is gonna be on the show THIS TUESDAY!
The guy from American Muscle seems like a bad Jimmy Fallon character.
Cameron Diaz & Jimmy Fallon compete in a kayak race on and it is a MUST SEE:
My name's Anthony J. Cicco. I'm asking that you share this video and help me, just for ONE night, be the announcer for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon...
Milan, Ireland. You read commercials with Jimmy Fallon. 50 Cent farts on ice cream in the background.
Catching up on Jimmy Fallon is a great Saturday activity. @ A Cottage at Willow Pond
Watching Dana Carvey on Jimmy Fallon playing "Wheel of Impressions". Absolutely brilliant! My stomach hurts from laughing.
Chronixx is set to perform on the The Tonight Show
Had a blast with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonite Show last night.. Don't think I ever chopped THAT much broccoli before...Orche…
'Have fun' is my message. Be silly. You're allowed to be silly. There's nothing wrong with it. Jimmy Fallon
My day so far has consisted of watching supernatural and jimmy fallon videos on YouTube
I liked a video Kate Upton on Her SI Cover (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
Bet you never thought you'd see playing Flip Cup with
Who's excited to see Kesha on Jimmy Fallon July 24th? I am!
Jimmy Fallon has the best job in the world
Website Builder 728x90
Jimmy Fallon says what we're all thinking about Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes' unborn child
"Thank You,, for launching a new service that it's calling a Netflix for books. You mean I can borrow a book, and then return it when I'm done with it? Wow. I wonder what you could call that? I know, how about THE LIBRARY." - Jimmy Fallon.
Daley singing part of Alone Together (with The Roots) on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on 2014. 04. 29
I get bucked up every night for Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myers, lol..
hey did you guys see The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or Last Week Tonight with John O
Jimmy Fallon knocks Scott Brown for dodging reporting in bathroom
Scott Brown hiding in the bathroom to avoid becomes a Jimmy Fallon joke
Miranda Kerr on Jimmy Fallon, Flip Cup, Interview and more watch
I don't care how many times I watch it Jen playing Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon still makes me laugh.
Claire, Jimmy Fallon inspired our Lip Sync Extravaganza in Safety's our montage
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