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Jim Webb

James Henry Jim Webb, Jr. (born February 9, 1946) is the senior United States Senator from Virginia.

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.I believe you would do well if James Webb was part of your administration.
Jim Webb received the Navy Cross while serving as a Marine in Vietnam. He is a war hero & a great American. Ooh Rah Jim!
excellent call with Mad Dog as secDef! Next up...please look into improving your cabinet with Jim Webb as Sec State.
Hey - You should discuss this on the next ER.
No offense, but Giuliani is an awful choice. Jim Webb is a much stronger play.
Have Sen. Jim Webb on. That would be an interesting interview. Wish he would get a cabinet post.
Jim Webb (D) was laughed at by DNC and democratic supporters. Yet, the issues he said were important were the ones people elected Trump over
Trichael Macey early 2016: Jim Webb is the guy to defeat Hillary . mid 2016: This Trump guy has some good ideas. 2017: You wer…
My bet would be on Jim Webb making an entrance at that point.
a year ago, everyone laughed at Jim Webb for talking about cyberwar but now it's the only thing liberal blogs talk about.…
Talk 2 Jim Webb. Shame we didn't get 2 hear more fr him on cyber & NKorea @ debates. Wld b nice 2 hear fr some1 b4 d craycray
Just curious, has anyone suggested Jim Webb for ?
Webb argues America's elites have ill-served men & women in uniform. So have they ill-served rural Americans.
What is the most important thing to success in selling? by Jim Webb | DrivingSales
In a sane world, this guy would be planning for his inauguration in a few weeks. HT .
Trump should appoint either Tulsi Gabbard or Jim Webb, not crony capitalist neocon John Bolton, as Secretary of State.
An intelligent Democrat party would be grooming Jim Webb right now, and forbidding members from calling anyone racist…
Spot on analysis and well worth the read
How Trump Won the Troops Great column J.D. Vance about who serves and why. Interesting take on Jim Webb too.
I plan to keep asking for vote recounts till Rand Paul or Jim Webb wins.
Huh even dubious consultants who worked for Mark Warner & Jim Webb now demand economic, not cultural populism…
Also a big fan of Ron Paul. From Ron Paul to Jim Webb to Bernie Sanders. Yep--nothing to see here. Guess we should move along. 😉
.. please.., no Romney( he = hillary ).. or Bolton (neocon ) .. try Jim Webb or Tulsi Gabbard, Ron Paul, Rand Paul...
I always said Jim Webb and Joe Machin were the only Democrats I could ever vote for.
Jim Webb for Secretary of State, and Rand Paul for Treasurer. B)
Please consider Chuck Hagel and Jim Webb for Secretary of Defense.
Hey Mr. President, if you're looking to "reach across the isle", Jim Webb and Joe Manchin might look good on your team!
Jim Webb? Oh I forgot, he has at least an ounce of common sense.
and if he really wants to go anti-establisment he should make Ron Paul his treasury secretary and Jim Webb the VA secretary
Secretary of State - Ron Paul, Secretary of defense - Jim Webb, Rand still thinks these candidates are unfit?
Jon Huntsman for SecState and Jim Webb for SecDef seem like nominations that would actually be consistent with Trumpism.
If you could some how find a place for someone like Jim Webb or Ron Paul, that would be awesome; Not Bolton if possible.
This is kind of a blackpill. I'd want Paul or *** even Jim Webb.
I do hope Col. Allen West would be a great dept. Sec. Defense , Jim Webb ,please find a spot for him. Sec.of Navy in Reagan s
Col. Allen West , Capt. Jim Webb , Rudy , Carlson , Huckabee , Kelly Ann ,all good. Rice too ,great pick. Trey Howdy ,yes!
nah, if Obama's coalition didn't turn out for Hillary, Jim Webb wouldn't have turned them out.
I've said this for months, Jim Webb was the best candidate on the stage between both parties and I would have voted…
Let's all try voting for normal people like John Kasich and Jim Webb next time, and not let the psychos in the headlines influence us.
The fact that candidates like Rand Paul & Jim Webb didn't make it much further in the primaries speaks volumes to me about our country.
Give me a link to the New York Times or the Washington Post recognizing your s…
This video only matters if you think that Putin is rigging the election, U…
Some of us Dems wanted Jim Webb. Still do.
Credit where due: Jim Webb was first to pioneer "complaining about debates" as a campaign strategy in 2016.
.says he's going to take his opponent's head clean off at Unplugged. ➡️…
UK fighter promises to knock out at Cage Warriors: Unplugged in London:
It is good to see women doctors and lawyers and executives. I can visualize...
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Im amazed he can type when he has to use both hands to furiously jack off to pictures of Jim Webb.
Mike Kurz kicks off emeritus panel (with Jim Webb and Reef Morse) for
The theme song will not be written by Jim Webb or. Francis Scott Key, sung by Glen Campbell, Tom. Jones, Johnny Cash or Englebert Humperdink.
This was the basis of Jim Webb's message, but he was too late and all those voters had already flocked to Trump.
before he was a Sanders fan, he was a Ron Paul fan, and a Jim Webb(?) fan.
What if Jim Webb, Rand Paul, and Austin Petersen won their parties' nominations? What a happy and hopeful election this would be.
"It's shocking that nobody in my Ron Paul *** Jim Webb *** Bernie Sanders anarchist bro group is a big HRC backer"
Good job, Jim Webb... Now, watch your back!
Remember when we had sex magnets like Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum & Jim Webb running?
Clearly Martin O'Malley has lost track of his balls but has anyone seen Jim Webb lately?
Joe Biden would've killed Trump. Bernie would've. Hillary can't. Lincoln Chaffee can't. Jim Webb can't.
Rand Paul and Jim Webb were the sane ones.
I am about to be back in NYC after three weeks of convention travel and I have one key observation: not enough time was given to Jim Webb
Scattered showers forming in advance of sea breeze (Webb, Jim Hogg), and along sea breeze:
if you’re having a bad day amid this Trump/Clinton stuff… watch Jim Webb tell you about killing a guy. Cheered me up
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Don't blame me, I voted for Jim webb
Disagree. The GOP clearly had more candidates and better candidates. I mean the Dems had Linc Chafee and Jim Webb!
My conversation about the special needs of Kids w/Dr. James T. Webb The Wise
What comes next?Hopefully jail for Clinton followed by Jim Webb standing.
Brought Team Webb to the Saints practice today for a retreat! Thanks to Jim Justice for getting me a sweet...
so does Mitch, there's a possibility for a Jim Webb effect. I'm possibly being a little romantic here.
And if Clinton loses, your NEXT choice will probably be someone like Jim Webb.
Yea, but trending for all the wrong reasons. Jim Webb was also running, could have governed without being an ideologue
List of Donald Trump presidential campaign endorsements, 2016 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jim Webb surprising
Jim Webb knows that Hillary means the end of the United States
To give you some perspective, the actual "Third Way" style candidates this cycle were Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee.
I think Jim Webb would have been the best candidate for the Democrats, but they didn't want an actual moderate.
It would've been nice if all the candidates got a final bow at the DNC. Jim Webb could yell, Lincoln Chafee could just like be there.
Reminding the Democrats we could have had a real candidate in Jim Webb. I'll tell you told you so in 6 months. If we're all still alive.
- Now who in here is still fond of Jim Webb? Anyone?
Update your maps at Navteq
Right now I am trying to imagine the excitement of a Jim Webb/Lincoln Chafee convention.
I dislike Hillary but U have 2 Think about this Great Country,We needLeadership,Jim Webb for President https…
Did it ignore that humanity when it elevated Jim Webb, the populist, loudmouth, Andrew Jackson fetishist to the Senate?
I wonder what Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee are up to right now...
Jim Webb would have reminded us about the time he killed that guy
Hearing from sources at the that Jim Webb fans (Jim Webb & his wife) really upset he didn't get the same time to talk as Hillary.
Jim Webb won't vote for Crooked Hillary. May vote for Trump
Wait so when do Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb speak?
Yelling "USA" over anti-war chants is messed up, whether you're with Clinton, Sanders, or Jim Webb. (Well, kinda fits Webb).
In some alternate universe, Katy Perry is urging America to rally behind Jim Webb
I want Jim Webb to come out and tell us all again how he killed that dude in Nam who threw a grenade at him
Gen. Allen finds guys like Jim Webb in his stool.
Wow I think we have the one speaker that could take on Jim Webb in an alley fight
This 4 star general is pulling a Jim Webb... Interesting to see how this hawkish speech goes over with dem base
We all made fun of Jim Webb's grenade anecdote but now we're chanting USA with a dozen generals so I guess his timing was just a bit off
DNC hacked emails show how they manipulated process to nominate -H. Bad. But also stomped out Jim Webb very early and I wanted a closer look
Last Democrat I voted for was Jim Webb in 2006 VA Senate race. Then I realized Democrats want white children to be minorities.
A Democrat (former Republican) with some Common Sense. Bravo Zulu former SecNav under Reagan.
You know what, there were 5 then. Jim Webb, Hillary, Bernie, Martin O'Malley, and Lincoln. Good call Michelle :)
Jim Webb did. So did Lyndon LaRouche, Trump's more direct predecessor
Jim Webb deserves more praise than John McCain for being a war hero
This was fun to research. I should thank who's done great work on Jim Webb, & so eloquent about rural poverty.
You should pick a centrist Democrat - Jim Webb? Joe Lieberman? - for VP to take some red state EVs from Hillary.
Please, Bill, whoever your candidate is, tell him to pick Dem (Jim Webb, Joe Lieberman!) for VP. Must win EVs from red states!
Secretary john Kerry got 3 purple heart's and senator Jim Webb has 2 purple hearts! Can't showboat these men!Real estate war
Hey - what would the odds be for (1) Jim Webb, or (2) Gen. James Mattis for Republican VP spot? cheers
Jim Webb (ex-Dem Senator of VA) actually wrote a whole book about it.
My opinion: Donald Trump should choose Jim Webb as his VP, Cruz as Supreme Court nom, Giuliani homeland security, West S…
A veteran and former Senator himself, Jim Webb could not overlook the decision by Hillary Clinton to ignore the calls for extra security!
I really wish you would consider Jim Webb as VP! Former Combat Marine and Sec of Navy under Reagan Former Senator also.
just to throw a couple more names to vet are Olympia Snowe & Jim Webb. To not announce till RNConv will keep media buzzing.
Jim Webb has the full ticket Trump needs - former Congressman (Senator), DoD experience, well-educated, good family guy
Chuck Hagel-Jim Webb third party ticket. Vietnam vets join forces to fight off Trump, Clinton and the rest of the commies one last time.
For those of you who don't understand what just happened, Leicester City winning the prem is like Jim Webb winning the presidency
Jim Webb, guy who you forgot even ran for president, defends Andrew Jackson on $20
Congrats Jim Webb. come join the millions of ex democrats in the Trump train.
why you didn't get traction on Dem ticket,Trump get traction on GOP side, can have him. Sorry ***
The media also was ignoring the likes of Jim Webb and Larry Lessig too.not because the media was "biased" against them, but bec
A reminder that the Dem Party is so troubled that a defender of Andrew Jackson, Jim Webb, was a leading contender. https:/…
it was a compelling article&I like Jim Webb,But I was all for putting gun toting,god-fearing HT as a
As soon as I saw that it was written by Jim Webb, I knew it was going to be ahistorical propaganda. You were not wrong.
If nothing else good comes out of this year's Democratic primary, at least it proved a RW *** like Jim Webb has no future in it.
I liked Jim Webb, only decent Democrat. He was too good for the Dems. Too honest lol
Jim Webb is trending, which means there's a decent chance he killed a man & started carrying his head around like Cleon in Dead Presidents.
Jim Webb will next be defending the plantation owners in Django.
This is why we never let Jim Webb talk. Once he gets to open his mouth, it's all about how great Andrew Jackson was.
Next from Jim Webb: how Stalin tried to save the Ukraine.
Jim Webb specifically addressed the concept of reverse racism at his only democratic debate
Another Jim Webb apologia for Old South. A. Jackson "found wealth" in TN. Oh, and owned slaves, as if no connection.
Jim Webb is a democrat. Andrew Jackson was a democrat.
.odds on Trump picking Jim Webb as a VP?
You'd think pushing a sanitized, deceptive history of one war (Vietnam) would be enough for Jim Webb. Apparently not.
Thank you Jim Webb for once again proving why the Democratic Party has zero credibility.
Examining the recent debate about President Andrew Jackson, Jim Webb wrote a piece for Monday's We'll shar…
One day Jim Webb will realize no one wants to know his opinion on things and it will be a sad day. But only for him bc no one else cares.
A leading contender for what? Jim Webb doesn't even act like a Democrat.
Jim Webb—who, let's remember, ran for the Democratic nomination in 2016—writes a defense of Andrew Jackson
Jim Webb is the most Trumpy Trump option for DT in either party...just not sure Webb could put up with him.
Jim Webb has removed his white pointed hat with eye-holes and don't care who sees him.
Jim Webb is so lonely, he has to write to a dead man.
I have to correct Jim Webb's false account of Jackson's veto of the Bank of the U.S. 1/
Jim Webb writes a repulsive love letter to Andrew Jackson
Also to tie up this loose end, Jim Webb did endorse Trump. Something I knew only from his defense of a slave master
So Jim Webb is infuriated about Jackson and $20 and calling white ancestors racist. Why did he run on Dem ticket, has al…
Jim Webb: Dreaming about exterminating non-white people since at least 2016. Next step is endorsing George Wallace!
Same Dan Love was involved w Bundy Ranch as w the Utah case that included Jim Webb (stolen Native American artifact…
That's something I can get behind. Jim Webb was the greatest candidate of all and the Dem's just pushed Hillary up.
Anyone but Hillary at this point. I don't care if it's Trump, Bernie whatever. The Dems never gave Jim Webb a chance
do yall think we can get jim webb in as the GOP nominee
Jim Webb is that the project I thought was really cool and all but in south America they got a JAGUAR news anchor instead D:
Democrat, former senator, Sec of the Navy, Asst Sec of Defense Jim Webb Endorses .
Reddit has some weird Jim Webb obsession for some reason
Ah. I see bumper stickers all the time. I've seen 2 Jim Webb ones oddly enough. and not many Cruz ones even though im in TX
I am a junior senator, ninety-fifth on the seniority list, and so by Senate...
Most shocking 'endorsement' so far was fmr Marine, sort-of dem Jim Webb! Knows safety is
well of COURSE a DEMOCRAT would think the Democrat in the GOP PRIMARY is most sensible. I thought Jim Webb was best Dem.
BREAKING: Talk about cross-over votes. . DEMOCRAT Presidential Candidate Jim WEBB ENDORSES https…
Of course he did. Jim Webb is part of the Wallace wing of the party. Which hasn't existed since 1964.
Off the top of my head? Rubio, Rand Paul, Santorum, Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee, Jeb! And more.
Somewhere, Sad Man Jeb Bush, Lincoln Chafee, and Jim Webb are crying in a corner.
It feels like Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb were forever ago.
And somewhere, Martin O'Malley, Lincoln Chafee, and Jim Webb are sobbing.
2016 election between Jeb Bush/Scott Walker vs. Clinton/Jim Webb. BUSH will be the next president.
.Jim Webb: I killed a headache once. . Lincoln Chafee: I'm just happy to be here...
Jim Webb, of all people, wrote a book peddling these kinds of myths
Haters gona be haters . Jim Webb: I could vote for Trump, but not Hillary
Jim Webb won't vote for Hillary Clinton but says Donald Trump is an option
Former Senator and presidential candidate Jim Webb -- a Democrat -- says he'd vote for Donald Trump over Hillary...
Jim Webb - Won't Vote for Clinton is She is the Democratic Nominee - Democratic Presidential Candidate Jim...
Jim Webb, former Democratic Senator, former SecNAV about to board the Trump train...
.Jim Webb-best possible get for Trump-former VA Senator, author, decorated marine, Reagan appointee, integrity.
He would be you best advisor foreign policy and Military. Jim Webb. Navy Cross,Silver Star,Bronze Star (2) Purple Heart (2
Jim Webb: "I Would Not Vote for Clinton...Do you want the same thing?"
Jim Webb — who wanted to be the Dem. nominee — says he would not vote for Hillary Clinton but might vote for Trump.
Sen Jim Webb said he would not vote for Mrs. Clinton, but he does not support any candidate at this point.
Even democrats dont trust Jim Webb speaks the truth when he says "she's been wrong on every issue since 9/11"
Former Democratic presidential hopeful Jim Webb not closing the door on voting for Trump
Jim Webb: I won&vote for Clinton, but I may for Trump Hillary's own people won't vote for her but wants Trump
Webb Says He Won’t Vote for Hillary - Former Sen. Jim Webb, who ran briefly as a Democrat for president, is an ...
ROFL->>Well, maybe there is one SANE Dem.->Jim Webb who won't vote for Hillary and "Might" vote for Trump!
It's official: The party of JFK and Bob Kerrey is dead. .
Jim Webb: No vote for Hillary Clinton, not sure on Trump
Jim Webb: I could vote for but not Many supporters agree…
Another well-respected objective-thinking dupe considering riding the Trump train since the establishment left...
Jim Webb would have been far better candidate than HRC, Bernie, or Trump
Website Builder 728x90
In this video Jim Webb absolutely nails why Donald Trump is going to win.
"Jim Webb" is trending. Did liberals break the code with Hillary's server? (Other countries have...) cc
Former Democratic Sen. Jim Webb says he may vote for Trump over Clinton: via
Jim Webb is at the bar. I repeat, i am at the bar with Mr. Webb.
Jim Webb wont vote for Hillary because there's a lot of infighting in the Republican Party they obviously both belong to.
Blue Dog Democrat Jim Webb says he will never, ever vote for Hillary. But open to Trump.
my prediction is that Trump's Saturday night press conference is to announce an endorsement by Jim Webb. Discuss amongst…
Fmr won't be voting for should she get the...
Exactly. Former Democratic candidate Jim Webb: "The reason that Donald Trump is getting so much support right now...
so Jim Webb is a DEMOCRAT? Seriously? Think he needs to change his party.. oh FORMER senator, explains some of it
Webbs position on no vote for HC but maybe for trump shows he is no dem people like Jim Webb and Joe Manchin have hurt dems
There was a time I supported Jim Webb. I thought he was a fine Senator. I don't know what happened to that Jim Webb.
hopefully supports candidate Jim Webb ... I know I do! Stay in the game, Senator, you do have a role!
Jim Webb says he won't vote for Hillary, but might vote for Trump.
the reps got there luck too. The dems had no idea what a canidate they had in Jim Webb. Jim Webb v Rand Paul been *** of a contest
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Except this would be like if the Democrats were for some reason infatuated with Jim Webb or Joe Manchin or some other DINO
Hey democrats, bring back Jim Webb or make Joe Biden Run, or make Hilary an bernie team up an then u got a winner(cept jim cant on his own)
I wish Jim Webb would have hung on for the town hall things so he could talk at length about the cyber war without interruption
Ironic that Rand Paul and Jim Webb supporter blasts HRC for her past views on *** marriage and the Iraq …
Jim Webb and FOTM Founder Donna Granata spent the afternoon visiting with Ed Ruscha today. More to come!
Wonderful visit with Jim Webb and Ed Ruscha today!
Jim Webb is to the right of John McCain and Mitt Romney. He is a patriot. Him getting in as an independent would...
An election worthy of this country would have been Jim Webb vs Rick Perry. But no, we have Crusty the Clown, Cruella and a troll doll.
I have friends I follow that like Bernie. Bernie while wrong is real. *** I like Jim Webb. Hillary? Nyet
Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham and Jim Webb are the only (former) candidates on either side who served
They're long-gone as candidates, but Ron Paul, Rick Perry and Jim Webb did serve.
I'd have preferred Lizzy Warren or Jim Webb, or Justin Amash, but they aren't running.
Jim Webb was fun. He shouldn't have dropped out so quickly.
I was just so amped for a Lindsey Graham, Jim Webb debate 😕
Will Lindsey Graham & Jim Webb take out Trump in a murder/suicide pact? "Hey, anything can happen!"
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I think Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee ate both Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee, haven't seen them since the first debate.
I would support Jim Webb or Mike Bloomberg in a heartbeat over Trump, even tho both are liberals. Trump shouldn't be near levers of power.
Jim Webb would make a bigger impact than Mike Bloomberg, Webb would take a larger slice from both parties.
I'd vote for Jim Webb, Garry Johnson, Pizza Rat, even Jon Huntsman before Trump or Clinton.
She's killing it, I think. Goes up there with Fred Thompson, Jim Webb (yes, I know) as among the better SOTU replies of recent years.
Outside of Jim Webb and Joe Manchin you know that is not the view of the national party.
I am a Republican and could not and would not vote for Trump if he is the nominee. But how would a third party form? Jim Webb?
I liked Jim Webb but he wasnt as popular as Hillary or Bernie & that was his downfall. I would have respected Joe Biden as well
Big news, guys: I found Jim Webb's one supporter.
I really like Jim Webb. I hope he runs Independent. I would consider him.
Jim Webb is another one of those wannabe Christian dictators who wants a CHRISTIAN POLICE STATE. ***
Former DEMOCRAT presidential candidate Jim Webb blasts for ‘inept leadership’ on Libya.
Jim Webb, Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare. Longterm, rescue of the Democratic Party from the lunatic Left.
Jim Webb's identity crisis didn't bother you? Eh, perhaps he thought it funny or ironic to run as a mythical blue dog democrat
If Trump gets the nomination, I am voting for Jim Webb or a Libertarian Party candidate.
: "tonight's debate is different...because Jim Webb is no longer here for comic relief. I guess that job falls to me now"
. "DNC is nothing more than an arm for the Clinton Campaign" - Jim Webb. Hillary is getting desper…
Jim Webb is the best democrat and Rand Paul is the best republican but Webb is better than Paul and neither one will win.
Jim Webb ought run for commander in chief, eh?
I am so sick of you Jim Webb. This Country has had enough of cowboy diplomacy. It gets us into never ending
I need a Rand Paul v Jim Webb race like I need gangrene of the *** and balls
And apparently my dream involved the bride calling to tell me she changed my partner to Martin O'Malley. Who was it before? Jim Webb?
Larry Sabato on how to use 3rd party to derail Hillary in Nov.-- suggests Jim Webb, Mike Bloomberg or Jerry Brown
People have no idea who Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb, or Lincoln Chafee is?
Today I learned that Jim Webb wrote the screenplay for a Samuel L. Jackson movie:
After John Kasich and Jim Webb clearly need to start their own party because neither are Republican or Democrat.
To Senator's Jim Webb and Lindsey Graham, and Governor Rick Perry, thank you for your service.
Kasich dusting off Jim Webb playbook and complaining about his time. Looking forward to hearing about the time he killed a guy.
Jim Webb insinuated he killed people in war. Anyone at the Post think that's why VA elected him Senator?
John Carlino thought you might like to see this. Decent interview with Jim Webb.
Jim Webb and his close advisers have started to look closely at ballot access dates for the former Virginia senator's possible independent
Ted Cruz just became the Jim Webb of this debate.
Stephen Colbert kicks Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee while they’re down
Breaking: Jim Webb to drop out of Democratic primary race, weigh run for White House as independent
Jim Webb awarded Navy Cross. Deserves our respect, regardless of political party. Shame on Glenn Beck.
Webb dropping out of democratic race for president: CNN sources say former Virginia senator Jim Webb will announce…
Has anyone ever seen John Gibbons and Jim Webb in the same place?
now he's safely out of the race, I can admit I worked on Jim Webb's senate campaign. I look so young in this photo! https:/…
Lincoln Chafee has ended his Presidential campaign which frees him up to be Jim Webb's partner on this season of The Amaz…
Jim Webb offers a lesson and an opportunity for the GOP - Jennifer Rubin via
Jim Webb drops out of Democratic race for the White House: . Former Senator Jim Webb ended his race for the Dem...
For some reason, Jim Webb is demanding he get some speaking time after Biden wraps up.
Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee looked and sounded terribly out of place during last night's debate, writes
. I take it he is not the Jim Webb who wrote "Wichita Lineman" and "McArthur Park"?
color me disappointed, however, that we will no longer get to see Alec Baldwin as Jim Webb on SNL...
.Jim Webb should have stuck with songwriting. Up, Up Ans Away and Wichita Lineman are classic. Same guy, right?
Jim Webb like Mark Latham it's always 2005 & Bush & Howard are always political geniuses left should emulate?
Democrats respect no one except special interest groups. Jim Webb is a decorated war hero who dropped out of the...
Jim Webb dropped out of the race today. I'm not saying I'd vote for him, it's nice to see someone other than Bernie and Hillary on stage.
Jim Webb withdraws presidential bid as Americans discover he DID NOT write Wichita Lineman.
TUFFY SEZ: Jim Webb says"I'm not going away, I'm thinking of all my options"! Costa Cha
Jim Webb to drop out of Democratic presidential primary (Dan Merica / CNN)
Jim Webb quit the Presidential race because he was disappointed that SNL didn't get Michael Douglas to play him!
Jim Webb wrestles bears with Chuck Norris and Davy Crockett every third Thursday. They call it Bowling Night.
LoL...I like Jim Webb, but he makes Mitt Romney seem like the life of the party.
it be good for Jim Webb forget about the White House bid support Hillary
Competent leaders that couldn't lead their party to reason and moderation: . Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, Jim Webb ...
Jim Webb is out of the race for president — for now.
Jim Webb stepping aside now make Hillary Clinton the second-oldest person seeking Dem Nomination at 67. Bernie the oldest 74.
"Jim Webb drops out of Democratic race." Hope he goes back to writing more songs like "Wichita Lineman."
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Which pajamaboy Dem operative had the unfortunate task of threatening war hero Jim Webb not to run indie?
Jim Webb was great writing Wichita Lineman and Up, Up, and Away. Politics? Not as much.
Jim Webb, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Lindsay Graham are all forming a new party based solely on donor money and David Brooks columns.
Jim Webb drops out of 2016 race as a Democrat
Jim Webb thinks he's Ross Perot, but really he's Virgil Goode.
Jim Webb reportedly dropping out of the Democratic presidential race
Jim Webb certainly talks a lot about peace and such for a guy whose major debate point was about murking charlie
Getting word that Jim Webb dropping out of race. Too bad, good man, not a good pol. Rgds, Mark
Jim Webb left GOP, joined the Dems out of spite and hating W, ran on platform of "I'm a better man than you." . Shocked it…
Jim Webb to drop out of 2016 presidential race
See, Jim Webb once killed communists. Therefore, he has no place in the modern Democratic Party.
Jim Webb will end his bid for the Democratic nomination at a press conference today, according to a source with knowledge…
BREAKING: Jim Webb to drop out of dem. presidential race for potential independent run, sources tell »
Jim Webb will announce that he will drop his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination
Kirsten Powers should help Jim Webb prepare for his inevitable TV job as fake Fox News Democrat.
go Jim Webb. Where do I send the check?
Jim Webb, American Hero: True.I've only known 1 Democrat who was proud of my service. The rest think I kill people.
I wonder what ever happened to Jim Webb's Senate staffer who he let take the fall for carrying Webb's gun into Senate office building.
If this were 1992, Jim Webb would be leading the Democrat field.
Jim Webb going independent would serve one purpose: To demonstrate leftward drift of his party. Wouldn't be a lot of Dem …
Democratic candidate Jim Webb considering independent run; will hold press conference Tuesday -
Not gonna lie, if Trump somehow wins the GOP primary, I'd consider voting for Jim Webb.
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