Jim Nance & Phil Simms

James Solomon Big Jim Nance (December 30, 1942 – June 17, 1992) was an American collegiate and Professional Football fullback with the Boston Patriots during their days in the American Football League. Phillip Martin Phil Simms (born November 3, 1954) is a former American football quarterback, and currently a television sportscaster for the CBS network. 5.0/5

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They should make Phil Simms announce basketball too so Jim Nance can never escape his stupidity
- Based on the commentary I think he's got Phil Simms & Jim Nance under there ;)
Jim Nance and Phil Simms are going to punish Tom Brady later tonight - I can tell you that much.
I wish Jim Nance would stick to golf and Phil Simms would just go away.
you might want to tell Phil Simms and Jim Nance that they don't work for the Kraft family.Heard
Without QUESTION! So glad I didn't miss this!! Can't wait to see Jim Nance and Phil Simms next lol!!
I wonder what Phil Simms emails look like when he sends them to Jim Nance.
I'd rather listen to Jim Nance & Chris Simms than Jim Nantz and Phil Simms
Phil Simms and Jim Nance hope it's a touchdown.
Jim Nance and Phil Simms are the absolute worst commentators
Jim Nance and Phil Simms are just brutal to listen to as announcers. Biggest patriot lovers I've ever heard.
I love jim nance always have but Phil Simms is starting to irk me arrogance towards the pats is getting old
So happy Phil Simms and Jim nance are commentating the pats game
Phil Simms & Jim Nance are in love with Rex Ryan
These commentators for the game make Phil Simms sound like Jim Nance
I can't believe that Denver fans are petitioning to have Phil Simms off the air. The guy doesn't know anything about football for winning a Super Bowl. I'm sick and tired of hearing Jim Nance's BS. I hope at least 1 official is getting paid for some of these calls also. Just thought I'd rant about a couple things in this post.
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Phil Simms laughing at Jim Nantz talking about Jim Nance (since he thought Jim was talking about himself) was incredibly awkward.
I play madden with Jim nance and Phil Simms muted for a reason
Jim Nance is a terrible football announcer. Phil Simms is even worse. Another muted.
Dear God, if you give us back Pat Summerall, we'll give you Jim Nance and Phil Simms.
Did Jim Nance just refer to Phil Simms as "A Giant's QB legend" ?
Jim Nance really making Phil Simms work for it
After that last comment about Teddy Bridgewater, Jim Nance is going to start a petition to get rid of Phil Simms.
I think Jim Nance and Phil Simms are gonna scrap soon.
What's worse than Phil Simms and Jim Nance? Yup Troy Aikman and Joe Buck 󾭚󾌩󾓵
Jim Nance and Phil Simms remind me of Joe Buck and Tim Mccarver
Guess what Phil Simms and Jim Nance? The Broncos are without their best defensive back too!
Oh - the monotony. Phil Simms and Jim Nance are LITERALLY a lullaby...z
Sure wish Jim Nance & Phil Simms wouldn't talk while P.Manning is calling his signals. Peyton is more entertaining than those two guys.
Ok so Phil Simms & Jim Nance are commenting at half time & in her typical dry humor self Lindsey shakes her head & said "old white guys". This girl cracks me up!
Could someone just kill Jim Nance and Phil Simms?
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I dislike watching games on CBS. Not sure why. Maybe it's Jim Nance. Or Phil Simms. Or all of it.
Obv CBS puts up a graphic showing Peyton has no ints in the redzone, 39-0... Bam very next play, hits decker in chest and LB makes unreal catch with toes pointing while falling out of bounds. I hate you CBS, Jim Nance, and Phil Simms can choke on a *** Do love the 2 TD lead tho getting ball to start 2nd half
I swear if Jim Nance or Phil Simms suck Peyton's *** anymore, he will have hemroids by halftime..
The announcing on the Broncos - Chargers game by Jim Nance and Phil Simms is completely biased in favor of Denver. Nance just sounded like he had hit the lottery when San Diego missed that field goal attempt. Novak---No God!
Jim Nance and Phil Simms are the worst commentator pair in all of sports
Jim Nance top notch but Phil Simms absolutely the worse color guy in the business.
Jim Nance and Phil Simms yammering on, with "insights": A tradition unlike any other. Is this game on the radio? Would also accept Deportes
How many Bronco fans are upset that Jim Nance and Phil Simms are calling your game?
Why we watch NFL Network? Because the Phil Simms, Jim Nance, Joe Buck & Troy Aikman are GOD AWFUL commentators!
Totally surprised Jim Nance and Phil Simms aren't calling this game. They seem to always call the pats game. Even though CBS thinks everyone in the Richmond, VA market gives a rats *** about the patriots.
This game was horrible, and so were the commentators. Geez Jim Nance and Phil Simms, you guys are the worst sportscasters of all time.
I think Jim Nance & Phil Simms are the best broadcasting team in the NFL. Thoughts anyone?
Can Jim Nance and Phil Simms leave Cincy now NFL go broadcast the Niner/Packer game?
The worst thing about watching NFL on CBS is being subjected to Jim Nance and Phil Simms. They have trouble keeping up with the actions or actually know what they are talking about.
I just said that michigan's former crappy punter, Zoltan Mesko, should not be holding for OHIO STATE'S former phenomenal place-kicker, Mike Nugent. Becky Leib replied that it's the first step to world peace. These are the insights that you never get from Jim Nance and Phil Simms.
Jim Nance and Phil Simms are the worst lead NFL announcing team. Stick with golf Jim and just go away Phil.
I sure hope Jim Nance gets a new partner next year.Phil Simms has to go!
I know it's a very unfortunate situation...but Jim Nance, one of the announcers for the Football game, was deep into a conversation about an injured player and the doctors checking for a concussion...and Phil Simms broke into his monologue about head injuries, and yelled "And Danny Woodhead breaks a tackle for a touchdown !!!".
Hey Jim Nance / Phil Simms: It's the BENgals not the Bingles. I don't expect Phil to get it right, but Jim I do. Jim, could you pretend the azaleas are in bloom??
Why do we get stuck with Phil Simms? I'm okay with Jim Nance, but Phil Simms grates.
Are you watching the Bengals v. Chargers? Do you know T.J. Galvin and Joe Brucie? Do Phil Simms and Jim Nance look familiar?
How the heck does MADDEN 25 have Jim Nance and Phil Simms commentating?!?
Who did the Ravens *** off to deserve Jim Nance and Phil Simms again this week?
What a dilemma. On Fox we have the panthers against the Falcons with little to no playoff implications. Or on CBS there's the ravens, who need to lose, against the Bengals. But there we have to listen to Phil Simms and Jim Nance. Can't stand either one
Jim Nance & Phil Simms are pathetic.They are supposed to be impartial are are so anti-Patriots, it makes me sick.
While showing this graphic, Jim Nance just asked Phil Simms, "...what stands out to you most?". Phil replied, "I...
Phil Simms and Jim Nance commentating = mute the tv
Can someone please tell me how Phil Simms still has a job being the color man. Freaking moron has been doing this for too long to be so stupid on his comments and PURE FACTS-I'm not even a Pats fan and I want to throttle that *** God bless Jim Nance for dealing with him.
Jim Nance tells Phil Simms he is the qb guru ... I don't think that worked to well for his sons ... Still need talent
Oh joy! Stuck having to watch Patriots football and topping it off...listening to the moron Phil Simms.ugh! Poor Jim Nance must hate his life. Lol. On a happier note, Jets and Panthers won!!
Ok now we have to hear Jim Nance an Phil Simms lust over Tom Brady all game smh..
I’d like to do it the detestable Jim Nance and the buffoon Phil Simms simultaneously.
Gotta say I love hearing the disappointment in Jim Nance and Phil Simms voices when the Patriots lose.
Why don't Jim Nance and Phil Simms just go down to the field and suck Manning off already??!!! I mean everybody knows the guy is good, you don't have to keep telling us about it like we have no clue who he is!
Ok, gotta ask it. Has Phil Simms' hands been between the legs of Bart Oates or Jim Nance more?
is putting its A team on for the Texans vs Chiefs. Jim Nance and Phil Simms. National Tv spotlight again.
I wish Jim Nance, Phil Simms, and would stop manufacturing drama. It was a catch. Period. End of story.
Huh. Bill Cowher is now in the booth with Jim Nance and Phil Simms. That’s weird.
Oh yay... Phil Simms & Jim Nance are commentating the Steeler vs. Jets game. It's like nails on a chalkboard. 󾌽
Yes! Jim Nance and Phil Simms are broadcasting! Gonna be a great game
it's weird hearing Jim Nance without also hearing Phil Simms *** for Tom Brady and to a lesser extent, Peyton Manning
the best part was when the power went out and Phil Simms inappropriately touched Jim Nance in the darkness
Phil Simms: 'He has thrown the football awesome.' (Jim Nance, however, can do no wrong.)
Thanks to Jim Nance & Phil Simms, we don’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction with Dan Dierdorf.
Prediction 6: Jim Nance, thinking all Dacquiris are virgin, will announce the entire game drunk. Phil Simms will be on mescaline.
really enjoyed Phil Simms and Jim Nance Iron Bowl show
“Jim Nance and Phil Simms need Cymbalta” or new jobs off the air
By the way Jim Nance and Phil Simms boring.
My heart goes out to Jim Nance cause Phil Simms is by far the worst color commentator ever.for any sport.on any network!!!
So it's official, Phil Simms and Jim Nance cannot announce a game and NOT show favoritism to a team! They are SO for the Ravens! GO COLTS!
Is there a more boring NFL crew than Jim Nance and Phil Simms?
What *** fan of Mr. Rogers dressed Phil Simms and Jim Nance? Come on, Time to step in.
Why does make Jim Nance and Phil Simms wear blazers with CBS patches? They look like ushers.
So glad I'm not an NFC fan, I couldn't take Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for a whole season. Not that Phil Simms and Jim Nance are any better
Do Jim nance and Phil Simms have any clue to what they are talking about?
Jim Nance and Phil Simms definitely hate the steelers
I have never in four decades of watching football, been so annoyed with an analyst as I am with this simpleton- I usually mute the TV, and watch in silence; Jim Nance should stick to golf as well
Just confirmed: two back to back weeks of Phil Simms calling our game. Blech. All we can hope for is that he's less of a jagoff!
Jim Nance and Phil Simms are terrible commentators.
I hate Phil Simms and Jim Nance more than anything.
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Why do we always have Phil Simms and Jim Nance announce our games.
I've come to this conclusion, that Jim Nance and Phil Simms since they do every New England Patriot game should just Announce from New Englands sideline. This way on top of all the praise they give them, they can also high five the Patriot players as they come off the field.UN-LISTENABLE...thank the Lord for Sunday ticket
Why do you still employ Phil Simms...he has to be the worst announcer ever...he's rubbing off on Jim Nance too
Turned on the Broncos vs. Panthers, Jim Nance & Phil Simms
Phil Simms and Jim Nance are the best football commentators.
Jim Nance and Phil Simms announcing a Steelers game is like having Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh MC a Obama/Biden campaign rally.
Not sure if the refs are in the GAME today with so many missed calls going against the STEELERS!! Even the announcers (Phil Simms and Jim Nance) can't believe the calls! Halftime
Is it me or are Phil Simms and Jim Nance blatant cheerleaders for The Jets or what? It is driving me freaking crazy! Where's Gil Santos when you need him?
I'm watching the absolute worst football scenario (IMO) Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots with Jim Nance & Phil Simms. It doesn't get worse than this. It's like a train wreck - I don't want to watch, but I can't look away.
who makes the breast cancer tie Phil Simms and Jim Nance are wearing
If they made a TV where you could mute the stupid Talking Heads for a football game (Phil Simms and Jim Nance), I would purchase it immediately.
Jim Nance and Phil Simms r rocking ties in Surprise, surprise.
Watching this game feels like playing thanks to Jim Nance and Phil Simms.
"2 things you never do: Jinx a man during a perfect week and never open up an email from Phil Simms in front of your kids." -Jim Nance
I wonder if the price Jim Nance and Phil Simms paid to spew/gush about how great Dennis Allen and Greg Gnapp are and how happy Carson Palmer is with the offense was to actually take a *** on Al Davis grave?
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Broncos Monday Ramblings (BMR): Despite the fact that the Texans were clearly a better team for about three quarters yesterday, this was a winnable game. It's just frustrating to see the Broncos waste away so much of the game before they finally get going and mount a furious comeback which often amounts to "too little, too late." This was a "redux" of last Monday. At some point (and it needs to be real soon), the Broncos are going to have to find an identity if they are going to become one of the best teams in the league. Otherwise, it's going to be too late and they will be struggling just to reach the .500 mark. Before we talk about the Broncos, I want to mention the fact that Phil Simms and Jim Nance were right on when they pointed out that the Texans are a 21st Century version of the Broncos who won Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII. They might even be a little bit better because their defense is so good. I couldn't help but admire that zone stretch play and I flashed back to Tyrell Davis running it back i ...
It should be illegal for Jim Nance and Phil Simms to announce a Steeler game. The are so anti-Steelers!
As far as NFL commentating, Jim Nance and Phil Simms blow Joe Buck/Troy Aikman and Al Michaels/Cris Collinsworth out of the water.
"1.) you don't open emails from Phil Simms in front of your kids and 2.) you don't jinx a man going for a perfect week"-Jim Nance
Shot of Jim Nance and Phil Simms from Looks very real.
Jim Nance and Phil Simms will be the play by play announcers in NFL 13
Jim Nance and Phil Simms on madden 13...im too happy...anybody but chris collingsworth and his monotone
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