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Jimmy Carter

James Earl Jimmy Carter, Jr. (born October 1, 1924) is an American politician who served as the 39th President of the United States (1977–1981) and was the recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, the only U.S.

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."Just like Jimmy Carter... undermined our ability to defend this country, so too has Barack Obama."
Poor Jimmy Carter - he is no longer the worst POTUS ever. Join us & enlist in the USFA at https…
"America did not invent human right. In a vwry real sense,human rimhts invented America." Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter had zero vision, chief..
Gwinnett PD investigating double homicide in pool area of The Arbors at Jackson Creek subdivision off Jimmy Carter.
"We should live our lives as though Christ were coming this afternoon.". by Jimmy Carter
According to data -- Donald most popular Republican in America. Ted's negatives as high as Jimmy Carter's in 1980.
Is this like how when I was a little girl Jimmy Carter was the antichrist and the Beast was some Brussels big iron?
Obama is viewed as worse than Jimmy Carter. Ouch.
Tony Benn held high office in this country, Jimmy Carter in the US, further afield there was Mandela and Ghandi
Today in 1977: Charlie Daniels and The Marshall Tucker Band play together at Jimmy Carter's inauguration.
Jerry spoke words of truth: WE ARE NOT ELECTING A PASTOR, look what happened with Jimmy Carter!
why didn't they fine Jimmy Carter & Bill Clinton & Janet Reno for demanding loans be made to people who couldn't pay them
1976 Jimmy Carter. Used to watch Miss Lillian & Billy on talk shows. Loved them.
Congrats a shame that Ken Taylor and Canadians do not get the credit due. . Jimmy Carter got it right! Those involved need the truth.
Jimmy Carter eats with his brother Billy Carter, Plains, Georgia, September 10, 1976.
Jimmy Carter eats with his brother, Billy Carter, during a campaign stop at …
last time Iran did this to US troops was under Jimmy Carter, democrats, especially Barry Soetero, unqualified for WH
Losing my religion for equality - dduane: Jimmy Carter severs his association with the Southern Baptists...
The good ole days down in Macon. Jimmy Carter, Phil Walden, Johnny Sandlin, and Dickey Betts.…
Chesty Puller, or Audie Murphy, or Odysseus, or Boudica, or Napoleon, or Leon Trotsky, or Marie Curie, or Jimmy Carter, or Black Widow
"I give you our 39th president, Jimmy Carter!". "Oh, come on!". "HE'S HISTORY'S GREATEST MONSTER!"
Accident, left lane blocked in on I-85 NB at Indian Trail Rd, stop and go traffic back to Jimmy Carter Blvd, delay of 5 mins
And for this reason, among many others, is why I am a supporter of He is the challenger. An outcast.
Kudos to arch-negotiators in their own minds, Jimmy Carter and John Kerry,for creating this unmitigated disaster
"We've decided to end our formal business relationship with Johnny," - Maverick Carter, LeBron's marketing agent
when was the last time an American Ambassador was killed? Oh yeah under another Democrap Jimmy Carter
Why like the one Jimmy Carter used are suddenly gaining traction.
Legendary war correspondent Peter Arnett discusses the world's flashpoints with Larry King!
Tomorrow: Free Beer! (samples anyway) Join us for Jimmy Carter Happy Hour at from 6-8 to try some delicious
Jimmy Carter and Ron Paul gets it right. History’s final word. So this is how history unfolds to refute the...
yep the liberals are at it again just like jimmy carter supporting the Ayatollah in Iran in the 80's and not the shah!
It will take 50 years to repair the damage Obama has done to the military. A repeat of Jimmy Carter but worse.
So thankful I don't have to open the next two days.
Jimmy Carter did the same thing in the 80's, when he banned Iranians based on a few radicals. Nobody blinked an eye on that.
This old footage of Mickey Mantle contains your dad's new favorite bat flip:
Did you know President Carter watched Star Wars at a secret meeting with Anwar Sadat?
Today in 1980: President Jimmy Carter authorizes legislation giving $1.5 billion in loans to bail out the Chrysler Corporation.
Donald Trump and Jimmy Carter have a similarity -. Non---stop changing of thoughts about policies
Jimmy Carter is the same man now that he was when elected. You were probably just ignorant of who you were voting for
I'll believe Jimmy Carter's brain cancer is gone when I hear it from someone who doesn't have brain cancer.
Funny, you are a Democrat I take it. I was a Democrat years ago til I grew up after the Jimmy Carter debacle!
Jimmy Carter was the last POTUS who wasn't an obvious serial killer.
ICYMI: op-ed from our leadership on the imperative of funding more research:
The post-presidency, as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have proved, is a win-win.
me too. I have a feeling he'll be like Jimmy Carter and have even more power over legislation outside the White House.
Jimmy Carter short-sheeted the Clinton administration. Here's my fave piece on it. "A treasonous *** .
Jimmy Carter says his cancer is gone # via HuffPostPol that is great news, inshAllah
Did you know that June Carter Cash was a cousin to President Jimmy Carter?
The worst POTUS in U.S. history surpassing even Jimmy Carter. Enlist -> Join us today.
Jimmy takes a look at the pros and cons of making a New Year's resolution:
Remember said he would run for and everyone believed him. The truth is Kanye couldn't afford it
You can't divorce religious belief and public service I've never detected any co...
Arrested development: How President Jimmy Carter stopped the first surge
"Americ did not in:ent human right. In a very real senye,human iights invented America." Jimmy Carter
"people said that I was naive or gullible and so forth. I don't think I was." Jimmy Carter re: his 1994 deal halting NK from having nukes.
"I think it's all roses now." President Clinton's envoy to North Korea, Jimmy Carter, on the 1994 agreement he secured for a nuke free NK
Q. Why did Jimmy Carter vote for Barack Obama? A. Because Jimmy didn't want to be the worst President in American hist…
Jimmy Carter leaves Southern Baptists: Losing my religion for equality via
If we can teach our children to honor 's gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever.--Jimmy Carter
and I voted for Jimmy Carter TWICE! :-( Too soon we get old, too late we get smart.
"Obama can then tour the world bad mouthing the country like Jimmy Carter"
Jimmy Carter must love Obama for taking the new worst president award. If he can even be called that anymore
Obama're the best US president with Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter - Congratulations -
Shall we compare him to Henry Ford, Henry Clay Frick, Jack Welch, Martin Luther King or Jimmy Carter. And, does it matter?
Slate Grp LLC, had Jimmy Carter as President with James Bagian (U.S. Dept of Vet Affairs) as Manager?
But the cartoon drawings on the it just me or does Maxwell look like a cross between Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy?
Anyone interested in a wonderful definition of faith - read this piece by Leonard Pitts - "Jimmy Carter's Faith"
Losing my religion for equality As Christian, Jimmy Carter severs ties w Southern Baptist Convention after 6 decades
Between Obama's legacy and Jimmy Carter pain both inflicted on America for fiscal irresponsibility we can't continue
Oh believe me, I do NOT see Ted Kennedy OR Jimmy Carter as ANY kind of "hero".
It's how Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton won the presidency, by convincing as many people as possible that they care.
Hillary's been a 3rd rate Elizabeth Warren in her pre-presidency; Bill has been a 3rd rate Jimmy Carter in his post.
REALLY! $170.00 Obama didn't make the grade Clinton/ Bush/ Jimmy Carter/kennedy.
I've seen it before with candidates people were unfamiliar with, at first: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton (see graphic)
So heartbroken to hear about Jimmy Carter's grandson Jeremy's passing. My deepest condolences to the family at this difficul…
Every day Jimmy Carter burns candles to his>Yes we thought we could outdated poster, replacing him as Worst Prez Ever!
He reminds me of Jimmy Carter more than Kennedy. History has set an ominous precedent when it comes to men of conscience.
.😂😂😂 OK. Meanwhile, carry on. Remember that Ted Kennedy did same to Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush are the only presidents in the last 40 years to win the New Hampshire primary.
.Jimmy Carter or Iran should be footing that bill, not taxpayers.
The only president to make Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter look good by comparison and thats ding something
Jimmy Carter announces at Sunday School that his grandson Jeremy, died of mysterious illness
Jeremy Carter, grandson of Jimmy Carter, dies, coroner says: ...
Jimmy Carter's grandson has died, the former president said Sunday, NBC News reported. Carter, 91, made the announcement during his
Condoleezza to former U.S. President Jimmy Carter over the transition of his 28year old grandson, Jeremy
Had the answer been President Carter, should I have said Jimmy Carter or James Earl Carter?
Jimmy Carter's grandson dies suddenly at age 28
Debate-gate (1980 Reagan campaign got Jimmy Carter's debate briefing book) did nothing to mar the Gipper's legacy. h…
Jimmy Carter's grandson died at age 28 after suffering heart attack in front of his mothe…
Jimmy Carter shares grief over grandson’s death hours earlier with his church...
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Jimmy Carter's grandson, Jeremy Carter, has died at 28: — Peopl…
Jimmy Carter told his church that his grandson, Jeremy Carter, 28, has died, according to the church's pastor.
Of course a President can ban any group of people he feels are a threat, here's Jimmy Carter doing it in 1980...
you'd make a worser president than Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter combined. Even Jeb Bush makes you look like a joke.
Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, and Harry S. Truman, and now Barack Obama have all majorly cut the deficit
Would someone point out that both FDR and Jimmy Carter proposed temporary immigration bans for identifiable populations?
Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman, the two most honest men ever elected president.
it was begun under Jimmy Carter in the 1980's but ofc its been updated by every president since
Why Paul Volcker was key to Jimmy Carter's economic legacy via
Who's too old for treatment? Jimmy Carter shows age not always a barrier
Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski and the CIA backing of Afghan Islamists 1979.
West Point gave us men like Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton, and Hal Moore. Navy gave us Jimmy Carter. Just throwing that out there.
Liberal media & GOP Party elites erupted this week (D) Jimmy Carter did same thing & more:
Why does Jimmy Carter get a free pass?.
So what you're saying is that conservatives should be more like Jimmy Carter. You're actually saying this.
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From Sinatra to Johnny Carson to Jimmy Carter to Assad we confuse worth, accomplishment and history with whether...
Hey, was Jimmy Carter a bigot when shut down Iranian immigration to US in 70's.
you forgot to add Lee Harvey Oswald, Jimmy Carter and the ghost of Margaret Thatcher to the list
Congratulations to former President Jimmy Carter on being cancer free! 💙
Did you see the results of ex-pres Jimmy Carter's brain tumor and some new drug he was using. Something to look into!
Jimmy Carter announces he's now cancer free following brain tumor treatment
Report: Jimmy Carter says cancer is 'gone' via
love love love that there is a competition that pits Amy Poehler vs Jimmy Carter vs Janice Ian. Killer Mortal Combat bonus level.
An insightful story on how former American President, Jimmy Carter battled Cancer & how old age was a boon for him.
I think I like the "Jimmy Carter kept teaching Sunday School in cancer treatment" Christian more than the "Kill terrorist's …
Research in Israel led to the drug Keytruda, which was given to Jimmy Carter to treat his brain cancer:
The melanoma immunotherapy drug pharmac just refused to fund is the same one that saved Jimmy Carter.
R common vision of free & just society is R greatest source of cohesion, greater than the bounty of material blessings. Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter told church today his experimental treatment has worked and he is cancer free
Former President Jimmy Carter in complete remission from melanoma with mets to brain and liver s/p Keytruda + rad
"Jimmy Carter announces he is cancer-free & PUTZ has BOUGHT With SECRET Slush Fund. .
BREAKING: Jimmy Carter's grandson: Former president says no cancer was detected in his latest scan.
Thank you Jimmy Carter for the explosion of Islamic fundamentalism.
Of course Jimmy Carter's brain cancer is gone. It had nowhere to spread.
Maduro is said to be worth 1.2 billion dollars , Where's the devil Jimmy Carter ? Satan
lets take a picture of something so it looks like we have a clue what we're doing. Get out the Jimmy Carter playbook!
So true. Not only would runner-up Jimmy Carter know this is Islamic terrorism -- but Amy Carter would too!
Obama really scared those terrorists after that climate change meeting. He makes Jimmy Carter look like a saint!
It appears to me they are Soul Family and Jimmy Carter is Eternal (meaning he can body hop at will).
quite aware, however had to be done. Paul Rhodes was the Jimmy Carter of football coaches, nicest guy, but terrible at his job
"I am Sir Emeka Offor from Nigeria and I would like to send you $10 million." Jimmy Carter accepts
Everything was just fine then, with Walter Mondale and Jimmy Carter in office. Since then it's been like WWIII, to move forward. True.
Happy Birthday GEJ. You took our democracy to the next level. Little wonder Jimmy Carter refer to you as the symbol of Democr…
Just like every chicken hawk member of congress All bluster w/o substance ain't Jimmy Carter and Trump is no Reagan
Barack Obama Hussein is the worst President ever from USA , even no match with Jimmy Carter !.
All purpose parts banner
Obama is literally the WORST president in history.Jimmy Carter was better than him.
is the weakest president we've ever had. Jimmy Carter is officially off the hook
Obama is the most anti-military President in history. He makes Jimmy Carter look like a blood thirsty hawk. Cowards do that.
Obama has broken the record as the "Worst" president in history so Jimmy Carter can thank Obama for taking his record!
Obama will go down in history as our worst President. He makes Jimmy Carter look fierce
Jimmy Carter was so glad when Obama was elected. He got to pass the title of 'worst president' off to him.
NEWS FASH!!!. BHO; most dangerous president for the USA since Jimmy Carter... That is all.
"Jimmy Carter rabbit incident" on President Carter attacked by killer rabbit
Obama is the worst President in our history. Worse than Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and Andrew Johnson.
Obama is the worst President since Jimmy Carter - amazing both are Nobel Prize winners! Sadly trashes that once noble award.
- I would even take Jimmy Carter as President at this point!
Jimmy Carter is the best President of my lifetime.
“The president of Bolivia is a close personal friend of mine.” - Jimmy Carter
President Obama and Jimmy Carter: The only two presidents that found a way to make the French look strong.
“Ok, NOW can we declare the worst president in our history??”. – Jimmy Carter
Who could have ever imagined that one day a President would come along that makes Jimmy Carter look like a foreign policy genius?
Worst president we've ever had. That includes Jimmy Carter!
Jimmy Carter is happy with you presidency. At last he is no longer considered the most incompetent president in history.
Obama has passed Jimmy Carter as worse president ever.
Nov 10, 1980 Jimmy Carter was President, Dallas was the top tv show, Blondie had the song and I began my police car…
I NEVER thought I'd see a president so poltroon that he would actually make Jimmy Carter look intrepid!
The last US President that behaved like he was defeated, dispirited, unable to cope? Jimmy Carter. Obama ithe modern Jimmy
It's official! Jimmy Carter has been outdone and has lost the title of "Worst President In American History."
TIL Jimmy Carter was the first President to be born in a hospital.
Biggest *** clown President in history. Jimmy Carter is a happy man
This make me so sad! Jimmy Carter,you are not longer the worse president of U.S.
Congrats !!! And happy Birthday to Dylan's dad and our Booster Club President, Jimmy Carter! https:…
He is the worst president I have EVER seen besides Jimmy Carter, Obama just keeps making BAD decisions for The United States
Please join us tomorrow for the launch of Dr Daniel Strieff's new book: Jimmy Carter and the Middle East
If it all goes south in 2016 will Hillary Clinton be the Walter Mondale defending Jimmy Carter's handling of the Hostages..
Heard on radio: this president makes Jimmy Carter look like John Wayne
You KNOW it's bad when Jimmy Carter says THIS about Obama - Allen B. West -
Jimmy Carter, patron saint of P/C insurance per Tongue FIRMLY in cheek 😀
makes Jimmy Carter look great on foreign policy.
Bette Midler, Nathan Lane, Uzo Aduba, Jimmy Carter, Patti Labelle, and Tevin Campbell are all friends in my head lol
So you think Jimmy Carter and Ban Ki Moon "hope Assad wins"?
Former President Jimmy Carter is doing well on cancer treatment
Just in: Former US President Jimmy Carter says doctors found no evidence of new cancer growth.
Faith in God pays off: Former President Jimmy Carter shows ... |
To the guy on the website saying Jimmy Carter should hurry up and die, I hope you get Lou Gherig's disease, you redneck piece of trash.
.Jimmy Carter's cancer stopped spreading & is "responding well to treatment"
Which one is Jimmy Carter and which is Ted Kennedy?
Doctors say Jimmy Carter's cancer has stopped spreading and the ex-prez is "responding well to treatment."
Ted Kennedy, by your metric, is a disloyal Democrat for running against Jimmy Carter. Excellent point.
The survey says: Jimmy Carter has had ‘the best post-presidency’ | Political Insider blog
Remember that Jimmy Carter and John Kennedy was DEEPLY religious.People CAN separate their religion from govt/laws.
The great Walter Williams is on Cspan saying "Oh dear/Pres Obama is just like Jimmy Carter trying to stand up for peace/ how dumb" etc etc!
they even kill to get there way with people ie. Kennedy . Jimmy Carter just left , ect..
In case anyone still wonders why Jimmy Carter is one of my heroes:
Likely that Jimmy Carter lost to Ronald Reagan because he refused to be on the first it was just Reagan & Jo…
Georgia's own Pres. Jimmy Carter helped people in need of a home in Memphis today. Carter is 91 & has brain cancer. https:…
Remember 2009 when Jimmy Carter calls Rep. Wilson's outburst racist?. Well Outted him as a member of the Klan. h…
Today in History: James A. Garfield(1880), Harry S Truman(1948), Jimmy Carter(1976) are elected and North/South Dakota become states(1889).
He looks like Jon Cryer and Jimmy Carter. So we just got seated and he's gotten out of the aisle twice.
After vowing to end two wars, Obama leaves three Jimmy Carter is thankful he is no longer worst President Ever
Ben Carson, Black Conservative I like Carson but I liked Jimmy Carter too and he did not do very well as president.
Time for Republican President. YOU decide who. Maybe Obama means well but it just isn't working(see economy under Jimmy Carter).
"last time I played beer pong Jimmy Carter was president"
Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the United States, was the first American president to be born in a hospital.
Jimmy Carter to participate in Memphis home-building project...
Update your maps at Navteq
TIL that Jimmy Carter's mother and Motown's Barry Gordy, Jr. are related.
doesn't Ben make the Donald look like Jimmy Carter?
Jimmy Carter plants one on wife Rosalynn during Kiss Cam (Video)
Jimmy Carter had to deal with Billy Carter. It looks like the Bush family has a "Billy" also.
John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and George Bush all served in the Navy during …
After Netanyahu's apologia for Hitler, it's Jimmy Carter with an article on "why my friend Bashar's okay really...
Back in the Homeland: Interfax 16:37 (Moscow time)... Moscow hopes Ashton Carter will follow Jimmy Carter's exampl…
"If you think that one person can't make a difference, you're wrong, particularly young people." ~ Jimmy Carter
Moscow hopes Ashton Carter will follow Jimmy Carter's example on question of providing data on ISIL positions in Syria.
"Raise your hand if you're excited for the Rapid City College Fair!" - Jimmy Carter and Wade.
is that Fidel Castro sitting next to Jimmy Carter? Love it. And is that Maggie? she was a disco queen! my soul hurts
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis & Jimmy Carter (about to run against Ted Kennedy) at JFK Library opening 35 yrs ago today: http…
Bob Ryan looks like a combination of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.
famous visitors include JFK, Bob Hope, Jimmy Carter, and the Beatles.
How is Jimmy Carter and a Jimmy Carter bobble head alike? . They both give a deer in the headlights look, and bob their heads.
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Because the fraud began with Jimmy Carter and was advanced by Bill Clinton. Look up "red lining" and "Community Reinv…
- Jimmy Carter: "America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense, it is the other way around. Human rights invented America."
Beyond the White House by Jimmy Carter (2007, Hardcover, 1st Edition 1st Print)
Securitization of debt pooled into bonds caused the collapse. Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act then Clinton' policies
Woe is me Jimmy Carter gave away Panama Canal. Obama gives away Middle East. Wonder what Hillary will give other than our uranium
Martin O'Malley is a strange mix of JFK and Jimmy Carter
Does anyone else think Martin O'Malley sounds like Jimmy Carter?
"Playboys' interviews Martin Luther King,MalcolmX and Jimmy Carter transformed it into a culturally and politically significant publication"
I remember when Larry Flint hooked up with Jimmy Carter's sister and that didn't sell very well either! Good Luck!!
Another Obama landmark! Iran's been holding Rezaian longer than it held the hostages it took under Jimmy Carter.
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy Carter snubs Bill and Hillary Clinton at the Obama Inauguration
I was invited to the dinner by Arsenal and sat on a table in between ex Arsenal players Jimmy Carter and John Matthews.
Jimmy Carter mulls over creating a Department of Education:
John Paul II is the first to visit the White House 1979. With Jimmy Carter via
Last time a candidate NICED his way to the White House we got Jimmy Carter. I don't want another "Can't we all just get a…
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Jimmy Carter to mediate dispute among Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s children over his Bible, Nobel Prize:
Jimmy Carter: 'We never dropped a bomb. We never fired a bullet. We never went to war'
🇺🇸🙏🏼 Sadly, Jimmy Carter is beginning to look good,. Now that's, scary.
Job participation rate is lowest since 1977, when Jimmy Carter was President. It's official. Obama=Worst President EVER
Happy 91st Bday to our 39th Pres. This peanut farmer from GA graduated from the Naval Academy, & is a Nobel Peace Prize winner: Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter, a former American president and winner of a Nobel peace prize, turns 91 today
Had a good time in Jimmy Carter's presidential library and museum. Now to explore Atlanta.
October is a big month for presidential birthdays: John Adams, Rutherford Hayes, Chester Arthur, TR, Ike & Jimmy Carter.
Happy bday to former Pres. Jimmy Carter! Pictured here in in 1978.
Let me think about it. Off the top of my head: Jimmy Carter's latest book very good as was Chris Bowen's book on treasurers.
Did you meet Jimmy Carter in Benton Harbor Michigan at a Habitat for humanity project back in the day?
You can negotiate anything. Thank you, Jimmy Carter & Barack Hussein Obama.
Kudos to Former President Jimmy Carter for going to Nepal on behalf of Habitat For Humanity.
Some cheery news for you: Jimmy Carter says he'll still visit Nepal this autumn for Habitat for Humanity.
Jimmy Carter is 90 on Thursday. Here's 1990 video of him with Habitat for Humanity via
Jimmy Carter to join Nepal project with Habitat for Humanity:
Doctors OK Jimmy Carter trip to Nepal on Habitat for Humanity mission
"Will you join my cabinet as Secretary of Sneakers?" Jimmy Carter hands Ben Gray 1st place running trophy
Jimmy Carter is a man the founding fathers would recognize
Jimmy Carter says this is the secret to his nearly 70-year marriage
Set your tivos, y'all. Jimmy Carter sits down with Sunday night 7pm.
Jimmy Carter says democracy is dead: You need at least $200 million to run for president of US ‘oligarchy’
"We forget the Left despised Jimmy Carter for his conservatism, particularly fiscally. Ted Kennedy challenged him after all."
5 times Jimmy Carter proved the haters wrong . Number two alone is amazing. .
Interestingly, Roger Olson claims that he believes Jimmy Carter to be the only true Christian president that the U.S. has had to date.
.. "The President is lurching from crisis to crisis.". Said by Ted Kennedy. About Jimmy Carter.
Ted Kennedy accomplished more for liberalism than Jimmy Carter did. That's a career lesson Ted Cruz may wish to ponder.
Jimmy Carter grabs his wife for a big smooch on &Cam&at Braves game
Former US President Jimmy Carter caught-out on Kiss Cam
Jimmy Carter speeches are a reminder of how far America has shifted to the Right - In These Times
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Today in 1976 presidential candidate Jimmy Carter confided in a Playboy interview that he had committed “lust in his heart”.
Philbin is the Jimmy Carter of coaching...
.explains why Jimmy Carter couldn't win today's South
I admire Jimmy Carter so much for all he has done since he left the White House. He is an amazing human being.
"Hi I'm BCS Era Alabama and I have DirecTV". "Hi I'm College Football Playoff Era Alabama and I have cable"
in 1976 Playboy magazine released its controversial interview with Jimmy Carter.
Former President Jimmy Carter is currently undergoing treatment for brain cancer and intends not to change his...
Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn's Kiss Cam smooch is the sweetest thing you'll see today
"The U.S. is an Oligarchy with unlimited political bribery" - via
This why i hate comming to jimmy carter lmaooo hella cops
You look too young to know about Jimmy Carter.
Ted Cruz wants to make U.S. forget that Reagan stole Jimmy Carter's presidency w secret back room deal trading arms for host…
the disease doesn't mean stop living. # Jimmy Carter you are my inspiration of a great God bless you …
Me: "Chip is in charge of player personal too, he controls everything like a tyrant". Grandpa: "Sounds a lot like Jimmy Carter to me"
Jimmy Carter continues teaching Sunday School, despite cancer: The former president has been t...
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Willie Nelson Definitely Smoked Weed on the Roof of the White House with Jimmy Carter's Son - VICE .Nice!!!
Jimmy Carter's Kiss Cam moment is par for the course
Playboy Magazine released Jimmy Carter's interview that he lusts for women 39 years ago today. "Committed adultery in my heart many times,"
Jimmy Carter, to me, stands alone among presidents in his disenchantment with many of America's bankrupt values.
Rock Calendar 9-20-76: In a Playboy interview, presidential nominee Jimmy Carter says "I've committed adultery in my heart many times" ?
Jimmy Carter gets to first base at Braves game.
Rosalynn was born in the house next door to Jimmy Carter. Now, nearly a century later...
.Jimmy Carter had his brother Billy. Bill Clinton has Hillary.
Donald J. Trump is good friends with Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter,.
The only thing better than Jimmy Carter on the would have been Bill Clinton.
Roll up to the club like who wants to talk about what if Ted Kennedy had beat Jimmy Carter in the 1980 democratic primary?
I see your Jimmy Carter at a baseball game, and I raise you a Bill Clinton at a hip LA coffee shop via /r/pics …
Bernie Sanders is Ted Kennedy and this is 1980, with Clinton starring in the role of Jimmy Carter. (
Jimmy Carter does something Donald Trump hasn't done since his 30s -- kiss an age-appropriate woman.
Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have convinced me they are Christian. But Pelosi, Hillary, and Obama are stone cold atheists.
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Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton brought us Peace in the Middle East. .
Former President Jimmy Carter, battling cancer, gave his wife a smooch on the Kiss Cam. (via
Kiss Cam just showed Jimmy Carter, and he planted one on Rosalynn. So this night now has a highlight.
Fun Fact of the Day: Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush all share...
Can you image Jimmy Carter having a replica of US One at his Carter Center? I've said all I might.
Flashback: when Jimmy Carter was a pawn for David Rockefeller
Jimmy Carter handles cancer with humor at public QA: The satellite trucks were not at the Carter Center in record…
This is good. Every film Jimmy Carter watched while he was US President (including Star Wars with Anwar Sadat!)
: ) Hunter S. Thompson recalls a speech by Jimmy Carter on Bob Dylan and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thank you Jimmy Carter & BHO for completely screwing up in Iran. Enlist -> Act now. .
Jimmy Carter might be the last progressive Evangelical standing.
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