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Jim Gaffigan

James Christopher Jim Gaffigan (born July 7, 1966) is an American stand-up comedian and actor.

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Jim Gaffigan is serious about Hackney's onion loaf
2 words come to mind for comedian on his childhood in Barrington and Elgin: onion loaf.
I'm turning into Jim Gaffigan so gradually...
Doing some audience research. Jim Gaffigan to speak at a future event? Audience skews male and millennial.…
This minivan ad is gold. Jim Gaffigan kills it as a narcissistic dad
Oh my. Bless you. I'm the Catholic Jim Gaffigan makes fun of when he say…
EXCLUSIVE preview: Jim Gaffigan takes over Pandora in honor of Cinco via…
Jim Gaffigan I tell everyone I come across those who cut you down are picking a target for their own p…
Jim Gaffigan with all the background on hock pockets: .
Just havin some peeps over for dead bird. "You're gonna kill me?" "Oh, it's gonna get a lot worse..." ha ha ha -Ji…
Where's Jim Gaffigan when you need him?
Kind of reminds me of Jim Gaffigan's "HOLLAND TUNELL!" bit.
"Whenever one of my children says, 'Goodnight Daddy,' I always think to myself, 'You don't mean that'.". - Jim Gaffigan
Is it the actual Colonel or the Jim Gaffigan Colonel?
sometimes when I hear benny I just think Jim Gaffigan. Similar takes on food too
Also what is the lore for hatris? "One day Jim Gaffigan helped Chuck Norris put too many hats on his 6…
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my professional life is like the Jim Gaffigan "I'd like a burger/where is my burger" bit
The words of Jim Gaffigan in snooze alarms, "As my first decision of the day, I'm going back to bed."
I liked a video Jim Gaffigan takes on Hecklers
I'll buy WWE 2K18 if I played as Jim Gaffigan as Colonel Sanders.
Just looking at a picture of 5 kids tires me out. You're a good man Jim Gaffigan.
6. Me: Want a donut?. Bobby: I'm not hungry. Me: What does that have to do with it?. 7. The real question...
Jim Gaffigan: "Do you ever have so much to do that you just take a nap?"
If only they knew you are Jim freaking Gaffigan
Wow, Jim Gaffigan's kids are having a hard life. Like how my father said You aint ever going Disneytow…
“Babies should be classified as an antidepressant. It's pretty hard to be in a bad mood around a 5-month-old baby.” – Jim Gaffigan
Why Jim Gaffigan will never quit doing
To quote Jim Gaffigan, re:the heroin, “that’ll grab ya by the horn.”
Just realized that I'll get to see the incomparable Jim Gaffigan again next year!
Jim Gaffigan and I have one thing in common: all I need is a bed to sleep on, and, my own private jet...that’s all.
Random: Brian Bowen, SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts and Jim Gaffigan are alumni of La Lumiere School in Indiana
Comedy greats Kumail Nanjiani, Jim Gaffigan, John Oliver, Eugene Mirman & Mike Birbaglia all in one place!
More importantly, the man pictured looks like a perfect "cross" of Jim Gaffigan and David Duval.
Camping, waking up, and bacon by Jim Gaffigan .
Jim Gaffigan has a weekly segment in the grumpy tradition of Andy…
I just saw a commercial in which Rob Lowe is the mascot, how dare they get rid of Jim Gaffigan. Have some respect fam.
"Nobody believes in racial profiling until they get a red-haired sushi chef with a southern accent." -Jim Gaffigan
It's even funnier if you say it in a Jim Gaffigan voice..."🎶Hot...COCKLES..."
does anyone else remember reading Jim Gaffigan was in this season? Did I miss him??
Wow. Jim Gaffigan is not funny to me, at all.
I don't need a truck but I want one so folks know that I have a strong work ethic. (Paraphrasing Jim Gaffigan)
Peeps! Join us to see one of the best comedians right now Jim Gaffigan on Sat Sept 30 at 730p at…
Here at Disney and there at least a thousand Jim Gaffigan impersonators here!! 😂
On the other hand, what could be more appropriate than going to a Jim Gaffigan show at 9 months pregna…
Happy 51th birthday to Jim Gaffigan (actor)
I'm gettin' real tired of this constant cycle of new Col. Sanders. Norm McDonald, Jim Gaffigan, now Rob Lowe. Let's settle down here KFC
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love Jim Gaffigan bit on bacon, nature's candy, pun intended.
Time is running out and Jim Gaffigan concert tickets won't last long. Grab yours today. 🎫💨. →
Exclusive - Jim Gaffigan - Living in Chinatown on Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed via
Get Dad tickets to one of my shows for Father’s Day! I will be in NY at the September 28th-30th
I feel bad about this but when I first read Jim Gaffigan cooking show I thought...
"Im a little slow tonight, I had hot cornbread for dinner. Y'all *** n'ah sayin!" Jim Gaffigan
"Why is that lady walking around the gym conducting an orchestra and bending backwards?" -Everyone here in a tiny Jim Gaffigan voice
I just saw Jim Gaffigan on Comedy Central... I don't see or Undergroun…
Norm MacDonald and Jim Gaffigan and Sam Hyde and, *** Dave Chapelle, are funnier than ANY Jewish comedian.
Is it just me or does Jim Gaffigan look like an older fat Chris Pratt?
Watch: Jerry Seinfeld accidentally interviews a Chevy Camaro while sitting on top of Jim Gaffigan - and you won't believe what they ordered
Jim Gaffigan revealed that his wife just had surgery on a “large” brain tumor
Jim Gaffigan says his wife and writing partner Jeannie Gaffigan is recovering after surgery to remove a serious brain tumor.
Jim Gaffigan's wife recovering after brain tumor surgery
Jeannie Gaffigan underwent surgery after a life-threatening tumor around her brain stem was found two weeks ago
Jim Gaffigan's wife recovering after brain tumor surgery -
"Jim Gaffigan's wife recovering after brain tumor surgery"
Jim Gaffigan's wife recovering after brain tumor surgery | Prayers for healing
Seen him on tv. Bargain basement Jim Gaffigan.
Jim Gaffigan's wife Jeannie Gaffigan pictures,surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor
We're so happy to hear that Jim Gaffigan's wife is at home resting after a 9 hour surgery:
Of your charity, pray for Jeannie Gaffigan, wife of Comedian Jim Gaffigan... ... -
Jim Gaffigan's wife, Jeannie, is recovering after brain surgery:
"Dark chocolate is for people who like chocolate and disappointment." - Jim Gaffigan
Reminds me of Comedian Jim Gaffigan's bit about what to do if you encounter a bear:…
i told my captors i would tell them where the jewels are if they would just stop making me watch Jim Gaffigan clips
I've listened to Lewis Black or Jim Gaffigan while running.
What U doin this weekend? I'm gonna go watch a hot yoga class...bring a bag of chips...& wear my spi…
"Don't get me wrong, I love animals. I just love to eat them more." - Jim Gaffigan
Guess who KFC just cast as the newest Colonel Sanders
I have the diet of a Jim Gaffigan set.
Just saw Jim Gaffigan at a bagel shop i go to and got denied a pic lol.
I don't like the new Colonel I miss Jim Gaffigan
You heard of Jim Gaffigan? Tarek recently introduced me to him. Oh Em Gee! Tears of laughter.
I liked a video Jim Gaffigan on the high costs of the Tooth Fairy
Morning Blend: (Fri Funnies edition: "The digital camera is a great invention because it allows us to reminisce. Instantly." ~Jim Gaffigan
What does the pale thin satirist make there? I want to see actor Jim Gaffigan!
“You ever read a book that changed your life? Me neither.”” » Jim Gaffigan . KISSES BoraKayGanda
I just subscribe to "if it's not Kit Notaro, Ron Funches, or Jim Gaffigan, not worth the risk."
oh yeah I've heard of Jim Gaffigan, have not seen that bit though. He is basically right though 🤔
Have you ever heard of jim gaffigan? He's a comedian and he spends like 5-10 min. talking about ***
"You know what's easier than applying sunscreen? Not going outside!" -Jim Gaffigan .
Jim Gaffigan's bit on garbage and people who throw garbage out on the highway is so great. "How ya doing garbage... YOURE GETTING OUT HERE"
"Everyone's path is different and everyone's concept of success is different." ~ Jim Gaffigan
Louis CK. Miles Jupp. Doug Stanhope. Simon Evans. Jim Gaffigan. Rhod Gilbert. If you know no more t…
Then someone at work said I look like Jim Gaffigan. I should just kill myself now.
"Raising kids may be a thankless job with ridiculous hours, but at least the pay *** " . - Jim Gaffigan
Am I excited for the start of season 3 of You Betcha! However, Jim Gaffigan wasn't able to join the cast as planned. Aw jeez.
Tbt to when I saw Jim Gaffigan and Todd Glass ended up being the opener and I almost cried
Jim Gaffigan is my favorite comedian👏🏼
Jim Gaffigan is a stand up comedian absolutely hilarious
If Jim Gaffigan says it on the internet it must be true, right??
I know you've seen Jim Gaffigan's bit on Hot Pockets. If you haven't, google it immediately.
Anna: Got to interview .and only caught his human meat reference after the interview 🙄 
congrats. Glad you're above at least one Jim Gaffigan album. Dude isn't funny
For the finest in cutting-edge comedy, see Jim Gaffigan, or any of the other 320 million Americans.
Kellyanne already pushed Ivanka's crap on TV, now she's boosting stock in Jim Gaffigan jokes?
Win a pair of pavilion seats to see Jim Gaffigan. Here for more info
JUST ANNOUNCED! adds a 3rd show at The Chicago Theatre on his "Noble Ape" Tour! Tix on-sale FRIDAY!…
Yeah? Just wait until, 'That guy looks like Jim Gaffigan Day." You're either going to love it or HATE IT...
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Does anyone else just randomly think of things Jim Gaffigan has said and laugh? no?
Jim Gaffigan's been trying to warn us.
I liked a video from Mr. Universe Jim Gaffigan On McDonalds
“Big families are like waterbed stores; they used to be everywhere, and now they’re just weird.” Jim Gaffigan
Failing and laughing at our own shortcomings are the hallmarks of a sane parent. – Jim Gaffigan
Remember when he just stole Jim Gaffigan's joke on Colbert? He's so bad.
Yooo I'm cracking up at this Jim Gaffigan special.
Joe Manchin is woke. 😂😂😂😂 We've got the next Jim Gaffigan here , people
Jim Gaffigan shows are really funny!
Katt Williams, Jim Gaffigan and Mitch Hedburg have me 😂😂😂 in the gym.
Confirmed: Comedian, actor and writer Jim Gaffigan will tape an ep of on 4/23 at 11:45 a.m.
You should give Christopher Titus, Brian Regan, and Jim Gaffigan a try
There may still be Jim Gaffigan tickets...! And Jim Jeffries added a 4th show next month too!
Variety ♦ Jim Gaffigan is starring in the movie comedy “You Can Choose Your Family” for Miranda Bailey’s Cold Iron…
Bill Frisell talks about effect pedals like Jim Gaffigan talks about food. It rules
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Jim Gaffigan is old-time funny. Like Dean Martin or Johnathon Winters.
Jim Gaffigan's bit about bowling reminds me of my boys so much
i want a president not a poor man's Jim Gaffigan although that I would prefer Gaffigan instead of
A 70 year old co-worker of mine just said, "I don't know what the world's coming to" in reference to Jim Gaffigan's popularity
I liked a video from Jim Gaffigan: OBSESSED - Seafood
As a dad, you are the Vice President of the executive branch of parenting. It doesn't matte
I try to only eat animals that are vegan. I'm probably the opposite of a vegan.
I appreciate stand up comedy more than ever.I like Jim Gaffigan,Demetri Martin,the late Mitch Hedberg,Kevin Hart,Bo Burnham & there are more
This is like Jim Gaffigan's commentary on "pick your own apples". You pay them to work for them.
"When I die I would like to be buried in a steakhouse." -Jim Gaffigan
Dinner at Stella, then Jim Gaffigan at the Wilbur Theatre.
Introducing my parents to the wonder that is Jim Gaffigan.
"If its so great outside, why are all the bugs trying to get inside of my house?". -Jim Gaffigan
The hilarious headlines in Sept. 29 . Reserve now:
- did you know he is Jim Gaffigan's brother in law?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I went to the Jim Gaffigan show last night and sat next to the people that obnoxiously laugh and clap at every joke
I'm pretty sure Dr. Fletcher is really Jim Gaffigan
Jim Gaffigan tickets go on sale today and I will watch his show by myself if I have to. 😑
ON SALE NOW -- Jim Gaffigan: Fully Dressed at NYCB Theatre at Westbury on Friday, November 25th! Get your tix now!
Thank you for articulating how I feel about seafood, fish & the Jucy Lucy
All I want to do is be a good dad, but I'm pretty bad at it.
Daddy when I grow up I am never going to diet. I am going to be big and fat like Jim Gaffigan
Food-loving Comedian Jim Gaffigan had some cheesy fun on and off the stage for his tour stop at the Resch Center.
tnw You realize you have tickets to Jim Gaffigan on Monday but forgot to take the day off work and you need someone to cover your shift.
Just loved the Jim Gaffigan show in Pittsburgh! We laughed so hard...tears!!!
Going to see Jim Gaffigan again Saturday. Last show was great but Ed's car got side swiped by the valet. Maybe we will take my car!
.Podcast: Jim Gaffigan's kids love to gamble:
Jim Gaffigan can't leave 'sticky' old East Village…or Crif Dogs…or Katz's…
My top comedian: (not in any order). :Bill Burr. :Demetri Martin. :Anthony Jeselnik. :Jim Gaffigan . Go check them out.
The Chrysler Pacifica is perfect for a family man like Jim Gaffigan. But if you have a "bad back", you better...
Kevin James, Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Hart (on Kimmel)...and Tom Waits on Letterman. My goodness. Laughed til it hurt. 😅
Jim Gaffigan’s rant about health fads is almost poetic
Jim Gaffigan was on last night and I missed it. This always happens. How hard is it to watch one of your favorite comedians?
Je viens de voir Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee S08E01 - Jim Gaffigan: Stick Around for the Pope
Positivite actions and compassion and standing up for people who are picked on, Jim Gaffigan earned my respect.
NB sounds like a million other bands. I don't get it either. Jim Gaffigan: Leave Nickelback Alone! via
Watch Jim & Jeannie Gaffigan play 'How well do you know your Catholic spouse?' with Cardinal Dolan via
Jim Gaffigan dropping some truth. I'm sure camping is great and all, but so is my bed.
I was thinking the same about Jim Gaffigan 😂
Wendy just surprised me by taking me to see Jim Gaffigan at Heinz Hall
I see your on Jim Gaffigan's show. I have yet to see it.
wrote about S2's tone and hyper reality:
Friends, what are some good funny things to watch, preferably on Netflix? Jim Gaffigan esque, 30 rock & ParksnRec esque?
Like currently we're listening to Jim Gaffigan and he's laughing and that's really relaxing to me.
For all the Nickelback haters in the world. Jim Gaffigan: Leave Nickelback Alone! - CONAN on TBS
I want to go to a Jim Gaffigan show so bad.
The last 4 Colonial Sanders have been Darrell Hammond, Norm MacDonald, Jim Gaffigan and now George Hamilton because why not
"If you don't like Nickelback... Turn it off.". -Jim Gaffigan. He gets it. . He understands life. . 1. The world: -1,000,000,000
Maybe he didn't finish this essay but luckily I finished my review of
So. Someone on my team at work is a Jim Gaffigan fan. No wonder he's so *** corny.
I liked a video Jim Gaffigan's Kids Cannot Stay Awake - CONAN on TBS
Opening - Jim Gaffigan - Subversive Sounds for Freaks of All Ages.
nope. Even Jim Gaffigan plays right into this genre and is adored! I do think he's funny but. 😕
.I have so many kids, I don’t have time to write this essay via
Just now catching up on our podcast Love this one w/feat. +
Jim Gaffigan, the funniest man on the earth
I would absolutely watch a remake of "Drive" starring Jim Gaffigan in the Ryan Gosling role
I'm a big fan of Katt Williams, Jim Gaffigan, Louie CK, Margaret Cho, ...
Who wants FREE tickets to see Jim Gaffigan at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in July?
.are there any clean comedians available to watch or do you only upload foul-mouthed ones?! How about a Jim Gaffigan type?
"Most trips have that moment of waking up in a strange, uncomfortable bed and asking yourself, now how do I get coffee?" -Jim Gaffigan
Jim Gaffigan, we were thinking the exact same thing! .
Just figured out that Jim gaffigan is in super troopers...
"That Jim Gaffigan thinks he is too good to come to Colorado." Said in my best Jim Gaffigan voice..
Oh god I can already tell that car commercial with Jim Gaffigan is gonna get old really fast
You're the Steph Curry of making fun of Jim Gaffigan.1st you take his Sierra Mist sponsorship, then u steal his hotpockets!
"Behold a pale horse: and his name that sat upon him was Death". -What you would say if Jim Gaffigan was a horse named Death
4 minutes in and already name dropping Jim Gaffigan and Walter Kerr.
We heard Jim Gaffigan has like 5 kids.We bet he drives the All-New 2017
I added a video to a playlist Jim Gaffigan: OBSESSED - Seafood
WATCH Jim Gaffigan’s Commencement Address to Catholic University of America via
Once upon a time Jim Gaffigan messaged me on MySpace...holy crap, that was over 10 years ago.
Take off Jim Gaffigan commerical with Jesus in it.
if you can't wait to see up close at July 15!
Applicable to New Orleans: “Why don't we eat somethin', and then we'll go get somethin' to eat?” - Jim Gaffigan
[Jim Gaffigan high voice] that fact wasn't very fun at all...!
My question for Jim Gaffigan - Do you think bacon is the cure for the zombie virus?
Jim Gaffigan - the real "other white meat"! Won't last in the zombie apocalypse. Too tasty
Jim Gaffigan enjoys people watching while the neighborhood admires his Pacifica.
This custom beauty just pulled up in front of the store. I would love to see the Jim Gaffigan commercial for this.:…
"They're like mini doughnut-vitamins. They're so small they don't even count. I'll just have 1 or twelve." . – Jim Gaffigan
Jim Gaffigan - How many zombies could you take out with a Hot Pocket?
As the hilarious Jim Gaffigan said: "Imagine you're drowning and they hand you another baby"- May the Force be with you!
14) yes, I saw Jim Gaffigan live and it was the greatest thing ever
Dear Bushwick Dirtbag, you can point at me and say "Jim Gaffigan!" but only if I can point at you and say "Jack White covered in burns!"
I'll never purchase a Chrysler Pacifica but I must say their new "Dad Brand" commercials with Jim Gaffigan are hilarious
wow I entirely forgot that Jim Gaffigan had that show
The West Wing too maybe?? She also popped up on Jim Gaffigan's show this past season.
watch Jim Gaffigan Show Red Velvet Cake episode for good commentary acceptable food intake...
That Jim Gaffigan car commercial where he's mocking the girls walking past his car kills me 😂😂😂😂 so me. I love mocking people
Pacelli improv students to compete at global level: From John Mulaney to Jim Gaffigan, some of America's top ...
Thought you might want to start your day with a pic of Alice Cooper meeting Col. Sanders. Or is that Jim Gaffigan?
Only The All-New 2017 will strengthen your Close btn
Jim Gaffigan was a good choice for those Pacifica ads.
Why is Jim Gaffigan in a car commercial?
TvLand pulled the Dukes of Hazzard but they run Jim Gaffigan commercials with Jesus. I don't understand.
Pretty neat that Jim Gaffigan rocked a polo for this commercial 😜
sent a Jim Gaffigan clip to my old boss & helped a coworker pick out Warby Parker sunglasses all in one afternoon . "networking"
Jim Gaffigan is on an episode of Royal pains for one reason..
Just saw John Mulaney and Jim Gaffigan. Got a video of John Mulaney clapping
Jim Gaffigan set for 3 shows in Milwaukee.
What do you think of the new Pacific ads with Comedian Jim Gaffigan?
Jim Gaffigan is my favorite comedian, but a close second is Brian Regan.
Jim Gaffigan: Inflation and the Tooth Fairy: Comedian Jim Gaffigan explains why family economics is anything ...
Jim Gaffigan will always be my favorite comedian. 😄😂
Watch Comedian Jim Gaffigan in the new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica commercials. Hilarious :-)…
is getting Comedian Jim Gaffigan to promote the all-new 2017 in a series of hilarious new...
The Venue - Hammond, IN. Opening act for Comedian Jim Gaffigan on August 13, ...
James Taylor and Jim Gaffigan to perform at Tulsa's BOK...
I love Jim Gaffigan as the colonel.
Darrell Hammond, Norm MacDonald, Jim Gaffigan — more maybe? At least those three.
What's deal with KFC switch to Jim Gaffigan from Norm MacDonald & Darrell Hammond. *** Sargent replaced *** York, too!
The year is 2016. Darrell Hammond is running for the highest office in the land and Jim Gaffigan is Colonel Sanders.
So first Darrell Hammond, then Norm MacDonald, now Jim Gaffigan. Who else thinks should get a turn?
I don't get why Jim Gaffigan is dressed up as Robert Morse?
a cross between Jim Gaffigan and hacksaw Jim Duggan, either way he looks like a Jim
Devo, Jim Gaffigan and Nick Offerman have been added to Will Ferrell and Chad Smith’s all-star benefit
Chris Tucker, KC and the Sunshine Band, Trace Atkins, Journey, Sam Hunt, and Jim Gaffigan will be performing on...
You can see Journey, Sam Hunt, Trace Adkins, Chris Tucker, Jim Gaffigan, or KC and the Sunshine Band with Carnival LIVE!
Carnival Live adds three performers, including country star Sam Hunt: Also, comedians Chris Tucker and Jim Gaffigan each will do two shows.
They didn't tell you!? You host for 5 min. Then it's Darrell Hammond, Norm MacDonald and Jim Gaffigan dressed like you.
My fave Col. Sanders impersonator so far is Norm MacDonald. I like Jim Gaffigan as himself. As Sanders, he's too obviously Jim Gaffigan.
No disrespect to Jim Gaffigan, but Norm MacDonald is the superior Colonel Sanders.
KFC taps Jim Gaffigan to portray Colonel Sanders in Super Bowl 50 commercial...
Darrell Hammond, Norm MacDonald, Jim Gaffigan, David Alan Grier...I don't understand the concept but I like the casting.
First The Colonel looks like Darrell Hammond then Norm MacDonald now Jim Gaffigan there's a deep backstory somewhere in time and space!
See Comedian Jim Gaffigan "Fully Dressed" at Fraze Pavilion on Wednesday, August 10th. Tickets go on sale...
When ppl hate Catholics but love Steve Colbert and Jim Gaffigan? ?
...what about Gus Grissom? Drew Brees? Jim Gaffigan? Orville Redenbacher? At least y'all have Jared from subway...
Darrell Hammond, Norm McDonald, now Jim Gaffigan as Colonel Sanders. Calling my shot: next up in the role is Janeane Garofalo
The Original Image: Bishop Robert Barron, Jim Gaffigan, Harry Connick, Jr. and more share about...
[VIDEO] Bishop Barron, George Weigel, and….Jim Gaffigan on the Image of Divine Mercy
Rodney Carrington tonight. It's not Jim Gaffigan but happy to get out. 🤓 @ Sixth Street Grill
Jim Gaffigan and Greg Olsen are basically football twins. (via
"Holidays are also an opportunity for kids. to unlearn every good habit they’ve. learned..." -Jim Gaffigan.
Hey Can you interview him? Jim Gaffigan has cemented his status as America’s top Christian comedian:
Much thanks to the Queens of Comedy, Louie CK, and Jim Gaffigan for getting me through the last two days.
On a scale from Jersey shore to Jim gaffigan how tan am I?
Streaming is easy. Choosing a snack is hard. Stream right here:
I have a huge dad crush on Jim Gaffigan
If you don't know what to watch, watch jim gaffigan. That's my motto. His bologna has a 2nd name and it's Gaffigan
Listening to my favorite podcast with Jim Gaffigan
Awesome audiobook! So hilarious. And it is Jim Gaffigan himself reading it. Anyone else's voice wouldn't be the same
Hot pockets aren't as bad as Jim Gaffigan makes them out to be.
This morning, I have cleaned two poop diapers and two cases of toddler vomit. So, here are some Gaffigan quotes:
A controversial issue. We compromise by making the bed midday, but, I like what Jim Gaffigan says on the subject.
if you do nonfiction, Neil Patrick Harris, Tina Fey, and Jim Gaffigan have awesome memoirs. Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance.
We made it to the Garden! So super psyched! — watching Jim Gaffigan at Madison Square Garden
Matt Holt is gaining on Jim Gaffigan and Ron Funches for the top comedy albums on iTunes and I'm fan-girling SO HARD
I've seen Dane Cook, Aziz and soon Kevin Hart. I just need Hannibal Burress and Jim Gaffigan!!!
Any idea why there are as many Jim Gaffigan routines on Pandora's Jewish Comedy Station as Jackie Mason?
Jim Gaffigan laughs his way through the 2 Minute Warning!: Comedian Jim Gaffigan takes on Ryan…
Jim Gaffigan is by far the best comedian ever 😂😂
is this like Jim Gaffigan's joke on Meridith Baxter's Lifetime og about an abused women, "Rod"?
This is why I want to tell Jim Gaffigan & Stephan Colbert everything.
Dennis Miller, Jim Gaffigan, Chris Wallace, David Limbaugh and Newt again & again!
Jim Gaffigan (B '88) joins cast of feature film "The Bleeder" with Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts:
Had a dream I was on the set of Girls. Jim Gaffigan was producing it, mike Birbiglia was in the episode. And I got a huge ugly back tattoo
Now watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent starring the kid from Full Metal Jacket n feat the ginger comedian in 07 now known as Jim Gaffigan
In addition to Fr. Jim Martin, a Jim with the gift of humor: Jim Gaffigan: Being a Catholic comedian via
Boos as Comedian Jim Gaffigan make Santa Clause joke at Papal festival in Philadelphia.
One good thing about the Jim Gaffigan show... At least Macauley Culkin is working again.
24 Sep, all Colbert's guests will be Catholics: Archb Wenski, Maria Shriver, Comedian Jim Gaffigan & Andrew Sullivan
.is having an all Catholic line-up for PopeWeek (9/24): Andrew Sullivan, Maria Shriver, Jim Gaffigan, & Arch. Thomas Wenski.
Jim Gaffigan will trade for some hot pockets.
Should be sleeping but Jim Gaffigan, Dane Cook, and Nick Swardson are making me laugh constantly instead.
Jim Gaffigan, Iliza Schlesinger, Aziz Ansari... and of course Russell Peters is an all time fave!
A nice interview with Comedian Jim Gaffigan about parenting 5 kids in a big city.
Two teens sitting this far from Comedian Jim Gaffigan, laughing and enjoying the show. Thank goodness they put...
The Comedian Jim Gaffigan says making your bed after you get up is like tying your shoes after you take them off. Ha ha
Seeing Comedian Jim Gaffigan in Portsmouth. That's about as exciting as it gets for us on a Thursday…
When a comedian is on Comedy Central they're so boring and they just say relatable family humor like Home Improvement and Jim Gaffigan ***
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