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Jim Bakker

James Orsen Jim Bakker (born January 2, 1940, pronounced Baker ) is an American televangelist, a former Assemblies of God minister, convicted felon, and a former host (with his then-wife Tammy Faye Bakker) of The PTL Club, a popular evangelical Christian television program.

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Trump is one step away from Jim Bakker
Pastor Jim Bakker prays that everyone will see a year of restoration! Amen!
R u still in the party of Jesus yet u can't speak out on this ban? Maybe u r with the party of Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker
Once again Russell Moore and the SBC are wrong. You have become nothing more than a Jim Bakker asking for more money!
Trump is going to war for ISRAEL via . The Jim Bakker Show
America has tubs of Jim Bakker survival food in the garage
It's not listed in the Bible, but my spiritual gift, my specific calli...
It's the Christianity of Jerry Falwell and Jim Bakker and Oral Roberts. Very different from the message of the New Testament
Its a good business. Jim Bakker went to prison for 8 yrs wire fraud and conspiracy and he's back on TV saving souls $100 a pop.
please assist in Starting up SAFE HAVENS for Pregnant Woman, who NEED SUPPORT.SEE MRS BAKKER. IN.JIM BAKKER MINISTRY. THANKS
Look at who's back:. Jim Bakker: Trump’s Critics Look ‘Demon-Possessed’. He's got it switched.
Pastor Jim Bakker discusses the importance of trusting God, no matter what hills or valleys you are going through.
In later years my father bought into this and as most cults (Jim Bakker) he reasoned things exactly that way
STFU, you phony shill. If we're possessed by anything it's by a love for country, freedom of expression and truth.
Televangelist Jim Bakker says Donald Trump's critics are "mean" people and "demon-possessed"
I write about it in the book and, you know, explain that. But that was...
adulterer & swindler of millions for God's sez "critics look possessed" It Isn't demons-we know what we're doing
Keep those donations coming in. Jim Bakker never quit, either..
it Goes beyond this... they are under judgment - the demon cratic party as a whole - and will continue in their...
Probaly eerily similar to the look on your face while bustin a nut on Jessica Hahn. .
Jim Bakker (PTL) thinks Trump could be the Messiah-if not that then at least the harbinger of the Messia -like John the Baptist
I wonder if that 20% tax will go on Jim Bakker's Mexican buckets. They're made by real live Mexicans. It's no *** food.
Jim Bakker didn't like me calling out his crooked method of selling $1000 food buckets to the elderly htt…
Put there by God, and those that question him are evil. So says Jim Bakker (aka Col Sanders) about .
You caught him, he is actually undercover Senior Jim Bakker and Chubby Checker correspondent for multiple news outlets
Tammy Faye Bakker showed compassion to AIDS patients. . Jim Bakker went to jail for fraud & now scares the religious to sell powdered food.
Can we swap Jim Bakker for Tammy Faye, please?
Jim Bakker Show airs now on now. Tune in would you?
EM show on features Franklin Graham and Jim Bakker on the Trump Inauguration!
Tell me you stocked up on Jim Bakker's potato soup.
Watched this Jim Bakker Show and got to hear Mark Taylor again. Prophetic about Trump, USA, Israel. So interesting!
He's on YouTube. Try YouTube. Try the Jim Bakker Show. He's all over YouTube. Mark Taylor retired firefighter. Let me know
Where did Mark Taylor come from? Showed up on Jim Bakker Show with his spiel. But wait, isn't Jim Bakker an outcast?
I guess Jim Bakker and Peter Popoff were busy that day?
she's in the same category as Benny Hinn, Paul and Jan Crouch, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Jim Bakker, etc.
👪 Was the Jewish Temple located in the City of David? Jonathan Cahn and Jim Bakker on site.
I feel like God has forgiven me of so much, that I will forgive everyo...
You can't fake it when you're alone with God, you know.
.Watch Mark Taylor's prophecy about Trump on the Jim Bakker Show:.
Not to be confused with the title of the Jim Bakker miniseries from the eighties.
Citing Christopher Monckton to refute is a lot like citing Jim Bakker to refute evolution.
U mean Jim Bakker of Jim and Tammy Faye fame?
Mental illness is a real and serious issue folks. Just consider Jim Bakker.
Hey that crackpot evangelist Jim Bakker believes Trump is the second coming. Second Coming of What I ask.
Jim Bakker's buckets of slop have a higher RDA content. Plus you get the slop. And a bucket!
Unclear if you watched Daystar TV, who campaigned for Trump night before election, or Jim Bakker Show today?
Prepare for end times by singing along with Kevin Shorey and purchasing these essential food buckets from The Jim Bakker S…
Jim Bakker runs out of survival food to sell.
wow you are a bigger buffoon than Trump. I'm an atheist and more godly than you. You are Jim Bakker without a fun ex-wife
Oh - it's the Jim Bakker Show. So we're not meant to take him seriously then..
Convicted felon Jim Bakker had some crank on his show who thinks Trump might be the Messiah:
Jim Bakker is fully aware he's going to ***
. Lets pray for musicians that are Trump supporters to be brave and show up for Trump. Even more than they need. (Confuse enemy)
Does anyone even watch Steve Harvey, Jim Bakker or Chubby Checker videos?? Asking for a dead friend.
I am sorry to say it just isn't the same without Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. The air conditioned dog house was tops.
the extra 50% markup is for the Jim Bakker Promise Of Quality
one of the best things about Jim Bakker food buckets is premise Jesus would smile on you eating "like a king" while your ne…
inevitably it is those that scream the loudest that have the most to hide ex. Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Trump
.I missed the first part of this bit. Is Howard Stern "ranting" against "convicted con-artist" Jim Bakker or Beth's father?
Trump's a demagogue, an old-style tub-thumping evangelist in the Jim Bakker or Jimmy Swaggart mode. He has no 'policies', only slogans.
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Jimmy Swaggart, Tony Alamo, Jim Bakker, Ted Haggard, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, and Robert Tilton. You're in good company
I really doubted tbh. Sid Roth, Jim Bakker and Lance Wallnau came through.
I agree Pastor, but none of you said anything to Franklin Graham, James Robinson, Jim Bakker, Paula White, and so many others!
Jim Bakker's of & . wants the US to elect . So . there is no…
Having an Aunt that worked for Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, and cousins that go to Liberty University paid off today.
God is going to punish Jim Bakker for Jessica Hahn. Hypocrite much?
OMG Jim Bakker is still around? Really? Go away pest. Don't you think God is going to punish YOU for Jessica Hahn?
- If you think this country is going to falter if Trump loses, I will help you pack your bags. Iran would fit.
God is already punishing us by creating Jim Bakker to Pontificate at us!
Pastor Jim Bakker is MORE anointed now than b4 his mistake!God ALWAYS makes a MESSAGE of redemption out our mess!
From the man who sells buckets of food to believers for armageddon. Remember when he was Jim and Tammy Bakker
Jim Bakker: If Donald Trump is defeated, it "could be the beginning of the fall of America"
Jim Bakker seems to be going for the Billy Bob Thorton look lately.
Pro-Trump pastor Darrell Scott: The "Democratic platform is being mightily used by the devil to take America down"
You're a malignancy attached to the faith.
Dr.doing a great job on Jim Bakker Show sharing heart for America!
. Sense I'm damned by Jim Bakker. anyway, but what the *** ...
Jim still alive? Honestly thought that was not the case. But appropriate w/the 90's redux of another…
Jim Bakker of Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker fame. He looks like he's been in the witness protection program ... lol 😂
I think - there's always going to be a percentage of people who maybe are...
. Jim Bakker? Name familiar from USA. stopover in '89 ...
Jim Bakker looks like your middle school friend's *** dad
Jim Bakker warns that America could collapse and face God's wrath if Donald Trump doesn't win the election
God has already punished Jim Bakker by making him--Jim Bakker!
he already did. He gave us Jim Bakker. 🙄
Occurs that Jim Bakker & Peter Popoff are still on the tube hocking their wares...
2016 has destroyed evangelical credibility in ways even Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart couldn't. Here's why. .
Read Wm L Shirer's works about the Nazis & research the attacks on churches. Hitler was no more Christian than Jim Bakker.
He looks like Jim Bakker on the PTL Club selling timeshares for God in Fort Mill, SC. Where is Tammy Faye? And Jessica Hahn?
True. But evils committed in the name of aren't the same as those which are integral to. Jim Bakker isn't a Christian for ex.
It was great to be a guest today on the Jim Bakker Show. Tomorrow I'll write about what we talked about and how...
Yes. Jim Bakker spent all that time praying asking God to keep him faithful to Tammy Faye.
Witches! Alll the Way Down!: Evanglist and potato soup huckster Jim Bakker's show is back in the news here on...
anyone who goes on Jim Bakker Show cannot be trusted
Trump is absolutely the modern day Jim Bakker mixed with a Charlie Sheen mentality.
Burns a Qu'ran and asks me if I hate muslims? This is what happens when you smoke too much herb, drown in IPA's and…
I don't know, examination I guess. And then they put the jump suit back on me again. I went th
If anything nefarious were happening, you'd be the first to go
Jim Bakker says that people who are "speaking up for our Constitution" are mysteriously dying
it truly was his best yet in my opinion. Even over Jim Bakker
This charlatan would make Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker proud. via
I've been in Branson the last couple of days taping shows with Jim and Lori Bakker. I think we got some powerful...
You know, I try not to look back, because looking forward is so much better than looking back
Jim Bakker sells survivalist food by the bucket and it's the best thing on the internet:
Jim Bakker talks about the kill list. Who's on it?
Ayep. Televangelist Jim Bakker of PTL went to prison for doing just that (and some other frauds, too).
Jim Bakker ripped off the bedspread and said, my wife doesn't make me feel like a man anymor
I want to build a tower to heaven with Jim Bakker food buckets.
Most of you are so young you don't know who I am, and that's good.
What bothers me is that Jim Bakker lies. Jim Bakker knows for a fact that I was virgin.
It was dripping and, you know, and there was a whole line of cameras and microphones. I felt l
dude on the left look like Jim Bakker lol!
It's bunker time. Get Jim Bakker on the horn, I'm in need of food buckets.
To try to raise a son from inside the prison walls is a very difficult thing. But I want to s
I liked a video Pastor Jim Bakker Says The Lord Is Coming with Fire
God told Jim Bakker to continue his scam on the gullible but not to pay his back taxes
Was Jim Bakker correct that Muhammad Ali is in heaven? Pastor Fryman gives a Bible answer: https…
I called the doctor, during writing the book, the psychiatrist who treated me at that time, Dr
Charlatans of a feather stick together.
The box got bigger, the outside, the buildings. And all that we were doing. I had to raise abo
Felon Jim Bakker says I told him Trump will win. I didn't. So, whose voice is he hearing?
noticed yesterday the last time I will listen to your program your show reminds me of Jim Bakker's program both are alarmists
GreaT Writer and Speaker chk it out and also on Jim Bakker Show
you claim, not as Charitable as you claim and that all you are is a Con man an Fraud that makes Jim Bakker and Bernie
Jim Bakker. I believe they will go to any lengths. Creating some type of disaster. Obama will do anything to stop Trump. h…
Hucksters like Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart and Pat Robertson rake in the $$ with same appeal.
Me with Joe Ardis, Derek Gilbert, Tom Horn, Jim Bakker, and Gary Heavin at the studio…
. Jim Bakker et al, sung about by Delbert McClinton "Smooth Talk" . Prayin' on the TeeVee!.
Lyin Ted is is sneakier thank Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Bakker combined!!
Ted Cruz graduated number one in his class from the Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Bible thumping money-grubbing business School
Ted Cruz is nothing more than a bible-thumping fraud. He is a Sunday morning snake oil salesman at best. Akin to Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye
Jim Bakker calles from PTL. he and Tammy said God said put you on TV 2 days. Ran it for years. Over $4Million TV time GIVEN2me.
dangerous yes, but not new. You would think ppl would catch on after that whole Tammy and Jim Bakker thing...
BeBe Winans musical premieres showings at Alliance Theatre with Jim Bakker, Jasmine Guy…
"Disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker wants you to decorate your living room with food buckets"
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Minnesota has given us:. -Michele Bachmann. -Denny Hecker. -Jim Bakker. -Every GM and AD of every MN team ever
ha! I think that every time I see and hear him, it reminds me of Jim Bakker
tell that to John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby, Gary Hart, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker et all who were
May your Resurrection weekend be filled with praise, family, and fun! Blessings to all of you!
Jimmy Swaggert & Jim Bakker & Jim Jones got women to sleep with them, so anything's possible, when you're Christ 2.0.
It does still happen. Jim Bakker is the one I remember being the quintessential slimeball.
The tough guy act looks ridiculous must have learned from Jebby another phony tough guy. Ted stick to preaching like Jim Bakker
Does Jim Bakker remind you of anyone?
Join our studio audience for a live taping of the Jim Bakker Show with special guest, on March 29th! http…
Oh the memories of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker
Jonathan Cahn - The Mystery of the Shemitah: Confirmed - The Jim Bakker Show
Jim Bakker spells his name with two k`s because three would be too obvious. By Bill Maher
I'd also love to meet you personally for a few minutes. Is this possible? I have always admired you and the late great.
I want a copy of Tammy's 40th birthday episode. I can't tell you how much that embodies what I remember of you both.
Gee, it a great time to be a Republican, isn't it?
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Ted and Heidi Cruz: The Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of the GOP
all the best televangelist crap was in the 80s-guess who's back--yep Jim Bakker saw his show on YouTube y'day
Cruz will deny it just like Swaggert, Jim Bakker and the others. Then he will claim his weakness, ask forgiveness -
PAGLIA: Cruz reminds me of televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart & Jim Bakker, who were loved & trusted but whose careers ended in …
Tammy Fay and Jim Bakker all over again?
Ted's the second coming of jim Bakker
What was it about Jim Bakker,Ted Haggard + the long list of dishonest preachers.He speaks just like a preacher like his nut dad
Are you sure that isn't Jim Bakker, sure looks like his lousey pitifull TV show background...
My dad is watching a Jim Bakker end times type show wow
Joel r u on the prophecy conference with Jim Bakker? If so any idea When will it be showing on his show?
Wow time flies. This was 4 years ago on the Jim Bakker television show in Missouri.
FLDS. Warren Jeffs. Jim Jones. Jim Bakker. Ted Haggard. Fred Phelps. Jimmy Swaggart. (FLDS is running out of Jeffs. What to do?)
My first quote was, I don't want to hurt God's people. Jim Bakker's quote w...
Ted Cruz reminds me of a guy that would hang out with Jimmy Swaggart or Jim Bakker.
He reminds me of a Jim Bakker or Jimmy Swaggart every time I hear him. Creepy. No thanks.
Churches act as though they need to be like Robert Tilton, Jim Bakker, or Judas Iscariot before needing serious correction from the Lord.
Funny and pathetic. And who could forget Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker.
reminds me of Jim Bakker. And we know what happened to him and Tammy Faye. Vote Build that WALL!
While there are no words, there are the wet sounds of Jim Bakker eating bucket rice.
U.S. pastor freed by Iran says he was tortured - The Jim Bakker Show
BTW ur the one who thinks hes a real christian..hes Jim Bakker..& HIlary combined
How is he respected.His father was a snitch, lied on Jim Bakker caused Bakker to be incarcerated.
ur the one whos following Jim Bakker,..ur the kind of person who donates..
Which script should I write 4 this year:: Jim bakker biopic, lovers stealing hormone meds, Vaporwave rap off?
so did cruz..and cruz uses jesus to get votes, ur really voting for Jim bakker
He's Jim bakker and HIlary combined..uses jesus to get voter
Loved time Jim Bakker went too prison!Tammy Faye on interview saying Jim was saving souls in prison!
Schools in Ohio town closed for third day over lead contamination - The Jim Bakker Show
Have you seen what Jim Bakker has been up to lately?
I think Jim Bakker had this same business model before he went to jail Taxpayer $ are NOT to fund a mythical religious belief
So they see Trump as basically a Jimmy Swaggart or a Jim Bakker, but with Croesus-like wealth, which only adds to the lustre.
I'm holding out to see who Jim Bakker endorses
Proverbs 28:1 MEV The wicked flee when no man pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.
And got VERY rich in the process. A business-model Jim Bakker would be proud of.
Jim Bakker says God's been speaking to him quite a bit in dreams. But not the feel-good, everything will be OK...
where have we heard this before. Oh yeah, Jim Bakker. Hide your wallets, believers!
Does this guy not remember Jim Bakker?
Jim Bakker Show said the Tribulation will start in March. . Selling house and cars tomorrow.
dangit the original videomaker ALREADY did a copyright-claim on my edit.. hey did you ever get copyright-claimed by Jim Bakker?
Jim Bakker was in prison for a while
WATCH Jim Bakker Are your children going to Man boards plane w/ implanted
If God still speaks, why not speak to Bakker? Must be the hat. Surely God wouldnt speak to anyone wearing that hat.
B just my personal opinion, but Cruz's unctuous delivery reminds me of Jim Bakker
Fake as it gets. Embarrassed he chooses the conservative platform. He is to conservatives what Jim Bakker is to Christians...
Pastor Jim Bakker preaches on how the Church needs to go out into the world to lead souls to Jesus.
Jim Bakker Had A Dream About Young People. Jim had a bad dream and young people might not want to hear about it... https:/…
Even denies the Holy Spirit told Jim Bakker that The Great Trib starts in March…see his response
Will the be covering Jim Bakker’s prediction that the Great Trib starts in March? see link
You see, if you get into the book of’re going to find out what’s going on. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Michael Snyder and Pastor Jim Bakker review all of the record-setting disasters that shook the world in 2015.
If you can't trust Jim Bakker, who can you trust?
In 1933, William Branham had 7 dreams and visions regarding the future of the world.
Beck has gone off the deep end. He is the Tammy Faye to Cruz's Jim Bakker.
When Exactly Will Jesus Return?: With those words, Pastor Jim Bakker dives into discussions of one of history'...
TRUNEWS 01/13/16 – Jim Bakker: Rick Wiles hosts today's show from St. Kitts Island, where he is joined by... (TN)
While I abhor what it is happening on Jim Bakker's show, for some reason I can't stop watching.
Interesting fact. Jim Bakker still has a show on television. Its exactly as terrible as you would imagine.
If you want comedy, tune into the Jim Bakker Show. Hours of laughs.
When you mentioned PTL, the first thing that came to mind was Jim Bakker's TV show, not band.
Maybe he'll make a guest appearance on the Jim Bakker Show
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Just watched part of Barbara Walters' interview with Jim Bakker...God bless Jessica Hahn.
Watching the Jim Bakker Show and all I can see is the virtues of Fallout 4
Thanks for watching my Jim Bakker bucket video today. To show my appreciation, here is a FREE Lori Bakker ringtone!
I cant believe the Jim Bakker Show is real
Omg lol rev. Obama lecturing us on religion? Isn't that like Tammy Faye yelling at Jim Bakker about Jessica Hahn lol
Need a bucket of Bibles? Convicted Christian con artist Jim Bakker has got you covered.
Convicted Christian con artist Jim Bakker now just literally selling buckets of Bibles on TV |
4 times a week for free, TV program. Then Jim Bakker called, said same thing, prime time Thurs 9:30.
Check for $5000. I was ecstatic. Was 36. Went to PTL, Jim Bakker said I want everybody2pray about planting $1000 Seed.33yrs ago.
Okay…1st Jim Bakker…now this guy sounds like Jimmy Swaggart. Maybe not. WRMI 7455 kHz.
survivalist gear to his followers to help make up money he owes to the IRS. . Follow us:
returns to Morningside on November 6th for the Jim Bakker Show and a powerful evening service!
Jim Bakker..what an awesome kicker he was!
Jim Bakker nothing more than snake oil salesman
NY TIMES just published article about ISIS cyber attack attempts US power grid!!
Hamilton Collection
On Sept. 4, 1998, 50 days after they met in L.A., Jim and Lori Beth Bakker were wed in front of 250 guests at the...
In the 31 Things God gave me, He said to watch Russia, and it's imperative we do.
Watch Jim Bakker Live Video on Demand October 13, 2015 on the internet. Bible Prophecy-interesting comments.
: Jack Van Impe probably would not appear on this show Lance.. As he is clear on what the bible teaches..pre-trib..
Not sure he would come Jim teaches a mid trib. rapture..while Jack is clear that the bible states..pretrib
: What do Christians do who cannot afford to buy your supplies/food A lot of people just get by paying basic bills?
: Jonathan Cahn was not on your program yesterday or today? here. in Canada? Your website has now moved that date to Nov?
Rick Joyner shares the secret to getting through end times on The Jim Bakker Show. Click the link to watch:...
.knows he will never win, yet he continues to run for all that Christian money that pours in. No different than Jim Bakker
The Beginning of the End (Day 3) - Michael Snyder on the Jim Bakker Show
In this video clip from 'The Jim Bakker Show', TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles explains the Western reaction to...
Jim Bakker wants to know where God is.
Jim Bakker talking about when he hears from God.
Kevin Shorey, former announcer of The Jim Bakker Show, now has his own late-night talk show!
Jim Bakker tells us what happens when the world's food runs out. (Vine by
less than Joel O'Steen makes. Less than Jim Bakker
Putin Claims that Russia is Still Fighting ISIS and the U.S. is Getting in the Way - Jim Bakker Show
The SEC is mad at Jeb about logo usage, but Jim Bakker knows what's up.
theres a special place in *** reserved for guys like Jim Bakker and Ted Haggard
On this video clip provided by The Jim Bakker Show, TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles gives insight on why a mass...
Watch the live stream TODAY at 11:30AM CT as Jonathan Cahn returns to the Jim Bakker Show!
Cue up the old Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker playbook. Crocodile tears and hoist away, you maniac.
Jim Bakker Shows off his tub of cheesy broccoli rice. (Vine by
Netanyahu Vows to Control Violence Day before “Day of Rage” Attacks - Jim Bakker Show
Jim Webb came off reeaalllyy Jim Bakker-ish to me 2nite...😐😕😧
Televangelist Jim Bakker had a bad dream, so buy his apocalyptic potato dust
Jim Bakker, Jimmie Swaggert, Robert Tilton, Ted Haggard. Brothers of the God Con. Rip the suckers off for Jayzus!
It’s a pile of babies almost 70 million babies tall, mountains and mountains and mountains of babies!
Eternity is a long time to be wrong. BTW, I wonder how Jerry Falwell and Jim Bakker are doing? Any word from upstairs?
Wwould you believe Jimmy Swaggart is back on TV and Jim Bakker broadcasts from Branson?
Graham just worked in "we're all going to die." He should appear on Jim Bakker's show.
It’s ‘awful late’ to get prepared, warns Jim Bakker. Pastor Carl Gallups is featured guest on the show. Pastor...
are you aware of going on right now on the National Mall?
Totally loved skit you did with Jimmy Swagert &Jim Bakker &Oral Roberts!Years ago! Perfect!
I grew up in the 80s and heard my folks talking about Jim Bakker, and I CANNOT BELIEVE he is back in "ministry"
I already got my bunker and rations from the Jim Bakker Show.
It’s about believing. Why does God speak to me? I’m a believer. I said I’m a believer, that’s all. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Mr Bakker please watch the sermon series about The Four Horses of the Apolcalypse by my pastor John Hagee on YouTube. Rev 6
James 1:12 KJV Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath...
Another religious huckster, Jim Bakker. In jail for 5 years. He is at it again. See him on T.V. Wrote, "I Have Sinned"
Did ya'll see the skull the MSM's peddling as 'missing link'?
Rick Wiles, of TruNews, and John Shorey shares several prophecies that are point to an invasion of America.
How's this for a Did you know Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker were the original morning hosts here on
Agreed. Real shame he removed the video from YT. Seemed he had found his calling in life! Well, at least we have Jim Bakker. :)
*starts scribbling down notes about Jim Bakker*
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Hey Jim Bakker is still in business and he is a criminal
Pastor Jim Bakker and Rick Wiles shares news events that point to something major taking place September 2015.
revealed to me who the orbs are Tom & Chris. Contact me.
Join us on the live stream at 11:30 a.m. CT as we welcome back Pastor Mark Biltz to the Jim Bakker Show!
Men of Yahweh, they plan to revive mega-PLAGUE in Russia
WATCH IT HERE ... Pastor Carl Gallups on Jim Bakker Show . First of two shows on BE THOU PREPARED...
There was a Jaycees chapter in the minimum security facility where Jim Bakker was imprisoned
and safety pins. PRT Jim Bakker...duct tape...get through the coming apocalypse.
Doomsday prepper Jim Bakker swears you'll love his $160 potato soup bucket - Raw Story
Nah. Not good enough. Like I said, I want puffy Jim Bakker sobbing.
OK, as funny as this is. This guy, I'd a scumbag. Bottom of the barrel humanity.
YES ..its already a HOME GOAL JIM !! I had confirmation 10 years ago its going to be awesome
For me, I feel like we're about to enter the Superbowl of human history; don't take me out of the game coach, put me in! - Pastor Mark Biltz
WATCH Pastor Carl Gallups be on the Jim Bakker Show today (Sept. 8). Check your local provider for show times of...
Jim Bakker has a good deal on duct tape that'll help you get through the coming apocalypse.
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Few days, phone calls, and Paul Crouch and Jim Bakker in all planted over $4 million dollars of TV...FREE.
Pastor Carl Gallups preaches on Jim Bakker Show. Mark 8:38 The people who live now are living in a sinful and...
2nd thing happened, Paul Crouch, Jim Bakker called gave me millions of dollar of FREE TV. Talk until your faith is released.
Welcome to PUDDING FEST 2015 w/ Jim Bakker and his RWNJ lunatic pals. Check out last Fri show:
Jim Bakker, Swaggert, seems to be trend of these preachers and promising entry into Heaven for the price of your $
I think its funny anyone ever thought he was black. He's as white as Jim Bakker...
John Oliver Versus Prosperity Gospel: In yesterday's post I mentioned that, to Jim Bakker's credit, he renounc...
Jim Bakker never made anywhere near $880 grand a year yet in the 80's people had enough common sense to know that made him a crook
Jesus loves you, Jim. Here's a song just for you, pardner:
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