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Jim Demint

James Warren Jim DeMint (born September 2, 1951) is the junior United States Senator from South Carolina, serving since 2005. He is a member of the Republican Party and a leading member in the Tea Party movement.

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It is the heart which perceives God and not the reason. That is what faith is: God perceived by the heart, not by the reason ~ Jim DeMint
We South Carolinians are so proud of *** Mulvaney, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Trey Gowdy, Jeff Duncan,…
Jim DeMint is a model for cutting and running, in sellout style, 2 throw bombs from the sidel…
5️⃣1️⃣...and British about the necessity & mutual benefits of Brexit. Jim deMint. (Personally, I am really playing catchup here.)
It's now or never to save the internet | via
Lets not forget about Jim Demint Trey took his seat Love him too
Ya, ok, but will it 100% repeal Obamacare as voted for by supporters❔. .
Jim DeMint: 'I'm convinced' will tee up another health care bill after break
"President Trump is the first president to release a list of potential Supreme Court candidates," Jim DeMint
Except for maybe Jim DeMint who is McConnell's puppet master.
Internet sales taxes are regulation without representation: by in the
Don't forget to add Jim DeMint's name to that list.
Jim DeMint you know Donald Trump refused to rent to black people.
Bannon can pull a Senator Jim DeMint. "I can be more effective outside of government." Turned out to be true for DeMint.
Teams always look at a lot b4 season when season on the line who can…
He's a puppet of Jim DeMint and the Heritage Foundation.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
here is Jim Demint a former republican senator promoting Romneycare which is
It has always been my plan not to serve more than two terms.
FMR Senator Jim Demint R Heritage Foundation is holding meetings with Donald Trump
What we need is some people to stand up with the courage of their convictio...
If a person wants to be publicly *** they should not be teaching in the pu...
I don't have the support inside Washington or even inside my own party.
The hope and change the Democrats had in mind was nothing more than a retre...
We must now make clear to Lebanon that it will not benefit from U.S. assist...
President Obama celebrates by ignoring the Constitution. A must-read from
Obama sidesteps Senate approval of the Paris Agreement on climate change via
How Obama the Tyrant will celebrate ‘Earth Day’ via
Jim DeMint writes about how will celebrate
How much longer do we to endure this *** wannabe king?
.tells Congress on appointments, then bypasses the Senate with his treaty
Despite the pomp and circumstance of a U.N. HQ signing ceremony, claims isn't a treaty.
like when he joined Sam Brownback, Tom Coburn, & Jim Demint in their effort to cancel TARP money for GM & Chysler?
e.g., Jim DeMint, head of the Heritage Foundation (THE conservative think tank) is a PCA Calvinist from South Carolina.
on Native Americans Sanders voted that in order to get Healthcare funds they couldn't dogun restrictions amen by Jim DeMint
Please tell me Jim DeMint hasn't endorsed Trump. At least one sane person in America.
Well, one of the most important things for Americans to be reminded of is t...
Michael the party left ALL of us yrs ago. Jim DeMint was right and so is Ted Cruz that's why establishment hates him
Right. The person who has fought with Jim DeMint and Ted Cruz to take them on from the inside. Right!
doesn't get people like THIS endorsing him.
I went through two pretty dark years being fed up with the system and frust...
Something happens to me when someone says, 'You can't.' I'm generally not v...
Jim DeMint: "Attacks on Cruz r because he fights DC. DC politicians decided they have 2 take him out"
Off the top of my head: Jim DeMint. If he endorsed, which he can't because of his job, it would carry cred.
The senators who didn't vote for Hillary's confirmation as Secretary of State - Jim DeMint & David Vitter - are now on history's ash heap.
I'm a conservative first, and I believe that, if we do a better job of helping A...
. Owned by the Heritage Foundation, run by Jim DeMint. This is laughable.
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Motorists who want to save money on gas will demand and buy more fuel-efficient ...
We have been blessed with a healthy, growing economy, with more Americans going ...
From a policy standpoint, the Judeo-Christian principles are important.
any idea who Jim Demint will endorse?
If Jim Demint is a RINO, I have no idea who could be called a Conservative.
Hey , Jim DeMint agrees with me, I hope you do, too. -->
Suspect endorsement by Graham's junior colleague, Sen. Scott, worth a lot more in SC. & Jim DeMint's the real prize.
Christian values raping little boys jim DeMint the best at it
Jim DeMint and Heritage sounding more like Mitch McConnell and establishment every day.
Jim DeMint defense of Nikki Haley makes Heritage untrustworthy. Stop bashing voters. Heritage is no longer credible.
Jim Demint? A racist piece of trash that divided the GOP? Gee what an honor.
Jim DeMint was the last one, Tim Scott has held strong, hope he gets out of DC before it corrupts him.
Idk, Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee and Jim Demint seem to like him. Even DT himself said he likes him.
wow, crazy🐘 times when Jim DeMint is a voice of reason
I can't believe how RW has become. 1st Jim Demint then "Hillary steps up attacks on Bernie" They're full out Fox
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Jim DeMint/Heritage, is a liar. Conservatives always say they're for immigration, then use every excuse to block it. Amnesty worked.
Jim DeMint ,..You have been missing in action for so long.please continue to stay out of sight, out of mind!
Heritage spokesman Jim DeMint talks to Chuck Todd because Rachel etc would destroy him with facts
Jim DeMint says Washington's broken.It's only broken when a Democrat is President.Bush wrecked America two terms plus but Repubs blame
Jim DeMint: "Washington's broken." Yes we hear that same line every 4years. Your party is largely responsible 4that!
Jim DeMint created the & they birthed him a Frankenstein baby named Donald Trump who is about to devour the entire :D :D
our country is not "coming apart at the seems" despite Jim DeMint's best efforts.
Ted Cruz has a deep appreciation for the U.S. Constitution and he’s someone conservatives can count on to fight. - Senator Jim DeMint
have you heard something from Jim Demint? Who will he endorse?
Ideas are more powerful than people.
What's wrong with SC? You burp up Lindsay Graham & now Nikki Haley. . At least you did good by giving us Jim DeMint, Tim Scott..--Mark Levin
One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessi...
...Jim DeMint told me 4 years ago that he didn't think conservatives were looking 4 purity so much as a "fighter." Still holds true. 4/4
This whole thing started with, former Senator, Jim DeMint, who is now President of the Heritage Foundation.
What u really need to know:Heritage prez DeMint pressured HFC to support Ryan for Speaker
What happens in the Senate is the Republicans sink to the lowest common denominator. - Jim DeMint (Politician).
Thank you EJ. Jesse Helms and Jim DeMint insisted "compromise" is a dirty word. It is the cornerstone of democracy.
Your advice is as welcome and compelling as that of Jim DeMint. Give the world a break.
Senator Jim DeMint, chairman of the Senate Conservatives Fund, announced the endorsement of
We weren't betrayed by Ryan as much as we were betrayed by his supporters Newt Gingrich & Jim Demint of the Heritage Foundation
Ideas are more powerful than people. - Jim DeMint
*** Jim DeMint was a one man Romney campaign in 2008. And had it not been for Huckabee in WV,
In 2008 Jim DeMint was singing the praises of Romney as the only "real conservative" in the race who could win against the Democrat.
“Not who we are”: Jim DeMint denounces Trump’s plan to bar Muslims from entering U.S.
Even Jim DeMint came out and said that's not who we are.
guess solid tea partiers and conservatives like Jim Demint,Mike Lee,Glenn Beck,people like Katie Pavlich are RINO'S.
'Not who we are': Heritage president denounces Trump plan: Al Weaver Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint told…
Initially, I was disappointed when Jim DeMint retired but just gets better and better.
So Jim DeMint now joins PM Netanyahu, Paul Ryan & *** Cheney "on the same side Hamas is on" because they oppose Trump's Muslim ban plan.
Ex-Sen Jim DeMint R-SC, now the head of Heritage, comes out against Trump's Muslim ban
How is it possible that Jim DeMint is now a RINO?!?!
Jim DeMint got to be a RHINO. right???
To be fair though, Heritage Action is led by notorious RINO Jim DeMint.
. That awkward moment when you're caught in a lie & need new propaganda.
Jim DeMint comments on Trump Muslim policy are very good at tying back to Obama. Rubio should adopt.
Jim DeMint is certainly a big something bit I don't think it's a voice.
Well, it's who a LOT of us are, so Jim Demint better get himself out of DC.
Now there's 2x talk 4u conservative Heritage Chrm Jim Demint: "Heritage is not 4 1 party or other", again ppl believe this bs?
Jim DeMint - outstanding interview on Yes, let's attack ideas, not the political candidate.
Good Lord, CNN has now dragged out Jim DeMint to flog him with Trump's comments
seriously f**k Jim DeMint playing all those old anti-Obama tropes. It's guys like him are responsible for how screwed up Washington is
Jim DeMint R SC. John Ensign R NV. Michael B. Enzi R WY. Lindsey Graham R SC. voted no to healthcare for first responders
LOL! Good one! I like Jim DeMint, though. He's a great conservative former Senator.
*** at this rate, Jim DeMint is probably looking sane right now.
Jim DeMint, 2/18/10: "I’d rather have 30 Republicans in the Senate who believe in the principles of freedom than 60 who don’t believe."
All purpose parts banner
Tks to Heritage's Jim DemInt & Newt Gingrich this is the GOP's Speaker. Just what we need a boy in a man's job.
GOP debate moderators should be Libertarian or republican. Rush, Levin, hannity, pranger, Walsh, Jim Demint, noonan, all would be good
Jim DeMint: "I would support a devolution of power out of Washington for education, health care, transportation."
Here is Jim DeMint saying we should do Romneycare everywhere. Hypocrites.
When Tea Party / Heritage(Jim DeMint) decided politics before country with the blessing of Fox pundits we lose
Is the Fed Necessary?: by Jim DeMint:: The Federal Reserve opened its annual symposium in Jackson Hole…
Jim DeMint: "Get the government out of public broadcasting"
Jim DeMint - “Too often our politics perpetuates broken institutions because all that we see is the obstacle in...
Ted Cruz and Jim DeMint want small government for the middle class and the poor, carried interest for the rich.
Jim DeMint: "one dollar will not buy one good IPA ...has a great deal to do with our monetary policy"
I understand that Jim Demint and Pat Robertson graduated as part of that fraternity!
Just as his pimp Jim DeMint instructs him, and pays him to do.
That is Jim DeMint's coverage? how about they might get excited with support from Senators
there were many repub supporters - it was the only real plan out there. Jim DeMint supported! Isn't he conserv?
You losing to Mark Sanford illustrates how politically retarded South Carolina is. Jim DeMint l could see, but Sanford?
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"The Republicans will probably have their hands full dealing with this President." Jim DeMint tells Mike.
Here is Demint when that Maroon says she is "proud Demint alum"
Dacus Democrats can save us from the next Jim DeMint, Trey Gowdy & Joe Wilson.
An unique insight of OB as Sen. given by fmr.Sen.Jim Demint of Heritage Foundation.An Ideolog!
Incoming senator Jim Demint says after mtg w/Obama he doesn't think the president is acting for the good of the country. # arrogant
lt's scary when that ghoul Jim DeMint gets reelected in 2010. Draft Ernest Hollings for 2016. Thurmond served till 100.
Fresh faces are coming to Congress but beware of the "lame duck," or as I say, "zombie congress" in the next 2mo...Jim DeMint
Former Republican Sen. Jim DeMint, who heads the conservative Heritage Foundation, is among those wo
No, she left CBS (fired?) and now works for Jim DeMint's Heritage.
"I believed the only thing that could turn around this gov..".
I bet Jim Demint's voting record is a heck of a lot better—he wasn't fooled. Ron Paul wasn't fooled. THAT's more like what we need.
I agree with Roland!Anthony, let me drop this knowledge on you brother: • Mitch McConnell(2009): IT’S BETTER POLITICS FOR US (Tpublicans), IF WE TAKE THE WHOLE POLTICAL SYSTEM DOWN. WE WILL BENIFIT BY DEFAULT. • Sen.Jim Demint 2009 R-S.C., said, OBAMACARE"If we're able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him." • Rush Limbaugh : I want Obama to fail. Robert Drapper:As President Barack Obama was celebrating his inauguration at various balls, top Republican lawmakers and strategists were conjuring up ways to submarine his presidency at a private dinner in Washington Republican Reps.!!! ERIC CANTOR! (Va.), Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Paul Ryan!!! (Wis.), Pete Sessions (Texas), Jeb Hensarling (Texas), Pete Hoekstra (Mich.) and Dan Lungren (Calif.), along with Republican Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.), Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Tom Coburn (Okla.), John Ensign (Nev.) and Bob Corker (Tenn.). The non-lawmakers present included Newt Gingrich, several years removed from his presidential campaign, and ...
Dude, my Gov is Nikki Haley & my US Senate Reps are Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott who replace Jim Demint.
TUNE IN: I'll be tagging along in studio w/ Heritage President Jim DeMint on Fox News' On the Record with Greta Van Susteren tonight at 7:00
Why was Jim DeMint there the day after the coup?
In 2009 Jim DeMint defied U.S. policy and went to Honduras to support the coup installed military dictatorship
But jesus, if you need Hillary memoir, or a Cheney one, this is the store for you! *** there's a stack of Jim DeMint books.
Discussing the repeal of FATCA and support for residence based taxation with Senator Jim DeMint, Heritage Foundation. …
take lots of oil money, then vote to let Big Oil keep taking ours
the jim demint lackey is getting his empty head handed to him LOL
Why do you have a jim demint lackey on my air?
Heritage & AEI pass gas?.. covers it.. U can't put Jim Demint on your board & call it a think tank! -Sarah Palin *** TANK?
Jim DeMint..strong conservative, strong values and principles, STRONG for you and I.
.Jim DeMint assures me compromise is for the weak.
R's have reached a new LOW when Trent Lott says the party is too uncooperative. What's next Jim DeMint saying R's are too anti-worker? LMAO
If we become too scared to confront the chief problems of our time, there's no hope of ever solving them - Jim DeMint
Jim DeMint Hosts "Dispatches" Book Talk in DC - Register to Attend in Person or Watch Online - Tuesday, July 8th -
"DeMint: This progressive, the whole idea of being progressive is to progress away from those ideas that made...
Jim DeMint: will bring down progressivism ?
Jim DeMint: the conservative alternative to the .
Anything to the left of Jim DeMint is a leftist. Derp.
Falling in Love with America Again. Falling in Love with America Againby Jim DeMint ...
is attending Gathering in Ft. Worth this August 8-10. will be there as well.
Update!!! Update!!! Update!!! "Operation American Spring" A political rally , expecting approx. 10,000,000/30,000,000 protesters. The date of protest 5/16/14 below is their agenda and Mission Statement. To remove John Boenner, Mitch McConnell,Nancy Peolosi,joe Biden,Harry Reid and Eric Holder. Oh! And to impeach President Obama.this to be carried out by: Ted Cruz,Rand Paul,Allen West,Jim Demint,Scott Walker,Pete Sessions,Trey Benghazi Gowdy,Mike Lee, and of course Fox News. Watch the video to see what happened.
What is the difference in David Sperling making outlandish racist statements and Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Pete Sessions, Jeb Hensarling, Pete Hoekstra, Dan Lungren, Jim Demint, Jon Kyl, Tom Coburn, John Ensign, Bob Corker, Frank Luntz and Newt Gingrich meeting January 20, 2009, the night of President Obama's inauguration, to conspire and plot the blocking, distortion and sabotage of the President and U.S. Economy?
I really knew nothing about the Koch brothers or Koch industries until Rachel Maddow came on the scene and began talking about who was really financing the Tea Party and the so-called 'grass roots' movement. So much has changed since they took the House in 2010. While Rachel and others on MSNBC have been exposing the Koch brothers and others on the right, it was only recently that the politicians have began criticizing the big miney duo. I even recall Speaker Boehner commenting on the power of outside groups such as the Heritage Foundation, now run by Koch stooge Jim Demint (Tea Party darling and backer of Ted Cruz). Now comes this latest SCOTUS ruling allowing those who wish to, to donate up to $5,200 to as many candidates as they wish. I did not like the ruling but do not consider it to be nearly as bad as the Citizens United ruling that pretty much allows super PACS unlimited funds. Perhaps now by exposing the dark money, Harry Reid, Bernie Sanders, and other bold politicians, can shine a spotlight on ...
Jim Demint works for the Koch bros' from the ground up stealing tax payers' money via privatization of America
I hope you saw last night's Daily Show. Stew-Beef takes it to former senator Jim Demint for nearly 20 straight minutes, exposing the disconnect inside of the current line of conservative ideology.
Was cuddling with Susan and enjoying watching The Daily Show till Jim Demint came on.. Have switched over to...
Finalizing details for my CPAC conference trip to Washington, D.C. March 5-8. If anyone is interested in sponsoring me, that would be much appreciated. Feel free to inbox me your email and I'll get back with you as quickly as possible with a personalized letter. Speakers at this conference include: Sarah Palin, Sen.Ted Cruz, Gov.Bobby Jindal, Rep. Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Gov. Rick Perry, Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Pat Toomey, Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. John Cornyn, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Sen. Rand Paul, Jim Demint, Jenny Beth Martin, Al Cardenas, David Keene & Carly Fiorina. Wow, what a great line up!
No church in wild...unleashed the beast... Mr.Begins... Start to put all these communist on blast behind The Iron Curtain... FOX media CNN Zionist...and their propaganda factious Polls are as good as my Typos spelling and and The hacks...anchors.. Rejects...puppets...and More...rejects...mongering Hate between Americans Trying to invite race and Religious hate still thinks We are stupid Americans As his country of orgin Where British sent and housed... China ADD CNN Zionist Wallstreet are partners That loves Americans money...and had Conditioned and treated Americans like *** and trash... Jim Demint must have cost communist$ To buy this Power Broker.. Another Brilliant smart American President... ISRAEL you got punked.. Brinksmanship...Put a long time.Nixon...Bushes Clintons...All sold us out... Made use of Congress... Uselessness...No from start...Avoid war...with Syria...Never ever F_-k With America & Americans. There ain't nothin but a bunch of Inbred Ignorant... Z .. ...
Chris Hayes scored by comparing the internal war among conservatives as a kind of Game of Thrones, can't wait to see the marriage scene. It's Heritage and the Jim Demint's of the world and his clown car vs. other conservatives like Boehner and Ryan, to think they are not the same breed is misleading; they only differ on tactics.and Boehner is acting as if he has the vote to pass the budget. we shall see: Two Days Left!...
COUP: Jim Demint is Koch Field General commanding to destroy presidency …
.Erick Erickson of Red state, Jim Demint's group & Madison Project wouldn't be supporting Bevin if was pro chocie
will eventually just quit like Sara Palin and Jim Demint. After all, money is the most important thing in life for them.
Right Wing pundits dogging young Ted, but Jim Demint and the Heritage Foundation get a pass as Cruz enabler. Why is that?
People who would be great President. Jeff Sessions, Jim Demint, Allen West, Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum
i always tape MTP (Meet the Press) - glad to hear them talk about DOMA- can we sock Ralph Reed (freaky freedom to marry group) and former Sen. Jim Demint- ugh, repuglicans. Sorry, it may be name calling- but their religions RULE EVERYTHING- why can they NOT see everyone else's view. gosh, i hate organized religion infused in politics.
WARNING POLITICAL RANT I am going to praise Rachel Maddow who was on Meet The Press this morning and was basically talked to like a lesser Human being. Ralph Reed who is with the "faith and freedom" coalition told Rachel that *** people can't raise kids the way strait people can. Jim Demint then said homosexuality is morally wrong. Rachel Maddow showed poise and class while being degraded and talked down to. It just boggles my mind that their are still people in this country that are so intolerant of people who are different than them. Well done Rachel Maddow
Ed Leisure Hat In Ring shared a photo The IRS is corrupt! The NSA is corrupt! The Attorney Generals office is corrupt! Homeland Security is corrupt! The State Dept. is corrupt! The Office of the President is corrupt! The White House is corrupt! The Democratic Congress is corrupt! All these government offices are suppose to be bipartisan. What makes anyone think that the CBO reports are not "Corrupt"? What's not stated in the CBO report is the true amount of illegal immigrants in the U.S.. People are under the impression by the corrupt U.S. government that there are only 12 million when in actuality their are 25 million. Smile Smile Jim Demint states the CBO needs to be gotten rid of. The CBO states the immigration bill in the senate at this time will save the government 170 billion if passed. Jim Demint states this is B.S. and the democrats working in the CBO are altering the numbers to their advantage. What the CBO hasn'... See More
Darryl Issa, Ted Cruz,Tea Party 'luminaries', Jim Demint,Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck: All represent a train of vicious, dark, growing thread of The Republican Party. I regard their rethoric as a new form of Facism that grew out of Germany in the 1930s. HATE for a black president has turned the GOP into The Party of Darkness and Hate. They cannot stand it: A BLACK MAN AS PRESIDENT! Please: quote me. Worse than Fascism, the piously use religion as a pious cover - for their hate.
As the liberal base cheers the Bachmann... I die just a little because we have lost the key drivers of action for fundraising... Allen West, Jim Demint and crazy eyes Bachmann. I'd kill to have her stay and keep her house seat because it's nothing but mega bucks for dem fundraising efforts.
Hobbs' Hump Day Hot Topics "Everybody always told me, good things come to those who wait, but I've got so much on the menu..." Prince's hit song,"Scandalous," circa 1989, has been in my head quite a bit lately and as we await the return of ABC's hit show "Scandal," real life American scandals will have to satisfy until fall. ANTHONTY WEINER RETURNS A few weeks ago, former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who resigned amid a scandal a few years back when the world first learned about his Argentine mistress (now official girlfriend and potential wife) found redemption when he won a congressional seat in a special election to replace former Rep. Tim Scott (R), who last year was appointed to the US Senate by Republican Gov. Nikki Haley to replace Jim Demint. At the time, a number of progressives took jabs at not only Sanford, but also Republicans as a whole as being a party that often freely discusses Judeo-Christian values in public while often finding many of these same values toting Christians leading ...
Jim Demint on Senate's flawed plan -
Thank God for leader's like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Pat Toomey, Jim Demint (recently retired and replaced by Tim Scott), Marco Rubio, Allen West (no longer in the house due to a blatantly obvious fraudulent election), etc. The very few that will stand when it is "unpopular" to stand!
"They won't see the light until they feel the heat." (Jim DeMint qtng Ronald Reagan)
Listening to Senator Jim DeMint, now head of Heritage Foundation
Sen Jim DeMint speaking now about the fact that the power is changing from DC to the grassroots. What an honor.
Jim DeMint takes to the podium as Ed leaves. The symbolism does not escape me.
Incoming Heritage Pres. Jim DeMint jokes about the Rubio moment. He holds out a bottle of water, says he always carries one w/ him.
Jim DeMint: best things to happen to me in 4 yrs: I didn't have to go to presidential inauguration & SOU this year.
Lets face it, Obama is a dictator, his supporters are sheep, the members of the mainstream media are his caddies, and it looks like, more and more, all of the time, that not enough members of the GOP have to stones to stand up to him. God help us! We are in for some tough days ahead.
Great crowd for the lunch with Jim DeMint and Ed Feulner
"Over the next 10 years, the budget is projected to grow another 69 percent to $6 trillion. The sequester barely taps the brakes on this runaway spending, still allowing a 67 percent increase over the next 10 years. Too much to ask of Washington?" Obama's Sequester Smokescreen By Jim DeMint
Oh boy! Here we go! Just had two Boeing 727s crash in my yard. Looks like they smashed into each other because of a lack of air traffic controllers. Now I see about 38 kids walking up my driveway and it looks like they are all starving because school lunch is being withheld from them. I guess they were right.
You just ordered a triple whataburger with fries and a malt. SEQUESTRATION says u have to cut u toss away a couple of fries and gobble it down...jim demint on fallacy of admins claims of impending doom.
Lunch with Sen. Jim Demint today at 11:30 am. True patriot.
Ridiculous assertion by Jim DeMint/Heritage... Any reasonable, educated citizen knows the source of...
by Rob Bluey President Obama is meeting with lawmakers Friday in a last-ditch effort to stop sequestration. Budget cuts representing just 2.4 percent out of total government spending are set to take effect at the stroke of midnight. Heritage Foundation President-Elect Jim DeMint appeared on CNN’s “The Situation Room” tonight alongside liberal pundit Arianna Huffington to debate the impact of sequestration. DeMint emphasized that government will continue to grow even with the sequester: If government spending improved our economy and created jobs, we would have the best economy and the least unemployment we’ve ever had. We’ve almost doubled spending the last 10 years. The plan is to take it up nearly another 70 percent in the next 10 years. The problem is that we’re spending too much. We have record revenues this year, even with the sequester. We’ll spend more this year than we ever have in history. So it’s really laughable that the President is acting like this is an apocalyptic situation. ...
Morning Bell: Obama’s Sequester Smokescreen: By Jim DeMint Suppose you desperately needed to lose weight but h...
Two very different ways of thinking. Left and right can't help it. I actually saw Ariana Huffington and Jim DeMint on the same show today.
There is something wrong with the ranking sys. Boehner + Huckabee ranks more than Jim DeMint No Way
Jim DeMint dismisses sequestration, talks of balanced budget in 10 years
Small-government advocates often claim that high taxes hold the economy back. But a new report finds that states without a personal income tax have experienced slower economic growth than states with high income tax rates.
Even with the sound on the tv turned off, something about Jim DeMint's face just makes me want to hit it.
Some kind of strange goings on CNN. A Huffington vs. Jim DeMint. I doubt either of them like that combo.
Jim DeMint is DEMENTED with his lies. lets him just spew the lies, no rebuttal.
conservatives are passe you people are like an old pair of shoes ready for the trash, and Jim DeMint is going in the toilet
How is Jim DeMint still getting non-Fox News segments?
Will there be gloves involved in this debate? In 6p hour -Arianna Huffington & Jim DeMint discuss budget cuts.
Characterizing the annual Conservative Political Action Conference as an unrepresentative, biased gathering of Republicans, Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) told The Hill on Thursday that organizers had snubbed far more than just New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) when they announced earlier this week that…
The Brody File delves into the sequestration fiasco by heading to the Heritage Foundation and talking to their new president Jim DeMint. Also, The Brody File hands out its Academy Award for Best Dramatic Actor.
Jim Demint calls for pro-growth policies and entitlement reform after laughing off the "impending doom" of...
Proper contempt for sequestration: I think Jim DeMint has the proper contempt for sequestration.  He called it...
Jim DeMint: Sequestration is laughable, let's get serious and balance the budget in 10 years.
Federal Reserve is responsible for every financial collapse since its creation in 1918. The current recession was caused by Fed Rates being such a low rate t...
The Congressional Budget Office gives its baseline budget projections for fiscal years 2013 to 2023 in its February 5, 2013 Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2013 to 2023. Table 1-5 shows how the CBO incorporates the $55 billion per year in sequestered defense cuts and the $37 million per [...
Yes. I want to hear from Jim DeMint. America needs to hear from him where he stands. proven weak too.
Wouldn't Karl Rove be better off giving all his fundraising cash to Jim DeMint's cc:
As much as I want to see republicans stick to their guns and allow sequestration to happen.I feel so bad for those that are long term unemployed...They will lose everything that they haven't already lost *sigh*
What's the truth about the sequester? Jim DeMint explains. via
Katherine Rosario | February 28, 2013BALANCE. Heritage President-elect Jim DeMint explains the truth about the sequester on “The Kudlow Report.” VAWA. The headline in the Hill says it all: House GOP leaders set to hand Senate Dems victory on Violence Against Women Act:House Republican leaders are se...
The New President of The Heritage Foundation Former Senator Jim DeMint was in studio this morning on Istook Live! Heritage is in great hands. Impressive! Great interview. Please go to for more.
It's become apparent that Lindsey Graham only appeared sane in relation to Jim Demint.
President Obama’s massive and voluble campaign against the sequester has a deep political motivation that is not apparent on the surface. He is engaging in a battle he knows he’ll lose.
An obstructionist causes problems. Neuman and Baron (1998) identify obstructionism as one of the three dimensions that encompass the range of workplace aggression. In this context obstructionism is "behaviors intended to hinder an employee from performing their job or the organization from accomplis...
Jim DeMint is our hero from the Carolinas
Senate Scorecard from Club4Growth. New Heritage President Jim Demint at 100%, good, Grassley at 78%, okay. Harkin at 11%, 3% lifetime rating, Priceless!!
A very angry patriot,this lady is really po-ed. DeMint, This is disgusting. How long are people like you going to keep putting the squeeze to Americans who are already squeezed beyond repair? I wonder if you are going to run out of dupes first or people with any money left at all. Tomorrow? For you, that means more money...for me it means the end. TOMORROW, I am really out of options. And I wonder how many of 'me' there are just waiting for the last hammer to fall...getting ready to pack their car with the last of their belongings and give up the ability to do their job because it's the kind you just can't do from your car or a homeless shelter. To say goodbye to the last of your meager belongings and wonder where the *** you are going to sleep TOMORROW night! TOMORROW means trading in the last vestige of your life, work and future for a parking lot or a room from which you won't be able to escape. The message *** from all the thugs on the Republican, Democrat, Liberal and Progressive camps. No amount ...
Jim DeMint excellent conversation with Larry tonight Keep up the good work. GOD BLESS AMERICA
The police chief of Milwaukee called out Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) — an opponent of gun safety regulation — for echoing National Rifle Association talking points about the uselessness of expanding background checks for all gun purchases. The organization argues that the government should enforce ex...
No taxation without representation. But that is exactly what is happening in my Congressional District. The seat has been vacant since Tim Scott left it to replace his soulmate Jim Demint.
Also, I won Republican talking point bingo when Jim DeMint warned we would become "like Greece" on Cavuto's show.
You criticize me.but you follow and Jim DeMint. Um.. Okay!
DeMint: knows his tax hikes will hurt the so he wants to blame the sequester.
Looking at the senate. Now that Jim DeMint is gone, does that mean Ted Cruz is the last man standing? Possibly add Mike Lee and Tim Scott.
DeMint this sequestion must happen and put this right on Obama.if he hurts the military and done with malice-treasonous acts
Heritage President-elect Jim DeMint said that President Obama’s tax hikes will do far more damage to the economy than sequestration.
Then another Dinner where people have to try and swallow food while Jim DeMint and talk about stupid things.
Jim DeMint is absolutely right: Obama's tax hike in January will do far more harm to the economy than sequestration.
Jones wont go after the Heritage Foundation & has praised their new leader Jim DeMint in the past. His politics & motives are Crystal CLEAR.
. Jim Demint Knows Obama goal to blame cuts for economic destruction of his taxes
Join Jim DeMint and The Heritage Foundation to lead the conservative charge on this one-day money bomb, Tuesday, February 26th.
Republicans have been looking in the mirror lately, trying to work out who they surely are and why they went so surely wrong last November. Was it the message, or merely the messengers? Too far right, or not far enough? Bad policies, or just bad politics?
Love to see the TV ads for Mark Sanford that tout his fiscal conservatism as a former Congressman and Governor. Funny that they don't mention he has the morals of an alley cat . . .
I hope John Boehner caves in so he can be kicked out of House Speaker, so the Repubs can select another house speaker with balls. Maybe Jim Demint?
Jim DeMint on Greta Van Susteren...a very smart man.
Jim DeMint is this week's guest on The Brody File show.
After a solid drubbing on Tuesday, Republicans are looking for answers to their electoral woes. Perhaps it's time for the party to live up to their limited
So last time we checked on congressional plans for dealing with the appropriations sequester, there was (in my mind at least) a tiny glimmer of light in that Senate Republicans were interested in giving the administration the flexibility to implement
Let me get this straight. Glenn Beck is worried that Ted Cruz may be co-opted by the GOP Establishment because Cruz is taking the fight right to them in the public arena --- but Beck Trusts Rand Paul will stay independent because Rand is working WITHIN 'the system' to build coalitions.
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American Conservative Union (ACU) Chairman Al Cardenas today announced the first round of speakers invited to appear at CPAC 2013 – the annual national Conservative Political Action Conference. Among the many speakers invited to appear are:
"If Cruz has ruffled feathers in Congress, that means he’s doing his job. Voters want Washington to be shaken out of its complacency. The last thing we need is another status quo senator or a congressman who goes along to get along. That’s how we got into the mess we’re in in the first place. Cruz’s honest and common-sense leadership should be commended, not criticized." --Jim DeMint speaking on behalf of Ted Cruz
RSVP's for RCAC's Spirit of Lincoln dinner are due on March 11th... Send your check for $80 made out to RCML to PO Box 14525, Pittsburgh, PA 15234. RCAC Spirit of Lincoln Dinner Date: March 19, 2013 Speaker: Senator Jim DeMint Location: Omni William Penn Hotel
2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS DEFENDER Jerry Henry was the speaker at the Cherokee Tea Party Patriots Monday Nite at the Movies meeting. As advertised, there was no movie, but I don’t think anyone cared, they were not there to see a movie. Jerry Henry, the director of GA Carry spoke about our 2nd Amendment rights, bills at the capitol that effect them and where and when you can carry under the present law in Georgia. This was followed by a lively discussion/question & answer period. Which was made all the more interesting by the fact that Cherokee State Senator Barry Loudermilk was in the audience and could tell us from a legislator’s point of view, what is happening regarding gun laws at the Capitol. It was an unexpected pleasure to see Senator Loudermilk there, because just before the meeting I was telling someone about the Rally he was planning April 27 here in Atlanta. So when I saw him, I asked him to come up and explain the program. And folks, this will be one heck of a Rally, to be held at a 350 ...
On Pennsylvania Avenue, right near the end, there lived a President who wanted to spend. He knew spending meant power, so hour by hour, he thought up more spends from his Washington tower. “I’ll spend without limits; I’ll spend without blame! Raising taxes to pay—that’s the name of the game.” Down t...
Ever notice how much the Tea Party acts like a bunch of 2 year olds?
Michelle is a blogger, syndicated columnist, author, and Fox News Channel contributor. She started her newspaper journalism career at the Los Angeles Daily News in 1992, moved to the Seattle Times in 1995, and has been penning nationally syndicated newspaper columns for Creators Syndicate since 1999...
Best description of Ted Cruz today: "He is like former Sen Jim Demint.without all of the charm!"
It's official: Idaho Republican Sen. James Risch was the most conservative member of the U.S. Senate in 2012. That is, unless you ask the American Conservative Union, which considered seven senators m
“Gun-control laws don’t help. If they did, Chicago wouldn’t be the murder capital of the world. We need to look at real solutions and not just this political talk that makes people feel better but doesn’t make our children safer.” Senator Jim DeMint
U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee addressed the House Thursday and identified herself as a freed slave. That makes her a hundred and sixty. It's the same kind of math the Democrats used in promoting the health care bill to explain how it would save money.
I am so sick of seeing John McCain on the Sunday talk shows. For God sake can't the Republican party find someone else? I want to see Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, Allen West, Dr. Carson, etc. Keep the Roves, Kristols, McCains and the likes OFF the air! It's time to bury these old RINO's
Senator Jim DeMint, (R-SC) left the Senate to assume the position of the presidency of the Heritage Foundation. He has set some serious goals which begin with "Operation Charge." on February 26th. ...
No U.S. Senate debut in memory has so teemed with tumult and controversy as Ted Cruz’s first days on the job.
"This WH has a problem with the's hard to work with someone who does not tell the truth". Fmr. Senator Jim DeMint
Congrats to Blake Edmonds who won the Republican Youth Chair. Both candidates were great guys. Now lets all unify and defeat the enemy that seeks to make America, Amerika.
I freely admit that I've developed a Ted Cruz obsession in the few short weeks he's been in the Senate. But it didn't take long for him to prove that he's the quintessential amalgam of everything that's wrong, destructive, ugly, unkind, abusive, barbaric, cruel, selfish, bullying, malicious, spiteful, unpleasant, dangerous, deceitful, and downright evil about the Koch Party. I mean the Tea Party. As Exhibit "A," here are some of his hollow, obviously unsubstantiated, and gratuitously vicious anti-Hagel rantings: (1) "WE DO NOT KNOW, for example, IF he received compensation for giving paid speeches to extreme or radical groups." (2) "It MAY be that he speaks to radical or extreme groups or anti-Israel groups and accepted financial compensation; WE DON'T KNOW." (3) "It is, at a minimum, relevant to know IF that $200,000 that he deposited into his bank account came directly from Saudi Arabia; came directly from North Korea. And I HAVE NO EVIDENCE TO SUGGEST THAT it is OR isn't." So Cruz' own words establish ...
The White House is fighting back against an assertion by the Washington Post's Bob Woodward that President Obama is "moving the goal posts" by asking that tax revenue be included in a deal averting the sequester cuts. Woodward argued in an op-ed that the initial agreement creating the…
Republican and Democrat governors unite to oppose massive spending cuts set to begin on March 1
I have lost all hope in the entire Republican Party. Does anyone have anything positive that can be shared from the Republican Party? Other than education cuts, health cuts, congress blocking everything and chiseling away from our democracy...SURELY in the past 4 years...ONE REPUBLICAN has done something notable and in human decency? Not just in corporate greed? Someone...anyone? ~Paul~
Looking back at our fore fathers on George Washington's birthday, these were a few GREAT men, including Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, & Benjamin Franklin among the few others that sign the Declaration of Independence and authored the Constitution and Bill of Rights. When we look for the great men of our day that are willing to stand up as our forefathers did, we have a far greater population, but far fewer great men. Today we have the likes of Sen. Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Rep. Jeff Duncan, Sen. Marco Rubio, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, & Rush Limbaugh who are at the national level. I am sure there are others on a more local level, but now is the time for all who are worthy to rise to the occasion and stand for what is right, not what is politically correct. Our Constitution and our Bill of Rights do NOT need altering, 200+ years worked out all the kinks. Now we need men of CHARACTER, who will stand for what is right and not be swayed by a dollar or a lobbyist.
Oh gee, should I? Can I grit my teeth long enough to watch anything with Ann Coulter? Do it. Don't watch it for her, watch it for the students and their questions. It renewed my faith that there are still young people who get it. Andrew Craig?
The Problem With the AFP Scorecard - Earlier today, Erick pointed out the absurdity of the ACU legislative scorecard, in which Mitch McConnell scores 100% &higher than Jim DeMint. Well, the scorecard released by Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is an improvement, but also in need of some scrutiny. The headline nugget of their Senate scorecard is that Marco Rubio is the only senator with a 100. That should automatically raise the &Read More &
Jim Demint is a true conservative warrior. I pray that Tim Scott sticks to principles too & doesn't get brainwashed by the DC mentality
I talk so much about those Politicians I don't like and rail on them. Let's talk some of my fave. (Living) Politicians and fave people in general. Thomas Sowell, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Tim Johnson, Jim Demint, Ben Carson, Rush Limbaugh, Allen West, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Tim Scott, Jonah Goldberg, Alveda King, hmm... What are the first 10-15 that come to your mind? I am sure there are other non slimy politicians
'Laissez-faire"? NO, not if we are talking about Adam Smith, the foundation ideas of 'free market' Classical Economics! Just like Obama, Adam Smith saw the need for government and its appropriate role in our society. And what is the appropriate role? Here is what Adam Smith , NOT Rand Paul or Jim Demint and certainly NOT Pushy Limppaw or Shame Dimwitty, sees as appropriate: the Navigation Acts, blessed by Smith under the assertion that ‘defence, however, is of much more importance than opulence’ (WN464); Sterling marks on plate and stamps on linen and woollen cloth (WN138–9); enforcement of contracts by a system of justice (WN720); wages to be paid in money, not goods; regulations of paper money in banking (WN437); obligations to build party walls to prevent the spread of fire (WN324); rights of farmers to send farm produce to the best market (except ‘only in the most urgent necessity’) (WN539); ‘Premiums and other encouragements to advance the linen and woollen industries’ (TMS185); ‘Pol ...
One of the best weekends I've had so far! Met and talked with Mia Love, Ted Cruz, Grover Norquist, Rich Lowry, Joe Scarborough, Jim Demint, and Bobby Jindal (again), Paul Ryan (again), Bob McDonnell (again) and Scott Walker (again). Also got to talk with Arthur Davis, who gave one of the best speeches I've heard! All while having the privilege of photographing them and the event.
Meet The Press---MSNBC ~on again 2:00pm today: I love Paul Ryan. Also Jim Demint and Ben Jealous & Bob Woodward, Ted Koppel---good arguments-round table
As I believe they are our greatest hope in fighting the "fundamental" change of this country, which is already well on the way, I would advise all true patriots to get involved with your local Tea Party groups. The Tea Party holds our Constitutional rights to be the ultimate law to govern this land, as it was intended to be. We need to get involved with these groups and do our level 'best to make sure the voice of the people continues to resonate very loudly in Washington. The efforts of individual Tea Party groups needs to be coordinated through a national Tea Party, not talking about a Tea Party political party but rather just a governing body that makes sure all groups are on the same page. A good possible leader for this would be The Heritage Foundation with their new leader, true Conservative former senator, Jim Demint. Also, such an undertaking would require financing. The Koch brothers and Donald Trump would be a good start, but if all members would give a few dollars toward the cause, we cou ...
Happy New Year and GOOD RIDDANCE to the especially RWNJ TeaTards Allen West, Jim Demint & Joe Walsh!!
As a South Carolinian, I'm glad Jim Demint got himself the *** outta here. Now only of Joe Wilson can vamoose.
Contrast: R-Tim Scott appointed to replace Jim Demint, D-Dukakis to replace John Kerry. Which is the party of old rich white guys?
Colbert supporters are urging Nikki Haley to appoint him to fill Jim Demint's seat.
theGRIO REPORT - The surprising resignation of Sen. Jim Demint of South Carolina, one of President Obama's sharpest critics even among Republicans, creates an intriguing possibility...
I'm really disappointed in Jim Demint! Why would he resign his senate seat when he's needed the most? The Republicans are in total disarray
Men like Jim Demint, JCWatts, Steve Largent, Mike Huckabee & others feel they can serve people more effectively by outside the beltway!
Jim DeMint: The right’s new kingmaker: In this age of big money and corporate power, Jim DeMint will have more i...
From cultural warrior to budget hawk. Many don't remember the DeMint of '05. The Evolution of Jim DeMint
With DeMint resigning, I thought this article on his 7 most wacko moments was appropriate: 1. DeMint says *** people and unmarried women having sex shouldn't teach your children. 2. DeMint says God doesn't like big government. 3. Jim DeMint doesn't want women talking about abortion on the internet. 4. DeMint says America turning into Iran after President Obama's election (or maybe Germany?). 5. DeMint puts a hold on National Women's History Museum. 6. DeMint confuses Chicago teacher strike with violence in the Middle East. 7. DeMint falsely accuses President Obama of taxing Christmas.
Fun fact about Sen Jim Demint, leaving to crazy up the Heritage Foundation: longtime serious Family man & C St prayboy mansion bro.
Key GOP Senator Resigns to Take Helm of the Heritage Foundation: Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) has...
Sen. Jim DeMint is it, and nice list for punishment of the subway that everyone is not come forward yet: He took the...
Fresh gum DeMint won't make a difference!Teas are evil!Jim DeMint: The Fireman Ed of Politics via
DeMint's going out, who's coming in?: Republican Sen. Jim DeMint, the junior senator for South...
Sen. Jim DeMint tells Glenn Beck why he resigned: ‘We’re not going to win things in Washington until…’
DeMint and the death of think tanks
I want my will do nearly anything to get 1 (or more) Won't kiss Jim DeMint on the lips, however.
By turning itself over to the Foundation definitively embraces Christianism. So say I.
Search Trends (2012-12-09): People are searching for Jim DeMint
Rush Limbaugh interviews Ed Feulner and Jim DeMint on Heritage ...: Rush Limbaugh had both the former Heritage P...
The Years of Senator DeMint: ... Obama, Jim DeMint addressed a Myrtle Beach conference on the ...
What Jim DeMint's appointment to Heritage Foundation means to post-thought think tank.
Lame! Haley likely to appoint establishment GOP Henry McMaster to replace Demint
Stephen Colbert puts himself forward to fill Jim DeMint's Senate vacancy, but ...
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