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Jimmy Carter

James Earl Jimmy Carter, Jr. (born October 1, 1924) is an American politician who served as the 39th President of the United States (1977–1981) and was the recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, the only U.S.

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got me emosh when he told me he was Jimmy Carter in the playground when he was young
just like Jimmy Carter did with Iranians during the iran crisis. It's not really a new concept.
Poor Jimmy Carter - he is no longer the worst POTUS ever. Join us & enlist in the USFA at
Jimmy Carter was right. The differences mounted to 20% and more in some precincts. Imagine when indies are included.
A New Cancer Drug Shows Even More Promise: Longer term data extends the good news about the immunotherapy drug that stopped Jimmy Carter’s …
A rave review in the CSM for 'Jimmy Carter in Africa'
Rudi Giulani pro-choice NYC Mayor endorsed Trump Jimmy Carter the "worthless one"&Harry Reid the scum both said they favor…
If you think born again Christian Jimmy Carter was left of Obama, you weren't there and haven't read much.
“Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries.” -Jimmy Carter
Yes it is. It was built there during the administration of Jimmy Carter. What did you think of the first episode?
If you think political outsiders are effective change agents in DC, I'd like you to meet 1-term failed President Jimmy Carter.
Obama wanted to be JFK but ended up as Jimmy Carter.
I first voted for Jimmy Carter but if changing independent GETS as POTUS, COUNT ME IN!.
How scary is it when a former president says we are no longer in a democracy? Jimmy Carter says US is an Oligarchy (rich r…
Former US President, Jimmy Carter once almost punched ex-President of South Africa, Mbeki because he was refusing to treat AIDs.
Trump donated to Jimmy Carter in his bid for president in 1979.
Jimmy Carter: Hillary did little while SoS to bring about peace
"When Secretary Clinton was Secretary of State, she took very little action to bring about peace." —Jimmy Carter https…
ya poor Bernie he only gets moral endorsers like Jimmy Carter and Tulsi Gabbard and Robert Reich and the people. https:…
Billy Graham's son and Jimmy Carter are both known for their devotion to CHRISTIANITY . Both have announced won't vote fo…
Agree Mark, but Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson are right up there too!
This site probably win the hallowed Noble Peace Prize. In the hallowed tradition of Barak Obama & Jimmy Carter.
Trump and his family supported Jimmy Carter over Ronald Reagan, along with numerous radical left wing figures such as Clinton, Pelosi, Reid.
Former POTUS Jimmy Carter dismisses Hillary Clinton's State Department work & notes what little she did as…
That worked so well over the past 8 years. You are delusional. Trump gave money to Charles Rangel and Jimmy Carter!
Who was the first U.S. president to throw an opening-day pitch?. Abraham Lincoln. William Howard Taft. John F. Kennedy. Jimmy Carter
Trump supported Clinton in 2008 , he also supported Jimmy Carter , John Kerry .donated to Pelosi, Reid and Schumer.
Took the personality test and I got Diplomat/Advocate like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Nicole Kidman, Jimmy Carter..
Jimmy Carter sacrificed his presidency to handle the Iran hostage crisis. They ALL came home on Reagan's inauguration day.
“Jimmy Carter signed the executive order that created the Federal Emergency Management Agency” Today in 1979
Obama is the best thing to happen to Jimmy Carter since Rosalynn.
Humphrey was a sitting Vice President and Kennedy was a serious contender against Jimmy Carter
Do you know who was Georgia's governor AFTER Jimmy Carter won the presidency? .
Maybe that little bird wanted to remind Bernie what happened when voted against Jimmy Carter and George McGovern.
Jimmy Carter; Bill Clinton; George Bush; and Barack Obama have many faults. So what! They made it through!
You mean in '20? Defeating an incumbent POTUS is double tough. If Ted Kennedy couldn't do it against Jimmy Carter in 1980...
You know who else had a good business background? George W Bush. And Jimmy Carter. And Herbert Hoover.
Sorry Juan Bill Clinton is no longer the most popular or liked president, downt 38%. George W. Bush,-52% followed by Jimmy Carter.
Pres. Jimmy Carter no longer needs cancer treatment thx to innovative medication supported by Dream Teams
Obama needs to accept that his legacy of failure will eclipse that of Jimmy Carter. Kennedy wouldn't be a Dem now.
probably the same age as you Mike! I remember when Jimmy Carter was president!
Always keep an open mind and heart Jimmy Carter (born 1924) 39th US Pres, Nobel Peace Prize
Fidel once trusted Jimmy Carter like Raul is now trusting Obama. But the CIA is involved underground
I guess we can blame George McGovern and Jimmy Carter for being "too progressive" that one time in the 70's
Jimmy Carter: "The U.S. is now an oligarchy in which unlimited political bribery has created a complete subversion of ou…
In 1976 race, George Wallace got more votes in Massachusetts Democratic primary than Jimmy Carter.
I'm backgrounding the Dali Lama and Jimmy Carter to verify if what you say is true.
Traffic lights are out at the intersections of Peachtree Industrial Blvd. and Holcomb Bridge and Peachtree Industrial Blvd. and Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter was all about details/Ronald Reagan and Eisenhower were not. Give me Ike and Ron
I guess there's no more important point for Republicans than the fact that Jimmy Carter endorses him
2. On the other hand 7 Nobel Peace Prize winners said I deserved their prizes. Also, ask Jimmy Carter what he thinks of me and peace. 3. I
Cruz saying Trump loses to Clinton in polls ? - Jimmy Carter led Ron Reagan 60 to 31 in March 1980
I’m sure Jimmy Carter was told to smile more, too.
Jimmy Carter in why he left the Southern Baptist Convention.
. History says: . Obama and Kerry and Bill Richardson and Jimmy Carter will Write him a check. .
In the last 100 years only Presidents George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Ge...
Caught the fabulous Bass legend Jimmy Carter unexpectedly along with Tim and Gary rocking away on drums and keys...
Jimmy Carter is the least relevant living ex-president in the history of the republic.
when they boast about being hyper religious, it is time to count your spoons. said when Jimmy Carter was running for Pres
Only in the mind of a Trumpanzee are Bob Dole & Jimmy Carter great endorsements but MIke Lee & Steven King RINO's.
I recall in 1978 lots of protesters across from Conrad Hilton for Pres. Jimmy Carter too...I still shook his hand.
Pres. Jimmy Carter discusses the Supreme Courts decision w us:
Fun fact: John Anderson took enough Alabama votes from Jimmy Carter in 1980 to tip the state to Ronald Reagan.
in 1980, Ted Kennedy primaried Pres Carter 'from the left'. Bizarre narrative was that Jimmy Carter was too c…
But imagine a world where Jimmy Carter was the fourth judge on American Idol. Simon, Paula, Randy and former president: Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter is a first ballot Hall of Farmer.
picture this: heroes like aaron rodgers can hand in wisconsin's big bag of votes on TV and Jimmy Carter can carry them for Georgia
Robert Reich served Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter and was Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997.
The new cancer drugs that saved Jimmy Carter are giving people years of extra life
Trump donated money to Hillary Clinton and her “Foundation,” to Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter reveals he no longer needs cancer treatment
Hi Paul you need to get in touch with Jimmy Carter & take the medications he took to remove the cancer. Regards Jay
Spokeswoman: Jimmy Carter no longer needs cancer treatment
Jimmy Carter no longer needs cancer treatment, spokeswoman says:
Jimmy Carter shares his good news: The news keeps getting better for former President Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter's exposure to nuclear danger
Jimmy Carter says he'd prefer Trump to Cruz. Trump is "maleable"
Jimmy Carter burger at the Rookery. Bacon and peanut butter.
half the time I can't tell the difference between Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton lol
North Korea is arming their nuclear devices. Thank you Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Oh yeah right let's get Hillary in ne…
You cannot care about conservative Justices & support Jimmy Carter, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry like Donald Trump
I have no idea what my IQ is. It was not sufficient to keep me from voting for Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton!
Bill Clinton was one cool president. I would love to hang out with him, and also with Jimmy Carter but for different reasons ;-)
*** yes Obama is the worst President ever. *** Obama is even worse than Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. And they...
GOP Sees Ghost of Jimmy Carter - US News from 2012 Remeber this guy loves trump.
Obama plans to reside in D.C? Obama planning to run again in 2020. Used up Presidents are dead weight like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter?
What does republicanism and more importantly the conservative movement look like post Trump?. Jimmy Carter...
Nor did Obama, Bill or Hillary, John McCain, Jimmy Carter. etc Trump is a TROLL, looks&acts like one. He will betray the ppl
Bill Clinton,Obama nation foreign policy been a disaster for America.Jimmy Carter was a joke congress wouldn't let Nixon do his job
in my alternate reality of Justice, Brooks is chained to a boulder by Elvis where an eagle w/ Jimmy Carter's face eats his liver
Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter, who strongly dislikes the Clintons, is silent...
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Reminds me of '76 Julian Bond TNR: why we must stop Jimmy Carter. Grabbed it - but no why s!
Jimmy Carter was the best ever president of the USA. As a peacemaker and as a man with a caring, social conscience he doesn't get the credit
Jimmy Carter only became stronger after Soviets invaded Afghanistan and Iranian Embassy Fiasco
Yes, but wasn't Jimmy Carter's urging Americans to explore alternative energy one of the key reasons he lost the 1980 election?
What is Cruz saying? His speech puts the last nail in his coffin. He's flat out lying, Jimmy Carter?
that's how we got Jimmy Carter, Stu
In good company with Jimmy Carter, Gweneth Paltrow and Coldplay (!)
BUt you don't mind Dirty Harry Reed & Jimmy Carter preferring over a Cruz presidency, eh?
So John Moores, currently in south America w Jimmy Carter, misses out. Suspect it won't be the last time we hear from him & Charles Noell
Jimmy Carter says he's "malleable". He is. He's changed on every position he's held and has lied about the changes too.
because Harry Reid & Jimmy Carter want to be our nominee!
The last Dem prez candidate 2 win Texas was Jimmy Carter n 1976. Let's not repeat that ht…
Don't you dare bash Jimmy Carter, Ted. That man is a saint, and not just because he's friends with the Allman Brothers Band.
Jimmy Carter endorses Prince Ali for FIFA top spot. Read:
To review: Trump has been lavishly praised by Planned Parenthood, the KKK, skinheads, Jimmy Carter, Putin, and the MSNBC…
Electronic Device Insurance
“I find him to be vigorous, intelligent,… and in charge of the decisions about this country.” Jimmy Carter on Kim Il Sung
Jimmy Carter: "FIFA needs a president with credibility, commitment & the right values. I believe that someone is Prince Ali"
I don't know. But it's not gonna be Jimmy Carter, Neugebauer or Greg Garrett. So we all win.
a few of names look made up. I suspect Jimmy Carter thought Cassius Clay was standing not Prince Ali however
HOWARD the DUCK Jimmy Carter appearance from Jan. 1977 in VF+ condition
Pat Caddell, Jimmy Carter's former strategist and pollster, says the Clinton Foundation 'Clinton Cash' scandal is... http…
North Main Street, which hasn't been updated since Jimmy Carter was in the White House, is about to get an update
Obama will go down in history as the most hated president to ever be elected & now taking the place of Jimmy Carter
*** supported Jimmy Carter. That needs to be exploited. 2nd worst president in my lifetime.
Prince Ali backed for FIFA president by Jimmy Carter. . The ex-US president doesn't have a vote
Yep, I think Jimmy Carter is the best one- term president alive!
Former President Jimmy Carter says US is an “oligarchy with unlimited political bribery.”
I've been critical of President Obama, but I will say that he seems like a great guy. I hope he "Jimmy Carter's it" when he's out of there.
Jimmy Carter backs Prince Ali for FIFA President (no word on Boris/
Imagine if Billy Carter had made it to the White House and Jimmy Carter never won a primary. That’s basically what happened to the Bush fam.
.Clinton didn't spend the first two primaries saying Jimmy Carter caused Iran hostage crisis and was a disaster
in '76, Jimmy Carter famously said, "I will not lie to you." Hill cannot say she won't
Jimmy Carter has more Grammys than Katy Perry and Diana Ross
in 2000 Jimmy Carter said Bill& taking donations from pardoned Marc Rich, was "disgraceful". Jimmy Carter!
People gathering in the auditorium at Plains High School Museum where Jimmy Carter will make his President's Day remarks.
Folks coming into plains high school for Presidents' Day event with Jimmy Carter
I've heard of at least six or seven acts up for this year -- but mainly I'm intrigued by Jimmy Carter vs. Amy Poehler.
Harry Reid & Jimmy Carter both like Trump? Well that's two more reasons to vote for Cruz! .
In all honesty though I think Trump is a secret liberal. His donations historically to Jimmy Carter and the Clintons...His opposing Iraq war
."[is the worst president we've had in 35 years. 35 years back would've made it Jimmy Carter."
Jimmy Carter in 1976 debate told Gerald Ford that “as far as foreign policy goes, Mr. Kissinger has been the President of …
Wait, Jimmy Carter invented the Ray Gun? No wonder he got a Peace Prize!
I thought when Jimmy Carter said Trump would work well with democrats that would have been the last nail in the coffin.
dont forget he gets praised by Piers Morgan, Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren, Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter inspires cancer legislation in Georgia
A bill named after Jimmy Carter has been introduced in the Georgia legislature. We'll explain the specifics...
Here are the alternative namesakes: Ida B. Wells, John Lewis, Andrew Young or Jimmy Carter
"Bernie's too old" "Jimmy Carter is 92+still building houses for the poor. He's younger than the Rolling Stones+Paul McCartney. *** too old"
Jimmy Carter: I would choose Donald Trump over Ted Cruz'. Well, being a former Prez I'd expect him to wanna 'Buy American'
Jimmy Carter laid out policies that we now look back at and say, 'Gee, that...
Everyone, from Jimmy Carter to Paul Johnson to Phillip Glass. This is very basis knowledge. you have been lied to.
while we're at it, let's blame the Community Reinvestment Act signed by Jimmy Carter.
I do not appreciate the new Jimmy Carter of the Senate. His name is James Lankford and is a rhino. Wants Jackson off the 20 dollar bill.
Only 3 have ever won Iowa AND the Election: Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush and Pres. Barack Obama.
For those living in GBR BBC Huw Edwards interview with former US President Jimmy Carter at 1715GMT, compared to fading Hillary a giant
Jimmy Carter: US campaign funding is 'legal bribery'
Jimmy Carter's a breath of fresh air. Can he make a comeback?
Jimmy Carter on -Presidential candidates have to raise $100-200m just for primary. The American people are worse off b/e of this
Jimmy Carter appears to be such a fundamentally decent person it's astonishing he was ever a US President.
"it was Jimmy Carter who revolutionized the role that the Hawkeye State would play in presidential politics.
Didn't ur board say Jimmy Carter also won both Iowa &NH so why do u keep saying only Gore & Kerry.trump ha made u all stupid.
Can you be "another Reagan" if you actually donated money to try to help Jimmy Carter & Walter Mondale beat Reagan?
Jimmy Carter started the attack against oil companies:
Jimmy Carter's state visit to Nigeria in 1977 was the first state visit by an acting USA President in Africa.
I am here to help you with any issues friend. -Jimmy
Cruz: Obama degraded our military just like under Jimmy Carter, degraded morale the same.
Carly Fiorina talked about zero-based budgeting at Here's what it is
Folks, recall the last religious presidents we elected - Jimmy Carter and GWB. 'Nuf said. Just say no to Ted Cruz.
And according to the same source the Trump Foundation gave twice that (2 %) to the Carter Foundation (Jimmy Carter)
Make sure you check out US President Jimmy Carter's thoughts about it as he has lost a majority of his family to it.
Jimmy Carter's daughter-in-law to speak at Orland Park library on Feb. 9:
Been looking through our signed books category and found, among others: Noel Coward, President Jimmy Carter and Benjamin Britten
Ive not been this excited about a Presidential election since 1980 when Reagan beat Jimmy Carter,
ethanol subsidies started under President Jimmy Carter, hardly a president known for policies that Republicans like.
Jimmy Carter is probably very happy to pay $150,000 for his cancer drug
"Jimmy Carter was one, but it didn’t mean much in his administration." Isn't that idea fundamentally flawed?
On in 1979, Deng Xiaoping and Jimmy Carter sign accords. Read via just paper for the rich
The truth, not just from a former President, but a man who's time here on earth is limited (cancer and age). Turn...
Obama is Jimmy Carter's best friend. He made Carter the second worst President ever.
Carson is a conservative Jimmy Carter, twisting canned answers to fit questions
Thank you Jimmy Carter for being such a puss,... Just like the one in office now!
In the end, true justice is not a matter of courts & law books, but of a commitment in each of us to liberty & mutual respect. . Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter was a great President,never got the credit he since is superb
Leave it to Obama to follow the Jimmy Carter model, the same one that gave us 30 years of terror and war.
Now if you could just do that for the rest of your quality years (5 or so) u could redeem your life just like Jimmy Carter
History has vindicated Jimmy Carter, but republicans still can’t grasp his high morals
Jan. 29, 1979: Deng Xiaoping hoisted by Jimmy Carter while on historic visit to the US. | via
Perhaps Hillary would be better off using Jimmy Carter instead of Bill?
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter shares the Legacy of Love at
EXCLUSIVE: Former President Jimmy Carter says he's not cancer-free: 'I'm still taking treatments': via
Jimmy Carter commuted the sentence of Patty Hearst 37 years ago today.
Did Ted Cruz really attack former President Jimmy Carter? The man has just been battling cancer, Have some respect you u…
We’ve never eradicated a parasitic disease before. is close to changing that:
JIMMY CARTER against is the world's most pervasive violation https…
As I consider my vote, I am thinking about what the candidates would do AFTER they serve as POTUS. Pres. Jimmy Carter is a s…
"America did not invent human right. zn a very realzssnse,human rights inventedmAmerica." Jimmy Carter
I liked a video 1980 Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter Presidential Debate Oct 28
Be spirited! -> "Spirit is like the wind, in that we can’t see it but can see its effects, which are profound." - Jimmy …
Love him or hate him... You kind of have to admit President Jimmy Carter is right on this. Wouldn't you agree?...
."Just like Jimmy Carter... undermined our ability to defend this country, so too has Barack Obama."
"America did not invent human right. In a vwry real sense,human rimhts invented America." Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter had zero vision, chief..
Rubio: our navy is two dinghies and a biplane. Cruz: I will kill Jimmy Carter tomorrow.
Gwinnett PD investigating double homicide in pool area of The Arbors at Jackson Creek subdivision off Jimmy Carter.
"We should live our lives as though Christ were coming this afternoon.". by Jimmy Carter
According to data -- Donald most popular Republican in America. Ted's negatives as high as Jimmy Carter's in 1980.
Is this like how when I was a little girl Jimmy Carter was the antichrist and the Beast was some Brussels big iron?
Obama is viewed as worse than Jimmy Carter. Ouch.
Tony Benn held high office in this country, Jimmy Carter in the US, further afield there was Mandela and Ghandi
Today in 1977: Charlie Daniels and The Marshall Tucker Band play together at Jimmy Carter's inauguration.
Jerry spoke words of truth: WE ARE NOT ELECTING A PASTOR, look what happened with Jimmy Carter!
why didn't they fine Jimmy Carter & Bill Clinton & Janet Reno for demanding loans be made to people who couldn't pay them
1976 Jimmy Carter. Used to watch Miss Lillian & Billy on talk shows. Loved them.
Congrats a shame that Ken Taylor and Canadians do not get the credit due. . Jimmy Carter got it right! Those involved need the truth.
Jimmy Carter eats with his brother Billy Carter, Plains, Georgia, September 10, 1976.
Jimmy Carter eats with his brother, Billy Carter, during a campaign stop at …
last time Iran did this to US troops was under Jimmy Carter, democrats, especially Barry Soetero, unqualified for WH
Losing my religion for equality - dduane: Jimmy Carter severs his association with the Southern Baptists...
The good ole days down in Macon. Jimmy Carter, Phil Walden, Johnny Sandlin, and Dickey Betts.…
Chesty Puller, or Audie Murphy, or Odysseus, or Boudica, or Napoleon, or Leon Trotsky, or Marie Curie, or Jimmy Carter, or Black Widow
"I give you our 39th president, Jimmy Carter!". "Oh, come on!". "HE'S HISTORY'S GREATEST MONSTER!"
Accident, left lane blocked in on I-85 NB at Indian Trail Rd, stop and go traffic back to Jimmy Carter Blvd, delay of 5 mins
And for this reason, among many others, is why I am a supporter of He is the challenger. An outcast.
Kudos to arch-negotiators in their own minds, Jimmy Carter and John Kerry,for creating this unmitigated disaster
"We've decided to end our formal business relationship with Johnny," - Maverick Carter, LeBron's marketing agent
when was the last time an American Ambassador was killed? Oh yeah under another Democrap Jimmy Carter
Why like the one Jimmy Carter used are suddenly gaining traction.
Legendary war correspondent Peter Arnett discusses the world's flashpoints with Larry King!
Tomorrow: Free Beer! (samples anyway) Join us for Jimmy Carter Happy Hour at from 6-8 to try some delicious
Jimmy Carter and Ron Paul gets it right. History’s final word. So this is how history unfolds to refute the...
yep the liberals are at it again just like jimmy carter supporting the Ayatollah in Iran in the 80's and not the shah!
It will take 50 years to repair the damage Obama has done to the military. A repeat of Jimmy Carter but worse.
So thankful I don't have to open the next two days.
Jimmy Carter did the same thing in the 80's, when he banned Iranians based on a few radicals. Nobody blinked an eye on that.
This old footage of Mickey Mantle contains your dad's new favorite bat flip:
Did you know President Carter watched Star Wars at a secret meeting with Anwar Sadat?
Today in 1980: President Jimmy Carter authorizes legislation giving $1.5 billion in loans to bail out the Chrysler Corporation.
Donald Trump and Jimmy Carter have a similarity -. Non---stop changing of thoughts about policies
Jimmy Carter is the same man now that he was when elected. You were probably just ignorant of who you were voting for
I'll believe Jimmy Carter's brain cancer is gone when I hear it from someone who doesn't have brain cancer.
Funny, you are a Democrat I take it. I was a Democrat years ago til I grew up after the Jimmy Carter debacle!
Jimmy Carter was the last POTUS who wasn't an obvious serial killer.
ICYMI: op-ed from our leadership on the imperative of funding more research:
The post-presidency, as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have proved, is a win-win.
me too. I have a feeling he'll be like Jimmy Carter and have even more power over legislation outside the White House.
Jimmy Carter short-sheeted the Clinton administration. Here's my fave piece on it. "A treasonous *** .
Jimmy Carter says his cancer is gone # via HuffPostPol that is great news, inshAllah
Did you know that June Carter Cash was a cousin to President Jimmy Carter?
The worst POTUS in U.S. history surpassing even Jimmy Carter. Enlist -> Join us today.
Jimmy takes a look at the pros and cons of making a New Year's resolution:
Remember said he would run for and everyone believed him. The truth is Kanye couldn't afford it
You can't divorce religious belief and public service I've never detected any co...
Arrested development: How President Jimmy Carter stopped the first surge
"Americ did not in:ent human right. In a very real senye,human iights invented America." Jimmy Carter
"people said that I was naive or gullible and so forth. I don't think I was." Jimmy Carter re: his 1994 deal halting NK from having nukes.
"I think it's all roses now." President Clinton's envoy to North Korea, Jimmy Carter, on the 1994 agreement he secured for a nuke free NK
Q. Why did Jimmy Carter vote for Barack Obama? A. Because Jimmy didn't want to be the worst President in American hist…
Jimmy Carter leaves Southern Baptists: Losing my religion for equality via
If we can teach our children to honor 's gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever.--Jimmy Carter
and I voted for Jimmy Carter TWICE! :-( Too soon we get old, too late we get smart.
"Obama can then tour the world bad mouthing the country like Jimmy Carter"
Jimmy Carter must love Obama for taking the new worst president award. If he can even be called that anymore
Obama're the best US president with Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter - Congratulations -
Shall we compare him to Henry Ford, Henry Clay Frick, Jack Welch, Martin Luther King or Jimmy Carter. And, does it matter?
Slate Grp LLC, had Jimmy Carter as President with James Bagian (U.S. Dept of Vet Affairs) as Manager?
All purpose parts banner
But the cartoon drawings on the it just me or does Maxwell look like a cross between Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy?
Anyone interested in a wonderful definition of faith - read this piece by Leonard Pitts - "Jimmy Carter's Faith"
Losing my religion for equality As Christian, Jimmy Carter severs ties w Southern Baptist Convention after 6 decades
Between Obama's legacy and Jimmy Carter pain both inflicted on America for fiscal irresponsibility we can't continue
Oh believe me, I do NOT see Ted Kennedy OR Jimmy Carter as ANY kind of "hero".
It's how Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton won the presidency, by convincing as many people as possible that they care.
Hillary's been a 3rd rate Elizabeth Warren in her pre-presidency; Bill has been a 3rd rate Jimmy Carter in his post.
REALLY! $170.00 Obama didn't make the grade Clinton/ Bush/ Jimmy Carter/kennedy.
I've seen it before with candidates people were unfamiliar with, at first: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton (see graphic)
So heartbroken to hear about Jimmy Carter's grandson Jeremy's passing. My deepest condolences to the family at this difficul…
Every day Jimmy Carter burns candles to his>Yes we thought we could outdated poster, replacing him as Worst Prez Ever!
He reminds me of Jimmy Carter more than Kennedy. History has set an ominous precedent when it comes to men of conscience.
.😂😂😂 OK. Meanwhile, carry on. Remember that Ted Kennedy did same to Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush are the only presidents in the last 40 years to win the New Hampshire primary.
.Jimmy Carter or Iran should be footing that bill, not taxpayers.
The only president to make Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter look good by comparison and thats ding something
Jimmy Carter announces at Sunday school that his grandson Jeremy, died of mysterious illness
Jeremy Carter, grandson of Jimmy Carter, dies, coroner says: ...
Jimmy Carter's grandson has died, the former president said Sunday, NBC News reported. Carter, 91, made the announcement during his
Condoleezza to former U.S. President Jimmy Carter over the transition of his 28year old grandson, Jeremy
Had the answer been President Carter, should I have said Jimmy Carter or James Earl Carter?
Jimmy Carter's grandson dies suddenly at age 28
Debate-gate (1980 Reagan campaign got Jimmy Carter's debate briefing book) did nothing to mar the Gipper's legacy. h…
Jimmy Carter's grandson died at age 28 after suffering heart attack in front of his mothe…
Jimmy Carter shares grief over grandson’s death hours earlier with his church...
Jimmy Carter's grandson, Jeremy Carter, has died at 28: — Peopl…
Jimmy Carter told his church that his grandson, Jeremy Carter, 28, has died, according to the church's pastor.
Of course a President can ban any group of people he feels are a threat, here's Jimmy Carter doing it in 1980...
you'd make a worser president than Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter combined. Even Jeb Bush makes you look like a joke.
Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, and Harry S. Truman, and now Barack Obama have all majorly cut the deficit
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Would someone point out that both FDR and Jimmy Carter proposed temporary immigration bans for identifiable populations?
Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman, the two most honest men ever elected president.
it was begun under Jimmy Carter in the 1980's but ofc its been updated by every president since
Why Paul Volcker was key to Jimmy Carter's economic legacy via
Who's too old for treatment? Jimmy Carter shows age not always a barrier
Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski and the CIA backing of Afghan Islamists 1979.
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