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Jim Neighbors

James Thurston Jim Nabors (born June 12, 1930) is an American actor and singer. Born and raised in Sylacauga, Alabama, Nabors moved to Southern California because of his asthma.

Gomer Pyle Jim Carrey Rock Hudson

Not too bad but I haven't really checked everywhere out. 2 trees knocked over in neighbors yard. 1 huge limb barely missed here.
Sailors in Puerto Rico are stepping up to provide aid to Caribbean neighbors http…
Talked to Palmer Ranch neighbors Bill Ruggiero and Jim Hayes. Never lost power. Jim - "we dodged a bullet". Bill - time to take shutters off
Just heard from Jim. He and dad are OK. No major damage. No power. Checking on neighbors.
An awesome but quick visit from Lynn and Jim!
I've been warning my neighbors for years about blacks. Thanks for continuing to spread the word FLPD.
Tonight's Muppet Show has a special guest star of "Jim Neighbors". Cue a lot of parents shrugging to their kids. S…
« this year," Jim, a 28- blonde, tall, son of the two neighbors Linda had mentioned. "Yes, I did." Finally?! Really? »
Our thoughts are with our friends and former neighbors in Tampa.
One of our neighbors planted and maintains the divider at the entrance to our complex. On the way home this...
Great seats! You've been a fan of a longtime as i saw your interview with Jim McKay. Also know you are…
Stay safe. Be smart. Help your neighbors.
Call? I know at least one of the neighbors does it
5/5 said Salt Lake County Library Director Jim Cooper. “We are a neighbor in most communities, and neighbors look out for each other.”
ask the despondent neighbors if they support probable DA Krasner. If they support BLM. If they support J…
Liars. Now is the time to show what you would have done during Nazi Germany & Jim Crow eras. Please protect your neighbors.
To those in the path of listen to state & local officials. It's imperative we put safety of our families & neighbor…
Not after another. We need to pray for our neighbors in the south
Thanks Jim, great to get support from our closest neighbors. Early next year to some shops, keep in tou…
Jim O'Grady I found the best drummer I've ever heard!! ;):. Grizzly Bear - Neighbors. So worth it!
Jim Ansara on - It is incumbent to stand with our Haitian neighbors as they prepare for
The neighbors think I'm selling dope
New York is ready to provide any support and assistance we can for our neighbors in the path of Hurricane Irma.
Jesus:"Love your neighbors as yourselves" Crow, Trail of Tears, Basket of Deplorables, white=Nazi, etc.)
Love this sign from our Flora-Bama Ole River Grill neighbors in Pensacola;) Jim Cantore...stay away.
Good Morning Already Wednesday. Jim took some great photos of our new neighbors.
MT Too Bad our Liberal Neighbors are too Ignorant to Understand!
are our friends, our neighbors & our children’s classmates. The US is their HOME. We must https:/…
We cannot sit back while our family, friends & neighbors are driven out of their homes. We must fight to protect Dreamers &…
We warned you not to threaten our neighbors, New York City will fight to defend our Dreamers.
looks like Jim Neighbors AKA Gomer Pyle PFC for those too young to know. 😃
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
on the driveway. Parked there day after day, night after night; there's no way Jim's neighbors don't know someone's staying with Jim.
In Texas, neighbors know how to help neighbors. In this case, Houston neighbor Jim McIngvale who also owns...
and end ALL deportations. Defend all our undocumented neighbors & friends, whether they fit into a dreamer narrat…
Neighbors, your leaf blowers are a crime against humanity. And, BTW, there are no leaves!
Picture from a friend that lives in Houston. These are his neighbors. Help is needed, folks.
This weekend, we're knocking doors and talking to our neighbors. Join us to near you:
Albemarle staff look to bay regs to mitigate the effects of clearing on 4,500 county acres owned by Jim Justice.
IMPO - NO ! - but there were one *** of a lot Black American citizens helping out their neig…
My friend the frog and I say Happy 50th Birthday to my brother Jim Neighbors!
Howdy Neighbors, Big Jim here and we're open for bidness til 9 tonight at Big Jim's Roadhouse. Now if y'all are...
When the neighbors call the police on your party but they join right in. Share, the media only reports the worst. http…
As Jim Neighbors would say surprise surprise surprise
Tim Tebow is no more relevant than Jim neighbors
Maddow (hypocrite) is the left's Glenn Beck, she has multiple homes (east coast) in high-tax areas with few minority neighbors.
Instead neighbors say the property is in even worse condition than before. What we learned about the project today on at 11.
Neighbors probly think the house is falling down but we're really just playing horse on my mini hoop.
."At r best we practice empathy; imagining rselves in shoes of our neighbors." GWB on the country's ideals
Final day for fundraiser to support Jim Neighbors Loving Neighbors charity
Neighbors awake? Y'all can call me Jim Hortons because you won't need coffee. Let the yelling commence.
So I ordered The New Jim Crow got 2 day shipping and apparently my neighbors broke *** stole it 😡😡😡
Yeah. What the heck. A not unexpected disappointment. C'mon progressive Japanese friends and neighbors.
but you were the best neighbors. No doubt about that. Great family, Jim.
I meant trying to say Jim Neighbors was Jim Nabors.
Jim Neighbors, the *** actor with an incredible singing voice. In real life a really nice guy.
Where can you get a baked potato and help Jim Neighbors Loving Neighbors charity?
"There's no reason for anyone to walk around like that" Talk to your white neighbors, Jim. They do it w/o being accused of murder, daily
Wendy's donates 5% of all sales through Tuesday, July 12 to Jim Justice's Neighbors Loving Neighbors charity for...
It also has to start with each of us. We as individuals need to show compassion, love for our neighbors who are different than o…
Never too early to plan lunch. donates 5% to Jim Neighbors Loving Neighbors charity
Sneaking into neighbors backyards to catch Pokemon
Is Ted Cruz the lovechild of Edward G. Robinson and Jim Neighbors?
Jim Caviesel's parents are my new next door neighbors. 😳😂
Del Mar, California neighbors Alvarez and Jim Lampley are about to have a sit…
The USA can learn lots from our neighbors around the world. The world is bigger than us.
Jim Neighbors was in Daredevil on Netflix. Great villain
Jim made a house for our book of the dead We are inviting our neighbors to add names
Hey neighbors quit being fat and go inside. Hey jim u got a problem u know im out here
No,we adopted him from our neighbors when he was 12 or so. Unf he and Jim didn't like each other.So we had...
Scaring up new neighbors with Halloween decor: Ceci and Jim Mains aren't the only Clark County residents who g...
Elephant Neighbors center and Jim Justus Nyamu acknowledged in Washington D.C. today in the ongoing…
My neighbors probably think I was having shower sex by my loud moans & shrieks but it was just me rubbing this knot out…
no Polish jokes here, the "stupid" Poles apparently are wiser than their European muslims allowed in
Neighbors raked their yard. Now we know where the property line is.
[3] Former neighbors of the in who join ISIS, killed and abducted thousands of Ezidis
200-mph winds turn planes, vehicles into missiles Our neighbors south of the border are going …
Jim let's see if your coworkers and neighbors agree
What a wow, how to love thy neighbors...
You need to be neighbors with Gov. Palin and her daughter. I can see J. Jordan from my house.
Jim Hendricks, Christian music pianist, will be in concert - Ellwood City… via
My good friend* Jim Jordan's district includes my neighbors - I'll be talking to them at Thanksgiving. (*=sarcasm)
Offered water to some construction guys that were at my neighbors. None of them came to my house to try to sleep with me. I …
Madea said I rather drink punch from Jim Jones than this woman right here LOL Tyler Perry's Madea's Neighbors From ***
Quiet & beautiful night for to walk the neighborhood & talk to our neighbors. https:/…
"grease my self up and pretend I'm Jim Neighbors"
Jim Whitehurst and Greg Neighbors chatting up before the opening session.
"We are looking forward to a long relationship with Tennessee and to working with our new neighbors.” -Jim Antich, AMI founder
I'm hearing about so many voting and dropping ballots off. Keep it up! Get neighbors/friends
I want a relationship like seth and rose in neighbors or jim and pam in the office
I like Gomer Pyle aka Jim Neighbors too. He was a nice man. Is he still living?
Russia is bent on 'creeping annexation' of its neighbors
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just lost money on betting if Jim Neighbors was still alive. I suck at the dead or alive game.
The duty of helping one's self in the highest sense involves the helping of one's neighbors.
I love Janette. She went out last night to see if the pet steps were delivered to the neighbors and ran into new...
I'm a Bruins fan, how would that fair with hypothetical neighbors in Can?
S/O to Jim for snow blowing all of our neighbors' and some random people's sidewalks and driveways
I gave Jim a pair to help him look the part when he shakes down neighbors for the $20 shovel your porch fundraiser
City of Mayor Jim Lane recently took part in a ceremony to dedicate the Rotary Clock at City of...
I'm going on a haunted hayride now while my my neighbors put up their christmas tree? lets take our costumes off befor…
2 neighbors, 2 coat hangers, a stop sign, a slim Jim and now triple a to get my keys out of my car... 👏
Jim Fitzgerald Hard to say to people that after all this we can't even give affected neighbors a voice in the site proceedings
. Zombies ate my neighbors . Battletoads . Earthworm jim. Add them to virtual console already!.
Just watched AAA slim jim my neighbors car. It was pretty neat!
It’s time to warn your neighbors, your friends, your children, your family. -Pastor Jim Bakker
We have a history of hatred. Jim Crows laws and all these terrorists. The Jim Crow mentality is still here. Ask your neighbors.
. . Enough of Kid Rock.. .Please don't make him your "Jim Neighbors"..
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
why was Jim Neighbors at your uncles funeral ?
Rep.Jim Himes at Neighbors Link Stamford explaining the TX's ruling and the need for
"How one church became hospitable to their homeless neighbors" by on
jim neighbors can coach his way out if a paper bag. I am sad for the seniors on this squad. Cuz all he cares about is plums numbers
My neighbors are actually cool but must want an invite or are wondering why are we so happy, Lmao! 😘
Hey Jim! Back home & done/recording. Likely going 2 annoy my neighbors/my loud fam at my fire pit, lol! 😘
Neighbors helped my car out of my driveway, & my Co PTK VP told me he sees me acting next to Jim Carrey one day. I love nice people.
Carter?! Don't remember that. But yes, I remember Jim Neighbors in the Andy Griffith Show. He was the slow mechanic.
That's what the neighbors called my first car.
Jim Kelly just screamed USA to our Portuguese neighbors. Got to love to this man.
My neighbors above me are going nuts!
Thank goodness for caring neighbors bringing food and giving rides and doctors. A car accident changes everything. Thanks all
My mom won't let me knock on the neighbors door because I found out that she used to be married to Jim Riley from effing Rascal Flatts.
When I was 4 Jim sent the k-9 to find me and I was in the neighbors backyard..
When your neighbors are raging till 5 it's not a problem.. When one of them screams blood murder for close to an hour it becomes a problem..
"Isn't is odd how we drive past our neighbors to do missions?"
Dark house no kids no wife that calls for a beer lmao I've only got the neighbors annoying kid here thanks Jim lmao
Because we cannot see Christ we cannot express our love to him; but our neighbors we can always see.
*Insert that response in Coming to America* “God morning my neighbors! !”
Jim Maisano speaking eloquently for Sunhaven neighbors regarding group home
I'm pretty sure all my neighbors hate me. 🚙🔊🔊
Every time I land in Indy I hear Jim Neighbors singing "Back Home Again in Indiana"
Sold the pallet bench to our neighbors...she works at Jim Beam :-)
Nosy neighbors? Each of my $6 mystery paintings comes discreetly wrapped in brown paper.
Keep in mind obama wants 'intergration' in neighborhoods~He chooses UR neighbors~loans based on skin color/religion
give a shoutout to my friends & neighbors Jim & Ginny Link. Redbird fans for 50+ years trekking from Indy to see you win today!
A porch is only as good as the neighbors who visit on it. And thus Grandpa Jim I have built the world’s greatest porch.
More pictures! Thanks to our new neighbors Jim and Ralph for taking these shots
Running into friends' parents, neighbors, etc. at work is so odd because I start to say "Hey, Mr. er, Jim."
Jim burnt the burgers because the neighbors so now were getting mcdonalds 😂
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Congressman Jim McGovern: "I think we should raise the minimum wage to $15...Far 2 many of our neighbors are in poverty.…
Jim Tobul and his F-4U Corsair piling in a month back at PDK arriving for the Good Neighbors day Airshow
He certainly never listened to rock, the closest being an 8-track tape of Jim Neighbors in our station wagon.
Favorite couples of all time:. 1. The couple from the neighbors. 2. Jim and Pam . 3. Ross and Rachel .
I'm more excited about $MINE than Jim Neighbors is with a wheelbarrow full of butt holes
For sale in Hesperia: MEMORIAL DAY SPECIAL CONTINUED THROUGH THE WEEK!!! Who says you have to have a store to have a sale? Do you want to have one of the coolest pieces of furniture ever made? Would you like to have something thoroughly enjoyed by Jack Nicklaus, Tom Brady, Eddie Murray, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Barry Gibb, Bob Griese, Andrew Dice Clay, John Goodman, Allen Iverson, Goldie Hawn, Dante Culpepper, LeBron James, Damon Jones, Ross Verba, Darrel Johnston, Bobby Whitt, Dirk Nowitski, Jim Neighbors (gawlee, whut a leeist!), Bobby Cox, Tim Hudson, Marcus Giles, Paul Byrd, John Burkett, Kevin Millwood, Jim Carrey, Jerry Springer, Champ Bailey and Matt LeBlanc, but at a fraction of the price? Yes, I have an authentic custom made Mikhail Darafeev 54" Algonquin Combination Table. One side is a beautiful dining surface, and a flip of the top reveals a beautiful tan padded felt and leather gaming table with chip slots and drink holders. I saw it a few years ago and had to have it made, and paid the full $187 ...
Jim Neighbors (gomer pile) singing for the 36th and final time - back home in indiana
"America The Beautiful" will be sung by Martina McBride at 11:43AM; "God Bless America" will be sung by Florence Henderson at 11:47AM; 11:49AM is Invocation; TAPS at 11:52AM; 11:53AM National Anthem by LeAnn Rimes; 11:55AM flyover; 12:04PM"(Back Home Again in) Indiana" by Jim Neighbors, "...start your engines" announcement at 12:06AM by Mary Hulman George; 12:12PM 98th running of Indianapolis 500 ... Tune in on ABC friends, 1070AM radio for locaLS
Art and politics. No body did it better than the US of America! As Earl Scruggs was singing the ballad of Jed Clampet, and Jim Neighbors mesmerised the viewers with the shenanigans of the kind hearted Marine Gomer Pyle. The real marines were ripping Vietnam apart, in what evolved to become the biggest massacre since WW2. Art even silly entertainment is a very dangerous devise, in capitalism's ongoing wars for new markets!
We have people who come into the cemetery office from out of town who want to know if we have any "big names" buried here. I always point out Francis Vigo, Joseph Eheart Skelton, Judge Curtis Shake, and former Indiana Governor Mathew Welsh. They seem to be disappointed and sometimes we hear "So you really don't have any "big names" buried here. I beg to differ! We have John F Kennedy, Woodrow Wilson, Alice Cooper, Steven King, Phillip Morris, James Brown, Stephen Foster, Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher, Johnny Carson, Grover Cleveland, William McKinley, Jim Neighbors, Thomas Pickering, Laura Ingraham, George Wallace, Harry Potter and the Wright Brothers. Maybe they aren't the ones you have in mind but to us they are better, they're Vincennes people...
This Sunday morning , which is 3 days from the time the majority of American's celebrate the of birth of Christ- Christmas. Lot's of people are calling for the boycotte of *** Barrel and " let's drive them out of business." mob type mentality. I for one will continue to eat at *** Barrel. I haven't read read fully why and what *** Barrel is doing, but I eat at CB a lot and I do so because I like their food, the old country store atmosphere and their selection of unique offerings such as dated soda pops and various breakfast mixes. The *** Barrels that I have been to didn't serve or promote Alcohol to it's customers in order to maintain a FAMILY type atmosphere. My guess is order to maintain strong profitability, they chose to sell gift items. Some of their gifts are corny and some aren't, but I've never felt their gifts are there to promote any agenda, lifestyle, or religion. Should we ask them to pull the Gomer Pyle and Perry Mason DVD's because, Jim Neighbors and Raymond Burr are *** Am ...
Which one is Mike Huckabee and which one is Jim Neighbors?
According to Jim Neighbors I should be seeing little green apples. Instead I'm seeing old sneakers.…
Dan's beatnik poetry corner: Darth Vader, Ralph Nader, driving a paver in search of Jim Neighbors, and using light sabers to prepare Seder!
Only Jim Neighbors/Jim from Neighbours confusion is permitted here.
Does anyone find it fraudulent that Jim Neighbors lived on a large secluded rural acreage?
What fruit has its seeds on the outside?. a. Liberace . b. Jim Neighbors(Gomer Pyle). c. Roman Polanski . d. J. Edgar...
"Steve don't go to the light. Ok go as close as you can and ask my dad why Jim Neighbors was at his funeral. Then come back"
Jim neighbors had one of the most beautiful man voices on this side of Jesus' death
Bashar Assad looks like a young Jim Neighbors. With chemical weapons and a future being disemboweled with rusty butter-knives in ***
Thank you, Thank You! THANK YOU!!! (I better watch out, I'm starting to sound like Jim Neighbors --Gomer Pyle---G-O-L-L-L-E-Y!) for all of your beat wishes on my Birthday. I don't know what the wife has plans for, but last night I saw her gathering up all of the credit cards, so it must be a doossie of a day that's waiting ahead of me! LOL!!
Ian Mckellen and Jim Neighbors are *** For those of you who don't know who they are Ian Mckellen plays Gandolf of lord of the rings and Jim Neighbors plays Gomer Pyle on the Andy Griffith show. Figured I would through that out there.
I'm sitting on the sofa in the living room of my cabin in the woods at Catarac lake. AKA Cagles Mill Reservoir. The front door is open and I'm just listening to the rain falling on the leaves from 80 feet above me. How peaceful is that! Thinking of Jim Neighbors singing "Back Home Again In Indiana"
the bleeding edge of Gomer Pyle is coagulated and rusted. Also, there is little intersect between cats and Jim Neighbors
As some of you know, one of my favorite things in life is The Andy Griffith Show. I never had a father growing up, and Andy was the closest thing I had to what I thought a father should be. When he died last year I went out and toasted a silent drink to his memory. THIS year, an alum from the show came out of the closet and married his long time partner at 82; Jim Neighbors. That's right, Gomer Pyle is a *** man. SUPRISE! SUPRISE! SUPRISE! Congrats Jim, and thanks for giving my mother a scarf at one of your concerts in the 80's. I remember her being super excited about that after seeing you at that theater in Evergreen Park which no longer exists. I wonder if he ever hooked up with Takai from Star Trek or Rock Hudson? What old television stars do YOU think were ***
What albums were so mind blowing and made an impact on you that you remember when and where you were when you heard them?
I am against redefining marriage to allow *** marriage. Is that a reason to insult me?
Looks like I will be joining the work force again...
Thursday, February 7, 2013 Shilo Inn/Ballroom 3105 O B Riley Rd, Bend Oregon 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.COMMUNITY HEALING NIGHT & CANNED FOOD DRIVE This is a Canned Food Drive for NeighborImpact Please bring lots of canned food or our community food bank, NEIGHBOR~IMPACT. Coordinated by Eileen Lock and The Oneheart Ministry I will be sharing my healing gifts as will many other healers from Central Oregon.
It's official..I took possession of my new house in Cedar Lake..I'm an official licensed Cedartuckian! The Civilian Militia in Cedar Lake just increased its armory by 30% :)
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Universal Background Checks. Sounds reasonable, right? However, it doesn't sound so reasonable if you examine the premise it is based upon, which is basically that there are American Citizens who do NOT enjoy the unalienable rights that others do. Background checks are sold under the context of keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals and crazy people, sounds good right? The irony is, not only does it NOT do that, but it compiles and adds to a growing list of citizens who can be denied the ability of self-defense. It is reasonable to assume that all 50 states have criminals and crazy people in them, however the states with little or no gun control, background checks, etc... have the lowest crime rates. Those with the toughest have far worse crime rates and it is especially high in big cities with the most draconian measures in place. Seeing a pattern here? Background checks are NOT able to prevent anything or protect anyone. Their sole purpose is to severely limit access to a Constitutionally guarant ...
If your friend suffers from war related PTSD, the shooting range may not be the best place to take them to help them sort it all out.
I would like to point out that Obummer care or not, health care is what our long term spending comes down to. As my neighbor Jim (yes I do call him Gomer) pointed out... Baby boomers+ medical advancements+ the fact that we want our parents to live forever(human nature)= Way more paid out than in. Most will live longer weather or not they ever require extreme amounts of medical treatments or just min.
Day 5 of the Love Month. Love the Lord your God with all you heart and soul and Love your neighbor as yourself. Loving God and my neighbors is what I live for.
neighbor Jim Gauvin would like this. How cute is this
I hate all the barking *** dogs in my neighborhood. They wake up my baby about everyday! I guess people just go to work and don't worry about them.
So what does my next door neighbor have in common with cooked bread? They're both toast! It's not even spring and the gloves are already off! I love it!! You're going down this year ***
Many who are quick to debate the finer details of Christian theology are slow to do what that theology demands, to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with their God.
Good morning with a flat tire thank god for my my neighbor Jim Todd for changing my tire thank u and I made it too work
Just heard that the devil died . wonder who em church folks gonna blame now
So nice to have a neighbor who plows the driveway without asking AND brings up the paper! Thanks Jim Henderly!
congratulations to James Blandino as our Citizen of the year for the chamber of commerce -looks like they get it right once every 13 years!!!
Someone shared this common sense word on gun violence: "If guns don't kill people...why do we give people guns when they go to war? Why not just send the people?" I do not know to whom credit is due for this quote; but I think it cuts to the chase and gets to the truth of the matter.
Big fan of the neighbor's snowblower before 7 am. You know, for that crushing 2" of snow we got overnight...
Aww, Jim Neighbors! (had a dream earlier in the week that Robert Goulet was young again and I had an excruciating crush on him.)
I hate living in Realityville and wish I could enjoy Utopiaville so many live in. Yesterday, a 20 year old mother smashed her 6 month old baby's head killing him and will spend forever in prison. Not five seconds after I read that, I hear on TV "No woman should ever abort her child, these precious gifts from God deserve life no matter how the mother got pregnant." In a perfect world, maybe. But the 13 year old that got raped and pregnant should carry that child and become a mother? The woman who is going to brutally kill her child should have one! Now the lady that killed her baby, the Conservative side of me sees many many tax payer dollars supporting her forever, the terror in that trusting 6 month old as his mother kills him, what in *** are these people that think every one who has a child should. I taught school, I saw and heard what parents do to their kids, no, I do not believe everyone should have a child, a car or a gun, some people are just too *** crazy for any of those. Prayers for the innoc . ...
Not sure why someone from the DOJ would leak this information. Looks like someone developed a conscience.
It's almost midnight and our neighbor is snow blowing his drive way ..Are you F'n kidding me ?!?
Hi. I am a criminal. I break in people's homes and burglarize them. I know, many have all sorts of handguns, and rifles, and semiautomatic weapons, and automatic weapons and all sort of really cool expensive weaponry as a deterrent. The goal, I guess is that you will shoot me if I break in. And that is why it is so important to not have any gun regulation. I get it, and understand your reasoning. That's why I will break into your home, rob all your valuables (including all your guns!!!) WHEN YOU ARE NOT HOME!,
I think we should have like a best joke contest. Give me your bestest joke in the comment section and the person that gets the most likes for their joke I'll give you 25 bucks cash. In case of double submissions the first one gets the prize. I'll post the winner tomorrow night at 10 pm.
Too funny, but so glad I don't live in the North...and Jamaica's only days away...November 1, 1992 Dear Jim and Mary: It started to snow this evening about 5:00 p.m. -- our first of the season. The wife and I took our cocktails and sat by the window watching the soft flakes drift down. They say that no two snowflakes are the same! It was beautiful. We woke to a big wonderful blanket of crystal white snow covering our yard and as far as the eye could see. I shoveled snow for the first time in over 30 years -- and loved it! Did both the driveway and sidewalk. Of course two minutes after I finished, the snowplow came by and covered it all up again with the compacted snow from the street. Oh well, ha ha, I took it in stride and shoveled it all again. Your friend, Tom November 10, 1992 Dear Jim and Mary: Got another 8 inches of snow last night and the temperature dropped to 20 below zero. Shoveled the driveway so I could get the car out but before I could open the garage door, the snowplow did his thi ...
Few things are funnier than listening to a guy with a heavy New Yawk accent speak fluent Spanish.
As we honor the centennial of her birth, let's understand the full measure of her legacy.
This pretty much sums up how I would think of a higher being. Why would it make us intelligent and expect us to ignore our intellect? Then again, how much of the population qualifies as intelligent? :/
26 years ago on Feb. 5th, my brothers and sisters and I lost our dad, and my mom lost her husband of nearly 35 years. It was an unexpected death and he was only 57 years old. The date of Feb. 5th is a hard one every year. It's like I relive the phone call, the neighbor at my door, and all the emotions that transpired in the days that followed. There are many things I wish I could share with my dad.good times that I wish he were a part of, troubling times I wish I had his advice for, and just the day to day goings on in our families' lives. We take life and all the special people in our lives for granted. Yet we never know how much time we get to have with each other. I know my dad is watching over all of us and I'm sure he knows how much we all love him and miss him. Thank you God, for my Dad and all the good memories I have of him.
So just a quick many people out there believe that some creative intelligence.some God however you understand God...created the universe.or at least lit the match that started the whole thing in motion.or is it just me? Truly I never thought it was such a radical idea.
Seminole heights friends: does anyone know of a reliable and very loving dog walker for a mid day check in on my very old doggie daughters for a week I will be away? I have a dog sitter scheduled, but she works from 7-5 every day and I need to know they are visited, loved and let out back for a bit.
RULE 1 DOT YOUR i AND CROSS YOUR T. sheriff just left 5 hrs after the dog was here and welp video got it all. so please take this to her see video tells all. so now they got the videos all 5 this week. i got 2months worth. i tryed to be nice and asked kindly pen them up and you called2x sheriff now they got you trespassing and dogs running. thanks for calling you took care of me having too. now can i go back to bed.
Omg I think I just saw my neighbor from down the shore on a Walmart Commercial ???
Law and The Common Person, The Battle Vs Brenda Battle Jordan Case,2001- 2003 UFM Flint Prof. Mars.& her Law Students Thanks .by Brenda Battle Jordan on Friday, June 24, 2011 at 5:34am. This is our court system, Jim was working on my court case, however, he called and told me he was told to ge...
My MLK service project this year was just for a neighbor who needed a break from her bad luck. Tonight she brought me the most delicious butter almond tart. I have never tasted anything so good. YUM!
You woun't believe this but my neighbor Jim and I were bs'n on the front deck. The lady across the street started flashing us out the bedroom window then closed the curtains. LMAO
Inquiring minds would you be ok with peoples dogs running in your yard and on your porch and running in or down the road. What would you do
How can Christians influence the Boy Scouts? The Boy Scouts of America have excluded *** from membership or leadership since the inception of the organization in 1910. The Supreme Court ruled in 2000 that they have a legal right to continue this position. The Scouts reaffirmed this policy just last year. However, companies such as shipping giant UPS, drug manufacturer Merck, and the United Way have stopped or postponed donations as long as their no *** policy is in force. A *** rights advocacy group gathered more than 1.2 million online signatures to protest the Scouts' position. Now the Scouts may give troop sponsors the authority to accept *** as scouts and leaders. This change could be announced next week. How can a person disagree with the Scouts' decision without seeming bigoted or hard-hearted? Consider Derek Nance, a longtime Boy Scout and camp leader. His video disclosing that he is *** ends with this statement: "Until the time comes that I can again work at summer camp without having to ...
One baker refuses to bake a cake for a same-sex couple's wedding. Another baker offers to bake the cake and give it to them for free. Which baker acted in a more Christ-like manner?
My neighbors nonstop barking dogs are about to put me over the edge! Inconsiderate *** holes put them out for hours on end and all they do is bark nonstop! I need suggestions of LEGAL resolutions. Oh and believe me talking to these loons does no good, I've tried.
New neighbors. New poor doggie outside howling all day. We're gonna hafta have a "fierce conversation".
So once again my shotgun happy neighbor shot the starlings and I have a dead bird by my driveway and on the roof at the front of my house. I have to figure out how to get it off the roof since it is such a charming thing to see as I pull into the driveway.
What can I do about my neighbor who is shooting a puppy with a bb gun? I live in Iola and I have called the sheriff's dept about animal abuse cases before and nothing was done.
I have the best neighbor, Corey Ream!! He just cleared my driveway!!! Thank you soo much!
My neighbor Jim is the best he used my car this weekend and returned it with a full tank of gas, a car charger for my phone and a new carhart sweatshirt? ?? That's right Jim one down and one to go!
I like the advice Jim Rohn gave us: “Seek other people’s advice, but don’t take orders. And don’t take 100% of anyone’s advice. Make sure every decision you make is a product of your own conclusion. Be a student, not a disciple.” Amen to that! Separate out what you like, what makes sense & works for you from the rest of the sermon. What is your policy on advice from others?
Tale of the BEANSUCKER Folks who grew up along Foundry Row have heard the tale of the Bean Sucker for over a hundred years. I'm here to pass it along to everyone. Long ago, back in the days of horse and buggies, there lived a man on Foundry Row, Mt savage. This man was a little shy of a full deck and was prone to stuffing green beans in his mouth and jumping out late at night to scare the towns folks. One night along the road to Slabtown he jumped out in front of a buggy carrying a man, his wife and new born child. His antics frightened the horse which took off overturning the buggy. The man and woman survived but the baby died. This didn't deter the Bean Sucker, the following night he struck again. This time the man on the buggy was prepared and hit the Bean Sucker over the head with a shovel, killing the Bean Sucker. To this day, late at night along the road to Slabtown you can still hear the babys cry and the bushes rustle as the Bean Sucker stalks his next victim. This tale was told all along Foundry ...
It's official Gary it losing it! He went to clean the snow & he's using the push broom. Oh & did I mention the 5 bills he spent on a new snowblower this year ?? The neighbor uses his so I know there is enough... We should of got a generator like I wanted .
Welcome to If The Shoe Fits, the premier athletic and comfort shoe resource serving the Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia region. We are dedicated professionals who believe in the power of running, fitness and of taking care of yourself – and committed to meeting the needs of our customers on...
Crazy bunker survivalist gun guy is dead.The kid is O.K.Phew !
Traveling back from touring Ohio State. Impressed with the engineering program.
Sad day here on East Lamb Street in Bellefonte. My next door neighbor, Mike Gratehouse, passed away a few days ago and was discovered a few hours ago. Rest in peace Mike. May flights of angels sing him to his rest. Life is so short and precious. Tell your loved ones that you love them.
I want to say Thank you very much to my neighbor Jim Diller, for assisting me to clear the top of my Dads Jimmy off since I am short lol, and Thank you for shoveling the parking spot as well as I was doing errands today. :)
Boot Camp tonight! 530 and 630... Let me know if you want to try a class out! First ones on me!
Dinner is smelling good should be done soon pork chops mashed potatoes salad and some stuffing
Started shoveling, but then was rescued by my hero-neighbor Edward. We are so lucky. We've been rescued by hero neighbors Dave and Pauline, Jim, and Jeff and Heidi. Thanks be to God for these fine people!!!
Thank u speedy for continuing to play the Jim Neighbors clip. I bust out laughing ever single time.
Dear neighbor,   We are experiencing challenging times in New Jersey. With the nation’s fourth highest unemployment rate, a rate nearly two points above the national average, it is essential that we get our economy moving again and restore our state's fiscal health.   To do that, Democrats in the State Senate have been working on legislation that would create new jobs in the Garden State by offering incentives to help small businesses expand and grow. This is important, as we know that these businesses are the backbone of our economy. We have also been working to create job training opportunities for our residents and to help prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow.   Last month, Senate Democrats began moving a four-bill package that will help improve the economy and get New Jersey residents back to work. The bills in the package include:The New Jobs for New Jersey Act, S-2211, which will encourage small businesses to hire those who have been out of work for 30 days or more by providing them wi ...
Why is everyone in this waiting room talking about art!! I feel out of place. Now if someone would talk about hunting I might join in!!! LOL I can tell them anything about deer, elk, coyotes, fishing bored bored bored. Oh and Jim Bo is sleeping with the neighbor lady when her husband is gone to work. What the crap is motease. But I'm sure I don't really care blah
Just got back from seeing the doc... Confirmed that I have the flu... Now I'm waiting to see if Strep Throat is in there too...
Here is the simpler, stronger, improved version of my solar boat here in Florida, which I am now calling "Sunbarge 2", completed January, 2013:     For comparison, here is one of the photos of "Sunbarge 1", which was completed in November of 2010:     Sunbarge 2 has the same cabin, now reinforced, and with three windows, but it now has a simple flat-type roof. The screen porch is the same too, but is reinforced on the outside now.   I am going to try to get by now with just three solar panels instead of six. Presently they are just laying on the deck at the front of the boat. It will be practical for me to put them on the cabin roof too if I ever want to.   The steering portion of the Minn-Kota electric motor was repaired. The anchors and gangplanks did not change.   There is no longer the upper overhanging roof structure with storage space between it and the cabin, and all the rails/fences around the perimeter of the deck have been eliminated.   Sunbarge 2 is suited for the waters I now travel an ...
Do you just return it? Or is it worth the postage to Hawaii to forward it on just because it's Jim Neighbors?
"Ignatius recognized that God's will is not a precise blueprint, but neither is it a vague 'whatever you want' blank check. God has a 'plan' in the sense that he has an idea of the kind of person you can be and an idea of the life that would bring you the most joy. The broad outlines of God's idea are the same for everyone--to love and serve God and neighbor. But the particulars are unique to each of us. Finding God's will means discovering God's unique love for us, his desire to help us grow into our most authentic selves, and the way we can best serve him and his people. That's why we get rid of disordered affections. It's like a cook peeling an artichoke to get to the heart, or a sculptor chipping away at marble to find the beautiful form inside. Beneath the love of money, possessions, honor, and pride, we will find what we really want. And here is Ignatius's great insight. When we find what we really want, we find what God wants, too. It's a pretty remarkable idea, so I'll say it again: when we discov ...
David Conte meet your new neighbor George Fennell Thank you Wendy Smith for a good closing.
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I am pleased to report that Chicago Police late last week arrested 12 suspected gang members and shut down a drug market on the 1500 block of W. Morse Avenue. Arrest warrants were issued for another eight individuals.
It’s a story we’ve all been told: Small, quiet Rosa Parks refused to follow an Alabama bus driver’s order to give up her seat to a white passenger. Her subsequent arrest sparked the 1955-56 Montgomery Bus Boycott and cemented her position in American history textbooks as “the first lady of civil rig...
13 You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh[a]; rather, serve one another humbly in love. 14 For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”[b] 15 If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other. 16 So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. 17 For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever[c] you want. 18 But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. 19 The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God. 22 ...
I see fire in CK's eyes, but I DO NOT see fire in COACHES eyes. How are you so close to ring 6 BUT YOU DO NOT SIMPLY JUST RUN IT ALL 4 DOWNS??? (What WISE coach would risk AN INTERCEPTION or AN INCOMPLETION in SUPER BOWL RING minutes??? When it's right in your face??? Sorry but I'm blaming Jim too (as well as the refs) FOR POOR DECISION MAKING IN THE END. WHEN GORE GOT US THAT CLOSE!
had a great time last night tons of food great friends and turn out to be a really good game. Welcome home to our friends and neighbors Jim and Debbie. So glad you came Got mostly everything cleaned up time to take a break.
To everyone making "Whiner" and "Bandwagon" comments..I really dont think there is anything you can say that will make 49er fans feel any worse about losing. Maybe, just this once, we can try a little compassion and say "Congrats on a game well played. Thanks for giving us one of the best Super Bowls ever!" If you arent a 49er fan or a Ravens fan, you really have no room to "trash talk" my opinion:)
today I am fixing the clutch cable on my snow blower. I don't like working on equipment but its a neccessary evil for a business owner. If I was to bring it to the shop, it would be 2 weeks minimum before they get to it.
I have a sick kid at Hm. Oh how he hates missing school, but when u'r sick, u're sick! All u can do is get some rest Kevin Ruiz
Well the game didn't turn out the way most people wanted it to but it was a pretty good game, and the commercials were ok, we had a great time at the neighbors lots of great friends and way way way to much food. Really had fun thank you Neighbor Jim for hosting. Maybe next year it will be better teams, ha ha ha
morning family. so thoughts on streaming...if you saw it yesterday, what did you think? if you didn't, what are your thoughts on us providing live streaming on a regular basis? do you think there is enough usefulness to warrant a $50/month fee? the sound issue was fixed with new company plus its ad free. anywho! in lu of last nights amazing game heres a quick thought on what the Bible says about competition. Competition, just like many other aspects of life can be either healthy, or unhealthy depending on the application. Make no mistake about it, competition is at the very heart of the human experience…but as a Christian it must be applied to your life in a Godly way. Today (yesterday) the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will go head to head in Super Bowl 47. Competition is certainly in the air and you can feel the excitement as millions of Americans and people from all over the world gather around their TVs with anticipation of “their team” securing the win. To add even more drama to ...
I have a silly story demonstrating the adage of "No good deed goes unpunished"... So this past Thursday Buffalo was 63 degrees...That night, going into Friday morning, par for the course, sleep inverted and wide awake, at 4:00a I decided to take my new elaborate digital camera out and look for items to photograph. Motored around the inner-city in now 21 degree weather...but found no inspiration. About 5:30a swung through Tim Horton's drive thru and picked up a pair of my signature 24oz coffees and headed home for the morning news. Going up Manchester I noticed a few bottle collectors working the curbside recycle containers, a few homes further I saw my neighbor's driver's door open about 4" (It's been said, I have "Cop's Eyes"). I backed the car up and then re-approached with high beams on, and angled my car towards his door. Retrieving a compact LED flashlight, got out and went to investigate stereo and interior of his car for signs of violation - seemed okay. I was just going to lock and secure it, but ...
Latest addition to the household, so far he doesn't have a name but the kids picks are - Leo, Toby, Pickle, or Meatball
It's been several winters since these words have been uttered around the Twin Cities... Alberta. Clipper. (Google it... :))
Had a great night with friends Kendra, Amanda, Katie, Mike, Donna, Jim n the hubby watching the Superbowl last night! Work first then dinner tonight with my neighbor Ashley Tatum @ Oliver Garden! Looking forward to it, but better make my workout good first!
LOOKIN’ AROUND by Syd Iwan Are there any jobs or chores you simply hate to do? Most of us have some things that we dislike enough that it’s hard to talk ourselves into doing them. Take the long old census form that sat on my desk forever before I could dredge up the wherewithal to deal with it. I knew from experience that it was a royal pain in the backside so I wasn’t eager to get started. Nevertheless, the deadline was getting close, and, if you don’t get the form submitted on time, the census bureau sends a second one with strong admonitions to get with the program. It also reminds you that this is not voluntary but required by law. This rankles a little because I somehow thought the purpose of the census was to count people, not cattle, horses, bees, and every other tiny little detail involved in agriculture. As you know, the government, given the slightest opportunity, can completely exceed their bounds and make a simple assignment into a major undertaking. I guess I feel a little like ...
We're going to win marriage in Obama's term b/c Jim Neighbors got married to a dude. I mean, how can you hate Gomer Pyle? You just can't.
I am a little sad. They had to put our neighbor Marilu in an assisted living home. I miss her coming over to check up on me. She would always open the door and say Hello!
If you've had this stomach bug that is going around, please tell me the symptoms... I'm thinking it found me... :-(
Military sniper Chris Kyle had survived the dust-worn places where he had to worry about enemy fire — or even friendly fire — until this weekend.
Hmm... my sidebar has DIY caskets and AARP stuff again. Hmmph!
How do you not hug your brother, Coach Harbaugh?
Congratulations to Justin Tucker and the Baltimore Ravens.former Westlake Chap and Texas Longhorn! We're proud of you, Justin. I bet there aren't many high schools that can say they've had two Super Bowl winners!
I bet Jim Harbaugh's neighbors can hear him do EVERYTHING.
Neighbors say veteran Jim Lee *** is a loner, but his motives for murder and kidnapping are unclear.
That's a lovely story about Jim Neighbors.
Had a ball at Big Jim's last night! My wife is feeling it this morning! Thanks for the safe drive home from our neighbors, we needed it! 🍹🍷🍺
My neighbors names are Dianne and Jim so my mom calls them dim 😂
Jim Neighbors just married his boyfriend of 31 years. What courage! This could affect his show business career.
Never - Langway's was always one of those "urban legends" from my childhood. Tho, Jim Schoenfeld was one of my neighbors.
So,ultimately, it may be a gift for the neighbors. Hope they appreciate it...
Little Giant Ladders
When our theology gets in the way of loving our neighbors, we need to re-think our theology.
Jim Carrey, Jim Neighbors, Jim Gaffigan, Jim Varney, Jim Franklin (this funny guy at my school) What's up with all the comedians named Jim?😯
Dear neighbors, not too much fireworks please thankyou -__-
No, Jim Neighbors did NOT get married. is not married either. is 1 man + 1 woman. Period. No exceptions.
Well I have 4 bikes and I did a wheelie last summer and crashed one on my neighbors lawn. So that would be a no.
both my elderly neighbors are. Funny thing is both are named Jim!
Book also says he resented his father receiving his wages when he worked for neighbors.
Seriously, how can it be considered "stealing" when my neighbors WiFi signal was trespassing in MY house? I'm the victim here!
Jim Neighbors, Now Ed Koch, who will be number 3
let's hope our neighbors *cough* Jim *cough* call the cops one that way we don't get involved with their deportation
Congrats to Jim Neighbors! He got a hole in one on at Palm Valley yesterday!
seriously, how could anyone find it in themselves to have any negative feelings about poor Jim Neighbors.
Welll Goly: Congrats Jim Neighbors & Mr. Cadwallader - 38 years together and still counting.
you should hAck into your neighbors cable. I'm sure Jim wouldn't mind.
Seriously, I was shocked at the news about Jim Neighbors. I honestly had no idea; who'd ever suspect he was still alive!?
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'I was happy to hear Jim Neighbors got married...and was alive'.
wait... hold the bus... Jim Neighbors is *** And now legally married?!
Jim Neighbors got married!! Congratulations to you and your uhm...padna...Gomer!!!
Mom: Jim neighbors married :( Me: u knew he was *** right Mom: yes :( Me: let him be married and miserable like the rest of us heterosexuals
I don't play enough new video games but it seems the quirky ones aren't made anymore, like Earthworm Jim and Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Frown
Neighbors of an Alabama man accused of holding a 5-year-old boy hostage in a bunker say the man, 65-year-old Jim...
People wondering why Jim Neighbors would get married at his age are oblivious to the many legal benefits marriage confers to spouses.
Obama is a muslim. Jim Neighbors didn't have to "come out" for us to know he was ***
in 1 day 84yr old Jim Neighbors marries, Madonna nude pics with Gov. Terminator found & NYT's hit by Chinese hackers. Who knew?
Just read Rock Hudson's bio and the interesting thing was he had no friends but he always had Neighbors up the *** .Jim Neigbors!
If Rock Hudson were a star today. He would be making love to a guy. Billy Jean King would be openly *** So would Jim Neighbors.
Won't be listening to 107.7 any more. Mike Manns ended a report about Jim Neighbors being *** with "what's the world coming to"
I can't wait to tell my dad that Jim neighbors is ***
right? it was a comment about *** marriage since Jim Neighbors got married to his partner of 38 years.
The Neighbors has been on ABC all season but that doesn't mean that there cant be a new show called The Nabors about Jim and his new husband
Update your maps at Navteq
Manti and Jim Neighbors both live in Hawaii, coincidence?
is it wrong to say, "surprise! surprise! surprise!" when finding out Jim Neighbors is ***
Just found out Jim Neighbors (aka Gomer Pyle) is a homosexual... I just wanna go home
I don't mean to sound insensitive but I thought Jim Neighbors had passed years ago. I'm glad he's happy and alive though.
Told my dear husband that he must now surrender his *** card after being shocked that Jim Neighbors married his partner. Congrats Jim! :-)
Really. You guys didn't know jim neighbors is *** ***
Jim Neighbors of 60's show Andy Griffin marries his partner of 38yrs. Says he's never been ashamed of being *** just liked privacy
Jim Neighbors (Gomer Pyle) is not dead. He's 82. Just got married. To another dude. *** has frozen over.
Bravo Jim Neighbors way to go | love is love ... He finally sealed the deal
Jim Neighbors just married his longtime boyfriend of 38 years. It will never last.
first you say Anderson Cooper is *** now you say Jim Neighbors. Next you'll say Richard Simmons. Congrats Jim & Stan!!!
I'm surprised to learn that Jim Neighbors, aka Gomer Pyle, a marine of all things, has recently married his long time male companion. I realize you didn't ask, but I'm telling you anyway. It's surprising. Not to learn that Gomer Pyle usmc likes to, um, play the bugle--but that he's even alive. CNN: Hard hitting, deep digging, getting to the bottom of it all, penetrating news reporting.
First off I am relieved that my kids are all fine. Severe storms, complete with tornadoes went through areas where James and Angela live. Spoke to the two of them this morning, and they're fine. Spoke with my Clista last night, and things are ok there except a new black eye for Austin...he fell getting off the bus yesterday and met first a pole, then the concrete. BUT...this morning my heart sank just a tad because I learned that Jim Neighbors (Gomer Pyle) and his partner of 30 years flew from their home in Hawaii to Washington DC so they could be legally married (one of the many same sex marriage states). I am in no way saying there is anything wrong with this, but when you go through childhood into middle-age having an idol (I love his voice, especially gospel songs), and then something like this is announced...Now I can understand the big deal that was made of Rock Hudson being *** and dying of Aides so very long ago. In away it's like seeing "Barney" on How I Met Your Mother being a ladies man, when . ...
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