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Jim Crow

The Jim Crow laws were state and local laws in the United States enacted between 1876 and 1965. They mandated de jure racial segregation in all public facilities in Southern states of the former Confederacy, with a supposedly separate but equal status for black Americans.

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Self imposed Jim Crow. Never thought I'd see the day.😑
Slavery and Jim Crow were legal too. Lawful =/= just.
"the worst thing white people could tell you as a black man or woman is to get over slavery or get over the Jim Crow era"
If you're a D who truly understands gerrymandering & voter suppression in red states (Jim Crow) you shouldn't be dem…
I liked a video Fighting for Equality - Jim Crow and Apartheid
Everyone just needs to go ready Michelle Alexanders "The New Jim Crow" and you'll know why this cop WONT go to jail
When they finally secure your legal right to vote with the 15th Amendment, but carry on with this Jim Crow nonsense htt…
The New Jim Crow, that's some realness and hard to read without scrambling to come up with anything to fix this
really? I've been trying to get into more non-fiction informative books like the New Jim Crow and what not. thanks
Those definitely did not change the inequalities.. good thought but JIM…
So you enjoy voting for the party that fought for slavery and Jim Crow?
Yep that's the Democratic Party- the party of Slavery, Segregation, Jim Crow, KKK and anti-social drug promoting BET
...and a significant force in ending Jim Crow (along with black a…
Never forget Dem Party was Party of slavery, hate, Jim Crow, KKK, Lynching. Still is!
Never forget Dem Party was, always will be,Party of slavery,Jim Crow,KKK,Lynching,Hate. No surprise wan…
Mayor Joe Riley talks about the importance of the Says it will tell the real truth of slave trade and Jim Crow.
Democrats have always been the party of Slavery, KKK, Segregation, Jim Crow, Victimization, Bigotry, Intolerance, and Planta…
Shocked a pundit who framed Reagan's letter to his dad about how the world was too *** Ian Smith thinks folks are too *** Jim Crow.
Our best MADARAKA DAYS are in CANAAN! Jim Crow campaign of INTOLERANCE & NEPOTISM by *** is OVER. https…
Couldn't get into Rural King the other day cause of its Jim Crow law :/
The shirt is slightly disrespectful. Jim Crow era had the police and government support. U…
Of course it may fail as when Southern Democrats fought ratification of an anti genocide convention because it might endanger Jim Crow
These statues also in most cases come decades after the war, part of effort to secure Jim Crow system of post 1890s
I'll try! Dems are the party of Slavery, Civil War, KKK, Jim Crow, and refusing to vote for civil rig…
For slavery and Jim Crow and the black codes and Black W…
Sally Yates' decision to challenge the Muslim travel ban was informed by parallels to Jim Crow and literacy tests. https…
.on the intimate connection between Nazi Germany and Jim Crow in America
6/You can look at American history and find tons of atrocities. Slavery. Native American ethnic cleansing. Jim Crow. Chinese Exclusion Act.
We are in a civil war, started in the Jim Crow era, rebooted in the Reagan era. Minorities know it's w…
Actually, we are already living in a modern Jim Crow era with current criminal law practices, have been since Reagan
Jordan Peele is going to create a Jim Crow horror series for HBO
Jim Crow was horrifying enough but as long as it's making white people uncomfortable I'm for it.
Jordan Peele is bringing a new thriller series about Jim Crow to HBO:
20. Forcing Jim Crow on black ppl right? I mean yall must be pretty proud Jim Crow considering yall will literally nam…
They need to just tell the truth. Most of them mainly hated Obama because he was black. Most of Jim Crow's kids and grandkids won't admit it
I was wrong. The Confederate Nazi Elf will take us right past Jim Crow, much less to the end of
Sessions wants to go back to Jim Crow and the previous century. I'm surprised he doesn't wear his white robes & hoo…
James Fyre a civil rights attorney in 1960s Jim Crow South takes a case in which his/his clients life hang in the balance in:Trial by Fyre.
Spec. funding for HBCUs is unconst. Bc it's race based. . "This may not be Jim Crow, but it's his sophisticated cousin James Crow, Esq."
Coretta Scott King tried to warn us. Jim Crow is alive and well. It's now going under the guise of James Crow Esq.
If we left it to the states we'd still have Jim Crow & Brown vs the board of ed decision wou…
The hate was so real in the Jim Crow South that a WHITE Unitarian Minister, Reverend James Reeb, was beaten to death by wh…
atened New Deal but without Jim Crow and killing Mexican Americans in Imperial Valley. So CIA shot biggest multi racial coalition in history
Slavery, Jim Crow and mass abortion are the cruelest things the Democrats have ever done
What's so wrong with Jim Crow? Bad bad Leroy Brown is a great song. Tremendously catchy!
over issue of referendum (Davis vs Douglas). Jim Crow helped Dems stay in power in…
The system is created specifically to break down the strength of the black family. Started back in Jim Crow and Willie Lynch days.
That "backlash" includes Jim Crow laws and racially targeted lynching. Come on dude, don't be an apologist for lync…
Don't forget Jim Crow and Judge Lynch. Not as bad as slavery, but bad nonetheless. All worse.
Michelle Alexander: New Jim Crow will give you a PARTIAL answer as to what we are fighting. It is a b…
, Dems don't know Jim Crow isn't an actual human?
Don't know about that, but Jim Crow's "nephew" was a long-time Democrat Senator from West Virginia.
Notice that this Jim Crow, Bull Connor, 20th Century southern left over bigot hasn't denounce his degenerate Republ…
.What Kendrick has done with words and culture is similiar to me what Richard Wright did with the south and Jim Crow
AL-4 was 80.4% black (!!!) in 1882. This is the dist. that occasionally elected Rs until Jim Crow.
Yes! Slavery + slave codes + black codes + Jim Crow status all these historical tiers of oppression & people rathe…
After slavery? The Black Codes, Jim Crow, segregation, etc? *That's all still there and its effects are still there*
"States' rights" allows evil to flourish. If it weren't for the Feds, Miss. would still be a Jim Crow state.
But that same idea was used with Jim Crow in the US. As a more enlightened socie…
Democrats are the party of George Wallace, Jim Crow, David Duke, the KKK, and Keith Ellison.
Fascism rose in America already, between Reconstruction and Jim Crow. and on that.
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I can smell the Jim Crow on this picture
We talked about that! How Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts and end of Jim Crow gave rise to a new system
As an example: I learned about Japanese Internment, Jim Crow, McCarthyism. Many didn't. Did not learn about unions, zoot suit riot.
Drew: who Jim Crow?. Advisor: um... Drew: and who the *** Uncle Tom?. Advisor: ...only asking now...did you attend most classes in school?
Right up there with Indian Removal, slavery, Jim Crow, Japanese internment, McCarthyism, Vietnam, and support for the Guate…
Sharia law is similar to the Nuremberg laws & the Jim crow laws.
trumpsters aka nazis should be beaten just like Jim Crow South white trash should have been .
My family has been NC since mid 18th century. Proud to say there was no Jim Crow support.
Medicaid expansion is hurting states financially. Hurts economy, disincentives work, and keeps ppl tra…
WhiteWomen earn more money than black & Hispanic men. WhiteWomen took part in slavery and Jim Crow
When politicians start talking about bathrooms, you know thinks are on a bad track. The idea is right out of Jim Crow days, sadly.
"Jim Crow (ACTUAL CHARACTER NAME) and his crew are a beloved part of blackface culture!" they'll say
I would be so proud if my family had that in their history! Instead they were upholding Jim Crow ☹️
What Slavery, Jim Crow and Integration has taught European Americans is that they can Rape,Murder,Lie, Cheat and Steal without Reprecussions
People who don't like pineapple on pizza are like the people in the 60's who supported segregation and Jim Crow laws. Wrong side of history
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Cpl days late but week 9 book "The New Jim Crow" finished. I cannot recommend this book enough! Srsly, if you have not read it yet. Read now
Shout out to Mildred Harris and Grayce Hopkins who led this strike of a Jim Crow manufacturing plant in 1946.
Poll Tax = Jim Crow = white supremacy. Also, shopping at HyVee is not a right guaranteed in the Constitution. 🙄
minorities like helpless pet victims, after supporting slavery, Jim Crow and the kkk for centuties. I want the free market
The New Jim Crow is a eye opener to me. I'm on chapter chapter 2 LockedDown
Republicans were never liberals but democrats were the party of slavery, Jim Crow, Japanese interment
slavery, jim crow, dred scott, so many wrongs never righted = entitlements U got 180 yrs of free land, free labor…
Professor: Do any of y'all know who Jim Crow is?. Yt student: isn't he the guy who... Professor: Jim Crow is not a person
That's good man. Jim Crow, KKK, slavery, that's the Dem Party. Pic of 1st elected to Congress were GOP…
Jim Crow laws weren't that long ago
Look at this Jim Crow law 👀. "In one North Carolina courthouse, there was a white Bible and a black Bible to swear to tell the truth on."
WRONG! He's the OLD jim crow. But with DT's deflections and creating "obamagate" no one cares anymore.
racism especially with ww, is awful. It's sad people wonthire you if you look "too" black or urban. It's modern day Jim Crow
South Africa has perfected Jim Crow laws!! Unlike the US, we actually live it.
For a moment there I thought you said Jim Crow.
My project will be for Black People only. Reading about Jim Crow right now.. No other minority can relate.
none, that flag wasn't even created until the Jim Crow era 30 years after the end of the Civil War
29 Disturbing pictures of American life under Jim Crow
Jim Crow is alive and well in Israel | | Al Jazeera /
I added a video to a playlist CNN: Jim Crow era travel guide
Over the yrs the left managed to re-image the GOP the party of slavery,jim crow, & now they want to try and make it the party of commies-wow
When you're finally free but they pass the Jim Crow laws
currently reading The New Jim Crow what are you guys reading?
Michelle Alexander, professor, advocate, and author of The New Jim Crow
Lincoln was a republican. The south was run by DEMOCRATS!! Jim Crow DEMOCRATS! They are still enslaved 💩
Worse than slavery, Jim Crow, McCarthy and Japanese internment combined! Much darkness!
Beth McCann (Denver DA) had her whole staff read The New Jim Crow.
what.the *** seriously, there are ppl from segregation times and Jim crow and KKK and HISTORY BOOKS THAT ARE STILL a…
I'd love for you to share your thoughts on this excellent book, which touches on issues of race and class in the Jim Crow South.
This is Jim Crow, for trans people.
it's called the New Jim Crow and it's literally just all about this. We read it in my prison abolition class 10/10
Conference to explore ‘Arts in the Black Press During the Age of Jim Crow’
Each painful step in their march for dignity drew them closer to slipping the yoke of Jim Crow for an entire people. https:/…
Wait. Is he THAT James Meredith? Civil rights hero & first Black student to force Ole Miss to end its Jim Crow ways?
It appears Memphis and its Police Department are still stuck in the days of Jim Crow.
it's nice that the Dems their utter disdain for the 10th Amendment since Jim Crow, Brown vs. Bd of Ed,& Wallace
Post-reconstruction, they created vagrancy laws to target blacks, black codes, Jim Crow. Pretty fair playing field, huh?
Liberalism is always pushing some form of Jim Crow and black codes -- ever since the Women of the KKK
Don't forget the Education Secretary who thinks Jim Crow was "school choice."
DeVos press release celebrates Jim Crow education system as pioneer of “school choice”: via
Survey of Jim Crow and it's Positive Impact on the African American Community
From Rep. Conyers: “Let’s be clear, HBCUs were started because of Jim Crow laws. Black students did not “choose”...
she thinks Jim Crow is the lead singer of Counting Crows and she finds Mr Jones to be quite the catchy tune
The Road 2 Brown is about the legal strategy used 2 fight segregation & Jim Crow in ed.
That's right kids. Don't forget that that poor steel mill worker in Michigan who voted 4 Trump wants a return to Jim Crow 😬
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"Jim Crow? Is that a comedian from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour?". - Betsy DeVos, probably
Similar to the way South Africa studied and replicated USA's Jim Crow system to create Apartheid.
2/ admin. However the media depictions blacks, Jim Crow and Willie Lynch Syndrome has a long standing
I just finished reading "the New Jim Crow" and went to this Chicago ideas week talk. It's all percolating in my head right now
Ms. Alvarez, you're not saying Rahm Emanuel is a latter day Jim Crow mayor who disenfranchised black voters by impo…
American fascism isn't Hitler. American fascism is the Klan. American fascism is Jim Crow. American fascism is Bannon…
What was it like to during the Jim Crow era?
For black motorists, traveling during the Jim Crow era meant encountering outright racism and discrimination.…
"Globetrotters who played during Jim Crow era can share stories of their struggles" alum
donald trump refers to the Jim Crow era as "the good ol days" Is that what he think America needs to be again. Is that the "great" he wants?
94 year Bixby pastor on Jim Crow era: ‘It was hard to survive through that kind of discrimination.’ via
White teen was on KKK’s most-wanted list fighting for civil rights during Jim Crow era. Her story here.
This is a very sad era for is attempting to revive the Jim Crow era in the 21st century!…
Lunch-Box Dream, by Tony Abbott: Newly posted images of segregation signs from the Jim Crow era of American history…
This 94-year-old pastor lived the first half of his life under the oppression of Jim Crow laws:…
Just read an awful story in NY Times regarding present day Jim Crow era politics in New Iberia, La. Frightening and awful.…
From one team member to the next, the Globetrotters who played during the Jim Crow era share stories of struggle. https:…
Stephen Miller is the least talented member of your high school debate team practicing his defense of Jim Crow in the mir…
"Slavery. Jim Crow. Criminalization. Links in a chain of racial inequality, forged by political and economic...
12/ White backlash did not lead to Jim Crow overnight, but gradually, with countless elected officials playing parts large a…
Dems have been worse. Jim Crow, KKK, Indian Removal Act, slavery . .
Smith: it was against law for blacks to read or write in 1700s. Followed by Jim Crow. Final vestage here in DD2. (spel…
Republicans also did a lot for blacks in the Jim Crow South.
South Carolina Lindsey Graham: You just voted to restore "Jim Crow". Can we get a "Yee Haw!"? We won't forget.
Democrats forget that they founded the Ku Klux Klan, suppressed black votes, enacted Jim Crow, and voted against the Civil Right Act of 1964
Jeff Sessions isn't a relic of the Jim Crow South. He's just named after Confederate prez Jefferson Davis and CSA Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard
The Alien and Sedition Act has never been used by Republicans. It was always a Democrat law, similar to Jim Crow laws.
Ever hear of Vietnam war, Iraq War, the Indian wars, Slavery, bombing of Libya, arming of terrorists in Syria, Jim Crow?
This should be true, but isn't. . In 2017, some folks still stan for the Third Reich, Jim Crow, & a rank bouquet of…
Pro Wrestling documentary I'd like to see. Sputnik Monroe/Jim Crow, Mysterious Deaths of Gino Hernandez & Dino Bravo. Vince shoot
Black History Month is your reminder that some of us survived slavery, Reconciliation, Jim Crow, & police brutality, and WE…
Jim Crow legislated out of existence by then & what the *** does "White" have to do with Hendrix?
The Dems did all. Slavery,lynching,Jim Crow and Black genocide using Margret Sanger PPH. Oh yeah KKK too the wholly owned dem child
The Confederate States of America is probably his blueprint. Or perhaps the Jim Crow dictatorship for POC.
So many people act like the racialized terror of the Jim Crow era was centuries ago. These people are still alive! https:/…
Genocide of Indians, Slavery, Jim Crow, Hiroshima, Mass incarceration, Oppression... it's not all it's cracked up t…
There's a long American history of white supremacist politics from the foundation of the republic through Andrew Jackson to Jim Crow.
If Chuck Schumer had any integrity he would say things like "Jim Crow laws, which my party started.."
Black youth always been criminalized & prosecuted since before vagrancy laws in Jim Crow. Most of what's going on n…
. Hey Arnold do you know who Jim Crow was
America would be way better off. Dems were pro slavery. They created Jim Crow laws. Then in the 60's they created the war on
Jim Crow laws were a product of southern state governments and the Democratic Party. Jim Crow laws did spread in instances.
Hitler was impressed by U.S. eugenics and Jim Crow laws and, yes, the ongoing genocide of Indigenous peoples here. He used that.
The fallacies of states' rights bred . state misconduct against blacks. Jim Crow laws violated the Clause and Congress did not enforce.
America has a history of institutional racism. No doubt. Jim Crow laws for sure (Democratic Party btw). But currently what
my grandfather was a WWII Navy vet who fought for your freedom just to come back to Jim Crow laws in the U.S.
Why are you silent about Jim Crow laws since you care so much about black lives?
This is an effort to bring back Jim Crow laws.
this is a direct continuation of previous systems of control, i.e. Jim Crow laws, selling prison labor to private
For the folks that messaged me, that's Jim Crow laws implemented by elite
27/1776 When Democrats imposed Jim Crow laws across the South in the wake of Reconstruction, they relied on poll taxes ...
Right, civil rights act was many years ago, no more Jim Crow laws, whites ARE victims of racism today, yes, it's true
stop&frisk, 3 strikes law, war on drugs, Jim Crow laws were still in the books
add in that some of these states are using old Jim Crow laws to turn ppl away. i.e. making a boards to determine who’s eligible
In related news Rs consider Jim Crow laws, Dred Scott, & locking factory doors from the outside.
this is just so I can make more voter registration laws just suppress the votes and bring back Jim Crow laws
so you are ignoring Jim Crow laws? Lol bp been free after the civil rights movement.
Guess that comes from being historically illiterate. It's been a line since "Reconstruction forced us to pass Jim Crow laws!"
wants Jim Crow laws back. are now in control of EVERYTHING. Enjoy your protest vote?
Lucas gave a presentation on 2 people involved in the Jim Crow era. They were Ida B. Wells and Hosea Williams.
domain names
Italians placed Jim Crow laws in Eritrea and parts of Somalia. The more you know 🌚
.That is like saying all Christians are bad because of Jim Crow laws, slavery, imperialism, ect.
I'm going to hazard a guess that you didn't support Jim Crow laws.
qualify for relief or must be deported, in accordance with immigration law. I know that laws aren't always good/fair, bc slavery & Jim Crow.
Just cause they didn't say that they weren't practicing and indulging in the Jim Crow laws, the north just hidden it better
This is the real import of false claim. Beware the return of Jim Crow voting laws.
slowing bringing back Jim Crow laws
Lets hope the investigation looks at gerrymandering, Jim Crow type laws and regulations too.
VoterFraud investigation is hilarious Est. GOP are against it bc it wld prove their voter ID laws R nothin but modern Jim Crow
Or when he announced his plans for New Jim Crow laws?
Felony convictions are just another tool in the voter suppression grab bag, along with voter ID laws & other Jim Crow remains
yes you does not mean right. Jim Crow was ended because people broke the laws, slavery disrupted/ended for same reason.
witch hunts still found witches to burn.They will find a 'reason' to enact Jim Crow like…
We had slavery, Jim Crow, internment camps, and now, a white supremacist kleptocracy. Confront the past and present or l…
Andrew Johnson smashed the possibility of racial equality & ushered in Jim Crow. Andrew Jackson for Trail…
Someone should tell you about this whole "Jim Crow" thing. Also, Andrew Jackson, among others.
Ah yes. Like the freedom riders in Jim Crow South, the resistance in Nazi occupied France, and Solidarnosc. Except not oppressed
who started the Jim Crow era? Who's responsible for the G.I. Bill, job,loan discrimination?
obviously it did work. we don't have Jim Crow laws. It may not be perfect but it's a *** of lot better
My people survived chattel slavery, razing of our business sectors like Black Wall St plus Jim Crow & more. I'm not despair…
C Vann Woodward thanks James McPherson in his acknowledgements to Strange Career of Jim Crow. Johns Hopkins connection!
O with no f***s to give tells the truth about Jim Crow and voter suppression.
Jim Crow...indeed if voter suppression did not work it would not be utilized...
Trump seemed to have “missed that whole civics lesson about slavery and Jim Crow,” Obama said
Trans Atlantic Slave Trade to Jim Crow to Drug in Cities to mass encarceration
(wic) white inferiority complex. I only heard of Jim Crow and Willie Lynch three months ago. Babylon is an abominable land.
Jim Crow, Willie Lynch all systematic in what they were developed to accomplish. These things were not accidents.
White people never have a counter argument for the Willie Lynch letter, Jim Crow laws, or Black Wall Street
Coretta Scott King in 1986 letter: Jeff Sessions would “irreparably damage the work of my husband”. GOP => Jim Crow
Obama just told white people that the affects of Jim Crow and Slavery didn't suddenly vanish!
"The effects of slavery and Jim Crow didn't suddenly vanish in the 60s."-
" To white Americans, the effects of slavery & Jim Crow didn't suddenly vanish in the sixties "
You LOST! 2.8 million votes. A Jim Crow electoral college where my vote counts less than a racist state did it!
Could blacks vote during Jim Crow or slavery? I'm speaking about VOTERS.
Jim Crow laws were an infringement on individual rights. The supreme court ended it not congress/president.
After the fall of Jim Crow segregation, racists and segregationists led a massive "white flight" from Birmingham, creating a black majority.
Thankful for my ancestors who survived the middle passage, slavery and Jim Crow so that I could be here today.
African Americans did vote, but New Jim Crow tactics like dumped thousands of votes in key states. https:…
Just discovered Queen Sugar. Great show, especially E4, if you wanna learn about how prisons are the New Jim Crow.
"the New Jim Crow" is a good book that explains why people think that way
It's imperative that the corporate profits from New Jim Crow come to an end!
✌ "“Jim Crow must go”: Thousands of New York City students staged a one-day boycott to protest segregatio…"
Im assuming New Jim Crow or give us a ballot maybe too liberal. So I agree with recommendation.
"is the New Jim Crow at its most sophisticated. Instead of white sheets, it’s spreadsheets."
How many centuries is it going to take for new Somolis immigrants in the U.S. to overcome Jim Crow laws?
North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory reminds a new generation of how Dixiecrat politicians operated in the Jim Crow South.…
North Carolina Republicans plot legislative coup against democracy to usher in a new era of Jim Crow
Reminds me of the Willie Lynch letter or the making of the slave, Black code policies, Jim Crow
Jim Crow lives in the courtroom, writes Same crime, same record - but twice the time behind bars. .
My Latest. . Masked white men in North Dakota chase & terrorize indigenous people - echoes of the KKK & Jim Crow.
It is the culture of White Nationalism a/k/a Fascism. They want to resurrect Jim Crow.
revives Jim Crow era of white Republicans suppressing black vote. Only that was Democrats; not Republicans.
Obama: We have not overcome legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, racism.
Obama: We Have Not Overcome Legacy of Slavery, Jim Crow, Racism, but the US has twice elected a black man.
pretty sure he dealt with a bit of Jim Crow and civil rights struggle too...
It's official. Viola Desmond, who fought against Nova Scotia's Jim Crow laws, is the new face of Canada's $10 bill. ht…
Funny- few hrs ago it was because of racist Jim Crow foolery that ballots were deemed un-recountable. You are stark raving mad.
begins n SF 🙌🏾I'm here 2 participate,the strength our leaders had during segregation/Jim Crow never left We'veBeenHereB4
They dont understand that after they lose the race war they want, they'll look upon the Jim Crow era as the good ol…
Truevine: Two Brothers, a Kidnapping, and a Mother's Quest: A True Story of the Jim Crow South
"African-Americans hold a grudge over Jim Crow"
Escalation of the Drug war, the crime bill, "The New Jim Crow", prevalent neoliberalism, etc all unlikely to happen had US gov't let BPP be.
Martin Luther King could have run too while we had Jim Crow. So your point is.
The GOP suppressed over a million black people's vote this election 😞. Jim Crow is back.
The election over, but as trump voters celebrate like Jim Crow has returned, those of us targeted will have fight though tired.
remember that time we ended Jim Crow laws by never complaining about them?
Jim Crow was mainly a compromise because the northern president kinda stole the presidency so they let the south do Jim Crow
I'm reading The New Jim Crow. We need this for so many reasons.
Wilson was an unabashed racist and reinstituted Jim Crow laws in government. Not a peep about this fact from progressives.
Said it's Jim Crow all over again..."broken voting machines are put in poor communities to prevent them from voting"
you should read a book or two New Jim Crow might help you
rather because it caused them to lose money and labor. They then punished them with Jim Crow laws in hopes that slavery would be
A heart-stopping investigation of violent, Jim Crow racism in New York's prisons - from my teammates. .
Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican and Republicans stopped the Democrat's Jim Crow Laws!
Sorry if historical facts trigger you snowflake, but Jim Crow was 100 right wing. Need crayons?
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I really feel like old-fashioned jim crow racism has like a generation or 2 left until it can even be a dead ideology
New Jim Crow author Michelle Alexander has a warning about Trump's America via
Dems think being the party of slavery, KKK,Jim Crow,segregation,and eugenics is OK cause parties switched.Would Nazi be OK if party changed?
Hate-driven crimes of today harken back to period of racial violence and lynchings during Jim Crow era.
Example sentence: "The KKK, which endorsed Trump, is notorious for reinforcing the in-humanity of the Jim Crow order."
Blah blah blah. You're the party of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, eugenics, and so on. Have you no shame?
And the people who profited from slave trade / Jim Crow were supposed to be white?
: my 19 y/o son said during the election, "Mama, Jim Crow was never dead, he just took a nap"
Just because there is no longer legal Jim Crow/Slavery doesn't mean POC aren't oppressed.
Wanting + saying that word is literally bringing slavery and the jim crow laws back and saying all this was okay
Anyone surprised by media's glamorization of Neo Nazis didn't pay attention to the Reconstruction Era to Jim Crow h…
so a black president undoes about 400 years of slavery, sharecropping, Jim Crow, war on drugs, housing discrimination and etc
You are confusing party ID with beliefs. Liberal support of Jim Crow = Trumpkin myth.
Clinton doofus aides say Trump "won by appealing to racists." Sigh. Whites are as proud of slavery and Jim Crow as Germans…
Jim Crow never slept, he went back to school, won legislative positions. He's just in your face now
And as soon as slavery was abolished, Jim Crow was introduced. Which isn't exactly respecting other races, is it?
Slavery, Jim Crow, patriarchy are what established an all-consuming identity politics in America. Wasn't invented by Black…
The same old folks who likely attacked us during Jim Crow? May have lynched a Black person. Revels in & benefits fr…
Your age explains your bigotry. I give old bigots a pass. They believe Jim Crow was right.
Bernie & his folks want dems to go back to party of white working class the old Dem Party of the south that gave us Jim Crow
Yeah, blame the concept of inclusion & full participation. Darn,those good old days of segregation,Jim Crow, Intern…
last time I read, only one black juror was selected for this case. Our state is still in a Jim Crow state. Shoot him 5 times in
So, to you, a black guy beating up a white guy is the same thing as, say, Jim Crow or redlining?
unpunished for killing a black man, voter suppression. This 2016 or 1916? Jim Crow coming back fast. Was ever really gone?
This is no different than back during Jim Crow when all white juries wouldn't convict their own of crimes against black people.
"More black ppl killed by US police in 2015 than lynched in worst year of Jim Crow".
Are you aware that Jim Crow disenfranchised black ppl for nearly a hundred years? Any idea how that benefitted So. states?
JeffParish home of racist state violence against Black folks from Jim Crow lynchings 2 Sheriff Lee pre & post katrina &now
How the Jim Crow internet is pushing back against Black Lives Matter
It esp. is annoying when done to black women, bc of its vaguely racist undertones (hearkens back to Jim Crow-era white men calling...
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believe you can make us one in the same I do feel a certain kind of way. But just like slavery, black codes, Jim Crow
Black ppl still couldn't vote until 1965, WHITE women earned that right in 1920. Because there weren't Jim Crow law…
In 1953, the southern half of the United States was deeply divided by Jim Crow segregation. Black men were...
In this age of we see an epidemic of Black on White violence hidden by Media, 'Jim Crow' like Laws n…
Here is your proof of Sessions trying to use Jim Crow to take Black lives:
so what do you consider the black panthers? Even after the abolishment of Jim Crow?
They don't care as long as black people are being hurt more. That's what this election was about, Jim Crow and a re…
At '60 Rome Olympics, when Soviet reporter asked him about Jim Crow, he boasted he didn't let "that Commie cat" spin U.S. race relations.
Folks say "be resilient" as if Black ppl haven't "been resilient" for centuries. Resilience didn't stop slavery, Jim Crow,…
Joseph McCarthy did a lot to skew the perception of communism in America. Keep in mind we also had Jim Crow at the time.
They will tell U that Democrats were the Southern slavers and upholders of Jim Crow laws! Tell your readers the TRUTH!
Ignorant. In exchange, Southern Dems got the end of Reconstruction. They gave it away for Jim Crow. How could you not know this?
Spencer's ego and privilege tried to prevail failed miserably he is Jim Crow in a suit
reading nothing but books about the Jim Crow South and the holocaust for an entire year
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