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Jim Jones

Reverend James Warren Jim Jones (May 13, 1931 – November 18, 1978) was the founder and leader of the Peoples Temple, which is best known for the November 18, 1978 mass suicide of 909 Temple members in Jonestown, Guyana along with the killings of five other people at a nearby airstrip.

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New Yorker got10,000 new subscriptions in 3 days after election; Mother Jones, Atlantic see big increases, too:
I truly hope Alvin sees what we've all known about T.Jones after these last 2 games. He better keep him above 30min ROS
I'm I'm a shameless self-serving liar fraud on the order of Jim Jones. And, darn it, conservatives like me…
Terrence Jones is fired up, scoring 5 more quick points and rejecting a Magic shot on D. Jones 21 pts. Orl 54-52 at 7:45 in 3Q
finally a good stretch of offense, cut Orl lead to 54-47 early 3Q. Would be in big trouble without Terrence Jones (16 pts, 7 reb)
Jim Jones snaps at interviewer when asked if Max B helped him write "We Fly High (Ballin')"
And you are a 'Reverend' in the same way as Jim Jones
Jim Jones said Max B didn't write Ballin or any of his other songs ever
Donald Trump still has the self confidence of Jim Jones passing out cyanide laced kool-aid.
yes and Reverend Marshall as the People's Temple's Jim Jones
America will regret like Germany regretted Hitler and families regretted Jim Jones when their loved ones died
Where exactly was Dean while this lady went all Jim Jones on her family and Sam?
Pete Rock - We Roll (Ft. Jim Jones, Max B) - now being played on Visit us and listen!
Jim Jones - Jamaican Joint you still in them Gucci's, boobie, you get it right, it's Emilio Pucci, hoochie...
. You are in the soda minority. In the words of Reverend Jim Jones. I'm trying to prove a point god *** it
Harvey Milk used to prey on kids like that with Jim Jones. They put Harvey on a stamp
drink the koolaid, Sarah. You're the modern day version of a Jim Jones cult member.
Killa Cam and Jim Jones throw jabs at each other on IG
lusty trumpty is serving watered down codeine at his rallys, while prepping with Jim Jones audio tapes.
Max B x Jim Jones x Stack Bundles Bury me in my Gucci
Really glad I graduated from the same university as 3 members of the Symbionese Liberation Army AND Jim Jones
this one is missing s after power. Powers Boothe did a ,masterful job as Jim Jones in Guyana Tragedy.
I never shoulda turned at the end of Jim Jones, I shoulda just kept going straight.
When I hear Trump now, all the narcissism, paranoia, and fear of defeat, reminds me of Powers Boothe's Jim Jones portrayal at Kool aid part
Jim Jones. Ted Bundy. Charles Manson. Hitler . for starters...☻. the dangerous sociopath appeals 2 the i…
Trump's gonna doctor that up with a little Jim Jones juice for the hardcore deplorables.
Two choices, a glass of battery acid or a glass full of Jim Jones best fruit punch. You're choice. Don't forget to vote.
Jim Jones had power over his people.. So did Charlie Manson for that matter..
Of course, many bad guys over the years have been charming. Adolph Hitler, Barry Soetoro, Napoleon Bonaparte, Jim Jones. Awful bad
Jim Jones - "Powder Trip" (J.Cole ReVamp) F/ Philthy Rich one of the funniest videos on the internet
There is not a Republican alive or dead that thinks Trump is anything like Reagan. Trump is a clone of Jim Jones.
point is not legitimizing radicalism by calling it Islam. Do u believe David Koresh & Jim Jones were Christian?
with those that believe in him, they all have been Jim Jones. Hilary ain't the first crook to run
For the same reason we don't call Timothy McVeigh or Jim Jones a Christian one.
. Hannan long been the Jim Jones of Brexit. Speaks like he's got ping pong ball in throat +nothing up top
On page 78 of 368 of American Heiress, by Jeffrey Toobin: Well, Jim Jones and Sara Jane ...
Movement or Cult? Civil Rights was a movement. Jim Jones was a cult. Unless there is a plan to change every seat in Congress, this is a cult
Nice mention of this coming Friday's Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind gig on Marc Riley's 6 Music show last... https:…
Only time I liked Kid Cudi was when Jim Jones hopped on Day n Nite
Ron Browz ft Jim Jones and Juelz Santana - Pop Champaign (Remix) on
Allen Iverson is definitely the first Basketball Hall of Famer to shout out Cam, Jim Jones, Fab, Jadakiss and Tupac in one spe…
Finished a book on Patty Hearst so of course now I'm reading one on Jim Jones. Love that weird California cult/politics history.
Listen to M.O.B. Members of Byrdgang by Jim Jones on
ZOMG WHY does Austin Peterson look like Val Kilmer playing Jim Jones?
I'm not bragging...but I currently have more followers than Jim Jones and David Koresh ever has combined. Kool-aid anyone?
Salafism has as much to do with Islam as Warren Jeffs/David Karesh/Jim Jones had to do with Christianity.
And Trump is the Charles Ponzi, Joseph Mengele, Jim Jones, and on and on and on.
Since Westboro Baptist Church lost with their endorsement of Jim Jones looks like they're ready to endorse
Trump is the Jim Jones of politics. His followers have passed the cool aid test & are on the cliff waiting to jump. All g…
Being an SJW seems pretty easy, actually. I believe in Jim Jones.
Leadership seminar (on video of course) from David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Charles Manson.
I repeat Pastor E Adeboye is a trashy lunatic Christian fundamentalist radical who's enslaved his followers like David Koresh & Jim Jones
all the fruitcakes are going to Jim Jones it together like lemmings over the cliff at the Grand Canyon
He has a box of cliff notes from the Jim Jones hand book
Obama gave Jim Jones the cyanide and Kool-Aid for the Jonestown Massacre. SHAME!
Toledo United 0:1 Milwaukee Bavarians FT in PLA semifinals. Brett Dietz with the lone goal 28', Jim Jones with the clean sheet.
Jim Jones still ain't drop Ghost of Rich Porter 2 smfh
US Navy planning to name ship after Sodomite champion and Jim Jones pal Harvey Milk:.
I just found out Jim Jones has a bday close to mine. along with Albert Fish and Jeffrey Dahmer. Excellent I'm in great company 🙂
I added a video to a playlist Cheri Dennis - I Love You (Feat. Jim Jones and Yung Joc) (video)
this exchange is hilarious & irrelevant but I must say Jim Jones oops Donald Trump have some serious followers.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
So did Jim Jones before he made everyone drink the kool aide laced with deadly poison .
"Those that" means.lets stop this and find a chopper to Jim Jones-ville.
The convention in Cleveland reminds me of a mix between a Jim Jones cult meeting and the Minions movie
A-Mafia featuring Jim Jones - The Jects [Yvonne Elliman sample still mesmerizes me to this day]
this song is so good... Jim Jones n Trey Songz were one helluva combo back then 🔥🔥
Mason prof Jim Jones has received grant from Mitre, to study cybersecurity challenges
Rev. Jeff Hood has that Jim Jones thing about him. I wouldn't trust him with a 10 ft poll.
Jeff Hood is Jim Jones, resurrected. If you believe in Jesus, read His warnings.
Jim Jones documents an unpleasant evening last night for Shannon Babb.
You got Jim Jones & George Wallace rolling over in their graves(Bull O'Connor). Pathetic Nazi Nut.
Hov vs. Jim Jones, c'mon Jay aint have to entertain Jimmy lol
Santorum would can be compared to Jim Jones ! Heinrich Himmler ! A massive uber Right Religious BADFREAK
Jesus warned us to not follow after Messiahs. Not Joseph Smith, Or Mohammed or david Koresch or Jim Jones or Mary Baker Eddy.
DMX, Jim Jones and Other Rap Icons to Play One-Night Show at Apollo via DNAinfo #
...Branch Davidians or Jim Jones' people's temple. I hope Donald Trump doesn't find a way to capitalize, but we all know he will.
Coors holding a fundraiser for Donald Trump is like Kool-Aid naming a scholarship after Jim Jones.
Jim Jones taught me never let them tell you that you can't do what you think you can and be a trendsetter and not a follower
I'm a fan of Rashida Jones but god *** Karen nearly ruined everything for Jim & Pam
Some of y'all Stan so hard. Y'all clearly would have drunk that Jim Jones juice.
Most people have hear of Jim Kelly (Black Belt Jones). Even some of you are familiar with Ron Van Clief (The...
Exc: Corbyn refused to share voter registration lists with Stronger In. Blair gave secret pep talk on final day:
apparently jim Jones came into my job..n nobody told me...i couldn't give da *** my mixtape or nothing
A new favorite: All In feat. Charlie Rock & Travmbb (Prod. By Automatik) by on
Exactly, but I have followers who still are into that illusion & it is unfortunate... more like Jim Jones Kool-…
"I always just randomly run into Jim jones". LOLOLOL okk
Paul was the Jim Jones of the ancient world.
Man it's crazy because I remember when I use to think Jim Jones was the weakest rapper ever. Now these new *** make him look the GOAT
. I want to watch to rematch and Anthony Johnson. Also a rematch with Jon Jones
Had to take a break from Jim Jones and Ferg
Vinnie Jones' message to all those who think Britain's lost its Greatness.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I honestly feel bad that these ppl r so broken to fall into this Jim Jones like cult
just realised: for the record I'm talking about the rapper Jim Jones
Jim Jones killed 918 people with a picture of kool-aid. Again how will gun control prevent mass murder? Support
Friends had section with Jim jones last night and I got to see groupies live and in action
Chrissy &Jim Jones still are the cutest thing to me.
Cam a funny *** he told Jim jones *** verse get taken off everyday lol smh
November 18, 1978: Jim Jones led hundreds of his followers in a mass murder-suicide. 909 people would die that day. ht…
He said Reverend Jim Jones and every one in the Peoples Temple were assassinated. . Like, really? Lol. It was mass suicide. Duh
Jim Jones- Married To The Game, is my favorite song right now 🔊🔥‼️
reminds me of when Jim Jones asked people to drink the koolaid😳
Jim Jones still talking that ishhh.!
I added a video to a playlist We Fly High "Ballin" Jim Jones
Kanye is the Jim Jones of hip hop.and his fans are the poisoned Kool-Aid sippers
Reverend Jim Jones: welcome new arrivals, the first thing you may notice about me is how funny & self-reflective I am
This is the speech that Jim Jones made just before they started dishing out the Kool-Aid.
Website Builder 728x90
The Kitchen by Jim Jones is an official mixtape right?
i got a very Jim Jones-y vibe after flipping through this Pharos app.
Jim Jones would have really love you just that type he went afte that live in a fantasy. HRC was not my choice.
Listen to Harlem: Diary of a Summer by Jim Jones on
and don't forget Jim Jones in the beginning was highly endorsed by evangelicals and politicians 🤔🇺🇸
lol man said undeniable I beg to differ this Gucci won't slap Jim Jones over will shake his hand
Casual expertise: Tudor England, word origins and meanings, Jim Jones and the People's Temple, colonial era Africa
There has never been a more accurate comparison: Jim Jones & Eduardo Serio
I used to have a kind of autistic interest in cult leaders. Him, David Koresh, Jim Jones.
Jim Jones & Chrissy Lampkin are BACK🔥 They have been filming a new show with a couple months now! 🎥🎬 stay tuned😏
Jim Jones says Max B could have been "as big as Drake right now"
The Sacrament (directed by Ti West) was just a little too VICE meets Jim Jones to be great, good, but not great.
Weld uses analogy to Jim Jones cult to explain Trump's fevered following
incredible weirdo sound collage record by Gonzo with samples from Jim Jones, David Koresh, & Harold Camping
Jim Jones crys on IG about his verse on "Oh Yeah" getting taken off, Cam'ron responds :dead:
Order Miche Bag Online!
sounded like Jim Jones ghost might sound !! He was Chaney's cheerleader that delivered Lie after Lie !! The cool aid is great
The people got out and are gone forever. Pay attention. Wasting time, money, and gas. Jim Jones cult is not happening again.
Cam'ron remembers rapping for Biggie, Ma$e teaching Jim Jones how to rap, why Hov and Un really beefed & more
.Jim Jones, David Kirash, Marshall Applewhite All serial liars.Causing over 1000 suicides. LESSON to be LEARNED don…
I like that me and my family had met Herb Baumeister and my grandpa had met Jim Jones. We were destined to have a spooky life.
Rude and Rotten Republicans. *His supporters are looking more like a "Cult" than Americans. Is Trump new Jim Jones? https:…
It fits w/ the Jim Jones variety of cult he has assembled.Drug Daddy sits on his butt, they…
a Secret Service guy for JFK, an Indian scout for General George Custer and a Guyanese real estate agent for Jim Jones
Islam is a death cult for Arab supremists. Mohammad was no more a prophet of God than Jim Jones.
Instead of carly . He knows carly Lombard would tell all about the safes Jim Jones stole . They harrass Dave fay and bully him
David Koresh, Jim Jones, Joseph Smith, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa all had a burden for souls.
Jim Jones said Dipset the new black panthers I was 😂😂😂.
Yep, Jim Jones and David Koresh all over again.
Ed Lee in nobody but Jim Jones and he runs this city like he ran The People's Temple! No wonder things are so terrible! Nuke-em
Excavating the Mystery of Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple: Fielding McGehee and his wife Rebecca Moore are s...
5 years ago! Holy cow! But Jim Wilson will be at Luna Rossa Winery May 12th and Jim Jones will be at Luna Rossa...
Making Leo Varadkar Minister of Social Protection is like letting Jim Jones mix the drinks at a party
Choosing Trump or Hillary is like choosing Jim Jones or Jodi Arias. . Evil Cult leader vs Evil crazy loon.
Beck is resurrecting the evil spirit of Jim Jones.
Just a reminder to those who ... Jim Jones, David Koresh and Charles Manson also thought they were chosen by God.
I Love You - feat. Jim Jones and Yung Joc Main by Cheri Dennis ♫
Love and Hip hop had the best seasons with Yandy, Chrissy, Erica Mena, Jim Jones, Emily and Somaya and all them 💯😤
Only brainwashed cult members can keep backing Cruz after all of his corruption has been exposed! He's Jim Jones reinc…
I added a video to a playlist Jim Jones at Botany Bay - Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight
's comments remind me of the brainwashed, suicidal behaviour of the Jim Jones gang.
A South Korean cult that also recruits in Australia. Sounds kinda Jim Jones-esque |
Jim Jones recently returned to the scene with his Cut featuring Rich Homie Quan entitled…
He got a song with Jim Jones, Rich Homie Quan and ASAP Ferg called Finesse and it's decent asl
OK, it's the zombie apocalypse, are we really going to judge someone for wanting to Jim Jones his family?
accompanied with a Jim Jones verse may I add.
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Cruz leading his followers to Guyana just like Jim Jones to there death of the GOPe
.A big diff. btw the Jim Jones cult & the Al Gore cult is that for a while, 100s of people actually lived as Jones directed
The darkest cult in America: Laura Elizabeth Woollett on Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple
In this Freedom From Suffering NOW Blog Dr Steve Grinstead is interviewed by Jim Jones of Valley Forge Medical...
They are weak minded. He's just like Jim Jones & David Koresh.
"... That's why this chapter is called: DOMERGUE's GOT A… ♫ Jim Jones at Botany Bay by Jennifer Jason Leigh
says the guy whose actions and verbal puke resembles those of Jim Jones & David Koresh
Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson, We all know what happened! Wake up Trumpbots
We need a business man 2 run this country not Jim Jones & David Koresh
I compare people that vote for HRC to followers of David Koresh & Jim Jones. Blind faith in a corrupted HRC
David Koresh, Jim Jones, Charles Manson ALL CULT Controllers.. this is the Largest CULT on the planet.
***that is because they do not hv a religion, but a cult,like Jim Jones &David Koresh,. & sex is abuse,control,power*
Compared to Jim Jones and David Koresh by "loved ones".
They got an ATL Jim Jones wannabe on here lmao
I really just wanna see a show full of celebrity moms. Momma Dee, Rasheeda Mom, Frankie, Jim Jones mom, Samantha (lhhny) mom, Kandi mom
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Watch this new mother start acting like they been around like she momma Dee or Jim Jones mother🙄
A new favorite: PEEP THE HEAT Jim Jones - Harlem's American Gangster by jaypelle on
Kendrick got that dusty Jim Jones beard. I want to toss homie a Bevel razor so badly.
Won't make diff 2 Trump supporters who excuse everything he says & will follow him over the cliff just like Jim Jones ppl
Just like Jim Jones of Jonestown infamy, Cruzbots will follow their "prophet" right off the cliff.
Jim Jones's were lambs to the slaughter. Trump's are just lemmings plunging over the cliff.
Umm Timothy Mcvaye,Jeffery Dalhmer,Ted Bundy,Jim Jones,James Holmes,Dylan Kelbold,Eric Harriss,is it the Muslims we really need to-
My grow a beard game weak but my 5 o'clock shadow game on Jim Jones
As for Jim Jones & the Righteous Mind, well, appreciate they wanna be different to the Revue but didn't all work with a "neutral" crowd.
. Nancy, have you heard of Jim Jones?
Is it bad that the pastor here reminds me of Jim Jones
give them all the Jim Jones cool aid
Jimmy Swaggert & Jim Bakker & Jim Jones got women to sleep with them, so anything's possible, when you're Christ 2.0.
Jennifer Jason Leigh absolutely KILLS her rendition of Jim Jones at Botany Bay in Hateful Eight. Fantastic.
Peter Popoff is a modern day Jim Jones tbh
Listen to Certified Gangsta by Bezel, Cam'ron & Jim Jones on
You know who else was a strong leader? Jim Jones. Have another dixie cup of tang.
Jim Jones is the rap version of Tony Allen for Dipset
Bernie and Trump have both built cults.These people would have worshiped Jim Jones.
Trump campaign and his supporters are cancerous that can't be a cured. There is no difference between Trump and Jim Jones and their follower
Jim Jones is in the best dressed rappers Hall of Fame
he's no king or gandhi he's more a Jim Jones
♪♫ Remember what I say: They'll yet regret they sent Jim Jones in chains to Botany Bay
reminds me of a cross between Jim Baker and Jim Jones.
liberals like Debbie remind me of the followers of Jim Jones
Trump is, he's running on a brand. But that doesn't necessarily make him Jim Jones or Hitler.
Ted Cruz is a two faced lying snake. Cruz is another Jim Jones. I suggest you lay off the koo…
Lawrence O’Donnell was thinking about calling Cruz a follower of Jim Jones on his program the other day.
Jim Jones, he's got a bit of the phony pastor in him as well.
I had a feelin. Bonus points for the wacko Jim Jones mention.
ha, just messing with ya. I know who Jim Jones is, both the rapper and the religious leader.
Criminologist: Hillary mimics cult leader Jim Jones in trying to secure minority vote htt…
Ex-IMPD chief compared Church founder to Jim Jones. He is suing for defamation.
Really happy to set Waco on fore you're an honor killer worthless white trash property holder worse than Jim Jones. IQ og green river killer
ISIS is the bastardization of a religion. No different than Jim Jones, David Koresh, Hitler, or Pat Robertson.
I reflect on the atrocities of the Jim Jones massacre as testament to good people following bad bible toters
On a side note, did the Kool-aid people ever sue the Jim Jones' estate? I know they say there's no such thing as bad publicity but come on.
You know who else believed what they taught? David Koresh, Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, etc.
Donald Trump is the Republicans' Jim Jones. . Lots of people have drunk the poison Kool Aid. .
Donald Trump is the new Jim Jones and David Koresh. I cannot support a destructive sociopath.
i was just watching Trump ramble and had a dejavu feeling . I,m still trying to decide if he's channeling David Koresh or Jim Jones
The Diplomats - Dynasty Freestyle (Ft. Cam-Ron, Juelz Santana & Jim Jones) on GH2 efX Radio the home of underground Rap/HipHop
Please will you listen cautiously to DJT and his low whispering resembling Jim Jones in South America? The same scary cadence!
A new favorite: DJ Unk feat. Andre 3000,Big Boi & Jim Jones - Walk It Out by Evelyrich on
Someone just tried to sell me a Jim Jones instrumental. Lmao!
Trump is Jim Jones with a cult following and his loyalists are drinking the koolade to their graves. Esp Catholics
Not since Jim Jones of Peoples Temple in SanFrancisco have black people been promise the opportunity to
was right, he could kill someone and not lose his followers. The Peoples Temple of Trump - Jim Jones effect.
They already compare him to Immortan Joe and Jim Jones,it's like they want a legend.
Know what I find historically ironic and hilarious? Jim Jones' Peoples Temple and mass suicide in Guyana. C
Jim Jones giving a personal tour of Peoples Temple to the PM of Grenada, Eric Gairy, Lt. Gov. Mervyn Dymally, 1977.
Listen to Purple City Byrdgang by Jim Jones, Purple City, Shiest Bub "The Emperor" & Un Kasa on
Jim Jones selling waist trainers b , the game done changed
. Probably not as they have Trumpnosis. Reminds me of Jim Jones followers.
I liked a video Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple Choir - Welcome
-Yep shyster umar is dangerous like Hulon Mithcell, Dwight York and Jim Jones
I call that the Jim Jones effect Welcome 2 the Peoples Temple of Trump. 3-4 SCOTUS seats folks!
Jane Fonda is a moron. Back in the day she was a big fan of that wacko Jim Jones. Sent him money. Wrote him letters.
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones compares Bernie Sanders to Hitler, threatens his supporters:
I hated when Chrissy proposed to Jim Jones 🙄😂
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Followers of Jim Jones thought that as they queued up for the Kool-Aid.
She drank the Ted Cruz Kool-Aid. Didn't that NOT turn out well for that guy named Jim Jones followers?
Leftist life lesson: They always get around 2 something U care about Jim Jones effect
One of the best -> 9x Modified Champion: Ted Christopher 📷 Jim Jones
She sounds like the kind of person that would have thought, "That Jim Jones fella is a nice guy, lets have some Kool-aid."
new this man was a bad *** fighter but also a good man. When I heard the offered to help Jon Jones when he was down htt…
Tools For Success Coach Jim Hoague posing with Shona Jones showing her completed work to be given to clients! TY!!
We are delighted to welcome back to the 229 stage at Tickets:
See photos of Jim Morrison and performing in 1968
She and the others scream Jim Jones! Don't drink the Kool aid
Please send Indiana Jones up Jim Taggert's Crooked BUTT to find his whip and the 7's chance of winning ! Stewards...ANYONE?
In my opinion, all religions are silly. They are cults. Remember Jim Jones? Ppl look for a backbone. Look at self.
Jim Jones had some hits. I'm not talking about We Fly High lol
Reminds me of Jim Jones of The People's Temple! leading his Followers to Slaughter!
Narcissist leaders can be dangerous: Hitler, Stalin, Machiavelli, Obama. Sadam Hussein, Jim Jones, Nero.
can i change my person to Jim jones???
Just look at the cast Val Kilmer Jim Carey Nicole Kidman tommy lee jones Drew Barrymore. Talk about big budget. Talk about A listers.
Never been to a max b show smh but I bought all his music on iTunes hope it's not still going to Jim Jones tbh
I feel there were some Charles Manson references but it was clearly about jim jones
Elon Musk aka Jim Jones is almost done handing out Jonestown kool-aid to the Cult bulls. $TSLA $NQ $NDX $ES $QQQ
I'm sure he thought that last year as well xD
.tells he doesn't anticipate any Sprint Cup opportunities this season with any team. Concentrating on NXS year.
| to Jim from Jarad Jones at Central Toyota! | deliverymaxx.
can still put in a second car in place of JGR this year correct? The charter shouldn't limit that.
GUEST ALERT: will be gunning for a Championship this year and joins and next!
Jim Jones had the whole world messing with "Everybody Jones"
Its NYC, so it's only fitting that Dudley breaks out his best Jim Jones impression (baalin)
ICYMI, Jim Curtin had plenty of updates yesterday. Ilsinho, Edu, Matt Jones, defenders and more
When Bundy gang at wildlife refuge leaves, they say they are going to heaven. Another Jim Jones gang?
I am convinced those that rejected a smarter, more grounded, honest Mitt Romney have all consumed Jim Jones koolaid!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Sad Cruz fools drinking Kool Aide just like those who voted for Obama. Cruz reminds me of Jim Jones; Peoples Temple.
Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple vibes; Lana Del Rey - Freak well done
Group think on full display or should I say Peoples Temple-Jim Jones effect, no critical thinking 3-4 SCOTUS seats
November 18, 1978 was the day Jim Jones brought about the largest mass Suicide in history. There is a video in...
*** some of this crap I just can't believe. "Jim Jones " like isn't it
"Jim Jones: great guy, bad bartender." -The One and Only Chuck Henry
This state rep from Texas just compared Rick Snyder to Jim Jones.. O. M. G.
Book "A Thousand Lives" by Julia Scheeres. . Jim Jones, Indianapolis resident, not a very good man.
not up to par with Powers Boothe in "Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones"
Jim Jones lead his followers to death. Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr. & Rev. Franklin Graham are doing the same. Christians follow The Lord not Man
Jim Jones rose from the dead, raised a glass of cyanide-laced Kook-Ade, and endorsed Ted Cruz for President...
my mom's friends were followers of Jim Jones, but for some reason, luckily, they didn't go to Jonestown.
I was referencing those who were defending Jim Jones' mediocre output. You weren't in my mentions or texting me to my knowledge
Jim Jones made trash albums. Because Jim Jones is garbage. Go debate someone who entertains mediocrity. I'm not him...
Still looking for proof that any of these people were pro-"Frisco":. • Danny Tanner. • Jim Jones. • The Zodiac.
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What's Jim Jones go to do with this?
He was a prophet in the way David Koresh or Jim Jones were prophets
I did not want to send this. I believe fanatics exist in every religion. For example, Jim Jones. Warren Jeffs etc
Cruz is no Reagan, Lincoln, Truman or Kennedy! He is more like Jim Jones leading the lost to slaughter! Wolf in sheep's clothing!
And they say that Jim Jones was crazy. 'cept these yahoos want tkill everyone else, not themselves.
Yeah, really. Cruz's new thing is that David Koresh, and Jim Jones were sent by God. My jaw dropped I mean seriously dropped.
I liken him to Jim Jones and David Koresh
Listen to We Roll by Pete Rock on Rhapsody: Track feat. Jim Jones & Max B
top 1 is that Pete Rock joint...but it's actually Jim Jones' song
Jim Jones & David Koresh were also sent by "God". . Keep your religion to yourself, ***
He puts all cult leaders to shame. Jim Jones, David Koresh. Just pass the kool aid.
I feel like, we are all just waiting for our own Jim Jones
What I love about these OM clowns: they're lemmings that would follow Freeze off of a cliff. He is their Jim Jones.
Jim Jones apparently lived in Brazil at one point.. he stole yer wig!!!
if you aren't on the DC BOTS lineup tomorrow me and Sarah are going to recreate the iconic end to the Jim Jones cult..
the modern day Jim Jones. Except his followers are drinking the koolade that will kill all of America if he is elected.
They suffer from cognitive dissonance like Jim Jones supporters
Just read the transcript of Palin's speech. Literally reads like Jim Jones persuading his followers to drink cyanide.
Kate fans credo that of Jim Jones followers - shun education - drink koolaid.
you heard mendeecee rap towards Jim Jones 😂😂
Do you see me as a better leader than Jim Jones and David Koresh? I don't want to be compared to them.
Think Fargo. Jim Jones to be subject of season one of Jake Gyllenhaal's latest television venture.
Jim jones just walked in the LA Fitness 😎
The sole takeaway: Jim Jones' "Ballin'" has really stood the test of time.
Misfits and Thugs retain Jim Caldwell-Jones as coach: 3 things to know. One he's an overated jobber2. he can't coach 3 he should be gone.
So I wonder who Jim Jones talking bout
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