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Jimmy Buffet

James William Jimmy Buffett (born 25 December 1946) is a singer-songwriter, film producer, and businessman.

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Sorry singing 🎤 too much jimmy buffet tonight goodnight
Fighting with an anchor by jimmy BUFFET
Someone should make a restaurant called jimmys buffet, get it like the buffet style restaurant but like jimmy buffet lol
If you've been following my personal arc you guessed that The Beach Boys are the natural next step in my musical taste after Jimmy Buffet.
The frat across from my apartments has been playing the song Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet for five hours straight
I thought I would share this awesome Jimmy Buffet tour shirt from 1999 that I found at an antique s…
That I do not know. I know as of a couple years ago we were in negotiations w/ Jimmy Buffet to trademark "Landshark" (or at least license).
Trans jimmy buffet reporting for duty
well, in honor of National Cheeseburger Day, here's Jimmy Buffet!.
Sitting on the screened-in porch, 78*, listening to Jimmy Buffet radio on Pandora, sipping iced tea, & working on my book. This is
.Besides, If I want to pretend to be Jimmy Buffet, I'll just go to Grafton. No need to bring Florida into any situation.
If that's what you need it to Ben, then it is a Jimmy Buffet reference
Glad to see you didn't waffle about this day at least. I wonder if Jimmy Buffet has had one today.
Will jimmy buffet become a fan if they change the name to ole miss "Landsharks" Btw…
I can't help but wonder what Jimmy Buffet would do?
Machine Extruded Ground Chicken Grillers, punched by a Flavor Ogre and with a stingy spritz of Jimmy Buffet's Gravy.
At a moment like this, I can't help but wonder. What would Jimmy Buffet do?
This is me trying to cover crippling anxiety with Jimmy Buffet's magnum opus, "Songs You Know by Heart!"
Welcome the strange!! I have Jimmy Buffet to ICP to ANTHRAX! My list is probably pretty VANIL…
Being an adult is knowing that Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" is about depression and not being on vacation.
18 minutes into the first broadcast of the week & I've already angered Jimmy Buffet fans. Sorry, wildly overrated.
Taylor and Jimmy Buffet at the New Orleans Saints vs Patriots game 😊🏈
I found enough supplies to make cheeseburgers!. I reminded myself that I make cheeseburgers that would make Jimmy Buffet cry.
that's actually black Jimmy Buffet, but I see how you could get them mixed up. They have the same hands.
If you're not talking about Jimmy Buffet or Panda Buffet than what are you talking about?
Then I would need a Jimmy Buffet costume! Ha!
"No difference between us and Jimmy Buffet's parrotheads."
the KA frat house right next to my apartment has been blasting the same 3 Jimmy Buffet songs on repeat since 10 am and I'…
this would only happen at a Jimmy Buffet concert
Jimmy Buffet really ruined it for me. I can't go as "Jimmy All You Can Eat" I needed to be "Jimmy Buffet"
I bet jimmy buffet had something to do with the invention of g string underwear.
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When she say u can eat jimmy buffet.
"There are those who would claim that there's a woman to blame, yet I know that I am at fault." Frank Sinatra Sings Jimmy Buffet
all the ways i want you, Jimmy Buffet cover
Jimmy Buffet sang about a Cheeseburger in Paradise. 9/18 is that day! How will you celebrate? Share your ideas below
I look forward to the day I stop confusing Warren Buffet for Jimmy Buffet.
All of the neighborhood adults are at the Jimmy Buffet concert rn. If thats not me with my friends when im 50 I am doing something wrong
Going to check out Jimmy Buffet tonight at Jones Beach Theatre with my mom😂 She's up from Florida. He plays 26/27 songs and I know 2 ❗️🤣😎
Kenny Chesney. Alan Jackson. Jimmy Buffet. How great would that be.
Always thought Jimmy Buffet stepped on a pop tart instead of a pop top.
U2, Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Jimmy Buffet- all still out there touring!. Enjoy the concert!
In 'Growing Older But Not Up' we learn that Jimmy Buffet has a fursona
In 'Migration' Jimmy Buffet says one day he intends to buy a 'sweat-stained bogart suit'. that is unsanitary. do not buy people's sweat
Who else can have Jimmy Buffet, Jimmy Carter, Pat Buchanan, Bill Murray and Johnny Depp all attend their funeral?
The musical, based off the music of Jimmy Buffet, will play at the La Jolla Playhouse through early July
Jimmy Buffet musical 'Escape to Margaritaville' off to Broadway
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I was always more of a Beatles, Jimmy Buffet, and Billy Joel kind of guy, but we can pay a little tribute to Gregg.…
Very nice woman suggested Jimmy Buffet song for my Back 9. Of course, I blew out a flip flop. Mary Howard to the rescue.
New segment. Don't like it, hate it. Example. People that don't like Jimmy Buffet HATE Jimmy Buffet.
Suddenly, Jimmy Buffet is showing up all over La Jolla on Instagram. What’s Mr. Margaritaville up to?…
Broadway-bound Jimmy Buffet musical ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE announces full casting with and more:
“Older and wiser voices can always help you find the right path,. if you are only willing to listen.”. --Jimmy Buffet
Jimmy Buffet Cruise Lines Inc. believes alcoholism is a disease, and that it is thus not liable for alcohol related fatalities.
I mean tell me this guy doesn't sound like he was the doctor on a Jimmy Buffet cruise at some point
Loved going to Jimmy Buffet's when it was across the street @ the Holiday Inn!
In my next life I wanna be Jimmy Buffet
Thanks to for my awesome flamingo shirt! People had me mistaken for Jimmy Buffet a few times.
"jimmy buffet ..but then like golden corral is a buffet. i dont get it, ive never gotten it.". -Parker Pickett
I want to have a jimmy buffet party
Most embarrassing fact about me: In HS, I went thru a pretty extensive Jimmy Buffet phase. I was, for all intents & purposes, a parrothead.
Parrots, what does Jimmy Buffet have to say about this???
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On side note the this jimmy buffet album cover is noice
You go 21 years thinking you know your mother then she confesses shes been to a jimmy buffet concert
LIVE with a smartphone. I saw Jimmy Buffet thi….
Get the chance to win tickets to go see Jimmy Buffet & The Coral Reefer Band @ Budweiser Stage during the 5 O'Clock…
play some jimmy buffet or something xD
My older brother listened to Jimmy Buffet :| . Didn't see Repo Man til I met when I was 30.
I sing it 4 jimmy buffet not for Arnold Jackson
You know what I am gonna say it. I wanna go to a jimmy buffet concert
Will jimmy buffet be old and irrelevant enough that I can book him to play my wedding??
Cruising through PCB listening to Jimmy Buffet>
My aesthetic is Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet - it's five o clock somewhere
If jimmy buffet playing and the margaritas flowin, it's SUMMER
WWE Raw sing along between the Rock and Austin. Hilarious segment. . Jimmy Buffet the anyone?😀
If you don't follow jimmy buffet on instagram you're missing out on some high quality posts
Happy that Jimmy Buffet used my piece that equates his lyrics to novelty shirts you buy in Niagara Fall…
I just wanna hang out with Jimmy Buffet for one day
Jimmy Buffet Signed LP Record Album Son of a Sailor with JSA AUTO by KrukCards
I wish Jimmy Buffet would have come to Radford instead!
Great moments in tolerance: Jimmy Buffet clarifies that he wants a kosher pickle on his cheeseburger in paradise
"Wasting your money again in Mar-A-Lago-ville" Jimmy Buffet couldn't have said it better.
smells phishy to me, but i guess the Legion of Young Wives Who Love Jimmy Buffet is the Florida equivalent of this
Who wants to go see Jimmy Buffet and Kenny Chesney with me this summer? 🏝
Jimmy Buffet and jis Coral Reefers > niel diamond
BROKEN LIZARD'S CLUB DREAD - An enjoyable slasher spoof with some good gags. Bill Paxton as a Jimmy Buffet parody will always be appreciated
Is is just me or is this Jimmy Buffet escaping dinosaurs in Jurassic World?! With margaritas!…
All my parrot heads out there! There's a new Jimmy Buffet in town and his name is
Steve Bannon always looks likes he's 3 hours and a 5th of Jack into a Jimmy Buffet concert on a 10…
Roger Stone posted an odd rant on Instagram last night, channeling Hunter Thompson or maybe Jimmy Buffet.
VERY into Jimmy Buffet taking over a retirement home and creating Margaritaville for aging parrot heads
Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville to open branded retirement community in Florida via the App Geez Buffett 24/7
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
you will always have a future at Latitude Margaritaville, the Jimmy Buffet themed retirement community.
Jimmy Buffet is coming to to celebrate the opening of Margaritaville & there's a way for fans to attend…
Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville at has its grand opening on March 30th!
"It's a jungle out there kiddies, have a fruitful day" -Jimmy Buffet @ Alpha Tau Omega…
The name of Jimmy Buffet's Band is the Coral Reefer Band. That is amazing. Carry on.
If you don't hate Dave Matthews yet, then listen to him here sing a Jimmy Buffet song with Jack Johnson. He sings the…
OH in the Bar: "Mac DeMarco is our generation's Jimmy Buffet."
If there are race riots I would like black ppl to know I was in gospel choir and white ppl to know I'm un-ironically into Jimmy Buffet.
Had a fun time hanging out with Jimmy Buffet in Cabo Wabo-ville
Jimmy Buffet sings about Margaritas. Escape (The PIna Colada Song) is actually Rupert Holmes.
Aerosmith, Jimmy Buffet, Rebelution, Jack Johnson, and Lenny Kravitz all in one weekend made for a happy, yet exhausted gal. 🌟
Mt. Rushmore of Desert Island Discs. We promise no Jimmy Buffet. What's on your list? Let us know! https:/…
After 25 years, I still can't listen to Jimmy Buffet without thinking about my old friend Kelly Quinlan Langan- smiling ear to ear!
Relaxing with the dog, Jimmy Buffet and a beer after a long game of catch when I realized what a great view I had this evening!
Beyoncé, Jay Z, Karlie Kloss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chad Smith, Jimmy Buffet, Harvey Weinstein and the Housewives of New York were all there
Jimmy Buffet sings "Stars Fell on Alabama" ...when Jimmy says Spanish Fort to Mobile home town. (love it!)
Jimmy Buffet and Zac Brown Band make the work day much better
SRV or Willie Nelson or Jimmy Buffet or ZZTOP and on and on and
Jerry Jeff Walker - Railroad Lady . Written by Jacky Jack and Jimmy Buffet and Wild Turkey.
*cheeseburger in paradise by Jimmy Buffet*
90 degrees sunny day in the pool, Jimmy Buffet blaring with some cold beer. i think i am in heaven ☀️🍺
Do you love the music of Garth Brooks, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Buffet, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Waylon...
"Phil, tell Jim that if he gives us Kristaps, we'll let his band open for Jimmy Buffet at the Staples Center." - Jeanie Buss
A weekend trip to Houston sounds perfect right about now. Even if just to get away from the Jimmy Buffet traffic that's already here.
*** you Jimmy Buffet on the radio singing margarittaville making me stop at the liquor store on the way home from work 🍹🌴
My neighbor gave me some boxes. This one either contained buffet dishes & tapes or his Jimmy Buffett tapes.
I kinda like the Jimmy Buffet detective guy. Stephen makes scenes like this fun.
I'm officially jealous that you're going Jimmy Buffet
I love listening to jimmy buffet radio EVERY SINGLE DAY on repeat at my work it's great !!
"We have made a jimmy buffet margarita machine we have the technology to stop a perpetrator without killing them"
what if Jimmy buffet wanted to play
Jimmy Buffett owns two Jimmy Buffett themed restaurant chains, but neither of them are a Buffet.
Walking around Margaritaville last week, Jimmy Buffet found his lost shaker of salt. Just 10ft. from where he'd blown out his flip flop!
Good news! I'm going to see Huey Lewis in Chicago! Bad news: I'm apparently also going to see Jimmy Buffet.
I wish I was alive when Jimmy Buffet was in his prime
Walk into a cafe in Juneau, Alaska and jimmy buffet Margaritaville is playing. Once you go to key west you can never escape.
Shopping. See an optional stop at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville for some duty...
Saw a new dentist today, gotta be the coolest dentist ever. Also pretty sure he's a massive Jimmy Buffet fan, also known as a Parrothead.
Was "hot dad" a theme of Jimmy Buffet songs that I somehow missed?
ok but let's just make it explicit this time and cast Jimmy Buffet as Louie
If you haven't accomplished much, remember Jimmy Buffet is famous for writing songs about blacking out on the beach and cheeseburgers
I just had a sudden realization: TaleSpin is basically a Jimmy Buffet Dadventure fever dream.
Byron Nelson this weekend, Jimmy Buffet next weekend.. Cheers to summer
Since ZzTop isnt playing my sisyer doesent want to go so i have 3 Jimmy Buffet& Jerry Jeff Walker tickets. Message me if you are interested
deals: 50% off buffet at Copper Wok in dinner at Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta in
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Kenny Chesney is a hip jimmy buffet with the kids.
I had a dream where Jimmy Fallon, Nicolas Cage, Penn, and Warren Buffet were all doing drugs outside of meadows.
Jimmy Buffet's "Volcano" was played on the radio several times a day.
“It takes no more time to see the good side of life than it takes to see the bad.”. –Jimmy Buffet
Flying or boating??? Who cares I love them both!! Icon A5 dream machine!! Jimmy Buffet you need one of these!!!
After about an hour at Margaritaville's pool, I was ready to hunt down Jimmy Buffet and beat his *** sillier with my flip f…
Although he has yet to join Jimmy Buffet and Perry Como on our brick pathway, local movie legend Burt Reynolds...
Aerosmith, Hall & Oates, and Jimmy Buffet are going to Kaaboo I need to go
Someone down the hall played Jimmy Buffet during my final this morning. Loved every second of it
My uncle has a story of Jimmy Buffet taking a *** on stage
OMG... Yes... This is me with the one and only Jimmy Buffet! OMG!!!
Tailgating to get ready for the Jimmy Buffet concert!! Woot woot! @ Walnut Creek Amphitheatre
Calm down Scott, I'm also one of you okay. We can listen to Jimmy Buffet together
Tickets aren't 6 grand but the pent house he is staying in for the week specifically to see Jimmy Buffet is.
Of all the lies being shown/told right now, the biggest is that Barkley/Samuel Jackson/Spike Lee listen and jam out to Jimmy Buffet
Found, during that the only way I like Jimmy Buffet is when Charles Barkley, Spike Lee, and Sam Jackson are singing it.
is not a "parrothead"/fan of Jimmy Buffet. He's more of a Sergio Mendes Trio or Trini Lopez type of guy.
Noted. But either way, that's my theory of how he went from King to Jimmy Buffet.
Bid on an autographed guitar from Jimmy Buffet & The Coral Reefers! $ goes to
Saddest moment in my life was when I realized I lost both my Jimmy Buffet and Garth Brooks CDs
Fire pit and a little Jimmy Buffet.. couldn't ask for a better night
it's weird how little of my youth i can remember through the dissociative haze but Jimmy Buffet cassettes left an impression
Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins with Jimmy Buffet last night for their 10th Anniversary Rabbit…
FLAWLESS bringing Jimmy Buffet on stage for Handle with Care by the Traveling Wilburys GOSH ❤️
banged my Aunt at a Jimmy Buffet concert in 1986. His beard was brown and she was down.
Chickenfoot = black sheep of the Jimmy Buffet crowd. Fantastic stuff, Mr.
Last hour of work on a Friday means Jimmy Buffet pandora station
Since I've been in Florida I've listened to an unreal amount of Jimmy Buffet and the Beach Boys. But I just feel that's necessary
Lunch spot playing Jimmy Buffet so that's my cue to leave
Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville has been playing on repeat over the intercom at work all day, and I'm absolutely fine with that
The Clash sound like Jimmy Buffet's backing band jamming with a drunk Roger Waters reading from Noam Chomsky
Note to self: Jimmy Buffett is a dude who sings, a Jimmy Buffet is a place to suck all the *** you can. That one letter …
Really in my Jimmy Buffet bag recently
"Wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been" - Jimmy Buffet
yes. as the great Jimmy Buffet said, it's 2 for $20 at Applebee's somewhere
Idk what's going on upstairs but they've listened to Smash Mouth, Jimmy Buffet, and the soul train song since I've been up
Nothing like starting the day off with some Jimmy Buffet, A Pirate Looks at 40.
My friend in high school had two favorite artists - R.E.M. and Jimmy Buffet. Makes no sense.
And somewhere an NFL Exec is frantically calling to see if Jimmy Buffet can fill in for Half Time Show
Principal's work on a snow day? Writing teacher evals, Working on own eval, digging through emails, all while listening to Jimmy Buffet :)
Hand it to Rudy Cerrone to bring the Jimmy Buffet at - "NoLA is the northernmost point in the Caribbean."
but said Change for Jimmy Buffet shb changes.
In defense, the Jimmy Buffet song is Changes, not Change
Jimmy Buffet may have been in to something w/ that whole why don't we get drunk & screw message .
Finally going to buy Jimmy Buffet concert tickets this year 😍🌴🍹🌤
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It's nearly the weekend, and Jimmy's is the best buffet around, so why not treat yourself?
JImmy Buffet never had a bad song. I dont get why people hate him. Been a fan since I was little
did you mean to say at a Jimmy Buffet
Last year, Parrotheads were disappointed. But Jimmy Buffet is coming back to Indy this year. When you can see him:
Didn’t know there was a Wikipedia entry for Jimmy Buffet superfans.
"Answer: You are either Jimmy Buffet or have a toddler.". *buzzes in. "Why is a blender in my bed, Alex?". *wins Daily Double. *makes margarita
Feels good to be playin' music again on a semi-regular basis. hurry up, I'm itchin' to lay down some Jimmy Buffet tunes.
BREAKING NEWS: After a nationwide uproar Jimmy Buffet has decided not to cut funding on Planned Parrothood.
Can't wait to eat cheeseburgers in paradise with tonight @ the Jimmy Buffet Bash 🍔🌺🌴
It's February and this bus is rocking some Jimmy Buffet. Little early.
Well, let's go ahead and add the Jimmy Buffet musical to the list of "Things The World Is Getting That Nobody Asked For."
I aspire to live a life similar to that of Jimmy Buffet
Calling all Parrotheads! Jimmy Buffet, Huey Lewis & the News coming to Klipsch in June
ATTENTION: The Parrots of the Caribbean (Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band) show on February 12th is SOLD OUT. As with...
TBT ~ Another song from my Jimmy Buffet dayz and also the name of my record label! ;-).
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Why does Jimmy Buffet always come to Indiana during HGS? So not fair.
Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet is in South City Publick House, Binghamton. Download it now at
Jimmy Buffet announces his return to Houston
nice try apple music, but theres probably nothing i want Less than 'jimmy buffet live at fenway,' that is so the opposite of what i want
check out my guy Jimmy Buffet, he's got a SICK cheeseburger song yo. Pretty much runs the food-song game.
Margaritaville, a musical powered by Jimmy Buffett's songs, will open in 2017.
Starting my Jimmy Buffet punk cover band, Dead Pelicans. Here's your first album cover art
Years of listening to podcasts featuring the McElroys have convinced me that they are some kind of Jimmy Buffet based cult. 10/10
Is Jimmy Buffet opening for the Dave Matthews Band on 7/23! If so, I'm there!
she's the Katy Perry of Mexican pop, and Katy Perry is the Jimmy Buffet of current pop music.
I'm white, but I'm not "goes to Jimmy Buffet concerts every summer in a Hawaiian shirt" white.
Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson are a power couple in my humble opinion
Thanks for the share, Jack. I saw the Eagles in concert in '77 with a (relatively) young Jimmy Buffet opening
For you parrot heads, Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Reefers are making their way to…
"I love all sorts of music. My perfect Saturday would be listening to Jimmy Buffet by the pool with ice cold beer. I" (1/3)
Electronic Device Insurance
The closet thing to a rock band is on finally. Jimmy Buffet. Oh and Happy New Year East Coast!
Jimmy Buffet looks like Vice President Joe Biden but more out of it.
Todd Tondera and Kelsey just helped me sneak into the floor section at Huey Lewis // Jimmy Buffet that is the power of love
Me: I'm seeing Jimmy Buffet in concert isn't he just a millionaire? Me: no carson that's Warren Buffet
Must have been on the Jimmy Buffet Christmas album. I skipped that one.
it's been a Jimmy Buffet Christmas this year.
Jacob: wasn't dad at a jimmy buffet concert and choked on a chip
Screw spending a ton of money to go to the city for New Years ... Jimmy buffet tickets starting at 20 bucks who's in
Reading the Lemmy tributes, stuck in my in-laws’ car listening to their Jimmy Buffet station. . Here’s my antidote:
Anyone trying to see Jimmy Buffet and Huey Lewis at Barclays on NYE?
I can't be the only one who confuses Jimmy Buffet and Warren Buffet, right?
I'm gonna guess that if you work in the Fla Keys you never want to hear another Jimmy Buffet song for the rest of your life.
Basically quoting a Jimmy Buffet song of the eve of Clemson's push towards a Nat'l Championship is Dabo on FULL DABO setting
My dad is always in heaven when we visit margaritaville, pretty sure jimmy buffet is his hero 😂
My kind of day is having Jimmy buffet playing and messing around on the guitar
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. would you disagree with me if I told you that Jimmy Buffet is one of the greatest songwriters of our generation?
My dad singing jimmy buffet's "why don't we get drunk and screw" to my mom may be the most terrifying thing ever
Have yourself a beachy little Christmas with this Jimmy Buffett cover
Is there anything on earth better than pina Colodas, rum runners, and jimmy buffet?
Which of you dirty Jimmy Buffet fans stole my vanity plate and scraped the 6 off it?
Jimmy Buffet writing a song about it right now!
Wait, Jimmy Buffet was born on Christmas? Why didn't anybody tell me!?
My dad and I just got out of the car in WV wearing Jimmy Buffet t-shirts and sandals. How embarrassing.
Perfect!!. The kids are out of school and Fat Jimmy's has a $2 kid's buffet all day Monday and Tuesday. Wow, that works out well.
It's 10 AM and someone outside is blasting Jimmy Buffet.
Warren Buffet and Jimmy Buffet each have 168 hours each week. Be careful with your time in 2016.
I just thank God I don’t live in a trailer.- Jimmy Buffet , Son of a son of a sailor
I hope u spoil him for the whole month! (He's in good company w Jesus, jimmy Buffet and me☺️)
Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet is in Terra Cotta Catering, Binghamton. Download it now at
Can anyone tell me why this really old ladies faded Jimmy Buffet tattoos are making queasy?
Trader Joe's, you are the Jimmy Buffet of grocery stores.
OK time to set the record straight. BEST SONGS OF 2015:. 1.) margaritaville-jimmy buffet. 2.) DOWNTOWN-macklemore. 3.) Sugar We're Going Dow
When it sounds like like Jimmy Buffet covering Corb Lund. Uhm... I don't even know at this point.
Jimmy Buffet was invited to my aunt's wedding when I was five. He had a prior engagement otherwise I'd had suffered same fate as u
Thought U were going to hit me with some Jimmy Buffet.
Every time Jimmy Buffet plays I have to watch someone’s parents make out
Life motto: what would jimmy buffet do?
did u know that Jimmy buffet is the current head of the illuminati?
nothing better than Jimmy Buffet and the Pacific Coast Highway
How you know if your parents raised you well: you know all the lyrics to every Jimmy Buffet song.
At a tiki bar and supposedly they only play jimmy buffet
Christmas is over time to go back to listening to Jimmy Buffet and dreaming of being on the water!
"If there's a heaven for me, I'm sure it has a beach attached." - Jimmy Buffet
It was Jimmy Buffet that's the best part😂
If I ever get married a Jimmy Buffet Margarita Maker will be on the registry.
Lunch at the home of Jimmy Buffet's "Cheeseburger in Paradise"
Jimmy Buffet - Come Monday on Surf Shack Radio, The Best Mix of Music on the Beach
My bros sent me pics from buffet at bilaggio, coulda been there but I'm going in January & Las Vegas twice in a month is too much for me
No better day than a day spent by the pool in the sun listening to jimmy buffet
DID YOU KNOW - Folks that have Christmas Day Birthdays - Jimmy Buffet, Barbara Mandrell, Steve Wariner, Jesus, my Mom and my Son Austin
Micheal Bublé and Harry Conrick Jr. are my go-to Christmas albums. Suck it Mariah Carey because Jimmy Buffet comes next, then Elvis.
Jimmy Buffet just brought a little joy to the service
Adding a little steel drum would make "Cold Beer Conversation" sound like Jimmy Buffet song.
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