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Jimmy Barnes

James Dixon Swan (born 28 April 1956), better known as Jimmy Barnes, is a Scottish-born Australian rock singer-songwriter.

Joe Bonamassa Flame Trees Bob Baffert David Campbell Working Class Man Good Times John Farnham Mike Smith American Pharoah Mark Seymour Paul Kelly Michael Hutchence Cold Chisel Red Hot Summer Tour

Bestsellers: Jimmy Barnes' memoir tops the Australian charts -
**Win Win Win** . Be in to win a double GA pass to Jimmy Barnes live at the Arena, Thursday 30th March. . Simply...
Jimmy Barnes: Looking forward to these shows. The final leg of the tour begins in Mackay tomor…
The inevitability of Jimmy Barnes undoubtedly is Tasmanians
The downfall of Jimmy Barnes unfortunately should have been Donald Trump's 'hairstyle'
What's happening with Jimmy Barnes buy and large will be the sale of baguettes
The inevitability of Jimmy Barnes in most cases will be due to back-stabbing
The media's biased view of Jimmy Barnes unsurprisingly was the capitalist pig dogs
The crisis currently plaguing Jimmy Barnes in parliament will be due to Queenslanders
Mastery looked marvelous under Mike Smith as proud Jimmy Barnes walked alongside prior to the San Felipe Stakes…
The REAL Jimmy Barnes speaks... and sings (obviously) | WYZA
Saw Ian Moss at Groundswell 17! What a legend. the second photo is of a guy watching Jimmy Barnes, but does he look like someone???
Now playing: "A Woman Needs to be Loved" by Jimmy Barnes from 'Soul Searchin''
The desperate state of Jimmy Barnes buy and large is how many cheezels Malcom can fit on his fingers
The basis of Jimmy Barnes in general is due to very unlikely
Baffert told press per Jimmy Barnes that he "walked off the van fine." -Hopefully positive news. Updates to come
Meet Black Singles 300x250
looks positive. Jimmy Barnes said he walked off the trailer just fine. Showed no signs of lameness. Will know more in 24hrs
and Baffert's assistant, Jimmy Barnes, called Baffert on his cell and told his boss Mastery unloaded off the ambulance fine (con't)
Mike Smith tells Baffert it was something in the left hind, but assistant Jimmy Barnes tells Bob via phone horse walked…
Bob Baffert just received call from Jimmy Barnes at barn saying Mastery walked off ambulance OK. "Positive for now".
Our Deputy Prime Minister before releasing a Jimmy Barnes cover album with a surprise cover of Horses by Daryl Brai…
Jimmy Barnes New date confirmed for rescheduled Napier show...
The TV ad for Jimmy Barnes at would be more effective if it didn't say "Tuesday February 16th"
"In 1993 Barnes was cited for a moving violation of 28 in a 25mph zone" -jimmy
Afflalo is meh, Barnes is meh, current Knight is meh. We aren't getting Jimmy Butler or Steph Curry
Barnes: Somebody sent me a text with Jimmy Hyams dancing. You guys should see him dance.
An unexpected night with Jimmy Barnes (with spoilers).
We are so excited about Jimmy Barnes coming to the Arena at the end of March. Tickets available now via TicketDirect.
Enjoy an evening of stories & songs at Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy this Fri at
favourite John Barnes moment. Helping put mcateers bike in his car after getting sacked by tranmere h…
INXS - Good Times (with Jimmy Barnes) via love this tune from one of my fave movies The Lost Boys
Heh, in a country that mostly listened to Jimmy Barnes and Johnny Farnham, it made my dad pretty alternative in the 80s!
We went to a night with Jimmy Barnes last night, the tour that kinda goes with his book... it was next level
Now playing: "Drowning in the Sea of Love" by Jimmy Barnes from 'Soul Searchin''
This better not be because the outfield was too wet - It's an inside show! . "Jimmy Barnes Napier Concert Postponed"
Jimmy Barnes has posponed his concert in Napier tonight.
I once heard Jimmy Barnes sing it, had he taken it seriously it would have sounded brilliant.
Sounds like Jimmy Barnes just swallowed a car muffler.
Hellow WEDNESDAY...How does Espresso & Jimmy Barnes sound for breakfast?.Well that is exactly what Jason will...
Jimmy Barnes - Official Jon Stevens The Radiators coming to you LIVE & LOUD Sunday 22nd January 2017 with tickets...
Olivia Newton-John's husband is 'jealous' of her and Jimmy Barnes
Best friends since childhood, Jimmy Barnes and Steve Rogers were inseparable on both schoolyard and battlefield
Jimmy Barnes (5 min walk from where I grew up). . Others, but you'd need to drive there (Paul Kelly, Sean Williams, Andy Thomas, etc)
Coming up in the final hour of the show: New songs by Jimmy Barnes - Official, Bob Evans, Cub Sport, Nicholas...
.I don't know why they didn't hire Jimmy Barnes instead. Great singer, sounds like Brian J.,…
👲 Jimmy Barnes to perform at the 58th TV Week Logie Awards in ... 😪👲
Good morning! Today legend Jimmy Barnes turns 60 so I have picked one of my all time fave songs... Flame Trees by...
Jimmy Barnes performing at the Where's it being held? The Rooty Hill RSL?
Jimmy Barnes cradles twin grandchildren Betty and Billy via
I love singing in the shower jimmy Barnes Working Class Man
Tim Barnes completes pass to Jimmy McLaughlin on the near sideline Spring Game…
Smokey & the Baffert horses have arrived at only 13 days til Jimmy Barnes kicks me outta his stall.
I'm listening to Driving Wheels by on
I just remembered I have Jimmy Barnes cookie dough drumsticks in the freezer
I liked a video JIMMY BARNES Live at the Playroom Part 1
Remembering Jimmy Barnes singing with the Motown legends at Sandalford in early 2010.
Any chance of some Jimmy Barnes. David in Lisburn.
. I love Good Times by INXS, especially Jimmy Barnes' subdued vocals.
Matt Barnes' cracks a funny; a VTO preview with Jimmy Walker, and yet another failed whiz quiz by a Cowboy, also at 9:45.
good morning day 2 of harvest go for 50 acres done mark by end of day listen to DRIVING WHEELS BY JIMMY BARNES have a great day
Dear I'm glad returned. I am sad I don't still have Barnes, Leslie and Jimmy in the morning. God I miss the 90s.
Still can't get over the fact that Jimmy Barnes has his own ice cream.
must give laith too much ain't enough love by Joe Bonamassa ft. Jimmy Barnes. Perfect for him!
AC/DC f***ed up: they shoulda hired Jimmy Barnes instead of Axl Rose
Looking for a female coach to fill an open spot this weekend. Get ahold of Jimmy Barnes at TrueFit Athletics...
The man of his own. And searching just keeps him proving. That only the road. Can tame the rebel in his soul. - Jimmy Barnes.
I still maintain Hemsworth would be a good Jimmy Barnes in a biopic.
Omg I just realised Jimmy Barnes the musician is named JIMMY BARNES
Moore being able to cover Harden has been huge. Allows Jimmy rest. This is why I'm not opposed to Barnes in the summer
The Red Hot Summer Tour Official Tour, headlined by Jimmy Barnes - Official, is headed to Roche Estate in the...
A Virus hit the computer system at fresh 👎 we won't be able to play; Metallica,Cold Chisel,Jon Bon Jovi or Jimmy Barnes until further notice
Jimmy Butler for Harrison Barnes and a 1st on a sign and trade. Do it, Myers.
Bulls trading Jimmy for Harrison Barnes would be smart. Question is, would the Warriors even want him?
Where's the Outrage? Cruz jokes about running over Trump with car Trump20…
.keep Jimmy and use cap space from Pau and Jo departing to go hard after Barnes or DeRozan to pair with him on the wing
Two moves I hope whoever is running the Bulls make. 1. Jimmy and pieces for Boogie. 2. Sign Harrison Barnes. Start of something.
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from Orlando? U tellin me vucevic for Jimmy isn't good? Let Pau walk and sign Harrison Barnes? Cmon..
I still think Jimmy Barnes - Official is a MUCH better fit. This guy seems to have an opinion on the matter.
I'm prepped too. Bbq, cider, Jimmy Barnes on Pandora, iPad charging, ...and ran a track session today.
I'm listening to Working Class Man by on
Turn on radio and its jimmy Barnes!!! I'm so ever so grateful that this country and their "strict believe on child abuse" take it seriously
Peter Barnes & Jimmy Wagg will be our special guests at our Capital One League Cup trophy visit on monday 18.4.2016 at Wythenshawe Town FC
Making it more accessible is great. But pubs, golf, Jimmy Barnes (who has a concert coming up) don't do anything but add clutter
If harrison barnes become jimmy butler its over
Listen in to KDKD Speakout on 95.3 at 9:40 am or 1280 AM at 12:15 pm tomorrow. Ben Johnson & Jimmy Barnes will be discussing BBBS & events.
Harrison Barnes in the offseason. Two way player who can take some pressure off Jimmy. Can 2,3 and 4 and can shoot
Jimmy barnes Keep your love handy gibralter 101 northern soul 7" 45
Pfffttt! Still not confirmed. I'm calling Jimmy Barnes later to tell him to throw his hat in the ring!
well it is the only Jimmy Barnes record I own ! I think Jim Hilbun plays bass on a track or two as well
the only reason I bought the tape of that Jimmy Barnes album was Rick playing on Seven Days.
Video: The Angels with Jimmy Barnes on stage in Bendigo
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Hayden said he preferred the guy who got cucked by Matt Barnes for his spank bank material
horrific, should have been Jimmy Barnes.
just to describe the view from where i'm sitting, i can see a river, a croquet club, lawn bowls, a sea scout hall and a Jimmy Barnes concert
Brian Johnson was kicked out of AC/DC, Don Walker heads back on the road, Jimmy Barnes performs ... -
- Stevie Young is a chip off the old block, feels like Mal is still there, I miss Phil but Chris Slade is decent, Jimmy Barnes is
Sad news about Brian..Jimmy Barnes could do it, he's Scottish & everything!
I am hearing this is Brian Johnsons replacement Jimmy Barnes - Going Down Alone
There’s a rumour that Jimmy Barnes will be joining ACDC in Brian Johnson’s absence. Is he the right man or should...
Jimmy's A Teapot - Neil Finn & Jimmy Barnes (The boys having a bit of fun with the crowd)
I kinda want to give Lucifer a chance but when you've got a music producer called Jimmy Barnes and it's played by...
the weirdest thing about the first ep of Lucifer was the musician's name (Jimmy Barnes), who is an Aussie singer from the 80s
every time I hear Jimmy Barnes I think of the Aussie singer.
We talk to Red Hot Summer Tour headliner and rock legend Jimmy Barnes ahead of his Kiama performance next month...
Paul Kelly&Jimmy Barnes to perform the Big Red sand dune on the edge of the Simpson Desert
Just had the door at work opened for me by Jimmy Barnes. Would have preferred Gillian Anderson but I'll take what I can get.
I see Jimmy Barnes has gone all activewear on stage to get down with the kids.
Courtney Barnett is the anti Jimmy Barnes in all the best ways
Im jimmy hendrix with the solo, those some strings you can't pull!. Carey Barnes
Jimmy barnes Rocked in concert today.. Appalling weather + venue tho
An item on my bucket list is about to be ticked see Jimmy Barnes perform live. Well Jimmy here you are in Hobart!
Jimmy Barnes is rehearsing for an outdoor concert, this evening, 700m away from my mum's house. Now, she wants me...
INXS feat. Jimmy Barnes: "Good Times" / "Only take a minute just to sing my song..."
I've gone through the rankings & can't find the 2 votes I gave to Largs Pier Hotel by Jimmy Barnes?
Just watched the Jimmy Barnes talk - Bloody great positive stuff! Well Done! -
Khe Sanh by Jimmy Barnes Gotta love the Jimmy! I was at this gig. Why did I not know it's available on …
Roll on Thursday see you soon jimmy 😂😂😂😂
. Terrific, just imagine Bonny Tyler and Jimmy Barnes singing together, two gravel voices.
Rick Barnes opens up on his exit from Texas, his belief that Shaka Smart will do well and his new job at Tennessee. ht…
📹 How it looks when Jimmy Neutron thinks
Just met Jimmy Barnes at Tassie airport. Spoke to him for 5 minutes about fighting. What a legend.
. Trump ain't worthy of sacred rock n roll. Our Jimmy Barnes put them in their place- nowheresville-how about u
great!! I love Jimmy Barnes. Saw him two times. Great live artist.
The fabulous Jimmy Barnes and the divine Michael Hutchens from
Janice J has performed with many different bands and acts and alongside plenty of names such as Jimmy Barnes and...
Jimmy Butler should have been a starter way before Wade
So if Virgil is Jimmy Page does that make dude from Judas Priest the bro that wrote Beowulf?…
Hi Jimmy, I might be able to help you. Please DM more details over. Pricing & portfolio -
I wonder if David Morrison could add promotion of musical diversity to his causes. Jimmy Barnes and Flame Trees really?
Thoughts on the Australia Day line up?. ---. Australian of the Year awards in Canberra: Jimmy Barnes set to rock...
Jimmy Barnes kicks of Red Hot Summer 2016, Gurrumul to play St Kilda Festival, U2 channel Zooropa for next... -
Jimmy Barnes also sung to me during Flame Trees and i got it on video but then snapchat deleted it bc outta storage :)
Hey Scott Kell, Jimmy Barnes and Don Scott.cannot yall call 911 Billy Stokes off Crane 10? Yall got a good draft pick. ..
Summer's heating up in the Hunter with the announcement of Jimmy Barnes, Noiseworks, The Angels & Mark Seymour as... http…
Mark Seymour from the Hunters & Collectors joins Jimmy Barnes - Official and John Williamson in condemning the...
And if that didn't get you movin' here's a better version.Jimmy Barnes on organ W/ Joe Bonamassa on guitar... :
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Lazy - Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa via Best thing about being home alone! you can play what you want
Lazy by Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa on Re-Machined: A Tribute To Deep Purple's Machine Head in
What took us so long to have Cold Chisel at the NRL GRAND FINAL ... This is outstanding stuff .. Jimmy Barnes is one of a k…
yeah, it's a rock and roll music cruise with some of Australia's biggest names in music including Jimmy Barnes :)
Ken Sutcliffe launching NRL finals at SCG. The Provan-Summons trophy & Jimmy Barnes are both in attendance
Feeling touched watching David Campbell interviewing his dad Jimmy Barnes.
Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man Ahh doesn't get more Aussie than this! Even though I wasn't even born it's a classic
Delta Goodrem rocks out to Jimmy Barnes in lip sync battle
Jimmy Barnes - Official. Dame Edna Everage and I have teamed up with Drumstick to celebrate summer and two new...
Jimmy Barnes (assistant to Bob Baffert) on American Pharoah's trip to NJ and training plans. "The flight was excellent. Very smooth. (1/4)
Musically I'm more a 'David Campbell' fan than 'Jimmy Barnes' but this reclaim Australia rubbish makes me want to buy a Cold Chisel album
Great to see Jimmy Barnes - Official telling his grand daughter Betty all about how he and the rest of Cold...
Flesh & Wood final show on the Gold Coast is a sell out
Patagonia in Photos, available also via Barnes & Noble
Jimmy Barnes and Ben Quilty having fun on the Art of Music Live red carpet.
meant great radio. Until the Barnes, Leslie and Jimmy show was cancelled with 99x. Radio sucked afterwards.
- Amazing Beautiful Couple you guys are- But Awesome Artist!!! Jimmy Barnes! Where's the Babies at? The Twins!!!
woo hoo... Throw some ACDC, Savage Garden, Kylie Minogue and Jimmy Barnes into the mix to really Aussie it up! 😫😫😱😝
it was a miscue from barnes to make the additional throw. And jimmy was not on point either.
Between a Roy Barnes story about when he changed the flag and Jimmy Carter talking his run for state Senate, this Atlanta mag issue is legit
A Rock 'N' Roll Tree Day: Aussie legend Jimmy Barnes is best known for the time he spends on stage be...
Check out Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa. I just finished listening to sensational Jazz piece by them. They are dynamic! Check 'em out.
it's very beautiful but I particularly dislike jimmy Barnes so it's a tough call.
Much happier living with my love of Flame Trees knowing Jimmy Barnes has basically no writing credits for it.
Have I told FB that Saturday night was most likely the best Jimmy Barnes gig I have seen in such a long time. 34 songs, people.
Read it. If he dies it again, see it.
Notice the tshirt Jimmy Barnes is wearing in my Good Times video. :) It's destiny!
I've never heard of the band Dads before but if they're not 50 year dads wearing fedoras singing Jimmy Barnes covers I'm not interested.
Jimmy Barnes and his children singing Nat King Cole. Special experience at the Palais last night. So worth the money.
Jimmy Barnes would be appalled, he's not a racist at all.
Jimmy Barnes hoping for strong government support for Holden workers in Elizabeth
Jimmy Barnes hoping for government support for Elizabeth Holden workers: As the closure of the Holden Elizabeth…
Brisbane's own gets nomination for this year's event: .
Meet the 345th overall pick of the 2015 LF Jimmy Barnes from Deep Creek HS in Chesapeake, VA!
Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man via Slow intro then it rocks. Very underrated guy is Jimmy. Big in Europe
Have you heard ‘6 - 20 - 15 Jimmy Barnes and Laminitis and Founder’ by Horsetalk on
Jimmy Barnes dotes on David Campbell's twins Billy and Betty who are in matching outfits
Working Class Grandad! Jimmy Barnes shows his softer side as he dotes on David Campbell's…
It's seems I've been confusing Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham all these years. Are they actually different ppl? I hv my doubts.
ha! Is it Jimmy Barnes that traumatized me and not . John Farnham at all? Lol, tho to be fair I think I hate them both.
it's interesting. I'd rather them go after Jimmy butler or Harrison Barnes
Come celebrate with your father at Jimmy's Seaside Fries. Barnes Crossing Mall
ha, how come?alan Barnes photos with a Jimmy Saville chaser?
Hang outs with Jimmy Barnes & Daryl Braithewaite . Two ROCKIN voices side by side ; )
Rock it out with Jimmy Barnes aboard the Royal Caribbean's Radiance of the Seas - 7 Day Cruise
Jimmy Barnes - No Second Prize. Still one of the best songs around
Check out our of 2011 book signing at Barnes and Noble! ->
We keepin it real?? *** like Matt Barnes, Straight braids and Jimmy Butler would've been ELITE DEFENDERS in the 80's and 90's...
Deep Creek's Jimmy Barnes selected by L.A. Angels in 11th round of MLB Draft
also got tickets for oz legend Jimmy Barnes. ..
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy Barnes and Joe Bonamassa - Lazy
Gotta love those hangouts with Jimmy Barnes & Daryl Braithwaite
Jimmy Barnes son David Campbell is on the Carlton selection panel to pick the new coach. Obviously the Blues after a new theme song as well.
Lazy - Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa via To the affluent who follow a different set of laws while we pay 4it
"If it doesn't happen, we're good losers," Jimmy Barnes says of American Pharoah. But says Bob Baffert's team "wants t…
Jimmy Barnes' son brutal honesty: My family’s alcoholism stops with me
What the fudge? Jimmy Barnes is back on and the footy AWOL?! Wah! Not Midnight Oil AGAIN! ARGH!!
Jimmy Barnes has covered Sia's Chandelier? Oh no! I like that he's honouring his fellow South Australian but his vocal range isn't quite...
good luck Jimmy and all the nominees. Sorry I can't be there.
Jimmy Barnes performs cover of Sia's hit single ...
Jimmy Barnes leant his rusty tones to the songstress' Grammy award winning hit Chandelier, at the APRA Awards and belted out the tortured
Well this is VERY different. Jimmy Barnes , Diesel and MAHALIA BARNES .
Twice the love! Jimmy Barnes and wife Jane lovingly pose with twin grandchildren Billy and Betty as they give ...
Report: Rick Barnes asked to make staff changes or face possible exit:
Jimmy Barnes' cover of Sia's Chandelier met with ...
Jimmy Barnes absolutely just slayed your song :O
Got my editing Rock on with a little bit of Jimmy Barnes! Oh who am I kidding - the whole album!
I just saw the headline: Jimmy Barnes covers Sia. And people still think Spotify is killing music industry?
Watched Jimmy Barnes cover Chandelier and was sure he would explode. But he didn't. Not sure if better or worse.
Take a break from Cameron with. Jimmy Barnes - Stone Cold (Feat. Joe Bonamassa):
Jimmy can't protect Kandi from the one thing that haunts her - forgotten memories.
VIDEO: "Fans" get caught lying about March Madness in the latest Lie Witness News
Pete Wentz does his best Sia (the "Chandelier" singer). These awards have fun way to get nominees to attend!
Who cares,bloody thing sank,and I'm going on my first cruise in Oct,I hate boats and the ocean,but luv Jimmy Barnes for him😊
Jimmy Barnes' cover of Sia's Chandelier met with mixed reviews on social media
"and now Zayn quit One Direction- thanks Obama." -- Mitt in the Mirror with Mitt Romney & Jimmy Fallon:
Jimmy Barnes once told me he wanted to create a nursing homes tour with old rockers so they could tour & still get laid. He's a good bloke.
Jimmy Barnes does not sing 'Chandelier' as well as Sia. The End.
Got to meet Jimmy Barnes today. Had to take a selfie lol
Yipes! Is Jimmy Barnes performing? You wouldn't want to be paying that for out-dated kiss cam "entertainment"
Have you seen this singing chandelier
I thought jimmy Barnes chandelier was great and so did my daughters
Jimmy Barnes performs cover of Sia's hit single Chandelier but it's met with ...
Jimmy Barnes covering Sia's Chandelier. Finally I can talk music with my uncles at Christmas lunch.
Jimmy Barnes belts out a cover of Sia's 'Chandelier' at APRA's: via
Pete Wentz dons Sia's blonde bob to accept the notoriously shy artist's APRA awards for her hit "Chandelier".
A few people have asked to see the video from last night's performance at the awards with Diesel. Here it is
I thank you for this. When Jimmy Barnes, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz try to be Sia: APRA Awards 2015 -
It was great to catch up with our friends Moshcam at the This was amazing! Jimmy Barnes - Chandelier
I liked a video Jimmy Barnes 'Live at the Chapel' 2001 - 'Flame Trees'.
A few choice words from Jimmy Barnes
Barnes headed the selection committee. But that's Scott Barnes (no relation), the Utah St AD. ;)
Barnes: "Myles Turner is 18 years old. 18 years old. He came in with expectations that were very unrealistic."
Barnes now talking down Turner's capabilities? "Myles Turner is 18 years old. He had expectations that weren't very realisti…
was Barnes on the selection committee? Had to have been...
.reacts to being selected to the NCAA tournament for the 16th time in 17 years under Rick Barnes. http:/…
Next generation got Jimmy Barnes (I hav Rock Concert Deafness from him😁)
Matt Barnes and Patrick Beverly foul each other simultaneously into a quantum singularity; the stadium is sucked into oblivion.
Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man: via Time to get Moving, it's MONDAY! :)))
Matt Barnes with the tackle on James Harden.
Jimmy Barnes - Official is still Australia's Working Class Man and didn't disappoint a strong crowd of 5000 at...
you'd have your ears pricked too if you were stabled at Calhoun's & had Jimmy Barnes with you 24/7. :-)
Courier Mail on Google Play Newsstand: Rock icon joins white shoe brigade.
Rock icon joins white shoe brigade: WHEN a bona fide Aussie rock icon wears them, there's something going on. ...
Rock icon joins white shoe brigade: AN Aussie rock icon joins the white shoe brigade; macaroons go ‘fashion’ a...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Rock icon joins white shoe brigade (Entertainment)
Aussie rock icon has joined the white shoe brigade; a design house has created a macaron. Fun.
Students loading-in Red Hot Summer Tour with Jimmy Barnes for POWA productions in Ballarat
Jimmy Barnes "don't you know who I am"'d us at bookshop in Oz when asked for ID to go w chq paymt. Cd have just used a card.
Jimmy Barnes checking it at crown for Basil's party tonight
I'm sorry but Jimmy Barnes Soul Deep is one of the best albums of all time! 👌
I dreamed I had a wild party (unlikely in itself) and that Jimmy Barnes was forced to relieve himself into an empty Mo…
Quote if the day~ 'Jimmy Savile and now HS2, Stoke Mandeville has had it all!’ SCRAP
Mornings host David Campbell's rocker dad Jimmy Barnes bottle feeds newborn twins with help from the wife as presenter en…
American Phoarah with trusted Bob Baffert assistant Jimmy Barnes after arriving at for Saturday's Rebel. http…
Annnd Soul Deep scared me like it used to when I was a kid. Eff you. — listening to Jimmy Barnes - Official
Bunbury Turf Club's biggest week of racing kicks off this weekend with Jimmy Barnes in concert
I saw Jimmy Barnes only last year. He supported the Rolling Stones. Nailed it. He still has it. I cried during Flame Trees.
You can see Joe Bonamassa live with the daughter of the great Jimmy Barnes - Official... that's right, MAHALIA...
Another rendition by Adam Hills singing Advance Australia Fair to Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man at a comedy...
Happy and welcome to Yesterday I saw Bon Scott, Jimmy Barnes & Michael Hutchence...
Jimmy Barnes has added three new tour dates, including Tweed Heads.
Get this india! Fingers crossed I win the competition to get up and sing with Jimmy Barnes himself!
Featuring solos from Larry McKenna, Bootsie Barnes, and Jimmy Heath with additional solos from Tim Warfield and...
:-) I have discovered so may new blues stuff recently I can hardly keep up with it all! Try King King and Jimmy Barnes. Newish.
Spiderbait, Jimmy Barnes and Cold Chisel headliners for Clipsal 500 in 2015 x
Did Chisel do this as well. I thought solo Jimmy Barnes Working Class Man
So the woman who used the jukebox before me had a weird fixation on Jimmy Barnes.
PSA: Jimmy Barnes still uses mailing lists.
Check out the Issue 14 cover of The TRADIE Mag, featuring Jimmy Barnes - Official! The last issue for 2014 - Stay...
Jimmy without a doubt right now. Offensive improvement unlike any other. Barnes to a lesser extent.
via - State Rep Mandela Jimmy Barnes - Official. This is a great opportunity that provides quality services to...
I think Jimmy is slick and rich for a reason. I think he made it bigger than it was... like a "deal was imminent"
Found some Pink floyd, van morrison, bob dylan, rolling stones, inxs, jimmy barnes + more. Moving house isnt too bad🙀
Wow - Jimmy Barnes has one of the best voices in the business and with Joe B on guitar this is a match made in...
jimmy barnes and inxs Good Times from the film Lost Boys: vía Michael Hutchence
would love to see the old Toyota ad, Jimmy Barnes+Crows 'ain't no 2nd prize' Is this online anywhere?
need Jimmy Barnes on the left flank
Bring in the Season TONIGHT! with Bootsie Barnes, Larry McKenna, and Jimmy Heath!
thanks big bro it's me sav Barnes mr Allen jimmy and a few more
now they are playing jimmy Barnes, im so confused
“Blimey! X FACTOR winners are getting younger these days... Jimmy Barnes love child?
Forgotten memories have begun to resurface, but can Jimmy save Kandi before it's too late?
We can't wait for this Saturday's show at Josef Chromy Wines, Launceston! Jimmy Barnes - Official joined by The...
Australia's Jimmy Barnes used to drink vodka on stage!
The Single Promise Me You'll Call by Jimmy Barnes first charted on this day in 1984
“Exaro: Haroon Kasir, who co-managed Elm, boasted he was friends with SAVILE". .
Martin Short and Jimmy take on and in Pictionary! ht…
saw him on Wednesday night with Jimmy Barnes you'll be happy to know they are still sprayed on
Jimmy Barnes - Flame Trees (Flesh & Wood). Another of my favourite singers. :
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
As promised, here is Masters very own Chris Muller rocking the stage with Jimmy Barnes - Official at a day on the...
Jimmy Barnes concert at Bimbadgen was great - and came home to find I've come 3rd in Glen Phillips Poetry Prize!
Jimmy Barnes, assistant to trainer Bob Baffert, showed his San Francisco Giants pride today:
myRockworld new cd Tipp for Classic Rock Fans - Jimmy Barnes - Ride The Night Away (Feat. Steven Van Zandt) - new...
Jimmy Barnes & Chris Cheney! Thank you Living End for touring the 'berra at the same time!
I find it slightly disconcerting that I am one of the youngest people at a Jimmy Barnes concert
Full house for Jimmy Barnes again. Feel very at home with the age of this crowd. A nice old bunch of people. ;-)
no, I mean Jimmy Barnes version of Working Class Man is one of the great covers.
Unashamedly love this version of this song. Todays cool down song. Jimmy Barnes & The Badloves - The Weight:
4 front row seats to tonight have become available! Get them here:
and jimmy Barnes was great also. Except that you had to wait an hour for a beer and sacrifice seeing jimmy. Unaustralian!
Are you a fan of Jimmy Evans' books? We now have e-book versions at iBooks, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Post a review?
Have started this with 30:30 Hindsight by a certain Jimmy Barnes.
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