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Jim Fitzgerald

James Francis Jim Fitzgerald (March 27, 1926 – June 4, 2012) was an American businessman and former professional sports owner.

Golden State Warriors Milwaukee Bucks New York City

The held a memorial service in Japan to honor the sailors who died aboard the USS Fitzgerald in June.
Bigger: hired Fitzgerald (godfather to kids) to go after Scooter Libby on leak when Jim & Pat kn…
Cargo ship captain: ignored warnings before deadly crash
Today I was honored to share in Jack & Karen Fitzgerald's wedding anniversary. They have been a staple in our...
Yep! 9/24! A fine day, wouldn't you say? We also share it with F. Scott Fitzgerald AND Jim Henson!
. Jim,. I wonder if you could comment on the Fitzgerald accident. How could this happen?.
If you haven't heard Jim Fitzgerald sing California Girls in falsetto have you really lived
Navy sailor sacrificed himself to save 20 lives after the USS Fitzgerald collision
The House of Representatives just held a moment of silence in memory of the seven sailors we lost in the USS Fitzgerald cr…
.asks Fitzgerald if Taoiseach's position is for North to remain in Customs Union, Single Market, and no…
Let's all keep the brave sailors of the USS Fitzgerald in our thoughts & prayers this weekend.
Joe Starkey: How did Mike Sullivan get here, anyway? via
This sailor sacrificed himself to save 20 lives on the USS Fitzgerald - Business Insider
CloudWave's writes about the power of combining utility with human expertise for
Featured movie of the day Hogslayer (motorcycle DVD) Your support helps to keep via
Fun note: Comey hired P Fitzgerald (godfather to Jim's kids) to go after Cheney & Scooter Li…
7 sailors died on board the USS Fitzgerald. Here are their stories.
Was the USS Fitzgerald deliberately RAMMED to disable?. Report: merchant ship had no lights on & transponder off. https…
Was the USS Fitzgerald incident a collision or was it rammed?
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of the 7 U.S. Navy sailors killed in the deadly USS Fitzgerald crash.…
My prayers are with the families of the 7 American Navy sailors who died serving our country aboard the USS Fitzgerald.…
U.S. Navy confirms all seven missing sailors from USS Fitzgerald found dead | Reuters
—Terrorist attack in London. —7 US sailors who died on USS Fitzgerald identified. —Russia threatens to target US warplanes…
I see the Lame-Stream Media (CBS in this case) finally carried the USS Fitzgerald story - TWO DAYS AFTER THE FACT! (Gave up on blame game?)
Imagine your son just died on the Fitzgerald & the first presidential statement you see is half brag/half victimhood https:…
Heartbroken today. AP's Westchester correspondent & top-notch journo Jim Fitzgerald passed away after battle w/ Leukemia.…
. Fitzgerald? My gawd he's the worst!. Poor Jim Barnett. Such a nice, good man. He deserves better.
So Bob Fitzgerald launched a prepared diatribe against Jim Harbaugh. I thought he was overrated myself, but Fitz is a joke of a professional
"Jim O'Neil, when he was in Buffalo with the Jets" - Bob Fitzgerald. Someone take the mic out of his hand
Looking at my Jim Thorpe School tax bill $2,459.88 this seems kinda high, doesn't it are is that the average...
does Bob Fitzgerald hate Jim Harbaugh as much or more then Jed/Trent?
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We’re looking at a Boeski, a Jim Brown, a Miss Daisy, two Jethros and a Leon Spinks, not to mention the biggest Ella Fitzgerald ever.
My grandfather Jim Fitzgerald was a writer for the Detroit Free Press & would be 90 now. Happy birthday Jim.
Jim Barnett has to be the best color guy in the league. If you can put up with bob Fitzgerald's homerism
Staying a few days in a house Fitzgerald and Hemingway also stayed in is, of course, just fine.
Colm Parkinson interviews Jim Gavin, Davy Fitzgerald, Joe Brolly, Brian Cody, Pat Spillane and more!. This is hila…
Our next FREE CPL webinar will be next Tues, May 17 (11am Central). Dr. Jim Fitzgerald is our presenter and he...
Our next FREE webinar will be held on Tuesday May 17 starting at 11 am Central Time. Dr. Jim Fitzgerald is our...
Icebreaker Winning Team - combined best ball gross & net of 132, from L to R Shail Chotai, Jan Donahue, Heidi Fitzgerald, and Jim Wheeler
what about Jim Doogue in the 80s appointed to Seanad by Garret FitzGerald and straight into Cabinet.
"My uncle Jim Coogan on the left and an unknown friend" ... 1950 Thanks geraldine fitzgerald
"Are you gonna start saying what's gonna happen before it happens? If you know tell me!!!" - Bob Fitzgerald to Jim Barnett
Larry O'Brien was from Cork Jim Fitzgerald of & a proud Irish American and just for today the Biggest O'Neill.
I don't think Jim Barnett got Bob Fitzgerald's ambidextrous/amphibious joke.
A hole-in-one on the same hole two days in a row? Jim Fitzgerald did it at the Hideout in Naples, Fla.:
Congrats, Jim!! Thank you SO much for all that you do for us retail investors! You rock, Jimbo!!
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Fitzgerald Barnett Riordan just won CCS championship last Saturday versus SH. Riordan has won more titles than any…
You have to have a dream, a goal, and you have to be willing to work for it. - Jim Valvano
"Learn to help people with more than just their jobs; help them with their lives." — Jim Rohn
Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald really trying to make the 17 people who think Lillard > Curry feel very dumb tonight.
Jim Bradley's son, Jamal Fitzgerald, came to for the first time as the Huskies unveiled a…
"Life is not just the passing of time. Life is the collection of experiences and their intensity." — Jim Rohn
"Some people have learned to earn well, but they haven't learned to live well." —Jim Rohn
"If you want to be a leader who attracts quality people, the key is to become a person of quality yourself." — Jim Rohn
"Whatever good things we build end up building us." — Jim Rohn
Jim Clemente should be called by defense to counter Fitzgerald.
"Sometimes you need to stay in touch but be out of reach." — Jim Rohn
As a fan, it's a treat to have Jim Barnett, Bob Fitzgerald, Greg Papa and Gary St. Jean of Team
"Be fascinated instead of frustrated." — Jim Rohn
I remember Garret FitzGerald kneeling on the steps in the Dáil chamber, begging Jim Kemmy to vote for his Budget.
Jim Fitzgerald took this photo of the ice on the Southside Hills. Thanks Jim!
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I had heard of Jim Bridger but did not know of Hugh Glass.Was Fitzgerald a real character?
Greg Papa and Gary St Jean would be so much better than Bob Fitzgerald and Jim Barnett.
"The miracle of the seed and the soil is not available by affirmation; it is only available by labor." — Jim Rohn
I second that, Jim. Great to have you back!
Jim Fitzgerald with Northwestern Mutual on "Make these financial behaviors habits"
Fitzgerald. . Telling caps fans to suck his tiny ginger *** .. maybe I added tiny and ginger in the mix
I see you iHeartRadio playing "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" while I'm on my way to watch Jim Harbaugh's U of M in the Citrus Bowl
Pat Fitzgerald a better fit at Northwestern than in the NFL
Favorite memories of 2015: Listening to Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald as the broke the NBA. Thank you
Congrats to Joan Casey and Jim Fitzgerald on winning Frank Lustic and Steve Casey Awards respectively
ICYMI: Jim Barnett gets hug and kiss from former Warriors draft pick Marco Belinelli, Bob Fitzgerald looks on
The most annoying commentators goes to Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald hands down 😒
Teams and search firms doing background work on some college coaches flying below the radar:
Pat Fitzgerald, Jim Mora among darkhorses for NFL jobs: As we head into the New Year, many NFL teams will be l...
"Don't marry for money. Go where the money is, then marry for love." – attributed to F Scott Fitzgerald
Thanks to and Cheryl Miller for a great interview with Jim Fitzgerald!
So glad that Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald are back again this year broadcasting the Warriors games on TV!!!
Jim Boult, Francis Fitzgerald and Dave Mitchell at the Launch of Partners Finance and Lease last Thursday.
Glad Bob Fitzgerald's getting some TNT time.. Him and Jim are my favorite league pass announcing duo.
The Boswell Sister preceded the Andrews Sisters, and greatly influenced Ella Fitzgerald as a young singer. Jim Henry @ NAfME
RIP Flip Saunders, Minn Timberwolves (Cancer). He coached in the CBA when I worked for the league w/ Jim Kozimor & Bob Fitzgerald!
And Pat Fitzgerald is constantly held up as one of the good guys in college coaching.
luv Barry Fitzgerald in the movie, 2.
Are you as outraged with Pat Fitzgerald as you were with Jim mcelwain?
Check out this HILARIOUS new Intel commercial starring my client Aubrey Fitzgerald and Jim Parsons!!!
"If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree." — Jim Rohn
Miss those homer announcers Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald
Eagles in Cuckhold's Cove, from Jim Fitzgerald: "Lunchtime feeding while the father gets ready to go hunting."
I'm raising money for Jim Fitzgerald Fundraiser. Click to Donate: via
Prosecutor: Mom craved attention, poisoned child with salt: By JIM FITZGERALD . read more
Colorado oil and gas task force ideas worth enacting: Jim Fitzgerald, center, a rancher from Bayfield and a me...
Jim FitzGerald, the retired Garda detective, denied being convinced of Ian Bailey's guilt, was in court
If any politician wants to put money back in peoples' pockets, let them abandon the extortion that is USC.
Bob Fitzgerald and Jim Barnett suck up steph curry like its their job.
"Right now you are telling me to wait" on investment, owner Jim Hoffman tells lawmakers on RTW
Jim Fitzgerald, a rancher and task force member, says adjacent surface owners should have the power to appeal to COGCC.
State gives the legal team an unredacted transcript of call between Jim Fitzgerald and Marie Farrell in the middle of his x-exam.
What an incredible week at so many levels. So many fun experiences. It's hard to believe that in our small little village there were hundreds of thousands of people behind the fences. I met so many great volunteers from all over and look forward to working with them again this week. Kudos to Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, Ricky Fowler and Clayton Rask who acknowledged the kids with kind words and autographs. And only in golf will you see a player call a penalty on themselves and I saw it happen two times. Kudos to the courteous spectators many who I got to talk with between groups. Yesterday we were given Happy Father's Day buttons from the USGA. There were two grown men with their father and one asked where I got the button and explained it was handed to me as a volunteer. He was wondering if he could get one and I had no idea if he could or where, so I offered him mine. He took it with more than adequate thank yous and gave it to his dad. A simple gesture made the whole day for them! Jim Fitzgerald was ...
We are proud to announce several endorsements, Courtney Watson *** Co Exec and Jim Fitzgerald *** Co Sheriff
Help support Jim Fitzgerald and Jason Boyd take on the Muskoka X to send kids with ostomy to UOAC Ostomy Youth Camp.
Jim Fitzgerald! These are some SLTP minis!!! Truly being the change they want to see. Bless their hearts :)
Literally every person I come in contact in will tell me at least once that I remind them of Jim Carrey. ALRIGHTY THEN.
What a great day...everyone had such a great time. Perfect idea for a birthday party. With James Dadisman Jessica Bragg Aaron Dadisman Duane Kidwell Terri Keeler Kathy Fitzgerald Jim Fitzgerald
Jim Barnett is cool. Fitzgerald is terrible.
Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald actually made a good point. Warriors should have fouled Wallace
Great hopes for today! being an offer on the house ! Ready to jet from Florida to a new challenge ! Really should find something that does NOT blow up for a living , yesterday losing a co-worker shook me up more than I've felt since we lost Jim Fitzgerald at St Pete G/P. and really most important is to just really enjoy the day off with our wonderful family! Maybe head over to see the "Southern Thunder" series races and look at karts for Indy at About Dirt Devils 1/5 Mile Clay Oval 4 degree banking on corners 2 degree on straightaways WKA rules
Everyone deserves a healthy heart. Help us out by donating to the American Heart Association In Memory of Jim Fitzgerald or ever better come out and join our team to walk with us on March 22nd! You never know whose life you could be changing. And a big thank you to everyone who has been so generous and donated so far. We're already halfway to our original goal!
I want a picture with the homies Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald
Judging by your article, I should start with a Jim Beam Black or Old Fitzgerald if I'm looking for a smoother cheap option.
New album is GO! Guitarist Jim Root posts update from the studio INFO: …
Friends and Family Come Show Your Support! The event takes place March 22, 2014. Hope to see some familiar faces. In Memory of Jim Fitzgerald.
that's the same chick that lit Jim Morrison's fire!
Lol Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald on OJ Mayo "Acting like he's Eddie Lacy out there.. Looks he added a little weight".
I love you so much Jim Fitzgerald, you are AWESOME!
Jim Delany Points to B1G's Six Consecutive Years of Not Losing the BCS Title Game as Sign of Dominance:
Is Jim Rokakis helping old friend Todd Portune run for gov vs. Ed FitzGerald? hints he is
Smashing little spin around Ballinastoe with the crew, missing Brian Lawlor, Mark O'Brien , Jim Fitzgerald , Eoin Keith and Helen Dixon from our Saturday Morning crew !! Everybody is welcome on these little rippers..but beware, they are getting fast
I would like to thank all the people that showed up for the New Year's Eve party at the RAINBOW LAKES NEW JERSEY Clubhouse. WE had a great time thanks to Charlie's band "Second Chance" I've been getting a lot of good comments on my optimum email board. Lets all give a like to Jim Fitzgerald, Frank Garbirino, Jess and Rich Tatz, Virginia Hammond and her husband Ira, Lynn Persson, Lisa and Ken Vanderhoof, and of course Charlie Engfer and his band for doing a fantastic job.
Jim Fitzgerald & Meg Fitzgerald --- I am sure you have a ton of pictures but here is a couple more! Enjoy!
My recent favorite pictures. My cats Marcel, Anni-Do, Marcel scared the crappy out of me. A pic of me and, my buddy, and last, a pic of the deer camp Jim Fitzgerald Donated to me for the season sense walking distance is not a option.
So, I just got an e-mail from Jim Fitzgerald, executive director of Call To Action, with the tag-line “What Makes A Family?” Well, that’s pretty self-evident, isn’t it? I mean, the family is the basic building-block of society, at it’s most basic it consists of parents and their children, while an “extended family” would include several generations, or collateral blood lines, but “family” refers to this reproductive unit upon which the future of our civilization and our species depends. So, I was kind of perplexed when Fitzgerald defined it as: “…family-- nieces, grandparents, friends, cats, foster brothers, whoever it is, because we know it's love that makes a family.” Okay, fine! Let’s CHANGE the meaning of family. But, if we do, then we need A WORD FOR THE BASIC BUILDING BLOCK OF PARENTS AND THEIR CHILDREN. What would this word be?
A big thanx to mi familia, my friends and fb peeps for the birthday wishes. I'm leaving for Texas 2moro, God willing, to be with my love. Plans got changed a wee but, but we're ready. Been waiting on this woman long enough and she feels the same way. We are putting our future in Gods hands. If you ever find that one or already have that person, that you can't possibly live without then never ever let them go. Im on my way Dorothy Marie Jordon. I'm getting my girl back. Betty Woodring & Rob Woodring are two very, very special ppl. They give and give and love just as hard. I'm proud to call Rob family, thats my buddy. Thanx for everything bro. My dear, sweet manita I'm going to miss you beyond words. And I'm really going to miss our times and I'll have so many memories to keep me smiling when I miss you. Like the times you and Richard made fun of my ears after every hair cut. Got you to smile. :-) Brianna Rae Rodriguez is my heart. I'm so very, very proud to be called your Daddy. You are such an amazing, .. ...
Shaz and I just got in,great night with Mandie Bennett,Pauline Purdue,Vince Purdue,Scott Purdue,Chanelle Purdue,don Bennett,Susan Brace,Jim Fitzgerald,debbie Fitzgerald ,and Donald...much love xx
This Sunday, Jan 5th... Rev. Jim Fitzgerald will returning to Minister God's Word ri New Life Presbyterian Church... Jim is a good speaker and a great person, you may want to come out and hear him...
Lol, sorry couldnt help myself :) my teams exit is next lol. Deanne Porter Tracy Fry Jim Fitzgerald Kemmie Collier
New American Asks Why Homeland Security is Nationalizing Local Police Posted on December 7, 2013 by Mark Horne filed under Email Featured, Law Enforcement, National Security, Police I mentioned this issue before Thanksgiving (at least as it was related to Iraq occupation equipment getting transferred to occupy us), but the New American provides some more context and asks the right question: “Why Is Homeland Security Taking Over Local Police.” The article is filled with examples of Homeland Security giving high tech or powerful surveillance and weapon systems to local and college police. It also gives some opinion about what it all means: Jim Fitzgerald worked for eight years as a vice and narcotics squad detective in Newark, New Jersey, before joining the staff of The John Birch Society. He is point man for the conservative organization’s “Support Your Local Police” initiative. In an interview with The New American, Fitzgerald said there is “virtually no use” for the military-grade equipment ...
Jim Fitzgerald has recorded a new Fourth of July anthem for the 21st century. Recorded under the name jimi FITZ, “American Dream” is dedicated to military, police, fire and all EMS personnel.
Please don't forget the Hoot for Hunger tonight at 7 p.m. at Dickson's (the old commoner / Roadhouse) The Food Banks and Meal Centers are very stressed these days, feeding more people than ever before. Feeding the hungry is the first Cardinal Virtue of every religion / philosophy. Lending a song for the cause at tonights event: Sherry Stidfole w / The Crew, Hugh Birdsall and Jim Fitzgerald / Dog Bite, a rare appearance by Paul Brockett, Whalies Best solo artist Josie Davis & band, another rare appearance by The Meadows Brothers, also Golden Ratio, Arlene Wow, Zoo Front, Woody...and Yours truely with Scott Mayfield. what a wonderfully eclectic lineup!
Sad...I stumbled across a DirectTV channel, Current TV, this evening. I saw they were airing a series of programs on the "Final 24 Hours" of, well... The three I have watched are Jim Morrison (The Doors), Keith Moon, drummer for The Who, and Janis Joplin, who was, well, Janis, of course many of us knew her with Big Brother and the Holding Company. I don't know who else they may have showed earlier...Frank Zappa? Jerry Garcia? I don't know, now the last in the series is a program about Michael Jackson... And I think of the "good old days" of the Rack and Roll Revolution, and how many gifted loved ones we lost... 'Course for me, though, my first personal "loss" was not of a musician but of my beloved President John Fitzgerald Kennedy... But then I remember "The Day The Music Died", with the death of Buddy Holly, et al, and, gosh, Leonard Skinnard, and, well the list goes on, and how can I forget Kurt Cobain... OK, these shows have gotten me, well, you know...
Evan Fitzgerald So let's put together a roster of only 336 people to each do a half an hour of reiki to/for Manning every week. I believe the man deserves our support. we can't send him cheer up cards. I believe there are more than enough of us to offer the man a 24/7 support beam.
Survey for the night...How much annual income do YOU consider to be "Middle Class"? Take away tax credit, etc. Just straight annual income needed to be comfortable. Yes, I will take into account what part of the country you live in. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please message me.
Welcome, everyone, to this week's Matt Pavlik's/Big Silver's/Big Country's Totally Rad Person of the Week. I am very excited this week to present one of my all time favorite persons of all time, Hugh Glass. Hugh Glass was born in 1780 somewhere in the woods of Pennsylvania. In his earlier years, Glass tried his hand at being a sailor, but he quickly found out that life was not so good for him as he was soon captured by the pirate Jean Lafitte. Lafitte recognized Glass's potential, and forced him to become a pirate on one of his ships. Glass eventually got away, and became a full time mountain man and trapper. In 1822, he joined General Ashley in an attempt to open up the West for fur trading. The group he joined would eventually be known as Ashley's Hundred, and many famous men, such as Jebediah Smith and a very young Jim Bridger, were part of this crew. They battled against the Arikaras Indian tribe in the area, who fought with ferocity and anger at the men encroaching on their hunting lands. Unfortunate ...
as if my schedule is not busy enough( which I love) I am adding two new classes to my schedule, they will be announced on the upcoming March Schedule for Jim Thorpe Gym!!! super excited! cant wait to see all the new faces and old faces! KEEP YOUR EYES OUT for the new changes to the schedule!!! YIPIE!
Am I super late to the party? This new Jim James record is incredible.
What is everyone's new drink of choice now that Maker's Mark had gone the way of Jack Daniels and other corporations in tarnishing their reputation. I personally recommend a Weller or Heaven Hill's new Larceny! Post yours below!
guess what i have in common with:Kevin Sorbo,Phil Hartman,Jim Henson,Anthony Newley,F. Scott Fitzgerald,Linda McCartney,joe greene?
Wow who else saw the Chinese names for Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald?
Obama is a piece of Crap, he will congratulate his wife on serving the Military families, but yet as not mentioned one word about Chris Kyle a true American Hero. He is literally a piece of trash, he will have the American Flags fly half staff for Whitney Houston, but not one mention of Chris Kyle. Please get this trash out of the White House.
If the Vikings trade Percy Harvin for Alex Smith I am never watching football ever again. I remember when football wasn't complete garbage.
Young Afghan musicians in NY for date at Carnegie: By JIM FITZGERALD ...
Cory FitzGerald, Debbie Fowler, Han Henze, Cormac Jackson and Jim Lenahan are keeping busy. -
It was a foggy winter's night on the remote Ballymany Stud Farm in Ireland when its head groom Jim Fitzgerald heard a knock...
Jim Watt expressing shock that Fitzgerald is actually competitive
I have a feeling that Jim Larranaga's offseason basketball camps will see an exponential increase in registrations this year
Overnight program for dementia patients gives caregivers a rest Jim Fitzgerald / AP Victor Rivera dances with a dementia patient Sept. 20 at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale in the Bronx borough of New York. The Hebrew Home has a program that provides care and activity overnight for dementia victims with sleep problems. By JIM FITZGERALD, AP NEW YORK — Just after 10 p.m., when most people their age are going to sleep, a group of elderly folks suffering from dementia are just getting started, dancing and shaking tambourines and maracas in a raucous version of "La Bamba." "It's a party," says an 81-year-old woman, among dozens of patients brought to a Bronx nursing home every night for a structured series of singalongs, crafts and therapy sessions that lasts until dawn. The program, which appears to be rare, is kind of a "night camp" for dementia victims who don't sleep at night or tend to wake up agitated or become frightened or disoriented by the fall of darkness. It's meant to provide care and activity — ...
Here to dedication! I'm going to a bd drink early tonight in Tufnel Park. It's Sarah Stevens(Fad's wife). Then down to Mother Live for Rob Robertson Roberts's Red Sun Revival gig. They say there's more snow to come by Sunday. If the weather doesn't get better n if Jim Fitzgerald is snowed in,I think I might give a miss to slimelight. There's a gathering at Kim Lawton on Saturday I'm invited to. That if Phill Bower n Tom don't cancel! Safe journey to all of you whatever you do.x ;)
Ramco Systems | REAL SaaS - CLOUD POWER! Ramco’s SaaS Applications are the perfect fit for those organizations seeking all the power of ERP applications at NO upfront of hardware investments whatsoever! We are fully based on Software-as-a-Service model with NO software or hardware to own, clients pay on a subscription basis. Jim Fitzgerald, President of Ramco Systems Corporation, says “Organizations have come to Ramco for many years asking for outsourced models, today, Ramco is proud to be able to offer a choice in small, mid and enterprise solutions. Our twenty plus years in the industry has allowed us to continue our tradition of creating industry best practice solutions and since our launch we have signed over 300 new SaaS clients. This is a great fit for any company that is seeking to streamline their operation and realize bottom line profits from the SaaS (On-Demand) model.” Ramco’s Business Suite is fully integrated, flexible, scalable and modular, thus allowing fleet operators, maintenance ...
Nellie and Jim Fitzgerald reunited with the Golden State Warriors, when Fitzgerald owned the Warriors ClMPAieG
Jim Fitzgerald encouraged Nellie to take over the head coaching reins in Milwaukee after Larry Costello resigned. Bucks were 3-17
Don Nelson pays homage to the late Jim Fitzgerald a day before Hall of
Spoke at Summit Ministries in Manitou Spring, Colorado. An outstanding group, the last group of the year. Today, meetings in Colorado Springs, including lunch with filmmaker Jim Fitzgerald, whose Coldwater Media is responsible for much great work from Focus on the Family, Heritage Foundation, and many others.
Jim Fitzgerald goes deep into the Southern Poverty Law Center and their hidden agendas in this brief introduction to our Support Your Local Police campaign.
Jim Fitzgerald, who owned the Milwaukee Bucks during a successful era in the early 1980s and went on to own the Golden State Warriors, died Monday.
Janesville, WI resident Jim Fitzgerald, former owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors died 6/4/12.
Jim Fitzgerald, former Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors owner, dies at 86
Award goes to NY officer who killed Mass. student Jim Fitzgerald, Associated Press, April 13, 2011 WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.—A police union has given its Officer of the Year award to the policeman who shot and killed a college football player during a disturbance in the New York City suburbs. Parents of th...
Former NBA owner Fitzgerald dies: Jim Fitzgerald, who owned the Milwaukee Bucks ...
"Former NBA owner (Bucks/Warriors) Jim Fitzgerald died today at the age of 86
after all these years, amy ray is still rockin' it hard core! what an AWESOME show last night! thanks Meg Miller, Tina Lee, Cat Tager, Laura Doherty, Jim Fitzgerald and Jennifer Baker for hangin'! :D
All right folks here's the deal...most you know that me and Jim Fitzgerald are walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, it's 39 miles in Downtown Chicago, start at soldier field, up to the Northside and down back in two days. What some of you may not know it that we are REQUIRED to raise 1,800 in order to walk. If you do not make that goal you have to agree to pay after 60 days, the night before the event and fundraise after. These are the exact words from Avon's Website- "Fundraising Commitment Pledge: If you have NOT yet met your donation minimum you may choose the Fundraising Commitment Pledge option to guarantee the minimum donation amount so that you can still participate in the event. A Fundraising Commitment Pledge is your promise to fundraise for TWO MONTHS after the event in order to meet your minimum of $1,800. Please bring a valid Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card to Event Eve. Your card will not be charged at Event Eve. You will have 60 more days to complete your fundrais ...
HOT NYOOH : Endangered wolves at NY preserve produce 8 pups (Jim Fitzgerald, Associated Press, White Plains, New York | Tue, 05/08/2012 7:08 AM ) Eight rare Mexican wolf pups have been born at a preserve in the New York City suburbs, a development that could aid the federal program that has reintroduced the endangered species to the wild. The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem announced Monday that five males and three females were born Sunday to the Mexican wolves known as F749 and M740. A video on the center's website showed a furry gray mass of tiny pups, some of them making small noises. The online announcement said the pups were no bigger than a potato. "It's always a good day when we learn of the birth of an endangered species," said Peter Siminski, coordinator of the Mexican wolf program for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. "Eight new pups in a world population of around 366 is a 2 percent increase." Siminski said there are an estimated 42 Mexican wolves in the wild and 324 in captivity. The ...
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