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Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler (Akron, Ohio, 20 February 1921 – France, 18 February 1945) was an American, juvenile, motion-pictures actor, active in the 1930s and early 1940s.

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are in a perfect spot Jackson is a perfect fit in this lineup and he'll be the best player a Jimmy Butler in…
I'm calling it. Celtics trade 1st pick for Jimmy Butler then they sign Gordan Hayward. That is one sick team!
Jimmy Butler was homeless at 13. Michelle adopted him and gave him a home/love. He is now a NBA All-Star on the Bulls.…
trade the whole squad for PG and Jimmy Butler fam
ok now trade the pick for Jimmy Butler. it's the only way to get a chance to beat King James.
Celtics, call the Bulls. Use that pick and land Jimmy Butler.
Lonzo Ball to LA. Celtics not picking a guard they trading for Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler and Gordan Hayward to the C's this offseason tbh
Right. Now LeBron is the roadblock for the Paul George's, the Demar DeRozan's, Jimmy Butler's of this era of basketball
Pelicans linked to Jimmy Butler trade rumor and Dante Cunningham to decline player option - The Bird Writes
thats what Jimmy Butler said when he saw AB man marking him 😉
Jimmy Butler doesn't trust GM Gar Forman. Jimmy will have a sit down with VP John Paxson in the coming weeks, source s…
Wall has a case of the Jimmy Butler elbows
Jimmy Butler on Dwyane Wade's 23.8M Player option for next YR: "It's his decision. When he's ready to talk, he'll let me…
Jimmy Butler thinks Marcus is more of a Wheaties guy.
Jimmy Butler is shooting 34.9 percent when Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas are on the floor int his series. NEVER gonna w…
Marcus Smart responding to Jimmy Butler questioning his toughness 😂
Jimmy Butler says "Marcus Smart ain't about that life." Meanwhile this dude was so scared of getting the hands from
Jimmy Butler vs. Marcus Smart fistfight scheduled for halftime of Game 5
Jimmy Butler just went all the way in on Marcus Smart
Jimmy Butler ethers Marcus Smart: "He's a great actor. Acting tough ... he's not about that life."
Jimmy Butler: "Marcus Smart is a fake tough guy, he shouldn't be getting in my face". Also Jimmy Butler:
Jimmy Butler on Marcus Smart:. "Acting tough, it's what he does...He's not about that life." Butler lived homeless on th…
Marcus Smart (on Jimmy Butler downplaying his toughness
Marcus Smart is statistically the best 3-pt shooter in the league since Jimmy Butler called him out wow
"Marcus Smart is a great actor, he ain't about that life". - Jimmy Butler. & here's Butler avoiding 37 year old Paul Pier…
thanks, that would make sense. AD & Jimmy Butler are the 2 in question for us.
The Celtics have fallen into a two-game hole thanks in large part to the high-level play of Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler and Dway…
Watch Marcus Smart, Jimmy Butler get in dustup in Game 4 - CSN Boston Celtics h
With that quote from Jimmy Butler, Marcus Smart has tied Jae Crowder for 1st all-time in being called a "fake tough guy"
Avery Bradley on Jimmy Butler's free throw totals: "I don't want to get fined."
"The Bulls were on their way to sweeping the seed behind Jimmy Butler. Then..everything changed when The Gerald Green attacked."
Marcus Smart w/ the monster block on Jimmy Butler: "Get that s*** outta here" and IT w/ the bucket on the other end! ht…
this *** Jimmy Butler love jean shorts bruh
Gerald Green is battling Jimmy Butler to be the leading scorer in this game. What world are we living in?
Gerald Green outplaying Jimmy Butler? Couldn't be my franchise cornerstone..
unsurprisingly Gerald Green does not get the same calls Jimmy Butler does.
Thank baby Jesus for Gerald Green. He's the reason that Jimmy Butler run doesn't have Chicago up at half
We're seeing so many superstars in 1 day:. Russell Westbrook . James Harden. Gerald Green. Jimmy Butler. LeBron. Kyrie Irving. Chris Paul. Crazy
Man, the Bulls really blew it when they didn't trade Jimmy Butler for Gerald Green.
Jimmy Butler has the worst hair in the NBA other than Gerald Green and Kelly Olynyk. . :(
Gerald Green, 31, the oldest player on the team drags away younglings Smart and Rozier from an altercation with Jimmy Butler and Canaan.
I didn't think we'd have a Jimmy Butler vs Gerald Green showdown, but here we are. Knocks down another shot.
TRADE ALERT: Celtics receive Jimmy Butler in exchange for Marcus Smart, Amir Johnson, and Gerald Green.
Would like to see PG on the Spurs and Jimmy Butler on the Bulls. Low key the only way I see the Cavs or Warriors being challenged for years
Spurs should trade everything they can for Paul George or Jimmy butler then just build around that. LA not the answer
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OK so they get PG and then there out of the running 4 Jimmy Butler there we go I'm just…
You can argue that Jimmy butler is doing similar work, but if you want semantics of 25 points, id argue young grant hill.
I love CJ and dame but if you could move one if them for let's say a Paul George or jimm…
I think I may love Jimmy Butler, I don't even really know who he is but I like his gifs, 2017 love
: - Butler remains confident he can Bulls past Celtics
Guards dominate the NBA. They are terrible defensive guards both of them so the D gets cooked. Need to…
Jimmy Butler remains confident he can propel Bulls past Celtics - ESPN
Steph Curry wanna Jimmy Butler tonight so bad
Gotta put demar up there with khawi and jimmy butler.
With Rondo out, should Jimmy Butler be the starting Point Guard?
Good news: Jimmy Butler can't possibly be worse than he was in Game 3
CHICAGO – One day after shutting down Jimmy Butler and the Chicago Bulls, Avery ...
(1) DRose played more games the last 2 years th…
reminds me of when Jimmy Butler did the same with Paul Pierce LOL
Jimmy Butler puts in the first points on
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Paul George is overrated and Jimmy Butler is better than Kawhi Leonard. He's diet Kawhi
IT'S NOT A COUNTRY SONG IT'S PIANO POP and also why the Bulls cannot blow it up I love Jimmy Butler karaoke so much
That makes absolutely no sense. Derrick Rose pla…
Jimmy Butler singing bad country songs is still my everything
you saying KD has the same reaction to playoff bron as he does to jimmy butler singing a thousand miles?
Thankful my boy trusted me with his Jimmy Butler jersey tonight 😛
How did Avery Bradley shut down Jimmy Butler in Game 3? With pure desperation, as he explains here:
Bulls should give more point guard duties to Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade rather than lean on Michael Carter-Williams…
I think we need to file a missing person report for Jimmy Butler
Melo to Boston is never okay and neither is Gordon Hayward, Jimmy Butler or Paul George definitely the best & ONLY…
Jimmy Butler could play PG and still be better than Jerian Grant, Cameron Payne, Michael Carter-Williams, Isaiah Canaan at the position...
Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade each scored 22 during Game 2, but it's Rajon Rondo whom the Celtics are zeroing in on:
Portland trailblazers could have been gods.They passed up on Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler,and Gilbert Arenas.
I have issue with Jimmy Butler saying coach Fred Hoiberg has "gotten better" as a coach. Who is in charge? Up 2-0 or not, that's disrespect.
Danny Ainge drafted Kelly Olynyk over Giannis. Smart over Gary Harris. Fab Melo over Draymond Green. Marshon Brooks over Jimmy Butler.
Jimmy Butler on simple offensive philosophy: "When I'm open I normally shoot the ball. Sometimes, when I'm not open, I al…
Jimmy Butler slams Isaiah Thomas' layup to the court floor to the dismay of the Boston crowd that... - via App
Len Kasper makes sure to point out how Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade did in the Bulls win. guys gotta stick together.
Jimmy Butler is by far the best player in this series
They have a top 20 player and all star in Kawhi Leonard. Just like the Pacers have Paul George and Bulls have Jimmy Butler.
Boston really should've stepped up and traded for Paul George or Jimmy Butler
"RoLo is super important. He does his job, doesn't ask anything, does anything you want him to.". - Jimmy Butler on Robin Lopez
Bulls take Game 1 in Boston behind Jimmy Butler, Robin Lopez and more
Celtics not trading for Jimmy Butler is going to haunt them the next few years
I think Jimmy Butler deserves a lot of credit for dragging that dead body that is the Bulls roster to the playoffs
Celtics fans everywhere wishing they pulled the trigger and traded for Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler is 11th player to score 30 points in any Game 1 win vs. in Boston. 9 of fi…
Check out Jimmy Butler's 30 (23 in second half) dropped on Celtics (VIDEO)There were a few reasons for this. Rebounding, for one — the Bull…
Jimmy butler bro is a monster man gunna be a touch series bulls issues are inconsistency so I wouldn't worry 2 much
Boston Celtics should have traded for Jimmy Butler at deadline. Now they're going to pay the price. Another epic playo…
Jimmy Butler scores 30 Points to help the Chicago Bulls upset the Boston Celtics 106-102 in Game 1 of their NBA Playoff Series.
Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler has been shooting 65.4% from 3 making 1.7 3s a game since March 26. That's not just good, t…
Al Horford, Jimmy Butler & others discuss the courage shown by Isaiah Thomas as he battled in the wake of tragedy:
On Sunday, James Harden, John Wall and Jimmy Butler show playoff value of Best Player on the Floor (by https…
vs Sometimes Im convinced Jimmy Butler is only part human. That guy can ball.
They continue to sleep on Jimmy Butler. He is one of the best two way players in the NBA. Put some respect on his name…
and shoutout to for using a pic of Jimmy Butler's fashion that usually makes no sense either.
Jimmy butler needs to go to the celtics and get as far away from Chicago as possible
Jimmy Butler joined an exclusive list with his 30 points in the Bulls’ Game 1 win over the Celtics:
Wow! Forgot about that. Every reason the media used to give Russ the MVP should be used to give Jimmy Butler the MV…
Jimmy Butler leads the Bulls to a Game 1 upset over the top-seeded Celtics
The TNT Bulls just might be the greatest force in NBA history
That’ll do it!. Jimmy Butler drops 30 points and helps the Bulls hand the top-seeded Celtics a loss in Game 1
Anyone else think jimmy butler a whole savage for pulling off the W yesterday against the celtics
And Jimmy Butler is an incredible top-15 player
Jimmy Butler was -3 and his team still won on the strength of him going bonkers in the 4th. It's basketball, not a spre…
Butler came up clutch for the . Jimmy Buckets poured in a team-high 30 PTS, with 23 of them coming in the 2nd…
Jimmy Butler puts up 23 of his 30 in 2nd half (15 in 4th) to help steal home-court advantage.
Last pick in 1st round of 2011 draft: Jimmy Butler. Last pick in 2nd round of 2011 draft: Isaiah Thomas
My mom just said Jimmy Butler looks like Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and I can't stop the tears 😭
Jimmy Butler's second half asserted himself as the best player in this series
"He's got to stop smacking my hand like that or we're going to go toe-to-toe.". - Jimmy Butler on Bobby Portis hard hi…
Jimmy Butler's 23 second half points help take Game 1 on the road!
Shame we never got a healthy Derrick Rose with Jimmy Butler.
Bulls rumors: details on potential Jimmy Butler trade, Dwyane Wade’s free-agency
Get my *** Westbrook Paul George or Jimmy Butler & a few shooters they a be deadly
They're different this year. Rondo= NBA Champ, DWade= 3x NBA Champ, and you got Jimmy Butler, Miroti…
Or passing on legit stars like Paul George & Jimmy Butler to see how th…
tell me again why this Celtics team doesn't need Paul George or Jimmy Butler or even Serge Ibaka
Crazy to think that Jimmy Butler and Paul George were both in trade talks for Boston at the beginning of the year   10% Off
If Paul George shot that same amount of free throws per game as Jimmy Butler he would average 3.5 more ppg js
It almost seems like the Celtics would beat the 8 seed if they had Jimmy Butler or Paul George rather than Crowder/Brown/Fultz
Jimmy Butler walked into the 4th quarter like
Jimmy Butler:15 points in the 4th quarter; this is the most he's ever scored in a single quarter in the playoffs
Now's a good time to revisit my piece on Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade, and the new/old Chicago Bulls.
Jimmy Butler is the king of the fourth not Isaiah
re:Jimmy Butler, in the words of the immortal Bob Lobel, "why don't we get players like that?"
Celtics could have traded for Jimmy Butler if only they had decided to give up Terry Rozi--internet404error
Jimmy Butler & Dwyane Wade warm up for the opener in Boston (6:30pm/et
Jaylen Brown used to work out with Jimmy Butler. Now, he ‘can’t wait to compete against him’ https:…
BOSTON -- The Boston Celtics know enough about Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade and Raj...
Bulls feel they can knock off top-seeded Celtics with huge contributions from Jimmy Butler, D-Wade and Rajon Rondo - Nick Friedell (ESPN) …
Jimmy Butler had a big game for the Bulls with 25 points, Paul Zipser came off the bench and puts up 21 points,...
Jimmy Butler: "It feels good to make the playoffs. We're still very hungry. It's time for us to lock in & see how far we…
When Jimmy Butler eliminates the Boston Celtics after they could've traded for him >>>
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.på Live from the locker room with Jimmy Butler:
interesting you'd thought the Bulls would make it. Jimmy Butler?
Jimmy butler better tear it up for da cultah
Jimmy Butler shot 37% from 3 on 3.3 attempts per game. That's not bad. If he could maintain that on 5 attempts that'd be good.
Jimmy Butler & Dwyane Wade in a playoff setting could be scary matchup for Celtics especially if Mirotic heats up
What's next for Paul George and Jimmy Butler?. Each team's key decision heading into the offseason
LOL. Lucian looks like jimmy butler ***
I think jimmy butler can manage, he's pretty good defensively and he gets buckets
It's gonna be tough lol, Jimmy Butler & Dwade gonna have to ball out every game
The Bulls best chance at beating the Celtics is Jimmy Butler somehow having the ball 100 percent of the time
Jimmy Butler addressing the crowd before the game. "As we stand here, Game 82, we all know what's at stake. We need y'…
That foul on Marcus Smart for not touching Jimmy Butler's elbow saved the Bulls season. Wow.
"This city deserves it.". - Jimmy Butler on the Chicago being in playoffs
" The goal is not just to make the playoffs, The goal is to win.". - Jimmy Butler
"I'm not scared of Jae.". - Jimmy Butler on former college teammate Jae Crowder who plays for the Celtics
" Now it's about winning some games." . - Jimmy Butler
Celtics will play the Bulls in the first round. So entertaining to watch former Marquette teammates Jimmy Butler and Jae C…
you don't loose a player like Jimmy butler. You build around him. He wants to win. That's it. He been proving it for years!!!
Jimmy Butler was a 2-star player, and had very little interest in his home state of Texas. Only had 5.6 PPG in 19 MPG his fi…
Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler, and Paul George are the only players averaging at least 23 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists,…
NBA: "Bulls will most likely not make the playoffs". Jimmy Butler:
Imagine if Boston tries to recruit Jimmy Butler during the Celtics-Bulls series 🤔
Jimmy Butler and wade and rondo love big games , poor miami 32-9 since January , no playoffs still
So you saying Jimmy butler and Dwade don't play good in playoffs ok
Bulls win 1st game against Celtics, D. Wade n Jimmy Butler will lead the way with Rondo on assists n steals and Mirotic. hit some big treys
Jimmy Butler just needs a suppprting cast in Chicago!! then they'll be straight.
Gar: Look we're in the 8th seed. Pax: wow another successful season.. Gar: let's trade Jimmy Butler and build around Mi…
Live from the locker room with Jimmy Butler:
seriously, this is probably the best matchup for us out of the three options. I'm much more scared of PG13 than Jimmy Butler.
Is Jimmy Butler facing his future team in this upcoming first round series?
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When Jimmy Butler switches onto Isaiah Thomas in the playoffs…
"Jimmy Butler will win MVP next season". -
They getting Jimmy butler for Jae Crowder or PG in FA
Jimmy Butler on being back in playoffs: "This city deserves it."
Bulls Celtics first round of the playoffs...I'm about to be the biggest Jimmy Butler fan.
Playoffs are on the line. Jimmy Butler (23.9 PPG) arrives for
Jimmy Butler is the second best player in the East so the Celtics not gonna run over us
The hilarity of Jimmy Butler knocking off the C's in the first round would be too much for my heart to take.
"Welp, let's just take our 4 games and go" - Jimmy Butler
Celtics to host Chicago Bulls in first round
Todd McShay has the Bulls trading into the first round of the NFL draft...wonder if the Bears get Jimmy Butler. (pic v…
Jimmy Butler ranks 8th in most popular jersey. Chicago 3rd in most popular team merchandise behind Warriors and Cavs.
Bulls: Jimmy Butler had the 8th best-selling NBA jersey this year -
The Kings or 76ers need to trade both first round picks if they get them for Jimmy Butler then try to sign a good point guard in free agency
Jimmy Butler and Isiah Thomas are better than derozan
Jimmy Butler on the Nets: "They're a good team. They've been playing as well as anybody."
Realistically the Celtics lineup in 2017-2018 can be:. Isaiah Thomas. Avery Bradley. Jimmy Butler. Blake Griffin. Al Horfo…
"I'm not about the rumors... Chicago is like my home. I love it here." - Jimmy Butler on leaving the Bulls rumor. https…
Jimmy Butler has a triple double tonight, the fourth of his career. This man is good.
has Kevin Durant AND Jimmy Butler ahead of for MVP. Explain?? Maybe they forgot what MVP stands for??
Jimmy Butler wins his third Eastern Conference Player of the Week award. READ:
04-03 Jimmy Butler's tip-in with 1.2 left in OT hands Bulls win over Pacers
This D. Rose teamed up with Jimmy Butler would've been a PROBLEM!! Smh
I hope to the Good Lord that you aren’t comparing Jimmy Butler to Luol Deng?! ???
"I always look at as nobody picked us to be in the playoff or win anyways." . - Jimmy Butler
Disagree. Jimmy Butler would be winning easily at least 45 games with the Pacer roste…
Jimmy Butler might shock the world and sign with the Spurs
Jimmy Butler hurdled over Dennis Schröder and carried the Bulls into a playoff spot (Ba..
Jimmy Butler pulls Bulls into three-way tie with third straight win
So Jimmy Butler currently has a considerably worse roster than Paul George's in the playoffs while IND is the 9-seed. Let's talk about it.
Jimmy Butler literally jumped over Dennis Schröder to avoid a charge. .
\"I just want to go out there and show that I belong\" - Jimmy Butler sounds off on love of pressure and clutch si…
Jimmy Butler has NEVER MISSED a go-ahead shot (of any kind) in the final 10 seconds in his CAREER 😳 - Mr 100%
Paul George isn't the only All-Star who could be on the trade block this offseason.
Aside from the fact that they suck, why doesn't Bulls front office want to commit long term to Jimmy Butler again?
"What boosts Jimmy's confidence is when other people come along too. . - Denzel Valentine on Jimmy Butler https…
Jimmy Butler played the entire second half.
Why haven't players like Russell Westbrook and Jimmy Butler gotten signature shoes yet
Jimmy Butler just jumped over Dennis Schroder. Very impressive.
Jimmy Butler straight up jumped over Dennis Schroeder but got blocked. 👀.
I know it sounds stupid, but I think jimmy butler deserves the MVP
Jimmy Butler avoids the charge by jumping OVER Dennis Schroder. 😳. (via
Led by Jimmy Butler, the Bulls gave their playoff hopes a boost with a 106-104 win over the Hawks
Jimmy Butler is a monster. 33 points, 8 assists, five boards and the clutch FTs to win the game. 💯
'Worried about the right now,' Jimmy Butler carries Bulls past Hawks
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move into 7th seed in East with 106-104 win over by
NBA: Bulls edge Hawks with a strong finish from Jimmy Butler - Los Angeles Times
Our likes Jimmy Butler in all contests tonight on after scoring 45 FP in 7 straight games.
I love that the young Jimmy Butler is beating all these veterans with his basketball IQ. Making them all look silly
Former Bulls Front Office Executive says that Jimmy Butler is "as good as gone" from the Bulls next season.
Frank Kaminsky. Welcome to the Gerald Henderson, Jimmy Butler, Doug McDermott and Ed Malloy are waiting for you.
Danny had Giannis ahead of Anthony Davis and Jimmy Butler, who were 9 and 10, respectively.
New podcast! stops by to talk Jerry Krause, Jimmy Butler and more. iTunes:
My guy Jimmy butler had a good game
I'm a fan of Jimmy Butler. So much yes to this.
MILWAUKEE -- Jimmy Butler gets asked the same question all the time. Fans, media, even his own family and friends...
Boston sealed there fate not going after jimmy butler,wasted the season
God please send Jimmy Butler to me, I promise I'll act right🙏🏾
Besides LeBron James, who in the East has had a better season that Jimmy Butler?. Maybe Wall? Even that's debatable. IT?
We all know Jimmy Butler can score, but that not the problem of the Chicago Bulls, problem is the ISO games over ball movements.
Coming into today's game, Jimmy Butler is averaging 28, 6 reb, 8 ast and 2 steals on .523/.416/.833 without Dwyane Wade.
Memo to the players: Never play music when Jimmy Butler is getting interviewed.
Jimmy butler 14 assists , huh where that come from
Does anyone have a Jimmy Butler Auto that I would be able to trade for? It isn't for me, I know a sick kid that would…
Hey I'm gonna need you to trade Jimmy Butler for the rights to draft this kid. K, thanks!
Blake Griffin and Jimmy Butler need to come to the Thunder next year
My fantasy season is over. Defeated in the semi finals. I'd like to thank. James Harden. Jimmy Butler. Nicolas Batum. and Marcin Gortat
Jimmy Butler with his fourth straight double double!!
CAREER HIGH - Jimmy Butler has set a new career high with 128 steals this season.
Everyone amping Jae Crowder and his season high of 25 saying thank god we didn't trade him 😂😂😂 I'll still take jimmy butler or PG13
Jimmy Butler and Mirotic for Jokic and Faried. Who says no?
Butler did it: Bulls pulls away for 109-94 win over Bucks (Yahoo Sports) - Butler ra...
When people want to trade you for Jimmy Butler but you're better than Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler is finding his groove on
Double-teams coming hard at Jimmy. wrote this on how to take advantage the other day:
Jimmy Butler has scored 89 points and dished out 29 assists the last 3 games without committing a single turnover.
Here's every assist from Jimmy Butler's career game. He dished out 14 dimes in the win.
trail Bucks 31-29 at the end of the first quarter. Jimmy Butler and Nikola Mirotic lead the team with nine points each…
Jimmy Butler got in there and defended Robin Lopez.
Jimmy Butler with a chance to ice the game and.
Made a typo.. Celtics will be scary next year when they have Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward AND possibly Paul George.
Is there anyway the Pacers could pick up, and play successfully with Paul George, either Jimmy Butler or Gordon Hayward?
Bulls win it 95-86. Jimmy Butler finishes with 23 points, 7 assists and four rebounds. Bobby Portis went...
Jimmy Butler told Dwyane Wade he once hyperextended his elbow. Wade: "I didn't like what he had to say."
give us Jimmy Butler for a 2nd round pick and Tyler Zeller. Problem solved.
I liked a video Sneaker Shopping with Jimmy Butler | Complex
I'm sure Chicago would love to take him straight-up for Jimmy Butler just because they're the Bulls.
Jimmy Butler nails a J just before the buzzer and the and Pistons are tied. Stream the fourth quarter here:
When Reggie Jackson tells Jimmy Butler he is a better player then him.
Should the Celtics have traded Isaiah Thomas for Jimmy Butler? My Column:
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Jimmy Butler and Deandre Jordan back with the friendly trash talk again...
"I don’t think that the retros nowadays are made for basketball."—. Full Sneaker Shopping episode ->
Jimmy Butler is life. He's also the closest thing to a real-life Frylock from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
I may have been wrong about the Celts needing Jimmy Butler. I like what I see from Jaylen Brown for the future.
VIDEO: Jimmy Butler offers dap after Marcus Morris' missed free throw, gets left hanging.
Jimmy Butler on President Obama Complimenting Him on The Jordan 1s He Wore to WH (Video) via
.wore sneakers to the White House not once but TWICE:
Jimmy Butler is wasting his time. This Bulls team is an absolute joke.
This is why Jimmy Butler is my favorite player. 😂
Jimmy Butler went to give Marcus Morris a high-five after he missed a free throw. 😂
Kawhi better than Jimmy Butler tonight proved it
"He's still got it. He can still play." Jimmy Butler when asked if Michael Jordan was still good.
Jimmy Butler was not feeling the pregame theatrics with Isaiah Canaan
Spurs took James Anderson over Avery Bradley and Corey Joseph over Jimmy Butler.
great bit on Jimmy Butler during PMT interview. I've been arguing for past year w/friends that Jim is top 10 talent in NBA
Durant and Kawhi is the whole convo. maybe Jimmy Butler.
Jimmy Butler's BPM of 6.3 this year is higher than D-Rose's MVP season
I watched every game of Jimmy Butler's college career. Still stunned he's this good now
Yup yup I like Jimmy Butler more than Paul George right now too
CP3. Jimmy Butler. Kawhi. Lebron James. Kristaps . if I need to be original then put Davis over LBJ
This is why I prefer Jimmy Butler. Paul George has sort of a weird edge to him, a little over-emotional and whiny.
Kyrie over his pal, Jimmy Butler.tough shot
Late punch, but punch this guy that wouldn't want to trade Anderson . for Jimmy Butler
So the Bulls could trade Gibson & McDermott for Cameron Payne, but pass on 3 1st rounders for Jimmy Butler? Lmao…
Celtics couldn't land Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward or Paul George but Deron Williams is about to walk into the Cavaliers starting lineup
The 76ers are interested in trading for Jimmy Butler and have reached out to Chicago to gauge interest. (Chi Tribune)
stay away from Jimmy Butler 😤 we won't go far with a stud and a team of inexperienced players, not worth it
JUST IN: Jimmy Butler to Celtics getting REAL. Crowder is the sticking point.
Please i'm praying with all my heart when i sleep you acquire Jimmy Butler/Paul George pls i love you so much pls don't disappoint
Bulls fans... I offer you Favors, Burks, Hood and two 1st rounders for Jimmy Butler and another contract (for salary). you down?
OFFICIAL: The Heat acquire Damian Lillard and Jimmy Butler in a blockbuster 3 team trade MORE:http…
Bruh obviously Jimmy butler. First of all he's much better tha Jae Crowder, I love Crowder but he is no Jimmy.
Philadelphia is among the teams who have inquired on the availability of Chicago's Jimmy Butler, according to
Also, Chicago, just freakin send Jimmy Butler to Boston. Let's actually make the NBA interesting please? Just do it.
I swear jimmy butler better not leave the bulls
Are the Sixers gearing up for a Jimmy Butler trade? They asked the Bulls about him, according to a report:
Report: Unless they trade for Jimmy Butler or Paul George, Celtics likely to keep main assets
"Ok, Ainge. We agree. Jimmy Butler/Paul George for Jae Crowder and 1 of your Nets picks.". "Deal!". "Ok, hand us the p…
I've never bought into the Celtics interest in Jimmy Butler. I'll be shocked if this is the guy Ainge wants.
If jimmy butler, Paul George, or Blake griffin aren't on the celtics when I wake up, I'm gonna go play in traffic
Just wanna say, I'm glad to hear rumors that celtics don't wanna trade for jimmy butler. Dudes a beast.
Sixers get:. Jimmy Butler. Paul George. Pacers get:. Nikola Mirotic. Bulls get:. Jahlil Okafor. ...and everyone's happy
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