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Jill Stein

Jill Stein (born 1950) is an American physician and candidate for President of the United States in 2012 with the Green Party of the United States.

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Thank you. I'm also for Jill Stein if candidate is HRC. 2 many Dems have head in sand.
fantastic I've got an early book signed by Rick so about time I added to my collection. I still remember my main from 19 yrs ago
hope I can purchase the anniversary book signed when I visit in August
Couldn't wait 'til down in Sep so Tx for bringing me this which I'm now reading
Just rereading Lulu's Provençal Table a classic book of recipes from the kitchen of Domaine Tempier the Bandol Rose fav Summer drinking
Suns out and the new season potatoes are almost ready at Trevone
Send a email to Viv my PA or email me
Love the hat do you want any marmalade?
If Bernie isn't onthe ballot,I would vote for Jill Stein. Voting for the lesser of two evils doesn't work.
Just want Jill Stein to announce her candidacy
This is the ONLY person running that can save this country.well, perhaps besides Jill Stein, but of course the...
foriegn or domestic. Id like to see, jill stein, napolitano, cynthia mckinney, Bernie Sanders and denis kuccinich get together
A young man who likes Jill Stein and an old man who watches FOX news to inform his vote debate politics on an airplane.
am marmalade connoisseur & this 3 fruit Stein brand is tops. Fast running!
I uploaded a new track, "Glenn Ford, Eddie Conway and Jill Stein.", on
Rally to Re-Elect with Chris Hedges, Jill Stein, and others on 6/6:
Gallery: Jill Stein, a restauranteur from Cornwall, receives her MBE insignia from The Duke of Cambridge during the first...
Is Jill Stein going to run? I'm not familiar with her honestly.
Classic Albums Sky Arts Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd still one of my fav albums I will never tire of it driven by emotion
Good Bye Nick I will miss you from and I am sure are customers will too
Group photo for 40yrs Anniversary wine with Tom
Fact that the MSM will never tell you? Excluding the neocons, it's Hillary, Bernie Sanders, O'Malley and Jill Stein in the 2016 race.
I really thought you would be for Bernie Sanders, Martin O'malley, or Jill Stein.
A wonderful trip we had in Burgundy tasting the wine
Have you tried our 40th anniversary wine? Chosen by & Roni
"3rd Party" candidates like Jill Stein, Gary Johnson actually mean what they say. Not Bush/Obama types.
Jill Stein is Plaintiff in Lawsuit v. Commission on Presidential Debates:
i mean whoever she'll be running against will also be a corporate war-mongering supervillain, but i'll probably just write-in Jill Stein w/e
Elizabeth Warren, Jill Stein. Bernie Sanders. Even that Rocky Anderson guy, who I'm not actually sure about.
. It'd be interesting to see what would happen if say Gary Johnson and Jill Stein were allowed to debate too
Just watch Dr. Jill Stein presidential candidate of Green Party USA on Tom Hartman show on RT. I am enthusiastic about su…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Occupy the White House. Volunteer for Jill Stein for President. Help the Green Party gain recognition.
Jill Stein is out on the road, meeting with Greens around the USA...
Jill Stein:. I just got back from a week in Texas, where I met striking oil workers and so many others. It's...
Jill Stein: I just got back from Texas | Listening Tour via
hope your portrait is on that book jacket somewhere Jill! Congrats
preview amazing it will be so good for attracting visitors from all over the world to Cornwall starts March 8th BBC
Ooh getting v excited about being at the preview, with cinema buddy
. Time fly's..At 19 when I spent a season at the Seafood with I think chefs Phillip, Andrew, Scott, Emma in Pastry
lovely. I shall do that very thing. Thanks very much
No I don't think so but you can buy it online.
I think if we are still here after 40 yrs we must be doing something right. Can't please everyone
Congratulations - remains a huge thrill to eat there & the cooking is better than ever
fantastic. Is it available in most book shops too?
Wow, look at those collars. Some cool dudes in Padstow in those days.
me and Cliff staff party Bedruthan Steps Hotel
good afternoon boss , really looking forward to seeing you too & all the cast . Congrats to you and your family
You are looking wonderful for a 40 year old. Good luck for the next 40.
Looking forward to seeing you both Roy and Karin Sunday evening.
would add Jesse Ventura and Jill Stein to the mix of the one's on OUR side
Jill Stein would make a great President. I could see myself supporting her. I would like to see her debate Hillary Clinton.
I would love to see Jill Stein be the 2016 presidential candidate for 2016. She will do better in 2016 n bring better results.
Vindaloo spices at the ready Happy 40th and
The grand total for our charity lunches is £13,500 for Save the Children thank you to all our customers who dined with us
always be grateful to you both for my introduction into the world of amazing food. Just washing plates got me hooked for life!
Hi would love to invite your to our amazing festival celebration of generations of crab fishermen of Cromer.
I wish I could thank all our ex staff who have been a big part of who we are today over the past 40yrs
Congratulations on the 40th anniversary of the Fabulous food and top service!
Congrats for the 40th birthday of !thank you for the invite unfortunately I cant be there Xxx
I am in a reflective mood looking back on this our 40th Anniversary. what a ride we are still here that is something to celebrate
Jill Stein & Gary Johnson are running together for the next election. They would be the PERFECT pair. Here's the debate from the last...   10% Off
I voted for Ralph Nader, and Jill Stein in the last two elections
That's because it's the sexiest surname ever! I've almost slept with you four times because of it, Jill.
I'll take Jill Stein. Keep your corporatist imperialist Democrats to yourself, please.
Dispatch from Houston-->Jill Stein and her 'Green New Deal'
Jill Stein is speaking at A&M and I have to miss it for class. Ugh
several of the male GGers said Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders are their preferred US presidential candidates.
I'm Ready for Jill Stein or whomever the Green Party nominates in 2016.
Great to see Martindale featured in 50 best cottages "interior designer has worked her magic on this chic cottage"
C-SPAN video: Jill Stein announces exploratory committee for 2016 Green pres. run
Dr. Jill Stein makes a great foil for Dr. Ben Carson
Granted, the nightmare Jeb Bush / Hillary Clinton contest could be good news for Greens. If they can pull it together
Just had a great dinner in your cafe. Fab food but Sophie! Wow. If l had a restaurant she would be stolen from you! Genuine 😄
yeah that Nader 2000 run was so good, we liberals should be excited Jill Stein might play the same role in 2016
Jill Stein’s Announcement that she is Exploring Seeking the Green Party Nomination Garners Publicity: On Febru...
Kind but strong. Hard working but generous. She puts the world and its people as a priority not her own ambitions. Thats what we have been needing and waiting for for too long. shes here now so if you want a greener life. Vote for Jill
Robert Caldwell. Jill Stein to Speak at UNT. MARK YOUR CALENDAR!. Please share far and wide: The South by...
"She is also very likely the only candidate to be asked, 'For President of What?'"
It is less of this and more of people like Dr. Jill Stein for President 2016
Jill Stein - Green Party of the United States: via
I doubt Jill Stein will run again. Maybe. I don't know. Is she older or younger than Bernie Sanders?
. . . People like Elizabeth Warren & Dr. Jill Stein. To maintain their choke-hold on the 99%; Rich are BUYING Elections!
▶ "Neither Left nor Right, but Forward" ~ Jill Stein on Green Party's prospects in 2016:.
Photo: Green Party candidate Jill Stein on why she plans to run for president in 2016
Everyone. This is Dr. Jill Stein and she has something very important to say.
Perry Dorrell at Brain & Eggs reports Jill Stein running for President again in '16 as Green. I voted Stein in '12.
I'm not American, but I want the president in 2016 to be one of two people: Elizabeth Warren, or Jill Stein.
▶ Why is the Green Party's Jill Stein Running to be President?. ~Pub March 29, 2012 via
Jill Stein of the Green Party launches 2016 presidential campaign site.
The Green Party's Jill Stein, of Lexington, has launched a presidential exploratory committee:
I voted for Dr. Jill Stein, who was arrested outside the televised debates for protesting the closure of our political discourse.
For the Presidential debate there were other candidates. Gary Johnson was on the ballot in 48 states. Jill Stein was on 32
It's not that far really Padstow is our home more than 49yrs
Good luck with the opening tomorrow the flag ship has sailed a long way. Padstow Museum
Congratulations and good luck with the opening of Winchester - sure it will a huge success for you all x
Good luck Winchester for tonight we will be raising a glass!
Everyone one vote for my girl Jill Stein
Jill Stein: Don’t let Koch ally lock MN Green candidate out of Attorney General debate: Call to action from fo...
A little bird tells me there will be a new restaurant opening soon...
Things are looking spooky at Stein's Patisserie!
Head down to Stein's Deli and meet doing tastings from 11am - 3pm today
I like that Jill Stein actually discussed issues in her debate with Gary Johnson, even tho I disagree with her overall.
If you want to vote for a woman vote for Jill Stein! Hillary is NOT the only option
Call to action from our 2012 Presidential Candidate, Dr. Jill Stein. Thanks for your help!
“it is all coming together Opening date?
Today my little restaurant in Folkestone has 90 booked for lunch. In October. This makes me very proud ind…
Sod the food, I'm coming to check out the decor !.
I knows, it would have been great to have Dr Jill Stein for but it was just not to be ...
2014 Open Colorado Gubernatorial Debate - 1...: Dr. Jill Stein opens it up. Harry Hempy
Looking forward to trying my goodies I brought in Padstow this weekend :)
Warren isn't going to run now? I liked Jill Stein but I don't think she's going to run again. I voted for her last cycle.
This gig isn't some Jill Stein rally, is it?
Jill Stein speaks at University of Puget Sound: via
It looks lovely Jill :-) “the exterior our new restaurant in Winchester
we hope to see you soon. Open for booking from next week.
"We can do a quantitative easing on student debt and actually make those dollars do something productive." -Dr. Jill Stein
charges against me & Eleanor thrown out of Court. Power to the
remember when presidential candidate Jill Stein got arrested for trying to debate? What a farse.
top quality Ross. Rain came just at the right time
Any young chefs out there , 21 and under who want to dine with us on Thursday I have a table for 1/2 price for you . English …
"the exterior our new restaurant in Winchester looks fab!
my hubby has incurable bone marrow cancer didn't eat 4 2wks then sent this.RT your pic ty
Exciting addition to lovely Winchester "the exterior our new restaurant in Winchester
is that Jill Stein, seated, on the left?
voted for Jill Stein in 2012. Not registered Green but thinking about it
Dr. Jill Stein hanging out with Immortal Technique in NYC yesterday! :)
"Lovely heads forming on my cabbages for roasts can't wait
Green Party Leaders of Canada and the United States - Elizabeth May and Jill Stein
Jill Stein speaks at the People's Climate March yesterday in NYC.
If anybody can make cabbage taste nice i would be well impressed.
Lovely heads forming on my cabbages for roasts
Study Business at Cornwall’s 1st Top 10 Business School. Please help us spread the word!
Sending you greetings from Kalkan Turkey. Warming up the lounger!
that's HELLA cool! but my home girl Jill Stein is in the city right meow.
On the move! Jill Stein w/Art Shegonee of Fed. of United Tribes of at March in
At the People's Climate March in NYC with Lt Gov. candidate Brian Jones and Former Presidential candidate Jill Stein!
What do Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Ben & Jerry's, Marianne Williamson, Jill Stein, and Dennis Kucinich have in...
Jill Stein and Art Shegonee with the Converge for System Change contingents at the March.
Green Party 2012 Presidential candidate, Jill Stein, with Canadian Green Party MP Elizabeth May and her daughter...
We came and stayed for our 1st wedding anniversary in June 2012; the most amazing food experience ever!
Have been reading Rick's autobiography all weekend and now desperate to come back to . Wonderful read!
Jill Stein: we can't solve the climate crisis while a predatory neoliberal assault rages in other sectors of society
-whoa man, who said don't vote? Not me-I voted Jill Stein 2012 and proud of that..
how was meeting Jill Stein at the climate conference? Any notables that you took away?
Opening plenary at the People's Climate March with Immortal Technique, Oscar Oliveiro, Jill Stein many…
Dr. Jill Stein, Immortal Technique, and many others are marching on NYC to put people, planet, and peace over...
Watching the CONVERGENCE happening in NYC RIGHT NOW on the LIVESTREAM w/ Jill Stein and many more:
Jill stein "We cannot fix the climate with neoliberals and corporations running out of control."
Jill Stein opens the people, planet, peace over profit!
Jill Stein speaking at Opening Plenary for NYC Climate Convergence at St. Peter's Church Manhattan
Jill Stein (2nd fr L) is among speakers for tonights presentation.
Update your maps at Navteq
Thanks - super to see you. Brilliant service & lunch back tmrw night f…
Green Party candidate Jill Stein has musical chops. via Instead of marketing tactics, politics as art
Screen Shot with President Jill Stein. This was during an interview I did with her in St. Paul.
I feel really REALLY good about voting for Jill Stein.
What a gorgeous lounge, love those armchairs!
Last one. To make you really contemplative. Van Morrison. Coney Island. Does it for me every time.
And if you like that, listen to Creedence Clearwater, Have you ever seen the rain. Old but fantastic.
Good but not the best. Boys of Summer, Don Henley and the Way it is by Bruce Hornsby. American anthems.
excellent! Glad you enjoyed, lots of new ideas for the winter!
I really enjoyed last night. Food exceptional. will be down for lunch on Tues.
Great article on in today, on her fantastic new venture at Martindale.
Article in today's Times. On my rental property near Padstow.
is there anywhere other than your shop to buy your wonderful candles? The boxed sets for sale online aren't the scents I want.
hope you enjoyed last night at Will you be bringing next time ;) quite a change from The Gurnards Head!
I will only vote for Dr Jill Stein, standard bearer for the Green Party, in 2016!
Jill Stein: Join the People’s Climate March and NYC Climate Convergence: From Jill Stein and the Green Shadow ...
And that's why I voted for Jill Stein.
Don't blame me for anything, I voted for Jill Stein.
I voted for Cynthia McKinney in 2008 and Jill Stein in 2012 and not once since have I ever regretted those decisions
Dr. Jill and Sen. would be an unbeatable ticket for the 2016 presidential election. needs to move forward.
St Petrocs would like some t lights if you can get them.
Listen to yesterday's show on the climate crisis and march with guests Jacqui Patterson and Dr. Jill Stein.
Left my sis & our corgi yesterday & took my mom for Lunch Dream come true for my mom!
nor me. It's something we lack here in Cornwall but now know where to go!
Isn't the cod curry absolutely insanely good?! Had it Cornish Arms & made it @ home since
.Appreciated Weekly Strategy this week! Have started walking 20 minutes before starting for the day & feel affirmed!
Mmm! No. I am still recovering from the last one! Hope you find lots of lovely things.
don't you wish you were coming to Birmingham?!
Must see movie The Riot Club. Reading a review. Sounds interesting.
Day off. Bliss the weather is great too. After a gruelling 3days Very successful trip. Interiors for Bwlgari.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jill Biden eating at the table next to us..Happy 2 report that $ are providing nice meals for her + entourage
top evening restaurant. Delicious food & first class service from Simon. Thx
- I am VERY EXCITED about the new Stein eaterie which is COMING TO WINCHESTER!
Thank you it is always good to know we made your night.
Back from a brilliant but knackering show with the lovely we missed you
Did you watch the 2012 third party debate between Jill Stein and Gary Johnson?
Do let me know when. I will try and fix the weather for you
. Awesome. I'm coming down soon to see & get my fix. Love Cornwall x
Image via The fisheries mural by the talented
Poor you. I am looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. Listening to U2, with too many Mint Juleps on board from last night.
. The Bakerloo line to Oxford Circus is horrible. I know where I'd rather be x
Cornwall is looking good this morning. Beautiful Day U2. Sums it up.
Those Mint Juleps were good last night ! last night. Amazing evening with my friends. Thank you to all our wonderful staff
Jill Stein talking about Glass-Stegall being repealed during Clinton Administration as cause for the wall street collapse.
"Political alternatives to the two parties of capital" with Jill Stein (Howie Hawkins (and Jorge Mujica
Women are the future. I voted for Jill Stein in the 2012 election. If women ran the world, I think it would be a better place.
Since people are already concerning themselves with the next presidential election, I'll say this. It's about time we had a female president, and while people may attack her age, if she runs again in 2016, I'll be voting for Jill Stein for president.
Coming Up: Green Party Nominee Jill Stein: This week on Tell Somebody, Tom Klammer is pleased to welcome the 2...
Knowing the Albino Jew, is it possible Alan Colmes, Jill Stein & Bernie Sanders want to stop my push for Muslims to run the Green Party?
Great meal Yesterday. Crispy Skin Duck Confit was outrageous. Well worth a visit. We'll go next time you're up.
President Hillary? If you want a woman president who is not a war hawk vote for Jill Stein or Elizabeth Warren. http…
Voting for president doesn't matter, so I'm glad I voted Green, with Jill Stein, in 2012. was also a very cool candidate
I've never felt so validated voting for Jill Stein.
you're now trying to convince a registered Dem who supported Obama in '08 and Jill Stein in '12 that McCain was a bad choice.
Ajay, on the phone to a DNC telemarketer: . Telemarketer: Do you know who Eric Cantor is?. Ajay: Do you know who Jill Stein is?
then Jill Stein and Elizabeth Warren have even more reasons to run. The Clinton's free trade & love of Wall St ruined out economy
why don't you have a member of the Green Party on the show like Jill Stein...matter of fact... why not push the Green agenda...
I can't. I'm hoping Bernie Sanders will run, if he doesn't, then it's Jill Stein again for me.
Politicians! They're not all the same. Green Party & Jill Stein do not accept donations from corrupt...
Wish I was there. The thought of a crab salad in the sunshine is just my idea of heaven.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I can't wait to do nothing this weekend. Weather perfect. Cornwall at its best. End of a busy week.
Jill Stein is an infiltrator.Green Party is ruined now.
Please could you spread the word it would also be good to know what you think
Hello Jill Ive launched my blog aimed at helping people with disabilities cook
you made a couple of Japanese women very happy! lunch...
Jill Stein: US political system hostile to Americans -
Jill Stein is a great third party woman candidate who will also be running for president.
Thank you. You are the only person I would have photograph me.
Which of those would upset Jill Stein more?
Thoughts on Ralph Nader&Jill Stein? I kinda like them too sincerity-wise. Ron Paul has benefit of a verifiable record
A treat to spend time with Jill and photograph such a beautiful, sophisticated woman: inside and out
I've always been liberal! I voted for Jill Stein cuz Obama was too conservative!
I want a woman as president, but I don't want an insane warmonger. Voted for Jill Stein in 2012 and will vote …
and Let me know how that works out for you Seattle. After the Published on May 1, 2014 The United We Stand Festival at UCLA is the kickoff for a University Bus Tour across America, combining music and education to awaken the nation. Inspiring the young and the old to help elect principled leaders who are not swayed by special interests, we can restore a world of peace, liberty, harmony, justice, ecology, prosperity, and happiness for all. Musical headliners at UCLA include Public Enemy, members of Wu-Tang Clan, Immortal Technique, The Siren, Cynic, Tatiana Moroz, Rooftop Revolutionaries, A-Alikes, Luminaries, Jon Goodhue, Sounds of Solidarity, and more. Speakers include Larry King (media legend), Ben & Jerry (Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream), Marianne Williamson (New York Times bestselling author & independent congressional candidate [CA-33]), David Bronner (CEO of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps), and Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone, host of Buzzsaw). Other notable figures include Dr. Jill Stein, Gov. Gary Johnson, Am ...
If party lines weren't an issue, who would be your ideal candidates for president/VP for 2016? What are some of their issues that you support? For me, my ideal choice would be Elizabeth Warren for president and Jill Stein of the Green Party for VP. Both of these women are intellectuals with a passion for a progressive America. I like Elizabeth Warren because she is willing to stand up to corporate lobbyist and wall street corruption that has plagued America's future and financial stability. She is for renewable energy which could produce a new age of innovation that puts America at the forefront of this technology and cut off our dependency of drilling/fracking, which is destroying our ecosystem, and it will bring more sustainable jobs (unlike drilling; permanent damage for temporary jobs). She wants to invest in our infrastructure which we sorely need as it improves our logistic capabilities, create jobs, make for faster and safer commutes. If you look at our infrastructure comparison to other industrial ...
At Belasco Theater right now with Immortal Technique, Jill Stein, Amber Lyon, Abby Martin and more. FREE SHOW.
Help us push Green Party Media to the next level! Please support the Media Committee of the Green Party of the United States! The Green Party doesn't accept corporate contributions, so we depend on our supporters to keep the party alive and functioning. Did you see our Livestream broadcast of the 2014 State of the Union address on Jan. 28, with commentary by Jill Stein, Cheri Honkala, and other Green leaders? Did you join the simultaneous viewer discussion in the chatbox? The broadcast was a project of the Media Committee, produced by Craig Seeman and committee co-chair Starlene Rankin. The show drew an unprecedented number of participants and is now archived at our Livestream site, where anyone can watch it. (Media Committee is one of the Green Party's most active committees. We issue press releases on a regular basis and publish articles by Greens (see our Newsroom: We promote state and local Green candidates nationally, publicize our national conventions, hold workshops, and program press conferences t ...
Vote for Gary Johnson or Rocky Anderson or Jill Stein or SOMEONE besides these same two parties. Stop voting for your oppressors.
Police arrested Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein and her running mate, Cheri Honkala, after they tried to enter the site of tonight's presidenti...
Jill Stein is the coordinator of the fitness and wellness classes offered at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and is certified to teach yoga, pilates and Zumba...
Dr. Jill Stein, Chris Williams, & Joel Kovel on organizing against the point of no return | |
The third video made for our 'Be Green Globally' International Fundraiser which focuses on the key themes of a Green Economy, Respect for Diversity and Climate Change. This fundraiser starts today and goes until Earth Day. We're doing this fundraiser with the Green Parties of Canada, Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand. There will be a LIVE Chat today 4/12/14 at 8pm ET featuring Elizabeth May (Canada), Christine Milne (Australia) and Jill Stein (US 2012 Presidential Candidate). To get more info on the chat, go to: 'Welcome' videos from Christine and Elizabeth: Change Video: here: LIKE & SHARE! Go Global Greens Go!!
AMAZING event in I'll be there as will Abby Martin Rooftop Revolutionaries, Jill Stein, Amber Lyon,...
My letter to Leslie Davis for Minnesota Governor Mr. Davis.I wholeheartedly support your campaign for governor.I read your book that you sent me. Thank you much. It is much appreciated. I do understand your very valid points about Mr. Ventura. I wish that we could change the world over night.I see your book best as a "what not to do" in regards to people like you and I.however.I find the corruption that exists in this world to be far greater than anything that Ventura has ever touched.I think you could fill libraries if you were to write similar books on the other possible Presidential candidates that are possibilities at this time.except for perhaps those like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.of whom.I voted for the latter in the last presidential election.I would love to see a world where there were a plethora of politicians that do not have pages of dirt to be had on them.but until that day comes.I will continue to support both yourself and Mr. Ventura. Again.I support your campaign and I greatly appreciate ...
Jill Stein has my vote for the 2016 presidential elections. Look into it. You'll love her.
Dr. Jill Stein: Hemp Is Beneficial - Learn more about hemp at
Ellen LaVan-- I agree that there are things the Dems have supported that I do not like, and that Jill Stein and the Greens support many issues that I like and are good people, but I am also a realist. The Greens cannot get elected and they are taking votes away from Dems keeping the Repugs in power and giving the Repugs even more power. The Supreme Court was and still is at stake, as is air and water pollution, climate change, education, women's rights, vets support, the ACA, entitlements, unions, cities, etc., and I could go on and on about the horrors that politicians and the corporations have perpetrated especially where local Repugs are in power. Protest is great, do it. Gather huge groups to protest the many horrors. But why did Occupy die on the vine and the Tea party goes on? The Teas are working WITHIN the Repug party. Disenchanted Dems must do the same thing. Like it or not, we still basically have a two party system. It really frightens me that good people are giving more power to the Repugs. A ...
2012 Presidential candidates from The Tom Sumner Program on Flint's News Talk 1470 WFNT that didn't make the video...Buddy Roemer (former Republican Governor of Louisiana), Dr. Jill Stein (Green Party nominee) and Libertarian Gary Johnson (former Republican Governor of New Mexico)
Thursday, March 13, 2014Workforce RadioGreen Shadow Cabinet President, Jill Stein, talks with Ed “Flash” Ferenc about the fracking industry's unmeasured costs which threaten worker health and safety, as well as America's air, water, climate and economic prosperity.On the day when the news that Wall…
"How to Love Your Enemy." Read this great prose poem & much more on Maya Stein's interesting poetry blog.
My house is looking amazing Thank you. I am so pleased with it.
I didn't say goodbye Ian. Thank you for all your hard work with us over the past 2yrs.
Sorry to have missed you too, Jill. We had to shoot to Bristol to see Georgie, our eldest, who's in her first year (doing law).
Jill Stein now has 10 rebounds, six on the offensive end to go with her six points and three assists.
Jill Stein converts her own miss, as BGSU trails now 38-37 with 15:57 remaining.
Confession: I actually voted for Jill Stein in 2012.
I am so sorry to have missed you Gavin. I intended to call down to see you and Angela. The meeting took longer than I thought.
/ Illinois Green Party is getting promising overtures from unions. Jill Stein demonstrated with teachers. They remember.
Loved the new bathrooms St Edmund's all looking super
The Green Party & Jill Stein have already adopted it. There is > 2 parties in the US take a look @ the Green Party
At last the pork pie. is on the menu. I am off to try it!
Too many bad in the world. Thank you for creating this beauty!
Great images Restaurant today, even had the honour of taking the boss's portrait looking forward to day 2
When I talk to supporters and they mention campaigning for Obama, I just nod my head politely & don't mention that I voted for Jill Stein :P
happy birthday for yesterday x x so happy it was special for you.See you at Easter yippee xx
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
a good time was had by all . Amazing food & wine
I had a great birthday evening last night with . and my big sis. Thank you to all the staff. X
I have plenty left. It will be good to meet. up when you come down to Cornwall.
coming down to film in a few weeks, do you want some more? A x
I am still using the olive oil you gave me. It is so good.
a perfect dinnerdelicious , nice to see just returned from . Great wine chosen by Roni
happy birthday Jill hope you enjoyed your evening.
Working for & means a truly unique experience & a great place to work. Latest vacancies here: http:…
Happy birthday, hope you had a lovely day xx
we have heard of Fish Farms who squeeze fish in and someone else has "Free Range" (analogous) fish farms
so Happy to see The Steins online. they bring Optimism. now we need to discuss about fish :)
On the blog this week - our fabulous boss & mother of three shares her perfect Mother’s Day:
Jill Stein happy birthday boss, hope you had a great time in India and are now being spoilt in your birthday. Must catch up soon
a very happy birthday hope you have a very special dish ! Lots of love
Happy Birthday from myself and all the staff here Hope you have a lovely day. xx
Our Yorkshire puddings have just gone into the oven, we're expecting lots of hungry people at 12 noon! What on your Sun…
Thank you. We really must meet up very soon!
Happy Birthday have a great year and keep helping be
Thank you. Another year. This is going to be bigger and better. I am looking forward to all the little challenges x
Happy Birthday to all the little fishes!
Birthdays today for two members of the business community: &
Bonne anniversaire Jill, enjoy your special day.
Happy birthday hope you have a relaxing day...
happy birthday. We will be heading to the wonderful for our annual visit very soon. Crossing off the days.
Thank you for your birthday card. You always remember. See you soon.
Jill Stein has run for governor a few times here in Massachusetts
I would love to see both of those, which Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson and I think even Gary Johnson all advocated.
Two BG senior bball players are the last two to play in Anderson Arena AND Stroh Center. Jillian Halfhill and Jill Stein.
Falcon Nation, today is our Senior Day. We will be honoring Lex Rogers, Jill Stein & Jillian Halfhill at 10 min mark on the …
What was wrong with Jill Stein or Rocky Anderson?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
For legalization of cannabis. Ben Swann, Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Rocky Anderson, Jill Stein, Ralph Nader, Rick Perry, ...wait a minute...yeah I guess.Rick Perry... .John Hanger.*cough cough*Marco name a few folks. let us see here.what parties are represented here. Well first and foremost we have a Doctor and a former navy seal. we have Republican party(Paul), Libertarian Party (Johnson), Green Party (Jill Stein), Justice Party(Rocky Anderson) , we have a former Independent Governor of Minnesota, we got Hanger a democrat running for Governor.backed by the majority of citizens of the United States and the world. is it time to take action yet?
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