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Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler (Akron, Ohio, 20 February 1921 – France, 18 February 1945) was an American, juvenile, motion-pictures actor, active in the 1930s and early 1940s.

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Gentry treating Moore like he is Jimmy Butler is really pissing me off
Jimmy Butler let me be the first to welcome you and yours to Waiters Island 🏝. Tie game
Jimmy Butler featured in Luke Bryan's new music video "Light It Up"
Watch this: Jimmy Butler plays 'spurned boyfriend' is new Luke Bryan video released today.
startribune​.com >> Watch this: Jimmy Butler plays 'spurned boyfriend' in new Luke Bryan video
I can't even stand to watch them without Jimmy Butler. Lost souls everywhere. Awful.
This just in: Jimmy Butler makes a big difference in how well a team plays
Yes and the Wolves haven't had Jimmy Butler for two games.
Pistons enjoy big win vs Timberwolves The Timberwolves were without Jimmy Butler, but still,…
Congrats guys! Now all winter you can warm up to the thought of ha…
Lauri Markkanen + Zach Lavine + Kris Dunn for Jimmy Butler + Justin Patton. Trade not looking all that bad after all for t…
timberwolves have ZERO defense when Jimmy Butler isn't playing... 40 points in the second quarter ***
PG can't handle the smallest bit of adversity. Jimmy Butler woulda made OKC elite
Jimmy Butler, NBA MVP.because apparently the Wolves are trash without him
Karl If Jimmy Butler is not on the court you have to be a leader of this team and show some em…
Good win for the tonight even though Jimmy Butler didn’t play. Tobias Harris is having a very good early start to his season.
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they’ve just looked so flat. And Jimmy Butler being ill is no excuse.
2-and-1 w/ Jimmy Butler, heart and soul of the team. They'll be fine when he returns.
More overrated, Jimmy butler, melo, or Paul George?
Bruh jimmy butler in the new Luke Bryan video lmao 😂😂😂 *** did I just watch cuh
Might as well have pulled a Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler didn’t play tonight and Wiggins still didn’t revert back to bad Wiggins I am very pleased.
This jimmy butler thing is really working out…
So without Jimmy Butler the last two games:. - Pacers 130, Wolves 107. - Pistons 122, Wolves 101
Timberwolves' Jimmy Butler to miss second game with upper respiratory infection: via
The should be ashamed of their play.
With Jimmy Butler sidelined, Tobias Harris and the Detroit Pistons rout the Minnesota Timberwolves.
it is almost like Jimmy Butler is very very good!
SVG acknowledged that Minnesota was on game two of a back-to-back & Jimmy Butler was out. But his team took advanta…
With Jimmy Butler out of the lineup again, the struggled in Detroit. The
Could be worse. Without Jimmy Butler the Wolves look like a G league team
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Anyway...I think will be covering the next Wolves game during which Jimmy Butler sits
I mean can Jimmy Butler recover from his illness without him are offense is a mess to say the least and are defense is in shambles
Clearly based on the past 2 games, Jimmy Butler should be a HUGE front runner for Most Valuable Player
Been without Jimmy Butler the last 2 nights...
Timberwolves are trash with out jimmy butler
Now you timber fans know who,s the best player on the team . Learn the game. Jimmy bird butler
Timberwolves' Jimmy Butler out for 2nd straight game with illness.
Once the shot gets together he’s gonna be a better jimmy butler to me
The Timberwolves can't use Jimmy Butler being hurt as a crutch. They simply need to play better basketball.
Optismitic counter-point: they are a Jimmy Butler cold away from probably being 4-1
And the fact that Stanley statistically showed up in win, Ellenson showed productivity and usefulne…
And given how well he's done on both ends, I could see him being very much like Jimm…
If the Wolves make the playoffs, Jimmy Butler's winning MVP and DPOY
Second night in a row the Wolves get whooped without Jimmy Butler. That’s truly a lottery team without him.
Why is Jimmy butler in a Luke Bryan music video though? 😂😂😂
Jimmy Butler is in a country music video
So if Jimmy Butler is out everything falls apart?
Timberwolves definitely feeling Jimmy Butler's absence. Lost to Pacers last night without him and are about to lose to the…
God I hope Jimmy Butler is inhaling chicken noodle soup like it's his last *** meal right now.
I agree, do you consider Jimmy Butler a great player? He's the biggest diva out there. Can't watch him
Jimmy Butler making his music video debut in newest video.
White flag from Wolves. Great win for the Pistons. The Wolves need Jimmy Butler badly
Jimmy Butler is out. Didn't think that would be a huge deal but it seems to he.
Yeah Jimmy Butler needs to be ready for Friday night
Detroit matches up really well against timberwolves with no jimmy butler
Jimmy Butler, country music video star
The Timberwolves are in desperate need of Jimmy Butler to return. They need both offensive and defensive help.
just shows how good Jimmy Butler is. Different team without him
I suppose his absence is probably felt more in Butler’s absence — the move to Teague was clearly related to Jimmy a…
This Wolves defense without Jimmy Butler is just abominable
I don’t listen to much country but Listening to this one mainly bc jimmy butler promoted it on his IG
Jimmy Butler illness showing why Jimmy Butler is Timberwolves best player. KAT and Wiggins not ready to carry the load all around yet.
Jimmy Butler misses about 12 games a year. The Wolves are terrible without him. Let's say they go 3-9 without him...
If you're attending Friday's game at Target Ctr & Jimmy Butler is in lineup, it won't be too early to start an "MVP, M…
One of my NBA fuego takes🔥🔥. Devin Booker will make more ASGs than Jimmy Butler.
“All I know is I’m not to blame for this one.”—Jimmy Butler on the Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic fight.
Per Steve Javie, Jimmy Butler broke fastbreak rules multiple times in last game vs PHI. Could a suspension be on the horizon?
The Chicago had a deal done with guard Milos Teodosic before the Jimmy Butler trade. (Via Milos agent)
According to Milos Teodosic's agent, the Bulls had a deal done with his client before the Jimmy Butler trade.
Jimmy Butler and Karl Anthony-Towns pick-and-roll is going to be unstoppable once Butler learns how to attack it!!!
Six of 13 East All-Stars changed teams this summer. Four of them went out West: Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Paul Millsap and Carmelo Anthony.
Day 3 of Wolves Training Camp in San Diego -- hear from Jimmy Butler, Aaron Brooks, Bazz & Thibs:
training camp is underway in CA, catch up with Jimmy Butler, Bazz, Aaron Brooks & Coach Thibs here
CP3 is a Rocket. PG is with the Thunder. . Melo is with the Thunder. . Kyrie is a Celtic. Jimmy Butler is a Wolf. I have run…
CEO Chris Wright, the former president, said on there are plans for Jimmy Butler to do promos for Loons.
So met & rebounded for Jimmy Butler today. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.
BREAKING: Jimmy Butler breaks his neck while eating a donut. Also, the entire Twins lineup found out they have AIDS
Jimmy Butler and Karl Anthony Towns ahead of PG and John Wall? Thoughts?
Homeless at 13. Overlooked in HS. Community college at 18. A decade later, Jimmy Butler is one of the best in the NBA. https:…
so where do you put, Jimmy Butler, Anthony Davis, Giannis, Hayward, etc, etc
look at starter for T-Wolves and overall in 2k18:. Jimmy Butler- 91 . Karl Anthony Towns- 91. Andrew Wiggins- 86. Jeff…
Crowder isn't a Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward. Always acted as if he was ent…
Is someone trynna buy me a Jimmy Butler jersey! My Bulls jersey is outdated
Which duo do you like best? . A: Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard. B: Stephen Curry and Jimmy Butler. C: CP3 and Giannis Antetokounmpo
Jimmy Butler in Minne. Kyrie in Boston. IT & DRose in CLE. CP3 in Houston. PG13 in OKC. Anthony Tolliver in DET. Wow, what a summer
Fascinating to think what Ainge's best offer was for Jimmy Butler or Paul George... Could have had either for far less than…
Star players traded this off-season:. Jimmy Butler . Paul George . Chris Paul. Kyrie Irving . Isaiah Thomas . Greatest off-s…
2017-18 schedule released, including first matchups for Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward, ... - Check it out at…
Bron, Harden, KD, Kawai, Westbrook, Kyrie, CP, Anthony Davis, Giannis, Jimmy Butler? Derozan? Lillard? Idk he may not be.
Kyle the 🐐 Lowry. JR Smith. Jimmy Butler. Anthony Davis. DeAndre Jordan. I don't know if we we winning a chip but we de…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Jimmy Butler has a message for y'all. 💯 . (via
Jimmy Butler keeping it 💯 and looking primed for a huge season (NSFW) . (via jimmybutler; phil.doitall/IG)
Ben Simmons, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Karl Towns are my favorite NBA players.
Cavs really tried to get Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Melo & might end up with just Derrick Rose & Jose Calderon
Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns are pushing for a Kyrie Irving trade. Both are said to be okay w/ giving up Wiggins.…
Jimmy Butler when asked if Kyrie Irving will come to Minnesota:. "I don't know who that is." 😂😂
Bobby put some respect on Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler name
Jimmy Butler is reportedly pushing for a Trade to the Cavs.(Per Chicago Sun Times)
us this team in ur next video . Chris Paul. Klay Thompson. Jimmy Butler . Kevin Durant . Anthony Davis
u should put this in ur next video n use this team 👇👇👇. Chris Paul. Klay Thompson. Jimmy Butler . Kevin…
Getting Nuked by North Korea before we get to see Jimmy Butler play in a wolves uniform would be the ultimate Minnesota spor…
The chances of me making an open three with Jimmy Butler or Brandon Ingram on 2k is as low as me winning the lottery on back to back days.
Kyrie Irving was reportedly upset he was included in trade talks for Paul George and Jimmy Butler. (via ESPN)
Jimmy Butler, Dwight Howard, D'Angelo Russell TRADE! 2017 NBA Draft, Lonzo Ball is gonna get COOKED thanks to...
Fantasy:. Cavs are gonna get Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Butler and Jamal Crawford!!!. Reality: . Cavs get Derrick…
Here's footage of Melo, Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler in a full-court run in Los Angeles. (via cbrickley603 and harrington1…
Jimmy Butler didnt receive any D1 offers. Went to Tyler JC before Marquette. Avg 24 ppg last season for Bulls. Its nev…
Jayson Tatum could've been Jimmy Butler and Jaylen Brown could've been Demarcus Cousins
Jimmy Butler lists his River North mansion for $5 million
The have no second thoughts about trading away Jimmy Butler -
He has the Chicago Bulls. Had Jimmy Butler on it. It was was professional basketball team.
The trade of star Jimmy Butler has changed the Chicago Bulls’ off-season landscape drastically:
Jimmy Butler has put his River North mansion on the market last week after six seasons with the Chicago Bulls.…
Jimmy Butler quietly lists his River North mansion for $5 million after being traded by
Jimmy Butler bids emotional farewell to Chicago:.
Please tell the Bulls to remove Jimmy Butler from their Chicago Bulls App.
As a bitter Chicago Bulls fan (after losing Jimmy Butler), I am thankful to be a Titans fan. At least I have a tea…
Lots of new names on the efficiency leaderboards. Biggest risers: Jimmy Butler & James Harder; Kawhi Leonard surging https:…
Jimmy Butler draws free throws like a physical, rim running center but shoots them like a point guard. Currently 4th in the…
Of the 33 NBA stars using 20+ possessions per game, Jimmy Butler drew fouls at easily the highest rate & ranked 10th in sco…
Update your maps at Navteq
No wing or guard in the NBA drew FTs on a higher percentage of his possessions than Jimmy Butler (19.6%). That includes Jam…
Jimmy Butler has passed James Harden to rank as the top free throw drawing wing in the NBA as a % of total possessions at 1…
Jimmy Butler is shooting 50% in isolation situations this season and creates more points per game in the pick & roll than a…
3 weeks after the Jimmy Butler trade, now I kinda like what the Bulls got in return.
on Feb 23rd podcast 38 min mark "I'd love to see Jimmy Butler on the Twolves, that would be an interesting team"
【NBA BIG Trades and Transactions】. Jimmy Butler to Timberwolves. Chris Paul to Rockets. Paul George to Thunder. Gor…
Week two of being Jimmy Butler's doppelganger: people still call me Jimmy and I will milk it for free alcoholic drinks. My time has come.
I'm starting to think that many MIN fans just have no clue how good Jimmy Butler is.
Yes bro Haven't lost with them yet since they picked up Jeff Teague and Jimmy Butler
All these guys compared to Kawhi Leonard/Jimmy Butler wihout a jumpshot and it makes a difference
I'd like to correct myself and say MINNESOTA has Jimmy Butler
Tell me what the teams got for Kevin Love, Boogie Cousins, and Jimmy butler in trades
I'm a Bulls fan and we traded Jimmy Butler for peanuts im not happy!
Jimmy Butler had big dreams for the Bulls’ roster before the trade
Used to be a Bulls fan because of Derrick Rose, then Jimmy Butler but now they're both gone so I could care less
Jimmy Butler’s plan if he stayed with the was going after Kyle Lowry, and then going on the hunt for another su…
I mean, we sacrificed Jimmy freaking Butler for him. Smdh 😐
Fred Hoiberg said he has texted/talked to Dwyane Wade since the Jimmy Butler trade and buyout didn't come up.
Houston don't claim Tomball unless they talking about Jimmy Butler tbh
Wolves put on a two-pronged press for Crawford, per sources, with Jimmy Butler & Tom Thibodeau both recruiting the vetera…
Minnesota having one *** of an offseason. Jamal Crawford, Jimmy Butler and Jeff Teague added to a squad that already has…
Chicago Bulls fans have raised money for a FireGarPax billboard, in response to Jimmy Butler being traded. It will be…
The Chicago Bulls are stupid for trading away a player of Jimmy Butler's caliber. Those kinda guys are hard to come by
Jimmy Butler had big dreams for the Bulls' roster before the trade - Chicago Sun-Times
Jimmy Butler, Bulls forward, says he wants to stay in Chicago. free agency Win in Chicago? H…
Tom Thibodeau enjoying having Jimmy Butler as a recruiter: (
Congrats . I think Paul George and Jimmy Butler doomed the Jazz. Don't think Brad Stevens played a big a role as everyone thinks
The Celtics waited on Gordon Hayward to make the Paul George trade. They passed on a Jimmy Butler clearance sale. Danny Ai…
Lmao and I forgot to even mention Jimmy Butler. Prolly the best player currently in the league from Houston.
When it hits you mid January that Jayson Tatum isn't Jimmy Butler, Paul George or Gordon Hayward
Millsap, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Teague head to the West...Melo to Houston next?? I guess the East is now the D-League
Taj Gibson is back with Thibs and Jimmy Butler. Happy for Gibson. He deserves nothing but the best.
signed Jeff Teague, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson. They may be on to sumn 👀
crazy man Jimmy Butler to Minnesota Taj Gibson left okc signs with wolves, CP3 to Houston,PG13 to OKC, Reddick to Phili
Brian Windhorst said LeBron James did reach out to Paul George and Jimmy Butler about the concept of playing for the Cavs past few weeks.
NBA Free Agency Video: Paul George, Jimmy Butler going to West helped convince Raptors to keep core together - Bria…
Jimmy Butler has been reportedly recruiting Kyle Lowry to Minnesota.
PG to the Thunder, CP3 to Houston and Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves man I already can't for NBA season to start!!
Paul Millsap has a meeting with the Timberwolves today. (Via ESPN). • Teague. • Wiggins. • Jimmy Butler. • Millsap. • Karl-A…
Paul Millsap reportedly has interest in joining the Timberwolves ... scary 5 . PG Jeff Teague. SG Jimmy Butler. SF Wiggins…
So Chris Paul, Paul George and Jimmy Butler were traded and the best player anyone received in exchange was... Victor Ol…
JJ Redick now makes more than DeAndre Jordan, Marc Gasol, Kyrie Irving, Kawai Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson and Paul George.
Paul George to OKC... Chris Paul to Houston... Jimmy Butler to Minnesota... Dwight Howard to Charlotte...Free agency ain't started yet!
Paul George to Oklahoma. Chris Paul to Houston. Jimmy Butler to Minnesota. I can't bare no more
Only one of the "Three Alphas" remain after Bulls waive Rajon Rondo, trade Jimmy Butler
CP3 to Houston. Jimmy Butler to Minnesota. Paul George to Oklahoma City. Knicks fans just sat here like...
PG to OKC, Teague to T'Wolves, CP3 to Houston, Blake re-signing with Clips, Jimmy Butler to T'Wolves. LBJ cakewalking to Finals. AGAIN
With Chris Paul heading to Houston and Jimmy Butler in Minny, who is the biggest threat in the West right now?
In just 2 weeks Jimmy Butler to T-Wolves, CP3 to Houston, Phil finally got the boot, PG to OKC
Okc just got Paul George, Chris Paul goes to Houston, Jimmy Butler goes to Minnesota. NBA is getting wild 😱😴💀
Thunder got Paul George, Minnesota got Jimmy Butler and Houston got CP3.Dell Demps offered Jrue Holiday 170 mill
Since Paul George & Jimmy Butler out of the East now I guess Michael Kidd Gilchrist & Tobias Harris can take their All Star spots
Lebron when he realized the Cavs missed out on Jimmy Butler and Paul George.
When you couldn't get Jimmy Butler or Paul George cuz nobody wants Kevin love
Jimmy Butler and PG moved to the western conference. The Eastern conference really looking like Junior Varsity now. 😂
Jimmy Butler and Paul George headed to the West
Bruh!!! Jimmy Butler straight up just hung up on me!!! I feel noticed! 😂😂😂😂
Jimmy Butler, picking up phone: Hello?. Caller: You suck!. Jimmy, realizing this was a bad idea: Hold on... J…
I think Jimmy Butler gave me a fake number...
😲😂😂 Jimmy Butler responding to calls and says he is "Taking all calls" (via
Scottie Pippen on Jimmy Butler. Watch what he had to say. Wow.
Jimmy Butler gives out phone number for every critic to directly call him if they have anything to say 😂💀
I cant tell if Jimmy Butler is the type of guy to be against drugs or for them, like hair cut says yes but his respectful demeanor says no.
After announces his ph man with similar digits gets barraged; 'Hello, this isn't Jimmy Butler' ...
Jimmy Butler wasn't playing! He's seriously taking calls from people... 😂
Imagine if you gave some guy Jimmy Butler's number and he picked up , he would think you were an angel sent from God 😂😂
Timberwolves' Jimmy Butler gives out his phone number at intro press conference and encourages critics to call him directl…
Jimmy Butler is reportedly recruiting Kyle Lowry to the Timberwolves.
Jimmy Butler gives out his phone number to the public, facetimes with randoms. Dude is making all the fans right now.
NBA - Jimmy Butler really gave out his phone number at the press conference 😂.
I liked a video Jimmy Butler FaceTimes with a Fan after Giving Out Number at Press Conference | 2017
I wonder if Jimmy butler changed his number yet.📱☎️📞
Jimmy Butler out here answering some FaceTime calls 😂💯
Jimmy Butler: "Everybody's entitled to their opinion. My phone's in my back pocket, whoever has anything to say to me…
Live look at Jimmy Butler after he gave his phone number away. 😂.
Jimmy butler changed his number lmfaooo
Jimmy Butler dumb for giving out his number
'Jimmy Butler was having a fun night when he was traded to the T… see more
Jimmy Butler on recruiting players to Minnesota 👀 (via Blake Griffin?
Jimmy Butler gives out phone number at Minnesota Timberwolves introduction.
Jimmy Butler's phone thing has me explaining to my kid how Harry Caray and Bill Veeck had listed phone numbers, which he didn't get. ...
Yeah that number Jimmy Butler gave out? Is actually mine. I hate everything.
I don't have a beef with Jimmy Butler, but I have beef - lots of it!. ~Mark Mangino
Jimmy Butler learned he got traded while playing spades with Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony https:…
San Antonio or the timberwolves would have been a great fit. Paul, Jimmy Butler, Wiggins, Anthony Towns,…
The league was tryna force Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Dwayne Wade, and Carmelo Anthony all to the Cavs. In one week! *** is next! 😂😭😭
NBA Rumors: Wolves target Derrick Rose after picking up Jimmy Butler.
Buy or Sell? The Timberwolves and the impressive acquisition of Jimmy Butler
If I could just meet Jimmy Butler how met Zac Efron, I'd die. Seriously the cutest thing ever and I love Jimmy so 😩😭
Next season, Jimmy Butler will make less money ($17.5M) than Joakim Noah, Greg Monroe, Wesley Matthews, Allen Crabbe and R…
Butler on the Bulls trade: "I just don’t like the way some things were handled, but it’s okay" (via
On this day in history (2011) The Pacers selected Kawhi Leonard w/ the 15th pick then traded him for George Hill. . * Jimmy…
Jimmy Butler after trade from Bulls: 'I just don't like the way some things were handled'. https:…
Timberwolves added the most NBA ready player to their roster: Jimmy Butler. Winners and losers of the NBA draft ➡️ http…
Jimmy Butler left a heartfelt message for Chicago. 😢
06-24 WATCH: Kids of NBA All-Stars have their own Slam Dunk Contest
I liked a video Why the Jimmy Butler Trade Was SMART For The Bulls
CHI considered a No. 4 + Eric Bledsoe swap w/ the Suns before settling on trading Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves. https:…
Zach Lowe: What was behind the Butler trade, and what each team does now
dwayne wade when he found out jimmy butler was traded after he opted in to stay with the Bulls
now just wondering if his knees and legs be ok this new season considering how tough and time is stressed by Butler
Jimmy Butler "didn't like" how the Bulls handled the trade. "Being the face isn't as good as I thought."
"You always pushed me to never give anything less than my absolute best night in, night out." -- JB to CHI. MORE:
Chicago deserves better 😭 so does Jimmy Butler at least he's with a better front office and team etc
Jimmy Butler gives the Timberwolves a ready-made leader
Man preaching on a whole host of things here (was a delight. I enjoyed this
Karl-Anthony Towns beats out Isaiah Thomas to take Skills Challenge title
Jimmy Butler and Tom Thibodeau know how to work together.
Zach Lavine probably still hasn't landed after soaring through the air to win
Jimmy Butler vents about The Trade, Fred Hoiberg and the T-Wolves' future.
Not sure how much that matters for a team kick-starting a rebuild. Also, the Bulls are ab…
The Nuggets were unwilling to trade Jamal Murray in Jimmy Butler trade talks.
Jimmy Butler doesn't want to be labeled as anything but a player. More:
Never forget. Jimmy Butler not agreeing with Fred Hoiberg.
Goodbye, Jimmy Butler: Tribune photographer looks through the lens at the departing Bulls star
Now with Jimmy Butler, T-wolves think they can upgrade PG in free agency. Targeting Kyle Lowry first, then Jrue Holiday…
NBA slam dunk contest scores big on TV, social media
Jimmy Butler's Instagram post is gonna make you cry.
I liked a video Will Bulls Star Jimmy Butler Move to the Lakers or Celtics?
Tom Thibodeau: Hope you enjoyed your downtime the last two years. Jimmy Butler: Coach, I was 3rd in MPG since you.. TT:…
D-Wade when the Bulls traded Jimmy Butler *** not again"
Jimmy Butler, Artemi Panarin and Niklas Hjalmarrson were all traded before Jose Quintana.
From yesterday: Jimmy Butler could make the Timberwolves very, very special.
Jimmy Butler pens letter to Chicago after being traded: "I love you."
Thank you for everything Niklas Hjalmarsson. I was recovering from the Jimmy Butler trade and now I'm back to being sa…
The GMs of Chicago are just dumb I guess. Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves and Niklas Hjalmarsson to the Coyotes...
If the Bulls trade Jimmy Butler, they are expected to target De'Aaron Fox or Josh Jackson. (
As noted by the Demarcus Cousins and Jimmy Butler trades reflect some unintended consequences.…
So LaVine and Dunn are as good as Jimmy Butler? On what planet?
The Chicago Bulls really traded Jimmy Butler for 4 cases of green apple Jolly Ranchers, 2 boxes of Jack Links beef jerky &…
First Hossa is out for the season, then TVR is taken, then the Bulls trade Jimmy Butler, now Hjammer is traded..bad week for Chicago sports😔
The Bulls waited an entire year to make the same bad Jimmy Butler trade.
Bulls fans after the team traded Jimmy Butler and the 16th pick only to get an injured Zach Lavine and draft Lauri Markkanen…
So i watched Demarcus Cousins and Jimmy Butler get traded for Chips and Soda and we by far got the most Assets. I STILL trust Danny but ***
June 22, 2016: Bulls trade Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks. June 22, 2017: Bulls trade Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota…
I feel like my Magic could've had Jimmy Butler for Evan Fournier, Aaron Gordon & Elfrid Payton. Betcha they didn't even make an offer
Jordan Bell may be better than anyone bulls got for Jimmy Butler...
Jimmy Butler in Minnesota. Paul George wanting L.A. The Western Conference continues to get deeper.
When every team is trying to get Paul George or Jimmy Butler. But the Thunder are only trying to trade for a 2nd round pic…
Tom Thibodeau explains how excited he is to get Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves and explains why... - via App
The Bulls did not get enough for Jimmy Butler, who is better than Paul George - mentally/physically tougher, far more…
A year later... the other half of the Duo, Jimmy Butler is traded. A duo that seemed to have so much potential. We'll m…
Chicago let go of: D-Rose, Taj Gibson, Noah, McDermott, Jimmy Butler, Pau, Tom Thibodeau. All in 2yrs. That organization is basura.
Jimmy Butler back with Tom Thibodeau is going to be a scary thing
Tom Thibodeau is gone. Jimmy Butler is gone. Joakim Noah is gone. Derrick Rose is gone. How quick things have changed.
My analysis of Jimmy Butler trade & how it transforms Minnesota into the most interesting team in the West - again
Tom Thibodeau says Jimmy Butler is very excited to come to Minnesota.
So Boston basically passed on the chance to have Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward, AND probably the number 1 pick next year? For what?
So.. i have a Jimmy Butler jersey, and a Kyle Schwarber.. where does this leave me in terms of relevancy
"Jimmy Butler's trainer rips Bulls GM and calls him 'a liar'" {by Chris Chavez} via
Chicago logic: . Trade everything for Mitch Trubisky. Trade Jimmy Butler for nothing.
Give me a big three of Jimmy Butler, Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns. . Guessing LaVine is gone, pick as well. De…
No one is more happy about the Jimmy Butler trade than Kyle Schwarber.
Bulls agree to send Jimmy Butler to Wolves; Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn to Chicago - ESPN
The desk reacts to proposed trade between the and involving Jimmy Butler, Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn and…
Holy crap, Jimmy Butler got traded to the T-wolves for Kris Dunn and Zach Lavine.
Jimmy Butler goes to the T-Wolves. Zach Lavine, the 7th overall pick, and Kris Dunn go to Chicago.
Jimmy Butler and Thibs are being reunited thanks to a questionable deal by the Bulls (by
The should have traded Jimmy Butler to the for Kris Dunn. Wiggins might've been available too! Instead…
Jimmy Butler of Chicago Bulls traded to Minnesota Timberwolves for Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn
Breaking: T-Wolves agree in principle to acquire Jimmy Butler, No.16 from Bulls for No. 7, Zach Lavine, & Kris Dunn. (via…
The Bulls almost traded Jimmy Butler for Kris Dunn last year, watched Dunn do nothing as a rookie, and now they're doing the…
Again, the only reason Ainge doesn't want PG or Jimmy Butler is because he must be absolutely certain they are getting Gordon Hayward in FA.
Gordon Hayward is a really good player. But not close to Jimmy Butler. And will cost at least $11M more each of the next two seasons.
Now I don't like the trade for Jimmy Butler...I LOVE the trade. Huge Justin Patton fan! Great job Thibs & Scott!
Jimmy Butler to the now have a core of Towns, Butler & Wiggins.
1) In Danny we trust; 2) PG13> Jimmy Butler, if we can get him. I would rather see Gordon Hayward or PG13 than Jimmy...
Jimmy Butler was laying in bed and relaxing when he heard he was traded. He was shocked by the deal. (via
So the Chicago management has chosen Fred Hoiberg over Derrick Rose, Tom Thibodeau, and Jimmy Butler.
Take a shower, Jimmy Butler and Paul George get traded. We spend two weeks speculating something will happen. settle for Sam Frost for 23
Jimmy Butler thank you for everything. I'm a huge huge fan of yours and you will be missed. You deserve better. Good l…
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