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Jill Stein

Jill Stein (born 1950) is an American physician and candidate for President of the United States in 2012 with the Green Party of the United States.

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What about that picture where he is seated at a table with Putin; Jill Stein also there. Where the event has someth…
I still think Jill Stein played a part in this. Maybe thought it would pull women voter…
Jill Stein accuses Dems of allowing DeVos confirmation despite none of them voting for her
Jill Stein is the Donald Trump of the Green Party and no one can convince me otherwise.
Jill Stein and Ben Carson are living proof that stupid people can be doctors.
Jill Stein is the 2nd dumbest doctor in America, but only because Ben Carson still has the slot.
Man, Jill Stein and Ben Carson have REALLY done a number on the intellectual reputation of doctors everywhere.
BREAKING: Jill Stein seeking donations for immediate recount of Super Bowl LI.
Jill Stein forgot to tip her barber :(
Remember when Susan Sarandon and Jill Stein seized the moral high ground by saying Clinton would be worse than Trump? Yo…
Maybe Rand Paul is Han Solo, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru.We could then assume that Kanye West is Luke Skywalker.
.Jill Stein wasn't the only one. 2012 / 2014 .
Our Orwellian nightmare exposes the mind numbing stupidity of Jill Stein & Nina Turner who saw 'no difference' b/t Trump &…
yea we had that Ralph Nader wannabe and Putin's stooge Jill Stein stealing votes from HRC.
Jill Stein should be brought in for questioning. She is making Ralph Nader look like a saint in comparison.
BURN! Kellyanne Conway BLASTS 'woman of the people' Jill Stein for pocketing millions from failed recount efforts -. ht…
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Hillary was so flawed Putin, Trump, Wikileaks, Comey, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein had to join forces just to keep her u…
Per Article. Remember how Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein threw a fit over losing the election —...
Hillary had to battle Trump, Assange and Wikileads, the FBI, Jill Stein and G. Johnson, while too many…
the vote for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are also American votes
"...y'all had Jill Stein and Omar Johnson over here using go-fundme" - 😂😂
Yeah, all those people who voted for Gary Johnson, Evan McMuffin and Jill Stein did too
Remember when y'all voted for Gary Johnson & Jill Stein over Hillary bc somewhere in your head you genuinely though…
You do realize that nearly 4 times as many people voted for Gary Johnson then Jill Stein right?
Don't forget the Gary Johnson voters, the Jill Stein voters and the voters that regretted not voting as well.
PROTEST VOTERS lacked moral & rational ability – so they VOTED for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson!
To everyone who threw away his/her vote on Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, or rested your dawgs on the porch Election D…
We have heard Jill Stein day after day. Did Gary Johnson get placed in an undisclosed location such as Madagascar?
Your health insurance is gone. You were warned. Wanna ask Gary Johnson or Jill Stein bout that? .
Lets not forget the Bernie Sanders affect which gave Jill Stein her edge and some of Johnson's...along with Media BS
O! And thank you Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and Johnson for allowing TrumPutin to be 45. Nothing y'all can do now
and don't forget the folks who chose Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, & others. They aren't celebrating either.
i voted Jill Stein because Gary Johnson really messed up his 60 minutes interview badly
The Wisconsin Green Party and former presidential candidate Jill Stein were at the Wisconsin Capitol on Tuesday...
Final costs of Wisconsin presidential recount will be lower: Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein's…
I voted Jill Stein, b/c I practice what I preach. Also voted for Bernie. Not going to EVER buy the liberal fear BS after Obama.
Barack Obama , Hillary Clinton , Bruce Springsteen , Jill Stein and all of the other Democrats who supported...
Who is the Green Party's Jill Stein, really? so it looks like another liberal who hates Israel.
Thank you Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party's Presidential Candidate, for giving our campaign a shout-out! 💚. The...
KGB officer general Michael T. Flynn who got elected sits with Putin and Jill Stein in Moscow!
great work Dr. Jill Stein, on behalf of the recount!
except some people are actively, IMHO, working against progress - Dr. Jill Stein = Green Party who helped climate denial win
If Whoopie Goldberg, Jill Stein and Joy Behar all jumped off a 10 story building...who hits first? . .answer: who cares?
11. Dr. Jill Stein and Gov. Gary Johnson didn't make it to 5% in the election this year.
Dr. Jill Stein is certifiable. Ever heard of losing gracefully, Jill?
Oakridge dr. Jill Stein now and list the help of the current attorney general to investigate America's voting system this doctor is nuts
Little Giant Ladders
In case you didn't know, Dr. Jill Stein is
I know I've had enough of Dr. Jill Stein wasting taxpayers' monies.
You mean the two party system where Jill Stein and Gary Johnson got enough votes to potentially tip the election?
Dr. Jill Stein – if you were really intelligent, you would have ORGANIZED VOTERS AGAINST Donald Trump!
Right. Nothing, as far as I know. Dr. Jill Stein complained.
Affirmative. Now if we could figure out what Jill Stein was doing in Russia at the same time...part of a grand plan to sa…
. ...I've been saying, as have others, Dr. Jill Stein stayed far away from NV in her ReCount Efforts. NOW we C why!
Thank you Dr. Jill Stein. I've been waiting to hear from you again. Now that should Satisfy me till the cows get he…
get Dr. Jill Stein to call for another recount. You *** make me laugh. Think Clinton corruption affected votes?
I call on Dr Ben Carson to investigate Jill Stein's brain!
Looking to make a $ & undermine US system, Jill Stein pushes Justice Dept. for investigation of electoral system
Jill Stein filed for a recount in Michigan and was stopped by Republicans.
I received just as many electoral votes as Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Evan McMullin combined!
I want to buy Shawn King, Michael Moore and Jill Stein a one way ticket to the moon
Jill Stein's crusade to expose voter fraud blows the lid off ballot box fraud in Detroit where Hillary Clinton won big…
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Jill Stein joins Khizr Khan, Alicia Machado, Michelle Fields, Huma Abedin and Tim Kaine in the DNC Phantom …
Things Dems blame for '16 loss:. FBI. Russia. Jill Stein. Bernie. Fake news. Wikileaks. Voters. Racism. Sexism. Things they don't…
Obama did the same thing to Trump... so did Michelle Obama, Hillary, Jill Stein, Harry Reid, Lindsey Graham, Eliz Warren
EXPOSED: Soros behind Hillary Clinton lawyer working with Jill Stein on voter recount.
We project Jill Stein's wallet the winner of
Recounts rarely change the outcome of the election and are very expensive Look how much Jill Stein had to pay just…
Green Party's Jill Stein on Obstacles to Vote Recount: "This is Not What Democracy Looks Like" ht…
Imagine being an anti-Trumper who donated to Jill Stein's "recount" efforts only to have helped Trump gain 162 more votes…
Aren't Clinton's fanatics the dumbest? Thank you Jill Stein for the recount. What's next?
Donald Trump remains winner in Wisconsin after recount requested by Jill Stein; Trump's lead increased by 162 votes
Alyssa, the difference between your conspiracy theory & Jill Stein's conspiracy theory is that she made millions of dollars💵
Quietly awaiting the Leftist inquiries into Jill Stein's bank account.
Stein Needs to Give Millions Back to Duped Recount Donors After Getting Laughed Out of Court Again via
Ok, but told me that Trump and Hillary are the same and I should vote for Jill Stein so I did and now I fe…
I don't know what that means. I don't care about Jill Stein.
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I am saddened by the tragedy of the Ubanbi forest people in Congo. They're ignored by the MSm! Jill stein has ignored em too!
It’s over: Jill Stein’s vote recount to reverse 2016 election is a FAIL
Money well spent, Jill Stein donors! Completed Wisconsin recount results are in
Remember when everyone was dubious about Jill Stein’s recount effort?
What's Jill Stein doing with the recount money? 💰💰💰
Your rants are as silly and useless as Jill Stein`s recounts.
Donald Trump’s biggest u-turn is the one no one is talking about
Trump picked up 162 votes. And Jill Stein picked up about $3 million when all is said and done.
With the conclusion of the 2016 recount, Jill Stein will now get a head start on fundraising for the 2020 recount.
I lost in the fantasy football playoffs by 0.02 points. Can Jill Stein or the electoral college please fix this?
ABC, NBC Punt on Jill Stein’s Recount Failures in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin -
Jill Stein saving this election with a "December surprise" of evidence at the polls would be the most 20…
I'm wondering if Jill Stein secretly just hates Hillary and wanted to see her lose...again.
The calculation by scam artists Jill Stein & Hillary Clinton. Even they lose recount 100% - the goal is to derail the democracy…
Well, all those people who donated to Jill Stein's recount effort are certainly getting their money's worth
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Crowd funding well spent. Who ever said these things were not worth it?.
I can no longer be surprised by anything in 2016. Jill Stein could come down the chimney on Christmas and murder me and I'd…
The FINAL Wisconsin results are in.. GAINED another 162 votes. . Congrats to the Dems that gave Jill St…
There are 162 Wisconsin Trump voters who have no idea that Jill Stein paid ~$45,000 to make sure their vote was counted
Jill Stein--Putin's Trojan Horse--and Flynn. Remember when Stein claimed to despise Trump? Uh huh.
Pennsylvania Judge issues stinging rebuke of Jill Stein, stops recount. It's over for the destructive scam artist. ht…
Green Party candidate Jill Stein concedes Michigan recount is over via
Jill Stein's recount has completely failed. This is why they were forced to move on to 'Russia hacked the election'. http…
I had a feeling the American election wasn't as democratic as they might've hoped. One reason I was pleased to see Jill Stein taking action.
Called I'm with them : stories of my oppesed friends by Jill Stein (Dr) with pics by Bill Crosby and oj simpsons
With Michael Moore, Jill Stein, Obama, Hillary, and SecretCIA all seeking to destroy America, it's obvious they're hidin…
Jill Stein fleeced $M's off supporters. She should face a class-action lawsuit to pay it all back, AND pay money to states.
I'm calling it now:. Jill Stein will call for a recount of box office for Star Wars. She's filing for
Now we know the real reason Jill Stein is in the Green Party.
'It's a scam': Trump lashes out at Green Party's Jill Stein for forcing 'ridiculous' recount ..
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"Dr." Jill Stein makes Bernie Sanders sound mainstream. Dr. Dolittle would have been a better Green Party candidate. htt…
No matter what they say from now on, both Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders have proven to be nothing more t…
"irregularities in Michigan including more than 75,000 under-votes"
The Michigan Court of Appeals agreed that Jill Stein is not an aggrieved candidate and the recount must stop.
really what was there first thought?Jill Stein I'm sure there union was not backing Trump so
Jill Stein needs professional help, So many other ways to address issues like mating calling for a national review once the
Thank you to Jill Stein for giving Trump supporters the capacity to experience Trump's victory again and again and agai…
Michigan recount is halted, so this frivolous drama brought up by fringe Jill Stein is over.
It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Karla Marx Jill Stein raised more for her recount BS than her ENTIRE campaign for president. Sad.
Jill's must end the nonsense. Go home already.
Court said Jill Stein, who finished 4th in MI didn't have a chance of winning even after a recount & therefore isn't "agg…
After lengthy recount, imagine the horror in 50 years' if Hilary was the actual 2016 winner .
Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein have shared volunteer check-in tables in Detroit. This is Clinton's operation. Stein is a paw…
Trump wins Michigan by 0.235% of the votes as courts rule against Jill Stein. Appeals would fail.
domain names
.- time to have Jill Stein on... explain massive voter fraud uncovered (inadvertently) - which favored HRC - surprise!
Too bad the Democrats, who could have had standing, couldn't be bothered to be as bold as Jill Stein
Michigan lawmakers strike back: Jill Stein may be forced to pay for her ‘frivolous’ recount
Money quote from judge's order in Jill Stein recount case
Jill Stein finessed everyone she said alright i only got like 20 people who voted for me but lemme scam these bums
BREAKING NEWS !. . Jill Stein announces that she's raising money to challenge Secretariat's Triple Crown win in 1973.…
Jill Stein just told Cavuto voter machines that aren't online could have been hacked by floppy disks.
Jill Stein took millions from liberals for a recount that led to exposing fraud in Michigan's liberal strongholds. That work…
Michigan vote recount halted after judge says Jill Stein has no legal standing
Jill Stein was just on Neil Cavuto my God she's loon! She doesn't need a tinfoil hat she needs a LED helmet.
Federal judge ends Michigan recount, ruling that Jill Stein had no legal standing to request another look at ballots
Federal judge clears way to end Michigan recount.
Hillary Clinton has lost Michigan for a second time word has it her puppet Jill Stein may spray paint a bulldozer tomorrow in…
Jill Stein is a boil that needs Lansing.
'Donald Trump WILL be President' US judge pulls the plug on recount plea in Michigan
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Michigan recount cancelled. Will Jill Stein donate her scam money to environmental causes or just keep it?
Ya know I just love Jill Stein and how useful I feel she's been to our dear republic.
There are two lawyers so far for Jill Stein at recount hearing, about six for Michigan & GOP, incl Detroit bankrupt…
Former DNC chair blasts Jill Stein's 'waste of time' recount push | Washington Examiner
Former DNC chairman Ed Rendell blasts Jill Stein's "waste of time" recount push
Filthy pig Jill Stein is called a 'common criminal' for undermining peaceful transfer of Power shill.
Chris Wallace embarrasses Jill Stein on live television via
Jill Stein runs into a Chris Wallace BUZZSAW in the most painful recount grilling yet
This week line up on show "Cashin In" - Jill Stein, Evan McMullin, and Newt Gingrich
There's something mentally wrong with Jill Stein give it up looney toons Trump WON
Better to invest in an Erik Estrada Roller Disco franchise in Tora Bora, Afghanistan than a Jill Stein recount drive, evidently.
George Wallace crushed Jill Stein in this debate as this is not about democracy! It is about the Republic standing for Freedom‼
So we’re still blaming Jill Stein and James Comey, huh?
I was so happy not seeing Hilary Clinton. Now I have to be subjected to Jill Stein. Enough already.
I want to know when Jill Stein is going to raise millions for Homeless vets, Flint, single moms w/ special needs kids..etc..etc...
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Hillary Clinton is the only reason that she lost the election. Not Wikileaks, Putin, Russia, Bernie, Jill Stein, mille…
news is fluid today. PA recount still on. .
The GOP can't applaud McCrory for demanding a recount in NC while condemning Jill Stein's recount efforts in WI, MI and PA…
Communist Jill Stein's effort with Crooked Hillary has failed. Trump WON, get over it. We are going to MAKE AMER…
What's going on? Jill Stein drops lawsuit for Pennsylvania recount via
Thank you Jill Stein for rebroadcasting historic victories in PA, WI and MI again & again & again. htt…
Funny story- after raising millions in scam recount,Jill Stein lawyer says recount in PA suspended b/c of h…
.Jill Stein at the fundraising center:
Jill Stein just robbed the liberal base LOL. . They got fleeced yo! . You dummies got played s…
Assad doesn't think Trump can deliver I don't either. he is afraid of a vote recount...Why? .
Jill Stein took in $4 million dollars but failed to post the $1 million dollar bond necessary for the Pennsylvania recount! 😂…
What a poser this jill stein is READ ME
Not saying Jill stein stole all you dumbasses money, but if she did, itd look like this.
To all the liberal giving to Jill Stein just give to my beer fund it will show more results. . ht…
.break down the real reason why Jill Stein wants to recount the votes. Crooked Hillary is a hypocrite.…
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Send Jill Stein more money so she can buy a new Lamborghini
Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County is massively overcharging Jill Stein, still refusing hand recount
Jill Stein has opened herself up to potential litigation. "Recount" donors could claim they were defrauded. I hope she has a g…
I don't like Trump. I am not against the recount. And maybe it's just me...but man, this Jill Stein lady is getting boring.…
Jill Stein goes to Russia, determined to find the Hillary votes stolen by Trump's Russian…
The only election fraud that needs investigating is why Jill Stein took all that money then failed to pay up when it came…
Its not odd that you are having to jump through hoops, there is no bases for what you are doing. Jill Stein for prison.
Shofar trumpet up 12 + 12 in Jill Stein's recount effort I wonder if they recount California still take off 3 million illegal…
The jig is up... . Jill Stein supporters drop Pennsylvania recount suit.
Everyone who gave money to Jill Stein for Pennsylvania recount right now
Recount in Pennsylvania has FAILED. My assertion that "Jill Stein is a complete *** proven CORRECT. 😆 
Green Party candidate Jill Stein drops request for recount in Pennsylvania
Jill Stein has raised $7M to recount 3 states. Wisconsin cost $3.5M. Michigan cost $1M. She just dropped PA, says she's out…
This was and is your way to get attention! Jill Stein drops statewide Pennsylvania recount case.
If Penn State wins the Big 10, beats Ohio State, and doesn't make the 4-team playoff...I'm pretty sure Jill Stein will…
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. Jill Stein made the Green Party green again
Green Party's Jill Stein says she's dropping her bid for vote recount in... by via
Jill Stein said the American ppl deserve honest and accurate voting. Recount results? Trump won, fair and square. . ht…
Jill Stein is beating a dead horse. MT Green Party drops PA recount. Hillary loses for second time.
The Green Party wants to know why Jill Stein is raising $10 m to only recount states that Hillary closely lost
Looks like Jill Stein has run out of cash. CBS' Pittsburgh affiliate reports that the Green Party can't raise the... https…
Jill Stein is dropping a statewide recount of Pennsylvania's presidential election.
You know you suck when you're Jill Stein & you're the warmup act for Tim Kaine
The U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC) has received an official complaint that Jill Stein is serving as front for Clinton
I definitely want a special prosecutor for Hillary she's paying Jill Stein for her 💩dirty work
Carly Fiorina! Ben Carson! Jill Stein! actual political candidates of note in 2016.
Jill Stein now trying to make Michigan pay $12 million for pointless recount while Flint still cannot get cl…
I, Jill Stein, am going to Sail The Seven Seas & buy a Vacation home next to fellow sellout Bernie Sanders.
Not a drill . Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein are working together. SECRET RECOUNT FORMS.
Dr. Jill Stein: At this point, there is no evidence of fraud at the ballot box
Am hearing there was something Jill Stein could have done to avoid Hillary's having lost in the first place.
What if Jill Stein is just a character played brilliantly by the talented Judith Light.
She don't lie, but Jill Stein does.
Jill Stein and David Cobb primary news source. Very UNBIAS and reliable!
In a press release, Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson sticks it to Jill Stein for the recount filing
Episode 4:The events leading up to Bernie's loss as the Democratic National Convention (Featuring Jill Stein)
Jill Stein finna buy a new broach or whatever tf old ladies buy. She aint recounting nothing but her money. Ice that broa…
Why nazi Jill Stein and fascist Hillary Clinton start out that "recount" scam which they cannot possibly win...
THANKS FOR PLAYING -- Wisconsin Judge DENIES Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton...Yes, the Clinton campaign had joined the ha…
Owned: Jill Stein's VP candidate, Ajamu Baraka, doesn't support and called it "carrying water for the Dem…
Folks Jill Stein is going to have to lay out $3.9mm for WI alone. Tomorrow she files in MI. If you haven't donated, maybe…
Jill Stein gets her recount bill exposure the recount controversy is generating for the formerly obscure physician.
So Green Party people are mad at Jill Stein, saying that the recount would help Dems. They oppose helping either Dems/Repub
Jill Stein has been removed from the Green Party website
Jill Stein before being booted off Green Party's website. Now a updated version.
If you're donating to Jill Stein, spare $10 for Dem fighting for US Senate in Louisiana next month:
Donating a few bucks to Jill Stein seems to work.
Jill Hillary Don't get Don't get outta yo'
In case you missed it earlier, Stein has filed in PA for the recount.
. Must be stopped Jill Stein is wanted for crimes in North Dakota citizen…
It is time for Jill Stein to go away!!
Where is the coverage of CNN is interviewing Jill Stein. Why is an entire city on fire omitted from "real news…
There's not like some Giant Funder here? . Give it up Jill... . . Dr. Jill Stein: 'Plenty of evidence' for a recount.
Hey Jill Stein is a wanted criminal. . .
I knew it, thanks for confirming what I knew already. Don't forget to donate $5 to Jill Stein. lol.
Green Party in disarray by Green Party Opposes Jill Stein’s Recount Effort
Jill Stein should be pushing for an audit along with recount. Why is that not happening? Can't find fraud w/out audit.
Anonymous: Soros has just funded Jill Stein to call for legal Vote recount https:…
.“Jill Stein has no shot, Secretary Clinton has no shot, the recount is really a publicity stunt”
Under campaign law Jill Stein cant run for president with arrest warrants. Look it up
Jill Stein is not just a philosophically ignorant fool...but a corrupt Clinton/Soros sell out as well...
Green Party wants Jill Stein to step down what a mess lol
Jill stein says."We’re not there yet, and we need every last penny to reach the $9.5 million benchmark." What she really means she broke
Jill Stein & Democrats to force recounts of presidential votes in key states, says the move signals the collapse of the Dem…
For Jill Stein, it's time to put her money where her mouth is | Getty
Jill Stein is indeed wanted by the police CRIMINAL. .
Just in: Wisconsin Elections Commission says it has received a $3,499,689 million payment from Jill Stein. The recount b…
Breaking Jill Stein is no longer part of the Green Party she is just a rouge nutjob.
Jill Stein's running mate breaks his silence about her recount efforts and it's bad
Wisconsin Elections Commission says it has received required payment from Jill Stein to start presidential recount.
Jill Stein Sues Wisconsin for Refusing Full Hand Recount of Election - Breitbart via
Jill Stein 2 arrest warrants out of North Dakota -
Green Party labeled Jill Stein a anarchist lol. . no wonder she is causing chaos she is a nutty an…
Great quote from Jill Stein's lawyer for her Pennsylvania election contest.
Velvet Revolution (assoc with Margaret Flowers/Kevin Zeese - GreenParty of Jill Stein) is owned by Speedway Bomber. https:…
Weird. Jill Stein is no longer on Green Party website Something is going down.
Green Party candidate Jill Stein is demanding a recount in 3 key states -- get the details coming up on
Trevor Noah does a glorious impression of Jill Stein 😂😂😂
Green Party candidate Jill Stein sues for hand recount in Wisconsin
is the reason why Hilter put Jews in ovens. I am Jewish and I am saying. Jews HATE traitors like Jill Stein. We are Americans
Today on Jill Stein files an election recount petition, a York County arson is under investigation and rifle deer season tips.
Mentally ill Democrats keep falling for scams and Jill Stein is taking advantage of the mentally ill...
move on from this voter recount scam & fraud that Jill Stein & the hill camp r doing we got bigger fish to fry
PE + VPE are going 2 the WH Jan. 20, 2017! Jill Stein go 2 4 honest…
Jill Stein and Mitt Romney are still with her. Paul Ryan is still with illegal aliens.
Jill Stein is the Green Party & DT was crying abt rigged system b4 a single vote was cast.
Fox News Video Democrats back Jill Stein's recount efforts - Molly Hooper of The Hill weighs in
Bernie Sanders says recount effort spearheaded by Jill Stein is "not a big deal."
.don't take kindly to Jill Stein wanting a recount for states she clearly lost. Donald Trump won so get…
Jill Stein is doing what her party is dedicated to , collecting the Green, as in Greenback Dollar, from all the lib ***
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Donald Trump says the Wisconsin Presidential vote recount called for by Presidential candidate Jill Stein is "a scam by t…
Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein wants an election system that Americans…
Jill Stein praises dictators and is trying to elect someone she says is a nuclear threat. Strange woman.
LOL Hillary isn't calling for a recount, Jill Stein is! Who's that? Oh, yeah that candidate who didn't matter... Go away Jil…
You started⚡ Clinton camp says it will participate in Jill Stein recount effort.
More proof the Left loves murderers & dictators: "Castro was a symbol of the struggle 4 justice." Smh https…
So exactly why does Jill Stein want a recount if all she does is complain about the vote?
I'm going to skip talking about how Jill Stein managed to be the most irritating on Castro because I'm watching The Crown in…
In other words: Stay outta this I'm so annoyed w/ all of these fools! Just go away!🙄
Told you Dr Jill Stein is a puppet is a SOROS plant. Watch these shady democrats every step of the way vo…
Jill Stein raised nearly twice as much in a day with this fake recount as she did for her entire campaign.
"Jill Stein probably compelled more people to vote for Harambe than for the Green Party." -Cammie Johnson
A man who can be baited by Jill Stein...
Jill Stein & her allies have forced a recount in WI & are trying to do the same in PA & MI. Help us fight back at
Vote recounter Jill Stein called Fidel Castro a man of 'justice' .
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If there was another way where Jill Stein could throw Hillary Clinton a few more votes I wish I could think of it.
Jill Stein continues in her quest to be noticed.
You can take the time to slam Jill Stein but won't denounce violent attacks by your supporters? What is WRONG with you?
Apparently Jill 'the Shill' Stein didn't garner enough attention, money or votes before the election,she now wants to
I can't believe Jill Stein doing this smh
Clinton campaign agrees to back Jill Stein in election recount effort via
Not saying this Jill Stein thing is a scam, but if it were a scam, it would probably look a lot like this.
BREAKING: Hillary suddenly not interested in 'accepting results' - joins Jill Stein's recount effort
Reprehensible moron is a precise description for Jill Stein. Castro was a sadist who destroyed Cuba.
Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton are both dealing with the emotional fallout of being irrelevant.
So WHY is Jill Stein wanting a recount? She just posted that Hildabeast conceded & that should be it. So WHY the recount?? Grandstand much?
Agree!This criminal traitor to America will never stop nor the devils in the democratic party!She is evil.Questioning JIll…
Jill Stein gearing up for 2020 run with seemingly phony election audit ploy by exploiting Dem hopes & fears
Jill Stein laughing all the way to the bank, After taking advantage of desperate Liberal Sore Losers 😂😂
Another good vid ET Williams..Killary sure is the head of snake now in cahoots with Jill Stein!!
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Do we see the cash of George Soros being funnelled to Jill Stein to create more election chaos?
Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton will be remembered in INFAMY for trying corrupt and pervert the democratic process
Jill Stein would have to present evidence of fraud or systematic error in every MI county to initiate a statewide recount. It'…
Wisconsin law states that Jill Stein must have proof of fraud in order to get a recount. Where is the proof? There is NONE!
Jill Stein is bringing disgrace to what was a noble and intelligent run.
Most attacking right now OUTRIGHT support & his murderous regime.
It's the chipping effect, first Jill Stein chips a a few votes off Trump then Hillary's crews stuff and steal a win.
Just made a new video please check it out! Its about Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein pushing for a vote recount! .
Jill Stein is the comic sans of politicians
Reporting from my basket:. You should be a shamed JILL STEIN, you are in the tank with George Soros and Hillary Clinto…
Trump no fan of Jill Stein's recount effort in Wisconsin
Jill Stein,. If you can pull this off, you'll be like Randy Quaid in Independence Day; the loony, unexpected hero that liter…
Best response to Jill Stein is forget/ignore her. Please move on. Think Trump! Think safety! Think prosperity! Build an ex…
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