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Jimbo Fisher

John James Jimbo Fisher (born October 9, 1965) is an American college football coach and former player.

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have 55 wins under Jimbo Fisher, and 10 losses. Will Muschamp & Al Golden have 55 wins combined at UF & MIami --…
Jimbo Fisher says the reason why FSU made the move on the OL was "the freshman was ready"
Jimbo Fisher is the type of coach you run through a wall for. Similar to Rex Ryan his first year with the Jets.
Jimbo Fisher just seems like a scum bag
No doubt Jimbo Fisher will be a coach on Sundays someday. The way he breeds QBs has NFL all over it.
"PJ Williams is an outstanding, mature young man living with upstanding moral character and integrity" -Jimbo Fisher
I think he has a steep learning curve coming from a Jimbo Fisher coached background but understand the frustration
"I'm going to hold the integrity of the game higher than everyone else." -Jimbo Fisher... In fact it's quite the opposite Jimbo
How "convenient" that James Winstons student conduct code hearing is postponed. I know its the school but Jimbo Fisher has NO INTEGRITY
If you missed Jimbo Fisher, and interviews
I always felt that Jimbo Fisher looked like Joe Piscopo!
Pressing questions : -Did the talented Gators FINALLY play to their potential ...and save Will Muschamp's job? -Would the other SEC teams rather see Muschamp keep his job? -Why doesn't the NCAA step in and do what the coaches don't have the gonads to do- eliminate duplicate jersey numbers? -Does South Carolina's 2014 defense remind you of Tennessee's 2012 defense? -Has Kevin Sumlin ever had a team that played solid defense? -Are you getting the feel that the SEC might be getting ZERO teams in the first-ever fotball final four? But, would have 4 make it if it was an 8-team playoff? -Does it seem odd that The Tennesseean, on the eve of the first of 4 rape trials of VU players, unveils allegations of sexual misconduct against 2 UT athletes? -How quickly will Jimbo Fisher bolt for the safe haven of the NFL? -How many Bowden-era FSU letterman would stop to give Jimbo a ride if they found him stranded along I-10? Here you go- the PRESSBOX SOUTH current Final Four: - 1.) Mississippi State 2.) Auburn 3.) Oregon 4 ...
Prediction:. Jameis Winston is to Jimbo Fisher . like Cam Newton was to Gene Chizik . and Vince Young was to Mack Brown.
Jimbo Fisher\'s See-No-Evil style appeals to the people he cares about most(Orlando news)
Five Thoughts of the Night: 1. The CFP committee threw premium grade gasoline on the flames. Happy as can be that Ole Miss is up there but it's really worth about as much as Jimbo Fisher's opinions.. Glad Archie stepped down. Unfortunately it was for knee surgery, but I think he saw where this was headed and got the *** out of Dodge before people could throw the Manning name into the blaze. They're America's football family that everyone loves. They should remain that way. Smart move Archie. 2. Speaking of Jimbo Fisher... He must be off of his meds or not exactly smart. There's an interesting situation going on at FSU and I understand taking your kids back... They might as well embrace the bad boy image and pretend like they're the 89' Pistons because they're certainly not the Davis Love's of the league. 3. Baseball bores me to tears. The Royals just scored seven runs and I could care less. A few clicks of the remote later and I'm catching up on Homeland and in a much more interested state. They need to . ...
Jimbo Fisher says Karlos Williams will play Thursday. Which would be unbelievable for any other school in the country e…
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FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher stood on university's statement and declined to add comment several times regarding Karlos William…
Now there's a shocker. Just waiting for the Jimbo Fisher press conference urging Williams to do the right thing.
Jimbo Fisher defended Karlos Williams 3 days ago for allegedly beating up his GF. Now THIS http:…
'Rae Carruth is a stand up individual' - Jimbo Fisher, probably
Jimbo Fisher's son dressing up as Jameis for superhero day makes him look like a tool and a huge ***
Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher says penalty on Notre Dame "was an obvious pick play, the correct call" - Lol retard
Jimbo Fisher would re-evaluate support of Jameis Winston \'if the facts change\'(Orlando news)
I can't stand the sight of Jameis Winston, Jimbo Fisher or Danny Kanell!
Jimbo Fisher needs Tim Brewster as his PR guy in Tally.
Adam Schefter on Jimbo Fisher, EJ Manuel and the Pre-Draft process: Very limited as an NFL QB
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — With Florida State's perfect record still intact and a second-half rally against Notre Dame complete, Jameis Winston and Coach Jimbo Fisher shared a hug as the crowd exploded in celebration. Winston had done it again.
Atrocious call in the FSU game last night. Also, Jimbo Fisher has supplanted Pitino as the biggest dink in the NCAA. http:/…
HUMBLE PIE. Dignity and Class. Words from the great Jimbo Fisher!
Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher are both from West Virginia though, therefore WVU is still winning?
"Jimbo Fisher" sounds like a meal at long John silvers😠
Jimbo Fisher says Florida St. Is a high class team. C'mon man Thug city moved from Miami to Tallahassee. Time to bring back class call Bobby Bowden
They asked Jimbo Fisher how Jameis Winston is able to play so well with all the distractions and he gave a great answer
"Jameis Winston could announce he's joining ISIS and Jimbo Fisher and FSU would still defend him" -Clay Travis
So let me if i have this correct...Jameis Winston's signature has been authenticated on more than 2000 items shown on the same website owned by the man accused of paying UGA's Todd Gurley to sign items for sale. Also, Winston signed these 2000+ items without compensation or payment of any kind, i guess he is just a giving person who wanted the website owner to profit from his signature. That seems logical to me, whats all the fuss? Oh you say Winston's character has been questioned before? He was charged with rape and then found not guilty and Florida State University and tallahassee police dept have been accused of trying to suppress evidence and hush the case? Oh and Winston was standing on a table at the university singing a song about _ing a woman in her _. Yep that sounds to me like a nice young man who would sign 2000+ autographs for FREE to increase his fan base! Come on FSU and Jimbo Fisher are you really ready to go DOWN with this guy. Do the right thing, I'm pretty sure you know what that is ...
Jimbo Fisher believes in the tooth fairy Easter bunny Santa Claus and Mr. Winston
Jimbo Fisher believes in the tooth fairy Santa Claus and the Easter bunny and Jamesis Winston
then Florida State should do the right thing and suspend..Jimbo Fisher is quickly becoming an Urban Meyer type scumbag.
Fisher confident Winston not paid for autographs: FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher said the university has sp...
Jimbo Fisher has no more integrity left. He has officially entered the realm of Gene Chizik on transparency re: winning first. What a clown.
Jimbo Fisher is one of the biggest enablers in college football. What a complete joke.
An emotional Coach Jimbo Fisher said Monday he isn’t concerned Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston will miss any games as a result of a school disciplinary hearing on Winston’s involvement in an alleged sexual assault, while Fisher said of the alleged victim: “There was...
Guess what Jimbo Fisher...guys don't sign over 900 jerseys, mini helmets and footballs for free!! Jameis Winston is more trouble than he's worth! Time to take a seat bro!!
“Innocent until proven guilty” — Jimbo Fisher on Jameis Winston. Here is the timeline of incidents for the QB htt…
The New York Giants should hire Jimbo Fisher as their entire offensive line. No one protects a quarterback better.
Coach: QB Jameis Winston Will Not Miss Any Games: Florida State's Jimbo Fisher: Jameis Winston has committed no crime, will not miss ...
Jimbo Fisher says Karlos Williams and Derrick Mitchell will practice today
So Florida State University covered up sexual allegations against QB Jameis Winston yet allows him to play, FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher should be under investigation for not having the guts to kick him off the team, yet the N.C.A.A. takes no action.
Jimbo Fisher & John Groce are the coaches of my two favorite college teams. They are both so great
Jimbo Fisher says Sean Maguire is as talented as Clint Trickett & Jacob Coker: "He's going to have a great career here."
After FSU's win today Jimbo Fisher obtained his 50th win in fewer games than Nick Saban did the same at Alabama. http:…
According to at least one metric, Butch Jones ranks above coaches like Bob Stoops and Jimbo Fisher.
Jimbo Fisher says he believes Jameis Winston's suspension "hit home, there's no doubt." »
Wait I thought it was because of love? MT Jimbo Fisher on why Winston came out in uniform before game.
Jimbo Fisher reveals why Jameis Winston came out in full uniform for drills before Clemson game.
ICYMI: Florida State QB Jameis Winston came out in full pads Saturday night, that did NOT fly w/ Jimbo Fisher. »
Jimbo Fisher to reinstate Jameis Winston as FSU starter
Jameis Winston was sent back to the locker room by Jimbo Fisher after suiting up for pregame warm-ups. http:…
Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher had a surprise waiting for him when he walked onto the field Saturday for warmups. Throwing the football and in full uniform was suspended quarterback Jameis Winston. Fisher, looking not too pleased, said something to Winston who then headed for the locker room,...
Jimbo Fisher: Jameis Winston has served his suspension and is ready to move on. He will be FSU's quarterback on Monday.
"Winston is still Winston because Jimbo Fisher is Jimbo Fisher."
Suspended Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston warms up in pads during pregame, but is sent back into the locker-room by Jimbo Fisher and reemerges in sweatpants.
Is there a more dislikable team that Florida State? Or a more dislikable tandem than Jimbo Fisher and Jameis Winston?
F-L-O-R-I-D-A. S-T-A-T-E. Yall know the rest we fall down but TRUST and BELEIVE we GET UP and STAY UP when its all said and done. Player of the game JIMBO FISHER taking it to OT. Work flow in the A.M. GOODNIGHT NOLES and sweet dreams to you haters
Jimbo Fisher says Jameis will be the quarterback on Monday. If you were curious.
Jimbo Fisher said that Jameis Winston will be practicing with team Monday and will be back for NC State.
will return as Florida State on Jimbo Fisher said Jameis Winston will…
Jimbo Fisher not happy Jameis Winston warmed up in full uniform:
Jimbo Fisher is still heated at Jameis Winston
Man, Jimbo Fisher sure is mediocre at reading a PR statement.
Jimbo Fisher: We know how to win. This team has resolve and has guts.
Jimbo Fisher would be a lot more believable if he was reading
FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher says Jameis Winston will be the team’s starting QB on Monday
“The look on Jimbo Fisher's face when he sees Jameis Winston in full uniform ...
Interesting comment by FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher after the FSU-Clemson game: "We found a way to win". It would probably have been a more accurate description of the game if he had said "today we were lucky, and we could and perhaps even should have lost". Luck and chance matter much more in sports, chess and business than most people tend to think. Luck and chance are by definition random, but can still be managed. In doing so, it is important to distinguish between luck and skill. You need both. Skill is within your own control, luck is not. You maximize your luck by preparing your skills to be able to take advantage of lucky breaks and chance events. I have developed a theory about this that I call "Chance Management". There is nothing wrong with winning through luck or chance; in fact some kind of luck is often required for strategic success. Skill may not be enough. For example, in chess games cannot be won merely through one's own skills, no matter how well developed they are. Mistakes by the opponent a ...
I'll normally restrict my college football opinions to the fact that I can't wait to see Navy destroy Army AGAIN (singing second rocks), but I have two points to make about tonight's game between Florida State and Clemson: 1) Normally, when a player is "suspended," that means he is NOT allowed to be with his teammates when the game is being played. And in no way, shape, or fashion should he believe that by getting in uniform, he might be able to convince his coach that he should play. Jimbo Fisher should have sent Jameis Winston home, and for pulling the stunt of coming out in full uniform, he should be suspended for next week's game too! 2) If it's 4th & 1 in OT, and they don't line up a player over the center, and you're in shotgun and planning to run the football, you deserve to lose. Plain and simple. Dabo Swinney's stupid play calling, coupled with the fact the QB can't change the play when he sees there's nobody lined up over center, walk up behind the center, take the snap, and get the 12 INCHES .. ...
Jimbo Fisher isn't as good a coach tonight as he usually is.
Swinney now is 1-4 vs Jimbo Fisher. 1-5 against Spurrier. But let's not let facts get in the way of a good story...
“Wow. Jimbo Fisher made Jameis take off his uniform. Sent him back into the locker room during warm ups. G…
I'm glad I'm an alum of a university where it's football coach understands one player isnt bigger than the program. Bob Stoops>Jimbo Fisher.
Jimbo Fisher not happy Jameis warmed up in full uniform via Looks like Jimbo can't hand…
Jimbo Fisher reading a statement on Jameis Winston. Says he'll be back to being FSU's QB on Monday.
Florida State quarterback Sean Maguire held his own in Saturday's contest against No. 22 Clemson, but the team has an elite option waiting in the wings.After the Seminoles' 23-17 overtime victory over the Tigers, Florida State head Coach Jimbo Fisher told reporters that Jameis Winston will return as…
A really good win 4 Jimbo Fisher & Noles - lots of distractions over Winston situation - had to show mental toughness to get W…
How could Clemson lose? How...Then the interview with Jimbo Fisher after the game..." Jameis is a very nice young man, I hope the whole world gets to see that side of him". A man who raped a woman, stole food out of a grocery store and made a violent sexual reference about a female in front of the student body, and that is a good guy? Thank god, Jimbo Fisher did not describe Hitler or Manson next? Oh that Hitler was a great guy he just made a lapse in judgement, he did not mean no harm. And Florida I am begging you, go to Ohio State and beg Urban Meyer to come back and finally fire that hack Muschamp. When he brought that *** Charlie Weis who destroyed the Notre Dame program to Florida for a year was all the proof you needed what kind of talent pool you have invested in. *** hire Gene Chizik he could do better than Will.
I want to thank ABC sports for promoting the crab leg thief from Florida State , Jameis Winston. Tonight while watching the football game between Fl. State and Clemson , ABC had him on tv more than the QB that took his place after he was suspended, oh someone forgot to tell the clown, Jimbo Fisher he was suspended, he was all over the field and side lines and ABC, you promoted it, thanks. What punishment did he receive after 6 times in trouble, stealing at least twice, shooting windows out with bb gun, and filthy language to the ladies of Florida State. Want mention the rape charges, Tallahassee police made sure he wouldn't miss a ball game. All these sports castors this week has been saying he's just a kid and has made mistakes, lol what a joke, he's 20 years old and we have younger than that defending our country and dying so this clown has a chance to be free and play his sports. Jimbo Fisher grow up, winning is not everything, see you can win without that clown, well 3 missed field goals helped, lol. ...
Lost respect for Jimbo Fisher. Jameis Winston running around like he was some kind of hero. He is nothing but a thug. Should not have been inthe stadium.
Great Florida State Win in OT, without their *** quarter back! Thumbs up to FSU and Jimbo Fisher for doing the right thing!
Mad respect for Jimbo Fisher and Florida State. Suspending Winston put their chance at a second consecutive undefeated season and national championship in serious jeopardy. That takes balls that most college programs don't have, but it was the right thing to do.
Jameis Winston came out for pregame warmups dressed in full uniform and, from the looks of it, Jimbo Fisher was not happy about that...
I think tonight's win puts Jimbo Fisher in the discussion for "Top Ten Smartest People Named Jimbo".
This just in. Winston was actually the interim coach for FSU tonight! ABC showed more pictures of him than Jimbo Fisher. I am surprised they did not interview him post game!
Noles win! With a third stringer, love the DJ Mayo will still troll, but go noles!!! Jimbo fisher is the man!!!
I applaud Jimbo Fisher for suspending Winston. Sumlin would have waited for a D2 team pending a hurricane weather update. Briles would have benched the second string QB and said "see I do have ethics" Les miles would have been shocked that his player spoke a complete sentence and LSU would have issued him a diploma on the spot. Stoops would have blamed the cafeteria lady Saban would have the Alabama state troopers arrest everyone who witnessed the event Petrino would have asked to work out appropriate punishment with the QB's girlfriend. Strong would have already suspended the QB for other reasons. Kingsberry would have the entire team defend the QB's remarks to show they can defend something.
Jimbo Fisher said it best at the end of the game, Florida State always finds a way to win. Go Noles!
Clemson I had so much faith riding with yah! Why did you let me down so?! Arg! In order news Jameis Winston is not someone I ever want my kids looking up too, he needs his heisman taken away. But great job on jimbo fisher for keeping him out of a big rivalry game. If only they had lost, maybe, just maybe Jameis Winston would learn something.
Who was that with jimbo fisher after the game
I lost a lot of respect for Winston this week but gained more respect for the Leadership and Support of Jimbo Fisher! Feel bad that this Coach's job and reputation will be put on the line for trying to help a kid who has been extremely poor with decisions lately!
"Never underestimate the heart of a champion!" Rudy T, Houston Rockets coach in 1995. Over the last two seasons, Jimbo Fisher, his coaches, and the FSU football team has shown they have the hearts of champions! Yet again, like the Auburn game in January, FSU wins a game they have no business winning! None, but yet again the Seminoles fight and steal victory from the jaws of defeat. Hopefully this dramatic OT win catapults FSU to a second straight national title. Clemson, like Auburn you only have yourself to blame. Jameis, please take tonight to see you need to step up and be an adult! Mature, and be a part of a title team. After getting their *** kicked since 2001, these last two years have been off the charts. Thank God for 2009!
Congrats to Alabama for a big win today! Way to go MSU! And, sad to see FSU win! Not because I want them out of the but, to teach this "punk" kid, Winston, a lesson! FSU didn't!! If you are suspended from a game, why are you on the sideline, in a jersey, in the huddle and conferring with the head coach during the game? Auburn suspended Jerome Whitehead from the Kansas State game. Where was he during the game? Sitting his *** at home watching on t.v.! What lesson did you send to this punk? NOTHING! Jimbo Fisher is a bigger punk! Letting this go on!! Hope nothing but losses for FSU this year!!! Winston, something for you FSU fans to be "PROUD" of! Pothetic
3 FSU back-up qbs threw for a touchdown today; Trickett, Maguire, and Coker. Jimbo Fisher can pick'em and coach them up. Go Noles.
Why would Jimbo Fisher let Winston walk out on the field with him during a time out? Perhaps, Fisher is a thug. Very disappointed in Fisher.
Jimbo fisher says that Florida State has the best field goal kicker in the country I sure hope it comes down to a field goal against Miami and it goes wide right
I always respected Florida State but now I very much despise Jimbo Fisher and Jameis Winston and their immense arrogance. I can't wait for somebody to stuff them in a trash can.As they are pure garbage. The only thing I can appreciate is fantastic defense.'s what wins championships.Unfortunately Ohio State has NO IDEA what that is.they need to watch more SEC and ACC football games. Clemson .your coaches are pathetic...I know a quarterback sneak is a basic offense it and you win by 14! But end up losing and deserve the humiliation you get! Does anyone have any common sense anymore. ??? I think I need to leave golf and do something way more complicated football! I sure as heck can't do any worse than some of these coaches that make way more money than I do. Holy Frustration!
Not a Seminoles fan AT ALL. But, as a football fan you've got to love games like that. Well played and as Jimbo Fisher said, they found a way to win.
Still have no respect for Fla State and have less for Jimbo Fisher !
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I absolutely despise Jimbo Fisher and Florida State.something about that entire program has stunk for a little over a year now.
Glad FSU pulled it out. The things Winston would have heard about him if they would have lost would have been so stupid... He deserved to be suspended the first half but just because ESPN says he should be suspended for the game doesn't mean that what u do. Jimbo Fisher needs to grow a backbone he almost cost his team a shot at the playoff over hearsay
One more comment about Jimbo Fisher /Winston I wonder how Fisher would feel if he had a daughter around when he made a comment like that? He said "he is a good kid" No sir he is not a good kid.
Clemson called a stupid play on 4th down and they lost! Jimbo Fisher just said Winston is still a good young man,,,He just made a mistake!! Really? Fisher only cares about winning. He doesnt care about doing the right thing. They dont deserve to I am totally disgusted right now!!
Amen to the good Lord above, Jimbo Fisher says it best we know how to win nole nation baby that's why were the number one team in the nation amber Amber Stringer
Jimbo Fisher--"we know how to win". It's obvious that is what its all about down there, and for ABC to keep showing that ignorant *** the whole night really made me sick.
Must give credit where credit is due...Jimbo Fisher earned a lot of respect from me tonight.
Jimbo Fisher is a great coach and a class act he just happens to be at a sorry school with players with no morals. Maybe one day Clemson will have them one like that. If Dabo loses to Carolina this year he has to go. Bottom line.
What a game !! ugly but what a game .. not a fan of famous Jameis but Jimbo fisher is a class act ! nice coaching for what he had to work with
Jimbo Fisher is a class act. Very impressed with his review on handling Jameis Winston. We all deserve a chance to grow & make changes in our lives.
Winston makes me hate a good organization like FSU and I honestly wanted them to lose because of him!! He is a cancerous individual that will never do right! He put his team and fans in a situation they should have never been in and it showed, nobody really wanted to celebrate with him Fisher showed class for a full game suspension at least!!
Believe in Jimbo Fisher. Ask Heather Karpowich how I was during that game
Jimbo Fisher ...''we know how to win'' ...bull , Clemson knows how to lose , they had all kind of chances and blew another big win !
Madison is happy the Noles won. I'm happy to see a college football head coach step up and discipline his player! Kudos to you Jimbo Fisher!
When it's all said and done Jimbo Fisher will be in the same sentence as Joe P. Nick Saben and Bobby Bowden
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"We did it when we had to!"-Jimbo Fisher I'll tell you what Clemson is a *** of a football team and Deshaun Watson is a baller...Championship teams find a way to win... I'm so *** proud to be a Florida State Seminole!
Watching the FSU game and wondering who is really running the team Jimbo Fisher or Jameis Winston? I'm just saying this dude is supposed to be suspended but he all on the sideline like he just decided to take the game off on his own
Hats off to Jimbo Fisher. Gutsy call to play for overtime! It worked this time!
Reduculous has just been taken to another level. Jimbo fisher just said that Jamis had made some mistakes but he's a good kid. Is he trying to convince the nation or himself? Last I checked he's been there 365 days and has been in trouble 5 times. 1 of the 2 was rape and the other theft!! That doesn't sound like a good kid that just happened to make a few mistakes. Look for more in the future from Jamis. Because he didn't learn a thing from this latest fiasco.
ABC and Jimbo Fisher should be ashamed of themselves. Just because JW can play great football does not excuse his behavior or make him not accountable for his behavior.
Winston's suspension didn't stop him from showing up in full pads to FSU's game against the Tigers. It also didn't stop Jimbo Fisher from sending him to the locker room.
Jimbo Fisher: "Winston, he's still a good young man." What, after the theft, the other theft, the rape allegation, oh and the obscene comment? Dang. I wish I could get that many chances. Guess I can't get anyone a crystal football.
Jimbo Fisher is classic- 'We know how to win!!!' I think Jimbo knows how to win...Great night for former LSU Natty Champ Coaches...John Papuchis (Nebraska) Bo Pelini (Nebraska) Jimbo Fisher (Florida State) and Nick Saban (Alabama)...when you got the juice, you got it!!!
Just like everything else these days - thugs and criminals win - good guys get the shaft . Jimbo Fisher is a total piece if crap. One of the worst things I have ever seen in college football. The only guy I feel good for is the FSU backup QB. ABC *** !! They bought in to this crap. WEAK !!! VERY WEAK !!!
Winston should have been in his dorm room as real suspensions wouldn't have let him on sideline. He was a THUG at Hueytown and he still is a THUG at Florida State. I have lost all respect for Jimbo Fisher as a coach and his integrity as he has been taught in his life. .
.absolutely no respect for Florida State or Jimbo Fisher. For him to say on national television Winston needs to continue to make great decisions is an embarrassment. If any other player had done the things he has done they wouldn't be on the roster anymore. Winston is a punk and that's that.
Jameis Winston is still a punk. Fame and money can purchase neither class or character. And for the record Jimbo Fisher (who I once admired) is a joke and I have NO RESPECT for him at all.
FSU lucky *** *** I can't stand Jimbo Fisher cocky *** They got exposed by Clemson their OL is suspect.
Holy f ing cripes!!! Coach of the year Jimbo Fisher!! Brilliant play by maguire at the end defense came thru!! Best game so far GO NOLES!
Jimbo Fisher said about jameis you treat them like your kid and you got to punch them sometime... I say you should have punched him a long time ago
I will be hoping for the worst for Jameis Winston and Jimbo Fisher for the rest of the season. Hard to stomach watching them win.
jimbo fisher knows how to win…ABC/ESPN knows how to promote a fool by showing his face all over the television. Winston shouldn't have even been on the FIELD! ABC/ESPN should have never had a camera on his face!!! Whats wrong with the media? Are we into seeing him be able to enjoy his team win, celebrate with his team, not at all receive a punishment worth his sorry self? And Clemson needs to get it together. I can't watch this bull anymore.
Did Jimbo Fisher seriously just say that Jameis Winston needs to continue to make good decisions?? When has he made good decisions?
I don't care what ANYBODY says, that was an ugly azz win FSU but yet STILL a Win so celebrate just like we are! BUT you lose MAJOR cool points ESPN, FSU Athletics and Jimbo Fisher for allowing a suspended player on the sideline as well as letting him give a pep talk to the team at HT! Jimbo "I Am Not The Boss" Fisher!
Congratulations to Florida St, they got us. One of the best games I've watched. FSU's backup QB showed some stones. Jimbo Fisher is an excellent coach, awesome job, especially after all the drama. Congratulations to South Carolina as well. Hope the Steelers fair better tomorrow.
Jimbo Fisher is a joke. Tell me if Winston was a third stringer would he even be on the team? What a sad state of affairs.
"He's still a good young man….we all make mistakes!" - Coach Jimbo Fisher about Jameis Winston. Newsflash to Coach Fisher…..not all of us have no regard for rules and continue to thumb our nose at rules.
Is it just me, or does Jimbo Fisher look like a young Bobby Bowden?
I honestly hate Jamesis Winston, Jimbo Fisher, and Florida State with a passion.
Wow Jimbo Fisher you're about as classy as Winston!
I have three nieces at FSU. But I can't celebrate their win over Clemson tonight. I believe the program is corrupt and Jimbo Fisher is an arrogant *** Other than that, I love college football.
Well, Thug U. pulls it off. No respect for FSU. What a classless bunch of women degrading thugs. Jimbo Fisher has no integrity. Winston will be back on the field next week. FSU will win another national championship. And the beat goes on.
Jimbo Fisher and FSU Administration - you have FAILED your school allowing Jameis Winston to even be on the sideline for this game. He was disrespectful to women and does not represent your school in a classy way. Be ashamed Noles.
Omg we won!!! With a 3rd string qb!! *** of a game Sean McGuire and Jimbo Fisher. Best team in the land!!! Go Noles!!!
Ok bedtime. Jimbo Fisher you need to know he ain't gonna grow up!
All I can say is Jimbo Fisher is living right. Clemson should have won that game by 3 touchdowns. McGuire would be my quarterback the rest of the year.
Way to go Noles... we are still gonna be "We Know How To Win"... Jimbo Fisher...
Won't remain after tonight but Jimbo Fisher summed it up..."We know how to win"
Quarterback Sean Maguire and head Coach Jimbo Fisher discuss preparations for Maguire's first career start.
Jimbo Fisher proves what a piece of garbage he is letting that punk thug on the sidelines!!
Fsu . Without they heisman qb wins. Ol jimbo Fisher had to earn that coaching check tonight - impressive team n coach win.
I have a lot of respect for Jimbo fisher. Number one team in country and playing in a big game and suspending the heisman trophy winner Winston for the whole game. Whoever said that their actions don't affect others lied. Need more Christ and character taught in these young than anything else. Looking forward to church tomorrow and starting revival at Hebron Baptist tomorrow night. Prayers appreciated.. Oh yea, congrats to my dog friends.
I am very disappointed in Jimbo Fisher right now. Way to show confidence in your offense. 1.36 minutes left, three time outs and you go to overtime after two runs. Sad, just sad.
Jimbo Fisher and Jameis Winston got into a sideline exchange after the quarterback was warming for the Clemson game.
Hey Jimbo Fisher, here's a GREAT idea.since it's worked SO WELL for you the entire game...let's RUN the ball on this last HOORAH before we have to go overtime...ok?!?
Florida State do NOT want overtime with this qb. Jimbo Fisher committing suicide right now.
I'm a FSU fan until I die but Jimbo Fisher just pulled off the biggest *** move in College Football history.
After just seeing Jamis walk out on the field with Jimbo Fisher I would think its time for fisher to be gone
Jameis Winston came onto the field in full uniform, but Jimbo Fisher sent him back to the locker room to change 😂
You know, maybe Jameis Winston is just a crappy person who happens to be good at football. Things keep happening to him that people are blaming other people for, like for example it was TMZ that dug up the rape accusation. Now it's Jimbo Fisher's fault for blowing this newest thing out of proportion. Then what about all the countless run ins with the law? He's never been arrested. Maybe he's seeing he's getting away with things with no serious consequences. Sure, all the things are minor but what happens when it's not so minor like beat his wife/child? People will be in an uproar about why nothing was done. I know I've made mistakes but I got served the consequences and have never made the mistakes again. Now, this isn't a fsu hate thing, this is a Jameis Winston thing. And if it was MY team/school I was rooting for I would be absolutely embarrassed not defensive. I still have love for all my friends wearing that garnet and gold, so don't get your panties in a wad :)
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FSU Practice Report updated with Jimbo Fisher, Jalen Ramsey, and Terrance Smith interviews:
With the exception of Nick Saban, there isn't another coach I'd rather want in a big game than Jimbo Fisher.
Boys and girls..Florida State FOOTBALL IS BACK! . "Today, we hunt another one." - Jimbo Fisher
ICYMI - Jimbo Fisher and some FSU assistants took part in the yesterday
Coolest coach in the country. “Coach Jimbo Fisher addresses Marching Chiefs before season:
Florida State head Coach Jimbo Fisher addresses FSU's student band, the Marching Chiefs, before the start of the 2014 season and thanks them for their contri...
Nothing better than Jimbo Fisher coming and visiting Marching Chiefs practice! 😁
IT IS ON!! We're goin to Dallas twice. RT:Jimbo Fisher addresses FSU Marching Chiefs before season: via
Video as Coach Jimbo Fisher addresses Marching Chiefs before season on Thursday:
Jimbo Fisher addressing Marching Chiefs before season. "I greatly appreciate what you all do."
Jimbo Fisher says EJ Levenberry would be a starter over Reggie Northrup at MLB right now. Terrance Smith also would be a starter.
He not only wins National Championships, but Coach Jimbo Fisher catches sharks... What?!
According to data collected on coaches salaries, schools' football budgets, and power-adjusted success, Michigan State Spartans coach Mark Dantonio is the ranked the fourth-best coach for the money. He comes in just behind Alabama coach Nick Saban at No. 3 and Florida State's Jimbo Fisher at No. 2.…
Just heard a bammer caller on Finebaum say Auburn fans will live off the win over bammer for as long as they can, but that we won't mention that FSU kicked our *** He said, "Malzone" got out coached, out played and out scored and the man that was behind helping Jimbo Fisher do it was Nick Saban". Leave it to a bammer to live off an Auburn loss and clam a part of it while talking about Auburn living off a win over Bammer. Bammer logic at its finest. You simply can't fix bammer.
Gus Malzhon, Jimbo Fisher, Steve Spurrier are my guesses as the anonymous coach who commented about Alabama.
Jimbo Fisher on Tyler Hunter: He looked like a kid on Christmas Day. Was beyond excited to be back on field.
Jimbo Fisher said he met with Jesus Wilson, but Wilson’s status hasn’t changed. Still suspended but practicing.
Jimbo Fisher said defensive END Mario Edwards is 300 lbs, can still backflip, squat 600 lbs, clean 340-350.
Jimbo Fisher is done. Replay video and highlights here:
In 2014, Jimbo Fisher will get paid $225K from FSU & $3.27M from Nike & media deals. Nike just trying to protect investme…
Nike asks Jimbo Fisher to remove Under Armour from his 9-year-old son's wardrobe.
Nike official told Jimbo Fisher to tell son to not wear Under Armour shirt (via
Florida State's Jimbo Fisher thinks conferences without a title game are at an advantage.
I like what Jimbo Fisher said about this. He doesn't have to send his QB to be coached by someone else... When you know what you are doing you can coach them yourself...
I have to thank crazed Florida State grad for taking the time tonight to tip my off about Jimbo Fisher posing with his family and a nurse shark.
True but Jimbo Fisher at FSU proved the SEC can be beat, I'm curious to see the year 2 adjustments
Has anyone ever tried mixing Coke with roasted peanuts? I read an article earlier about Florida State football Coach Jimbo Fisher doing this
Baylor's Art Briles opens up on Texas job, comments toward Jimbo Fisher
So, what exactly did Jimbo Fisher mean by, "FSU hat. I'm not a visor guy at all." The vehemence makes me wonder. Spurrier?
feels good to be back. The Jimbo Fisher Era:
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
ACC Media Days with a lot of fun quips from coaches and players... FSU's Jimbo Fisher giving his opinions on the...
The Jags really need to reach out to Jimbo Fisher in regards to preventing soft tissue injuries.
Jimbo Fisher wrote my autistic son a personal letter, meant so much to us!!!
Do people really not know about this food combo? Southerners need to spread the word via
under Jimbo Fisher has never taken local recruits just b/c they're local, but they've fought hard for local stars. Important.
Jimbo Fisher said and FSU admins confirmed today Fisher has given four-year scholarships to every high school recruit the…
B/R Video: Watch FSU QB commit talk about Jimbo's pitch and relationship with Jameis Winston ht…
ah Jacob would have been like jimbo fisher?
Camp Video: Francois spins it: Exclusive footage of Deondre Francois throwing for Jimbo Fisher.
Art Briles wonders if Jimbo Fisher is a commie.
Head Coach Jimbo Fisher enjoying a Coke. All he needs is a bag of peanuts!
years ago. also talks about how him and are planning to build the Noles 2015 class.
The QB FSU commit talk about Jimbo and his relationship with Jameis Winston htt…
People still nutty over Jimbo Fisher's drink
That's all you can be.Jimbo Fisher is a great man... Always be thankful
is there a reason that this guy is considered such a savant over say Jimbo Fisher? Or is it just haters
Art Briles on Jimbo Fisher's criticism: "I'm not telling him how to wash his clothes. We know what detergent to buy and how t…
Jimbo Fisher said it's "ridiculous" the doesn't play a conference championship game. Art Briles fired back: htt…
In this corner, Jimbo Fisher & the ACC -- And in this corner, Art Briles and the Big 12. Ding. Ding. …
Jimbo Fisher, Art Briles engage in cross-media days smack talk... Hot on
Jimbo Fisher also spoke with the ACC. VIDEO here
in a few minutes, today's final round for Week 6 brought to you by the Memorial Fund for the shark Jimbo Fisher reeled in
ICYMI: Derrick Brooks was at Jimbo Fisher camp yesterday. He was all smiles as he watched his son take part in drills
FSU's offense converted 52.2% of 3rd downs in 2013, best in the Jimbo Fisher era. Can they repeat that this year?
I think Nick Saban & Jimbo Fisher are better head coaches then Urban Meyer is overall. Alabama & Florida State are Great Defensive Teams out there.
Jimbo Fisher wanted Alabama, not Auburn, in BCS Championship: Florida State edged Auburn in a dramatic BCS Cha...
Mike Bianchi: FSU QB Jameis Winston caught in big, fat lie and Jimbo Fisher won't suspend him
Fisher: No ban for Winston over shoplifting case - . Jimbo Fisher said Jameis Winston...
Jimbo Fisher says he WONT punish Jameis Winston for his shoplifting situation... Not even a quarter, or half game... Nothing. Nice...
Jimbo Fisher said some stuff at the ACC spring meetings today.
It's funny that Urban Meyer, Jimbo Fisher, and Nick Saban are all over this NFL draft, hmmm not promoting those schools at all or helping them with recruiting. Where is the coach from Buffalo or Central Florida or any other small school? God I hate all the bs about college football, the day they start paying those kids is the last time I watch a game.
A great time in NYC last night with my son, Matt and Jimbo Fisher, head football coach of my National Championship Florida State Seminoles! Also having some fun with the Heisman trophy. How ‘bout them Noles!!!
FSU and Pitt Announce Kidz1stFund Helmet Decals For Labor Day Game FSU Head Coach Jimbo Fisher and Pitt Head Coach Paul Chryst Join to Fight Fanconi Anemia Aug 23, 2013 Tallahassee, Fla. –When the Florida State Seminoles and Pittsburgh Panthers open their 2013 college football seasons versus one another on Labor Day, the teams won’t only be fighting for the first victory of the young season. The two squads will join forces to fight for a very personal cause for FSU head Coach Jimbo Fisher. Both schools announced today that they will each wear a special ‘I Fight Fanconi’ Kidz1stFund decal on the back of their helmets during the nationally televised ESPN broadcast. In the spring of 2011, Jimbo and Candi Fisher’s youngest son Ethan was diagnosed with Fanconi anemia, a rare and serious blood disease. The Fisher’s began Kidz1stFund later that fall to raise awareness and FA research dollars at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital in hopes of finding a cure. Pittsburgh head coach . ...
Got away with rape, got away with stealing soda at a Burger Knife now stealing crab legs, what's next murder, it is time for him to go. He's been suspended from the Baseball team by Mike Martin, it's now time for Jimbo Fisher to Kick him off the Football Team and time for FSU to Kick him out of school.
Wanted: Talented multi position baseball player capable of pitching fielding and hitting. Also some quarterback experience and heisman potential a plus. Please contact The Florida State University Athletics Department Attn: Mike Martin/Jimbo Fisher. For the interview please bring references from Nike Athletics and admiration for our crappy new marketing logo. Salary: 4 year full scholarship including housing and food (no crab legs sorry), some under the table money from local boosters and sorority girls that don't usually press charges.
Jameis Winston has horrible judgement and is quickly establishing himself as a person that does not have maturity or leadership skills. This is his 3rd incident in a little over a year (this grocery store shoplifting, he also stole soda from a Burger King, and of course the infamous rape allegation). The more I see his lack of judgement, the more I question his supposed innocence in that previous case. I am interested to see if Jimbo Fisher sets a standard and punishes this young man... regardless of how many trophies he is winning.
.Coach Jimbo Fisher and will be guests on draft shows from NYC.
“He's “Everybody knows how good Pender is and how fast he is.” – Jimbo Fisher via
Also, alongside the analysts on May 8th will be head coach David Shaw and Coach Jimbo Fisher.
Great time with Coach Jimbo Fisher and great nole friends.
Nick Delgado gets an autograph from Coach Jimbo Fisher
Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher in town tonight at Sanders Beach center for start of spring booster tour.
Bobby Bowden talks Jameis Winston, Jimbo Fisher, and today in (VIDEO).
.HC Jimbo Fisher explains why the 2014 NCG was Jameis Winston's greatest performance (VIDEO). - http:/…
Coaches I'd love to spend a day with: Calipari, Shaka Smart, Jimbo Fisher, Kevin Sumlin, Coach K, Mike Tomlin
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Like Arkansas State did with their spring game... how much would you have bid to coach for George O'Leary, Will Muschamp or Jimbo Fisher?
Not a Clemson fan but thumbs up to Dabo for giving Chad Kelly the boot. A lot of coaches could learn from this.Les Miles, Jimbo Fisher, James Franklin, Larry Fedora. And even my own guy Spurrier could be a little better about it.
Washington PostJameis Winston throws 56 passes in spring game, admits to being 'drained State head Coach Jimbo Fisher, left, watches as quarterback Jameis Winston attempts a pass in the first half of an NCAA college spring football game…
Florida State Seminoles head Coach Jimbo Fisher reveals new uniforms to team ...
Good stuff from head Coach Jimbo Fisher following the spring football game...
"FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher signing the Noles ride We are looking forward to
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher occasionally sees it in his quarterback's eyes. From time...
FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher signing the Noles ride
I want to thank Jimbo Fisher, the Head Football Coach at Florida State University, for giving me an all-access...
At the FL-Florida State baseball game and there was a huge brawl on the field- which Jameis Winston joined. Jimbo Fisher ought to be fined $1,000,000 for allowing him to play baseball.
Jimbo Fisher of State wants team on not title
Bobby Bowden discusses the performance of his heir Jimbo Fisher & leaving the Noles in great hands.
ICYMI: Jimbo Fisher and Mike Martin talk leadership, dedication, and Jameis Winston:
Florida State coaches Jimbo Fisher and Mike Martin say that Jameis Winston is a leader on both the baseball and football team.
I like what Jimbo Fisher said today, baseball is a game of failure and really keeps you in check mentally.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Jimbo Fisher and Tim Brewster we cant let the hometown get away reminds me Of Boldin love to have you in Tribe
Tim Brewster , Jimbo Fisher could tell how FSU can use you
FSU instant impacts: Demarcus Christmas: Jimbo Fisher closed out his fifth straight top-10 recruiti...
.HC Jimbo Fisher: Hopefully we've arrived back as a program. We've now set the bar at an elite level, hope …
Monday Morning is here people get yourself up and going unless you work for us the taxpayers of the US you have the day off, it is President's Day a federal holiday, Good Morning to you and it is a golf day, and a break from baseball. Can't remember if I shared with you that I have finally received my handicap index, it is high and I have got to work on cutting down the strokes, so today I will concentrate on putting and not getting in the bunker. I love the place where I live but the neighbors seem to be bowling there is so much stomping and booming theater sounds that I am developing a dislike for everything. Not sure what is happening up there but the noise is irritating. At least it isn't the *** dog barking constantly. Well enough of that but it seems to be done on purpose, I don't want to believe that. My calendar is filling up for the week a luncheon on Friday, the EPC, Jimbo Fisher will be the speaker, so a group of us will be wearing our National Championship shirts and then go the Basebal ...
Bill's pooping on the *** conditioner again. Thanks a lot Jimbo Fisher
All teams need a little Jimbo Fisher! Motivating the Hiram Lady Hornets for their first Region…
Deciding who's job to take Jameis Winston or Jimbo Fisher
Jimbo Fisher and his family are on vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida.
Gameday sign: Jimbo Fisher makes out sober
Here's an article I wrote about Cain before he had any offers. and I knew he was the real deal.
“Great players understand great moments. - Jimbo Fisher
Our silent auction item for The Tallahassee Top Salon Competition: THE ULTIMATE FSU AUTOGRAPHED TAILGATE MEMORABILIA CAN!!! Filled with over $600 worth of items autographed by the wonderful and kind Coach Jimbo Fisher! Including: A limited-edition numbered framed piece of the BCS GAME DAY FOOTBALL, beer mugs, ball cap, photo album, coffee cups, insulated roller cooler, shot glasses, pennant, key chains, car emblems and more!!! Our charity is Kidz 1st Fund and part of the proceeds from this wonderful night go to the winning Salon's charity!!! Stop by the salon for tickets to the event and come support us and bid on our item!! Just $50 per ticket! Saturday, February 22nd at the University Center Club:-). You have to come to bid on the auction item:-)... And of course, vote for us as Top Salon!!
title game: Jimbo Fisher has Florida St. back at Bobby Bowden level - The reporter was...
ESPN's cameras appear to catch Kelvin Benjamin telling Jimbo Fisher that Auburn coach Dameyune Craig was calling out Florida State's plays.
Think how much more upset everyone would be if Jimbo Fisher was leaving instead of Eric Barron. Now think what that says about us.
Thanks to my company's sponsorship of an upcoming event, my husband will get to meet his hero, Coach Jimbo Fisher.
As a result of the Jimbo Fisher era, is going to have many a debate. v.
Jimbo fisher is coming to shoot birds today!
In the Jimbo Fisher Era we've only had like 2 players completely bust.. Jeff Luc and then a current player on the team... *cough* 89 :/
Spending Valentines Day with National Championship Coach Jimbo Fisher... Talk about loving what you do. [pic] —
Dang. Jimbo Fisher offense so real I just about became a Florida State fan
Listening to Coach Jimbo Fisher speak I know would love to hear This lol!
he'll bring Jimbo Fisher and his top Chemistry Professor with him as well
I love my wife Shelly Taylor Mickens and miss her dearly, but a valentines night with Dabo Swinney, Paul Johnson, and Jimbo Fisher is alright.
Jimbo Fisher capping off the night. Gonna try and put my dawgs on in the process. lol lol
we should take Jimbo Fisher too and just make him Director of Laundry Operations
You make the helmet, the helmet doesn't make you -Jimbo Fisher
Listen here, PSU can have anyone they want from FSU except National Title winning HC Jimbo Fisher
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Florida State tutor Jimbo Fisher used to be thrilled with...
Does that count as meeting jimbo fisher? Or...
any word on when Jimbo Fisher hires a LB coach?
Girls Night Out is going to be great! Free food, wine, massages, manicures, and hair styling. Plus, we have over $17,000 in donated items that will be given away as door prizes, raffled off, and available in the silent auction. One of our silent auction items is a football that Coach Jimbo Fisher will sign AND personalize for the winning bidder. Get your ticket today as prices go up on Saturday!
Registration is now open online for the Jimbo Fisher Football Camp. More info here.
Things that should exist: Jimbo Fisher valentines
“Things that should exist: Jimbo Fisher valentines the most beautiful thing I've seen today
no offense to our Mountaineer fans, but I bought, and am wearing proudly a Florida State National Championship tee shirt. Job Well Done by our native son Jimbo Fisher
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