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Jimmy Carter

James Earl Jimmy Carter, Jr. (born October 1, 1924) is an American politician who served as the 39th President of the United States (1977–1981) and was the recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, the only U.S.

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Jimmy Carter: Obama dropped the ball on ISIS threat via
From Styrofoam Greek Columns to Getting Dissed by Peanut Farmer --> Jimmy Carter: President Obama blew it on ISIL
Jimmy Carter(who blew it on Iran): President Obama blew it on ISIL via
Jimmy Carter: President Obama blew it on ISIL: Former President Jimmy Carter is criticizing President Barack O...
Jimmy Carter: President Obama blew it on ISIL - Jonathan Topaz -
Wow. When Jimmy Carter blasts you on terrorism you know it's bad. Jimmy Carter: President Obama blew it on ISIL
You know you're a failed President when Carter is chirping you - Jimmy Carter: President Obama blew it on ISIL
*** Barry, you KNOW you gotta be pretty pathetic when... Jimmy Carter: President Obama blew it on ISIL
When Carter criticizes ur lack of military action...uh oh "Jimmy Carter: Obama blew it on ISIL...
BREAKING: Alert-we've located the 2nd person on the planet who refers to as and it's.Jimmy Carter:
Yes it has gotten that bad...Jimmy Carter criticizes Obama for indecisiveness on ISIL. Worse than Carter?
Jimmy Carter: President Obama blew it on ISIL ~ you still sir, are irrelevant. Go back to Plains, GA
Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States, recently spoke at the national convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), where he encouraged his listeners to donate to ISNA and to use the "principles of Allah" to bring justice to oppressed people. Of course, ISNA has ties to both the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, so we can only wonder where the funds will go. And since Muhammad commanded his followers to oppress women and non-muslims, it isn't clear how the "principles of Allah" will help anyone except groups like the Islamic State.
You attract current and former U.S. presidents. There’s just something about you presidents can’t get enough of. Barack Obama, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter would all pretty much be into you. And that goes double for the ghosts of dead presidents.
The ever-classy George W. Bush refuses to be like Jimmy Carter and criticize a sitting president on Iraq
The conversation around me is about Jimmy Carter turning 90 & I'm thinking about licking chocolate off Nick J's abs. This is why I eat alone
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Outstanding, must-read essay by in on Jimmy Carter's humiliating recent visit to China
Happy 90th birthday Jimmy Carter who by example showed us what a modern post-presidency can be
Jimmy Carter today became the 5th US President to live until age 90. . Carter has lived longer after office than any President in US history.
^DC Former President Jimmy Carter celebrates his 90th birthday. video is on (WEDN318)
Former President Jimmy Carter claimed Wednesday that he would have been re-elected and beaten Ronald Reagan in 1980 if had been more “manly” in his dealings with Iran. Paul Bedard explains the backstory
Reflecting on the long life of the 39th president: What you may not know about Jimmy Carter.
Dear Jimmy Carter, happy birthday! The U.S. Dollar was just too powerful and bought too much! Thanks for fixing that! - Inflation
War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other's children. -Jimmy Carter, 39th US President, Nobel laureate (b. 1924)
The highly esteemed former commander and chief jimmy carter enjoyed his birthday today Gwen Hill -the accredited anchor Gwen Hill reported his visit to Washington
9 things you may not know about Jimmy Carter
ATLANTA (AP) — Former President Jimmy Carter celebrated his 90th birthday Wednesday in Atlanta, blowing out three candles representing the past, present and future and thanking family and friends for their support and love.
The best man to be President in a very long time.
Agriscience: like we talked about in class, check out the pic of Jimmy Carter's FFA jacket!
The horrible Jimmy Carter time - by Norton Identity Safe No birthday wishes from me.
In an interview with CNBC, Former President Jimmy Carter reflected on his time in the White House, particularly regarding his handling of the Iran Hostage Crisis, which some suggest was responsible for his defeat by Ronald Reagan in the 1980 presidential election.
Jimmy Carter turns 90 and Obama is finishing his legacy of destroying America.
For Jimmy Carter's 90th Birthday, gave him another week of looking like a genius.
The Meck Report: Jimmy Carter turns 90: What he did right (Opinion)...
FreeRepublic: Jimmy Carter: If I had gone to war with Iran, I would have beaten Reagan or something
Happy 90th Birthday Jimmy Carter ~ you are officially no longer America's worst President!. Obama's is new
Today in 1924: President Jimmy Carter is born. His jacket now in our collections: …
Jimmy Carter is 90 today. Here he is jumping a fence at LaGuardia Airport in 1976. (Photo: Dan Farrell/Getty)
Happy 90th birthday to President Jimmy Carter. Thankful for his Christmas card I received 2 years ago.
Happy 90th birthday Jimmy Carter – a remarkable member of and an inspirational leader
Happy 90th Birthday President Jimmy Carter!. My fave quote he probably never said (with apologies to http…
And before it's too late, lets be sure to wish a Happy Birthday to Jimmy Carter, 90 years old. A great American and wonderful humanitarian.
Kissinger was not a good guy. Jimmy Carter stopped him. Hillary admires him.
Jimmy Carter: "I could have wiped Iran off the map" by
A very happy 90th birthday to our 39th president, Jimmy Carter! The greatest human being ever to occupy the presidency.
Happy 90th Birthday, Jimmy Carter. America got you a president who actually *** worse than you. You're welcome.
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Jimmy "the Cashew" Carter Thinks allah is All That: Looks to Muslim god for Peace?!?: via
What a wonderful Person he is. A true gym.. Happy Birthday Jimmy Carter, xxx
Shout out to Jimmy Carter turnin' 90 today, with the habitats and the humanity and whatnot. A great man. God bless.
Dear Jimmy Carter, happy birthday! I hope you NEVER die so you live a life of old age agony and NEVER get honored with a state funeral!
Happy Birthday President Jimmy Carter! You're becoming a rock star by comparison.
Jimmy Carter 90 years old today. Charlie Smith told me he remembered reading the birth notice in the Plains paper. Said he went to school with Mrs Lillian!
So it's out for real that Kissinger and Ford were planning to bomb Cuba after the 76 election ( my first vote)... Thank God for Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter. Not a shot was fired during his Presidency. Went on TV and asked us to be better human beings. Maybe he should run again.
Julian Zelizer says Former President Jimmy Carter's message about trust in public officials is an important one.
Obama's buck passing is pathetic. The last time the Middle East took this many liberties with the U.S./Western world was when Jimmy Carter was President.
I'm sure to lose some friends over this, but one of my biggest regrets is that I never voted for the man. Got to meet him before he was president, heard him speak to our General Conference (of the United Methodist Church) in 1972, but voted for Ford in '76 and Anderson in '80. But looking back, I think Jimmy Carter gets the short end of it. His brokering of the peace between Israel and Egypt has got to be the single greatest act of political leadership in the last 70 years.
10-4 .. Back in Oct 78 President Jimmy Carter aka Peanut declared 4 Oct as National CB Day .. remember the CB craze in the 70's... I do everybody had one !!!
Thought for today. ... And happy 90th birthday, Jimmy Carter!
Happy birthday to my favorite living president; Jimmy Carter turned 90 today, he has lived longer after serving as president, than any of his predecessors. He remains a national treasure, unfairly maligned with fabricated propaganda. He's one of my heroes.
Happy 90th Birthday to Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States, from everyone at Right at Home Livermore Valley.
I was just thinking about Jimmy Carter yesterday...
I share a birthday with Jimmy Carter and Julie Andrews.
JIMMY CARTER: 'I Could Have Wiped Iran Off The Map'. No sir, you were not able to do this! Islamic Republic is your gift to the people of Iran. You created them, and you are responsible for all the suffering that Iranian people have endured to this day! The hostage crisis was the result of yours government's policy. You did free َ40 American hostages, but you give the Iranian people as hostage to the mullahs. Humanity will never forgive you!
FYI I actually have Jimmy Carter's autograph in my house, got it at a book signing he did in Chicago a number of...
By supporting Hamas, Jimmy Carter & Desmond Tutu are bringing about the death of more Palestinian civilians...
Happy 90th to the honorable Jimmy Carter, father of the late, great Nell Carter. I know we both miss her greatly.
the Doctor is right Thank you POTUS Jimmy Carter for having ph. Zbigniew Brzezinski as adviser. The Dr. Advice must B use
Brian you no every time something goes wrong it's never his fault,he makes Jimmy Carter look good that's sad !! 😎😎
It never ceases to amaze me every time I ask a question I don't want to know the answer to. Operation Cyclone was the code name for the United States CIA program to arm and finance the Afghan mujahideen prior to, and during the Soviet war in Afghanistan, 1979 to 1989. The Hezb-i-Islami was one of the groups of mujahideen, whose training and weaponry were mainly supplied by the CIA. American officials estimated that, from 1985 to 1992, 12,500 foreigners were trained in bomb-making, sabotage, and urban guerrilla warfare in Afghan camps the CIA helped to set up.(These tactics are then used later against my brothers in Iraq and Afghanistan 2001-present). Osama bin Laden, the most notorious terrorist, went through these camps and was trained by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the National Security Advisor to president Jimmy Carter. (He is pictured on the left NEXT to Osama bin Laden). Brzezinski told the mujahideen on video, "We know of their deep belief in God, and we are confident their struggle will succeed. That lan ...
TONIGHT: Randall Balmer on "Jimmy Carter, the Religious Right, and the 1980 Presidential Election" 7 p.m.:
Some dude had a license plate frame that said THE INTERNET MAKES YOU DUMB ... I bet I could find out where Jimmy Carter grew up before u can
Nathan Deal vs Jimmy Carter as governor. Just the facts. You decide who was better.
Yep Dear Mr. President: Speaking for many who wish you success, we urge you to seek professional counsel concerning a number of serious matters that are causing us and some others concern. Your approval ratings are down, Democrats in key states have resorted to running against you, and you were recently named the worst president since World War II ended — defeating (if that's the word) both Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon, with whose names the words "malaise" and "Watergate" are forever entwined. Assuming you find this prospect distasteful, we suggest for a start that some small steps be taken, beginning with the first and perhaps most important: admit that you have been wrong. You may think "Don’t do stupid stuff" is a really cool slogan, but stupid describes most of your actions since you took your hand off the Bible in 2009. It was stupid to let Vladimir Putin know you don’t care about eastern Europe; stupid to not give early support to Iranian dissidents; stupid to intervene in Libya and then lea ...
Jimmy Carter tell the truth about Israel: the land belongs to the Palestinians, not to Israelis
Has Gordon Brown become the Jimmy Carter of UK politics?
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When a an experienced Former President such as Jimmy Carter, who abhors violence, says ISIS must be attacked, you better get on board.
The only US President without blood on his hands is Jimmy Carter. The US installed Saddam Hussein in the first place.
Big fan of the and Jimmy Carter connection –
Jimmy Carter criticizes Obama on Ebola, defends on Ferguson, and reveals mango is his favorite ice cream
the 39th USLeadre Jimmy Carter would like to recommend this since he's the 39thUS President and his mIddle name today is being triggered :Earl to Earldom due to escargot (Bisokol /Askleopus /Pope NIcholas debate in John 20.6 presented by Pope John Paul II ..I told you the Republican must not increase the age retirement to 69 (because of 96 ..they made another Bridge Game (John 14.6 ) form 96 going down to ZS ( 06 or Love 6 accdg to Officer ) due to the FALCON (ALF and CON (Spirit of God ) on Slavery problems :Falcon is the National Bird of Dubai .See Sheikh Hamdan ..Now the Psalm 119.96 was triggered here re: ALF :FRee At Last since the Ambassador Christopher Stevens was free at last but dead (the Sodomy was very important on all Popes and NUnneries ) ..The Bacon ( must be serve crunchy and crispy and delicious :Pope Lucius ..the crunchy /lutong/salangsang versus kolnet (Pangasinan link to Tylenol and or Pope Stephen and in Matthew )Remember the ALF acronym on Pope John Paul II (Josef Karol Wojtyl ...
Checking out "Jimmy Carter to be Featured Speaker at Hamas Fundraiser" on Tea Party Command Center:
Ricardo, you are invited to hear Tomorrow at 7 p.m Jimmy Carter discuss recent Carter Center peace initiatives around the world.
Hunter S. Thompson recalls a speech by Jimmy Carter on Bob Dylan and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Hendrix. Jimmy Carter. Jimmy crack corn... They're all famous 'Jimmy's' for one reason or...
Just so you know, I believe one beheading is justification for full mobilization of our military and an *** whipping like the World hasn't seen in a while. This may be the worst president since Jimmy Carter. I love everything about Chic Fil A. Go Seminoles and Redskins! I never believed in Global Warming, still don't. I would still defend the fools who would ban the wear of my uniform at their school, they're too stupid to not defend. Phil Robertson didn't write the Bible, he's just reading it. You have a right to your opinion and I have a moral obligation to tell you when you're wrong. Christianity is under attack.what's new? It's been under attack since the beginning. If I remember correct Jesus died for it. There are evil people in the World and as long as we don't run out of jail cells and bullets we should be OK. I've never known a problem to go away by ignoring it. School lunches have gotten progressively worse since the so called experts got involved. Our children seem to get sick more often than . ...
“He’s not a softy” Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser to Jimmy Carter... paragon of strength... Not
Same reason Jimmy Carter is lecturing Canada & Ireland about prostitution law.
Hey, here's incumbent Ron Miller bragging about his support of Jimmy Carter moments ago at the Capitol.
on asked if troops in SA caused 9/11. Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski brought us modern terrorism via Iran
Obama outdid Jimmy Carter who just rose to 2nd worst President ever. No strategy and no broad coalition
RIP Bob Suter, who helped pull off the greatest upset in Olympic history & made America forget abt Jimmy Carter for awhile.
9/1 12:33 am: Miller Hall male had 7 shots of tequila, thought Jimmy Carter was still president. Taken to Lawrence Memori…
Bob Beckels hero Jimmy Carter laying a reef at the grave of Yasser Arafat the god father of terrorism. ISIS ht…
confirmed stars for next week with more to come:- Kerry Dixon, Luther Blissett, Clayton Blackmore, Perry Groves, Chris Whyte, Jimmy Carter..
Little-known fact: Jimmy Carter is the last U.S. President to have a tattoo sleeve.
who is more harmful to our country: Jimmy Carter, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Obama, or John Kerry?
. Jimmy Carter...the godfather of Al Qaeda had done enough damage.
Jimmy Carter is worried is overtaking him as worst president ever, so he's ramping up his pro roadshow to counter.
Jimmy Carter should stick to peanuts. Didn't he do enough damage when he was President?
will welcome former U.S. President, Jimmy Carter and Dr. Khalaf Al Habtoor H-’10 to campus in Oct.
God bless Jimmy Carter. He wasn't a great president, but at least he's got a conscience.
Oh yes Jimmy Carter second worst President of all time is going to defeat ISIS with his illustrious speech. Doddering old man.
Jimmy Carter continues to prove why he was the worst US president until Obama.
apparently Jimmy Carter is trying to win back the "biggest *** president" award. I'm sure Obama will pull back ahead soon.
.."Barack Obama has often been compared to Jimmy Carter. Many believe that the 2 are in the running 4 "worst president ever."
Former US president Jimmy Carter writes to Irish politicians over RT
October 16, get yourself to Middlebury College for the China Town Hall with Jimmy Carter
OBAMA He is a weaker president than Jimmy Carter. It's bad and getting worse. We are turning into a 3rd world nation
Jimmy Carter seems like a good president right now. That's how bad the leadership vacuum is.
All I know is this: If any other US president other than Obama- except Jimmy Carter- was in Charge,The would be a sinkh…
Jimmy Carter: “Principles of Allah” Key to Peace - Israel News via ...isn't he in a nursing home yet?
Malcolm Fraser is Australia's Jimmy Carter. Our own mad aunt in the attic.
"Muslims need to appreciate and take advantage of brave leaders like him (Jimmy Carter). — words of yasir qadhi?
As Garry Kasparov put it, Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like Winston Churchill.
Jimmy Carter shows his real colors! Will Head Fundraiser, Front Group in the US! http…
Bob Beckel drives me nuts. Foreign policy advice from Jimmy Carter employee. Really?
Fifty years ago today. We have forgotten the evil we are capable of, so it still happens. One of these days we can stop being 1) racist 2) misogynist. Not only do we have a problem with pervasive racism in this country; that racism has garnered a lot of votes for conservative campaigners during my lifetime. It is morally unscrupulous and is very stupid. Three decades ago, Lee Atwater (a Republican strategist who worked for saint Ronnie after he stole an election from Jimmy Carter) talked about the "Southern Strategy" This demonstrates how morally bankrupt the Republican party is.
Jimmy Carter lost the presidency in 1980 to a true patriot by a total of 489 votes to 46, a huge landslide, and...
Hamas's a soul not just a humble faction. "world leaders must recognise Hamas"Jimmy Carter & Mary Robinson.
Jimmy Carter keynote speaker @ Islamic Society of North America convention in Detroit's Cobo Center this year
Hamilton Collection
Say what you will about Jimmy Carter, but he better represents the center of the Democrat Party than does President Obama.
Ideal! Truth & Transparency Team for the people - Bernie Sanders President, Elizabeth Warren VP, Jimmy Carter, key advisor & Sec of State
Jimmy Carter. The 2nd worst president in American history, sucking up to Arab $ for Carter Center.
Jimmy Carter compared Ayatollah Khomeini to Gandhi. Obama said ISIS was JV.
Tepid? Good grief. He makes Jimmy Carter look like John Adams. He's been an unmitigated disaster.
Jimmy Carter to Be Keynote Speaker at Muslim Convention in Detroit . md
We need a man like Ronald Regan, or Jimmy Carter to tun this nation...
The Neighbor in Need Benefit show is TOMORROW!! Join us for a night of great music and a good cause. The DejaBlue Grass Band will be performing with guests Jimmy Carter & Ricky McKinnie of The Blind Boys of Alabama. Tickets are almost gone... get yours here!
Starting Friday the the largest Islamic society in North America (ISNA) is holding a convention at the COBOL Center in Detroit. Keynote Speaker will be Jimmy Carter, 39th President and the second weakest President (considered by many). Who knows, maybe ISNA will nominate him for another undeserved Nobel Prize (another award losing the value it once had). Aren't you all excited?
How true! Hard to believe that we'd be looking back to the days of Jimmy Carter with fondness! Obama is worse!
.It took the USA at least 20 years to recover from the damage that Jimmy "Peanuts" Carter did.
Are the felons the ones that Jimmy Carter let in from Cuba. Fidel is still laughing !
Jimmy Carter told him! Nothing much between the ears, I fear!
Had a good time in York today for Brian's Grandparent's 65th Wedding Anniversary. They got cards from the Obama's, the Bush's, Pat & Vanna, Susan Lucci, Jimmy Carter, Ford Motor Company, Kevin & Ruth Cheek, etc. Pretty big deal!
We are surrounded by brilliant minds. For a multitude of reasons many of us have no idea that we associate with these people on a daily basis. We may have grown up with them, served with them, been taught by them, and even worked with them, not knowing the contributions to the world that these people would make one day. Such is the impact of Dr. Harrison Miller Moseley both in his life and his work. From orphan to being personally invited to work with Albert Einstein on The Manhattan Project (atomic bomb). We're pleased to announce we'll be releasing Dr. Moseley's biography Unbelievable by Stella Elizabeth Brooks. Tentative release late September - October. President Jimmy Carter read the book and said: "This book will contribute to the history of atomic power being developed and ultimately used for peaceful purposes." - President Jimmy Carter Highlights of Dr. Moseley life include: Orphan, member of the ’38 Masonic famous Underdog Orphan football team. Full TCU scholarship and taught at TCU. Einstein p ...
Join us for Neighbor in Need Benefit TMRRW! The Dejablue Grass Band is here w/ members of the Blind Boys of Alabama!
Jimmy Carter calls on US, EU to recognize Hamas, accuses Israel of committing "deliberate attacks on civilians.".
Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel via
Looking back at Aspen with President Jimmy Carter and Sally Ranney
last night had the episode that they unveiled a Jimmy Carter statue and someone cried out: It's history's greatest monster!
The only achievement of this president is that he's allowed Jimmy Carter to die a happy man. …
LOL Whitey walks into our house and Carter goes "Heyyy Jimmy!"😂👏
Join us for the Neighbor in Need Benefit show TMRRW w/ the Dejablue Grass Band + Members of The Blind Boys of Alabama
Jimmy Carter is looking pretty good by comparison .
It really says something when even Jimmy Carter's people think you're an ***
[USA / Mystery Babylon / Interfaith / YouTube] President Jimmy Carter to be keynote speaker...
Jimmy Carter has to be happiest man on earth! Would you believe no one wants to be number 1moved up O
“America has no functioning democracy at this moment.” - JImmy Carter (Then *** is it!? Oligarchy?)
Obama has become Jimmy Carter with news of his failed rescue attempt of ISIS hostages.
Alexis Sanchez could be as good as Jimmy Carter.
Don’t expect Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan or John Lennon or Yoko Ono or Bob Dylan or Jesus Christ to come and do it for you.
Jimmy Carter gets better with age: Want 2 recognize Hamas & ISIS as Legit Political Movements . htt…
Hillary is having a Jimmy Carter moment. She is the 2nd worst Secretary of State now that John Kerry is there.
I ordered two. Well three books on Palestine by Norman Finklestein. Noam Chomsky and Jimmy Carter. thoughts ?
Jimmy Carter must be breathing a sigh of relief.
In my opinion the worst presidents: 1º Obama 2º Jimmy Carter 3º Bush II
when you put a jayvee president in the Oval Office, it doesn't make him Ronald Reagan! More like Jimmy Carter!
Jimmy Carter & Mary Robinson: UN Security Council should mandate end to siege of Gaza
Just because Obama puts on a United States president jersey it doesn't make him Ronald Reagan or even Jimmy Carter.
foreign relations take a nosedive. This is the worst presidency since Jimmy Carter and too many ppl dont see that.
Remember Rhodesia and Henry Kissinger? Then Jimmy Carter. Sold us down the river. A great country gone thanks USA.
Has anyone gotten Jimmy Carter on the horn? No? What about Sean Penn or Angelina?
Sometimes, when I look at my children, I say to myself ~~'Lillian, you should have remained a virgin.' -- Lillian Carter (mother of Jimmy Carter) I had a rose named after me and I was very flattered.. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalog: 'No good in a bed, but fine against a wall.' -- Eleanor Roosevelt Last week, I stated this woman was the ugliest woman I had ever seen. I have since been visited by her sister, and now wish to withdraw that statement. -- Mark Twain The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending; and to have the two as close together as possible. -- George Burns Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people only once a year. - - Victor Borge Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. -- Mark Twain By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher. -- Socrates I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury. -- Groucho Marx I don't feel old. I ...
Bill Clinton,Jimmy Carter, Bobby Kennedy would have understood National Guard presence. Team Obama is young & naive.
When are Jimmy Carter and/or Bill Clinton going to go to Ferguson to negotiate for the release of the citizens?
All purpose parts banner
yes sir - Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama.
In fairness, it seems there's also a nuclear sub Jimmy Carter. But are Republicans ready for a Bill Clinton postage stamp? Slippery slope
Reality;b/c of Welfare, Sec 8, EBT, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter we now have RACISM
The have 6th best record in baseball. In other news, Jimmy Carter is President and grease is at box office.
Grand Rapids (AP) - Former President Jimmy Carter will speak in Grand Rapids for a lecture and book signing. The 39th president and his wife,
Uri Avnery on Gaza: EYELESS IN GAZA The trouble with war is that it has two sides. Everything would be so much easier if war had only one side. Ours, of course. There you are, drawing up a wonderful plan for the next war, preparing it, training for it, until everything is perfect. And then the war starts, and to your utmost surprise it appears that there is another side, too, which also has a wonderful plan, and has prepared it and trained for it. When the two plans meet, everything goes wrong. Both plans break down. You don't know what's going to happen. How to go on. You do things you have not planned for. And when you have had enough of it and want to get out, you don't know how. It's so much more difficult to end a war than to start a war, especially when both sides need to declare victory. That's where we are now. HOW DID it all start? Depends where you want to begin. Like everywhere else, every event in Gaza is a reaction to another event. You do something because the other side did something. Which ...
Jimmy Carter is no climate scientist, but he acts like simply assuming an alleged consensus is all the authority he needs. In a world where the claims of global warming have been dismantled and the climate change believers are already practicing censorship, where major governments are refusing to co…
Former President Jimmy Carter is back, this time proposing a carbon tax to fight global warming and calling out skeptics.
Jimmy Carter Blasts ‘Nutcases’ Who Block Climate Action via Well done Jimmy, still fighting at 89.
Why is there a black guy playing the president on TV ? Where's Jimmy Carter at ?
Jimmy Carter was the worst before that. I feel Obama is evil as well.
Former President Jimmy Carter once again is getting way out in front of the U.S. government on the Middle East, co-authoring an op-ed in which he calls for Washington to recognize designated terror group Hamas as legitimate political actor -- while blasting Israel for its military campaign in the Ga…
My pilot this morning bears a striking resemblance to Jimmy Carter!
Former President Carter to speak in Grand Rapids: Grand RapidsFormer President Jimmy Carter will speak in...
A 'call to action' on from Mary Robinson and Pres Jimmy Carter (April 2014)
Little Giant Ladders
President Jimmy Carter and engineers pose with the first solar panels to be installed on the White House. c. 1979
Jimmy Carter tells the truth about Israel Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel:
Friday August 15, 2014 has arrived. There are 138 days left in the year! In 1769, Napoleon was born. In 1935, Will Rogers and Wiley Post were killed in airplane crash at Barrow, Alaska. In1975, Clay Shaw of New Orleans died. He was acquitted in CIA situations with Kennedy Assassination. In 2013, Bert Lance of Georgia died. He was involved much with Jimmy Carter. Have good Friday!
15 is for Jimmy Jordan, Mario Edwards (Sr & Jr), Phillip Riley, and Tony Carter
Aug 15, 1914: Panama Canal open to traffic: The American-built waterway across the Isthmus of Panama, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, is inaugurated with the passage of the U.S. vessel Ancon, a cargo and passenger ship. The rush of settlers to California and Oregon in the mid 19th century was the initial impetus of the U.S. desire to build an artificial waterway across Central America. In 1855, the United States completed a railroad across the Isthmus of Panama (then part of Colombia), prompting various parties to propose canal-building plans. Ultimately, Colombia awarded rights to build the canal to Ferdinand de Lesseps, the French entrepreneur who had completed the Suez Canal in 1869. Construction on a sea-level canal began in 1881, but inadequate planning, disease among the workers, and financial problems drove Lesseps' company into bankruptcy in 1889. Three years later, Philippe-Jean Bunau-Varilla, a former chief engineer of the canal works and a French citizen, acquired the assets of the ...
Jimmy Carter has the courage to call the climate change deniers what they are: "nutcases."
We love Jimmy Carter for telling the truth and having the courage to call out the nutcases. Carter was ahead of...
Yes its called Palestine: Peace not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter
In the 60 and 70s, following a string of Natural disasters, President Jimmy carter signed Executive order
Jimmy Carter & Mary Robinson calls the crisis in as a "humanitarian catastrophe' & calls to end Gaza blockade. http:…
. President Carter Says committed war crimes in Gaza.
Former President Jimmy Carter speaking at in September via
Former President Jimmy Carter is coming to Grand Rapids next month. But you'll need tickets to see him speak.
"There is never an excuse for deliberate attacks on civilians in conflict. These are war crimes" Jimmy
Fmr. Pres. Jimmy Carter smears skeptics as ‘nutcases’ – Calls for carbon tax as ‘the only reasonable...
Column: Obama has reached his Jimmy Carter moment
I love Jimmy Carter. Seriously I do . He tried his best to handle Iran. What he's accomplished since then is TRULY AMAZING. Incredible guy.
Jimmy Carter de-regulated the beer market making it possible for craft brew
What people forget about Former President Jimmy Carter
True. Jimmy Carter is pretty much ignored by anyone in politics... for *** good reason.
Defense of Israel need not be antiObama. He's been a friend to Israel compared to Jimmy Carter.
NOT AMAZED. President Jimmy Carter aligns himself with terrorists
Pres. Jimmy Carter has a word for climate science deniers: “nutcases”... In today's LISTEN:
In 1979 jimmy carter was attacked by a bunny. Why did I not learn that in APUSH?
America is the most violent country in the World. Equal rights and protecting women is fundamental. --Jimmy Carter righ…
Martin Schram: Obama has reached his Jimmy Carter moment - Appeal-Democrat
The best and worst presidents since FDR. My students always used to ask me to grade the presidents. Well, it is best always to reserve judgment. But I'm not teaching anymore so here goes my list of the worst (# 12) to the best (presidents since FDR. First of all, how I judge president's is not only by their policies, but by their competence. No president can really accomplish much without the support of the American people. Some presidents can rally the people behind them, like Ronald Reagan did. And others can lose the support of the American people like LBJ and Jimmy Carter did. This is why governors generally make the best presidents, because they held executive jobs and had to build consensus, and Senators make the worst presidents, since they only have to get consensus from other Senators. There is one other category that is important, and that is the president must be consistent with American values. And this last point is what makes (Richard Nixon the worst president in my view. When LBJ was negoti ...
Jimmy Carter snubs Bill and Hillary Clinton at the Obama Inauguration via
HOW MANY OF YOU REMEMBER THIS? A radical foreign policy adviser fired by President Obama for meeting with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas has been hired by the White House to be the senior director at the National Security Council (NSC). How generous of the "commander-in-chief" to let bygones be bygones when it comes to this extremist, a Middle East “expert” named Robert Malley whose family had close ties to Yasser Arafat, founder of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Fatah movement. Malley was an adviser in Bill Clinton’s White House and he consistently exonerates Palestinians and condemns Israel. AND IN NOVEMBER, 2008: Jimmy Carter says Barack Obama pledged to waste no time getting involved in Middle East peace talks. "He promised to me personally" that he would "not wait even a month after he was president to start working on the Middle East peace process," said the former president in an interview with CNN. Carter added that he was "thrilled" that Obama would bring a "new ...
Obama is the most disruptive human being to ever walk into the White House. Worse than LBJ, Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Bill…
U.S. ex-president Jimmy Carter sent his first text message this year.
‘Twas a famous ending: (Scott Johnson) Those of us of a certain age recall that Jimmy Carter began...
In this documentary, Lakhdar Brahimi, Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu join four teenagers on the island
What the world needs now, more than ever, is more Mikhail Gorbachev/Jimmy Carter type mentality.
The Moral Disintegration of Jimmy Carter By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach For years I have been defending Jimmy Carter against charges of anti-Semitism. Maybe I just didn’t’ want to believe that a President of the United States – the freest country in the world – could dislike Jews. So I chalked up his animus toward Israel and his awful accusations of Israeli apartheid to a faulty moral compass. Even the other day on NewsMax TV my friend Steve Malzberg asked me point blank if Jimmy Carter is an anti-Semite and I said no, blaming his inane statements on Israel to his being what Vladimir Lenin described as ‘a useful *** ’ Carter always sides with the weaker party in a conflict notwithstanding their immorality. Let us never forget that the Carter Administration tried to seat the exiled Khmer Rouge as the rightful government of Cambodia even though they slaughtered one out of three Cambodians in the 1975-78 genocide. For Carter, weakness was itself a sign of righteousness. But Carter’s recent accusati . ...
Barack Obama...Al Gore...Jimmy Carter. Is it the Nobel Peace Prize or the Hall of Shame...?
Happy BIrthday from Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. Thanks to you they are no longer the worst President since WWII.
Jimmy Carter - "Crisis of Confidence". Worse Than Carter We are Stupid for going 4Ur BS Twice http:…
Lest we forget ~ Jimmy Carter, the father of terrorism.
Jimmy Carter, like Obama a Nobel Peace Prize winner, calls a "[legitimate] political actor." Has he, like, read thei…
What we see today in the interior Middle East is a religious war. For various reasons, American policy makers were absolutely blind to the historically predictable and utterly insane admixture of political power and religion. Foolishly, America facilitated the removal of secular governments over and over again, from Jimmy Carter undermining the Shah of Iran to George Bush toppling Saddam Hussein to Barack Obama failing to support Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. As a result, secularism is retreating and political religion is advancing. We should also note that what we see in the Middle East mirrors precisely what the American founding fathers saw when they looked back at recent (to them) European history. Unnecessary, destructive wars either initiated or exacerbated by religious beliefs. What we see in the Middle East was their historical reality. That is why they took the radical step of officially declaring religion and government separate. The two should be kept as far apart as possible, if only to cre ...
Obama has the worst traits of Woodrow Wilson, Joe McCarthy, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. Wow, no wonder it's all messed up
No, BHO is the worst. Jimmy Carter is second worst. FDR and Woodrow Wilson are 3rd and 4th!
Deal: Jason Carter's 'greatest support mechanism' is Jimmy Carter: "He has taken the position that his grandfa...
Jimmy Carter was a honest man who with the best intentions got little done as president. Then we got Ronald "lock up the darkies" Reagan. 😔
Jimmy Carter was defeated by Ronald Reagan in the 1980 President Election 489 Electoral Votes to 46. This is his...
Jimmy Carter's his own man. He says what he thinks. Giuliani can say what he thinks, if anybody will listen.
Jimmy Carter demands 'war crimes' be investigated -
Jimmy Carter: Peacemaker or Law Breaker? In April 2008, President Obama provided a brief outline of terrorist attacks against Israel, and disagreed with Former President Jimmy Carter's meeting with leaders of the Hamas. In a YouTube video titled, "Obama: Disagrees with President Carter About Hamas," Obama states the following (pay close attention to his words): "We must not negotiate with a terrorist group intent on Israel's destruction. We should only sit down with Hamas if they renounce terrorism, recognize Israel's right to exist, and abide by past agreements." With the above in mind, in 2008, Republicans and Democrats wrote letters asking Former President Jimmy Carter NOT to meet and negotiate with the leadership of Hamas. But Carter refused and did it anyway, which suggests that he placed a higher priority on his own personal agenda and legacy than the legitimate concerns of his president and fellow politicians, and many Americans. While revoking Carter's passport and "treason" was discussed, Carter ...
"Jimmy Carter is just another bought & paid for by foreign interests Democrat President." — Max Rugemer
Jimmy Carter defends Hamas as Legitimate Political Organization. Condemns Israel. He must be angry that Obama was voted worst President
Jimmy Carter pushes US to recognize Hamas, slams Israel in op-ed. Former President Jimmy Carter once again is...
Former President Jimmy Carter says 'there is no humane or legal: Former President Jimmy Carter reprimanded Isr...
Jimmy Carter is an intellectual black hole He and John Kerry were together tonight. That's a lot of anti-int…
Jimmy Carter: Hamas a 'Legitimate Political Actor' . Jealous Obama is passing him for worst President ever.
So angry! I just heard a report that Former President Jimmy Carter is campaigning to have Hamas recognized as an equal to other democratic governments. Now I'm old enough to remember what a joke of a leader he was. And he still is but I wonder if the Sunday school teacher from Plains Ga. Reads the same Bible I do. Hey Jimmy, we're supposed to bless Israel ! Not support it's destruction. Done
Jimmy Carter was a joke as president now he's not even a joke. He can move to Gaza. Maybe there someone cares
Jimmy Carter sez Hammas NOT Terrorist org. I guess he's trying to take BACK his title as WORST PRESIDENT EVER after Obama got i…
Jimmy Carter is our last honest president
Got to shake ex president Jimmy Carter's hand that was pretty cool
Jimmy Carter must be nervous Barack Obama is going to overtake him as most unpopular President.
Jimmy Carter has lost the title of "Worst President", but is still fighting to retain "Dumbest President"!
Jimmy Carter knows his reign as "Worst Ex-President" for over 3 decades is going to end in Jan. 2017. He's not giving i…
I remember when Jimmy Carter was President because I remember waiting on gas lines. Jimmy Carter is a pathetic man.
( The United States and the European Union should recognize that the Hamas terrorist organization “is not just a military but also a political force,” former U.S. president Jimmy Carter...
Meet Former President Jimmy Carter on our flight from DC to Atlanta. He walked back and meet everyone on the flight.
Jimmy Carter and John Kerry sitting in a tree..
Jimmy Carter has just proved he is as big of an *** as the Obama regime !
Former President Jimmy Carter called on the West to recognize terrorist group Hamas as a legitimate
Former President Jimmy Carter says Israel engaged in the "deliberate obstruction" of regional peace that led inexorably to its war in Gaza, and that the only way to end the conflict is for Israel to recognize Hamas as a political — not just military — player. "Hamas cannot be wished away…
Jimmy Carter has proclaimed his love for Hamas!
Nobel Peace Prize recipient Jimmy Carter takes to to argue that the key to ending the current war in Gaza is 'recognizing Hamas as a legitimate political actor.' Writing along with fellow 'Elder' Mary Robinson (part of an 'international group of elder statesmen'), the former presid…
this raises the question, is Jimmy Carter a legitimate political actor?
After Jimmy Carter there was Ronald Reagan who is missing in this picture ...
Yes, Jimmy Carter is still a deranged terrorist shill.
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Writing in Foreign Policy, Jimmy Carter and Mary Robinson argue that to help bring Israelis and Palestinians closer to peace, world leaders must recognise Hamas and pressure both sides to respect international law.
Mary Robinson and Jimmy Carter - "The UN Security Council should mandate an end to the siege."
Jimmy Carter scores again. Wants US and EU to recognize Hamas. Blames Israel for War crimes. Carter said Ayatollah Khomeni not a problem.
Jimmy Carter urges US Govt to recognize Hamas as a “legitimate political actor” and condemns Israel’s actions in Gaza
This guy is becoming Jimmy Carter; he's losing it! Enlist in the U.S. FREEDOM ARMY at Join!! http…
Jimmy Carter: Hamas is legitimate political actor b/c Zbigniew Brzeshinski, the antisemitic Pole, supports its Charter.
Says Failure to Recognize Hamas Is the Core Problem Jimmy Carter spent a lot of effort brokering peace in the Middle East. Some of his efforts succeeded. Since retiring from the White House, he has...
Ex-President Jimmy Carter & hater of Israel, calls for recognition of Hamas as a legit political power.
Jimmy Carter would have been easier no? Lol
Jimmy Carter pushes to recognize slams in op-ed |
Jimmy Carter: Hamas is a legitimate political actor. // How is firing rockets at civilians legitimate?
What does he smokes? Jimmy Carter: Hamas is a legitimate political actor
U43. War and peace (for forty years) between Israel and Egypt (Photo 1)October 7, 1973 Egyptian army crossed the Suez Canal and assaulted Israel. Yom Kippur War (also known as the fourth Middle East War , ) occurred in 1973 October 6 to October 26, originated in Egypt and Syria were attacked six years ago by the Israeli occupation of the Sinai Peninsula and Golan Heights . Egypt and Syria alliance head to two days of war prevailed, but the Israel army mobilized immediately, and U.S. President Richard Nixon promised to support Israel, after fighting reversed. To the second week, Syria exited the Golan Heights. In the Sinai, the Israeli army attacks between the two armies crossed the Suez Canal (the original ceasefire line). Until the United Nations cease-fire order is in force, until the team has been wiped out an Egyptian army. It is estimated that the death toll was about more than 20,000 Arab soldiers; The Israeli army more than 5,000 people dead. (Photo 2) the United States President Jimmy Carter invit ...
Zamarath Thoth shared Blue Nation Review's photo. 2 hrs · . Jimmy Carter was continually sabotaged by the...
Carter:There's 'no humane or legal justification' for Israel's actions
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Sir Jimmy Carter..we people of Malaysia realy love & respect your stand on Gaza. May God bless you.
...but would he be as quick as Jimmy Carter?
Known anti-Semite Jimmy Carter came to our region, no thanks stay home!
Jimmy Carter calls for recognizing Hamas via
Jimmy Carter says Hamas a legitimate political actor. That may be pushing it, but its a move in the right direction.
This is the most basic requirement: blockade must end | Jimmy Carter and Mary Robinson | The Guardian -
.Because when you want advice on Middle East policy look no farther then Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter and Mary Robinson: blockade must end
Jimmy Carter is still alive what the ***
Jimmy Carter: Ending this war in Gaza begins with recognizing Hamas as a legitimate political actor
on job creation. bush father and son, over 12 years total, total jobs created between the both of them...3.6 million. Jimmy Carter, in 4 years.. 10.339 million jobs created. three times the jobs, in one third the time. Reagan, in 8 years. 16 million jobs created. He averaged less per year than Jimmy Carter, but still 5 times the jobs of both bushes in two thirds of the time. Bill Clinton, in 8 years.. total jobs created,22.7 million. seven times the jobs created under both bushes, in 2/3 the time. Obama so far... starting from what he was handed in January 09, he has put back all the jobs initially lost on his watch, and added 5.3 million more. ( On January 20,09, when Obama took office total jobs- 133,631,000. last month total jobs - 138,941,000. net gain 5.3 million.)
Jimmy Carter: Hamas is a legitimate political actor
Can you forward this to Jimmy Carter in cuckoo-cucko land?
And here you have it... from Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Jimmy Carter.
Screw you jimmy carter! Recognize Hamas, even your own country recognizes them as a terrorist organization!
Jimmy Carter slams Israel in an Op-Ed and thinks Israel should recognize Hamas. We Recognized Jimmy Carter also :D
They always do anyone remember Jimmy Carter, my daughter took a class in college that said he was a great president. LIKE *** he s..ked,one of the worse we ever had.
ISRAEL & THE Middle East U.S. Presidents and the State of Israel On March 20, 2013, President Barack Obama will visit Israel in his first official international trip of his second term. It will be his first trip to Israel as president. President Obama will become the fifth sitting U.S. president to visit Israel. The other four were George W. Bush (twice in 2008) Bill Clinton (1994, 1995, 1996 and 1998), Jimmy Carter (1979) and Richard Nixon (1974). The unique bond between the United States and Israel dates back to Israel’s founding in 1948. Indeed, public opinion polls taken over decades have consistently demonstrated that Americans of all backgrounds support strong U.S.-Israel relations, and view Israel as a key ally of the U.S. This close relationship is based upon shared democratic values and strategic interests including the rejection of terrorism and violence. The U.S. has a great interest in the stability of the Middle East, a region that is afflicted by extremists who violently oppose the U.S., I ...
Celebrating war crimes. Next in line we will show solidarity with Hitler, Truman, French Foreign Legion, Kennedy, Saddam Hussein, ISIS, Bashir Gemayel, Samir Gegea, Ronald Reagan, Contra command, Jimmy Carter, Drug Cartels of South America, the Klu Klux Klan, Pol Pot, Ayatollah Ruheila Khomeini etc. Plz join us to argue for these ppl, how they bravely defended their ppl.
I know someone who saw Jimmy Carter in the flesh. Paul saw Buzz Aldrin last weekend. I saw Nick Knowles once. Am I doing this right
1/2 Jimmy Carter was bad, but I don't recall a time when the voice of counted for so little. Everyone now ignoring Uncle Sam
He lost to Jimmy Carter in 1976 & sixteen years after to Bill Clinton in 1992. Now, twenty-four years later, in 2016, he may run again. Jerry Brown may seem like ancient history, yet he is only nine years Hillary’s senior & may well challenge her for the Democratic Party nomination.
Learn that new housing sponsored by Jimmy Carter was an outcome of the Benton Harbor Riots! Hear the
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