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Jimmy Breslin

Jimmy Breslin (born October 17, 1930) is an American journalist and author. He currently writes a column for the New York Daily News' Sunday edition.

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Breslin summed up the fellow Queens boy as an enemy of the people. *** pegged him perfectly .
we've been listening to his BS for way too long. Hmm, they didn't support him in his own hometown. .
*** right! Read the late jimmy Breslin's stories on trump - both from queens and he saw through the facade
'What you failed to do destroys you.'. - Jimmy Breslin, ‘I Want to Thank My Brain for Remembering Me’ (1996)
If you just saw interview, here's what Jimmy Breslin had to say about Donald Trump:
How about disdain for: Jimmy Durante. Jimmy Dean (the pork sausage guy). Jimmy Cliff. Jimmy Connors. Jimmy Breslin.…
Jimmy Breslin wrote about "Nambia" in this 1982 reminder that the NYTimes has always been a little out of touch.
It's questions like this that make me pine for Jimmy Breslin.
T's remind me of characters from Jimmy Breslin's, The Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight.
As the great Jimmy Breslin once wrote:' if you don't blow your own trumpet sometimes there is no music.'
"When the have-nots become reasonable, they become servants of the influential."--Jimmy Breslin
This book ate Tuesday. I happily let it it eat the whole day. OMG, my eyes. This book, it's like if &…
I miss Jimmy Breslin. Wonder what his stories would be now?
"One can’t help but think of such greats as Mario Puzo, Jimmy Breslin, Elmore Leonard, and Donald E. Westlake..."
The Jimmy Breslin move for covering Trump's UN speech would be interviewing the poor translators.
1/1A: Bob Woodward/Carl Bernstein. Then, Seymour Hersch, Jimmy Breslin, and VERY VERY last, that "to catch a predic…
"The one of is that is to Jimmy Breslin -…
Journalists need to stop creaming their jeans when Trump shows them a little favor. This's how he got elected. Read Jimmy Breslin.
The number one rule of thieves is that nothing is too small to steal. Jimmy Breslin.
Media, the plural of mediocrity. Jimmy Breslin
Yep. He warned us. So did Jimmy Breslin > 3.5 decades ago. We were told. And here we are.
Feeling wistful for Jimmy Breslin. Please don't anybody tell me anything bad about him.
You are getting old if you can't work from the pub, Charlie. Somewhere Jimmy Breslin is weeping.
Well *** 2017 is taking all the people I would have liked to talk to--Jimmy Breslin, Frank Deford, and now *** Gregory.
Tell it like it is, in your face article. Excellent!. Only Jimmy Breslin could've done better.
I remember this NY summer so well. Son of Sam, Jimmy Breslin, the blackout, Reggie & win the World Series.
Channel Jimmy Breslin from 30y ago...called him out in print
So you finally agree with me on the Gallo family analogy? I miss Jimmy Breslin.
I just wish Jimmy Breslin was around to cover this.
Jimmy Breslin in on Trump and his Central Park Five ad, on May 2, 1989.…
The late Jimmy Breslin on trump:“The bulls--t tough guy. The guy is all mouth and couldn’t fig…
Jimmy Breslin said it in the 80's, that he was a thug. But ratings right.
Jimmy Breslin, chronicler of wise guys and underdogs, dies.
If you've ever read the old Jimmy Breslin book, we're trying to find out, "can't anybody here play this game?"
Aug. 15th 1947 at Shibe Park: Rookie has 4 hits. in 5 at bats - 1 double, 2 stolen bases. Dodgers win.
“Don’t trust a brilliant idea unless it survives the hangover.” . Jimmy Breslin, quoted in the Oklahoma City Journal Record
Here's what Jimmy Breslin wrote about Donald Trump decades ago
NY Daily News has been on point on Trump all along. It was the paper of the late Jimmy Breslin, who had his number from day one.
Jimmy Breslin column on the Selma to Montgomery March.
Read on Jimmy Breslin: Then read this, filed within hours of Lennon's death: https:…
03-22 Pulitzer Prize winning writer Jimmy Breslin at home in New York City, New York. 04-06…
from the Asian American journalist who was the target of Jimmy Breslin's racist newsroom rant htt…
Take a break from Trump, and read the obit of Jimmy Breslin. It's long and it's fantastic:
I'll never forget the day I was lucky enough to visit Jimmy Breslin in his penthouse overlooking Central Park. What…
Jimmy Breslin's story about the day John Lennon was killed in New York... The kicker is gold. RIP Jimmie Breslin
The Trump New York knew through the eyes of Jimmy Breslin. One queens guy on another.
"another person who died after being shot with a gun on the streets of New York." RIP Jimmy Breslin
Jimmy Breslin once got beaten by Jimmy Burke (who De Niro played in GOODFELLAS) for writing about the guy Paul Sorvino played in GOODFELLAS.
Jimmy Breslin describing a white cop observing an "old black woman with mud on her shoes" singing "we are not afraid," Mo…
I've enjoyed Jimmy Breslin's writing for years. Also, I just learned he was Friedkin's 1st choice for Popeye Doyle but refused to drive. RIP
Chuck Berry: Gone. Jimmy Breslin: Gone. Donald Trump: Still here. If God isn't dead, he's on one *** of a sabbatical.
Director on considering Jimmy Breslin for the role of Popeye Doyle in THE FRENCH CONNECTION:
If you love writing and you've never read Jimmy Breslin you should now - it will bring a tear to your eye. One of t…
Jack Limpert ♦ Jimmy Breslin in his 30s when he looked like a dark Irish cupid. By Barnard Law Collier In a…
There was a time when the Daily News had Jimmy Breslin, Gail Collins, Pete Hamill, Mark Kriegel & ran Mike Royko's Chicago columns
Again the nearly unreadable from LUPICA on Jimmy Breslin. A lesson on how not to write.
When I was working at in the 80s & 90s NY had Jimmy Breslin, Murray Kempton & Gail Collins all in one *** paper.
Right now Jimmy Breslin is somewhere in the afterlife, fighting for those with a less fortunate afterlife & not caring w…
"Boy, that's good pacing." -- Jimmy Breslin, describing the writing in the first letter the Son of Sam sent to him in 1977
Fun fact: William Friedkin wanted to cast Jimmy Breslin as Popeye Doyle in 'The French Connection.'
Drinking moonshine is an acquired taste but despite my best efforts I never enjoyed reading Jimmy Breslin. RIP.
Jimmy Breslin, a legendary columnist whose savagely funny prose leveled the powerful for over 50 years, has died
Among my journalism heroes is Jimmy Breslin, who died today. His column when JFK was killed:
Just think: right now Jimmy Breslin is interviewing Chuck Berry. What a column that would be...
A sad day for journalism. I met him once & he was inspiring. "Find the gravedigger" should be every reporter's motto
Chuck Berry. Jimmy Breslin. This is a tough weekend of American Originals.
Pulitzer-Prize winning newspaper columnist Jimmy Breslin died Sunday from complications of pneumonia, his physician William Cole t…
If more columnists would listen to Breslin and get up from the computers and out in the street... One of the greats. http…
Breslin was great because he talked to people -- not professors or pollsters or experts. No one does that anymore.
The sidewalks of NY have lost a great one, Jimmy Breslin. Long before 9/11, Jimmy was showing how great average New Yorkers…
Jimmy Breslin, chronicler of New York City, dies at 88
Jimmy Breslin: I'll have a good drinkin' beer in your honor. Thanks for the words I read and RIP.
UPDATE: This story has been corrected to show Jimmy Breslin was 88 per AP.
“A Death in Emergency Room One” Jimmy Breslin writing in the wake of JFK’s assassination:
Jimmy Breslin, "an intellectual disguised as a barroom primitive." They don't make 'em like that anymore.
Rough couple of days...Chuck Berry and Bernie Wrightson are gone, and now we learn that journalist/novelist Jimmy Breslin…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
"Anything that isn't writing is easy." Jimmy Breslin, RIP
Jimmy Breslin's landmark piece on JFK's gravedigger changed how I looked at stories and what was possible:
Jimmy Breslin, larger-than-life New York newspaperman, dies - Jimmy Breslin, the prolific New York City and Pul...
Jimmy Breslin on civil rights hero: "The funeral for Andrew Goodman was a lot of work. To begin, they had to kill him."…
Jimmy Breslin, whose newspaper columns and books championed the everyday characters and rascals of NYC, has died.
R.I.P. Jimmy Breslin. Cheers to a good long life well lived!. "… proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.". https…
Columnist Jimmy Breslin, bard of the New York streets, dies at 88
Here is Breslin's signature column on JFK gravedigger: Digging JFK grave was his honor via
Jimmy Breslin: "Power is an illusion...Mirrors and blue smoke, beautiful blue smoke rolling over the surface of highly pol…
Two classic Breslin columns from that weekend in Nov 1963. RIP +
Jimmy Breslin dead?! What a huge loss. There was a guy whose authenticity and big heart couldn't hide his equally big brain.…
Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Jimmy Breslin dies after bout with pneumonia; known for NYC "Son of Sam" chronicles &…
RIP Jimmy Breslin, who famously loved the unfamous. His view of JFK's burial, seen thru the eyes of the gravedigger. https…
RIP Jimmy Breslin. He often found the story no one else noticed like the man who dug a grave for a President.
Remembering Breslin through his own inimitable writing: Breslin: Digging JFK grave was his honor | Newsday
Just such an incredible piece of writing...
RIP Jimmy Breslin. This was him on deadline, the night John Lennon got shot
Reread the iconic column written on deadline by Jimmy Breslin — now dead at 86 — on the day John Lennon died
RIP Jimmy Breslin. A great reporter, a great columnist & a great New Yorker.
The greatest columnist of all time has died. RIP Jimmy Breslin. Proud ran his classics & last story: https:/…
1) Jimmy Breslin on the black backhoe operator who dug JFK's grave: he was barred from attending the funeral.
"J.B. . . . I also want to tell you that I read your column daily and I find it quite informative.”
One of the many great Jimmy Breslin columns. RIP
Author-columnist Jimmy Breslin, the legendary street-smart chronicler of wise guys and underdogs, dies at 88 >>…
RIP Jimmy Breslin. His description of Rudy Giuliani – "a short man in search of a balcony" – is one of the all-time great put-d…
Jimmy Breslin, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York journalist and author, dies at 88
Jimmy Breslin was the only writer who could have made my Dem dad subscribe to a GOP newspaper (Herald Tribune). Last of his breed. RIP
growing up my heros were Jimmy Breslin, Pete Hamill Nat Hentoff Woodward and Bernstein.,Murrow. I have faith
The test of a good idea is its ability to last through a hangover. -Jimmy Breslin
I think it was Jimmy Breslin who called the Press during the Bush yrs, the Pekingese Press b/c they acted like lap dogs
Or the Baccala Family in New York, circa 1969. (h/t Jimmy Breslin)
Speaks cheerful English and in the past has written this language w...
Simple words repeated get in people's heads. Many not online, not dumb. Jimmy Breslin used words like fists, street reporter.
36 years ago tonight, Jimmy Breslin, on deadline, filed this on death of John Lennon. Legend.
"There's umbrellas in your drinks. I don't know what else you need.". No wonder Jimmy Walker plays so well in Hawaii.
The professional arsonist builds vacant lots for money.
dear john cruddele sir. I miss jimmy breslin and peter vescey sooo much. thank you john and remember. the homeless now have fake Vietnamtags
"When you leave New York you ain't going anywhere." -Jimmy Breslin. 01-02-2017. Williamsbur… https…
Football is a game designed to keep coalminers off the streets. -- Jimmy Breslin. ...
Sounds like fine journalism to me I guess you don't remember an America with journalists like Jimmy Breslin & Pete Hamill
Newspapers are so boring. How can you read a newspaper that starts with a 5...
I busted out of the place in a hurry and went to a saloon and drank beer an...
I don't know any other columnists, and I don't know what they do. I work th...
Jimmy Breslin and Columbine Ford have been a great supporter of Garfield Re-2 School District. Congratulations to...
Appeal of Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump recalls slogan of Norman Mailer for NY mayor & Jimmy Breslin as council pres:"Throw the rascals in"
Little Giant Ladders
Jimmy Breslin said no one ever reached the presidency in a state of grace.
Politics, where fat, bald, disagreeable men, unable to be candidates themse...
Football is a game designed to keep coal miners off the streets.
Only meaningful vote I've cast was in the 1969 NYC Democratic primary for Norman Mailer & Jimmy Breslin.
In 1969, Norman Mailer and Jimmy Breslin tried to take over NYC politics. Didn't happen.
from Rosemary's Mother by Jimmy Breslin (from the book The World According to Breslin, edited … via
His running mate … was the columnist Jimmy Breslin, who suspected the worst from the very beginning: that Mr. Mailer was serious.
It worked for Jimmy Breslin, but I dont see him as a Breslin...that's Taibbiterritory
Classic 1965 Jimmy Breslin Herald-Tribune column, reporting on march to Montgomery via
Wonderful profile of Patrick Breslin of Pat Breslin Is Planning a Big Splash via
Jimmy Breslin was a working journalist!
Media, the plural of mediocrity. Jimmy Breslin.
Jimmy Breslin, famous columnist wrote that impressive phrase, "I wake up every morning with a healthy sense of outrage"
Why did peeps like Jimmy Breslin write the best news pieces? They got off their behinds & hit the STREETS.
.Given Jimmy Breslin's words about Rudy, I wonder what he said of Trump years ago and what he'd say now.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"Keep the Commandments and say a prayer for Gil Hodges.” Excerpt: Jimmy Breslin's book about the Mets' 1st season.
"Are you John Lennon?" Jimmy Breslin's flash file on the cops who responded to a shooting at the Dakota, 35 yrs ago
You might like this, Cuban baseball fan by Jimmy Breslin..
Jimmy Breslin would have written the *** out of this one.
Check out my story this week on Jimmy Breslin!
Beachcomber: On Oct. 20, 1977, the legendary Jimmy Breslin wrote about the Concorde. “The Concorde broke out of a…
An elite squad of hitmen-Reminds me of the Jimmy Breslin novel: The Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight
Media birthday: New York Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin turns 85 today.
Jimmy Breslin's column on the conflict in the Holy Land is still relevant today
In 1962, Jimmy Breslin wrote this perfect paragraph about the soul of the New York Mets. (h/t …
Jimmy Breslin of Columbine Ford is proud to present a donation check to Youth Zone for Kiss 'N Squeal. Youth...
They don't call him the Jimmy Breslin of public lobbies for nothin.
“Don’t trust a idea unless it survives the -Jimmy Breslin . Happy 1st day back after Have a brilliant day.
A real-life gang who couldn't shoot straight (pace Jimmy Breslin). blew it.
Jimmy Breslin Rage is the only quality which has kept me or anybody I have ever studied writing columns for newspapers. ok
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The Best of Jimmy Breslin:. 'Are You John Lennon?’. (sad reminder of that tragic night)
Complainant received immediate lacerations of the credibility. - Jimmy Breslin
"They just took John Lennon in." Jimmy Breslin's classic column on the night John Lennon died.
To mark 75th, a 10/24/72 clip that prompted Jimmy Breslin to ask, with admiration, "Who the F is Ed Lowe?"
Jimmy Breslin sheds some light on the ancient rivalry between the Irish and Italians in NYC: http…
Jimmy Breslin on Ghou-liani "A little man in search of a balcony". Trump has found his "balcony". White Racist Rage.Good luck with that.
Books read or reread week of . 8/24:. Branch Ricky by Jimmy Breslin. His Way by Kitty Kelly. The Compound Effect by...
Jimmy Breslin visits an Alabama schoolhouse during the Selma march, and man.
Jimmy Breslin took this on in his biography of Branch Rickey. Lots of contempt for sports media too.
Who knew Jimmy Breslin was the urban Thoreau?
Posts about Jimmy Breslin written by cominer
Proof that deadline journalism wasn't invented with the Internet Jimmy Breslin on the killing of John Lennon
The night of December 8th, Jimmy Breslin was at home when he got the call that John Lennon had been shot. This is the column he wrote on deadline.ARE YOU John Lennon?That summer in Breezy Point, wh...
Breslin on deadline the night Lennon was shot.
It was 34 years ago tonight that John Lennon was shot and killed. Here's the piece Jimmy Breslin wrote on deadline
Well-reported Jimmy Breslin deadline story on the night Lennon died. He was alive during the drive to the hospital:
Thirty-four years ago tonight, John Lennon was shot and killed and Jimmy Breslin was on deadline: h/t
Jimmy Breslin, on deadline, 34 years ago tonight:
“Are you John Lennon?” The guy in the back nodded and groaned.
Jimmy Breslin, after his phone rang 34 years ago tonight: Possibly the best piece written on deadline ever.
Found this via : Jimmy Breslin's column the night John Lennon was shot:
"Man shot, One West Seventy-second Street.” Jimmy Breslin's great deadline story on the cops who found John Lennon. http:/…
Jimmy Breslin | The City Room. On the assassination of John Lennon. Great piece of journalism.
Jimmy Breslin introduces this film. He was who David Berkowitz revealed himself to in letters mixed w those crazy notes
if you have time I recommend Sunny Jim by Jimmy Breslin, good read
“.on digging graves for fallen firefighters. Jimmy Breslin at Arlington-esque.
“When you stop drinking, you have to deal with this marvelous personality that started you drinking in the first place.”~ Jimmy Breslin
Jimmy Breslin of Columbine Ford presents a check to Garfield County Department of Human Services Coordinator Gail...
Jimmy Breslin perfectly summed up the organization on page 91 of his book on Branch Rickey. Not much has changed,
“Pointing to the mutual envy of businessmen and politicians who are often out of their field in each other's area,, the author quotes the wisdom, "A wise shoemaker sticks to his trade and maintains a mouthful of nails.” ― Jimmy Breslin, Branch Rickey
You are invited to share in a memorable evening on March 7, when the Denver Press Club presents its 20th annual Damon Runyon Award to Katie Couric. Join us at the Marriott City Center in downtown Denver to recognize Couric's career contributions to the kind of journalism practiced by the estimable Damon Runyon, once a member of our club before he went on to his storied career in New York City. Prior awardees include Jimmy Breslin, Mike Royko, Molly Ivins, Herb Caen, Ted Turner, Tom Brokaw, George Will, Bob Costas, and Tim Russert. You can purchase tickets here:
Jersey scandals and today's Lufthansa bust remind me how much I miss Jimmy Breslin columns every Tues/Thurs/Sunday.
By Jimmy Breslin POSTED: May 30, 1986 New York — Back when Pleasant Avenue had crowds on every corner, Un Occhio, or One Eye, the boss of all crime in America and a member of the international commission that rules crime everywhere in the world, watched with suspicion when he saw telephone company workmen installing two outdoor phones on the corner. Un Occhio has only one eye, the right. He lost the other to flying glass in the bombing of a bakery in the 1930s. When he saw the phones going up, he turned and spoke to a couple of men who sat in the dimness of his candy store. "The phones are lousy," he said. ''They will listen to all our talk." Three of his men in the back of the store nodded. Un Occhio never has customers in his candy store. It developed, however, that on this day the nods of agreement from the men in Un Occhio's candy store did not constitute obedience. For when the two outdoor phones were put into operation, everybody used them and spoke about anything. The temptation of saving steps w ...
David Berkowitz, aka Son of Sam - Joker/ DEATH * Killed six people and wounded seven others in New York City between 1976 and 1977. * Most of the victims were young women or couples in cars on secluded streets. * Claimed a demon spoke to him through a neighbor's dog. * Called himself the "Son of Sam" in letters he wrote to newspaper columnist Jimmy Breslin. *He once worked as an auxiliary policeman in the Bronx. *He confessed to the murders in 1977 and is serving six consecutive 25-years-to-life sentences.
Cant Anybody Here Play This Game book on baseball by Jimmy Breslin 1963. Dust jacket is in rough shape but book itself is good (pictured).
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Listening to Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" while reading Jimmy Breslin's book on Damon Runyon. I really was born too late
GOD'S POCKET is like Jimmy Breslin by way of the Coens. John Slattery's 1st film is strong.
Wow, thanks for posting the pic of your dad and Jimmy Breslin, Jeremy. Jimmy was the best man at my parents wedding!
High Crimes and Misdemeanors In 1958, Llewelyn Sherman Adams, Eisenhower’s Chief of Staff, was terminated from his job after a Congressional Committee discovered that he accepted a vicuna coat and a rug from a businessman who had problems with the FTC. Adams’ indiscretion was never investigated judicially and no charges were ever filed against him. Less than 50 years later the governor of the small but important state of New Jersey had his staff close-down a major thoroughfare for four days. Tens of thousands of commuters were delayed up to four hours in their travel, emergency services were delayed and people even died during this event, direct cost of the “prank” is currently estimated at $600,000 by the Port Authority, and thousands of tons of greenhouse gasses were needlessly released into the atmosphere. In 2014, there is no Jack Anderson to thunder against this example of state terrorism. There is no Jimmy Breslin to evoke compassion for the hapless toll booth guy who suffered the rage of ab ...
Weird and Wacky American Trivia: "Boosting", in underworld slang, is shoplifting; I recall that a character in Jimmy Breslin's 1969 comic novel *The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight* was nicknamed "Jerry the Booster", but I never understood that cognomen till now ...
Happily listening to Jimmy Breslin's biography of Branch Rickey, and thinking of our own Battling Bishop.wherever he is.
50 years ago today I was at my first employment after graduating high school, selling sheet music and guitar strings in the basement of Lyon & Healy located in the (at that time) new Oakbrook mall. One of my fellow employees, Tom, came down the stairs from the television showroom very slowly, his face had turned ashen white. I followed him into the backroom office. "What's wrong?", I said. Tom collapsed into a chair and looked up at me. "They just shot the President" he said. "Yeah, right." I said, thinking it was a joke. However, when the tears welled up in his eyes. I saw he was serious. We both rushed back up the stairs. The three TV salespeople were standing around watching one of the bigger screen models. They had closed the store. There were some shoppers gathered outside watching the television displayed in the store's showroom window. The following week the late great author and journalist, Jimmy Breslin, penned the column below for the now-defunct New York Herald Tribune. We have no journalist .. ...
Good Morning To My Culturally Percussive Independent Activists: SInce Today is Election Day, here are a few Baby Booming Thoughts to take with you into the voting booth. Enjoy. You’re a Baby Boomer Who Is Probably “Over-The-Hill” ……. * When you rent an RV to take a cross-country sojourn and wind up staying at a Four Star hotel because everything regarding modern conveniences in your motor home is nothing more than a complete pain in your butt. * When the New York Times had James “Scotty” Reston, Tom Wicker, Russell Baker, William Safire, Seymour Hersh, and R.W. Apple as ace reporters… and superbly reported the news! * It should also be noted that Pete Hamill and Jimmy Breslin were writing for the, then, un-Murdoch Post. * When Vice President Richard M. Nixon needed a shave before the end of his first Presidential Debate with Senator John F. Kennedy. * When you looked forward to reading what Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were uncovering in the Nixon White House during the “Watergate” ...
Andrew Sarris Andrew Sarris (October 31, 1928 – June 20, 2012) was an American film critic, a leading proponent of the auteur theory of criticism. Life and career Sarris was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Greek immigrant parents, Themis (née Katavolos) and George Andrew Sarris, and grew up in Ozone Park, Queens. After attending John Adams High School in South Ozone Park (where he overlapped with Jimmy Breslin), he graduated from Columbia University in 1951 and subsequently served for three years in the Army Signal Corps before moving to Paris for a year, where he befriended Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut. Upon returning to New York, Sarris began to write for Film Culture; in 1960, his first review for The Village Voice—a laudatory review of Psycho—was published. He is generally credited with popularizing the auteur theory in the United States of America and coining the term in his 1962 essay, "Notes on the Auteur Theory," which critics writing in Cahiers du Cinéma had inspired. Sarris wrot ...
Oct 17 - Happy birthday to Arthur Miller, Richard Roeper and Jimmy Breslin
Mike Lupica, the Jimmy Breslin of New Canaan, Ct., warns us to pay closer attention in voting. Dinkins peril looms.
Mike Lupica channeling Jimmy Breslin (as always) to nail Weiner
finished Branch Rickey: A Life (PENGUIN LIVES) by Jimmy Breslin and gave it 3 stars
Okay friends and family, here's a few more funny definitions: Jury - n. - Twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer. (Robert Frost) Ketchup - n. - A condiment that, when left overnight on a dinner plate, has a longer half-life than radioactivity. (Wes Smith) Life - n. - What happens when you're not watching TV. (Jason Love) Media - n. - The plural of mediocrity. (Jimmy Breslin) Meow - n. - Woof, in cat. (George Carlin) Narcissist - n - someone better looking than you are. (Gore Vidal) NASCAR - n. - the act of turning left in a Chevrolet for four hours. (Urban Dictionary) Opera - n. - when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings. (Ed Gardner) Pessimist - n. - someone who is constantly being proven right or pleasantly surprised. (George Will) Psychiatrist - n. - (1) A fellow who asks you a lot of expensive questions your wife asks you for nothing. (Joey Adams) (2) The next person you start talking to after you start talking to yourself. (Fred Allen) Queen - n. - Som ...
This piece, which I wrote a while ago, is for Harold Kampe, a court officer I served with in my early Queens Boulevard years on that job. I just heard that he passed away yesterday. He was living down South. Queens Boulevard was his world, sadly gone now, but I'm glad that I got to spend some time with him in it. Here's to you, Harold, it was a grand run, a grand boulevard. NEWSDAY CITY LIFE / There's No There on Queens Blvd. Published: May 17, 2001 8:00 PM By Patrick Fenton. Patrick Fenton is a playwright and a freelance writer who used to hang out on Queens Boulevard himself. ONE RECENT afternoon in Cobblestones Pub on Queens Boulevard and 78th Avenue, a couple of criminal defense attorneys were sitting around talking about a crime without criminals. "There's nowhere to go anymore," said Barry Teller, a 61-year-old attorney. He was lamenting the demise of about a four-block strip of Kew Gardens bars and restaurants that Jimmy Breslin once called "the Boulevard of Broken Dreams." "What do you have on the ...
The last from Jimmy Breslin shows that the party of Racism was and still is the Democrat Party.
Recommended reading: Jimmy Breslin's pithy little bio of Branch Rickey, who signed Jackie Robinson, shaking up baseball and America.
Having some fun looking over the NRA's Enemies List. Strange is an understatement. Of course you've got some folks on it like Ed McMahon and Jimmy Breslin, influential back when but long dead. Another head scratcher, they only found three celebrities with a last name that starts with 'J' (Francesca James, Norman Jewison, and Keyshawn Johnson) to put on the list. They can't find a single Jones that... wants to ban assault rifles? You would think with the possibilities of James's, Jones and Johnsons, the 'J's wouldn't get so thouroughly outdone by the 'Z's - Ahmet, Diva, Dweezil, Gail and Moon Zappa! Those crazy, gun-hatin' Zappas! The NRA seems to have a major bone to pick with folks in Missouri, with numerous insurance companies, doctors, financial advisers, as well as the Kansas City Chiefs, Royals, and St. Louis Rams on the list. And the corporations they say support gun control legislation, well, some made a little sense. Ben and Jerry's. *** yeah, everybody knows Ben and Jerry's is a hippie front com ...
I wonder if I can have jimmy johns delivered to me standing in line outside of the Breslin
How to be interesting by being outside the pack. I do it by simply being weird.
L. O'Donnell shook me. I miss Jimmy Breslin! He was the first I really paid attention to in NYC; Herb Caen in SF! Must love our journalists!
Jimmy breslin is still living. Lawrence call him the late jimmy breslin..
To grab your audience's attention, you gotta tell your story in a wholly new light. This parable shows how:
Read Jimmy Breslin's book on the Church one day. I regard this chooch as a German Cheney.
While half listening to Tavi on Jimmy Fallon, I was sure it was Abagail Breslin.
Here's a gem from living legend columnist Jimmy Breslin 'Son of Sam: Fear in Queens' Jimmy Breslin New York Daily News May 15th, 1977 [In the summer of 1977, a serial killer terrorized New York City. Initially known as the .44 Killer and then as the Son of Sam, the murderer communicated with Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin through a series of letters. In the end, David Berkowitz was caught and sentenced to six consecutive life terms in prison.] At night, on the way home, there was a stop at the 109th Precinct, which is housed in an antiseptic brick building that removes a part of the terror and all of the glamour of being in a police station. On the wall of an upstairs office was a color photo of a gun, a black gun with a brown handle, and some brass cartridges placed against a sky-blue background. The printing on the picture said this was New York crime lab Case No. 771663. The gun is a .44-caliber Bulldog. Somewhere on the other side of the closed metal Venetian blinds, out in the night-empty neighbo ...
It reminded me of Jimmy Breslin's piece about the gravedigger who dug JFK's grave. Emotional, lyrical and hard hitting.
"Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Sunday blasted President Barack Obama’s administration for agreeing to discussions with Iran about the county’s nuclear program because ‘the time for talking is over.'” Hooray, we've been running out of Republican wars so we need to get anoither started right away. Jimmy Breslin wrote it best, "Don't we ever get tired of old men sending young men to die?"
Ode to a superb writer Jimmy Breslin 82 this week.
Author and columnist Jimmy Breslin discusses religion and politics in American life. (Taped 8/3/2004) City Talk is CUNY TV 's forum for politics and public a...
Jimmy Breslin is one of the greats.
"Stop picking your trainers, they're Jimmy Choos for god's sake." Well, that's one way to ease the tension!
October 17th: Tonight is the girl's basketball officials meeting. King Louis XIII (9) was crowned in 1610. Jupiter Hammon was born in 1711. The British surrendered at Saratoga in 1777. Britain declared in 1807 it would reclaim British-born sailors. Pope John Paul I was born in 1912. Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion in 1931. Albert Einstein arrived in the US in 1933. A US destroyer was torpedoed in 1941 killing 11. French police attacked Algerians in 1961 killing 200. The Arabs announced a total embargo in 1973. Joey Bishop (89) and Teresa Brewer (76) died in 2007. Julie Adams (86), Jimmy Breslin (82), Gary Puckett (70), Michael McKean (65), Margot Kidder (64), George Wendt (64), Norm MacDonald (49), Ziggly Marley (44), Ernie Els (43).
Enjoy the best Jimmy Breslin Quotes at BrainyQuote. Quotations by Jimmy Breslin, American Entertainer, Born October 17, 1930. Share with your friends.
1930 - Jimmy Breslin, American newspaper columnist and
I guess I should share this on my own birthday. It's also earthquake day 1989. Also birthdays for Arthur Miller, Jimmy Breslin, Margot Kidder, Montgomery Clift, Rita Hayworth, Evel Knievel, and Jean Arthur.
Happy Birthday to author, journalist, and New York Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin.
Happy 82nd birthday to the legendary, iconic, one-of-a-kind Jimmy Breslin!
Happy 82nd birthday to the journalistic hero of my formative years, the Damon Runyan of his age, and my all-time favorite columnist, the great Jimmy Breslin.
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Media figures born today: Radio host Ronn Owens (67) and columnists Jimmy Breslin (82) and Richard Roeper (53).
“The office of president is a bastardized thing, half royalty and half democracy, that nobody knows whether to genuflect or spit.” -- Jimmy Breslin
Wherever the real power in a Government lies, there is the danger of oppression. James Madison, 1788 October 17 Birthdays Eminem turns 40 Alan Jackson turns 54 Wyclef Jean turns 40 Mae Carol Jemison turns 56 Evel Knievel (1938 - 2007) George Wendt turns 64 Margot Kidder turns 64 Norm MacDonald turns 49 Chris Kirkpatrick turns 41 Howard Rollins (1950 - 1996) Montgomery Clift (1920 - 1966) Alimi Ballard turns 35 Jean Arthur (1900 - 1991) Arthur Miller (1915 - 2005) Rita Hayworth (1918 - 1987) Jimmy Breslin turns 82 Tom Poston (1921 - 2007) Ronn Owens turns 67 Spring Byington (1886 - 1971) George Vujnovich turns 97 Shinichi Suzuki (1898 - 1998) Robert Atkins (1930 - 2003) Ernie Els turns 43 Ralph Wilson turns 94 Deanna Russo turns 33 October 17 In History 2006 - The United States population reaches 300 million. 1979 - Mother Teresa of India, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1931 - Gangster Al Capone is sentenced to 11 years in prison for tax evasion, the downfall of one of the most notorious criminals of the 19 ...
Happy 82nd Birthday Jimmy Breslin. I miss his columns, wish he was still writing regularly.
Happy 82nd birthday to Jimmy Breslin. His column after JFK funeral made me want to be a journalist
Distinguished columnist, author and frequent CUNY TV guest Jimmy Breslin joins Doug for a riveting conversation about his new book "The Good Rat: A True Stor...
"If a man, for private profit, tears at the public news, does so with the impatience of one who thinks he actually owns the news you get, it is against the national interest." --Jimmy Breslin
News about Jimmy Breslin. Commentary and archival information about Jimmy Breslin from The New York Times.
The novelist Charles Portis, best known for his novels Norwood and True Grit, was also a brilliant reporter, and with the likes of Tom Wolfe and Jimmy Breslin, helped introduce New Journalism. Jay Jennings, the editor of the new collection Escape Velocity: A Charles Portis Miscellany, on the legacy ...
Norman Mailer ran in the Democratic primaries for mayor of New York City in 1969 with journalist Jimmy Breslin as his running mate (Breslin sought the nomination for President of the City Council). Their program called for New York City to secede from the state of New York. Political power was to de...
Tony Danza considering a run for NYC mayor!!! Brings back memories of 1960s run of Norman Mailer & Jimmy Breslin. Only in New York (and California)!
Encore Booknotes @ 6p from '91 interview Jimmy Breslin on New York lit scene of '20s-'30s & life of writer Damon Runyon
So it looks like I got another day with this hand. I did find some muscle relaxing medication and took some. I think this will cure the symptoms. Today I am going to White Plains to return the DVD's to the library and get more for the weekend. Just wanted to mention one of the DVD 's that was really good. It was a TV series called The Bronx is Burning. The main plot is when George Steinbrenner hired Billy Martin as manager and also hired Reggie Jackson. Really good insight as to the relationship between George and Billy. Over a fourteen year period George hired and fired Billy Martin more then ten Times. The other subplots was in the mid 70's was also the time of Son of Sam. And this series follows him up until the time he gets caught. Jimmy Breslin of the Daily News followed and wrote about all of it. In the series Jimmy Breslin plays himself. The other sub plot is the mayoral election between Abe Beam, Ed Koch and Bella Abzug. It I also when Mario Cuomo became governor. The other really cool thing abou ...
Jimmy Breslin getting inducted into the Irish Baseball Hall of Fame
So excited about Irish-American Baseball Hall of Fame induction today! Gene Michael! Jeff Nelson!! And the great Jimmy Breslin!!!
Tomorrow morning I go a put on the cap and gown and receive my honorary Phd in fine arts from long island univ. I went there for grad school and they are calling me back..dope. Famed writer Jimmy Breslin is also being awarded a degree. Going with my son.I'm a tad emotional not weepy or the like its just like my chest feels real full...a few days ago I celebrated being clean for 21 years...I was told sobriety promised blessings...I guess this is a big one of them...I'll take pictures...peace
Power to the neighborhood: Norman Mailer, Jimmy Breslin and the 51st state
The Church That Forgot Christ: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Jimmy Breslin has established himself as one o...
One thing confirmed by my - Jimmy Breslin can fu**ing write. I am not a fast reader but will finish "Branch Rickey" this wknd.
April has always been a baseball month for me. My are Jimmy Breslin's "Branch Rickey" & Josh Wilker's "Cardboard Gods"
"Branch Rickey" by Jimmy Breslin will be previewed this weekend on the book report
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