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Jim Palmer

James Alvin Jim Palmer (born October 15, 1945), nicknamed Cakes , is a former Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher.

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Jim Sorgi on the 1st time he saw Robert Mathis: “He struck fear inside of my soul.”. Looking back on 98 sacking 18: https:…
Jim Palmer would make a better president than Donald Trump
Jim Palmer throwing shade at trump, I love it
“You can’t win if nobody catches the ball in the outfield. You’re only as good as the team you have behind you.” Jim Palmer
Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending an hour live on the air with Denise Griffitts, the super talented host...
Most pitchers are too smart to manage.
Looking forward to today's discussion with Jim Palmer, WI Prof Police Assn
Catfish Hunter (Yankees) and Jim Palmer (Orioles) led the American League in 1975 with 23 wins
📷 Orioles 1971 Mike Cuellar, Pat Dobson, Dave McNally, and Jim Palmer are the last pitching staff to...
Coach Jim & Coach Steve with UCR Head Coach Nikki Palmer at the UCR Camp held at our very own Rosetta Park
Jim Palmer did that, didn't get past spring training.
The audience tells to shred Yasser Arafat's kafieh, but the ladies want to keep Jim Palmer's jock
Join the family and realize what should really be like! Learn more here --->…
Making a business decision can be tough… Now, and take massive action like
This is the pride and joy of Jim Palmer driver Tim C.. Love the way it looks at night!
Good luck Michael Bingham as he competes in Vegas again today! Jim Palmer Trucking sponsored him get from Missouri to Vegas…
New Jim Palmer lease operator Angel G. in front of his 2017 Peterbilt 579. Well done Angel, glad you decided to join the JP…
Thanks to Jim Palmer driver Jennifer Owens for sending in the fantastic photo of her
Montana Sunrise at the Jim Palmer terminal last week. No wonder they call it http…
Big congratulations to new Jim Palmer driver Hunter Cowan. Some people are born to do this type of work. Hunter is definite…
Jim Palmer Driver Bud Smith delivers his load to the Dallas-Fort Worth Cemetery. We're incredibly lucky to have drivers lik…
Amanda Palmer: 'Donald Trump is going to make punk rock great again'
He just wants to keep giving more, more, & gave a ton right here…
Tomorrow's opening round of the Andy Palmer Basketball Classic has been postponed to Friday. Updated schedule is: https…
Most pitchers are too smart to manage. . -Jim Palmer
not solid arguments. inn goes to versatility. didn't deserve Cy that's opinion. 3.93 ERA? see jim palmer.
Jim Palmer has aged about 20 minutes since this game.
In sickness and health, michigan couple face transplant together exercise book in spanish Krystn and Jim Palmer, in their Mason kitchen ...
There are no words for this loss. Carrie was the brightest light in every room she entered. I will miss her dearly. ht…
This is the image I've seen the most today. The General. If our life is well lived, our legacy will preserve our most dignifi…
She is one with the Force. The Force is one with her.
Baltimore Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer ate pancakes before every start. 41 flapjacks in pic before '66 WS…
get to listen to him almost every game. O's PxP guy, we love him w/Jim Palmer and Mike Bordick
top quartet Jim Palmer, Dave McNally, Mike Cuellar, and Pat Dobson '71 Orioles all 20 game winners.
In 1972 I would have sent Bob Gibson, Tom Seaver, Jim Palmer. Catfish Hunter. In 1986 I would have sent Dave Righetti,
Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer might be the worst pairing in baseball TV history. Just ahead of Steve Lyons and anybody.
Jim Palmer trying to back Chris Davis there is hilarious. If the first 2 were strikes, he's going to call the 3rd one a strike too.
Nestor: A treat hearing Jim Palmer talk about strategy of MadBum here in 6th inning. Chris Davis? Where you at?
Yep. Well, he's out in LF (I think) and Jim Palmer just commented on it..
Nestor: I know God (or Angelos) loves me because he gave me Jim Palmer & Gary Thorne this week. Of course, it'd be better if it was hockey!
Whenever watching an O's game it's always best when Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer commentate. I always enjoy their input and knowledge.
Domt get me wrong, Jim Palmer's good as an announcer, but he is So not Michael Kay. I applaud MASN for not being anti-Yankee.
Listening to Jim Palmer is not the same as listening to Michael Kay :(
Gary Thorne just proving Jim Palmer wrong in so many parts of tonight's game, and it's only the 3rd inning. Give it up Jim
I don't want to win my three-hundredth game while Earl Weaver's still here. He'd take credit for it. -Jim Palmer
Brittle. Somewhere old guys like Bob Gibson and Jim Palmer are laughing.
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WATCH: Jim Palmer recaps Orioles' 7-5 loss with Tom Davis and Rick Dempsey
A Hall of Famer who made his debut at 19 (Jim Palmer) gets to see another 19 year old phenom tonight (Julio Urias)
Jim Palmer killing him on tv right now for making it to 3rd
Jim Palmer was my favorite Baltimore Oriole. I was born in Md. Played baseball
Juan Berenguer takes the mound for the Dave Stieb for the Jays. Al Michaels, Jim Palmer and Earl Weaver have t…
Yeah, like my dad pointing out Bobby Grich, Jim Palmer and Boog Powell in AAA baseball almost 50 years ago.
I'll take a 60+Jim Palmer out of the booth over Wright and Ubaldo
Jim Palmer called Juan Uribe an "ageless wonder". Yo Julio Franco hit .322 for Cleveland at his age and played another DECADE
"It's almost like they've never seen a breaking ball before" -Jim Palmer
Gary Thorne & Jim Palmer are fantastic and if you disagree you're wrong.
Gary Thorne: There's an audiotape...of John McGraw discussing the shifts he used. Jim Palmer: McGraw, who managed the Yan…
When they are together Jim Palmer and Gary Thorne are 🔥on Orioles broadcasts and radio Fred Manfra and Joe Angel as well.
As if anyone could seriously believe that Matt Wieters was so good that he'd make Jim Palmer stop talking.
absolutely Jim. Now tht was power vs power wouldn't you say Mr. Palmer? Wow what a shot
When does Jim Palmer come back? I've had enough of Bordick for about 10 lifetimes
Cascadias so far. We run some Petes, but trainings been the Freightliners. Jim is running just a few trucks now as Palmer Express.
Later, he finds his legs and create several multiple six-figure businesses w/ Jim Palmer
12 months later the first business generates no revenue...keep going w/ Jim Palmer
Decides to go into business for himself...yup that's a veer w/ Jim Palmer
12 months later veer he is diagnosed with cancer and still no new job w/ Jim Palmer
It was great to be a guest the show with my friend Jeff Smith!
It was a pleasure to be on Jeff Smith's new show, Vroom Vroom Veer!
If it's any consolation to Jordan, and I'm sure it isn't, all the greats—Jones, Hogan, Nelson, Snead, Palmer, Nicklaus—ha…
not so fast. I can hear that Volkswagen warming up!
Just give Jordan the green jacket now ... That is, unless a Volkswagen drives onto the course
Bright red lipstick makes me feel like I'm in a Robert Palmer video. Also a little prostitute-y.
Great special done by Jim Nantz! & Arnold Palmer put golf on the map. What a great champion!.
I'd rather listen to Bordick than Jim Palmer talk about himself for three hours.
Did he explain why Falcao is allowed to step on the pitch before:. Colkett . Palmer. Abraham. Aina. My nan. Jim the postman?
im not 100% positive about prime, but I know Jim Palmer is for sure!
Is Prime inc and Jim Palmer great place to start for your CDL?
when I played the Palmer private at Oasis in Mesquite, NV I hit into the group ahead & it was Jim McMahon mom
Live the Alaska Dream in this beautifully updated home! 7300 E Jim Cottrell Circle Palmer, AK 99645 $595,000
top 3 characters i'd like to see in the movie:. 1) Jim Palmer. 2) Ty Cobb (the Joffrey of baseball!). 3) Fan fav Mark McLemore
Finding hope in a season of crisis: Guest - Jim P... on James Miller Life... will air 04/10.
How about the way Jim Palmer loves himself?
Not to be mistaken for Jim Palmer, not even close..
Bordick has improved, no doubt, but I need some Jim Palmer on these broadcasts ASAP
Don't wait, conditions are perfect NOW according to Here's why!
I grew up just west of Hagerstown with Brooks, Jim Palmer & Earl W! Those were the days ⚾️🌴😎
Also got this in the mail today from A Jim Palmer auto gold glove.
if it was my trucking company , wold be ""The Jim Palmer " trucking
Breaking news at the :got a putting lesson this morning from the 8yr old girl who won the
Just heard that Jim Stokes has won the Barbara D. Palmer Award for best new essay in early drama research for his essay
Was honoured to be at the very emotional funeral of my dear friend Keith Emerson. Very moving tributes by Mari, Carl Pa…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos: Keith Emerson's playing was in stark contrast to my troglodyte brutality
RichEisenShow: great and BaseballHall Jim Palmer LIVE right now!. LISTEN:
Jim Palmer is the smartest man in baseball! Great interview...
great and Jim Palmer LIVE right now!. LISTEN:
Tune in to The Show this morning at 9 on Today's guests:. TBD - Jim Palmer (National Baseball Hall Of Famer)...
I'm giving away something for you on JIM PALMER 1994 NABISCO ALL-STAR LEGENDS . Get it here -
Make your vote count. Super Tuesday can make or break this country for years to com. Carpe diem LIONS ROAR!!
If it's baseball we are talking just go with Jim Bransfield's old timey mix at Palmer Field
that female cincinnati reds mascot with the baseball shaped head is giving Jim Palmer a hand job.. ***
From Jim Palmer and our Dominican Team for Monday. "Devotions this morning was on 1 Corinthians 12. I spoke about...
Set your mind to it and then do what you do best. Today's from Jim Palmer.
More from me in the on Jim Palmer's Beverly Hills upbringing.
The distinctive pitching form of 3-time AL Cy Young winner Jim Palmer. Let's move on before he shows us his Jockeys. ht…
Jim Palmer, CEO, fired after 'Ghetto Day' email via
I heard that it originally supposed to be Jim Palmer and Dave McNally.
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Mike Mussina’s career WAR mark is better than Hall of Famers Bob Gibson, Tom Glavine, Jim Palmer and John Smoltz.
Former great and Hall of Fame pitcher, Jim Palmer, speaking at luncheon:
Audience looking on as Jim Palmer, Hall-of-Fame pitcher for the Orioles, speaks.
Me and my old pals Tony and Jim Palmer, just hanging out at
Jordan Hampton was my high school Spanish teacher. I went to summer camp with Jim Palmer's stepson. trivia deep cuts
R.I.P. Jim Palmer, father to Joyce, grandfather to Matt and Alex, and generous father-in-law to me. Tom Lehrer and Clancy Brothers at end.
If listing teams w/the best coach & QB right now, Rivera/Newton must be in the discussion with Belichick/Brady & Arians/Palme…
The Guard cast, left to right - Sonya Salomaa as Laura, Zoie Palmer as Carly, Roger Cross as Jim, St
No no no. 2B-Carew; SS-Concepcion; Lou Brock subs in for Lynn and Jim Palmer takes out Guidry.
# AQU 7th: I just wonder what # 1-Professor Palmer & # 14- Ocala Jim will do in here , both due to shock but we shall see !
Jim Palmer, today's PotD, had 186 Ws in the 1970s
I think I speak for most fans, something has to change. Jim Buss and Byron Scott need to go. It's tough watching this mess.
have Thanksgiving Dinner with a shirtless Andy Roddick or a shirtless Jim Palmer?
The King of Rain Delay Rick Dempsey and Sammy Stewart as Jim Palmer, lol.
Australian people deserve answers about Mal Brough's "grubby role".
thanks for sharing Jim Palmer, have a great Tuesday :) (insight by
Connecting spirituality and social revolution: Jim Palmer Blog.
In '82 the Orioles tried to acquire Bruce Sutter to put out all the fires Jim Palmer was starting in ladies' panties
You can free because the power of God’s love is stronger than the power of your wounds. ~Jim Palmer
Johnny Carson and Jim Palmer my two favorites!
True maybe I should have compared Palmer to Jim Hart.
I'm sure that game felt good for Carson Palmer. I wonder if he's related to Jim Palmer. Hey - Glen's alive!
Carson Palmer was Jim Hart and Neil Lomax all in one night.
Carson Palmer tonight was Neil Lomax and Jim Hart all in one.
Hi Jim! What was/is your opinion of Dan Adkins' inking over your pencils? How would you compare him to Palmer and Sinnott?
well then just Palmer. He's Jim Thome with shoulder pads
Like that AZ Cardinal grey face mask. Carson Palmer big body with a big arm like Jim Hart.
Wow announcer sounds like he could b a fan. 2 bad Gary Thorne & Jim Palmer arent 4 the
Way to Fitness HAND SIGNED by Jim Palmer! Baltimore Orioles Legend! 1st/1st!
Every generation gets hit with someone. There was Jim Palmer, Steve Garvey and Eck's still got it.
If they lose the feed again, we may get Keith Jackson, Howard Cosell and Jim Palmer calling the game in yellow blazers...
Brooks Robinson,Jim Palmer,Frank Robinson got me hooked early on
All I'm saying is that Brooks Robinson is 78, Jim Palmer is 70, Davey Johnson is 72 Frank Robinson is 80.
Happy 70th Birthday to Baseball Hall of Famer and veteran radio/TV analyst Jim Palmer:
Happy birthday to Jim Palmer, hall of famer, broadcaster, pancake enthusiast, anti-vaxxer: submitted by arese...
Happy 70th birthday to former 6X MLB All Star, the Hall of Famer, Jim Palmer!.
We are live on 'The Hunt for BLUE October'...join me Mel Allen, Jim Palmer & Dr Joyce Brothers.
Nolan Ryan had incredible longevity, but year after year in 70's, Jim Palmer was more reliable. (Also Seaver and Carlton)
ENDORSEMENT: A couple nights ago, you folks got an endorsement from Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer.
I love Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer, but it would help if they knew the batter interference rule.
Rangers never shut out 3 in row. Senators were in '69 by Baltimore. Jim Palmer, Dave McNally and Tom Phoebus had consecutive shutouts.
There's a reason I stay up late for PST roadtrips, and it's Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer in the backend of games that aren't in question
Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer are awful announcers.
New card: A Jim Palmer card on my wife's birthday.
Oh, it was worse. It was Al Michaels (in his whiny period), Tim McCarver (hated Cards) and Jim Palmer (who was pretty good).
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A little old lady stopped our drummer, Dale Palmer, and told him he looked like Jim Harbaugh. Omg.he does!
Last pitcher to throw a complete game no hitter was Jim Palmer in 1969. Embarrassing! SMH
Wes Bush, CEO of reflects on the career of his now retired right-hand man Jim Palmer:
im going for with Jim counting the pinfall
And the lifetime achievement award goes to Jim Palmer at dinner
I know, I just didn't know what the actual article was about, I completely agree with Jim.
My mom saw this and went "OH MY GOD! JIM PALMER QUOTED PRETTY WOMAN!". If you cant tell, she was excited
Congrats to Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken Jr., Brooks Robinson and Frank Robinson for being voted the Orioles...
I say trade him too haven't developed a pitcher since Jim Palmer
Don't think Ivan Nova will have as many complete games as Jim Palmer
you've waited your whole life for Also, Jim Palmer lost plenty a game bc of lack of run support, re:earlier poor argument
And he's too young to remember Mike Cueller, Dave McNally & Jim Palmer dominating the Yanks so don't tell him
The only people nicer than Canadians are Canadians on a golf course on an 80° day. Perfect conditions at Glen Abbey http:…
. I would most certainly NOT read Jim Palmer. Hardly edifying! . Deep? Not really.
“Jim Palmer looking like a ballplayer should.
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I have only just discovered Jim Palmer. A deep thinker. He is gold. I would encourage you to check him out F. Book. Let me know! 😉
The quote by Jim Palmer, I don't know what it means. I'm not sure I agree with it. What's your take on it? Thanks!
Meet Jim Palmer who took the of the 2015 while playing for our regional unit
Born in Baltimore. Loved Frank Robinson, Brooks Robison, Boog Powell, and bunch of great pitchers including Jim Palmer.
"He used to look like Mickey Rooney. Now he looks like Little Orphan Annie"--Jim Palmer, after Earl Weaver got a perm
Mike Trout is 1st player to hit leadoff HR in top of 1st inning in ASG since Joe Morgan in 1977 off Jim Palmer.
At least Jim Palmer and Gary Thorn can get some dinner now 😉
Flew in from Hawaii this morning and was able to catch the double header missed soothing sounds of Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer
Praying for the to keep coming in St. Louis. I actually have the rare chance to listen to Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer call an O's game.
Thanks to a rain delay situation, Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer are now calling a MLB game on ESPN for the first time since when?
Hey why don't you hire Gary Thorne & Jim Palmer for they're WAY better than the current crew!
Jim Palmer and Gary Thorne both took LSD before this game and you can't tell me otherwise
Getting Hank Aaron, Reggie Jackson, Ron Guidry and Jim Palmer's autographs in one day for free is a good day for Mandy
I think Rep. Pittman just compared pistol permitting to Jim Crow laws. Did I hear that wrong?
SNL can probably take this format and use it again
"Store fixtures may come as an afterthought...If the product isn't displayed properly, however, it will never sell."-Jim Palmer
.county attorney Mickey Palmer is speaking on Jim now. "This is a passing of an era...Jim has been the face of
I'm giving away: 1983 Fleer Jim Palmer Baltimore Orioles Hofer. Check it out -
Jim Palmer has a portrait in the closet that ages. Only it's in the Phillies dugout. And it's Ryne Sandberg.
sos need $4000 to go on a trip to Costa Rica with Cal Ripken, Jim Palmer and Adam Jones 😭😭😭😭
PSA for Phillies fans: obviously watch the Orioles broadcast for Gary Thorne (tragically no Jim Palmer tonight)
I hope any pitchers out there are listening to Jim Palmer talk about mechanics right now. Really good stuff from one of the best to do it.
Does anyone live talking about themselves as much as Jim Palmer loves talking about Jim Palmer?
Jim Palmer The only thing Earl Weaver knows about bigleague pitching is that he couldnt hit it. no
I hope Jim Palmer is going to be working with Gary Thorne for the series.
MMQB5: Happy 40th anniversary to Jim+Chris Vrentas; Happy retirement to Sandy Padwe and Hope you enjoy!
Losing is no disgrace if you've. given your Jim Palmer
Jim Palmer amazes me on a nightly basis on just how dumb you can possibly be and still keep your job
Or as Jim Palmer said about Earl Weaver: "The only thing Earl knows about pitching is he can't hit it."
The American Indian and the Christian worldview Jim Palmer on
Tickets to see Family - Roger Chapman, Poli Palmer, Jim Cregan & Rob Townsend 10/12 are on sale now
New Police Chief Constable Adam Palmer after transfer of command from Jim Chu
Join me, Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken and Adam Jones & more in Costa Rica Nov. 1-6. Hurry ICONTRIPS.COM
Our prayers go out to the Jim Palmer family from Lago Vista, we are sorry for your loss and offer our condolences.
. In my day,...the best pitchers. kept their stuff for years. Steve Carlton. Tom Seaver. Jim Palmer. Ron Guidry. Don Sutton
Guess the year! December 1963 (The Four Seasons) is your song. Jaws is your movie. Jim Palmer won 23 games, including 10 shutouts.
OK Dwayne but ask Jim Palmer what he didn't do. Answer: Win the 1969 World Series against the !!
My son Palmer rocking his Jim Palmer jersey as we head tongue game tonight.
Listen to Jim Palmer's Podcast as he interviews me about
Palmer jury convicts man in teen girl?s Jim Creek rape
"Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world" -Jim Carrey
I don't think that Stetson Jarbo really has the same wow factor that Jim Schaeffer and Judy "JP" Palmer bring to the table.
Palmer jury convicts man Ralph Barenz II, 33, in brutal August rape of 15-year-old girl on Jim Creek:
I won't feel bad for Jim Palmer at all. Dudes an ***
Ex-Goldman economist Jim O'Neill who coined the terms BRIC & N-11(nxt 11-countries after BRIC) is new Treasury Minister.This is a smart move
Losing is no disgrace if you've given your best. - Jim Palmer
I might just go to the ABC store on lunch,my Arnold Palmer doesn't have enough Jim
Keenan Thompson and Beck Bennett Jost played bewildered sportscasters Jim Palmer and Frank Robinson, who kept unintenti…
I'd rather have a drunk Jim Palmer/Gary Thorne combo that have no clue about hockey commentating this Caps game
Wow! I just won this for free, Jim Palmer auto 2007 SP
Jim Hunter gave an Orange Wednesdays shout out and Jim Palmer added the Thx to both!!!
When Jim Palmer won the Cy Young in 1976, he struck out 13 batters in September (all complete games).
Thank you Sooo much for shout out tonight and loved the Jim Palmer!! 💚🍊
What a great way to acknowledge Orange Wednesdays !!! Thank you Jim Hunter and Jim Palmer!!!
Thank you Alejandro De Aza. "I can't even talk" -Jim Palmer. I never thought I'd hear those words. Unfortunately he proceeded to talk after.
Love Jim Palmer's honest reactions. Exclaims "Oh, what are you doing?" as the DeAza throw goes to third.
You don't want to be the reason Jim Palmer exclaims, aghast, "What are you doing?!"
Jim Palmer Blog: Do we have the guts to change the world?
I watch O's games for the soul purpose of hearing Jim Palmer state overly specific facts from 30 years ago no one should remember
Heading to Baltimore trying to fix the birds. Also promoting our ICONTRIPS.vacation With Cal Ripken, Adam Jones and Jim Palmer.Were on 105.7
Breast Cancer Awareness
Awesome to hear talk on about Great thoughts on what the city needs.
Big thanks to for being on this week. Give it a listen:
In this week's the guys are joined by
Brand New show now available at Thank you to the great for joining us.
I watched that game I am followed by jim palmer and Adam Jones both really good guys
Actually, Jim Palmer believes in certain conditions it was.
"He's at 11/22 (throwing out base runners), that's almost 50 percent." -- Jim Palmer. You're almost right, Jim.
My 4 oriole greatest players are : Brooks, Frank, Eddie and you (Jim Palmer).
with Tom Palmer and Jim Sells about to kick off at Carnagill Primary School North Yorks!
"Who's going to win the World Series this year? YOU ARE, Jim Palmer!"
Looks like I'll have to do some fixing. Thanks a lot Jim Palmer.
Yeah, Jim Rome is another level of ***
apparently they didn't see the peaceful protesters throwing bricks at 95 mph a la Jim Palmer fastballs
The Secret to Becoming an Expert in Your Niche with Jim Palmer Learn how Jim Palmer became the "Newsle
Now 1970 Orioles vs 1948 Indians at Cleveland Stadium next... With Jim Palmer starting, O's try to go for the sweep too.
Jim Murphy reminds me so much of Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks.
When does underwear old man model Jim Palmer weigh in on this Brady bashing.
Where is Jack asked Jim Palmer's comment on all this talk of Brady stuff. support Brady.
I bet Jim Kelly wishes he had thought to deflate the balls in Super Bowl XXV. Or XXVI. Or XXVII. Or XXVIII.
Mom came thru with the hot wing Doritos , slim Jim and skittles and cheese dip with the Arnold Palmer 😅😩😂
New 1993 Topps post: # 418 Jim Gott. Beat Jim Palmer and the O's in 1st game of Cal Ripken's Streak.
Villanueva comes in and all of a sudden looks like a young Jim Palmer???. Hm...
68: Jim Palmer – When is the Time Right to Start a Business?
Congrats to AL Rookie of the Month for April!
Dont forget our trip to "paradise" with Adam Jones, Cal Ripken, Jim Palm..
PC Leader Jim Prentice releases statement on Denis/Palmer court proceedings:
3. Jim Palmer asked my mom out back in the 80s while he was married.
In the words of the great Jim Morrison, "this is the end, my friend".
Is Jim Murphy Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks? He looks completely different to how he looked at start of election campaign.
SNL's spoof of the Orioles' empty stadium
Mindset is really important – it’s the fuel that moves your business forward. Palmer
Learn how to gain momentum in your online business
Nothing worth having comes easily – otherwise everyone would be and Palmer
The Imposter Syndrome from author Jim Palmer of Decide on
Every successful is based on building and the power of Palmer
only one legible signature there. Mr Palmer would not be pleased. 😜
Secret to Becoming a Niche Expert in any Industry
Hanging @ the Dan Kennedy Super Conference in Minneapolis w/ my good friend Jim Palmer (aka, "The Newsletter...
The holiday the U.S. hides Jim Palmer on
You have to be willing to put skin in the game and bet on yourself. Palmer
is the best way to attract customers - use multiple platforms. Palmer
Sadness for Jim and Emma-May Palmer as they near the birth of their identical triplets
Palmer is probably the most stoic, but he's good (and he's Jim fresking Palmer), and Thorne more than corrects his fun level
One day realized he had no life outside of his So he decided to go
Join MVP candidate Adam Jones plus Cal Ripken and Jim Palmer & me for a fantastic week in Costa Rica . Nov 1-6. Go to
Find out about toward the end of this awesome podcast with Jim Palmer.
I watched a few minutes of the "empty" game, and Jim Palmer makes them sound like Vin Scully
😂 have you heard jim Palmer's story about this?
Via Jim Rice comes to the defense of David Ortiz in the Jim Palmer matter (video):
David Ortiz wins Jim Palmer duel with home run, is finished with latest feud
Right now, those teams would be: Mets, Red Sox (love offense and Fenway), Pirates (PNC), Cubs (buzz factor), Orioles (Gary Thorne/Jim Palmer
Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer are probably my favorite commentary crew in any sport
Jim Palmer: "I really like the way Chris is swinging the bat"
Jim Palmer: "Chris Davis is really struggling at the plate. Not seeing the ball well at all". Chris Davis: *hits RBI single*
Bud Norris is 1 of 4 Baltimore Orioles pitchers to win his 1st 4 career games vs Yankees (Jim Palmer, Mike Cuellar, Rudy May)
My for the Orioles: Jim Palmer, Brooks Robinson, Cal Jr., George Sisler (write in)
Seriously, you're gonna make me choose between Eddie Murray & Brooks Robinson, and Jim Palmer & Frank Robinson? Ridiculous!
First seeds spit in the dugout for 2015, from the hall of fame mouth of Jim Palmer. Btw, he threw 176 pitches on opening day 1967
"I tell Scott's degenerate gambler friend I covet a player on par with the great fullback Jim Palmer. He chooses the Texan
This afternoon on Redstone with Jim Richman!! Tony Peter's with the theatre review + music from Bon Jovi, Lionel Ritchie 7 Robert Palmer.
The great Jim Palmer is in SLC. Nice guy lol
Finally got my hands on a Jim Palmer autograph! Thanks Mr.Palmer
Jim Palmer is my pick due to his ability to be head and shoulders above the rest of the league when everyone was pitching well
Your mind has pulled the world over you eyes. Jim Palmer
“Retention is the new acquisition.” - Keep your patients, close the back door
Rare find in Huntington Pointe of Palmer Ranch. Beautifully updated and stunning inside and out.
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