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Jimmy Carr

James Anthony Patrick Jimmy Carr (born 15 September 1972) is an English comedian and humourist from Slough, Berkshire.

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I liked a video Jimmy Carr On Tax Evasion 8 out of 10 cats 22/6/2012
Witness the very best of Jimmy Carr, who returns to the Cresset on Tuesday 15th February. Tickets available from th…
Seeing Jimmy Carr Saturday night for the fathers birthday 😊hope every one is well πŸ’–
We are casting for fun couples to win BIG CASH PRIZES on Jimmy Carr's new game show. Meet us on Saturda…
Jimmy Carr to come to The Auditorium at Echo Arena this December! posted by Down South Liverpool.
Tickets on sale from tomorrow for Jimmy Carr at The Auditorium this December
Producers for fun new COUPLES game show with Jimmy Carr will be at THIS SATURDAY!! Big cash prizes to…
.dates announced for the Auditorium.
Guy in the hat looks like Paul Daniels. The other is an old Jimmy Carr 🀣
Fancy an intimate night with at the Auditorium
Jimmy Carr is touring to the ECHO arena - here's how to get tickets posted by the Liverpool Echo.
I like Jimmy, but you have no way of knowing if he's the next Carr or not.
JUST ANNOUNCED - is coming to in December with his new tour - on sale tomorrow at 10am!…
The inimitable will be bringing the Christmas cheer to our auditorium in December! On sale 10am Fri.…
Please RT! Jimmy Carr needs FUN and CONFIDENT couples for his popular gameshow Your Face or Mine. BIG CASH…
For the first time in a year and a half, Stephen Colbert's "Late Show" tops "Tonight Show" in total viewers
Order Miche Bag Online!
The Carr family from PA. Fletcher, Jimmy, Nate, Joe and all that followed them.
"I think PC people are retarded spastics" jimmy Carr
I love 8 out of 10 cats but Jimmy Carr's laugh is annoying af
Just seen Jimmy Carr live in Folkestone. It's impossible not to come back from one of his gigs in pain from laughing so much!
Dunno how many people tell me I laugh like jimmy Carr. Even he knows I do. He ripped me a new *** in front of the whole EICC
Jimmy Carr's laugh sounds like he's having a mental breakdown.
Wonder what Jimmy Carr's real laugh sounds like
Uber drivers beware. Jimmy Carr in Glasgow for comedy festival. It's rumoured he's known for not paying his taxis
imagine if these people saw jimmy Carr live!! 😱
Also if y'all calling George Lopez racist go listen to a Jimmy Carr or Anthony Jeselnik stand up and tell me which is more offensive.
Jimmy Carr was 100% on my train home tonight. We knew it was him but still no one said a word. Everyone is 2 polite...(1/2)
I still scream about when we all somehow consciously changed our laughs but for months Amelia sounded like a mix of a crow and Jimmy Carr
Kyle Shanahan ranked Carr and Garropolo as the two best QBs in 2014. Jimmy Garropolo isn't no Brock Osweiler.
those are also gold check out Jimmy Carr vs hecklers equally amazing
Laugh it up & enjoy an evening with funny man on 21st March. Grab the last tickets now:…
Website Builder 728x90
If we heard night owls this we get to re visit that Jimmy Carr competition next week?? Conspiracy you didn't win??
I liked a video Best Response Ever to a Heckle!! JImmy Carr Funny Business
Can't help noticing how fascinated Rachel looks when you do your origin of words, Jimmy Carr would be proud πŸ’€πŸ’€
Jimmy Carr for me. Or Alan Carr. Either of the Carr twins.
clearly you've never heard of Anthony Jeselnick or Jimmy Carr. Then again they're both only really well known to their genre.
This should help your taxi driver. Jimmy Carr on accents.
Have you got your tickets to see funny man Jimmy Carr at the Winter Gardens on 17th November?…
Jimmy Carr at Milton Keynes Theatre on 20th @ 8:00pm! -
As if me and Paige spoke to Jimmy Carr
Lip sync battle US has Mike Tyson, the U.K. version has Jimmy Carr.. there's no comparison πŸ˜‚πŸ™„
Jimmy Carr dresses as Lady Gaga for this week's hilarious episode ... β™₯β™₯β™₯
I like observational humour. Russel Howard, Jimmy Carr, etc Dave Gorman cracks me up.
But I like Jimmy Carr and that bloke from the IT crowd. And that Katherine Ryan is strangely attractive πŸ˜‚
My Dad's tuned into Big Fat Quiz of the Year with Jimmy Carr, expecting Anne Robinson's Test the Nation off of 15 years ago.
Jimmy Carr, Romesh Ranganathan, Russell Peters and Tim Vine all had new stuff come out this year. . WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME.
Camden for Adam Ant yesterday, back to Lincoln to see Jimmy Carr today and Dublin tomorrow. Decent 4 days πŸ€
Wayne Rooney, Arsene Wenger, Jimmy Carr and Rick Parfitt were among 675 people who invested Β£79m in 2011 but got ba…
The comedians I have been enjoying are Tom Segura, Bill Burr, Jim Jefferies, Lavell Crawford, Jimmy Carr, Russell Peters, and Chris Porter.
Jimmy Carr has got me and in stitches !! Thank you rachelmaryan 😊😊😊 @ Portsmouth Guildhall
8 out of 10 cats isn't funny without Sean Locke. P.S. Please get rid of Jimmy Carr.
Peter Kay and Jimmy Carr av got to be least funny people on this planet
. Woohoo!. Always a pleasure to catch Jimmy Carr's dad in action πŸ‘
I swear Ezra Koenig looks just like a younger Jimmy Carr
haven't seen that yet I'll check it out. watched the Joe Rogan, Russel Peters, Jimmy Carr ones from this year. not bad.
yeah definitely, maybe have a Jimmy Carr is a _! Corner.πŸ˜‚
Micky Flanagan - back in the game. Stewart Francis - tour de Francis. Henning Wehn - my struggle. Jimmy Carr - telling jokes
Writers on the new Robbie record: Serge Gainsbourg, John Grant, ALL of The Killers, Jimmy Carr and (thankfully) Guy Chambers.
Fun fact: Emma Thompson's one-liner is from the Show with her, Robbie Williams, & Jimmy Carr in 2014!
I think this is first time Jimmy Carr has not done his characteristic posed laugh whilst hosting a programme on laughter. .
iplayer Jimmy Carr and the Science of... crid:23ux1z ... watch something on my own on the iPlayer on the computer, you find yourself ...
Jimmy Carr & the science of laughter was really interesting.
The science of which is fundamentally flawed as they automatically assume that Jimmy Carr is funny! :)
The highlight being Jimmy Carr cross-questioning the lady at her home as to why she wasn't laughing at his jokes.
I'm watching Jimmy Carr and rats being tickled, I'm tired but can't turn it off.
They were just at my Boulder business school on Jimmy Carr and now my old lecturer is on the show 😡 you + Peter are on English tv!!
Alan & Jimmy Carr- they're both effectively owned by channel 4 anyway!
or just watch Jimmy Carr's stand up on Netflix
This BBC 2 shows seems to start from the position that Jimmy Carr is funny. It's seriously flawed.
now on with Jimmy Carr and the Science of Laughter!
Jimmy Carr on science on horizon on bbc2 ?? Gonna be a laugh
If you missed that v interesting doc about laughter presented by Jimmy Carr it's on again now:
23:15 Horizon: Jimmy Carr looks at what laughter is, why we enjoy it and what it has to do with comedy.
My favourite comedians in no particular order: Lee MacK, Rob Beckett, Jack Whitehall, Micky Flanagan, Jimmy Carr and Gervais of course
Been joking that a Channel 4 is likely to be presented by Jimmy Carr but '8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Bake Off' does sound pretty cool.
but as long as it's not Jimmy Carr - anything but Jimmy Carr featured in NBC s Science of Love
Carr continued: "We respect every single team that we play, but at the same time, we know the work we’ve put in and we know how to compete."
Derek Carr: "Everyone on this team is so confident in what we can do. It’s not arrogant. It’s not that we think we’re better than anybody."
I'm trying to imagine either Alan or jimmy Carr or davina shouting time is up. It's not going well
Jimmy Carr on the roast of Rob Lowe is absolutely brilliant
King of controversy - Jimmy Carr's most outrageous jokes
Just heard Jimmy Carr joke about a fire fighters death on 9/11, what a f* bell end!! Pay your taxes you c***
"Hello, I'm Jimmy Carr and welcome to pot brownie week on The Great British Bake Off."
What is Lolz? (Baby don't hurt me no mo') Horizon, 2015-2016: 15. Jimmy Carr and the Science of Laughter: via
Jimmy Carr and the science of laughter
now that is on channel 4 what if we end up with Jimmy Carr as presenter
my humour is similar to Jimmy Carr's. My apologies if I caused offence. x
All this "Pavlova".. Sorry palava, Reckon Jimmy Carr should be the New host on Ch4!
Jimmy Carr absolutely went in on The Roast Of Rob Lowe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Congrats to Jimmy Carr who will captain the Irish amateur team tonight. We are all very proud
Aye sorry Jimmy Carr. Do one you absolute freak.
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I've been watching wayy too much of the big fat quiz, my laugh is starting to sound like Jimmy carr's 😬😬
When Jimmy Carr told Anne Coulter to kill herself in order for her to change her racist self. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
πŸ“Ί gets to the bottom of why we love to laugh πŸ˜‚ Now on πŸ‘‰
He told his jokes better. Jimmy Carr would also hold his own against most politicians. I prefer they actually answer the questions
Really thought that was going to be Jimmy Carr
Try watching on horizon on your own & see if you still laugh at the jokes! https:…
hi I'm jimmy carr and this is Sean Lock, welcome to 8 out of 10 cakes.
absolutely brilliant " you couldn't knock a *** out " πŸ˜‚ have you got Jimmy Carr in your corner
Can Seth MacFarlane and Jeff Ross just roast each other back and forth all day? . With Jimmy Carr in the audience.
I've been described as a sex symbol by a lot of women; and that symbol is a question mark.-Jimmy Carr; Funny Business
Y'all wasn't riding with the Panthers when David Carr and Jimmy Clausen was starting at QB 😭
Jimmy Carr will host a spin off show.
If Kirstie Alsopp, Jimmy or Alan Carr go anywhere near Bake Off I will be furious.
And that's a wrap for Jimmy Carr's Funny Business Tour in HK and SG!
Jimmy Carr on the Rob Lowe roast, absolutely brutal πŸ˜‚ "This is not the roast of Pete's father...that happened in 2001"…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
well done to you, Jimmy Carr, Frankie Boyle and Jim Davidson you for not allowing left wing politics to poison your act
You can still catch Science of Laughter with the wonderful Congrats .
Me: This isn't what I meant by roast dinner. Jimmy Carr: The potatoes are so dry and tasteless they put me out of a job. A…
should be allowed into the UK for a comedy roast by Sean Lock,Jimmy Carr,Reginald D Hunter and Frankie Boyle
Low blow with the Chris Farley joke, Jimmy Carr.
Appalled that earl beat Jimmy Carr, but watching k Trevor drop the Chris Benoit joke was worth it.
Jimmy Carr has the best delivery in comedy.
Jimmy Carr to Ann Coulter:. β€œIt’s not too late to change, Ann. You could kill yourself.”
After my mam got starstruck after I said I saw Jimmy Carr in the Starbucks queue I've got her tickets to go see him for her birthday lol
I would absolutely love to see Jon Richardson or Jimmy Carr live
Whilst we are being controversial with our film choices... Lee Evans, Michael McIntyre, Jimmy Carr and John Bishop are the opposite of funny
Jimmy Carr hosts as Sean Lock and Roisin Conaty go up against Jon Richardson and Nish Kumar. Adam Buxton joins...
Jimmy Carr to appear at Princess Alexandra Auditorium @ Yarm School in December
Hilarious outburst from David Mitchell to Jimmy Carr and Lee MacK:
Ex-SDLP councillor Jimmy Carr hits out at party over support of UUP MLA Ross Hussey
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
We have some fantastic shows coming to Huddersfield Town Hall this Autumn including Elkie Brooks, Jimmy Carr,...
My series tomorrow at 10 on Ch 4 with Jonathan Ross, Jimmy Carr, Vic Reeves, Bill Bailey, Stephen Mangan
Richard Pryor Live in Concert or Eddie Murphy Delirious. In person - anything by Jimmy Carr
Even though Jimmy Carr is shocking with some of his material, he's still fckin hilarious
Jimmy Carr and his wicked funny one liners.
I watch Jimmy Carr. I know circumstances matter but this is a light humour thread. πŸ™ƒ
Jimmy Carr to perform at Bedworth Civic Hall . Best Of tour heading to Midlands
Genuine signed Jimmy Carr photo from Proper Slapstick -
woah nice. Jimmy Carr coming to SG, performing in NUS :D
She's managed to get more heat on the poor lad than Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle combined. That's saying something.
Frankie Boyle & Jimmy Carr joke about unfunny serious topics that offend people easily. I find it hilarious that is why I'm a bad person πŸ˜‚
Well worth the wait to see Jimmy Carr, definitely the best comedian to see live πŸ‘πŸ»
Jimmy Carr is in Llandudno in August and I must go to hear his laugh
I'm watching Jimmy Carr's show on netflix. 25 minutes in and he's already copied Frankie Boyle & Jack Whitehall lmao
Love Jimmy Carr like. Some beauty texts get sent to him on his stand up shows
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Can't be done, my mom likes Alan Carr, could possibly squeeze in Jimmy Carr?
I don't think so. Jimmy Carr seems to be involved. I'm going to netflix now.
Very jealous of watching Jimmy Carr tonight 😩😩😩
Jimmy Carr's laugh is the best thing ever...
Things that are always funny: Jimmy Carr's laugh
my laugh is weirdly similar to Jimmy Carr sometimes
This filter makes me look like Jimmy Carr
it would cost you a fortune to whiten your teeth rob just ask Jimmy Carr
Tickets on sale for Jimmy Carr and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Hong Kong, Fatboy Slim in...
Tess Daly and Vernon Kay hold hands as they put on a united front at friend Jimmy Carr's...
Louise Redknapp sports navy ensemble as she joins husband at Jimmy Carr's house party
Jimmy Carr, Jon Richardson, Sean Lock, Jack Whitehall, Roisin Conaty, Rob Beckett, Rachel Riley and Susie Dent like what a line up
comsider watching some Jimmy Carr or Frankie Boyle. offensive and actually funny comedy :)
he's never heard of Jimmy Carr or Frankie Boyle!
Entertaining speech by Cllr Robert Davis at Westminster Property Association dinner. Jimmy Carr was on afterwards.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
if anyone has Akil on snapchat, look at the last part of his story - he has successfully combined Jimmy Carr and Graham Norton's laugh!
Jimmy Carr last night then that result tonight what a great week for comedy
Worked at Plymouth Pavilions. Saw Jimmy Carr, Brendan Cole, and Billy Connolly all being genuinely nice and generous.
When Jack Whitehall talks about crossing the line and all I can think of is how far past the line Jimmy Carr goes
I'm going to Jimmy Carr - The Best of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits Tour and I'm sitting in FLAT 2, row H seat 61!
Me, in dream last night, Lauren Cooper style: "Am I Jimmy Carr doe? I in't Jimmy Carr. I in't Jimmy Carr doe."
You gotta have Jimmy Carr in studio man he was killing it in Austin
BOOM! Jimmy Carr had his hair the of the Grand Canyon!
I liked a video Jimmy Carr on Hetrosexuals (HILARIOUS)
No motivation to do any work and instead spend my time mixing my face with Jimmy Carr
I like Jimmy Carr but his laugh makes me wish I didn't.
"I saw that show, 50 Things To Do Before You Die. I would have thought the obvious one was *Shout For Help*."Jimmy Carr
So bored, I'm watching stand up comedy on Netflix. . Started with Jimmy Carr, now watching Russell Peters. Fkin legends
Flashback to the 24.4.11 day after my 21st bday. I was watching Jimmy Carr in Cardiff with…
A reminder of comments on 'morally wrong' tax arrangements
Why did I dream I was Jimmy Carr, driving over a flower bed? (Just noticed unintended pun - dreams, eh?)
Comedian Jimmy Carr on Trump: "I love America and I'm excited to see how it ends."…
on the Nerdist podcast you mentioned a panel show on Netflix with Jimmy Carr. I can't find this anywhere!!! Any hint?
can't wait to see Romesh and then the night after I'm seeing Jimmy Carr! Love them both!
He does sweat less than Lee Evans, and pays more tax than Jimmy Carr.
One of those singers looks a bit like Jimmy Carr, and it's very distracting...
nice seeing some British comedians on the tonight show. Russell Howard, Jimmy Carr, Jack Whitehall on Friday πŸ‘πŸ»
one of my tutors looks like he could be related to Jimmy Carr and also is as mean as JC is on telly but he's a *** in real life instead
Carr: Sal DiMasi’s $127G take shows us how well crime pays | Boston Herald
Listening to Jimmy Carr podcasts while revising in the lib is not making me look very sane with the amount I keep laughing to myself
because her laugh is somewhere between Jimmy Carr and a sexy female Sid James
Let me know when Jimmy Carr comes on singing Hey *** the Wind and the Rain.
.brings his World Tour to this week! Don't miss him Friday & Saturday:
Hey Did I just spot Jimmy Carr heading in to play some ping pong?
Last night in line for Kevin Smith, Jimmy Carr very quietly walked by but I just went "Hi, Jimmy" and he spun around and shook my hand.
were watching Jimmy Carr and I love it πŸ˜‚
Anthony Taylor looks like a hairless Jimmy Carr.
I just need to remember I met Jimmy Carr last night and that he destroyed Charles last night.
Jimmy Carr - If you were a soup, what kind of soup would you be - ALL THIS SOUP TALK REMINDED ME OF THIS I'M PISSING
Adele needs to tread same tax path as Starbucks,Google et al. But, won't work. Jimmy Carr tried it. Got hung out.
Jimmy carr had quite a few good ones like that
Wit is alive and kicking in the SA Political arena. Chris Rock and Jimmy Carr not sleeping tonight.
This is not something new. Govts hv known about this for decades. Should focus on corporates rather than Jimmy Carr
It's been over a year since I met Jimmy Carr and I still remember the conversation I had with him basically word for word
Part 2 of Stuart Goldsmith's fascinating interview with Jimmy Carr (Part Two of Two) by ComComPod on
You never want to be the grumpy guy, although I do have quite a grumpy face...
Some girl was so drunk she asked the jimmy js guy to spell "Mcully Culkin" in pickles on her sub.. Only in Morgantown
Well Jimmy Carr was a damned delight. This is the picture he took with Cody's phone. πŸ˜‹ Lo…
Yes, I have this crazy honk of a laugh.
Is it Jimmy Carr, please tell me it's Jimmy Carr.
same! Well, until tomorrow. Came in for the Jimmy Carr gig.
I have died and gone to comedy heaven. Jimmy Carr ripped two new *** in front of a sold out crowd.
VERY excited to see Jimmy Carr tonight! Quick photo before I have to put my phone away ...
Going to see Jimmy Carr. I've waited for this moment for a long while.
"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people" Jimmy Carr
Jimmy Carr's laugh is just as fake as Chelsea supporter
What we thinking here? A top twenty countdown or a panel show? Either way I'm sure Adam Hills or Jimmy Carr are up for hosting.
we are basically Jimmy Carr and Michael Mcintyre
Comedy Central this Jimmy Carr isn't even close to being funny hle, go and showcase him in England or somewhere
Ah, Bisto! Jimmy Carr has cancelled a re-enactment of the First Opium War due to the King of Greece.
"The honourable gentleman is crying like Jimmy Carr when Sean Lock said he wouldn't spit on Miles Jupp during sex"? Tough context
Strong line from Andrew Tyrie about DC being wrong for commenting on Jimmy Carr's taxes. does give him credit for redressing it tbf
No doubt tax-dodgers Gary Barlow, Bono, Bob Geldof and Jimmy Carr are organising a free benefit concert as we speak.
Jimmy Carr presides over the hit comedy panel show where Sean Lock and Katherine Ryan take on Jon Richardson and...
Jimmy Carr, guilty, Gary Barlow OBE, guilty David Cameron and a whole lot more in the Tory party are guilty.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
it's not ISA's, it's the big league stuff like what Cameron called out Jimmy Carr on but not Tory Gary Barlow hmmm
Jimmy Carr responds to the Cameron offshore tax controversy
You still don't get it, what Jimmy Carr,Gary Barlow et al did was Tax Avoidance, investing in a Unit Trust in Panama isn't
So ... Jimmy Carr is morally wrong but it's okay for you and Gary Barlow? Sort your life out, mate.
Cameron did say Jimmy Carr was 'Morally wrong' but wouldn't say anything about Tory Gary Barlow
Tonight's Graham Norton Show with special guests David Cameron,Gary Barlow and Jimmy Carr has been cancelled.
Should be a good turnout for that one…. Take That, Jimmy Carr, Cliff Richard, any Tory MP, any Lab MP south of Leeds etc. etc.
both were moving money off shore into tax havens. Jimmy Carr was crucified for it. Gary Barlow not so much.
I doubt it. Likeability is a factor imo. Look at the press and public treatment of Jimmy Carr compared to Gary Barlow.
yet when the likes of Gary Barlow and Jimmy Carr did the same thing he absolutely slammed them.
Gary Barlow blocked me when i asked him if hed paid his back tax..tbf Jimmy Carr settled up str8 away
he was happy enough to have a go at Jimmy Carr & Gary Barlow when it was politically convenient so you live by the sword is my view
Lots of comments referring to Cameron's condemnation of Jimmy Carr's tax arrangements but not Gary Barlow? Different rules for…
was gonna phone in but you stole my moment with Gary Barlow and Jimmy Carr he's a hippocrit and can't be trusted
will the PM now apologise to Jimmy Carr, Gary Barlow etc about their tax avoidance? I doubt it!!
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I'd like it if on Wednesday Jeremy Corbyn started PMQ's with "I have a question from Jimmy Carr.".
Isn't it time for Jimmy Carr and Gary Barlow to give a press conference about how morally corrupt Dave is?
Why didn't David Cameron refer his decision on Jimmy Carr to Do you think he might refer his da…
Also Tom,our Prime Minister and Chancellor have named and shamed ppl (Jimmy Carr) for such tax avoidance vehicles!
- And what about the treatment of Gary Barlow and Jimmy Carr by the Tories over their tax arrangements? One rule for us...
it's the preaching Cameron has done to others on this, Jimmy Carr yet he wouldn't criticise Tory Gary Barlow
Let's remind ourselves what offshore investor and profiteer, David Cameron, said about Jimmy Carr.
Hypocrite Cam is he slated Jimmy Carr & Gary Barlow for not paying Tax and keeping money offshore no difference!
We're you as quick to defend the likes of Jimmy Carr or Gary Barlow?
Just because PM Cameron is also "morally repugnant" over tax avoidance it doesn't make Jimmy Carr and Gary Barlow any less so.
None but nor had Gary Barlow and Jimmy Carr had they?
The mistake Jimmy Carr made was NOT donating to the Tories, unlike Gary Barlow who got away with it.
The rank hypocrisy of to have commented on Jimmy Carr's tax affairs is sickening. If you have an ounce of…
I believe Jimmy Carr was then honest, admitted it and voluntary paid back tax. Unlike dave.
David Cameron condemned Jimmy Carr for tax avoidance but stayed silent about Tory donor Gary Barlow htt…
I added a video to a playlist Richard Ayoade & Jimmy Carr in their tiny house: Gadget Man S02E06
Jimmy Carr tax arrangements 'morally wrong', says David Cameron > but his are a 'private matter'…
if you batter Jimmy Carr etc for tax avoidance only fair you give an opinion on your old man doing worse surely?
How private were Jimmy Carr's tax issues when cameron publicly used him as a bad example?
Morning Would you fit your tax avoiding Dad in the Jimmy Carr or Gary Barlow category? ht…
Jimmy Carr is the tax dodger was looking for.
'Morally wrong' said Cameron about Jimmy Carr's tax avoidance. 'A private matter' he said about his own family's.
it wasn't private when Jimmy Carr was at it!
so Jimmy Carr's tax matters had nothing to do with dodgy Dave?
Jimmy Carr you missed a trick not saying it's a private matter ffs
Think about it , no one will be sad at the parting of comedians like Frank Skinner and Jimmy Carr
I saw Jimmy Carr in Starbucks in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival
"I have still written semen on my tongue.". "Well at least you've just written it.". -Alan Davies, Jimmy Carr
Rowan Atkinson, Jimmy Carr and Katt Williams are THE best comedians EVER.
Extra tickets for James Bay in Bristol, Lionel Richie in Gloucester, Stereophonics in Cardiff, Dynamo, Jimmy Carr
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
So what I'm saying is that the UK can keep Jimmy Carr. Can we have Paul Merton? That seems fair.
Ah good choice! I love Micky Flanagan, Kevin Bridges and Jimmy Carr
ICYMI - tickets now on sale for Jimmy Carr's visit to The Baths Hall on 6/12/16. Book now:
Jimmy Carr adds second date at Civic Hall
Quick! Jimmy Carr adds a second date in Grays!...
the Turkey in the Jimmy Carr dvd and Noel's Jack the ripper cape and Noel n Russell catching a fly
I could write a LONG list of 'What's he doing on the telly'...Keith Lemon, Jimmy Carr, Sacha BCohen, Rob Brydon, Miranda Hart...
Jimmy Carr live at Emperors Palace this April and that’s no joke
It's my lovely husband's birthday today! So we've got a cheeky day off! And in addition to seeing Sean Lock, we are seeing Jimmy Carr 😊
I read folk denouncing and attacking Gary Barlow or Jimmy Carr based on organized attacks yet actually back millionaire :-(
Adam Hills is an Australian version of Jimmy Carr
The best comedians I have seen live is Seann Walsh, Romesh Ranganathan and Jimmy Carr
that Richard stole Sean Locks joke about Starbucks and Jimmy Carr ???
I wonder what Jimmy Carr does whilst his stuntman does whatever tricks he is meant to do to try to distract Sean and Jon playing Countdown πŸ˜‚
I wonder what the excuse of HMRC will be after C4 revelations in Is Cameron going to be appalled as he was in Jimmy Carr case?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Jimmy Carr was hilarious last night but for comedy value I think this Australian batting performance tops it!
Slightly puzzled by Jason Manford/Jimmy Carr, and Mark Lamarr is surprisingly high on the scale matching ONLY Phill Jupitus?
Also two more Pat Kenny moments: the holiday to Austria with Jimmy Carr and the Toy Show tickets. Different screams but still
Jimmy Carr just suggested on that Mitchell Pearce talk to as he's an expert on this kind of…
John Letts on drive now talking horse racing & banned substances also listen on digital for chances to see Jimmy Carr on 30th
Sean Locke plays 'Carrot in a Box' with Jimmy Carr and Jon Richardson
Jimmy Carr should get an OBE. Gary Barlow has one. Both are Offshore Banking Experts.
Starbucks, Amazon, Jimmy Carr, Gary Barlow and Dave Sedgwick - peas in the same tax avoiding pod
Jimmy Carr show at the state theatre on my birthday next month?! Don't mind if I do! (But seriously, any pals Jimmy Carr fans?)
if Jimmy Carr & Marcus Brigstocke didn't take a fee to help get Telstar made, their lamemtably wooden cameos might just be excusable.
Jimmy Carr, Lee MacK, Russell Howard, Tim Vine, Alan Carr, Dave Spikey βœ”οΈ .. Next its the big man in Blackpool!! πŸ‘πŸ»
Here in Bedford we've got Jimmy Carr, Jim Davidson, Sean Lock & Simon Evans so far next year πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜„
I have seen 4 famous people today in town. Liam cunningham, Jimmy Carr, Ursula halligan and.John waters. Can't win em all !
Watching old eps. Up to the one that made Ann Widdecombe promise never to host again. Because of Jimmy Carr. :D
I love Jimmy Carr. I miss Jon Richardson though. He was hot
Busted, Derren Brown, Kevin Hart, Muse, Jimmy Carr. Someone buy me all the tickets please
I saw Sean Lock last year and my face ached from laughing within half an hour... . I didn't get that with Jimmy Carr... BUT
James Corden and Jimmy Carr will jump back in time for Channel 4's new show ...
We have a lot of good O-lineman. And Carr gets the ball out fast.
Jimmy Carr parred Kanye sooo soo much back in 2010 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I see Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock and Jon Richardson more than I see my mum and dad who I live with. 8 out of 10 cats probs mert.
Jimmy Carr's laugh should come with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones
Somewhere Jimmy Carr is trying to work out how long ago that fling was in Stoke.
Jimmy Carr and Jonathan Ross are seen arriving at the Ace hotel, Shorditch in London, England
Sarah laughs like Jimmy Carr and it never fails to be funny
thanks for sharing Jimmy Carr News, have a great Thursday :)
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