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Jim Acosta

Abilio James Acosta (born April 1971), known professionally as Jim Acosta, is CNN's National Political Correspondent.

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Looks like Greg Gianforte is heading to DC. Hopefully his first hostile interview will be with Jim Acosta of CNN.
Jim Acosta nothing but a wannabe reporter - *** on steroids
Jim, you had the easiest take down ever here - but somehow, I've no idea why, you prefer to restrain? why?
CNN News, giggle. Kid pulls off photobomb on CNN at WH Easter Egg Roll.
This is awsome even the children know is
Unidentified sources reveal that CNN Jim Acosta has been having an affair with estranged wife of pedophile Anthony Wien…
CNN Jim Acosta says "We need people to trust us.". Sorry, man, that ship sailed so long ago, it might as well have been n…
Oh, man, this epic pwn of a Breitbart reporter is EVERYTHING. Jim Acosta just destroys him. "Why can't we just have the t…
Never thought I'd see the day a Fox anchor - - bristle at CNN's Jim Acosta being labelled fake news and…
So, Anderson Cooper enroute for exclusive with POTUS suddenly gets 'volunteered'; "Jim Acosta, Andy can't make it - you're up!" Right.
Sorry Nia you have it backwards. George Clooney looks like Jim Acosta cuz Jim > George. Get em Jim! You rock, sir.
you rock! George Clooney & Jim Acosta in the same sentence. I see a new Jack Ryan. 👏👏👏👏
Jim Acosta looks like a young George Clooney
I think George Clooney should play Jim Acosta.
is it just me or does Jim Acosta look like George Clooney?
I know, it's a day off & I was watching. The only good thing is I find Jim Acosta sexy in a George Clooney kind of way.
Sean Spicer seemed shocked to hear Jim Acosta say poor people existed; he just thought it was a myth like Star Wa...
Love you Jim Acosta! You're getting under the creep's skin. Don't forget is demented with a carnival barker's mentality
Who really really wrote this report?. By Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta, Jeff Zeleny, Sara Murray, John King and Gloria Bo…
Thank you Jim...keep it up.pedal to the metal...
You can read Jim Acosta's timeline right now about speaking directly with Gordon.
Great statement - completely correct. Get over it Jim, you lost. Move on.
Um, Acosta...JD Gordon...fake news...I, it's all...I mean...none of it...look, I have to tell y…
J.D. Gordon, a former Trump campaign adviser, tells CNN's Jim Acosta that he and other Trump personnel met with ...
J.D. Gordon a nat sec advisor for Donald Trump's campaign just told Jim that he had meetings w/ Russian Ambassador duri…
Jim Acosta will pay the price for CNN very fake news! 😡
If . Where was Chuck Todd, Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper outcry for what Obama's Admin did to James Rosen…
.Donald Trump asks whether CNN reporter Jim Acosta is related to his Labour Secretary Pick, Alexander Acosta.
Trump has now focused more on Hillary Clinton and Jim Acosta than health care reform and Alexander Acosta.
"He talked about Jim Acosta more than he talked about Alexander Acosta." -
I wish this guy was kin to Jim Acosta 🤣🤣! That would have been funny 😂! "Check the family tree 🤣". Foolery everyday 🤣🤣🤣!
President Trump to Jim Acosta: "Are you related to my new pick Alexander? I asked my ppl to bring me the family tree to…
Donald Trump calling Jim Acosta and CNN *very* fake news is like Ben Carson calling Stacey Dash a super uncle Tom.
seeing Jim Acosta in the West Wing on the live feed just feet away from a reality show 'villain.'…
"Jim Acosta, CNN, Mr. Spicer, what was your mother's maiden name?" . "Quick follow up, what was the name of your first p…
CNN-Anderson Cooper,jim Sciuto,Jim Acosta ,Fareed Zakaria,Dr Sanjay Gupta,team CNN you r all good
Yea, media is horrible. Jim Acosta and Gloria Vandebilt's son are AWFUL. Frigging Fox got Bob Beckel, the vegetable, back. Darn
Jim Acosta, a fake news blogger needs to be removed from future conferences. Speaking over a woman and the President-ele…
Are you referring to Jim Acosta's display earlier this week? Trump was within his rights and Acosta was out of line.
. Folks, freedom of press is most respected at all times. Both of you have a great day. Jim Acosta, was great!
The moment that Trump ruined Jim Acosta's career with a great one liner: "You Are Fake News".
“Trump shouted down CNN’s Jim Acosta as ‘fake news’ then took a question from Breitbart” by
Lawmaker calls for CNN to fire Jim Acosta after fight with Trump
Poppy b like I know you have to recap the week but like everyone and their 4th cousin saw trump go at Jim Acosta
Feeling the Trump political heat Jim? Simple Law of Courtesy: Show cordial respect and then you'll receive it from DJT!
.Jim, be reminded that .is NOW PEOTUS & NO LONGER a candidate where u can treat him rudely! Those day…
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.calls Pres.-elect Trump's exchange with CNN reporter Jim Acosta "terrifying": "We should all be concerned about that e…
TheRoot: Which journalists stepped up to defend Jim Acosta?
Journalists stand up to Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s press secretary, for threatening to ban CNN’s Jim Acosta
Which journalists stepped up to defend Jim Acosta?
CNN’s Jim on covering the Trump presidency: “I’m going to do the news. We’re going to keep doing the news.”
Shep Smith went to a safe space with a coloring book and a puppy after Trump shut down CNN.
Jim Acosta has a friend in The New York Press Club
Trump owes Jim Acosta an apology. Acosta was there to report the news. Trump is a poor excuse for an individual.
Too funny! Dogs responding to Donald Trump yelling at CNN’s Jim Acosta in presser goes viral ht…
Hey Jim= you looked and sounded like a baby who didn't get his soother at the news conference. Youre such an *** Why didn't you attack Obama or your own CNN Donna Brasil, who is a piece of dirt that needs to kicked around for a while.
CNN's Jim Acosta will be calling out sick today. Doctor's have been unable to dislodge the President-elect's foot from…
Now is the time to support CNN, Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta, Anderson Cooper. Excellent truthtelling tonight. cc:
"NO SOUP FOR YOU" said the Nazi to Jim Acosta...and then called them fake news, as he consumes Breitbart.
Donald Trump just shot Jim Acosta in the middle of Fifth Avenue and the rest of the press didn't blink.
CNN braking news just in: Trump allegedly sodomised Jim Acosta, made his B'tch and golden showered him according to anon source
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CNN's Jim Acosta was yelling questions to Trump. Trump refused to answer. "You are fake news," he said. Says the...
Jim Acosta Reports on Intel Report: Putin Ordered Campaign to influence Election. via
Hard to vote for Jim this election but I swore to vote 'D' all the way, he more often sides with GOP not De…
what are you talking about Jim? I hope you're just quoting someone and not really believing this BS.
give it to me straight Jim, IS HE OUT? my money is banking on it!!
7:22 p.m.: "On CNN, Jim Acosta, shared what a senior advisor to Trump told him: "It will take a miracle for us to win."
Lyin' Jim, the 'election' was not hacked, and Clapper has perjured himself to Congress in past. He is Lyin' Jim Clapper, your bro
Gr8 AC segment Jim! Dont laugh but is it possible Trumps double Russian agent? Do we really know Trump? Woodward & Bernstein time...
It's dishonest Jim and to say Trump "promised to reveal information." You know exactly what he was referring to.
'Fascinating?' in "extremely interesting?" Is that the adjective that best describes this, Jim?
Jim - I'm no Trump fan; but look at the footage and what he actually said. He said "you'll find out" TUE or WED. 1/1
. the intelligence briefing was move to Friday . Get with the program Jim
Ge was supposed to be briefed today, he wasn't, don't be a moron Jim.
how can he speak about it when briefing was delayed, Jim??
Hey Jim. We rnt surprised. If his mouth is open, he's lying.
funny Jim, 0bama told Medvedev he'd be more flexable after the 2012 elections. Medvedev said "I'll tell Vlad that"
CNN's Jim Acosta says campaign Trump will be President Trump. Your powers of observation are simply amazing. Along w van Jones.
I think you hit the nail on the head with that one, Jim 🔨 😩
CNN's Jim Acosta: "I think campaign Trump will be President Trump"
CNN's Jim "I think campaign Trump will be President Trump"
Anderson Cooper and Jim Acosta back at it again calling Bannon a racist. No proof of course. Does CNN ever fact check CNN ?
a,few weeks ago she was spat on and called horrible names, Jim Acosta was also threatened ,
. Jim, pls convey to Brianna Keillar our thoughts and prayers for any personal loss in her family.
Wasn't CNN reporter Jim Acosta hit last week by a Trump supporter?
so what you are saying is he will initiate Jim Crow laws again? Aren't blacks asking for black only safe spaces already?
. Obama: 'I'm the first Kenyan-American to be president'. Jim Acosta, CNN. Just let that muslim emissary go…
Jim, never too late to see the light (which I think you have)& separate yourself from hack majority that is in your field of work
I think he meant that for you Jim. :-)
it is happening,Jim. People will be stunned but won't be able to deny it.
. Jim, many D--k-heads are joining forces, unbelievable!
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Somebody buy Jim Acosta a drink on me. He's a hero for surviving these Trump rallies.
Jim will you ever recover from covering the Trump campaign? Hang in there it's almost over.
The people most relieved are the poor media like Jim Acosta that have had to travel to all Trump rallies. PTSD could occur
. Wait. Jim Acosta was accosted?. And he told u to put some clothes on? That is Crazy Talk.
Pumpkin babies are much safer to cover than Trump rallies, right ? Happy Halloween, Jim :-]
Was that the same guy who told Jim Acosta to put some clothes on? If not, then it has some sort of "meaning".
Oh, Jim. You certainly bring out the best in riding the crazy
*** Jim,are you going to rallies again without pants? 😅
keep reporting with eyes shut Jim. The rest of us see what's going on and will b exposed sooner than later.
He did tell Jim Acosta to put some clothes on 😂😂
Jim, you weren't smiling. You're never fully dressed without a smile.
.bizarre, Jim. But on the other hand, you were at a Trump rally, so.8 days and you can breathe again :)
it's only freedom of speech Jim. Don't cry about it
Jim Acosta, who CNN assigned to covering Trump, tells Anderson Cooper, Trump rallies are so bad he can't imagine doing it…
Uh, this was apparently about Jim Acosta. Wth.
Jim, he was alluding to the "emperor has no clothes" saying in how he perceives your take on
Jim Acosta is the real hero of this election. The abuse he's had to go through at these rallies is abominable.
Guess was unimpressed by your sartorial choices Jim
Jim, you *** Just parading the goods around for free.
stay safe Jim. Love listening to you each day.
.I hope has been giving you a hardship stipend! Hang in there, Jim.
Oh Jim, this one is a special chapter for your memoirs book.
The other day watching a rally in Tallahassee FL - Trump people threw stuff at Jim Acosta
hey Jim do you think Anthony Weiner made a deal or they really just found those emails. This seems so weird if they already knew
Despite all we know today, CNN's Jim Acosta is STILL "reporting" that FBI is investigating "new emails from Clinton private server".SMDH!
jim shes done. Come join the right team
Jim Comey do the right and moral thing. Release all information (Weiner stuff and Trump/Russia stuff).
Seeing Trump hater Jim is still covering Trump rallies. If only Trump was a Cuban dictator-Castro- Jim would gush all over, eh Jim?
Jim Where's Reid's Letter about the AG meeting privately with Bill Clinton while Hillary was under investigation? Jim?
Jim & Poppy keep taking about this.HUGE news break and yet no content has been disclosed. Desperate for ratings!
Let us never forget CNN treatment of Trump. Jim Acosta in Co has to b edgy in his comments ab Trump. Off
On wonders about a report by Jim ...
Sympathies. Genuine question, Jim: Why/who agreed to you all being penned in a cage like animals? It's always been…
what about the FBI investigation, Jim? You have something to say about that, or is it too 'repugnant'?
Jim, do you have ask why people jeer you at Trump rallies? This is one huge manure pile of a picture.…
CNN Jim Acosta and Fredricka Whitfield are just 2 of the Time Warner staff Liars. . . http…
Hey Jim, are you going to inquire about Hillary's *** size? maybe her breast size?
Smug POS Jim Acosta try's to make Trump voter looks less than by saying Trader instead of Paul Ryan is a Traitor!. ***
What it's like to cover Trump for CNN. 🖕directly responsible for Jim Acosta being hit&unsafe media at rallys
Jim Acosta cutting away from before Matthew Boyle can ask a question.
Khan told CNN's Jim Acosta on "State of the Union" that he hopes Trump's family will "teach him some empathy."
Khizr Khan, who attacked Donald Trump last week, told CNN's Jim Acosta Sunday morning that terror "has nothing to do with Islam OH REALLY
Jim, great interview! I could not take my eyes off the screen. Very moving .sincere.
I'd suggest crawl back into bigoted racist hole. Failed to answer questions and let him off hook.
Jim Acosta should have his own show, he's like watching George Clooney give the news 😁
What will the Obama's do post White House?: Jim Acosta takes a look at what the Obama's may be doing after th...
Jim Acosta calls the new Dem email hacks a "cyber Watergate." Apt description, no less criminal or invasive.
JIM! Make Sessions answer the questions. You're letting him deflect like all the trump surrogates do. Geez. You're flailing.
CNN> Sessions backs Trump on Russia: In an interview with Jim Acosta, Alabama Jeff Sessions…
Sit your *** down Jim. Just CNN hack who is a Hillary shill. We know what you & Clinton Network want to push.
CNN's Jim sat down with Khizr Khan --> here is the full interview.
How come CNN has multiple reporters at ONE press conference? Jason Carroll, Jeremy Diamond, and Jim Acosta.
Cuban President Raul Castro denied having political prisoners in his country after being questioned by CNN 's Jim Acosta d…
CNN’s Jim Acosta asks the White House’s Josh Earnest whether they’d deliver to Cuban officials the names of activists who should be freed.
"Obama defense team?" Wow, Jim Acosta, you've really gone there.
Coming up NEXT we speak w/ Jim Acosta CNN's Senior White House Correspondent re
Jim you are agreeing with Mitt who has failed 2 or 3 times. He talked highly of Trump when Trump helped Mitt. Mitt Jealous?
The team was asking for you Jim. Do it live!!
Hey, Jim! only one who can unite party. Trump (nut job), Rubio (too inexperienced), Cruz (too divisive) Go John!
February 2016 Ratings: Is No. 1 in PrimeTime Demo - Thank you Jim and for your contribution
Jim Acosta pays Luisenia Veras $600 have sex with her 16yo daughter His convictions manslaughter kidnap. htt…
Jim, my mom is not stalking you, I promise! ;-)
Jim , it would be a. Honor to meet you one day , or speak via phone .Your a real role model . !
Follow CNN 'S Jim on Trump coverage on this Super Tuesday. Jim is one of the best.
On Thank you Jim 4 that...This Donald will b thinking of that s "beautiful" "small" hands all day
Dear Jim, Just as President Obama talked about Basketball, I think that President Trump will talk about College FB!
Good luck with that. Jim, you gotta be a Trump guy!
.Jim I love the Stones but why are they playing "Let's Spend the Night Together" at a political rally?!?!
Jim-was the behavior of the protesters admirable in your opinion at Radford? Did they follow the rally announcement?
Here's the account that was given to Jim on the scene
Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, Jim.
Only if you quit using a shovel to spread it Jim .
Dear Jim, Thank you for the accurate reporting today! This is a movement and we want the to STOP!
Kevin Donald Trump didn't even know who Jim Acosta was from CNN. Could you imagine what he thinks of you?
Anyone going to this Cruz rally today? I recognized some local GOP @ the other 2. Oh & Jim Acosta, I recognized him.
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Please will you listen cautiously to DJT and his low whispering resembling Jim Jones in South America? The same scary cadence!
lunacy runs amuck in politics big Jim
Jim i very loyal to CNN but feel so upset that Trump continues to say awful things abt media&journalists but yall keep him on 24/7?
relax Jim he doesn't really mean it lol you guys will be fine
Was I wrong, I always thought Donald Trump was. Ya know what, I still think he is, Jim. I watch you all the time, never watch Trump
Too funny! reporter Jim just said on air "...this is slightly ridiculous, we are showing Trump plane circling hangar" in Ark.
Jim Acosta as CNN cuts to lengthy live shot of Trump plane flyby: "maybe it's a bit ridiculous to be doing this". Yea, a bit.
.advisors believe that they have rattled after - Jim reports.
good reporting Jim, we need you for super Tuesday.
Yes, & it's kind of like a nightmare that stays with u ! Lucky u, Jim, you're around it all the time ! !
Hey Kristen! Saw Jim Acosta live in OKC. Are you there? We have a reporter there too. Tell hello if you see him.
just left the *jim. seen Rosa Acosta there.. wanted to ask for a picture to send to my *** in the Feds but shorty woulda wild'd on me. Lol
This Jim, coming from the guy that says the same things over and over and over again.
Do YOU think Trump will get the nomination,Jim??
A somber to a very serious Jim Acosta: "What was it like being there?" . Because now the story isn't guns or terror. It's
thank you for clarifying and spreading the reality finally Jim Acosta.
Our Jim Acosta is on air laying out what the President said he plans to do on gun control, very specific measures on background checks
What gun show loophole Jim? Please explain which and how is it a loophole?
Should have stopped the Mai Tai's BEFORE that report Jim
Wow, CNN reporter Jim Acosta just took a totally cheap shot at POTUS for being on a well-deserved vacation.
Jim, Pleas have CNN enable the comments on this article. The voice of the people needs to be heard. Obama is a TRAITOR.
. Mr. Obama? Really Jim Acosta? That's President Obama to you, you, and you. All President's past & present, should be addressed thusly
You a Good Neu USA Nazi , Jim ? Squelch the Coverage of anyone but Hillary Clinton for Democrats ? Good Nazis .
Between Obama's legacy and Jimmy Carter pain both inflicted on America for fiscal irresponsibility we can't continue
he seemed rocked by 2 sorta tough questions from Jim Avila and Jim Acosta today.
Obama seems stunned to get tough questions from Jim Avila and Jim Acosta...for a change.
Jim Webb will end his bid for the Democratic nomination at a press conference today, according to a source with knowledge…
I think we may hear today from Biden. What I don't get is the reason for the delay. Good analysis as usual, Jim.
Video Source: Biden team interviewing potential staffers: CNN's Jim Acosta reports that the Vice Presiden...
Jim Webb can protect himself I assume?
BTS shoot for Placenta Men with ejfalcon thank you sir thank you…
Jim Acosta reports may be running for president.
Are Jim Acosta and George Clooney the same guy?
Jim Acosta making my point: US military bases all over world after WWII. May need similiar presence to combat terrorism
I assume Jim is backstage at the praying shows up in a Camaro and barges onstage to HBK theme.
Somewhere, Jim Acosta is waiting patiently, clinging to his phone, aviator sunglasses in hand... hoping that his beloved will appear
Jim Webb just failed his elevator speech test. 👎🏼
Ruins your fantasy entrance by VP in his aviators, Jim Acosta. > coverage, like
Someone give Jim and a pair of aviators.
Tuned into to watch - Jim explains will need 2 do a really great job in the tonight.
Vice President Biden has the political world waiting. But by waiting, is he missing his moment to enter the race? CNN's Jim Acosta reports.
Colbert taking CNN and Jim Acosta to task
Here is another look at our tour of the White House press area yesterday with Jim Acosta!
Where is Jim Webb out in front: Criminal justice reform, opposition to Iraq war, benefits for veterans
Never mind the jumpsuit, how'd Jim Acosta get Rep. Grijalva to shave his beard? .
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What's at stake? Jim is in Vegas where the final preparations are underway
.Jim Acosta Be Embarrassed at your lack of coverage of The Million Man March Apology Required Religious Intolerance
Jim nailed it. What does it say about conflict if every amount of diplomacy fails to work. I honestly don't know
. Jim, regardless of freedoms responsible folks should be circumspect and respectful of other beliefs. Violence is not acceptable!
Jim Acosta would be another great replacement for BS on Reliable Sources.He's a pro,he wears a tie,& he speaks correctly! Perfect!
Hi Jim, I'm in a feature writing class at JMU, and we're doing stories on "SMAD" alums. Was wondering if you'd be interested…
Update: hosting on Sunday with guest LEON PANETTA. Sorry, JIM
CNN Notices that President Obama is Practicing Bumper Sticker Politics: CNN’s Jim Acosta was on the air with W...
Jim Gilbert Miguel Acosta we don't need those long lenses for this shot.
Earnest at WH Presser says that Obama wasn't downplaying anti-Semitism. Good read from Jim
Jim Acosta is very juvenile & unprofessional in the WH Briefings.CNN is no longer held in high esteem.Rumor & InuendoRule
How awesome to see Jim on w/ at 4:30 am feeding us news junkies 24/7. Looking good as always guys!!
Jim Acosta asserts that Putin has outmaneuvered NATO, put US & Germany on opposite sides of post-diplomatic solution to Ukraine.
Jim Acosta & Erin Burnett are beyond stupid.How was Ron Klain going to coordinate 2 stupid *** governors who want to be POTUS.
Source: October 17 2014 - Jim Acosta reports on the White Houses Ebola Czar pick and various calls for a travel ban. ...
I love how President Obama just called on Women during his News Conference just now. No Jon Karl or Jim Acosta trying to embarrass him.
Domenica Campanaro Wastell Erica Acosta please share this on your page. Too many parents in our district and...
Oh please! Can you move out Blitzer out of your slot, please! You can deal with Jim Acosta, can't you?
Jake Tapper & that *** Jim Acosta said W.H. was caught off guard by recent ISIS Beheading. This is based on what facts??None!!
So what cnn jim Acosta is still an ***
Ryan Crocker and Jim Acosta are in church of Philadelphia
Jim Acosta asks Josh Earnest if President Obama regrets saying there is currently no plan for dealing with ISIS...
CNN's Jim Acosta went after Acosta over Obama not having any plans too today
Josh Earnest correctly informed *** Jim Acosta that W.H. had to correct misreporting by the stupid press.JV is the Press!!
If Jim Acosta hadn't misrepresented POTUS at briefing no clarification would have been needed. Dumbest Press in the World.
Earth to Jim Acosta: PBO is bombing ISIS in Iraq not David Cameron
Does Pres. Obama have a strategy for ISIS?: Jim Acosta reports on the White House’s response to President Obam...
“There is a real sense of urgency over here at the White House- Jim Acosta, regarding ISIS threat in Iraq on June 13 http…
Good Morning. Happy Friday! Investors will be watching as May's jobs report comes out at 8:30 a.m. ET. Economists surveyed by CNNMoney expect that 200,000 jobs were created in May, down from 288,000 in April. As long as at least 113,000 jobs were created, the U.S. will have now finally recovered all the jobs lost in the financial crisis. Still, most Americans think the economy won't fully recover for years. We'll take you to the beaches of Normandy to honor the brave men who played a major role in winning the war. It's been a touching a ceremony and there is more to come. It will actually be quite "entertaining" to see President Obama, President Putin and the Ukrainian President sitting together. CNN's Jim Acosta will interview Susan Rice, the President's National Security Adviser. As you know she is under fire for asserting Bowe Bergdahl "... served the United States with honor and distinction," on ABC's This Week. Jim's interview taking place shortly. We'll have it for you in the Newsroom. See you at 9 ...
please take microphone away from Jim Acosta & give to real reporter like Michelle Kosinski before he embarrasses US media worldwide.
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"DNI director James Clapper has also left WH after what appears to be meeting of POTUS Principals" -Jim Acosta
The national media trumpet the controversy involving New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with an enthusiasm they never showed for any of the various scandals involving President Obama, with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews even summoning the specter of Watergate: “The more we learn about Chris Christie, the more he does look like Richard Nixon.” Also: the same reporters who eagerly handed the microphone over to disgruntled ex-Bush officials to criticize a Republican President during wartime now find it objectionable that a new book from ex-Defense Secretary Robert Gates criticizes President Obama, with NBC’s Matt Lauer asking Gates if he was being “either dangerous or dishonorable,” while CNN’s Jim Acosta channeled how “the memoir is seen by some critics as an act of betrayal.” And on MSNBC, Chris Matthews revs up the liberal fearmongering machine, saying if Republicans win this fall, it launch “the return of something like Jim Crow days… literacy tests and poll taxes and all the rest “If I a ...
CNN's Jim Acosta reports on President Obama's push for new gun control laws, and the [CNN 4-03-2013]
Nancy Assuncao Sanchez, a former publicist for Paula Deen, says she always admired the chef and attributed her views to “cultural differences.” Sanchez to Jim Acosta on CNN. Acosta asked Sanchez if she ever heard Deen use the kind of racially insensitive language she’s accused of. Sanchez said no, b
Sen. Charles Grassley talks with CNN's Jim Acosta about the FBI using drone aircraft within the U.S. RELATED STORY: FBI uses drones in U.S., says Mueller...
A law enforcement official tells Jim Acosta that this was the text of the threatening letter sent to Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns: "You will have to kill me and my family before you get my guns. Anyone wants to come to my house will be shot in the face. The right to bear arms is my constitutional God-given right and I will exercise that right 'til the day I die. What's in this letter is nothing compared to what I've got planned for you."
Anthony Weiner wants a second chance, but should he get one? CNN's Jim Acosta takes a look at the latest polls. NA-113TU
Fast- Fierce - Real - Fun - Fabulous - Beautiful WestSide San Anto with Jim Mendiola and Piñata Protest! Gracias Jimmy- you make us proud!
It is the little label that could, Arhoolie Records, and all because one man had a passion for music that was rich and soulful, the kind of music that you feel deep down inside and that causes an uproar in your equilibrium. Whether it was coming from the Deep South or the Texas border, if it intrigu...
Fifty one museums across the country will offer free admission this weekend, as part of celebrations for International Museum Day.
CNN's Jim Acosta reports on Mark Sanford's election victory and political redemption.
Hot Air and Big Government linked to a report by CNN’s Jim Acosta claiming a hidden section in the Obamacare legislation is "a gift to the nation's powerful gun lobby" orchestrated by Senate Majori...
MEDIA ALERT: Today at 6:25 PM ET, Rick Santorum will be on CNN to talk with Jim Acosta from the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston. ~POSTED BY STAFF
President Obama warned us about when the forced spending cuts took effect that many Americans would feel the pain. One thing the administration said we would be facing right now were long lines at the airport. Does Obama's claim add up? OutFront tonight: CNN Jim Acosta has the story.
CNN's Jim Acosta speaks to the publicist of a slain model who was found dead in the home of Olympian Oscar Pistorius.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
CNN: Ashley Judd's potential Senate run is the focus of a new conservative super PAC ad. CNN's Jim Acosta reports.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie jokes about his weight, but doctors worry. CNN's Jim Acosta reports. RELATED: Former WH doc on Christie: 'I'm worried about this man dying in office'...
Jim Acosta is better looking than George Clooney. We females all watch CNN , news is great, Acosta is much better to look at.
Cowboy Logic: Let's read this, and log it a way for a little while, and revisit it again: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) fended off questions about Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) at a press conference about immigration reform. The first question out of the gate was from CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, who asked Reid when he learned that Menendez had reimbursed a political donor nearly $60,000 for two trips he took on the donor’s private plane. Reid defended the Menendez as a “friend” and “outstanding senator” but declined to discuss any details he may have had with the New Jersey lawmaker about media reports of allegations that he had sex with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. “First of all, Bob Menendez is my friend. He’s an outstanding senator. Any questions in this regard, direct to him. I don’t know anything about it,” Reid said. The purpose of the press event was for Democratic leaders to reiterate their call for comprehensive immigration reform, and Reid wanted to di ...
Andrew Johnson writes on NRO: CNN did its best to outdo MSNBC’s “thrill going up my leg” excitement when reporter Jim Acosta said he had to “pinch” himself because he couldn’t believe how close he was to the president.
CNN correspondent Jim Acosta was so excited that he was so close to seeing
CNN correspondent Jim Acosta was positively giddy while covering President Obama's inauguration parade on Monday afternoon, and didn't hold back his feelings on-air. "You know, I feel like I should pinch myself right now, Wolf. I can't believe I have this vantage point of history in the making," Aco...
VIDEO: CNN Jim Acosta has to 'pinch' himself, can't believe how close he is to President Obama -
Jim Acosta on CNN just reported that Romney camp thinks they'll win big, maybe over 300 electoral votes. Typical, Neocons in fantasy land.
CNNreporter Jim Acosta got shouted down by Romney supporters at a Romney for President rally in Etna, Ohio Friday afternoon after Acosta tried to do a newscast from the press stand in the middle of a speech by Ohio Sen. Rob Portman.
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio reacts to the debate: CNN’s Jim Acosta speaks with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) about h...
A Julycampaign storyby CNN's Jim Acosta was so biased that the Obama campaign trumpeted the headline in its new attack ad. That came after MSNBC's Andrea Mitchellcried foulover the campaign using footage of her in its ads, perhaps telling evidence of the role the liberal media is playing in this cam...
Good morning from Washington! We have a great show lined up this morning: Campaign senior advisers Robert Gibbs and Ed Gillespie; the fight for Florida with Robert Wexler and Al Cardenas; plus a great panel with Bill Burton, Grover Norquist, Susan Page and Jim Acosta.
Present | CNN's Jim Acosta speaks with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus about the Vice Presiden... | from CNN |
In an interview with CNN's Jim Acosta, Mitt Romney discusses the economy, his ads, the Middle East and Iran. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube chann...
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Is it me or does Jim Acosta on CNN look like George Clooney?
The pundits are clamoring all over each other with their commenting on Mr. Romney's latest gaff saying things like, "CNN's Romney beat reporter Jim Acosta told the network that "Mitt Romney for a while now has been saying something different behind closed doors ... than he has been saying in public in front of voters." Analyst Ron Brownstein noted that many of the people Romney seemingly dismissed are actually Republican voters, saying, "He is insulting voters that he is relying on quite heavily." Do his supporters really believe their own ears? What does FOX News say?
"The governor’s been campaigning very vigorously and we’re going to continue to campaign very vigorously,” Romney adviser Kevin Madden told reporters in Ohio on Monday. But in recent days, fellow Republicans from former New York Gov. George Pataki to conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham have openly expressed their frustrations with Romney’s campaign strategy. "If you can't beat Barack Obama with this record, then shut down the party. Shut it down. Start new, with new people," Ingraham said on her radio show Monday. -Jim Acosta, CNN-
“These are the biggest crowds, some of the biggest enthusiasm that we’ve seen at Romney campaign events . . . This is as loud as I have heard a Romney campaign rally . . . This crowd is fired up. This campaign is fired up right now.” – Jim Acosta, CNN, Saturday, Aug. 11, 2012
Ooops. Abuse the media, lose the media: Mitt Romney Is it ever a good thing to lose your cool with a journalist? Rick Gorka, the traveling press secretary for Mitt Romney, probably asked himself that very question Tuesday, July 31 after tangling with reporters who are following Romney on his overseas trip. In Warsaw, Poland on a visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Solder, reporters from CNN, The New York Times, Politico and other outlets were yelling out questions to Romney as he was heading towards a car to leave the scene. Gorka responded with “kiss my a**” and told Politico reporter Jonathan Martin to “shove it.” In looking closer at the incident, frustration existed on both sides. In reporting about the incident on CNN’s broadcast channel, national political reporter Jim Acosta complained that in the three countries Romney has visited on his week-long trip, he’s answered a total of three questions from the press pool. Acosta said Tuesday was the final opportunity for the group to get some qu ...
Coverage of Mitt Romney's foreign policy address.CNN live at noon ET on Jim Acosta and Wolf Blitzer in Israel join Candy Crowley
After Mitt Romney addressed the NAACP on Wednesday, CNN’s Jim Acosta focused on the boos he received from the audience without mentioning the crowd’s standing ovation and their applause scattered through the speech. Acosta simply reported a “very negative” reaction from the audience.
JIM ACOSTA, CNN ANCHOR: Welcome to another round of BALLOT BOWL '08, I'm Jim Acosta in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There is a big contest coming up on this state on April 22nd and this is a chance over these next several hours to hear the candidates in their own words live and unfiltered. My...
On Wednesday's The Situation Room, CNN used a slanted PolitiFact report to dismiss Mitt Romney's claim that "women account for 92.3 percent of the jobs lost under President Obama." CNN correspondent Jim Acosta aired a clip of Romney making the claim before adding that "the watchdog website Polit...
CNN's Jim Acosta just did a sitdown interview with Christine O'Donnell -- it will run during The Situation Room and John King USA tonight
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