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Pat's impression of Vin sounded more like an impression of Jim Brockmire (aka Hank Azaria)
But have you ever met Jim Brockmire, PxP legend?
What a wonderful World Series! The only thing that could have been better is having Jim Brockmire in the booth instead of Joe Buck.
I would love to hear an episode with guest Jim Brockm…
Where's Jim Brockmire when we need him?
"Oh, folks, that ball cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery because it just got tattooed!" - Jim Brockmire, who needs to be calling the WS
.on Season 2: “The main love relationship is between Charles and Jim this season.”
Let's all agree that the could use a little
Can we get Hank Azaria as Jim Brockmire to announce the World Series games?!
Top of the 11th, we need to spell Joe Buck and put in Jim Brockmire.
We need for extras. Jim, where are you?
Anyone know where I can tune into Jim calling the game? Only thing we haven't seen...yet.
This Dodgers Astros World Series just isn't the same without Jim Brockmire calling the games.
Only difference between Beth Mowins and Jim Brockmire commentating styles: Brockmire is annoying ironically.
A few famous broadcasters are going to toast a legend and squash a rivalry tonight on
You don't want that to happen. Take it from Jim
The most hated man in sports broadcasting Joe Buck goes head to head with Jim Brockmire this week.…
If this is anyone but Jim freakin Brockmire we'll be seriously let down.
Could go for an extended Jim Brockmire rant on Syria/MOAB vis-a-vis v. strap-ons right a…
.. if Stugotz had sex with Colin Cowherd... Jim Brockmire would be born.
It's a privilege just to be insulted by Jim aka Catch me on on Wednesday at 1…
I interviewed Joe Buck on playing the nemesis in tomorrow's episode:
Jim Brockmire vs. Joe Buck is the sports rivalry we deserve.
If Kenny Powers and Harry Doyle had a child it would be Jim Brockmire
the only way I'll get whole heartedly back into bills football is if they get Doyle or Jim Brockmire
Paul Severino might be the most boring baseball announcer of all time. Give me Jim Brockmire, please.
Also on the Rich Eisen Super Bowl Special, Jim Brockmire reports from Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day. Tomorrow at 10:30p ET on
Hank Azaria playing the role of Jim Brockmire, along with Rich Eisen
Azaria is playing Jim Brockmire and is covering Media Day for the Rich Eisen Podcast
Hank Azaria as Jim Brockmire for sportscaster and yes you'd get a chainsaw
Painfully funny segment about the unraveling of sports announcer "Jim Brockmire" (Hank Azaria):
John Elway Adrian Peterson John Slattery Eric Stonestreet Rainn Wilson + Jim Brockmire w the top 5 Thanksgiving plays of all time
Simpsons voice actor Hank Azaria has filed a lawsuit against Craig Bierko over the rights to one of his characters. According to The Wrap, Azaria voiced fictional baseball announcer Jim Brockmire in a Funny Or Die skit in 2010. The sketch led to various movie opportunities for Azaria. Those offers...
Fake sports announcer Jim Brockmire now the subject of intellectual-property lawsuit
You know who should get the new TV gig? Jim Brockmire
Jim Brockmire getting some love on TBS postgame. "Lucy put something on the stove, my dear, because this game is over."
Sportscasting legend Jim Brockmire stopped by Rich Eisen's podcast to talk about the 2012 NFL season.
Better than getting this link from a carrier pigeon! is Jim Brockmire
Funniest thing in the world. Jim Brockmire
Agreed, I think Mike Emrick, Gus Johnson, and Jim Brockmire need to three man booth the Network in the future!
Tim Tebow is so electrifying to watch. He combines the fiery leadership of Ray Lewis and the throwing ability of Ray Lewis. -Jim Brockmire
As baseball fans I'm certain you are familiar with the works of Jim Brockmire
some people refer to as a young Jim Brockmire
Harwell, Buck and Scully have nothing on Jim Brockmire (some NSFW language…also hilarious)
Treat yourself while watching the Turn down the sound and listen via the Jim Brockmire app.
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