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Jimmie Walker

James Carter Jimmie Walker (born June 25, 1947) is an American actor and stand-up comedian, known for portraying J. J.

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Please stop with that video I really can't see it anymore
Good Times w/Jimmie Walker (Dyno-Mite!) and Welcome Back Kotter with the role that made John Travolta famous.
I wanna see a throwback show! Call up Fannie Flagg, Jimmie Walker, Betty White. Let's go old school!
Ernie Barnes and Jimmie Walker. Barnes is the actual person who created all the artworks on Good Times.
Apparently I'm like Confederate General William Walker - shot 8 times in his career. Not sure I like it.
Getty Images, *** .. Jimmie Walker is public domain, damnit!
Why Cam have Jimmie Walker steppin out the Maybach wit sandals on & he was supposed to be Hov lmao
Eddie, why'd you shoot Jimmie Walker in his lips? I like Good Times.
I liked a video from Jimmie Walker & Stacey Dash...
Usain Bolt's got nothing on Jimmie "Dyn-O-Mite" Walker, baby!
Did you know that John Amos who played James Evans, the father in Good Times was only 8 years older than Jimmie Walker "JJ" in real life?
lol have fun... Don't have grandma listening to Kodak put that Bobby Blue Bland or some Jimmie Walker on for her
I had no idea Jimmie Walker used to be the official comedian of the Black Panther Party. now he dates Ann Coulter. blowing my mind rn
This hurt me until I found out John Amos just didn't wanna work with Jimmie Walker anymore...
Jimmie JJ Walker and I after hanging in a chow line. He's at the tonight. Go see him.
Jimmie Walker is stealing a lot of oxygen from me right now @ Funny…
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Comedian Jimmie "JJ" Walker professes his love for Jim Brown, distrust of Johnny Manziel.
Jimmie Walker told me he used to have Letterman, Leno, and Jack Handey all write for him.
Jimmie Walker has already dropped about 35 F-bombs off the air.
Sometimes you gotta lose first in order to win 💯✊
love is color blind.. JJ and yup you guessed do we have to take her off the racist List ?
Come step back in time to the 1970's. The Bourbon Street on Main restaurant in Lawrenceburg will be having...
The 1914 Pittsburgh Rebels of the Federal League had Rebel Oakes, Jimmie Savage, Skipper Roberts, and Mysterious Walker on their roster.
Amazing conference today at IIT Delhi with Jimmie Walker from Johns Hopkins school of Education, Professor Harish...
Excited to have Jimmie Walker from Johns Hopkins University at this week.
I blame Jimmie Walker for my weakness for tall, skinny, loud mouth dark skins 😂
JHU doctoral student Jimmie Walker with the Intellitots instructional team,adopting the BTT model.
We are super excited to welcome Ms. Jimmie Walker from Johns Hopkins University. She is spending the entire week...
Jimmie Walker led a wonderful workshop on brain targeted teaching for parents.
Listen to pour up a pint jimmy.mp3 by Jimmie Walker on
And for the record Ann Coulter is (or at least was) dating Jimmie Walker. So she'd probably not be cool w/that.
Penny Marshall, Cheryl Ladd, Adrienne Barbeau, Jimmie Walker, James at 15, Patrick Duffy, Donna Mills...this is all in one show!
Gary Coleman as Drew,Jimmie Walker as Lewis,Kim Fields as Kate & Meshach Taylor as Oswald on
He's right there between sly stone and Jimmie walker.
Well I got these 2 tix to see Jimmie Walker the "Dynomite" dude from Good Times lol...wish I had some friends here lmao
Saw JurassicWorld Mon, Got tickets to see the super funny Jimmie JJ Walker Wed at then Friday!
Youngest of 8, born in 1928, My Mom Jimmie Lee Walker celebrates her 87th Birthday!! Happy Birthday
Fact: Jimmie Walker may have over-J.J.-ed "Good Times," but he came nowhere close to Erkel-ing it.
Catching up on podcast. I love Going Bananas. I still have the VHS. Dom Deluise, Jimmie Walker, and the Over The Top Kid
Phil, Fowler... Jimmie Walker, McDowell. My only reservation with Phil is the conditioning... But I think even par will win
Interesting observation on comedy today vs the 1970s. Thoughts?
There aren't poor/working class folks on TV period. Going back to the very beginning of the medium to be...
This week we have Jimmie "JJ" Walker making an appearance! He'll be here Wednesday, June 17th - Saturday, June 20th. Don't miss this classic
if you can find it: check out Randy Galloway DESTROYING Jimmie Johnson and Cowboys for Herschel Walker trade. EVISCERATING
Dynomite! is like the undercover cop who becomes addicted to drugs.
I asked Jimmie Walker what he thought of JURASSIC WORLD. He said it was DINO— [is bound, gagged, beaten & buried before he can finish joke]
I know I'm late, but Ann Coulter and Jimmie Walker, an item for 10 yrs? I knew Jimmie wanted to be traded, but *** .. Ann Coulter?
Ahead of "The Seventies," Jimmie "J.J." Walker of "Good Times" fame joined Carol Costello to discuss how television has changed in the
Jimmie Walker, who played J.J. Evans in "Good Times," says that TV shows featuring a black family has to be upper or middle class because
CNN: 'You'll never see a poor, black family on TV again'
(Demond Wilson) and actor Jimmie Walker on the Love Boat. POP channel.
They're making a Good Times movie! I hope John Amos will play Henry Evans and Jimmie Walker as Alderman Davis.
let me get Lee Westwood and Jimmie Walker
Jimmie 'JJ' Walker still bringing his 'dynomite' to the stage four decades after we got to know him on TV
No one reviewed pairing Tiger with Jimmie "Dynomite!" Walker??
. Tiger is paired with Jimmie Walker?. S/overused 70s catchphrases.
Bordow: Five to watch and predicting the winner for the Masters
My top five Masters picks and who do I think will win:
TW is playing in the Par 3 Contest with Jimmie Walker? Dyn-O-Mite!
I disagree. Respectfully, of course. I'd rather see someone like Rory or Jimmie Walker win it.
Join Haz Matthew’s for a Comedy Zone Jimmie JJ Walker pre party at Club Velvet lounge on Thursday 4/9 from 5p-7p.
Through Jimmie JJ Walker in there too. I'd trade him for a six-pack and I don't drink beer.
I liked a video Jimmie Walker kicked out of Seattle motel for brandishing finger gun 2009
is the fastest, most furious yet! Jimmie "J.J." Walker did a fantastic job subbing for his late brother Paul!
I still commiserate with you re. Bill Cosby and Jimmie Walker's treatment you on Tonight Show. Abusive behavior by those 2.
😃 "SoCal, get on up to tomorrow! Me and Jimmie Walker in the house.
Photo: Debbie Allen "Good Times" wasn’t the only time I worked with Jimmie Walker. We also co-starred in...
Uh oh Derek Luke on here too... Who's next Jimmie Walker?
The story of Jimmie Lee Walker was beautifully told in the movie, Selma.
presents Jimmie Walker. March 20 and 21. Tickets are on sale now.
mind blown when reveals that 'Ripper' contained not only Walken, but also Paul Giamatti, Burgess Meredeth, and JIMMIE WALKER
On this day in 1974, Popular show Good Times, with Jimmie J.J. Walker, has its debut on CBS TV
"Lillian, Eddie had a fight in a disco with Deney Terrio and shot Jimmie Walker."
Todd Link, will we be seeing you as well?
SO HAPPY for friends I've known... David Walker, Gene Yang, Brandon Easton to find success in comics!
Marshall Mathers and Jimmie Walker are spam triggers?
Jimmie Walker was always a regular because he gave Letterman an earlier break. Same for David Brenner.
Jimmie Walker is gonna be in Vegas with you guys?
Frank Zappa solos furiously as Kenny Rogers, Jimmie “J.J.” Walker and Mike Douglas look on |
Jimmie Walker who play the eldest Evans kid, J.J.
This non-humid weather is *clap* DYNO-MITE!. Your girl look like Jimmie Walker.
In the immortal words of Jimmie JJ Walker from Good Times "DYNAMITE! "
As Jimmie Walker of Good Times would say "Dynomite"! Good job Sheriff! You're definitely on the shtick or should I say stick
I'm sure the spin class teacher a stone cold freak ... But she look like Jimmie walker in the face
Why'd you punch Jimmie Walker in the lip, Eddie? I liked Good Times. (
Listen here Jimmie JJ Walker u better get yoself together for I spill the beans to yo wiiife bout where u REALLY be!
What? You took a shot in the lips and now you look like Jimmie Walker? Yeah, that'll do it.
“Why did you punch Jimmie Walker in the lips, Ed? I like Good Times!”
Good Times: John Amos was like eight years older than Jimmie Walker. Though to be fair, John Amos has looked 80 for 45 years
Watching The New Liars Club with you & jimmie walker Wow Canadian game shows are mild lol Metal face statue just happened
Jimmie Walker Live at the Temple Theater June 25th & 26th
domain names
What do expect from someone who dates Bill Maher, Jimmie "Dyn-o-mite" Walker & Dinesh D'Souza? Nonsense!
How is it that John Amos is aging better than Jimmie Walker?
moss hands down but Megatron is OH MY GOD in the words of Jimmie walker DYNO-MITE! That cat is so *** scary LOL
We'll show you Sat 7/12, don't miss Jimmie "JJ" Walker for a ONE NIGHT ONLY appearance at our DT club!
Happy Birthday! Carly Simon is 69. Jimmie Walker is 67. Doug Gilmour is 51. Ricky Gervais is 53. George Michael is 51
may have to make it a top 10 list... So many great cameos. Barry Bostwick, Jimmie Walker, Billy Dee Williams, John Ritter...
Trying to remember the past few presidents & I fixated on Jimmie Walker instead of Jimmy Carter. America, we missed a chance.
Zappa in the 1970's on the Mike Douglas Show with Kenny Rogers and Jimmie Walker
Frank Zappa on the Mike Douglas Show, jamming w/ the band and talking w/ Jimmie Walker& Kenny Rogers #
Stand-Up Comedy Legend Paul Mooney , he's written for " In Living Color " " Dave Chappelle " " Jimmie Walker " and Put together and organized " Richard Pryor's Act " ... He was the first to do " The Black Thang " way before Katt Williams , Dave Chappelle , Tracey Morgan , Patrice O'Neal and many other comics trying to be Richard Pryor , circa 1968 ... he's offended millions , but made Many more Millions THINK and Laugh ... He's a true Comedy Icon .. I'm proud of him and Proud to call him a friend .. Mooney isn't for everyone . But he is a true comedy pioneer ... Mooney isn't doing well health wise , Check U-Tube , We in the true comedy community are thinking and wishing him the best ... He's the best...
Cafe Tallulah hosted a memorial for comedian David Brenner last night. Guests included Richard Lewis, Paul Reiser, Jimmie Walker, and Kenneth Cole. David was not only one of the funniest people we've ever met, he was also a great father, husband, mentor, and friend.
Did You Know...that in real life, on the TV sitcom, Good Times, James Evans Sr. (John Amos) was only 7 years older than J.J. (Jimmie Walker)
Rest in Comedic Bliss, brother! Brenner, who was raised in working-class south Philadelphia and graduated with honors from Temple University, was "always there helping a bright young comedian, whether it be Richard Lewis, Freddie Prinze or Jimmie Walker, and he was still doing it until the very end," Abraham said.
It's been a Frank Zappa on the Mike Douglas Show with Jimmie Walker and Kenny Rogers kind of real way to...
CBS premiered "Good Times" with Esther Rolle, John Amos and Jimmie Walker on this date in 1974. The comedy, which...
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Speaking of close to age on a TV show, Jimmie Walker played JJ Evans on John Amos is the father. . John is 74. Jimmie is 66.
Sickening. I would rename them after Redd Foxx, the guy who played Grady, Jimmie Walker, Steve Erkel just to name a few.
So which black entertainer is Duck Dynasty going to add? Stacey Dash? Jimmie Walker?
Jimmie Walker. One of the funniest comedy albums I ever heard. Of course, it…
Wish my granny and big cuz was here smh. Miss y'all lots 😔💔 R.I.H Sarah Lee Wyatt & Jimmie Lee Walker.
Although, I bet people still yell "DY-NO-MITE~!!!" at Jimmie Walker to this very day.
I was told 2 keep quiet so I will do just that
Love my husband Jimmie Walker III he is battling the craziness in Walmart to get last minute stuff my mom and I forgot. Thanks baby.
Sportscenter so good when ya team win
Why Jimmie JJ Walker gotta be the PURPLE grapes?
It's a known fact ...Women that NAG all the time gets cheated on 98% of the time for that reason
Jimmie JJ Walker & Mike Marino highlight Dec. headliners at our world famous Comedy Club! Get tix for just $19.99:
I find it funny that u can do so much for a person & as soon as they're mad, u never did any of it
Emanuel Chapman of is now tied with Jimmie Walker for 8th All-time in career steals at 127
I think we got this game in the bag
Update your maps at Navteq
"Rip Taylor, Jaye P. Morgan, and Jimmie Walker cameo as celebrities. Ally Sheedy cameos as an NY Ticket Agent."
As I go thru my day I get thru it with no hate or animosity. Just a smile and high hopes for a great life changer
If ur girl dnt trust u, do u honestly think that she WANTS 2 feel like that? Cuz I dnt kno a girl who wants 2 b on edge all …
What a world. Just saw Jimmie Walker on an episode of George Lopez. Can you remember where Jimmie Walker started? Trivia.
*In a recent interview, Jimmie Walker went on and on…and on about the love he has for his best friend Ann Coulter. Let's take a moment to let that m
Sonny is the Jimmie Walker of podcasting love the show
Homeschool math (How my kids hear it): “If Farmer Jones had a fifty acre farm that he had to mow, it takes Farmer Jones twelve hours with a team of horses, but it only takes him six with a tractor. “One day while mowing the lawn the tractor broke down, so Farmer Jones had to go to the horses. But he decided to use his son who, by himself could mow a lawn in fourteen hours. “Now, although his son, mowing a fifty acre lawn in Colorado on a sunny day with Farmer Brown passing by and a team of mules, taking all the rationals into rationalisation, using only [unintelligible mathematics examination jargon] and showing all work on a separate piece of paper, how long did it take them to mow the lawn? Give your answer in feet.” - From Jimmie Walker, Dyn-O-Mite
Steve Landesberg, ‘Barney Miller’ Actor, Dies at 74       Steve Landesberg, an actor and comedian with a friendly and often deadpan manner who was best known for his role on the long-running sitcom “Barney Miller,” died in Los Angeles on Monday. He was 74.   The cause was colon cancer, his daughter, Elizabeth, said.   On “Barney Miller,” which ran on ABC from 1975 to 1982, Mr. Landesberg played Sgt. Arthur P. Dietrich, an intellectual detective with a quiet manner who seemed to have an unrivaled knowledge of practically any topic that arose, much to the bewilderment of his fellow detectives.   He was also given to odd, unexpected pronouncements. In one 1980 episode he tells his boss, Captain Miller, played by Hal Linden, that he is working on a case that dates to 1973. Miller says: “That was seven years ago! Nixon was president!” Dietrich’s low-key response: “No, he’s got an airtight alibi for this one.”     Mr. Landesberg received three Emmy Award nominations for that role ...
If the star of "Good Time" turned into a zombie and darted in traffic he would be known as Jimmie J. J. Jaywalking Dead Walker
Watching Amen. Sherman Helmsley was only 10 yrs older than Anna Maria Horsford (Thelma). *** John Amos is only 8 yrs older than Jimmie Walker.
Confession : About 10 years ago my cousin and her best friend went to a comedy show and Jimmie Walker was the headlining act I touched him as he walked by he gave me a mean look after the show I walked past him.and he pulled me to the side and talked to me I must say I hate rejection so no.I.don't approach men that im.interested in or find attractive.
Studying an episode of Good Times & Jimmie Walker is totally Dave Chappelle in a giant 70s collar. dynomite.
Has two free tickets to see Jimmie Walker at Aces' Comedy Club in Murrieta tonight at 7pm. I saw the performance last night and it was awesome. The first to claim them can have them. :)
Great clean comedy show at the Ontario Improv this afternoon! Busy today? Two shows at 7 and 9:30 tonight at Aces with Jimmie Walker!
In my room chilling look at Good Times marathon.on tv 1 boy jimmie walker makes me Laugh.their something about a sitcom that makes you smile!
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Can someone please explain why when I Google Jimmie Walker, only photos of Ann Coulter show up.
Okay movie fans, what 70s movie starring Sidney Portier and Bill Cosby reunited John ”James Evans” Amos and Jimmie ”JJ Evans” Walker? Was it Uptown Saturday Night, Let's Do it Again, or A Piece Of The Action? And what was Jimmie Walkers characters name? Bodie Jackson, Bootney Farnsworth,.or Bonehead Johnson?
Get your ACES down to the club this to come see Jimmie JJ Walker and have a Good Time!!!...
Best-selling author, syndicated columnist political commentator Ann Coulter joins HuffPost Live and discusses the rumors swirling around her and Jimmie Walker.
Event of the day - Jimmie Walker - Dyn-o-mite!... All my younger friends wont get that but brings back memories
Rising from the streets of New York's ghettos to television super-stardom, Jimmie Walker personifies the great American success story. His catch...
I'm featuring for Jimmie Walker all weekend at in Murrieta!
Who needs Apple's overpriced junk when you can get a Panasonic Take-N-Tape or a Panasonic Dynamite 8 that's endorsed by Jimmie Walker?
"oh, you must be Jimmie Walker. Lmfao!
TOMORROW, have a blast at ACES Comedy Club!! We have comedian Jimmie JJ Walker (J.J. from Good Times) headlining...
MURRIETA: Jimmie Walker to perform at Aces this weekend //
Start off your weekend with a BANG and come see a DYN-O-MITE performance by Jimmie JJ Walker from Good Times!!...
Wow I thought Jimmie Walker invented dy-no-mite, learn something new everyday!
I wonder how many Don Demarcos I would a heard yesterday
My Eagles going to the SuperBowl.. & The Cowboys are SuperTrash!
One of my favorite movie quotes was Bernie Mac on Players Club. He told jamie foxx,"Blue u aint nuttin, all u do iz spin recoorddz, thats all u do. Who you think u iz DJ Quik huh, Kid Capri Huh, or you must be Jimmie Walker. Blue U aint Nuttin, U dont deserve nuttin, u dont get nuttin, LMAO. OMG for him to tell jamie foxx to his face that he wasnt nuttin, is Classic. LOL
Come see our headliner next week, Jimmie JJ Walker from Good Times!! “LIKE” if you know his catch-phrase...
Good Times Facts! Thanks Bianca 1) Florida Evans (Esther Rolle) was much older than James Evans (John Amos): Florida was born in 1920 and James was born in 1939. So, when show began in 1974, Florida was already 54 years old, married to a 35-year old husband. 2) JJ was an old man too: JJ, played by Jimmie Walker, was born in 1947, only 8 years later than James. He was certainly no teenager on the show, being 27-years old when the show released its debut. 3) Willona (played by Ja’net Dubois) was only 2 years older than JJ. They could have dated each other. 4) Esther Rolle was consistently annoyed that even though the show was created around her, a comedian (Jimmie Walker) was getting all of the attention. 5) The show was created by Michael Evans, who also played Lionel Jefferson on another show you might have heard of. He based the show on his own childhood. 6) The show was a spinoff of another show, called “Maude,” where Florida was a maid. They changed the name of her husband in the spinoff. ...
A few pics from the Caliber Collision Company Christmas Party today at Jimmie Walker Community Center in Kemah, TX. Thank you to everyone who road. Great bunch of people!
let me know your thoughts in two years. Don't be shocked if they package walker and Franklin for price
All you do is spin records, that's all you do. Who you think you is, DJ Quick? Kid Kapri? Oh then you must be Jimmie Walker
Clips mad me mad the second but he made up 4 it
Sunday's Alternate Activity: Jimmie Walker Community Center 800 Harris Avenue Kemah Texas 77565 11:30-5 Remember two points per hour. Stay as long as you need to get your remaining points.
Shab Kinkles & Jimmie Walker its going down dec 21 .
The Team will like to welcome the following individuals to the family Angel Reyes from SC, Christopher Cook from GA, Ramona Jackson from GA, Darvin Neal from GA, Fannie Cham from GA, Jimmie Walker from OH, Nearis Tharpe from IL, Arthur James from IL, Harvey Aytch from GA, Eva Brechum from IL, Krystal Byrd from IL and Clayvin Harris from GA. Congrats and welcome to the family
Okay, In 2014 I hear Denzel Wash & Will Smith playing the remake of the production Uptown Saturday Night but my question is who's gonna play Jimmie Walker aka Bootney Farnsworth and who got John Amos in the movie? ~RegPleas this is one joint I gots to see.
I explode on sight and like Jimmie Walker I'm, "DYNAMITE!"
...Joe Morton is to Kerry Washington as Jimmie Walker is to Esther Rolle
Exit sign are lit up. Go. RTThey should have an episode where she thinks she's dating Jimmie Walker. I'd watch that.
Saw a talking sea creature that scared the bejesus out of me!!! Thought It was a horror film but it was TV One's Life After w/ Jimmie Walker
We, The Members of the Black Draft Committee, would like to trade Jimmie Walker and Trinidad James for Kelly Clarkson and Robert Downey Jr.
.ha! I'll have to go just for people watching next time. Jimmie Walker from Good Times was on my flight from Denver
The only actor I remember on that show was Dy-No-Mite! Jimmie Walker. And whatever happened to him?
The World Champ & Jimmie Walker still shopping at Walmart. Getting ready for our 8pm show tonight in…
Yep, so about Myron (with the same name as the stalker in The Players Club) who is an upgrade of Jimmie Walker..
Jimmie Walker, Texas Ranger. Or does that make it more awesome?
Jimmie Walker to star in new sitcom about suicide bombers. Mr. Walker plays the part of a bomb vest designer.
I wonder if Jimmie Walker would get in trouble for yelling"Dyn-o-mite!" On an airplane?
Last time the won a playoff game Barry Bonds resembled a young Jimmie Walker.
The Love Boat-Swinging Singles (1977): Clip from the episode "One If by Land" with Suzanne Somers and Jimmie Walker.
Icannot even stomach JJ/Good Times since I found out Jimmie Walker breaths Ann Coulter and her venom. (apparently they dated?)
Watching "Zoot Allures"-era Frank Zappa on "The Mike Douglas Show" with Kenny Rogers and Jimmie Walker, who finds FZ hilarious.
8 Questions with Jimmie Walker: His name is entrenched in American pop culture, as is the character that defin...
RI Comic-Con list is up.Jimmie Walker from Good Times, Screech from Saved by the Bell, David Anders from Vampire Diaries ans so much more.Can't wait! Jamie Gower
so John Amos and Jimmie Walker played father and son but they only 7 years apart
CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS FOR TUESDAY, JUNE 25 AND WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26. June 25: Actress June Lockhart is 88. Singer Eddie Floyd is 76. Actress Barbara Montgomery is 74. Actress Mary Beth Peil is 73. Singer Carly Simon is 68. Keyboardist Allen Lanier of Blue Oyster Cult is 67. Keyboardist-saxophonist Ian McDonald of Foreigner and King Crimson is 67. Actor-comedian Jimmie Walker is 66. TV personality Phyllis George is 64. Singer Tim Finn of Split Enz and Crowded House is 61. Keyboardist David Paich of Toto is 59. Actor Ricky Gervais is 52. Singer George Michael is 50. Actress Erica Gimpel is 49. Rapper Richie Rich is 46. Rapper Candyman is 45. Guitarist Sean Kelly (Sixpence None the Richer) is 42. Actress Angela Kinsey is 42. Bassist Mike Kroeger of Nickelback is 41. Actress Linda Cardellini is 38. - June 26: Singer Billy Davis Jr. of the Fifth Dimension is 73. Singer Georgie Fame is 70. Singer Brenda Holloway is 67. Musician *** Jones of The Clash is 58. Singer Chris Isaak is 57. Singer Patty Smyth is 56. Singe ...
june 25- Today is Please Take My Children To Work Day, Color TV Day (the 1st regular commercial tv transmissions were presented by CBS), & Global Beatles Day (to celebrate the 46th anniversary of a telecast of them singing "All You Need Is Love" especially written by John that was seen by 400 million people in 5 continents). my friend Bobby Haggenmacher is 57, Jimmie Walker (played JJ on Good Times) is 66, June Lockhart (played the mom on both Lost In Space & Lassie) is 88, George Michael (was in Wham!) is 50, Carly Simon (singer, was married to james taylor) is 68, Ricky Gervais (comedian/actor) is 52, Layla El (WWE) is 36, Mike Kroeger (bassist for Nickelback) is 41, Jeff Cohen (played Chunk in The Goonies) is 39, Sid Tepper (co-wrote 43 songs for Elvis, including G.I Blues & Puppet On A String) is 95. 1966 Paperback Writer by The Beatles was 1630 the fork is introduced to american dining by Gov. Winthrop. 1867 1st barbed wire patented by Lucien B. smith of Ohio. 1910 Mann Act passed (no women across st ...
Happy Birthday to Brenda Sykes (born June 25, 1949)...retired actress who made a number of films and appeared in television series in the 1970s. She was discovered on The Dating Game. Sykes played Jim Brown's love interest in Black Gunn. According to Brown, he was responsible for her being cast in the role, an effort he made because he was attracted to her in real life. She played the character Mandy, one of Jimmie Walker's girlfriends on the 1970s sitcom, Good Times, made a starring role appearance on the first season of The Streets of San Francisco, and as Summer Johnson on the CBS series, Executive Suite. Sykes was married to musician Gil Scott-Heron and is the mother of poet Gia Scott-Heron.
Hello everyone. check out this episode of celebrity ghost stories. skip to the 40 minute mark and you get to see...
Magic looks like Jimmie Walker after dialysis.
Episode 127 is up on iTunes and : Comic & actor Jimmie Walker
is he like a young Jimmie Walker or more like Blair Underwood?
It's up on the site and iTunes. It's thanks to Jimmie Walker!
He's still Dy-No-Mite! Jimmie Walker on and great comedy via
Was John Amos still in show as dad then? His noble presence always made Jimmie Walker's character seem even more ridiculous.
Thank you Bruce Hunter! We had a great time tonight! In much need of that.missing my Georgia crew!! .with Jimmie Walker
** PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ** ** DEFCON 1 ** ** ALL HANDS ON DECK ** / / / / / / /// Ann Coulter is dating J.J. Evans (Jimmie Walker) from Good Times! Hel to tha naw! How the got *** fragernackle *** did THIS happen? LOL! Sorry for being a liberal *** but sheeeat.. it appears Lil Annie like tha dark meat! Aight! // Anyway (LOL): "Great friend of Sean Hannity," Miss Anne Coulter, stopped by today to talk about the IRS scandal, the immigration debate and a few other topics. Coulter and Sean both feel that Darrel Issa should hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress if she again refuses to answer questions when she returns to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee next week. I completely concur! Unfortunately, Anne then kind of maybe perhaps implied (spin/spin/spin) that the profiling of conservative groups isn't equal to the profiling of Muslims, African Americans, Hispanics, etc. Oy! Profiling = Profiling = Profiling! It's like a coincidence. There are no small coincidences or big c ...
House Party is on again...yes BET...
Sex is boring when you're not freaky..
Life in the spotlight still 'Dyn-o-mite' for Jimmie 'J.J.' Walker: MANCHESTER - Comedian Jimmie Walker, best...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Jimmie Walker- Oklahoma RB. Time to embrace my sooner blood and return to rugby stronger than before.
This may be years late, but I think Taio Cruz should so a remix of "Dynamite" with Jimmie Walker.
LIVE on May 10th Chunky's presents... comedy legend & star of "Good Times"... JIMMIE WALKER! Get your tickets before it's too late!
tell Diddy I went 2 to bathroom and wen I came back BOOM he was their
Jimmie Walker at the McGowan Theater at the National Archives
Your man doesnt need a reason for you to give him head. Just do it because he told you too.
plays catch, as reported by the PG, a trustworthy source. Probably post a photo of Jimmie Walker.
Dear Lord today, let me dream while awake, rest even when I'm not sleep, feel loved when alone & full even before I eat!
DC Archives - this week - Jimmie Walker is DynOMite and Documerica
It's Dyn-O-Mite on Friday when Jimmie Walker comes to the National Archives!
Photo: usnatarchives: Jimmie Walker got his start performing comedy in small clubs, and ultimately became a...
Jimmie Choo getn started in the walker :)
I want Jimmie Walker to win an Oscar so can say "Dy-no-mite!!" during his acceptance speech.
Tarantino has revived the careers of many washed-up actors. I've got a name for him: Jimmie Walker. Give JJ a shot, Quentin.
Wake your man up with some great head before work.
Ride the morning wood until it goes down
Best excuse for a day off from work: Jimmie "JJ" Walker will be at the Friday May 3rd at Noon -
Someone please tell me why Jimmie Walker (ala Good Times) is speaking at the National Archives.
In my mom's basement I have proof Obama was born in Zimbabwe to a zebra and Jimmie Walker, who is really 438 years old.
Addison Walker~ Its not true that nice guys finish last. Nice guys are winners before the game even starts.
Good Times is now on ! I can finally get my daily dose of Jimmie Walker
Jimmie Walker and Ralph Carter known as J.J. and Michael from 'Good Times' are on now.
Today’s show is about to be "Dy-no-mite!" Ralph Carter and Jimmie Walker from “Good Times” stop by to tell us what they have been up to!
DYNOMITE - Good Times Actor Jimmie Walker to discuss his new book at the National Archives in May.. check website for more details
If you know stand-up from the 70's, the episode with Jimmie Walker was amazing.
Patron out the bottle almost killed a thug!!
Never knew 7th seed was something to celebrate
Never compromise your happiness and make sacrifices for someone who wouldn't do the same for you
Crossing my fingers hoping for a good day!!!
Just had to explain to who Jimmie Walker is. FML
true. Good Times don't pay the bills. Unless you're Jimmie Walker. But then again that only lasts for so long.
Can a thug sue for emotional distress!!
Lmao the look on Jamie Foxx face when Bernie Mac referred him to Jimmie Walker tho
We had a great time last night (Sunday, April 14) with JIMMIE "JJ" Walker and all of the great folks that came out to see the show.
Red did Ill so filthy bro Lmao! Red is the best battle rapper in Jersey right now
"What ever happened to Jimmie Walker? he still alive?
Jimmie "JJ" Walker at LAFF TRAX COMEDY CLUB at Goodnight's this week. Tix -
(I'm doing Jimmie Walker catchphrases, dunno what everyone else is doing) (And I'm shouting them at neighbors too)
Jimmie "JJ" Walker at Goodnight's this week. Tix -
the sickness that is OLD AGE? Rerun is turning over in his grave right now! Jimmie walker should b*tch slap you for that! LOL
Tomorrow night Goodnight's on the Road presents Jimmie JJ Walker at Venero's Pizzeria & Catering! Get your...
Jimmie JJ Walker breaks new ground at with live comedy show:
Ppl use to call me JJ,because i was real skinny like Jimmie Walker from goodtimes and made my head look real big
Jimmie "JJ" Walker at Gregory Vineyards in Angier - Goodnight's on the Road at Goodnight's this week. Tix -
If she NEVA offered to put snaccs in her poccet book cause movie snaccs b so expensive. She ain't a rider !
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Those downtown days were the best tho growing up
Jimmie "JJ" Walker live at movie theater in Nashua for comedy show.
Ooh, I forgot the scene where decompression tries to take out Jimmie "Steppin Fetchitt" Walker with his own sax.
Watching The Concorde on TV. Every time Jimmie Walker has a scene, I have this urge to apologize for him because he never did.
Praying for a better day than yesterday. Yesterday was great tho...
One can only hope that Jimmie Walker shops here.
.There was indeed a Mayor Walker, but the street was named for a property owner about 1806, long before Jimmie Walker's era.
"Show me a man who can laugh when he is down and I will show you a happy wine-o!" -Jimmie "JJ" Walker
Jimmie Walker's biography led to this. He exposed shady stuff of the Leno camp in there.
My bro P-Funk posted up with Mr. Jimmie Walker
I drive around wit that iron ima golf cart... was spittin
SERIOUSLY. Then I found the Dylan Moran and Jimmie Walker interviews. All great stuff.
Dear Donald Trump... As your cast for the Celebrity Apprentice this year is a bit 'eh', may I suggest this as your cast for next year: Robert Englund, Pam Grier, Jenny Agutter, Paul Reubens, Reginald VelJohnson, Apollonia Kotero, Roseanne Barr, Amy Steel, Michael Boogaloo Shrimp Chambers, Bruce Campbell, Cassandra Peterson, Jimmie Walker, Adrienne Barbeau, Audrey II, and Bubo the owl. And if you know who all of these people/plants/owls are without resorting to IMDB or and I should probably be best friends.
got mad Obama jokes and disses, but check out his 'colleagues' jokes about him:
real handicap? Being accused of being a joke thief by even D-list comedians like Jimmie "JJ" Walker:
Jimmie Walker, star of 70s sitcom Good Times found dead in Los Angeles home. Autopsy results find synthetic dynamite in his system.
Can you call a woman racist if she's dating a black man? Or do we not count Jimmie JJ Walker anymore? Lol
Having a cup of coffee.rockin my world right now
Ppl say, "I'm Polish-American, Irish-American...Ain't none of you going back to any of those places" so get over it. -
I just watched Antonioni's BlowUp on TCM...what a poetic movie.trolling through the loneliness and narcissism and hedonism of the much over rated 1960s mod and hip culture in swingin' London (england swing like a pendulum do...") David Hemings was brilliant as hip photographer Peter Walker, whose own hedonism is brought to an screeching halt by an unexpected intrusion of violent reality accidentally photographing an elicit afternoon affair between an a powerful woman played by Vanessa Redgrave and her lover...she becomes obsessed with getting the film from Walker...he balks.spurned on by his curiosity over why she wanted the film so badly Walker blows up the prints to discover he had inadvertantly photographed a murder--- brilliant original film idea... But when Walker reaches out to his friends for help deciding what to do...they couldn't care less, they are too busy partying.incredible footage of the Yardbirds performing at a oh so groovey London Club...the footage includes closeups of lead guitarist J ...
Lower echo, two way on upper and a couple gainers with Pat Walker I guess I'm ready for work now.
I would root for Jimmie Walker in this PGA tourney, but I am instead, holding out hope for a run by either Scott Baio or Redd Foxx
a set? Is that on You Tube? U know I've been longing to favorite something other than classic Jimmie Walker bits
EUR Exclusive: Jimmie Walker on Relationship wi… I know Esther Rolle is turning in her grave.
U from the slumz, I'm from the slum slumz
Interview with James Carter "Jimmie" Walker actor, stand-up comedian, (J. J. Evans on the television series Good Times)
God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers... 😘
Yes sir! I just made up my mind about it a few days ago
U kno u sexing for free u body bluffing
Never let ya left hand kno wat ya right hand doin.." Papoose"
I rather be the dead truth then I'm livin liar " Papoose"
congrats to tiger on 1st place and my boy Jimmie walker for coming in 4th
When people r wrong an u call them on it they tend to get defensive rather they fix Wat the problem is.
Just found out the golfer Jimmy Walker was not Jimmie Walker from Good Times
It's a shame former BU golfer Jimmie Walker can't get any coverage on the CBS telecast
I hate his guts but lebron was clutch wit that shot
If a *** could hate me for screaming Newark... Jersey... An tryna get more light on our state... Iont kno what to say.
I love Newark NJ. Newark been Newark since forever... NOBODY OR NOTHING ELSE!
My tl a mix of church Saturday night stories and *** eating
Things I learned tonight. Jimmie JJ Walker is "special friends" with Ann Coulter & *** hung himself. My world is twisted out of proportion
NBC once aired two hours of Jimmie Walker sitting outside of a courthouse, laughing at freshly new divorcees, while eating snack cakes.
I'd have joint jimmie walker on that
He heard I was good and want to see if its true!!!
He showed a picture of Jimmie Walker to identfy Abrams & asked him to say "dy-no-mite!" on the phone. (2/2)
The prettiest people do the ugliest thing
and you look like Jimmie Walker from Good Times
Up drinking and gotta be to work early
Debating bout basketball is forever
But to whoop badey in ruzzle while i sip my tea
I can't believe Jimmie "JJ" Walker is directing STAR WARS EP VII
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