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Jimmy Carter

James Earl Jimmy Carter, Jr. (born October 1, 1924) is an American politician who served as the 39th President of the United States (1977–1981) and was the recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, the only U.S.

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“Jimmy Carter might have been a better president than Barack Obama,” *** Cheney said on CNN:
Photo: Jimmy Carter, Anwar Sadat, Menahem Begin and delegates from the Camp David Summit listen to a tour...
UPDATED: 07:25 PM EDT 07.15.14Although a fierce critic of Barack Obama, former Vice President *** Cheney does not support calls from someon the far right of his party to impeach him, saying it would simply create a distraction."I'm not prepared at this point to call for the impeachment of the President," Cheney said in an interview with CNN's "The Lead with Jake Tapper."Cheney believes Obama is "the worst president of my lifetime" and that "Jimmy Carter might have been a better President," but impeaching him is not going to accomplish much.Both Obama and Carter are Democrats, while Cheney is a conservative Republican who served two terms under George W. Bush.Calls for the Republican-led House to impeach Obama are coming from Sarah Palin and other harsh conservative critics at the height of midterm campaigning. His administration's handling of the immigration crisis on the southern border has amplified the small chorus.However, such a step is considered far-fetched, especially after House Speaker John Boe ...
1 of the best memories of my teens was when Jimmy Carter, Anwar El Sadat & Menachem Begin shook hands & signed. I wish we'd --
I was reading an article on Forbes Life on Richard Branson, the billionaire. He hosted an advisory council to The Elders - founded by Nelson Mandela and is now chaired by Kofi Annan. The Elders is an elite group of world-fixers, the rotating cast of twelve has included former Pres. Jimmy Carter, former Mexican Pres. Ernesto Zedillo & Archbishop Desmond Tutu. They discuss solutions to insurrection in Kenya etc. Arch. Tutu is known for his courageous anti apartheid activism and subsequent problem solving on the global stage, has quite a sense of humor. On a discussion how Ugandan authorities had declared homosexuality punishable by life in prison, Arch. Tutu just brought the right amount of levity to a decidedly serious topic. After condemning the move, he declared, "if I go to heaven, and I find God is a homophobe, I'm going to ask Him to send me to the other place." Boom!!!😉
Charlie's NYC History Corner for July 12th. On this date in... 1976...The Democrats open their national convention in Madison Square Garden. Three days later, Georgia governor Jimmy Carter is nominated for president. 1984...Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale selects Queens Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate, making her the first female vice presidential candidate to represent a major American political party.
Wisdom from one of Jimmy Carter's foreign policy "experts"-
Buchanan is the worst and Franklin Pierce is next. Jimmy Carter is 3RD. Obama might pass Carter and Pierce.
The Obama regime is again surprised with the influx of illegals from Central America. Is that incompetent or a lie, or both? Both. Let me ask this question, if they are surprised then why was the Obama regime advertising back in January for Buses and drivers to transport about 65,000 illegals that would be arriving on our borders in early summer? Why didn't they know that these 65,000 were traveling 2000 miles, through Mexico to get to our borders? Incompetent or arrogant lie? Both. Let me repeat, you are witnessing the WORSE oval office occupied administration in our 200 plus years history. WORSE! Jimmy Carter is a far off second, but he may even be behind James Buchanan. When are people going to see this person as the biggest LIAR in oval office history? Well the answer to that is that many will, because they are so proud they elected an alleged black man that they will never admit they made a grave mistake.
Start with Jimmy Carter & the morphed Community Reinvestment Act - Crony Government, not Crony Capitalism
I use to be a die hard Democrat, But I always voted for what I thought was the best man. In the past many years i voted for Jimmy Carter for his honesty. I voted for Reagan twice for his courage to stand up to other Countries, George Bush Sr. because I liked his policies, Bill Clinton twice because he reminded me of my Dad and his ways. George W. Bush twice because I thought was honest and a true patriot of America, All these Presidents did a great job holding the cost of living down for the not so rich (poor People like me) and And all stood for the American values that we all share. Keeping our borders locked down, keeping our military in arms to keep us safe. Now we get to Barack Obama I did not vote for that black SOB not because he was simply a *** but because of his hidden background, his muslem religion, and most of all his disloyalty to our country. He has taxed the poor where there are more homeless people now than there was during the depression. I think 50% of all the southerners are on foo ...
Jimmy Carter must be smiling. Even George W. Bush must be pleased after so much Big Media bashing for eight years W. Bush still polls higher that President Barack Obama. So what happened to the *** ..
Barack Obama is the 2014 version of Jimmy Carter. A do nothing president. Everything is a f**king speech, no...
Barry Obama? The resident of our White House makes Richard Nixon look like the Dali Lama and Jimmy Carter like Einstein!
Not surprised by this at all for either one of these bum presidents we currently have and had recently! Thirty-three percent of people questioned in the poll say that Obama is the worst president since the Second World War, with 28% saying George W. Bush was the worst. Thirteen percent picked Richard Nixon, with 8% naming Jimmy Carter
More voters see Obama as worst president in modern times? Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are Laughing their Butts Off !
Move over Jimmy Carter: Survey finds Obama is the worst president since World War II
There Has NEVER Been and Will NEVER BE AN Obama Doctrine By the beginning of 1980, Jimmy Carter was in big trouble. Almost everything he had said or done in foreign policy over the prior three years had failed — and he was for reelection. Carter had come into office in 1977 promising a new American stance abroad predicated on human rights. He bragged of an end to our supposedly inordinate fear of Soviet-inspired Communism. He entertained the hope of not losing a single American soldier in combat during his tenure. And he rejected the realpolitik of the Nixon-Kissinger years. The State Department would end the excessive influence of the bellicose National Security Council. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance would put a kinder, gentler face on American diplomacy. We championed Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe over more moderate black reformers. We broke with the Shah of Iran, who fled his country in January 1979. We for a while praised the Ayatollah Khomeini and sought ways to reach out to him. Carter’s U.N. ambas ...
James Kirchick | It’s now official: Obama is worse than Jimmy Carter
"[The] ... animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man...". --Jimmy Carter
she is genetically defective a product of Jimmy Carter's Department of education.
Barack Obama has achieved the impossible: has made Jimmy Carter look like Teddy Roosevelt.
Jimmy Carter: They can't call me the worst... Bumper Sticker Cool
Be Inspired by Jimmy Carter & Mary Robinson on 'speaking truth to power'
"Obama is the worst US President since Jimmy Carter" - an interesting (& familiar) view from Andrew Roberts on Thoughts,
h/t to Rudy --> Jimmy Carter is the yellow stain in the panties of American History & Barack Hussein Obama is the skid-mark.
I am still dealing with the reality that the USA is jumping into bed with Iran before Jimmy Carter has turned up to his grave.
WALES - Trawsfynydd Angling legend Moc Morgan has officially opened North Wales’ newest tourist destination - a visitor centre at a lake created to feed two power stations almost a century ago. Llyn Trawsfynydd is the latest to share in the £4m Snowdonia Centre of Excellence scheme – part of the EU-backed Sustainable Tourism project - and now boasts a new visitor centre and café and 3km cycle trail plus fishing and boating facilities. The £4m EU-backed scheme has already brought in 160,000 extra visitors and created 26 new jobs, with dozens more safeguarded, guests at the official opening were told. The centre was formally opened by angling author and legend Moc, who cast a fly out on to the lake. Moc, who once guided former US President Jimmy Carter around the top Welsh fishing spots, led Wales' national fishing team to their first ever victory in an international Competition. During his career he has caught fish in over 50 different countries, from Tasmania to British Columbia, and from New Zeala ...
Equal Rights for Palestinians APARTHEID AND OCCUPATION More than 5 million Palestinians are denied equal rights by the state of Israel under a system of apartheid, a deliberate policy of racial or ethnic segregation. Under Israeli military occupation, millions of Palestinians live in conditions which closely resemble the apartheid system that existed in South Africa: No right of free speech, assembly or movement Arrest and imprisonment without charge or trial Torture House searches without warrant Assassination, extra-judicial murder No right to vote for the Israeli government (even though it controls their lives) Israel controls all Palestinian borders, all imports and exports, and all movement between towns and cities. THE GAZA STRIP, still surrounded, besieged and controlled by Israel, has been sealed off and effectively turned into the world’s largest open-air prison. WHAT IS ISRAELI APARTHEID? Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was the first prominent figure in this country to apply the term aparth ...
I am sitting here watching Black Hawk Down with Beth Dominy and it got me thinking about military operations the US has done throughout history since Vietnam. It seem like every Republican that has issued military operation were a success and every Democrat that attempted the same has been a complete disaster? Vietnam was a complete disaster of democrat mismanagement that ended up costing the lives of 50,000 American servicemen. It wasn’t until Richard Nixon, a Republican, began to withdraw American forces in Vietnam. Operation Eagle Claw, Iranian Hostage Crisis was issued by Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, and it was a major disaster and complete embarrassment. Then we have the Invasion of Grenada which was issued by Ronald Reagan, a Republican, which was a successful operation. The Invasion of Panama to arrest Manuel Noriega was issued by George H. W. Bush and it was a successful operation. Then we have the Gulf War after Saddam Hussain invaded Kuwait which was order by George H. W. Bush, a Republica ...
Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Sr., and Barack Obama, are my favorite presidents. Each...
943 DAYS LEFT . Obama Losers. In six short years as president, Obama has taken the Democratic Party from the One to done. While it’s way too early to write off the party even for 2014, the wounds created by supporting this colossal bozo will be even longer to heal than the wounds inflicted by Jimmy Carter. Obama said way more then he knows when he admitted that the problem is that he’s president, not emperor. Remember when the Fawning News Media said that comedians would have a tough time making fun of Obama because he was so serious, so perfect, so black? Well the FNM seems to get under that bar no matter how low we set it, don’t they? Comedians aren’t just making fun of the president now; they’re making fun of the media as well. Electricity has gone from the rainbow-powered, “free” energy source made possible by windmills and magic rays of sunshine, to a dirty, pollution emitting source of danger that hunts us down while we sleep. The culprit? Cheap, reliable sources of Domestic Coal that ...
I just finished reading the details of Sen. Bob Corker's Gas Tax Hike Proposal. He's proposing a 12-cent per gallon increase, spread out over two years. However, the worst part isn't being reported by the News Media. The proposal also includes "indexing the gas tax with inflation." Using the historical average rate of 4%, the average price of regular gas in Tennessee will increase to $5.15 per gallon in ten years... that's assuming gas prices would otherwise remain at today's levels... which they won't. When inflation takes off again... which it will (i.e. Jimmy Carter)... we could potentially see $8 or more per gallon within 10 years, under this proposal. Let's stop it, if we can.
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER   In this inspiring book, Katie Couric distills the ingenious, hard-won insights of such leaders and visionaries as Maya Angelou, Jimmy Carter, Michael J. Fox, and Ken Burns, who offer advice about life, success, and happiness—how to take chances, follow one’s passions, ove…
Barack Obama has brought us the economy of Jimmy Carter combined with the dishonesty of Richard Nixon. People need to open…
A STUNNING 1978 CONVERSATION BETWEEN A U.S. REPORTER AND 2 MEMBERS OF THE Trilateral Commission. Anyone who was anyone in Washington politics, in media, in think-tanks, had access to it. Understood its meaning. But no one shouted from the rooftops. No one used the conversation to force a scandal. No one protested loudly. The conversation revealed that the entire basis of the Constitution had been torpedoed, that the people who were running US national policy were agents of an elite shadow group. No question about it. And yet: official silence. Media silence. The Dept. of Justice made no moves, Congress undertook no serious inquiries, and the President, Jimmy Carter, issued no statements. Carter was himself a covert agent in the White House, a willing pawn, and despite his proclaimed religious values, was nothing more than a rank con artist, a hustler. To boil down the 1978 conversation between the reporter and two Trilateral Commission members, and the follow-on response: "The US has been taken over." "Ye ...
Throw Back Thursday!. Here is a photo of Bob & Jeff from our old Jimmy Carter office - circa 1992!
Diane Black This week marks four years since President Obama declared the start of “Recovery Summer.” The only problem? The recovery never came. Nearly 10 million Americans remain unemployed and our labor force participation rate is stuck at the lowest level since the Jimmy Carter administration. Americans deserve better. Read about House Republicans’ plan HERE:
I've always said that Obama is an as inept as Jimmy Carter, and as corrupt as Richard Nixon. That's who he is.
Q.Who was the first US president to visit India in December 1959?. (A)Bill Cinton. (B)Jimmy Carter. (C)Dwight Eisenhower. (D)Richard Nixon
I know what you've done. You'll be spending a long time in the depths of *** w/ people like Jimmy Carter & Carl Sagan
Is it bad that I like John Major? I think it's because I feel sorry for him - he's like a really unsuccessful Jimmy Carter.
SANDBERG WWIII By James E. Horn Retired U.S. Diplomat info EXPERIENCING ISLAM [Censored by the CIA, Banned by Librarians] Is the USA prepared for an unmitigated disaster that may take out thousands of American lives? Soon? Iran and Iraq, and American Folly HISTORICALLY SPEAKING Western powers have not fared well in dealing with Islam. The British were handed their royal backsides in a basket after nearly two hundred years in Afghanistan/Pakistan and departed with their tails between their legs. The Russians and Eastern Europeans have done better. The Austrians and Poles stopped the Turks and saved Europe 200 years ago. Russia has been a bulwark resisting Islam in the Caucasus for centuries. When the Russians went into Afghanistan forty years ago, they had a good chance of success until the myopic progressives and reactionary conservatives of the west, led by Jimmy Carter, stepped in to help our mortal enemy against the Russians. In disgust, the Russians bailed and left a void soon filled by America ...
Good idea w/1 big problem. Jimmy Carter & John Kerry are examples of the problem.
Worst President in US History:. 4) Jimmy Carter . 3) Lyndon Johnson . 2) Woodrow Wilson . and the winner is. Barack Hussein Obama!.
So much for being dead broke.At long last, what the media wouldn't tell you about...BILL AND HILLARY'S 11TH-HOUR CRIME SPREE Final Days by Olson, Barbara "Disgraceful." That was Former President Jimmy Carter's word for the final days of the Clinton administration. But as the late Barbara Olson shows in this riveting book, it was worse than disgraceful; it was well-nigh criminal. Here's the whole shocking story of a manic Clinton White House consumed with self-enrichment, gifts, pardons, federal land grabs, and an orgy of spending and regulating. If the Clinton administration was the most corrupt in American history, here was its most obscenely corrupt moment. As even Paul Goldman of the Democratic National Committee said, "Mr. Clinton didn't just take the White House china; he took its soul and flushed it down the toilet." Getting the truth about Bill and Hillary Clinton isn't easy. As even Bob Woodward of the Washington Post lamented, "If we had Clinton here on sodium pentathol [truth serum] - we might n ...
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FLASHBACK: AXIS OF *** Jimmy Carter, you’re the father of the Islamic Nazi movement. You threw the Shah under the bus, welcomed the Ayatollah home and then lacked the spine to confront the terrorists when they took our embassy and our people hostage. You’re the runner-in-chief. Bill Clinton, you played ring around the Lewinsky while the terrorists were at war with us. You got us into a fight with them in Somalia, and then you ran from it. Your weak-willed responses emboldened the killers. Each time you failed to respond adequately they grew bolder, until 9/11. John Kerry, dishonesty is your most prominent attribute. You lied about American Soldiers in Vietnam. Your military service, like your life, is more fiction than fact. You’ve accused our Soldiers of terrorizing women and children in Iraq. You called Iraq the wrong war, wrong place, wrong time, the same words you used to describe Vietnam. You’re a fake. You want to run from Iraq and abandon the Iraqis to murderers just as you did the Vietn .. ...
Obama congratulates Elsisi for Presidency after a week delay! He sent jihadists to rape and wound Sisi-supproting lady in Tahrir, like what they did to Christopher Stevens, Qaddhafi and Syrian women!!! = Obama ignored congratulating Elsisi for Presidency, for a whole week, when the result had been declared on June 3rd, 2014, and the Presidential Ceremony had been held on June 8th, 2014, but Obama who sent some members of the Congress to attend the ceremony, was so busy in palying golf, that he did not remember to call Elsisi, till June 10th, 2014! Same Obama who congratulated Morsi in 2012, one week before the results of elections had been declared, and sent Carter and Anne Patterson, to threaten the real winner Ahmed Shafik, that the US Marines, shall occupy Egypt, if Morsi was not declared a winner! = Obama sent Jimmy Carter, to attempt to ruin the Presidential Elections by all means through his Elections Observing Center, and had many plans to get rid of Elsisi, including drone strike, cameras shooting ...
How Carter and Brzezinski played the Islamic card EIR Volume 7, Number 31, August 12, 1980 -by Judith Wyer Not long after the 1976 inauguration of Jimmy Carter, the White House and the State Department began to set the stage for the Islamic revolution in Iran which brought the theocratic Ayatollah Khomeini to power. The revolution in Iran was a predetermined component of the Carter administration's foreign and economic policy. That policy is defined by a series of documents published two years ago by the prestigious New York Council on Foreign Relations entitled the Project 1980s Studies. The project's directorship included a number of Carter administration advisers and cabinet members, including Cyrus Vance and Zbigniew Brzezinski. The policy as it relates to Iran and the Mideast had two primary strategic features. The first was to use the Islamic revolution as the global "shock" to trigger what the CFR called "con­ trolled disintegration" of the world economy primarily through the chaos in the internat ...
that's fair but James Buchannan, Warren G. Harding, and even Jimmy Carter are all are easily worse presidents than Obama.
Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter agree they've joined appeal to UN members
Joy Smith, lol, brought Jimmy Carter to Canada to speak on 'women'. On your tax dollar. To promo his new book. 2 birds & all...ugh.
1976 = Patti Smith, Jimmy Carter, the Ramones, SNL and Rocky. We talk w/ about that big meaningful year:
Pres. Jimmy Carter: “...I would really have favored just the expansion of Medicare to include all ages”
Review of Randall Balmer's (short) bio of Jimmy Carter:. Carter’s great gift — the gift that helped him stand by...
Barbara White-- Jimmy Carter's recent book, A Call to Action, discusses many forms of violence against women, including, sexual violence and assault of women on College campuses. Jimmy Carter is an advocate for women and the title of his book speaks volumes. I believe that someone in the Obama Administration must have read his book as well, because the LA Times recently came out with a story about sexual assaults on college campuses and how there now is task force committee headed by Joe Biden, addressing this issue. I believe that self defense classes taught at a university or community college level is necessary to educate both men and women, and, hopefully, improve the current statistics that are out there at this time. Barbara White
President Obama gets a lot of flak for how he's performed over the years but, when you look back at the major issues he said he'd tackle in his 2008 inauguration speech, it's clear that he's a man of his word.The conservative view of President Obama has straddled two difficult-to-reconcile portraits. One indicts him as a “Reagan of the left,” fundamentally (and, in their view, disastrously) altering the shape of the state. The other casts him as a hapless mediocrity, a Jimmy Carter redux. At the moment, the latter view is more in evidence — just in the last week, columns have appeared with headlines like “Is It Too Late for Obama to Rescue His Legacy?” and “The Failed Presidency of Barack Obama.” New York magazine's Jonathan Chait has the story:On January 20, 2009, when Obama delivered his inaugural address as president, he outlined his coming domestic agenda in two sentences summarizing the challenges he ...
Why are people saying Ebele Jonathan must go fish in troubled waters. I doubt Ebele would consume any fish coming out of the polluted waters of Bayela or Port Harcourt. When there's a oil spill anywhere in the US, the responsible party would be made to to open up their check books. The world witnessed the billions pumped into cleaning the Gulf and also compensating the fishermen and the affected communities. The political leadership in Nigeria would accept bribes to acting responsibily. Who would blame Jimmy Carter for bringing his own food, water and generators for an official state visit to Nigeria? My response to his critics was, the peanut farmer from Georgia is a smart man for taking care of contingencies. It's about time to make polluters clean up. If they wouldn't, the government need to hire those who will. The cleaning bill could then be forwarded to the polluters. If Ebele believes he must fish, he could be hooked up with Niyi Osundare in Louisiana.
US NEWS Jimmy Carter's Grandson Aims for Democratic Rebirth in Georgia Election follow warren today
Keanu Reeves doesn't even really look like Jimmy Carter, the make-up crew deserves an award as well.
If you voted for Obama because of his work experience, then you are delusional ….of his qualifications, then you are ignorant ….of his economic plan, then you are a moron ….he is black, then you are racist ….you want free stuff, then you are greedy ….your union told you to, then you are a tool ….you want free healthcare, then you are an *** But if you voted for him because you TRULY know what he stands for, then you are a traitor. Now if you are claiming Jimmy Carter, as a role model, (Bill Maher) who thanks to Obama he's not the worst President ever any more...then you are A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID... Author Unknown.
Today is my birthday. I am 43 years old. I remember Jimmy Carter and the Iranian Hostage Crisis, Walter Cronkite and Sean O'Sullivan, original Star Trek and the first three Star Wars movies. What kind of a world do we live in now? Ask me again, when I turn 86.
We will also throw in Jessie Jackson, Jimmy Carter and Susan Rice. This one Soldier is worth way more than these ***
Bill Gonzales just told me that he voted for the Muslim loser twice and was happy that he did! I read this moments before I unfriended him! I am very serious about the loser in the WH! I would have laughed it off had it been Bill Clinton, or even Jimmy Carter, but I am a patriot and Obama is destroying America! Anyone else that voted twice for Mr. "O" please feel free to unfriend me as I will you if you admit to such a crime involving high treason!
Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter all rolled into one
And what about Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter...You honestly think Obama is the worst president ever...
“To denigrate women is to spit in the face of God”: Highlights from Jimmy Carter & Desmond Tutu Q&A
Republicans have gotten to the point where they are buying their own BS. Jimmy Carter polls higher than Nathan Deal, read the data.
Here is a quiz for all of you. Please do not google this for the answer before answering the question. Be honest ! Which President is responsible for passing the affirmative action plan for small businesses? JFK? Lyndon Johnson? Richard Nixon? Jimmy Carter? Let's see who knows the correct answer.
"The Trilateral Commission even selects and elevates its candidates to positions of political power. David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski found Jimmy Carter to be an ideal candidate, for example. They helped him to win the Democratic nomination and the Presidency [1977]. To accomplish their purpose, they mobilized the money power of the Wall Street bankers, the intellectual influence of the academic community - which is subservient to the wealthy of the great tax-free foundations - and the media controllers represented in the membership of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. It was no accident that Brzezinski and Rockefeller invited Carter to join the commission in 1973. But they weren't ready to bet all their chips on Carter. They made him a founding member of the commission but to keep their options open they also brought in Walter Mondale and Elliot Richardson, a highly visible Republican member of the Nixon administration, and they looked at other potential nominees."
What's on my pile of "Books I'm Going to Read, Dammit"? Here's what I remember, off the top of my head. **JRR Tolkien, translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight **JRR Tolkien, "The Children of Hurin" **Jimmy Carter "An Hour Before Daylight"..this has been on my pile for at least 3 years. **Douglas Oliver "The Pacific Islands"...which is an anthropological review of Micronesia and Polynesia **The Golden Compass...or Northern Lights trilogy by Philip Pullman **Nathaniel Philbrook ... "Sea of Glory"..which is an accounting of the United States Exploring Expedition. This formed the basis of the collections which became the Smithsonian Institution. This was a Christmas present to me in 2011! Ouch. ** English translation of the Qu'ran... this was a Christmas present to me in 2012. Problem is, I do a lot of reading on the plane, travelling places and I don't think it's terribly wise to be taking a Qu'ran on the plane! .which is really sad and just wrong, but there you go. Better to be realistic. Wha ...
TODAY IN THE PAST: JUNE 4, 1876 The Transcontinental Express train completes its first complete run from New York City to San Francisco. For the first time, Americans could traverse the entire continent in a mere 389 hours. Many feared that the speed of the journey would cause palsies, brain-explosion, or even time travel, but this happened very rarely, and soon the "Trans-con" was a huge success. "At last our United States are truly United," declared the New York Tribune, "bound from end to end by a straight road of gleaming steel and Chinaman bone." But this was not entirely the truth: The train routinely made a dramatic high jump over the Colorado River all the way up to 1978, when Jimmy Carter insisted that a bridge would be "safer." And thus the nanny state was born. —"More Information Than You Require" (2008) \|/ Reposted by: -H- Team /|\ Hodgmania
The bravest person I can think of is Malala Yousafzai. I Admire Elijah Cummings and other civil rights leaders. Jimmy Carter.
Re: The father of Bowe Bergdahl - his son "forgot English" in 5 years???!!! United States Senator John McCain spent 6+ years in the Hanoi Hilton. I don't think he needed to buy "ENGLISH FOR DUMMIES" to acclimate himself back into America. This stinks worse than rotten eggs...kind of like Ovomit. The OFFICIAL WORST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME!!! Somewhere, Jimmy Carter just sighed.
I was working on Capitol Hill in 1977 the first year of Jimmy Carters Presidency. Yes thankful he was a bumbling fool. However he was also a tool of the Rockefeller brothers and that is where the real damage to our country was done under him. Jimmy Carter was a great unknown politically before he attended the first Ti-Lateral Commission started by David Rockefeller. Another effort to bring about the New World Order by combining the banking systems of the US, Europe and Japan and later Communist China.Zbigniew Brzezinski invited then Georgia Governor Carter and using Rockefeller money promoted Carter to be President. Carter then made Zbigniew his National Security Adviser. he was to Carter what George Soros is to Obama; namely the power behind the throne.
Congrats to Jimmy Carter, you are no longer the least effective President in my lifetime
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He makes Jimmy Carter look like Winston Churchill mixed with Abraham Lincoln!
Ok picked Amber and Aaliyah from Scottish Rite Hospital and headed home stopped for lunch on Jimmy Carter and then on up the road Aaliyah is fine no ill effects from her taking the pills just tired along with her mama who also had a tooth ache then we picked Jacaleigh and Braylen up from daycare since Braylen was not being a good boy got home around 3 pm kids are all asleep now and mom is at her house doing her homework
Remember the movie Saving Private Ryan? The last part when the Captain is dying and he say's to the soldier that they were looking for, that you were worth this. Just when I thought that we couldn't ever have a worse President than Jimmy Carter, We switch five career criminals for a deserter. Who leaves his post with a compuss and a bottle of water. And we loose six soldiers and spend millions trying to find him over ninety days. Its going to be a long two years.
"It took us Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan" -Sen. Ted Cruz
Ronald Regan removed the solar panels from the roof of the White House that Jimmy Carter put it.
is making Jimmy Carter look like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan morphed into one Presiden…
Water Skiing Pink Elephant This is all that's left of the Pink Elephant restaurant. It now sits outside a casino riverboat in Marquette on the corner of Hwy 76 and Anti Monopoly street. This is a full size pink elephant in a top hat. When I was going to school across the river in Prairie Du Chien, WI, this was the best place to go for steaks when the folks came up to visit. Sadly my old high school is now a prison complete with double 15 ft. high fences topped with razor wire. This elephant watered skiied across the mighty Mississippi to meet Jimmy Carter when came to visit Prairie. [Phrank Phester, 10/08/2011]
[1] Sometimes, when I look at my children, I say to myself, "Lillian, you should have remained a virgin." -- Lillian Carter (mother of Jimmy Carter) [2] I had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalog: "No good in a bed, but fine against a wall." - Eleanor Roosevelt [3] Last week, I stated this woman was the ugliest woman I had ever seen. I have since been visited by her sister, and now wish to withdraw that statement. - Mark Twain [4] The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending; and to have the two as close together as possible. - George Burns [5] Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people only once a year. - Victor Borge [6] Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. - Mark Twain [7] What would men be without women? Scarce, sir...mighty scarce. - Mark Twain [8] By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher. - Socr ...
"Republican for some reason believe that President Reagan was just great. Other believe that as he got older he was not quite there sometimes. Well, here is what I think. He seemed to me to be asleep or tired a lot as he got older. Hey, that also describes me!" Forgot to mention the previous President Jimmy Carter. Did you know this about him? Did you? How many awards did President receive. How many? Among the honors Carter has received are the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1999 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. Others include: Freedom of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne, England, 1977 Silver Buffalo Award, Boy Scouts of America, 1978 Gold medal, International Institute for Human Rights, 1979 International Mediation medal, American Arbitration Association, 1979 Martin Luther King, Jr., Nonviolent Peace Prize, 1979 International Human Rights Award, Synagogue Council of America, 1979 Conservationist of the Year Award, 1979 Harry S. Truman Public Service Award, 1981 Ansel Adams Conservation Award, Wildern ...
"Climate change will dwarf other human challenges in years to come." Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, Mary Robinson
TVOW is dedicating today's topics on behalf of Maya Angelou An acclaimed American poet, storyteller, activist, and autobiographer, Maya Angelou was born Marguerite Johnson in St. Louis, Missouri. Angelou has had a broad career as a singer, dancer, actress, composer, and Hollywood's first female black director, but is most famous as a writer, editor, essayist, playwright, and poet. As a civil rights activist, Angelou worked for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. She was also an educator and served as the Reynolds professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University. By 1975, wrote Carol E. Neubauer in Southern Women Writers: The New Generation, "Angelou had become recognized not only as a spokesperson for blacks and women, but also for all people who are committed to raising the moral standards of living in the United States." She served on two presidential committees, for Gerald Ford in 1975 and for Jimmy Carter in 1977. In 2000, Angelou was awarded the National Medal of Arts by President Bill C ...
"Late in the 1950s, Carson turned her attention to conservation, especially environmental problems that she believed were caused by synthetic pesticides. The result was Silent Spring (1962), which brought environmental concerns to an unprecedented share of the American people. Although Silent Spring was met with fierce opposition by chemical companies, it spurred a reversal in national pesticide policy, which led to a nationwide ban on DDT and other pesticides, and it inspired a grassroots environmental movement that led to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.[4] Carson was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Jimmy Carter."--Wikipedia
Zbigniew Brzezinski: What Obama should tell Americans about Ukraine. (Jimmy Carter didn't prep Americans for Iran.)
As I was looking at this I tried to recall Reagan ever saying "This was Jimmy Carter's fault". I couldn't recall him ever saying that. Here we are, 6 years into President Obama's presidency and we're still hearing it. Nancy Pelosi tried to place the blame on the VA scandal on Bush while even liberals like Bob Beckett have said it began long before Reagan even. Bush may not have been perfect but when will he stop being blamed for everything that's ever happened?
LIVE NOW: Katie Couric speaks with Jimmy Carter on his new mission: to end injustice towards women
This girl just thought Jimmy Carter was a country singer then proceeded to say he was the 15th president... Smh
Iont mean president when I say I love Jimmy Carter
It took Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama to make Willy Clinton look like a good President even though he wasn't one.
. Jimmy Carter is jumping up and down. Saying I am not the worst President.
The last time there was a Triple Crown winner,Jimmy Carter was President & both Razorback Football and Basketball fini…
Jimmy Carter calls for a shift in male dominated spiritual leadership to thwart anti-woman violence.
highlights the parallels between Jimmy Carter's new book and Half the Sky:
Former Arsenal winger Jimmy Carter talks about F30 Legends in this video we shot for William Hill
I remember Jimmy Carter signing for the wallpushers when they were champions.
Teach a Woman to Fish: Overcoming Poverty Around the Globe ..Written with the passion and urgency of a first-hand observer and advocate by Women Thrive Worldwide's Co-Founder and President Ritu Sharma Teach a Woman to Fish is the insightful account of how... •Hundreds of millions of women live in poverty around the world; •The way Washington works for or against people in poverty globally; and •What people in the US and Europe can do to help women across the world to break free of poverty, violence, and inequality. Praise from Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States, and co-founder of The Carter Center with his wife, Rosalynn Carter "Ritu Sharma delivers inspiring stories of women and men who are overcoming great obstacles to improve the lives of girls and women under dire circumstances. She also provides insights into how we in America can help individually and through our government’s aid programs. Every citizen and lawmaker should read this book.” Praise from Melinda Gates, Co-Cha . ...
Carter as Kristof - why Jimmy Carter's 'A Call to Action' supports the very violence its author abhors
The Obama Administration is an utter failure on every front. Jimmy Carter meets Woodrow Wilson meets LBJ. Just awful.
Trying to remember the past few presidents & I fixated on Jimmie Walker instead of Jimmy Carter. America, we missed a chance.
ignoring Jimmy Carter and banging their pro-prostitution drum YET AGAIN in Northern Ireland:
The Resolute Desk is a large, nineteenth-century partners' desk often chosen by presidents of the United States for use in the White House Oval Office as the Oval Office desk. It was a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880 and was built from the timbers of the British Arctic Exploration ship Resolute. Franklin Roosevelt had a small door built for the gap to prevent people from seeing his wheelchair. Many presidents since Hayes have used the desk at various locations in the White House, but it was Jackie Kennedy who first brought the desk into the Oval Office in 1961 for President John F. Kennedy. It was removed from the White House only once, after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, when President Johnson allowed the desk to go on a traveling exhibition with the Kennedy Presidential Library. After this it was on display in the Smithsonian Institution. President Jimmy Carter brought the desk back to the Oval Office, where Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and G ...
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Dear this is not our parents' This is not the party of or The principles of liberty, free markets, equality under the law, and opportunity for which we Americans all stand are no longer the principles of today's Democrat Party. Florida Dem Representative Joe Garcia: "We've proved communism works." Sorry Joe, communism doesn't work, and to the extent to which Joe Garcia, President Obama, and Democrats continue to implement highly centralized, one size fits all, tax more and spend more policies, we'll continue to get zero job growth and high unemployment like we've always gotten under such Jimmy Carter-style strategies. Our generation can do better. We don't need to "give everybody a good government job." In some of the poorest countries in the world, they "give everybody a good government job." In America, we prefer prosperity where a rising tide lifts all boats.
Jimmy Carter on the lower east side.. 1984
Just woke up from an amazing much needed nap!Now am watching Fashion Police"I love this show"I am so excited that my bday is tommorow and can't believe I am alive.I came out the closet at 14 and to be out of the closet.In the old days it hard for a feminine street boy to be out.I had to physically fight haters in junior and high school,was jumped by straight guys,and was raped.At 17 I had lost 2 friends to Aids then it wasn't hiv like today where it is hiv today and have lost many more after that.I am glad to be alive!I have lived through 7 presidents,Gerald Ford,Jimmy Carter,Ronald Reagan,George H.W Bush,Bill Clinton,,George Bush JR,Barack Obama. I have lived and will continue to and won't and don't let anyone try to step up or rain on my parade or try to bring me down.I am somebody and have always been somebody and am blessed to be alive.So those who try and cast stones and want to act up,try to live a day in my shoes.I doubt you ever could.I am a great person and have alot of love to give,I love to j . ...
Even Democrats are comparing Obama to Jimmy Carter. Ex VA Democratic Senator Jim Webb was talking about the Obama Administration and compared it to Carter's failed presidency and how Reagan restored confidence in the presidency.
Who can make this barbaric practice end? Jimmy Carter?
Only Barack Obama could make Jimmy Carter look Presidential, Richard Nixon look honest & screw more people while in office…
All three Democratic presidential losses in the Eighties were caused by centrism. Last edited Sun May 18, 2014, 01:17 AM - Edit history (2) 1980: Jimmy Carter ran for re-election on an essentially moderate Republican record...he had increased the defense budget, he'd put the Republican/corporate priority of "low inflation" before the progressive Democratic priority of full employment, and he had caused the Iranian Hostage Crisis by giving the Shah sanctuary in this country after supporting that tyrant against the Iranian people to the bitter end. John Anderson, at one point in the summer of 1980, was leading Carter AND Reagan in the popular vote by running to the left of both of them(his support collapsed after he put Ed Koch's chief strategist David Garth in charge of his campaign and Garth made Anderson positioned Anderson as another bland centrist). Reagan won by using the "misery index" caused by Carter's refusal to work to lower unemployment in the presidential debates AND by trading arms for hostage ...
US - Message from Former President Jimmy Carter to US President Obama
Jimmy Carter in 1979 with the first White House solar panels (later torn down by Reagan)
Jimmy Carter; the best FORMER President of my lifetime. Carter and his wife Rosalynn founded the Carter Center in...
---> "Jimmy Carter warns Egypt 'stands on the precipice'
News: "Jimmy Carter warns Egypt 'stands on the precipice'"
Jimmy Carter called, thanked the president, and expressed relief that he's no longer considered the worst president ev…
Jimmy Carter warns 'stands on the precipice'
The intrepid optimist - Jimmy Carter warns 'stands on the precipice' via
Gaurdian: Jimmy Carter warns Egypt 'stands on the precipice': Former US president calls on Cairo to change co...
News: Jimmy Carter 'stands on the precipice'
Jimmy Carter warns Egypt 'stands on the precipice'
Jimmy Carter warns Egypt 'stands on the precipice' -
1937-05-17 *Hazel O'Leary was born on this date in 1937. She is an African American politician and administrator. Hazel Rollins O'Leary was born in Newport News, Virginia; she graduated from the former segregated Huntington High School of Newport News. O’Leary received her Bachelor's degree in history and government from Fisk University in 1959; and her law degree from Rutgers University in 1966. O'Leary worked as a prosecutor in the state of New Jersey and was later a partner in the accounting firm of Coopers & Lybrand. During the Jimmy Carter administration, O'Leary was assistant administrator of the Federal Energy Administration, general counsel of the Community Services Administration, and administrator of the Economic Regulatory Administration at the newly-created Department of Energy. In 1981, O'Leary established with her husband the consulting firm of O'Leary & Associates, serving as vice president and general counsel. From 1989 to 1993, she worked as an executive vice president of the Northern S ...
Friday's Wine Time Thoughts... "The likes of David Rockefeller, George Soros, George HW Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, Barack Obama, *** Cheney, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and even George Bush Jr., and many others, who on the surface appear to be of significant difference (oh that left-right ruse), have stated boldly and without hesitation, their common commitment to the 'New World Order' (their term)-- a long-planned global central government with all nations subservient. In other words, a commitment to global tyranny. They have stated, in so many words and phrases, that the United States of America needs to get on board with this inevitable end game. To this end, George W Bush--of all supposed protectors of our freedoms--started the Security and Prosperity Partnership in 2005 to lay the groundwork for the integration of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, including a supranational legal, economic, transportation, currency, military, and social structure*. President Obama continues this effort today. However, milli ...
"Telling aunt Esther there's such thing as God is like telling Jimmy Carter there's no such thing as toothpaste." Fred Sanford
Thanks for this, Robert Shepherd. "In an unprecedented action, this week President Jimmy Carter joined nine other Nobel Peace Laureates to publish an open letter to President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, asking them to reject the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. You can view the letter here" And thank you, Jimmy Carter. ;)
"...(H)ere’s a discussion I’d like to see happen: *** Cheney, Jimmy Carter, and Desmond Tutu, after an evening watching Sweeney Todd and Les Miserables, meet on the air with Bill Moyers. 'Gentlemen,' says Bill, in his best 'Li’l Abner Goes to Yale' voice, 'you’ve just spent five hours watching some geniuses of musical theater create what you might call a public theology of revenge from material that's over a century old... Are there parallels to be drawn between these two shows and the current situation in the world? Discuss.'"
Does losing a re-election bid lengthen a President's life? Of the 6 longest lived Presidents, 5 failed in their bid for re-election: John Adams, Herbert Hoover, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George H. W. Bush. The exception was Ronald Reagan.
I'm not sure which one looks and sounds worse, Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter.
This isn't about fruit, but still fun: what crop was grown by Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter before taking office? Nope, not that. Or that. How about peanuts?
Kent Crider in the Morning on K103 has your chance to win Rascal Flatts tickets to the Cape Air Festival.Opry Brain Teaser, Jimmy Carter entertainment update from Nashville, Bad Joke of the Day.and it's National 3rd Shifters Day !!! Join in on 102.9 !
Thirty-Seven years! The year is 1977 Ann Marie Swing & Daniel Chan, get married in St. Finbar Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn, NY Apple Computer is incorporated Gary Gilmore is executed by firing squad in Utah (the first execution after the reintroduction of the death penalty in the U.S.) Snow falls in Miami (despite its ordinarily tropical climate) for the only time in its history. Snowfall has occurred farther south in the United States only on the high mountains of the state of Hawaii. Jimmy Carter succeeds Gerald Ford as the 39th President of the United States. U.S. President Jimmy Carter pardons Vietnam War draft evaders. Roots begins its phenomenally successful run on ABC. Fleetwood Mac's Grammy-winning album Rumours is released. Space Shuttle program: First test taxi flight of Space Shuttle Enterprise Hanafi Siege: Approximately a dozen armed Hanafi Movement members take over 3 buildings in Washington, D.C., killing 1 person and taking more than 130 hostages (the hostage situation ends 2 days lat ...
Wait, June is African American Music Appreciation month? Started by Jimmy Carter in 1979? How come I'm just now hearing about this ?
Oh good. Now we can go back to the 70s, when Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the White House, which were removed by Ronald Reagan. Think what the world would be like now if we'd followed Jimmy Carter's lead back then.
I only buy mixed nuts with less than 50% peanuts, because peanuts remind me of Jimmy Carter. Ew.
With all of this talk about the Obama Presidential Library/Museum and some entities in Chicago are politicking for this city to be considered as a site, I did 15 minutes worth of research on the topic. I Googled (10) former presidents' libraries; Jimmy Carter, William Jefferson Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon B. Johnson, Dwight D. Eisenhower, George Herbert Bush, John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman. I discovered two facts I think are important to consider. All of these Libraries/Museums/Centers came to fruition due to the establishment of private FOUNDATIONS. Not public funding. The other fact is, with the exception of the Reagan Library/Museum, they are all closed. Apparently, there really isn't a lot of public interest in these libraries and I believe had Reagan not been an actor before he was a politician, folks wouldn't care about his either. Therefore, my question for Chicago is,aside from some "bragging rights", how would the people benefit from such an expensive . ...
On this day in 2002 former POTUS Jimmy Carter arrived in Cuba for a 5ive day visit with Fidel Castro becoming the first POTUS in or out of office to visit Cuba since the Castro 1959 revolution. Too bad he didn't stay-not to be critical or anything.
Pres. Jimmy Carter expressing thanks to Cooperative Extension for 100 years of extending knowledge & changing lives!
On This Date: May 12, 2002; Jimmy Carter becomes the first U.S. President, former or current to visit Cuba since Fidel Castro seized power in 1959.
Good news: Enrollment of new law students is at a low not seen since Jimmy Carter was president. My new column:
President Obama uttered a surprisingly revealing 23-word sentence Thursday that reveals so much about his thinking and why his second-term is shaping up as worse than Jimmy Carter's last. But, first, let's get this straight right off the bat: President Obama is not a dummy. He acts like a dummy, an arrogant one at that. The chief executive of the United States tries to convince the world he's a dummy, bizarrely claiming he didn't know so many stupid, illegal, corrupt, partisan, lying things were going on in his administration lo these past 1,760 divisive days. He naively expected Iran to cave to the kind of political muscle that works back home in the Windy City. Obama painted himself into a red-lined corner on Syria, only to have his south side saved humiliatingly by Russia's shirtless President Putin. And apparently the White House did not pay its cable bill this fall. Because according to Kathleen Sebelius, the president was unaware the ObamaCare rollout was an utter disaster for days after the Oct. 1 ...
You mean like Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter, and Mikhail Gorbachev? Obama was a perfect fit.
Jimmy Carter installed solar panel on the White House in the '70s. Reagan tore them out when he took office (one of many STUPID things he did). It has taken this long to get them back. I'm sure Rand Paul (who THINKS he'll be elected in 2016) is formulating plans to remove them again.
Mitt Romney is on MSLDS's Morning Joe. DVR it, they will repeat it in the 8:00 hour. Mitt said that the Brookings Institute just reported that for the FIRST time in our History, more businesses closed last year than opened. I think after 6 miserable years, it's time to just admit that Obama is the worst President in History. Jimmy Carter is smiling this morning, now that Obama has taken the title from him. Even Kenneth D Camarro has to take off the rose colored glasses at some point and be honest about it.
FLASH back - democrat Jimmy Carter lamented the death of dictator Chavez's, Now Bill Nelson cares?? ! .
5 things I bet you didn't know about presidents.Andrew Jackson was a Taylor (and only wore selfmade suits)...Abraham Lincoln is in the "Wrestling Hall of Fame".1969 Jimmy Carter claimed to have seen a UFO.Thomas Jefferson could speak 6 languages...Franklin Roosevelt was 1st President to ride in an Airplane!! BONUS* JOHN HANSON was THE 1st PRESIDENT (look it up) ;)
The Prime Ministers -Yom Yerushalyim 2014 In March 2010 previous Israeli ambassador to Australia and long standing political figure Yehuda Avner released his remarkable recount of his close encounters with successive Israeli Prime Ministers. it was the first and only insider account of Israeli politics from the founding of the Jewish State to the near-present day. It reveals stunning details of life-and-death decision-making, top-secret military operations and high level peace negotiations. The Prime Ministers brings readers into the orbits of world figures, including Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Yasser Arafat, Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana and the Lubavitcher Rebbe. It provides unforgettable descriptions of political rivalries, diplomatic blunders, White House and Buckingham Palace banquets and more. Recently the book has been brought to life on screen in a fantastic film starring Sandra Bullock and Christoph Waltz. Bnei Akiva Perth is proud to present ...
George Takei is the Jimmy Carter of former Star Trek cast members.
Tired of seeing the fake Jimmy Carter meme stating "If you don't want your tax dollars to help the poor, then stop saying you want a country based on christian values, because you don't." 1. This is not from Jimmy Carter, it's from John Fugelsang. 2. The actual quote itself is wrong. The quote is: "If you don't want tax dollars helping the sick and poor, then it's time to stop saying you want a government based on Christian values." 3. Liberal or conservative, you can't twist a quote around, accredit it to a different source, make a fake meme, and share it until it becomes truth. A lie is a lie. Period. 4. It sickens me that people are so blind that they actually think if you complain about the fact that the government is wasting tax dollars on a corrupt system then you don't care about those in need. I could easily say "Give me $100 and I'll give $5 to a homeless person... if you don't, you're not a Christian and you don't care about the poor!" Open your eyes people. Rant over.
Former President Bush has teamed up with Jimmy Carter's Habitat for Humanity to donate his wonderful paintings to...
Also the economy is doing so well Office Depot is closing 400 stores. Anybody keeping up with how many chains this makes trimming down drastically? That is jobs people! 1 in 5 households has NO working/employed/taxpayers in them. This is Jimmy Carter days on steroids.
Tough call he is right up there with Warren G. Harding, LBJ, Nixon and Jimmy Carter.
Bill Clinton, Bush and Jimmy Carter can directly affect how advisers should the dispute from the Crimea?
Have followed Jimmy Carter for sometime went to a church also named Maranatha in High Point, North Carolina.
Jimmy Carter on Dylan Thomas . an insight into how poetry reaches places we could not imagine
We all now know that U.S Secretary of State John Kerry “misspoke” when, at a private, closed meeting in April 2014, he said that the State of Israel was at risk of becoming an “apartheid” state if it did not accept a two-state solution. In order to make things perfectly clear, it was gracious of him to explain that Israel is not currently an apartheid state, nor does it intend to become one. With this explanation, no one could possibly accuse him of harboring anti-Semitic sentiments. At the “misspoken” moment, the ill-advised Kerry must have found himself in questionable company. He had inadvertently joined the usual suspects – Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Alice Walker, Jimmy Carter, and a host of biased bigots – who cannot refrain from categorizing Israel as a state that is hostile to the “oppressed” Palestinian people, if not to the entire world.
Nice Lie.., err, try. Facts according to the very Liberal Washington Post ( Ed Rogers, May 6th edition " Hard Facts cloud the Obama presidency... " ) The unemployment rate has gone from terrible ( 8.3 % ) to very bad ( 7.5 % ), but more than 9.5 million people have dropped out of the labor force... 15.2 million MORE people are on food stamps today than Feb. '09... The poverty rate has increased by .07 %... The annual median household income has dropped more than $3,000.00 during his presidency .., Gasoline prices have doubled under his administration... The biggest jump in our national debt ( from 11 trillion in '08 to 17 trillion today ) which translates to a debt of $148,000.00 per tax payer from just over $90,000.00 per tax payer in 2008 ) The "Misery Index" created by Jimmy Carter has gotten worse ( Jan. '09 7.83% to March '13 9.07%... All KEY BENCH MARKS of the U.S. economy... Again, these aren't FOX news numbers .., these are coming directly from the liberal Washington Post ! The Dow is up, but onl ...
Jimmy Carter ex President was. Speaking passionately on Radio Wales about Dylan Thomas. I must read some of his poetry. Under milk wood 1st
My military brothers were killed trying to save the ambassadors life. These 2 men ,Tyrone Woods and Glen Daugherty(Not my uncle Glen Daugherty) Fought to the last bullet. Literally the last bullet was fired from Glens 50 cal. Ma Duce . He had mortar nests painted with laser designators for hours while obama just went to bed trying to think of a way he could hide this from the American people. Remember that he was saying"Bin laden is dead and Al-Qaeda is on the path to defeat". In Water gate , A president resigned and a lot of people went to jail. No one died in that and it was because They lied. 4 Americans were murdered and for the first time since Jimmy Carter ,an American Ambassador was killed. That in it's self is an act of WAR.
"Dukakis got great news today about the Jimmy Carter endorsement. He isn't getting it." - Reagan at his last WH Corresponent's Dinner
Check out Jimmy Carter's new book! A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power.
"Let's see, Jimmy Carter after his presidency goes into teaching and Habitat For Humanity. Bill Clinton starts his Global Initiative which has raised hundreds of millions to date and helped over 185 million children around the world with an emphasis on Africa. George W. Bush has painted portraits of the shower."--Melina
The New CPA is Possible! When the 'CPA' was signed in 2005, it was not that Omar El-Bashir was defeated or John Garang was winning. Yes, Omar El-Bashir would have been defeated if it was not a split in the movement1990 (history). Through split Omarr sized the opportunity to exploit the splinter and weakened the SPLA. There was no triumph whether him or John Garang. On this take, the reason both parties signed the 'CPA', it was a pressure from the international community to do so through President Jimmy Carter, who asked president Bush during his inauguration when Jimmy was hospitable to Bush and Bush asked him what he can do for him in a return? Jimmy Carter asked president Bus to bring peace to Sudan and president Bush did it. Jimmy learned Sudan's problem through Franklin Graham and other men of God. And also it was a result of outcry of all South Sudanese who were refugees in USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and Africa. These refugees find a refuge in those respctive countries and in the churches al ...
(Description by Thomas Uhrmacher ): The glorious Southernmost House had amazing appeal, beckoning Presidents, royalty, celebrities, and many more. Over the next 40 years, the Ramos family would play host to all of them, including United States Presidents Harry S. Truman, Richard Nixon, John Kennedy, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Jimmy Carter. Truman, who had a reputation for wandering around the island in the evenings, would often stop in to relax in the parlor and enjoy a cocktail or two with the friendly company of Mr. and Mrs. Ramos. Ernest Hemingway, a Key West fixture and an avid horseback rider, visited The Southernmost House so often that he kept his saddle there. Others came and went and came again as often as they could, including King Juan Carlos of Spain. Concerned about security for the young Prince, the Ramos’s solved the situation by building a helicopter pad on the south side of the property, enabling their cousin to take a direct route from Miami to Key West. The helicopter pad is still on t ...
MUST WOMEN BE SUBSERVIENT? ‘’It’s a man’s world, but it will mean nothing without a woman’’ - James Brown. The 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), granted Women and Men the right to vote and to be voted for [franchise]. Though, historically speaking, Women were not given such rights until the 60s or there about, however sequel to the antecedents of domestic violence against women in spite of their fundamental constitutional and inalienable rights and their inner friendly friendliness, why then subserviency? This is not far-fetched from religion, culture, society, academia and even politics. Let's briefly take a cue from past administration both nationally and internationally in support of women participation in governance. President Franklin D. Roosevelt selected the first Woman to occupy a cabinet post in the America. Jimmy Carter appointed more female judges than all his predecessors combined. Coming home, former president Olusegun Obasanjo also appointed more ...
Awesome night at Bohemian Grove as always. Jimmy Carter puked on his own *** and the CEO of Merrill Lynch got to third base with the owl statue. -Duane Rothschild
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The recent Gillens and Page study found "oligarchy" best describes American govt-even Jimmy Carter says we're no longer a democracy
We're home... Did over 400 miles this weekend... Weather was perfect, friendship was great, sites were fabulous. Sunday school and church with former Jimmy Carter was a awesome. Sure enjoyed myself.. Looking forward to thunder beach next!!
At Occidental, Obama meets a professor of politics who is a CIA expert on the Soviet Union and an associate of Zbigniew Brzezinski (who would later be the National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter -- and then to Obama).
Georgia’s improving finances are giving state officials the chance to undertake the largest remake of the Capitol Hill grounds since Jimmy Carter was president in the late 1970s.
Hiii PLEASE HELP!! Last minute Mikey needs 8 people over the age of 35 and 8 people over the age of 45 to answer this question.. Who was the best and worst President of those who served from 1976-2008 and WHY? Choices are Jimmy Carter (D) Ronald Reagan (R) George Bush (R) Bill Clinton (D) George W Bush (R)!! He needs your age and answer, you can inbox me or post here Please :)))!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Originally published on Eden Keeper. By Gina Merlino Former President Jimmy Carter is an outstanding leader on environmental issues. Like Desmond Tutu and Pope Benedict XVI, he is a man who successfully blends faith and respect for nature to enact real change in the world. Raised a Southern...
Obama Rated 5th Best US President. Of the 43 US Presidents (yes, only 43 because Cleveland was elected for two nonconsecutive terms): Obama has been rated 5th best president ever. The White House press release said, "...less than a year into his second term, Americans have rated President Obama the 5th best president ever." They aren't publicly releasing the survey, but it was provided to us by a source who asked to remain anonymous. It showed: * Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Reagan tied for first, * 16 other presidents tied for second, * 19 other presidents tied for third, * And, Hoover, LBJ and Jimmy Carter tied for 4th, * Obama came in fifth.
"I'm always careful to see my glass as half full and to play after every storm." -Mattie Stepanek, who died at 10 years old after battling rare and severe muscular dystrophy. His funeral was attended by Jimmy Carter and he was posthumously awarded the Global Peace Award. *** you, Oprah. I didn't plan on sobbing uncontrollably today.
WOW !!! Astonishing and proud to know Arvind Kejriwal is only second person after Mahatma Gandhi to win the Times Person of the year award. Other noted personalities won this award so far all over the world are Charles Lindbergh, Franklin D Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, Harry S Truman, Elizabeth II, Charles de Gaulle, Eisenhower, John F Kennedy, Pope John XXIII, Martin Luther King Jr, The Apollo 8 Astronauts, Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Deng Xiaoping, Ayatollah Khomeini, Ronald Reagan, Yuri Andropov, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush, Pope John Paul, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and some others….Winston Churchill is the only one from the so called Great Britain, and Proud to see a couple of Indians there.
Obama doesn't seem to understand Putin I recall being an undergraduate in Russian Studies at Amherst College when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December 1979. I was flabbergasted when then-President Carter initially expressed surprise that Leonid Brezhnev and his cronies decided to undertake that ill-fated adventure. Just the little I knew of Soviet history at that time led me to conclude that one should never be naïve about Russia. Wisely, the Carter administration soon implemented a wide-ranging and powerful set of sanctions against the USSR. By comparison, Barack Obama is now making Jimmy Carter look like Attila the Hun with a series of empty threats and "too little, too late" punitive measures against Putin's Russia. On February 28, President Obama warned Russia not to take military action against Crimea, and if he did so, serious "costs" would be imposed. A few weeks later, Crimea was annexed to Russia and virtually no serious "costs" have been incurred from U.S. sanctions. Now Obama and o ...
Robertson spends several pages recounting the 1976 campaign of Jimmy Carter, and describes how he concluded that Carter's strings were being pulled by the same Trilateralists who created him. A similar analysis -- much more detailed and convincing -- can also be found from a leftist perspective.[16] It wasn't too many years ago, before politically-correct thinking carried the day, that the left took Trilateralism seriously. Since 1980, the only left perspective on Trilateralism has been written by a Canadian professor.[17] His Gramscian categories tend to be academically overbearing, but he took the trouble to interview 100 Trilateral Commission members.
'Jesus never denigrated women in the way that Christian societies have done since.' Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter has to be the first person on earth to describe William Hague as a 'hero'. Time to pump Jimmy full of morphine I think.
Just read interview with Jimmy Carter: One for my American Studies friends
A book called "A Call to Action" written by former U.S. has been published which elaborates on the issue of violation and horrible abuses against women. In his book, Jimmy Carter writes that " Every year a hundred thousand girls are sold as in the where a brothel owner can sell a girl- usually a Latin American or an African girl- for about a thousand dollars." He also points to sexual on college campuses, where only one out of each twenty-five cases is reported. Carter further states that only one percent of the sex offenders in the are prosecuted. Such facts are commonly found on newspapers, I often come across them, too; and I never rely on these facts as a reference, but they are facts anyways. Jimmy Carter is a well-known figure and he is the author of this book. What a situation in the world is this? How can it be called honoring Ayatollah Khamenei, 04/19/2014
I hope Levin smashes Rand Paul tonight. He should, Paul prefers Jimmy Carter's economy to Reagan"s. Not so far... Soon he will right?
I here RTRand Paul says Jimmy Carter was better on the budget than Ronald Reagan
THANK YOU, JC!: Jimmy Carter to Address Renewable Energy Solutions for the "Great Transition" at AREDAY 2014
failure that has been experienced by every US administration since the Palestinians best friend, Jimmy Carter
I just saw "Camp David" at Arena Stage tonight. I highly recommend it. Richard Thomas plays Jimmy Carter, Ron Rifkin as Menachem Begin, Khaled Nabawy as Anwar Sadat, and Hallie Foote (Horton Foote's daughter) as Rosalynn Carter. I don't know if it'll go to Broadway. My New York friends can do a day trip to DC. The theater is near the Waterfront Metro station. The play is 100 minutes long with no intermission.
Libraries of many recent presidents, including Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton were all funded with private money. NOT Ill
Looking forward to seeing that new film 'Class of '92'. It features Mark Flatts, Jimmy Carter, Pal Lydersen, Steve Morrow and Paul Dickov.
Your Morning Mindbender for April 22nd, 2014. Jimmy Carter was the 1st U.S. President born here?. Ready, set, GO!! ~Dillon in the Morning
Did I tell you guys abt the time an entire room of white people made fun of me bc I said my fave American president is Jimmy Carter?
to Jimmy Carter: You can stop using snail mail & we've never been caught doing wrong (except when they were). ►ht…
We've still got 2 slots open for our 1-off on 4/28 at 6 PM! Band is Jimmy Carter, Howard Duck, JT Corenflos, and Steve Sheehan!
GREAT EXPECTATIONS! Early in my professional work career, I heard my very successful cousin (Gary Bottomley) use the following phrase many times: "EXpect what you INspect!" In other words, success requires that once we have clearly stated our objectives and put into place needed actions, we must follow up and follow through to make sure things turn out the way we want. It is certainly true that this phrase fits well in the business world. We can all probably provide example after example. But how about in the political world - does this adage have a place? I believe it does. For example, Conservatives rose up in 1980 and created the Reagan Revolution (mostly in response to the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter). After a couple of election cycles, many who had become politically active laid down their political arms and went back to work raising families and creating wealth. Meanwhile, Progressives continued to chip away at the foundation of our country and we ended up with a president who promised ...
who will lead? – Jimmy Carter and Mary Robinson on role of youth in run-up to
who will lead? Jimmy Carter & Mary Robinson urge youth to mobilise ahead of
Carney is full of it, what he ment to Say is it's worst administration since Jimmy Carter !!!
I've met a handful of presidents, from Jimmy Carter to Bill Clinton to George Bush to Barack Obama.
Ahh. Didn't Jimmy Carter do enough damage during his administration?
By Dennis Prager I have been broadcasting for 31 years and writing for longer than that. I do not recall ever saying on radio or in print that a president is doing lasting damage to our country. I did not like the presidencies of Jimmy Carter (the last Democrat I voted for) or Bill Clinton. Nor did I care for the "compassionate conservatism" of George W. Bush. In modern political parlance "compassionate" is a euphemism for ever-expanding government. But I have never written or broadcast that our country was being seriously damaged by a president. So it is with great sadness that I write that President Barack Obama has done and continues to do major damage to America . The only question is whether this can ever be undone. This is equally true domestically and internationally. Domestically, his policies have had a grave impact on the American economy. He has overseen the weakest recovery from a recession in modern American history. He has mired the country in unprecedented levels of debt: about $6.5 tril .. ...
Jimmy Carter ( yes former US president) has 200 acres of land in Ghana. STAY WOKE!
if I recall Jimmy Carter's administration rallied around him
*** Worst president ever. And that includes Jimmy Carter.
In an open letter, Jimmy Carter joined 9 other Nobel Laureates in urging the Obama Administration to reject Keystone XL pipeline
Zimbabwe dared to be different about its independence,we need virtues which goes with that trajectory. Let's get the nation working. Then US President,Jimmy Carter authorised through his then secretary of state Cyrus Vance to fund land reform programme. British Conservative Party made similar pledges,which the labour party under Tony Blair disregarded completely. Experts are full of admiration for the size of "African" economies,just like they were of Rhodesia's enclave economy. Wax lyrical about human rights violations,lack of "democracy" and so on and so forth,but land is at the centre of Zimbabwe vs West.
Great bar trivia -- Jimmy Carter sent the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to the USSR in 1977: [v
I wonder if Dixie Carter is related to Jimmy Carter, which would explain a lot on how they both suck at being a president
thinks turning down the heat in government buildings will decrease the national deficit. Jimmy Carter all over again.
.is the most incompetent president America has ever had. Jimmy Carter smiles.
Former President Jimmy Carter asks to "signal a new course for the world’s largest economy."
Worse, its $20,000 to go to church with JIMMY Carter.
with the best sister ever and Jimmy Carter !!! When we rode the Sam short line down to plans ! 🚂🇺🇸
“Jimmy Carter comes out against Keystone XL pipeline What does Jason Carter think?
Jimmy Carter's did pretty well on job creation... pesky little facts.
Jimmy Carter is coming to Chicago for an event honoring his advance team.
Big news: Former Pres. Jimmy Carter comes out against Keystone XL in letter co-signed by 9 other Nobel Laureates
I know I'm a little late, but I watched "Jimmy Carter Man from Plains" and then this happened...
If I ever get a chance to meet Jimmy Carter I'm going to apologize to him. All of these years I thought he was the worst president ever.
For the life of me why watch Barry Obama jabber. What next reruns of Jimmy Carter?
Jimmy Carter comes out against XL pipeline
Canadian P.M. bristles as Jimmy Carter urges to http:…
"I think the invasion of human rights & American privacy has gone too far," former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to CNN's Suzanne Malveaux
Johnson would join Duron Carter, son of Cris, in Montreal. Carter is free agent after 2014. Montreal GM Jim Popp thinks…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"If all 32 (NFL) teams aren't seriously looking at (Duron Carter)," Popp said, "then there is something wrong with them…
Jimmy Carter takes a swipe at U.S. foreign policy, sez United States has become the "number one warmonger on Earth" http:/…
Did you know & President Jimmy Carter are both part of Future American President?
Canadian govt scolds Jimmy Carter for opposing Keystone
The Alberta government has another high-profile enemy opposing the Keystone XL project - former U.S. President Jimmy Carter - but Premier Dave Hancock says the pipeline is needed to improve market access for Alberta's energy resources.
How was Wayne operating on his future self for the first two verses on Dr Carter tho?
Dog and pony show by the greatest White House failure since Jimmy Carter
John McCain: lets 'bad people' fill U.S. void, says Jimmy Carter was better via
Jimmy Carter comes out against Keystone XL pipeline
I wonder if Jimmy Carter & Vlad Putin have had a laugh riot together mocking Obama. ;)
Former President Jimmy Carter said something interesting about his childhood. Find out in this week's edition of The Dallas Examiner!
Canadian PM's opponents say Harper's knee-jerk attack on Carter "does not help the cause" h/t
My latest examines what Canada actually did to help the last time the US faced an energy crisis
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has said that British Foreign Secretary William Hague is an "active hero" of his, for his campaign against sexual violence in conflict zones. Carter also noted that former British Prime Minister and staunch American ally Margaret Thatcher knew more about America th…
A study concluded Barack Obama is the 5th best Pres ever. Washington is 7 tied for second 35 tied for third Jimmy Carter 4th Obama 5th
All purpose parts banner
VERDICT: Former Florida Atlantic University police officer Jimmy Dac *** found guilty of first-degree murder in death of S…
Jimmy Carter will urge President Obama Wednesday to block the Keystone XL pipeline
Wassup bro can I get a round with you? Jimmy Carter
You can claim to be a left wing page or you can denounce FDR, Harry Truman, JFK, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton as evil, but you can't do both.
What do HillaryC,Laura Bush,John Kerry, Nick Kristof,Jimmy Carter have in common? 'Saving' brown
Watch the video President Jimmy Carter: 'I Consider Myself a Feminist' on Yahoo Good Morning America. In 'A Call to Action,' Nobel Peace Prize winner addresses abuses against women and girls worldwide.
Happy to announce that this Saturday 4/19 we are kicking off crawfish Saturday with a bang!!! 5:00 crawfish will be ready and 8:00-12:00 live music from Sweet Jimmy carter and the Outlaws!! $3 Budweiser pints all day and $4 420 pints!!
"I can't really criticize the Tea Party people, because I came into the White House pretty much on the same basis that they have become popular. That is dissatisfaction with the way things are going in Washington and disillusionment and disencouragement about the government." Jimmy Carter The most honorable man to serve in government in my lifetime
Q. President Jimmy Carter has publicly disagreed with Obama's decision to deny Hamid Aboutalebi a visa and thus blocking him to be a U.N. ambassador. Why would he of all people be so soft on Iran? A. There are actually a few people alive who remember Hamid Aboutalebi. Carter no doubt remembers him and knows the veracity of his statement that he was Khomeini's translator.
you forgot to throw in Jimmy Carter,Janet Reno & Eric Holder Pal:)
I finally have something good to say about King Barack. Who ever follows him in office will be a person we the people will like. He will be an American citizen, he will not be MUSLIM, he won't have a racist, money grubbing fast to spend tax payers dollars, wife. Even another Jimmy Carter will be 10 steps above this MUSLIM.
USAFA Team Handball Club earned a bronze medal at College Nationals at Auburn University this past weekend! They also got to meet former Pres. Jimmy Carter at a baseball game!
This morning Jimmy Carter told us that Willie Nelson is a Fifth Degree Black Belt! Who knew? See...we aren't just fun, but also educational sometimes on 105.1 The Wolf!
President Jimmy Carter has joined Nobel Peace Prize laureates in urging rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline.
“We know that a peaceful world cannot long exist, one-third rich and two-thirds hungry.” – Jimmy Carter, former US President.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Jimmy Carter: 'Race' motivates white men to vote Republican
Question of the morning: Which president was rumored to have a barbecue grill installed on the roof of the White House? A. Lyndon B. Johnson B. George W. Bush C. Jimmy Carter
Israel possesses more than 300 nuclear warheads, former US President Jimmy Carter told MSNBC last week.Carter played down Israel's ability to perform a military strike against the Iranian nuclear facilities, pointing out that only the United States c
Record high prices of electricity under Obama. DUH. He said he would drive prices sky high to make it unaffordable - to save the planet. Record high prices of gas, record numbers of people on welfare, record numbers of people NOT WORKING, record confiscatory taxes to the feds & states, skyrocketing grocery prices, RECORD DEBT PUSHING US TO ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, record tax increases, record regulations, record power grabs, record deaths on our own soil from terrorists since 9/11, the worst credit our country has ever seen. Obama has finally surpassed JIMMY CARTER as the commie in chief & WORST PRESIDENT EVER.
The General of the 1st Cavalry Division (left, with pointer), showing North Korea to Secretary of the Army, Cyrus Vance, who later became Secretary of State under President Jimmy Carter. Sitting with Vance is two, three and four star Generals, 1962
Jimmy Carter says no to keystone XL pipeline. I say we, if the tar sands are a go, we should keep the bitumen in Canada and refine it here. We make more jobs . Yes it's expensive but it's better than shipping to the US and then back to consumers here. Let's refine here and ship to USA. I know, this idea is full of holes. :(.
Jimmy Carter opposes building the Keystone XL Pipeline, that's the best endorsement I've heard to build it
“Yes, of course I consider myself a feminist. If a feminist is someone who believes that women should not be persecuted and women should have equal rights, then all men ought to be feminists.” - Jimmy Carter I proudly continue to be part of the Jimmy (and Rosalynn) Carter fandom.
Amazing . the modern genesis of the BLM takes place in the mid 70s shortly after the UN declares land is too precious to be held by individuals. it also came into being about the same time as Rockefeller protege' Jimmy Carter grabbed hundreds of millions of acres in Alaska and turned IT into Federal lands.. this is also the era when the US dollar became the RESERVE CURRENCY of the world.. so the idea that so called public lands would collateralize our econmic system aka the DEBT .. you can see some connections to increase of LAND GRABS from the 70s onward. .. .my head hurts. The BLM had no unified legislative mandate until Congress enacted the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (FLPMA). In FLPMA, Congress recognized the value of the remaining public lands by declaring that these lands would remain in public ownership. Congress used the term "multiple use" management, defined as "management of the public lands and their various resource values so that they are utilized in the combination that . ...
Touring the Jimmy Carter library and museum. "Readers Make Leaders"
"As Republicans push for new voting restrictions around the country, a handful of Democrats have coalesced around an impromptu idea: placing a photo on Social Security cards. . . Former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter endorsed the idea, while the White House declined to comment" [Note (1)] "A new Obama Administration immigration policy that was announced without a single vote of approval from Congress provides a path to Social Security benefits based on illegal work. Although the policy does not grant legal status, the young illegal immigrants affected may apply for and receive work permits, giving them access to Social Security numbers. . . Currently citizenship is not a requirement to claim Social Security benefits. . . Although the public commonly believes that illegal workers don’t pay taxes and thus don’t pay into Social Security, that’s a misconception. Illegal immigrants get jobs using fraudulently obtained or invalid Social Security numbers that employers use to withhold payroll tax ...
Without debate, Jimmy Carter is the best former President we have. An intellectual activist for human dignity. I love you, man!
The first tune was composed by George Norman, Zac Leger, and me while we were sitting on the bed in the room where Jimmy Carter was conceived in Plains, Geor...
Watched Jimmy Carter on Bill Maher. Now watching him on Colbert. Pretty sure he's my favorite person right now.
Race is the primary reason white Southern men support the Republican Party, Former President Jimmy Carter told Salon in an interview posted Thursday. Carter also pushed back against using the Bible to trample human rights. When asked why white mal...
again jimmy carter...think MRS carter is a lucky gal.
800,000 people sold into slavery world wide! Jimmy Carter has given a wonderful interview on women's rights. Women and men are created equal in God's eyes. Thank you, kind sir, for using your influence to bring attention to this !
Why can't Jimmy Carter just do what this president does? Play golf!! Fade away Jimmy, fade away. No one cares about what you think. Won't change that fact that you are the second lousiest president ever!
History repeating itself... Jimmy Carter Barack Obama Carter was perceived as weak on foreign affairs and Russia invaded Afghanistan. Obama has been weighed and measured and found wanting so we have Russian tanks rolling into Eastern Ukraine. Speaking softly and carrying NO STICK doesn't work.
PRES. JIMMY CARTER: MY HERO One of the biggest events in my life is touching the hand of this man briefly and listening to him speak up close and personal for an hour or two about human rights issues. He exhorts all States to respect, protect, and fulfill the rights of the oppressed, the women, the Palestinians, the colored peoples, the homosexuals, and other disadvantaged sectors. Proudly, he says, "I am a feminist!"
I wanna see I'll pay to see jimmy carter vs Brandon Hardaway fight
Former President Jimmy Carter is the keynote speaker on the first day of the Civil Rights Summit at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library.
Jimmy Carter and sexism in organized religion.
Noel Sheppard's blog 11 comments Read more 0 Comments ABC, CBS and NBC Ignore Shocking Jump in Government Dependents By Geoffrey Dickens | February 10, 2012 | 16:57 A A According to the Heritage Foundation Barack Obama’s policies, in just two years, have resulted in the number of Americans who rely on a federal program spiking by 23 percent to 67 million. Yet there was no mention of this grim figure on the Big Three network (ABC, CBS and NBC) evening or morning news programs. Since the study was released on Wednesday only Fox News and CNN have mentioned the increase in government dependents was the biggest two year jump since Jimmy Carter was president. (video after the jump)
Bob Dingethal embracing Abraham Lincoln for the Democrats saying, "If Abraham Lincoln were alive today, he would be a Democrat." Why are Democrats always trying to steal the legacy of successful Republicans and covering the many failures of Democrats like Jimmy Carter?
Bush, former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama addressed a three-day summit...
Midcarder well there goes your credibility, plus you wrestle like Jimmy Carter
President with most Food Stamp recipients Barak Obama. Second most Jimmy Carter. They are so much alike.
And the DEMOCRAT klansman who did the shootings in the Kansas Jewish center was actually inspired by Max Blumenthal's piece in Media Matters. The left's hatred of the Jews was obvious with Jimmy Carter and now with Obama's treatment of our long time ally.
The F Report It seems to me Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have chosen to serve humanity. George W. Bush!? A painter!? OK. No judgements here. Only opinion. :-)
Today In Rock History – April 14 April 11, 2014 – Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Jesse Winchester, died on Friday. Winchester was probably best known as a songwriter, with his works being recorded by many notable artists, including Patti Page, Elvis Costello, Jimmy Buffett, Joan Baez, Anne Murray, Reba McEntire, The Everly Brothers and Emmylou Harris. A number of these recordings have had success on various charts. He was a war resister during the Vietnam War, became a Canadian citizen and was granted amnesty by Jimmy Carter in 1976. 1932 – Country vocalist, Loretta Lynn, was born today in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky. 1945 – Guitar great for Deep Purple and Rainbow, Ritchie Blackmore, was born today in Weston-super-Mare United Kingdom. 1969 – Led Zeppelin enters the UK album chart with their self titled debut album in the third week of its release. 1977 – Stone City Attractions presents Todd Rundgren’s Utopia and AEW at the Civic Auditorium in Amarillo, TX. 1978 – Stone City Attractions ...
Ever since Sununu bashed "Jimmy Carter's grandson" for 47% tape, he's been resembling a Scooby-Doo villain. Now this:
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