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Jimmy Carter

James Earl Jimmy Carter, Jr. (born October 1, 1924) is an American politician who served as the 39th President of the United States (1977–1981) and was the recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, the only U.S.

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1977: Jimmy Carter confirms his commitment to human rights as a cornerstone of US foreign policy at Notre Dame Uni…
I'm old enough to remember Jimmy Carter's travel ban. We stood with the president.
& they're proud of it!. Who has a record colluding with Russia? . Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry…
Do the Jimmy Carter malaise speech now.
Steve Rogers as a Jimmy Carter-esque pastor. Parker long outed and now an aging activist industrialist. Stark as a Kaczynski-like hermit.
History is repeating itself. Once Trump gets impeached, the way will be clear for Jimmy Carter to finally get his second term
Feelin’ the Bern: Jimmy Carter reveals that he voted for Bernie Sanders
Jimmy Carter meant no harm in his heart I'm sure but he was clueless with Venezuela. He was a key validator of Chav…
Jimmy Carter suggests he voted for Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in 2016 presidential primary. https…
Jimmy Carter said he voted for Bernie Sanders
Here's the video of Jimmy Carter saying he voted for Bernie Sanders
During the 2016 Democratic primary, former President Jimmy Carter voted for Bernie Sanders.
--> Jimmy Carter and explain how inequality breeds authoritarianism by
Quick snapshot of Dems' political moment: Bernie Sanders was in Atlanta yesterday. Jimmy Carter was on his schedule, Jon…
Jimmy Carter and Bernie Sanders explain how inequality breeds authoritarianism by me
Jimmy Carter: The United States has been at war almost full-time since the 2nd world war. We've been at war with about 3…
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Jimmy Carter says he voted for Bernie – not Hillary – in Democratic primary
And why would this shock anyone?. Jimmy Carter Voted for Bernie Sanders in 2016
Some days can only be explained by Jimmy carter
WAIT. President Carter just said he voted for Bernie. Y'KNOW we could've used that endorsement, right?. *sigh*. ... Thanks, Jimmy.
How did the Russians get to Jimmy Carter?
Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have hated each other for 30 years, of course he voted Bernie
What about Al Gore? Ted Kennedy? Jimmy Carter? Jesse Jackson? Joe Biden? All of them had failed presidential bids.
First Susan Sarandon, Danny DeVito and god damned Ben and Jerry. Now we know even Jimmy Carter cost Hil…
‘Y’all see why I voted for him?’: Jimmy Carter says he was a Bernie Sanders supporter, via
Jimmy Carter on Sanders: 'Can y'all see why I voted for him?'
You know, Jimmy Carter could've have more usefully told us he supported Bernie Sanders a year ago:
Jimmy Carter said he voted for Bernie Sanders and then went on to quote FDR's four freedoms 🙏🙏🙏
It was my great joy to meet with President Jimmy Carter at to discuss the state of human rights in the U.S. a…
Ya'll didn't like Jimmy Carter back in the day anyway. A tremendous amount of dems v…
No Apartheid in Israel itself. Learn from Jimmy Carter. Problem is in the West Bank:
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Jimmy Carter had his brother Billy in that role...
we wish you the best! Jimmy Carter, we that will help you & Rosalynn ~ Love♥, in
Jimmy Carter with a chess set he made by hand. Rick Diamond, 1993
"Jimmy Carter made money post-presidency by serving ordinary people, not elites."
Barack Obama is using his presidency to cash in, but Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter refused by
Jimmy Carter flies coach, teaches Sunday school, and builds home with his hands. He still makes $, the ethical way https:/…
"Jimmy Carter seldom accepts speaking fees and…typically donates the proceeds to his charitable foundation."—AP…
Jimmy Carter, Bernie Sanders to talk human rights at the Carter Center The greatest news I have…
Jump in what. A lake?. Go home and build houses for the poor like Jimmy Carter . You are over, Barry
Seems like a century ago when world leaders included Jimmy Carter, Pierre Trudeau, Helmut Schmidt, Olof Palme, Julius Nyerere...
Jimmy Carter on hypocrite Evangelicals, Republican racists, & the violation of human rights https:…
Jimmy Carter to participate in Memphis home-building project Carter
Only shouts for the bench: Scott Carson, Jimmy Carter, Sean Dundee (Mint on Fifa98), Glen Hysen & David Sp…
When Alex Trebek attempts to mimic Jimmy Carter but comes off as Foghorn Leghorn...
ICYMI, my Easter conversation with Jimmy Carter about Jesus, miracles, the Resurrection and whether prayer works:
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Bob Beckel the Sarah Silverman of The 5 Just crazy accusations w/ no substance Bob brought us bozo Jimmy Carter, totally expected!
We need a real President and Vice President!! Where is Jimmy Carter? . Better than THIS incompetent buffoon
You can thank Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton for North Korea’s nukes. DEMS, 10 TIMES MORE DANGEROUS TH…
Exactly 👉CRA started by Jimmy Carter and put on steroids by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd =
The last time the Wizards had 50 wins, Jimmy Carter was in office. . They're two wins away with three games left:…
Reich served under Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, and was Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton
The only American President that has not been a war criminal was Jimmy Carter. But was committing w…
Jimmy Carter had to give up his peanut farm, but this change was quietly made to the Trump trust.
Sam Donaldson tells that Jimmy Carter wouldn't know a joke if it hit him
Barack Obama was the worst joke on America since Jimmy Carter. . We remember him this day... .
"I've committed adultery in my heart" - Jimmy Carter, 1976. . "Watching another woman order a cobb salad is Redtube" - Mi…
Former presidents George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan,Jimmy Carter & Richard Nixon all had approval ratings lower than 36 % at least once-Gallup
Fact: Jimmy Carter escaped as the worst in history whenwas annointed, that is now barry's bal…
WATCH: Jimmy Carter says Israeli-Palestinian conflict 'one of the origins' of Islamist violence
Jimmy Carter was underrated, how beautiful some front doors are. What's Jane Seymour up to?
What would GOP have said if Jimmy Carter appointed Billy Sec of St?
what would we have done if Billy Carter would have had unlimited access to top secret info. Jimmy Carter didn't compromise USA
But if Jimmy Carter had his brother Billy at a meeting, he truly would have been History's Greatest Monster.…
Michael Beschloss said it was a tradition starting with Jimmy Carter to submit copies, not going back to Richard Nixon.
Bill once threatened to call out the National Guard against the US Army to keep Jimmy Carter from sending Cuban refuge…
sure glad Jimmy Carter was able to cozy up with this madman and then convince Bill Clinton that he wasnt any kind...
Obama tapped my phone, and Jimmy Carter stole my socks. Hope this doesn't take focus from my upcoming murder trial. Pleas…
From a totaled Kellyanne Conway to a amazing Jimmy Carter: Little and often fill the purse. - The Wrecked Empousai
From a thirsty Kellyanne Conway to a kind Jimmy Carter: Love to live and live to love. - The Silly Siren
doubt he was worse than Jimmy Carter, Nixon, or Warren G. Harding but if that's your view I respect it
Jimmy Carter's ambassador to Korea, William Gleysteen, with the 'murdering demon' Chun Doo Hwan
For a compassionate nation, we need a compassionate leader. Jimmy Carter serves as a great example.
Look at History - Jimmy Carter banned Iranians and deported them in 1980 - did this make us less safe?
Jimmy Carter the third worst POTUS said "We are a nation of immigrants". No we are a nation of settlers that allow in proAmerican immigrants
Just as Ronald Reagan saved America after Jimmy Carter, Donald Trump will save America after Barack Obama. God is in con…
My first Political activism was for Jimmy Carter a million years ago. What is happening now? Bad novel material.
This is the house that Jimmy Carter built through Habitat for Humanity because he's a decent fellow. 🏠
That is not saying much about the first 12 presidents, Kennedy, Reagan, others. Jimmy Carter was better than BO.
I used to sing a song about Jimmy Carter when I was a kid to the tune of the Oscar mayer weiner song...
Jimmy Carter had two sisters, Gloria and Ruth. This is a pic of Jimmy and Gloria c. 1928
In the 80s Ted Kennedy,Tip O'Neil and Jimmy Carter enlisted the help of Moscow to help beat my father..
BOTH parties ... just as they did with Jimmy Carter. Thank Ted Kennedy for Reagan.
Depending on your tastes: Dave Grohl, Chuck Norris, Frank Robinson, the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter was the first neoliberal. It's why Ted Kennedy primaried him.
Former President Jimmy Carter is powering his George town with Story via
. next you'll tell me Jimmy Carter isn't really John F Kennedy
In other news, Jimmy Carter has a town
It won't come close to all money we still spend to protect Jimmy how dumb dose my statement sound?
high school kids didn't like Jimmy Carter. And there was no good reason why not. Absolutely none. He's still a good man,
Forward-thinking, practical, smart. Thank you. Hoping does same :: From Peanuts to Solar Panels
I had a "true liberal" test in the late 1970s. One question: "your opinion of Jimmy Carter." A lot of kids called t…
He's been right all along. My President: Jimmy Carter
Here is the 'great progress' we got from the great Mullah revolution of 1979 in (Thanks to Jimmy Carter!).
A snapshot from my trip to Plains: Jimmy Carter, the Secret Service and a pickup truck.
Annette Bening: ‘We can all learn a lot from Jimmy Carter’ – video interview | Film | The Guardian
President Jimmy Carter is leasing his peanut farm for solar energy because he's Jimmy Carter - Daily Kos
TIL that Jimmy Carter has retired to his peanut farm to live among the adoring citizens of his hometown
Obama banned all Iraqi refugees for 6 months, Jimmy Carter banned ALL Iranians from the US, why is it only illegal when Trump…
Jimmy Carter banned Muslims from entering the US. Not a single liberal called him racist.
You go Jimmy!!! The whole Carter family as well!! Good job and ever forward thinking.
I remember his first foray into solar. Ahead of his time. Thanks Jimmy Carter for making a stand for solar
How the *** is Jimmy Carter still alive? That guys was like born in Mesopotamia.
President Jimmy Carter, age 92, installs solar panels on his GA farm, provides words of wisdom.
J. Carter & his panels "hold lessons for pockets of pastoral US in age of & political rancor"
Jimmy Carter is a living relic from a time when men believed in the goodness of man and the generosity of spirit.
3,852 solar panels go up on 10 acres of Jimmy Carter's peanut farm, powering half his town. A man ahead of his time https…
Jimmy Carter Makes a Stand for Solar, Decades After the Cardigan Sweater, via
New solar panels on Jimmy Carter's farm can power more than half of Plains. My story & a 360-degree look. https:…
.There is no such thing as a violation of the Logan Act(Jimmy Carter,Ted Kennedy,Rev Jackson would be in jail)
Morning Joe shrugged it off (natch) w/argument Jimmy Carter, Jessie Jackson negotiate freelance all the time.
not really. Jimmy Carter, Jessie Jackson, Regan, all violated.
- You anyone who doesn't use Hon, Hon. Do you pray at the alter of Barry Obama, Bill "I rape women" Clinton and Jimmy Carter?
Obama will be a footnote in history as the worst POTUS ever.Jimmy Carter is at church today thanking god
Had the honor to meet Pres. Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn at their home church in Plains, GA this morning wher…
In Canada in 1967 we had Trudeau mania. I think there was something akin when Jimmy Carter ran for pres. We need a moral leader like him now
John Legend should go pick us peanuts on Jimmy Carter's ole plantation and be a good lil boi
Trump says Jimmy Carter said he'd never seen anything as beautiful as Rosalyn in a tool belt.
Jimmy Carter and Mr Rogers are the same person
I don't recall Democrats getting upset when Jimmy Carter banned Iranian travel or when Barack Obama banned Iraqis.
Jimmy Carter looks like Mr. Rogers. I would have voted for him on that basis alone.
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Now that I think about it I'm pretty sure I thought Jimmy Carter and Mr Rogers were the same person until... very r…
Jimmy Carter and Obama had immigration bans that lasted six months or more. President Obama banned Iraqi refugees.
Trump EO based on 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act, last used by (one-term prez) Jimmy Carter against Iran. .
Didn't Jimmy Carter enlist this countermeasure as well during his presidency?
People really believe JFK is Jimmy Carter & Ted Cruz is Robert Kardashian? Lol smh
In 1977 DOJ prevented Jimmy Carter from appointing his son to unpaid White House role due to antinepotism law.
On This Day. 1977: On his first full day in office, Jimmy Carter pardoned Vietnam-era draft dodgers
Obama's no Jimmy Carter, Carter never dropped a bomb (he did Operation Cyclone but the military never dropped a bomb under him)
why does everyone - Michelle, Bill Clinton, Laura, Jimmy Carter - look so sad lol
W and Laura are at the steps about to walk out, Jimmy Carter will be first, so you have time to turn the tv on :)
Besides the Clinton's, George & Laura Bush & Jimmy Carter are at the inauguration. George H. W. & Barbara Bush are too ill to attend.
Former President and Laura Bush arriving - Jimmy Carter and Trump children have arrived as well
This is strangely moving on a day like today. Jimmy Carter's letter to future galaxies beyond earth's time.
POTUS been supporting Islamist terrorist since at least Jimmy Carter [see Operation Cyclone] https:…
In tradition dating back to Jimmy Carter, the president-elect spends Inauguration Eve at the presidential guesthouse
Jimmy Carter shakes hand of every passenger on his flight to DC.
Jimmy Carter is on his way to DC for inauguration. A tipster just sent a pic of his flight from ATL. Says he shook hands w/…
This letter, written by Jimmy Carter, has been on the Voyager 1 spacecraft since 1977.
In my heart, I believe is a good man capable of great things. He might pull a Jimmy Carter and be even better after the WH.
Starting to wonder if Jimmy Carter is going to outlive *all* the 20th century Presidents :-)
Congratulations to Jimmy Carter. Tomorrow, he will no longer be worst living ex-President.
Kissinger is now positioning himself as an intermediary between the Kremlin and the incoming Trump administration
Obama is more adept at fiddling than Nero ever was. Biggest POS POTUS in history. You're welcome Jimmy Carter 😘
More of my interview with President Jimmy Carter coming up on at 9am...
Jimmy Carter's Voyager message is a well-written piece that I hope we or others can find again, secure in the knowl…
"America did not inz.nt human right. In a very real sense,human rights invented America." Jimmy Carter
President Jimmy Carter legalized the home brewing of beer in 1978.
BHO has made Jimmy Carter look good. Enlist in our patriot army at The USFA is unafraid!! https…
This logic would have Jimmy Carter on Mt Rushmore.
The Bible used in President Jimmy Carter's inauguration. A gift from his mother.
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You keep asking the same ? When the answer has already been given. You can track the decline in schools since Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter's note placed on the Voyager spacecraft from 1977
The great Jimmy Carter lost to a moron, Ronald Reagan because Iran was directly ad unapologetically involved in hacking Ame…
For contrast: Hillary Clinton was appointed to board of LSC by Jimmy Carter and helped to create the DOJ's Violence Against…
8 more days and the worst Presidency of my lifetime will be over Jimmy Carter is 2. Lyndon Johnson @ 3. Bill Clinton @ 4.…
In 2020, Could John Bel Edwards be the next Jimmy Carter-a Democrat Presidential Candidate from Deep South…
as "Worst President" has sooo eclipsed the failed Andrew Johnson and Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter is still living, tell John, we are in the mist of 6 living presidents.
Jimmy Carter was the unluckiest Presidents of recent times; decent & highly intelligent but undone by events beyond his control
Home ownership is the lowest in 51 years. ... Thanks Obama, Hillary, Barney Frank, Jimmy Carter, Slick Willie, etc.
then why did Jimmy Carter call Bill's pardon of Marc Rich "disgraceful", & Barney Frank call it "contemptuous" "betrayal"?
It's about time the world new that voted for George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter, and Michael Dukakis.
Betty White is in my 5 fave nonagenarian list along with Stan Lee, Gloria Richardson, Tony Bennett, Chuck Berry. Hon. mention: Jimmy Carter
Who was the first president that wasn't racist?. Jimmy Carter probably. Outside of that, I don't think Teddy Roosevelt was racist.
Remember when said that that Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis would appease the Soviet Union?
You can count on it. Same reason why Jimmy Carter, Charles Lindbergh, Father Coughlin, etc. are vilified but FDR, C…
I see Van Jones has slithered n2 a new job called, "The Messy Truth" least his being married 2 Jimmy Carter's…
The media is failing to note that Jimmy Carter sold his family's long held business that he loved to ethically serve as Pre…
Jimmy Carter was a great president who allowed me a great opportunity. Still doing great things!
To think Jimmy Carter couldn't even keep his peanut farm
Obama's only legacy will be proof our country actually elected a president that made Jimmy Carter seem like George Washi…
I have met but one president in my life. It is with great pride I say it was Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter didn't give up his peanut farm business when he became president Why should President Trump I think no…
Lest we forget... Jimmy Carter had to sell his peanut farm before becoming president. . But thinks he shouldn't
Some really good news in the midst of all the noise. I can't think of a finer ex-President than Jimmy Carter.
Trump decided to run for President, same as Jimmy Carter, who had to sell his peanut farm. No sympathy...
Jimmy Carter had to sell his family's peanut farm when he was President to evade conflict of interest.
He is part of the camp David he's a court. Brokered by Jimmy Carter . MIL aid was essentially zero before hand.…
Five Guys is the best thing to happen to peanuts since Jimmy Carter.
Reporters hoped to hear Jimmy Carter criticize Reagan for getting very high speaking fees. Carter said he was hopin…
Powerful piece by Jimmy Carter; giving up his church of 60 yrs for female equality. Losing my religion
Notice that the two worst Presidents in US history, . Jimmy Carter and . Barack Hussein Obama . are both Anti Israel!
This was my candidate in 1976. (Later I came around to Jimmy Carter and grew to love him) But this guy was the...
Will go into history books below Jimmy Carter!
Jimmy Carter is getting excited--he's hoping to turn over the title of WORST PRESIDENT EVER to Obama
Barack H. Obama succeeds Jimmy Carter as the worst President of the United States. He would rather be a partisan troll than our President.
Jimmy Carter urges Obama to divide Israel, recognize Palestinian state before Jan. 20 via
Jimmy Carter urges Obama to recognise Palestine before he leaves office.
😕 Congratulations to the . He just eclipsed Jimmy Carter's record of economic ineptitude.
You and I need to get ahead of the game. George HW Bush and Jimmy Carter? Kirk Douglas too??? *** you 2017!!!
Going to be a close battle in history between Jimmy Carter and Obama for worst foreign policy in American history.
Jimmy Carter is the only former president to RSVP to Trump's inauguration: via
Jimmy Carter only former president to attend Trump inauguration
Only one former president is confirmed to attend Trump's inauguration: Jimmy Carter - Miami Herald
The consummate gentleman: Jimmy Carter will attend Trump's
Jimmy Carter the only former president to confirm he's attending Trump inauguration: report
Of the four living former U.S. presidents, so far only Jimmy Carter has agreed to attend Trump’s inauguration:
At 92, Jimmy Carter hasn’t slowed down. His life should be an inspiration to all of us:
Jimmy Carter is that grandpa who still sends his meth addict grandkid $$$ on their birthday because he believes in…
Josh has been one of the worse PressSec since the Jimmy Carter peanut days.
So...James Buchanan, Warren G Harding, Jimmy Carter and Dubya have their fifth man now!.
No way. Jimmy Carter is one of the greatest humanitarians post public life.
*** Jimmy Carter had a bad dream & woke up on the "Right" side of the bed must be. Certainly is one heck of a d…
Hey even Former Pres. Jimmy Carter is asking to
Jimmy Carter can thank his lucky stars he will no longer go down as the worst President in history.
If you’ve been in office since the presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, you’ve been there too long.
Jimmy Carter must be on his knees every day thanking God that 0bama was elected and he lived long enough to see a POTUS…
Art Laffer 2 . Barack Obama is even worse than Jimmy Carter, hard to imagine, but true.
It feels like everyday I say to myself, so why did we make poor Jimmy Carter sell his peanut farm?
Jimmy Carter received more electoral college votes than Trump?Great factoid.
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These are all the countries that recognise Palestine
Jimmy Carter won electoral AND popular vote and he ran against a MAN
Obama legacy " Worst President Ever " beat out Jimmy Carter, at least I think Jimmy liked America
most US presidents yes, but not Jimmy Carter and not George Washington (only founding father to free his slaves)
Pres. Jimmy Carter Send letter to Pres. Obama urging release of Oscar Lopez Rivera.
The Obama administration and has done so much damage to that it will take 50 years to repair it. He makes Jimmy…
a lesson in spuriosity: "Jimmy Carter’s term was wildly successful for us, if not for him."
My position has always been, along with many other people, that any differences be resolved in a nonviolent way. Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter proudly gives Obama Title & Trophy of worst President in American History. "Thank you Obama, Americans…
. . Bottom Line Bro, He is and will be was the Worst President Ever Elected. Jimmy Carter is Happy.
YEP!! ✅you agree has surpassed Jimmy Carter as the of our lifetime!! 💥💥
TODAY-1976: was named Secretary of the Department of Housing & Urban Development by President Jimmy…
he need to listen to President Jimmy Carter and all the racial pictures and names they have called him, Also Obama…
The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season
If you dont want your tax $ to help the poor, stop saying that you want a country based on Christian values, because you dont. -Jimmy Carter
Be sure to watch the video that President Jimmy Carter speaks in. It is near the end of this article.
Jimmy Carter was probably the only American President of the past century who ever earnestly meant what he said. https:/…
He remembered as a half white jimmy carter
Remember when Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest, and the GOP investigated…
2 Presidential: Jimmy Carter, Gary Hart, Bill Clinton. Mayor, city council, judges, Statewide and U.S. Senate and Hou…
oh and Jimmy Carter was great President. Kept America frim sliding into a depression (familiar?)/1
.If the f**king democrats had run a Jimmy Carter the cultural split in America would have closed over in 8 years, !torn
I wish the media would assert on Jimmy Carter & George H. Bush's diplomacies with China before Trump burns the olive branch.
online. I mean your endorsement of Jimmy Carter is stand-up internet comedy. Obama called Ronald Reagan a
Worst president ever. Jimmy Carter is thrilled to pass the title
FWIW - Incoming President Jimmy Carter was Time's choice in 1976.
Congratulations to Jimmy Carter on your big move to 2nd worst President of the United States! The NEW worst? Barack Hussein Obama!
Former President Jimmy Carter calls on Barack Obama to recognise Palestinian statehood before leaving office
Some US Presidents learn on the job & have little experience governing, Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson & Jimmy Carter for ex.
GA elected Lester Maddox. By your logic Jimmy Carter was racist. 🙄😂😂.
Looking at it now, Mr. Rogers appears to be a combination of Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter
Last POTUS who sucked this bad: Jimmy Carter. His legacy: hostages & a desire to be Mr. Rogers to his neighborhood: the whole USA!
Jimmy Carter is just a reminder of how long we have to be reminded of BHO failed presidency.
"Jimmy Carter to Obama: Before you leave office, recognize Palestinian state"Former President Jimmy Carter is call…
Yes, he already has. White House report card: Will Obama oust Jimmy Carter as top pest? h/t
Liberals will give away the shirt off everyone's back, but their own! Look what Jimmy Carter gave away. via
Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson, and I barely looked. Also, CBC, Barbara Walters, & countless others have in th…
Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama want the "Worst President Ever" title so bad, they're fighting for it.
Jimmy Carter, Justin Trudeau, Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Livingstone. All who we thought they were.
Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un extends invitation to Jimmy Carter, Justin Trudeau and Ken Livingston to praise education and hea…
Jimmy Carter had a peanut farm when he was elected. He put it in a trust outside of his control. You can do the same thing.
LBJ was a racist, Jimmy Carter is an anti-Semite. But those were the "old souther…
Jimmy Carter giving back the Canal Zone to Panama was as big or bigger. Rejection of 100 years of US colonialism.
Trump has already made $1.6mil mixing his private and public matters but Jimmy Carter had to sell his peanut farm.
Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagon, Bill Clinton and both Bushes were sued RECENTLY. LBJ showed his unit to the point laws were passed
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where's Jimmy Carter? He was so weak. Our country a laughing stock abroad while he was in Oval Office.
I think the left slunk out of the White House in Jimmy Carter's briefcase...then got on a plane to Italy or something.
Jimmy Carter had solar panels installed in the White House and Ronald Reagan had them torn down... What a ***
Jimmy Carter's creation of the DOE helped give shelter and protection to Marxist Progs, poisoning young minds.
You're too young to remember Jimmy Carter. 😎
When I was a kid I went to the White House when Jimmy Carter was in office! I remember saying what if I see him get in that helicopter!
Jimmy Carter weeps for America. Once proud Georgia has fallen again.
Did you know there are currently 4 living former presidents? Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.
Hundreds flock to Susan B. Anthony's grave on Election Day (President Jimmy Carter got her on our currency in 1979)
If we can forget Whitewater, why not Watergate! G. Gordon Liddy for VP and Jimmy Carter for Pres!
When I was tiny, Jimmy Carter was my president. I loved Jimmy Cahtah, as I called him (Boston girl). He's still...
WHAT'S TRUE: Former Democratic presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, as well as current president Barack...
Jimmy Carter: Freedom is the essence of democracy and human dignity.
Worst President on history.At least Jimmy Carter is happy with him.
Jimmy Carter, considered worst president, but may be replaced by Obama. BC: 9/11, NAFTA, housing bust; and Bushes?...LOL
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lie ? Jimmy Carter was elected président of the USA on november 2, 1976
The US President , Jimmy Carter once forgot the American nuclear launch codes in his suit when it was sent for dry clean…
He's the worst President EVER! Worse than Slick Willie & Peanut brain Jimmy Carter. Obama ruined our economy.
pls, I don't have a doctor from a baptist church, I hope my attorney sued Jimmy Carter, I mentioned this years ago!!
Susan knows what's going on. Jimmy Carter says the U.S. is no longer a functioning economy. Obama is oblivious...
Jimmy Carter gets attacked but he was a better Pres than Clinton/Bush/Obama 😨
Abner J. Mikva. Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. 1979 – 1994. Appointed by: Jimmy Carter
Today, in 1980 Ronald Wilson Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter to become the 40th President of the United States. He...
Obama is Jimmy Carter, Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Jackson all rolled into ONE
Today in 1976, Jimmy Carter defeated Republican incumbent Gerald Ford, becoming first U.S. president from Deep South sin…
Guess the Muslim B'hood's cultural jihad is working. Jimmy Carter will keynote Muslim convention this wk in Detroit.
Reagan picked up where Zbigniew Brzezinski & Jimmy Carter left off. Continuous wars Dem or GOP.
Jimmy Carter is doubling down again on the side of Islam
You are wrong josh. People change. I did. My first vote was Jimmy Carter.
it was Jimmy Carter that said oil would run out by 2011 ranks right up there with Global Warming they forgot Texas
Jimmy Carter is the only full term President who did not appoint a Supreme Court Justice
This note Jimmy Carter left for Ronald Reagan before Reagan took office says everything about how politics have changed. http…
The John F. Kennedy Library in Boston was dedicated 37 years ago today by Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter, who has observed elections around the world, says "rigged" claims are "baseless."
All I'm saying is that you've never seen *** Jagger and Jimmy Carter wearing a brunette wig in the same room together.
is trying to depress the vote as in 1980 for Jimmy Carter
“Check out this item on Amazon: A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety Carter, Jimmy...”
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