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Jimbo Fisher

John James Jimbo Fisher (born October 9, 1965) is an American College Football coach and former player.

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Jimbo Fisher was not amused when Jameis Winston came out in full pads. Fisher sent him back to change. VIDEO:
THIS JUST IN: Suspended QB Jameis Winston came onto the field in full uniform, but Jimbo Fisher sent him back to the lock…
You know, maybe Jameis Winston is just a crappy person who happens to be good at football. Things keep happening to him that people are blaming other people for, like for example it was TMZ that dug up the rape accusation. Now it's Jimbo Fisher's fault for blowing this newest thing out of proportion. Then what about all the countless run ins with the law? He's never been arrested. Maybe he's seeing he's getting away with things with no serious consequences. Sure, all the things are minor but what happens when it's not so minor like beat his wife/child? People will be in an uproar about why nothing was done. I know I've made mistakes but I got served the consequences and have never made the mistakes again. Now, this isn't a fsu hate thing, this is a Jameis Winston thing. And if it was MY team/school I was rooting for I would be absolutely embarrassed not defensive. I still have love for all my friends wearing that garnet and gold, so don't get your panties in a wad :)
FSU Practice Report updated with Jimbo Fisher, Jalen Ramsey, and Terrance Smith interviews:
With the exception of Nick Saban, there isn't another coach I'd rather want in a big game than Jimbo Fisher.
Boys and girls..Florida State FOOTBALL IS BACK! . "Today, we hunt another one." - Jimbo Fisher
ICYMI - Jimbo Fisher and some FSU assistants took part in the yesterday
Coolest coach in the country. “Coach Jimbo Fisher addresses Marching Chiefs before season:
Florida State head Coach Jimbo Fisher addresses FSU's student band, the Marching Chiefs, before the start of the 2014 season and thanks them for their contri...
Nothing better than Jimbo Fisher coming and visiting Marching Chiefs practice! 😁
IT IS ON!! We're goin to Dallas twice. RT:Jimbo Fisher addresses FSU Marching Chiefs before season: via
Video as Coach Jimbo Fisher addresses Marching Chiefs before season on Thursday:
Jimbo Fisher addressing Marching Chiefs before season. "I greatly appreciate what you all do."
Jimbo Fisher says EJ Levenberry would be a starter over Reggie Northrup at MLB right now. Terrance Smith also would be a starter.
He not only wins National Championships, but Coach Jimbo Fisher catches sharks... What?!
According to data collected on coaches salaries, schools' football budgets, and power-adjusted success, Michigan State Spartans coach Mark Dantonio is the ranked the fourth-best coach for the money. He comes in just behind Alabama coach Nick Saban at No. 3 and Florida State's Jimbo Fisher at No. 2.…
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Just heard a bammer caller on Finebaum say Auburn fans will live off the win over bammer for as long as they can, but that we won't mention that FSU kicked our *** He said, "Malzone" got out coached, out played and out scored and the man that was behind helping Jimbo Fisher do it was Nick Saban". Leave it to a bammer to live off an Auburn loss and clam a part of it while talking about Auburn living off a win over Bammer. Bammer logic at its finest. You simply can't fix bammer.
Gus Malzhon, Jimbo Fisher, Steve Spurrier are my guesses as the anonymous coach who commented about Alabama.
Jimbo Fisher on Tyler Hunter: He looked like a kid on Christmas Day. Was beyond excited to be back on field.
Jimbo Fisher said he met with Jesus Wilson, but Wilson’s status hasn’t changed. Still suspended but practicing.
Jimbo Fisher said defensive END Mario Edwards is 300 lbs, can still backflip, squat 600 lbs, clean 340-350.
Jimbo Fisher is done. Replay video and highlights here:
In 2014, Jimbo Fisher will get paid $225K from FSU & $3.27M from Nike & media deals. Nike just trying to protect investme…
Nike asks Jimbo Fisher to remove Under Armour from his 9-year-old son's wardrobe.
Nike official told Jimbo Fisher to tell son to not wear Under Armour shirt (via
Florida State's Jimbo Fisher thinks conferences without a title game are at an advantage.
I like what Jimbo Fisher said about this. He doesn't have to send his QB to be coached by someone else... When you know what you are doing you can coach them yourself...
I have to thank crazed Florida State grad for taking the time tonight to tip my off about Jimbo Fisher posing with his family and a nurse shark.
True but Jimbo Fisher at FSU proved the SEC can be beat, I'm curious to see the year 2 adjustments
Has anyone ever tried mixing Coke with roasted peanuts? I read an article earlier about Florida State football Coach Jimbo Fisher doing this
Baylor's Art Briles opens up on Texas job, comments toward Jimbo Fisher
So, what exactly did Jimbo Fisher mean by, "FSU hat. I'm not a visor guy at all." The vehemence makes me wonder. Spurrier?
feels good to be back. The Jimbo Fisher Era:
ACC Media Days with a lot of fun quips from coaches and players... FSU's Jimbo Fisher giving his opinions on the...
The Jags really need to reach out to Jimbo Fisher in regards to preventing soft tissue injuries.
Jimbo Fisher wrote my autistic son a personal letter, meant so much to us!!!
Do people really not know about this food combo? Southerners need to spread the word via
under Jimbo Fisher has never taken local recruits just b/c they're local, but they've fought hard for local stars. Important.
Jimbo Fisher said and FSU admins confirmed today Fisher has given four-year scholarships to every high school recruit the…
B/R Video: Watch FSU QB commit talk about Jimbo's pitch and relationship with Jameis Winston ht…
ah Jacob would have been like jimbo fisher?
Camp Video: Francois spins it: Exclusive footage of Deondre Francois throwing for Jimbo Fisher.
Art Briles wonders if Jimbo Fisher is a commie.
Head Coach Jimbo Fisher enjoying a Coke. All he needs is a bag of peanuts!
years ago. also talks about how him and are planning to build the Noles 2015 class.
The QB FSU commit talk about Jimbo and his relationship with Jameis Winston htt…
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People still nutty over Jimbo Fisher's drink
That's all you can be.Jimbo Fisher is a great man... Always be thankful
is there a reason that this guy is considered such a savant over say Jimbo Fisher? Or is it just haters
Art Briles on Jimbo Fisher's criticism: "I'm not telling him how to wash his clothes. We know what detergent to buy and how t…
Jimbo Fisher said it's "ridiculous" the doesn't play a conference championship game. Art Briles fired back: htt…
In this corner, Jimbo Fisher & the ACC -- And in this corner, Art Briles and the Big 12. Ding. Ding. …
Jimbo Fisher, Art Briles engage in cross-media days smack talk... Hot on
Jimbo Fisher also spoke with the ACC. VIDEO here
in a few minutes, today's final round for Week 6 brought to you by the Memorial Fund for the shark Jimbo Fisher reeled in
ICYMI: Derrick Brooks was at Jimbo Fisher camp yesterday. He was all smiles as he watched his son take part in drills
FSU's offense converted 52.2% of 3rd downs in 2013, best in the Jimbo Fisher era. Can they repeat that this year?
I think Nick Saban & Jimbo Fisher are better head coaches then Urban Meyer is overall. Alabama & Florida State are Great Defensive Teams out there.
Jimbo Fisher wanted Alabama, not Auburn, in BCS Championship: Florida State edged Auburn in a dramatic BCS Cha...
Mike Bianchi: FSU QB Jameis Winston caught in big, fat lie and Jimbo Fisher won't suspend him
Fisher: No ban for Winston over shoplifting case - . Jimbo Fisher said Jameis Winston...
Jimbo Fisher says he WONT punish Jameis Winston for his shoplifting situation... Not even a quarter, or half game... Nothing. Nice...
Jimbo Fisher said some stuff at the ACC spring meetings today.
It's funny that Urban Meyer, Jimbo Fisher, and Nick Saban are all over this NFL draft, hmmm not promoting those schools at all or helping them with recruiting. Where is the coach from Buffalo or Central Florida or any other small school? God I hate all the bs about College Football, the day they start paying those kids is the last time I watch a game.
A great time in NYC last night with my son, Matt and Jimbo Fisher, head football coach of my National Championship Florida State Seminoles! Also having some fun with the Heisman Trophy. How ‘bout them Noles!!!
FSU and Pitt Announce Kidz1stFund Helmet Decals For Labor Day Game FSU Head Coach Jimbo Fisher and Pitt Head Coach Paul Chryst Join to Fight Fanconi Anemia Aug 23, 2013 Tallahassee, Fla. –When the Florida State Seminoles and Pittsburgh Panthers open their 2013 College Football seasons versus one another on Labor Day, the teams won’t only be fighting for the first victory of the young season. The two squads will join forces to fight for a very personal cause for FSU head Coach Jimbo Fisher. Both schools announced today that they will each wear a special ‘I Fight Fanconi’ Kidz1stFund decal on the back of their helmets during the nationally televised ESPN broadcast. In the spring of 2011, Jimbo and Candi Fisher’s youngest son Ethan was diagnosed with Fanconi anemia, a rare and serious blood disease. The Fisher’s began Kidz1stFund later that fall to raise awareness and FA research dollars at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital in hopes of finding a cure. Pittsburgh head coach . ...
Got away with rape, got away with stealing soda at a Burger Knife now stealing crab legs, what's next murder, it is time for him to go. He's been suspended from the Baseball team by Mike Martin, it's now time for Jimbo Fisher to Kick him off the Football Team and time for FSU to Kick him out of school.
Wanted: Talented multi position baseball player capable of pitching fielding and hitting. Also some quarterback experience and heisman potential a plus. Please contact The Florida State University Athletics Department Attn: Mike Martin/Jimbo Fisher. For the interview please bring references from Nike Athletics and admiration for our crappy new marketing logo. Salary: 4 year full scholarship including housing and food (no crab legs sorry), some under the table money from local boosters and sorority girls that don't usually press charges.
Jameis Winston has horrible judgement and is quickly establishing himself as a person that does not have maturity or leadership skills. This is his 3rd incident in a little over a year (this grocery store shoplifting, he also stole soda from a Burger King, and of course the infamous rape allegation). The more I see his lack of judgement, the more I question his supposed innocence in that previous case. I am interested to see if Jimbo Fisher sets a standard and punishes this young man... regardless of how many trophies he is winning.
.Coach Jimbo Fisher and will be guests on draft shows from NYC.
“He's “Everybody knows how good Pender is and how fast he is.” – Jimbo Fisher via
Also, alongside the analysts on May 8th will be head coach David Shaw and Coach Jimbo Fisher.
Great time with Coach Jimbo Fisher and great nole friends.
Nick Delgado gets an autograph from Coach Jimbo Fisher
Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher in town tonight at Sanders Beach center for start of spring booster tour.
Bobby Bowden talks Jameis Winston, Jimbo Fisher, and today in (VIDEO).
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.HC Jimbo Fisher explains why the 2014 NCG was Jameis Winston's greatest performance (VIDEO). - http:/…
Coaches I'd love to spend a day with: Calipari, Shaka Smart, Jimbo Fisher, Kevin Sumlin, Coach K, Mike Tomlin
Like Arkansas State did with their spring game... how much would you have bid to coach for George O'Leary, Will Muschamp or Jimbo Fisher?
Not a Clemson fan but thumbs up to Dabo for giving Chad Kelly the boot. A lot of coaches could learn from this.Les Miles, Jimbo Fisher, James Franklin, Larry Fedora. And even my own guy Spurrier could be a little better about it.
Washington PostJameis Winston throws 56 passes in spring game, admits to being 'drained State head Coach Jimbo Fisher, left, watches as quarterback Jameis Winston attempts a pass in the first half of an NCAA college spring football game…
Florida State Seminoles head Coach Jimbo Fisher reveals new uniforms to team ...
Good stuff from head Coach Jimbo Fisher following the spring football game...
"FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher signing the Noles ride We are looking forward to
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher occasionally sees it in his quarterback's eyes. From time...
FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher signing the Noles ride
I want to thank Jimbo Fisher, the Head Football Coach at Florida State University, for giving me an all-access...
At the FL-Florida State baseball game and there was a huge brawl on the field- which Jameis Winston joined. Jimbo Fisher ought to be fined $1,000,000 for allowing him to play baseball.
Jimbo Fisher of State wants team on not title
Bobby Bowden discusses the performance of his heir Jimbo Fisher & leaving the Noles in great hands.
ICYMI: Jimbo Fisher and Mike Martin talk leadership, dedication, and Jameis Winston:
Florida State coaches Jimbo Fisher and Mike Martin say that Jameis Winston is a leader on both the baseball and football team.
I like what Jimbo Fisher said today, baseball is a game of failure and really keeps you in check mentally.
Jimbo Fisher and Tim Brewster we cant let the hometown get away reminds me Of Boldin love to have you in Tribe
Tim Brewster , Jimbo Fisher could tell how FSU can use you
FSU instant impacts: Demarcus Christmas: Jimbo Fisher closed out his fifth straight top-10 recruiti...
.HC Jimbo Fisher: Hopefully we've arrived back as a program. We've now set the bar at an elite level, hope …
Monday Morning is here people get yourself up and going unless you work for us the taxpayers of the US you have the day off, it is President's Day a federal holiday, Good Morning to you and it is a golf day, and a break from baseball. Can't remember if I shared with you that I have finally received my handicap index, it is high and I have got to work on cutting down the strokes, so today I will concentrate on putting and not getting in the bunker. I love the place where I live but the neighbors seem to be bowling there is so much stomping and booming theater sounds that I am developing a dislike for everything. Not sure what is happening up there but the noise is irritating. At least it isn't the *** dog barking constantly. Well enough of that but it seems to be done on purpose, I don't want to believe that. My calendar is filling up for the week a luncheon on Friday, the EPC, Jimbo Fisher will be the speaker, so a group of us will be wearing our National Championship shirts and then go the Basebal ...
Bill's pooping on the *** conditioner again. Thanks a lot Jimbo Fisher
All teams need a little Jimbo Fisher! Motivating the Hiram Lady Hornets for their first Region…
Deciding who's job to take Jameis Winston or Jimbo Fisher
Jimbo Fisher and his family are on vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida.
Gameday sign: Jimbo Fisher makes out sober
Here's an article I wrote about Cain before he had any offers. and I knew he was the real deal.
“Great players understand great moments. - Jimbo Fisher
Our silent auction item for The Tallahassee Top Salon Competition: THE ULTIMATE FSU AUTOGRAPHED TAILGATE MEMORABILIA CAN!!! Filled with over $600 worth of items autographed by the wonderful and kind Coach Jimbo Fisher! Including: A limited-edition numbered framed piece of the BCS GAME DAY FOOTBALL, beer mugs, ball cap, photo album, coffee cups, insulated roller cooler, shot glasses, pennant, key chains, car emblems and more!!! Our charity is Kidz 1st Fund and part of the proceeds from this wonderful night go to the winning Salon's charity!!! Stop by the salon for tickets to the event and come support us and bid on our item!! Just $50 per ticket! Saturday, February 22nd at the University Center Club:-). You have to come to bid on the auction item:-)... And of course, vote for us as Top Salon!!
title game: Jimbo Fisher has Florida St. back at Bobby Bowden level - The reporter was...
ESPN's cameras appear to catch Kelvin Benjamin telling Jimbo Fisher that Auburn coach Dameyune Craig was calling out Florida State's plays.
Think how much more upset everyone would be if Jimbo Fisher was leaving instead of Eric Barron. Now think what that says about us.
Thanks to my company's sponsorship of an upcoming event, my husband will get to meet his hero, Coach Jimbo Fisher.
As a result of the Jimbo Fisher era, is going to have many a debate. v.
Jimbo fisher is coming to shoot birds today!
In the Jimbo Fisher Era we've only had like 2 players completely bust.. Jeff Luc and then a current player on the team... *cough* 89 :/
Spending Valentines Day with National Championship Coach Jimbo Fisher... Talk about loving what you do. [pic] —
Dang. Jimbo Fisher offense so real I just about became a Florida State fan
Listening to Coach Jimbo Fisher speak I know would love to hear This lol!
he'll bring Jimbo Fisher and his top Chemistry Professor with him as well
I love my wife Shelly Taylor Mickens and miss her dearly, but a valentines night with Dabo Swinney, Paul Johnson, and Jimbo Fisher is alright.
Jimbo Fisher capping off the night. Gonna try and put my dawgs on in the process. lol lol
we should take Jimbo Fisher too and just make him Director of Laundry Operations
You make the helmet, the helmet doesn't make you -Jimbo Fisher
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Listen here, PSU can have anyone they want from FSU except National Title winning HC Jimbo Fisher
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Florida State tutor Jimbo Fisher used to be thrilled with...
Does that count as meeting jimbo fisher? Or...
any word on when Jimbo Fisher hires a LB coach?
Girls Night Out is going to be great! Free food, wine, massages, manicures, and hair styling. Plus, we have over $17,000 in donated items that will be given away as door prizes, raffled off, and available in the silent auction. One of our silent auction items is a football that Coach Jimbo Fisher will sign AND personalize for the winning bidder. Get your ticket today as prices go up on Saturday!
Registration is now open online for the Jimbo Fisher Football Camp. More info here.
Things that should exist: Jimbo Fisher valentines
“Things that should exist: Jimbo Fisher valentines the most beautiful thing I've seen today
no offense to our Mountaineer fans, but I bought, and am wearing proudly a Florida State National Championship tee shirt. Job Well Done by our native son Jimbo Fisher
These Auburn fans talking ish! you know why y'all got 2 dam champions cause yo care so much about dam Alabama and lost the Dam National Championship! seems to me your problem is Jimbo Fisher! Y'all *** ain't posting about the harassment Rashaan Evans getting from y'all dam fans! He 17! But y'all *** worried about a hurry up and some dam trees!
Coach: Jimbo Fisher Sport:  College Football, NCAA Team: Florida State Seminoles (FSU) Website: Kidz 1st Fund Mission/Info (Via the website): Jimbo and I wanted to do something to give back to our ... Jimbo Fisher to Fans: 'We're Not Done Yet' Even Florida State head Coach Jimbo Fisher couldn't stop himself from telling the crowd about what comes next. "We didn't just develop a team; ... A yearly excuse to gather in February to tailgate like it's October and...
You are invited to join the Seminole Club of Naples at Boston Beer Garden tomorrow evening, February 13, 2014 from 5:30-7:30 PM for a meet and greet with our new Booster representative for Southwest Florida, Phillip Doumar. We are fortunate to have Phil as our rep since he was the long snapper on the 2014 National Championship FSU Seminole Team and can not only fill you in on Booster information but on football, Jimbo Fisher, and the potential for a repeat this next year. This is an informal event allowing you to have a little dinner and a drink if you wish and meet Phillip Doumar at the same time. Please share with all Seminoles who may also be interested in joining us. Bring a Children's book for the book drive if you can. Hope to see all of you tomorrow night! Go Noles!
Register now for Jimbo Fisher Football Summer Camps Discount for online registrants only!
Went to see one of our Top US Army All Americans today to talk about 2015 game and during our meeting Nick Saban called for him, then 10 minutes later Jimbo Fisher called... I had to tell them both to wait in line! :)
Todays LineUp at Mannatees Sports Grill: Happy Hour 11 - 7pm FSU Fans - Boosters -Alumni National Signing Day Social starting at 6 pm in the Front Bar. Come watch the Live Stream from Tallahassee as Jimbo Fisher Announces the new recruits and coaches. FREE Dance Lessons in the back lounge at Mannatees Sports-Grill by Dance Instructor: Kay Lawson TONIGHT from 7-8pm. Then have more fun practicing your new steps with a great "dance to" Live Band: Scotty & JJ from 8-11! no partner needed or bring all of your friends, it's hump day so let's let our hair down and have some fun tonight!!! Tonight is Wing Night ! So 10 Wings are $5 from 8 pm until 10 pm!!
Next to Jimbo Fisher, Pete Carroll one of my fav coaches
I can't believe Jimbo Fisher's wife is here at the middle school baseball game!!
Just in! We have two Jimbo Fisher autographed Florida State University helmets that will be in our silent auction at the 2014 Spring Banquet.
Jimbo Fisher Florida State Program Building Notes are from the 2013 AFCA Convention. He discussed recruiting, player development, and coaching.
Florida State head football Coach Jimbo Fisher called in to The NEW College Football Show: Next Class 2014 on signing day to discuss the Seminoles third-rank...
Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston says Seminoles Coach Jimbo Fisher was on the money when he said that the Heisman winner might play two more years of College Football.
Florida State: The Seminoles' devastating passing game in 2013 utilized a tight three-man rotation. The trio of Kenny Shaw, Kelvin Benjamin and Rashad Greene combined for 3,072 receiving yards and 30 touchdowns. Those numbers represented 90 percent of FSU's receiving yards from wide receivers and 100 percent of the touchdowns. With Shaw and Benjamin headed to the NFL, two-thirds of that production won't be around for Jameis Winston next fall. As such, it was imperative for some younger receivers to pick up the slack. Gene Williams - Rudolph is only the second No. 1 ranked receiver to sign with FSU joining Peter Warrick in 1995. Last year's freshman trio - Levonte Whitfield, Jesus Wilson and Isaiah Jones - showed plenty of promise but that was primarily in mop-up duty. Veterans Christian Green and Jarred Haggins return for their senior seasons but neither has shown much consistency. While it's possible that two or three receivers could emerge from this group to complement Greene, the offensive ...
Just wanted to give an update on the latest with five-star DT/DE Malik McDowell. I've confirmed today that FSU head Coach Jimbo Fisher once again spoke with the McDowell family and the feeling is much of the same with Malik's mom being very clear that she feels her son will be at Florida State. I get the impression that's the only place she wants and feels comfortable with FSU out of all the schools. She is not comfortable with Michigan State, so that's the feeling from that side. I'll say again, these situations usually work out for the team the player is committed to and this case that's Michigan State, but I also wanted to give the feeling from what was being told to the Florida State side. Nothing new from Michigan State, except they are still pretty concerned about this. I'll keep you posted if anything else develops, but for those thinking she might give in, I'm not getting that impression at all. Her feelings are pretty strong about FSU. I'm also told that Malik would be comfortable with FSU. As I ...
Registration for Jimbo Fisher Youth Football Camp is now open. The dates are June 8th thru June 10th. The cost is $310 for an overnight camper. The fee includes dorm room stay and all the food they can eat. I will be taking my son there and will be staying the entire time. If we sign up as team I think we can save 10%. Last year they needed to be there Sunday morning by 11am. And they were done Tuesday by 12pm. This was a great experience for Elijah and he is looking forward to going again. If you have any questions please feel to ask. You can register now up until the day of the camp. If I hear anything different I will let you know. Thanks! is the website
My least favorite birthday gift this year is this obnoxious elbow locking/pain sensation I experience every morning. Research on the interwebs says its Rheumatoid arthritis / Osteoarthritis spurred on by being old. I think it has more to do with being National Champions and constantly giving strangers on the 6 train the tomahawk chop while humming the War Chant. Fellow old people on FB, what do you say? Should I see a Dr or should I ask Jimbo Fisher to stop destroying the College Football world?
just passed Jimbo Fisher in Moe's. my hubby said "Jimbo" he said " yes sir" as we were headed out the door! how cool :-)
Head coach of the National Champion Florida State Seminoles football team, Jimbo Fisher, joins Open Mike to talk about Signing day and Jameis Winstons future at FSU.
Jameis Winston told AP Jimbo Fisher "accurate" to say Heisman winner might play 2 more years at FSU.
Earlier this week, Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher did his best to slow the rush to make quarterback Continue reading → [ 69 more words. ]
'Nole Coach Jimbo Fisher accent is best recruiting tool in the Dirty South ~ A Joe Rose Show southern drawl exclusive
FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher said QB Jameis Winston might play two more years in college, and Winston says he could be right. Of course, may depend on who has the draft pick.
Per , keep an eye on developments at FSU. James Willis may now decide to remain at ULL as the defensive coordinator. Chad Washington of the Daily Advertiser in Lafayette is now reporting that Willis is staying at ULL. Jimbo Fisher has announced new titles: Quarterbacks coach Randy Sanders and wide receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey will serve as co-offensive coordinators. Running backs coach Jay Graham adds the title of special teams coordinator. In addition, Sal Sunseri adds the title of head coach for defense.
Florida State QB Jameis Winston tells AP, Jimbo Fisher " accurate " about him remaining at the school for 2 more years. Thoughts? - Danny
Jimbo Fisher is a better head coach then Urban Meyer is overall.
Florida State head Coach Jimbo Fisher thinks quarterback Jameis Winston will be around the program for a couple of years, despite the fact Winston can bolt to the NFL next …
Jameis Winston, Florida State’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, is widely expected to be the first pick in the NFL draft as soon as he’s old enough to enter the draft, in 2015. But Florida State’s coach doesn’t think Winston will leave school next year. Instead, Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher
Jimbo Fisher: "We've become the bull's-eye. We've become the target, not the SEC."
Today's LIVE will be a great show. Both Florida State Seminoles football HC Jimbo Fisher and Alabama Football HC Nick Saban are calling in to talk about their respective classes. We also have a live commitment from four star cornerback Wesley Green. Turn to FOX Sports South now. If you miss the live show, we will re-air tonight at 11 p.m. ET.
Today is National Signing Day for College Football programs, and coaches across the country are thrilled to add new guys to their rosters. Before Jimbo Fisher talked about his new…
National Signing Day 2014: Top 10 storylines By JC Shurburtt | 247Sports February 02, 2014 04:21 PM ET College Football's national signing day is Wednesday and there are plenty of storylines to watch down the stretch. Here's our top 10. 1. Could be a Bowden-esque finish at Florida State: A decade ago, you could count on fireworks at Florida State under Bobby Bowden during the last weekend of the recruiting cycle and on signing day. It was like clockwork. Opposing recruiters shook in their boots whenever one of their commits or top targets scheduled that last visit weekend to Tallahassee. Times have changed in terms of the number of players deciding late and under Jimbo Fisher; the Seminoles get more than their share of commits spread throughout the cycle. But coming off the school's first national title since 1999, there’s a ton of momentum late and plenty of elite, undecided prospects who have the Noles high on their list. Five-star wide receivers Malachi Dupre (River Ridge, La./John Curtis) and Ermon ...
So Jimbo (the dog) and I are watching TV this morning on my second day of comp time... so cool to be here and see a Today Show story on Jimbo Fisher's son Ethan and his battle with blood disease -- showing the awesome support of FSU students at football games to do Be the Match registrations, raising awareness and funds for research and treatment, etc. Very, very cool. Kidz 1st Fund
Jimbo Fisher on the Today Show in a few minutes!
Join Head Coach Jimbo Fisher and his staff as they introduce us to another top recruiting class at the Antique Car Museum
Jimbo Fisher ready to reload FSU with latest recruiting class: The Florida State Seminoles have some holes to ...
Hotcast: What is Jimbo Fisher looking for in a defensive coordinator. We contemplate three poten…
“Jeremy Pruitt indicates that he didn't really give Jimbo Fisher a chance to match Georgia's offer.” Want…
I will give Caldwell a chance but I am extremely disappointed that when they did not get the guy they clearly wanted they went with a guy who was their second choice by a mile. They should have opened up the interview process and went and interviewed unconventional candidates like David Shaw, Jimbo Fisher, Brian Kelly, Adam Gase, or Gus Malzahn. They interviewed Tom Cable and Mike Munchak. That's like going to a car dealer wanting a BMW and settling for a geo tracker if the deal fell through. not only that Whisenhunt saw right through the lions and picked a team with no Franchise QB or stable owner who is living. I will give Caldwell a shot but once again he would've been fired in Baltimore. Baltimore sports radio is surprised that Caldwell got a job. he didn't get the lions job and the lions have proved to me once again they are the same old lions. They will one day break the cubs record for futility if the Fords never sell the team because this organization is the worst run pro sports franchise in North ...
Presenting longform on how Jimbo Fisher built a new Florida State champion: http:…
A long, gorgeous look at how Jimbo Fisher created a monster and steered FSU to a championship.
Florida State head Coach Jimbo Fisher received a call of congratulations from President Obama on Friday.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama called Florida State football Coach Jimbo Fisher on Friday to congratulate him on the Seminoles' national title.
Play calling has been a hot topic of conversation among the Alabama fan base, especially following the second half of the Auburn game. We previously crafted some inside nuggets on Alabama's playing calling and Doug Nussmeier for our most recent Team War Room, but decided to pull them at the last minute. It is always a delicate situation on how to handle updates that may come across as critical. There are great offensive minds/coordinators in the college game. If you talk with various members of the coaching community, guys like Jimbo Fisher and Gus Malzahn have a reputation of being instinctive game callers that are always a few plays ahead of the game. Their decisions are intuitive -- it just comes natural. There are other play callers that are very good at what they do, it just doesn't come as easy or as natural. By all accounts, Doug Nussmeier has a reputation as a very good offensive coordinator and is/was highly respected by Nick Saban and the other members of the staff. My sources in the coaching co ...
uh Jimbo Fisher was the FSU coach signing an extension at FSU. HUGE difference.
Fairmont State University coach Jason Woodman remembers his time with Jimbo Fisher, coach of the other
Gus Malzahn and Jimbo Fisher are two of the best coaches, but even better people. They are stand-up class acts.
Jimbo Fisher says he sent Jameis Winston to locker room for not focusing during 2 minute drill in practice last week. Th…
Re: Robert Smith: I loved Fred G. Sanford, Redd Foxx. FSUs'-all due respect for his PLAY-Jameis Winston is no Fred Sanford. G standing for gone. As in him, (a sincere RIP) the BCS, and the proof Jimbo Fisher isn't near the coach Dana is. That last line-as not to get the Mountain Mafia all riled up sending out one phallic joke after another is just a joke. I know if they switched teams, PROBABLY, (cough-time management) the same scenario plays out; Also a little easier to recruit down there. Down where? Sorry, old, old joke. All you could ask for between two teams I hate. By this way, Jeff Castle, congratulations. Royalty-eventually, sometimes-rises back up when they fall.
Even though I bleed SEC, my hat goes off to Fla State and Jimbo Fisher for such a remarkable comeback. Did yal catch the one thing Fisher motivated his boys with??? He told them, “You gotta believe!” ……So no matter how BAD the situation ever looks (and it looked pretty bad for Fla State)…or how bad life seems to be in general…once you start ‘believing,’ the Heavens will LITERALLY start opening up for you and there will be NO limits to the blessings you will start receiving! (This is a fact of life the enemy always tries to take away from us with his weapon of discouragement.) …So again, my hat goes off to Jimbo Fisher for being able to ‘help’ motivate his boys for such an outstanding comeback! …and at the same time…maybe teaching us all a little something about life! Hats off my brother…
Nick Saban, Jimbo Fisher, Rich Rodriguez (all native West Virginians) and we have Holgerson???
I'm going to vent.I've seen some very disparaging remarks from Red McCombs and other Texas boosters who are dissatisfied with the choice of Charlie Strong as the new head coach of Texas. Red McCombs wanted John Gruden and there's not a chance in *** that Gruden, Harbaugh, Saban, Jimbo Fisher or any other top coach of that caliber would consider the Texas job. The BCS has been won by the SEC for 7 consecutive years and Jimbo Fisher designed his Florida State offense after the SEC to win. TEXAS needs to open their eyes and see that the "good ol boy" network isn't working. THE A&M Coach hangs out with Usher and lands in a helicopter to go watch recruits. The Baylor coach was a good choice but didn't want to interview so SUPPORT Charlie Strong AND BE THRILLED HE HAS ROOTS IN FLORIDA TO GO GET SOME RECRUITS IN FLORIDA WHERE THEY ARE GROOMED TO WIN FROM JUNIOR HIGH TO ADD TO THE TEXAS KIDS THAT MIGHT LIKE HIM TOO. FIND BIG SMART KIDS!! Loved Mac but you cant' coddle these kids any more. Vince was a total bust . ...
Maybe Penn State should do what Florida State did. FSU hired long time assistant Jimbo Fisher, how bout hiring Larry Johnson at State.
Jimbo Fisher explains the fake punt decision in the BCS championship.
Jimbo Fisher's motto is love, trust and a belief in one another. Florida State needed every bit of that tonight.
Jimbo Fisher seen consulting with Houston Nutt on the sideline asking "How can I get rid of this guy?"
FSU ARE NATIONAL CHAMPS! - Hesiman winner Jameis Winston (c. and top r.) hoists the BCS National Championship trophy after he leads Florida State to a thrilling comeback win over Auburn, 34-31, with a TD to Kelvin Benjamin (l.) to deliver Coach Jimbo Fisher (bottom r.) his first crown.
Congrats to all the true Fla State fans.I didn't sty up to watch it because it didn't matter to me who won they both deserved to be there.Jimbo Fisher did a great job and has proven it was worth the wait to get the job as head coach.. To all the avid college fans in our state, now we can all go back to being civil, or at least we should. Both teams finished well. Go ***
Jimbo Fisher is the worlds most successful Jimbo, edging out Uncle Jimbo on South Park & Jim Bob Duggar from 19 Kids & Counting
YALL MUST'VE FORGOT!" FACTS: - Funny I keep seeing people post "Bama would've been a better opponent" ..Well this is the SECOND TIME in THREE SEASONS that FSU has beaten an SEC opponent (IN A BOWL GAME) that had already beaten the ol mighty BAMA TEAM in a season game leading up to their match! FSU defeated USC in the 2010 Chick-fil-A Bowl game 26-17. USC had beaten ranked Bama 2 months prior. Which also was their worst defeat of that 2010 season. Fast forward to this 2013 season Bama loses to Auburn who eventually loses to FSU. - Seminoles lead every program in the nation with 11 NFL draft picks back in April 2013... and STILL won the Championship this year? smh that's scary - The last three starting quarterbacks to start multiple seasons under Jimbo Fisher have been drafted in the first round - Jamarcus Russell at LSU (Oakland Raiders, 1st pick, 2007), Christian Ponder (Minnesota Vikings, 12th pick, 2011) and EJ Manuel (Buffalo Bills, 16th pick, 2013). Jameis IS NEXT BET THAT!
Brent Musburger has insulted the rest of the football conferences by saying Jimbo Fisher modeled his team after the SEC. When did Jimbo Fisher tell Brent this breaking news. It's as if no matter what, the SEC wins one way or the other. Is he saying that he loves the SEC that much that no matter what, you had to either be an SEC team or be modeled after an SEC team. What is an SEC team other than being in the conference of shear numbers. Hooray for the A C C, conference of champions now!! Go Noles, the preseason number one next season.
1. Florida State: The Seminoles will lose several contributors from their perfect 2013 run, most notably All-American defensive back LaMarcus Joyner, center Bryan Stork and potentially junior wideout Kelvin Benjamin. But the Heisman Trophy winner will be back, and Jimbo Fisher has recruited well enough that any hole will immediately be plugged by just another blue-chip NFL-bound prospect. They'll start 2014 where they ended the season before. 2. Alabama: Even after finishing the season on a two-game losing skid, even after losing AJ McCarron and C.J. Mosley, the Tide remain the most dependable "brand" in College Football. And among a host of candidates for the second, Nick Saban and Co. will likely get the benefit of the doubt for the second spot, particularly if the quarterbacks on hand have a solid spring. 3. Stanford: The Cardinal have emerged as the most reliable team in the Pac-12, and even if they lose some of their star wattage going into 2014 -- linebackers Shayne Skov and Trent Murphy are gone, a ...
Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher are home boys.WV
The look on Jimbo Fisher's face when he first hoists the BCS Championship trophy = PRICELESS.
Nick Saban didn't beat Auburn this year, but his protege (Jimbo Fisher) did.
Congrats to FSU, Jimbo Fisher and all his Rhodes Scholars 👍
I wonder if Ruston Webster is trying to track down Jimbo Fisher's cell number tonight.
7 degrees of separation: FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher was QB at Salem International Univ.; SIU travels to play Wednesday at 4.
GO ACC! Brent Musburger still doesn't seem to realize who won the *** Game! "Jimbo Fisher modeled his program after the SEC?" Brent Musburger loses his feeble mind on national TV all over again.Congrats FSU! Bring that $ home.
Great players understand great moments. - Jimbo Fisher
I'm in the wrong career lol so many good coaches come from West Virginia. Lou Holtz (unfortunately), Jimbo Fisher, Nick Saban, Bill Stewart
Just heard Brent Musburger say "Jimbo Fisher modeled FSU like an SEC team afterall he was an offensive coordinator under Nick Saban" lol. I guess FSU is an SEC team disguised as an ACC team now sheesh lol! ACC still is getting any respect.
Brent Musburger literally just said Florida State's National Championship was "fitting because Jimbo Fisher modelled their entire team off of the SEC" Really? Off the entire SEC? What a ridiculous comment.
Jimbo Fisher just said in reference to a question asked about Jameis Winston's performance tonight,he said Big time players come through when the "MONEY" is on the line??? Wow money?really?the last time someone said that was Tyler bray when he said thats what I get paid to do and 1year later it came out that he accepted
What an exciting finish to the last BCS Championship game - congrats to Jimbo Fisher, Jameis Winston and
We now can let the cat out of the bag. Jimbo Fisher to Georgia Southern.
Clarksburg native Jimbo Fisher and Dorsey Moore from Martins Ferry are National Champions.
Jimbo Fisher bought to pull a Cuba Gooding Jr.
Not exactly sure but the refs called it and Jimbo Fisher had some choice words for Freeman
Jimbo Fisher just ran up the sidelines faster than half the players on the field!
Gus Malzahn is being whipped by Jimbo Fisher
that's Jeff Fishers son not Jimbo Fisher.. 2 different people Ozzie it's 2 different people..
Something tells me Jimbo Fisher is devising some kind of Sean Peyton type of play coming out of half. Obviously, not a kick.
Hey College Football fans! Guess what I saw on TV? The quarterback coach for Florida State is . . . . .wait for it . . former Kentucky offenseive coordinator Randy Sanders from the Joker Phillips era. Standing right next to Jimbo Fisher with the visor on. Heavens.
Jimbo Fisher from the Andy Reid School of Clock Management, with Lovie Smith as headmaster.
The Ofensive Cordinator of looks like Jason Garret and Jimbo Fisher is showing a lack of ability to adjust the Team
Jimbo Fisher is like Jason Garrett when it comes to running the ball
Gus Malzahn is showing Jimbo Fisher how to coach a team during a tough game. Jamies not so Famous is finally being exposed as a Freshman wit a long way to go.
Gus Malzahn and Jimbo Fisher are clearly good coaches but the best football coach ever is Coach Eric Taylor! "Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose."
Florida State and Jimbo Fisher need to do America a favor and beat the SEC this year.
ACC Digital Network host Jeff Fischel interviews Jimbo Fisher in Southern California, just one day before the BCS Championship. Florida State's head coach di...
“Jimbo Fisher at Florida State BCS Media Day Tomahawk Nation We do a lot of technological things, a lot of training things that are different, that are a little bit off the cuff, but I think it's very influential in our injury situation and our...”
From yesterday: Jimbo Fisher isn't scary like Nick Saban, but he should be via
Jimbo Fisher and Gus Malzahn are two classy guys. Great respect for one anothers program
I'm rooting for the return of Bobby Petrino, but I'd settle for Nick Saban or Jimbo Fisher.
Nick Saban might be the best coach in College Football but Jimbo Fisher definitely is a close second he turned Florida State around so fast
Jimbo Fisher isn't feared like Nick Saban, but he should be via
(al) Bobby Bowden and Nick Saban had a child, and his name is Jimbo Fisher (Kevin Scarbinsky): He's taken thin...
FOR ALL OF YOU TEXAS FOOTBALL FANS.. The Following are quotes for an article on FOX Sports. Texas spent a year bragging it could get Nick Saban, gloated that it had “all the money that is not up at the Vatican,’’ and all the way to the very end, threw out every big name, including Jim Harbaugh, Jim Mora, Jimbo Fisher, even Jon Gruden. It held the College Football world hostage while it thumped itself on the chest and assumed it could get anyone to leave anywhere for its head-coaching job. Turns out, Texas thinks big, but talks bigger. And then it gets Charlie Strong. How unfair to Strong, and it’s only an issue because of all the talking the Texas big-boys did. It’s not that Strong can’t coach, but that he isn’t going to appeal to the huge Texas ego. The Texas bluster. He hasn’t done enough yet, and doesn’t have the outward personality to keep all the Texas rich-boys together and pulling the same way.
Congrats to Charlie Strong on becoming the new coach at Texas! That means FSU can keep Jimbo Fisher!!
Just realized that FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher was born about an hour from where I grew up in Clarksburg, WV. Bama coach Nick Saban grew up close to Clarksburg in Fairmont. So that's two of College Football's premier coaches from the Italian section of the Mountain State. Pretty cool!
I would love to have had Jimbo Fisher but I knew he would not come to UT from Florida State.
Really enjoyed your piece on Jimbo fisher and the one on Malzahn. Should be a great coaching battle based on what you wrote
Jimbo Fisher to Texas: 'Only a Matter of Time,' a source tells
Do It Big: FSU Offense: Jameis Winston and the FSU offense take on the media; Jimbo Fisher talks title
outside of saban & jimbo fisher was there with Art Briles. Frankly i think hes going to be great. Is a total anti Mack Brown
Jimbo Fisher's head is getting so freaking big
what time is the Jimbo Fisher announcement?
Haven't heard much about the Texas job tonight - is Jimbo Fisher still the man?
Also, how about Jimbo Fisher throwing out that he was turned down by UAB in 06. That has to make some stomachs churn in Birmingham
For Jimbo Fisher and Florida State, Monday's BCS championship may be just the beginning.
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Finebaum just said Malzahn could out Coach Jimbo Fisher anyday, WOW!
Jameis Winston jokes he'd go to Texas with Jimbo Fisher if Florida St. coach left - (via '…
Jameis Winston jokes that he'd follow Jimbo Fisher to Texas | SI Wire
the only coaches I would have put before Strong would be: Saban, Briles, and Jimbo Fisher.. Those are the only three "elites"
head Coach Jimbo Fisher talks to the media following Thursday's practice.
head Coach Jimbo Fisher speaks with the media following Friday's practice.
Jimbo Fisher: Offensive and Defensive Philosophy (DVD) read more here: info: Our boys: a perfect season on the plains with the smith center redmen; Fisher football line-up markers offensive/defensive line-up marker 35 long; How good do you want to be?: a champion's tips on how to lead and succeed at work and in life; Jimbo fisher: offensive and defensive philosophy (dvd); Through my eyes; Fisher athletic offensive / defensive line-up marker; Coaching fast break football: adapting the fsu offense to high school football.
check this out FSU's Jameis Winston gets candid — no rules against that -
With Charlie Strong reports, can we now put "Jimbo Fisher to Texas" rumors to rest? My blog: ... …
Fisher has FSU back at Bowden level: Coach Jimbo Fisher's Seminoles, who play for BCS title Monday, are 13-0 and...
Wow! CNN wrote an article that will be seen by millions! Fisher ready for a win against Fanconi Anemia
Thank you CNN for doing this article on Ethan, the Fisher family & cc
“Jimbo Fisher glad trustees nixed his deal to become head coach THIS mak…
Coach Jimbo Fisher & set goal to raise $500,000 for They wrote a check for $800,000. Contri…
Ledger Enquirer - BCS title game notebook: Gus Malzahn believes Auburn's 'best years are ahead,' Jimbo Fisher just...
Website Builder 728x90
When Jimbo Fisher was QB/OC in 2009 donated to to in honor of
Jimbo Fisher doesn't look or talk like Darth Saban, but he should scare College Football just as much
Jamis Winston is serious about if JimBo Fisher sign to be Texas LongHorns head coach he is following his head coach to Texas
Florida State head Coach Jimbo Fisher discusses strategy and preparation for the BCS Championship game on Monday, on the BCS Championship Media Day...
As Florida State gears up to play Auburn in the BCS Championship, their head Coach Jimbo Fisher is fighting an even tougher opponent off the field.
2014 National Championship Auburn -vs- Florida State Good -vs- Great Congratulations Auburn you have had an incredible season and you have become a good football team once again. Now their is a difference between good and great. I have been a fan of College Football for some thirty years and have watched some dynasties come and go. Some good football teams do win National Championships but just not against great teams. Although Auburn has had an incredible season, one for the ages. This does not mean that will continue in the National Championship game. The Florida States Seminoles are 28 points away from becoming the greatest college scoring team of all time. That's not good that's great. You have heard the Seminoles time and time again say the opponent is faceless. This my friend is great coaching which is what has helped them achieve so much this year. None of this has happened over night as Famous Jameis has said it was a process. This process has been implemented over the years by Jimbo Fisher to br ...
Fsu reloading again for this recruiting class. Jimbo Fisher keeps it Rollin. Noles got the bullets now to compete with anyone in the country.
Well, we didn't get Sabin, Molzahn, Jimbo Fisher,… You know why… Because they all make good money and they're playing for National Championships and they're all winning… I knew we would not get some coach of a National Championship playing team. Grant Heatley… It's a good thing you didn't bet me on Christmas Day!!! On a good note, I absolutely like the pic a lot… This guy will bring a whole new atmosphere to the Longhorns that we've never had… He will be great for the program… I can't wait to see his defense! And he's also not scared to play a young quarterback…
For discussion: Nick Saban, John Gruden, Jimbo Fisher, Mark Dantonio, Charlie Strong, James Franklin, Jim Mora. Names being thrown around for the Texas job. Fisher is out of the mix, Gruden doesn't want in the mix, Nick Saban is still recovering, Mark Dantonio won't leave Michigan State. Mora and Franklin are possibles. Who do you think might be the Longhorns Skipper next year? I still say Saban or maybe Strong.
Per source with knowledge of situation: Golden to Penn State, Jimbo Fisher to Miami (Fla), Strong to FSU, Lane Kiffin to Texas, LHoltz to UL
With all due respect to John Saunders, if Jim Mora, Jimbo Fisher, Nick Saban, and Art Briles were all linked to the Texas job before Charlie Strong then, yes, he was the third or fourth choice.
FSU...Monday. Please don't be a repeat of tonight. Jimbo Fisher~ I hope you have your team watch this game in preparation.
What do Nick Saban, Charlie Strong, Art Briles, Mike Gundy, Jimbo Fisher and Jim Mora all have in common? Each have formally or informally rejected the idea of replacing Mack Brown at Texas. I can't blame them. You have a rabid fan and alumni base that just ran the second winningest coach in their program's history (only 4 years removed from the program's first National Championship in 35 years) for a mediocre run over the past few seasons ( mediocre still including at least 8 wins the last three years, though). The expectations are astronomically high; the criticism for any loss unrelenting and, quite frankly, the current atmosphere not conducive to positive growth of the program. Given all thus, I not only suspect that Texas will not get an established, big name coach to replace Mack Brown; I believe there is every possibility that Texas fans will look back on Mack with find longing and regret in the years to come (much as OU fans did with Gary Gibbs during John Blake's tenure).
As has been chronicled on Connect-Bridgeport and nearly every other media outlet, Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher, a Clar...
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- Jameis Winston said he joked with Jimbo Fisher about speculation the coach will leave Florida State for Texas, and said if it happens he'd want to go, too. The Heisman Trophy winner met with the media Friday in the lead up to the BCS championship game against No. 2 Auburn. He says he and his teammates have not concerned themselves with the speculation and reports about Fisher being a candidate to replace Mack Brown at Texas. He added, jokingly: "Even if Coach Fisher goes to Texas, I'm going to ask him can I go with you? Yeah, I'm serious. He's my coach." Fisher chuckled when heard about Winston's joke. "He and I have a tremendous relationship," Fisher said. "I think the world of him. He and I are very close, but we'll be right here." Fisher said he has not heard from Texas, but knows his name will remain in the rumor mill. "It doesn't matter what I say, y'all are going to write what the heck you want until someone takes that job," Fisher said with a laugh. "So, we're not going dow ...
Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston says he loves his coach so much that if Jimbo Fisher did leave for Texas, he'd go with him.
Heard Winston joking about following Jimbo Fisher to Texas. I really didn't find it very funny. That's like holding a pecan pie in front of my face and then taking it away.
If FSU wins the National title, Jimbo Fisher will be the next head coach at Texas. Book it.
Charlie Strong come to Texas we can't Jimbo Fisher.
Just want to thank my *** uncle Jimbo Fisher for making Al Golden run to
Monday night Jimbo Fisher and Noles will be champions
Florida State head football Coach Jimbo Fisher talks about his team's effort in Thursday's practice, Kelvin Benjamin's improved play, including raises for hi...
Texas said they wanted 1. Nick Saban: tanks season and gets bama to fork out extra cash. 2.Jimbo Fisher: lol signs major extension...we all knew he wasn't leaving 3. Jim Mora: already said dream job is Washington and passed to extend with UCLA. 4. Art Biles: no intention on leaving Baylor for Texas So Texas really looking really foolish right now?
SMDH!!! First it was Saban, then Briles, Jimbo Fisher, Jim Mora, then Vince Lombardi, then Tom Landry, etc, etc... Then when turned down, they really didn't want them, anyway. T-sippers are turning this coaching search into a total feckin' farce. Getting uglier by the minute. I chuckle. Hard!!!
What's the word on Jimbo Fisher as it relates to the Texas job? We've got the latest on the Florida State head coach and more in this update.
Jameis Winston just said that if Jimbo Fisher came to Texas, he'd come with him. OMFG THROW ALL THE MONEY AT JIMBO!
Absurd Texas Coaching Rumor of the Day: Jimbo Fisher and Jameis Winston are coming to Austin as a package deal.
With serious faces, Jameis Winston and Ethan Fisher listened closely. The coach’s son sat on the quarterback’s lap as Jimbo Fisher gave the locker room speech following Florida State’s big win at F...
Associated Press: "Published report's out of Texas stated the Longhorns were interested in Jimbo Fisher, Baylor's Art Briles, Vanderbilt's James Franklin, and Louisville's Charlie Strong. Michigan State's Mark Dantonio has been mentioned as a coach Texas athletic director Steve Patterson is looking at." "Texas, they're going to be calling everybody they possibly can because they're going to try to get the best coach they possibly can", Florida State AD Stan Wilcox said. Florida's AD Jeremy Foley said that he doesn't understand why it is taking them so long, " I don't understand all this calling everybody thing, the obvious choice is Kirby Smart, Alabama defensive coach and they better move fast if they are going to get him".
New Grantland: Florida State’s “Most Improved Person”: Jimbo Fisher It’s now up over at Grantland: Winston piled up yards and touchdowns on his way to the Heisman Trophy, and his 190.06 passer rating is good for the second best single-season rating of all time, just shy of the mark Russell Wilson set in 2011. And it’s not as though Winston has run some watered-down attack; Manuel said […]
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I am hoping Jimbo Fisher, who already has the Seminoles sequestered in Pasadena, is making watching the dethroning of high ranked teams in major BCS Bowls mandatory team bonding time. All the high ranked teams (Baylor and Alabama) have been ROCKED by highly motivated, well-coached, hungry underdogs! For Jenn Gaudreau, attending the National Championship on Monday, I really want FSU to win, sorry SEC alliances, it's my baby here - but I sure hope FSU isn't listening to their undefeated hype! Auburn will be hungry, they are well-coached and they know how to defeat a ranked team when no one thought they could.
Just throwing it out there if Jimbo fisher signs an extension at FSU but still is in the hunt at Texas then why can't slaban go to Texas
If this is Nick Saban's interview for UT - I'd say they should look to Gary Patterson, Lou Holtz, Jimbo Fisher or Art Briles.. or even Lane Kiffin.. :D
~Sports Texas-Sized Cloud Hangs Over BCS Title Game by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — A Texas-sized cloud of uncertainty looms over College Football's biggest game of the season. As No. 1 Florida State and No. 2 Auburn prepare in Southern California to meet Monday in the last BCS championship game, the University of Texas is still looking for a new football coach. And until the Longhorns make a hire, just about every successful coach can be considered a candidate — including Florida State's Jimbo Fisher and Auburn's Gus Malzahn. "I've been amazed about how quiet this thing has been," ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit said earlier this week. "Because of that it leads me to speculate and believe that somebody still involved in coaching, whether it's the NFL or college, must be one of their primary candidates." "I think the longer this goes on I think it's very, very clear that it's somebody who's still coaching. Who that might be, I have no idea." Some leaks have sprung in the last couple of da ...
A lot of people have been running their mouths about how the t.u. job is the "best job in College Football." Well, Saban said no, along with David Shaw, Jimbo Fisher, Bill O'Brien, Mark D'Antonio, and I'm sure I am Leaving out a few. You just keep on telling yourselves that Austin is so irresistible. Maybe the defensive coordinator at Tulane would be interested in the job, but even that is a maybe.
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