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Jim Buss

Jim Buss is an executive with the Los Angeles Lakers. He is the son of longtime Lakers owner Jerry Buss.

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Lakers make Magic Johnson President of Basketball Operations, fire GM Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss, team says.
BREAKING: Lakers have fired Mitch Kupchak and Magic Johnson will replace Jim Buss as President of Basketball Operations…
not in love with Magic like a lot of other Lakers fans. This would be like Dolan hiring Phil. Jim Buss is paying for a scapegoat.
Dear we should be thankful we don't have *** owners like Jim Buss , Jed York or James Dolan . I appreci…
to save his job, Jim Buss will trade the entire roster for Golden State's roster and we'll be the Los Angeles Warriors 😂😂😂
Magic Johnson's return to Lakers is a win for everyone except Jim Buss
The end of the Jim Buss era nearing? have officially re-hired Magic Johnson!. Details: https:/…
Magic Johnson plans on having meetings with both Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss.
From earlier, my piece on the Lakers hiring Magic Johnson as an advisor & why it might mean bad news for Jim Buss:
Jim Buss, Luke Walton, Mitch Kupchak Between all of you & the talent at hand, put it together. Great group
I had a great conversation today with Mitch Kupchak and a really good phone call with Jim Buss!
Dean Spanos continues to pursue the same failing strategies to get a new stadium built. He is the failed son of a great man, like Jim Buss.
How would you gauge the players relationship with Jim Buss so far this season?
I believe I owe Jim Buss apologies. This team is so fun to watch and as much as Ive 💩ed on JB him and Mitch are a big part of this
are we ready to give Jim Buss credit for the Kobe-tank? Being bad with him kept us relevant and got us high draft picks
if the lakers go .500 will Jim Buss remain in control!?!?!?
Congrats Jim Buss & Mitch Kupchak for brilliant drafting & assembling this team while others called for your heads.
Phil Jackson stacked up the Knicks, Jerry West overstacked the Warriors & Jim Buss made Luke Walton & fans regret the Lake…
Mitch is great, it's Jim Buss the owner we fear..
Do think article unfairly implies Jeannie's involvement in Luke's hiring. Would like to see Jim Buss get credit.
i like the direction we headed.what up with the jim buss Byron Scott but this aint yur gramps NBA
Stephen A. kills Jim Buss for not hiring Phil but he's always out here criticising Phil for his Knicks decisions. Does. Not. Make. Sense.
Who would imagine Jim Buss will win more games this year than PHIL with KNICKS.
if my Lakers keep Jim Buss safe?
Way too early to say this but: In an era of upsets, Jim Buss fulfilling the terms of his deadline would be the most hilarious
As LA continues to play well and etc., I'm afraid writers aren't going to have much drama to write about other than the Jim Buss "timeline"
It won't happen, but you know what would be hilarious? If the Lakers made the WCF so Jim Buss could be like:
Everybody loves Mitch and Jim Buss now huh?
Luke Walton probably is the savior of Jim Buss' career
Please Jim Buss keep this young laker core together!
The vindication of Jim Buss has begun
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Right about now Jim buss is happy doing the fist pump saying "in your face sis" lmao 😂😂😂
oh yea I still firmly believe Jim Buss has no idea what is going on but he somehow won the head coach lottery
I like winners too. Trump is anything but a winner. He inherited everything he has. He's just like Jim Buss & Dolan…
Jim buss is their president of basketball ops
B/c everything that's said on ESPN or any other media outlet is correct. Jim Buss is bad, Phil Jackson is good.
Can I ask why Lakers fans want Jim Buss gone? For what reason?
embiid Simmons >> anybody on your Jim buss ran franchise
Jim Buss made the call to hire Walton. Far as I'm concerned that deadline is nonexistent because that was brilliant
Plenty. If/when Jim Buss is finally run out of the front office, no owner will hire him to run his club. Unfit to lead.
Existentially speaking, the US just elected the political equivalent of Jim Buss to lead the free world. Lovely.
cuz if they don't both he and Jim Buss are out
Y'all better start writing your apology letters for Jim Buss
Thank the Lord Jim Buss never let Phil Jackson come back.
Jim Buss is a better executive than Phil Jackson
✅Jim Buss so he can leave the Lakers
Easy Klap. I've defended Jim Buss but this ain't happening. Lol
Lakers are so fun to watch compete, learn, & grow. Good talented young pieces & a good young coach, just gotta keep Jim Buss at arms length
When this team BEATS the Clippers Jim Buss will deserve an Apology from Fans!
Needs to go back home to L.A and replace that bum Jim Buss who by the way still rocks a 2016.
Jim Buss has to be given respect for giving us this amazing & exciting young team
The lack of Jim Buss hate is hurting him. It like physically hurts him.
If the Lakers shock the NBA and make the playoffs however unlikely Jim Buss should stay right?
so is Jim Buss going to start getting credit?
Everybody owes Jim Buss an apology especially you sir
will there be any props to Jim Buss or you will talk about Jeanie's love for her dead dog?
Also, from Friday: Trusting in Mitch Kupchak and these young Lakers via you all so m…
Jim Buss knew Luke Walton could coach because he saw Luke's spirit animal in a was Chaz the bartender riding a Dolphin.
I think you guys need to apologize to Jim Buss/Mitch/ Luke Walton for trashing them on signing Mosgov
so what time you will publish anti Jim Buss article now? right before Playoffs?
Ding already has his article on "Jim buss was a joke" ready to go apparently.. Any success trashes article.. Oh well
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Wonder if Ding'll somehow spin LA fans' 'sudden interest' in the team's W-L record against Jim Buss, Mitch, etc.
anything but Jim Buss, how the team is more confident without Kobe, Lou Williams not being best SG
Nah, Jim Buss ran him out. Pat Riley would've come back to coach in 2005 if they hadn't got rid of Shaq. But they won in 09, 10.
Multiple sources confirm Yi Jianlian signing was primarily due to Jim Buss wanting to use the Chinese forward in 2k17
Hal Steinbrenner quickly turning into James Dolan and Jim Buss. Turning down a potential ace for a closer?
Walton knows what he's doing. Jim Buss is gone after this year. Unbotherd.
Do you think Jim Buss knows that Luke Walton is related to Bill Walton?
The scoreboard featured Jim Buss, and Lakers fans started chanting Luke Walton's first name. Or it was probably something else
Walton, Shaw, Kupchak, Jim Buss all at the game tonight.
this is what happens when Amatures like Jim Buss runs basketball business,
The Lakers used to get. At least these young kids and Walton give us some hope. Jim Buss needs to let Luke and Kupchak do their jobs
Really like that young talent. Especially, three of them. Kupchak & Walton less Jim Buss. What do you think?
No Byron, Luke Walton, kids running, Jim Buss goes out if we lose just enough? Sign me up.
It's not Jim Buss' fault the league vetoed the Cp3 trade, Nash fell off a cliff, Dwight was hurt, and Kuptchek ain't Jerry West
you really want to kill Jim Buss don't ya squid ward?
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my point exactly, though tbf, the Lakers problem is they need to get rid of Jim Buss
Jim Buss, Jerry West, and Al Davis are all related
All you need to know about Jim Buss' acumen is he traded 5 picks for 38 yr old Nash. I feel worst for Jeanie.
Report: Jim Buss told people Lakers would sign Dwight Howard in 2013, Carmelo Anthony in 2014, …
Jim Buss is a key component in approving CP3, Nash, Howard, Randle, Clarkson, Russell, Nance, etc. but he's crap?
just likes to blame kobe! Jim Buss would of just pocket the money Or would of given to steve nash! 5 rings! All that matters
with Jim Buss at the helm. Jeanie back in the mix now. Hiring Luke showed that.
Jim Buss is the Frank McCourt of the Lakers destroying the team!
regarding Jim Buss, this whole time line, that he offered, and Jeanie accepted, is bad for franchise.
Jim Buss knows his time is up Jeanie & him had some sort of deadline Luke was hired and no one else interviewed.. Phil coming?
co-owner Jim Buss said head coach Luke Walton has a handle on relationships with players, how to build them and build trust.
Jim Buss speaks about the decision to fire Byron Scott.
Honestly, Jim Buss isn't that bad after what I've seen recently, I'm more concerned about Jeanie and the DIVIDE in the FO.
Mark Davis has done one thing Vivek Ranadive, Jed York and Jim Buss haven't: stay out of the way. Like a good competent bosses do.
Luke wants Brian Shaw on his staff. Jim Buss apparently does not. Don't know why. Let Luke bring who he wants.
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As long as Jeanie Buss is in charge and Jim Buss is running the show, the Los Angeles Lakers won't even be a playoff team.
Hiring Walton says to me that Jim Buss is already gone. He paved the way for his exit by giving Jeanie (& Phil) the co…
the fact is, Jim Buss had no say in the decision. It's been said by Phil, Jeanie, Jim, everyone that would actually know
SAD to say the Los Angeles Lakers under Jim Buss are NOT the Lakers under Dr. Jerry Buss. Jim is STUPID, Jerry was brilliant!
Lakers need to get Jerry West running basketball operations, no way free agents are attracted by Jim Buss 💯
Jim Buss is on the clock! Good start! Free agency is where his fate will be sealed! He better call Jerry West & squash beef.
Magic Johnson praises Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak for hiring Luke Walton.
Outstanding hire by Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak to name Luke Walton as the next coach!
The paper bag is staying over my head in embarrassment. The OWNERSHIP is the problem. Jim Buss is like Jerry Jones.
I've always wanted Jeannie to bring in He'd lure FA, and guide things as Jerry West has. Jim Buss is the problem.
I compare this disaster to the 49ers disaster. Jerry to Jim Buss and Eddie DeBartolo to the York's. Destruction
question for you Stephen A? Would you consider Jim Buss to be the Al Davis or Jerry Jones of The NBA??!
We'll have to see. I think Lakers should fire Jim Buss and bring back Jerry West. West knows how to recognize talents.
I agree. Now if they could get rid of Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss, And bring Back Jerry West and Phil Jackson to run Ops.
and seriously just hired Walton...and passed on Blatt and Messina...please fire Jim Buss. Worst day in Lakers history.
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How y'all know she upset with Michael? I think it's Ben Sherwood who went Jim Buss w/this decision.
Jim Buss can go. Jesse Buss can go. Mitch Kupchak can go too. Keep Dr. Soon-Shiong, he's cool. Tim Harris can go b/c free JBo tacos is ehh.
How the *** is Byron Scott still employed? People say Jim Buss is the sole problem, but Jeanie is as mutch to blame.
B Scott hiring has always baffled me. He's notorious for his inability to tolerate/coach young players. Jim Buss = Jim Dolan has definitely suffered there. Most Laker fans do not like Jim Buss.
Mark Davis hoisting a Lombardi?. Ur like that lone Laker fan who thinks Jim Buss has what it takes
and he wanted 2b a Laker yet another Jim Buss blunder among the many
Laker fans r still salty at Dwight, why don't they be salty towards Jim Buss he didn't wanna hire Phil back ijs...
Laker Nation: You shouldn’t boo D’Angelo Russell! Save the boos for Jim Buss, who once told me there is no Santa Claus!
Agree with everything Laker related that came out of Stephen A's mouth just now ESPECIALLY Jim Buss
The Lakers?!? I swear Jim Buss and Jed York are dueling for Donkey of the Decade for ruining my squads!!!
Magic Johnson says Jim Buss needs to bring Kevin Durant to the Lakers
Jim Buss: This is your chance to take LA. Clippers: Nah fam, we good
I'd like to see ALL NBA owners do this at a game. James Dolan, Jeanie Buss, Jim Buss (with hat)...
RTI hope JIM BUSS was watching how the best owner in LA gets BUCKETS!! WOW!
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Jim Buss should drive that to the lottery
Just watch and learn!! Scott will be out before FA starts as Jim buss and Mitch Kupchak,Phil will be back as GM
Kobe Bryant, Jeanie Buss, Mitch Kupchak, Jim Buss will pitch to Carmelo Anthony today in LA. Location is unknown.
Not much. He's worse than Jim Buss and that's saying something.
. Actual Scenario:. Jim buss drinks from the fountain of youth. Keep Byron. Luke Walton comes back as player
who am I kidding? As long as that *** Jim Buss is there & he has making excuses for him, isn't coming to
I just say we fire this weak *** *** Byron Scott and put money on Jim buss head
What home looks like for the Angels' Albert Pujols, Lakers co-owner Jim Buss, Edmonton Oilers owner, etc.:
plus a top 3 pick?!!! The Lakers got the tools but I can't blame players for being nervous about Jim Buss
"Kevin Durant scored 37 pts! I hope Jim Buss was watching because that's who we need next season." Keep dreaming, Maj.
if you’re are WB agent, what are you telling him about Jim Buss who’s in the last year of his “deal” w/ Sis
Arnie is the Jim Buss of sports talk radio hosts.
Kevin Durant scored 37pts against the Warriors tonight! I hope the Lakers' Jim Buss was watching, because that's who we n…
What they need is for Jim Buss to resign because they stink and give Jeanie the reigns with that lottery protected top 5 pick.
Good god, the Lakers are awful! Jeanie & Jim Buss have daddy rolling in his grave!
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How big on the Lakers re-building? how many ppls will leave? Scott? Mitch? Jim Buss? And why not backing up Kerr at Warriors?
Should the Lakers (Jeanie Buss) relieve Jim Buss of his duties this summer?...
Jim Buss needs to resign and Jeannie needs to rehire Jerry West!
Stephen Thompson is the Jim Buss of Scottish football. Proximity to greatness doesn't equal greatness.
One can dream, but not gonna entertain it until we hear that Jim Buss has stepped down.
RUMOR: Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak on their way out in L.A.? Phil Jackson returning to Lakers?.
Was the big name, the super star, superman. Jim Buss needs to sell the team to someone who won't be stubborn and actually help LAL win again
who is the worse Jim Buss coaching hire??? Mike Brown, Mike D'Antoni or Byron Scott???
Magic Johnson criticizes Lakers' Jim Buss, says he needs help to be great owner
seriously. Billy Mac is the Jim Buss of announcing
I think I speak for most fans, something has to change. Jim Buss and Byron Scott need to go. It's tough watching this mess.
They had chances. Jim Buss just never gave them enough talent to do anything with them.
It all went down hill when Jim Buss picked D'antino over Phil Jackson.
I knew Jim Buss was a joke when he hired Mike D'Antoni over Phil Jackson. Really I was fine with Mike Brown
Jim Buss and the Los Angeles Lakers: A look at the past, present and future -
Pppl forget Kobe last full season he carried the Lakers he was avg 27 on 47% , problem was Jim Buss hired D'Antoni over 11 ring Jackson
I hate Dwight with a passion, but blame Jim Buss. Hiring MDA over Phil Jackson was the beginning of the end.
When Dwight and Pau were in town, Jim Buss hired Mike (no D')Antoni instead of Phil Jackson. When Jeremy Lin came...
But wait Jim Buss said the Lakers have turned the corner? I can also see why they dumped a young def center with 7'5' reach
A good complement to Jim Buss interview (— analytical view:
Watched Stephen A‘s, uh, whatever he calls it thing on Jim Buss yesterday. This makes two in a month (Kay Dee). Oh the brain cells lost.
I agree with Jim Buss humility: “There was no point for me to go out and wave my flag.” and take the credit.
And why the *** Jabari Brown ain't gone? See I'm tied of Bryon Scott and Jim Buss.. 😩😒
Lakers executive Jim Buss fires back at Magic Johnson's criticism via
Say what you will about Jim Buss and how it went the last few years. Buss Family is all class with Kobe, Nash... Can't top that.
"Once Jonah Hill gets cast for the sequel to Tommy Boy, his case study will be to follow Jim Buss around for a week." quote from my new post
Jim Buss defends Coach Byron Scott and the Lakers' use of analytics
Lakers in review: Jim Buss hoping Lakers establish young core: Kobe Bryant has yet to announce his...
Jeanie and Jim Buss better get it right before they keep on ruining the proud Laker franchise their father Jerry Buss built.
at least if we do sign him, Artest will be another nail in the coffin of Jim Buss's career, get him out and move Jeanie in.
Jim Buss is just begging Jeanie to fire him at this point
And I'm seriously considering never rooting for them again until Jeanie Buss fires Jim Buss. Good lord.
Laker Nation: I guarantee we will be better next season. Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak will have a great offseason!
holds the key to the job security of Jim Buss.
that's a good squad. They'll be the team to beat in the West until Jim Buss gives up control of the Lakers to Jeannie.
I think about, what if Jim Buss resigned as soon as Jerry died!
Hmmm so wait Jim Buss has been trying to move into analytics while Jeanie has been trying to do "traditional Laker"?.hmmm...
As a Laker fan it was frustrating watching D Fish coach & Scott sit on his *** as Lakers looked awful. Jim Buss era 👿
Didn't we fire Mike Brown for this very reason? Time to fire Jim Buss next.
Phil and Jeanie in one corner.Jim Buss across the court...Jerry West and Kurt Rambis sitting together...DFish coaching -Laker Nation?
Congrats. Welcome to LA. You were the only player that got Jim Buss outta his seat tonight. Do work.
I watched Jim Buss fall in love with him tonight. Not surprised at the signing.
Seen Rick Fox, Jim buss, james harden, ariza, Steve kerr, draymond green, n i think it was DeMar derozen but I'm not sure
Me and vlade Divac with Jim buss In the background... This is the greatest picture I've ever taken.…
Yes, this is a photo of me and jim buss. His face describes my feelings
Ppl just scared to play with a true winner. And if theyre scared we dont want em anyway. Jim buss ***
Mitch Kupchak, Jim Buss, whoever makes decisions in Laker Land: Fire Byron Scott and his entire staff. They are ruining our talent.
not wit da mamba but got jim buss... He thinkin money not basketball
Jim Buss is here I should run up and slap him
Im surprised Jim Buss even came to the game
Rick Fox sitting nex to Jim Buss on the court.
can I take a guess on Jim Buss' outfit?
Jim Buss and Rick Fox look like they are having a good time watching this
Jim Buss is starting to look like he's been seeing the same doctor as Jim Irsay
Definitely interesting but I still think Jim Buss/Kupchak are wrecking this great franchise. Not even a Lakers fan
Jim Buss, Rick Fox, Mitch Kupchick are in the building.
I like that Jim Buss is committed to paying tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman by always dressing like Dusty in 'Twister'
Was that a "Jim Buss!" chant from Lakers fans here early for their game?
Jim Buss doesn't disappoint at the summer league with his signature baseball cap.
Jim buss and Rick Fox in the building
Jim Buss had the balls 2 show up 2 game
Jim Buss needs t drop that stupid hat... You are a billionaire bruh... Stop it -_-
Jim Buss has a higher hat budget than Melo
Jim buss is in love with his hats as pre-transplant bron was with his headbands
Jim buss talking to divac and George Karl. Swaggy p for cousins? ,
Haven't seen Jim buss since.wait I never seen that ***
Jim Buss chatting up George Karl and Vlade Divac on sideline in Vegas.
Jim Buss, George Karl, Damian Lillard, Ben McLemore, and CJ McCollum are all courtside for the
. I can't believe it. giving props to to the Laker FO. Jim Buss is going into shock lol
Laker's got to get rid of either Mitch Kupchak or Jim Buss. Its inexcusable for the Laker's not to be able to attract big free agents
Who steps down 1st?. Phil Jackson in NY or Jim Buss in LA.
Jim Buss is on the hot seat more than Phil Jackson...
Phil Jackson-era Laker trainer, fired by Jim Buss, now in Toronto. Look at where they are on injury ranking.
Ever since Dr. Jerry Buss past away Jim Buss has drove this franchise to the grown he needs to give up his role and just leave
I know you're a Knicks fan but please call into Sportscenter to rant for 10 minutes about Jim Buss. Thankyou.
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Phil Jackson and Jim Buss playing a game of chicken.while driving in reverse.
well we are screwed then. Jim Buss is an instant deal breaker. Good grief.
no worries! Jim Buss has free agents Andrew Bynum and Greg Oden locked in his side. Go
Jeannie needs to take over. Jim Buss reminds of that Chris Farley character from Tommy Boy.
In theory there's no possible way he could, but Laker fans what if Jim Buss still finds a way to mess up this offseason? 😂😂
Drafting Andrew Bynum was done because of Jim Buss.
lol. ain't no Kobe love in MIA. Jim Buss don't know what he doing. Pat Riley.
Jim Buss also here at BDA Sports Day at UCSB - Btw I'm told Jahlil Okafor is here but won't work out
Here is Rondo walking off to his meeting with Jim Buss to be a Laker next year
NBA: Jim Buss will quit if the Lakers don't contend in 3-4 years - Lakers owner and head of basketball operations …
If Mitch and Jimmy ever find a way to land Anthony Davis, I would personally make a Jim Buss fan twiiter acct.
Hinkie and Co. are gambling that LAL botch this summer ... and with Jim Buss in charge, that's a pretty decent gamble.
Jim Buss ignant *** might just throw 200 million at Kevin Love this offseason
Sad day 4 fans - Mitch should b fired & Jim Buss demoted ASAP. There is no excuse 4 not trading Young & Hill 4 exp contracts + picks
Ty Lawson Or Goran Dragic to the Lakers! Dont mess this one up Jim Buss.
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can trade Jim Buss and Bryon Scott that's who we really need to trade.
Bryon Scott is sucking up to Jim Buss 😂
Jim Buss had A CP3 trade, was pairing that up with Dwight Howard, had a plan to sign Beasley. David Stern nixed it from the…
own. it was Nash, Mitch Jeannie I&Jim Buss. so u guys can stick ur head in the sand abt Kobe all u want,but
this is a *** mockery!!! Jim Buss needs to go and Nash & D'Antoni need to get jump off a bridge and Kobe should not of took the $
Good luck to our this upcoming season but I will say Jed York and Trent Baalke are the Jim Buss of the NFL.
the Snicks PLZ they suck! Jim Buss is ruining the Lakers. They're becoming the Fakers!
Family.Marc Jackson,Jim Buss,John Ireland,Billy Mac,Mychal Thompson and all die hard fans have signed now I want Jaime to sign
Jim Buss is an *** Coulda just gave Phil Jackson the job he has wit NY and hired Dfish. He ain't wanna give Phil that power doe
how about we first start by getting Jerry West back here where he belongs. And that means Jim Buss stands aside.
Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak traded (I think 2)1ST round picks for Steve Nash. 38 years old. Can't play D. SLOW. Can't blame Kobe for that.
Mark Davis is an *** TommyBoy runnin this team. Same thing over in LA w Jim Buss. Look whats happn now w both teams
Phil Jackson says he will give wedding invitation to Jim Buss, then at last minute, gives it to Mike D'antoni instead
Jim Buss is ego-driven and did not want to give Phil Jackson power to overrule him in basketball decisions.
Jim Buss' first mistake was turning down the great Phil Jackson and taking Mike D'antoni cuzz he didnt want Phil to have "too much" power.
With all the trade rumors surrounding Kobe and the Knicks, I find it hard to believe Jim Buss would trade his supersta…
True but Jim Buss trying to be Jerry Jones or Dr. Buss
Idk who I hate more. Jerry Jones or Jim Buss...
What if this is all one big elaborate plan by Jim Buss. Plan for what? Hey, I can't figure it all out for you. Duh.
As Jeanie said yesterday, Jim Buss has two more years to turn around the organization. I believe they want Durant in '16. Kobe replacement.
I know smh I blame Jim Buss and I'm sticking to that. Oh and David Stern for dat robbery
The Chris Paul trade happens, and Jim Buss gets Phil Jackson to coach, the Abbott article never happens.
doesn't even get into how Jim Buss wanted to distance himself from Phil, that's how we got stuck with the Brown/D'Antoni
Im a Laker fan and the demise of the Lakers starts at the top with Jim Buss. Thats what Abbott should be writing about
Jim Buss is the reason the Lakers are in the struggle that they're in as a franchise. He's the one running basketball operations, not Kobe
Interesting theory propounded by - essentially that Abbott et al. are puppets being manipulated by Jim Buss.
Mitch has nominated Jim Buss, Jack Nicholson & Jerry West to take the
Kudos to Jim Buss, & Mitch Kupchak for their pursuit of Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James!
Been almost a week and Jordan Hill's agent still hasn't released the nude photos he must have of Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak.
Byron Scott's interview concluded with Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss. League source said Scott went over personnel, but no o…
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Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak and co-owner/VP Jim Buss will reportedly meet with head coach candidate Byron Scott on Wednesday.
Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss will meet w/ Byron Scott again tomorrow, according to sources
Other than nick young these are some terrible pickups. Get Kobe some help!! Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak are NOT doing a good job 😡
Mitch Kupchak, Jim Buss, Jeannie Buss You all SUK! We signed a few players, traded for Jeremy Lin, and still Have NO COACH!! *** ! At least you could of hired Byron Scott today!!
Jim Buss obviously has a plan cause he said he'll step down in 2 years if this team isn't a contender.
The Lakers could have traded for Carmelo in 2011 but Jim Buss wouldn't deal Andrew Bynum to Denver.
The Lakers are bring Jeanie and Jim Buss to the pitch meeting for Melo. Two people who don't know what a basketball looks like.
On the 30th day of June, holds up proudly with Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss.
BREAKING NEWS: The Los Angeles Lakers, in an attempt to woo Carmelo and LeBron, have officially petitioned the NBA to allow them to use two balls during their offensive possessions next season. Jim Buss spoke to the media this morning about the proposal, "The Lakers have a proud and rich history in the NBA and we want to continue that tradition. We feel as the most awe inspiring and incredible franchise to grace the league since its humble beginnings, it would be in the best interest of the league and its fans to allow us to truly showcase the extraordinary talents of Kobe, LeBron, and Carmelo on the worlds grandest basketball stage. We also feel playing with one ball only limits the "wow factor" and entertainment value we would be able to produce on the court. We are a business and it makes sense for us to provide the best product on the court. However, we do reserve the right to be the only team able to use this tactic since our rosters skill level would be the only one in the league able to handle the ...
Besides, ain't much to root for with Jim Buss demolishing that team. It's sickening.
Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss have a lot of prospects on the table. Big name players! There's 2 potential super stars in the draft
Mike Brown in trouble? Lakers president Jim Buss voices confidence, but questions loom - Even before the start of...
I think Jim Buss done put some words in Lebron's ears. Offering him something outrageous
Every *** time the Lakers are mentioned to Stephen A, he throw a jab at Jim Buss. SMFH
Jim Buss betta write the letter just like the Cleveland owner did
yeah man Jim Buss is going to ruin us. Have no faith in him and his ignorance.
it's a complete joke process if those are the 3 front runners. From Brown to Pringles to Rambis, Jim Buss is torching this org
nah it wasn't ego. Jim buss don't like Phil cuz he smashin his sister. Plain n simple lol
Kobe top 15 player all time.. But his time done and he ain't gettin another ring especially with Jim Buss as the owner
LBJ in LA, NOT. WHO WOULD WANT TO PLAY FOR Jim Buss with Mamba ego & no coach
But the Lakers are about Hire Kurt Rambis tho .. Holla at me when Jim Buss gets it right Laker Fans.lmao
no Jim Buss built the team and Phil Jackson coached it. Big difference.
Jim Buss’ pitch to LeBron: “The way Kobe’s last two years have gone, you could play by yourself here in LA as well.”
Lay out the purple and gold carpet Jim Buss.
How as fans are we supposed to trust Kupchak any more? Or Jim Buss. Or whoever is making these decisions. Ridiculous
and with Jim Buss in charge never again...
absolutely! Thats kinda ehy I tell ppl dont panic about Jim pickin coaches. Dr. Buss only won with Pat and Phil.
And Jim Buss if u let Julius Randle fall to pick I'll slap the red outta ur face... and smoke pot all day again.
Kobe's gotta be absolutely dying to be in NY right now. But it's hard to see that ever happening. He and Jim Buss are in busin…
Jim Buss' coaching choices are the one thing he's fairly criticized for. None of the roster moves he's made have been bad IMO.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Yes, but if we see Jim buss form of hiring coaches is the one their not talking to GETS THE JOB
and if so,could Jim Buss & destroy that allure for us any further than they have already?
Jim Buss has made horrible choices in coaches, but in terms of bringing in players he's mostly been victim of circumstances.
Ppl also overlook the GOOD things Jim Buss has done. It's not his fault Dwight ran off.
Two thing Lakers fans have to accept, Jim will never be Dr.Jerry Buss- not even if he somehow won 17 titles. Next coach will not be Phil
Lakers' Jim Buss: I'll quit if club doesn't contend 'in 3 or 4 years' via Ok man let's see.
Tell me one thing Jim Buss has done wrong (if hes done anything wrong at all) and I'll tell you two things he's done right.
Dr. Buss has some BIG shoes to fill it's almost a lose lose for Jim
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