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Jim Johnson

James Robert Jim Johnson (born June 27, 1983) is a Major League Baseball relief pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles.

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. Hello. I am Jim Johnson's son. I think you and your wife might be my God parents. Does this sound familiar to you?
Try and decide... 10 gauge is rough... 2…
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is tvat lityle extra. - Jim:y Johnson
So I would not know which one is best for me.
As you know nothing of family or safety…
I've never shot a shotgun, only an M-16…
So u see why u don't really need a rifl…
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And the .45 long coat, revolver ammo too.
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And the .38 special.used to be what…
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Nothing says spring like the masters and the final push to get Jim Johnson to the Governors seat in Trenton
All smiles for Jim Johnson. This campaign is for the rest of us.
You do realize double action revovlers f…
Braves have a few closers on their team. Jim Johnson could be had for a good price.
same. Waiting on a better D for governor. Might go with Jim Johnson. Would also do Phil murphy if he cuts wall st ties.
Hate to be a 30 for 30 request guy but need one on the WWE music legend Jim Johnson
Awesome day today collecting petition signatures to get Jim Johnson on the ballot!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
- Ryan not the best D coordinator last 20 years !! Ever hear of Wade Phillips , Jim Johnson , *** LeBeau , Vic Fangio , Spags
Thanks for voting Jack Hackett, me (and Jim Johnson as the 6 best priests.
Michael Lewis was okay for a stretch too... Jim Johnson had that defense playing bully ball
Only Paco Rodriguez remains in the organization from the trade that sent Alex Wood, Jim Johnson*, Jose, Per…
Zach Britton and Jim Johnson take offense to that statement 😉
David Nicholas from will be moderating today's debate between Jim Johnson of & of
The Eagles allowed 460 yds in one NFC East game in 10 years under Jim Johnson. They've allowed 460 yds in two NFC East games i…
Today was only 10th time since 1999 Eagles have allowed 493 or more yards in a game. Happened just once in Jim Johnson's 10 se…
if closer is Tommy Hunter or Familia or Jim Johnson argument not made.
Unsurprisingly, announce they have signed RHP Jim Johnson to a 2-year contract extension.
Come on Jim Johnson, just don't do what you did against Raul Ibanez in 2012.
Anthony Recker is the 3rd oldest player currently on the Braves roster. Only 2 months younger than Jim Johnson for second.
"The new normal is certain uncertainty." - Dr. Jim Johnson, UNC-Chapel Hill.
Kemp and Jim Johnson to Toronto, Melvin and Bethancourt to Atlanta, Wood and Mallex to San Diego. How do I collect my prize?
Jim Johnson is basically a right handed Antonio Bastardo I'm good on that move...
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I'm thankful to get a freeroll on the cin/atl but you mean to tell me atl has a guy who throws 100 mph and went w Jim Johnson for the 9th?!
Powerful discussion on criminal justice reform today with retired partner Jim Johnson & partner Judge John Gleeson
TG id like to know your opinion on Jim Johnson's performance since coming back from his DL stint. Looks much better IMO.
Jeurys Familia becomes the first pitcher since Jim Johnson, Joe Nathan, and Mariano Rivera in 2013 with 30 saves before the All Star Break.
Former Marlin Emilio Bonafacio on to pinch hit for the Braves, replacing Withrow. Jim Johnson and Tyrell Jenkins in the bullpen.
Did Roger McDowell come out to talk to Jim Johnson? Or to spit on Kramer?
Jim Johnson gives The Education of a Coach by David Halberstam 3 out of 5 butterflies
Jim Johnson, Joel Peralta, and Mat Latos are pitching well though
In 20 years there will be a 30for30 on Jim Harbaugh
Buck has had crushes on Rickard, Hardy, Wieters, Flaherty, Parmelee, Jim Johnson, T.Hunter, Strop
"It's a miracle of Christ that you are able to do that" - Jim Johnson
Boris Johnson’s rallying cry: 'It's time to UNSHACKLE Britain from EU chains and vote OUT' | Politics | News |
Boris more likely to tell truth about EU than Cameron, 45% to 21%, ComRes for https:/…
Chief Jim Johnson's remarks at the Fallen Heroes Ceremony yesterday. ^JW
I was honored to cycle with Trish Sare Maureen Seeley Jim Johnson Bruno Toutain Andrew Straw Tom Wilkinson...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
My thoughts on Jim Best and BHA, plus a good chat with on issues affecting stable staff:
DFA Jim Johnson to make room for him?
Jim Freil. Fred Johnson. There is no denying that is the single most bad *** piece of US Naval Aviation hardware to...
I meant Dave Johnson as the player, Roch as the reporter, and Jim as management. I should have clarified that.
“We do today what they won’t, so tomorrow we accomplish what they can’t.” – Dwayne Johnson
“One of the most important things you can accomplish is just being yourself.” – Dwayne Johnson
Jim Johnson's book is one of the best resources out there for the literacy test -
Alan Johnson openly a not new to me. BBC This Week panelist had any idea about Tory election spending scandal
“You don’t need directions, just point yourself to the top and go!” – Dwayne Johnson
Liars to the left of me. Jokers to the right. Here I am. Stuck in the middle with you.
ode to whiskey, ode to Robert Johnson, ode made up of lines from Jim Jarmusch movies
"You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love." Jim Carrey
this isn't true. I've criticized the Torch and especially PWInsider (Deep Insider, along Johnson, etc)
AND with two former closers (Jim Johnson/Jason Grilli) one would expect bullpen to be manageable. Nope.
Congrats to John Johnson longtime Coach on induction into Hall Of Fame alongside Jim Brown.
Uhh, anyone? 👀CF Johnson brings this one back over the wall, we're still tied in extras!
Coach Jim Johnson R.I.P. 1 of the best to do it u have left ur mark on the game and forever changed the way defense is played in the
ROBBED!! Rachel Johnson catches what would be a home run ball at the wall!!
Think Johnson is tough? After wearing one on the knee, she retires 2 straight to get out of a jam!
Don't sip Fireball n Jim Bean Apple and decide to kick crabs out of the sand. Your toes won't like you in the morning 😵
Fannie's allies build a lobbying apparatus to rehab the GSEs. Jim Johnson would be proud: https:/…
landlord Update. I have engaged a lawyer that City Councilperson Corey Johnson had referred me to.., Of all the...
Cade Johnson walks it off for Jim Ned as the Indians take game 1 over Bangs 9-8. Game 2 is Saturday at 10am. Next: Hawl…
bonkers boris Johnson wanted to stay in Europe in February, boris Johnson only thinking about boris
"I don't care, but if I have a nine year old I don't want her seeing some guy's Johnson, she's too young for that."
It all started the minute they signed Jim Johnson for $10M. Billy Butler etc. Bizarre.
Same with Aikman...i mean Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have SBs while Marino and Jim Kelly have 0, circumstance is huge
Amazing, neither Portillo or Alan Johnson knew anything about probe
Michael Portillo/Alan Johnson in pieces when asked about Tory election fraud live on air (VIDEO) via
Fredi G. is confident Jim Johnson will benefit from his stint on the disabled list
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placed RHP Jim Johnson on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to May 9, with a right groin strain
Atlanta Braves place Jim Johnson on the 15 day disabled list with chronic terribleness. Expected recovery time: NA.
Jim Johnson has a Flagger/Barricade class at the Fire Hall in Glen Dale on May 17th. Lamar Godbey is the teacher.
Yup, Eric O'Flaherty is coming in to replace Jim Johnson. I feel your pain, Braves fans.
Listening to the Cubs, "After a lead off double against Jim Johnson, Eric O'Flaherty starts warming up for Atlanta."
Aybar, Pierzynski, Grilli, Chacin, Jim Johnson, Kelly Johnson, Beckham, Garcia. No top prospects. But we will get some.
Did you miss the 2016 133rd Airlift Wing Change of Command between Col. Jim Johnson and Col. Dan Gabrielle!?...
BREAKING: Billy Butler, Deric Barton, Jonny Gomes and Jim Johnson for Pablo Sandoval trade happening! Two team, 3 Pro Organization swap a-go
And in baseball the traded Alex Wood, Bronson Arroyo, Jim Johnson, Luis Avilan & Jose Peraza to the for absolutely nothing.
Reminder: Braves traded Alex Wood, Jim Johnson (he's back now), Luis Avilan, and Ian Thomas for Olivera (et al, but he's the centerpiece)
Jim Johnson left the Braves game today with two runners on and Eric O'Flaherty let them both score
Jim Johnson has thrown no fewer than 6 breaking balls this inning and none of them went 60 feet until the one that almost hit Anthony Rendon
Jim Johnson issues a poorly timed walk to put two men on with Bryce Harper up next. 2 outs in the 8th. O'Flaherty will now pitch.
Hey, Jason! I need an email address for you. Jim Johnson is retiring, and I have stuff to send you!
Aledmys Diaz leads off the 8th with a pinch hit homer to left off Eric O'Flaherty. trail 5-4, top 8 as Jim Johnson enters
Vader needs to go in, Dean Malenko, Jim Johnson, New Age Outlaws, Jeff Jarrett. Actual wrestlers and important members of WWE.
Pitchers who were too good to make the cut for this thread: Koji Uehara, Jim Johnson, Erik Bedard, BJ Ryan, Pedro Strop, Jason Hammel
the reas 4 the EAGS sucess in the Reid era was Jim Johnson and the D they win 0 if that isnt their Mcnabb most ovrrtd QB in NFL
we will have a good defense. Bringing back close to the Jim Johnson days with W/ Schwartz. That's how we won 10 playoff games
Looking forward to the game where Kelly Johnson pinch hits for Jim Johnson and Carlos Torres relieves Alex Torres.
Jimmy Rollins, Jim Johnson and Joel Peralta are significant losses?!
totally agree. He is no diff than Andy Reid at time. Reid success was QB McNabb+Jim Johnson run Rhodes defense. Pederson good
Jim Johnson is proud of Jeffrey Lurie after this one... (Inspired by
Back-to-back 50 SV seasons: Eric Gange, Mariano Rivera, Jim Johnson. Mark Melancon to become the 4th?
Teachers should have the right to opt out of union fees by Jim Johnson, Rachel Damianoand Barbara Watson via The S…
No, I believe they are a straight 4-3. McDermott is a Jim Johnson disciple, but maybe some looks.
Giants should go after Sean McDermott studied under Jim Johnson for 10 years and have coordinated the panthers the last 5
With McDermott/Shurmur, I think they would compliment each other. I think McDermott has some Jim Johnson attitude in him.
McDermott has done a real nice job w/ Car D but like Spags is a Jim Johnson disciple so u already have those traits in-house
Would make sense to interview Sean McDermott: Went to La Salle High School, studied under Jim Johnson, ties to team, city.
How much of this is really on Billy though? Jim Johnson couldn't field a defense that's on the field 45 min a game.
if that happens I'm DONE! They need to get rid of Billy Davis. Man I miss Jim Johnson!
I wish Jim Johnson would come down from the heavens right now. Walk on the field and fade Billy Davis
Billy Davis...and you sir are no Jim Johnson.
I miss Jim Johnson. Billy Davis is a joke of a defensive coordinator
There's a better chance of Jim Johnson rising from the dead and having sex with Billy Davis wife than there is of DeMarco Murray "snapping"
300 yard first half for the Cardinals. Somewhere, Jim Johnson and Buddy Ryan are cringing. .
well Holland would help us. But our bullpen is loaded with talent. We could trade Jim Johnson with Nick
Seeing TMac, Jay Woodcroft and Jim Johnson on the Oilers bench makes my heart hurt
God I remember the build up. Jim Johnson traded. Wood in the deal. Oh boy. Peraza too. Oh boy oh boy. For Hector Olivera
"Jim Johnson, who works in nearby Huntington as director of the mayor’s office on drug policy, is sitting in the…"
ah the $10M Curse. Ben Sheets, Jim Johnson, Billy Butler all got $10M AAV.
Kyle Blanks, Grant Green, now Jeff Samardzija...hey Giants, can I interest you in Jim Johnson next?
agree to terms with RHP Jim Johnson on one-year contract; Free-agent reliever returns to bullpen for the 2016 campaign
Erick Aybar, Ian Krol, Bud Norris, and Jim Johnson. Safe to say we have won the offseason.
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Jim Johnson knock you out too much. Way to alienate your viewers. Worse have happened to Wild players, no suspensions.
manager Buck Showalter on "Mid-Atlantic Sports Report" on MASN asked panel if they'd bring back Jim Johnson & if so start or relief
.Jim Johnson, Tyler Clippard, Edward Mujica... shall I go on? It's a deep market for relievers.
"We are called to an integrated faith, one that meets tangible needs but finds its greatest joy in the Gospel." Jim Johnson
A good defense of coordinator eats up Kirk Cousins easy with blitz packages. Jim Johnson would've had him for lunch
Chiefs are so weak. Andy Reids teams are soft. Jim Johnson was the man. Hugh douglas! Trotter... Dawkins..
6-4-3 single play. Joc Pederson can't catch a break. Adrian Gonzalez is pinch hitting for Jim Johnson. Only Carlos Frias up in the bullpen.
Ah ha. Acquiring Mat Latos, Alex Wood, Jim Johnson, Luis Avilan, and Jose Peraza will do that.
Jim Johnson pitches a 1-2-3 seventh. Austin Barnes and Scott Schebler due up for the in the eigh…
Aroldis Chapman doing his best Jim Johnson impersonation.
I have 2500 followers. I'm confident that 2500 of them consider Jim Johnson to be a dufous.
Jim Johnson had Dawk Michael Lewis Lito and Sheldon. Davis had Fletcher Cary and Late Allen. Not a fair comparison
"People ask me who's the best drummer I've ever played with I say I have two of them, Bill Lirdan and Bill Lordan." -Jim Johnson
him like he fits what we do...yes he's a great player and if we played the old Jim Johnson D *** yes I would say trade for him
Not having the pitcher bunt with 1 outs and a runner on 2nd, or giving Jim Johnson an offday.which pains Donny more?
Just seen the Stokes wicket. Clearly didn't have time to react properly. Should have been called back. Same as everyone Jo…
if they put him on Thursday night with Jim Nance that would be the best night in football without Gus Johnson.
The differ vce between ordinary and extraordinary is that littl extra. - Jim y Johnson
The differevce between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. - Jim y Johnson
Jim are you shocked how bad Jeremy Johnson looks.
Philip & broadcast live from tomorrow, dedicated to the memory of drumtech Scott Johnson http:…
Johnson needs to use his head a little bit on these throws
>> Denver Broncos cut 19 players, RB Montee Ball makes it, LB Steven Johnson does not
Jim Johnson is going to terrify you tonight! Watch him!
Make sure you go check out 's badass breakdown of the main event tonight
Really interesting how powerful this version is with Jack Johnson's light feel to it. An old favorite.
Five best and worst MLB trade deadline additions. Jim Johnson & Mat Latos are both listed here.. .
I never wanna see Jim Johnson pitch again in a Dodger uniform for as long as I live.
without Jim Johnson, the lead would be 9 1/2
and if they don't pitch Jim Johnson the Dodgers clinch next week
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In other news. Jim Johnson warming up in the bullpen.
Kenleys up warming up but So is Jim Johnson. Hasn't that experiment failed?
Joc has a 3 walk game. Austin Barnes pinch hits for the pitchers spot with Jim Johnson and Kenley Jansen warming up
Just when I was relaxing and dozing off. I see Jim Johnson in the bullpen preparing to come in and I immediately wake up...
Jim Johnson and Kenley Jansen are warming up in the bullpen.
If we bring Jim Johnson in we're gonna lose this game.
Jim Johnson will help the Padres get close.
Since when is Jim Johnson pitching for the Padres ?
Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Robert Johnson, James Dean, and Cleopatra I have questions for them
Matt Latos and Jim Johnson should start a support group for recovering pitchers."Hi my name is Jim and I used to know how to pitch"
he's not. He's as good as Jim Johnsons and Jim Johnson *** donkey ***
Eric O'Flaherty on the Mets, Jim Johnson on the Dodgers. Bringing that brand of bullpen to the NL.
FLAHERTY is like Jim Johnson dor the A's last year. He is an absolute gascan and waste
Good. Now someone needs to kidnap Jim Johnson so DM doesn't get tempted later.
do you know baseball? Jim Johnson was having a great year but now he blows
Yeah well, could've traded for some good bullpen guys at the deadline instead of Jim Johnson
Is Mark Pryor still available? “.LRT: Can we officially call the Josh Johnson Experiment over now?”
Jim Johnson is the worst thing to happen to the Dodgers since News Corp and Darryl Strawberry.
I asked Siri to translate Jim Johnson into said Brandon League...nice
At least they can't bring in Jim Johnson...
that's what you get for trading Kimbrel and Jim Johnson. What else would you expect?
who was the better investment; Jim Johnson or Billy Butler? Hard to tell... Both unique, but overall about same ROI.
Edward explains how was vital in achieving his Platinum Performer status.
Johnson & Johnson began marketing the Band-Aid bandage in 1921. Shortly after that I would hypothesize the tourniquet was massive. Jim Bond!
This is not meant as any disrespect to Jim Johnson at all because he's a true master, but Sting's WCW theme is better than h…
Brad Johnson and Jim McMahon should be there definitely
brother. Have a great and safe weekend.
Carissa: Who's that? . Me: Oh, he's just a friend. No malice. Carissa: can I have him?. Me: sure *smiles*. Johnson: stfu Carissa. You have jim.
don't know yet. A bit warm. If anyone takes one, they better be on their game getting it dressed and in cooler.
Ky starts tomorrow. If you go out tomorrow, good luck, stay safe, and try to stay cool. Staying cool won't happen tomorrow. :-(
yeah I'm not sure when the Jim Johnson and Yimi Garcia experiment is done but soon please
replace slow jimmy with slim Jim Johnson
Matt Latos and Jim Johnson are the 2 worse pitchers Dodgers have acquired in Franchise history thanks to Andrew Friedman
I can't believe the Dodgers keep putting the ball in Jim Johnson's hands in big games
how did Friedman not go after Mark Lowe? Jays got him for nothing. Now we get to see Jim Johnson put HR pitches on a platter
Alex Wood, Jose Peraza, Jim Johnson, and Luis Avilan have a total of 1 RBI for the Dodgers. Look like we won the trade. Olivera has 2 ☺️
Jim Johnson going back out for 11th. Only Chris Hatcher/JP Howell left in bullpen -- until rosters expand at midnight (not really)
Despite his best efforts, Jim Johnson didn't lose the game for the
Mike Krukow just said Jim Johnson has done a good job as a set up guy for the since the trade. Confusing him with Alejandro Pena
Uh oh, have Jim Johnson up in the bullpen...that means if we don't score this inning we're in trouble.
Vance Johnson and Jim Johnson with some amazing hair before facing the 49ers in 1991 & '92, respectively. Good times.
Biggest failure of the Andy Reid era was not getting Jim Johnson a Super Bowl title
Reid's birds would not have been half as good w/o JJ "John Harbaugh pays tribute to Jim Johnson via
Laughed hysterically at what Jonah Keri wrote about Jim Johnson concerning the Dodgers bullpen issues.
Jim Johnson completes the 1-2-3 top of the seventh. It's time to stretch at Dodger Stadium.
Jim Johnson's ERA was at 2.25 when we traded him about a week ago. Now it's above 4.
Jim Johnson in 48 innings for Atlanta this season: 12 earned runs. Jim Johnson in 3 2/3 innings for the Dodgers this season…
Boy am I glad we got rid of Jim Johnson...
The last time Jim Johnson did this much good to Pittsbugh, he was traded for Larry Murphy and Peter Taglianetti
At one point in 2015 this inning would have been reserved for Craig Kimbrel. Then Jason Grilli. Then Jim Johnson.
This is nothing new with Jim Johnson going back to his final years with Baltimore.
A month ago, with Jim Johnson and Jason Grilli locking down the 8th and 9th, we probably win this game.
Former closers who've sucked as Dodgers: Brian Wilson, Brandon League, and now Jim Johnson
Great to talk with Jim Johnson from at the Jones County Fair in Iowa last weekend!
If the Braves deal w/ the Marlins and Dodgers is completed, Jose Peraza, Jim Johnson and Alex Wood could all be included.
reliever Jim Johnson also would go to sources tell me and Morse and compensation pick woul…
6 years ago today, we lost one of the best defensive minds in the NFL. RIP Jim Johnson.
6 years ago today we lost the architect of our great 2000s defenses and an absolutely terrific man. RIP Jim Johnson. htt…
Big moments from Nolan Reimold, Jim Johnson, Nick Markakis at Camden. What year is this?
MT"Jim Johnson blows a save. In other news, grass is green and the sky is blue.
2012 ALDS throwback for Jim Johnson except he's not in an Orioles uniform.
If we released Jim Johnson from his gajillion dollar contract, how come we haven't sent O'flaherty down? I'd honestly rather have Cook!
Not a good night for Jim Johnson so far. Got a base loaded, just able to squeeze a double play but gave up a run still 7-5
Jim Johnson earns his 6th save of the season and extends his scoreless streak to 17.2 innings. Final: 4, Cubs 2.
I wonder if the Twins would trade Adam Brett Walker for Jim Johnson? Dude has crazy power and is putting up good AAA
Easy answer is McNabb over Ricky Williams, however my answer is making Jim Johnson his def coordinator
Coached at U of A the last three years and had a lot of success. Likely helps Jim Johnson with the defense.
Jim Johnson has thrived and Jason Grilli might be dealt. Blue Jays, Dodgers make sense:
Jim Johnson 10mdisaster last year,yoenis trade, JD trade,deciding when reddick plays.Let Melvin coach and stick to roster moves
Jim Johnson will replace Alex Wood with 2 down and Walker standing on 2nd Alvarez at the plate.
Didn't know Neil Walker was a switch hitter. Also Alex Wood in the 90 pitch range is better than Jim Johnson in the 0 pitch range
Jim Johnson vs Lucas Duda. What could go wrong?
Happy Fathers Day to the most wonderful PaPa in the world!! So thankful the Lord chose Jim Johnson to…
Col. Jim Johnson, Air National Guard, 133rd Airlift Wing commander, speaks to members of the Base Community...
Getting tired of seeing Billy Butler in the lineup. He's this years Jim Johnson, only we get him for 2 more seasons.
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Mike Trout is 0-for-6 vs Trevor Cahill and 1-for-8 vs Jim Johnson. Hey AL West teams…
these high money players just aren't working out. Jim Johnson last year, and Butler this year.
Jim Johnson just made Adrian Gonzalez look like Dan Uggla up there
Swing for the Pences added SP Mike Leake and dropped RP Jim Johnson
Luckily Clippard is more Grant Balfour than Jim Johnson for tonight. . Good night for sports.
Outside of Jason Grilli, Braves bullpen might just be a house of cards. Cody Martin & Avilan can't pitch every day, Jim Johnson struggling.
Is there any talk of Cody Martin possibly replacing Jim Johnson as primary set-up option?
So let's leave Martin out there for the 8th, please no Jim Johnson today.
Nice to see Jim Johnson still giving up bombs & Josh Donaldson is still smashing bombs.
yeah always hated watching Tim Hudson pitch...and Jim Johnson is the worst! UGH!...
How much better could Craig Kimbrel have done for so far? Jim Johnson and Jason Grilli combined: IP 9.1, H 5, R …
Jim Johnson takes the mound, let's go!
New theme song for my Smith and Jones web series, written by Gabby Godhead ( ex-Haunted Garage) & Jim Johnson, finished today!
Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson: Who Closes for the Braves in 2015?
Interesting Home on the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey photographed by Jim Johnson
lol ew. Are they gonna play welcome to the jungle when Jim Johnson comes out?
Every reliever moves up a spot. Jim Johnson in the 8th is terrifying.
“For free tickets to be in the studio audience, click:
I took Jim Johnson in round 49 in NFBC.
Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson. John Hart has done some head scratching moves since being in charge.
think it's either grilli or Jim Johnson
"Somebody download me the Windows 95 screensaver! Jim Johnson, your new nickname is the flying toaster." - video board guy
I think Jim Johnson could be good too.
it has to be Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson
Greg McMichael is more trustworthy than Jim Johnson.
- That's on Grilli. Won't touch Jim Johnson with your FAAB money, let alone mine.
Plus, picking up Jim Johnson and Jason Grilli in the offseason made this easier to swallow. Both reliable, but not Kimbrelesque
Jason Grilli and Jim Johnson in line for saves on Braves
yeah they did but they traded him cause they have 2 former closers on the roster in Grilli and Jim Johnson
lewis is a very slow shot maker... is a quick bomber... Equivalent of Jim Furyk and Dustin Johnson.
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John Hart says Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson will close games for now. WHA? fans are even sympathetic.
If Jim Johnson gets another chance to close games this yr it will surely push me over the edge.
The beauty in all of this? Jim Johnson might be an MLB closer on Opening Day for the Braves.
fun is Benoit saving 30 games. No fun is putting in 4 dollars for Jim Johnson.
Dont understand why traded Kimbrel. Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson are shakey at best to fill closer role
I'm guessing Jason Grilli before Jim Johnson in Atlanta, but I don't run their lousy team. I'm also in Benoit mourning.
that year saw him go from 36 to 38.I think Jim Johnson gets it- I could just as easily say a year removed from 2.94 ERA and 50 saves
Could be Jason Grilli, could be Jim Johnson. We'll see. For the add, I'd make it Grilli. who's braves new close…
Dude, lets not front as if Jim Johnson is going to blow doors. The bullpen is now one of the worst in baseball.
You know your NL only league isn't off to a good start when you are using FAAB on Jim Johnson before the season even starts.
This topic is worn out by now, but Kimbrel has been traded to Jason Grilli the add, Jim Johnson the 'cuff, IMO.
Jim Johnson still has work to do after 3-3 K-BB in 6.1 spring IP, likely setup guy; RP ranks
Do Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson have the most saves in the MLB? No they don't John Hart.
Jim Johnson on life-support is your 2015 closer Braves closer
Looks like Jim Johnson will be the closer this year for the Braves... 😑😑😑
Braves: President John Hart says Jason Grilli, or Jim Johnson could close games after trading Craig Kimbrel -via ESPN
Braves President of Baseball Operations John Hart said Sunday that Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson could each close games aft...
Hearing that there could be a combination between Jim Johnson and Jason Grilli to close for the Braves. Not sure how many chances they get..
The braves were prepared to get rid of Kimbrel.. Why else would we get grilli and jim Johnson
tough trade but the Braves needed some bats. They have Jim Johnson and Jason Grilli, two guys with experience
Don't worry, Braves have Jim Johnson in that bullpen.
Braves bullpen: Shae Simmons to Tommy Johns, Walden to the Cards, Kimbrel to the least we have Jim Johnson and Jason Grilli...
I hear ya... is Jim Johnson anything to be concerned with if an owner was speculating on adding Grilli for saves?
Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson are the closer. That's what I'm guessing. Til Shae Simmons returns. Yes, Upton was horrible.
What's great about Jim Johnson closing games for Braves is that he'll be unfailingly amiable and approachable afterward.
So 1 of the ramifications of the huge Craig Kimbrel to the Padres deal is that Jim Johnson could find himself closing g…
For the first time ever I was denied a player mid-transaction trying to pick up Jim Johnson. Well played Goldman Sachs. (This is Bob)
Especially on the Barves. You can have Jason Grilli OR Jim Johnson!!!
So the Braves new closer is either Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson - RIP
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