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Jimmy Carter

James Earl Jimmy Carter, Jr. (born October 1, 1924) is an American politician who served as the 39th President of the United States (1977–1981) and was the recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, the only U.S.

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I left the Democrat Party when Reagan did, but not before being STUPID enough to vote for Jimmy Carter to my shame.
The tone of the is one of 1960s/70s ecology. Even channeling Jimmy Carter--turn down the heat and wear a sweater. (Sect.211)
TDL wishes Carter a happy stay in Pyongyang. He would like to keep thanking stupid interlopers for giving his regime propaganda!
I've just added a visit to Plains, GA to my bucket list. I've been reading Jimmy Carter's Living Faith this week,...
Bill Clinton_Jimmy Carter - Bill, the guy everyone described as the smartest one in the room. A natu
USA has had so many disasters happen to her survived Jimmy Carter & 9/11 & she will …
Wreck blocks intersection on Jimmy Carter Blvd West of I-85 ...
Gwinnett Co.: Crash...Jimmy Carter Blvd./eb at Buford Hwy. in the intersection.
Elizabeth Warren is the female Jimmy Carter. We don't need another philanthropist for President. All passion no dynamic
: Today in 1979, President Jimmy Carter and Leonid Brezhnev sign the Salt II pact to limit nuclear arms.
Deranged Tent Preacher: Jimmy Carter: Women's rights the fight of my life
And it was Jimmy Carter who has been taking millions of dollars for four decades
true Jimmy Carter a ways out..the one in Windy Hill Rd be way too crowded
Jimmy Carter stole everyone's hearts don't even deny it
She saw Jimmy Carter, ax murderer, and creeper Clark.
The King in another victory lane wiping his greasy hand on Jimmy Carter's lapel.
Jimmy Carter was the greatest President ever. My dad was high a lot.
Have we ever had a dumber president, & I'm including even Jimmy Carter?!
Jimmy Carter is always Under-Rated but reagan is always VASTLY OVER-rated.I respect Pres. Carter, but NOT reagan!!
"Jimmy Carter is the president I'm LEAST interested in. In modern times. Him and Ford. They do NOTHING for me."--killin it.
He has been a bad president for his policies now your stepping out of line Jimmy Carter and Woodrow Wilson were no better
Stafford fifth-grader's interest in Jimmy Carter leads to visit with former president.
Hard to respect the worst president since Jimmy Carter - not to mention the most partisan and divided.
not ideal. But there is little choice. If they had this system in place Jimmy Carter never would have been president!
Jimmy Carter for President. It's like Sinbad in Necessary Roughness--he still has four years of eligibility.
two items off my bucket list today. met my fav president (besides Obama), Jimmy Carter, AND went on the field at a home game for my fav team
First she didn't know Jimmy Carter was a president and then ...
Jimmy Carter: America Is Ready for a *** President via LOVE this man!
Jimmy Carter is the only United States President to report seeing a UFO.
Why is Obama the worst president since Jimmy Carter?
Netanyahu "a disaster" and the reason why the peace process is "dead": ex US President Jimmy Carter
Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter lived through and living through these nightmarish Pres.
"Every Pres. since Jimmy Carter has endorsed the idea of reviewing old regs. to get rid of those that are excessively burdensome."
Do you think Pres Obama has been the Worst US President when it comes to Foreign Policy then Jimmy Carter? What's the "Legacy"?
. Jimmy Carter and Daniel Levy will call Hamas moderates in response
Gamble, Wright, and Williams lobbied Pres. Jimmy Carter to formally recognize the cultural and financial contributions of black music
The abuse of human rights on Earth is the mistreatment of women and girls.” —Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter and Ford where forgettable, James Garfield was a running Joke, Madison got the White House burned down, then BUSH jr...LOOL
Jimmy Carter pretended to be a Baptist. I do not think many Baptists want to claim Carter. Who constantly takes money from Saudi Arabia.
OTD: In 1979, Pres. Jimmy Carter addressed the IN Democratic Party at the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner in the Indianapolis Convention Center
Jimmy Carter Net Worth: James Earl Carter, better referred to as Jimmy Carter, is the laureate of Nobel Peace ...
In this episode of Hank Green plays The Sims 3 - Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter have sex. Yep. That's my idea of fun! https:/…
News from The US edition of 'Paid For' has been endorsed by Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem and Jimmy Carter h…
to the time when FineWoodworking magazine gifted former POTUS Jimmy Carter a Brian Boggs-designed spokeshave.
"The Real Lincoln" by Thomas J. DiLorenzo makes "W" look like Jimmy Carter in comparison.
is to like Billy Carter is to Jimmy Carter.
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Paul Volcker lowered interest rates to 7.5% for Jimmy Carter,raised them to 12% by Sept 1980, 13% by Nov 1,1980, then to 19% when Reagan won
I agree...Jimmy Carter he is NOT more like Satan than Little Huey!
There are still FEWER jobs than December 2007. We're UNDER Jimmy Carter's Labor Force Participation Rate. htt…
.Jimmy Carter was far worse than the current president. Far, far worse. Woodrow Wilson was also horrible.
Barack H Obama will be remembered as a great statesman at a level similar to that as early luminaries like Jimmy Carter
Brian Williams is the Jimmy Carter of journalism: Wait long enough someone worse will screw up!!
"America did not invent human right. In a very real sense,human rig tsxinvented America." Jimmy Carter
What planet is James Taylor living on? Barack Hussein Obama is the only person between Jimmy Carter and the title of Worst President Ever!
Jimmy Carter calls for release of election results - Stabroek News
Jimmy Carter is one that is left. He changed his name from James Earl to Jimmy after King assignation.
One day they'll credit Jimmy Carter with eradicating the guinea worm.
Made me think of Dan Ackroyd on SNL, playing Jimmy Carter on a radio call-in show talking down someone having a bad acid trip.
1979: Anwar al-Sadat, Menachem Begin and Jimmy Carter sign the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty in Washington, D.C..
I've met Pres. Jimmy Carter, Werner von Braun.and Frank Zappa!! (But not all at once!) : )
Is that Jimmy Carter, Sonny Bono, and Batman chillin in the crowd together? Ha
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Netanyahu and Rivlin refuse to meet with Jimmy Carter: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven ...
Update from the APUSH Review: Jimmy Carter is my favorite president
Jimmy Carter: Netanyahu 'has never believed in a two state solution'
Former President Jimmy Carter, wrapping up his three-day mission to Israel and the West Bank...
signed, Keeping Faith: Memoirs of a President by Jimmy Carter, Easton Press
Former President Jimmy Carter urges Palestinians to hold elections.
A Jimmy Carter economic plan is more trustworthy than Hillary Clinton...
In Ramallah, Jimmy Carter calls for new Palestinian elections.
Jimmy Carter's essay on quitting church is suddenly viral - Religion News Service |
Jimmy Carter. A threat to his nation and his neighbors
More facts! Community reinvestment act by Jimmy Carter, juiced in 90's & the housing crash was set up!
Obama's Library will boast a non fiction section even smaller than that of Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter is now 90 y/o. Re. the Middle East, he does more in one week than Tony Blair does in one year.
Jimmy Carter on Ford Reagan & I raised $0 "so we weren't obligated to any special interest" group"
On this date in 1980, Cyrus Vance resigned as Jimmy Carter's SOS
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David Speedie and Jimmy Carter. The rot had set in.
Not everyday you get to be in the same room as the worst president since Jimmy Carter.
Losing my religion for equality | Powerful writing from former President Jimmy Carter
every president since Jimmy Carter has managed to do so
Rivlin refuses meeting in Israel with former US President Jimmy Carter
"It is simply self-defeating for any community to discriminate against half its population" Jimmy Carter, former President
Eloquent slam of Christianity from a great man (but NOT a progressive president, sorry Liberals) Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter. It seems almost miraculous one so ethically clear minded was once president and of course, it was similarly his undoing.
American philosopher and former president, Jimmy Carter, and why he is choosing to evolve away from the less than...
35 yrs ago today: beginning of the end of Jimmy Carter - Operation Eagle Claw ends in disaster as 8 killed in rescue attempt Iran hostages
Snub: Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu will not meet with Jimmy Carter...
Thought for the day. Reagan won because he ran against Jimmy Carter. Had Reagan run unopposed he would have lost. . quote Mort Sahl
Jimmy Carter is doing what & did, appealling to left to get favourable 'legacy' b4death
President Ronald Reagan is joined by former Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter. 1981
He was on the guest list with Sonny Bono and Jimmy Carter.
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Did you know that JFK and Jimmy Carter are the same person?
I'm rapidly making my way to the end of Rick Perlstein's The Invisible Bridge about the rise of Reagan, and Jimmy Carter's election in 1976.
On the one hand, Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy sounds like a strong field to us now. But A) they were weaker in 80.
although he would more. closely resemble. Vidkun Quisling,. Neville Chamberlain. and Jimmy Carter.
How did I miss this?? Jimmy Carter quits Southern Baptist Convention because of gender inequality.
Who,in your opinion,was the best President Gerald Ford,Jimmy Carter,George H. W. Bush or Bill Clinto...? -
Jimmy Carter explains why he is no longer Southern Baptist via
Jimmy Carter, Amy Edmondson, Daniel Goleman & more - read all of our thought leader interviews
Losing my religion for equality Thank you, Jimmy Carter, for leaving Southern Baptist Convention for women's equality
You have to understand that the mid-1970s were dystopian nightmare years of Gerald Ford & Jimmy Carter, which Earth barely survived. 😕
Jimmy Carter severs ties with church over systematic sexism.
Don't forget to join us tomorrow at 3:15 at the Jimmy Carter Boyhood Home in Archery to commemorate the 150th...
The Iranian terror regime unravelled Jimmy Carter's presidency in 1979. So it shall Barack Obama's too in 2015. His…
"I will crush up the lamb and use it as sugar." - Jimmy Carter
Spin out crash I-85/nb before I-285 2 left lanes blocked, the crash just before Jimmy Carter Blvd now on the right shoulder. Long delays.
Try to be pals with the Iranian ayatollahs & guess what happens? Ask Jimmy Carter! Enlist: http:…
I used to think Carter was our nations worst inept President. BO has *** that title from Jimmy hands and will surpass him completely
/r/ImagesOfHistory: Hank Aaron with his wife Billye and then Georgia governor Jimmy Carter…
Rand Paul Bashes Neocons and Compares GOP Opponents to Jimmy Carter -- good summary of interview via
But I remember former Gov turned president, Jimmy Carter. ;-) There are no guarantees.
Jimmy Carter is a great man and humanitarian. Losing my religion for equality. July 15, 2009 . Women and girls...
Accident, right lane blocked in on I-85 NB at Jimmy Carter Blvd, stop and go traffic back to I-285, delay of…
Crash I-85/nb just before the Jimmy Carter Blvd exit, right lane blocked. Jammed from before I-285 and causing delays on I-285/eb.
If you fear making anyone mad, then you ultimately probe for the lowest common denominator of human achievement. Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter, you're finally getting it. Losing my religion for equality via
Wanda Sobieski to discuss A Call to Action by President Jimmy Carter at Books Sandwiched In
I-85 NORTH before Jimmy Carter Blvd (Exit 99) new crash right exit only lane, center lane. JAMMED back to I-285. . OUTBOUND NORTHEAST EXPWY
This coaching staff of 'experts' is refreshing change over hiring your 'buddies' and family. Jimmy Carter never gave Billy a cabinet post.
President Jimmy Carter leaves the Baptist Church for women's rights.
losing my religion: Jimmy Carter of on gender equality women's rights and religion
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Operation Feed Yourself was a former U.S. President Jimmy Carter,s initiative in Ghana in the 70,s. Eradication of hun…
Rand on Graham: “Almost anyone in the Congress would better defend the Bill of Rights than this particular senator.”
Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter lo…
is 85 south by Jimmy Carter still a mess??
Losing my religion for equality. President Jimmy on
HT .Jimmy Carter on religion's role in gender inequality; an open letter to religious leaders.
Bravo to Jimmy Carter for calling out religious leaders asking them to challenge & change ideas that subjugate women
Powerful article by former US President Jimmy Carter on the religious treatment of women
Jimmy Carter: My decision to sever ties with the Southern Baptist Convention after 6 decades was painful via
Jimmy Carter leaves Southern Baptist Convention as their leaders ordain that women are subservient to their husbands.
Jimmy Carter distances himself from Southern Baptist Convention for discrimination against women. Bravo via
Jimmy Carter parts ways with the Southern Baptist Convention over its treatment of women. I knew I liked that guy.
2 of 5 stars to The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer by Jimmy Carter
if '79 & Jimmy Carter is a lesson, will release the girls after May 29
Why would you oppose naming anything after Jimmy Carter?
Jimmy Carter actually wrote that suicide bombings should end only afte…
Standing ovation for Paul Robinson. Introduced to the crowd along with Les Briley, Brian Horne, Jimmy Carter, Tony Cascarino + Alan Walker.
guests on are to include Jimmy Carter, Christopher Nolan, among others. via:
That was the same deal that special envoy Jimmy Carter made with North Korea in 1994. Now, …
well, Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like Golda Meir
Archbishop Romero was murdered 35 years ago today by members of a U.S.-backed death squad. Who was president? Jimmy Carter,…
this is a John Fugelsang quote, not Jimmy Carter
"Jimmy Carter got exiled for calling Israel an apartheid state 9 years ago. Today Yousef Munayyer, Rula Jebreal...
Jimmy Carter had loads of potential. Mark Kennedy too.
Neil deGrasse Tyson's new show debuts next month; Jimmy Carter, Richard Dawkins and George Takei among first guests
Jimmy Carter went to college at the United States Naval Academy
Jimmy Carter's brother made "Billy Beer". It was perfect for St. Patricks Day as it tasted like chewing green hops and grass clippings.
Jimmy Carter in 1977: "We could use up all proven reserves of oil in the entire world by the end of the next decade" http…
Don't think for a moment that the Tea Party would have supported the likes of Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter.
President Gerald Ford presided over the American worst economy in 40 years. He lost his 're election in 1977 to Jimmy Carter.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
A book that's positively reviewed by Mohammed Yunus, Richard Branson, Paul Volcker and Jimmy Carter will probably annoy you, Dave.
Jimmy Carter is right. Miranda looks fantastic in this video!!! You go Girl!
47 people babysitting a fraud of a president that makes Jimmy Carter look like he belongs on Mt Rushmore
See this on a letter from Jimmy Carter while Bush was President --->
Iran wants a deal, and they need it before Obama leaves office. No president in modern history other than Jimmy Carter is as naive as Obama
"Good people don't make good leaders. If that had been the case, Jimmy Carter would've been the best President." ~
Jimmy Carter lusted in his heart, and saw a UFO, and he was still a better President than Obama.
I would hope. Otherwise Jessie Jackson, Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi and a lot of others are in big trouble.
He's the Worst President this country has EVER had...more so than Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter was the creepiest president, and that's a fact.
Jimmy Carter in 1990, Biden while he was a senator, the list goes on, going around the president is a bipartisan tradition
Ask ex-President Jimmy Carter how much the Israeli extremists and their American brothers were against peace treaty with Egypt!
There's more: James Baker went to Iran and talked with hostage takers when Jimmy Carter …
Pat Caddell: worked for Jimmy Carter. . Says "This is a White House on Steroids!".
Those Republicans campaigned like John Wayne but governed like Jimmy Carter
.No accident hostages were released on day of Reagan's inauguration. Jimmy Carter was naval intelligence.
Awarding a peace prize to Yasir Arafat and Jimmy Carter didn't do it for you?
Didn't Jimmy Carter put the Ayatollah Khomeini back in power in Iran or in power and immediately mandatorily...
I take the Jimmy Carter view of politics separate church from state
Jimmy Carter once sent a jacket to the cleaners with the nuclear detonation codes still in the pocket.
What a privilege to meet former President and advocate for Human Rights Jimmy Carter today.
Q What is the difference between Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter? A Jimmy Carter waited until after the inauguration to break his promises. :)
A boy's sighting, to Jimmy Carter, to worry, 17th century Salem Quaker hysterics vs modernists, to premonition followers...what do you say?
What happen to who campaigned on defunding amnesty. Sounded like Duke Wayne but acted like Jimmy Carter
strand another runner (Carter walk). Jimmy Swad on the mound in B6, making his first collegiate appearance.
Jimmy Carter/Brezinski foreign policy kind of says it all...have we learned nothing about Iran???
Rick Perry-"We survived Jimmy Carter, we'll survive Obama too"
The only US president with actual knowledge of Wales was Jimmy Carter re Fishing in Ceredigion , Dylan Thomas ect..
Iran calls America the great Satan what is it American's don't get? Jimmy Carter built that too
All of the Presidents from Jimmy Carter on down have been in conflict with the Muslim World.
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I'm really just about to explode and I don't care what anybody says.
you're not wrong and I was at the derby,just couldn't get my ed round him an jimmy carter in our shirts
We got in bed with Iran before ask Jimmy Carter how that worked out
Does Brazile understand the meaning of apartheid? Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter both described Israel's horrific apartheid
This is so true! I use to be a Pennsylvanian Democrat, After Jimmy Carter and a few others who in their right...
is an anti-Semite. Threatening to shoot down Israeli planes?! Weakest president since jimmy carter.
Jimmy Carter turned me into a Republican in 1980
I was 5 when The Hustle was popular and at the time, for some reason, I thought my friend's dad was Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter gets a bad rap!! He was far more effective than what he's given in press. Ask Egypt & Israel !
Holding the signatures of royalties as Princess Diana, presidents as Jimmy Carter, celebrities as Elizabeth Taylor, and more...
Jimmy Carter. Imho, an excellent human being, the worst president during my lifetime
really? Celebrating a known anti Semite Jimmy Carter? Pathetic.
Thanks for ruining my Sunday with Jimmy Carter interview.
Why do we send Jimmy Carter to other countries to observe their elections? Why don't they send observers here?
Former President Jimmy Carter once worked as a ticket taker at attended several races as governor and President
blame Jimmy Carter and the 1977 CRA for that.
In third grade, I was campaigning for Jimmy Carter. The activism began early. Next week, I get to see him speak at ;)
Teddy Roosevelt said, 'Speak softly and carry a big stick.' Jimmy Carter wants to speak loudly and carry a fly swatter. - Gerald R. Ford
I really don't know what Iran got to release the hostages after election, just that Reagan negotiated w/them behind Jimmy Carter's back.
Semper Fi. I used to be a JFK Liberal, but I grew up after Jimmy Carter screwed us
Apologies, that was my fault - used to living through Jimmy Carter's third term
18 yrs ago today Chattanooga Marriott task force for Thanksgiving. Met Dixie Carter and had a cold beer at pickle barrel bar.
is at 1947 levels. Obama eclipsed Jimmy Carter & Bill Clinton in unimaginable ways WHILE slaughters & burns the ME
"We even survived Jimmy Carter," says Rick Perry dusting off the antique jokes for a room half full of people born after…
Someone should remind Rick Perry of Texas that Jimmy Carter never had a brain freeze on a third grade government question
Governor Perry, you can slam Jimmy Carter all you want. But he was something you'll never be: President of the United States.
Perry may have survived Jimmy Carter but most of US didn't survive Bush.
Rick Perry invokes the ghost of Jimmy Carter at
Rick Perry: America "survived" Jimmy Carter, we'll survive The former Texas…
Rick Perry at We survived Jimmy Carter, "we can survive the Obama years!"
"We survived a civil war, 2 world wars, the great depression and Jimmy Carter. We will survive Barack Obama!" -Rick Perry
Gov. Perry to CPAC: "we even survived Jimmy Carter. We will survive the Obama years, too"
He's taking re-election advice for Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter?
When you have Jimmy Carter and Howard Dean as spokemen for your party you are going to get a skewed view.
Jimmy Carter. George Bush sr. Bill Clinton. George Bush jr. They are all alive. But you don't hear about them in the news like our Ex-leaders.
Vietnam era draft resisters were pardoned by Jimmy Carter, not Gerald Ford.
Best skits Dan Ackroyd did as Jimmy Carter was talking guy down from an acid trip & becoming huge when he visited Three Mile Island.
Now both parties of Jimmy Carter ' s peace brokerage are estranged from us. Nice.
. -- "It took Jimmy Carter to get us Ronald Reagan" --Sen. Cruz.
I'll do conservatives one better: Jeb Bush was once in the same country as Jimmy Carter
To I thought that was Prez. Jimmy Carter at first...Wow lol
Jimmy Carter said if he became president, he would release all...
Women's rights will be "the highest priority for the rest of my life," says former Pres. Jimmy Carter
Obama is the worst president ever! you are pretty pathetic as a president when you are worse then even Jimmy Carter, LOL!
four words that descirbe Jimmy Carter We found the answer for you!
Man, Michael Carter-Williams is still really struggling with his efficiency...
I gotta think even Jimmy Carter regrets starting the "lone underdog trudging through Iowa snows" prez campaign trope by now.
Even the misguided and incompetent Jimmy Carter loved America. BHO has had a chip on his shoulder against USA all his life.
- even Jimmy Carter loved and served his country. he was just incompetent when it came to governing the country.
LOL,...OBAMA has Jimmy Carter laughing his *** off
On February 24 and 25, 2015, there will be a battle of the minds at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site as we...
“having a bad day so I am now accepting bamca or Jimmy johns to lincoln hall rm 155”💯
Being an anti Semite explains a great deal. Her father worked for Jimmy Carter.
"Worst thing about drinking alone is having to draw a *** on your own forehead"- Jimmy Carter 1996
Clinton shud have watched Jimmy Carter to learn how to live life with grace after leaving office! His ego is his downfall! Smh
I can't wait until Obama is out of office. Worst POTUS since Jimmy Carter!
Jimmy Carter: Ending violence against women and girls as highest priority in life: // via
You can't blame Obama for everything--he had plenty of help. Speaking of 1979, I kinda miss Jimmy Carter... now. Don't you?
- Even Jimmy Carter was smarter than the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Amazing how Jimmy Carter and I can be so different but both of us love the makes for strange bedfellows indeed!
"The most serious and unaddressed human rights abuse on earth is against women and girls." - Jimmy Carter
“Jimmy Carter responds to being called the worst President by John McCain. FB/We Are NOT Done
Jimmy Carter calls his latest mission fighting injustice against women his "highest priority."
Jimmy Carter (Us President with highest degree)must be on Howard Deans most qualified leaders
please remind Howard dean Jimmy Carter had degree. Not so good
apparently, Jimmy Carter claimes to have been attacked by a swimming rabbit. Jimmy got some bad LSD.
Jimmy Carter only gave away the Panama Canal. Obama gave away Iraq, Afghanistan, our southern border.Carter is looking pretty good.
Governor Scott Walker doesn't have a college degree? SFW!!! Obama and Jimmy Carter do, hows that working out ?
Jimmy Carter basically gave Iran to the mullahs and Democrat will allow them to go nuclear. Just f'n brilliant…
Jeb Bush is to the conservative movement what Jimmy Carter was to American--an absolute disaster.
On the old funny Dan Aykroyd was Jimmy Carter, Gilda Radner was Lillian Carter, & Gary Busey was brilliantly cast as Billy I must say..
lolol I did a listicle of Jon Stewart's 21 best political interviews and our CMS shows every one as Jimmy Carter:
you can thank Jimmy Carter for the Iranian revolution. He was POTUS then
Jimmy Carter, Bill & Hillary Clinton & Barrack Obama. Who are people with more Grammys than Jewel, Alex?
The are the only awards where you'll see James Franco, Jimmy Carter and John Waters nominated in the same category.
I'll always remember this as the year Joan Rivers beat John Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Jimmy Carter and James Franco.
Gotta love Spoken Word, the place where John Waters, Joan Rivers, James Franco, Gloria Gaynor & Jimmy Carter can all be together.
Reminder that James Franco, Joan Rivers, Elizabeth Warren, Jimmy Carter, and John Waters are all up for Grammys this year.
Best part of the :James Franco, Jimmy Carter, John Waters, Joan Rivers, Elizabeth Warren, & Gloria Gaynor are up for the same award
This is how far we have fallen. Thought Jimmy Carter was weak. Obama makes Jimmy Carter seem li…
Jimmy Carter looks like a hero compared to Obama.
This has got to be the WORST administration in recent memory. And I thought Jimmy Carter was bad!
Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter, Millard Fillmore have got to be smiling, NO LONGER THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER. OBAMA WINS HANDS DOWN
Yeah like Woodrow Wilson Barry Hussein and Jimmy Carter. Are you just trolling now?
technically I'm related to Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, & Jimmy Carter so all of you are irrelevant and I'm First Lady 👑🇺🇸
Peter Beinart: Obama’s problem is that he isn’t enough like Jimmy Carter: I, as Dave Barry says, am not making...
Jimmy Carter's 'malaise speech' is fascinating considering it was made right before the dawn of the moral majority.
I saw a mid-70s picture of Jimmy Carter in an Allman Bros. t-shirt recently. That as the last time a candidate looked cool.
,gives credit to Steve Ortmayor for finding Chris Matthews. I thought Matthews was an Edmund Muskie/Jimmy Carter find.
Imam Chirri, the longtime religious leader of the mosque, met with Pres. Jimmy Carter during Iran hostage crisis. Photo from mosque display.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Scott Walker: 'I Wouldn't Bet Against Me' I would bet the farm against him. Jimmy Carter would beat him soundly.
Don Surber: Liberals deliver the lowest blow on Scott Walker. Say he's -- gulp -- Jimmy Carter ...
Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal and Barack Hussein Obama is going to return Guantanamo Bay to Cuba and Castro.
. 39 at 90: Nine things you may not know about Jimmy Carter on
wrong. I think history will judge him differently. Remember Jimmy Carter?
thanks for voting Jimmy Carter into our Hall of Fame!
Jimmy Carter with Obasanjo, April 2,1978 when he visited Nigeria,1st sitting US President to do so. Credit:CORBIS htt…
Phil Baker January 26 at 8:58pm I have said it 1000 times, but I seriously doubted that I would have ever seen a worse Commander and Chief than Jimmy Carter. That all changed when the self appointed King showed up at the White House. In his six years he has set the USA back 30 years. Not only has he hurt our military, he has created more national debt in his 6 years that all 43 Presidents before him combined. He can't get out of office soon enough.
I'm not a big fan of Obama, but I'm also not a fan of conspiracy theories. I'm not trying to offend anyone, but this post by John D'Aquisto says it all, as far as I'm concerned. - Pretty soon Obama will be gone and you will have to face up to the fact that you will have lost a whole decade of your life passing around conspiracy theories and whipping yourself into a frenzy of hatred. All of you lost friends, severed relationships with family members, and some of you even lost your job or your marriage due to your unhinged behavior. You lost that decade wailing about Obama the *** Communist Muslim narcissist dictator who was going to let the UN invade America and various hoaxes like "death panels," birth certificates, Iraq's WMDs, and the "Ground Zero Mosque" (remember how you wasted two years of your life over that?). Just think of what you could have accomplished if you hadn't wasted all that time. You could have gotten a college degree, you could have written a book, you could have run your first maratho ...
"God answers all our prayers. Sometimes the answer is yes. Sometimes the answer is no . Sometimes the answer is , you've got to be kidding!" Jimmy Carter .
6y/o Jimmy Carter got near Look how happy he is!
Everything writes here is true. Also, *** Foley is amazing as wrestling's Jimmy Carter.
It's so much nicer seeing other people's artwork on here than really clever things that Jimmy Carter never actually said.
Ronald Reagan Guilty of Treason & War Crimes As the mass media engaged in an orgy of adulation for Ronald Reagan in June of 2004, many thinking persons were remembering and mourning the deaths of the hundreds of thousands of victims of Ronald Reagan's policies and pondering the lasting damage that the man did not only to the United States but to the world. During Reagan's reign the United States experienced the beginning of the end of what could have been a great nation. Under Reagan, elements within the government engaged in massive criminal activity that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the entrenchment of a vicious and evil criminal organization that is now firmly in power of not only the United States but much of the world. Reagan's crimes are many and started well before he was President when he and Bush committed treason and paid the Iranian's to not release the hostages in order to prevent the re-election of Jimmy Carter in 1980, not mention his reign of stupidity as Go ...
Penalties against drug use should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself. Nowhere is this more clear than in the laws against the possession of marijuana for personal use. -Jimmy Carter. 1977   10% Off
The Suicide Death of Freddie Prinze Freddie PrinzeBy the age of 20, Freddie Prinze's fame was already through the stratosphere as his television show, Chico and the Man was a top five charter in the U.S. He was a big star, his face graced the covers of numerous magazines such as People, US and Rolling Stone, yet, despite his overwhelming success, he also felt pressure from the Hispanic community, the network executives, and his many adoring fans. Women were literally crawling all over him. But so were the drug fiends, who so often populate the celebrity fringes like pilot fish feeding on the detritus of the bigger. Settling down Freddie Prinze would soon find himself addicted to both women and pills. To tackle the female problem, he decided to settle down with a beautiful cocktail waitress named Kathy Cochran, and the two quickly got hitched. Kathy would soon become pregnant and give birth to their only child, Freddie Prinze, Jr. Quaaludes and Divorce Freddie Prinze, Sr. however, could not shake his other ...
In 1976 and 1980, two separate yet related events, changed the course of mankind. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter, signed into law deregulation of the trucking industry, opening the door to the formation of freight brokers. Scott Middleton, President and owner of Countrywide Transportation, in 1976, while racing his Honda 750 in the SEMA Moto GP Series in Hockenheim, Germany was passed on turn two by a BMW VSS. “I knew right then that I did not have the funds to race bikes professioanally. The BMW bikes were too fast and handled too well to be beaten by my underfunded Honda.” Nine years later, one Masters Degree in Business, and with an investment of $500, Countrywide Transportation was born, “[It was] the best decision I ever made” says Countrywide President Scott Middleton. Following its humble beginnings Countrywide now occupies a floor in a modern office building in Hinsdale, Illinois. The business had evolved from a three ring binder and a GENEX phone to state of the art computers and softwar ...
Funny for the day! OBAMA RATED 5th BEST PRESIDENT IN OUR HISTORY Texas A&M Study Calls Obama 5th Best President in America. From a total of 44 US Presidents, Obama is rated as the fifth best. The A&M's Public Relations Office released this statement: "After almost six years in office, Americans have rated President Obama the fifth best President ever.” These are the details according to Texas A&M: 1. Ronald Reagan & Abraham Lincoln tied for first 2. Twenty three presidents tied for second 3. Seventeen other presidents tied for third 4. Jimmy Carter came in fourth, and 5. President Obama came in fifth
FosterEnt; Perks Of The US Presidential First Family. The Presidential benefits package far surpasses the usual employer who gets two weeks of vacation, healthcare, a salary and their 401k. The American government does a fine job to ensure that its leader is very well compensated, coddled and safeguarded for the entire term length and beyond. Keep browsing through to see ten of the most lavish perks that the American president and their family get awarded with. 1. Cooking Staff Available Every Hour of Every Day. Aside from there being a kitchen supplied in the first family’s living quarters, it is seldom used due to the fact that the full-on cooking staff has been provided at all hours of the day for serving meals. It only requires a little notice first and then the first family is able to enjoy whatever they’d like to eat with the help of one of five full-time personalized chefs that can make any good desire a reality after obtaining the ingredients. But there are always basics stocked in the kitchen ...
DEPRAVITY O'Brien (born in 1957) says she serviced an array of politicians including the cocaine snorting Clintons (A Three-Way), Ronald Reagan, George H.W Bush, *** Cheney, Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Governors Lamar Alexander and Richard Thornburgh, Bill Bennett (author of The Book of Virtues), Senators Patrick Leahy, Robert Byrd (her handler) and Arlen Spector. Notable by their absence were Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. Taylor (born in 1951) slept with JFK and LBJ as a preteen and teenager. When O'Brien's daughter Kelly was born in 1980, they often worked as a mother-daughter team. George H.W. Bush particularly liked Kelly. Cheney is not a pederast because his large genitals horrify children. (195) Referring to George Bush, *** Cheney told her: "A Vice President is just that, an undercover agent taking control of the drug industry for the President." (158) George Bush Jr. was present on one occasion but is not accused. (196) O'Brien was rescued by Mark Philips in 1988. It is likely that Bush Jr . ...
"Go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is." President Jimmy Carter
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