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Jim Varney

James Albert Jim Varney, Jr. (June 15, 1949 – February 10, 2000) was an American stand-up comedian, actor, musician, writer, voice artist, and comedian, best known for his role as Ernest P.

Ernest Saves Christmas Ernest Goes Fast Food Robin Williams Ernest P Worrell Beverly Hillbillies Mike Rowe Hulk Hogan Toy Story Corey Haim Jim Carrey Wildwood Flower Billy Bob Thornton Blake Clark

Her: Can you be serious for 2 seconds?. Me: Yes *removes Jim Varney mask revealing a more serious Jim Varney mask*
That’s amazing. That means that Jim Varney might have had to audition for this,…
Even without Jim Varney, it'd still feel like a spit in his grave
with a conversation I imagine like. "Ok, but didn't Jim Varney pass away?". "Oh, that's fine we'll just make it a reboot"
from just north of here, Bourbon Co.! other local badasses: Jim Varney, Harry Dean Stanton
Honestly Kyle MacLachlan as Dougie/Evil Coop in is the best dual role since Jim Varney played Felix Nash…
Proud, emotional Stuart Varney looks on as daughter makes first appearance on Fox & Friends https…
150 gallons going out at HD0414 this morning. Good work Richard!!
Of course he does, hopefully top billin' like JIM VARNEY & KAREEM.
That's a trick I learned from Jim Varney.
Legit thought that was Jim Varney as Ernest...
Yes! Jim Varney is a huge hero of mine 😀
How's this for a three pack. It's the Keanu Reeves, Rutger Hauer, Jim Varney tripl…
"Ernest" Movies are coming back? Won't be the same without Jim Varney.
Actually she gets hand me downs from daddy
but we agree: Jim Varney was the best villain in Star Land
Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam. I was 13. Jim Varney deserved better. So did Ernest P. Worrell.
Guys... Jim Varney was a *** treasure. . Just you remember that.
anyone notice Negan looks like an angry Jim Varney?
this is truly a *** reality where Jim Varney is dead but this disgusting war criminal is still alive and revered bipartisanly
If there's ever of Jim Varney biopic, you have it down.
John working the plan and improving the consumer experience by training associates on how to navigate color center.
Oh and Jim Varney is hella ripped in this movie compared to the other basketball players.
Slam Dunk Ernest is on AP, and it's awkward as *** seeing Jim Varney starring in a movie that's like a PG rated black comedy.
I added a video to a playlist Jim Varney Performing Shakespeare's Hamlet on NBC Nightly News March
There was no Jim Varney frame I could have used:( I grew up loving Ernest!
The only person you've yet to blame for your failure to destroy the country further is Jim Varney. Vern?
Thank god for the internet. I know i've said this before but Jim Varney was amazing!!…
As a special feature, it's haunted by the ghost of Jim Varney!
🚨BOOM🚨. This is something you won't hear from the Best regards Mr. keep…
Jim Varney and Cloris Leachman were great in The Beverly Hillbillies. Bu…
Happy Birthday to the late great Erland Josephson, Richard Baker, Hugo Pratt, Ross Andru, Bernie Faloney, Waylon Jennings and Jim Varney.
Holy crap this is a recording of a NYE 1984 show at The Summit hosted by Jim Varney, w/ EVERYONE COOL
I remember when Jim Varney used to do his "Ernest P Worrell" act for John L Sullivan cheverlet out in Roseville bac…
Seriously? I mean, dude: I'll take the Billie Jean King and Joanie Cunningham comparisons. But I look like Jim Varney as we…
currently: is spending the last minutes of his thirtieth year making the rest of us watch Jim Varney play the dulcimer
Tony.. thank you for hosting tonight's event. The wife and I had a great time. Great beer and good laughs. Till next time
my cutoff is somewhere in season 9. There was an episode where carnies scammed them, Jim Varney voiced one of them.
Just spent 2 fulfilling days dialing in our 2017 strategy w/ fellow Western Div RSM's & RVP. I'm humbled by the talent on our team.
Toy Story 3(2010)-Blake Clark became the new voice of Slinky Dog, replacing Jim Varney, who died in 2000. Clark was good friends with Varney
Jim Varney was so cool. Laid back, loved his fans, beer and cigarettes.. Spirit of a child!
Make a statement with this hot color for 2017!
The BIG one. We finally talk to Jim Varney's biographer and nephew, and gee…
Jim Varney was such a blessing to this world
Q of the n! Name the Jim Varney character who "saved christmas" in a 1988 movie! Tag for shots, see you at 8 at
Is that Jim Varney waving off to your Left?!? I thought he was dead!
I can't believe that Jim Varney faked his death, started taking protein supplements and changed his name to "John Cena".
So sad that two of my comedy heroes no longer share this mortal coil with us. Robin Williams & Jim Varney =(
This episode puts the pod in podcast...Knowhutimean??
yeah well so was Jim Varney so SUCK IT DREW
We never do video so here's a fancy video of Fresh Julius rolling off the line, for sale tonight, 8 cans PP!.
it's so good! Especially if you're using a sick day! I love Jim Varney! ❤️❤️
You know it's too bad Jim Varney is no longer with us. He's the guy that did the Ernest commercials and did a couple of movies.
I'm impressed the cast of got Jim Varney to play Mrs. Turnblad. Must have been hard digging him up.
I dreamt that I discovered a lost Jim Varney movie. Before I could share, his family tried to kill me thinking I was an undercover IRS agent
Jim Lacy explains why Trump is winning in California: Varney & Company VIDEO - California Political Review
The Importance of Being Ernest: The Life of Actor Jim Varney (Stuff that Vern doesn\'
Ernest may have been deeply religious, but Jim Varney liked to his freak on.
Jim Varney died just to rise from the dead in 2 days to one-up Jesus.
Jim Varney was the friggin best when we were growing up. I'm so glad he made a
I'd like to do a piece of Shakespeare. Any upcoming Shakespeare film. ...
Jim Varney is the Stanley Kubrick of Ernest movies
I liked a video from Jim Varney 67th Birthday Tribute
I liked a video Blake Clark replaces Jim Varney
I found my new favorite Christmas movie watching that movie made me miss the Ernest character Rest in Peace Jim Varney
Jim Varney was never the highest paid actor in Hollywood but at least the roles he chose were Ernest..
I added a video to a playlist Now You Know Bio: Jim Varney
If Jim Varney was a fan...what he would say to Vern...
Ernest was good-hearted. I'd actually prefer Ernest (or Jim Varney's exhumed corpse).
I'm telling you, one man show. Broadway, "Jim Varney". Serious coin, but the window is closing.
Maybe they should have voted for Jim Varney as governor instead of Arnold.
"Ernest Progressives" I think he meant Earnest Progressives. Unless he was talking about a progressive Jim Varney?
Serious question - have you considerd doing "Jim Varney A One Man Show" on Broadway or something. The resemblance is frightening
I just had an epiphany. Turns out Mike Rowe is NOT, in fact, Ernest P. Worrell. Jim Varney is Ernest P. Worrell.
The best part of Ernest Saves Christmas is Jim Varney driving up and down World Drive and Epcot Center Drive.
"These steps might as well be Mt. Everest" Oh Jim Varney
Wish jim varney died after i was born 😢
watching Ernest Saves Christmas. when I was a kid, I loved Jim Varney. in my teens I decided he was just silly. now I love his silliness.
I like to sing. I write music. Country songs. You have to if you're in ...
Odds on Trump making the Ghost of Jim Varney WH Press Secretary? He seems v qualified.
Now I'm just looking through the Getty archives of Jim Varney images.
Love that Jim Varney went to my high school
Longterm career goal with is to remake all ERNEST movies with a very intense Michael Shannon in the role cr…
I started to do a study on how not to do stand-up comedy. Yeah, it's lonel...
don't disrespect Jim Varney like that
This is what the world needs right now. Jim Varney.
No crickets. Much love for Jim Varney. From an old school Ernest fan.
Jim Varney, RIP. He only did Ernest for a living, hoping for serious roles that never came.
I briefly mistook Jim Varney for HR on Flash.
Pamela Springsteen became a photographer. She was Angela Baker in Sleepaway Camp 3 and was in Fast Food with Jim Varney.
The Academy will be forever shamed for not awarding Jim Varney an Oscar for his role as Ernest P. Worrell
Breast Cancer Awareness
If you grew up in Tennessee in the 80's you got to watch Jim Varney as Ernest P Worrell try to sell you stuff.
you're the Jim Varney of film criticism
Voters don’t actually care about guns, Jim Varney reports in
A movie with both Jim Varney and Hulk Hogan is automatically objectively good.
The average Jim Varney character would have made a more credible presidential candidate than Donald Trump.
I believe that U R the reincarnation of Jim Varney AKA Ernest P. Worrell.
This one took me a moment- I was thinking 'Jim Varney' Not 'Jim Henson'.
I think you should seriously consider producing and starring in an 'Earnest' remake. You'd do Jim Varney proud.
Me IRL: "Time to get to work. Just gotta read the entire Wikipedia articles for Catherine the Great, Churchill, and Jim Varney once more."
Some people call it The Jim Varney Biography and others just say, "Them Vern Books."
never. Tyler Perry will never reach 1/10 of the talent Jim Varney possessed.
I rather see Jim Varney and Pamela Springsteen in a movie than watch politicians full of crud.
Did you know that Pamela Springsteen was in a Jim Varney film called Fast Food?
There might be one thing about Pam Springsteen you might want to know. She was in a Jim Varney movie called Fast Food.
Jim Woolsey discusses the recent terror attacks in Europe on Varney & Co. via   10% Off
I occasionally go to bar trivia in hopes that "Jim Varney" will be a correct answer.
Footage of Jim Varney performing Hamlet on a 1985 news broadcast.
Everyone's still talking about but we must never forget that Jim Varney once did Hamlet on NBC News.
I must go back in time and save Jim Varney so they can make an Ernest Meets Red Green movie
What ever happened to Jim Varney anyways?
VA Sen. called out by Varney in a lie! DEMS have no shame & will lie about anything!
I gave decided to make my lock screen a picture of young, hot Jim "Ernest P. Worrell" Varney (cc
one of my dad's friends was an extra on Ernest Goes to Jail so I had an autographed Jim Varney headshot as a kid
once again I must suggest you go to jim varney's wikipedia page and see his hot photo
According to sources , Jim Varney's character " Ernest " inspired Trump to attempt show business and later , politics
Jim Varney plays a genie wino in this early 1980s production.
📷 jimvarneygifs: Jim Varney doing his own *** somersaults.
I started my day watching a clip of Jim Varney doing Shakespeare, so you could say I'm pretty jazzed
I am writing a book varney and me due out valentines day 2017 about the late great JIM varney
Nigel Frage looks like the love child of crack addicted Kermit and Jim Varney.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
next on my dvd list is 2 get all those ernest comedy dvd's. AS JIM VARNEY STARTS IN ALL OF THEM.
How did anyone get through filming The Beverly Hillbillies? "Well dog my cats!" . Jim Varney Forever!
if that hat was beige, I'd swear that was Jim Varney..
Re: jeans vest, Jim Varney knows Shakespeare too.
Me when people talk smack about Jim Varney.
I thought that was Jim "Ernest" Varney for a second, which confused me, because he's dead.
Jim Varney was his name, and he died from lung cancer at 50 in 2000, according to Wikipedia, anyway
Hey, my Ticketmaster codes are good for the "Jim Varney From Beyond the Grave" show in Branson sometime in 2019!
favorite character this season on Orange is the New Black is reincarnated old lady Jim Varney
I'm fixin to have a Jim Varney marathon of all his movies and shows tonite on this lazy Tuesday night.
I try to be Ernest with my child every day. She doesn't know about Jim Varney or Verne. It bombs every *** time.
I miss Jim Varney. This was the only Simpsons episode he starred in before he died😔: Bart Carney
Vyvyan from The Young Ones wore one...but so did Jim Varney in a thousand commercials.
3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain stars both Jim Varney and Hulk Hogan and it's exactly as amazing as that sounds
Oh great, now I've developed a crush on Jim Varney
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I'm working on "Ernest Goes to Elm Street" film, w/ Robert Englund as Ernest and Jim Carrey portraying Jim Varney in Freddy Krueger role
I added a video to a playlist Ernest Goes to Jail 1990 - Jim Varney comedy
I bet when the producers of this movie cast Hulk Hogan, Loni Anderson, & Jim Varney, they could picture themselves polishing the…
George Clooney, Michael Shannon, Jennifer Lawrence, and Johnny Depp are all from Kentucky but Jim Varney is the state's greatest actor.
Jim Varney and actor Robin Williams attend the 13th Annual NATO/ShoWest Convention at Ballys 1987.
Ernest Saves Christmas (1988). One of my favorite Characters from the 80's. Jim Varney died on Feb 10, 2000. He...
Enjoying Jim Varney in Ernest Saves Christmas (yes, again) on TV My fave Xmas movie.
Everybody was in that video: Jim Varney, that dude from Hee-Haw, Bill Golden...
Did you get the hint yesterday ??? Jim Varney was Earnest in Earnest Saves Christmas. What a cute little guy in...
‘Son of Ernest’ Seeks to Revive the Magic of Jim Varney’s Ernest P. Worrell
Nia Jax's homage to Jim "Ernest" Varney's Dr. Otto > the genie bottle getup she debuted in.
Jim Varney, or as you probably know him; Ernest.
this conversation bums me out. I really miss Jim Varney.
I think "Ernest Saves The Rebellion" would've been a great movie. RIP Jim Varney
I am a Republican. But you FOX *** can't get somebody better than this fossil Jim Varney so I have to watch other networks!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Jim Varney was robbed in '88 by for "Ernest Saves Christmas"
Might hafta vote for Craig T. Nelson and Jim Varney this Christmas...
I'm watching Toy Story and every time Slinky talks I get sad because Jim Varney was the best. 😭
Keep your eye on this Jim Varney guy. I expect big things.
Jim Varney aka "Ernest" definitely one of my favorite actors. RIP. Merry Christmas everyone. — watching Ernest Saves Christmas
Why did nobody ever come up with an Oscar Wilde reimagining 'The Importance Of Being Earnest P. Worrell' while Jim Varney was still alive?
To the jerk who decided that a DVD starring Corey Haim, Jim Varney and Bridgitte Nielsen needed three security stickers... screw you. >:(
I'm going to be on Varney&Co today @ 10:30 ET/9:30 CT to talk about my Constitutional solution to border crisis giving …
I added a video to a playlist JIM VARNEY - Ernest Goes to Jail / Full Movie [1080p]
Too bad Jim Varney is dead... I think him and Tim Allen would make a good Ernest Saves Christmas/The Santa Clause crossover movie
random fact Jim Varney aka Ernest gave me my first toy as a baby.
17 movie 9 was Ninja Busters, features the world's worst ninjas and a star who can best be described as "Jim Varney, but not as cool"
Not that it's a competition, but Jim Varney can do more characters than .
I wish the lawyers I performed for tonight were more like Jim Varney's slimy lawyer character.
Jim Varney is Robin Williams on really bad cocaine.
Jim Varney is not afraid of a close up.
Jim Varney was a *** genius. That doesn't make the Ernest movies good per se. But, yeah, Jim Varney.
I want to thank you for inspiring me to do a commentary on Fast Food with Pamela Springsteen and Jim Varney.
No way hands down best actor Jim Varney in Ernest Goes to camp.
The stream: Designed by I.M. Pei, built by Jim Varney.
I just watched The O'Reilly Factor with after, Stuart Varney & Lou Dobbs had DJT's back!. They said He has a p…
Ernest Saves Christmas has to be up there too. RIP Jim Varney, best character actor ever IMO.
Sometimes I wonder what would things be like if Jim Varney was still alive
I'm also disappointed that Jim Varney never did The Importance of Being Ernest.
I really want to read this!. The Importance Of Being Ernest: The Life of Actor Jim Varney
Earnest Saves Christmas but Jim Varney is still dead
Man, slinky dog sure makes me miss Jim Varney.
Imagine if The Polar Express was able to use Jim Varney instead of Tom Hanks.
well, Handsome Earnest was a game changer role, both for the franchise and Jim Varney
A) every single person in an Ernest movie is super sweaty. B) Jim Varney is legit super talented. C) this character is based on a COMMERCIAL
Say Mike. Have you ever been told you look like Jim Varney?
It involved Jim Varney's Ernest and Short Circuit's Number Five traveling from the 80s to the present day.
I love her performance on Jim Varney's (we loved that man& all his movies) Beverly Hillbillies.
RIP Jim Varney. You were the forerunner to Larry The Cable Guy except you were funny.
I got to read letters from Jim Varney (Ernest), former NBA commissioner David Stern, and Jesse Helms today. This dissertation is strange
you look like an elfin Jim Varney as Harpo Marx but also melting and there's an ax?
fun fact - Jim Varney is also known as Ernest P Worrell
Met Lea, Lily Tomlin, Dabney Coleman, Jim Varney, Dietrich Bader at Beverly Hills press junket for THE Beverly Hillbillies
Dude 3 looks like a cross between Peter Gallagher, Jim Varney, and *** Tracy.
I liked a video Jim varney HOT ROD LINCOLN
How much whiskey and cigarettes do I need to consume to get a voice like Jim varney
imagine my shock when i found out The Importance of Being Earnest had nothing to do with Jim Varney
Sometimes I feel like Jim Varney in The Importance of Being Earnest.
I think you can track when this country really got dismal to the day Jim Varney died.
The Stupid extra is here! We talk Art of the Title, swooning over Jim Varney, and mo' Ernest.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Jim Varney has gotten too serious imo
Ernest, bar none. Jim Varney all the way :3
Who would listen to Fox huckster Varney on climate over scientists, world leaders and even the Pope? Lord only knows
I appreciate your kind words about my late uncle Jim Varney in this 2012 interview I just found today: htt…
coach Les Miles gives a shout out to former sports writer Jim Varney attending press conference..
First thought upon waking up was that Andy Samberg is going to grow up to be Jim Varney
Hay Adam! great vlog, and enjoyed watching Jim Varney's Ernest P Worrell.when i was a kid.
I thought it was Jim Carrey or Jim Varney...
yeah Alzado was like 44 he died from steroid abuse. Jim Varney had lung cancer he died a long time ago too
bottle # 767 released 8/2014 Drinking a Luciferin Extra IPA 2014 by on -
I wish Jim Varney were still alive cuz then the GOP front-runner would be kind of sane and human.
Every time I see Varney's name, I can't help but think of the late Jim Varney. "Ernest Goes On TeeVee"
Sometimes I sit & I think about how much I miss Jim Varney.
Jim Varney died before he could write The Importance of Being Ernest
Just saw a cinematic masterpiece with (Jim Varney, Corey Haim & Brigitte Nielsen). Also known as the "master thespian trifecta"
Watched this earlier with Emma. Jim Varney was a very underrated comedian. I'm watching Ernest Scared Stupid
Your kids need to watch more Ernest P. Worrell movies starring Jim Varney, ?
be Ernest P. Worrell and so many don't realize Jim Varney wasn't a bad looking guy.
I'm Jim Varney's nephew and I wrote a biography about him which includes his portrayal of the iconic Ernest P. Worrell.
I hope Billy Crank does a commentary for one of the Ernest P. Worrell films. It would be a nice touch to Jim Varney's memory.
I like most things you've done and there is a lot of genius there. Except poking fun at Jim Varney. He was fantastic.
Ernest Goes to the valley. You can be Jim Varney and the valley can be the valley?
I've never checked but I have a feeling all of my sperm look like Jim Varney.
I'm pretty upset that Jim Varney didn't write an autobiography called "The Importance of Being Ernest"
I just earned the 'I Believe in IPA! (Level 3)' badge on
Over 100 Jim Varney gifs and no end in sight.
Photoset: He’s not even mad - Jim Varney at the Toy Story premiere
Jim Varney was, like, 80% of the reason I watched that movie.
I think Jim Varney was my biological father and my parents are lying to me
Who better to advertise a beefsteak sandwich than Jim Varney playing a J.R. Ewing inspired character.
Today we host a book reading by author Jim Varney. No, not the "Hey Vern" guy. Join us for cold fresh brews & some literary inspiration! 2-6
she has a showdown with him at Jim Varney's burial site
A comprehensive biography on the life of actor/comedian Jim Varney of Ernest fame:
.Jim Varney wearing his Mouse Ears Cap nearly forty years before voicing Slinky Dog.
New WH Press Secretary to replace J Earnest."know what I mean, Vern?" At least Jim Varney always told the truth.
imo Nash closing is like Jim Varney playing Tony Montana just awful
Looking forward to Jon Stewart reprising Jim Varney's roll, in the reboot of "Ernest Goes to Camp."
Jim Varney struggled in math at school. He was fine in other subjects when deciding to apply himself. If acting were math, for him was 2+2.
“.in Ernest Goes to School I played the tuba and got to work with Jim …
How about an episode on a McDonald's beefsteak sandwich commercial with a pre-Ernest Jim Varney??
Photo: jimvarneygifs: Guys I love running Jim Varney Gifs, I just scroll to any random point hoping he does...
If someone made a movie about Jim Varney I think Mike Rowe would do a good job portraying him.
has a tattoo of Jim Varney making out with JoAnne Worley
Rare commercial with Jim Varney before he became Ernest P. Worrell.
.Did you know Jim Varney was doing commercials for you before he became Ernest P. Worrell?
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Would a book about Jim Varney with that title serve as any consolation?
I will always be disappointed that Jim Varney never starred in an movie titled The Importance Of Being Ernest.
Never forget this. In 1985 HBO aired a NYE special hosted by Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Jim Varney.
Watching Ernest Saves Christmas again. Jim Varney was 36 during the filming and looks 45. He also sweats... constantly.
Hazel looks like Jim Varney yall. Google it.
As Ernest, Jim Varney used to do Purity Dairy commercials which ran in Nashville, TN.
Jim Varney used to do commercials for the Dodge dealership in Henderson, Kentucky, sitting in the Dodge Viper "high in the sky
KnowhutImean?" became a national craze almost immediately. people from around the country quoted Jim Varney .
was every sound in this game voiced by Jim Varney?
Ernest Saves Christmas...Jim Varney was one of the funniest people I swear :)
I would of loved to of seen and Jim Varney work together. That would've been cool!
I never really thought about how Jim Varney reflects a pre-9/11 mindset...
The CIA lashed prisoners to chairs and made them watch the entire Jim Varney film catalog. Know whud I mean?
Ernest Saves Christmas (1989) full movie. Sharing this Christmas movie because of the comedian Jim Varney whose...
I am the Jim Varney of my social group, I've never been more proud of myself
I just realized.. Ernest P. Worrell is like a , man baby. I miss Jim Varney.. Ok back to Ernest Saves Christmas!
Ernest Saves Christmas is on Netflix. I'm so excited. I LOVE Jim Varney.
Watching Ernest Saves Christmas on Netflix while cleaning the house to decorate. God I miss Jim Varney.
Thoughts on Ernest (Jim Varney) films? Currently watching Ernest Saves Christmas and Steph shook her head at me.
my brother likes to get high and tell girls in a jim varney voice. "Ima poot in yo *** . Or. "Lemme peep dat fat lil meatbox"
Ernest Saves Christmas is on. Jim Varney was way under appreciated. I think I'm saying that without irony...and that worries me
Ernest Saves Christmas 👌 . P.S. Jim Varney is from Kentucky, you're welcome America
“so apparently i was a survivor of the sinking titanic jim varney... I died of lun…
I once saw jim varney in an episode of roseanne
Watching Ernest Saves Christmas. I always liked Jim Varney, he was great!
Video: Dumping a huge bag of plastic balls onto an escalator. Perversely satisfying.
Despite his persona as Ernest P. Worrell, Jim Varney reportedly had a near genius I.Q.
Who wore it better, Robin Williams or Jim Varney?
Tonight I came up with a bunch of ideas for new Ernest movies, but apparently Jim Varney has been dead for 15 years?
Being a Southern boy myself, Jim Varney was a definite inspiration to me growing up. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy.
The only time Brasky ever cried, was the day Jim Varney died.
Tonight I get to introduce Lydia to Jim Varney. Ernest Saved Christmas as soon as the pizza comes out of the oven.
I wish Jim Varney was still alive & well making people laugh. We could use light hearted, fun family entertainment today.
I hope it's a resurrection of the Ernest series with you replacing Jim Varney.
Did Jim Varney base his Ernest character off of a guy who smoked meth?
you remind me of a less sexy Jim Varney
I never want to smoke cigarettes because they took Jim Varney away from us far too early. RIP
That is true. Jim Varney probably doesn't have much in the way of tattoos anymore.
Bet Jim Varney doesn't have a sweet dragon piece on his chest though
HDTGM: saw 70s Jim Varney, immediately thought of June and Leslie (x-post from r/
Jim Varney was so legit and proof that dreams can come true even for humble men of small beginnings .
Watching "Ernest Saves Christmas". The only way to desribe Ernest P. Worrell is "well-meaning, good hearted loon". Jim Varney was a genius.
Jim Varney visited hundreds of kids through Make-a-Wish who wanted to meet Ernest. He did nearly all of them. You can cry now. I did.
Jim Varney feat. Ricky Skaggs - Hot Rod Lincoln Now playing on Geek Tunes Radio your home for 24/7 geeky tunes
I'm about to go to sleep, but I want to ruin your childhood first: My best friend has an uncle named Frank. Uncle Frank is a retired Vietnam vet AND a retired corrections officer. He is five feet nothing of pure terrifying, even at his old age. Uncle Frank worked at the Tennessee State Penitentiary in Nashville, TN. That may not mean anything to you, but it is the prison where Ernest Goes To Jail was filmed. While filming Ernest Goes To Jail, Jim Varney (better known as Ernest P. Worrell) was required to have a correctional officer escort him about the premises. Uncle Frank was Jim Varney's escort. Uncle Frank swears to this day that Jim Varney was the biggest, most arrogant, self-centered, condescending *** that ever walked the face of the earth.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Jim Varney from the Ernest movies pic taken at our friends hunting lodge Turkey Trot Acres righr here…
Jim Varney plays part of the popular Carter Family song "Wildwood Flower" on his dulcimer in 1993:
Jim Varney playing "Wildwood Flower" on his dulcimer during Chevy Chase Show in 1993.
Stuart Varney of Fox Business agrees to reprise late brother Jim Varney's role in a new "Ernest" comedy movie. Still developing . . .
Jim Varney met Billy Bob Thornton when they were being managed by Capricorn Records founder Phil Walden
Wow the voice cast from ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE includes: Michael J Fox, James Garner, John Mahoney, Leonard Nimoy, Jim Varney and more.
Jim Varney didn't make a deal with the devil but was related (by marriage) to Devil Anse Hatfield.
A clip from the movie "Ernest Goes to Camp" starring Jim Varney as Ernest P. Worrell. Subscribe for more fun content coming soon! Visit www.HeyVernItsErnest.
Watching Ernest Scared Stupid. Saw Ernest Goes to Jail right b4. RIP Jim Varney. You were an awesome part of my childhood.
Ernest Goes to Jail is a 1990 Touchstone Pictures comedy film directed by John R. Cherry III and starring Jim Varney. It is the fourth film to feature the character Ernest P. Worrell. It was shot in Nashville and Tennessee State Penitentiary. This is the second most successful of the Ernest films, b...
Am I the only one who thinks the late Jim Varney (Ernest Goes TO CAMP) looks a lot like Mike Rowe?
Poking around on Netflix yesterday, I happened upon a Billy Bob Thornton movie I hadn’t seen. It’s titled Daddy & Them. It was filmed in Cabot, Arkansas. Billy Bob Thornton wrote and directed it; that’s always worth a look. Turns out some other favorites are also in the movie: Laura Dern, Andy Griffith, John Prine, Jim Varney, and Wayne Emmons. What a hoot. “John Prine, the songwriter/singer?” Yes. I’d never seen him in an acting role. Fun to watch. “Jim Varney?” Yeah, it was his last project. He didn’t live to see the film finished. He and Vern had business ashore, know what I mean? “Wayne Emmons? Cousin Bubba? He who had the comedy club in Memphis and let you hang around and sing those tacky songs and where Celeste was the bartender?” That’s him. “Well, bless his heart.” It was a big one. “Just stumbled across it on Netflix, ‘eh?” Yeah, more fun than finding the prize Easter Egg.
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