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Jim Anderson

James Lea Anderson (born February 23, 1957 in Los Angeles, California) is a former Major League Baseball shortstop.

Father Knows Best Ward Cleaver Marcus Welby Cliff Huxtable Cosby Show

awee, okay. I hope all goes well with Jim! Ill keep him in my prayers! I'll text Hayley & figure something out 👍
Jim is in hospital, & Hayley is so busy with her sorority now😔 unless she comes home Sunday! 😁👍
Wes Anderson dreams of a Europe before bombs fell (from
Choo! Choo! Pig Sooie! says Mike Anderson has the freight train moving in high gear:
1 Arn Anderson with Ole Anderson. 16 Drake Younger. Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler- In the ring is Giant...
“A hug a day keeps the bad boys away.” ― Jim Anderson
when there's a Jim Anderson involved it should be no question at all.
you forgot Jim's Anderson's and teds...
Jim "Dimmer" Anderson on Hawick battlefield tour in 2010. Top bloke but currently not in good health. Get well soon.
MT The voice of concern. on royalty drop, via [Thanks, Jim]
Good morning Springfield!. Jim Anderson leads one of his last GMS at Hickory Hills Country Club.
Jim Anderson, works at US clinic reminds us are sad he had t write it.
Great Job!..Where are all the folks who wanted Anderson fired 1 month ago? Kinda quiet now.
Look you FOOL what happened when Uncle Jim wanted Frank Anderson out??? Exactly he was fired!!! Ford is next followed by Gundy!!
Jim Steranko on 'Agents of SHIELD': 'Does Anyone Care What Happens to Skye?'
Polar Vortex greeted Jim Anderson, Scott Smith and the Safety Pups this morning and for the most part...
Heroin users: not from another planet - Huffington Post -
.Right, Jim, and I think some authors, newer to the biz, expect too much of agents.
.Welcome, Jim! Yes, I like that opportunity-watching function, esp., so important today.
"Heroin users are not from some other planet. They are people who have mothers, brothers, aunts and uncles."
Kinky Friedman and Jim Hogan are headed to a runoff
A Gift of Hope: The Jim Anderson Story Our tell me something good...Jim=Joy
are you seriously comparing CD to Jim Taylor, Hornung, Jim Grabowski, and Donnie Anderson in the SAME backfield? Get lost
Jim Powell 2day's game: "Not a lot of tread left on those tires" abt Pamela Anderson. Find the audio! Sooo bad.
The features a story today on the news of AU President Dr. James L. Edwards decision to step down.
Ever notice how everywhere Anderson Cooper goes, some serious crap breaks out? He's the Jim Cantore of news.
Jim Moriarty with a mask on, Derren Brown. Go Anderson, go!!!
Jim rohn wish you were better quote via
Anderson Tabbed 2014 NEC Player of the Year, Toole Named 2014 Jim Phelan NEC Coach of the Year ... ...
Jim Cushman Larry Anderson and Michael S Berry, ChFC showing doctors how to protect their income from changes under…
Heroin users are not from another planet, and deserve the same compassion and dignity as everyone else
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The class of '64 - first grade. If your computer can blow the picture up a little more, I see (somewhat left, to right) - Jim Scott, David Lewis, Sheila Plank, *** Meranda, Mary Jean Wingate, Tim Grove, Janet Mc Carty, Barbara Hooke, Jim Anderson, Ron Miller (front row honor student row), 'The' Carol Williams, Doug Jones, John Dull, Nancy Clark, Jackie Jones, Barbara Robbins, Jerry Jeffries?, David Sewell, Joyce Reagan, Pam Smith? and of course, Mrs. Collins. Others look familiar, some don't ring a bell at all (feel free to add names).
Happy Birthday to former Ranger great, Jim Anderson! ('83-'84) In 89 games with Texas, he had a BA of .181
23feb... it's Jim Anderson's birthday, and no--not the one from 'Father Knows Best'...this is the former (cont)
Robert Young was already in over 100 movies in the 30s, 40s and 50s before he starred as Jim Anderson in "Father Knows Best" and later as "Marcus Welby". Young was born on this day in 1907 and left us in 1998. ~Larry J Thornton
It's the birthday of actor and Chicago native ROBERT YOUNG (1907-1998). Though he appeared in scores of films he is now best remembered as Jim Anderson, the father on "Father Knows Best" in the '50s and in the title role of "Marcus Welby, M. D." in the '70s. Despite his breezy, well-adjusted screen image, Young suffered from deep depression and alcoholism and attempted suicide at least once.
On February 22, 1907, actor Robert Young was born in Chicago, Illinois to an Irish native father. He portrayed Jim Anderson on radio and TV in Father Knows Best, and the title character in the TV series Marcus Welby, M.D.
Jim Anderson was a TV dad in "Father Knows Best." I'm grateful for my Heavenly Father, God, who Knows and is the Best!
Here's what I'm talking about. By Peter Blanc - Jim Anderson, thank you for your comments. I agree with you entirely. There has been a lot of disrespect shown to others on these forums. As a non-local visitor to the ONSR who happens to support the National Park Service I am sensitive to being labelled as some type of elitist, tree-hugging, canoe hippie. It so happens that I am not a member of the Sierra Club, and I am rather conservative politically. If I express an opinion to the NPS supporting some element of the draft GMP it is not an attempt to tell other people how to live or deprive them of their heritage or livelihood. I have to tell you that some of the local rhetoric has sounded not only as anti-Federal government as that spewed by the fire-eating secessionists of the 1850s, it sounds frankly xenophobic as well. People do not wish to vacation in places they do not feel comfortable or welcome. And I am getting to the point where I am not sure if I want to be out on a river where there are power b ...
Caltrans crews are currently working highway 178 at Walker pass due to snow. Although cinder rock is being spread motorists should use caution due to the road crews and potential icy spots. According to meteorologist Jim Anderson at the NWS office in Hanford, the snow is beginning to taper off.
Go - Snowboarder Jamie Anderson...Ur the best! Great story. Meet Jaime here:
Club Championship Update: Agnijo Banerjee wins against Lisa Paton! Lisa said what a wonderful player and a very nice young boy! We are lucky to have so many good juniors at the club! Nancy Elder: Declan Shafi wins against Jim Anderson to go through to the next round!
Club Championship Update: Ray wins by default? But will wait to see what happened to his opponent? Lisa Paton is a pawn down against Agnijo Banerjee? Dmitriy Payada & Andy Rowe have played 16 moves and all the pieces are still on the board! Random Knockout: All square so far between Fergus Milne & Paul Shafi! In the Nancy Elder Declan Shafi is the exchange up against Jim Anderson!
Thursday 6th February: Well I said it was going to be a busy night and I was not wrong! 24 players down so far and counting! The TAFCA Knockout Semi-Final between Castlehill C & Castlehill A has started but would you recognize some of the players? Especially the "A" team? Castlehill C v Castlehill A (minutes) 1.Roy Morris (39) v (21) Andre Babin 2.Gordon Thomas (27) v (33) Kathleen Rutherford 3.Graham Atkins (18) v (42) David Greenock 4.Colin Young (22) v (38) Subhayu Banerjee Yes despite the time dif on three of the boards, this is Castlehill "A" !team All the other matches have started including Declan Shafi (1500) v (1534) Jim Anderson in the Chess Scotland Nancy Elder competition! I think we need to but more sets and clocks!
FOOTBALL- Better all-time Ben Roethlisberger, Jim Kelly or Ken Anderson - find out:
got it. I'm following you and Jim, and Anderson Cooper, and some others. p
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Ducks don't like the wet either, they just can't do anything about it"- Jim Anderson. For more weekly inspiration see
Well done to Jim Eadie MSP, Councillor Cammy Day and Ewan Fraser of Dunedin Canmore for great contributions. Well done all involved. 2/2
Attended an excellent reception last night hosted by Jim Eadie MSP to celebrate the £60million regeneration of Hyvots and Moredun. 1/2
Haley Redfern and Jim Anderson's relationship is the cutest thing ever
Jim Anderson is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He can always make you smile no matter what!
Cool here you go Jim Anderson and Rocky Gysberg and Justin Stager and Tanya Stager
We love you say C J all they way from Clarksville Tennessee Joseph Swanigan make Mykenize Swanigan Jim Anderson Rose Anderson
Last time a WVU player had a triple double: 1975 (Jerome Anderson). Last time I had a triple double: lunch. (Jack, Jim, Jameson)
A HUGE thank you to Jim Anderson for plowing us out tonight. There is no way I would have been able to shovel all that snow by hand. You're a life saver!
lol best dressed players, back, Butlin, Whitfield Horn Jim Ryan. front Anderson Shanks Finney Garner Thomson Faulkner
Jim Anderson's photo of coconut crusted salmon at the Double Musky Inn in Girdwood, Alaska was licensed by Skiing...
Davis, Anderson, Jason Breede, Eric Heard and Jim Ray are connissioners who are to vote on the sports complex.
Bunch of great anchor but I most enjoyed interviews hosted by Jim Clancy. Fareed: sophisticated. Anderson: not a gold digger. Piers: NC
Dear Sisters and Brothers... Just a quick note this week... we have been having a "snow day" at the church... the lot is drifting... the streets are slippery... and many activities are called off. It is good to see how nature can have the last word once in awhile. I reminds us that we are creatures. "It is He that hath made us... and not we ourselves"(Ps. 100:3) Sometimes we forget. It's very quiet here in the church building... but soon it will be filled with light and life again. May God bless you... and keep warm! In Our Lord's Name and Service, Rev. Jim Anderson (ja)
Colt Starting Demonstration by world champion rider Jim Anderson! Come and watch Jim work with two untouched, 3-5 year old horses. From round pen to riding an obstacle course in three days!!! Feb 14/15/16 at All Seasons Arena, Medicine Hat Alberta. Spectators welcome!!! Cost $20 Jim is competing at this years Road To The Horse as one of the Wild Card riders. check out his info at
Time to run!!! Jim Anderson is kicking my butt this month!!! 2adays to keep up!
The mike Anderson sfw 2 look dope as ***
Jim Anderson are you actually playing this show tonight? If not, I vote for 2 Mind Yeti sets!!!
I just wanted to give an update on what happened at the Women of Worship event that was held last Saturday at Tri County Christian Center in Deer Park. We had Jim Anderson , from lifeline ministries, as our speaker! Yes we had a man at a women's event. He was wonderful!...
THE CAST TED DOWLING as Michael Rowan, Ezekiel Rowan, and Joshua Rowan, ROBERT BERGIN as Patrick Rowan, EVA JANE as Morning Star and Lana Toller, ANDY BUFFELIN as Richard Talbert and Sam, LAURA BANNISTER as Mary Anne Rowan and Rebecca Talbert, AUSTIN BENNETT as Tommy Jackson and Zach Rowan, RICKY COATES as JT Wells and Scotty Rowan, JIM ANDERSON as Judge Jim Goddard, ELENA FLORY-BARNES as Sallie and Sureta Biggs, BILLY GLEESON as Jed Rowan and Earl Tod, TIM DAVIDSON as Jeremiah Talbert, SAM MCJUNKIN as Dragging Canoe, William Clarke Quantrill, and Abe Steinman, LUCIEN CARRO as Randall Talbert, JENNIFER PIPPIN MONTANEZ as Margaret Rowan and Lallie Rowan, DEBBI LESTER as Mary Anne Rowan and Joleen Rowan, DIANE WALKER as Mother Jones, FRED SAAS as Joe Talbert, JACKIE MCVAY as Rose Anne Talbert, RENEE MESSINGER as Julie Anne Talbert, JOSH MOFF as Joshua Rowan Jackson, NATHAN WHITEHOUSE as Zeke Rowan, and PETER DENIS as Thomas Nolan and Calvin Hayes
What are you leaning on today? If it's not God you're leaning on, then you're in trouble. -Jim Cymbala
A great feature by Stacey and Jim Anderson on starting your own antique mall, featured in Southeastern Antiquing...
"Would you like to see a photo of my pride and joy?" - with loving memories of Jim Anderson Shawn E. Anderson Mike Hagedorn My heart goes out to you and your family during your time of sorrow. Jim will be missed by many.
RIP Jim Anderson. Your sense of humor, love for your family, and presence will be sorely missed.
Wow still so elated about how Prophet Odis Wilcots, just spoke into my baby life, just told him THOSE things, favour, cruise, wedding, etc...stuff we had discuss in private.look @ God. Watch Us! Rising from the valley experience, which my Prophet Jim Anderson spoke into my life.
Well done to Jim Anderson how passed his driving test at Cumnock today.
My stepfather Jim Anderson passed away tonight at 1135. He was surrounded by loved ones. Thank you for your support through this time. Funeral plans will be made tomorrow.
I don't think Craig Anderson has played this well this year
By 2nd intermission Anderson will be talking like the Chiefs Goalie in the dressing room
this is gonna get real bad real quick unless Anderson keeps it up
Congrats Jim Anderson on winning the Jan FB gull wings & seaweed on the shore of the Bering Sea
Jim Anderson certainly knows his topic and has a tender heart for women. He cut right to the chase and brought us into a new paradigm of who we are in Christ, negating the destructive view the media has pounded women with. This was not only refreshing but life changing...
Ok, So Jason has decided that he wants to keep his mare.. Canadian x and send her to a reputable trainer, for whom we have narrowed it down to 4 choices... Clay Webster, Jim Anderson (if he can take them), Vance Kaglea or Lachlin Bell. Has any of you heard of these people? From what I understand they are all awesome. Still waiting to here from them.. so all of this considered.. I can now relax and think about getting a Canadian colt/filly!!
Hey Jim, admittedly I'm a bit removed here in FL but is Anderson's total failure on the road causing any uproar in AR?
A joint meeting of the Autauga Genealogical Society and the Montgomery Genealogical Society will be held this Sunday, Feb. 9, at 2:30 p.m. Note that the date, times and location are different from the usual for the Autauga County meetings. Location: Figh-Pickett-Barnes House, 512 South Court Street, Montgomery, Alabama. Program: Mr. Jim Anderson of Birmingham will speak on the Loose Records Project Web (LRPW) index, a searchable database of names culled from the records of Probate Courts in Alabama that were cleaned, indexed and prepared for microfilming by the Genealogical Society of Utah. Mr. Anderson shows various ways the online database can be searched, and some wild-card search tips. Mr. Anderson is webmaster for Alabama Genealogical Society and supports the Society in other technology matters. He is also an interim co-editor of the Society’s magazine. Information: AGS Vice-President Tyrone Crowley at 365-4713 or MGS member Terry Ingram at 467-9933.
So you have to ask what is the political interest in Canada for banning the sale of raw milk to consumers?... - Jim Anderson
The city of Sochi has hired a private company to kill as many stray dogs as possible before the Russia's Winter Olympics 2014 (Jim Anderson
Congratulations to Director Ryan Anderson (SCC Film Student) and starring Anderson's son and Jim Coats, (who...
Our Jim Anderson clinics were AMAZING!! HUGE thanks to Jim and everyone who helped organize!
If you have a need this week, please contact one of our deacons:. Jim Anderson: 457-2441. Milton Hager: 945-3517. Mike Agee: 847-5568
Forgot Jim Anderson fixd my truck yesterday and I jumped the clutch wen I crunk it this morn. Thanx for fixng my truck jim!
SAINT SUZUKI There are two David Suzukis. Most of us know one of the Suzukis. Let’s call him Saint Suzuki. That’s the Suzuki whose TV show on the CBC constantly lectures us about our lifestyle. He says we need to consume less, buy less and use less fossil fuels. But then there’s another Suzuki. Let’s call him Secret Suzuki, because he’s far less well-known. Secret Suzuki is the one who lives on Vancouver’s elite Point Grey Road, on a double lot, overlooking English Bay, right above the exclusive Kitsilano Yacht Club. The City of Vancouver assesses the land value alone at over $8 million. And that’s just one of Secret Suzuki’s properties. He has another million-dollar home in Vancouver. And then there’s another home on Quadra Island. That’s three homes right there, if you count the double lot on Point Grey Road as just one property. But then there’s his large property holdings on Nelson Island. What’s so fascinating about that one is that he co-owns the property with an oil company, ...
CONVERTING A 2 LANE BRIDGE TO A 3 LANE BRIDGE? No we aren't talking about Windsor Bridge this time. We are talking about the Jim Anderson Bridge which forms part of the Windsor Flood Evacuation Route. Council's Floodplain Risk Management Advisory Committee met on the 21st November 2013. In this meeting discussion arose regarding the feasibility of three lanes being implemented for permanent use on the bridge, or whether the 3rd lane be implemented as a contingency plan for emergency vehicles in emergency situations only. In further discussion it was recommended by the committee that consideration be given to asking Council to write to the Minister for Emergency Services advising of the need for urgent upgrade of the roads east of the Jim Anderson Bridge. Part of the recommendation from the committee to the Council was to Implement dual outbound lanes (towards Mulgrave) on the Bridge during flood emergencies and Investigate lane duplication options, east of Jim Anderson Bridge. If you are interested in wha ...
Wow what a weekend, Jim Anderson came to the WOW event and church service at TCCC. God has confirmed, revealed and reaffirm alot of things to me. The thing I cannot stop weeping about is, God came me a profound revelation, that HE GOD IS MY ABBA AND I AM ABBA'S DAUGHTER, I AM DAUGHTER, I AM A CHILD OF ABBA, I AM A PRINCESS OF THE KING OF KINGS! Just in the name ABBA I cannot stop weeping, OH MY ABBA, MY ABBA THANKS YOU FOR CRREATING ME TO BE YOU DAUGHTER, WHAT A PRECIOUS GIFT AND HONOR TO CALL YOU ABBA! I can't wait to go back hom and tell my intern family what the ABBA has done in my life!!!
Jim Anderson canceled the night hike at Eisenhower Park for Monday night due to the weather.
Still surreal seeing my old Villanova classmate Howie Long doing commentary on national TV. Sat beside him in freshman Spanish. Remember him, Jim Anderson?
Hi everyone! Don't forget that if you haven't sent the second half of your payment for the Jim Anderson clinic please do so. Also to remind you that I will be depositing what I have tomorrow. Really looking forward to this clinic. Thank you all .
Seahawks 43-8. Jim Anderson I am joining you at Stonebridge.
Neil Strassman is asking for you, Jim Anderson
Ok, this sounds eerily like a description of Jim Anderson. Kidding, honey! Lol
A Powerful Day at Cornerstone! God's presence was evident everywhere throughout the campus and believers! New Message: 2.2.14 New Sermon Series launched: "The Arc and the Spark" "Look Who's on the Look-Out" Luke 5:1-11 Pastor Jim Anderson
We are just back home after our week in Tenerife, the 8th year in a row. If you are in a position to go, it is really recommended for a cheap winter break. The weather is generally like a warm summer's day in the UK and you can buy a pint of beer for a Euro with offers on other drinks and food too. We went all inclusive with food on offer from 07.30 to 22.00 and drinks from 10.30 to 0.00. We paid £45 each per day and did not really need to spend any more. Just read some reviews of our hotel on Tripadvisor and wondering if some people went to the same hotel!! Also, caught up with friends David Ronan and Jim Anderson who were staying in other parts of the resort with their other halves. With Michelle Stevens
Does anyone know Jim Anderson , the joiner, and a contact number please and thank you!
Sunday 2nd February 2014: TAFCA Individual Allegro: 6 round Swiss; 25 minutes each player; 22 players entered in the end? A full report will be up asap but for now the results! 1st - Stephen Hogg (Dundee) 5½ pts 2nd - Elaine Bamber (Castlehill)5 pts Under 1650n- Jim Anderson (Dundee) 3½ Under 1400 - Kathleen Rutherford (Ninewells) 3 pts Junior Prize - Samuel Kearns & Euan Dawson (Castlehill) 2½ pts New faces, old faces returning for the first time in a while? Drama as you would expect not despite of the grading difference, but because of the grading difference! We even had a puncture opening gambit before the tournament started which left the player involved very tired! Mind you, Elaine and rubber seem like a very intoxicating mix! :) More later but a great days chess which all the players involved seemed to enjoy! A "BIG, BIG" thank you to Marie & John for the use of the hall in The clubbie" It was a fantastic venue for playing a chess tournament in! We are made most welcome and the hall is perfect fo ...
Hey John Bevers and Jim Anderson man I think this is that guy that was at the golds gym the other day. Thor
Simply put, this morning was goopy and gross--my feet have been rarely so wet and cold. But the snow and ice did make everything look pretty. Thank you, Jim Anderson and Margaret Menzel! 'Hope to be out on Tuesday night, provided, of course, I don't require a double foot amputation before then.
Yesterday when I was young the taste of life was sweet as rain upon my tongue. I teased at life as if it were a foolish game, the way the evening breeze may tease a candle flame. The thousand dreams I dreamed, the splendid things I planned I always built alas on weak and shifting sand. I lived by night and shunned the naked light of the day and only now I see how the years ran away. (HERBERT KRETZMER, CHARLES AZNAVOUR) - Jim Anderson
This is a gorgeous photo my friend Jim Anderson took out his window this morning. Throgs Neck NY
KPIX Eyewitness News report from May 23rd 1967 by Jim Anderson featuring an interview with Stokely Carmichael who reflects on how the formation of the Black Panther Party will influence the civil rights movement. He states that: "This is the first time in the country that negroes will be organized f...
We use to Dance, at Party's parades and any were. My dad White bear, loved all tribes white n/a black ~~~? what ever, as long as you wanted to know about dancing he would teach you and the old ones and young ones loved us ! all '. On the light side of the tribe is Jim Anderson, suzie, and Kari Jo Leiran, Thats my dad and my two brothers Bob and Frank, I has siting in the car in trouble like all ways ? any ways Happy N~ A month your Pal "AL", and Bro', fudd ~
Happy Happy Birthday to my brother, Jim Anderson. Have a GREAT day!!
Everybody has a breaking point, but some people could take more than others. - Jim Anderson, Voices of The Pacific
Jim Anderson won't rule out his possible campaign to unseat Mike Pompeo. Run Jim run!
If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitable.
A huge thanks to everyone who came out today to our Crossroads Cowboy Market! The support was tremendous, and it was a great time. I think we really have the 'best' friends & family on the planet!!! Now to get ready for the upcoming Jim Anderson clinic next weekend!
Late as ever but, Oh Well!!! 4 years ago Jim Anderson and I were blessed, Yes blessed with a handsome baby boy named Braylon Jakobe Anderson!!! This young man is a fighter... At seven weeks old you had to fight for your life son. The doctors had no answers but God was in control of it all. Today at the age of 4 you have overcome 4 surgeries and the lost loss of a kidney. Oh but God! I'm screaming to the top of my lungs Happy 4th Birthday son!!! I trust and pray that YoU are blessed with many many more.
Playing a show in Manteca, CA at 6:00 PM today at MRPS Hall
Was told from a reliable source last night that Jim Anderson had passed away - now been told that is not correct. Will find out more today.
Jim Anderson - 298 games for The Old Parish has passed away - great prop and gentleman - should have had, and was deserving of welsh cap.
Road to the Horse had a chance to chat with Wild Card Jim Anderson and his 6 Ranch bred gelding Six Flo Buck...
Jim Anderson shares the KAWC message with Dave Riek from the AM1320 studio
Jim Anderson and Alice Ferris in a special Halloween edition of KAWC's pledge drive!
Good luck to Road to the Horse Wild Card Jim Anderson and the 6 Ranch gelding Maverick this weekend in Texas.
Andrea Bereznak from APS joined Jim Anderson at KAWC to encourage listener support with a $500 match!
Andrea Bereznak And Jim Anderson in the thick of KAWC's pledge drive. APS is matching right now. Call 344–7693!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Kowen Forest on 17 Nov 2013 should be a really good day. David Read and Jim Anderson leading.
R.I.P. Jim Anderson, greatest manager I have ever worked for...
President Jim Anderson featured as a "Big Data Guru" in 2013 Innovation Survey
Poor Jim Anderson. It's as if he doesn't know how many leaves are actually out there.
Great Audio Engineering Society chat last with recording engineer and producer Jim Anderson. Thanks to U of L and...
Really enjoyed talking to Grammy winning recording engineer Jim Anderson. He's at the U of L sharing his knowledge of his trade.
Jim Anderson is excited to be on air with Dave Riek. What do you love about KAWC? Call up to support it! 344-7693...
Very sorry for your loss, Katherine. My good friend Jim Anderson, NSO trustee, is also there today.
Dance, The: A Novel (The Restoration Series): Jim Anderson is a successful businessman, and his wife, Marilyn,...
Shout out to Jim Anderson, for calling in to tell me I did a great job last weekend and to welcome me to the Black hills 👍
The 4th IGT Day is on Thursday 31 October. Tee off from 7:00 and 12:00 with a sausage sizzle from 11:30. Team entry fee is $40, with a total prize pool of $500. Places are filling so if you haven’t already, get your team together and names down with John or Alex in the Sports Shop.   Men’s Golf Saturday’s Stroke & Putt – Monthly Shirts saw 30 men on the course. The winner of the Gross Shirt was Laurie Clay with 69 gross and the Nett Shirt went to Barry Morris with 60nett. The Overall Winner was Barry Morris, with Peter Dennis the Winner of Division 1 with 62nett and Laurie Clay the runner up with 64nett; while in Division 2 the winner was Jim Baxter with 64nett and Craig Bradley was runner up with 65nett. The Mystery Nine (Front) was won by Barry Morris with 33, runner up was Laurie Clay with 35 and 3rd was Peter Dennis with 36. Division 1 NTPs were won by George Cooper on both the 14th and 18th, while in Division 2 Campbell Petterson won on the 14th and Jim Anderson on the 18th. The Ball Comp wi ...
The World Statistics on Production and EMS From GAA Reporting from the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s annual conference, GOAL 2013, this year in Paris, France, John Sackton, editor of, writes: Jim Anderson, head of the World Bank’s global fisheries and aquaculture program, said that global shrimp production fell 5.7% in 2011-12 and 9.6% in 2012-2013. Overall global shrimp production is 23% less than what had been expected a few years ago, and in actual numbers is down 15% since 2011. These numbers are based on a GAA industry survey at GOAL 2013. The reason for the declining numbers is the outbreak of early mortality syndrome in Asia and Mexico. Although the industry is optimistic that global growth will recover in 2014, to a 7% a year level, this may not be borne out on the ground. Further, Anderson said that the disease problems had forced farmers to harvest smaller shrimp. The smallest sizes (51-60 count per pound and smaller) accounted for 23% of Asian production in 2008, but in 2013 ...
It feels like we've been moving for approximately 5 years. Ugh. Big thanks to Mary Baldwin and her family, Wayne and Deanna Salisbury, Cheryl Smith, Jim Anderson, and Sarah Miller-LaBarge! Another day of toting bales and lifting barges. Sarah got the horse pasture mostly done - I'll be able to finish it and heat up the fence tomorrow. I think one more truck/trailer load will have the house done. Then it's the tack room, barn, and the last of the tools. The dumpster arrives Tuesday.
CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2012-13: Final report! Congratulations to Dmitriy Payada for yet another great Club Championship! Gary Weir pushed him all the way, but paid the price for his draw against Bruce Wallace in the first round! Despite this, Gary had a very good tournament and finished Runner-up! Bruce Wallace, well what can you say about his club Championship but "RESULT!" The last round saw a few surprise results. Some expected, some not! Leonardo Sani (1072) beat Graham Atkins (1503) but to be fair Leonardo's current live grade was at one time over 1600! Gordon Thomas (1424) finally gets something off Craig Nicol (1628). Gordon drew with Craig, a result that breaks his duck against him after years of trying! That other young gun from our club, Declan Shafi (1309), took on and beat the old grey fox, Jim Anderson (1629)! Again this is a sort of shock result but given Declan`s performance this season, not a big one! The smiling assassin was grinning like a Cheshire cat!, Gary Weir (1764) produced a cool no ne ...
Father Peter's Sermon from last Sunday Who Knows Best? Father Knows Best is one of the televisions shows from a particular period that lifted the model of who a “dad” was to a particularly high and wise level. Whether it was Jim Anderson in that show, or Ward Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver or Hank Mitchell to (and in) Dennis the Menace there have been plenty of positive role model dads for us to emulate. These fictional men were wise, understanding, thoughtful, and their characters reflected the ideal of “dad” as presented by popular culture at a time when humanity elevated, perhaps to an impossible reach, the ideal represented in the model of a parent. Though, in partial tribute to this day reserved for fatherhood, I am using male examples, the points in this talk can be used as examples for all of us who find the bar of perfection raised to impossible heights. Likewise our Gospel today provides us with examples of perfection from Jesus’ day. Here the Son of God accepts a dinner invitation ...
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Thank you Christianne and Melissa for making every day Father's Day. With the help of your Mother, you have make me look like Cliff Huxtable (The Cosby Show), Ward Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver), and Jim Anderson (Father Knows Best) all rolled into one. Love Dad
We have the entire Leave it to Beaver series.There were a lot of Great TV Dads in those days.Lucas McCain, Jim Anderson, Herman Munster, Jed Clampett.Rob Petrie, .Nowadays, they make them look like fools, if they're even needed in a family.Probably, hasn't been a Good TV Dad since Cliff Huxtable.
ECFM Committe wish to thank a great team for support and help at both the Haddington Market where we broadcast 'LIVE' Thank you Alasdair Cavaye, supreme effort, also to Danny Piggins our first presenter 'live' on an OB, David Stirton for his producing also Charlie, Liz, Christine, Les, Peter the Teeshirt, the young team, Ryan, Baillsie, Michael P and at Lauderdale Park for Dunbar Civic week, Jim Anderson, David Stirton, Liz & Christine Booth, Gillian Baillie, Colin Stewart & Hazel Virtue, Peter the Teeshirt, and again our young team Baillsie, Ryan, Craig T, thank you all a credit to ECFM
as this day draws to an end I give great thanks to Michael Higgins Chacon,Marna Chacon, Jim Anderson and Rabin for the gift of today at the LA Mission and Adopt A Meal. Most people go thru their days unaware of the plight of the hungry and homeless or if they do know they choose to look away - it is real and sadly there is no end in sight - for now. today knocked me to the core - there is a period in my life I don't speak of much but I know of what I experienced at the LA Mission today and while I am grateful for where I am now , I am once again humbled by the reality of this plight. I spoke with several members of the crew at the Mission today - we are told not to engage too much but I don't listen well and they are human - the look on the faces of Sherman and Bill and Anthony when I asked their names , shook their hands more than made up for my slight act of defiance - when we told Bill that we would wash his dishes and he should take a break he looked stunned and said no one had ever done that - I ...
As we are about to embark on Father’s Day weekend I found myself for some reason reflecting on a biblical verse earlier today that I read many years ago. To the fatherless be as a father, and help their mother as a husband would; Thus will you be like a son to the Most High, and he will be more tender to you than a mother. (Sirach 4.10). You see, I did not have much of a Father growing up. In fact, I can still vividly remember watching reruns of television shows as a very young boy like “Father Knows Best” and “Leave it to Beaver” often with a tear running down the side of my face because I wished my dad was more like Jim Anderson or Ward Cleaver. I also watched my friend’s interacting with their father’s with great interest and envy. Many of these gentlemen were kind enough to be father like to me. For that, I am eternally thankful. It isn’t very easy becoming a man when you didn’t have anyone to teach you what it is to be one, much less how to be a good father. That being said, I real ...
And we have a winner!!! Each person who named a correct person first was entered into the drawing by and the winner is Kristi Banken. Kristi wins a $25 gift certificate (which was how many TV dads were correctly named). Here is the list we used (I don't agree with all of them, but this was the top 50 TV dads of all times list that we used.) Thanks to everyone for playing and making this a fun Monday! 01. Cliff Huxtable (The Cosby Show) 02. Ben Cartwright (Bonanza) 03. John Walton, Sr. (The Waltons) 04. Charles Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie) 05. Danny Williams (Make Room for Daddy) 06. Jim Anderson (Father Knows Best) 07. Steve Douglas (My Three Sons) 08. Andy Taylor (The Andy Griffith Show) 09. Howard Cunningham (Happy Days) 10. Ray Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond) 11. Reverend Eric Camden (7th Heaven) 12. Steven Keaton (Family Ties) 13. Dan Conner (Roseanne) 14. Mike Brady (The Brady Bunch) 15. Tom Corbett (Courtship of Eddie's Father) 16. Alex Stone (The Donna Reed Show) 17. Forres ...
Jim Anderson was dying from a massive heart attack. The only signs of trouble came a year earlier, but his doctor called his symptoms “stress related.” Jim was working 12 hour days as a supervisor at a waste water treatment plant. But this time, Jim knew it was much more than stress. "I was resting in my bedroom and all of a sudden, I had a crushing pain in my chest; and the pain radiated down my arm and up the side of my neck," Jim said. "I couldn’t catch my breath. And I called to my daughter and said, 'You’re going to have to get me to the hospital. I’m not going to make it.' ” A balloon catheter was inserted into his artery. He was stabilized and placed on a heart transplant list. But two days later, Jim flat lined. Jim remembers, "I could see everyone rushing into the room, but I couldn’t hear the alarms going off. It’s like I had gone under water. The hearing had just faded away. That’s when I began to pray. I knew I was dying. It wasn’t a scared praying. It was earnest." "As I p ...
This is for all my hunting friends out there. Jim Anderson, Catherine Reindel Iden, Gary Don Sands, Richard Rogers II, Michael & Mandy Slayton. I would love to find this under my trampoline. If my friend Roy Carter -Troy Carter was around we would have a fun day together.
Buddy Holly Signed 45 -- Last Known Item Autographed by Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper, Acquired Just Before Fatal 1959 Crash. It was Monday night, February 2, 1959: The line-up at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, included Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson), Dion and the Belmonts, and Frankie Sardo. "Good night! We've got a plane to catch but we'll be back in spring!" Holly declared after his final song "Brown Eyed Handsome Man". As the young musicians were leaving the Surf Ballroom, a teenager from Clear Lake named Jim Anderson -- waiting patiently between the dressing room and the exit -- persuaded Holly, Valens, the Bopper, and the other performers to sign the Buddy Holly 45 rpm vinyl record he received as one of the first fans admitted through the Surf's door that night. It was late, approximately 12:20am. Buddy, Ritchie Valens, and the Bopper then hopped into a car driven by the Surf's manager, leaving at approximately 12:30am, arriving at the Mason City ai ...
Wullie Hall, my mum and dad, sandy's mum and dad, callum connolly, drew & tammy anderson, Glenrothes Loyal RSC, Lisa & Graham, cameron hospital kitchen staff, Jane Anderson, Jim Anderson, Benjamin & Oliver Anderson, Tina Peattie, michael paterson & Ryan Stewart and everyone who donated to sponsor sheet my father had. thankyou, Thankyou Thankyou thats 15 sponsors towards the 20 needed to force our sandy to get his tattoo, but more importantly have taken us to £6770.53!! Delighted isn't the word its absolutely amazing.your all very kind and it's greatly appreciated I can assure you.
National Federation of Community Broadcasting conference. NFCB WELCOME SPEECH. 053013 Good morning. My name’s Andrew Leslie Phillips – I’m the interim General Manager at Pacifica’s KPFA in Berkeley. And I want to extend you a warm welcome to the Bay Area. This is the second time I’ve had the privilege to welcome the NFCB – you were here two years ago – the Bay Area is rich in radio and I want to commend my radio colleagues, all of whom fill a very valuable niche in this media landscape serving the 7.5 million who live here. I think we all know that the platform for radio is rapidly changing as radio become more available on other media – if you want some expert advice on this I suggest you find GoalBusters – Jim Anderson and Alice Ferris who are amongst us today and have been tremendously helpful as KPFA’s development consultants since we discovered them here at the NFCB two years ago. I believe they’ll be a great addition to stations with or without development plans and they know a ...
Thank you to my family members who have sacrificed & served in the military giving us the ultimate gift of freedom. Elliott Anderson, Homer Landers, Phillip Hackney, Jim Anderson, Sue Anderson, Larry Montgomery & Leo Glassco. To my family members currently serving Jeff Glassco, James Anderson & Kylie Anderson. My love to my heroes!
It was getting on 6:50pm still not many honkers players arrived, jayden adams was debuting for his first game as a honker. they were starring down the barrel of a forfeit. Until the duo of Shaun ley and Adrian corrie also following behind young super star javvad Anderson. 6 players to start the game nothing honkers haven't faced before. Jim Anderson an Trenton Lowe soon showed up and it was game on. It was tight with grog monsters up 3-1 early in the first half but honkers soon finishing the better team at the break 5-4 up. With both teams tired an making mistakes someone needed to stand up and mark tibbits was that someone. He started setting up play and tries started to rain. Shaun ley was good in both attack and defence and a late injury to young super star javvad Anderson but the game was a good finish. Honkers finished the game 14-5 winners in what was a statement to the rest of the league coming into the finals. Next up for honkers is the NT titles which starts on Friday night. HONK HONK HONK
From left to right, back row: Brothers Freddie Joyner, Torian Strickland, and Bennie J Smith. Front Row: Guide Right Chairman-Gregory Jones, Jim Anderson, Sean Bohannan, Nathan Owens, III, and Quinton Irby. For many Greek fraternity and sorority chapters in the City of Cincinnati, the Kappa Alpha Ps...
John Abbott College & Jim Anderson outstanding hosts for the IACP meeting. Many thx
My friend, Jim Anderson, of Anderson Corner at Libua, has started up an old Icelandic tradition of communicating in poetry. Contemplating my arrival in Manitoba, he posted a poem warning me of frost giants. I replied in verse (no poet, I) about the costs of leaving Manitoba, or any other place we've grown up. Thoughts on Returning Home Snow covered slopes, trees white with frost, The highway slick with ice, Forgotten. This is the price Of getting lost Among the monkey puzzle trees Among the hyacinth and ferns. In early life our turns Are meant to please Our youthful lust For recognition, money, status. We lounge among the garden lattice, Seduced by soft scents. Give our trust To ambition, desire, greed Give up our friends, The seasons, because time never ends, Every year will breed Another, just like the one before, And fate will leave us time To share the snow and rime And keep open friendship’s door. But in each camillia’s bloom Each riot of rhododendron flowers Holding us in seductive bowers We cou ...
Thank you Jesus for Jim Anderson and Carrie Abbott! Bless them in their ministry that brings your design into light!
Wahpeton, N.D., native Jim Anderson supplies bats for and other teams. He's on 790 KFGO right now. Tune in. Very interesting story.
Dyna Maxx National Conference Call in progress! Year 2 of this amazing Company and WOW !!! Pammy Sue Ortiz, Cathie Flores Trimble, Claire Landers, Valoree Murray, Troy Mock, Jay Archer, Bill Ladwig, Jim Anderson~~ Such a blessing and honor to be your Life Coach/Personal Trainer of this company from Day 1 :) :) :) SOOO BLESSED with this opportunity!
watching CNN Anderson about Dorner. can anyone fathom WHY, if this is an "ongoing investigation" & the owner of the cabin can not go to their property, then WHY on God's green earth were Jim & Karen Reynolds allowed to have a (detailed) press conference about being tied up? ...this makes NO sense!! ...what are we bombing or doing internationally to have such a smoke screen, geesh!
Watching Duke win makes my guts churn. Like the way your guts would feel after Taco Bell with some hot sauce and milk.
So sleepy, don't want to be at work and I still have 4 more hrs :-P
Going to Wis tomorrow night. who's down.
The 6 Blazers who've come in off the bench tonight average a combined 18.7 points. Hornets sixth man Ryan Anderson averages 17.1 by himself
I can sing like Liam, Ian Brown and now Brett Anderson.
Erik Karlsson was helped to the dressing room just before the end of the period. Looks like Matt Cooke's skate cut his leg. Kevin Bieksa missed 47 games with a cut leg one year on similar play...
new family member today...Avonlea Hope.born to niece Kim Anderson-Johnson & Matt Johnson.can't wait to hold her.congratulations 1st time grandma's Alice & Judy & grandpa Jim! Big girl.. almost 9 lbs
Taking Hunter to his first High School Strate wrestling tournament this weekend. I know it alot different since 1989. I am a little excited to go too. The last time i was there Mr O'Connor was walking his son Pat OConnor in the grand march. I will never forget that and now we get to see two great Coaches get in to the HALL OF FAME. That will be a former IB Wrestler and coach Drosopoulas Dad. I am honor to know both of then.
Sitting in my seat Row 10 Center Stage waiting for Merle Haggard to come on. Beautiful old theater in Chattanooga Tn.
Built-in Shaker (Original Mix) [EgoTon] is available for download on Beatport, the world's largest DJ and electronic music community.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Jim Brew Anderson, you might want to look this one over. Duke/Duchess Shoppe 233 West Coshocton Street Johnstown, OH 43031 (740) 967-9216
Off-Broadway style theatre in the heart of New Hampshire
This is it folks! Rock For Doc is on! The Enmore Theatre, Sydney, is the venue, date is April 15, the confirmed line-up so far: Jimmy Barnes, Don Walker, The Screaming Jets, The Baby Animals, Rose Tattoo, The Radiators, Diesel, Rob Hirst, Jim Moginie, Mark Gable, John Stevens, Steve Balbi, Mi Sex, past and present members of The Angels...many more will be coming, add in comments as they're confirmed.
Come to "Jim Anderson & the Rebels @ Manteca Bowl Rookies Pub and Grill w/ Jim Ander" Sunday, April 28 from 5:00...
CNN is reporting that the charred remains in the cabin in the woods, originally hoped to Christopher Jordan Dorner, has been identified as being that of a female. Anybody hearing anything or the same from any other 'news' station?
Needin a plasterer folks anyone got any contacts?
PRAYER REQUEST Remember my brother Billy Jim in prayer. He was taken by ambulance to hospital. Blood Pressure 251/100, & Vertigo. Keeping him over tonight. Mrs Faye Frederick of anderson
But you're right it's amazing that Rick Barry, George Blanda, OJ Anderson, Jim Burt all went to
Jim Suttle, hands down. Stothert was bought for $10,000 by Virgil Anderson over a piece of property.
Here's a fun story for you all. Though I'm sure most of you are already aware of it. The infamous "plane ride from *** . Well, the superstars were flying home to the states from the United Kingdom in 2002, because from 2000 to 2002 (this incident had something to do with it ending) WWE used to hold an England exclusive pay-per-view called "Insurrextion". The Raw roster was on a flight home; Now bearing in mind Jim Ross, president of talent relations was onboard to uphold the law, along with road agents Arn Anderson, Dave Finley, Gerry Briscoe, Michael Hayes, locker room leader the undertaker was present, along with senior writers Stephanie Mcmahon and Paul Heyman. so you'd think the crew would behave themselves right??? WRONG! Many of the guys were having a good time drinking onboard untill some got completey sloshed and things really got out of hand: Bradshaw got into a tiff with michael hayes, who had reportedly been in a grumpy mood the whole tour... it turned physical, and ever the bully, Bradshaw fl ...
Just finished checking through all our ski gear. Am so excited.. Can't wait to hit the slopes (hopefully not literally). Xx
This week we're looking back at the TOP 5 MOVIES SET IN THE 1800s. Comment with your favorite because it's time.
Inspired by the previous post, what's your favourite musical pairing/unit/partnership? Some musical unions are just a perfect match - Gainsbourg/Vannier. Bowie/Eno. Byrne/Eno. You get the idea. Go!
Midweek Mr Thatchers Cider oh go on then - it is united on the box !
Nugget and Al write...Morning lovers! Happy Valentine's Day..if you want to send a message to your "special" someone for us to read on the air, drop a line here...or if you would like to declare your unrequited love for us (c'mon, we know you're only human!!)
  Poison Spyder Racing Completes 2013 King Of the Hammers Race   FEBRUARY 13, 2013 • BANNING, CA — Team Poison Spyder Racing, with driver Larry McRae, Co-Driver Shad Kennedy and car “Venom One”, posted a solid 11th place finish at the toughest single day off-road race in the world, th...
James Twp: River and Trinklein, 3 horses in the road running east bound.
Happy birthday to me. Three years ago today I aligned with THE coolest company on the planet. I have been able to help more people achieve positive change in their health and wealth than I could ever have in clinic as a naturopath. That is huge for me to admit but it is very true. Thank you Jim Coover, Kathy Coover , Erik Coover and John Anderson for all that you have brought to my life and those I meet on this journey. I am forever grateful.
Jim Anderson, Professor at the Clive Davis Institute for Recorded Music, received his tenth Grammy Award February 10 for Best Surround Sound Album at the 55th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Anderson received the award for the album Modern Cool by Premonition Records.
Today the Anderson Cooper show after the dog show champion was on on the bottom of the screen it bleeped red and said that meaning i guess promoted puppy mills, I agree but there are breeders who are not puppy mills and good breeders, my late sister raised boston terriers , she loved her two breeding dogs as pets as well as those puppies when they were born, they got the best vet care right from the start. The biggest way to catch puppy mills is if the breeders are locked in cages as well as the puppy's and more then one set of breeding dogs. I also bought two chihuahua's from a breeder Tammy in Hartwick who I swear by, both dogs had been returned to her she was honest also you had to sign a contract to not sell the dogs , she would refund your money, my two chihuahua's I had purchased from her were to small to breed and she made me sign that I would not breed them , when taking them to the vets and he confirmed that not even if they were c section, my little britty wanted to be a mommy so bad, its look . ...
"Remember, for every setback, God has a major comeback! Missy, I listened on the radio. You will win next year." I found this in a note from my Grandma Kiecker after I missed a shot in high school play-offs. Funny, we did win the next year. There was also a cookie recipe with it...cinnamon pie sticks:-). I miss my grandparents, they taught me faith, kindness, work, and how to fish:-) and since i don't cook, i REALLY miss their food! Tiffany called them the red grandma and the Blue Grandma!
It's that time of year! I'm at Anderson Hospital in Maryville selling Chocolate Covered Strawberries!!!
Screw the question Jordan vs Lebron. Who's the best of all time in pro wrestling?
Winnipeg Humane Society speaks up for bear cub; says survival slim if released
Five years ago, the Phillies added Tom McCarthy back to their broadcast team after a stint with the New York Mets. At the time he signed a five-year contract to call the middle three innings and do interviews during the game and postgame, and potentially fill in for Harry Kalas.
Valentine's Day is tomorrow, let us help make your evening sweet with $20 Red Mango - Lubbock, TX! Tell us who your Valentine is for your chance to win!
But they didn't win Jim. If Farve doesnt throw the INT we win SB. If Anderson doesnt miss we had a good chance. If and but Jim.
This is the final update for CCYC. See you Friday!
which do you like better: Scarlett or Scar? Vote.
Brannon’s guest is Chris Pinto. Topic: A report has come to Brannon’s attention that reveals that the Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s Sustainable Development program funded evangelicals to push their environmentalist agenda which means that evangelicals were pushing globalism. This is exactly what Brann...
Great things continue to happen at Care Net of Scranton. At recent Board meetings, we have made several changes. The Board has gained three new members recently: Beth Howden, Bob Kieselowsky and Jim Rutledge. Our annual election has shuffled the deck of officers: Jack Munley is now our Chairman, Kenn Anderson, Sr. takes the role of Vice Chairman, Dana Meyers has stepped in as Treasurer and Scott Kester remains on as Secretary. God is good, and continues to grow our Board in his wisdom and grace.
At every company, the CIO has a lot of different things that he or she is expected to be able to accomplish. At the same time, there are many things that are going on in the business environment ar...
Heading out to SoCal today. Have stops planned in Santa Fe, NM to visit Kent Anderson, author of my fav book, "Sympathy For The Devil" then off to Truth or Consequences, NM at my stepbrothers house, James Durham, then out the southern route to Phoenix to visit my brother, David Schofield, Sean Schlueter, Serena Nicole Schlueter, my brother, Jim Schofield, who is visiting Dave, also will visit my oldest brother, Ron Schofield, then off to the coast to visit many, many more. (hope to see the NuGuy, Jason Scott La Bounty) Bringing Carl Joseph Schlueter, and Christopher Joseph Cisneros with me in the old Ford pick up. See ya all real soon.
Ok so Valentine's Day candy purchased for Frick & Frack. Being strong & fighting my chocolate covered cherry craving. Jim you know the cashier said Happy VALENTIMES Day...LOL I CAN'T!
As thousands of cruise ship passengers endure a nightmare aboard a broken down ship, Carnival Cruise Lines CEO Micky Arison, pictured, didn't have a care in the world as he watched the Miami Heat on Tuesday night.
I just listened to Dr. Claude Anderson on Rev. Jim Holley show! PHENOMENAL!!! Please take the time out of your hectic schedule to research him!!! BLACK ECONOMICS IS THE KEY TO OUR FUTURE!!!
BREAKING NEWS! - Cherokee County school trustee Jim Touchberry was involved in a serious 2-vehicle accident last night near Clemson and is a patient in the Anderson hospital this morning with some serious but not life-threatening injuries, including several broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Family members say Touchberry was resting this morning. Keep checking here for more details and be sure and pick up a copy of The Chronicle for the story about 5 p.m. today.
“The world is full of men who want to be right, when actually the secret of a man's strength and his pathway to true honor is his ability to admit fault when he has failed. God wants to fill the church with men who can say they are wrong when THEY ARE WRONG. A man who is willing to humble himself before God and his family and say:"I was wrong." will find that his family has all the confidence in the world in him and will much more readily follow him. If he stubbornly refuses to repent or admit he was wrong, their confidence in him and in his leadership erodes.” ― Jim Anderson, Unmasked: Exposing the Cultural Sexual Assault
An album dedicated to the best swings on tour.
Wow! This sounds really interesting! Port Cities Review is looking for fiction and feature articles that capture the flavor of great port cities around the world, delivering the atmosphere of travel and change along with human depth and introspection. Whether you write personal essays, travel articles, or arts and culture feature stories, if the writing is great and has a strong tie-in to port cities related themes, it could be the right fit. We're a paying market currently at the rate of $50 per 1,000 word article and a comparable rate for fiction. Chip Livingston, Veronica Pamoukaghlian, Cherie Magnus, Jim Anderson, check this out!
.""catse i'm your lady ...and you are my man.whene-ever you reach for me.i will do all that i can."".hey.HAPPY VALENTINES TO YOU ALL MY DEAR LOYAL AND KEEN LISTENERS.michael your love guru.sweeping you off your feet and taking you on a twirl of heart beats till that magic moment here on the mid-nite express.cola vina to you my on-line family and peace-makers .pleasure to bring you home .closer than you will ever be to your loved join me and enjoy the cheers.and keep smiling and sharing the love.tons of love.have a ROMANTIC VALENTINES DAY.vina du riki and foe'eksia.!
FOOTBALL- Better all-time quarterback? Tom Brady, Jim Kelly or Ken Anderson - find out:
What a day! Dad n Mum took me for a walk, Dad stayed home most of the day, Lee the plumber came around, Jim the electrician came here later, and best of all: Lizzy Anderson came around to play with me. .. Excuse me, might just go for a recovery nap!
Meet Thomas M. Wilks. A district manager by day who is creating a surprising graphic novel on his seemingly typical daily commute home. With his imagination ...
Crying because I had to explain who Jim Morrison was :(
CNN has some random dude hosting its political coverage, because the fire requires wolf and anderson's unique talents
Come to "Jim Anderson & the Rebels @ Woodland Opera House" Saturday, August 17 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Two more new members today at the Bellevue Chamber. President Jim Ristow and Board Chair Chad Anderson...
yay! grammy for jim anderson and all, sound surrond remastering of "modern cool" by Patricia Barber Jazz Musician
In the audience: press-shy Jim Anderson who controls the 70 acres that Wynn wants to use
Jim O'Brien in for Peter Regin (upper-body). Andre Benoit is the only scratch. Craig Anderson starts.
Congratulations to Darcy Proper & Jim Anderson on winning the Grammy for 'Best surround sound Album of the Year'. See
I want the Jim Anderson in a way that is entirely at odds with my lifestyle choices, at least based on name. But it sounds GOOD...
The Arizona golf coach will join us today to tell us about his new job! It's Jim Anderson who grew up in Sioux Falls...we've had his brother Mark on the show (pro caddy) and father John (World Golf Hall of Fame) it's Jim's turn. Tommy (DWU golf) you're next! Kurtiss Riggs will also talk about the Sioux Falls Storm season opener Friday night in Green Bay. It hardly seems possible that the indoor football season is already upon us!
FOOTBALL- Better all-time Joe Montana, Jim Kelly or Ken Anderson - find out:
Fixing more pepper ground on Lewis. Emory & Jim weeding for themselves. Jim plowed a little for Anderson.
Monty on Anderson: "He is not only a shooter. Something we talked about a number of times... he has more in his game (than shooting)."
Anderson: "We didn't want to let up coming into the (All-Star) break. This is a key time for us to get some (wins). We're playing well."
R.Anderson: "We came out and played great tonight from the beginning. We knew this was going to be a grind of a game. We just played harder"
Roger Mason helping close out Detroit late with 10 points in the fourth quarter, including 2 treys. Ryan Anderson has 11 pts in 4th featured in NBC s Science of Love
One of the best 1st halves Hornets have played all season, with Lopez going 7-for-10 and Anderson 6-for-10 (3-for-5 treys). NOLA 55-41
Ryan Anderson rarely dunks, but a very nice two-handed slam after catching pass on left wing and taking 2 dribbles through teeth of D
"Don't wish it were easier. Wish you were better." - Jim Rohn "Don't wish it were easier. Wish you were...
& the sad thing is, unlike Deion & Jim Nantz, this guy's inflammatory nonsense isn't even paid for by the NFL.
Meet Jim Roy, an outstanding MD Anderson employee. He's the January 2013 Heart of MD Anderson: via
He'd better write a song or team with Wes Anderson or Jim Rash on a screenplay if he hopes to get an O.
Congratulations to Music Advisory Committee member Jim Anderson on his Grammy Award for Best Surround Sound Album
Be inspired by an enviro innovation letter from Ray Anderson's pal @ Interface, Jim Hartzfeld via
Congrats to professor Jim Anderson from the on winning his 10th Grammy last night!
don't you think Jimmy Anderson and Jim Carey were separated at birth?
Albany's Matt Anderson was named the CCM/AHL player of the week.
Tax Credits Under Review in State Legislature: Cindy Stephens talks with Jim Anderson, president of the Springfi...
The New York Audio Show congratulates 2013 Grammy Winners Jim Anderson and Darcy Proper for their win last night:...
Bill Wilson and Jim Donio congratulating contest winner Lauren Anderson at
Congrats to my professor, Jim Anderson, on his 10th Grammy win! Nothin' like Modern Cool Jazz.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Had a day off with Adam Van Hoosier and enjoyed it, watched some TV and totally miss winter camping with Adam Van Hoosier, Brian Van Hoosier, Mike Moritz, Chuck Prosise, Don Don Coker, Darlene Moritz, Tim Barton, Kyle Barton, Jim Anderson, Matt Matthew Anderson and friends! Miss you all!
Author: Dan Walsh Gary Smalley Title:The Dance Publisher: Revell Clueless. Absolutely clueless: Jim Anderson thought he was a great husband and father. Sure, his business was going through a rough patch, but he was keeping up appear...
Think it's gettin' near the time to take down the textes involving. actress Margaret Hamilton.along with... the Scarecrow, the Tin-man, and the Cowardly Lion. and I suppose I ought to include. Frank Morgan and Billie Burke. think I also should include a couple people who worked behind the camera, like. Richard Thorpe, later on he will (or would) direct some guy from a small town called, Tupelo, in a movie called Jailhouse Rock, oh, love that prison dance scene. and King Vidor, soon, he would go on to direct, Northwest Passage, among others in it, Walter Brennan, Jim Anderson, I mean Robert Young and Spencer Tracy. Mervyn LeRoy, later on he would (or will) direct Mister Roberts, I already talked 'bout that one in the above text, he also directed No Time For Sergeants, it's an okay one, deputy Barney Fife and his boss are in it. back to. actress Margaret Hamilton.and the Cowardly Lion, the Tin-man, and Scarecrow. wonder if I ought to include, the little people people, nope, don't think I will mention, the M ...
Off to Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet Illinois with Mason Grzybowski, Jim Anderson, Brent Cioffi, Adam Kiel, Victor Hyde and Mike Jeffrey...
So a fellow by the name of Jim Anderson comes into my office today at… - Rockford Rocked FB
Yup. Eddie Lacy is in the rugged AFC North mold. Jim Anderson has a lot of experience with big, powerful backs.
Great "Walk for Life" event yesterday at Fourth Memorial Church. We heard a powerful message from my friend, Jim Anderson, as well as an inspiring testimony from a lady who put her son up for "open adoption" when she was only 17 and single. The icing on the cake was when she introduced a young man, now 22 years old, who was that very child place in a loving home so many years earlier. He was articulate and filled with the joy of the Lord as he joined his biological mom on stage. God is good! I'm so glad this young man had the chance to come into this world and live his life for Jesus! There are no unwanted children. There are parents waiting in line, ready to adopt a child that the mother may not be capable of taking care of. I hope every true follower of Christ will stand together for the life of the unborn. Never give up!
Any guesses..? Pam Anderson, Jim Anderson, Joshua Anderson, Amanda Sinn, and Kelli Anderson.. you cant play this game, you know me to well :) Sorry lol
For those who have been asking about arrangements for Jim Anderson they are as follows. Visitation will be tomorrow January 1st at James H Davis from 4pm-8pm. Funeral will be at Fist Free Will Baptist Church January 2nd. Visitation starting at 12pm with funeral service at 1pm. Burial to follow at Pleasant Grove Cemetery.
Other than cash deals, this was just 2nd trade ever between & The other? John Montague for Jim Anderson in 1979!
I love finding little those known stories of American Revolutionary War. In this interview, Jim Anderson of...
The Steinway piano is considered the benchmark of the instrument. Shaw TV's Nikki Ewanyshyn meets Jim Anderson, a piano tuner responsible for keeping the Uni...
Congratulations to UA men's golf coach Jim Anderson, who was named to the 2013 U.S. Palmer Cup coaching staff...quite an honor!
Congrats to coach Jim Anderson who has been selected to be the assistant coach for team USA at the Palmer Cup!
Palmer Cup USA select coaching team Jay Sewell (Alabama) and Jim Anderson (Arizona)
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Pomeroy, Larry Frederick August 15, 1949 - November 23, 2012 Peacefully, surrounded by the love of his family and friends, on Friday, November 23, 2012, at St. Mary's of the Lake Hospital. Beloved husband for 41 years of Sandra (nee Belanger). Cherished father of Scott Pomeroy and Shari Burns (Cory). Loving and proud grandpa of Taylor, Teagan and Raya Burns. Dear b rother-in-law of Betty and Jim Anderson, Jane and Bob McCrae and Brenda and Phillip Belanger. Fondly remembered by his nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Predeceased by his parents Dorothy and Bill Pomeroy. Friends will received at the Gordon F. Tompkins Funeral Home-Central Chapel, 49 Colborne Street (at Clergy Street), on Tuesday November 27, 2012 from 6-9 p.m. Memorial Service to be held in our Chapel, on Wednesday November 28, at 1:30 p.m.
$8 was pretty cheap for an experiment in time travel. Saw a lot of old friends and familiar faces and maybe a ghost or two at the Columbia City Theater w/ Rusty Willoughby, Truly and Love Battery. However the sound was a total fiasco, and I felt bad for bands of that caliber having to deal with it. Truly had to stop mid song due to a deafening feed back squeal, Robert Roth finally unplugging his guitar to show the sound man it wasn't coming from his rig. Had to play the rest of the set with no monitors. Sound man also never seemed to notice that Truly had keyboards and backing vocals. I never saw Truly live back in the day, but had their album, great musicians making cool music. Love Battery suffered from bad sound and no monitors too. I guess Jim Anderson wasn't working. Oh well, guess I'm not the only one these things happen to!
Rita Yau is now connected to Jim Anderson (Senior Vice President, Networking Components Division at LSI): Rita Y...
Remembering "Father Knows Best" and father Jim Anderson's great Thanksgiving prayer.
Check out this great listen on Spend Thanksgiving with "your neighbors, the Andersons" and Father Knows Best!One of the most popular family programs from the Golden Age of radio, Father Knows Best debuted as a radio sitcom in 1949, starring Robert Young as Jim Anderson, the show's"he...
Father Is Not Feeling Well (Aired December 14, 1950) The series began August 25, 1949, on NBC Radio. Set in the Midwest, it starred Robert Young as General Insurance agent Jim Anderson. His wife Margaret was first portrayed by June Whitley and later by Jean Vander Pyl. The Anderson children were Be...
Congratulations to my AHS friend Jim Anderson on coming in on my referral at Commonwealth Motors and trading his car in for a brand new Nissan Sentra! Thank you Jim!
Another shot of Jim Anderson from Chicago Blues Kingsnakes Tuesday night at Harlem Ave. Lounge.
A wonderful weekend at Pease Chapel Dont miss our community Gospel Singing Friday Night @ 6:30. Sunday Morning is Part 2 of Pastor Jordans Series Modern Family:Prime Time. Who is the best discription of you as a family member? are you a Munster, Al Bundy, Bart Simpson, Jim Anderson,George Costanza, Ray Borone ect? Come find out as we look to the word of God as how we are to live together as family. Ill be looking for you Sunday Morning.
Support exists for calling a special session of the Legislature to address the funding of state-run hospitals, prisons and higher education, but is it enough support? Thirteen votes are needed from the Senate by Friday in order to call the special session. Spurred by the comments of Ponchatoula resident Jim Anderson in his letter to the editor on this page today, we polled senators by phone Wednesday and found five solid votes — among them local senators Ben Nevers and Jack Donahue -- in favor of the session. Hammond’s Sen. Bodi White was leaning toward a no vote, and Opelousas Sen. Elbert Guillory was calling for a special session in December. Another senator’s voice mailbox was too full for us to leave a message, and the rest of our calls were answered by senators’ secretaries, either in person or via voice mail, who promised a return call. The excuse that a special session would be a waste of money does not hold water. As Hammond resident C.B. Forgotston points out today in his column, the Legi ...
Working on a pop culture lesson for college class in which I screen the pilot episode of "Father Knows Best" from 1950s and pilot episode of "Modern Family" from a couple of years ago. Oh how things have changed. Jim Anderson (Robert Young) comes home in suit and tie and lights up a cigarette before discovering the shocking news that son Bud has got a date for the prom.
today in 1978: At a British Columbia auction, Houston tavern owner Jim Anderson paid $3,000 for a pair of "bloomers" once worn by Queen Victoria. They are history's most expensive used bloomers.
Be at the WUFO Expo Job & Health Fair for the Black State of the Union Buffalo Edition panel discussion with Washington, D.C 's Dr. Leroy Jones of the Political Jones show. The panelist are Ted Kirkland, Sam Radford, Charlie Fisher and Jim Anderson! You don't wanna miss them attack today's issues! Its only at the Expo, Oct 19 9a-5p at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center!
Straps family dog to car, kills Bert and Ernie, and liquidates workers. He's Jim Anderson meets Patrick Bateman, and he could be your prez.
Tonight at Washington Platform in downtown Cincinnati, from 9pm-12am. With John Zappa Quartet, including Jim Anderson, Tony Franklin, and Myself. Great food, and a great room. Come on down and check it out!
I just clicked on something called,"Who Views My Profile"? I have no Idea why. It's one of those dumb things I do ever year or two. Just before I have to take it to the comp- Dr. and spend hundreds of dollars fixing it. Dumb, Dumb. I really don't know of anything that interesting to view, other than by a few family members and a few friends. Take for instance, my cousins Ken Anderson and his wife. Ken is recovering from a major accident and should not be walking, after being run over by a bus. He is now able to do short mountain trail walks while training 4 or 5 extremely large goats to be pack carriers. My cousin Jim Anderson spends most of his spare time touring Colorado on one of the finest motorcycles ever made.and the surrounding states, and taking lots of pics as he goes. Both are two of the top archery hunters in the country. My Aunt Renee Peirce and her husband Noel, are top class photographers who go on weekly trips taking beautiful pics of the grand canyon and surrounding areas. I love living th ...
It's also great that on Military Appreciation Day, we induct three veterans into the HOF: Jim Anderson, Vic Dyrgall and Frank Young.
-- Dr. Jim Anderson discovers that product managers have their very own "Bermuda Triangle" that can cause products to disappear! Dr. Ande...
Arrangements and obituary for Jim Anderson - James "Jim" Charles Anderson, Age: 73 Visitation is Sunday, August 19, after 6 P.M. at the J.W. Call Funeral Home Chapel, with evening services at 7 p.m. Funeral services one o'clock Monday , August 20, 2012 at the J.W. Call Chapel with Rev. Bradley Smart and Chris Bartley Officiating. Interment in the Elkhorn City Cemetery, Elkhorn City, KY. James "Jim" Charles Anderson, age 73 of Pikeville, KY, passed away Friday, August 17, 2012 at Pikeville Medical Center. He was born October 3, 1938 in Charleston, WV, the son of Leda Mae Moore Anderson Zangler and the late Harry Anderson. He was a deputy Jailer at the Pike County Detention Center. He was in the Marine Corp, former owner of Burdine Hardware and Anderson Hardware in Elkhorn City, and most recently worked as Pike Co. Deputy Jailer and coordinator of the work release program. Some of his involvments were: Co-founder of Apple Blossom Festival in Elkhorn City. Mason 32nd degree (El Hasa) Thomas C. Cecil Lodge F ...
It's official, the 2012 Greg Morris Memorial Golf Tournament is full of players/sponsors. Thank s goes to everyone that has entered, sponsored and helped along the way. We still have sponsorship holes available. Remember for those that have entered and playing golf will be able to park early on Tuesday evening and NHRA tech will be on hand to do your cars once you park, courtousey of NHRA, Texas Motorplex and Jim Anderson.
God morning FB family & friends,just checking in to see what ive been missing.I just want to put a bug in the ear of all the outdoors man out there.I grew up the last of 12 kids.and being the baby kind of put me late in my dads life for him to have the energy to show me much of the outdoors.I have the love of hunting & fishing put in me by mostly two men that took me along when they didnt have to and for this I am thankful.I just want to say if you have little brothers,sisters,nephews,etc etc take them along on your adventures,they want ever forget it.Thanks big brother(Jim Anderson) and brother-n-law (Joe Bourne) for putting up with me.
Winning run in the finals of the 2012 Calgary Stampede Cowboy Up Challenge by Jim Anderson.
Thoughts and prayers go out from my heart today for my Project coordinator and his family. His son-in-law is a police officer who was seriously wounded in the line of duty. Anyone who knows Jim Anderson please send up a few prayers for him and his son as he goes through this terrible ordeal. And always remember the sacrifice that our men and women in the armed forces and police go through to try and make this a better place to live.
Thank you for the share via Jim Anderson
On air till noon Jim Anderson followed by Craig Gordon till 3pm standing in for Ally Dee
On July 21st 1878, nineteenth-century train robber & outlaw, whose legend has grown way out of proportion in relation to his actual deeds. Bass and his gang were in a store buying tobacco when they shot a Deputy Sheriff. Bass was then shot by Rangers, & crawled into a nearby field, taken into custody & died the next day, on his 27th birthday. In 1967, South African-born British actor in over 70 films, but his most famous role was Sherlock Holmes in fourteen films between 1939 & 1946, Basil Rathborn, died of a heart attack at 75. In 1998, radio, movie & TV actor, best known as 'Jim Anderson', the father in "Father Knows Best" & the physician on "Marcus Welby, M.D.", Robert Young, died of respiratory failure, at 91.
Several years ago, Steve Foster's college teammate, Jim Anderson, who sits on the Board of Directors for Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas, contacted him about creating an event that would mirror...
To David Keith and Jim Anderson about There is a model to study =>
"We do not take the issue of lightly." David Keith & Jim Anderson respond to report
I was sick for a few days so I stayed in bed and watched television. Mostly I watched old television – Antenna TV and METV which shows the series from the 50s, 60s and 70s. What is up with Jim Anderson of Father Knows Best? He comes home from work wearing a suit and tie and he takes his suit coat off and hangs it in the closet and then puts on a sport coat. He never takes off his tie. Ward Cleaver of LEAVE IT TO BEAVER also wears his tie a lot as well. There was even a time when Mr. Cleaver took Beaver to the baseball game and they both put on suits and ties to go. But I have also seen Ken Burns documentary on baseball and the fans wore suits and ties to the games and the ladies wore dresses. Back to Ward Cleaver for a moment. I know Jim Anderson sold insurance but what exactly did Ward do for a living? And then, do not get me started on DENNIS THE MENACE and why there were two Mr Wilson’s and one Mrs Wilson and a sister and….. oh well families are even stranger nowadays. Shouldn’t Dennis the Mena ...
The following will be posted on Clear Channel Stations calender. This should start today. Stations include KTCZ-FM, KDWB-FM, KEEY-FM, KFXN-FM,KQQL-FM, KTCN-AM. Unfortunately they will not do an interview. Join us for the Conquer Chiari Walk Across America at 10am September 22nd at Commons Park in Fridley. Registration starts at 830am Chiari is a neurological disorder causing a wide ranging, diverse set of symptoms, including severe headaches, neck pain, balance problems, weakness in the arms and legs, and respiratory problems. Chiari affects 300,000 people in the US.Go to help sponser or to sign up to walk! A huge thank you goes out to Jim Anderson for trying to help us get the word out all over the Twin Cities. Big hugs to you Jim. :)
The Cowboy Up Challenge at the Calgary Stampede was won by Strathmore cowboy Jim Anderson. Cowboys and horses worked a difficult course.
Jim Anderson reppin his REBEL DEN t-shirt with NBA Hall of Famer and 1992 Dream Teamer Mullin @ The...
Jim Anderson's Photos of The Grateful Dead Wall of Sound 30 June 1974 at the Springfield Civic Center
Happy Father's Day to all my friends out there! You have made a difference in my life! Muah! O.B. Osceola, Dennis Strickland, Mark Harding, Cedric Cromwell, Dallin Maybee, Casper Lomayesva, Jerome Banks, Jim Bloom, Tim Guerrette, Mark Baker, David Billy, O.b. Osceola, Brian Zepeda, Lee Zepeda, Arlo Hagen and Jimmy Wheeler (obviously), Jim Anderson, Jerome Jeker, and many more... but you guys rock...
Preacher recalled some well known fathers this morning. Ward Cleaver, Ozzie Nelson and Steve Douglas. He left out Jim Anderson afterall he was the one who knew best.
Jim Anderson is a medically Retired Sheriff who found his way back into the Entertainment Industry, both singing and acting. After re-entering the Entertainment Industry in 2011, Jim met Frank, Tom, Mickey, & Greg. These gentlemen have an average of 40 years of musical experience both on stage and...
D-Ring Winners are : Deborah O'neil, Jim Anderson and Ryan Mahoney!! Congrats to the winners! Please contact...
Andi, maybe a shoutout to my dad Jim Anderson and the whole Rogers TV family!?!
Well, I did it!! I married my best friend yesterday! Couldnt have asked for a more beautiful day! Everything turned out pretty darn good! Thanks to Becky Anderson , Jim Anderson , Jayandlisa Foster , Kristin Sage Wolfe , Jennifer Brames , Shawanna Dillman , Leah Hennessy , Jordan Hennessy , Andrew Bowers, Josh Cochran , Ryan Murphy! Thanks for standing by our sides and witnessing our special day! We love you all so much and appreciate all you did for us!!
not bad by that Jim Anderson fella. Fancy he could make it one day if he knuckles down
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