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Jimmy Carter

James Earl Jimmy Carter, Jr. (born October 1, 1924) is an American politician who served as the 39th President of the United States (1977–1981) and was the recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, the only U.S.

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Remember when Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest, and the GOP investigated…
2 Presidential: Jimmy Carter, Gary Hart, Bill Clinton. Mayor, city council, judges, Statewide and U.S. Senate and Hou…
oh and Jimmy Carter was great President. Kept America frim sliding into a depression (familiar?)/1
.If the f**king democrats had run a Jimmy Carter the cultural split in America would have closed over in 8 years, !torn
I wish the media would assert on Jimmy Carter & George H. Bush's diplomacies with China before Trump burns the olive branch.
online. I mean your endorsement of Jimmy Carter is stand-up internet comedy. Obama called Ronald Reagan a
Worst president ever. Jimmy Carter is thrilled to pass the title
FWIW - Incoming President Jimmy Carter was Time's choice in 1976.
Congratulations to Jimmy Carter on your big move to 2nd worst President of the United States! The NEW worst? Barack Hussein Obama!
Former President Jimmy Carter calls on Barack Obama to recognise Palestinian statehood before leaving office
Some US Presidents learn on the job & have little experience governing, Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson & Jimmy Carter for ex.
GA elected Lester Maddox. By your logic Jimmy Carter was racist. 🙄😂😂.
Looking at it now, Mr. Rogers appears to be a combination of Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter
Last POTUS who sucked this bad: Jimmy Carter. His legacy: hostages & a desire to be Mr. Rogers to his neighborhood: the whole USA!
Jimmy Carter is just a reminder of how long we have to be reminded of BHO failed presidency.
"Jimmy Carter to Obama: Before you leave office, recognize Palestinian state"Former President Jimmy Carter is call…
Yes, he already has. White House report card: Will Obama oust Jimmy Carter as top pest? h/t
Liberals will give away the shirt off everyone's back, but their own! Look what Jimmy Carter gave away. via
Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson, and I barely looked. Also, CBC, Barbara Walters, & countless others have in th…
Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama want the "Worst President Ever" title so bad, they're fighting for it.
Jimmy Carter, Justin Trudeau, Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Livingstone. All who we thought they were.
Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un extends invitation to Jimmy Carter, Justin Trudeau and Ken Livingston to praise education and hea…
Jimmy Carter had a peanut farm when he was elected. He put it in a trust outside of his control. You can do the same thing.
LBJ was a racist, Jimmy Carter is an anti-Semite. But those were the "old souther…
Jimmy Carter giving back the Canal Zone to Panama was as big or bigger. Rejection of 100 years of US colonialism.
Trump has already made $1.6mil mixing his private and public matters but Jimmy Carter had to sell his peanut farm.
Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagon, Bill Clinton and both Bushes were sued RECENTLY. LBJ showed his unit to the point laws were passed
where's Jimmy Carter? He was so weak. Our country a laughing stock abroad while he was in Oval Office.
I think the left slunk out of the White House in Jimmy Carter's briefcase...then got on a plane to Italy or something.
Jimmy Carter had solar panels installed in the White House and Ronald Reagan had them torn down... What a ***
Jimmy Carter's creation of the DOE helped give shelter and protection to Marxist Progs, poisoning young minds.
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You're too young to remember Jimmy Carter. 😎
When I was a kid I went to the White House when Jimmy Carter was in office! I remember saying what if I see him get in that helicopter!
Jimmy Carter weeps for America. Once proud Georgia has fallen again.
Did you know there are currently 4 living former presidents? Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.
Hundreds flock to Susan B. Anthony's grave on Election Day (President Jimmy Carter got her on our currency in 1979)
If we can forget Whitewater, why not Watergate! G. Gordon Liddy for VP and Jimmy Carter for Pres!
When I was tiny, Jimmy Carter was my president. I loved Jimmy Cahtah, as I called him (Boston girl). He's still...
WHAT'S TRUE: Former Democratic presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, as well as current president Barack...
Jimmy Carter: Freedom is the essence of democracy and human dignity.
Worst President on history.At least Jimmy Carter is happy with him.
Jimmy Carter, considered worst president, but may be replaced by Obama. BC: 9/11, NAFTA, housing bust; and Bushes?...LOL
lie ? Jimmy Carter was elected président of the USA on november 2, 1976
The US President , Jimmy Carter once forgot the American nuclear launch codes in his suit when it was sent for dry clean…
He's the worst President EVER! Worse than Slick Willie & Peanut brain Jimmy Carter. Obama ruined our economy.
pls, I don't have a doctor from a baptist church, I hope my attorney sued Jimmy Carter, I mentioned this years ago!!
Susan knows what's going on. Jimmy Carter says the U.S. is no longer a functioning economy. Obama is oblivious...
Jimmy Carter gets attacked but he was a better Pres than Clinton/Bush/Obama 😨
Abner J. Mikva. Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. 1979 – 1994. Appointed by: Jimmy Carter
Today, in 1980 Ronald Wilson Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter to become the 40th President of the United States. He...
Obama is Jimmy Carter, Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Jackson all rolled into ONE
Today in 1976, Jimmy Carter defeated Republican incumbent Gerald Ford, becoming first U.S. president from Deep South sin…
Guess the Muslim B'hood's cultural jihad is working. Jimmy Carter will keynote Muslim convention this wk in Detroit.
Reagan picked up where Zbigniew Brzezinski & Jimmy Carter left off. Continuous wars Dem or GOP.
Jimmy Carter is doubling down again on the side of Islam
You are wrong josh. People change. I did. My first vote was Jimmy Carter.
it was Jimmy Carter that said oil would run out by 2011 ranks right up there with Global Warming they forgot Texas
Jimmy Carter is the only full term President who did not appoint a Supreme Court Justice
This note Jimmy Carter left for Ronald Reagan before Reagan took office says everything about how politics have changed. http…
The John F. Kennedy Library in Boston was dedicated 37 years ago today by Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter, who has observed elections around the world, says "rigged" claims are "baseless."
All I'm saying is that you've never seen *** Jagger and Jimmy Carter wearing a brunette wig in the same room together.
is trying to depress the vote as in 1980 for Jimmy Carter
“Check out this item on Amazon: A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety Carter, Jimmy...”
Vince Carter turns 40-years-old in 3 months. . Vince Carter can still do windmills. .
Jimmy said the Carter Center requires all polling sites follow same rules, same machines. Not true in US.
Forever. We ran ads/messages for a GENERATION linking Ds to Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter.
It violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system. Now…
for real. Uhaul on jimmy carter is right beside what they call lil Mexico 😂😂😂
Jimmy Carter is a true man of character. Thank you President Carter for your service to mankind.
. Carter-yes, Jimmy-never although looking like god, no e…
Anyone remember when Reagan trailed Jimmy Carter by 12 points before the election? Here's how it ended...
40 years ago, as a presidential candidate, Jimmy Carter was admitting to have committed 'adultery in his heart'. What progress has been made
Good pic post catching Obama leering. "Lusting in your heart is just like commuting the act." . -- Jimmy Carter
JFK and Jimmy Carter won almost entirely on the support of the Midwest/South, not the West Coast/Northeast.
Jimmy Carter won the prize for his contribution to the Camp David Accords of 1978. That made the west look good but didn't stop settlements
Update your maps at Navteq
Grt book w/foreword by Jimmy Carter tells tales of mountaineering, the Dalai Lama and philanthropy -
The trophy for being "the WORST PRESIDENT" has been passed from . Jimmy Carter to BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA as the latest "WORS…
his approval rating would be so bad he'd make Jimmy Carter look good and he'd destroy the party for generations
That's great. I would love to meet I met Jimmy Carter in 1992 in LA. We corresponded briefly. I also met Gary Hart
(1979): Pope John Paul II becomes first pontiff to visit White House. Pictured with fmr. Pres. Jimmy Carter.
the party of diversity. oh wait, another retread. Jimmy Carter next?
like Jimmy Carter, Al Gore tried to warn America about the dangers of pollution..and like Carter he was sabotaged for…
Hunter S. Thompson recalls a speech by Jimmy Carter on Bob Dylan and Mar...
A great man 🇺🇸and cause. Former U.S President Jimmy Carter joining Habitat for Humanity in Winnipeg
Jimmy Carter and the SBC: The former U.S. president’s defiance of the conservative resurgence
Former US President Jimmy Carter picks for Habitat for Humanitity project. Great and terrible at the same time.
As a former board member, so proud of and the announcement of fmr U.S. pres Jimmy Carter's support.
Our government is teaming up with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter & to provide new homes for 75 famil…
What former president has worked harder than Jimmy Carter to ease human suffering and promote peace? No one.
Former U-S President Jimmy Carter to visit Winnipeg July 2017 for Habitat for Humanity build h…
Happy birthday to the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter:
Jimmy Carter meddled & helped depose Shah of Iran (ally of U.S.) which gave us extremist Ayatollah Khomeini in 70s. Clinton same meddler.
The world will not forget Jimmy Carter for throwing his ally Shah under the bus
I didn't work for Jimmy Carter all those years to go to cocktail parties. I was there as a
Who will the Final 4 will be pulling numbers off the wall at Turner Field? Here's mine. . 4 -Jimmy Carter. 3 - Murph. 2 - Schuerholz. 1 -Hammer
i haven't seen that but i'll look for it. My thoughts on situation align w/ Jimmy Carter, Cornell West and Abdulluah II of Jordan
Anwar Sadat and Mecham Begin were two ideal partners who brokered peace with the mediation of Jimmy Carter
professor TM Linda Scholz just published a chapter on Jimmy Carter & human rights in this book. Find it…
Good job Obama, you are the weakest US president since Jimmy Carter.
If only we had Wikileaks for Jimmy Carter & his Trilateral Commission Zbigniew Brzezinski
Show me any US president that wasn't in the last 60 yrs. Jimmy Carter was a decent guy, but apart from that .
"The GOP has believed for years that Jimmy Carter was a strong Christian man who did the best he could with the dem party"
Joy Reid of all people is engaged in Cold War propaganda used against likes of Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter, Jo…
Just as a weak Jimmy Carter ushered in . Pres. Ronald Reagan,. So will an even weaker,corrupt Obama usher in. President Trump.
Joe are you using Jimmy Carter, because he was a democrat? I mean, why not George H. W. Bush collapsing?
"Jimmy Carter collapsed while running, George Bush Senior threw up on the Japanese prime minister and George W.
in an America where Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush still live? 70 is the new 60
"Nuclear accidents continue to the present day," Harold Brown, who was defense secretary under Jimmy Carter at...
I know that and he has done less for our black Americans than George W Bush and Obama has made Jimmy Carter great
Yes, after the 1994 deal made by Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter that brought Peace in Our Time.
thank Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton for North Korea what ya bet coughing came from driving radiation van
This makes me nauseous and reminds me of our history with Iran under Jimmy Carter.
Pete Seeger lived to be 94. Harry Hay was 90. Jimmy Carter is almost 92. Sometimes the good do get very old.
I love the wisdom and humanity of Jimmy Carter
The post-presidency, as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have proved, is a win-win. Money, Nobels,
Making us pine for Jimmy Carter - Obama really is doing things we never thought possible!
Presidents who have served in the John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter & George H.W. Bush.
Obama's weakness with dealing with Iran mirrors Jimmy Carter's weakness of military response and Bill Clinton's same weakness
what Bill, Hillary and Chelsea do ... looks precious little like what Jimmy Carter does for Habitat for Humanity
Jimmy Carter carried Texas in '76. Bill Clinton came within 2% of carrying Texas in '92 (in the 3-way with Bush 41 and Perot)
The Foundation's purpose is to coordinate gov't and private resources for humanitarian causes. Just like Bill Gates & Jimmy Carter. No diff.
. THAT explains spike in Wikipedia searches for Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Bill Gates.
.yes, along with Bill Gates and Jimmy Carter- outstanding. Meanwhile, sells his name for bldgs and soul for votes.
After all, Jimmy Carter created a post presidency charity foundation. Bill just was doing the same thing.
Bill Clinton saved life's w/ Meds. Jimmy Carter builds homes. W paint plaques. Now who's the greatest contributor to the poor?
Jimmy Carter asks Bill Gates not to dump ash in
I'd prefer people like Jimmy Carter over Bill any day.
LOLOL - I remember seeing it - Jimmy Carter snubs Bill and Hillary Clinton at the Obama Inauguration
Jimmy Carter: The US is an Oligarchy... List goes on: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Paul: the system is rigged
Jimmy Carter appeals to Bill Gates to stop the massive dumping of toxic coal ash. {Gates owns 32%
Long after I'm gone, they'll talk about you the way I talk about Jimmy Carter now. Note: That's my best compliment.
Jimmy Carter: I thought I had 'two or three weeks to live' after cancer diagnosis - AOL
I know I'm biased, after living so many years in Georgia, but that Jimmy Carter is one giving, selfless, kind soul.
"I just thought I had a few weeks to live," Jimmy Carter says a year after his diagnosis.
For example, consider Bill Gates who is doing great work with his foundation to help improve schools or Jimmy Carter who
southern strategy is a racist fantasy, else Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton would never have been elected President.
Please recall that Jimmy Carter banned all commerce and travel between the United States and Iran during the hostage crisis…
People really hated Jimmy Carter about how he dealt with the Iran hostage crisis.
My grandpa's Navy yearbook from 1945. Includes Alan Shepard, Jimmy Carter, and more. Greatest generation...
Jimmy Carter's strategist, Pat Caddell about Clinton: “They all ought to be indicted. This is worse than Watergate.” http…
Hillary Clinton is the weakest Democratic candidate since her moral superior Jimmy Carter in 1980. She reminds us of her li…
Amy Carter, Jimmy Carter's daughter, was a super-hippie and hung out with Abby Hoffman, who was like the Lindsey Lohan of the…
Best wishes to Jimmy Carter & Rosalyn as they celebrate 70 years of marriage.h…
Jimmy Carter , decades ahead of his time. via
Reagan won because he ran against Jimmy Carter. If he ran unopposed he would have lost.
The irony for Jimmy Carter: Hillary is the most dishonest & unethical politician in U.S history.
To your point Andy concerning Barack Obama vs. Jimmy Carter! at
Pres. Jimmy Carter defines integrity. it's time to pardon
Barack Hussein Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like an expert hostage negotiator.
🌎4/11/16 Jimmy Carter: “When Clinton was SoS she took very little action to bring about peace”.
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coming from the weakest president only behind Jimmy Carter
And as for Jimmy Carter, I never saw a man age so quickly in that high office period.
impressive! My mom won at our reunion: she's met Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, James Earl Jones, Simon & Garfunkel, and Julian Bond
"We're just ordinary people, we don't know which way to go." -Jimmy Carter at the Camp David Accords
They are called Republicans in Name Only. They're as much Republicans as Jimmy Carter.
This quote is fake cause Jimmy Carter endorsed her a few days ago
Remember anti-Trump people, not many people gave Jimmy Carter much of a chance to be elected -- he was, number 39.
What that fool think he doin hiding behind bottom broken spawn yo? Wack af jimmy!
I've been talked into the Jimmy carter burger. I'm surprised to hear you plan to come back
If Hillary wins, right before inauguration, Jimmy Carter comes out as trans and steal Hillary's thunder.
Jimmy Carter banned immigration and flights from certain Islamic countries, why is Trump considered evil by t…
It's such a good one; when I go back I want to get the Jimmy Carter, though.
Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter celebrate seventy years of marriage:
remember DEM Jimmy Carter limited Muslim immigration and shut it off from Iran in late 70's.
Apparently guns aren't the only thing likes to steal
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John Jimmy Carter was elected as an “outsider” .
I guess you are forgetting that maniac Jimmy Carter. The man was a powder keg.
*** cant tell you a street on the Nawf but Jimmy carter and Phill But wanna be out here so bad ..😂😂
On April 1 1979, President Jimmy Carter signed an executive order that officially established
democrats came back w/Clinton after Jimmy Carter. We need a viable second option in 2 party system.
Auntie was working for jimmy carter. Cmon son.
has been the a true surprise having lived through Jimmy
Both have lived their lives simply and wisely . . .
Three straight walks, and then clears 'em!. 79 RBI on the year for Rizz. lead 9-0, bottom 6!
Your friendly reminder that this country ran Jimmy Carter out of town for asking people to turn their furnaces down.
Gwinnett Co: All lanes temp blocked I-85/nb at Jimmy Carter Blvd to move a crash off to the right. Heavy delays.
The worst in U.S. history surpassing even Jimmy Carter. Enlist -> Join us today.
Rob Gronkowski's response when asked if Jimmy Garoppolo scrambles better than Tom Brady.
. No one ever showed tax returns until Jimmy Carter. It is rigged just like Trump has said.
I'm glad my son Jimmy Carter is an 8/10
when I was born Jimmy Carter still had a few months left in his term.
Is a role model for the Jimmy Carter at in 2013.
Jimmy Carter would have been at Hooters in his heart. [Wonder how many will get that joke without Googling?]
I've always put you more for a Woodrow Wilson or Jimmy Carter type.
6- second place 3.Twenty-three other Presidents tied for third place 4. Jimmy Carter came in fourth, and ...5. Obama was fifth.
Jimmy Carter led the "Never McGovern" movement back in 72. Ted Kennedy challenged Carter in '80 for the Dem nomination. Nothing new here.
Did you know Jimmy Carter had higher 4 yr. percentage job growth rate than Reagan and Clinton?
You know Jimmy Carter took 10 mil from the Saudis & the Clinton Foundation got 17.7 mil in foreign money while she was SecSt
By these metrics, this election should be GHWBush vs. Jimmy Carter. Or, we could consider repealing the 22nd Amend
Nobody got it. The answer was: Jimmy Carter
I love Jimmy Carter. Not a fan of his presidency but he is a decent man.
I want to be the jimmy carter he like did peanuts
isn't the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum in Atlanta also in an urban center as much as Jackson Park is in an urban center?
and who gave the Afghans the arms in that war?. Another failed Democrat Jimmy Carter. Then they used them against u…
Trying to imagine a world in which these Jimmy Carter smile masks didn't read as creepy orthodonture advertisements.
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According to Michael Krukones, about 75 percent of the promises made by presidents from Woodrow Wilson through Jimmy Carter were kept
Jimmy carter was the only Democratic president to have a recession start while in office over 50+ years.
Predatory lending is the love child of Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter took photos of Trump and Putin on a luxury yacht in the South China seas , they were eating Taco Bowls, while laughing.
Jimmy Carter blasts Trump for lack of 'moral and ethical principles' >>
Jimmy Carter blasts for lack of 'moral and ethical principles'
Oh and now Jimmy Carter is speaking who once banned Iranian Muslims from entering America. 😂😂😂.
Brian Williams is talking about Jimmy Carter like we should believe a single thing he says.
Brian Williams now praising Jimmy Carter for fighting "unsexy" diseases abroad.
I love Jimmy Carter. He is linked with Mr. Rogers in my early childhood memories - patient, soft-spoken men in cardigans.
"Our own was a very young man once." -- Brian Williams introducing Matthews to reflect on Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter is the political world's Mr. Rogers.
Jimmy Carter just kicks down the hall
Jimmy Carter and a resurrected Fred Rogers vs. Trump. I need this.
My 3 all time favorite presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Obama, not even the Bushes support Trump, now...
I wonder if he sells Jimmy Carter sweaters with Oval Office logo & complimentary Bill Clinton cigar.
This is NOT the party of FDR,Harry Truman,JFK,Lyndon Johnson,Jimmy Carter,or Even Bill Clinton.They are so FAR LEFT.
Hillary running was huge to them getting rich. Without her, Bill is Jimmy Carter.
What if Jimmy Carter wasn't around to help us get rid of guinea worm, or George Bush to help us with AIDs or Bill Gates for Polio?
Jimmy Carter is right: USA an . oligarchy, not a democracy. . . => cheated. via…
We have so many players on our books, it wouldn't surprise me if we were still paying David Speedie and Jimmy Carter
I'm guilty of this, but there was a real chance Bernie would not endorse. See Ted Kennedy in 1980 with Jimmy Carter.
Well, when I was born, Jimmy Carter was president, so...! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I thought Jimmy Carter was the worst President until this person. Has not done anything but watch his wife travel
The most thankful man in the world for Obama is Jimmy Carter. He thanks God he lived long enough to no longer be the worst president ever.
Your president was a failure at a number of things AND we thought Jimmy Carter wasn't good! I hope you won' vote 4 Hillary ,lies
The urgently needed wisdom of Pres. Jimmy Carter!
then you don't respect any of the people that have been President of the United States not named Jimmy Carter.
the last dem I voted for President, my first vote btw.. was Jimmy Carter. and we know how that worked out.
To say that Jimmy Carter does not understand politics or is not a good...
Jimmy Carter joins Al Gore among democrat super delegates who do not endorse for prez. https:…
Secret to winning Trivial Pursuit 80s edition is to answer "Jimmy Carter" to most questions.
LOL! I actually already know what God wants LOL. Seems you don't however. Sad really. You want Pastor-in-chief? LOL Jimmy Carter!
Comparing House Speaker Newt Gingrich to House Speaker Paul Ryan is like comparing Ronald Reagan to Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter had a double digit lead over Reagan all the way to election day 1980.
Why do you suppose Jimmy Carter nationalized the public schools back in 1979?
Is that even constitutional? He makes Jimmy Carter look like the best potus ever!
Presidents JFK, LBJ and Jimmy Carter did,. all 3 U.S. Navy http…
Kimmel tests Trump supporters' loyalty: ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" asks Donald Trump supporters what it would...
As a young boy on his father's farm, Jimmy Carter would have had chores to do such as caring for the chickens. http…
Compassion or cruelty is first an individual's choice.
Plowing with mules, talking about milk cows, blacksmithing, and peanut boiling all are happening at the Jimmy Carter B…
The Presidency, Justice Dept Congress and FBI are a disgrace to this nation! Jimmy Carter had a better grip!
Look! Someone's using a Jimmy Carter quote to try and make conservatives feel bad. Seriously. Jimmy. http…
Jimmy Carter is a fool, a jerk, and a creep. And those are his good points. Jimmy Carter is a good…
Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter mark 70 year anniversary
Fmr US President Jimmy Carter joined us to discuss his fight to end violence in all forms. Watch our recent show:
Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter prepare to mark 70th anniversary
HRC & Jimmy Carter are both considered liberal by some. T Kennedy gave Carter only mild support as he thought Carter centrist.
What is needed now, more than ever, is leadership that steers us away from fear..."
Coddling savages wasn't in fashion when Jimmy Carter banned Muslims.
Jimmy Carter put a ban on Muslim immigration... Not a word from the left. People are catching on to their ongoing BS-
We are at a turning point in history. We can turn toward peace or invest in violence. Jimmy Carter
In other words, just like Jimmy Carter did.
"Peace and prosperity are more likely when people are respected by their own governments." ~ President Jimmy Carter.
Trivia. Who told Jimmy Carter in a debate: "There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe"? A: Gerald Ford.
Jimmy Carter did one thing right...
Visit the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum and see a replica of the Oval Office!
Jimmy Carter is the only president to serve a full term without nominating a Supreme Court justice. WE COULD ALL THANK GOD FOR THAT
"We cannot be both the world's leading champion of peace and the world's leading supplier of arms." Jimmy Carter
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From time to time we get this WEAKLINGS like Jimmy Carter and Obama
"I'm not discouraged at all...lets renew our call for peace & President Jimmy Carter, hopeful at 91.
You mean like liberal Jimmy Carter did?
How long before Jimmy Carter calls the UK a banana republic? Or has he done so already?
agreed Jimmy Carter did the same thing during Iran Hostage crisis.
Like. I once came up with a good joke about Having to drive 55 During the Jimmy Carter administration.
Jimmy Carter and his aide jump the fence at LaGuardia Airport New York July 23 1976
Peanut Farmer turned President... Watch the incredible life of Jimmy Carter -.
Jimmy Carter, a compassionate, noble man - I salute you!
Leaders refuse to meet with JIMMY CARTER !!!.
Pretty funny when a POTUS that makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington lectures someone.
takes advantage of it. Last one before weakling Obama was weakling Jimmy Carter and IRAN took full advantage of it
“We can choose to alleviate suffering. We can choose to work together for peace. We can make these changes — and we must.”. P…
I think Jimmy Carter is sleeping well these days. B. Hussein Obama is officially the worst US president EVER!
Integrity. Honest labor deserves respect. . Jimmy Carter the only ex-president to file for bankruptcy.
If makes a state that last voted for Jimmy Carter in 1980 close, he has lost big time
Watch enough Rockford Files on Netflix and you can forget about Obama, Clinton(s) and Jimmy Carter. Denial is bliss.
the only ones I forgot were William Harrison, John Tyler, Chester Arthur, Benjamin Harrison and Jimmy Carter
"The measure of a society is found in how they treat their weakest and most helpless citizens." (Jimmy Carter)
Jimmy Carter banned Iranians, Roosevelt rounds up *** the Chinese had a ban from immigrating through Chester Arthur. This isn't new to us
via On this day in 1979 Jimmy Carter put up 32 panels on the White House. Go 100%
Reminder: Jimmy Carter banned all Iranians from entering US | Poor Richard's News
Jimmy Carter auction in Annapolis includes hand-crafted furniture
lol on Sanford and Son: Fred: "Telling Ester there's no God is like telling Jimmy Carter there's no toothpaste"
"I've got a peach farm in Georgia. You were in attendance when I spoke at the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer ceremony in GA." -Jimmy Carter
tell BernOuts Hillary campaigned for George McGovern, Eugene McCarthy & Jimmy Carter while Slanders hid out in VT
Watching the Original Family Feud with Richard Dawson and they just mention Jimmy Carter as President! Oh boy do I feel old!
Jimmy Carter's Strategist on were selling out national interests...".
Someone should explain George McGovern and Jimmy Carter to them.
.Jimmy Carter conducted behind-the-scenes talks with Ayatollah Khomeini while he was still in exile
playing in Hamilton, ON vs. Stoney Creek Nationals. Ceremonial first pitch being thrown by former President Jimmy Carter!
Jimmy Carter of WSMV should be ashamed of that Jake Owen interview just now on live tv!
I've met a handful of presidents, from Jimmy Carter to Bill Clinton to...
Three life lessons from Jimmy Carter's cancer
I didn't think anyone could be as bad as Jimmy Carter. Wrong. Enter Barack Obama to prove me wrong. Obama Disaster & his little wife, too.
Don't wait to prepare for death. Take a lesson from Jimmy Carter. SEE
if Trump is was Jimmy Carter & Bill Clinton:
Jimmy Carter is working to bring racial unity between black and white churches.
I loved the presidents club and Watkins glenn inter Help the Houghtons and Jimmy Carter and forgive Nixon
in 1980, Jimmy Carter at Nationwide Plaza, Ronald Regan at the Statehouse
My entire life I have always stated that Jimmy Carter was the worst US President of my life time, that has...
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