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Jim McLean

James (Jim) Yuill McLean (born 21 April 1937 in Larkhall) is a Scottish former football player and manager.

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Radio 5 Live invited Jim Davidson on to berate him for daring to make us laugh in a politically incorrect manner. Alas…
The Pros and Cons of Technology by Jim McLean - | Find your cure.
RHP(right hip pocket back) is something Jim McLean has talked about for a long time . Lots of mis…
Jim Rutherford traded Burke for McLean, bringing him to the organization that had used Millen as a starter in the e…
Goalies to Appear in a Game for 3* Different Teams in a Season. Sean Burke 1997-98 (CAR/VAN/PHI). Kirk McLean 1997-…
Think he had a fall-out with Jim McLean around this time and was sent home from a to…
"Ms Mclean said she agreed to trade her flat for the two-storey house in Balunie Avenue after meeting the previous…
"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." ~ Jim Rohn
'A PhD supervisor found out I was deaf, and cancelled the interview’.
Child rapist, who has fled the country👇🏼, owned a restaurant called Loring Pasta Bar! 🍕 & 🍝 are pedo codes! Get it?. https:/…
Was chairman of United before Jim McLean am I right?
Commit yourself to something bigger than yourself. - Jim Rohn
'Perhaps Love', 'Annie's Song' by John Denver. 'I'll have to say I love you in a song', 'Time in a bottl…
197 took part yesterday. Karl Thrower reached 100 parkruns, and the following joined the '50 club': Kate Bowler, Pearl Henry and Jim McLean.
What’s your interest Jim ... is there a card on at Leopardstown ?
A pleasure and honor hosting State Senator Jim Merritt as he met and spoke with students from LN and Kentucky’s McL…
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United suck, I want my 10 good Scots pounds back. Sack Jim McLean.
What a way to kick-off the Adelaide Club today with some of the best from our local wine industry. Sally…
Being part of something that is working toward a greater goal. There's no more satisfaction than achieving goals as a team.…
Worst ref decision? DUs, Paddy Connolly shot hits the back of the net. Bounces out. Thistle's Martin Clar…
Veteran Jim McLean and Prof. Geoff Hayes will be speaking at our program Nov 11 at 2pm at the Main…
I added a video to a playlist Golf Jim McLean The eight step swing
Thank you Jim McLean for speaking to our Intermediates today about service, PTSD & remembrance!
l like a touch of metal,not had it since sir Jim McLean ❤️
His teammates told me he was the only one Jim never tore to pieces - McLean considered his thorougbred above & beyo…
He was a class act imo . Only for Jim McLean he’d have played at bigger club
Jackie McNamara: People will soon realise my record at Dundee Utd was second to Jim McLean. https:…
Difference is Jim McLean put kids on 6 year contracts for £200 per week, w…
Jim McLean Golf School moving to the Biltmore in Coral Gables: Travel Weekly
Jim McLean will be at the Oregon Chapter PGA Fall Teaching and Summit, Thurs, Oct 26 at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club…
Good piece by in the on Jim McLean and age in itself not being a barrier to a manger's ability.
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Exceptions to rule are East Stirling - Falkirk & Dundee where Jim McLean turned rou…
Oh to have Turnbull Hutton, Fergus McCann, Jim McLean on this day.
An old fave of mine was Dun Utd manager Jim Mclean losing it and punching interviewer 😁
Jim McLean was some man for one man! He was alive in Stella at the end😯handled it like a pro
Awesome time yesterday Demonstrating the Smartballgolf swing trainer to the Team at Jim Mclean…
This article by on Jim McClean is fantastic. Respect to him for refusing job in sectarian era.
Just caught up with this . It's very good
Very good piece from my friend re: the halcyon days of I was there !.
At least we kept it within touching distance today... unlike we did with Jim McLean!
Our man making great use of our 3 man Dryrainge unit at his Jim McLean Golf Center
The world zooms by at a crazy pace..People rush in the Human Race..But I just hope that ball in space..Shines its light on your sweet face..
Golf culture lives and breathes at It boasts four unique courses, an LED practice facility and the Jim…
⚽ How Jim McLean took to pinnacle of Europe. - A divisive, inspirational, fascinating figure…
How Jim McLean took to pinnacle of Europe
"With the current side finding it such a struggle to escape the past, Jim McLean deserves to be cherished." |…
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Interesting piece written by a bluenose about Wee Jim McLean.
As a young f/lance I once phoned Eddie Turnbull at Hibs for an i/v. It was the swear…
Really great piece His reflections on 30 yrs ago & his influence on his players would be interesting
How Jim McLean took Dundee United to pinnacle of Europe
Did you catch yesterday’s tip? If you struggle making a good hip turn, you’ll want to check this out:
Congratulations Cllr McLean who joins Barbara Grant & Jim Swift - 3 of 4 in Newton Mearns South. largest party in East Ren.
Jim McLean and Caley Thistle had the right idea
Lesson yesterday from David Armitage - lead Master Instructor at Jim McLean. Been in bathroom…
Jim Morrison, Jim McLean, Jim McCarthy, Paddy Roberts & Boabby Snodgrass would do for me.
All I took from this was that Lahore Qalandars made the boy sign a 10 year deal. Jim McLean's legacy lives on in La…
Brian & Bob are joined by Tony Finau, Jim McLean, and Dave Neville during the first hour of the best of May 28 show:
I liked a video from National Instruction Day with Martin Hall and Jim McLean!
FOOTBALL NEWS: Ray McKinnon reveals he and Dundee United legend Jim McLean had “great rel... (via
Dundee United top target Ray McKinnon should follow in Jim McLean's footsteps ... says former team m...
no affection around the San Starko Jim - hands off oor Ray (remember Tommy McLean). But good luck anyhoo
Just been told by the actual Jim Barry that I have nice lips...
I've done my democratic duty and put my X on a 2 ballot papers. Let's see what happens to Scotlands Government tomorrow.
Doug McLean was bang on today about Jim Rutherford and the situation in AZ. Good work
Jim McLean was a master of it in the 80s
Looking for & in the ? Full time learning programs with Jim McLean Golf Schools ->
my daughter had a succession of hamsters called McLean. Willie, Tommy, Gordon, Jim All related to replace the one that had died
we'll need Jim McLean back to win a league with 14 players at this rate tho ;)
Terrible weather in your neck of the woods? Learn Tom Watson’s mental tips for playing through it
Voting day tomorrow (Scotland). All my on the Dole neighbours are proudly flying their SNP banners, its a shame they're to idle to go vote.
Wee Jim McLean, Jock Stein and Alex Ferguson were all "dreamers"...
Looks as though he is morphing into Jim McLean
Its a sad reflection on how boring my life is getting I guess, but I looked outside tonight and thought, what a great night to cut the grass
Tune in tomorrow to watch Jim McLean on The Golf Channel starting at 11am ET for National…
I used to love watching Jim McLean's DUTD,,,i want Thompson's Terrors to die slowly.
Good words from the Spurs manager but I wanted a violent rant. Jim McLean style.
Would love Poch to do a Jim McLean here on Geoff Shreevesy
Sadly poetic that Dundee United are relegated on the night a team wins a championship, evoking memories of Jim McLean's great team.
Dundee United relegated for the second time in 20 years. A team that were highly competitive in Europe 30 years ago. Jim McLean will go nuts
Wee Jim McLean will be going mental
Sad to hear that former head football coach and athletic director Jim Patrick is leaving McLean for Fairfax. Wishing him the best, great man
Bless all musicians, artists and storytellers today, because without them life wouldn't be worth living.
Never judge a book by its cover, you don't know what's inside. Same with people, there may be a wonderful story within them too. Be kind. :)
I have been living my backup plan for so long I have no idea what a plan A would even look like anymore.
May already! Holiday tomorrow, I'm going to spend today watching the snooker final. Later I may get very, very drunk
McFarlane is so far off the mark it's not real. Jim McLean was vindictive towards us beyond belief.
Get down to the Jazz Club. Today is They are even having a Jazz day at the White House. Nice !
Throw a bit of Jim McLean into the mix. ;-)
Let your hair down tonight. Have a drink, a laugh and a dance. Its Go on - own the dance floor.
it has to be Jim McLean's famous Meltdown and assault of a reporter when questioned about the manager
What are the Key Positions when using BodiTrak? describes them perfectly.
Ooft, Bernard accused Nicola of thatcherism... Lucky he never got a Jim McLean answer.
Does Biofeedback work? Hall of Fame instructor believes in it. .
Yeah, nice glasses. Should have gone to "Spec Savers"...
I love Dead Space too. Issac Clarke is one tough engineer. The game is brilliant, scary and has creepy killer kids in it.
Many members of the 1983 team are still alive. Those who have passed: Jim Valvano, Lorenzo Charles, coach Ed McLean, Quinton Leonard
Gordon Wallace on Jim McLean, Dundee rivalry insanity and having Bobby Moore as a babysitter - my interview.
I loved the wee guy Graham Payne, Jim McLean , used him sparingly saying he was 2 wee(i think)
Lessons from Riviera and lessons from Jim McLean, Dave Stockton, Dave Pelz and Phil ...
The new Jim McLean? 😉 Think in Warblys case paying peanuts will get monkeys.
See this about narrowing pitches Jim McLean used to do it at Tannadice for European games this is nothing new
He needs an Alex Ferguson/Jim McLean type manager to take him under their wing.
low basics, big life-defining, high incentive bonuses? Is that not a 30yo Jim McLean blueprint?
Brian and Bob talk with Hall of Fame golf instructor
Always great talking golf with Jim McLean on the show. Thanks Jim!
Hamish McAlpine, Ralph Milne, Sturrock and Jim McLean. Utd in Europe too. They would be a real loss to the SPL!
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Hi Gavin, student tickets are only available in the lower Jim McLean stand. We still have tickets for this stand at Tynecastle
Hi Andrew, yes we still have tickets available in the lower Jim McLean stand or the West Stand.
A really good listen but stuff about Jim McLean really quite sad.
What a pathetic sell out article from Sir Jim Gallagher. A demonstration he will write anything to support
Practice your extension anywhere thx to this drill from Roberta
Hi, I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. (CC BY-NC-SA Lacewing!)
Hall of Fame instructor Jim McLean talk about Golf's 24th Fundamental. .
Thank you to the Pope, for trying to remind Donald Trump about Christianity. Pope = love, Trump = torture, fear & hate. Love to the world :)
Every week has a Friday, Every week has just one, Every week make it special, Every week make it fun ! Happy Friday everyone. Love & stuff.
Awww. Love to you too. X Have a wonderful weekend. :)
Brilliant interview with Mo and Hamish on radio Scotland tonight in the car back from Edinburgh. Jim McLean slaughtered every player 1/2
Mostly talked about Jim McLean. Well worth a listen.
saw that. Jim McLean taught him that.
Did you hear the United partners on sportsound jim? Far too emphasis on Jim McLean,would loved to have heard more about the actual team
Also great entertainment from Hamish and Maurice on the Jim McLean years...
Must have been Jim McLean's last season in charge. Left them an excellent squad.
But Jim McLean didnt know what he was doing and the fans were on the bandwagon for United For Change!
The final season as manager for the legend that is Jim McLean
Jim McLean interviewed me today regarding the Kansas Budget, KPERS, STAR Bonds and education.
A song about father and son re-connecting in the context of a care home.
Its Wednesday everyone! Have a brilliant & happy day. You are half way through the week already. Wishing you fun, love & best wishes. :)
Today is the birthday of the album "The Kick Inside" by the talented 'Kate Bush'. Released in 1978 and still groundbreaking. Thank you Kate.
not as good as what jim McLean would say tho. long for him to get in front of the press and let rip lol
Jim McLean something to do Saturday maybe
It's just our Jim, he means no harm 👻
Bring back Jim McLean. Don't play well, no wages. Players would soon play much better.
Jim McLean : gingirish. Did u know that u could get an iPh0ne 6s without buying it? Read my bi0. Thanks
He did indeed.Just annoys me cos if that was Fergie or Jim McLean then they would've just came out & said how dreadful hewas
a two year deal is plenty for a 21 year old what do you want a jim mclean contract? Lots of things can happen
Can you hit an intentional fade or slice: Grayson demonstrates.
Hitting A Fade - add to your arsenal with this drill
You - jim brickman and tara mclean . (Was gonna walk the aisle with this song, but... 😅).
It's 2 hours long but The eight step swing on YouTube with Jim McLean is excellent.
Need a Valentine's Day gift? How about some Jim McLean Golf School merchandise!
Jim Mclean losing the plot with John Barnes ... unrepeatable ...
No experience, short of pace and quality, but Dundee United can follow Jim McLean's masterplan and b...
You heard it here, folks. If you've got healthcare questions, Jim McLean's got answers. from 2-3 pm
the immensely knowledgeable reporter Jim McLean of KHI & KPR will be there. Any question you have, Jim can answer.
Join my friend and colleague Jim McLean from
. Let's face it, George has more chance than Charles. The question should be - King of where, or what, or even who?
Clocks go back by 1 hour tonight. Goodbye summer. Hello British winter. I don't suppose it will be long before Energy prices go up again.
Spats: Jim McLean with the reporter John Barnes from the BBC.
Jim McLean and Willie Miller, 1988 SC semi final at Dens. That was a spat!
Welcome to the royal couple visiting Dundee. I met William's granddad in Dundee about 30 years ago. He was charming.
Its freezing cold already, its not even November yet.
HOF instructor reviews key positions during the golf swing to analyze using
Watching videos of United's team under jim McLean in the 80s is scary, some of the best teams in Europe, absolutely torn apart
Ever thought about spending 2 days with Brad Faxon and Jim McLean on your shortgame?.
.Scotland is going to pay Tax Credits with the power we're going to harness from all the hot air escaping from our politicians.
Great quote on BBC Radio 4 about Council's abusing their power. "If the only tool you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail".
Want to know more about w/ shows you how a pro uses it. https…
Ball's sitting up, but you go right under it.
Red Ledges Jon and Red Ledges are doing it right! Thanks to Jim McLean School of golf
And was promptly dumped by Jim McLean for Billy Thomson
Its good to have a rant, keeps your heart pumping. Plenty to rant about in the UK. The energy prices are double what they are in Germany.
Let's not forget, The British Goverment used to tax people for having windows. The Window Tax. Now they tax you for having an empty bedroom.
I can't seriously believe that Britain is planning a "Sugar Tax". It won't stop people getting fat. It will just make all our wallets thin.
What's happening to Britain? We're selling our souls to the Chinese for cheap steel, meanwhile - Scotland last steel plant is being closed.
mind that time Jim Mclean smacked you live on air 😁😁
Jim Webb, American Hero: True.I've only known 1 Democrat who was proud of my service. The rest think I kill people.
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Golf Digest’s Book Of Drills via No Bogies - Jim McLean shows you over 100 drills that are ...
Ooh controversial, World Rugby says that "the referee should NOT have awarded Australia that last minute penalty". What will follow???
And I just know that something good is going to happen, and just saying it could make it happen -
What a country Scotland is. This afternoon I was gardening, with rolled up sleeves (because it was so warm), now its Arctic survival gear.
Jim McLean insights to Transition Pressure in golf swing Thanks
Well, my hopes are certainly boosted by that Cotter interview. Makes Jim McLean look like a cheerful extrovert.
I'm under the "Jim MCLEAN sign, getting a hard time for standing on the steps 👍
When your mind is being blown by Greyson!😱 @ Jim Mclean-Texas
Practice these moves, and you'll hit more tee shots worth admiring.
I got to see the Ol golf Legend Jim McLean! golf school in America!…
WED OCT 21 my childhood buddy Jim McLean and I are doing a show at the Comedy Castle in Detroit. Come on out.
Don't forget to stop by and check out the Jim McLean Open House today!
Sink more must-make putts by making a positive strike with a short finish:
I had the Jim McLean Years video when I was a youngster. I think I wore it out the amount it got watched.
I agree. Another victim of the "drinking culture". Jim McLean's words were prophetic.
Imagine having to speak to that odious,slimy wee *** David Tanner when you're raging after a defeat.You'd have to go into Jim McLean mode.
1965: Rangers beat Aberdeen in the final match of the League Cup Section 2 thanks to a George McLean hat-trick and a goal from Jim Forrest.
I went to the Jim McLean school at Doral. He helped me a lot. And he took me fishing!
Great RG Video Tip by on how to hit the stinger with the hybrid! .
New advice from how to hit the go to to see the full video
. I just assumed Jillian was talking about Jim McLean ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
any thoughts on move back to Jim McLean from an instructor's perspective?
Jim McLean told me I needed a calendar not a stop watch.
New on Supreme Golf: Jim McLean Par 3 - 9 Holes in from $8.
The trick to sweeping under the ball:
"One of the best visual tips I have ever received." ~RG Member
I wondered what Jim McLean was up to these days. He wasn't averse to giving his players a rocket...
Mr Deadline Day Jim White's on, That's me on the sofa for a couple of hours now
Big Jim White and that wee McQueen one. Lovely now.
Me and Jim White would be a great pairing on Sky Sports News 😂👏🏻
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I'm not a pro and as much as I respect Jim McLean a lesson like that will only confuse the average player. A swing is a swing!
There are two basic types of swingers: Throwers and draggers. Find out which one you are:
I am listening to Jim McLean on satellite radio and I can't imagine anyone giving worse information ever
Anyone know what time Jim White's on tonight?😂
Alum Evan Cather and his pupil at the Jim McLean school Golf, SI model Nina Agdal featured by Golf Channel!
We all thought that but! Even Jim McLean wis aw for a clean sweep!
come on voters...Jim McLean almost same as S Fowley...Jim is Excellent.
we had Fergiie's mentality you had Jim McLean's and as John Barnes will testify Mclean was a bit mental
As Jim McLean once said 'Don't offer me that'..
“Leadership is more about responsibility than ability!”. – Jim Tunney , American Football
are you telling me Jim McLean has joined the Tones? What next ? John Greig?
illustrates Jack Nicklaus' superb warm-up drill
Listening to Bob Dylan, Jim Croce, Don McLean, Neil Young & other classic artist make's you appreciate meaning of life on a different level
Excluding Dodds 1 game in charge JMc has the highest win percentage since Jim McLean.
Morning eamon I've just watched my first John Wayne film, Big Jim McLean and I can now see why his your hero, a man's man . So long eamon
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Our Jim McLean Golf School is moving forward! The construction of our…
Had dinner last night with Jim Mclean⛳️
Need out of the Mariano from shows you how:
"The transition is the key move in the golf swing. BodiTrak allows me to show my students what a proper transition feel…
The ball's sitting up, but you go right under it. Here's how to avoid doing that again:
Stephen Thompson, Jim McLean, Lorraine Kelly, Ricky're boys took one helluva beating!
or Jim farry, Steven McLean and Alan muir
Breaking down Jim Mclean's power tips for the senior golfer and the "flexibility challenged!"
If you missed Alan McLean's story on Jim Moloney and Pat Hyland last week, here it is:
Hit it high and soft out of the bunker with Devan:
I added a video to a playlist HD Golf Simulator Overview with Jim McLean
Jim McLean walks out of Ibrox after 3 hours of talks, having turned down the chance to manage the Club in 1983.
This is a brilliant insight into dismal Labour campaign & Jim Murphy's vanity from
Chuka says Jim Murphy did an excellent job. What would a bad job have looked like?
Mmm… Jim Murphy gets heckled in Glasgow and it's headline news. Thousands protest in London, and not a word from the BBC. :-/
Holy Mike do u live their? lol looks as jim carrey would say mhh YUMY!
Flying over the Jim McLean Golf Course in Doral, FL by a initiative
Children's Alliance board getting the inside scoop from Jim McLean & Dave Ranney.
Jim W.'s Review of Capital One Bank - McLean (3/5) on Yelp
Will Jim Murphy be on a zero hours contract as Scottish Labour leader?
Stop shanking the ball... thanks to Mario from
I wish Jim!! They were on me like locusts when word got out in the office, lol! 😄😄
Jackie is best manager we have had since the legend Jim McLean. of course he doesn't compare to Wee Jim but he...
Blues Recording of the Year - Big Dave McLean, Red Bird, Jim Byrnes &
No wonder Jim Murphy's been campaigning non-stop, there's very few jobs out there for a non-graduate with such perks!
"They say we've never Had it sae Guid " from Ding Dong Dollar album; words by Jim McLean Tune: Kellyburn Braes
Can see Jackie McNamara doing his best Jim McLean impression after this if he's asked about the officiating. Crackin' game, mind.
what's this got to do with politics? So one also for Willie Miller, Jim McLean, John Robertson?This is blatant populist waffle.
What's a better P/M interview, Jim McLean's apparent lynch of or managers harping on about inverted wingers and false no 9's.
On the Kansas State University campus this morning for the Huck Boyd Institute for Community Media's annual lecture. Long time buddy Jim McLean is the speaker. I'll join Jim on the platform following for a forum on health care reporting. Planning to offer a few free ideas to help my colleagues cover health care for their county weeklies and small dailies.
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Keegan Bradley changed coaches from my friend and mentor Jim McLean to Chuck Cook. I have respect for Chuck. It is hard to make changes and he might become a better player eventually, but he had a great run with Jim as his coach.
What to do when the green is out of reach? Jim McLean gives some advice:
Dundee United manager Jim McLean is taunted by Roma players after the European Cup semi-final in Rome (1984)
Jim McLean decided that lamping John Barnes in the puss was better than answering a question!
Jim McLean,like Stein has been shown to be a bully and a *** 10 yr contracts at disgustingly low wages for most young boys
Jim McLean punches BBC reporter John Barnes: a bit like this?
I remember watching Lexi Thompson at age 12 with Jim McLean on the Blue Monster which she completely tore up. Always knew she would be great. Congrats!
"Don't you offer up me a question like that again" Jim McLean 👊👊👊
Willie Miller says hes nice off the pitch? ask him why he ran away from Jim McLean at dens in 88 lol
It would be easy to make a cheap comment about jim mclean but he brought so much pride to our for frankie, well legend for thr sad to see him like that.hit like for the legend that is frankie kopel.oh by the way im a blue nose dee.
Jim Harbaugh is now the first head coach in NFL HISTORY to advance to Conference Championship Game in 1st 3 seasons.
Had a great lesson with Jim Mclean and he loved my car :)
we thought Jim McLean was great on KC Week In Review. Very informative insights into Kansas politics.
Ian Redford: Former D/dee Utd & Rangers star lifts lid on runins with Jim McLean Need to read his book, So sad, RIP.
McLEAN, Jim - Peacefully at S.M.G.H Strathroy, on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014. Jim McLean of Mt. Brydges in his 71st year. Beloved...
Hamilton Collection
FORMER Rangers and Dundee United star Ian Redford, who was once Scottish football's most expensive signing, has been found dead aged 53. Police today confirmed that they have recovered the body of the former midfielder in Irvine earlier today. Redford, whose autobiography was serialised in the Daily Record last year, signed for Rangers for a then-Scottish transfer record of £210,000 in 1980. Over the next five years at Ibrox he made over 200 appearances for the club, winning the Scottish Cup and playing his part in three League Cup victories. He then returned to his native Tayside to join Jim McLean at Dundee United in 1985 where he played in their UEFA Cup Final defeat. The talented goal-scoring midfielder, who was called up on several occasions but never played for the national team, played for Ipswich Town, St Johnstone and Brechin in his latter years before finishing his career as a League Cup winner with Raith Rovers in 1995. Rip Ian Redford GBNF // J
Could we get Jim McLean as contracts manager at 'Todders?
At Dental Champions meeting, editor Jim McLean answers questions about working with the media
Jim McLean & Alex Ferguson at Dundee Utd & Aberdeen "I reckon if we play our best we can come 3rd or even 2nd"
Oh Jim McLean, us girls well and truly kicked yer butt this morning! Hehe
in Dundee jim mclean is pronounced mcleen.
Set your DVRs to KCPT this Friday, January 10th at 7:30. Kansas City Week in Review connects-the-dots on one of the most important issues playing out in both Topeka and Jefferson City as they launch their legislative sessions in 2014: The Medicaid Gap. These are the people too poor to qualify for Medicaid and too poor to be receiving subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. There are 58,000 people in the gap in Kansas, 193,000 in Missouri. KCPT special correspondent Sam Zeff has an in-depth report and as part of KCPT's ongoing reporting partnership with KHI news, They are joined in the studio by Jim McLean.
Ha ha! Watching The Notebook the other night, and there's the guy who played Jim Rockford I think?!
McLean, back when the CVS was Peoples, and the Giant was a SUPER Giant.
So Better Together have recruited Jim Gallagher of Calman Commission fame? This from Joan McAlpine in 2010...
So no question to Jim Gallagher about his role as a pro-union research fellow with the title of professor.
Where is Jim Gallagher a 'professor' and does he work with other 'academics' who regularly appear on as 'objective' commentators?
you made a fortune on suckering people into this one, I'm surprised didn't fall for it
agreed, however Jim Mclean won league and got to Euro Cup semi with Dundee Utd in same era
yeah LOL, can't believe your trying to get people to put money on Man UTD. You's are having a laugh
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if Rolex is too expensive, try poundsterling. they bribed European referee too
No, Spotify, my love of Gordon Lightfoot is not a secret desire to listen to Don McLean or Jim Croce.
Jim McLean Trump National Doral by Justin Tupper on Livestream -
Weekly program gives listeners a player's perspective on the game   NEW YORK – January 6, 2014 – SiriusXM announced today that it has signed 2002 PGA Champion Rich Beem to host a new weekly show on SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio (channel 93 on XM, channel 208 on Sirius Premier).   Beem will make his debut today and host every Monday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm ET on SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio.  Beem will take calls from listeners around the country and recap the weekend’s golf as he offers his audience a player’s perspective on the game.  He will discuss the headline stories from the world of golf, interview players and others, and preview events and courses throughout the season.   “With today’s mix of established stars and the young guys that are emerging, the game has never been healthier,” said Beem.  “We’ve got an exciting year ahead and I’m looking forward to getting on the air to talk about it.  I’ve always enjoyed chatting with the fans, on the course and off, and I will have a lot of ...
and I had money on Jim Davidson to be the first to make homophobic remarks..
12yo Clay Stirsman of Carmel, IN (2020) earned his 2nd tournament title at the Jim McLean Sig Course at Doral.
Chloe Horton (2015) won the girls division of the tournament at the Jim McLean Signature Course at Doral on Sunday. CONGRATS!
Good luck on Day 2 Junior Golf Tournament at Jim McLean Signature Course at Doral. Day 1 score of 7…
The Jim McLean Course starts off with a trio of challenging par 3s that are some of Florida's toughest opening holes. The 13th through 15th holes are also a difficult stretch of holes, aptly nicknamed the "Bermuda Triangle."
Jim McLean on the shovel and Judith McLean in the truck. mt Leyshon gold mine charters Towers Australia about 1986-87.
Can't wait to go home tomorrow. Since the 19th of December, here's my travel Austin to New Orleans to St Petersburg, FL to NY to Austin to Charlotte to Fort Worth to Tampa to New Orleans to Birmingham. Home tomorrow and then to Miami on Monday for Jim McLean's first shows on Sirius XM PGA TOUR Radio. Never stops
Chad Middaugh, Jim McLean Instructor at Doral Resort and Spa, demonstrates how the amateur can improve his/her practice.
Dundee United chairman Jim Mclean takes a rather aggressive approach when being asked about the future of manager Alex Smith
The data behind Keegan Bradley’s coaching change - Keegan Bradley has reportedly left long-time swing coach Jim McLean for Chuck Cook, who teaches Bradley&good friend Jason Dufner and Luke Donald. That gives Cook one of the most formidable list of clients in the golf world, as Bradley is ranked No. 20 in the Official World Golf Rankings, Dufner is ranked No. 15 [...]
Here is a great article by Jim McLean on "How to make a chip run or stop". Golf Digest Magazine Jim...
Jim McLean's My Shot for the 11/2013 Golf Digest. A really good read with lots of wisdom in those words. htt…
Great day videoing at Boars Bridge Festival...amazing artists..including Bram Taylor, Terry St Clair, the great Paul Millns, our very own Jim McLean with his stunning new album Journey, the new Home Territory, Blossom Hill and many more, even Beers Law! Roll on Sunday, wait, it already is Sunday!
Jim Nantz, John Cook and son Matt Venturi spoke at the Venturi service, Cook and teacher Jim McLean served as pall bearers.
"Played 9 holes Tuesday with Haley Mills in the cold and wind! She's a fellow Jim McLean student and great player." -- Thompson
Lessons from Jim McLean, golf with Greg Norman, meet & greet with the tournament champ—the Ultimate Golf Experience!
pisses me off too, give them Jim McLean stand and Jerry Kerr
Was at the Jim McLean golf school at the Doral this week, you ready this week
Have fond memories of that Jim McLean side from the '80's. A European Cup semi final!!
Here's todays latest from the Honda Classic...overcast and 70 degrees at PGA National, Gary worked with Brian Stuard on 90 yard shots into the wind and long irons this morning. Gary had lunch with Keegan Bradley's teacher Jim McLean and they discussed Keegan's recent struggles, citing that his swing has gotten too steep. Gary got to observe Sean Foley working with Tiger on the range as they were just a few paces from where Gary was working with Brian. Sean was trying to keep Tiger from hitting the ball left with his driver. Tomorrow the actual tournament gets under way for Brian with a 1:35pm tee time.
Lyric for the song Smile In Your Sleep by Jim McLean as sung by *** Gaughan
Jim McLean punches BBC reporter John Barnes I wish Jim McLean was still around 2day, he knew how 2 deal with BBC staff
very mate !! John Jacobs, David Leadbetter and Jim McLean good place to start
back to the Jim McLean thinking. In Thompson us fans trust.
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