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Jimmy Carter

James Earl Jimmy Carter, Jr. (born October 1, 1924) is an American politician who served as the 39th President of the United States (1977–1981) and was the recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, the only U.S.

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2 of 5 stars to The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer by Jimmy Carter
if '79 & Jimmy Carter is a lesson, will release the girls after May 29
Why would you oppose naming anything after Jimmy Carter?
Jimmy Carter actually wrote that suicide bombings should end only afte…
Standing ovation for Paul Robinson. Introduced to the crowd along with Les Briley, Brian Horne, Jimmy Carter, Tony Cascarino + Alan Walker.
guests on are to include Jimmy Carter, Christopher Nolan, among others. via:
That was the same deal that special envoy Jimmy Carter made with North Korea in 1994. Now, …
well, Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like Golda Meir
Archbishop Romero was murdered 35 years ago today by members of a U.S.-backed death squad. Who was president? Jimmy Carter,…
this is a John Fugelsang quote, not Jimmy Carter
"Jimmy Carter got exiled for calling Israel an apartheid state 9 years ago. Today Yousef Munayyer, Rula Jebreal...
Jimmy Carter had loads of potential. Mark Kennedy too.
Neil deGrasse Tyson's new show debuts next month; Jimmy Carter, Richard Dawkins and George Takei among first guests
Jimmy Carter went to college at the United States Naval Academy
Jimmy Carter's brother made "Billy Beer". It was perfect for St. Patricks Day as it tasted like chewing green hops and grass clippings.
Jimmy Carter in 1977: "We could use up all proven reserves of oil in the entire world by the end of the next decade" http…
Don't think for a moment that the Tea Party would have supported the likes of Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter.
President Gerald Ford presided over the American worst economy in 40 years. He lost his 're election in 1977 to Jimmy Carter.
A book that's positively reviewed by Mohammed Yunus, Richard Branson, Paul Volcker and Jimmy Carter will probably annoy you, Dave.
Jimmy Carter is right. Miranda looks fantastic in this video!!! You go Girl!
47 people babysitting a fraud of a president that makes Jimmy Carter look like he belongs on Mt Rushmore
See this on a letter from Jimmy Carter while Bush was President --->
Iran wants a deal, and they need it before Obama leaves office. No president in modern history other than Jimmy Carter is as naive as Obama
"Good people don't make good leaders. If that had been the case, Jimmy Carter would've been the best President." ~
Jimmy Carter lusted in his heart, and saw a UFO, and he was still a better President than Obama.
I would hope. Otherwise Jessie Jackson, Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi and a lot of others are in big trouble.
He's the Worst President this country has EVER had...more so than Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter was the creepiest president, and that's a fact.
Jimmy Carter in 1990, Biden while he was a senator, the list goes on, going around the president is a bipartisan tradition
Ask ex-president Jimmy Carter how much the Israeli extremists and their American brothers were against peace treaty with Egypt!
There's more: James Baker went to Iran and talked with hostage takers when Jimmy Carter …
Pat Caddell: worked for Jimmy Carter. . Says "This is a White House on Steroids!".
Those Republicans campaigned like John Wayne but governed like Jimmy Carter
.No accident hostages were released on day of Reagan's inauguration. Jimmy Carter was naval intelligence.
Awarding a peace prize to Yasir Arafat and Jimmy Carter didn't do it for you?
Didn't Jimmy Carter put the Ayatollah Khomeini back in power in Iran or in power and immediately mandatorily...
I take the Jimmy Carter view of politics separate church from state
Jimmy Carter once sent a jacket to the cleaners with the nuclear detonation codes still in the pocket.
What a privilege to meet former President and advocate for Human Rights Jimmy Carter today.
Q What is the difference between Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter? A Jimmy Carter waited until after the inauguration to break his promises. :)
A boy's sighting, to Jimmy Carter, to worry, 17th century Salem Quaker hysterics vs modernists, to premonition followers...what do you say?
What happen to who campaigned on defunding amnesty. Sounded like Duke Wayne but acted like Jimmy Carter
strand another runner (Carter walk). Jimmy Swad on the mound in B6, making his first collegiate appearance.
Jimmy Carter/Brezinski foreign policy kind of says it all...have we learned nothing about Iran???
Rick Perry-"We survived Jimmy Carter, we'll survive Obama too"
The only US president with actual knowledge of Wales was Jimmy Carter re Fishing in Ceredigion , Dylan Thomas ect..
Iran calls America the great Satan what is it American's don't get? Jimmy Carter built that too
All of the Presidents from Jimmy Carter on down have been in conflict with the Muslim World.
I'm really just about to explode and I don't care what anybody says.
you're not wrong and I was at the derby,just couldn't get my ed round him an jimmy carter in our shirts
We got in bed with Iran before ask Jimmy Carter how that worked out
Does Brazile understand the meaning of apartheid? Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter both described Israel's horrific apartheid
This is so true! I use to be a Pennsylvanian Democrat, After Jimmy Carter and a few others who in their right...
is an anti-Semite. Threatening to shoot down Israeli planes?! Weakest president since jimmy carter.
Jimmy Carter turned me into a Republican in 1980
I was 5 when The Hustle was popular and at the time, for some reason, I thought my friend's dad was Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter gets a bad rap!! He was far more effective than what he's given in press. Ask Egypt & Israel !
Holding the signatures of royalties as Princess Diana, presidents as Jimmy Carter, celebrities as Elizabeth Taylor, and more...
Jimmy Carter. Imho, an excellent human being, the worst president during my lifetime
really? Celebrating a known anti Semite Jimmy Carter? Pathetic.
Thanks for ruining my Sunday with Jimmy Carter interview.
Why do we send Jimmy Carter to other countries to observe their elections? Why don't they send observers here?
Former President Jimmy Carter once worked as a ticket taker at attended several races as governor and President
blame Jimmy Carter and the 1977 CRA for that.
In third grade, I was campaigning for Jimmy Carter. The activism began early. Next week, I get to see him speak at ;)
Teddy Roosevelt said, 'Speak softly and carry a big stick.' Jimmy Carter wants to speak loudly and carry a fly swatter. - Gerald R. Ford
I really don't know what Iran got to release the hostages after election, just that Reagan negotiated w/them behind Jimmy Carter's back.
Semper Fi. I used to be a JFK Liberal, but I grew up after Jimmy Carter screwed us
Apologies, that was my fault - used to living through Jimmy Carter's third term
"America did not invent human right. In a :ery xeal sense,human rights invented America." Jimmy Carter
18 yrs ago today Chattanooga Marriott task force for Thanksgiving. Met Dixie Carter and had a cold beer at pickle barrel bar.
is at 1947 levels. Obama eclipsed Jimmy Carter & Bill Clinton in unimaginable ways WHILE slaughters & burns the ME
"We even survived Jimmy Carter," says Rick Perry dusting off the antique jokes for a room half full of people born after…
Someone should remind Rick Perry of Texas that Jimmy Carter never had a brain freeze on a third grade government question
Governor Perry, you can slam Jimmy Carter all you want. But he was something you'll never be: President of the United States.
Perry may have survived Jimmy Carter but most of US didn't survive Bush.
Rick Perry invokes the ghost of Jimmy Carter at
Rick Perry: America "survived" Jimmy Carter, we'll survive The former Texas…
Rick Perry at We survived Jimmy Carter, "we can survive the Obama years!"
"We survived a civil war, 2 world wars, the great depression and Jimmy Carter. We will survive Barack Obama!" -Rick Perry
Gov. Perry to CPAC: "we even survived Jimmy Carter. We will survive the Obama years, too"
He's taking re-election advice for Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter?
When you have Jimmy Carter and Howard Dean as spokemen for your party you are going to get a skewed view.
Jimmy Carter. George Bush sr. Bill Clinton. George Bush jr. They are all alive. But you don't hear about them in the news like our Ex-leaders.
Vietnam era draft resisters were pardoned by Jimmy Carter, not Gerald Ford.
Best skits Dan Ackroyd did as Jimmy Carter was talking guy down from an acid trip & becoming huge when he visited Three Mile Island.
Now both parties of Jimmy Carter ' s peace brokerage are estranged from us. Nice.
. -- "It took Jimmy Carter to get us Ronald Reagan" --Sen. Cruz.
I'll do conservatives one better: Jeb Bush was once in the same country as Jimmy Carter
To I thought that was Prez. Jimmy Carter at first...Wow lol
Jimmy Carter said if he became president, he would release all...
Women's rights will be "the highest priority for the rest of my life," says former Pres. Jimmy Carter
Obama is the worst president ever! you are pretty pathetic as a president when you are worse then even Jimmy Carter, LOL!
four words that descirbe Jimmy Carter We found the answer for you!
Man, Michael Carter-Williams is still really struggling with his efficiency...
I gotta think even Jimmy Carter regrets starting the "lone underdog trudging through Iowa snows" prez campaign trope by now.
Even the misguided and incompetent Jimmy Carter loved America. BHO has had a chip on his shoulder against USA all his life.
- even Jimmy Carter loved and served his country. he was just incompetent when it came to governing the country.
LOL,...OBAMA has Jimmy Carter laughing his *** off
On February 24 and 25, 2015, there will be a battle of the minds at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site as we...
If you fear making anyone mad, then you ultimately probe for the lowest common denominator of human achievement. - Jim…
“having a bad day so I am now accepting bamca or Jimmy johns to lincoln hall rm 155”💯
Being an anti Semite explains a great deal. Her father worked for Jimmy Carter.
"Worst thing about drinking alone is having to draw a *** on your own forehead"- Jimmy Carter 1996
Clinton shud have watched Jimmy Carter to learn how to live life with grace after leaving office! His ego is his downfall! Smh
I can't wait until Obama is out of office. Worst POTUS since Jimmy Carter!
Jimmy Carter: Women's rights the fight of my life
Jimmy Carter: Ending violence against women and girls as highest priority in life: // via
You can't blame Obama for everything--he had plenty of help. Speaking of 1979, I kinda miss Jimmy Carter... now. Don't you?
- Even Jimmy Carter was smarter than the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Amazing how Jimmy Carter and I can be so different but both of us love the makes for strange bedfellows indeed!
"The most serious and unaddressed human rights abuse on earth is against women and girls." - Jimmy Carter
“Jimmy Carter responds to being called the worst President by John McCain. FB/We Are NOT Done
Jimmy Carter calls his latest mission fighting injustice against women his "highest priority."
Jimmy Carter (Us President with highest degree)must be on Howard Deans most qualified leaders
please remind Howard Dean Jimmy Carter had degree. Not so good
apparently, Jimmy Carter claimes to have been attacked by a swimming rabbit. Jimmy got some bad LSD.
Jimmy Carter only gave away the Panama Canal. Obama gave away Iraq, Afghanistan, our southern border.Carter is looking pretty good.
Governor Scott Walker doesn't have a college degree? SFW!!! Obama and Jimmy Carter do, hows that working out ?
Jimmy Carter basically gave Iran to the mullahs and Democrat will allow them to go nuclear. Just f'n brilliant…
Jeb Bush is to the conservative movement what Jimmy Carter was to American--an absolute disaster.
On the old funny Dan Aykroyd was Jimmy Carter, Gilda Radner was Lillian Carter, & Gary Busey was brilliantly cast as Billy I must say..
lolol I did a listicle of Jon Stewart's 21 best political interviews and our CMS shows every one as Jimmy Carter:
you can thank Jimmy Carter for the Iranian revolution. He was POTUS then
Jimmy Carter, Bill & Hillary Clinton & Barrack Obama. Who are people with more Grammys than Jewel, Alex?
The are the only awards where you'll see James Franco, Jimmy Carter and John Waters nominated in the same category.
I'll always remember this as the year Joan Rivers beat John Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Jimmy Carter and James Franco.
Gotta love Spoken Word, the place where John Waters, Joan Rivers, James Franco, Gloria Gaynor & Jimmy Carter can all be together.
Reminder that James Franco, Joan Rivers, Elizabeth Warren, Jimmy Carter, and John Waters are all up for Grammys this year.
Best part of the :James Franco, Jimmy Carter, John Waters, Joan Rivers, Elizabeth Warren, & Gloria Gaynor are up for the same award
This is how far we have fallen. Thought Jimmy Carter was weak. Obama makes Jimmy Carter seem li…
Jimmy Carter looks like a hero compared to Obama.
This has got to be the WORST administration in recent memory. And I thought Jimmy Carter was bad!
Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter, Millard Fillmore have got to be smiling, NO LONGER THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER. OBAMA WINS HANDS DOWN
Yeah like Woodrow Wilson Barry Hussein and Jimmy Carter. Are you just trolling now?
technically I'm related to Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, & Jimmy Carter so all of you are irrelevant and I'm First Lady 👑🇺🇸
Peter Beinart: Obama’s problem is that he isn’t enough like Jimmy Carter: I, as Dave Barry says, am not making...
Jimmy Carter's 'malaise speech' is fascinating considering it was made right before the dawn of the moral majority.
I saw a mid-70s picture of Jimmy Carter in an Allman Bros. t-shirt recently. That as the last time a candidate looked cool.
,gives credit to Steve Ortmayor for finding Chris Matthews. I thought Matthews was an Edmund Muskie/Jimmy Carter find.
Imam Chirri, the longtime religious leader of the mosque, met with Pres. Jimmy Carter during Iran hostage crisis. Photo from mosque display.
Scott Walker: 'I Wouldn't Bet Against Me' I would bet the farm against him. Jimmy Carter would beat him soundly.
Don Surber: Liberals deliver the lowest blow on Scott Walker. Say he's -- gulp -- Jimmy Carter ...
Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal and Barack Hussein Obama is going to return Guantanamo Bay to Cuba and Castro.
. 39 at 90: Nine things you may not know about Jimmy Carter on
wrong. I think history will judge him differently. Remember Jimmy Carter?
thanks for voting Jimmy Carter into our Hall of Fame!
Jimmy Carter with Obasanjo, April 2,1978 when he visited Nigeria,1st sitting US President to do so. Credit:CORBIS htt…
Phil Baker January 26 at 8:58pm I have said it 1000 times, but I seriously doubted that I would have ever seen a worse Commander and Chief than Jimmy Carter. That all changed when the self appointed King showed up at the White House. In his six years he has set the USA back 30 years. Not only has he hurt our military, he has created more national debt in his 6 years that all 43 Presidents before him combined. He can't get out of office soon enough.
I'm not a big fan of Obama, but I'm also not a fan of conspiracy theories. I'm not trying to offend anyone, but this post by John D'Aquisto says it all, as far as I'm concerned. - Pretty soon Obama will be gone and you will have to face up to the fact that you will have lost a whole decade of your life passing around conspiracy theories and whipping yourself into a frenzy of hatred. All of you lost friends, severed relationships with family members, and some of you even lost your job or your marriage due to your unhinged behavior. You lost that decade wailing about Obama the *** Communist Muslim narcissist dictator who was going to let the UN invade America and various hoaxes like "death panels," birth certificates, Iraq's WMDs, and the "Ground Zero Mosque" (remember how you wasted two years of your life over that?). Just think of what you could have accomplished if you hadn't wasted all that time. You could have gotten a college degree, you could have written a book, you could have run your first maratho ...
"God answers all our prayers. Sometimes the answer is yes. Sometimes the answer is no . Sometimes the answer is , you've got to be kidding!" Jimmy Carter .
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
6y/o Jimmy Carter got near Look how happy he is!
Everything writes here is true. Also, *** Foley is amazing as wrestling's Jimmy Carter.
It's so much nicer seeing other people's artwork on here than really clever things that Jimmy Carter never actually said.
Ronald Reagan Guilty of Treason & War Crimes As the mass media engaged in an orgy of adulation for Ronald Reagan in June of 2004, many thinking persons were remembering and mourning the deaths of the hundreds of thousands of victims of Ronald Reagan's policies and pondering the lasting damage that the man did not only to the United States but to the world. During Reagan's reign the United States experienced the beginning of the end of what could have been a great nation. Under Reagan, elements within the government engaged in massive criminal activity that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the entrenchment of a vicious and evil criminal organization that is now firmly in power of not only the United States but much of the world. Reagan's crimes are many and started well before he was President when he and Bush committed treason and paid the Iranian's to not release the hostages in order to prevent the re-election of Jimmy Carter in 1980, not mention his reign of stupidity as Go ...
Penalties against drug use should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself. Nowhere is this more clear than in the laws against the possession of marijuana for personal use. -Jimmy Carter. 1977
The Suicide Death of Freddie Prinze Freddie PrinzeBy the age of 20, Freddie Prinze's fame was already through the stratosphere as his television show, Chico and the Man was a top five charter in the U.S. He was a big star, his face graced the covers of numerous magazines such as People, US and Rolling Stone, yet, despite his overwhelming success, he also felt pressure from the Hispanic community, the network executives, and his many adoring fans. Women were literally crawling all over him. But so were the drug fiends, who so often populate the celebrity fringes like pilot fish feeding on the detritus of the bigger. Settling down Freddie Prinze would soon find himself addicted to both women and pills. To tackle the female problem, he decided to settle down with a beautiful cocktail waitress named Kathy Cochran, and the two quickly got hitched. Kathy would soon become pregnant and give birth to their only child, Freddie Prinze, Jr. Quaaludes and Divorce Freddie Prinze, Sr. however, could not shake his other ...
In 1976 and 1980, two separate yet related events, changed the course of mankind. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter, signed into law deregulation of the trucking industry, opening the door to the formation of freight brokers. Scott Middleton, President and owner of Countrywide Transportation, in 1976, while racing his Honda 750 in the SEMA Moto GP Series in Hockenheim, Germany was passed on turn two by a BMW VSS. “I knew right then that I did not have the funds to race bikes professioanally. The BMW bikes were too fast and handled too well to be beaten by my underfunded Honda.” Nine years later, one Masters Degree in Business, and with an investment of $500, Countrywide Transportation was born, “[It was] the best decision I ever made” says Countrywide President Scott Middleton. Following its humble beginnings Countrywide now occupies a floor in a modern office building in Hinsdale, Illinois. The business had evolved from a three ring binder and a GENEX phone to state of the art computers and softwar ...
Funny for the day! OBAMA RATED 5th BEST PRESIDENT IN OUR HISTORY Texas A&M Study Calls Obama 5th Best President in America. From a total of 44 US Presidents, Obama is rated as the fifth best. The A&M's Public Relations Office released this statement: "After almost six years in office, Americans have rated President Obama the fifth best President ever.” These are the details according to Texas A&M: 1. Ronald Reagan & Abraham Lincoln tied for first 2. Twenty three presidents tied for second 3. Seventeen other presidents tied for third 4. Jimmy Carter came in fourth, and 5. President Obama came in fifth
FosterEnt; Perks Of The US Presidential First Family. The Presidential benefits package far surpasses the usual employer who gets two weeks of vacation, healthcare, a salary and their 401k. The American government does a fine job to ensure that its leader is very well compensated, coddled and safeguarded for the entire term length and beyond. Keep browsing through to see ten of the most lavish perks that the American president and their family get awarded with. 1. Cooking Staff Available Every Hour of Every Day. Aside from there being a kitchen supplied in the first family’s living quarters, it is seldom used due to the fact that the full-on cooking staff has been provided at all hours of the day for serving meals. It only requires a little notice first and then the first family is able to enjoy whatever they’d like to eat with the help of one of five full-time personalized chefs that can make any good desire a reality after obtaining the ingredients. But there are always basics stocked in the kitchen ...
DEPRAVITY O'Brien (born in 1957) says she serviced an array of politicians including the cocaine snorting Clintons (A Three-Way), Ronald Reagan, George H.W Bush, *** Cheney, Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Governors Lamar Alexander and Richard Thornburgh, Bill Bennett (author of The Book of Virtues), Senators Patrick Leahy, Robert Byrd (her handler) and Arlen Spector. Notable by their absence were Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. Taylor (born in 1951) slept with JFK and LBJ as a preteen and teenager. When O'Brien's daughter Kelly was born in 1980, they often worked as a mother-daughter team. George H.W. Bush particularly liked Kelly. Cheney is not a pederast because his large genitals horrify children. (195) Referring to George Bush, *** Cheney told her: "A Vice President is just that, an undercover agent taking control of the drug industry for the President." (158) George Bush Jr. was present on one occasion but is not accused. (196) O'Brien was rescued by Mark Philips in 1988. It is likely that Bush Jr . ...
"Go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is." President Jimmy Carter
⁰**New** CARTER V (clear/black) the signature collection from designer Jimmy…
bad legacy. Makes Jimmy Carter look good.
Remember when President Jimmy Carter came to Knoxville to talk about TVA? He drew a big crowd along with the normal protesters ...
Ok Davida Collins thanks for the nomination!! A few random facts:: Ok hear goes Davida Collins. Thank you for this 1. When I was 11 I cracked a bone in my neck brushing my hair!! In a collar for three months. 2. On my school your in 6th class I was knocked of my sisters friends bike in high street going to tyrells shop to get some sweets as my dad gave me 1 pound. Principal seen it was brought to A/E and got 22 stitches in my chin.. (Tour was cancelled till the following week) 3.I started my first job in dunnes stores in the old dunnes when I was 13 bag packing.. 4. When I was in the deli in the new dunnes I dislocated my little finger and the one beside it opening a large can of sweet corn with the old can openers. (When the deli manager brought me to the hospital in full deli gear they wanted him to sign forms as they thought he was my dad! His face was priceless. 5.When I was two days training on customer service I was sent to train customer service in athlone with the best fruit and veg working who sa ...
Headin down jimmy carter In rush hour is suicide.
President Obama is in danger of making the same kind of mistake that President Jimmy Carter mad…
Is there anything that Jimmy Carter doesn't have an ill informed opinion about. He and Kristoff should team up.
Fun fact: in 1978, Jimmy Carter signed an Executive Order that made plain English the law. In 1981, Ronald Reagan rescinded …
."Jews safer in than according to antisemite expert Jimmy Carter. http:/…
Jimmy Carter on the poor and Christian values of the GOP, if you agree with Jimmy kindly RT
Accident, right lane blocked in on I-85 NB at Jimmy Carter Blvd stop and go traffic from I-285, delay of 7 m…
. •Thank Jimmy Carter for the Topple of the Shaw of Iran!. -don't forget about the hostages of 1979!
Looks like a multi-vehicle accident blocking the right lanes on 85 NB @ Jimmy Carter Blvd w/ delays building back to 285
If we can teach our children to honor 's gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever. --Jimmy Carter
it's the other way around. Hamas uses women and children as human shields. Jimmy Carter is a senile antisemite. Embarrassing.
Obama legacy via He will have one victory, being first black Prez. Otherwise Jimmy Carter 2.0
If government spending helps the economy, why do we have only a 60% labor participation rate? (Jimmy Carter level)
And then I want to meet Jimmy Carter
Chad Kroeger is a humanitarian who has met with luminaries such as Jimmy Carter & the Dalai Lama to discuss the dilemma of global poverty.
So - I'm sorry if it shocks you, but I call em like I see em and Jimmy Carter is no hero/friend of mine.
It seems like Popehat et al were mistaken about the Jimmy Carter and Gamergate thing. *** it. I wanted it to be true.
I’m not seeing Jimmy Carter or Gamergate mentioned in it?
Folks - I'm trying to figure out what the *** this is about, but apparently Jimmy Carter MAY have spoken out against Gamergate
"I support interracial mushroom love" -Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter (39th U.S. President) was the first U.S. president to have been born in a hospital.
Wait... what? Invoking Jimmy Carter is serious business depending on context
“It’s not necessary to fear the prospect of but to be determined not to fail.” - Jimmy
Jimmy Carter on It's clear that if Azeroth would stop building settlements on Orc lands, we would have peace.
Wait... someone on my timeline said "Jimmy Carter" and "Gamergate" in the same sentence and I don't think it was a jok…
When did Howard Dean become relevant again? Oh, same time as Michael Moore & Jimmy Carter? Never? Got it.
If you are unfamiliar with the real history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, or have been told that Israel is "only defending itself," please read Albert Einstein's 1948 letter to the New York Times, then click your browser's "back" button to return to this page. If you want to understand how the the theft of Palestinian land relates to Israel's military offensives against Gaza, please click here Amud Annan "Pillar of Fire." If you want to hear the opinion of the former U.S. president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate who negotiated peace talks between Israel and Palestinians, please click here Jimmy Carter: "Israeli policy is to confiscate Palestinian territory." You may also want to read and consider Israeli Prime Ministers who were Terrorists and Does Israel Really Want Peace?
Jimmy Carter gave us today's Iran. Obama will give it nukes & a new Persian Empire.
Actually, no sooner had Jimmy Carter helped the Ayatollah Khomeini overthrow the Shah of Iran than Iran started recruiting on US campuses
Iran, 1970 - before Jimmy Carter abandoned the shaw to Ayatollah Khomeini and gave rise to radicalism. . http:/…
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Obama state of the Union. it appears Obama has the vision of Jimmy Carter and the charm of Richard Nixon. Brilliantly put in the
The President’s Address of Lies January 21, 2015 by Daniel Greenfield 65 Comments Obama’s previous State of the Union address claimed last year would be a “breakthrough year.” In this year’s State of the Union address he announced that he would turn the page. Turning the page on last year’s grandiose and dishonest claims is what Obama does with each new address. Each year terrorism has been permanently defeated and the economy has recovered; Al Qaeda is on the run, unemployed dentists from Poughkeepsie are learning to install solar panels and illegal aliens from Los Angeles are teaching sex ed to kindergarteners. And then next year he comes out to announce once again that the country has recovered from the crisis that he had already announced that it had recovered from last year. And everyone applauds. What exactly is Obama turning the page on? Two lost wars and the lowest employed population since 1977… under his predecessor Jimmy Carter? When everything on the last page looks so bad, then ...
Obama: “the vision of Jimmy Carter and the personal charm of Richard Nixon.” Janet Daley at the Telegraph.
Ronal Regan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Foyd, Richard Nixon etc were all former millitary officers but at a later days
"Obama is the worst president ever". Did y'all forget about Richard Nixon, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, GEORGE BUSH LOL
The last President not to give the State of the Union in person was Jimmy Carter who just sent a written message to Congres…
So. Michael Moore thinks Chris Kyle is a coward. Just who is MM? I mean really what has that guy done for America? The FF has made some movies. About what? He is a nasty creature who should not make one dime off the crap he puts out. The reprehensible garbage that appeals to the hate-America-first crowd. The crowd that thinks Fort Hood was workplace violence. The crowd led by Jimmy Carter who blames Charlie Hebdo on Israel. The kind of people who think Cuba's healthcare system is better than the U.S. The kind of people who have Che Guevara Tee Shirts they just can't get rid of in their closets. Talk about air pollution. Every breath MM takes is an affront to every decent American and the ideals on which America became the greatest agent for improvement of the human condition the world has ever known.
Awful SB. Seattle v New England is like Richard Nixon v Jimmy Carter in an election. You want both to lose.
We asked Former President Jimmy Carter about what he thought about Mike Huckabee criticizing President Obama’s parenting skills? Jimmy had some choice words ...
Jimmy Carter blew it Iran, in Cuba, and in America. Now we have another one in the White House. Some people never learn.
Jimmy Carter: Global women's issues represent the worst human rights abuse on Earth
REMINDER Jimmy Carter was the worst POTUS ever, until King Obama bought his way in.
.Jimmy Carter is anti Jewish due to being taught 'replacement theology' at church. It warped him, as it warps all who accept it
In the opening segment on his show today Mark Levin ripped ‘self-hating Jew’ Jon Stewart Leibowitz and his comrade former president and ‘anti-Semite’ Jimmy Carter over comments they made last night as they discussed the most recent Islamo-Nazi attack in France. In short, Stewart thought Islam was ju…
People may be agreeing with Huck's comments about Obama now that the king *** Jimmy Carter blasts Huck.
Jimmy Carter was 53 when he became president of the USA. Who beat him in the next elections? 70-yr old Ronald Reagan. It's …
Liberals think I am racist for calling Barack Obama incompetent. But, I thought Jimmy Carter was incompetent too! So, Liberals then call me racist because I call Democrats incompetent, but I thought Truman and Kennedy were among our best Presidents and they were Democrats. Liberals keep squirming to find names to call me, but I keep deflecting them with facts that just *** THEM OFF! Here's another one: This RACIST is actively supporting Dr. Ben Carson for President, Allen West for Secretary of Defense, Herman Cain for Ambassador to the United Nations, and Donald J. Trump for Postmaster General. OK, so Donald J Trump is white, but that hair! Oh yes, and let's not forget the women. Laura Ingraham for Press Secretary, Megyn Kelly for White House Chief of Staff, and Carly Fiorina for Secretary of Commerce, Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Interior, Senator Kelly Ayotte for Secretary of Education, and Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State. For good measure, Bobby Jindal for either Secretary of Labor or Secr ...
Jimmy Carter defends Obama over missing Paris rally ...
Jimmy Carter defends Obama over missing Paris rally via
The iman in the White House is the only thing standing between Carter and worst president rating: Jimmy Carter...
Jimmy Carter cites 'Palestinian problem' as one of causes of Paris-style terror
Former President Jimmy Carter is a dedicated figure in the fight for women's rights. In a HuffPost Live interview on Tuesday, Carter re-emphasized the importance...
Former President Jimmy Carter of the explains why should investigate war crimes claims: http:/…
Not mentioning the fact that the Quran specifically states that anyone who violates Sharia law should be killed, Jimmy Carter instead blames the recent terrorist attacks in Paris ‘Palestinian Problem.’ “Well, one of the origins for it is the Palestinian problem,” Carter stated . “And this aggravates…
Former President Jimmy Carter on Monday defended President Barack Obama’s absence from a massive antiterrorism rally Sunday in Paris, and said the French government could not have prevented the attack on a satirical newspaper by two gunmen last week.
Jimmy Carter has lived in Plains, Georgia for all of his 90 years. The small-town peanut farmer who rose to the presidency in 1977 says people in the remote, rur...
Jimmy Carter - Hamas wants peace and Islamists went on a rampage in Paris because of Israel. .
I do not know why I LOVE Jimmy Carter Sn. Every time I read anything about him or see a video of him I just want to hug him. Please can someone make my fantasy come true? I wish I can meet him one day. He represents truth, honesty and peace.
Former President Jimmy Carter was the featured keynote speaker earlier this year for Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) fundraising convention in Detroit. The DOJ recently implicated ISNA in a
On that fossil and false witness Jimmy Carter: "let the lying lips be put to silence"
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Why worry, the funds given to those stinken killers will pay for any fine that is imposed on them- Unless of course Jimmy Carter's plan for Israel to give up Jerusalem the West Bank and Gaza in exchange for a promise that they will not bother Israel, will then forgive the PA.
When in doubt, blame Israel — at least that seems to be the habit of America’s least respected former president. In the wake of the Islamist terror attacks in France against cartoonists and Jews, Former President Jimmy Carter’s first reaction was to pin the motivation for such terrorism on ...
President Jimmy Carter joined today to talk about the amazing work & new exhibit http:…
Former President Jimmy Carter speaks often on the Mideast. Unfortunately, his intense dislike for Israel and the Jews always comes through. Case in...
"I wanna work with Jimmy Carter and help build gnomes"
Is jimmy carter the Mr. Rogers of the presidency? via /r/showerthoughts
Former President Jimmy Carter told a group of reporters that they should give Barack Obama a bit of a break for not attending the recent solidarity march in Paris, which dozens of other world leaders attended.
I think Jimmy Carter went on vacation a while back, has yet to return.
Jon Stewart and Jimmy Carter compete to reveal their cluelessness about Islamic terrorism.
Former President Jimmy Carter said the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was among the factors that led to the deadly attacks last week in Paris.
Jimmy Carter's work on eradicating the guinea worm is nothing short of amazing. From 3.5 million cases to... 126.
Satan - Jimmy Carter says Israeli-Palestinian conflict 'one of the origins' of Islamist violence?
Former President Jimmy Carter suggests there was a link between the Paris terrorist attack and the conflict between Israelis and Arabs.
Former President Jimmy Carter, blasted in the past for taking the side of Palestinians over that of Israel, has stepped in the Mideast mess again.
Hamas Propagandist Jimmy Carter calls for Israel to Surrender to Terrorists
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Jimmy Carter: "I don't think there's any doubt that the Palestinians deserve to have a state of their own."
Thought after listening (with Amy) to Jimmy Carter on J Stewart: if ex-Presidents are an indication, Republicans seem to be about personal enrichment and Democrats about human welfare.
Why is Jimmy Carter such a Jew hater?
.Jimmy Carter is an ignorant antiSemite.LtCol Peters is brilliant!
Just sayin' - Jimmy Carter is a hero. Just continues to show up and serve...
Jimmy Carter has never been a smart man, I think down deep, a good man, but not smart. But today, he insulted EVERY American by saying he understood why Yomama didn't go to Paris. He had just come back from a 16 day vacation in Hawaii, playing golf, swimming and partying so he had desk full of paperwork!!!LOL OK What happened to, the president always carries his work with him, even on golf vacations! How about the rest of Americans, many who haven't had a vacation since Yomama took office?
Blaming the victim is just what these loony liberals do. Stop the madness and put a muzzle on this loony tune! Note to Jimmy Carter: Yes, we DO need to single out these Muslim jihadists! Wake up!The only American president to publicly support Islamic jihadists and join a communist dictator to
Well that didn't take long. Less than one week after the bloody terror attacks at the offices of Charlie Hebdo Former President Jimmy Carter has all but blamed Israel for instigating the massacre. Appearing on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Carter was asked by host Jon Stewart about the influe…
People, do not listen to Jimmy Carter. He is mentally unstable.
Jimmy Carter is way cool. His work has nearly eradicated guinea worm in the world. truly amazing!
I like that Jimmy Carter used his presidency as a stepping stone for bigger and better things.
Support from Western pols guarantees Islamists will use terror tactics and human shields again - they work.
Jimmy Carter: It’s understandable that Obama skipped Paris rally because he’d just come back from vacation:
"ANTISEMITE JIMMY CARTER today placed the blame for the horrific shooting deaths in France at the hands of Muslim...
Jimmy Carter suggests Israel is to blame for the origins of Charlie Hebdo attack via
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Jimmy Carter's voice is so pleasant to listen to
Top story: Jimmy Carter Blames Paris Attacks on Muslim Anger With Israel - Jud… see more
Jimmy Carter defended Obama for missing Paris rally saying, "Obama just got back from vacation." Seriously? http:/…
When will people wake up to this fact?
Former President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday that Jews “on the average” are “safer in France” than in Israel, despite a massive uptick in extremist violence that has targeted Jewish people livi
Former President Jimmy Carter presents Jon with a gift to ward off Guinea worms.
In a HuffPost Live interview Tuesday, Former President Jimmy Carter told host Marc Lamont Hill he supports the International Criminal Court looking into Palestinian accusation of war crimes against Israel, saying the ICC should take “an inquisitive look” at those allegations.
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter joins HuffPost Live to share his thoughts on the fight for women's rights.
Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter are in a car when they crash into a telephone pole. Each is bleeding profusely. You: (a) Put on pressure bandages and call for help (b) LoL (c) Nothing, so they bleed out (d) Realize you're running late, so you put a round into each's head.
Muslim anger over the festering Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the contributing causes of the kind of Islamist-inspired terrorism that claimed the lives of 20 people in France last week, Former President Jimmy Carter told Jon Stewart of Co...
Jimmy Carter has proven to be a bigger *** than I knew he was in the '70s!!
The World Is Extremely Close To Completely Eradicating A Human Disease For The Second Time In History On Jan. 12, former US President Jimmy Carter announced at the opening of "Countdown to Zero: Defeating Disease," a new exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History, that there are just 126 cases of Guinea worm disease left in the world.
Jimmy Carter is not only an embarrassment to America, he's an embarrassment to Western Civilization.
Jimmy Carter defends Obama over missing Paris Carter is just happy he is NOT the worst Prez anymore,,and will defend this one to be such
Jimmy Carter thanks God every time Obama does something stupid. So, every day. featured in NBC s Science of Love
. Talk about doing stupid s---! Could have sent Jimmy Carter or even Bill Clinton. Hate not being on same page with you.
According to American Dad (a cartoon based on actual true fact) Jimmy Carter died in a lava pit underneath the Lincoln Memorial
They say Obama is a worse Pres than Jimmy Carter! 😳
Edward Snowden's leaks 'good for Americans to know', says former US president Jimmy Carter...
Morning Line: “President Obama is not alone. Every president in the last 50 years, save Jimmy Carter and Lyndon...
This is the worst President we have had since Jimmy Carter. Obama has simply ruined the Country put us deeply in...
Jimmy Carter to present Dylan with person of the year honor: Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter ...
is the new Jimmy Carter,Ex-US President. for introducing Zero based budgeting!
Analogous to the way Jimmy Carter is considered America’s greatest post-president, Barack Obama may be remembered as the nation’s greatest lame-duck president. Consider his rapid-fire accomplishments on the environment (the agreement with China, preceded by his use of the EPA to reduce carbon emissions); on Russia (using economic sanctions and energy policy to drive Putin and the ruble downward); on normalizing relations with Cuba; and immigration reform. But I worry about three items on which he and the congressional Republicans are likely to deal: (1) The Trans Pacific Partnership agreement is a bad deal for American workers; (2) he may cave to Republicans on corporate taxes; and (3) I wish I had more confidence in his position on Keystone XL. What’s your view?
| She was a White House correspondent for Jimmy Carter,...
Studies reveal a high % of southern whites have at least 2% black DNA making Jimmy Carter our first African American President
We lost some good ones in 2014, but none from my list; Jimmy Carter, Al Sharpton, Sean Penn, Jane Fonda, Rosie O'Donnell, and the guy who hit my truck are all still enjoying the benefits of oxygen.
"My faith demands. . . " the real heroics in Jimmy Carter's life is that it is a result of his faith. He prays and listens and cares and thinks. If his faith tells him God wants us to walk, he would not run another step in his life, and would try to find a way to walk while sleeping. Not to be weird (although that would be); he goes where his faith leads him. If this man says "I will not lie to you" I believe this entirely. He may make mistakes and I might not agree with all of his positions, but his integrity--the match between his life and his faith--is unquestionable. Turning on Jimmy Carter for the likes of Ronald Reagan was a huge mistake, a historic stain on the Evangelical movement in the United States. Jimmy Carter does not do the good things he does for profit, nor for fame. He does these things because he believes this is the right thing to do. God bless this man and let him be a true inspiration to us all.
Mike 2 part question Better president JFK or Jimmy Carter better coach Kotite or Edwards .. ill hang up thx
.. The President "is lurching from crisis to crisis.". Said by Ted Kennedy, 1980, about Jimmy Carter.
5) Jimmy Carter remains the worse President in US History.
Your Senator is you are a democrat aligned with the WORST President since Jimmy Carter,!
Actually the collapse was caused by a policy Jimmy Carter put in place and Bill Clinton put on steroids, ***
Boy did we get CHANGE!! Most ineffective President since Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter announced for President 40 years ago this week:
Edward Norton's father, Edward Norton Sr. was an attorney for president Jimmy Carter.
when Jimmy Carter was president, the 40% tax bracket began at just $105,000 & the 70% tax bracket began at about $250,000 income. apologies?
Jimmy Carter, straight-talking visionary, may you thrive in 2015! Thx for rebroadcast
You are correct. Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter & so forth were unknown new faces when the ran.
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