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Jill Stein

Jill Stein (born 1950) is an American physician and candidate for President of the United States in 2012 with the Green Party of the United States.

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Green Party candidate Jill Stein is demanding a recount in 3 key states -- get the details coming up on
Trevor Noah does a glorious impression of Jill Stein 😂😂😂
Green Party candidate Jill Stein sues for hand recount in Wisconsin
is the reason why Hilter put Jews in ovens. I am Jewish and I am saying. Jews HATE traitors like Jill Stein. We are Americans
Today on Jill Stein files an election recount petition, a York County arson is under investigation and rifle deer season tips.
Mentally ill Democrats keep falling for scams and Jill Stein is taking advantage of the mentally ill...
move on from this voter recount scam & fraud that Jill Stein & the hill camp r doing we got bigger fish to fry
Jill Stein and Mitt Romney are still with her. Paul Ryan is still with illegal aliens.
Bernie Sanders says recount effort spearheaded by Jill Stein is "not a big deal."
Jill Stein is doing what her party is dedicated to , collecting the Green, as in Greenback Dollar, from all the lib ***
Donald Trump says the Wisconsin Presidential vote recount called for by Presidential candidate Jill Stein is "a scam by t…
Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein wants an election system that Americans…
Jill Stein praises dictators and is trying to elect someone she says is a nuclear threat. Strange woman.
LOL Hillary isn't calling for a recount, Jill Stein is! Who's that? Oh, yeah that candidate who didn't matter... Go away Jil…
You started⚡ Clinton camp says it will participate in Jill Stein recount effort.
More proof the Left loves murderers & dictators: "Castro was a symbol of the struggle 4 justice." Smh https…
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So exactly why does Jill Stein want a recount if all she does is complain about the vote?
I'm going to skip talking about how Jill Stein managed to be the most irritating on Castro because I'm watching The Crown in…
In other words: Stay outta this I'm so annoyed w/ all of these fools! Just go away!🙄
Told you Dr Jill Stein is a puppet is a SOROS plant. Watch these shady democrats every step of the way vo…
Jill Stein raised nearly twice as much in a day with this fake recount as she did for her entire campaign.
"Jill Stein probably compelled more people to vote for Harambe than for the Green Party." -Cammie Johnson
A man who can be baited by Jill Stein...
Jill Stein & her allies have forced a recount in WI & are trying to do the same in PA & MI. Help us fight back at
Vote recounter Jill Stein called Fidel Castro a man of 'justice' .
If there was another way where Jill Stein could throw Hillary Clinton a few more votes I wish I could think of it.
Jill Stein continues in her quest to be noticed.
You can take the time to slam Jill Stein but won't denounce violent attacks by your supporters? What is WRONG with you?
Apparently Jill 'the Shill' Stein didn't garner enough attention, money or votes before the election,she now wants to
I can't believe Jill Stein doing this smh
Clinton campaign agrees to back Jill Stein in election recount effort via
Not saying this Jill Stein thing is a scam, but if it were a scam, it would probably look a lot like this.
BREAKING: Hillary suddenly not interested in 'accepting results' - joins Jill Stein's recount effort
Reprehensible moron is a precise description for Jill Stein. Castro was a sadist who destroyed Cuba.
Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton are both dealing with the emotional fallout of being irrelevant.
So WHY is Jill Stein wanting a recount? She just posted that Hildabeast conceded & that should be it. So WHY the recount?? Grandstand much?
Agree!This criminal traitor to America will never stop nor the devils in the democratic party!She is evil.Questioning JIll…
Jill Stein gearing up for 2020 run with seemingly phony election audit ploy by exploiting Dem hopes & fears
Jill Stein laughing all the way to the bank, After taking advantage of desperate Liberal Sore Losers 😂😂
Another good vid ET Williams..Killary sure is the head of snake now in cahoots with Jill Stein!!
Do we see the cash of George Soros being funnelled to Jill Stein to create more election chaos?
Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton will be remembered in INFAMY for trying corrupt and pervert the democratic process
Jill Stein would have to present evidence of fraud or systematic error in every MI county to initiate a statewide recount. It'…
Wisconsin law states that Jill Stein must have proof of fraud in order to get a recount. Where is the proof? There is NONE!
Jill Stein is bringing disgrace to what was a noble and intelligent run.
Most attacking right now OUTRIGHT support & his murderous regime.
It's the chipping effect, first Jill Stein chips a a few votes off Trump then Hillary's crews stuff and steal a win.
Just made a new video please check it out! Its about Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein pushing for a vote recount! .
Jill Stein is the comic sans of politicians
Reporting from my basket:. You should be a shamed JILL STEIN, you are in the tank with George Soros and Hillary Clinto…
Trump no fan of Jill Stein's recount effort in Wisconsin
Jill Stein,. If you can pull this off, you'll be like Randy Quaid in Independence Day; the loony, unexpected hero that liter…
Best response to Jill Stein is forget/ignore her. Please move on. Think Trump! Think safety! Think prosperity! Build an ex…
We are exploring suing Jill Stein for fraud.
Jill Stein's fake recount fundraiser had donations coming at a constant rate of 160K per hour lol- Soros bots.
I had been advised by a coalition of nonpartisan experts who study elections to move forward with
What in the world is wrong with you, Jill Stein?!
Donald Trump statement on Jill Stein's recount efforts:
Clinton Campaign Will Participate in Jill Stein's State Recounts As suspected, HRC will help fund this coup attempt.
Jill Stein is an EDUCATED *** and here is why! …and YES she has a warrant out for arrest in North Dakota!
The American people are looking for a positive, proactive way forward to ensure election integrity.
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Hillary Clinton campaign will participate in recounts launched by Jill Stein:
The Hillary Clinton campaign will join Jill Stein's push for a recount in Wisconsin, lawyer says
JUST IN: Clinton's campaign says it intends to participate in election recount efforts spearheaded by Jill Stein.
Clinton campaign plans to participate in recount effort launched by Jill Stein
Sore loser Crooked Hillary and her new best friend Jill Stein are attempting to rig the recount, but it wont work!.
Turns out. Jill Stein whole recount thing is all about her again.
That catch was like Jill Stein with the recount lol
Loss?!? Elder, have you not realized her in-law, Soros is funding the riots and she's got Jill Stein trying a recount?!?
Jill Stein is working with top Democrats in a desperate attempt to overthrow our President-Elect and install Hillary by riggi…
Jill Stein should do a recount and an audit. If Hillary wins WI, MI & PA she'd have 278 electoral votes and Trump becomes an…
Obama and Hillary's White House drove Aaron Swartz to suicide. . *** People? . You too Jill Stein . What has been so g…
I think it's time for an investigation of crazy Jill Stein for various charges. Anyone who believes this clown is wasting $.
She made the deadline: Jill Stein has filed for a vote recount in Wisconsin
We have to get this Electoral Vote flipped and help Jill Stein get the votes recounted because this is not America, ever!
Lars Larson on Fox: Jill Stein is Hillary Clinton surrogate so put Prosecution back on table until she comes out
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Jill Stein knows any recounts will come to nothing. But she’s an opportunist, just like when joined the protesters at the D…
"Now hold on, hold on. What is 'Wisconsin'?"- Gary Johnson upon hearing the Jill Stein news.
Jill Stein has reached $4.5M and upped the goal to $7M. I wonder at what point does Gary Johnson plan to show up
Jill Stein raised $4.5 million for a vote recount, meanwhile Gary Johnson at home in a pair of dirty sweatpants looking for his weed grinder
Me @ Jill Stein before the election: wow go away. Me @ Jill Stein after the election: yasss queen expose Trump and save A…
Let us never forget that Jill Stein and Gary Johnson cost HRC a landslide electoral win. . Jill is no hero. I just want that c…
thanksgiving cast:. Donald Trump as THE RACIST. Hillary Clinton as THE ONE WHO COOKED EVERYTHING. Jill Stein as DUMB AUNT. Gary Johnson as weed
It's funny that they never said that a vote for Trump was a vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.
It's like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein warning about the dangers of voting 3rd party
Jill Stein needs to go away, Gary Johnson has! Game over, quit showing how stupid you are!
Jill Stein. vs. Gary Johnson, Darrell Castle, and Evan McMuffin. you guys STILL lost.
Full offense when I say this. I hate Jill Stein and Gary Johnson lol.
In that it was the egos of Jill Stein and Gary Johnson that were partially responsible for giving us Trump…they should be held accountable.
I really wish Jill Stein had not waited until after the election to be so concerned about a few thousand votes tipping the…
Jill Stein raises funds for statewide recount
The Green Party is dead serious when it comes to election integrity. Jill Stein is doing what David Cobb and Bob Fitrakis…
Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are the two main reason the independent 'party' will never gain ground. They are box of…
Jill Stein is fighting for a recount in multiple states. Meanwhile, Gary Johnson is figuring out the difference between a…
Please, God: like Gollum, let Jill Stein have a totally unforeseen and critical purpose
When the Trumpers heard Jill Stein raising $$ for possibly pushing Trump outta the White House.
Write is didn't count on my state, unfortunately. I like the Green Party but Jill Stein is a terrible candidate.
WHY NOT YOU PUT US HERE! Green Party candidate Jill Stein to push for recount in three states vi…
Green Party candidate Jill Stein has raised over $2M to push for an election recount
SUCKERS: There will be no recounts. But, it will be a great Chri$tma$ for Jill Stein and the unemployed Green Party staf…
Elated to hear Jill Stein announcement that Green Party calling for recount---what a refreshing and SANE strategy to deal with…
LasVegasCP "Las Vegas trends now: Black Friday, Jill Stein, Thanksgiving, dubchallenge and QueenSugar.
A very relaxing pre-thanksgiving time at home, watching money roll into Jill Stein's website
"Jill Stein" basically ran against Hillary and now wants a recount after Trump's landslide victory? Head Scratcher🤔
If Jill Stein somehow rescues us from Trump, I'll throw the biggest Green Party you've ever seen. Green tea. Paint the…
Jill Stein - This is about a fair recount, I donated, did you?
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Jill Stein's effort is a pathetic attempt at regaining street cred amongst lefties after she was vaguely pro…
.wants a peaceful transition. So do we, but we can't trust elections under these circumstances. Jill Stein is r…
If all 2 Million of us who voted for Hillary over Trump give $1 to Jill Stein's WE CAN http…
Communist Jill Stein is now planning to file for recounts in 3 states, it will only show how many illegals & dead people vote…
Wait, what did Jill Stein do tonight? I've been hosting & watching the Leafs (my therapy). Something good? ish?
.The movement will stay on top of Jill Stein's recount. We're not going away. A voting integrity m…
The is total BS! The margin of votes won Popular was all from Illegals in Sorry Jill Stein!. https:…
Dr. Jill Stein has lost my respect.
If donating $10 to Jill Stein makes me a fool, so be it, I rather take my chances with a recount than to allow Trump win by…
Update: Jill Stein has raised the $1.1M req'd to force a Wisconsin recount. Now working on PA & MI.
Jill Stein raising millions of dollars for election recount in three states
I think this is Frank's way of trying to ask Jill Stein out.
BREAKING: Jill Stein is actively preparing to force a recount in three key swing states
Michigan already did a recount. Trump won. Jill Stein, your mission will fail. Hillary lost. Mov…
Jill Stein made clear that America couldn’t afford to let Hillary win. So why is she calling for a recount? Suddenly realize…
HILLARY: I'm not going to ask for a recount. HILLARY TO HILLARY: Make Jill Stein do it.
Jill Stein has now raised $1,015,108 to demand a recount of WI, MI and PA. This is happening...
Listen if Jill Stein wins Hillary the election then I will tentatively accept the proposition that irony is our culture's d…
Green Party nominee Jill Stein and others are seeking an audit and recount of voting results in 3 Rust Belt states
Truthfully I AM suspicious of Jill Stein's motives. But my contempt for far outweighs my *maj…
Common good: Hillary Clinton’s supporters are helping fund Jill Stein’s recount effort
Let’s say Jill Stein wildly exceeds her fundraising goal, could the recount results be delivered in the form of new Veronica…
. . Jill Stein is calling for a recount in PA, MI, WI
I can't believe I'm about to donate money to Jill Stien, but here we go. She needs 2 million by Friday. .
Jill Stein plans to file for vote recounts in Mich., Pa., Wis.
Hillary can't ask4 recounts w/out media calling her sore loser. But Jill Stein can, and it seems she will. Good…
Jill Stein raising money for recounts in three key states Donald Trump won
Jill Stein could do something critically important here — help her?
Let's be honest, Jill Stein finding proof that Russia hacked the election would still not be the craziest thing to happ…
The only thing Jill Stein should be recounting is how many ways she ruined the election.
You know what would be hilarious? If Hillbots funded Jill Stein's recount only to have it reveal rigging in Hill's fav…
It's official: Jill Stein announces plans to file for a recount in PA, MI & WI. From her release:
Jill Stein just called for a recount in 3 states Trump barely won
If Jill Stein saves us I'll take back half of the things I've said about her.
I never thought I'd ever use the phrase "help Jill Stein," but here we are.
I find myself rooting for Mitt Romney and Jill Stein now ***
Difficult for HRC to demand recounts because she has already conceded. On the upside, Jill Stein is now raising mo…
.plans to file for election recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania citing "reported hacks"
Republicans coming online and seeing that is trending and Jill Stein is behind the scene.
If Jill Stein ends Tr*mp I will throw away all my wifi routers and only communicate via crystals
Hillary Clinton’s supporters should hold their noses and get behind Jill Stein’s recount effort
If there's a recount it will just confirm Trump won. It's dems who commit mass voter fraud. Jill Stein must be laughed ou…
Guess we're donating to Jill Stein now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Longshot, I know, but maybe we avert a disaster?)
Jill Stein has raised more than $1.5 million to fund recounts in 3 states
Hopefully when Jill Stein raises enough funds to demand a Presidential recount she won't also go after the POINTS jumping aro…
Jill Stein is raising funds for a recount to address abnormal voting results in three swing states. http…
So in Hillary's own words, her supporters, along with Jill Stein, are now a "direct threat to our democracy".
Say what you will about Jill Stein, but she had a right to run for president. She also has a right to pursue a recount.
Hillary too weak to face her supporters when she lost. Too weak to speak against riots. Now she hides behind Jill Stei…
Jill Stein seeks recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, citing questions about tallies.
FBI confirms hacker penetration in two states, Jill Stein seeks 2 million by Friday to request recounts. .
Jill Stein has campaign debt!! She is stealing your money!! Jill Stein better Give the donations back!!!
Jill Stein is the friend who ruins your wedding but really shows up for you during the divorce.
Jill Stein needs less than a million to put our on her Iron Throne. Valar Morgulis.
Trump is incapable of running the country. . He is turning away intelligence briefings. /Jill Stein .
Jill Stein, who flew to the wrong city for a campaign event, is leading a recount effort that must be processed perfectly in 48 hours
Jill Stein is gonna hire Peter Daou and David Brock to make ShareGreen
Cast of W. H. Taft Junior High School's production of "West Side Story" has a powerful statement for Jill Stein:
Apparently Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper is a Green Party Member and voted for Jill Stein.
Trump's potential national security advisor next to Putin at RT's 10th anniversary bash. Jill Stein is there too, because…
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Spoiler alert. All of Jill Stein's votes and 60% of Gary Johnson's votes STILL would not have won the election for Hillary.
Ethan Coen thanks Anthony Weiner, Jill Stein, and Jimmy Fallon for Trump election. Also takes dig at Les Moonves
True and it's very disappointing that Sanders wants no part of Jill Stein & The Green Party
You can assign 100% of Jill Stein's voters to Clinton, and she still would have lost. . The only way you can...
Bernie had/has Russian connections too and Jill Stein seen with Putin in Russia. Wool over the wools, makes me itch ht…
- better story, how Hillary denied election of either Jill Stein or 2term governor serial entrepreneur Gary Johnson
I bet Jill Stein will be invited back to the Kremlin dinner party this year. It will be a festive crowd.
Don’t blame Gary Johnson and Jill Stein for Hillary’s failure. You have no idea how their voters would have split off.
Jill Stein received 11% of the vote in Sioux County, North Dakota, home to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and the
A pointless protest vote in PA for green Jill Stein cost Clinton the State
Gary Johnson got more votes than Jill Stein. Without third parties, it's likely Trump would've won by more. Stfu liberals. Bla…
if the people who voted for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein truly wanted them to be president, they have every right to…
Jill Stein: "The Democratic party sabotaged the one candidate who could have beaten Trump - Bernie Sanders.".
you look like a Jill Stein supporter i dont wanna hear you sam.
someone better DESTROY Jill Stein. Sam bee maybe?
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Why isn't she 50 points ahead, Sam? Because Hillary and Hillary alone is to blame for this loss---not Jill Stein or…
Jill Stein, who believes that WIFI is harmful to children, is anti vaccine, has never held public office, is about to influence the election
The numbers don't lie: If you voted for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, you voted for Trump. You were told. Don't ever tel…
If I lose my right to marry because your dumbasses felt the need to vote for Jill Stein omfg
At least Jill Stein and Gary Johnson won't be president
Btw, Jill Stein has managed to play Ralph Nader. Without her Florida might have been saved
Suggestions: Elizibeth Warren, Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayson, Rand Paul.Pick your candidates better next time USA
Twenty-nine million people have voted for this maniac so far. America has a lot of problems not named Jill Stein or Gary Johnso…
Julia today is the day to go green with Jill Stein in 2016
of course they're not 'the same.' But both are appalling candidates in v different ways. I'd vote Jill Stein
already voted Cliff. Cast my vote for Jill Stein this morning. May I ask who you cast your ballot for?
Should Gary Johnson and Jill Stein really be distracting voters this year?
So what are Gary Johnson and Jill Stein gonna do tomorrow night lol. 5
If you don't want to support one of the 2 main parties, even Ron Paul says Jill Stein- better choice.
Points made by World Greens and European Green who both detest Jill Stein.
They say vote for the lesser of two evils when we lost a perfectly great candidate and Dr. Jill Stein is still on t…
It looks like Presidential candidate Jill Stein is the another option depending on how badly u need your kush and student loans canceled.
Dr. Jill Stein (from a back seat in Manhattan) and Jimmy Dore tell it like it is - vote Green to get 5% -…
Everyday I like Jill Stein a little bit more
Jill Stein was invited to a dinner with Putin and his propaganda arm months ago; filmed a video for them talking…
This is regrettably true: US Green Party Needs to Ditch Jill Stein via
*** need to vote for Jill Stein and stop playing themselves.
Jill Stein ur poophead music is so awful
i hope Jill Stein turns out to be right and GMOs and wi-fi etc start murking everyone
one last friendly reminder bc i keep reading things that make me sad: Jill Stein exists. Gary Johnson exists. Read about them. then vote.
In August, I wrote about why friends don’t let friends vote for Jill Stein. The piece now has over 50,000 FB shares. ht…
Any chance Jill Stein shocks the world and wins the election tomorrow?
I'm voting Jill Stein because it's time that our whistleblowers be pardoned
Jill Stein and the Greens support the creation of a National Office of Disability Coordination.
Results for President are in: Clinton over Trump with 386 votes to 29! Jill Stein came in 3rd with 11 vote…
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Use your vote & bring friends. Let's build a party for people, planet & peace over profit!
Sorry, but voting Jill Stein doesn't stop Hillary. And we MUST stop Hillary.
Jill Stein is the only logical choice for president.
I am voting for Jill Stein because she is courageous, honest, and I agree with her on the issues.
Jill Stein needs 5% of the vote to qualify for $10 million in federal election funds and ballot access for 2020.
If Jill Stein wins 5% of vote, Green Party will be considered for major party next election (media coverage + debates). B…
Then I hope you are voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.
Jill Stein can't claim 2b a human rights advocate, then praise & laugh w/ Putin who treats as bad as George Wallac…
hey you support Jill Stein I dig it
A vote for Jill Stein changes nothing. If you are committed to Green Party, volunteer for them. Next week, if you want real change.
Jill Stein says Clinton presidency could lead to war with Russia
We sat down with Jill Stein to discuss student debt, the Syrian refugee crisis, & more. Here's what she had to say: htt…
Make America great again by voting for Jill stein make the White House into a green house let's make history
Election Day is TOMORROW. Jill Stein is still polling at 2%. A vote for 3rd party is not only a waste of your rights but…
If Jill Stein's economic policies weren't so bad, she'd be my second choice.
no, but I would over her. I'm voting Jill Stein.
Jill Stein: A Hillary presidency is a "mushroom cloud waiting to happen".
I'm voting Jill Stein because she is the only candidate who has a solution to tackle global warming.
When Jill Stein rebutted the State of the Union and her dogs were barking in the background you should have known that it would never go far
the number of Jill Stein voters that I have had on my FB timeline these last months is too. *** high.
lmao! Relax tough guy... I voted for Jill Stein.
Why for and the only choice for me & my family this election.
.stands w/ Standing Rock, so I stand w/ Dr. Jill Stein. Honor the treaties. Protect the water. Free Leonar…
2014 May 10 - Jill Stein, Luis Rodriguez, Ellen Brown, Rosa Clemente to join Public Enemy & more at free LA festival https:…
Words to remember before casting your vote for Jill Stein
Fraud & hypocrite extraordinaire Jill Stein cannot claim to be against Big Pharma, Wall Street and Big Oil, and be investe…
"Actress and activist Susan Sarandon is backing Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein" ht…
Susan Sarandon endorses Jill Stein, an indulgence you can afford if you're rich and white and straight and unlikely to need…
She's with her (no, not Hillary): Bernie Sanders fan Susan Sarandon endorses Jill Stein... - Daily Mail
So by all means call out Jill Stein and Elizabeth May for supporting pseudoscience. But do the same for mainstream politicians.
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A recent example: attacks on Jill Stein describing her as an antivaxxer. There's also this hit job on Elizabeth May:
Susan Sarandon has just endorsed the Green Party’s Jill Stein in next Tuesday’s US presidential election. The... https:…
Meanwhile Gary Johnson and Jill Stein get no love at all when they are clearly the better alternatives...
Watching Pt. 1 of the Gary Johnson/Jill Stein debate on Tavis Smiley; neither's my candidate but I'd say Stein walked away with this one...
In 1/2 hour, Jill Stein & Gary Johnson, moderated by covered more serious ground than all the Clinton-Trump…
Margin of error +/- 3 percentage points. Gary Johnson may in fact have 0% of the vote, Jill Stein could be on -1%
I can't for the life of me work out why Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are non existent in this race.
One or more of the following could do it w/ credibility: Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Bill Weld, Billl Bradley, Bill Richardson,
Gary Johnson & Jill Stein are only in it out of vanity at this point. Can't possibly win. Only there to suck votes…
Change the system. Support the Green Party in getting to 5% of the vote. Listen to Jill Stein's inspiring plea.
Jill Stein's platform more viable than Bernie's
The Four Pillars of the Green Party Full - Why You Should Vote for Jill Stein.
.Many of us are turning out. But we'll be wearing green & voting Jill Stein after reading 💚🌍☮️
And this is why Jill Stein can not and will not ever be president. Insane.
No proof Russia behind DNC hacks but hacks show evidence that "DNC was involved in backroom dealing” -
I don't agree with much of what trump says but I wouldn't call them names as a whole I'm for Jill Stein because she…
From Jill Stein. "If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being...
Simply put, Jill Stein's investments go against her life’s work:
Jill Stein is talking about the real issues.
⚡ Jill Stein invests in oil, pharma industries despite her stance on fossil fuels.
No ones going to stop you. I'm sure Jill Stein would love to get a vote. You two are perfect for each other.
All I gotta say is YAY.If people want first female president consider Jill Stein.
Ur voting Jill Stein, right? Jobs is the key and why Reagan won & why Trump wins. Dem Union Workers gonna vote…
Has in common with Jill Stein: . privileged jerk
here we go smh I'll vote for Jill Stein then
"I made the only logical choice with my vote for Jill Stein." -.
Just made a donation to Jill Stein 2016
My solution for Americans is to register real position by voting for Jill Stein if she gets enough votes she gets federal funding
to pick a person because of their gender is the dumbest thing imaginable. What about Jill Stein
A history of Native Americans protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline via FYI
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Sean. Help me. He's talked about everything from construction to Jill Stein to long underwear.
Jill Stein gets mine. Unless Bernie magically appears on the ballot.
Companies has invested in, per her tax returns:. -Exxon. -Goldman Sachs. -Pfizer. -Raytheon. -Phillip Morris. https:/…
I completely agree with you. I went in early & voted for jill stein just to do it. But we already know what the outcome will be
jill stein was asked what she would do with federal matching funds to grow the GP at a TYT townhall -- she had *zero* answer.
Here's a good timeline of the at Standing Rock Reservation -article by Mother Jones magazine. https:…
An article on the at StandingRock Reservation-Mother Jones magazine.
If The Green Party can make it to 5% that will provide Federal Funds going forward so vote Green vote Jill Stein!!!
The best way to boost the economy is by saving the planet.
yeah, I'm just gonna vote for Clifton Roberts. That said, Jill STEIN is far from the worst of them and the only really bad-
Given how volatile it seems to be, it wouldn't even surprise me if Jill Stein is leading it soon!
Gary Johnson and Jill Stein need to drop out and endorse Trump. Both hate Hillary more. Corruption > Mean Words
Jill Stein says that Crooked Hillary wants to start a war with Russia not Trump! Join the MAGA movement and say no to world…
Jill Stein rails against big carbon, big banks, big pharma, all while holding substantial investments in them:
I should probably take the effort to make a hand written letter if I want nudes from Dr. Jill Stein, she is a lady.
.is the only presidential candidate to join and stand alongside the Standing Rock Sioux.
Jill Stein has taken a stand Clinton campaign declines to support protesters
Of course the Jill Stein voter is concerned with his college debt being paid for by dismantling the government. What a ***
I polled as the top presidential candidate choice among young artists!
Jill Stein: Why 5% for the Green Party is a win for America
Jill Stein Responds to Daily Beast Smear Attack By Calling for Disclosure of Chelsea Clinton's Role as Director of Beast’s Pare…
Jill stein: we need to end all wars. Hillary Clinton: I will match any aggression with military retaliati…
Help the Green Party earn 5 percent to get federal matching funds so we can be a strong voice for the people.
For anyone who is considering not voting... Your vote can make a difference.
I can't believe people are willing to support her when Jill stein is such a moral decent person. 2 party system is broke & corrupt
Jill Stein is invested in one of the companies building the Dakota Access pipeline https:/…
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