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Jim Belushi

James Adam Jim Belushi (born June 15, 1954) is an American actor, comedian, singer, and musician. He is the younger brother of late comedic actor John Belushi.

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"You're cold pizza stuck to the roof of the mouth of the world. You're Jim Belushi.". Me, an intellectual: *laser shield*
Jim Belushi and KoKo Taylor! I wonder if if Bill Clinton pulled out the saxophone.
I sometimes feel like Jim Belushi on The Principal
Wait...I get to meet Jim Belushi too?
Deep dish pizza might be the worst thing to come out of Chicago since Jim Belushi
Listening to Jim Belushi and the Sacred Hearts at The Party at
So Jim Belushi's band is playing at the party. Curly Sue anyone? 😁 @ Hyatt Regency Orlando
Jim Belushi's band is headlining at "The Party" @ Orange County Convention Center
And on some Friday nights, we meet Jim Belushi. @ Hyatt Regency Orlando
Jim Belushi and The Sacred Hearts Band playing at the AIA17 Conference and Expo. Load of fun.…
Who needs jazz fest or when you got Jim Belushi at
at THE PARTY with Jim Belushi and the Sacred Hearts! Rockin' Orlando!
I hope all those guest stars (Laura Dern, Michael Cera, Jim Belushi) are in INVITATION TO LOVE.
friday: i'm wearing my seventh grade back to school sneakers and the answer for the crossword clue "12 down: Actor Belushi" was jim not john
Who's ready for The Party tonight? Food, drinks, and Jim Belushi and The Sacred Hearts Band!
My hometown in Chicago burns. Both Wheaton schools had Kent Graham, Chuck Long, Jim and Jon Belushi, Red Grange, and too many more
Original "About Last Night" w/Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, and Jim Belushi. This is exact same period and neighborhood I lived when I moved to Chi.
Jim Belushi called, and he's mad that his status of most awkward interview has been de-throned by this guy
pretty good, we were sitting across from Jim Belushi. Very Brentwood.
This isn't even my hat but I am a fan ever since I watched that movie with Jim Belushi Javier, Jason H…
I'll bet he's really into Bruce Willis's blues band, and the version of the Blues Brothers that includes Jim Belushi.
Ran into & today, who actually look less like Jim Belushi's big son & androgynous Jeff Bagwell than people say
CURRENT FAVORITE JOKE: "Who died and made Jim Belushi a big star!?!?" (The great
Thinking about traveling down to see actor Jim Belushi at
K9 with Jim Belushi is not without its charms, but it's no Turner and Hooch.
Sometimes I randomly see Jim Belushi in Medford and I wanna just be like hey Jim I see you boi
I'd let Ernie Hudson kick me in the ribs while Jim Be…
the best that can be said about it is, it's not the worst thing to feature Jim Belushi
Currently watching "Thief" (1981) starring James Caan, Tuesday Weld and Willie Nelson (also debut for Jim Belushi)
which would be nuts if Kevin James and Jim Belushi hadn't had shows run most of a decade
According to Joey Tribbiani , Jim Belushi and George Costanza, the only thing better than sex is a sandwich right after sex. 😂😂😂
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Jim Belushi, Bill Murray, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy.some of the greatest comedians to ever exist.
Can't we have the former Supreme Court Justice say "let's play ball" instead of Jim Belushi?
Girl in the chair next to me is taking cute selfies while color is in her hair and I sit here looking like Jim Belushi.
Monica Bellucci, Amanda Seyfried, Jim Belushi, Michael Cera, Julee Cruise, Laura Dern, Ernie Hudson, WTH has David Lynch been up to?!
Pat and Ron talking to Eddie Vedder almost makes up for all the times we had to endure interviews with Jim Belushi.
Jim Belushi does a catwalk across Soldier Field to a lone slice of deep dish pizza.
I keep forgetting I follow Jim Belushi until I see stuff like this.
I hear Jim Belushi will moderate the debate and the proceeds will go to "NO MA'AM"
Why is K-9 with Jim Belushi the only option on my Netflix?
High School Chess club was Jim Belushi...makes me crack up every time
Throwback Thursday to May 15, 2003 with Jim Belushi. Jim is an actor, comedian and musician who is commonly known...
I usually look for Jim Belushi first, but he's an acceptable second option.
Am I just up in the night or is it incredibly cruel that Jim Belushi lost his brother and is the punchline in jokes where they are compared?
Now Watching (first time)... Everyone is in this: Jim Belushi, Annie Potts, Phil Hartman...i miss PH, all the time.
I'm the one voice of the best stars Jim Morrison cobain Belushi hoon ect I'm not waste
domain names
At least I've still got Jim Belushi to feel superior to.
Congratulations. Who would have thought a little girl that played a part opposite Jim Belushi would come so far. You r awesome
BREAKING - Former "Curly Sue" star wins "Clearly the best one out there was Jim Belushi" said judges.
Also Curly Sue was never never funny but I blame that more on Jim Belushi.
Showtime is producing a documentary on John Belushi. To cash in, Starz will produce a documentary about Jim Belushi.
I remember that movie. Wasn't Jim Belushi in it?
more than a concert, the private event that Lauren arranged with Jim Belushi
Much more cringe-worthy is the inclusion of Jim Belushi on the cast list for Twin Peaks. That's not a name usually associated with quality.
I❤️NYC! Jim Belushi lookalike eating chips out of his laptop bag on BTrain giving is everything!
Jim Belushi will be cast as Ray Brooks
TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS (1990) ** - Jim Belushi at his most punchable.
Or John Belushi. You know. Either one. . Really though, parents who name their kids "John" and "Jim" are dumb.
In honor of Ferris Fest, at a separate event I asked Jim Belushi about John Hughes. (They worked…
Do you try to look like a Greek Jim Belushi or does that look just come naturally?
There's references to the Beatles, Jim Belushi, and BJ Thomas in there, plus a good dig at Kirk Cameron.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Just realized I've seen way more Jim Belushi stuff than John Belushi stuff. I presume that's heresy to older folks.
"Jam Shqiptar, por nuk di shqip" The only Jim Belushi quote I know to this day... ah the glory
Ah, Jim Belushi, the worst Belushi of them all...
"You are the Jim Belushi of literature" is an insult I haven't used in a book review yet, but hopefully sometime soon.
Imagine one day you woke up and realized you were Jim Belushi.
Portillo`s might be the best wiener I've ever put in my mouth. The autographed 8x10 of Jim Belushi praising it on the wall sealed the deal.
Portillo's in Naperville has 2 consecutive photos of Jim Belushi followed by one of Jenny McCarthy. Seems about right.
is Jim Belushi, but that means I'm Dan Ackroyd
Imagine Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray switched roles, or put Jim Belushi in instead. Murray's lovable-jerk charisma made it go
How much did Jim Belushi make for ANIMAL HOUSE? Adam;s Fun Facts and more:
There's a good chance Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi would had been involved w the opening ceremony
I'll only watch if he's married to like Jim Belushi.
Because if Kato Kaelin is really a Brewers fan, that's even worse than having Jim Belushi as your "celebrity" fan.
Would be awesome to see Jim Belushi next week congratulate you when you win the voice!
I don't know why we're hemming & hawing over potential Trump SCOTUS & VP picks now when it's pretty obvious that they'll all be Jim Belushi
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
... It is with great pleasure to announce that the one and only Jim Belushi has joined the Dangerous...
I found the the third Belushi and he actually makes Jim look funny
it would be very cool if Jim Belushi and Kelly Lynch can be at the final next week.
It would be awesome if Jim Belushi and Kelly Lynch could be at the Voice finals nest week.
see if she can help you find the ghost of Jim Belushi's career
Jim Belushi at the Backyard BBQ Fundraiser for the Butte Creek Mill. What an awesome night.
We can't thank Jim Belushi and the Duke Street Band enough for Sunday night!. But here is something that we can...
Looking forward to guys who think Courtney Throne-Smith would give Jim Belushi the time of day to mock "Pitch" for being "unrealistic."
Nope. Dolph Lundgren. Jim Belushi would have been too good of a choice.
please tell me they went with Jim Belushi for the sequel
what about that time Jon Lovitz was at that bar Dan? And no Jim Belushi!?!
Ernie Hudson! Tom Sizemore! Monica Bellucci AND Jim Belushi together at last! And I guess we'll finally talk about Luke Judy.
wait... Sara Paxton and Jim Belushi are there too. alright
Complete Twin Peaks cast. Jennifer Jason Leigh, Trent Reznor, & Jim Belushi are all in the same show. Finally!
Jim Belushi and the Board of Comedy Concert at Mystic Lake Showroom - Apr 01. ► Premium Tickets:
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Football video: Jim Belushi frolicking with Brian McBride and his Chicago Fire team-mates via
you are so right! And looks like a young Jim Belushi
Fact of the Day: Jim Belushi plays a sidekick in nearly half of the movies set in Chicago. via
pretty sure the one in elmhurst has at least 4 different Jim Belushi ones on site
reminds me of Jim Belushi. Such good work And Happy Birthday Cenk.
Jim Belushi came to North bay for a comedy show and I got to meet after the show. He's very nice
Beautiful job! Hope to see you at the end of show.Jim Belushi needs to be in audience to see you.
the Jim Belushi cloning project is now fully underway.
Sounds like Jim Belushi in "Mr. Destiny." He wound up eating a spoonful of freeze-dried granulars in his cubicle.
Merle Allin threatened for calling him "the Jim Belushi of punk rock". Still makes me laugh.
If you were to morph Jim Belushi and Tom Hanks you'd get Bill Murray.
Re watched K-9 and K-911 with Jim Belushi. Very good action comedies with a cop and canine.
Dude, We are getting old... Very, very, old... Next thing you know, someone will be asking if John Belushi is Jim's father
Is it just me, or does Hunt look like Jim Belushi in Animal House at the toga party?
also, at that CBS upfronts party Jim Belushi screamed out to no one "the Asian guy from lost is here! *** yeah!"
Tuscan villa estate has stone-floored foyer with sweeping curved staircase, Gothic tracery o
The main thing I've learned from my LA trip is that on a scale of 1-10 you can simultaneously be a Boston 8 and a West Hollywood Jim Belushi
"Bob Huggins" is Jim Belushi's most indelible character.
Bob Huggins looks like the love child of Terry Bowden and Jim Belushi
I mean, what kid in the year 2016 DOESN'T want to hear Dan Akroyd and Jim Belushi do "Soul Man" for the 50th time while doing splits?
Did you know that every time a House Of Blues opens Dan Akroyd and Jim Belushi perform as the Blues Brothers? How timely and hip!
How does still get acting roles? He's like this generation's s**ty Jim Belushi. Keeps showing up over everyone's objection.
Smoking with Jim Belushi & at the 10th anniversary for Casa Fuente.
That night I met Jim Belushi... Then threw up on his shoes
Only if Amy Irving and Jim Belushi come back.
don't forget dog/cop movies K9 with Jim Belushi and Turner and Hooch with Tom Hanks! So bad but so fun to watch!
MLIVE:Jim Belushi talks comedy and capturing magic ahead of Bay City show
I wonder if Kevin Farley ever feels like a more inadequate version of Jim Belushi.
Hey "magazine were responsible for launching the careers of many key comedy voices, including Jim Belushi and John Hughes." JIM?! :-s
I oftentimes find myself grateful that Kevin Farley never tried as hard as Jim Belushi.
Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi are doing The Blues Brothers live tonight & I'm going to miss it. That's depressing. Very very depressing
not gonna let Jim Belushi be a distraction from what truly matters: poor (intentional)?? editing on Jose Canseco??
Well if you see Jim Belushi let him know we could use a "Taking Care of Business" remake too.
The impressions in American Shaolin are amazing: you get Jim Belushi, George HW, Bill Clinton, and MUCH more.
Never thought that the would ever screen a Jim Belushi movie. Hoping for the the K-9 trilogy next.
obviously it's the Blues Brothers with Jim Belushi
you think I like the fact that Jim Belushi's attached his stench to the north side?
I do not have the same feelings about Jim Belushi: . What a ***
All this time, I thought it was Jim Belushi playing the big guy, not Andrew Dice Clay.
I think I know the part they cast Jim Belushi in for
That's harsh, man - is Shkreli actually as terrible as Jim Belushi?
Shkreli is the Jim Belushi of trolls.
on the one hand, it's nice getting news that Twin Peaks' revival is still in the works. On the other, Jim Belushi.
Mr destiny with Jim belushi and linda Hamilton is cute funny and romantic
Supreme Court justices deserve respect, but I'm having trouble pretending every picture of Scalia doesn't look like he just ate Jim Belushi.
Skip Bayless is on my least favorite people list right behind Jim Belushi and ahead of Marc Summers.
There's no way Jim Belushi could possibly land such a gusher as Lowe in real life.
My watch was stolen in the middle of a subway filled with a team of eastern post-apocalyptic tigers dressed as Jim Belushi. It was my dads.
I can't wait for jim belushi to play scalia in the biopic; Supreme ***
There's probably a big Jim Belushi fan working at vine ;)
Hey - it's still better than being compared to Jim Belushi
shouldn't those be called Jim Belushi laws?
You'll be happy to know that Jim Belushi is rumored to have a part in the new Twin Peaks!
no it's actually bad. The Babe Ruth biopics Jim Belushi makes weekly in his garage are bad.
Do we hold society responsible for what Jim Belushi does in the privacy of his own garage?
Jim Belushi makes one in his garage every week.
Been binging for the past few days. They have zero mercy for Jim Belushi. Lol
I don't know. It just seems like Jim Belushi's been awful quiet lately.
aye, was gonna be Jim Belushi in K-9 but they'd have had to have a dug too...
he wis a ghost version of Jim Belushi in Filofax/AKA Taking Care of Business
Breast Cancer Awareness
To quote the great Jim Belushi in the epic "About Last Night"."Tonight we ride!"
It's like W is Jim Belushi and Jeb is a third, hypothetical, even less successful Belushi
The Principal is my 2nd favorite Oakland film. Jim Belushi riding his stupid motorcycle around Lake Merritt is sick.
When a Chicago team is good, Jim Belushi shows up. We all hate him. It was about who should replace him.
I look forward to Jim Belushi and Chevy Chase playing Moore's and Noell in the film about the rise and fall of Changy
Looks like Jim Belushi and Chevy Chase are trying to buy Everton.
Jim belushi and Chevy Chase plan to buy The Ev.
As talented as is, we all know Don only brought him on 'cause he still has Jim Belushi's number.
.is team establishment, team government, team Ronald Reagan, team Jim Belushi... Gu is
If I had money, I'd commission you to write "Nostalgia Boom" my Nighthawks homage with Jim Belushi and Arnie as...
Bugger me. Checking out Jim Belushi's imdb entry just generated a big surprise cc
One of the few good movies to feature Jim Belushi. . Also, glad to see Jimbo and Willie reunite for Wag The Dog
Just got more offended than I’ve ever been in a Vine comment. Someone accused me of not knowing the difference between John and Jim Belushi
Worst of all time is a stretch...remember Jim Belushi played a halftime show
When you get asked if Jim Belushi has ever performed at the Super Bowl halftime show you can tell them "yup".
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
When my son Jason was Paige in 1999 when Jim Belushi was King of 🎭
The fact that Jim Belushi is a hero in this movie’s prison says a lot about the American justice system.
Also has Jim Belushi, Winona Ryder, Alfred Molina. Paul Haggis directs. Soundtrack high on Springsteen. What's not to like?!
I believe two things: by sacrificing Jim Belushi we can bring back John Belushi & by sacrificing Steve Harvey we can bring back Bernie Mack.
Add her to that great list of Jim Belushi and John Cusack. Hope WSCR never interviews McCarthy.
I started out as a shoe salesman, I got nicknamed Al Bundy. Startin my day with some Ed O´Neill & Jim Belushi comedy
A Cubs World Series victory means we never have to hear about goats, black cats, or Jim Belushi ever again. A victory for all.
John Cusak = Jim Belushi. Get off my tv screen.
Fan choice: Jim Belushi or Jackie Robinson West to throw out first pitch at today's game.
Jim Belushi, John Cusack then Hitler in distant 3rd
to be fair Michael Keaton had Tim Burton making his pages, poor Jim Belushi had to settle for David Feeney.
Blues Brothers 2000 would have worked with Jim Belushi as Caleb (as written)
All we need is Jim Belushi and James Caan in a leather jacket and we're set.
Who would like tickets to An Evening with Jim Belushi and The Sacred Hearts tomorrow evening? Message us and you get a pair!
Jim Belushi joins cast in "Urban Cowboy" TV pilot. Wonder how that will turn out.
New post: Jim Belushi bashkohet me motrat Ora
Just realized that, in October, I'll be as old as both Jim Belushi and Chris Farley were when they died :( that's sobering.
Want to tell the group behind me that the movie their friend is describing is "Curly Sue," and that it stars Jim, not John, Belushi.
" she baked a pie!!!" - please tell me you & Jim Belushi had as much fun as it looked like...
The only time Jim Belushi was remotely funny was his tiny role in Trading Places.
- "Hey, let's remake every movie Jim Belushi starred in from the 1980s".
You're great. I've seen every episode of I love that series. You're a MITH. You're simply Jim
Seance interview with John Belushi reveals brother Jim is funnier sibling.
Taylor Swift to audiences: Career of Jim Belushi VASTLY under-appreciated, ends show with “Men in Black’ dressed in full Blues Brothers garb
Our ratio of goofy-looking men to beautiful ladies is worse than a Jim Belushi sitcom.
Jim Belushi, who can currently be seen on HBO’s Show Me a Hero miniseries, already has his…
Jim Belushi will appear in the series remake of the 1980 John Travolta film "Urb...
curated your story Jim Belushi will appear in the series remake o...
Also Jim "the wrong Belushi died" Belushi led movie "Curly Sue" was the last Hughes directed movie. Never google your heroes.
Carly Rae had Tom Hanks at her show. Rita Ora had Jim Belushi. What a week!
Rita did a shout out to Jim Belushi ? And he was there. Help
Jim Belushi exists just to remind you that John is dead.
Dear do you remember Lewis Black, John Belushi, Jim Belushi, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, or John Goodman?
Dear do you remember John Belushi's Brother named Jim Belushi?
Runnin with the girls in the newsroom & now runnin with the bulls in Houston at Gilly's http:…
Such a wonderful memory of Jim Belushi and you! Thanks for sharing. They don't make them like you anymore! Both of u
.Jim Belushi will live forever as long as there are people who love laughter. Their disappointment is his life blood.
Fun fact: Michael Chiklis played John Belushi in a TV movie in 1989 and Jim Belushi will be dead sometime.
Jim Belushi returns to TV in a new Fox drama!!
Jim Belushi is looking like if Craig T. Nelson ate John Goodman
Next season will star Jim Belushi and Michael Biehn
Ever wondered if of would kill Jim Belushi for no reason, wonder no more. Listen now at
What did Jim Belushi have on David Simon to get cast in his new miniseries?
That only happens on sitcoms with Kevin James and Jim Belushi.
Bill Murray. Everyone else is an imposter. Especially the unfunny, scourge on society, Jim Belushi.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the coolest yetis ever, Pat Brown! Plus these peeps! Jim Belushi is 61. Helen Hunt is...
It is very creepy. But imagine if you will, Jim Belushi as a super spy and John Ritter as a bumbling every man...
Jim Belushi files second lawsuit in connection to Chicago comedy club
Jim Belushi files second lawsuit in connection to The Comedy Bar
Comics legend on hate mail, Jim Belushi, and not forgiving Shia LaBeouf:
You can't tell me Jim Belushi wasn't ready to throw himself in front of a microphone in Chicago.
Jim Belushi wants to thank all his patrons for a great season! As a token of appreciation, the first 10 callers...
My roommate and I have interesting dynamic. We're just like the Belushi brothers, except for we're both Jim Belushi.
The most satisfying thing I've ever done is tell Jim Belushi to shut up to his face.
Find it funny that Jim Belushi lives in Eagle Point. I love my hometown but of all places you could choose from?
Jim Belushi is about to be 61 years old! Holy ***
Jim Belushi will be performing at EdenVale Winery Aug 29th! So nice to see a down to earth celebrity that is...
It's THE PRINCIPAL for people allergic to Jim Belushi. I am a fan. (Of the movie, although I do like THE PRINCIPAL too.)
I couldn't be more honored to continue my education where the legend himself Jim Belushi once did.
This sounds like a sitcom and somehow Jim Belushi would be involved.
The character Jim Belushi always playsis easily in the top 75.
aren't even Jim Belushi right now. They are more like Anthony Michael Hall
Dan Aykroyd in the house. That's significantly better than Jim Belushi.
The stars will be out at the Pear Blossom Parade as entertainer Jim Belushi makes his way into the Rogue Valley.
my picks for Genie are Jim Belushi, Bill Murray, or John Goodman
Actor Jim Belushi signs on to help with Holly Theatre restoration.
Check out this story by KOBI-TV: Jim Belushi joins Holly Theatre restoration project
Jim Belushi is joining the efforts to rebuild the Holly as an Honorary Chair of the Project.
Actor Jim Belushi lends star status to restoration of Holly Theatre in Medford.
dropping some Jeb Bush should really put Jim Belushi on the ticket
Having trouble deciding on Mike Ditka or Jim Belushi for my write in vote for Mayor.
OH MY GOD. All this time I seriously thought James Belushi was Jim Belushi because of his show.
Sometimes I think there's the voice of Jim Belushi in my head during tests saying I'm not worth anything.
I came home with a card magician. Today was eventful. Also watched Jim Belushi get OHKO'd for hours on end over and over. That was neat
he agreed to do a movie with Jim Belushi, so he's probably okay with it.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
A bunch of the toys on Doc are celebs, too. Lisa Loeb is Milli the Mircrophone. Jim Belushi is Glo-bo.
John Belushi! Him and Jim Belushi are my cousins
I don't get the shot against Jim Belushi. He's been successful in TV and movies. He also didn't overdose on drugs like his brother.
lol I have something in the works we can be sibling writing partners like john and jim belushi
But how else will we get to see Jim Belushi 4-6 times a year! RT
hey, that's not Jim Belushi singing at Wrigley Field, what's up with that
At least it's not Jim Belushi singing
This ESPN pregame stuff is lazy reporting. Billy goats, Italian beef, blah, blah, blah...How soon until they throw it to Jim Belushi?
Imbibe Humidor. Where cigar aficionado Jim Belushi buys smokes when in ABQ!
I second Jim, no one likes Jim Belushi, the people want John Belushi
Btw...if any of you seen the movie "Salvador" with James Woods and Jim Belushi? Loosely based...
Sweet, Alumni at the college I attended include Jim Belushi and John Belushi!...
My favorite part of the SNL 40th Special was the Blues Brothers, Dan Ackroyd and Jim Belushi, Jim did his brother a wonderful tribute!
"I loved performing with Taylor Swift, she's an amazing talent, but to be on stage with Jim Belushi was a dream come true." - Paul McCartney
A large part of life is making sure you're not Jim Belushi.
Anyone have Jim Belushi's phone number? I just wanna ask how he does it.
Wow. John Goodman paid tributes to Jim Belushi in SNL 40 years special.
Watched SNL 40 last night. Don't know why Jim Belushi is allowed to keep being Jake Blues.
This train is the bane of my existence. It is the Jim Belushi of trains.
Jim Belushi had stage time, Chris Parnell did not. I'm late I know.
Hating Jim Belushi will never get old. (Sorry, just now watching
I know my insults are late, but Jim Belushi doing the Blues Brothers was better than your appearance and that was abysmal.
Totally would've been ok with Kanye pulling a Kanye when Jim Belushi showed up.
Jim Belushi is the Jim Belushi of humans.
But you get to watch THIEF. James Caan and Jim Belushi make up for it.
I couldn't help but smile when Jim Belushi came out for John in the Blues Brothers on the SNL 40th Anniversary.
Looks like a heavier version of Jim Belushi
Thank you Jim Belushi for a great COUCH CANDY! Get your tickets now for Eugene Levy on Feb 25th at…
Bill Murray followed by Jim Belushi is the single best articulation of SNL's ability for incredible highs and dizzying lows…
Something truly depressing about the fact that Jim Belushi currently has more rhythm than Dan Aykroyd.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
BB2k is a better movie with Jim Belushi and John Goodman.
Did anyone else cry during when Jim Belushi came out in the Blues Brothers sketch?
Jim Belushi mentioned my grandma during his interview on the snl 40th anniversary special, GO GRANDMA💃
Think I almost shed a tear when Jim Belushi played his brother's character.
I found the one with Jim Belushi, but I don't know who the other guys are.
Every time Jim Belushi performs as a Blues Brother an angel gets addicted to cocaine.
fav reblog today: Jane Curtain, Chevy Chase, and the sacred cow of comedy, Jim Belushi
Having Jim Belushi take John's place in the Blues Brothers skit is like putting marinara sauce on cardboard and saying, "It's pizza!"
Jim Belushi is singing with Dan Akroyd and I'm crying.
"No more!" John Cena sounds like Jim Belushi in "The Principal".
"With Jim Belushi." Whelp, I already know I'm going to hate the SNL 40th special.
Denied a Blues Brothers 2000 reunion. I understand why they went with Jim Belushi though.
I feel so bad for jim belushi because he's not nearly as funny as his brother
I do not and will never accept Jim Belushi as a blues brother I'm sorry
show was great ! glad to see the older cast members. jim belushi should have been jake after johns death ! R.I.P
All purpose parts banner
There was a sketch where a bunch of snl people said "what are you doing here" & it somehow wasnt to jim belushi
Mostly because it's a *** fine movie, despite the presence of Jim Belushi and Tangerine Dream. Why AREN'T you quoting Thief?
A What-If scenario based on last night:. Blues Brothers 2000 is a better movie with Jim Belushi instead of Goodman.
Fred left this for us and Jim Belushi stopped by our dressing room today! @ Late Night with…
Maybe so, but that SNL Holiday Special they ran last night could have done without Jim Belushi singing that Life Day song.
Did you enjoy watching Dan Akroyd and Jim Belushi revisit the Blues Brothers for the SNL 40th Anniversary? Want...
Taylor on stage at the after party with Blues Brothers Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi!
Still have a bizarre crush on Jim Belushi. I think it stems from Curly Sue.
reminded me how attracted I am to Jim Belushi help
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