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Jim Flaherty

James Michael Jim Flaherty, PC, MP (born December 30, 1949) is Canada's Minister of Finance and he has also served as Ontario's Minister of Finance.

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5 things to know for Tuesday, November 18, 2014 1. Conservatives put Tory in victory: The Conservatives have cruised to victory in Monday’s byelection in the Alberta riding of Yellowhead, and held off strong gains by the Liberals to defend their seat in Whitby-Oshawa, the former riding of the late Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. Today at 4 p.m. ET, Foreign Affairs Minister Joh Baird will make an announcement on ending early and forced marriage of children. will stream the announcement live. 3. Drunk birds get help: Bohemian waxwings in the Yukon have been eating fermented berries and then falling out of trees, stumbling around or flying into walls. That’s why the territory’s environment agency and animal health unit are now offering help for boozed-up birds, including a “drunk tank” made from a hamster cage. 5 things homebuyers should consider: The average home price in Canada is up 7 per cent year-over-year, according to a new report. Experts say those considering buying should take s ...
MR. OLIVER SHOULD HAVE FOUGHT FOR SOMETHING BETTER One of the late Jim Flaherty's best features as Finance Minister was his willingness to push-back against Stephen Harper's excessive partisanship. Income Splitting was a case in point. Mr. Harper trotted it out as a hypothetical campaign promise during the 2011 election, to be honoured at some future date after the federal books had been balanced. Whether Mr. Flaherty disliked the idea from the beginning is hard to tell, but in his latter days in the Finance department he didn't mince words. He openly challenged Income Splitting as too costly and distinctly unfair because it would benefit "some parts of the Canadian population a lot and other parts of the Canadian population not at all." Mr. Flaherty pushed back. It is crucial for Finance Ministers to be able to do that. They are among the few who can speak truth to all-too-powerful Prime Ministers. Their authority in Finance can only be used sparingly, but when it's needed it should be exercised. In ...
Nice touch. Gary Rabbior wearing a green tie in memory of Jim Flaherty, who kick-started effort in
Justin Trudeau promises to get rid of Harper's Income-Splitting scam just as Jim Flaherty suggested
Last year the Harper government (with Jim Flaherty as Finance Minister) announced it would withdraw from the UN to Combat Desertification,
Pretty pathetic partisan pissing. Should we kill another Lib to even up the tab? | Flaherty's Funeral Costs Revealed
MT Costs of Flaherty's State Funeral was $400K+; $17K 4 open bar
Jim Flaherty's State Funeral Costs 0ver $400,000. Sometimes, money is no object for Stephen Harper Government.
Jim Flaherty wouldn't want us to pay for his funeral...
Gov't Documents Reveal Cost Of St Jim's funeral and you paid $400,000 for it
Interesting the the CTF, CFIB aren't all over this. I see this as a catastrophic failure oversight.
Flaherty''s funeral cost taxpayers over $400,000 including $17,560 for an open bar & $6,130 on flowers
$17,560 of OUR money paid for booze at Jim Flaherty's funeral. You heard that right …
Harper Government spent $17,560 of taxpayers money for an open bar at Jim Flaherty's Funeral (400K total).
While we've tightened our belts for 4 years, Harper spends +$400K on Jim Flaherty's funeral
So "Uncle Jim" got a $400,000+ funeral on our dime. Harper's idea of austerity?
Public Works given $38,000 for staff overtime and travel for Jim Flaherty's $500K funeral
PM Harper spent just under HALF A MILLION $ of OUR money on State Funeral for Jim Flaherty
Soldier's & Veterans beg for funeral help, Harper gov spends $17,560 on booze at Flaherty funeral?
I thought there was a ban on expensing alcohol The Harper Government™ sure plays fast and loose …
Devastated to hear news of my friend Jim Flaherty passing. My prayers go out to Christine Elliot & family. The Ford family…
it's in honour of Jim Flaherty. Thanks for asking. K
Another day filled with activity -memorial mass- Hon Jim Flaherty 9AM unveiling commemorative bench in his honour 10AM 1/2
Nah. I still think Jim Flaherty was funnier than him.
Watching Jim Flaherty's body language is interesting. It's like he was really sickened by Harper's lies:
says, a wonderful and blessed gesture!...Friends of Jim Flaherty setting up trust fund for his son
by-election unofficially underway as first candidate nominated: Must be called by October 25
Kellie Leitch told us how Jim Flaherty pushed her to run. "He was my mentor, and my champion. I ran for office because of his persistence."
UPDATE 5-Jim Flaherty dies soon after quitting as Canada's Finance Minister via
Race to fill Jim Flaherty's seat gets underway in Whitby-Oshawa: The race to fill the seat left vacant after t...
Joe Oliver says his relationship with Rob Ford is business only, unlike his predecessor, the late Jim Flaherty.
I asked the Finance Minister what his relationship with Rob Ford is like, given predecessor Jim Flaherty's close ties. "It's business-like."
A better picture of Rob Ford protester John Furr hoping Jim Flaherty committed suicide
Thank you Joe Oliver. Indeed, this is a day that Jim Flaherty would be very happy! via
A good legacy piece for Jim Flaherty: Joe Oliver announces next steps on National Securities Regulator.
VIDEO: Jim Flaherty would be happy with regulator progress: Joe Oliver
Finance Minister Joe Oliver needs to start blaming Jim Flaherty for his role in creating Ontario's debt.
Another standing ovation. This time for the late Jim Flaherty.
Standing ovation for the late Finance Minister Jim Flaherty
Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty cut Transport Canada safety budget by 45% just months before. Cause = effect.
Update Jim Flaherty walks in and is upset because my mother is watching Frozen without him!
trade could mean Jesse Chavez back to the pen. Given O'Flaherty's return, does that mean Jim Johnson's luck has run out?
And A's just got Eric O'Flaherty back from the DL. Only weak link on pitching staff is Jim Johnson.
Minister Joe Oliver channels Flaherty in telling to solve own budget problems via
A truly sad day for Canadians with the passing of Jim Flaherty. He loved hockey like a true Canadian. My condolences to h…
Honestly, people. also mentioned God "on the day of former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's funeral." … …
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Could this be the next premier of Ontario?
Is Jim Flaherty sticking it to Stephen Harper on family income splitting? via
the tax stuff, for ex disability support, legacy of late Jim Flaherty.
wow! Can't believe I got the title wrong! Yup - Black Velvet Band. Freudian slip for my Irish friend Jim Flaherty
"Eric O'Flaherty activated; Jeff Francis designated for assignment"
“reinstate LHP Eric O'Flaherty from the disabled list; designate LHP Jeff Francis for assignment” designate jim Johnson!
Eric O'Flaherty activated; Jeff Francis designated for assignment
Joe Oliver (channeling Flaherty) to Ontario: Quit whining and solve your budget problems
Ottawa to Ontario: "Get your fiscal act together" The zoo that is Toronto civic politics will not help.
Nice work, Ontario. Keep it up. via
New channels in telling taxpayers quit whining
Joe Oliver channels Jim Flaherty in advising Ontario to quit whining and solve its own budget problems.
"Ontarians voted for a fairy tale in June, and already the tale is unraveling."
Only one known by-election left to call. Harper has until early Oct to call election in Whitby-Oshawa, Jim Flaherty's former riding
List is missing Stephen Harper, Jim Flaherty, Rona Ambrose, Mike Harris, Bev Oda and on and on - ***
I know Paul Martin understood RE bubble risks, and Jim Flaherty clearly did. Zero initiative from BC politicians on Van problems, though.
Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty resigns after eight years in the job, announcing that he is returning to the private sector.
ur vote is ur only choice. U don't decide who CEO's Wal-Mart. But they lobby politicians. Private sector ppl (Jim Flaherty)
Jim Flaherty: Three ways the new Finance Minister might swerve from his script - Financial Post
Jim Flaherty spent over $65,000 of taxpayer money for two trips on private jets. As veteran offices are closed. Awesome.
Credits: QMI AGENCY LORNE GUNTER|QMI AGENCY It was revealed last week that for the past four years, the federal government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has been running a secret, multi-billion-dollar slush fund for have-not provinces. The TTP — or Total Transfer Protection program — was designed to keep have-not provinces “whole” if for whatever reason they qualified for lower equalization payments than the previous year.
Jim Palmer is on meth. Flaherty has home run power ?
Whether you like the party or not: Jim Flaherty had a tough job as Finance Minister during a worldwide recession
Jim Flaherty was great at giving tax $$$ back to corporations but having little to show for it other than prog cuts. Hudak no diff.
no, the pam/jim storyline is a bit similar but jarger. First 4/5 seasons are easy not bad viewing but ends up pony
.. I blame Harper and Jim Flaherty (they secretly brought in sub prime mortgages) and the banks stupid low interest rates
."I had a mentor. Because of Jim Flaherty I am a politician."
At 5:38 on fmr finance min on the passing of Jim Flaherty.
true story: in uni, a girl conned me into working the Jim Flaherty campaign for leadership.
Jim Flaherty threatened to quit cabinet over Harper’s plan to move him from Finance in 2007, book reveals
.. There is more personnel turnover in the PMO than there is at Walmart. .
.what exact issue did Jim Flaherty "stand up" to Harper...exactly?
.Man, is that Harper ever a poor judge of human character; the list of human tragedy is endless
Harper Wanted Jim Flaherty Out Of Finance: Book. Would not surprise me b/c Flaherty was only 1 to stand up to him
Jim Flaherty did a terrific job destroying surplus, ignoring the recession, taking credit for Cda's banking practices, no thx to him.
On Jim Flaherty, Wilson says he will be remembered as "one of the best Finance Ministers that this country has had."
Jim Flaherty nearly shuffled out of finance role in 2007: Jim Flaherty was nearly shuffled out of his role as ...
Family, friends, and colleagues of all party stripes filled the pews at Toronto's downtown St. James Cathedral on Wednesday to pay their final respects to Jim Flaherty, the former Finance Minister who resigned from politics less than a month ago to spend more time with his family, only to have his life cut short by a sudden heart attack. Flaherty, 64, died of a massive heart attack in his Ottawa condo last Thursday despite frantic efforts by a cabinet colleague and paramedics to resuscitate him.
Joe Oliver to replace Jim Flaherty as Finance Minister -
.Jim Flaherty bad planner: Can't think of any family in Canada more undeserving of a trust fund
Toronto mayor Rob Ford again in news, a video showing him taking drugs. He will take 30 days leave to seek help. His lawyer mentioned he was so depressed on his good friend Jim Flaherty's uncertain death.
Premier welcomes PC MPP Christine Elliott back to legislature after death of Jim Flaherty.
Jim Prentice a man of integrity. Very believeable. Is experienced. Will help the pipeline talks and PR. Will step up and work hard. He has not even announced and the detractors are out after him already. I will never understand why someone in his camp would leak this early. If it is true it will be to Alberta's benefit. He is cut from the same cloth, in my opinion, as the late Jim Flaherty. He represents Alberta but will work for all of Canada.
Photoset: TORONTO — A State Funeral was held for former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty at St. James...
Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly wants executive committee to direct city staff to find a way to commemorate Jim Flaherty in
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I can't help thinking that the Conservative Party should have paid for the "State Funeral" of ex-cabinet minister Jim Flaherty. It was a break with tradition, making him the first ex minister to have such a funeral at the tax payers expense, and putting this rtrather second-ragte minister of finance in the same calss as Jack Layton and Pierre Trudeau. Untill this week, State Funerals in Canada were public events held to commemorate former governors general, prime ministers, members of the Cabinet who died in office, and, at the Cabinet's discretion, other eminent Canadians. I'd be prepared to accept this crass use of the funds and the term if the rest of the cabinet were willing to say that Flaherty was the best of them. That I could beieve.
Justin Trudeau and Rob Ford stop for selfies at Jim Flaherty's funeral:
's eulogy for Jim Flaherty today. Almost Kennedy-esque in timbre, a fond farewell from a dear friend.
PM Harper spoke a great eulogy to Jim Flaherty. Mr Flaherty will be remembered with icons like CD Howe, Tommy Douglas and more
Jarvis, King, Church and Adelaide remain closed right around St James Cathedral for Jim Flaherty's State Funeral:
Where is Rob Ford sitting at the State Funeral for Jim Flaherty?
Precisely my thoughts... To hold this view, one must accept that Flaherty was more deserving of the recognition than every single Canadian who died in the years between McGee and Layton — including our possibly greatest national hero, Terry Fox, who didn’t receive a State Funeral, and Maurice Richard, who received one from Quebec but not Canada. Banting and Best? Nope. Tommy Douglas? Sorry. Louis Riel? Uh, awkward. Everyone who died fighting for Canada in the First and Second World Wars, Korea or Afghanistan? They had military funerals. None of them, to follow this logic, did as much for Canada as Jim Flaherty.
The Legislative Assembly will recess now for the day, so MPPs can attend the funeral service for the Hon. Jim Flaherty
Niagara Falls will be lit green tonight in honour of the late Jim Flaherty
We're going over to King street and Church to observe Jim Flaherty's State Funeral.
Toronto mayor Rob Ford had arrived at Jim Flaherty's visitation. The two were long-time family friends.
Former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has died. He was 64.
Jim Flaherty passing away is such a sad loss for Canada, a great Finance Minister that helped us during one of the worst crisis
Reasons why Flaherty was both a great and not-so-great Finance Minister: OTTAWA - History will judge Jim Flaherty...
Former federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has died, CTV confirms. The 64-year-old announced his resignation last mo…
Finance Minister will attend the State Funeral of Jim Flaherty in Toronto this week.
Finance Minister Doug Horner will be attending State Funeral for former federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.
Our local MP, David Tilson, has a book of condolences for former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty at his offices at 229 Broadway, Unit 2. Anyone wishing to write in the book may do so during office hours: 9:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 5 p.m. The book of condolences will be available through the week and will be presented to his wife, Christine Elliott.
Jim Flaherty to have State Funeral on Wednesday. Kid-friendly news article.
Jim Flaherty's passing has left a void in the Conservative Party.Joining The is
Former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is dead at 64
shares his admiration for former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty
Former professional wrestler & larger than life personality, The Ultimate Warrior is dead. Recently retired & internationally respected Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is dead. Both of these men died suddenly & unexpectedly. And closer to home, this past Monday I attended a funeral of a man who had but maybe a month to put the affairs of life in order. Indeed, these are introspective times to ponder what really matters. Author Max Lucado has asked, "When you are in the final days of your life, what will you want? Will you hug that college degree in the walnut frame? Will you ask to be carried to the garage so you can sit in your car? Will you find comfort in rereading your financial statements? Of course not. What will matter then will be people. If relationships will matter most then, shouldn't they matter most now?" As an unabashed theist I would add that God is love & can be known and what matters to God matters. I did not know the Ultimate Warrior or Jim Flaherty. I can only think & reflect, ob ...
What is the least favourite Beatles song of former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's family? When I'm 64.
Former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has passed away, only weeks after resigning his cabinet post
In honour of Hon. Jim Flaherty, former Minister of Finance, our flag is at half-mast. Rest in Peace.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's planned trip to General Dynamics in London tomorrow has been cancelled due to Jim Flaherty's visitation.
The federal government says condolences can be left online for former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.
State Funeral for Jim Flaherty will be Wed 3pm at St. James Cathedral at Church & King in
Jim Flaherty, former Canadian Finance Minister, dies at 64 -...
Reflecting on the passing of former minister of finance Jim Flaherty , while i must say i am by no means a conservative, he was one of this governments best ministers. Also upon reflection of his humanity; he , in my opinion, was a good man. Just watch his honest reaction to the Rob Ford incident. He was a good catholic irish/canadian lad… nuff said. In a more comedic episode today ochocicho is supposrdly trying out for the Als tomorrow
State Funeral to be held for former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on Wednesday
Jim Flaherty's legacy felt on the world stage, says Mark Carney
WATCH: Former finance Jim Flaherty died today. thanks him for his service
This week we have the State Funeral of our former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty who died of a heart attack just weeks after resigning from the cabinet at age 64 He was one of the best we ever had and admired and respected all over the world and at home ,got Canada through some rough economic times and one of the toughest recessions and on the verge of a balanced budget all the while fighting a hard to cure skin decease, it was a sad day in the house and many members were in tears . even The leader of the opposition called him an Extraordinarily dedicated public servant .high praise indeed Business was suspended in the house and senate and many retired to the bars to lift a glass of Stout to this tough Irish man. May he rest in R.I.P. All of us will miss you
"Peace Tower lit up green to honor late Finance Minister Jim Flaherty /Thi…
From Six leaders on Jim Flaherty's legacy as Finance Minister.
Radioland: Former Ont premier Bob Rae is talking to CBC Radio's Rex Murphy about Jim Flaherty.
Jim Flaherty: a fiscal Conservative with a big heartBy Elizabeth Thompson | 3 comments |He was a fiscal Conservative but a fiscal Conservative with a big heart and mischievous twinkle in his eye.Thursday, that big heart failed him. Former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty passed away at age 64.But while...
A State Funeral will be held for Jim Flaherty on April 16, in Toronto, in honour of his years of dedicated service to the Cdn…
Former federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will be honoured in death in a manner many colleagues say reflects his life: as a statesman.
Peace Tower on Centre Block is going to be lit up in green tonight thru to Wednesday in honour of Jim Flaherty
• The death of former federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty made front pages, headlines and broadcasts across the country. But it's likely many Canadians didn't even know who he was. In 2011, the C...
In honour of the Hon. Jim Flaherty, the Peace Tower on will be illuminated in green every evening from Apr…
Peace Tower in Ottawa turned green in memory of Jim Flaherty.
Feds set up online condolence book for late Jim Flaherty: Parliament's Peace Tower will be bathed in green light...
Here's a better night shot of green Peace Tower to honour late Jim Flaherty & his Irish roots
Peace Tower turns green in honour of Jim Flaherty:
Four great things Jim Flaherty did for Canada through prince sumaila. Former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty died Thursday afternoon of an apparent heart attack, less than a month after his resignation from cabinet. As media outlets are apt to do, many are talking about his legacy: what did he do for … Continue reading → Canada Politics
Former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has died at his Ottawa home. He was 64.
Like so many other Canadians, we were deeply saddened to hear of the untimely death of Jim Flaherty. .
History revisionism 101: Jim Flaherty savior of the universe!
Jim Flaherty, Canada's Finance Minister who has passed away, was a great example of outstanding public service.
My thoughts on Jim Flaherty's first year as Finance Minister via in convo with
As many Canadians I was shocked and sorry that Jim Flaherty died suddenly. I don't think that it was a good thing that Flaherty passed away at the age of 64. If he had retired 8 years earlier before he was elected as a MP, perhaps he would still be enjoying his retirement . Also maybe Canada would not have squandered and wasted a $13 Billion surplus,or created a mess in the housing market with 40 yr mortgages with 100% mortgage insurance to appease the American Insurers AIG,(who had to be bailed out by Canada's CMHC costing $Billions when they went bankrupt). He became a hero after he changed the law to fix the problem he created. (We have such short memories eh! ) Perhaps Canada would not have the Largest Debt that any Previous Government ever created. Just maybe we would not have wasted $1Billion on a weekend for the disastrous G8- G20 meetings. We may still have some Scientist working on behalf of Canadians to ensure our Environment and Food is safe and protected.Massive cuts to Health care ,Empl ...
Best way to honour Jim Flaherty is with national debate on income splitting & fed surplus, writes
It's with sadness that we learned of the passing of former federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. As a Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty brought forward important social programs like the Working Income Tax Benefit and the Registered Disability Savings Plan. His contributions to this country were truly significant. On behalf of all Islanders, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues on his sudden passing.
CN Tower goes green to honour Jim Flaherty by
Thursday April 10, 2014. He was 64. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld OTTAWA - By all accounts, Jim Flaherty appeared to be looking forward to the next phase of his life. The former Finance Minister for two conservative governments — Stephen Harper's in Ottawa and Mike Harris' at Queens Park — had only three weeks ago stunned observers by announcing he was leaving politics for more family time and to pursue a private sector career. There would have been plenty of takers for a lawyer who had gained a solid reputation in financial and economic circles in Canada and around the world for his steady handling of the 2008-09 global recession. But as sudden and unexpected as his resignation was, news of his death of an apparent massive heart attack Thursday afternoon came as even a great shock, despite his well-publicized difficulties with a rare skin condition that had afflicted him for over a year. A statement from his family did not reveal the circumstances of his death, but those who had spoken to the 64-yea ...
N.B. remembers Jim Flaherty with roots in Loggieville New Brunswick. honorary chair of Irish Festival
N.B. remembers Jim Flaherty as a friend: Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe MP Robert Goguen says he is shocked and...
N.B. remembers Jim Flaherty as a friend
NB remembers Jim Flaherty as a friend - -
RIP Jim Flaherty. He was one of the good guys in politics. Read what he did for my cousin Josh.
Partisan politics put aside as MPs mourn sudden death of Jim Flaherty.
All of us in Ajax-Pickering & across Durham Region are devastated by the loss of our friend & neighbour Jim Flaherty
Very classy farewell by Bob Rae on the passing of Jim Flaherty
pays tribute to former Finance Minister, the Hon. Jim Flaherty.
are flying at half-mast in after the sudden death of former Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty. .
My segment with Global Edmonton's Gord Steinke last night on Jim Flaherty's passing.
Ottawa mourning the death of Jim Flaherty. Watch it live here:
Local, provincial and national reaction to death of Jim Flaherty: “Very sad to hear of the news of the sudden...
WATCH LIVE: House of Commons pays tribute to Jim Flaherty .
The last days of Jim Flaherty, Canada’s 37th minister of finance
"My friendship with Jim spanned more than 25 yrs" tribute today on passing of Jim Flaherty
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In the wake of former federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's sudden death Thursday, experts who treat bullous pemphigoid say the condition itself is unlikely to have directly triggered his death.
Should rename RDSP in his honour RTThe disability community "has lost a true champion" in Jim Flaherty:
Bob Rae's eloquent and human tribute to Jim Flaherty and to those who serve in public life.
I hope wherever Jim Flaherty goes now is filled with massive financial expenditures for social programs, huge corporate tax rates, a permanent moratorium on industrial exploitation on all resources, and a freeze on all elected government officials' pay until they submit to indigenous authority. Happy trails, ***
Deeply shocked to hear the sudden death of just-retired Finance Minister of Canada, Mr. Jim Flaherty. he died of heart attack at 64.
As a compassionate person I'm saddened by Jim Flaherty's passing, but I still think he looks like Lou Costello.
Statement from Tony Clement on the passing of Jim Flaherty | Tony Clement
Touching eulogy by Bob Rae. Farewell to Jim Flaherty, a fellow practitioner /via
Treasury Board President Tony Clement on his friend Jim Flaherty up next on CJOB's Nighthawk.
Jim Flaherty: The right man for the times - Everything Zoomer
How about "Like A Rock" by Jennifer Nettles as a tribute to Jim Flaherty,Loyola grad.
So very sorry to hear of Jim Flaherty's sudden death. What a loss for his family, his friends and Canada! He was, without a doubt, one of the most honourable politicians this country has ever seen. I am saddened that he did not live to enjoy his retirement- he worked so hard for Canada for so many years. One of the things I am grateful for is his skill in designing the Registered Disability Savings Account giving those with disabilities a way to save for retirement with matching funds from the government. Thanks, Jim -- rest in peace.
Wow three people dead in a span of a week...Mickey Rooney, "Warrior" and now Jim Flaherty.who's next? God Forbid!
So sad to hear about the sudden death of Jim Flaherty. And not surprised to hear that NDPers like Charlie Angus and Thomas Mulcair were very upset about it. This guy presented economic policies that were for all Canadians ... he was not afraid to say what he thought and fight for it even when a prime minister known for being an autocrat vigorously disagreed. Jim had courage and many of his policies were agreeable to all parties in the house. I had an opportunity to meet him once, a dozen years ago, while he was standing alone in the main hall of parliament and I was the laggard in a large group of people making their way to hear a speech. He was standing off in the distance mulling over something and I will always wish that I had gone over and just said hello. As a homespun economist I guess even then I was in awe of his image.
Tonight on we remember Jim Flaherty w/ Tony Clement, Mike Harris and Janet Ecker.
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Jim Flaherty a ‘terrible shock,’ You will be missed. A true ambassador of Canada and Durham Region. via
Its with deep sadness hearing of the tragic and sudden death of Jim Flaherty. As minister of finance, Mr. Flaherty served his country with dedication and conviction. He was facing mounting health challenges as a man and a politician. We will remember him for his pleasant demeanour and strength of character Flaherty, 64, was Minister of Finance from 2006-2014 and provincial Minister of Finance for Ontario from 2001-2002. From 1995 until 2005, he was the MP for Whitby—Ajax. Flaherty won the riding of Whitby—Oshawa in the 2006 federal election and was re-elected in 2008 and 2011. Flaherty’s wife, Christine Elliott, represents Whitby—Oshawa in the Ontario legislature.
Jim Flaherty and his department saw their way clear to fund the National Trails Coalition, the only multi-use, widely publicly accessible, and broadly useable, funded trail program, in the country. I'm not Conservative, but I know a good program, that provides widespread benefit, when I see one. He did that. He'll be missed by our community - for sure. My condolences to Christine Elliott and her family.
Very saddened by the sudden death of former Canadian Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty. My wife Sue and I have admired, and actively supported him dating back to his days in the Cabinet of the Ontario - Mike Harris Government. R.I.P., Mr. Flaherty. May your loved ones find solace in the knowledge that your passing is sincerely regretted and acknowledged around the world.
Such a sad news . Sudden Death of a great politician and former Finance Minister of Canada (Jim Flaherty). May god rest his soul in peace.
Tony Clement and Candice Bergen react to the passing of Jim Flaherty.
Kind of hope the Ultimate Warrior is body slamming Jim Flaherty right now in heaven.
NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair reacts to the death of Jim Flaherty:
Rest in peace, Jim Flaherty, and the light of Christ shine on you forever. I know his funeral Mass will hold up the hope of resurrection.
Saddened by the sudden death of Jim Flaherty. A good man with Loggieville, N.B. roots :(
'An Irish lion is gone' writes Tony Clement. Reaction to the passing of Jim Flaherty:
I just received the very unfortunate news of the passing of my riding's MP Jim Flaherty. While I am about as far away ideologically as one could be from the Conservative Party, I sincerely appreciated his willingness in recent years to support the NDP's human rights bill C-279 (The Transgender Rights Bill). Having spent a vast amount of time lobbying for this legislation and explaining the need for a stronger human rights code to MPs personally, I can say that only a very small handful from his majority government took the same independent stance when it came time to actually cast their vote. It is my hope that more of our elected officials in the future also make the same effort to consider others' causes, even if they may be foreign, or seemingly outside of their personal realm of experience.
Jim Flaherty, former Finance Minister, dead at 64 - Politics - CBC News Will be missed in Whitby + Durham Region
NDP leader Thomas Mulcair offers condolences for Jim Flaherty's passing, saying he was "a good person" --
Nasdaq commemorates Jim Flaherty at Times Square today because of his contribution to global economy.
Thinking of Kimberly Rogers & all those harmed by Jim Flaherty's policies over the years
Jim Flaherty was named world's top Finance Minister by Euromoney in 2009. Here's the local Durham Region story:
Jim Flaherty, former Finance Minister, dead at 65
(TORONTO) — Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has named Joe Oliver as Finance Minister after Jim Flaherty...
Newspapers today: Jim Flaherty putting on shoes.
I think Flaherty was good. Canada has had some great financial minds lately Paul Martin, Mark Carney and Jim Flaherty.
Jim Flaherty leaves politics for a role in the private sector where less people can see you cry about Rob Ford.
Jim Flaherty resigns so he can spend more time having tickle fights with Rob Ford.
Jim Flaherty, the first Canadian Minister of Finance in 20 years to quit while leaving the economy in worse shape than when he found it.
Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly sends out a statement on Jim Flaherty resigning before Mayor Rob Ford
I think that if anything, Jim Flaherty will be remembered for his political and financial decisions.
"It is with great reluctance I accepted the resignation of Jim Flaherty so he can eventually return to the private secto…
Here’s what Jim Flaherty should do with those billions from the spectrum auction by Kate Taylor
Kathleen Wynne can’t win against Ottawa: Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty are playing a game of divide and conquer, leaving Ontario truly isolated.
To paraphrase Jerry, “so, it’s a budget, but it’s about nothing.” Jim Flaherty preaches austerity at a time when his many critics say Ottawa should be fixing problems, not soothing aches and pains. Tom Mulcair says it’s easy to do nothing now, because the goodie basket will overflow just in time for the 2015 budget. Such cynicism. Did he miss the budget line that says ten million dollars will go to improve snowmobile trails? Did he miss the part that says anglers will now get a say in what fish are stocked where? Justin Trudeau says it fails to deliver, and HIS critics say he knows a little on that topic. The Feds did up the excise tax on tobacco, which means a construction boom on smoke shakes at a First Nations Territory near you. Flaherty did find the hold button on pensions and benefits for suspended Senators. That made Jason Spezza nervous. There are some good things in the budget. We’ll call those “nuggets.” So called because you have to mine the documents to find them. ...
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I wonder if Jim Flaherty got the idea to slash the price of books from Stephen Harper's own poor selling hockey book...
Jim Flaherty hints at a surplus... 6 years after promising we'd never go in deficit. Good times.
Little in federal budget to affect Manitoba: Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s budget contain...
Jim Flaherty wins gold medal for illusion in federal budget: Tim Harper via
The EAP is just Jim Flaherty walking along the roofs of cars despondently throwing money, singing "Everybody Hurts."
In announcement, Jim Flaherty promises to get tough on organized crime. But also wants everyone to STFU abou…
.Con Jim Flaherty's war on unemployed Canadian youth
Oh, Evan Solomon is about to interview Jim Flaherty personally. Any chance Evan mentions this?
Great read, easy way to understand the budget! . '13 must-know items from the 2014 federal budget' /via
Top 5 howlers in Jim Flaherty's budget speech:
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has tabled his 2014 From Here are the highlights
Want to know about the budget? Here's what you need to know. Carton of cigarettes going up $4 at midnight tonight: of federal budget: unusual items in the budget: Jim Flaherty delivers 2014 federal budget: of Flaherty's budget speech in the House of Commons:
For Jim Flaherty - what proof does Pierre Pollieve have that Elections Canada has acted in a partisan manner?
The Council of Ontario Universities commends Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and the federal government for the extraordinary investments in research and innovation announced in the 2014 federal budget:
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has delivered his 10th budget. We'll have highlights and reactions at 5:30 with GX94 News.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty put the 2014 federal budget on the table today. Here are the highlights:
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty delivers the government’s 2014 budget in Parliament
Federal budget: Jim Flaherty promises surplus in 2015 but won't spend…
Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says he will outline the government's plans to curb the link between terrorists, organized crime and charities, as part of stricter rules coming in the federal budget next week.
Canada charts comfortable course to 2015 budget surplus Canada's Conservative government looks set to comfortably balance its books in 2015 or even sooner, its latest budget showed on Tuesday, with cuts in spending on the public service more than offsetting a series of modest new expenditures. The low-key spending plan leaves Prime Minister Stephen Harper well-positioned to offer tax breaks and other initiatives in the runup to an election scheduled for October next year. "Some people will say this budget is boring," Finance Minister Jim Flaherty told reporters ahead of the budget speech. "Boring is good." The budget shows a deficit of C$2.9 billion ($2.63 billion)in the 2014-15 fiscal year, up from the previous estimate of C$5.5 billion. That balance includes a C$3 billion contingency fund, which in fact reveals an underlying surplus that year. Flaherty acknowledged the budget would be narrowly balanced this coming year without the contingency fund, but said he preferred to have a "nice clean surplus nex ...
Jim Flaherty looks like they moulded a bean bag chair into a suit and specs.
also made a direct pitch to Jim Flaherty for $12.9 billion in funding for transit infrastructure deficit in
Tune into right now to hear Finance Minister Jim Flaherty speak with Scott McLean.
Any questions for Finance Minister Jim Flaherty? He's on the show tomorrow at 8:10am speaking with guest host
Has *anyone* on pointed out that Jim Flaherty once promised *no* deficits and, finally given the chance to deliver one, he passed?
Budget squeeze continues but federal deficit all but gone this year: Flaherty: Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s...
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tabled the 2014 federal budget in Parliament on Tuesday
Some highlights from Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s 2014 federal budget. Read at
Thanks for taking away my health care, Jim Flaherty
The feds aren't ready to kick the habit of spending more money than taxpayers give them, but Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says they're almost there.
“Research and innovation is among the heftiest new spending items in this year’s federal budget.” via
From funding for veterans to cigarette taxes: 13 must-know items from the 2014 budget
Is Jim Flaherty's balanced budget plan all smoke and mirrors? thinks so. disagrees. Our lead.
So basically, nothing for the environment except for Parks, and that $ might not even be spent.
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BUDGET 2014 AFN REACTION February 11, 2014 Assembly of First Nations National Chief Welcomes Secured Funding for First Nations Education, Calls for Continued Action in Priority Areas (Ottawa, ON) – Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo responded to today’s 2014 federal budget by acknowledging the announcement of new, significant and secured funding for First Nations education as a foundation for building stronger First Nations citizens, communities and governments. National Chief Atleo stands with all First Nations in continuing the press for investments in other priority areas that will achieve success for First Nations and all Canadians based on fairness and opportunity. “We welcome this necessary investment to support our new way forward toward First Nations control of First Nations education based on our rights, jurisdiction and Treaties,” said AFN National Chief Atleo. “This is new funding that is now secured in the federal budget. This will help close the ...
The team of staffers with Flaherty as he makes the media rounds in the Commons foyer
Here are 13 things you need to know about today's federal budget, from
If Jim Flaherty eliminates his own deficit, this year or next, he’ll be the first Tory to do so since John A. Macdonald…
Jim Flaherty if your interest is in playing a Sport, grab a snowboard and get to .
Video: What is worrying Jim Flaherty about the Canadian economy?
Jim Flaherty promises surplus in 2015 but won’t spend “recklessly”
The 2014 federal budget has been tabled in Ottawa and it carries a $2.9 billion deficit. The financial roadmap for the year ahead was released to the public late Tuesday afternoon with Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty saying he happily calls it a “boring” budget. While admitting federal finances aren’t “quite there yet”, Flaherty said the Conservatives have set aside a $3 billion contingency fund and the books are looking good. The government says it plans to balance the budget by next year, but in order to do that they’ll cut program spending and reduce the cost of compensating public servants. The national debt is estimated at $616 billion. The budget document doesn’t contain any new taxes and has just $700 million in spending measures. There are also nearly $2 billion in cuts listed. The financial document also outlines the delay of $3.1 billion in planned military spending, while at the same time bumping up tobacco taxes, gives a small amount of help to veterans’ families and als ...
BUDGET 2014 HIGHLIGHTS The federal government will inject $1.9 billion over the next five years, STARTING IN 2016, to reform the on-reserve education system to give First Nations communities education “comparable to provincial and territorial school systems.” The 2014 federal budget calls for $1.25 billion from 2016-2019 for the implementation of a First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act. The act will “ensure stronger, more accountable” education systems on reserves and will provide stable funding for First Nations schools that is comparable to provincial education funding models. Canadian businesses looking to hire and train underemployed or unemployed workers will get a hand from the top, as the 2014 federal budget will launch The Canada Job Grant, giving businesses up to $15,000 per worker for training costs. The money can be used for tuition and training materials and employers would be required to pay one-third of the training costs. The grant is for “short-duration” trainin ...
Crikey! Did Jim Flaherty just quote Margaret Thatcher on P&P? As we all know, Flaherty will get you nowhere.
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On Tuesday, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty delivered the 2014 budget, but there were few spending initiatives of note.
Jim Flaherty just quoted Margaret Thatcher. I am not surprised. "Stay the course" Where are we going, Jimmy?
Big Surprise Jim Flaherty had on a GREEN tie today at his budget speech!!! Come on Jim.change it up a bit! ;)
WATCH LIVE NOW: Finance Minister Jim Flaherty delivers the budget from the House of Commons.
You could call it the macaroni and tuna budget; anodyne, unambitious, comfort food. Among the 10 fiscal blueprints delivered by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty since 2006, this may be the most unremarkable of them all. Michael Den Tandt, National Post.
Just finished watching Finance Minister Jim Flaherty deliver the 2014 budget. It was SOLID. And like he mentioned, we have to stay the course and avoid reckless spending to keep Canada's future bright and prosperous! :)
Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has brought down his 10th budget with a promise
Finance Min. Jim Flaherty credits late Tim Jones as he announces search and rescue volunteers will be eligible for 15% tax credit
Imagine watching the Jim Flaherty budget speech hooked up to a blood pressure machine and if your blood pressure hit a certain limit a swarm of angry wasps would be released in your face... Me, I'll skip lying Jim's hollow clown show... not good for the health.
2014 Federal Budget was delivered by Jim Flaherty today. Here are the highlights from KPMG:
OTTAWA - Some highlights of the federal budget delivered Tuesday by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty: ? The budget is close to balance, with a $2.9-billion d
A look at some of the no-cost items in Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's budget.
Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has delivered what he happily calls a “boring” budget, one that’s nearly balanced.
Wearing his customary green tie, Canada's Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announces this year's budget. Highlights: jobs for youth are key, but not much details; the deficit has drooped sharply.
Budget's 'consumers first' promises lack heft: ... Wyld/THE CANADIAN PRESS) Jim Flaherty is vowing to legisla...
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty just tabled this year's budget, calling it boring, projecting a $2.9 billion deficit with a $3 billion contingency fund. We'll have highlights, reaction and the BC Throne Speech on CTV News at Five with Hudson Mack.
OTTAWA - The Conservative government continues to ratchet in the iron corset that will squeeze an eye-catching election-year surplus for the Canadian body politic. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's 10th federal budget all but balances the books this fiscal year, leaving a negligible $2.9-billion short...
Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty will table Economic Action Plan 2014 in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014, at approximately 4:00 p.m.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is speaking in the House
No matter what Jim Flaherty and Stevie Harper have in tonight's budget, most Canadians will just yawn and turn back to the Olympics or more cute cat videos. No one seems to care.
Kinda cool that someone's only desire in life is to balance the Canadian budget- a cool obsession/passion. I respect that. Go Jim Flaherty
now awaiting Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to table
Jim Flaherty INHERITED a balanced budget. Funny how he has been trying to balance it ever since. The Conservative line of "austerity" and "stewardship" is as worthless and vile as what is on the bottom of our shoes.
I'm looking forward to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty presenting the Budget in just under 10 minutes. You can watch using the link below!
Jim Flaherty is passing down the budget in just a few minutes. Interesting!
11 February 2014 Budget 2014: 6 promises Canadians could see Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is tabling the 2014 budget this afternoon. It'll be his 10th budget for the federal Conservatives. Here are six things to watch for. 1. Closing the Canada-U.S. price gap Flaherty allowed at a news conference last week that there will be something more for Canadians to help bring prices north of the border closer to those in America. If last year's budget is a guide, he'll be dropping tariffs, import taxes on goods made outside Canada. The government dropped tariffs on sports equipment and baby clothes last year, though it ran into trouble when the tariff cuts didn't include everything promised... Despite the promise, however, a tariff cut doesn't guarantee lower prices: it depends on whether retailers pass on the savings to customers. 2. Help for youth employment Canada's youth unemployment rate has consistently and stubbornly remained in the double digits. In this budget, Flaherty is expected to include mon ...
25 minutes until Jim Flaherty tables the next Federal Budget in parliament
What to make of Jim Flaherty musing on the eve of budget day that Stephen Harper's promise to bring in family income splitting needs a serious rethink?
Well, it could have been worse. But it's got to get better. The federal budget, which Finance Minister Jim Flaherty presented to Parliament and Canadians on Tuesday afternoon, was status quo when it comes to the environment.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says his budget to be tabled Tuesday will include targeted measures to promote job creation and protect consumers' spending power. After years of spending cuts and austerity, Flaherty isn't about to yank open the purse strings, but in a one-on-one interview with CBC New...
Here is the truth, support these antics and YOU are the problem! Election fraud was real. Too many incidents with records to deny it. Culprit was a company that is gone and the owners gone south actually. The company was head hunted and was questionable at best when The Conservatives hired them to robo-call. Discouraged voters admitted to not voting when sent to a polling station that did not exist, a few found out the truth and went and voted and complained to Elections Canada. Those complaints started the election fraud investigation. The investigation results were that it was a real event, occurred in numerous riding's and affected the results of at least 6 riding's. Due to the nature of the election system, and the balloting system the exact number of lost votes can not be tallied. Therefore a lack of evidence exists. While looking for further evidence, Elections Canada found even more evidence and released a statement implicating the Conservative Party of the same allegations during previous election ...
Great article by a team of University of Alberta investigators led by Dr. Alan Hudson. The PMO will be relieved to know the authors assert that legislation does *not* deter drug use and call for improved education rather than criminalisation. Think of the money you'll save by *not* building those prisons, eh Jim Flaherty? Not too late to fix that budget speech, Jim. It's good news for your bestie Rob Ford too--if he can educated he might be able to stop growing his rap sheet and become a productive member of society. It's win-win Jim :)
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