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Jim Gordon

James Beck Jim Gordon (born July 14, 1945) is an American recording artist, musician and songwriter.

Bruce Wayne Harvey Bullock Barbara Gordon Bryan Cranston Ryan Atwood Gary Oldman Oswald Cobblepot Sirius Black Police Commissioner Year One Alec Baldwin Harley Quinn Gotham City Selina Kyle

at best & it does have some stuff that work (namely the kids) but it's about JIM gordon vs baby bruce which i think is
jim gordon is the only likeable police detective, and yet even tho THEY MAKE IT EXPLICITLY CLEAR that everyone is a corrupt
Villains want to kill Jim Gordon/Bruce Wayne for no real reason, or just become King/Queen of Gotham, again for no reason.
20 minutes into the pilot of Gotham and it turns out Barbara Gordon is Jim's wife instead of daughter. That's all it took. I'm out.
wanna sing tags at BSA in Swannanoa April 20-23 with Don Barnick & Co? Jim Gordon jimgkiss3
Goodnight I love my boyfriend Skyler Nina Thomas Shelby Jim Gordon Edward nygma and Cory Michael Smith.
In the darkness of night, when motivation is needed, or a verb 2 is forgotten, Jim Gordon calls…
Jim Gordon... nah Barbara Kean is where it's at 🔥😈🔥
I always choke up remembering that Jim Gordon lost his baby.
How the . Did I get two jim Gordon edits DTD to me in one day
BATMAN: Year One. ➞ the first year of Bruce Wayne as Batman and Jim Gordon as a cop in Gotham City.
Hard *** looking dude on my N train is blasting Gordon Lightfoot & Jim Croce tunes from what appears to be a bowling bag boom box.
Reasons why Jim Gordon is the best character in Gotham — I don't really think he's the best imo but he's act...
Me: ben is so *** the only person gayer than him is jim gordon. Also me: *writes a 5045 pages long essay about how much ben loves morena*
morta, até o Jim Gordon assiste game of thrones
.To put jobs in perspective, 76 months of jobs growth is a record. We mention because Trump claimed he inh…
Gordon Ramsay, President Trump, Pacino, Eddie Murphy & Robert DeNiro shop for tools at the
Gotham AU where everything is the same but Dickie (Robin's husband) plays Jim Gordon and he looks like this
Are Batman and Jim Gordon dating in Serious question.
Why do US Marines guard the embassy instead of US Army? by Jim Gordon
I hope things get better for Jim Gordon. He's been in rough spots for far too long already. :(
Jim Gordon's ringtone for Batman is I Fought The Law by the clash pls join me in laughing a lot
As many times as I have seen The Dark Knight and the Harry Potter did I not catch that Jim Gordon is Sirius Black .
I had the worst dream last night. I dreamt that Jim decided I needed to go to my high school reunion for...
looks like a character out of film noir. Or Jim Gordon.
I missed the first few minutes, but I tuned in upon JB shouting about Gordon Solie and Jim Ross. Poor Pope.
Stoopid poor people wanting ways to cook and store food.
All due respect to the great Gordon Solie & Jim Ross but for my money I'm taking
But is smart. He knows how to hire the best people. He's the best at being the best I thought?
but R's will never do what's ethical or right unless it benefits them. So this goes nowhere
Review of Jim Gordon Batman, Hawkman action figures - -
Jim Gordon Vs *** Tracy. Who you with? Don't just like the post, choose 1!
Unlike yourself, Jim Sillars, Gordon Wilson etc, current SNP leadership do not seem to grasp that "indy in EU" is an oxymoron.
University prof Gordon Chalmers, who allegedly posed as Justin Bieber, charged w Hang him
Sneak peek at wardrobe for our upcoming trading cards set: Jim Gordon 👮 prison uniform .
Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. I'd say I'm in pretty safe hands. Watched season 2 of Gotham with my family.
I guess Victor didn't get the memo that Jim Gordon doesn't die.
Elvin Jones and Levon Helm float around up there a lot. Jim Gordon comes to the party once and a while. Love Moon a…
Got a Red Hood, Jim Gordon, 2 squirrel girls and a pink tutu wearing batgirl. Not bad not bad.
"Jim Gordon (to Bruce Wayne, from his hospital bed): "We were in this together, and then yo..." from
credits here list Jim Gordon as sole drummer on the album but no bass. Possibly Lowell George?
I loved Ryan Atwood from the OC but Jim Gordon though he's quite lost he's the best!!!
Awe! Jim Gordon just wants Lee to be happy! ❤️
I honestly would have watched 3 seasons of Jim Gordon fighting Carmine Falcone with perhaps a couple of older Batman villains
...does this guy forget Alfred, Lucius Fox, The GCPD with Jim Gordon, the entire Bat Family, Dr. Leslie Tompkins?
Jim Gordon is gonna meet the ghost wolf that's voiced by Johnny Cash on the top of a temple
domain names
that piano but was written by Jim Gordon, right?
yup!! essential. Wifey asked me 2 bring up all the records: Bongo Band LP's, Jim Gordon & King Errison
Jim Gordon does that look that reminds me of Ryan Atwood 😍 I wanna binge The O.C. now lol
You know, next time you start thinking your life stinks, remember, you could always be Jim Gordon.
If we ever get a Batman Beyond movie, get Clint Eastwood as Bruce, & Tom Selleck as James/Jim Gordon, dammit.
Jim Ward from the Stephanie Miller Show and Fairly OddParents as Jim Gordon in the new Adam West Batman animated film? Awesome!
Just watched the premiere. It was good but emo Jim Gordon had shades of Spider-Man 3, which was a bit odd.
It could’ve been Bryan Cranston: Justice League’s Jim Gordon revealed in new pic.
Batman Year One is a great story/movie, Bryan Cranston is a fantastic Jim Gordon
Four musicians who battled schizophrenia: the late Skip Spence, Roky Erickson, the late Syd Barrett, Jim Gordon.
Jim Gordon is looking like a beast in this poster!!! I'm really feeling this!!!
finds out a man selling Kyptronite named 'Kyptronite Man' for science experiments, him and Jim Gordon team up.
Jim Gordon's face when he makes fun of u
Oswald Cobblepot . MY PRECIOUS . ship with: Nygma . brotp: Jim Gordon. opinions: King of Gotham, needs love, hugs and revenge for his mom
Even Gordon Brown's was too..And don't forget Harold and Sunny Jim either.
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This calls to mind the path Jim Gordon must walk in order to eventually become a true hero.❤️
I liked a video Gotham 2x22 - Jim Gordon and Fox defusing the bomb Part 12
Gary Oldman is such a great Jim Gordon.
[He knelt down to his position and placed his hands on his own legs]. "I am Jim Gordon. Detective at the G.C.P.D --
we should rp I have soft jim gordon feels
The good news is Gotham is coming to us on September 19th and I love Jim Gordon so much as Ben McKenzie. Really like tha…
[Open Roles] Detective Jim Gordon || and plenty more needed, OC's are very welcome. [RT]
Gotham Season 3: Jim Gordon forsees a Mad City in the new poster
Absolutely smashing Mind you, I got it as late as 1985! Jim Gordon and Ed Greene on 3rd track groovy!
Gordon should be offered as it is obvious she does not watch *** s Kitchen
Excuse me Gordon, need a rule clearification: What do I do if my partner passes out?
My guess for the winner of this challenge is…GORDON!!!
how have I only just realised that the Sirius Black actor is also the guy who plays Jim Gordon in the Batman series🙈
Announcement: I will be for a few days, because I have some unfinished business with Jim Gordon at FanExpo.
-- a suit with slick back hair. Of course she was referring to Jim Gordon. "Who is that?"
Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon. He nailed the role in Batman: Year One and I know he could do it again.
Another awesome photo! Lovin Jim Gordon has the Villains right in the palm of his hand!
i look like atleast that's what everyone says and my nickname is even Jim Gordon
Hey man i look exactly like you and they even call me Jim Gordon
They could not have picked a better young Jim Gordon in than His portrayal and own interpretation is a…
I really wanted her as Barbra and Courtney B Vance as Jim Gordon
TV Friendships: On ‘Gotham’ season 3 and the path for Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock
Maybe instead of David Ayer directing Suicide Squad, DC should have had him remake Training Day with Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock.
Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock own my heart
Jim Moriarty is much better than Jim Gordon
Justice League trailer looks amazing, wish they showed the scene with Jim Gordon but regardless it looks so fun & Barry is so cute
Jim Gordon vs. Ed Nygma . I love this episode way too much. -Sam (Vine by cobblepots army)
A Jim Gordon type. Stuck between survivng and his own sense of justice.
When I become a cop I want to be like Jim Gordon, I want to change the police force and make it what it should be
My brother knows as Jim Gordon but I will forever & always see him as Ryan Atwood.
it took me 2 movies to realize Gary Oldman was Jim Gordon lmao.. And he's my favorite actor.
"He hit me so hard that it literally lifted me off the floor" says Rita Coolidge about the drummer Jim Gordon
The one constant I think of with Jim Gordon is integrity. He can be young, old, smart, stupid, but he has integrity.
Me watching the first episode of Gotham. Ben McKenzie: "my names Jim, Jim Gordon..". Me: No your name is Ryan, Ryan Atwood.
Jim Gordon is a voice of determination
Bloody love is amazing as alfred, soo deserves his own series & rocks as Jim Gordon! great tv
Spoilt my ballot paper by voting for Jim Gordon as the new Police Commissioner for West Yorkshire. Well worth it.
All that shooting and Jim Gordon can't take one head shot?
Tried my best at Jim Gordon at Philly Comic-Con.Thank you so much made my day! Cheers!
COMING TOMORROW. Story on the Uncle Gnarley Blog; renowned Canadian engineer Jim Gordon calculates Muskrat less than 40% completed.
it broke my heart that Melinda Clarke was playing a character that WOULDN'T run into Jim Gordon
Oh for sure, by a big margin. I predict Alec Baldwin as Jim Gordon, Michael Rapaport as Tommy Elliot, Kevin Smith as Penguin
Recieved a polling slip to vote for new Police Commissioner, none of the candidates are named Jim Gordon. Disappointed.
I love how Jim always looks like Jim Gordon, Commissioner.
oh and they should cast as commissioner Jim Gordon in the new batman solo films
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Which would be worse - . Alec Baldwin as Jim Gordon or Liam Neeson as J. Jonah Jameson?
How Ed Nygma is feeling right now after setting up Jim Gordon.
This *** shot Barbra Gordon in her spine. Got his *** to rape her. Too videos and pics. Then tortured Jim Gordon by showing him
pretty sure yourself, Steve Jordan and Jim Gordon should all be in the top 10...
'Batman Vol 8: Superheavy': Jim Gordon is the caped crusader...
Loving this Jim Gordon on You've brought a real depth to the character. Thanx for a great show!
like the young Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon, Ben McKenzie is good
Jim Gordon sentenced to 40 years at Black gate penitentiary 😱
What is happening?! Jim Gordon is sentenced to 40 years at Black Gate?!
First Supergirl, Jim Gordon, now Flash??? Is Arrow next in being framed???
Julie Cooper is on Ryan, um, Jim Gordon must be thrilled!
Jim Gordon in the white jumpsuit though 😍😍
Jim Gordon goes on a date with Rosalie Hale and gets a call from Bonnie Bennett to come pick up some drunk chick. LRT
That anger Jim Gordon had about Barbara Gordon having a previous relationship wasn't about lying, that was the look of, "and no threesome?!"
Continues to baffle me that Treat Williams has never played Jim Gordon.
Or as Commissioner Gordon if he's still alive in the DCEU. I wanted him as Lex at first, but Jim Gordon would be better.
I saw Ben McKenzie aka Jim Gordon aka Ryan Atwood in person today so YES I am having the best day ever
"He gives me something to aspire to." - feelings on his character Jim Gordon
Ben Sherman & Jim Gordon do many similar things. But, I think Gordon's conscience is more troubled.
Jim Gordon in DCEU: Bryan Cranston, Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, Sam Elliot, Chris Cooper , who would you cast?
Catching up with season 2. What a brilliant series! Jim Gordon is as bad *** as in "Batman Year One".
"you killed your sister?" He asks while shaking her hand "Jim Gordon, Barbara's soon to be husband"
70's neil adams batman please get skins for 70's. Nightwing, Catwoman, Batgirl and Jim Gordon.
It would also be cool to participate with Jim Gordon in a badass shootout. But, in that case, I'd want to be a villain.😈🤗
bro..seriously..they couldn't picked a better brother than Ryan to Seth in the O.C or a better Jim Gordon in
"Jim you fail to mention in your CNN POLL that in the GOP RACE...Trump is leading Cruz…
"Dying never seemed real to me when I was young" -Jim Gordon, The Dark Knight Returns
J'onn seems to have taken on a paternal role tho. But he's a good Jim Gordon.
Wait, is J'onn her Jim Gordon? Well, as close as she can get with TWO dead fathers.
He waited, heart pounding, the beam turned up the wall they where backed up against, only to reveal. Jim Gordon.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
is there a chance We'll see a Capullo Designer Series Batman (Jim Gordon) ?
so now Jim Gordon is Batman, as part of a GCPD initiative to keep the idea of Batman alive as a symbol.
Hoping Melvin Gordon travels to Oak. I would love to tell him how he and I both had the same amount of NFL rushing touchdown…
The gamblimg assassination club has a new target: Jim Gordon
Is this the return of bruse as batman. Cause I saw a caped crusader and its not jim gordon
Every time my friend who cosplays Jim Gordon sees a penguin he sends a pic of it to me and I think that's beautiful
Detective Jim 'Never pay a visit without an unconcious body for a present' Gordon
It takes skill to make Jim Gordon boring.
Gotham could've been the Gotham Central show I've dreamed of forever. Instead you had...boring Jim Gordon.
So...Jim Gordon (Robat) is permanently Batman...(facepalm) so many negative thoughts right now
Bc once Gothams new season is out, it's back to my Jim Gordon, penguin & Nigma 😍❣🙃
Three days after his illness game at Denver, Anthony Davis starts fast with 10 pts on 4/7 FGs. Has two dunks, including oop from Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon's three-point percentage is down from No. 2 in NBA last season to 35.5%, but starts 2/3 tonight, has 8 pts. NOLA 16-12 mid 1Q
A realistic peace plan for Syria needs to begin with an immediate ceasefire Philip Gor…
Is it me or any1 else also thinks that resembles Jim Gordon from
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B4 there was Jim Gordon, there was Ben Sherman. He was my fav. officer, now Jim is.2SweetSmartGuys …
Bryan Cranston once gave a voice-over for Jim Gordon in an animation movie. :o. Gotta watch it asap
In SuperGirl the office IT guy recovers super secret *** files. Flash has a genius engineer, Arrow has three. Jim Gordon has a typewriter.
Jim Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, Oswald Cobblepot, Selina Kyle and Harvey Bullock. *** Love this line up.
When Lee tells Jim Gordon she's pregnant and the only reaction she gets is Penguin's annoyed sigh- I died. 🌂🎩😅
WOAH MIND BLOWN. Bruce is Jim Gordon & The Joker... But Harvey Bullek is actually the Harley Quinn...
well it's got Bruce Wayne(as a kid), Catwoman, Joker, Scarecrow, Riddler, Penguin, Jim Gordon, Harvey Dent
Jim Gordon & Harvey Bullock are a good example of a good cop vs a bad cop.
The first time I saw the Dark Knight and actually thought they killed Jim Gordon was a terrible day!
you are an AMAZING Jim Gordon, but you will always be Ryan Atwood to me. ❤️
just like Ryan Atwood, Jim Gordon sure loves the love triangles.
This is the prequel series on how Ryan Atwood became Jim Gordon, right?
Watching Gotham makes me wish The OC was on Netflix. Ben Mckenzie can play Jim Gordon all he wants, still Ryan Atwood at the end of the day
Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock has been outstanding right from the start! I like him more than Jim Gordon in the series!
Jim Gordon is the secret MVP of that Layla album. And the first George album. Dude was on fire.
GOTHAM Season 2, Episode 8 Promo; "Tonight’s the Night": Galavan sends Barbara after Jim Gordon, while he trie...
The best character in Batman isn't even Batman or Bruce Wayne. It's Jim Gordon
try Gotham if you haven't seen it and like batman, it's about Bruce Wayne as a child and Jim Gordon just joined GCPD
Ugh loving Gotham and Jim Gordon and Selina Kyle and of course, Bruce Wayne 🌚🌚
Listening to the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack at work & all I want to do is watch the end when Jim Gordon realizes Bruce Wayne is
Jim Gordon is Mecha-Batman and Bruce doesn't do any crime fighting, even when asked to
It's pretty good. . Basically about Jim Gordon, but cool seeing deeper into Bruce Wayne orgin.
Reminder: Jim Gordon - the guy who must drop out of the mayoral election - has been backed by abettor Chris Gibson.
The Dark Knight is really great. Obviously Heath Ledger as Joker is magical. But Gary Oldman's Jim Gordon is so good.
'The Dark Knight Rises - I see a beautiful city' Jim Gordon speech
I was similarly outraged when they killed off Jim Gordon half way through The Dark Knight and have refused to watch the rest
the signs as gotham characters : leo : Jim Gordon
Our Mike Futa joins the PowerPlay on NHL Network Radio today at 2:30 p.m. (PT) with Scott Laughlin & Jim Gordon.
I already get my enjoyable fill of Jim Gordon in BATMAN. Now I'm not getting Renee Montoya anywhere. *** shame,
It's like Rory Williams dying all the time, except it's Jim Gordon getting punched all the time.
Watch out one messes with Jim Gordon.
he is Jim Gordon in it and he weirdly looks a bit like Bryan Cranston.
Barbara taunts Jim Gordon in this clip from tonight's all-new
“Now this evil… rises. The Batman has to come back.” –Jim Gordon ‘The Dark Knight Rises’
And I think he is hands down the best Jim Gordon on small or big screen.
Tom Brady dressed like Police Commissioner Jim Gordon at the podium now.
at what level did DCcomics editorial decide that every Bat-familly comic had to push the Jim Gordon Mecha Batman RoboBunny suit?
Jim Gordon said he was prepared to reintroduce memorial ord but agrees that language needs to be altered, more inclusive
Chef Jim Berman with Gordon Foods and Class Produce are serving up 16 hour smoked brisket with maple bacon and...
Jim Gordon on piano. STILL in a psychiatric ward for killing his mum in 1983..
received my autographed Jeff Gordon race helmet today. Thanks Jeff!
justice of Gotham City, Jim Gordon himself. Being her hight, it was easy for her to duck and weave her way to the foot of-
Tim Roth is a Sid Vicious/Jim Gordon (so so good) away from Gary Oldman—who is also sadly underrated but better known.
Photo: That time Jim Gordon yelled at Batman for not communicating.
Unless you really count suddenly young, clean shaven, red headed Mohawk Jim Gordon in a robot suit Batman.
Anyone else notice this is Bruce Wayne, not Jim Gordon? Or at least, it sure LOOKS that way...
Great new books by ecologists Gordon Orians and Jim Schaefer
"Gotham is counting on one man to save us all." -Jim Gordon
Back in the spotlight with RapRiddles. before i rhyme Jim Gordon threw on the Bat signal. Bruce Wayne in the black limo. .
Jim Gordon. . or can be reserved. DM! If anyone . Interested. No audition required
Jim Gordon and Artemis Gordon must face down the robot uprising in I, Robot
(By the way, talking about Bruce Wayne. Jim Gordon doesn't have the same motivation or unyielding rule about killing.)
Here's some truly exciting news: The = Commissioner . Jim Gordon!
Melinda Gordon and Jim Clancy are the definition of relationship goals 😍❤️
Jim Gordon's back suit under the armour is so cool bad *** design
I'm loving Jim Gordon as the new Batman. Detective Comics is good again.
I know who Barbara Gordon is, she is Jim Gordon's wife who got kidnapped and then she turned a bit psychotic
Jim and Gordon making a better place!
3M won't do a throwback for Gordon 😒
I wish I was Jim Gordon. Seems like a everyday superhero that scores with the ladies
You know that DC YOU is a bust when no one @ my LCS wants to read Jim Gordon as Batman
[JIm Gordon sighs & sits beside his daughter] "If that isn't him why did you send the photo to every news paper & site in Gotham?"
[Barbara quickly types something. Jim Gordon appears from the shadows to look] "Is that really him?"/[Barbara turns to her father]
Angus Lego fan taken aback by international interest.
It doesn't look like Jim and I are going to the NYS Fair this year. I will miss the people watching, which is my...
Hey who's Jim Gordon's ex gf who went crazy supposed to be? i cant figure it out for the life of me
In that case, Nascar owe's Jeff Gordon a couple of "regular season championships"
20 episodes 2 days of while daughter home a phenomenongreat Jim Gordon.Ready for 2nd season!
Who were the stand out roles for you? It's supposed to be "the Jim Gordon show", but for me it's Penguin and Alfred.
Tom Hardy's portrayal of Bane is just excellent not to mention the one and only Gary Oldman's portrayal of Jim Gordon were excellent
Jim Gordon reminds me a lot of John Sheridan
Jim Gordon and Tom Casey walking the streets of Troy. They are listening to the good, the bad, and the...
NHL Network Radio previews the Kings season today. Hear our today at 1:05 p.m. PT w/ Jim Gordon - Kings H.S. Hockey talk mixed-in
my reticence over Jim Gordon as aside, and have had a run for the ages. best team since O'neil and Adams.
Benjamin Mckenzie already tickled my teenage hormones back in the OC but him as Jim Gordon in Gotham has me head over heel!
Update your maps at Navteq
-on his face. "Jim Gordon and Oswald Cobblepot," he said, a cackle escaping his lips, "who would've ever imagined?" . Jim -
is awesome. Such a fantastic Batman and Jim Gordon origin story. Bruno Heller and are doing amazing stuff!
It's so weird to see Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent like this. I love it.
Finished Batman Year One today. First Frank Miller graphic novel I’ve ever read. Like the balance of Batman and Jim Gordon throughout.
8 years later in TDKR and the Mayor is still the same, Jim Gordon does look older no grey in hair??? Like good lord
a calling to Jim Gordon "This is,Gordon." The commissioner answered "I've caught,Harley Quinn. I'm taking her to ~
Jim Gordon has gone Rogue & has gone after Scarecrow for killing his daughter Barbara Gordon aka Oracle. If...
I swear, if we enter an era where TV Jim Gordon doesn't have a mustache AND TV Maxwell Lord doesn't have a rigid hair part, I'll RIOT.
No that's good! It's called Gotham. I want to see Jim Gordon and Harvey take on the mob I want to see Gordon become Commissioner
"impactor had disappeared for 10 years. He has a drink w his friend Jim Gordon,former commissioner of Gotham who knew his secret"
Julia wouldn't tell him about it. I don't know why but I have a feeling that Scott Snyder thinks Jim Gordon is Bruce Wayne.
Jane Foster and Jim Gordon should do more movies together
ok, my other idea is Jim Gordon turns into a giant snake
After playing Arkham Knight, I really want to see Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon.
So when Jim Gordon puts up the bat signal and stands on that same roof, no one tries to snipe this ***
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
(prior) Jim Gordon - ✔ his drum solo on a Harry Nillson hit (at 4:00):.
My favorite protagonist in would probably have to be Jim Gordon (My favorite antagonist, Penguin…
When I run The World; all of the cops will be Jim Gordon & all of the journalists will be Ben Urich.
Finally catching up with the last episode of 💜 Jim Gordon
Jonathan Banks is Jim Gordon and is Barbara Gordon in 😍😍😍
The Wayne murders are just a side story that introduces us to Jim Gordon. Subsequent cases are also side stories.
BestMovieLine: "I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss.” –Jim Gordon ‘The Dark Knight Rises’
Melinda and Jim Gordon are relationship goals.
Ben McKenzie has really gotten impressive has Jim Gordon in "Gotham." Something about him really reminds me of Kyle Chandler.
Please don't kill my fake dads. *curls up around Jay Garrick and Jim Gordon*
The only characters that exist on TV are:. Barry Allen. The Rogues. John Constantine. Eobard Thawne. Jim Gordon. Harvey Bullock. Gorilla Grodd.
I want the morality of Jim Gordon but the sassiness of Harvey Bullock
March 12 preview: Philip Jenkins on Russia & China; Jim Gordon reviews Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel; Agnes Howard on life in hard times
I'm trying to be supportive but I really don't like the Leslie Thompson/Jim Gordon romantic relationship.
If anyone is really interested in Gotham and Jim Gordon pre-Batman I'd suggest just reading "Batman: Year One" by Frank Miller.
remember what Jim Gordon said about escalation in Batman Begins... Joker is a reaction to Batman. They need to tread lightly.
Bane, Jim Gordon, and Lisbeth Salander hunt down a child murderer in this CHILD 44 trailer!
And I've just realised the guy who plays Jim Gordon is also Sirius Black in Harry Potter!!
Yes, I watch Gotham. Jim Gordon is a gangsta and Barbara is a *** like Jenny from Forrest Gump
should put aside the continuity issues and make Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins a thing. Barbara Gordon just *** on the show.
Really think is portraying Jim Gordon as more of a badass than any other representation of him. I like that.
GOTHAM: Jim Gordon is played by Ryan from the OC. He seems to be playing the role based upon Gary Oldman in the Nolan batman films.
how . Long until Jim Gordon starts whipping serious ***
Oh please tell me is Jim Gordon's long-term interest on over what's her name.
A New Zealand promo features new footage from a variety of shows, but most significantly showcases a number of romantic scenes between Jim Gordon and Dr. Leslie Thompkins in Gotham and "Team Arrow" learning of Oliver Queen's demise in Arrow. Check it out...
So, when Jim Gordon was a young police Lieutenant, he accidentally killed an alien, and now an interstellar bounty hunter is after him.
Booby Keys, Delaney Bramlett, Carl Radle, all dead. Jim Gordon in jail for killing his mom.
it's like a origin story for mad villains and Jim Gordon, before batman came onto the scene, young Bruce Wayne in it too tho
'pray with urgent slowness' - thank you Jim Gordon for advent words blogged
Jim Murphy the end of labour in Scotland.
Jim Murphy just won a party election, which is more than can be said for Gordon Brown
Spoiler. already seen episode ten Jim Gordon gets fired and has to work at arkham
I think today should be a day of remembrance for the brave egg who sacrificed himself in a bid to shut Jim Murphy up.
Thoughts and prayers are with Jim and Lori Gordon and their family.
I only have 3 friends and their names are Jack, Jim and Gordon
Jim Gordon: They're the male bombshell variants the fans deserve, AND the ones they need right now. So they'll buy them.
From Sierra Leone, our NP Patrice Gordon talks to Jim Harrison on Tuesday, 9:35 a.m.
I can't believe they shot Jim gordon
Someone please cast Sean Bean in a movie with a Jim Gordon death plot twist so he could be a hero and that would be surprise for everyone.
Det. Jim Gordon will never fail his city. battle against evil continues Mondays 8/7c on
might have to pay old Jim another visit tonight if I get bored. Might get Gordon round too.
Great discussing last night with panel of Jim Carroll and Mary Gordon.
Prestwick airport was used as a stop-off point for What did Jim Murphy, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown & Jack Straw know & do?
meant to ask is Jim Murdoch still at GU? He was junior dept lecturer in my day and Gordon Cowie was my regent in 1st yr 1978
From the archives: Gordon Tullock and Jim Buchanan discuss "The Calculus of Consent"
Gordon Tullock and Jim Buchanan did most of the important work in this area. Buchanan got a Nobel.
My nastynat friend with 2 IDs. Poses as Jim Murphy supporter. As Graham Milburn has keen interest in Gordon constit'y
Jim Reeves' Anna Marie Peformed by GORDON JAY and the Jayhawks: via
The "oirish" Jim Jones looking for a home for his cult. All credit to Gordon for posting the pic yesterday.
My favorite couple will forever be Melinda Gordon and Jim Clancy. :)
Adios Amigo .Classic Jim Reeves Hit performed by Gordon Jay and the Jayhawks: via
JIM GORDON: I'll get my car. BATMAN: I brought mine. JIM GORDON: Yours? (Batmobile roars) JIM GORDON: I've gotta get me one of those.
Jim and Barbara Gordon from different earths play poker together?
This is why America needs more cops like Jim Gordon
I wish I could find the jim gordon from the liquor store that guaranteed the Rams would win by 17 tonight.
Jim Gordon asks, "I'll be installing either an Onix 8 or Onix 10 SI for the 2015 season. Will I get better SI by...
Dodgers trade Gordon and Kemp and in exchange we get older with Rollins? Is Jim Buss running the Dodgers also?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the voice of Jim Hawkins in Treasure Planet
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