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Jim Kelly

James Edward Kelly (born February 14, 1960) is a former American football quarterback in the NFL for the Buffalo Bills and the USFL's Houston Gamblers.

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Don't let this Sabres game distract you from the fact that Chris Hogan has more rings than Jim Kelly and Dan Marino combined
One better ...Jacoby Brissett has more Super Bowl rings than Philip Rivers & Dan Marino & Jim Kelly
Jim Kelly made ESPN's top 15 quarterbacks of all-time! We're not surprised. 😎
- Ben Bennett used to tell great stories about partying w/ U & Jim Kelly. 😉😉😉
how many SuperBowls Dan Marino, Wade Wilson, Jim Kelly, and Joe Theismann got all together.that's right 1..same as Flacco
you sure you weren't watching Thurman Thomas and Jim Kelly?
will there ever be a Jim Kelly or Thurman Thomas... or even a bills legend??
I ain't got time for Richard Roundtree over there! Lookin like Jim Kelly over there.😂😂😂.
Preliminary reports from Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly's biopsy shows no signs of cancer
Bills legend Jim Kelly says Tyrod Taylor is not a franchise QB.
So the Bills, who haven't had a qb since Jim Kelly don't want Tyrod Taylor, why the *** would the Browns? Draft someone... or someones
Jim Kelly saying Tyrod Taylor is not the answer for the Bills, I wonder if he sees a certain Ole Miss QB as a the perfect draft option 🤔🤔🤔
I have been high on him too but did you see Jim Kelly's thought on Taylor?
Jim Kelly: Tyrod Taylor is not Bills' quarterback of the future
never forget Jim Kelly beats up racist cops trying to stop him from going to a kung fu competition & steals their car in ENTER…
Jim Kelly, on ESPN's NFL Insiders, on what it will take to snap Buffalo's streak of 17 years without playoffs: "Tom Brady
so help me understand... Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson>>Marino, Jim Kelly, Dan Fouts, Warren Moon??.
It is my hope that will cast Dorsey Wright in something one day. If he was still alive I'd say the same about Jim Kelly (RIP).
Same can be said about Bure, Steven Gerrard, Ovechkin, Jim Kelly, Mike Gartner and Marcel Dionne
hey dimwit. Did you hear the name Hershel Walker, Doug Flutie, Jim Kelly. Proves how people hear what they want to
But did Ray Lewis or Jim Kelly or Michael Irvin ever get to play in TWO Russell Athletic Bowls? Didn't think so
Is Trent Dilfer better than Dan Marino? Is Brad Johnson better than Jim Kelly? Of course not.
Legends I would like to see Herschel Walker, Terry Bradshaw, Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly, Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith
ya Jim Kelly is his uncle and are u kidding? 4000 yds 31 TDs and 65% completion in his first year in SEC. That's amazin
Good one! John Elway lost twice as many Super Bowls than he won. Dan Marino and Jim Kelly lost them all. Trent Diff…
Jim Kelly says new room at ECMC sheds light on his journey through football and battling cancer twice:.
Ottawa Rose 2016, Sarah Griffin pictured here with the new Irish Ambassador to Canada, Jim Kelly at the Irish...
Mississippi quarterback Chad Kelly, the nephew of Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, was involved in a brawl at...
Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly stars in new TV ad for Sen. Chuck Schumer - Auburn Citizen (blog)
That's the late great Jim Kelly on the receiving end of that atrocious Craig Gordon tackle.
yes. But also that he has that same work ethic. Toughness of Jim Kelly. Etc etc.
Loved what I saw from Wentz. But I think we might be getting just a little carried away w/the Brees & Jim Kelly comps. Tap the breaks, folks
Just remember WPIAL Insider thinks District 9 is a joke but wants to steal our QB, Jim Kelly, as 1 of their own.
"everyone thinks they're Pam and Jim when really they're probably closer to Ryan and Kelly." - Mindy Kaling
Jim was telling Kelly about a shot with three olives and red bull. Kelly says oh well did you eat all the olives??
Kelly has not been killing it lately...
First, we set the time machine to let us remove John Saxon and Jim Kelly from Enter the Dragon so we can change this
Tom Flores and Jim Plunkett VS Marv Levy and Jim Kelly ! 2 won , not in HOF , 2 lost 4 Super Bowls in Hall of Fa…
Jim Kelly said on this morning that Bills fans are loyal that's why they're the best. Doesn't mean we're silent.
Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz reminds his OC of Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly and Andrew Luck: Eagles quart...
Jim Kelly & Joe Namath know some rivalries never die. . The & are ready to renew theirs. .
I liked a video Jim Kelly talks about Bruce Lee's Sparring Ability
Even in 2016, Joe Namath and Jim Kelly still talk trash.
People like to focus on the list of QB's the have had since Jim Kelly, but what about the list of coaches since Marv? Equally brutal.
Watch Joe Namath and Jim Kelly talk a lot of trash before the Jets-Bills game
ICYMI: The Bills only have two retired numbers. —Jim Kelly's No. 12. —And after last night, Bruce Smith's No. 78   10% Off
Reich: Wentz is a combination of Andrew Luck and Jim Kelly
Frank Reich: Carson Wentz reminds me of Jim Kelly a little bit
During tonight's Jets-Bills game, Bruce Smith will join Jim Kelly as the only Bills to have their jerseys retired.
Jim Kelly knows his nephew, Chad, got away with one there.
With his uncle in attendance, Chad Kelly had a turnover for every Super Bowl that Jim Kelly lost.
is really good. 2nd best team I've seen this week. Jim Kelly has 2 b incredibly thankful & proud of his son.
Chad Kelly got a cannon.He'll be everything Johnny Manziel should've been in the league. Gots heart just like his uncle Jim Kelly too
See thats how it goes people also thought Jim Kelly was dead !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee needing you ALIVE !!!
Thank you Marcy Ferguson for the amazing opportunity! Thank you Jim Kelly for your incredible help and being an...
leader in Rec TDs Michael Irvin 26. Miami has 6 players in the Hall of Fame so far Warren Sapp, Jim Otto, Cortez Kennedy, Jim Kelly
On this date 30 years ago, Jim Kelly signed with the Bills and became our forever number 12! http…
Jim Kelly on the magazine editor who played ‘acid golf’ with Hunter S. Thompson via
Jim Kelly co-starred w/ Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon,then was in the blaxploitation film Black Belt Jones
as Troy's lookin over Jim Kelly's shoulder😳
uh Jim Kelly and Matt Ryan are your two comps ? Taylor isn't close to either. He's a small, often hurt C QB.
Peyton is different, he made a lot of HOFer. Jim Kelly didnt make Bruce Smith
Donovan McNabb played in 4 consecutive conference title games, joining only Jim Kelly & Tom Brady as only QBs to do so
Jim Kelly should be more ashamed than Scott Norwood. Marv Levy should be more ashamed. Thurman, Lofton, Reed... I hate kickers but *** son.
Before the Bills come back, Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly brings his one-day football camp to St. John Fisher College.
There's more than just football at Jim Kelly's St. John Fisher College camp
This is wonderful news: Jim Kelly remains cancer free.
Panel on Robots as Proxies in SF w/Ted Chiang, Jim Kelly, Josh Jasper, Terence Taylor, Jo Walton
Bills great Jim Kelly shows no signs of cancer after biopsy
Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly back in NYC hospital for biopsy after recent cancer scans were "inconclusive"
Shout out to Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas though!
Someone should've told Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, and Bruce Smith that they could've just signed with Dallas to win a ring.
Lionel Messi is 0-4 in major title games. Jim Kelly can feel his pain.
Most people have hear of Jim Kelly (Black Belt Jones). Even some of you are familiar with Ron Van Clief (The...
That case Terry Bradshaw, Trent Dilfer and Jim Kelly are the greatest ever
Video of Jim Kelly making his pitch in Albany today...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Last week began with a feel-good scene of Rex Ryan and Jim Kelly sharing laughs at Kelly's charity golf tourn...
Jim Kelly says 2016 could be Rex Ryan's last season with the Bills via
Jim Kelly: Rex Ryan will be fired if if miss playoffs
Jim Kelly believes Rex Ryan’s job could be in jeopardy if the Bills miss the playoffs again
Jim Kelly: 'Everybody knows' Rex Ryan probably will be fired if Bills miss playoffs 😂😂😂😂
Rex Ryan must make playoffs or he'll be fired, Jim Kelly says - ESPN Buffalo, Bills, buffalobills
Jim Kelly: If Bills miss playoffs, Rex Ryan could be out
Jim Kelly had part of his jaw cut out & still speaks well. *** with Jake Coker, Pac man, & Mike Wallace
Jim Kelly should sit down with Johnny *** face and show him what it takes to be a man and be an ultimate professional. So good.
Jim Kelly's interview was awesome! It reminds me of my later years... George washingtons teeth.
Replace Ted Hendricks with Jim Kelly and you're good.
Jim Kelly brings up Bruce Smith's joke about the best Bills' players not having their number retired. Says "I know! OJ's in ja…
Jim Kelly: Bruce Smith always says your number is retired and you're not the best player. Jim response, I know but OJ…
Jim Boeheim & Jim Kelly are coming to Roc. Plus local football team needs help getting to Cowboys Stadium. All on at 5
Chuck Fusina a better QB than Jim Kelly, Steve Young? Carl Peterson explains why
Jim Kelly for the Stamford Peace with a nice drive and bank off the glass.
Dude, if it wasn't for Adam Vinatieri's last second field goals in NE Super Bowls,Tom Brady would be Jim Kelly.
The blame for the demise of the cab trade must lay with Steve Macnamara, Grant Davies & Jim Kelly (Unite), as mush as with TFL.
Same with Aikman...i mean Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have SBs while Marino and Jim Kelly have 0, circumstance is huge
Poll: Is Bruce Smith or Jim Kelly the best player in Bills history?
You seriously met Corey Feldman? That is so awesome :-) Biggest celebs I've met are Jim Kelly and Robin Williams.
Why Carson Wentz makes Philadelphia Eagles OC Frank Reich think of Jim Kelly via
Jim Kelly and John Saxon starred with Bruce Lee in what 1973 martial arts movie?
Are there any chances of us seeing a Deuce McAllister or a Jim Kelly in this year or next years game?
Jim Kelly coached up Cardale Jones on the first day of rookie minicamp (video):
Video: Cardale Jones and Jim Kelly talking 1-on-1 after Bills practice today. Hall of Fame QB and the rook.
Hi Frank! At least it was a 2nd, 2nd rounder. The big difference between Jim Kelly & Tom Brady might be Adam Vinatieri.
Jim Kelly has more natural talent than Tom Brady. Kelly also had terrific coach & great weapons. Only one had Adam Vinat…
Jim Kelly and Bruce Lee practicing on the set of "Enter the Dragon"
Mike Nolan claiming passed on Aaron Rodgers due2 his "cockiness". If that's the case,they would've prob passed up on Marino&Jim Kelly
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Jim Kelly (left) speaks at the podium while Andy Russell steps down.
Jim Kelly was my fav. Buf. Bill. My first Steeler game was the Franco Immaculate reception playoff game in '72' !
Saying Lebron deserves to be on the same level as Kobe and Jordan is basically saying Jim Kelly on the same level as Brad…
...Jim Kelly, Rick Barry, Darrell Griffith, Denny Crum, Dennis Haskins so far HALL OF FAME WEEK Hope you're enjoying it!! I am!
If we don't get a QB this year, I will want to keep an eye on Jim Kelly's nephew Chad and Brad Kaaya.
The fact that I'm currently in the same room as Kyle Williams, Jim Kelly, Frank Reich, Steve Tasker, and Manny Lawson... Wow
How could there be articles about the bills trading away Tyrod Taylor?? Makes no sense. . Bills would trade first good qb since Jim Kelly...?
Black Belt Jones (1974)   Jim Kelly and Gloria Hendry Two people - one complete outfit
Getting Back Up: . Jim Kelly and the mindset that beat cancer (twice).
reserves beat Thirds in Graham Cup 3-8 to 0-9. Jim Kelly scored 0-8 for the Emmets.
Curtis martin, Namath, Jim Kelly, Pryor, Ty Law, Tyler Boyd, DeAndre Kane, Aaron Donald!! Goes on and on
Sláinte and happy St. Patrick's Day from Rex Ryan and Jim Kelly to you! ☘
Joe Don Baker, Charles Bronson, and Jim Kelly. Sadly lost in the modern shuffle of Vin Diesels and John Cenas.
true. But I'd put both Troy Aikman & Jim Kelly before Eli. He has more to prove & the years to do it.
EVERYTIME l hear Mr Roper cant help thinking of Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon where Jim Kelly is 'Mr Wooper' makes me laugh
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
PSM's Dr. Jim Kelly travelling to Zambia this week to participate in the PanAfrican Conference presenting 'Drought Tolerance' bean research!
Thye same way Fran Tarkenington and Jim Kelly and Barry Sanders all blew theirs? How many championship rings do YOU have Dave?
Chad and Jim Kelly share stories of faith, perseverance at Ole Miss FCA breakfast favorite scene growing up..R.I.P Jim Kelly..(movie clipz!!)
LeSean McCoy, Jim Kelly, and Ralph Wilson- recapping the top stories from the this week.
I’ve introduced many speakers over years.Jim Kelly is 1st to send thank u gift basket.Thoughtful and unnecessary.
out there watch this! Great Doc. Ft. Fred Williamson, Jim Kelly, Ron O'Neal, & more...
Born on this date: Jim Kelly, Drew Bledsoe, Steve McNair, John Anderson... see more:
Wasn't it Ken Norton, Jr. that knocked Jim Kelly out of XXVII?
favorite football players of all time: Tom Brady, Jim Kelly, Julian Edelman
bootlegs on 3-1, second quarter. Jim Kelly ballin hard in the Rust Belt
so Manning, Wilson, Jim Kelly, Fran Tarkenton, Gannon, Dawson, etc liked to lose? They were pros and leaders in the bad times too
and Dale Jr Tin. I appreciate it guys! Putting Moss on Wall now and Jim Kelly in a hat case
no, you don't understand, that's how you win. Look at the Steve bartkowski, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly s , Payton manning lose.
Cam Newton walks out on press conference. Jim Kelly & Fran Tarkenton did it with class several times; true colors shown when you lose
oh in that case Fran Tarkenton is the best and do is Jim Kelly
Jim Kelly & Fran Tarkenton had to answer the media FOUR TIMES as the SB losing QB...Cam couldn't handle ONE?
Actually fewer cuz Fran Tarkenton lost like 3 of 'em and so did Jim Kelly.
Dan Fouts, Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton, Jim Kelly are do happy Manning finally got his second SB
Fran Tarkenton, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly shoulda finished up their careers in Denver.
DJing a pre game event hosted by Joe Theismann, Jim Kelly, and Curley Culp. Food catered by NOBU.
Watching - '93 Dennis Miller introducing Jim Kelly, each from Cool to see Tim Russert, too.
Bret Hart and Jim Kelly were two of my hero's growing up, Jim beat his cancer and I know Bret will beat his!
NFL fans rally for Jim Kelly's cancer fight -
Peyton Manning is now 4-1 in Conference Championship Games tying Jim Kelly for 2nd best record ever. John Elway is 5-1.
So Tom Brady is now not only the next Joe Montana w/ 4 SB rings , but he is the next Jim Kelly w/ 4 AFC championship losses.
what was your opinion of Jim Kelly the QB and Miguel Angel Gonzalez the fighter?
I personally would like to see Ernest Miller, Retro John Saxon & Jim Kelly, Bolo Yeung & JCVD, Chuck Norris 1/2
If we look at Jim Kelly's Character in "Enter the Dragon" we see his afro + style inspired other movies and video game characters …
Congrats to Jim Kelly on his appointment as Ambassador to Canada, Bahamas and Jamaica. Changeover will take place in the …
- Everyone talks about Dan Marino no ring, did not really deserve, Jim Kelly did
I think your dad is Jim Kelly or you're just a big bills fan 😂😂😂😬
I'm wondering if Brian Kelly or Jim Mora will be interviewed for any of the HC jobs??? Mora would be a perfect fit for the
Breaking: ESPN reports that the San Francisco 49ers to interview both Chip Kelly & Sean Payton to replace fired coach Jim Tomsula.
They continued the same theme after Rhonda. The 90's Bills and Jim Kelly host the following week.
thanks for voting David Kelly into our Hall of Fame!
Its always brilliant to get feed back thank you Kelly:. "It's a great place to train! Lovely how all sorts of...
I'm just trying to be a Jim looking for his Pam...but instead I'm more of a Michael attracting Kelly's, Jan's and Angela's 😐
we already went through that should have never let Jim go! I'm gonna lose it if they hire chip Kelly's *** too
Jim Kelly invited to throw out first pitch at minor-league team's "Runner-Up Night"
With the Giants job opening up, hopefully Sean Payton will go there. Chip Kelly will go to Tennessee. That will leave Jim M…
. All off Kelly McCann's (aka Jim Grover) material is 1st class. Last line of this video clip is excellent/funny!!
Favorite NFL weekend moment watching Jim Kelly ex-Bills QB and cancer survivor throw errant caught pass from sideline to fans in the stand
Revisiting Jim Derogatis and Jessica Hopper's 2013 work on R. Kelly in the Village Voice this morning.
best part of 30 for 30 on the Bills is finding out what a complete *** Jim Kelly really was
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Come meet Buffalo Bills Legend Jim Kelly in Toronto, March 23rd 2016 - Order your early bird tickets today for...
Among QBs Chiefs have faced in last 8 playoff games: Jim Kelly, Marino, Elway, Manning twice, Luck.
I wonder if James Kelly has forgotten what happened to Jim Murphy when he suggested we ditch the sectarianism laws?
goals: Jim and Pam. reality: Ryan and Kelly
Check out this great event we're helping promote. Meet Jim Kelly and help raise money for
Russell Wilson wishes he could be Jim Kelly
Jets punter Ryan Quigley’s 21-yard shank out of end zone caught by ex-Bills QB Jim Kelly
Jim Kelly on Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly: 'He has an arm that is very special'
Seeing the sheer joy in Jim Kelly at the Sugar Bowl celebrating his nephew's big night is great to see. That guy has had to fight thru a lot
Matt Ryan passed Jim Kelly and Steve DeBerg for 23rd all-time in pass completions.
it did have some big names Steve Young, Jim Kelly, Reggie White and Hershel Walker.
Bill Polian going to the hall is like Peyton Manning getting inducted twice...Jim Kelly was a help too
Tyrod Taylor is closing in on Doug Flutie and Jim Kelly's Bills season records:
Jim Kelly and Bruce Smith are in the house!
Great show again tonight - tell Jim he needs to brush up on Lynch & Goff ! I love Jim Kelly 's nephew as well.
Dan Marino, Jim Kelly... Or You can get a Trent Dilfer vs Jeff Hostetler? Stats matter right?
Hurts to think Jim Kelly would be in a Miller Lite "Touchdown, Kelly. Unbelievable" commercial if things went different
LOL at Jimmy Johnson busting Jim Kelly's balls at the ESPY's
*** they had Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, Andre Reid, & Thurman Thomas and they still lost.
This is the real deal and why I studied the Buddy Rich books of drumming. Bryan Cooper . "Coop", Jim Kelly, John...
I still don't get how Andre Reed and Jim Kelly thinks 12+83 = 6 but oh well
yea he was Jim Kelly's backup. Went to Boca Raton High School
Richt is a good pickup for UM. Boca High alum, backed up Jim Kelly. Recruited Geno Atkins, Blair Walsh, Aaron Murray, Sony Michael in SoFla
Joe Montana, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Payton Manning😀 Terry Bradshaw, Doug Williams, Jim Kelly all have proven this.
One day that'll be an old and frail Jim Kelly embracing (insert Bills Super Bowl winner/hall of famer QB here) and I'll lose it.
He's tied with Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Fran Tarkenton, Dan Fouts, Ken Anderson, Boomer and all Eagles QBs
Hey Taylor, you are just like Jim Kelly. When you play like crap, you act hurt.
Jim Kelly wasn't exactly splitting atoms and he called his own plays. Something tells me Taylor could do it
Matt Hasselbeck needs just 25 passing yards vs. the Falcons to pass Jim Kelly (35,467) for 22nd All-Time
not saying that, just saying if Jim Kelly has any power are they really gonna let the kid fall
Make Tracy, Kelly, Brian, Saray, Janet, Jim, your producers, listen to Pasadena, the Water, Bad Liquor Pond... as they carry your message!
Jim Kelly son Chad Kelly out here killing it !
Jim Kelly's Nephew has scored at will today.
I'm liking this Chad Kelly kid more and more He isn't scared or doesn't get discouraged He has a lot his unc Jim in him
Chad Kelly! Uncle Jim wishes he had those moves!
jim Kelly nephew is running the ball
CJ Beathard now moves exactly like every 90s NFL QB I grew up watching. Jim Kelly, Troy Aikman, broken Beathard. Same guys.
Jim Kelly's nephew from Ole Miss.and the Clemson Tigers favorite college QBs
Yes! Me and a friend once dressed up as rosie and Jim, i'll see if I can find a photo! I was obsessed!
Yeah think so!! I used to watch that at lunchtime in 6th form! Another favourite was Rosie and Jim!
Jim Kelly spoke at Jubilee Jobs of Lexington today. I'll have more on his inspirational story at 6 on
I think it's kinda cool how Chad Kelly is Jim Kelly's nephew.
I told ya QB to play like Jim Kelly not Ryan leaf
I mean if Jim Kelly and a squash racquet aren't a help in the post-apocalypse I don't know what better options there are.
yes I have two Jim Kelly club level tickets for Sale
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Jim Kelly, KSG, always called it "Festina Lente". It works for me. Great advice here. Thank you
My favorite moment between these team is where Jim Kelly scored TD as the time expired, over Dolphins in Miami.
My dad, who wore a serious fro (a la Jim Kelly) in the 70's, 80's and 90's is now dissing mine. These are dark times 😂
Jarrett Warshaw plus Jim Hearn & alum present at the Wealth, Power... session in Mineral F at 10:45.
If you think about it though... What a job Jim Mcelwain had done
So did Jim Kelly and you see how did him in Enter the Dragon
Nope. It's Jim Kelly as 'Black Belt Jones', I think I may have to switch to the other one.
Andrew Luck reminds me of Jim Kelly in that he HATES throwing the ball away.. Forces throws (good & bad), Jimbo was notorious for that.
Jim Kelly era? I was in Toronto in those days. Marv Levy, Thurman Thomas, remember it well if that is your time.
I was reading someones status today talking martial arts. It included my favorites Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly. I...
Always great seeing Paul Somerville and Keith Thomas! Both celebrating with Jim Kelly.
Still remember Willie Clay's pick 6 off Jim Kelly to beat the Bills... Thanksgiving '94. It was electric, and I was hooked
Georgia's Mark Richt, who backed up Jim Kelly at Miami fit Howard S.; and of course, Tommy Tuberville
The Bills haven't had a good QB since Jim Kelly. PERIOD. Greg Roman needs to pack his bags.
Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas not walking thru that door
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jim Kelly at NFL regent st tomorrow! And at this rate I'll be able to head over straight from work 😒
but better, Herschel and Flutie and Steve Young and Jim Kelly! They were awesome
I watched Last Dragon not too long ago so I'm good. Jim Kelly, John Saxon & the man himself are calling me if this keeps up.
Celebrity and Grandmaster Liam Stone Fansite suggested to share this video of Jim Kelly and John Saxon of Enter...
Just about to head into meeting about NFL on Regent Street event. Features team appearances and legends such as Jim Kelly & Thurman Thomas.
Carson Palmer passed Jim Kelly for 25th all-time in pass TD's.
Got to meet the legend,Jim Steranko, this weekend, only artist to ever tell a story in 1 pic beginning middle & end
even the Jim Kelly Kiss Of Death can't stop Carolina.
Amazing. I remember Jim Kelly and all the Super Bowl appearances. I swore the Bills won one of them. I see what you mean.
Take it from a Bills fan who has wished for a QB since Jim Kelly retired, you never take out a guy as good as Peyton!
I could pleasure you all day and all night long xxx DM me
This offense reminds me of the K-Gun offense the Bills ran under Marv Levy & directed by Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas & Andre Reed
😓 Sorry Kelly's I always cheer for Bills except when they play my Bengals. Was always a tough game with Boomer and Jim
I think it's time for Jim Kelly to start coaching!
I think our coaches should apologize to Chad and Jim Kelly. It's the least you can do for a Hall of Famer
I know squat about football, but the whole team seems to just wander around the field. Can't Jim Kelly be asked to help?
Yup, it's all unfocused anger and 'because it's Buffalo' and Jim Kelly was the only one who ever loved me and
Here's the quick math for you: The day before I turned 8. I'm 23 now. And to think we haven't been considered "good" since Jim Kelly era.
Landry Jones looking like Jim Kelly out there
watching Chinese conection one of the greatest martial artist jim Kelly
Jeez, we're going to need to sign , and Jim Kelly back with all these injuries happening.
I think Freeze's feelings were hurt when Jim Kelly told the truth about play calls on TV last weekend
always had a soft spot for that franchise personally, loved Jim Kelly, Cornelius Bennett, Thurman Thomas as a kid
That, is very True! Better yet, why not go to Jim Kelly for some advice.
I say we bring Jim Kelly out of retirement & let him get it done!!
Breakfast with Joe, Kelly and the little girls (@ Jim's Restaurant in San Antonio, TX)
Watching my Bill's-Great to see Jim Kelly on the sidelines!
Dec. 15, 1990 - Phil Simms and Jim Kelly both got hurt. One returned. One did not. STORY:
Jim Kelly giving EJ Manuel the fiver, classic!
Jim Kelly on the bills sideline, love it! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Manuel looking like Jim kelly with all day to throw
niether did Marino or Jim Kelly...the list goes on...the HOF is not for Champions its for Greatness
The secondary is making EJ Manuel look like Jim Kelly.
Jim Kelly on the sideline today for Bills/Bengals game. Providing support for EJ Manuel's first start since last year?
Today seems like a good day for me to wear a Jim Kelly jersey
I had to look jim up. Never heard of jim ,
Spending this Bills game in the Jim Kelly Club!
Jim Mora and Brian Kelly could use this reminder
Bills legend Jim Kelly is all smiles and handing out hugs during pregame.
Noon o'clock and the drink line in the Jim Kelly club is officially being served
God I hope not. Tyrod Taylor is the best QB we've had since Jim Kelly.
Today's guest on News Agents at 2.30pm is Jim Kelly creator of detective-journalist Philip Dryden
they both suck get Jim Kelly out of retirement so he can lose in the Super Bowl
Today I learned: Jim Kelly still holds the record for the most passing yards for the Buffalo Bills and was born in Pittsburgh!
I got promoted went from working on the bar area to the Jim Kelly Club 😃
- I keep hearing USC has interest in both Notre Dame's Brian Kelly & UCLA's Jim Mora Jr - Not sure they can get either.
GrandMaster Vic Moore: Defeated Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jim Kelly and all of the national cha… via
Happy Birthday to my WingPup, Chomperton Sharkie Jim Kelly Acre... Better known as Chomp 🎉
BFR Stat of the Week: So random that it links the great Jim Kelly to the not so great Kelly Holcomb & J.P. Losman:
purely based on college play: tebow, cam newton, Jim Kelly, manziel, RG3, mariota are all better
Tyrod Taylor and EJ Manuel are the new Jim Kelly and frank reich
This time in color: Jim Kelly and Gloria Hendry - "Black Belt Jones" (1974)
They sent the trash crew to fade Jim Kelly at the beginning of Black Belt Jones.
Congrats to Tom Brady on Take that Roger Goodell and Mark Brunell , Jim Kelly , Marshall Faulk and . # patriot haters!
, added him to my prayer list with Kevin Turner, Jim Kelly and others
Checking out a Turner Movie Classic featuring Jim Kelly and Fred Williamson. Loved this movie.
Jim Kelly talking trash to Tom Brady is like Martha Stewart talking about paying your taxes, and about Jerry Jones, one word KARMA
no. he is a JUCO junior college transfer. his uncle Jim Kelly played QB for buffalo bills.
yeah Hun I'm well aware who that is😂 his uncle is Jim Kelly, must run in the family
QB Chad Kelly showed he has some of his uncle Jim Kelly's magic in him as he led Ole Miss (15) to a shocking upset AT Ala…
With Joe Namath and Jim Kelly at Broadway&Birdies For Babies in Bethpage, LI. Charity raised over 1.2M LEGENDS!!
A big welcome to our newest hire Jim Kelly our new Chief Revenue Officer. Welcome!
Had random thoughts about Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, even Don Beebe. I had a friend who loved the Bills.
Marcus Mariota joins Fran Tarkenton (4) and Jim Kelly (3) as the only Rookie quarterbacks since 1960 to throw 3 touchdown in Week 1.
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