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Jim Crow Laws

The Jim Crow laws were state and local laws in the United States enacted between 1876 and 1965. They mandated de jure racial segregation in all public facilities in Southern states of the former Confederacy, with a supposedly separate but equal status for black Americans.

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It's a racial issue that intersects with a class issue. Minority voter supp…
America would be way better off. Dems were pro slavery. They created Jim Crow laws. Then in the 60's they created the war on
I am sorry that Democrats ruined blacks voting for Republicans thru Jim Crow laws, but ID for legal voting in 2017…
Jim Crow laws were a product of southern state governments and the Democratic Party. Jim Crow laws did spread in instances.
Hitler was impressed by U.S. eugenics and Jim Crow laws and, yes, the ongoing genocide of Indigenous peoples here. He used that.
The fallacies of states' rights bred . state misconduct against blacks. Jim Crow laws violated the Clause and Congress did not enforce.
America has a history of institutional racism. No doubt. Jim Crow laws for sure (Democratic Party btw). But currently what
my grandfather was a WWII Navy vet who fought for your freedom just to come back to Jim Crow laws in the U.S.
Why are you silent about Jim Crow laws since you care so much about black lives?
enacting Jim Crow unconstitutional voter ID LAWS to deny and take away the rights to vote of anyone who
This is an effort to bring back Jim Crow laws.
next martial law. Wishing I was free again. I'll need my papers again like Jim Crow Laws 🤦‍♂️put jobs in my community not FEDs
Students protested for equal rights after learning about segregation and the Jim Crow Laws. htt…
systematic racism: I told you Jim Crow laws which is 60s period, brown v board of education, law in Arizona passed to stop
this is a direct continuation of previous systems of control, i.e. Jim Crow laws, selling prison labor to private
Trump: Voter fraud! Strengthen voting procedures!. Sounds like justification to change voting laws. . Hey, Jim, pass me som…
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For the folks that messaged me, that's Jim Crow laws implemented by elite
27/1776 When Democrats imposed Jim Crow laws across the South in the wake of Reconstruction, they relied on poll taxes ...
And it was DEMOCRATS who enacted Jim Crow laws & performed lynchings, but their memory is flawed on those important point…
Right, civil rights act was many years ago, no more Jim Crow laws, whites ARE victims of racism today, yes, it's true
Hateful & demonizing speech news paper articles, plays, media etc have historically been used to justify unjust law…
stop&frisk, 3 strikes law, war on drugs, Jim Crow laws were still in the books
From the Racist Party of the KKK & Jim Crow Laws comes the accustions of Racism... Cute.
add in that some of these states are using old Jim Crow laws to turn ppl away. i.e. making a boards to determine who’s eligible
In related news Rs consider Jim Crow laws, Dred Scott, & locking factory doors from the outside.
Like strengthening your New Jim Crow laws to make it more difficult for marginalized people to vote?
Actually it is a felony under the Voting Rights act, called voter registration caging of minority voters, aka Jim C…
Jim Crow Laws surfaced in 1881 and stayed in place for 3/4 of a century.
this is just so I can make more voter registration laws just suppress the votes and bring back Jim Crow laws
To the credit of Volusia County's public schools, we did learn about Jim Crow Laws in the curriculum.
so you are ignoring Jim Crow laws? Lol bp been free after the civil rights movement.
Guess that comes from being historically illiterate. It's been a line since "Reconstruction forced us to pass Jim Crow laws!"
wants Jim Crow laws back. are now in control of EVERYTHING. Enjoy your protest vote?
More lies from the party of slavery segregation Jim Crow Laws, founders of the KKK and Clinton corruption.
Italians placed Jim Crow laws in Eritrea and parts of Somalia. The more you know 🌚
Me if Trump signs an Executive order to bring back the Jim Crow Laws
.That is like saying all Christians are bad because of Jim Crow laws, slavery, imperialism, ect.
I'm going to hazard a guess that you didn't support Jim Crow laws.
qualify for relief or must be deported, in accordance with immigration law. I know that laws aren't always good/fair, bc slavery & Jim Crow.
. Oh to talk about how to suppress more voters or bring back Jim Crow Laws?
Just cause they didn't say that they weren't practicing and indulging in the Jim Crow laws, the north just hidden it better
History teacher had no idea what Jim Crow Laws was, I blew a gasket.
A brief history of the Jim Crow Laws!. Video:
And I'm sure people will discard his opinion by saying he played when Jim Crow Laws were still in effect 🙄🙄🙄
This is the real import of false claim. Beware the return of Jim Crow voting laws.
Obama was a White Liberal who pushed for Modified Jim Crow Segregation Laws via
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slowing bringing back Jim Crow laws
Lets hope the investigation looks at gerrymandering, Jim Crow type laws and regulations too.
If the country had ONLY voted Democrat since the start,. we would be honoring slavery, Jim Crow Laws, and the KKK. plus we would be MORE BROKE
VoterFraud investigation is hilarious Est. GOP are against it bc it wld prove their voter ID laws R nothin but modern Jim Crow
laws [Nostalgia contemplated for disaster}
Or when he announced his plans for new Jim Crow laws?
Felony convictions are just another tool in the voter suppression grab bag, along with voter ID laws & other Jim Crow remains
No but thanks to the Republicans, Jim Crow Laws were ripped out from under the racist Democrats too!…
yes you does not mean right. Jim Crow was ended because people broke the laws, slavery disrupted/ended for same reason.
witch hunts still found witches to burn.They will find a 'reason' to enact Jim Crow like…
That is all an attempt to rewrite history. Dems & the Left were responsible for creating the KKK an…
Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican and Republicans stopped the Democrat's Jim Crow Laws!
When I see Black Trump supporters..I remember that there were Blacks in the South Who voted Jim Crow Laws into place. History REPEATS!
wrote Jim Crow laws and started KKK- learn…
wrote Jim Crow laws and started KKK- learn history   10% Off
bro if you do the math America has given blacks over 27 billion since the end of Jim Crow laws. Calm down
Crow Laws. Why in this day and age, do some of our southern states, still have Jim Crow laws, on the books. For the ignorant. RESEARCH
-protest injustice??? Y'all serious the flag was around when slavery was legal when Jim Crow laws were exercised when LGBTQ people were-
. DEMOCRATS in the South. created Jim Crow laws. to prevent blacks from voting. Note:. DEMOCRATS did this NOT Repb's. M https…
Nothing more progressive than segregation. Now we wait for liberals to call for the Jim Crow laws to come back.
If anyone knows about Jim Crow laws, it's you I bet you helped draft a few back in the 60s. Right?
"Jim Crow" laws were written by demoKKKrats. THANKS for the reminder! 👍
You would like it if Jim Crow laws was still in place wouldn't you ?
I would like to see blacks return back to 1965 when they were very productive,minus the Jim Crow laws.
you should work on abolishing Jim Crow laws.
The media has lied about this connection saying it was Republicans who started the KKK and passed Jim Crow laws.
So what's being addressed?. That Jim Crow laws existed and black servicemen weren't treated fairly-
Thus why Democrats supported slavery, passed Jim Crow laws, and founded the KKK?
You DO realize that the Dems STARTED the Klan, and wrote the Jim Crow Laws, right?
and his hordes long for the good old days of Jim Crow and sodomy laws, back when America was great, remember? https…
Democrats party of slavery ,kkk and Jim Crow laws. Who fought against civil rights.
...jail while refusing to obey the unjust laws of the Jim Crow south.
democrats really have done a lot of nasty stuff over the years...the KKK, attempts to keep slavery, Jim Crow laws..
not to mention KKK founded by Democrats, Jim Crow laws, voted against black voting,& much more
That can't be true. Because we learned that it was the Republicans that were for freedom & Dems who made Jim Crow laws.
Democrats are still the racists😡Party of Slavery, KKK, Jim Crow Laws & Eugenics😣
New Jim Crow Laws came from the camp.
he instituted Jim Crow laws and suppress votes
Things that are deplorable: the continuation of anti-felon voting laws that were put in place during Jim Crow to disenfranchise black voters
almost 100 yrs of Jim Crow like laws. Blacks had to fight first and formost to considered humans in America.
Remember folks -- this is the party of slavery, the KKK and Jim Crow laws. They're back at it.
Well yeah, I mean democrats did create the KKK and Jim Crow Laws.
Worse. Whites are being subjected to Jim Crow laws by black supremacists. Sepe…
Gee, the Democrats were the party supporting slavery,Jim Crow laws and were totally opposed to 1964 civil rights act
They want us to remember 9/11 but want us to forget slavery the Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws and mass incarceration
Rutherford Hayes instituted Jim Crow laws and suppress voting with the help of the KKK
Beginning my educational career, I moved to Tennessee to attend Fisk University, where I first experienced "Jim Crow Laws"
Pat McCrory Calls Loretta Lynch’s Comparison of HB2 to Jim Crow Laws an ‘Insult’ to NC: WATCH
AG Loretta Lynch slams North Carolina bathroom bill, likening it to Jim Crow Laws
Have you ever heard of Jim Crow laws? Also here's your info about the southern strategy.
ICWA & yr using it to define Lexi,1/64 Choctaw, by "blood" to deny her basic rights are like Jim Crow, Nazi "racial" laws.
I think the worst part about today's society is still seeing regression (we still have new era Jim Crow laws, LGBT rights issues, etc)
He portrays himself as the Champion 4 "1 person, 1 vote" but raves abt Caucus Wins that r akin 2 Jim Crow Laws,no?
technically yes, BUT black women weren't allowed to vote, mostly bc of Jim Crow laws/grandfather clause/ lit test but
If you support HB1523, you are sick. They are essentially Jim Crow laws to the *** community. very sad.. 🙁
you're using the definition of racism written and defined by a white man when Jim Crow laws were
So my uncle and cousin stay in Alabama and everytime they come here they talk about they horses or Jim Crow laws or something💀
You're talking about the Jim Crow laws?
No, UKIP has never had racist policies. I mean the American Democratic Party & Jim Crow laws.
.we remember violence...we remember Jim Crow laws...we remember literacy tests...but government supported eugenics/genocide, that's gone.
.These new Jim Crow laws targeting LGBT citizens will not stand. “Prejudice is free but discrimination has costs” Thomas Sowell
Jim Crow laws got repealed for a reason. Y'all glorifying a store for having a bathroom that allows people to segregate themselves.
poverty is hard to get out of and that is a product of racism. But it's the racism of the Civil War, Jim Crow laws, etc
Dr Nikki Brown on the bathroom rhetoric & fears surrounding the South's laws. Tell it!
Then by your standard, if Trump wins we can expect the return of Jim Crow & miscegenation laws.
Could it be their Jim Crow laws? No that was just awesome benefit, eh?!
Now the question is, does the governor double down on modern Jim Crow style laws and hire another attorney?
Donald Trump says America was at its greatest in the 40s and 50's.A time when segregation and Jim Crow laws held Blacks…
Jim Crow laws, apartheid, white Jesus,. The "new" world
Nuremberg and Jim Crow laws getting dusted off and tweaked a little for the new era?
No they just don't want to be in a state with Jim Crow laws for ***
Sorry Ramona, both the Jim Crow laws and the KKK are - you read the wrong history book.
Does the gentleman from Tenn. recall Jim Crow laws of the past? When whites refused to serve blacks that was ok.
Go sell this crazy someplace else. Caucuses r as much democratic as Jim Crow laws used 2b.
Based on race? Well take transracial out of it because there were laws like that called Jim Crow.
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If unopposed, will continue to target the LGBTQIA community, following the precedent North Carolina set with Jim Crow laws.
& don't give me a speech about slaves and colorism & a self hatred & Jim Crow laws
How can we ensure private clubs aren't modern day Jim Crow laws?
in the time to come, we're going to be look back on anti *** laws with shame just like we now look back on the Jim Cro…
I do. And if I was born just a few decades earlier I could be lynched under Jim Crow "laws" with no morally good basis...
Did u kno when the US rented the Panama Canal Zone, the US instituted Jim Crow laws there?? Not in our history bks
Why do Christians think they can put in place Jim Crow-style laws towards homosexuals in Georgia?
Where's your proof that the GOP is doing everything to suppress minorities? I mean, your side DID start Jim Crow laws.
Me: Name a law that is unjust. Student: that time my mom said I had to go to bed at 8:00pm...oh and Jim Crow laws I guess...
Oh, I think the Jim Crow laws were unconstitutional under the 13th, judges just didn't enforce till 1970s
.North Carolina's laws go back to Jim Crow days.
exactly, they are Jim Crow laws for LGBT
Jim Crow laws mandated the segregation of public schools, public places, and public transportation and [stuff] 1/
My momma born in 1956 as a kid she said it was Jim Crow laws white only theater restaurant pools hotels Etc. Been 52yrs of so called freedom
Also, Jim Crow laws MANDATED discrimination on the basis of race. This law does not mandate.
well the dems did create the KKK, fought against civil rights, made the Jim Crow laws, and fought integration
every member of the KKK was and is a democrat.Dems fought for segregation, against civil rights, for Jim Crow laws etc, etc
Special Right to Discriminate antigay Jim Crow laws are not "compromise" just as homophobia is not morality.
no true Scotsman. Everything you consider substantial is. Absurd to say Jim Crow laws were nothing.
Birmingham Alabama get ready for Jim Crow Laws and Segregation Donald Trump done won Alabama Vote 😫😞
Informative tho the polite euphemism for Jim Crow laws (and lynching) pulled me away from the article.
yet they wanna go back to a time when you had NO CIVIL RIGHTS. Go to the library and READ a book abt Jim Crow laws
it's just been misused by things like Jim Crow laws and bans on other things
One more to add: Jim Crow. . Gun control in America=Black Laws. . Liberalism=True Racism
My TA and I will have an educated discussion on how Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, and skin pigmentation effects your quality of life.
most Jim Crow laws were overthrown by federal legislation, not by being declared unconstitutional
I am shocked that there is a place like SC where Jim Crow laws are still there I wonder how these blacks believe in God.
Have you ever heard of slavery and Jim Crow laws?
At 106, greeted into the a symbol and an institution which authored and implemented segregation and Jim Crow laws...
Imagine living through Jim Crow laws and still being able be alive to see a black president. Incredibly touching.
I don't respect unjust freedom destroying laws. Drug prohibition is the New Jim Crow. It's repugnant
Reading into the Jim Crow laws 😷 all this was happening less than 70 yrs ago! Some of your grand parents lived through this.smh 😿
She has seen it all the Jim Crow laws,the civil right movements,no wonder she can't hide her excitement.
How great is it to be 106 yrs old, live through the raciest times, wars, Jim Crow laws & more.. Only to meet your...
Not hard to do, since they like Jim Crow laws, no fun zones and Sharia Law.
Those who advocate for censorship are small-minded bigots that feel at home with Jim Crow laws.
Last RT: incredible. Imagine all the change she's seen. Born just 20 years after Jim Crow laws began, all the way to a black president.
"We no longer have Jim Crow laws, but we still have Jim Crow hate"—Patrisse Cullers of
and pst . The dems also passed Black Code and Jim Crow laws ...
. thank you for truly supporting abortion laws and actual women's health. These Jim Crow laws need to STOP
Then you look at the old slave codes and Jim Crow laws and see the huge fear of n penalties for interracial dating, crazy
Obama has split the races as much as the Jim Crow Laws.
Some ppl compared this to 'Jim Crow' laws ; that is legal separation in fmr confederate states in US after civil was. …
Wonder if she knows it was the Democrats that created the Jim Crow laws after Recinstruction was given up on in the South by the Rs
I added a video to a playlist Jim Crow Laws, Plessy v Ferguson, and Separate But Equal
or that they were one of the last states to eliminate Jim Crow laws. Look those up if you don't know what they are
let's deal with whites, not blacks. White systematic racism, Jim Crow laws that decimated communities, white crime.
and it was Democrats who introduced Jim Crow segregation laws.
Black & white bibles. Jim Crow laws. Lynchings were like social events & some took souvenirs - hair or skin.
The lead crow's name is Jim, as in Jim Crow Laws (racist laws in the U.S)... that's no accident by Disney.
Hillary Clinton in Texas of voter ID laws: "It is a blast from the Jim Crow past.”
Black history didn't start and stop in the space between the end of slavery and the end of Jim Crow laws. Expand folks.
SCOTUS also said slavery & Jim Crow laws were law of the land. What was your point?
Again, with no context. Asians/Latinos weren't brought here against their will before suffer thru Jim Crow laws.
Today in overheard at Starbucks: Jim Crow laws and their impact on the Black Lives Matter movement.
I did not! Thanks. Participated in a project where we examined Jim Crow laws still on the books. Law review
With Trumps ascent Reinstitution of Jim Crow laws can't be too far behind. Racist, Separate, and Unequal.
Looking a gift horse in the mouth via
How long has America been around?... And Jim Crow laws and all that were stopped only 60 years ago???!
Lily white candidates of the party that gave us slavery, civil war and Jim Crow laws. Amazing.
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is a healing movement, it's not just policy. There may not be Jim Crow laws but there's Jim Crow hate - on On Being
Jim Crow laws aren't ..yet Jim Crow hate procedures and actions exist.and are evident yet not obvious...
leftists always say "slaves" even though Dems are responsible for the Jim Crow laws and their history screams KKK
oh really. Here's the Jim Crow laws on segregation for schools etc all made by the democrats
disgusting the democrats started Jim Crow laws in the south. Republicans started Reconstruction period
yup and Jim Crow laws and the cilvil war they just don't believe in history.Just they may get some free stuff
I bet they would. I have a feeling that if Trump is elected, he'd try to reinstate & enforce Jim Crow laws//
We need new Jim Crow laws and literacy tests for dumb white people who support Donald Trump in the south.
people lack knowledge. But I've never heard about Jim Crow Laws I'm going to research it!
he was one of the people who were upset that Jim Crow laws were removed
They were in the legislature when the Dem majority created the Jim Crow laws.
Democrats fought to expand slavery, passed Jim Crow laws, opposed educating blacks, filibust. the Civil Rights Act of 1964
."Reasonable suspicion" approach as modern-day vagrancy laws of the Jim Crow period
I don't understand Didnt the police reinforce Apartheid/Jim Crow laws in the U.S.?
Liberalism is the father of Racism i.e. KKK & Jim Crow Laws, Principled Conservatives are ultimately non-racist
well yup stuff like that should cause people to get very vocal as they are Jim Crow laws essentially
Republicans Party working to bring back Jim Crow laws and poll taxes deny people their right to vote. Remember...
I laugh every time a candidate says they're going to repeal *** marriage. You wanna throw Jim Crow laws in there, too?
There are old folks still up in the north side who lived in during real HOSTILE Jim Crow laws. Now they drink TOXIC water.
Work your way back from Robert Byrd to Civil Rights Act, Jim Crow Laws, KKK & slavery. Read!
no they are not, they have long wanted (ref Democrat Jim Crow laws) SEPARATENESS like BLM, NoI. You & they see race groups.
ACLU research has proved that marijuana laws are the new Jim Crow.
Sounds like back to the Virginia Slave Codes & Jim Crow Laws where got its roots throughout America
No limiting money in elections? He just wants the right to pass Jim Crow laws without interference.
No, Jim Crow was a set of racist laws and practices that disenfranchised black voters for decades.
Im sure we would still have Jim Crow laws if states override SCOTUS rulings...some proponents will prob see nothing wrong w/that
Have people in office more concerned with active Jim Crow laws than people's personal lives and decisions 😒
Flipboard of Jim Crow laws by state shows textual variation yet conceptual uniformity.
historically after revolutionary war, all states south of Delaware. Post Civil War, open Jim Crow laws and reconstruction zones
Like *** in the White House supplying Wite-Out On Jim Crow Laws, you probably missed it
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The erosion of Jim Crow laws by the market process in the southern states of America in the…
Jim Crow laws alive today: segregation in the US -
No one has been stripped of their rights since the Civil Rights Movement ended the Jim Crow laws.
rest of World was in Shambles/ The Dollar was only valuable currency/ All b/c of WW2/ btw AA lived by Jim Crow laws/All not good
Today in we learned how ridiculous the Jim Crow laws were and how they affected all parts of life for African Americans.
Crow was legal citizens and segregated by race. The Dems made Jim Crow laws, KKK, lynching. Bet u are a Dem.
These laws remind me of the "loitering" laws during Jim Crow. It's an excuse to criminalize a person's existence
Yes, that was really wrong.So was slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, Miscegenation laws, Vietnam war ...
The Democratic Party supported slavery & protested the Jim Crow laws; was against any black obtaining freedom.
The U.S. educational system teaches slavery and Jim Crow laws as unfortunate and misguided events that involved killing 30 million slaves.
Trav...the outraged letters to the Charlotte Observer about Cam make perfect sense!. /s/. The 1950s and Jim Crow laws
To end Jim Crow Laws, it was discussed by both black and white Congress members and signed in to law by a white man
Gaps created by slavery, Jim Crow laws, discrimination, the creation of ghettos, etc.
Here's the reason. Historical precedent of Voter ID Laws, known as Jim Crow Laws. AND 0%.0006 voter fraud in last 20 years
“Stand your ground” laws are the new Jim Crow. A tacit acceptance of deadly force in ambiguous circumstances of “threat”
Jim Crow laws were also in existence. Things change. The best candidates should be voted upon not someone agenda.
Are you *** still trying to repeal care? . *** . Oh, and Re-Instating the Jim Crow Laws will not work either..
Alabama Jim Crow laws? Nope. Secretary of Education for our great ally, Israel.
If Sanders gets elected, we'll have an equivalent of Jim Crow laws. Shaun King laws? I don't know. This joke's kind of breaking down now.
The closers in drivers licenses are no where near the Jim Crow laws..Hillary that still pisses me off she came in here race baiting
Lipsitz show how racism toward minority groups evolve over the years from Jim Crow laws to modern day policies.
Another New Jim Crow, or maybe the racist laws towards the Latino and Hispanic should be called Donald Trump laws
& hide that it was vs Democrat's Jim Crow laws, Dems vs ind liberty
So chip gets fired after ONE 6-10 season but Lovie Smith goes 8-24 in 2 years and it's the Jim Crow laws back smh, stfu fool
I taught what the Jim Crow laws were tonight
Absurd! she couldn't EVEN if she had tried. A black woman purchase a Rifle? b/c of Jim Crow laws. all Democrat controlled too
dumbocRATs also were responsible for the "Jim Crow" laws and fought against raicial reform laws in the 60's
Classmates not knowing what the Jim Crow laws are terrifies me because that is how history will start to repeat itself.
did you create the fake accouny? true is Vs Democrat's Jim Crow laws
fake account --> , did you create it? true is Vs Democrat's Jim Crow laws
All purpose parts banner
true is vs the Democrat's Jim Crow laws.
fake account, true is vs the Democrat's Jim Crow laws.
it's a fake account, and truth was vs the Democrat's Jim Crow laws.
was fake account, vs the Democrat's Jim Crow laws.
Democrats created and enforced Jim Crow laws
Jim Crow laws and Black Code's are Democrat policies. Republicans fought against this policies. Happy 50th anniversary.
for years, laws made sure that they were constantly reminded (Wide example, Jim Crow laws)
I apologize for my absence when Ya'll enacted Jim Crow laws despite all I fought for...
you are in the wrong party! D's party that enacted Jim Crow laws to screw Americans out of rights R's passed 14,15,16, and 19.
Not impossible. Jim Crow laws were core achievements but they were overturned because they were bad law!
There needs to be an IQ test to evaluate who can vote. Don't come at me with "Jim Crow" laws. I want anti-stupid.
slavery was no longer legal but this was the era that birthed the Jim Crow laws and segregation still.
A bassackwards judge in Alabama has forbidden same-sex marriage in Alabama! Next thing you know they will bring back Jim Crow Laws!
"He's not wrong at all. What Rosa Parks did when defying Jim Crow Laws see democrats, is civil…" — keyboard jockey
Rosa Parks grew up in a segregated United States as a Black women under Jim Crow Laws made by white men. . A man like yo…
Here are the notes from Teresa and Casey's PowerPoint on Jim Crow Laws from Aroneo's English
During the 60s Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, was a civil rights lawyer fighting the Jim Crow Laws.
Historical recap:. Japanese Internment: Get over it. Tuskegee Experiments: Get over it. Jim Crow Laws: Get over it. 9/11: Never forget.
This history class of the 1960's I'm taking rlly opened my eyes of how bad black Americans were treated in the south with Jim Crow laws
Democrat Party VS the Republican Party: Who is the True Champion of Ending Slavery and the Civil Rights Movement!
Even the unit on the Jim Crow laws and segregation people were shaking their heads and calling it bs
Tampered algorithms & SCOTUS sanctioned Jim Crow laws make US elections as corrupt as those in Russia's.
so I guess Rosa Parks breaking Jim Crow laws and starting a national movement doesn't sit well with you either?
9/24- Jim Crow laws will be the focus of today's class. Check Skyward for your essay and test grades.
You racist democrats fought to KEEP slavery, wrote Jim Crow laws, created the KKK and worship Margaret Sanger
well, when they get it right, they do get it right. It's still Alabama, a place steeped in the legacy of Jim Crow laws
They also ignore the fact that slavery was a Dem party platform. So was lynching, Segregation, Jim Crow laws and the KKK.
Jim Crow Laws was one of the stupidest concepts ever created.
she should be sacked w unceremoniously. Either that or bring back the Jim Crow laws
Democrat Party is the party of the KKK, slavery and Jim Crow laws.
different but equal is illegal that is Jim Crow laws
uh no. We fixed that. Jim Crow laws are illegal
seeing how the Democratic Party opposed emancipation and enacted Jim Crow laws. I'd say he's about right
Nearly 6 million people r suppressed from voting because the GOP is literally using Jim Crow laws to prevent blacks & other POC from voting
Just as an FYI, similar "religious beliefs" were used to support Jim Crow laws. You in favor of those too, Governor?
Just as gov shldn't force one to associate,gov shldn't force ppl NOT to associate, e.g., Jim Crow laws
135 years ago the first Jim Crow laws were passed.. "separate but equal" was a bunch of bs used to keep black people quiet for a while..
He also thinks Jim Crow laws are constitutional. Taken with a grain a salt. Or a salt lick for this matter.
because they were being discriminated against,like a black were since Jim Crow laws until civil rights act
NC law is "one of the most restrictive laws since the Jim Crow ERA" save the VRA
Oh and guess who justified slavery with religion when it was still legal in the 1800s. And who did same with Jim Crow laws.
maybe Jim Crow laws R alive and well?
The clintons are hugely responsible 4 the new Jim Crow laws and mass incarceration of blacks.
What people said about slavery, Jim Crow laws, FGM.every human rights abuse in history
the Depression, Holocaust, Jim Crow laws, Watergate…but yeah, some kids looking at their phones a lot. T…
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I liked a video Segregation in the southern USA (Jim Crow Laws period Photos)
The professor brought up Jim Crow laws in an argument of ethics to a black guy n he had to leave the room
"Colorism and racism in this country are so powerful that the Jim Crow laws are gone, but what’s left is a mindset."-Viola …
Actually since the Democrats crested the KKK and Supported Jim Crow Laws I would say your party is all
140 characters are no where near enough to address this. Please Google the effects of Jim Crow laws on our current society
I think segregation, Jim Crow laws and the KKK are 3 of my fav's
If they had actually cared about the slaves, they wouldn't have allowed the Jim Crow laws to pass.
You know I really despair for the country. It seems that we are living backwards. They will bring back Jim Crow laws soon.
he's pissing me off bc he's trying to compare voting IDs to Jim Crow laws, like no bro it's necessary so people don't triple vote
Many people are interested in knowing all about The Jim Crow Laws. Find out for yourself.
policies of Jim Crow laws, the policies of exclusion, prejudice, & discrimination regarding FDRs New Deal, the...
Drug use occurs in all races & ethnicities. But convictions are OVERWHELMINGLY POC, enabling legal Jim Crow laws. .
Old ladies last night at work were like Jarrad everything was better back in my day and I almost said yeah with those dope Jim Crow laws
. America didn't turn away during slave times or during civil war or during segregation/Jim Crow laws?
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