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Jill Hennessy

Jillian Noel Jill Hennessy (born November 25, 1968) is a Canadian actress and musician known for her television roles on Law & Order and Crossing Jordan and in films such as Robocop 3.

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Sam Waterston, Steven Hill and Jill Hennessy in the TV series LAW & ORDER. RIP Mr. Hill.
There never has been & never will be a greater trio of actors playing lawyers than Sam Waterston, Jill Hennessy & the great Steven Hill. RIP
Baddies & Hennessy 😈. Saturday @ Vita 💃🏽. Ladies free till 12 with pass . Text vita to 240.838.6397 for pass 🔑
Jill Hennessy as Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) (yes, she's a Romani actress and Wanda is Romani)
That bottle is, almost, as tall as Jill Hennessy.
Victorian Health Minister, Jill Hennessy, while in opposition, received specific and unambiguous advice from the...
I like someone who embraces life; who wants to be on a long journey but has no particular pla
Hospitals could be fined for mismanaging bullying and harassment: Jill Hennessy via
Australia: Hospitals could be fined for mismanaging and Jill Hennessy via
Victorian hospitals to lose funding if they don't manage and
Premier Daniel Andrews & Health Minister Jill Hennessy at GV Health this morning to announce $168.5 million funding for redevelopment (1/3)
Um. That's an Australian mp known for her pro-science stance.
I know this is not Scandal but will Henry have an affair with his co-worker Jane (Jill Hennessy)?
I bet Jill Scott breast milk taste like the finest Hennessy Black.
ok but if jill hennessy auditioned for scully then that means david defo hit on her and now she's on m sec with téa (:
Jill Hennessy threatens to take $73 million hospital funding fight to High Court
Minister Jill Hennessy in Morwell praises energetic local MP Harriet Shing:"She makes me look like I don't talk so much." Boom.
- think u all r looking 4 Jill Hennessy MP!!
So what do you want Jill Hennessy with an hilariously ironic t-shirt?
Jill Scott's music is K Michelle's music with tea instead of Hennessy.
Sussan Ley says Vic Govt's $73m accounting error "incompetent at best and deceitful at worst". via
Using your logic, Victorian ALP ran on parental negligence platform 4 2014 state election.
More screentime for Jill Hennessy in Madam Secretary yas
Every time Malcolm Turnbull cuts Victoria's health funding our patients & our hospitals suffer
Elective surgery waiting lists to blow out because of funding fight: Health Minister Jill Hennessy
Waiting for elective surgery? You may have to wait even longer via
To be a good model, I'd need a lot more confidence... and more confidence t...
you asked for it, you basically Jill Scott with purple hair and some Hennessy
Check out Jill Hennessy's new album "I Do" on Apple Music! It's great!
.Donated $50.00 on behalf of Jill Hennessy ...i hope this ia legit! Is it Jill?
I'd gone through the ups and downs and curveballs that life throws at you. ...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Health cuts a matter of principle under the Liberals.
Antivax nobody claims ten dead children & is in a cover up.
"Send the Vic Health Minister your reckons!" Implores Meryl Dorey. cc
Meryl Dorey inciting harassment of Victorian Health Minister. Look out Incoherent ramblings incoming
Jill Hennessy is always in one of my favorite shows
Ask him if he knows Jill Hennessy's twin sister. And/or Linda Hamilton's.
I've been sitting on this for 15 years but I don't have any fond feelings for Jill Hennessy.
Don't miss Jill Hennessy on January 9th at the Light of Day Foundation Benefit show with Willie Nile, Richard...
"HEALTH Minister Jill Hennessy says the deaths of seven babies at the Bacchus Marsh and Melton Regional Hospital...
LATEST: Health Minister Jill Hennessy says death of 7 babies may have been avoidable
NOW: Health Minister Jill Hennessy addressing a press conference into the deaths of the babies at the hospital [
Jill Hennessy at Adelaide Hall via Time to get hennessy CD, "I Do"
do you know what the connections is with Jill Hennessy MP
Are you sad in pain don't know what to do? Just listen to Jill Hennessy's music albums I Do/Ghost In My Head it will be gone!!
First impression was Jill Hennessy, but I think it's Stockard Channing.
I can drink a whole Hennessy fifth. Some call that a problem-but I call it a gift.
thanks for sharing Jill Hennessy MP, have a great Wednesday :) (insight by
how are you?? I hope we'll! I got to see Jill Hennessy in NYC lst night
[News] Jill Hennessy's Jersey Shore, Springsteen musical ties◆Many of you know Jill Hennessy as a star on TV's “Law…
Jill Hennessy back on my tv, I have been blessed
Seeing Jill Hennessy live=my fifteen year old self is dying of joy right now. (@ The
QRO reviews & shoots from her 'I Do' release party at -
FULL INTERVIEW: Jill Hennessy and Caroline Rhea. interview w/the lovely & adorable
Joins CBS’ ‘Madam Secretary’ 2 days after releasing new album Oct 2nd
VIC Health Minister Jill Hennessy passionate about being a champion for the nursing profession
Jill's "Crown Royal" is much better than Dej's "Me, U and Hennessy." Mainly because the latter is kinda weird.
How have I never seen this before?!?! 👌👏💖. Jill and Jaqueline Hennessy busking during TIFF 2010
I was worried this was Jill Hennessy
The interview with Jill Hennessy Rocked!!! Love her new album "I Do"!!!
Population in Victoria and care demand are both growing - Hon Jill Hennessy, Victorian Minister for Health
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
"Fresh Tracks" at 11p tonight will include new music from Jill Hennessy, Tarmac Adam, Saintseneca, Dan Bern, Them Vibes, David Wax Museum a…
"This will be Fiona's bill." - Jill Hennessy. Victorian Government confirms support for
I didnt think I could be more excited for your album. It's sounding so good! And a great interview 👍👍
Turn on the right now to see Jill Hennessy & Jesse Martin!
fans! Don't miss Jill Hennessy and Jesse Martin on the at 9:00a ET!
For you . 'Rizzoli & Isles'. fans who never saw. 'Crossing Jordan'. you should - youd love it. Jill Hennessy is spectacular in it
Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy Daniel Andrews our autistic son turned 21 last week shackled to a hospital bed don't let him suffer
New Health Minister Jill Hennessy warns federal health cuts will be "severe" via
Better ambulance service early focus for new Health Minister Jill Hennessy - Brisbane Times
Premier Daniel Andrews and new health minister Jill Hennessy have a coffee at Franga Hospital.
Is that fed or state policy? Reckon there’s an opportunity for some advocacy with Jill Hennessy as new Health Minister.
Health & Ambulance Services Minister in new Victorian government is Jill Hennessy MP Member for Altona
Jill Hennessy (politician) Wikipedia article edited by Henryaustinstone
Jill Hennessy (politician) Wikipedia article edited by Balance of Power
Jill Hennessy (politician) Wikipedia article edited by Keepdry
Altona MP Jill Hennessy is being sworn in as Health Minister and Williamstown MP Wade Noonan Police and Corrections Minister
new folks in the cabinet. Jill Hennessy Health , Martin Foley Mental Health,Housing,Disability, Ageing, Natalie Hutchins Aboriginal Affairs
Jill Hennessy health and ambulance services Congratulations to Jill.
Jill Hennessy the new Health and Ambulance Services Minister. the new Minister for Training and Skills
Major ministers include Jacinta Allan as Minister for Transport, Jill Hennessy the Minister for Health, Tim Pallas the treasurer.
Jill Hennessy health and ambulance services
Jane Garrett sworn in as the new Minister for Emergency Services.. Jill Hennessy taking on Health & Ambulance Service portfolios
Altona MP Jill Hennessy and Williamstown MP Wade Noonan are members of Premier Daniel Andrews' new cabinet. Portfolios announced tomorrow.
I'll bet anyone that Jill Scott breast taste like Hennessy.
Jill Hennessy is the coolest most talented celebrity I have ever met :)
I wish I was one of those women that smell like Shea Butter & listens to Jill Scott but its more like Hennessy & anarchy
In Altona after 52% of votes counedt, ALP's Jill Hennessy has 52% of the primary vote. Liberal Nihal Samara has 30%
NOW: MPs Jill Hennessy + David Davis join our panel. Ms Hennessy: "It's extraordinary we're in the position we're in"
"We're feeling increasingly confident in Richmond. Melbourne is looking pretty tough for us" - Labor MP Jill Hennessy.
With 30% count in Altona, ALP's Jill Hennessy has 52% of primary vote. That's a swing of 1.2%
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jill Hennessy of "Crossing Jordan" .. (Sarah) RoboCop... on "The Good Wife"-(Smart Television) is gorgeous...I was So Sad to see Will (Josh Charles) die...I liked his character...
I woke up and saw the Katie DVRed the Katie show today. She had 3 of the women of "Law & Order," S. Epatha Merkerson, Elisabeth Rohm, AND Jill Hennessy! BTW, Jill has her 2nd album coming out so get ready for me to freak out about that for a while. :0)
fans... This one's for you! Elisabeth Rohm, S. Epatha Merkerson and Jill Hennessy.
Get today's latest manners tips on dating and work from Philip Galanes of the New York Times Social Q's. Then, Lizzie Posts talks etiquette for kids and how etiquette has evolved over time. Plus, the women of “Law & Order” -- Elisabeth Rohm, Jill Hennessy and S. Epatha Merkerson -- take us behind-th...
Directed by John Duigan. With Elisabeth Shue, Aaron Eckhart, Jill Hennessy, Thomas Jane. A bachelor becomes the unwilling guardian of his autistic, retarded sister; then an experimental treatment works a dramatic change in her brain and his attitude.
Elisabeth Shue, Aaron Eckhart and Jill Hennessy star in tonight’s feature, MOLLY, on A bachelor becomes...
Monday November 25th Happy Birthday! Some of those celebrating today... *Amy Grant - Christian/pop singer - Angels, Father's Eyes, Baby Baby - 53 *Billy Burke - role of Charlie Swan in the Twilight films - 47 *Bruno Tonioli - choreographer - judge on Dancing with the Stars - 58 *Jill Hennessy - role of Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh on TV's Crossing Jordan - 45 *Christina Applegate - Kelly Bundy on TV's Married with Children - Anchorman films - 42 *Ben Stein - known for his monotone delivery - The Wonder Years, Ferris Beuller's Day Off - 69 *John Larroquette - best known as Dan Fielding on TV's Night Court - 66 If you... a friend... or a family member has a birthday today... let K99 help you spread the good news...check in with a comment below! Be sure to sign up for a Chick-fil-A e-birthday card at Happy Birthday!!! from K99 Country!
Watching Law & Order on TNT, Jill Hennessy's final episode, from 5/96, and Curtiss's prostitute gf is Jennifer Garner
Ghost In My head by Jill Hennessy is one of my all time favorites, and I have heard them all :) Jill Rocks!!!
Just put Jill Hennessy's album "Ghost In My Head" on, and the bad vibes will float away!!!
Jill Hennessy's lyrics musics my best medicine what I would do without it? Doctors can't help my illness no cure!
In my L&O ep, they've accidentally used the actresses first name. Claire Kincaid was played by Jill Hennessy.
PUBLIC hospitals in Sunshine and Footscray are failing performance targets and faring poorly under the State Government, according to a Western Suburbs politician. However, the State Government has dismissed Altona MP Jill Hennessy’s claims as “plain wrong”:
Jill Hennessy - "Oh Mother" Live from the Laurel Canyon Country Store: via Sweetest video ever!! Love it :)
Castle 6x01 review by Cavanaugh1013 "Of course, the FBI arc does have one extreme upside. And that upside is named Cuddy (for as many times as I heard her name in the course of screencapping and writing notes for this meta, I still can't remember it without the aid of IMDB; for the record, it's McCord). I loved Lisa Edelstein in House. She was frackin' hilarious. When I saw that she was going to be in Castle while flipping through a TVGuide at the checkout line, I was very happy. I was even happier to see her in the actual episode. Seeing Beckett work with a legitimate partner (an equal) is treat enough, a female partner even more so, but the fact that it's Cuddy makes it amazing. The only casting choice that would've been more fun for me would've been Jill Hennessy or Jennifer Garner. And the fact that Beckett likes her makes it even better. I would've hated it if she'd been saddled with some *** of a partner whom both she and the viewer takes an immediate dislike to. Cuddy/McCord is likeable and fun ...
It's weird that there is a fairly popular French (but in English) show (Jo), with Jean Reno and Jill Hennessy, and it isn't shown in America
Just saw David Lyons, Tracy Spirikados and Jill Hennessy :D she speaks french she is so nice *-*
I actually got to interview Jill Hennessy (on the phone) years ago! She was so nice. So down to earth.
Crossing Jordan is on late most nights here in the UK, so my last thought each day is "Jill Hennessy, totally irresistible" xx
Jaime's cousin Jill is in a group that's leading this competition. Help them out by voting for them...that would...
Today is the family trip to the zoo...I don't know who is more excited me or hennessy.going with papa, grammie goose, grammie and papa rose, aunt Jill Neuendorf mimi, aunt Jessica Neuendorf tessa, aunt Nichole Briggs pete, Mike Wheaton, Keegan White and 4 little is going to be a blast
My wife Jill Hennessy I Ron Ross has married all the women you are for all of eternity by forcing all the women you are to *** me.
Mike Howe, Scott McMeans, Jill Hennessy and other Alders being sworn in for terms in Manitowoc.
Linda Hamilton and Jill Hennessy both have less famous sisters.
On my night off, I so far fangirled over Sara Bareilles, Elizabeth McGovern, Jill Hennessy, and now Dame Maggie Smith.
Get ready.Santa for Sea Bright at the Basie Thursday night! B Kirk and the Jirks!!! Matt O'Ree... Jill Hennessy. = A GREAT TIME!!!
HOLY SH!T!. pinferno online registration just sold out in 1min 45 sec. i'm not kidding!!! so we've done some heavy thinking, and we've made an executive decision to expand it 64 people. so people, i give you the PINFERNO VII OFFICIAL ROSTER (including world player rankings as of 12/4/12): 1) Jon Ehrlich (1125th) 2) Jill Hennessy (3458th) 3) Steve Marsh (703rd) 4) Bryan Doull (not ranked... yet) 5) Eddie Cramer (921st. better than me? *** ) 6) Greg Matherly (6815th. is that even a real number?) 7) Steve Bowden (24th, in the world, not just new jersey) 8) Adam Cane (2305th, pathetic) 9) Lyman F. Sheats Jr. (17th, *** ) 10) Jory Rabinovitz (2017th. slacker) 11) Frank Romero (64th. also the number of towels he has that are competition sanctioned) 12) Francesco LaRocca (195th. it socks!) 13) Eric Asher (1576th) 14) Sam Thompson (613th) 15) Beau Briggs (unranked, except on starship troopers.. 1st) 16) Penni Epstein (508th) 17) Scott Lano (4505th) 18) Avi Rosenberg (10311th. 5-figure club member) 19) Sean J. Gr ...
Eastlink Viewers! Check out the new listings today on The Movie Network ! 'Dawn Rider' is in the new listings today for this week starring George Canyon, Christian Slater, Jill Hennessy and Donald Sutherland !!
yup. I've met Chris Noth and Sam Waterston and a couple of EPs. I've also interviewed Jill Hennessy. Lol. Yeah I love it!
Cool pic. Kinda reminds me of Jill Hennessy.
We all love Jill Hennessy in her various roles on film and television. But now she is showing us another side of her personality. She is touring as a musicia...
Happy Birthday to Andrew Carnegie (R.I.P. homie), Joe DiMaggio (R.I.P. homie), Ben Stein, John Larroquette, Amy Grant, Jill Hennessy, John Kennedy Jr. (R.I.P. homie), Christina Applegate, Melissa Ann Lovins, Katherine McCrory, Me (Woohoo!!!), and Amy-Lynn Adams! If I forgot anyone, I apologize, but you're just not as important as the rest of us. Lol!
Jill Hennessy turns 43 years old today.
Also appearing in DEAD RINGERS (1988), was Jill Hennessy of mostly television fame:
Although her twin sister Jill has gone on to fame and fortune, Jacqueline Hennessy has only three films and one...
Jill Hennessy is 44 today. The Canadian has a twin sister, also 44 today, named Jacqueline. They once had an act, Jack and Jill.
Happy Birthday to two ladies in their 40s who just seem to get better with age. Happy 43rd birthday to former "Law and Order" star Jill Hennessy, and Happy 41st Birthday to the hilarious Christina Applegate!
Today's birthdays: Donovan McNabb is 36; Christina Applegate is 41; Ben Stein is 68; Jill Hennessy (Law & Order) is 44; John Laroquette is 65; Amy Grant is 52; Barbara and Jenna Bush both are 31; Billy Burke is 46; Katie Cassidy is 26; Noel Neil is 92; Nick Swisher is 32; Stephen Lunsford is 23; Tracey Walter is 65; Gaspard Ulliel is 28; Charlaine Harris is 61; and Chip Kelly is 49.
Happy Birthday to ... Friend since Jr. high Frank Lonczak and good friend Tara Spadea Devine "Old time Hockey" Hockey Hall of Fame member Eddie Shore would be 110 Baseball Hall of Fame member Joe DiMaggio would be 98 "KHAN" the late actor Richardo Montalban 92 NFL coaching legend Joe Gibbs 72 Night Court star John Larroquette 65 Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery 53 A man who is in the top 5 in TD receptions and receptions and top 10 in reception yards but ISN'T in the Hall of Fame Cris Carter 47 Rancid singer/guitarist Tim Armstrong 47 Former Law & Order co-star the lovely Jill Hennessy 44 Most guys my age favorite 80's blonde bombshell the talented Christina Applegate 41
Known as an actress for her starring roles in the hit television series "Law & Order" and "Crossing Jordan," Jill Hennessy began her show business career as a musician, busking in the streets of Toronto.
"4 Small Hands" from the debut album GHOST IN MY HEAD.
Jill Hennessy (actress, 1969): Hailing from Edmonton, Canada, Hennessy began her acting career in T...
Happy Birthday to actress Jill Hennessy, Dr. Marie Lazarus in the 1993 Fred Dekker film Robocop 3: via
Jillian Noel "Jill" Hennessy (born Nov 25, 1968) Canadian actress and musician known for her television roles on Law & Order and Crossing Jordan and in films such as Robocop 3.
[Celeb's Ka-Birthday] Jill Hennessy is 44 years old today.
[Celebrity Birthdays] Jill Hennessy is 44 years old today.
Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, and mother in law. It's not often you gain a best friend AND mother in law when you get married - but I sure did and I feel so lucky to have you in my life Jill Hennessy! Thanks for your surprise visit to moorhead today, its always nice seeing you and Rick! We love you, hope you have a Happy Birthday and wish you good luck at casino!
I puked all over a picture of Jill Hennessy and Will Dugan that I had on my floor for some reason. sorry Jill and will
Movie Review: Dawn Rider. It is a western about a gunslinger who returns to his home town to make peace with his father. The day after he gets home his father is killed by a local outlaw gang and you can guess the rest. This movie has a FANTASTIC plot but. this is a great example of miscasting. The crazy part is that they cast all good (not great) actors but they were just cast wrong: Christian Slater, Jill Hennessy (Law and Order), Donald Sutherland (Sutherland was perfect though). Slater and Hennessy just didn't pull off the roles BUT... like I said it was a fantastic plot. The plot was twisting and threw curve balls. I was entertained. 3 stars
- message boards and got to interview Jill Hennessy and Sam Waterston which is why I got their attention. Anyway, I hope you-
Am I the only one who thinks Jill Hennessy and Victoria Justice looks alike?
watched a good movie just now... Dawn Rider starring Christian Slater and Donald Sutherland and Jill Hennessy! Excellent movie
Just watched a movie with Jill Hennessy and Christian Slater Jill is still a hottie after all these years lol
Jill Hennessy posing for the cameras @ Cynthia Rowley Spring 2013 Installation
Del Potro couldn't pull it off.used my binocs to watch Alec Baldwin and Jill Hennessy drink water.yup.a night at the Open
Jill Hennessy and Josh Brolin present the Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series Musical or Comedy award to Kim Cattrall for her role in "Sex and the City." ...
Still can't imagine Jill Hennessy as Scully. She is forever Jackie Kennedy to Lauren Holly's Ethel Skakel in "The Women of Camelot."
Okay, I watched "Dawn Rider" last was a "straight to DVD" movie with Christian Slater (love him), Donald Sutherland and Jill Hennessy, all in all a good movie. I love period pieces, especially westerns, however I'm always attuned to "historical accuracy" and while I'm not completely certain but I'm pretty sure that back in 1833, which this takes place, I don't think they used the "F" word. What do you think?
While Law and Order's 5th season (with Chris Noth, Jerry Orbach, Sam Waterson and Jill Hennessy) was my favorite, I won't fault WBIN for playing from the 4th season. Michael Moriarty was pretty good too.
Jill Hennessy sexy in red photoshoot - Sexy Leg Cross
Emma Roberts, Kieran and Rory Culkin, Alec Baldwin, Cynthia Nixon, Jill Hennessy. If Lymelife isn't good, it's not the casting.
played the song 'Angel From Montgomery by John Prine' by Jill Hennessy on
in the mothership my fave was Sam Waterston, Chris Noth and Jill Hennessy. SVU gave me Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay.
Gordon Pinsent and Jill Hennessy talked to us about their new movie Sunshine Sketches. Check out the video:
Jill Hennessy and Caroline Rhea, stars of CBC’s adaptation, visit
To all the Canadians out there-Sunshine Sketches on CBC Sun Feb 12th-w/ Gordon Pinsent & Jill Hennessy
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