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Jim Ross

James William Jim Ross (born January 3, 1952) is a professional wrestling commentator, referee, restaurateur, occasional wrestler, and former company executive of WWE, where he currently works as a talent relations consultant.

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Gave the Seton Hall flagrant 1 the Jim Ross treatment
Jim Cornette is out next as Jim Ross hints at a bonus match. Looks like we’ve got the Midnights vs. The Rock and Rolls!
I missed the first few minutes, but I tuned in upon JB shouting about Gordon Solie and Jim Ross. Poor Pope.
All due respect to the great Gordon Solie & Jim Ross but for my money I'm taking
I liked a video Jim Ross on The Hardy Boyz Leaving TNA for WWE
I liked a video Jim Ross on the Hardy Boyz return to WWE
Can someone please dub this over with a Jim Ross call ?
Jim Ross 'not angry' about firing, calls Josh Barnett 'perfect partner
Jim Ross 'not angry' about WWE firing, calls Josh Barnett 'perfect partner
Why is Michael Cole trying to sound like Jim Ross?
Jim Ross says "you could be the next Mauro Ranallo" to which Todd Grisham responds "I'd have to be Bi-Polar" - Huh?
I added a video to a playlist Road Dogg on real life heat with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jim Ross
Get rid of Joe Buck and put in Jim Ross
Mike Breen sold that last shot with that Jim Ross "SEE YA NEXT WEEK" vigor
We go to ringside and it’s Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at ringside without Vince McMahon. They’re mostly excited for the main event tonight.
and have Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler to commentate it
This would be 100x better with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at commentary
Jim Ross praises Michael Cole and Nigel McGuinness, comments on the late Jimmy Snuka
Jim Ross and Josh Barnett have been at the NJPW commentary helm the past year.
The way I see it, raw commentary hasn't been the same since Jim Ross & Jerry the king lawler was at ringside.
Jim Ross: by god there killing him someone stop this . Stone Cold: .
There isn't much that whisks me back to my youth quite like, "I'm Jim Ross, alongside Jerry 'The King' Lawler..."…
Where is the Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler commentry when you need it... Vince McMahon would be proud…
Unpopular Denim take alert: I prefer listening to Tony Schiavone over Jim Ross.
Lita no longer with according to a statement by Jim Ross
Me: "Now to just put the star on the tr-...". Jim Ross: RANDY ORTON, RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!
The first guy sounds like Jim Ross doing his Stu Hart impression
May 1998. Tony Chimel announces the debut of Val Venis. The debut. Tony Chimel might be just as important in WWF/E lore as Jim Ross
Watchin' Slater &a Orton vs Stomper and Ronnie Garvin called by the legend & Jim Ross.
Jim Ross called Mark Henry the world's most dangerous boob job, Sable walked to the ring without tipping over, and introduced Vince McMahon.
Only thing missing is Jim Ross and Jerry the king Lawler from Monday Night Raw 😂😂
Exactly. Also Jerry The King Lawler with Jim Ross. Some great stuff back in the day wish it was as good now a days.
These small animals are acting somewhat like humans while set to the voices of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Fascinati…
I don't want to see another replay of the Ben Boulware tackle until it's dubbed over with Jim Ross audio!
Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves and Jim Ross. What a comentary team that would be
So, in 1996-1997, it was Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Jerry Lawler. In 2014, it's Michael Cole, Tom Phillips, and JBL.
CHATTING Hall of Famers: skip baeless, Steven A smith, Jim Ross, and Rick Flair
Southerners! Jim Ross and Jim Cornette are LIVE in London tomorrow night, with our friends at Yo…
, but I will be checking this show out and it will be fun to hear Jim Ross and Jim Cornette calling -
my god Cornette is morphing into early 90s Jim Ross
And that's it folks. As good ole Jim Ross would say, that was a slobber knocker of a fight from Paul Kinard and Jett Chiesa.
Just need Jim Ross on Commentary. Bah GAWD he killed him. Lol Bill Fans.
Howdy! Great meeting you, Jim Ross and Bill Apter earlier at MCW Arena.
Rumor has it Jim Ross will do the pre game announcing and say: BY GAWD THAT'S SPURGEON WYNN'S MUSIC KING!!!
I want Jim Ross commentary, Morgan Freeman narrating and Christopher Walken playing me
As a kid, my generation had Gordon Solie, the next generation had Jim Ross, the current generation has
Henry gives you two options: Bishop Bullwinkle or Jim Ross. Your choice.
Knew it was a bad sign when the crisis negotiators were Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
How the *** did afford Kurt Angle, Cody Rhodes, Jim Ross & Jim Cornette for the SAME show?. That can't just be YouTube money.
An absolute cancer on this business who long outstayed his welcome. Also pictured is Jim Ross and Jim Cornette.
The fact that Stone Cold, *** Foley, Fit Finlay, Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, Road Dogg and Matt Hardy follow me still blows…
Jim Ross feature story on FOX Sports regarding Dusty Rhodes, Cody Rhodes explains why he disconnected from Stardust:
Mauro Ranallo talks about being compared to Jim Ross, Vince McMahon, WWE
Mauro Ranallo dishes on Vince McMahon, comparisons to Jim Ross and more
ooh! Can we get it in Jim Ross' terrible Barnett impression? "My Boooyyy!"
Ibushi v Nakamura 5 star match with Jim Ross and Matt Striker on commentary
Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan for Commentators. Corey Graves, Tom Phillips and Jim Ross for
Shane Douglas claimed he tore Bam Bam Bigelow, after which Ted DiBiase fired Bigelow saying he was *** Jim Ross.
Outside of Jim Ross, Wayne Coyne, Barry Switzer, and whoever is being paid to play there, no one willingly lives in Oklahoma.
I didn't realize that you were big time until I just found out the Jim Ross actually follows you. I bow to you sir!
Bill Simmons, Lowe post, Jericho, Stone Cold, Jim Ross, Vince Russo that'a all I can think of
Still think The King & Jim Ross were & are the best WWE announcers, *** Foley obviously didn't care for his health at this *** in a Cell
others, like 'casts run by Chris Jericho, *** Foley, Steve Austin & Jim Ross, start indie but get brought under the umbrella…
Hope you learn from the very best stand ups. *** Foley, Jim Ross, Mike Sanders, Jimmy Uso, Raven, and RVD.
Quick someone get Jim Ross!! I'm ready for this Lebron vs Draymond fight
Fournette right now vs that kid right now, would result in Jim Ross saying "stop Leonard, that man has a family, he killed him"
you and Jim Ross were the greatest wrestling commentators of all time. I'm sure you've heard that many…
Josh mixing up Lee and Everett is the new Jim Ross mixing up every Canadian.
Best commentary was found in the WWE... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler... "Ooh!!!" "My God the Rock bottom rock bottom rock bottom"
So proud to have been part of Congrats to Jim Ross & John Wood for their very deserved awards…
Great evening at the Fredericton. Community Foundation dinner honouring John Wood & Jim Ross!
"AJ Styles is the closest thing I've saw to a healthy Shawn Michaels!" - Jim Ross.
No disrespect to both men, but Arn Anderson backstage KINDA looked like a chunkier Jim Ross.
JBL and Michael Cole are no Gorilla Monsoon or Jim Ross when it comes to making historical wrestling references in the…
Derek Stevens, Jim Ross and Joey Varner on commentary for CBS Boxing. None of the three know anything about boxing.
esports play by play: more Jim Ross than Bob Cole. Is this for better or worse?
danny hodge. I know who he is because of Jim Ross. A little before my time.But toughness is timeless, and Hodge was 1 tough S.O.B.
Jesse Ventura, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Eric Bischoff all on the broadcast team for SuperBrawl II. What a time to be alive.
Best thing you'll see all day!. "WWE Hall of famer Jim Ross calls Rougned Odor-Jose Bautista
Jim Ross gives his thoughts on Adam Rose and Brooklyn Brawler, John Cena to "pave the way" for Rollins Orton & Wyatt
Jim Ross on Steve Austin not interviewing Shane McMahon, Becky Lynch’s in-ring skills,…
Jim Ross says Chyna is WWE HOFer John Cena advertised for MSG in July, Kurt Angle to appear at wrestling school open
Dave, your opinion plz, a perfect GM that knows how to get angles over, how bout Jim Ross? Instant Credibility
Jim Ross said Scott Putski had just 24 seconds before they took a rental car while on the Texas-Louisiana tour and disappeared for two days.
dude is the Mark King & thats comin from the guy who told Jim Ross he was the voice of his generation
Someone needs to make a Jim Ross compilation over the Raptors 4th quarter tonight. Specifically, the Powell strip/dunk.
please tnà sale to Toby Keith and Jim Ross and Dixie Carter go away
To quote Jim Ross "business just picked up" for Antonio Brown in Week 1 he last faced Norman in 2014
Jim Ross:"And we're about to tip off game fou. BY GAWD THATS STEPH CURRY'S MUSIC!". Jerry "The King" Lawler:"WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?!"
I liked a video from Steve Corino Interview! Full Episode with Jim Ross, Ross Report
VIP ad-free version of today's 2 hour interview w/Jim Ross talking Chyna, Lesnar, Joe, Women is now available here:
Jim Ross should do the commentary for every LeBron James dunk.
-Kushida vs. Kenny Omega for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship. Powell’s POV: Jim Ross and Josh Barnett ar...
Did anyone else hear Jim Ross' voice in their head when Garret Wilson hit Thomas Hickey into the stanchion last night?
Just watched your Takeover Dallas episode. Liked it, but... let's just say you ain't Joey Styles. More like Jim Ross, need color.
Michael Cole's call on Shane's jump felt so forced and rehearsed. Felt nothing like Jim Ross' spontaneous call for Foley
Michael Cole is corny and whack bring back Jim Ross
Michael Cole channeling Jim Ross "For the love of mankind oh my god Shane" 👀👀👀
No matter what Michael Cole does, he can never be Jim Ross.
They need Jim Ross back on Commentary to make these matches more live. That *** Michael Cole too boring for the kid
Michael Cole was channelling his inner Jim Ross on that Shane jump.
Not to diminish Shane's fall, but if you want exhibit A in why Michael Cole will never be on Jim Ross' level, there it was.
Jim Ross commentary is needed sorry Michael Cole
We need Jim Ross for this match. Cole ***
Do you think Cole will just try to do his best Jim Ross impression when it goes down? BYGAWWD!
They need Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler commentating, Michael Cole too corny..
I miss Jim Ross and King. Put Cole back on Livewire.
Where's Jerry the King and Jim Ross tho. They were the best commentators Michael Cole try be lead man tonight like he never used to be side
When Michael Cole does it he made it sound like Jim but there is only one Jim Ross and Cole just ***
Michael Cole trying to pull off a Jim Ross, he sounded ridiculous, Jesus
: M. Cole getting open for Stone Cold killed it for me. I prefer Jim Ross do it.
Michael Cole just did a terrible Jim Ross!
Michael Cole had to ruin it by trying to sound like Jim Ross.
I can't deal with Michael Cole commentating, bring back Jim Ross
I miss the King and Jim Ross commentary. JBL and Cole are garbage.
Jim Ross need to come back for the culture
Jim Ross hits Cole with a chair and take his spot
Jeff Hardy and Hurricane just showed up here at the Jim Ross show!
Cole sucked. Even Mean Gene Okerlund was better than him. My favorite combo was Jim Ross 'n Bobby Heenan.
Jim Ross just showed up here at NXT Takeover Dallas. Got a huge crowd reaction during the Apollo Crews match. Should be an eventful night...
Please don't miss this podcast with Jim Ross and Marc Mero!! It's gonna be great and inspiring!! Don't miss it!!
Texas' wrestling history makes it great home for WrestleMania | FOX Sports by Jim Ross. RT
can't wait to hear Marc Mero's interview with Jim Ross next week.
Special thanks to our amazing team Kim Barrett, Jim Ross, Colin Andrews, Derek Peelle, our Sherman house truly...
and Were the Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler of events. They can tell you!
Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are the best commentating team ever, but JR and are my favorite.
Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler need to be at that commentating table. Cole, JBL and this new *** are BEYOND dry.
Watching old RAW from 1998, Jim Ross called Bradshaw and Barry Windham Brahma Bulls. Sounds weird anyone other than The Rock being called it
Jim Ross on the Freebirds going into the WWE Hall of Fame, AJ Styles, Chris Jericho...
When we move, we can get FIOS, and get a channel with New Japan Pro Wrestling, called by Jim Ross!
Jim Ross returns to booth calling New Japan Pro Wrestling for AXS TV via
. Jim Ross by far is the best commentator. The only other commentator whom would match JR is The late "Gordon Solie-
Jim Ross on iconic Mankind-Undertaker *** in a Cell' call: 'Everything you heard was real'
YOU, Sir, are ON THE SAME LEVEL as Gordon Solie, Jim Ross, and Tony Schivany (sp?) behind the Mic.
Matt Devlin was like Jim Ross on that Bebe alley.
Can you use your powers to summon a Vine where Weber shoots Kari drops and Jim Ross yells "by Gawd he's dead!"... Please?!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Jim Ross vs Jerry Lawler in a BBQ Beef Stick Match @ WM32 in the main event
I'd like to see Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler annouce NASCAR some time.
The other footballers hold Taylor up whilst Jim Ross catches up with Ted Dibiase.
Trump Cucks Beck - Now with High Energy commentary from Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler! …
Both Psycho Sid and Jim Ross want Dean to win
By 2016 standards, is a cross between Lance Russell and Jim Ross.
They are going to start doing an all English show on AXS TV w/ Jim Ross and Josh Barnett doing commentary
Dude week in week out is making Michael Cole sound like Jim Ross.
Raw - Mark Henry describes his World Heavyweight Title triumph to Jim Ross
Congrats to inductee class of a 2016 Jim Ross for many is the soundtrack of our lives. Thank you …
Jim Ross and Jerry " The King" Are the greatest ringside announce team in the history of the WWE
I'm sure that Tyson Kidd enjoys Jim Ross' BBQ sauce. When I think of Calgary, I think of barbecue sauce. Canada's Texas.
Sorry Nate and Whisper you guys are not Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.
and are the modern day Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
do they have any Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross memes?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Richard Sherman's RKO on Matthews gets the Jim Ross treatment BAH GAWD!
If Ben Rothwell beats Josh Barnett, is he next in line to fight Jim Ross?
Occurred to me today, 10 months from now, there's going to be a telecast of Jim Ross calling Kamaitachi vs Dragon Lee. That'll be a thing.
[lights at the Fox News debate go out]. Jim Ross: WAIT THAT'S DONALD TRUMP'S MUSIC
Exclusive to - Jim Ross (gives us his Top 10 Royal Rumble moments
Find tickets for 'Jim Ross' at for RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross & Friends- April 2&4!
Jim Ross' Royal Rumble highlights and memories via
Meanwhile, watch the new "commercial" featuring Sean Rodriguez, Jim Ross and even Greg Brown! . Make sure sound is 🔊
. I told you that stuff was cool. Jim Ross is going to announce the Japanese matches that John & I like
Seriously, Bryon Saxton is actively useless. He makes Todd Grisham and Josh Mathews look like Jim Ross by comparison.
Request for new commentary track: pick the Steven Seagal movie with most deaths - commentary in Jim Ross voices.
We’re now told that Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan are going to swap with Gorilla Monsoon and Jim Ross.
Jim Ross calls Letang's thrashing of Panarin and Toews.
I was amused at his openly wondering why no big entrances, no Jim Ross, no American pay-per-view. Um, cost cutting perhaps?
Legendary broadcaster Jim Ross says he wants to call games for the
I keep reading this in Jim Ross's voice as if Stanford just threw Iowa from the top of the cage a la Undertaker
Can't wait until Oklahoma wins it all and has Jim Ross and Marcus Dupree on his show every day for a month...
It’s the return of the bookers roundtable! Jim Ross, Konnan and Court Bauer talk booking, writing and WWE woes as...
Loved Christian philanthropist Jim Ross bio on hog feed and more becoming $100M biz for him; “It’s great to know the one who made the pig”
Lmao whole time I thought Jim Ross was out the paint. Ain't that a son of a gun tom. A son of a gun I tell ya
Jim Ross used the terms 'tar baby' and *** in the same podcast (Sullivan pt.2).Awkward. Ok,back to that HILARIOUS Stu Hart impression
Every *** time Jim Ross does a god awful impression I cringe. His Jim Barnett is just *** right homophobic.
We'll all be in awe of "Gazdic's" sudden spinorama, then he rips the beard off and the announcers go full Jim Ross, "DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN!"
*Stamkos roofs one on Bishop in OT tonight* . [in Jim Ross' voice]. OMG THAT BACKSTABBING STEVEN STAMKOS! IT'S NOT EVEN JULY 1st YET!?!?
Nah, we need Jim Ross on the call for Warriors Cavs.
Tom Phillips looks like he's trying to be Michael Cole. Rich Brennan looks like he's trying to be Jim Ross.
why didn't Adam rose talk about Jim Ross death hoax
Commentary wise they should get rid of Byron Saxton & Michael Cole to replace them with Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross
The day jim ross actually dies, i might take a week off work.
Jim Ross is not dead, you guys. Initial reports that "BY GAWD, HE'S BROKEN IN HALF!" should have been a give away.
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ICYMI: Rumor about Jim Ross passing away is false
ICYMI: Jim Ross on Vince McMahon getting the blame for bad booking and doing specials for…… http…
Jim Ross speaks about Rumors of his death!!! JR is alive and well! (Read More:
To all his family and friends, Jim Ross is alive and well. I just spoke to him. Wants friends and family to know this.
BREAKING: Legendary WWE commentator Jim 'JR' Ross has died at the age of 63.
Jim Ross was hacked by his black son.
False alarm! Just found out it was a hoax! Jim Ross is alive and well. Thank God.
False rumour about hall of famer Jim Ross being dead is doing the rounds.
Wrestling commentator Jim Ross has been hacked by a Leeds Utd fan 😂
You know the next Jim Ross podcast will have a 10 minute Terry Funk & Stu Hart impression plotting the hack.
Jim Ross took to his blog to address rumors that he is head to TNA Wrestling. Here’s what the WWE Hall of Famer...
Jim Ross by his account says Gary Hart lobbied to keep Muta heel so he could still be involved. Which kept the
Mid South Wrestling now available on the WWE Network. Boyd Pierce and Jim Ross in the booth. Good times.
Jim Ross thinks that the majority of his podcast audience won't know who Tracy Smothers is. What a dork.
I recall a match at Extreme Rules involving Jim Ross & Jack Swagger. Cole's character was just cringeworthy.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Jim Ross just DM'd me re: Cody "OH MY GAWD. Somebody talk some sense into this young man. Think about your career! Think about your family!"
Cody just bladed for the crowd. Somebody put together a Jim Ross remix of that last play ASAP
Presenting Travis Rudolph's touchdown and stiff arm as narrated by wrestling legend "J.R." Jim Ross:
Number one contender to the World Title, Christian, sits down with Jim Ross to discuss his road to Survivor Series.
Jim Ross on the second season of Kong vs. Kim from Impact, ROH’s Moose…
Jim Ross: Ronda Rousey vs Stephanie McMahon my dream match up for WrestleMania 32
NFL announcers having to refer to Steve Smith as "Steve Smith Sr" must be like Jim Ross having to call Barry Windham "The S…
Jim Ross: “Steve Austin isn’t wrestling at Wrestlemania or anywhere else”: WWE Hall of Famer J...
The best moment from last season was whoever made that vine with Jim Ross announcing the Josh Smith missed buzzer beater
Michael Hayes, who worked with Jim Ross going back to the old UWF, has been wrestling for about seven years.
Need Jerry the King Lawler and Jim Ross to commentate this steak fight.
Jim Ross on how is using The Dudley Boyz, Shelton Benjamin – Jim Cornette – HOF
Jim Ross would encourage James Storm to sign with World Wrestling Entertainment…
I just read "NXT battle royal, TNA and ROH TV notes, Jim Ross, Steve Austin, C..." on
10-7-2015 Impact AUDIO - Josh Mathews making fun of Jim Ross for no reason -
Melissa Joan hart is a bama fan. Get her on the air in two weeks to continue the SNIFF tradition of bottoming like for Jim Ross and ella d
Until Dawn starring "Good Old JR" Jim Ross in the Peter Stormare role.
Just want to point out that anyone poopooing Bayley/Sasha is disagreeing w/Lance Storm, *** Foley, Scott Hall, & Jim Ross about wrestling.
People think I'm crazy for saying this, but that interview Jim Ross did with *** Foley deserved an Oscar.
*In the voice of JR Jim Ross* "Look, look at the eyes of Sakho...Intensity is not enough to describe this man"
That knee was an old school, WWF Jim Ross "OH MY GOD!" moment.
ICYMI: Jim Ross explains why Daniel Bryan returning to TV will not solve problem…
I love that fight, Shemp. Mauro is best. Loud, passionate. MMA's Jim Ross.
When NJPW on AXSTV covers Wrestle Kingdom 9 I hope they keep Jim Ross and Matt Striker on commentary. They're just so good together. :D
I just realized I met Jim Ross, Jim Cornette & Pat Patterson in the same day outside of - think I'll skip it next time.
eagerly awaiting the appearance of Jim Ross on TNA with Fake Nick and Fake Craig
WWE Commentary (Jim Ross) on Video Games - Live look from the fantasy matchup tonight brought to by good old JR
I added a video to a playlist Kevin Owens Commentary by Jim Ross & Bruce Mitchell
Im sure Dave Meltzer and Jim Ross were dehydrated from jerking off vigorously at the result.
Cooper Bateman gets obliterated, as called by Jim Ross! (Original vine by (Vine by
Update your maps at Navteq
Cooper Bateman, decleated, with Jim Ross on the call.
ICYMI: Jim Ross says Charlotte reminds him of a female Kurt Angle
I added a video to a playlist Jim Ross, Lilian Garcia and Christian reflect on Sept. 11, 2001
Jim Ross screaming "Bah gawd she killed him" as Crystal Wright takes a steel chair to cement her heel turn.
Why are Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Steve Austin, Jim Ross, Kevin Sullivan, Terry Funk, Jake Roberts, Raven etc. on the outside looking in?
definitely NOT you. The real Ole just appeared with Jim Ross and wouldn't insult him.
Wanna know what your favorite wrestlers birthday is check here. January 01 Jimmy Hart, Kimberly Page 03 Jim Ross...
probably the best most accurate Jim Ross impersonation.
I like typing something positive about our Nick, the Jim Ross of boxing commentary 'By Gawd Murray is a hellacious puncher'
Chris Brandes, Jim Ross, Christian Rodriguez... this is maximizing your hunting opportunities to the fullest ;-)
"The only man I can recall slamming Yokozuna is Ahmed Johnson." -Jim Ross ...
WWE to hold an NXT event in Nashville, TN soon? Jim Ross – Jerry Lawler note
Jerry the king Layler: oh oh you kno what time it is . Jim Ross: Batista Bomb!!!
Michaels proceeded to make some very lewd gyrations like acting as if he was *** Jim Ross. [9/97]
Live action King of the Hill movie. Jim Ross leading as Hank Hill and Stone Cold Steve Austin as Bobby. Someone make it happen
Jim Ross threw the worst, lamest shade at the Robin Hood match while shilling La Femme Nikita. 1997 was weird
Jim Ross is doing commentary for WWE 2K16? Nice.
VIDEO: Jim Ross talks about his one-man show at Gramercy Theatre with Scott Stanford
Tony Schiavone talks to Jim Ross about WCW closing, Dusty Rhodes passing and more
you guys had a mention on the Jim Ross podcast by Tony Schiavone. It was about midway thru.
For those who grew up on Gordon Solie, Tony Schiavone, Verne Gagne, WCW know how exciting it is to have Jim Ross here
The King of Rome performed by Jim Ross - cover version of Dave Sudbury's... via
Mike Bailey has what Jim Ross would call "well-educated feet"
Wrestling Observer Radio 8/13: Jim Ross returns to talk one-man show, wrestling history, business today, Network…
"Bah God, That Man has a family: The JR Story" "Sooner or later: Jim Ross' eye for talent and BBQ"
Jim Ross was right about one thing: somebody needs to give Samoa Joe a shirt.
Jim Ross and Paul Heyman was the best announce booth of all time.
- calling WCW/When Worlds Collide PPV with Mike Tenay. - advice he got from Jim Ross
Drunk Matt is adorable. Drunk Woolie talking about persona in Jim Ross voice. Rustle mania starting out strong.
Would be amazing if Jim Ross came over the CitiField PA right now and announced “Good God, that’s Cespedes’ music!!!"
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an absolute pleasure and I hav so much more respect after podcasts with Taz and Jim Ross. Thank U Mike Tenay
this feels like when Jim Ross said Razor Ramon and Diesel was returning to WWF
Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights… On The Hulk Hogan Situation: “Hulk Hogan remains...
Good evening, fans! This is Jim Ross, and I'm joined by the lovely Missy Hyatt and the venerable Paul E Dangerously! http…
If this were the second half would start with Jim Ross yelling, "Oh my God! That's Tim Howard's music!"
Cole Is guy who would say yes to anything wwe says whereas Jim Ross wouldn't
The WWE fans are never happy with the announce team. We get it you miss Jim Ross. But he is done... Michael Cole...
I just spoke to Michael Cole and Jim Ross they said they would commentate it
Michael Cole's call for Taker's return was decent. Still wish it was Jim Ross though.
The more Michael Cole talks the more I miss Jim Ross
Jim Ross has more "puppets" than Chicago radio's Kevin Matthews.
If they're going to tweak the hitting format, might as well go with the announcers too... . Jim Ross > Chris Berman
I liked a video from Bryan Clark HATES Jim Ross!
Didn't realise Jim Ross was doing comms on SKC now?!
I liked a video Jim Ross on "Dr D" David Schultz Slapping John Stossel on 20/20
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Just catching up with the monster shoulder now. Can someone put Jim Ross commentary on it?
The only way can get better is if next year they get Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler on commentary with game knowledge
Jim Ross and Jerry The King Lawler the two best commentary dwell ever or should i say the legendary commentary dwell.
Had to get a pic of and the Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler of live battle…
ICYMI rating is in, Jim Ross comments on the season premiere of the show… htt…
Great stuff here, especially the idea of making Ken "the Hawk" Harrelson a heel Jim Ross-like WWE announcer.
do you want another season of Legends House? With Ric Flair ,Jim Ross ,Lawler ,Steamboat, Trish, Blaze, Stone Cold, Scott Hall?
my dream announce team is Darrell Waltrip, Jim Ross, Marv Albert, & John Madden calling a high school field day.
Just read some stuff on how Dixie Carter could of brought Paul Heyman and Jim Ross to at one time but turned it down.
hello Jim Ross i'm a fan of yours and my name is Dalton and I a question to ask you and that question is was it like in the WWE?
Lights go out. Pyro. Kane entrance music. Jim Ross on commentary, "it's the big red machine Cain Velazquez!"
Ric Flair & Jim Ross on the genius, health struggles and lasting memories of Dusty Rhodes:…
Jim Ross spills secret on Stone Cold Steve Austin's replacement for beer via
Jim Ross writes a new blog on Dusty Rhodes passing away: WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has publis...
JT talks with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross about Headlock on Hunger, an outreach of Eblen Charities a...
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Jim Ross actually exposing the business
vsddgdg. Probably should ask for Jim Ross
Hello this is good 'ol J.R. Jim Ross! Leave a message after the tone won't cha. Bah gawd!
Well, If I was in North Carolina this weekend, I would know where to find Jim Ross.
I would kill for Jim Ross to commentate a Cleveland Cavaliers game.
It's not just your Jim Ross types that Dusty made time for, it seems like everyone had a good laugh with him, which seems fairly rare.
Jim Ross gotta commentate at my wedding or I'm not going.
Putting a Headlock On Hunger with WWE HOF'er Jim Ross. Come see us at Ingles in Swannanoa until 6pm!
I became aware of Dusty's wrestling style when Jim Ross refused to hide the fact that Bubba Ray Dudley was copying his entire act in 2002.
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