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Jimmy Fallon

James Thomas Jimmy Fallon, Jr. (born September 19, 1974) is an American actor, comedian, singer, musician and television host.

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Ethan Coen thanks Anthony Weiner, Jill Stein, and Jimmy Fallon for Trump election. Also takes dig at Les Moonves
Amy Adams, Jimmy Fallon hit a high note in the Whisper Challenge
Jimmy Fallon freaking out over David Blaine's magic tricks is too good:
or did you mean you "literally" saw Jimmy Fallon and not talking about the I feel stupid 🤓
I heard Jimmy Fallon is open from you headed there? I'm excited to hear the details
I'm actually really looking to the Jimmy Fallon version of You'll Be Back on the Hamilton Mixtape
version of thank you by jimmy Fallon got me 😂
I love obama but he gotta take an L for that Trump joke he said on the tongiht show with Jimmy fallon
I think about Jimmy Fallon more than I should
Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things (rapping Nicki's part from Monster on Jimmy Fallon. Wow.
Jimmy Fallon "Tonight Show" giggle-fest feeling *slightly* out of touch with the current times.
Got that Join the party with Jimmy Fallon and Amy Adams at 10pm
Jimmy Fallon always on point. Love to see on TV.
Jimmy Fallon is making video game companies understand the concept of QA?
of & (Jimmy Fallon) of hanging out in our data session.
Watch Eddie Redmayne teach the mating dance!
Today's been so good? My team slayed Tug-of-War? I've done really well on my report? Daveed was lit asf on Jimmy Fallon? Im? So? Happy??
Amy Adams and Jimmy Fallon crack up in the Singing Whisper Challenge: 😂
to the kid I called jimmy Fallon all weekend; I'm sorry. but also.its an accurate statement.
You have blood on your hands, Jimmy Fallon!!!1!
Watch: Amy Adams, play a singing whisper challenge on
Seahawks roast Jimmy Fallon with 'thank-you notes'.. Related Articles:
people are still mad at Jimmy Fallon for normalizing trump but SNL also gave him a platform; don't get mad only about s…
Jimmy Fallon: "After he won, Trump gave a speech dedicated to the love of his life, his better half - - FBI Director Jam…
Early next year Trump will be moving into the White House, becoming the first president that hangs up his own portrait. -Jimmy Fallon
America doesn't even watch Seth Meyers! The black community never heard of him. The white community goes to sleep after Jimmy Fallon.
Jimmy Fallon is a really kool white guy
Remember when Barack Obama and Jimmy Fallon mercilessly mocked Donald Trump at the White House correspondent's... https:…
With President Donald Trump, who will host the White House Correspondents Dinner during the next four years? Jimmy Fallon or Scott Baio?
my youth ambassador, the Justin Timberlake to my Jimmy Fallon.
I liked a video Jimmy Fallon doing impressions in audition for Saturday Night Live (SNL)
The only real winners tonight are Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Fallon & Gordon Keith.
Kris Bryant on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. . Zobrist, Rizzo, and Fowler on Jimmy Fallon tonight. . David Ross and Bryant on Ellen tmrw. ThankMeLater
After watch Jimmy Fallon, Dana Carvey shouldn't be allowed to do anything. Ever. At all. You just gotta know when to turn it 'off.'
On Monday, Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler, and Ben Zobrist will be on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon at 10:35 p.m. on NBC.
I wanna play with Rory and Mrs. Tate...I mean Benedict Cumberbatch and Jimmy Fallon!.
Watch Vince Vaughn play a game of Emotional Interview with Jimmy Fallon:
Ride is only acceptable if Jimmy Fallon puts in an equally bored performance as Bill Paxton.
The boys n girls need new music. I'll see you tomorrow wit it!!! Don! Jimmy Fallon tomorrow night too!
I'm still not convinced Zach Braff, Josh Radnor, and Jimmy Fallon arent the same person.
STILL crushing on this epic Emma Stone lip-sync battle with Jimmy Fallon (who we also love) - we wanna play!
Why are the snl sketches on trump so trash. I've liked other trump skits like literally every Jimmy Fallon, Steven Colbert, John oliver ect
Tyler Perry was recently on Jimmy Fallon's show as Madea. I'm pretty sure more than black folks went to go see "Boo"
I saw on Jimmy Fallon that back in the day you patterned your mullet after Joe Elliott! What's your favorite Leppard Song???. 🔊🐆
Jimmy Fallon: Adele and her obsession with Rihanna and Frank Ocean
Jimmy Fallon: When she snatched my weave AGAIN with her (sort of) acapella version of Hello
David Spade and Jimmy Fallon are doing their thing Peyton Manning jokes are funny while hilarious if you misse…
Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon go haunted housing!
Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Went to a Haunted House and Got Really, Really Scared
Jimmy Fallon with Kevin Hart in a Haunted House - video
Kevin Hart Visits a Haunted House with Jimmy Fallon, Farts on Camera (via
Meet the residents of NYC Haunted House who terrorized Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart
Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart's walk through a Haunted House is the funniest
OMG!!! Jimmy Fallon & Kevin Hart at a Haunted House is hilarious!!
Jimmy Fallon: "Trump says he wants to pay back the country he loves. But people say there's another way: Pay your *** t…
Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart go through a Haunted House... Kevin Hart sneaks a fart out
Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart going through a Haunted House aka the greatest thing ever 😭
Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon go to a Haunted House together via
Kevin Hart got so scared in a Haunted House with Jimmy Fallon that he farted
VIDEO: Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon get seriously spooked as they scream and fart their way through a Haunted House!
Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon completely freak out at Haunted House
Jimmy Fallon, Barry Gibb duet on fall-themed words
Jimmy Fallon forced to eat a cricket during intense game with Kevin Hart
Blake Shelton makes Jimmy Fallon crack up over milking a cow
Philadelphia mayor chides Jimmy Fallon for his weak accent on SNL: Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney playfully called out Jimmy Fallon on…
That awkward moment when Tina Fey calls out Jimmy Fallon's Trump interview on 👀
Why study when you can spend HOURS watching lip sync battles from Jimmy Fallon
That was said in a comment by Anthony Parker in the post of Jimmy Fallon about Trumps cold calls to Madea. 3/3
Jimmy Fallon . - Has such a big heart . - Hosts the best show on tv . - Can go from cute to hot in 0.5 seconds . - Loves h…
Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon return to as sought-after Philly voters
We're not worthy of Jimmy Fallon or Tina Fey or Pete Davidson or Colin Jost or Keenan Thompson or the whole SNL cast we're so blessed ***
life imitates art. The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo (1512) // Ben Affleck and Jimmy Fallon reading a The Accountant scene…
Chance the Rapper performing with DRAM, Ty Dolla Sign, Raury and a full choir on Jimmy Fallon 🔥
I am watching Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and I will see Green Day performing tonight.
I wanna see Green Day on Jimmy Fallon but a severe weather covarge is on instead and I'm annoyed
I was gonna go to sleep at a decent time for once but then I saw that Green Day is performing on Jimmy Fallon tonight so I gotta stay up.😂
Reminder: Green Day are the musical guest tonight on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Starts at 11:30pm EDT!
I added a video to a playlist Joe Bastianich with Jimmy Fallon
Rihanna, Plus Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Moss, Jimmy Fallon and More!: From Hollywood to New York and everywhere...
Watch Joe Biden and Jimmy Fallon bond over ice cream cones
I also just watched David Oyelowo imitate an elephant on Jimmy Fallon to much delight of all watching.
Kate Hudson tells Jimmy Fallon she wants to release an album on 'Tonight Show'
everything is the best, you're like Jimmy Fallon today.
You're a Brian Fallon man in a Jimmy Fallon world.
Seth Meyers talks about his approach to Donald Trump (and Jimmy Fallon's)
Hillary has time to go on Zach Galifanakis show, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon; and has to rest today! Too,tired America?
I added a video to a playlist Rebel Wilson Plays Chubby Bunny with Jimmy Fallon
So Jimmy Fallon had Trump on his show again to show his "humorous" side. Other people have shown their humorous side http…
Hitler would never have allowed Jimmy Fallon to ruffle his hair.
céline dion playing wheel of musical impressions (the Tonight Show starring jimmy fallon)
Jimmy Fallon didn't have the guts to challenge Trump, but The Roots subtly burned him.
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.Have you considered having a bowl of Skittles replace Jimmy Fallon as the host of "The Tonight Show"?
Hillary didn't let Jimmy Fallon off easy for softballing Trump:
James Corden & Jimmy Fallon are my fav people for sure
Seth Meyers does what Jimmy Fallon didn't and actually takes Trump to task for his insane 5-year birther crusade: https:…
Priyanka Chopra takes on Jimmy Fallon in wing eating contest...
Saw Hilary Clinton on Jimmy Fallon. Went on to Donald Trump. President Obama. Michelle Obama. Stawppp!!!. Just stawp!. Wookay...
So, Jimmy Fallon is a Russian agent. I knew it!
Late-Night TV Hosts Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Chime in on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie…
No more 'Jimmy Fallon overreaction' in the background
"Jimmy Fallon's softball interviews with Clinton, Trump do him no favors"
Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O'Brien, more chime in on Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie divorce https:/…
Hey we love you bunches, and here's why:.
JIMMY FALLON: Can I mess up your hair?. HITLER: no
The Skittles PR team has more integrity than Jimmy Fallon.
How broke ranks with late-night's "buddy culture" to criticize NBC and Jimmy Fallon. .
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Catch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight at 11:35pm ET to see letters from some of Hillary's bigge...
Alison Brie is the prettiest of all on Jimmy Fallon's Talk Show (x-post /r/TalkShowGirls) …
Watch Samantha Bee blast NBC and Jimmy Fallon for coddling Donald Trump
You know who didn't find 's appearance on Jimmy Fallon all that funny? Samantha Bee.
Samantha Bee calls out Jimmy Fallon and NBC for normalizing Trump:
Jimmy Fallon dons a surgical mask to greet Hillary Clinton on 'The Tonight Show':.
The IRS says there's nothing preventing me from releasing my tax returns. So go watch Jimmy Fallon tousling my hair ht…
I just learned Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon are two different people
Between Brian Williams, Matt Lauer and Jimmy Fallon basically has no credibility anymore. Sad to see them sink to such depths.
Jimmy Fallon: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: In Conversation with Brian Williams: Live at the Paley Center:
Jimmy Fallon, Arsenio Hall & Trump's Path to the White House: Jake Novak, CNBCDonald Trump is doing everythin...
Bill Clinton going on the Arsenio Hall Show...didnt seem like a problem then? Nor when Obama went on Jimmy Fallon
"I'm not liking the sound of this," Trump said before Jimmy Fallon asked to mess up his hair https:/…
Re-upping: Yes, Jimmy Fallon made a big mistake. Let’s hope he’s the only one who comes to rue it
Next week on Jimmy Fallon: Jimmy has Kim Jong-Un on to talk relationship goals and plays celebrity lip sync battle with Vlad…
New photo of Miley and Woody Allen's daughter, Manzie Allen, on the set of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!
The lack of humor in this country is sickening. God bless Jimmy Fallon. People get offended if the sun is too low in the sky.…
Hotep! wonder if Jimmy Fallon ever pulled that "Trump hair-raising" stunt w/ Questlove (the Roots drummer) f/ the 'Tonight Show' house band
No, Jimmy Fallon, Trump isn't a laughing matter- his hateful rhetoric has dehumanized millions of Americans.
"Jimmy Fallon and the Normalization of Racism" is the worst Harry Potter spin-off ever.
Ages ago, played the saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show. was played by Jimmy Fallon. https…
My hope is that celebrities boycott Jimmy Fallon or that they call him out on his BS on his show. We need people like Harvey Pekar.
"Hey everyone! I'm Jimmy Fallon and tonight I'm going to play Pet The Racist!"
Jimmy Fallon messes up Donald Trump's hair! Catch Trump on Fallon tonight at 11:35 pm EST. Spread the word!
East Coast - Run, don't Walk, to turn off or you'll witness jimmy fallon mess up a balding Racist's Combover https:…
Between Jimmy Fallon, Matt Lauer, and the SNL episode last season, it seems NBC wants to "normalize" Trump. It's odd.
Enlighten us, Jimmy Fallon: How does racism, sexism and homophobia feel on contact?
me everyday trying to avoid watching video of a celebrity do a hip-hop song with Jimmy Fallon
I'm going to watch Jimmy Fallon interview Trump because I could use a good spike in my blood pressure.
Hey Jimmy Fallon, did you ask him about the racism and the bigotry and the bribes and the lying and the doing business with…
The image of jimmy fallon playfully fondling a smiling hitler's mustache will one day be iconic
Don't take this the wrong way, but Jimmy Fallon has got to be the most disingenuous late night host EVER. .
Going to be awesome next week when Jimmy Fallon has the Philippines' President on to play hopscotch and Lady & The Tramp…
Jimmy Fallon is the absolute worst.
Donald Trump coming up next on Jimmy Fallon.
Jimmy Fallon worked hard to drag himself out of the basement of mediocrity, built an impressive name for himself…. and now shi…
Dems are REALLY mad at Jimmy Fallon for having Trump on his show. I can't wait to see the meltdown on election night htt…
If Jimmy Fallon doesn't take the opportunity to roast Donald I will have lost all respect
So done with Jimmy Fallon acting like this white supremacist is just some normal guy. Bring back Letterman.
I'm going to give Jimmy Fallon a ratings boost by watching Donald Trump, 45th POTUS tonight ✔️
Jimmy Fallon I love you--but how could you? How the *** Have that racist, lying, sexist cretin on your show+normalize him? .…
Donald Trump is on Jimmy Fallon tonight. Channel 5 -- right now.
Jimmy Fallon was born to be the smiling talk show host in a dystopia, nice to see he's getting a jump on his role.
Apparently Jimmy Fallon did his part tonight in normalizing a sociopathic bigot.
Trump: Touch it Jimmy, and you will see the shades that dance in *** s groaning abyss. Fallon: [giggles] Like this?
SJWs flipping out over a comedian making a joke. One day all jokes will be banned. Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon is the sort of complicit moron that Trumpkin America deserves. Hope Stephen Colbert calls out his normalizing…
Trump is on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. .
Somebody needs to ask Jimmy Fallon why he isn't having David Duke on and if he'd reconsider if it guaranteed ratings.
I want to watch Jimmy Fallon's interview with Trump but with the camera on The Roots the entire time
Jimmy Fallon somewhere with a fever pitch 2 script
Jimmy Fallon -You have a daughter that you love. And this guy, this incompetent, con-man, strong man wanna be, directly imperils her future.
Trump lets Jimmy Fallon mess up his hair
For those who have not yet seen The Loving Fun Donald Trump on Jimmy Fallon tonite .. Get scared Hillary Clinton !! htt…
Trump: "... the orientals must be enslaved & put to work mining for precious jewels". Jimmy Fallon *grinning hideously*:…
Not everyone is happy Jimmy Fallon messed with Donald Trump's hair
I admit it,I watch Jimmy Fallon for fun&4 The Roots,but I'm done. A playful intrvw w/wannabe Hitler?Not funny at all!
Jimmy Fallon inviting Trump on is part of the normalizing of hate. Should be ashamed of himself. Lost all respect from me.
All is vanity. Now here are Jimmy Fallon & Renée Zellweger in inflatable sumo outfits!
Wawrinka has no in-between. One minute he's beaten by Dimitrov, the next he wins the USO, then he gets beaten by Jimmy Fallon in Wii Tennis.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Comedy legend Carol Burnett can't pronounce 'Galifianakis,' but she can read lips better than Jimmy Fallon:
Carol Burnett did the whisper challenge with Jimmy Fallon? I gotta find that sometime!!
Please describe for me a man more perfect than Michael Phelps, Barack Obama, or Jimmy Fallon
The only form of Jake Roberts you can trust. Jimmy Fallon is shown here playing with him as a child.
Everyone's reaction to Jimmy Fallon as Ryan Lochte = priceless.
Absolutely. You can bet Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, & Jimmy Fallon are just licking their chops for material. ;-D
Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon uncover the original lyrics to 'Free Fallin…
Ryan Lochte serves as Speedo-clad butt of jokes by Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, John Oliver
Jeah, Michael Phelps really loved Jimmy Fallon's Ryan Lochte bit at the
Jimmy Fallon as Ryan Lochte is funnier than anything Key & Peele have done all night long.
Jimmy Fallon shocks with his Ryan Lochte impression at VMAs. Learn More:
Jimmy Fallon rips on Ryan Lochte, and Michael Phelps is loving it #
📷 minibetta: Living for Michael Phelps loving Jimmy Fallon as Ryan Lochte
Jimmy Fallon used the to clown on Ryan Lochte…and Michael Phelps was amused 😬. VIDEO: htt…
that's actually Jimmy Fallon, not Michael Phelps. just sayin
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Jimmy Fallon ripped on Ryan Lochte, and Michael Phelps loved every second of it
But did y'all see how fast Michael Phelps whipped out his phone to record Jimmy Fallon pretending to be Ryan Lochte😂 h…
mocked Ryan Lochte in full U.S. Olympic team regalia
Jimmy Fallon steals show with Ryan Lochte impression at VMAs
Jimmy Fallon Impersonates Ryan Lochte at the VMAs First "Trump" with Babs now this-- hilarious!!!
Jimmy Fallon as Ryan Lochte was hilarious and Michael Phelp's reaction was priceless! - Aly on the Radio
UNFUNNY GIRL: Another celeb whose promise of retirement was a total scam.
LMFAO! Did y'all see Michael Phelps mouth "oh my god" once he saw Jimmy Fallon mocking Ryan Lochte? CRYING.😭😭😭
This is the second time Jimmy Fallon has presented Beyoncé with a VMA. He gave her one in 2003 for crazy in love
.as was good, but reaction was EVERYTHING
Jimmy Fallon just threw so much shade at Ryan Lochte 👀😁👀
I love dua and I want her to be successful, but it's bittersweet seeing how big she's gotten so quickly since jimmy fallon
everyone's obsessing over Drake & Rihanna but I still can't get over Jimmy Fallon dressing like Ryan Lochte
No one loved Jimmy Fallon's Ryan Lochte bit more than Michael Phelps. 😂.
Michael Phelps had the best reaction to Jimmy Fallon's Ryan Lochte impression at the VMAs
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You know who loved Jimmy Fallon as Ryan Lochte? . Michael Phelps.
Jimmy Fallon hilariously impersonated Ryan Lochte at the
I literally only have this account so I can try to get Jimmy Fallon tickets
"I couldn't tell you even if there was a gun to my head." 🙊.
Just when you thought the Ryan Lochte joke train was over, the brought it back. .
Business LOTP update: businessinsider: Jimmy Fallon hilariously impersonated Ryan Lochte at the …
Jimmy Fallon is on the list of my favorite humans
VIDEO: Michael Phelps was LOVING Jimmy Fallon's Ryan Lochte impersonation at the
Michael Phelps' face when Jimmy Fallon came out at the as Ryan Lochte is priceless
Is it me or did Jimmy Fallon sound exactly like Cyrus Beene just now 😳
Let us all remember that Jimmy Fallon fumbled with Nicole Kidman
Watch Barbra Streisand duet with Donald Trump (but really Jimmy Fallon)
Barbra Streisand mocks Donald Trump in "yuge" Jimmy Fallon duet ⏩ by via
I hope next promo you'll dress Kstew in dresses or a bit more formal... Not like last Live and Kelly and Jimmy Fallon disaster
the final five on the Tonight Show, I can't believe Jimmy Fallon got to meet Aly Raisman
Margot doing the whisper challenge with Jimmy Fallon
Margot Robbie and Jimmy Fallon playing flip cup
Margot and Jimmy Fallon playing flip cup
I am watching a random episode of Jimmy Fallon and it's the one with leslie odom jr. omg
and Tom Hardy, and Jimmy Fallon, and James McAvoy, and Colin Hanks.
Can't wait for Jimmy Fallon, Kathy Lee Gifford and Carson Daly to host the Closing Ceremonies!!!
NO WHY WHY WHY . Why is Miles Teller's hair blonde on Jimmy Fallon right now
Watch Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon read embarassing first date texts:
Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon read embarrassing flirty texts: . We've all sent flirty text messages we're not...
Jaden Smith tells Jimmy Fallon he's game for an Area 51 road trip.
Jimmy Fallon tapped as host of 2017 Golden Globe Awards
Jimmy Fallon to host the 2017 Golden Globe Awards show
Jimmy Fallon is next year's host at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards on 8 January 2017.
Wow!! This is just awesome! Jimmy Fallon to Host 2017 Golden Globe Awards
Jimmy Fallon to Host 2017 Golden Globe Awards - Go Jimmy, that's so much more and more like it!
Jimmy Fallon battles for puppies in this Pup Quiz on 🐶
I'd give just about anything to play pup quiz on jimmy fallon
A half an hour left until I see my sunshine on Jimmy Fallon 😌
What to expect from a Jimmy Fallon Golden Globes: Less snark, more games — and probably…
is bringing and his pranks with him everywhere he goes. Watch him terrify Jimmy Fallon with...
I'm in a running competition w jimmy Fallon on who can make the worst tv content and I'm losing really badly
Watch Jared Leto channel The Joker, freak out Jimmy Fallon with terrifying gift
OMG. Check out why was freaking over as 😨😨
Jimmy Fallon to host 2017 Golden Globes: NBC has recruited a well-known face from inside the peacock family to host…
I've just posted on my Blog about: Buzzing: Jimmy Fallon Is Hosting the 2017 Golden Globe Awards
Me gustó un video de Catchphrase with Neil Patrick Harris and Jimmy Fallon (Late Night with Jimmy
Jimmy Fallon will host the 74th Annual Golden Globe® Awards ceremony on Sunday, January 8, 2017.
Television host Jimmy Fallon is announced as the host of the 2017 Golden Globe Awards, following in the footsteps...
Jimmy Fallon will be the host of the Golden Globe Awards on January 8th,2017.
Jared Leto scares the crap out of Jimmy Fallon with a special gift
Jimmy Fallon is bringing the funnies to the Golden Globe Awards. The comedic host of “The Tonight Show” has been named host of the 74th ann…
Opting for Jimmy Fallon as Host, Globes Choose Playful Over Biting: the host of “The Tonight Show,” would ser...
.The Joker gave Jimmy Fallon a very... 'interesting'... gift on the Tonight Show last night!!!
Jimmy Fallon to Host Golden Globes in 2017: Jimmy Fallon, the host of “The Tonight Show,” is returning to the...
Tonight Show w Jimmy Fallon is my go-to late night show. I have a major crush on him.
NBC is looking to one of its own to host the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has bee...
Jimmy Fallon to Host Golden Globes: The "Tonight Show" host will take on the award show this January.
Bishop Briggs live from last night's Jimmy Fallon show...
Jimmy Fallon is over rated. I miss Craig Ferguson.
your parents react to you on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Where I can watch the whole Jimmy Fallon show ft. Jared? Because I know it will make me smile :)
'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon to host Golden Globes ceremony in 2017 - Entertainment Weekly
Jared Leto playing "Pup Quiz" on Jimmy Fallon's show is too much for my ovaries to deal with.
Love watching Will Smith on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon right now.
Every late night host is talking about the presidential election while Jimmy Fallon has Will Smith riding around on a unicorn.
+27 HQ pictures of as she heads out to Jimmy Fallon in NYC on July 28
Matt Damon The Jason Bourne actor shows off his million dollar smile while on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
Michael Fassbender and Jimmy Fallon play 'Frozen Blackjack' on July 26, 2016 at
Celine Dion is charmingly awkward while impersonating Cher and MJ with Jimmy Fallon:
NEW Michael is going to be on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on July 26th!
I was the only one at to put Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart, & Emma Stone in a presentation :)
Celine Dion's impression of Rihanna on Jimmy Fallon is a must-watch 😂
Celine Dion talking about Ariana Grande with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!!
Céline Dion talking about Ariana Grande's impression of her on Jimmy Fallon.
🔸🔹 Alicia Vikander and Jimmy Fallon playing "pennan i flaskan" (Swedes will know) on The Tonight Show! 👌🏼👌🏼
NEW VLOG ! Today I woke up in New York and I transformed into a fly! Also, Jimmy Fallon! Enjoy…
a surprise appearance by in a Jeff Daniels mask. Jimmy Fallon and Matt McGorry lip sync battle
James Corden is the late night host Jimmy Fallon wishes he could be
For the record... Idris Alba can get it..dang y'all see him on Jimmy Fallon rapping Panda?? Lol
Joanna Lumley chats and drinks champagne with
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.delivers an unforgettable RNC speech as via
I saw Eyeballs Elbows on Jimmy Fallon last night. He was great in "Beasts of No Nation"
Jimmy Fallon on Melania Trump: 'She stole the show. Literally.'
WATCH: completely nailed his recreation of at the
Idris Elba and Jimmy Fallon hilariously cover songs from Desiigner, Drake and more
Jimmy Fallon breaks out his Trump impression to skewer the Republican convention:
.delivers an unforgettable RNC speech as
Listen to Idris Elba and Jimmy Fallon sing distorted pop songs:
Watch Jimmy Fallon Mock Trump's Republican convention speech on the Tonight Show via
.& sing soulful chipmunk rendition of "Endless Love"
We're starting this thread off with a classic - Ariana playing 'Wheel of Musical Impressions' with Jimmy Fallon!
When Ariana and Jimmy Fallon sung hip-hop/rap songs in the style of Broadway and made it perfect in every way.
See Jimmy Fallon as Donald Trump address Melania's speech and dance like Michael Jackson in a fake address http…
Blake Lively shares adorable video of daughter who thinks Jimmy Fallon is "dada"
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No comic has more performances on Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon than Nate Bargatze. He's at the Funny Bone
I keep seeing that Rami Malek is going to be on Jimmy Fallon tonight so it's been on my mind lol
Ben Affleck on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (2016)
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are actual friendship goals
Just turned on Jimmy Fallon only to see him in a hideous Keanu Reeve wig, throwing a drink in Zac Ephron's face...
Morgan and Robert's favorite show is the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. So we decided we would make them the...
I looked at Ricky Gervais' page and it recommended I follow Jimmy Fallon, Seth MacFarlane and Russell Brand 😐
Watch Gordon Ramsay get put on Jimmy Fallon's naughty step for swearing
See Gordon Ramsay's trip to Jimmy Fallon's naughty step in this hilarious video:.
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